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Dear Collectors, Here is my latest auction of vintage 78s, 12" & 16" radio transcriptions, and paper material. Closing date is- SUNDAY- MAY 22, 2016. Winner pays postage and packing at cost. I am looking to purchase quality collections, so please keep me in mind should you hear of anything for sale or wish to sell a collection.

SECTION ONE (all in this section are play graded- and listed as looks like/plays like, unless looks/plays are the same)

1. Banner 32021- Clarence Williams O- Papa De Da Da(tk 1)/ Baby Wont You Please Come Home (tk 2) E

2. Bluebird 6469- Jimmie Gunn O- My Blue Heaven/ Star Dust EE+ staff lbl. top territory jazz

3. Brunswick 3707- The Original Wolverines- Shim Me Sha Wabble/ The New Twister E+

4. Br 4000- The Original Wolverines- Royal Garden Blues/ A Good Man Is Hard to Find E+

5. Br 4112- Hotsy Totsy Gang- I Couldn't If I Wanted To/ Meyer Davis O- My Old Girl's My New Girl Now E

6. Br 6029- Loring "Red" Nichols O- Sweet & Hot/ You Said It EE+

7. Br 6176- Savannah Syncopators- Low Down On the Bayou/ Radio Rhythm looks E, plays E/E+

8. Br 6146- Frank Trumbauer O- Crazy Quilt/ in the Merry Month of Maybe E

9. Br 7078(lightning bolt)- Jabbo Smith Rhythm Aces- Decatur Street Tutti/ Till Times Get Better looks V, plays E-/V+

10. Br 7124(lightning bolt)- The Savannah Syncopators- After You've Gone/ My Melancholy Baby looks EE-, plays E

11. Br 7127(lightning)- Dixie Rhythm Kings- Story Book Ball/ Easy Rider looks V+, plays strong E-

12. Br 143- Fred Elizalde Music- Under the Moon/ Diane EE-/E-

13. Century 4001- Fats Waller- 18th Street Strut/ James P Johnson- Make Me a Pallet On the Floor E+..both from piano rolls

14. Clarion 5017- Annette Hanshaw- I Want a Good Man/ If I Had a Girl Like You EE+ A side one of her rarest and best- with a fine jazz accompaniment too

15. Co 99-D- Piron's New Orleans O- Bright Star Blues/ Ghost of the Blues E+

16. Co 1076- Duke Ellington Washingtonians-Down In Our Alley Blues/ Charleston Chasers- Delirium E/EE+

17. Co 1260- Charleston Chasers- Sugar Foot Strut/ Imagination looks E, plays EE+

18. Co 2741(BLUE WAX)- Claude Hopkins O- Look Who's Here/ California looks E, plays E+ few lams B sds LITE

19. Co 2913(BLUE WAX)- Jack Teagarden O- I've Got "It"/ Plantation Moods looks E, plays EE+

20. Co 2924(BLUE WAX)- Benny Morton O- The Gold Diggers Song/ Tailor Made looks E-, pl E+/E

21. Co 3011- Benny Goodman O- Cokey/ Bugle Call Rag E

22. Co 14007-D- Piron's New Orleans O- Sud Bustin' Blues/ West Indies Blues NN- looks unplayed

23. Co 14267- Sam Morgan's Jazz Band- Over In the Glory Land/ Down By the Riverside looks EE-, plays E+

24. Co 14301- Chickasaw Syncopators- Chickasaw Stomp/ Memphis Rag looks EE+, plays E+

25. Co 14312- Bessie Smith- Empty Bed Blues 1/2 E+ does not usually turn up this clean

26. Co 14434- Clarence Williams Jazz Kings- Them Things Got Me/ In Our Cottage of Love looks E, plays EE+ some grey. B side has lt clk 3 gvs, then solid EE+

27. Co 14599- New Orleans Wild Cats- Harlem Baby/ Wild Cats On Parade V+/V ctr hole dmg nap

28. Conqueror 7082- Lizzie Miles- Police Blues/ You Cant Have It Unless I Give It to You NEW- looks unplayed!

29. Duophone 4001- Wabash DO- Thats My Weakness Now/ Major Club O- Where the Shy Little Violets Grow E+..top Red Nichols side A..both made by Brunswick in '28 for UK release only

30. Duo 4012- Wabash DO- My Pet/ Melody Makers- Jeanine I Dream of Lilac Time E-.. top Red Nichols side A..both made by Brunswick in '28 for UK release only

31. Harmony 88- Dixie Stompers- Get It Fixed/ Florida Stomp EE+ or better

32. Ha 92- Dixie Stompers- Chinese Blues/ Panama EE+ or better

33. Ha 792- Dot Dare- Is There Anything Wrong In That/ I Wanna Be Loved By You E+N- great Annette Hanshaw vocals with jazz accomp

34. Ha 823- Jimmy Mc Hugh's Bostonians- Lets Sit & Talk About You/ In a Great Big Way E....Goodman, Teagarden, etc

35. Ha 836- Jimmy Mc Hugh's Bostonians- The Whoopee Stomp/ Futuristic Rhythm E+ great Goodman and Teagarden, etc

36. Odeon 22308(ARG)- Oscar Aleman Quinteto de Swing- Swing En La/ Dulce Hogar E+

37. OKeh 4254- Mamie Smith Jazz Hounds- Shim-Me-King's Blues/ Royal Garden Blues E+

38. OK 4631- Mamie Smith Jazz Hounds- Dem Knock Out Blues/ Mean Daddy Blues looks G, plays some V and some E-

39. OK 8037- Lizzie Miles w/ O- Wicked Blues/ He May Be Your Man But He Comes to See Me Sometimes E+

40. OK 8280- Chas. Creath's Jazz O Maniacs- Market Street Stomp/ Wont Dont Blues looks G, plays V

41. OK 8477- Chas. Creath's Jazz O Maniacs- Butter Finger Blues/ Crazy Quilt looks E, pl EE+

42. OK 8572- Clarence Williams Washboard 5- Sweet Emmaline/ Log Cabin Blues E+ some lt grey A nap

43. OK 8599- Chicago Footwarmers- Get 'Em Again Blues/ Brush Stomp looks E w/ lt scrs, plys E+

44. OK 8613- Chicago Footwarmers- Brown Bottom Bess/ Lady Love looks EE+ plays E+

45. OK 8628- Silver Leaf Quartet of Norfolk- I'm Going Through With Jesus/ Hope I'll Join the Band N-

46. OK 8636- Duke Ellington- Black Beauty/ Swampy River E+

47. OK 8689- Blind Willie Dunn Gin Bottle 4- Blue Blood Blues/ Jet Black Blues looks V-, plays E-

48. OK 8711- Blind Willie Dunn Gin Bottle 4- Blue Guitars/ Guitar Blues E+

49. OK 8780- Luis Russell O- Saratoga Shout/ Song of the Swanee E+

50. OK 8792- Chicago Footwarmers- Sweep 'Em Clean/ My Girl N-

51. OK 8849- Luis Russell O- High Tension/ Panama E+

52. OK 40836- Boyd Senter w/ Ed Lang- Beale St Blues/ Not Maybe E+N-

53. OK 40903- Frankie Trumbuaer O w/ Bix & Lang- Three Blind Mice/ Krazy Kat looks E, plays E+/EE+

54. OK 40914- The Jazz Pilots- Who's That Pretty Baby?/ The Texans- Everybody Loves My Girl looks E-, plays E/ EE-, mostly E. solos both sides

55. OK 41049- Walter Krausgrill's Balconades O- Dream House/ Sarita E+

56. OK 41077- Seger Ellis w/ O- ICGUA But Love/ Dont Keep Me In the Dark Bright Eyes EE+

57. OK 41172- Raymond Dance O- My Inspiration Is You/ Milt Shaw O- On the Alamo looks E, plays EE+

58. OK 41252- Frankie Trumbauer O- Nobody But You/ Gotta Feelin' For You looks EE+, plays E+

59. OK 41313- Frankie Trumbauer O- Turn On the Heat/ Sunnyside Up E+

60. OK 41506- Joe Venuti Blue 5- Pardon Me Pretty Baby/ Little Buttercup E+N-

61. OK 41514- Golden Terrace DO- Sweet & Lovely/ I Cant Get Mississippi off my Mind E+

62. OK 41518- Buddy Campbell O- Guilty/ I Apologize E+

63. OK 41565- Williams Jug Band- Mister Will You Serenade?/ Fletcher Henderson O- New King Porter Stomp E+

64. Par PNY 34041- Gilbert Marsh O- Lucky Little Devil/ Hal Laska O- Any Time's the Time to Fall In Love E+

65. Par PNY 34112- Flamingo Melodians- My Heart Belongs to the Girl Who Belongs to Somebody Else/ Deauville Syncopators- All Through the Night E+N-

66. Par PNY 34146- Albert Mason O- If I Knew You Better/ My Ideal E+

67. Pathe 036160- Texas Blues Destroyers- Down In the Mouth Blues/ Lenox Ave Shuffle E few gvs have aud scuff, plays through OK

68. Puritan 11340- Sammy Stewarts Ten Knights of Syncopation- Manda/ My Man Rocks Me looks V+E-, plays EE-

69. Pur 11359- Sammy Stewart O- Copenhagen/ St Louis Low Downs- Eliza VV+ hang up dig beg A

70. Swing 51- Herman Chittison- My Own Blues/ My Last Affair/ No More Tears NN-

71. Sw 86- Noel Chiroust O- Le Sheik/ Serenade D' Hiver E+N- great band w/ Django

72. Sw 117- Trio de Saxophones Alix Combelle- Cascades/ Reflets looks V, plays E..exc surface

73. Sw 165- Jerry Mengo Ensemble- La Marche des Petits Lapins/ Blues En Si Bemol E+ lam nap

74. Telefunken A 2306- Teddy Stauffer Original Teddies- Got a Pair of New Shoes/ Yours & Mine looks V plays E-/E clk 2 gvs B passes easily

75. Varsity 8053- Fletcher Henderson O- Low Down On the Bayou/ Somebody Stole My Gal E+ off '31 Crown

76. Velvetone 2075- Frank Auburn O- I Have to Have You/ L Keating O- You Do Something to Me E+ nice Annette Hanshaw side A

77. Victor 19646- Piron's New Orleans O- Do Just As I Say/ Red Man Blues V

78. Vi 20460- Savoy Bearcats- Stampede/ Hot Notes looks E-, plays EE+

79. Vi 20470- Thomas Waller pipe organ solo- Soothin' Syrup/ Loveless Love NEW...looks unplayed

80. Vi 20480- Dixieland Jug Blowers- Carpet Alley Breakdown/ Boodle Am Shake looks VV+/E-, plays V+/EE-

81. Vi 20776- Thomas Waller w/ Morris' Hot Babies- Savannah Blues/ Wont You Take Me Home looks VV+, plays V+/ E-V+

82. Vi 21127- Thomas Waller w/ Thomas Morris Hot Babies- Red Hot Dan/ Thomas Waller organ solo- I Aint Got Nobody looks E, plays EE+ to E+, E

83. Vi 21659- Tiny Parham Music- Clarice/ Snake Eyes VV-

84. Vi 22778- Tiny Parham Music- Sud Buster's Dream/ Now That I've Found You looks V+, plays E

85. Vi 24245- Louis Armstrong O- Sittin In the Dark/ I've Got the World On a String lks EE+, plys E+

86. Vi 24257- Louis Armstrong O- He's a Son of the South/ Some Sweet Day looks EE+, plays E+

87. Vi 23007- Bennie Moten KC O- Band Box Shuffle/ New Vine Street Blues looks E-, pl E/EE-

88. Vi 23023- Bennie Moten KC O- Get Goin'/ Liza Lee looks NEW, plays EE+/E

89. Vi 23030- Bennie Moten KC O- New Moten Stomp/ Bouncin' Round E+

90. Vi 23285- Chicago Hot 5- You Cant Stop Me From Loving You/ Star Dust E-

91. Vi 38054- Tiny Parham Music- Skag a Lag/ Voodoo looks V+, plays E- impr to E/E-

92. Vi 38066- Joe Steele O- Top & Bottom/ Coal Yard Shuffle EE+/E

93. Vi 38105- Irving Mills Modernists- At the Prom/ Jack Pettis Pets- Bugle Call Blues EE-

94. Vi 38110- Fats Waller Buddies- When I'm Alone/ Lookin' For Another Sweetie E

95. Vi 38117- Cecil Scott O- Springfield Stomp/ Bright Boy Blues E+/E, then E- last few gvs

96. Vocalion 14740- Fletcher Henderson O- Old Black Joe's Blues/ Potomac River Blues EE+

97. Vo 14759- Fletcher Henderson O- Cotton Pickers Ball/ Lots O' Mama EE+/EE-

98. Vo 14800- Fletcher Henderson O- Mobile Blues/ Tea Pot Dome Blues EE+/EE-

99. Vo 1010- Russell's Hot 6- Sweet Mumtaz/ 29th & Dearborn looks V, plays mostly E-, V near end

100. Vo 04580- Blind John Davis- Anna Lou Breakdown/ I Love My Josephine EE-E-


101. Br 5026- Isham Jones O- Koolemoff/ Japanese Sandman E-

102. Br 5066- Isham Jones O- My Sunny Tennessee/ Why Dear? E

103. Br 5067- Isham Jones O- June Moon/ I Wonder If You Still Care For Me E

104. Br 2525- Gene Rodemich O- Hot Roasted Peanuts/ Carl Fenton O- Dream Daddy E-

105. Br 2526- Bennie Krueger O- Linger Awhile/ Rodemich O- I'm Sittin Pretty In a...City E

106. Br 2556- Gene Rodemich O- Who Will It Be/ She Wouldn't Do V+

107. Br 2558- Gene Rodemich O- St Louis Gal/ Just One More Kiss V+

108. Br 3136- Charley Straight O- What a Man/ Hi Diddle Diddle E+

109. Br 3281- Carl Fenton O- Two Little Bluebirds/ Play Gyspies- Dance Gypsies E+

110. Br 3285- Abe Lyman O- I Cant Get Over a Girl Like You/ Fleurs D' Amour E- rcnap

111. Br 3300- Frank Munn- There's a New Star In Heaven Tonight/ Allen Mc Quhae- Farewell EE-

112. Br 3301- Ben Selvin O- Any Ice To-Day Lady?/ She Knows Her Onions EE-

113. Br 3302- Ernie Golden O- I Wonder Whats Become of Joe/ In a Little Garden E-

114. Br 3457- Arden-Ohman O- There's Everything Nice About You/ Mine E/EE-

115. Br 3463(Canad)- Park Lane O- The Man In the Moon Told Me So/ Look Up & Smile E

116. Br 3491- Harry Archer O- I'll Always Remember You/ Lily EE+ or better

117. Br 3493- Colonial Club O- You Went Away Too Far.../ Castillians- Who'll Buy My Violets V+

118. Br 3502- Andy Sannella & Bill Wirges- Macushla/ Mother Machree E+ guitar & piano

119. Br 3527- Ohman- Arden O- Sometimes I'm Happy/ Hallelujah V+E-

120. Br 3528- Ben Bernie O- That Little Something/ Rosy Cheeks EE-

121. Br 3569- Harry Richman- Hallelujah/ Just Like a Butterfly EE+

122. Br 3573- Vincent Lopez O- Baby Mine/ Just Like a Butterfly E-

123. Br 3579- Harry Archer O- Gorgeous/ Sa-Lu-Ta V+

124. Br 3644- The Music Masters- Blue River/ I'm Saving Saturday Night For You E-

125. Br 3664- Clarence Williams Blue 5 Orch- Baltimore/ Five Harmaniacs- Carolina Bound VV+

126. Br 3666- Esther Walker- Good News/ I Left My Sugar Standing In the Rain E+

127. Br 3670- Esther Walker- I Aint That Kind of a Baby/ After I've Called You Sweetheart V+

128. Br 3672- Lew White- Under the Moon/ Are You Lonesome Tonight? E

129. Br 4122- Hotsy Totsy Gang- Since You Went Away/ Duke Ellington O- The Mooche V+

130. Br 4129- Jesse Stafford O- Doin' the Raccoon/ Glorianna V-

131. Br 4200- Hotsy Totsy Gang- Futuristic Rhythm/ Out Where the Blues Begin V-

132. Br 4378- Nick Lucas- Singin in the Rain/ Your Mother & Mine E

133. Br 4387- Eddie Jordan Old Fashioned Boys- Yip Laddy I Ay med/ Yankee Doodle med VV+

134. Br 4390- Nick Lucas- Just Another Kiss/ When My Dreams Come True N-

135. Br 4392- Frank Luther & Carson Robison- Lost My Gal In the Mountains/ Gonna Lay Me Down In the Cold Cold Ground E steel guitar in accomp

136. Br 4397- Brunswick Salon O- Alice Blue Gown/ With a Song In My Heart EE-

137. Br 4406- Jack Denny O- The Land of the Sleepy Water/ Finding the Long Way Home V+/V

138. Br 4604- Jack Denny O- Climbing the Stairs/ Congratulations E label worn

139. Br 4681- Marion Harris- Nobodys Sweetheart/ My Fate Is In Your Hands EE- clean

140. Br 4627- Jesse Stafford O- Feeling the Way I Do/ Last Night Honey E

141. Br 4778- Red Nichols O- Rose of Washington Square/ Who Cares? E-

142. Br 4919- Jacques Renard O- Loving You the Way I Do/ Can This Be Love V+

143. Br 6013- Nick Lucas Troubadours- Lady Play Your Mandolin/ Say Hello to the Folks Bk Hm E-

144. Br 6015- Isham Jones O- Lonesome Lover/ You're Just a Dream Come True V-

145. Br 6022- Seger Ellis w/ O- Its a Lonesome Old Town/ My Love For You VV+

146. Br 6023- Ben Bernie O- The River & Me/ Just a Gigolo EE+

147. Br 6034- Earl Burtnett O- To Make a Long Story Short/ I Surrender Dear E

148. Br 6087- Hal Kemp O- I Had to Lose You/ I'm Mad About You E+ a rare one!

149. Br 6183- Jacques Renard O- Who Am I?/ What Is It? E-/V+

150. Br 6256- Casa Loma O- Kiss By Kiss/ One Of Us Was Wrong V+

151. Br 6257- Boswell Sisters w/ Dorsey Bros- Was That the Human Thing to Do/ Put That Sun Back In the Sky V-

152. Br 6261- Guy Lombardo O- Love You Funny Thing/ Too Many Tears V+

153. Br 6333- Tom Gerun O- The Lady I Love/ A Shanty In Old Shanty Town VV+

154. Br 6425- Eddy Duchin O- The Song Is You/ I've Told Ev'ry Little Star EE+

155. Br 6471- Hal Kemp O- Forty Second Street/ Shuffle Off to Buffalo V+ brief clk B

156. Br 6483- Connie Boswell- Its All My Fault/ Underneath the Arches EE+

157. Br 6574- Hal Kemp O- Living In Doubt/ A Heart of Stone E-

158. Br 6583- Hal Kemp O- I've Got to Sing a Torch Song/ Remember My Forgotten Man EE-/E-

159. Br 6591- Wayne King O- In the Little White Church On the Hill/ Reflections In the Water E+

160. Br 6594- Bing Crosby- Learn to Croon/ Moonstruck E-/VV+

161. Br 6595- Jack Hylton O- Cant We Meet Again/ Little Miss Muffet EE+

162. Br 6600- Duke Ellington O- Sophisticated Lady/ Stormy Weather E bl/sil lbl

163. Br 6606- Casa Loma O- For You/ I Love You Truly E+

164. Br 6609- Hal Kemp O- Caminto Del Taller/ La Cumparasita VV+/V

165. Br 6624- Dorsey Brothers O- By Heck/ Old Man Harlem VV+

166. Br 6662- Guy Lombardo O- Annie Doesn't Live Here Anymore/ The Last Roundup V+

167. Br 6700- Leo Reisman O- After All You're All I'm After/ She Loves Me Not V+

168. Br 6715- Leo Reisman O- Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/ The Touch of Your Hand E

169. Br 6736- Ted Fio Rito O- Whats Good For the Goose Is Good For the Gander/ My Little Grass Shack E-

170. Br 6777- Freddy Martin O- Neighbors/ Over Somebody Else's Shoulder E

171. Br 6790- Hal Kemp O- She Reminds Me of You/ Good Night Lovely Little Lady E

172. Br 6806- Duke Ellington O- Harlem Flat Blues/ Paducah E/E+

173. Br 6919- Ted Fio Rito O- Freckle Face You're Beautiful/ A Lazy Day In the Sun EE+

174. Br 6956- Freddy Martin O- When the New Moon Shines../ It Happened When Your Eyes..EE+

175. Br 6970- Freddy Martin O- It Was Sweet of You/ One Night of Love EE+

176. Br 6976- Freddy Martin O- Stars Fell On Alabama/ Day Dreams EE+ Buddy Clark vo

177. Br 6982- Freddy Martin O- Isnt It a Shame/ In the Quiet of An Autumn Night EE+ Buddy Clark v

178. Br 7578- Hal Kemp O- Love Will Live On/ Then I Shant Love You Anymore E/EE-

179. Br 7585- Leo Reisman O- Let It Be Me/ Weary E+

180. Br 7586- Louis Prima O- I've Got My Fingers Crossed/ I'm Shooting High V+E-

181. Br 7607- Ozzie Nelson O- Get Thee Behind Me Satan/ But Where Are You E+

182. Br 7649- Orville Knapp O- Robins & Roses/ Everything Stops For Tea VV+

183. Br 7665- Frankie Trumbauer O- Somebody Loves Me/ Aint Misbehavin' E+

184. Br 7671- Orville Knapp O- Its High Time I Got the Low Down On You/ Tonight's the Night E/EE-

185. Br 7714- Nat Brandywynne O- Bye Bye Baby/ If We Never Meet Again E-

186. Br 7743- Hudson- De Lange O- Grab Your Partner & Swing/ Cross Country Hop EE+

187. Br 7745- Hal Kemp O- Easy to Love/ I've Got You Under My Skin VV+

188. Br 7750- Art Shaw O-Lets Call a Heart a Heart/ One, Two, Button Your Shoe EE+

189. Bt 7755- Kay Kyser O- You Do the Darndest Things Baby/ Its Love I'm After EE+/E-

190. Br 7757- Leo Reisman O- The Harlem Wz/ I Wasn't Lying When I Said I Love You E-

191. Br 7760- Jimmie Grier O- Sitting On the Moon/ IOU My Heart E West Coast pressing

192. Br 7763- Freddy Martin O- Scared/ It happened In Chicago VV+

193. Br 7766- Hal Kemp O- On a Typical Tropical Night/ I Was Saying to the Moon EE+/E

194. Br 7769- Hal Kemp O- With Plenty of Money & You/ Alls Fair In Love & War E-

195. Br 7774- Nat Brandywynne O- Tea On the Terrace/ Under Your Spell V

196. Br 7794- Art Shaw O- You Can Tell She Comes From Dixie/ The Same Old Line EE-

197. Br 7841- Art Shaw O- Love Is Good For Anything That Ails You/ Was It Rain? V

198. Br 7846- Kay Kyser O- Blues/ Who V+

199. Br 7849- Pinky Tomlin w/ O- The Love Bug Will Bite You/ I'm Just a Country Boy At Heart V+

200. Br 7852- Art Shaw O- Sweet Lorraine/ Streamline E-

201. Br 7854- Hal Kemp O- the Love Bug Will Bite You/ On the Isle of Kitchi My Boko E+ lbl tear

202. Br 7855- Fred Astaire- They Cant Take That Away From Me/ Beginners Luck E+

203. Br 7857- Fred Astaire- Lets Call the Whole Thing Off/ Shall We Dance EE+

204. Br 7895- Art Shaw O-All God's Chillun Got Rhythm/ It Goes to Your Feet V/V-

205. Br 7848- Antobal's Cuban's- Havana's Calling Me/ Mammy Bong V Chiquito Bullo vo B (Bullock)

206. Br 7938- Antobal's Cubans- The Cuban In Me/ Said the Monkey EE- Chiquito Bullo(Bullock)voA

207. Br 7945- Hal Kemp O- Dodging a Divorcee/ Serenade For a Wealthy Widow E

208. Br 8031- Toots Mondello O- Let That be a Lesson To You/ Thanks For the Memory E

209. Br 8076- Ray Noble O w/ Tony Martin- Just Let me Look At You/ You Couldn't Be Cuter EE-

210. Br 8106- Eddy Duchin O- Sissy/ I'm In a Happy Frame of Mind EE+

211. Br 8113- Will Hudson O- Travellin' Down the Trail/ Sid Phillips O- Champagne Cocktail E+

212. Br 8117- Strings In Morgan Manner- Chasing the Mouse/ Flower of Dawn N-

213. Br 8180- Ray Noble O w/ Tony Martin- Marching Along With Time/ Alexander's Ragtime Band E

214. Br 8186- Duke Ellington O- Rose of the Rio Grande/ A Gypsy Without a Song V+/EE+

215. Br 8404- Raymond Scott Quintet- In An 18th Cent Draw Room/ Boy Scout In Switzerland E/E-

216. Br 8452- Raymond Scott Quintet- The Tobacco Auctioneer/ Siberian Sleighride E-/E

217. Br 80170- Jess Stacy w/ rhy- I Cant Get Started/ Fascinating Rhythm E+ heavy vinyl


218. Co 3529- Vess L. Ossman banjo solo- Popularity E-

219. Co A 1588- Toots Paka Hawaiian Co- Kamawee/ Ahi Ahi Poakolu E-

220. Co A 1601- Campbell & Burr- California & You/ In the Shadow of the Sycamore E-

221. Co A 1976- Al Jolson- Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturday Night/ Anna Chandler- I'm Going Way Back Home & Have a Wonderful Time E

222. Co A 2663- Wilbur Sweatman Jazz O- Dallas Blues/ Has Anybody Seen My Corinne VV+

223. Co A 2665- Van & Schenck- When Tony Goes Over the Top/ You'll Find Old Dixie In France V

224. Co A 2681- Lewis James- Have a Smile/ Henry Burr- Dont Cry Little Girl Dont Cry E+

225. Co A 2857- Louisiana 5- U Cant Get Lovin Where There Aint Any Love/ Ted Lewis- Wondring V

226. Co A 3367- Marion Harris- I'm Gonna Do It If I Like It/ Look For the Silver Lining EE-

227. Co A 3371- Marion Harris- I Aint Got Nobody/ Where Is My Daddy Now V-

228. Co A 3433- Marion Harris- I'm Nobody's Baby/ I Wonder Where My Sweet Daddy's Gone E

229. Co A 3757- Nora Bayes- Daddy's Goin' Huntin' Tonight/ Lovin' Sam E

230. Co 88-D- The Columbians- Limehouse Blues/ Virginia Dont Go Too Far V

231. Co 90-D- Dave Harmon O- Are You Lonely?/ Eileen VV+

232. Co 92-D- California Ramblers- Hula Lou/ You're In Kentucky Sure As You're Born EE-

233. Co 131-D- Columbia Nov O- Why Did I Kiss That Girl/ Oh Baby EE+/E+

234. Co 259-D- Savoy Orpheans- Magic Moments/ Oh Joseph! V+

235. Co 282-D- Ace Brigode Virginians- A Sun Kist Cottage/ Alabamy Bound EE+

236. Co 309- The Dixie Stars- Never Gettin No Place Blues/ Birmingham Papa Your Memphis Mama's Comin' To Town E-

237. Co 319- Harry Reser's Syncopators- When You Do What You Do/ Yearning V-

238. Co 354- Columbians- Joanna/ Indian Dawn VV+

239. Co 393- Harry Reser O- The Flapper Wife/ Craving V-

240. Co 406- Ted Lewis O- I Miss My Swiss/ Marguerite E-/E

241. Co 409- Harry Reser- Heebie Jeebies/ Ukulele Lady EE- lam sds LITE 30 sec B

242. Co 414- Sam Lanin O- Summer Nights/ If I Had a Girl Like You E

243. Co 713- Al Handler Alamo Hotel Cafe O- Cryin For the Moon/ Mandy VV+

244. Co 719- The Little Ramblers- My Cutie's Due at Two to Two/ And Then I Forget V

245. Co 693- The Radiolites- If I'd Only Believed In You/ Sunday E-/V-

246. Co 826(BLUE WAX)- Ted Lewis O- Some of These Days/ Bugle Call Rag E/E+ interesting pressing- blue wax, silver picture label- no mention of Sophie Tucker A

247. Co 831- Johnny Marvin- A Little Music In the Moonlight/ My Lady E-

248. Co 834- California Ramblers- Tell Me To-Night/ Too Many Kisses In the Summer EE+ or better

249. Co 835- Don Voorhees O- The Riff Song/ One Alone EE+ some pin digs sd lite

250. Co 841- Les Stevens O- Where Do You Work-a John?/ Earl Gresh O- Ah Ah Aw Aw V-/V

251. Co 844- Ted Lewis O- If You See Sally/ Wistful & Blue V+

252. Co 845- Charles Kaley- I've Got the Girl!/ It Made Me Happy When You Made Me Cry E+N-

253. Co 871- Fred Rich O- Crazy Words- Crazy Tune/ High Up In the Hills E+

254. Co 981- Harry Reser's Syncopators- I'm In Love Again/ What Somebody Said V scrs

255. Co 990- Don Voorhees O- The Same Old Moon/ Nightingale medley EE-

256. Co 1084- Ted Lewis O- The Darktown Strutters Ball/ Alexander's Ragtime Band E silver pic lbl

257. Co 1089- Cass Hagan O- Havana/ Broken Hearted V/V-

258. Co 1104- Ruth Etting- You Dont Like It Not Much/ I'm Nobody's Baby EE+/E

259. Co 1197- Ralph Pollock O- An Old Guitar & An Old Refrain/ Why Should I Say I'm Sorry E+

260. Co 1229(BLUE WAX)- Charleston Chasers- Five Pennies/ Feelin No Pain E despite grey

261. Co 1344- Tracy- Brown O- Beautiful/ Chloe V-

262. Co 1398- The Knickerbockers- Whats the Reason/ Really & Truly EE- plays E faint lams nap

263. Co 1400- James Melton- When Love Comes Stealing/ La Rosita E

264. Co 1462- The Knickerbockers- Away From You/ Dont Keep Me In the Dark Bright Eyes E-

265. Co 1466- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- Be Sweet To Me/ Dont Keep Me in the Dark Bright Eyes EE-/E-

266. Co 1467- Leo Reisman O- Cause O Feel Low Down/ In a Little Bamboo Garden EE+

267. Co 1471- Ukulele Ike- Thats My Weakness Now/ ICGUA But Love V+

268. Co 1595- Ruth Etting- My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now/ You're In Love & I'm In Love V+

269. Co 1605- Ben Selvin O- Theres a Rainbow Round../ The Columbians- When Summer Is Gone V

270. Co 1617- Ben Selvin O- If You Want the Rainbow/ I'm Sorry Sally E

271. Co 1696- Harry Reser's Syncopators- My Troubles Are Over/ Dont Be Like That V-

272. Co 1702- Leo Reisman O- The Sun Is At My Window/ Ben Selvin O- The Song I Love VV+

273. Co 1723- Paul Whiteman O- Cradle of Love/ How About Me? E+ TINY scr B barely aud few gvs

274. Co 1731- Paul Whiteman O- Marianne/ Lover Come Back to Me E+

275. Co 1751- Fred Rich O- I'll Tell the World/ He, She & Me V+/VV+

276. Co 1772- Willard Robison O- Blue Hawaii/ A Garden In the Rain EE-

277. Co 1773- Bing Crosby- My Kinda Love/ Till We Meet E odd stain sounds A, not too terrible

278. Co 1778- Fred Rich O- I Kiss Your Hand Madame/ Yours Sincerely E+

279. Co 1779- Ipana Troubadours- Wake Up Chillun Wake Up/ Old Fashioned Lady EE+

280. Co 1789- Ted Lewis O- Limehouse Blues/ Roses of Picardy E+ silver picture label

281. Co 1790- The Sunshine Boys- My Troubles Are Over/ Huggable Kissable You VV+

282. Co 1874- Dave Bernie O- I Want to Meander In the Meadow/ Where the Babbling Brook EE-/E-

283. Co 1881- Ipana Troubadours- There Was Nothing Else To Do/ Just a Glimpse Of Paradise V+ Smith Ballew vo, poss Smeck guitar

284. Co 1882- Ted Lewis O- I'm The Medicine Man For the Blues/ Wouldn't It Be Wonderful EE- pl E

285. Co 1882(BLUE WAX)- Ted Lewis O- I'm The Medicine Man For the Blues/ Wouldn't It Be Wonderful E- dig A sds 30 sec, passes

286. Co 1908- Ted Wallace Boys- Sweetness/ The Moonlight March E+N- Smith Ballew voc

287. Co 1916- Ted Lewis O- Lewisada Blues/ I Love You E+ rcnap

288. Co 1920- Ipana Troubadours- Hang On to Me/ Just You, Just Me VV+

289. Co 1924- Fred Rich O- Tip Toe Thru the Tulips/ Wishing & Waiting For Love EE+

290. Co 1925- Charleston Chasers- Lovable & Sweet/ Red Hair & Freckles E

291. Co 1927- Guy Lombardo O- You Belong to Me, I Belong to You/ Why Did You E-

292. Co 1933- Ethel Waters- Waiting At the End of the Road/ Trav'lin' All Alone V/VV+

293. Co 1972- Charles W. Hamp- Heigh Ho Everybody/ My Sin EE+

294. Co 1973- Harry Reser's Syncopators- Collegiate Sam/ Piccolo Pete VV+/ V-

295. Co 1985- Columbia Photo Players- Dance Away the Night/ I Came to You.. shade under E

296. Co 2046- Ted Wallace O- Lucky Me- Lovable You/ Love Aint Nothin' But the Blues E+N- Ballew vocals

297. Co 2241- The Knickerbockers- Where Can You Be/ Wonder VV+

298. Co 2258- Bert Lown O- Under the Moon Its You/ Bye Bye Blues E/EE+ light grey nap

299. Co 2275- Ted Wallace O- Tomorrow Is Another Day/ Dont Tell Her EE- few lt scrs

300. Co 2292- Bert Lown O- I'll Be Blue Just Thinking of You/ Maybe Its Love EE+ potential bite nap

301. Co 2317- Ipana Troubadours- Can This Be Love?/ Three Little Words V

302. Co 2329- Fletcher Henderson O- Chinatown/ Somebody Loves Me VV+ rcnaps

303. Co 2367- Ben Selvin O- On a Little Balcony In Spain/ Lady Play Your Mandolin EE+ rc up to music but nap. Smith Ballew vocal A

304. Co 2378- Ted Lewis O- Headin For Better Times/ Just a Gigolo EE+ shade under E+

305. Co 2389- Clyde Mc Coy O- Readin' Ritin' Rhythm/ Sugar Blues VV+

306. Co 2402- Ted Wallace Campus Boys- I Want You For Myself/ Its a Lonesome Old Town E+ a bit of grey A, no affect

307. Co 2452- Ted Lewis O- Ho Hum/ One More Time V+ HOT B!

308. Co 2453- Clyde Mc Coy O- It Looks Like Love/ A Lonely Gondolier V+/E- lt lam B

309. Co 2493- Ted Wallace Boys- Its the Girl/ I'm An Unemployed Sweetheart V+

310. Co 2534- Fred Rich O- I'm Just a Dancing Sweetheart/ Kiss Me Goodnight Not Goodbye E/EE-

311. Co 2542- Benny Goodman O- Help Yourself to Happiness/ Not That I Care E-/V+

312. Co 2549- Ted Wallace O- Waitin' For a Call From You/ Who Am I? E- rc close but nap

313. Co 2573- Ted Wallace O- Home/ I Promise You EE+ or better

314. Co 2596- Ben Selvin O- When We're Alone/ You're My Everything V+/VV+ couple bumps B

315. Co 2597- Clyde Mc Coy O- Old Fashioned Love/ Sugar Creole Love Call N- first few gvs B E-

316. Co 2601- Ted Wallace Boys- Starlight/ How Long Will It Last? V+

317. Co 2628- Ben Selvin O- Too Many Tears/ My Mom EE- repd rcnap

318. Co 2846(BLUE WAX)- Emil Coleman O- Let's Begin/ Smoke Gets In Your Eyes EE+

319. Co 2859(BLUE WAX)- Emil Coleman O- Moon About Town/ What Is There To Say E+

320. Co 2878(BLUE WAX)- George Olsen O- This Little Piggie Went to Market/ In Other Words- We're Through E+ lam A sds SUPER lite 20 sec

321. Co 3009(BLUE WAX)- Little Jack Little O- Lullaby of Broadway/ I'm Goin' Shoppin' w/ You EE+

322. Co 4175-M- Jean Sablon- Si Tu M'Aimes/ Le Chant Des Tropiques E+

323. Co 17173- Nelson Eddy- At the Balalaika/ The Magic of Your Love E+

324. Co 15172- Williams & Williams- In the Garden/ Though Your Sins Be Scarlet E+

325. Co 15305- Mr & Mrs RN Grisham- I'll Be a Friend to Jesus/ Just Beyond the Gates E+

326. Co 35202- Kay Kyser O- Day In Day Out/ Put That Down In Writing E

327. Co 35249- Orrin Tucker O- Lydia the Tattooed Lady/ Stop Its Wonderful E-

328. Co 35407- Eddy Duchin O- Thank Your Stars/ Adios, Americano E+/E-

329. Co 35501- Kate Smith- The Lord Done Fixed Up My Soul/ You're Lonely & I'm Lonely EE-/VV+

330. Co 35920- John Kirby O- Cant We Be Friends/ Milumbu EE+

331. Co 36102- Orrin Tucker O- I Went Out of My Way/ Do I Worry EE-

332. Co 36151- Orrin Tucker- A Rendezvous In Rio/ On the Outside Looking In EE+

333. Co 36202- Joshua White Carolinians- Glory to His Name/ King Jesus Knows I'm Comin' E

334. Co 36276- Duke Ellington O- Braggin' In Brass/ New East St Louis Toodle Oo E+ 30s masters

335. Co 36557- Red Norvo O- Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing In a Hurry/ Jersey Bounce E+

336. Co 38165- Duke Ellington O- Its Monday Every Day/ Air Conditioned Jungle N-

337. Co 39887- Fred Lowery- Sweet Leilani/ Dancing Tambourine E+


338. De 5200- Milton Brown Brownies- Mexicali Rose/ Goofus VV+

339. De 5443- Brown's Musical Brownies- Rose Room/ ICGUA But Love E-

340. De 7502- Al Cooper's Savoy Sultans- Jeep's Blues/ You Never Miss the Water Till the Well Runs Dry EE-

341. De 7584- Rosetta Crawford w/ James P Johnson Cats- Double Crossin Papa/ I'm Tired of Fattenin' Frogs For Snakes V+/E-

342. De 8615- Al Cooper's Savoy Sultans- 'Ats In There/ Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide EE+

343. De 8636- "Snub" Mosely's Band- Snub's Blues/ Swampland E

344. De 8649- Sam Price Texas Blusicians- Lead Me Daddy Straight to the Bar/ Its All Right Jack EE- pot. rc few gvs B only

345. De 8656- Richard Huey Sundown Singers- Blues Boogie Woogie/ Hurry Sundown V+E-/VV+

346. De 101- Bing Crosby- Someday Sweetheart/ Let Me Call You Sweetheart EE- flat lbl

347. De 115- Dorsey Bros- I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You/ Long May We Love E

348. De 119- Dorsey Bros- Milenberg Joys/ St/ Louis Blues EE-/E-

349. De 259- Dorsey Bros- Okay Toots/ When My Ship Comes In E-

350. De 261- Isham Jones O- Be Still My Heart/ Why Am I Blue? EE-

351. De 262- Isham Jones O- I've Found a New Baby/ Tiger Rag EE-

352. De 272- Johnnie Davis O- Take a Number From One to Ten/ College Rhythm V

353. De 323- Duke Ellington O- Aint Misbehavin'/ Hyde Park E+

354. De 327- Isham Jones O- Believe It Beloved/ The Wz of Love E+

355. De 350- Victor Young O- Sweet Music/ Ev'ry Day V+E-

356. De 365- Emil Coleman O- When My Prince Charming Comes Along/ A Little White Gardenia E+

357. De 366- Emil Coleman O- Clouds/ Be Careful Young Lady E-

358. De 369- Jimmie Lunceford O- Star Dust (A take)/ Rhythm Is Our Business(B take) VV+ flat lbl

359. De 369- Jimmie Lunceford O- Star Dust (B take)/ Rhythm Is Our Business(A take) EE-

360. De 404- Guy Lombardo O- Song of India/ I Wont Dance E+ surf scr A nap..flat lbl

361. De 433- Moana Serenaders- E Mama Ea/ He Mea Nui Kealoha EE- flat lbl

362. De 498- Dick Mc Intyre's Harmony Hawaiians- Lets Go For Broke/ The Beauty Hula E-

363. De 621- Bing Crosby- Adeste Fidelis/ Silent Night EE-

364. De 622- Louis Armstrong O- Old Man Mose/ Falling In Love With You EE+/E+ flat lbl

365. De 623- Louis Armstrong O- I'm Shooting High/ I've Got My Fingers Crossed V+

366. De 666- Louis Armstrong O- Solitude/ Thanks a Million E

367. De 698- Louis Armstrong O- Yes, Yes, My, My/ I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket E+ flat lbl

368. De 742- Coleman Hawkins O- What Harlem Is To Me/ Meditation N-/E flat lbl

369. De 756- Bing Crosby- Would You/ Lovely Lady V+

370. De 797- Louis Armstrong O- Somebody Stole My Break/ I Come From a Musical Family E grey

371. De 807- Adrian Rollini O- Stuff, Etc/ Swing Out E+

372. De 809- Andy Kirk O- Until the Real Thing Comes Along/ Walkin & Swingin V+

373. De 824- Louis Armstrong O- Rhythm Saved the World/ Mahogany Hall Stomp E

374. De 835- Louis Armstrong O- Lyin' to Myself/ Ev'ntide E

375. De 843- Joe Sanders O- These Foolish Things/ My First Thrill EE+

376. De 845- Harry Roy O- Somebody Stole My Gal/ Canadian Capers E-/E

377. De 846- Cleo Brown- Love In the First Degree/ My Gal Mezzanine E

378. De 847- Noble Sissle O- Rhythm of the Broadway Moon/ I Take to You EE+

379. De 848- Judy Garland- Swing Mister Charlie/ Stompin' At the Savoy VV+ RARE!

380. De 863- Jessie Matthews- I Nearly Let Love Go Slipping Through My Fingers/ Got to Dance My Way to Heaven E+

381. De 864- Arthur Tracy- On the Beach At Bali Bali/ All My Life EE+

382. De 870- Bing Crosby- Roundup Lullaby/ Empty Saddles V+

383. De 906- Louis Armstrong O- If We Ever Meet Again/ Jimmy Dorsey O w/ Louis Armstrong- Dipper Mouth E+

384. De 914- Louis Armstrong O- On a Cocoanut Isle/ To You Sweetheart, Aloha E+

385. De 949- Louis Armstrong O- The Skeleton In the Closet/ Hurdy Gurdy Man EE+

386. De 955- Joe Sanders O- And They Said It Wouldn't Last/ There Goes My Attraction E

387. De 1011- Arthur Young Novelty O- Parade of Wooden Soldiers/ Kitten On the Keys E

388. De 1047- Mal Hallett O- One Never Knows Does One/ Good Night My Love E+

389. De 1176- Ted Fio Rito O- Hawaiian Hospitality/ Sweet Lellani V+

390. De 1183- Milt Herth- Hell's Bells/ Memphis Blues E+

391. De 1197- Art Tatum Swingsters- What Will I Tell My Heart/ Body & Soul V+

392. De 1207- Henry Busse O- Aunt Hagar's Blues/ Changes EE+

393. De 1233- Ambrose O- We're Tops On Saturday Night/ Hick Stomp E

394. De 1242- Lani Mc Intyre Hawaiians- Kamalani- Keaukaha/ He Manano He Aloha V lbl fade B

395. De 1296- Les Brown O- Dont You Care What Anyone Says/ Ramona E

396. De 1308- Willie Smith Cubs- More Than That/ I'm All Out of Breath E+

397. De 1329- Lani Mc Intyre Hawaiians- That's the Hawaiian In Me/ Little Heaven Of the Seven Seas V

398. De 1339- Ella Fitzgerald Savoy 8- All Over Nothing At All/ Deep In the Heart of the South EE+

399. De 1344- Milt Herth- Twelfth Street Rag/ Basin St Blues E+

400. De 1349- Andy Kirk O- I'll Get Along Somehow/ Skies Are Blue V+

401. De 1359- Joe Daniels Hot Shots- Big Boy Blue/ Swing High, Swing Low E-

402. De 1375- Bing Crosby- Smarty/ The Moon Got In My Eyes EE-

403. De 1408- Louis Armstrong O- I've Got a Heart Full of Rhythm/ Alexander's Ragtime Band E

404. De 1424- Ben Pollack O- I'm Yours For the Asking/ Song of the Islands E-/V+

405. De 1437- Dick Robertson O- Roses In December/ Getting Some Fun Out of Life E/EE-

406. De 1455- Will Osborne O- If I Can Count On You/ There's a Gold Mine In the Sky EE+/EE-

407. De 1485- Ambrose O- Toy Trumpet/ Power House V+

408. De 1494- Lena Machado w/ Dick Mc Intyre Hawaiians- O Kalena Kai/ Mauna Kea E

409. De 1506- Jimmie Lunceford O- Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet/ Hell's Bells V/V+

410. De 1518- Bing Crosby- Sail Along Silvery Moon/ When You Dream About Hawaii E

411. De 1531- Andy Kirk O- I'm Glad For Your Sake/ Downstream VV+

412. De 1648- Bing Crosby- On the Sentimental Side/ My Heart Is Taking Lessons EE+

413. De 1649- Bing Crosby- The Moon of Mankoora/ This Is My Night to Dream E+

414. De 1794- Bing Crosby- Dont be That Way/ Little Lady Make Believe E

415. De 1899- Chick Webb O- I'm Just a Jitterbug/ Azure V+ Ella A

416. De 2004- Count Basie- Stop Beatin' Round the Mulberry Bush/ London Bridge Is Falling E/EE-

417. De 2005- Ben Pollack O- What Are You Doing Tonight?/ Meet the Beat of My Heart EE+/EE-

418. De 2006- Ben Pollack O- As Long As I Live/ Sing a Song of Sixpence E

419. De 2083- Paul Whiteman O- While a Cigarette Was Burning/ Heart & Soul E-/E

420. De 2085- Louis Armstrong O- Nobody Knows De Trouble I've Seen/ Goin' to Shout All Over God's Heaven E

421. De 2123- Bing Crosby- Old Folks/ My Reverie EE+

422. De 2148- Chick Webb O- I Found MY Yellow Basket/ Ella V+/E Ella vocs both

423. De 2196- Guy Lombardo O- I Ups to Her & She Ups to Me/ Its a Lonely Trail E+

424. De 2221- Guy Lombardo O- The Umbrella Man/ We Speak of You Often E/EE+

425. De 2245- Augie Goupil Royal Tahitians- Momi Pele/ Tropic Moon E+

426. De 2246- Rudy Vallee- Sing For Your Supper/ Oh Diogenes E-

427. De 2263- Bob Howard Boys- Sweet Emalina My Gal/ On revival Day V

428. De 2273- Bing Crosby- Lets Tie the Old Forget Me Not/ I Cried For You E

429. De 2283- Paul Whiteman O- I Go For That/ Never Felt Better Never Had Less E+

430. De 2285- Mills Brothers- Sweet Adeline/ You Tell Me Your Dream & I'll Tell You Mine E+

431. De 2334- The Merry Macs- Patty Cake Patty Cake/ Cuckoo In the Clock E+/EE+

432. De 2375- Tony Martin- September Song/ Begin the Beguine E+

433. De 2500- Floyd Ray O- Firefly Stomp/ Love Is Simply Grand EE-/E

434. De 2568- Bob Hope & Shirley Ross- Penthouse Serenade/ The Lady's In Love With You EE-

435. De 2584- Bert Shefter O- Farmer In a Dellemma/ Deserted Desert E+

436. De 3036- Pat Friday w/ O- You You Darlin'/ The Gaucho Serenade E-

437. De 3047- Frances Langford w/ Dick Mc Intyre Hawaiians- Manuela Boy/ Moonlight O.Molokai E-

438. De 3120- Tony Martin- Havana For a Night/ The Sky Fell Down E-

439. De 3293- Andy Kirk O- Scratchin In the Gravel/ Take Those Blues Away VV+/E

440. De 3299- Bing Crosby- Trade Winds/ A Song of Old Hawaii E/E+

441. De 3309- Bing Crosby- That's For Me/ Rhythm On the River E-

442. De 3450- Bing Crosby- Please/ You Are the One E

443. De 3561- Milt Herth Trio- Huckleberry Duck/ Worried Mind E/EE+

444. De 3714- Terry Shand O- Casey Jones/ I've Been Working On the Railroad E-

445. De 3718- Jimmie Lunceford O- I Had a Premonition/ Twenty Four Robbers V

446. De 3721- Jimmy Dorsey O- Man Thats Groovy/ Au Rest E+

447. De 4034- Jimmy Dorsey O- It Happened In Hawaii/ Tropical Magic V+/EE-

448. De 4064- Bing Crosby- Humpty Dumpty Heart/ Do You Care? EE-/E

449. De 4186- Betty Jane Rhodes w/ O- I Said No/ I Dont Want to Walk Without You E+/EE+

450. De 18360- Bing Crosby- Mary's a Grand Old Name/ The Wz of Memory E+

451. De 18555- Maxine Sullivan- When Your Lover Has Gone/ My Ideal N-

452. De 18607- Morton Downey- Christopher Robin Is Saying His Prayers/ Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year VV+

453. De 18655- Jimmie Lunceford O- I'm Gonna See My Baby/ That Someone Must Be You EE+

454. De 18713- Ella Fitzgerald- Benny's Coming Home On Saturday/ A Kiss Goodnight E+

455. De 18720- Bing Crosby- Aren't You Glad You're You?/ In the Land of Beginning Again N-

456. De 18916- Andy Kirk O w/ Jubalaires- I Dont Know What I'd Do Without You/ I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry N-

457. De 23060- Millie Weitz- Nobody Makes a Pass At Me/ Kay Weber & Sonny Schuyler- One Big Union For Two NEW

458. De 23392- Bing Crosby- Just a Prayer Away/ My Mother's Wz E+N-

459. De 23446- Gertrude Lawrence- A Guy Named Joe/ Poor John! NN-

460. De 23451- Jimmie Lunceford O- The Honeydripper/ Baby Are You Kiddin'? EE+

461. De 23469- Bing Crosby- Give Me the Simple Life/ Its the Talk of the Town EE-

462. De 23510- Bing Crosby- I'll Be Yours/ We'll Gather Lilacs NEW

463. De 23655- Bing Crosby- The Things We Did Last Summer/ Sweet Lorraine E+ faint int cr lbl nap

464. De 23841- Louis Jordan O- Its So Easy/ Open the Door Richard N-

465. De 23930- Mills Brothers- You Always Hurt the One You Love/ Till Then E

466. De 23669- Louis Jordan 5- Aint That Just Like a Woman/ If Its Love You Want, Baby Its Me N-

467. De 24101- Bing Crosby- How Soon/ You Do E+

468. De 24332- Ella Fitzgerald- My Baby Likes to Be Bop/ I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling E+

469. De 24529(promo)- Ella Fitzgerald- In My Dreams/ To Make a Mistake Is Human E+

470. De 24611- Ink Spots- A Kiss & a Rose/ same E+ heavy vinyl press- same both sides

471. De 25148- Bing Crosby & Johnny Mercer- Mister Meadowlark/ On Behalf of Visiting Firemen N

472. De 27196- Artie Shaw O- Crumbum/ The Shekomeko Shuffle E+

473. De 27580- Artie Shaw Gramercy 5/ w June Hutton- My Kinda Love/ Dancing On the Ceiling E+

474. De 27603- Eddie Miller w/ O- Ellington Echoes 1/2 E+

475. De 27948- Ella Fitzgerald- Rough Ridin'/ I Dont Want to Take a Chance E+ despite grey

476. De 27963(promo)- Ella Fitzgerald- Love You Madly/ Smooth Sailing E+ despite lt grey

477. De 27986- Jeri Southern- I Thought of You Last Night/ Something I Dreamed Last Night E+

478. De 28824- Benny Green O- Expense Account/ Blow Your Horn E+

479. De 29057- Tommy Dorsey O- The Blue Room/ TD Liza Jane E+ faint int cr nap

480. De 29153- Louis Armstrong w/ O- The Whiffenpoof Song/ Bye & Bye N-

481. De 29185(promo)- Mills Bros- Why Do I Keep Lovin' You?/ How Blue? E despite grey

482. De 48246(promo)- Tiny Davis & Her O- How About That Jive/ Laura E+


483. Vi 60129- Nora Bayes- The A.O. H's of the U.S.A.V+

484. Vi 16110- Jones & Spencer- The Original Cohens/ Arthur Collins- Moving Day E/EE-

485. Vi 17925- Collins & Harlan- Emancipation Handicap/ At the Old Plantation Ball E-

486. Vi 17926- Ada Jones- Beatrice Fairfax, Tell Me What to Do!/ Billy Murray- Irving Kaufman- Whats the Use of Going Home V+

487. Vi 18089- Collins & Harlan- I'm Saving Up the Means to Get to New Orleans/ My Lovin' Lou VV+

488. Vi 18097- Six Brown Bros- Pussyfoot March/ Bull Frog Blues V+

489. Vi 18102- Billy Murray- Pretty Baby/ When You Drop Off at Cairo, Illinois E

490. Vi 18103- Peerless Qtet- Its Always Orange Day In California/ Edna Brown- James Reed- I Never Knew EE-

491. Vi 18252- Victor Military Band- Spooky Spooks/ They're Wearing Em Higher In Hawaii V+

492. Vi 18318- Van & Schenck- Huckleberry Finn/ Mulberry Rose V/V+

493. Vi 18786- Chas Hart- Elliott Shaw- There's Only One Pal After All/ Peerless 4- Sleepy Head E-

494. Vi 18830- Ada Jones- Billy Murray- When Frances Dances With me/ Murray- Smalle- Ten Little Fingers & Then Little Toes E-

495. Vi 18841- Edna Brown- Elliott Shaw- When Shall We Meet Again/ Mississippi Cradle EE+

496. Vi 18913- The Virginians- The Yankee Doodle Blues/ Nobody Lied E

497. Vi 18962- Zez Confrey O- Cow Bells/ Paul Whiteman O- Carolina In the Morning EE+

498. Vi 18978- The Virginians- Kiss Mama, Kiss Papa/ Choo Choo Blues E

499. Vi 18994- The Benson O - I'm Through/ Zez Confrey O- Open Your Arms My Alabamy EE+

500. Vi 19334- The Virginians- Bringin' Home the Bacon/ Shine E+

501. Vi 19423- Helen Clark- Elliott Shaw- June Night/ Lewis James- Marcia Freer- Driftwood EE-

502. Vi 19568- International Nov O- One Stolen Kiss/ Benson O- Heart Broken Strain V+

503. Vi 19644- Lloyd Finley O- Jews Harp Blues/ Fiddlin' Blues EE+

504. Vi 19745- Coon- Sanders O- Yes Sir Thats My Baby/ Jack Shilkret O- Sometime V-

505. Vi 19754- Coon- Sanders O- Who Wouldn't Love You/ Hong Kong Dream Girl V-

506. Vi 19807- Johnny Hamp O- Nobody But Fanny/ When the Dear Old Summer Goes EE+

507. Vi 20089- George Olsen O- Whats the Use of Talking/ Bye Bye Blackbird EE+

508. Vi 20173- Shannon Quartet- Rainbow/ Red Wing E-

509. Vi 20273- Jean Goldkette O- Sunday/ I'd Rather Be the Girl In Your Arms E+ GREAT BIX!

510. Vi 20290- Johnny Hamp O- The Two Of Us/ Art Landry O- Beside a Garden Wall E-

511. Vi 20390- Coon- Sanders O- Brainstorm/ My Baby Knows How V

512. Vi 20644- Johnny Hamp O- One O Clock Baby/ Art Landry O- The Whisper Song E-

513. Vi 20675- Jean Goldkette O- I'm Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now/ Nat Shilkret O- Me & My Shadow E

514. Vi 20785- Coon- Sanders O- Roodles/ I Aint Got Nobody E+

515. Vi 20788- Sam 'N Henry- Sam's Big Night/ The Morning After E-

516. Vi 20900- Johnny Hamp O- It All Belongs to Me/ Someday You'll Say OK E

517. Vi 21240- Paul Whiteman O- Back In Your Own Backyard/ Sunshine E+

518. Vi 21365- Paul Whiteman O- I'm Winging Home/ When You're With Somebody Else EE+

519. Vi 21448- The Revelers- Mammy Is Gone/ Dream River V

520. Vi 21453- Paul Whiteman O- It Was the Dawn of Love/ BF Goodrich O- Church Bells Ring E+

521. Vi 21562- Coon- Sanders O- Indian Cradle Song/ Don Bestor O- It Must Be Love EE-

522. Vi 21731- Paul Whiteman O- Whispering/ The Japanese Sandman EE+

523. Vi 21745- Irving Aaronson O- Lets Do It/ The Land of Going to Be VV+

524. Vi 21853- Jean Goldkette O- She's Funny That Way/ Nat Shilkret O- Dream Train EE+

525. Vi 21857- Ben Pollack O- Sally of My Dreams/ Warings Penns- My Mothers Eyes E+

526. Vi 21858- Ben Pollack O- Futuristic Rhythm/ Lets Sit & Talk About You E+

527. Vi 22035- George Olsen O- Reaching For Someone/ Nat Shilkret O- Junior E+

528. Vi 22037- Ted Weems O- Here We Are/ Piccolo Pete V

529. Vi 22077- Coon- Sanders- And Especially You/ Jean Goldkette O- Birmingham Bertha V+/EE-

530. Vi 22079- Gloria Swanson- Serenade/ Love EE- 1" tiny cr nap

531. Vi 22084- Rudy Vallee O- On the Alamo/ Me Queres? E+N-

532. Vi 22088- Bernie Cummins O- Little By Little/ Every Day Away From You V+

533. Vi 22089- Coon- Sanders O- The Flippety Flop/ Ben Pollack O- True Blue Lou E+

534. Vi 22131- Victor Concert O- The Irish Washerwoman/ Turkey in the Straw E-

535. Vi 22132- Bebe Daniels w/ O- You're Always In My Arms/ If You're In Love You'll Wz E+

536. Vi 22141- High Hatters- I'm In Love With You/ The Web of Love EE+

537. Vi 22146- High Hatters- You've Got Me Pickin' Petals Off Daisies/ I'm a Dreamer E

538. Vi 22157- Ted Weems O- Remarkable Girl/ There's Too Many Eyes That Wanna Make Eyes At Two Pretty Eyes I Love E+

539. Vi 22180- Johnny Marvin w/ O- Satisfied/ Melancholy E+

540. Vi 22201- Victor Novelty O- Danse Bagatelle/ Ginger Snaps E

541. Vi 22429- Del Staigers w/ Goldman Band- My Heaven of Love/ Vic Novelty O- Italian Airs E+

542. Vi 22504- Hilo Hawaiian O- On a Little Street in Singapore/ All Through the Night E+

543. Vi 22576- Robert Olsen w/ O- Where Are You Now/ Dreamy Rocky Mountain Moon E

544. Vi 22651- Henry Busse O- Got the Bench, Got the Park/ By the River Ste Marie E/E-

545. Vi 22685- Alfredo Brito O- Maria My Own/ Siboney E rg lbl

546. Vi 22687- Gene Austin w/ O- If You Should Ever Need Me/ Now You're In My Arms E+

547. Vi 22689- Bert Lown O- Now You're In My Arms/ I Wanna Sing About You VV+

548. Vi 22805- Troubadours- Now That I Need You, You're Gone/ Bert Lown O- Lets Drift Away On Dreamer's Bay EE+

549. Vi 24031- Buddy Rogers O- With My Sweetie In the Moonlight/ I Beg Your Pardon Mad. E-/V+

550. Vi 24131- Leo Reisman O- A Shine On Your Shoes/ Alone Together V

551. Vi 24144- Sam Coslow w/ Paramount Studio O- Here Lies Love/ Please E+

552. Vi 24160- Carlos Molina O- Cardos/ Rayero E+

553. Vi 24260- Roy Bargy & Ramona- My Cousin In Milwaukee/ A Penny For Your Thoughts E

554. Vi 24262- Leo Reisman O- Maybe I Love You Too Much/ Stormy Weather EE- Astaire/Arlen vox

555. Vi 24263- Ray Noble O- Try a Little Tenderness/ Don Bestor O- Close to My Heart EE+ Bowlly A

556. Vi 24265- Ted Weems O- Juggling a Jig Saw/ H'ya Duchess V-

557. Vi 24268- Ramona & Piano- Tony's Wife/ Roy Bargy & Ramona- What Have We Got to Lose E

558. Vi 24269- Leo Reisman O- Falling Star/ The Whisper Wz E

559. Vi 24400- Paul Whiteman O- Its Only a Paper Moon/ Night Owl V rcnap

560. Vi 24407- Leo Reisman O- This Is Romance/ Isham Jones O- Little You Know E-/E int cr nap

561. Vi 24418- Leo Reisman O- How's Chances/ Easter Parade E Clifton Webb vox rg lbl

562. Vi 24444- Jan Garber O- You've Got Ev'rything/ You're Gonna Lose Your Gal EE-

563. Vi 24501- Duke Ellington O- Dear Old Southland/ Daybreak Express EE-

564. Vi 24579- Eddy Duchin O- As Long As I Live/ Ill Wind E- Harold Arlen vocals and composer

565. Vi 24597- Ramona Park Ave Boys- The Beat O My heart/ The House Is Haunted E

566. Vi 24628- Isham Jones O- Dont Let Your Love Go Wrong/ Ridin Around In the Rain EE-

567. Vi 24629- Jan Garber O- All I Do Is Dream of You/ Grandfather's Clock V

568. Vi 24630- The Pickens Sisters w/ O- Little Man You've Had a Busy Day/ Riptide E-V+

569. Vi 24633- Isham Jones O- Little Man U've Had a Busy Day/ I've Got a Warm Spot In My Ht EE+

570. Vi 24646- Rudy Vallee O- Spellbound/ So Help Me EE-

571. Vi 24649- Isham Jones O- Dallas Blues/ China Boy V/VV+

572. Vi 24651- Duke Ellington O- My Old Flame/ Troubled Waters V

573. Vi 24664- Eddy Duchin O- I Never Had a Chance/ Dust On the Moon E

574. Vi 24665- Eddy Duchin O- Try To See It My Way/ I Only Have Eyes For You EE-

575. Vi 24666- Eddy Duchin O- Dames/ Rolling In Love VV+

576. Vi 24668- Paul Whiteman O- "G" Blues/ Tail Spin V+ featuring Frank Trumbauer

577. Vi 24670- Paul Whiteman O- I Saw You Dancing In My Dreams/ Born to Be Kissed E

578. Vi 24672- Richard Himber O- Straight From the Shoulder/ Paul Whiteman O- Love In Bloom EE+

579 Vi 24679- Richard Himber O- You're a Builder Upper/ What Can You Say In a Love Song EE+

580. Vi 24680- Richard Himber O- Fun to Be Fooled/ Lets Take a Walk Around the Block E/EE-

581. Vi 24811- Richard Himber O- With Every Breath I Take/ June In January V

582. Vi 24889- Fats Waller Rhythm- Pardon My Love/ Whats the ReasonE

583. Vi 24892- Fats Waller Rhythm- Whose Honey Are You?? Rosetta E

584. Vi 25009- Benny Goodman O- Hunkadola/ The Dixieland Band VV+

585. Vi 25011- Benny Goodman O- I'm Livin' In a Great Big Way/ Hooray For Love EE+

586. Vi 25016- Ray Noble O- Goodnight Sweetheart/ Time On My Hands EE+ rg lbl..Bowlly vocs

587. Vi 25021- Benny Goodman O- You're a Heavenly Thing/ Restless V+

588. Vi 25091- Paul Whiteman O- I'm In the Mood For Love/ I Feel a Song Comin' On EE-

589. Vi 25092- Rudy Vallee O- The Gentleman Obviously Doesn't Believe/ The Pig Got Up E later lbl

590. Vi 25093- Eddy Duchin O- Isn't It a Lovely Day/ Cheek to Cheek EE-

591. Vi 25094- Ray Noble O- Top Hat/ Piccolino E-V+ Bowlly vocs

592. Vi 25220- Tommy Dorsey O- The Day I Let You Get Away/ One Night In Monte Carlo EE+

593. Vi 25235- Richard Himber O- So This Is Heaven/ Cling to Me EE+

594. Vi 25265- Paul Whiteman O- Awake In a Dream/ Jack Hylton O- Everything Stops For Tea E

595. Vi 25266- Fats Waller Ryhthm- The Panic Is On/ Sugar Rose V+

596. Vi 25267- Rudy Vallee O- There Isn't Any Limit to My Love/ I Dont Want to Make History EE-

597. Vi 25268- Benny Goodman O- The Devil & the Deep Blue Sea/ Madhouse EE-

598. Vi 25269- Paul Whiteman O- Little Girl Blue/ My Romance E-

599. Vi 25270- Paul Whiteman O- Its Got to Be Love/ There's a Small Hotel E

600. Vi 25316- Benny Goodman O- You Cant Pull the Wool Over My Eyes/ The Glory of Love E

601. Vi 25339- Fletcher Henderson O- Riffin/ Grand Terrace Rhythm EE-

602. Vi 25373- Fletcher Henderson O- Knock, Knock Who's There/ Until Today E+

603. Vi 25374- Fats Waller Rhythm- Until the Real Thing Comes Along/ I'm Crazy Bout My Baby E

604. Vi 25379- Fletcher Henderson O- Jim Town Blues/ You Can Depend On Me EE+

605. Vi 25387- Benny Goodman O- Pick Yourself Up/ Down South Camp Meeting E

606. Vi 25523- Tommy Dorsey O- Marie/ Song of India V+

607. Vi 25411- Nick La Rocca ODJB- Clarinet Marmalade/ B Goodman O- St Louis Blues EE+ rs lbl

608. Vi 25439- Noel Coward- We Were Dancing/ Parisian Pierrot V+/E-

609. Vi 25458- George Hamilton O- With Plenty of Money & You/ Lets Put Our Heads Together E-

610. Vi 25502- Original Dixieland 5- Original Dixieland One Step/ Barnyard Blues E-

611. Vi 25524- Original Dixieland 5- Skeleton Jangle/ Tiger Rag VV+

612. Vi 25526- Guy Lombardo O- September In the Rain/ What Will I Tell My Heart E-

613. Vi 25575- Lionel Hampton O- Buzzin Around With the Bee/ Whoa Babe E

614. Vi 25582- Kay Thompson O- It Had to be You/ Exactly Like You E-

615. Vi 25624- Hal Kemp O- The Moon Got In My Eyes/ Its the Natural Thing to Do E+

616. Vi 25628- Hal Kemp O- Danger, Love At Work/ The Loveliness of You EE+/E+

617. Vi 25633- Hal Kemp O- Am I In Love?/ Remember Me E+

618. Vi 25651- Hal Kemp O- Got a Date With An Angel/ Lamplight E+

619. Vi 25710- Emilio Caceres Trio- I Got Rhythm/ Humoresque In Swing Time EE-/E-

620. Vi 25718- Hal Kemp O- Powerhouse/ In Dutch With the DutchessV+

621. Vi 25722- Hal Kemp O- Good Night Angel/ Swingin' In the Corn EE+

622. Vi 25828- Tommy Dorsey O- Says My Heart/ You Leave Me Breathless EE+

623. Vi 25829- Larry Clinton O- Stolen Heaven/ Who Do You Think I Saw Last Night EE+ Bea Wain

624. Vi 25842- Leo Reisman O- I'll Tell the Man In the Street/ Spring Is Here E+ Felix Knight vox

625. Vi 25846- Benny Goodman O- Its the Dreamer In Me/

Why'd Ya Make Me fall In Love E+ sm scr beginning B

626. Vi 25865- Hal Kemp O- So You Left Me For the Leader of a Swing Band/

Rhyme a Rhyme a Ling E

627. Vi 25869- Hal Kemp O- You & Me/ So Lovely EE+

628. Vi 25893- Hal Kemp O- Meet the Beat of My Heart/ What Do You Know About Love E+

629. Vi 26172- Tommy Dorsey O- Honolulu/ This Night E

630. Vi 26181- Tommy Dorsey O- Peckin' With the Penguins/ A New Moon & An Old Serenade E

631. Vi 26188- Hal Kemp O- What Goes Up Must Come Down/ Dont Worry Bout Me V+

632. Vi 26194- Hal Kemp O- Have a Heart/ I Never Knew Heaven Could Speak E+

633. Vi 26196- Bunny Berigan O- Y' Had It Comin' to You/ Patty Cake, Patty Cake EE-

634. Vi 26204- Hal Kemp O- Three Little Fishies/ The Chestnut Tree E

635. Vi 26212- Skinnay Ennis O- Wishing/ Hooray For Spinach E+

636. Vi 26247- Hal Kemp O- Yours For a Song/ Blue Evening E

637. Vi 26257- Richard Himber O- My Last Goodbye/ I'm a Lucky Devil EE+/E-

638. Vi 26300- Hal Kemp O- Lets Do It/ Time On My Hands E+ from album set

639. Vi 26304- Lionel Hampton O- The Jumpin' Jive/ Memories of You E+

640. Vi 26328- Gray Gordon O- Off to See the Wizard of Oz/ If I Only Had a Brain E+ odd titling A

641. Vi 27233- Tommy Dorsey O- Swanee River/ Star Dust E+ rs lbl

642. Vi 27406- Duke Ellington & Jimmy Blanton- Mr. J.B. Blues/ Body & Soul E+

643. Vi 27705- Artie Shaw O- Make Love to Me/ Solid Sam E

644. Vi 27800- Joe Reichman O- A Fireside Chat/ Wherever You Are E

645. Vi 27895- Artie Shaw O- St James Infirmary Blues 1/2 E+

646. Vi 27953- Glenn Miller O- Dearly Beloved/ I'm Old Fashioned E+

647. Vi 20-1528- Duke Ellington O- A Slip of the Lip/ Sentimental Lady EE-/E

648. Vi 20-1602- Fats Waller Rhythm- You're Gonna Be Sorry/ Swingin' Them Jingle Bells N-

649. Vi 20-1800- Artie Shaw Gramercy 5- Mysterioso/ Hop, Skip & Jump EE+

650. Vi 20-1890- Lonnie Johnson- Somebody's Got to Go/ My Love Is Down N-/E+ grey B nap

651. Vi 20-1992- Duke Ellington O- Just Squeeze Me/ Swamp Fire EE-

652. Vi 20-2689(promo)- Tony Martin- For Every Man There's a Woman/ Whats Good About Good Bye N-

653. Vi 20-2690(promo)- Tony Martin- Hooray For Love/ It Was Written In the Stars NN-

654. Vi 20-2722- Tex Beneke O- St Louis Blues March/ Cherokee Canyon E+

655. Vi 20-2738- Tony Martin- You & the Night & the Music/ Deep Night E+

656. Vi 20-3317- Tommy Dorsey O- Down By the Station/ How Many Tears Must Fall E-

657. Vi 20-3375- Tommy Dorsey O- She's a Home Girl/ Enjoy Yourself E

658. Vi 20-3427- Tommy Dorsey O- The Huckle-Buck/ Again V+

659. Vi 20-4100(promo)- Eddie Fisher- Get Your Paper/ Goodbye GI Al E+

660. Vi 20-4191(promo)- Eddie Fisher- I'll Hold You In My Heart/ I heard a Song E+

661. Vi 20-4574(promo)- Eddie Fisher- Forgive Me/ Thats the Chance You Take E+

662. Vi 20-5453(promo)- Eddie Fisher- Just to Be With You/ Many Times E+

663. Vi 20-5506- Sauter-Finegan O- Joey's Theme/ Doodletown Races N-

664. Vi 20-5720- Sauter-Finegan O- Science Fiction/ The Thundisbreak N-

665. Vi 20-5947- Sauter-Finegan O- Mobile/ Joe's Tune E+

666. Vi 20-6025- Sauter-Finegan O- What Is This Thing Called Love/ Honey Babe E

667. Vi 23-1341- Anselmo Sacasas y O- Maiz/ Chupa, Chupa EE+

668. Vi 1571- John Charles Thomas- Ol' Man River/ Sylvia E-

669. Vi 1655- John Charles Thomas- Sailormen/ The Green Eyed Dragon E+/EE+

670. Vi 1687- John Charles Thomas- Steal Away/ Down to De Rivah E

671. Vi 1729- John Charles Thomas- The Farmers' Pride/ Take Me Back to My Boots & Saddle E

672. Vi 73825- Lucy Finkle- Michal Michalesko- Mein Goldele/ Lucy Finkle- Schluf Lied E-/E

673. Victor Sound Effects Record(late 20s)- SE-10- Mumbling female/ mumbling mixed- 2 / same V+

674. Victor Sound Effects Record(late 20s)- SE-11- Cheers- 2 cuts/ same EE+/EE-

675. Victor Junior JR-27(China?)- George Hall O- Singing a Happy Song/ Au Revoir L'Amour V+ great looking royal blue label with gold scroll- brownish shellac

676. Vi DI-VB-0018- Glenn Miller O- Perfidia/ At Last EE- vinyl pressing, special yellow lbl

677. Vi DJ 861(promo)- Tex Beneke O- Stardust/ Lazy River E+ scfs nap

678. Vi DJ 863(promo)- Tex Beneke O- Riverboat Shuffle/ Georgia On My Mind E+


679. Advance Publishing Co 197/201- Royal Hawaiian Glee Club, vocal by Hilo Hattie- Pidgin English/ Manuela Boy E+ lt scr nap

680. ARC Theatre Record F 297- Hotel Bossert O- Moonlight & Pretzels medley/ same EE-/E-

681. Ansonia 5286- Angel Viloria y su Conjunto Tipico Cibaeno- Vete Lejos/ Loreta E+

682. Apollo 286- Mahalia Jackson- My Story/ I'm On My Way E+ scfs nap

683. Ap 288- Prof Alex Bradford & Singers- Tell the World About Jesus/ Rock of Ages EE+ rcnap

684. Banner 1727- Missouri Jazz Band- What a Man/ Hwd DO- What Good Is Good Morning V+

685. Ba 1803- Radio Imps- I'm Going to Park Myself In Your Arms/ Out In the New Mown Hay EE-

686. Ba 1807- Radio Imps- Baby Face/ Irving Kaufman- Lena EE+/E-

687. Ba 1968- Radio Imps- I'm Looking Over a 4 Leaf Clover/ I Kaufman- Down in Old Neighborhood E

688. Ba 32415- Chick Bullock Loungers- My Extraordinary Gal/ I'd Rather Be a Beggar w/ You EE- small hlc on edge nap

689. Bluebird 5152- Sonny South O- I Couldn't Tell Them What to Do/ My Own EE+ or better

690. BB 5208- Vera Van O- I Found a New Way to Go To Town/ I'm No Angel V

691. BB 5211- Allan Lane O- The Man On the Flying Trapeze 1/2 V

692. BB 5458- Angelo Ferdinando O- Heaven on Earth/ All I Do Is Dream of You E/EE-

693. BB 5938- Angelo Ferdinando O- Hate to Talk About Myself/ In the Middle of a Kiss EE-/E-

694. BB 6987- Ozzie Nelson O- Our Penthouse On Third Ave/ Love Is Never Out of Season V+

695. BB 7016- Shep Fields O- A Star Is Born/ Gone With the Wind E

696. BB 7181- Willie Farmer O- More Power to You/ You're My Dish E

697. BB 7324- Waikiki Swingsters- Wela G/ Sentimental V+/V-

698. BB 7317- Al Bowlly O- Sweet As A Song/ Half Moon On the Hudson EE- scarce!

699. BB 7332- Al Bowlly O- Sweet Stranger/ I Can Dream Cant I EE+ scarce!

700. BB 7442- ODJB- oooOO Oh Boom/ Please Be Kind EE+/E+

701. BB 10252- Jelly Roll Morton Red Hot Peppers- The Pearls(rare tk 3)/ Beale St Blues E.1928 mx

702. BB 10362- Bob Hamilton Trio- Dinner Music for a Pack/ In An 18th Cent Drawing Room E-/E

703. BB 10468- Artie Shaw O- Without a Dream to My Name/ A Table In a Corner E/EE+

704. BB 10476- Mart Kenney O- Heart of Mine/ Sweet Dreams Sweetheart E

705. BB 10479- Charlie Barnet O- Cuban Boogie Woogie/ Two Hearts Are Better Than One E-/E

706. BB 10482- Artie Shaw O- Love Is Here/ You're a Lucky Guy E

707. BB 10622- Glenn Miller O- Say "Si Si"/ Imagination E+N-

708. BB 10860- Glenn Miller O- Fifth Avenue/ I Wouldn't Take a Million EE+

709. BB 11002- Alvino Rey O- Tiger Rag/ Rose Room V+

710. BB 11033- Una Mae Carlisle w/ O- Walkin' By the River/ I Met You Then, I Know You Now E+

711. BB 11041- Alvino Rey O- Nighty Night/ My Prodigal E-

712. BB 11096- Una Mae Carlisle w/ O- Beautiful Eyes/ There'll Be Some Changes Made E+

713. BB 11108- Alvino Rey O- Light Cavalry/ Amapola VV+

714. BB 11136- Alvino Rey O- Everything Happens To Me/ Hindustan EE-

715. BB 11154- The Four King Sisters- Music Makers/ The Hut Sut Song V+

716. BB 11326- Glenn Miller O- Dear Arabella/ Orange Blossom Lane E+

717. BB 11365- Glenn Miller O- Everything I Love/ Baby Mine N-

718. BB 11429- Glenn Miller O- At the President's Ball/ Angels of Mercy N-

719. BB 34-0702- Doctor Clayton- Honey Stealin' Blues/ On the Killin' Floor EE-/E-

720. Broadway 1059- Newport Soc O- Nesting Time/ Song of the Wanderer EE- good trumpet A

721. Br 1227- Castle Farms Serenaders- Tennessee Lazy/ High Up On a Hilltop V+/VV+ good instrumental version of Joe Sanders tune A

722. Br 1433- Howard Harrell O- Venetia/ Glen Leizke's Midnite Serenaders- Dream a Little Dream of Me..looks worse, plays E-V+..sm edge cr nap. L prefix mxs

723. Cameo 1000- Seven Little Polar Bears- Me Too/ Out In the New Mown Hay EE- few indents A

724. Ca 1046- Seven Little Polar Bears- Gigolo/ Bob Haring O- Moonlight On Ganges E-V+ hlc nap

725. Ca 1063- Ross Gorman O- Idolizing/ Caroliners- There Aint No Maybe In My Baby's Eyes EE+

726. Ca 9093- Society Night Club O- Waikiki Wz/ V Richards O- Button Up Ur Overcoat V-

727. Ca 9271- Mills Merry Makers- Satisfied/ Ernest Carl O- Day Dreams E-

728. Ca 9282- Fred Rich O- Sympathy/ Buddy Fields O- Gypsy Dream Rose VV+

729. Ca 9283- Ernest Carl O- For I'm In Love/ Willard Young O- Rio Rita E/V

730. Capitol 116- Paul Whiteman O- Travlin' Light/ You Were Never Lovlier EE+ Billie Holiday vocal A

731. Cap 239- King Cole Trio- Sweet Georgia Brown/ Is It Better To Be By Yourself EE-

732. Castle 11- Lee Stafford- Gladiolus Rag/ Teddy Bear Blues E-

733. Century 1501- Kenny Clarke Clique- Roll 'Em Bags/ You Go to My Head E+ rare jazz on this lbl

734. Champion 40111- Dick Robertson O- Robins & Roses/ Would You E-

735. Clarion 5015- Kate Smith- Dont Let Me Hold You Baby Mine/ Dancing w/ Tears In Eyes V+/V-

736. Cl 5107- Wally Edwards O- Sweet Jennie Lee/ Conrad Grey O- Sentimental Baby EE+

737. Cl 5116- Rex King O- Night Time Is Love Time/ Wally Edwards O- I'm Yours V+ sm dig B

738. Cl 5185- Tommy Christian O- Something to Remember You By/ Lou Gold O- Loving Me V

739. Commodore 555- Kansas City Six- Jo Jo/ I Got Rhythm E Lester, etc

740. Conqueror 7006- Harry Reser O- Everybody Loves My Girl/ Yoeng''s DO- Barbara E/E-

741. Cq 7128- The Rounders- Just Like a Melody Out of the Sky/ Too Busy V-

742. Cq 7188- Victor King O- All of the Time/ Sonny Boy E

743. Cq 8532- Smith Ballew O- In the Middle of a Kiss/ V Lopez O- Tell Me That U Love Me V+

744. Cq 9749- Doc Hopkins- The Great Judgment Morning/ The Church of Long Ago V/VV+

745. Coronet 104- Dave Brubeck Trio- Tea For Two/ Blue Moon E+N-

746. Cosmo 481- Larry Clinton O- Stardust/ Tony Pastor O- Zip a Dee Doo Dah VV+ blue vinyl January 1947 award label B

747. Co 500- Tony Pastor O- Paradiddle Joe/ Makin' Whoopee EE+/E+

748. Co 510- Tony Pastor O- Margie/ Jalousie E-

749. Co 722- Tony Pastor O- Everybody Has a Laughing Place/ How Do You Do E lt scfs Clooneys

750. Crown 3017- Lloyd Newton O- St Louis Blues/ Gil Rodin O- Beale St Blues VV+/V+

751. Cr 3153- Al Lack O- As Long As You're There/ A Schubert- Just One More Chance EE-

752. Cr 3211- Lou Gold O- Time On My Hands/; Dick Robertson O- A Faded Summer Love NN-

753. Cr 3270- Marty Golden O- Rain On the Roof/ Kiss By Kiss V+/V

754. Cr 3282- Adrian Schubert O- One Hour With You/ We Will Always Be Sweethearts E

755. Cr 3295- Jack Feeney- I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen/ The Rose of Tralee VV+/V+

756. Cr 3299- Harold Van Emburgh O- By a Rippling Stream/ My Mom E-/V+ 3" cr sds

757. Cr 3302- Joel Shaw O- Goofus/ My Extraordinary Gal EE-

758. Cr 3312- Joel Shaw O- The Call of the Freaks/ Mouthful O' Jam VV-

759. Cr 3331- Adrian Schubert O- The Voice In the Old Village Choir/ Having a Good Time Wish You Were Here V

760. Cr 3372- Frank Novak O- Isnt It Romantic?/ Love Me Tonight V

761. Cr 3406- Dick Robertson O- Louisiana Hayride/ Listen to the German Band V+E-/V+

762. Cr 3409- Frank Novak O- I've Told Every Little Star/ More Beautiful Than Ever V+

763. Cr 3411- Adrian Schubert O- The Clock Strikes the Hour of Love/ Boy & Girl Were Dancing VV+

764. Cr 3452- Tommy Monahan O- I Wake Up Smiling/ The Whisper Wz E-

765. Cr 3454- Arthur Warren O- Pretending You Care/ You've Got Me Crying Again V

766. Cr 3458- Sam Ross Silvertown O- Strike Me Pink/ Going Going Gone V- few ruff spots B

767. Cr 3463- Teddy Lang O- Two Tickets to Georgia/ Maybe I Love You Too Much VV+ scrs B

768. Cr 3464- Teddy Lang O- Have You Ever Been Lonely/ Meet Me In the Gloaming V+

769. Cr 3493- Adrian Schubert O- Sweetheart Darlin'/ Love Songs of the Nile E

770. Cr 3494- Elmer Feldkamp O- I Cover the Waterfront/ An Old Old Man With An Old Old Pipe V+

771. Crown 116- Don, Dick, & Jimmy- Hawaiian War Chant/ Ol Man River E+ later label

772. Diamond 2082- Jerry Cooper- Another Night, Another Dream/ I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now E/E-

773. Discovery 1741- Hans Koller 4- I Cover the Waterfront/ Hans Is Hip EE+

774. Diva 2704- Golden Gate O- Ready For the River/ 'Cause I Feel Low Down V+

775. Di 3041- Golden Gate O- Blondy/ Irving Brodsky O- The End of the Lonesome Trail E-

776. Edison Diamond Disk 51603- Mike Speciale O- I Cant See the Beautiful Sea/ Billy Wynne Greenwich Village Inn O- Cecilia E+

777. EDD 51664- Golden Gate O- Dont Wait Too Long/ Tenn. Happy Boys- Smile a Little Bit E+

778. EDD 51673- Mike Speciale O- A Cup of Coffee, a Sandwich & You/ Ernie Golden O- Fond of You... E+

779. EDD 51825- Duke Yellman O- Climbing Up the Ladder of Love/ Evry Little While.. E+

780. EDD 51851- Golden Gate O- Lay Me Down to Sleep In Carolina/ Jack Albin O- Cover Me Up With Sunshine E+

781. EDD 51880- Hotel Commodore DO- The Nightmare/ F Wheeler Wadsworth O- I'm On My Way Home E+

782. EDD 51896- Ross Gorman O- You're Burnin Me Up/ Hawaiian Rose E+

783. EDD 51824- Golden Gate O- Would-Ja?/ You Need Someone To Love..E+

784. EDD 51873- Clyde Doerr O- Just a Little Longer/ Son of the Sheik E+

785. EDD 52032- Duke Yellman O- My Regular Gal/ BA Rolfe O- Down in the Old Neighborhood E+

786. Emerson 10330- Orlando's O- Honolulu Eyes/ I Never Knew E

787. Gennett 6082(Electrobeam)- Willie Creager Rhythm Aces- Babette/ America First, Last & Always V lbl scrs

788. Grey Gull 1285- Intl DO- Zulu Sue/ Big City Six O- Ah Ha E/V+ both good sides

789. GG 1827- Broadway Merrymakers- Hello Baby Melody Lane O- You Taught Me To Remember EE+ A side one of the best GG's I've heard- good as a major label

790. Harmony 264- Tommy Christian O- How Could Red Riding Hood?/ Elsie Shultz En Heim VV+

791. Ha 337- Astorites- Blue Skies/ Lou Gold O- Moonbeam Kiss Her For Me V-

792. Ha 349- Night Club O- Pretty Lips/ Lou Gold O- Forgive Me VV-

793. Ha 550- WMCA Broadcasters- Dear On a Night Like This/ An Old Guitar & An Old Refrain E

794. Ha 554- Irving Kaufman- Girl of My Dreams/ Mother of Mine I Still Have You VV+

795. Ha 557- Newport Society O- Blue Baby/ University 6- Tell Me Little Daisy E-

796. Ha 557- University 6- Tell Me Little Daisy/ Newport Society O- Blue Baby VV+

797. Ha 564- Broadway Bell Hops- My Ohio Home/ Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella V

798. Ha 565- University 6- When You're With Somebody Else/ Mine- All Mine E-/EE-

799. Ha 570- The Westerners- Our Bungalow of Dreams/ University 6- Under the Clover Moon V+

800. Ha 574- Andy Sannella All Star 3- My Melancholy Baby/ After My Laughter Came Tears E-

801. Ha 586- Manhattan Dance Makers- You Gotta Be Good to Me/ Mary Ann V-

802. Ha 609- Lou Gold O- Ramona/ Westerners- Moonlight Lane E-

803. Ha 761- Jerry Mason O- Happy Days & Lonely Nights/ Just a Sweetheart V+/E-

804. Ha 772- Arthur Ross Westerners- Maybe This Is Love/ Pompanola EE-

805. Ha 773- Ernie Golden O- Thats How I Feel About You/ Then Came the Dawn V

806. Ha 775- Harmonians- I'll Get By/ Golden Gate O- Watching the Clouds Roll By VV+

807. Ha 779- Harmonians- My Inspiration Is You/ Sweet Dreams E

808. Ha 785- Gay Ellis Novelty O-You're the Cream in My Coffee/ My Inspiration Is You V+

809. Ha 787- Frank Guarante O- Sweethearts On Parade/ Harmonians- My Annapolis E-

810. Ha 788- Frank Guarente O- My Mother's Eyes/ Harmonians- Love Tale of Alsace Lorriane E

811. Ha 789- Lou Gold O- Feeling I'm Falling/ Lou Gold O- Ma Bella Rosa N- Gershwin tune A

812. Ha 790- Jerry Mason O- The Sun Is At My Window/ Bar Harbor O- When the Right One Comes Along EE+

813. Ha 801- Ed Martel O- She's Funny That Way/ Harmonians- Sunny Skies VV+

814. Ha 809- Frank Mater Collegians- Lets Do It/ Come West Little Girl Come West E+

815. Ha 826- Frank Ferera's Hawaiian trio- Carolina Moon/ Maui Chimes E-V+ Annette Hanshaw vox

816. Ha 930- Tommy Morton O feat Orig Ind 5- Anything to Hold Your Baby/ Birmingham Bertha V

817. Ha 1016- Artie Shaw O- Copenhagen/ Sobbin' Blues E+

818. Ha 1064- R Marlow O- Take Everything But You/ New England Yanks- A Little Kiss Each..E-

819. Ha 1100- Golden Gate O- Oh How I Adore You/ Lou Gold O- The One I Love Just Cant Be..V-

820. Ha 1264- Sam Lanin O- I'm Up On a Mountain/ Jack Whitney O- He's My Secret Passion V/V-

821. Ha 1245- Edgewater Beach Hotel O- Believin'/ Rudy Marlow O- I'm Alone Because I Love You E-

822. Ha 1326- L Keating O- Under Your Window Tonight/ Have You Forgotten looks VV+ pl E

823. Ha 1370- C Leighton O- Now That You're Gone/ Guilty looks V, plays E-

824. Ha 1390- Lou Gold O- Bye & Bye Sweetheart/ Eddie Droesch O- River Stay Way From My Door E+

825. Ha 1393- D'orsay DO- Where the Blue of the Night/ In a Dream VV+

826. Ha 1394- Jerry Fenwyck O- Nows the Time to Fall In Love/ When I Wore My Daddy's Brown Derby looks G, plays V+..exc A with BG, etc

827. Ha 1423- Paul Specht O- Sing a New Song/ Keepin' Out of Mischief Now E-

828. Jubilee 5154- The Orioles- Thank the Lord! Thank the Lord!/ In the Chapel In the Moonlight EE+

829. Lincoln 2397- Vernon Dalhart- Bryan's Last Flight/ The John T Scopes Case V-

830. Madison 1640- Cotton Pickers O- Sonny Boy/ King's DO- Molly E Hawaiian guitar A

831. Mad 1646- Musical Masters- Dont You Remember/ Southern DO- Carolina Moon EE+

832. Mad 1643- Hub Syncopators- Jiniareel/ Harmony DO- My Angel EE+ good banjo A

833. Mad 5082- Synco Jazzers- I Love U So Much/ Oceanic DO- I Wont Be Satisfied V Hawaii g A

834. Mad 6000- Cosmo DO- Wonderful One/ Madison O- 3 Little Words V+ nice tpt A/ Haw g both

835. Mad 8112- Hub Syncos- Woogey Woo/ Cosmos DO- You Cant Tell Any More V+ rcnap banjo A

836. Mad 8114- St Louis Serenaders- Wear a Little Smile/ Metro DO- I Expect John Henry Tonite E-

837. Mad 50026- Carlton DO- Sunny Side Up/ Melody Hounds- Blue Days Waiting VV- Hawaiian g A

838. Mad 50038- Atlanta Syncos- Cryin For the Carolines/ Tuxedo DO- Why Should I Take You Back V- Hawaiian g A

839. Majestic 7209- Five De Marco Sisters- A Gay Little Melody/ Ready to Go Steady N-

840. Master 117- Duke Ellington O- Its Swell of You/ There's a Lull In My Life VV+

841. Ma 137- Duke Ellington O- All God's Chillun Got Rhythm/ Alabamy Home V+

842. Melodisc 110- Jack Mc Vea All Stars- New Deal/ Fightin' Mama Blues V+/E

843. Melotone 12059- Mills Music Masters- Little Spanish Dancer/ I'm So In Love w/ You V+/E

844. Mt 12066- Sleepy Hall O- It Must be True/ Just a Gigolo EE-

845. Mt 12879- Chick Bullock Loungers- Delta Bound/ Dixie Lee E

846. Mt 13127- Bing Crosby- Sweet Georgia Brown/ Black Moonlight(B take) E+

847. Mt 13253- Jerry Cooper w/ O- Hands Across the Table/ What a Difference a Day Made V+

848. Mt 13295- The Westerners- Honeysuckle Scottische/ Varsovienna E

849. Mt 6-08-07- Dick Mc Donough- Take My Heart/ Stars In My Eyes EE-

850. Mt 6-08-08- Dick Mc Donough O- On the Beach At Bali Bali/ The Scene Changes E

851. Mt 6-10-12- Joe Reichman O- Me & the Moon/ I Got Plenty O' Nuttin' E-

852. Mt 6-10-13- Joe Haymes O- Bye Bye Baby/ Without a Shadow of a Doubt EE-

853. Mt 6-11-01- Dick Mc Donough O- Afterglow/ South Sea Island Magic E

854. Mt 6-12-10- Jimmy Hunter O- I Wasn't Lying When I Said I Love U/ My Favorite Girl E

855. Mt 8-01-08- Chick Bullock Loungers- You're a Sweetheart/ I've Hitched My Wagon to a Star E-

856. Mercury 2060- Buddy Rich O- Desperate Desmond/ Uve Got Me Crying Again E- despite grey

857. Me 11098- Fred Astaire- 'S Wonderful/ A Fine Romance N-

858. Me 70671- John Cali- Bye Bye Blackbird/ You Are My Sunshine E

859. Musicraft 345- Clyde Bernhardt w/ Feather 6- Lost Weekend Blues/ The Lady In Debt E+

860. Mus 357- Artie Shaw O- Let's Walk/ A Ghost of a Chance E/EE+

861. Mus 365- Artie Shaw O- I Got the Sun In the Morning/ Along With Me E+

862. Mus 378- Artie Shaw O- Love of My Life/ The Glider E

863. Mus 380- Sarah Vaughan- If You Could See Me Now/ You're Not the Kind E+

864. Mus 389- Artie Shaw O- Night & Day/ Get Out of Town EE+

865. Mus 392- Artie Shaw O- I've Got You Under My Skin/ My Heart Belongs to Daddy E+

866. Mus 396- Slam Stewart Quartet- Blues Collins/ Coppin' Out N-

867. Mus 409- Artie Shaw O- The Hornet/ How Deep Is the Ocean E+ 2 tiny clx B. vinyl press

868. Mus 484- Duke Ellington O- Blue Skies/ It Couldn't Happen to a Dream E+

869. Mus 533- Sarah Vaughan- Trouble Is a Man/ I Feel So Smoochie NN-

870. National Music Lovers 1060- Manhattan Mus- Mamma Loves Papa/ David Harris & Thomas Edwards- I'm Sitting Pretty in a Pretty Little City EE- (Jones & Hare B)

871. NML 1020- Jos Elliott- Lead Kindly Light/ Music Lovers 4- Onward Christian Soldiers E+ scf nap

872. NML 1021- Geo Lenore & Edith Roberta- Lord Is My Shepherd/ David Harris- Open the Gates of the Temple N-

873. NML 1022- Chas Hurd- Holy City/ Geo Lenore & Edith Roberta- I Need Thee Every Hour E+

874. NML 1032- Master Melody Makers- Mr Gallagher & Shean/ Music Lov DO- Par Wdn Soldiers E-

875. NML 1039- NML DO- Swingin' Down the Lane/ Music Lov DO- Yes We Have No Bananas E-

876. NML 1044- Master Melody Makers- What Do You Do Sunday Mary/ Manhattan Musicians- Somebody's Wrong EE-

877. NML 1096- NML DO- Why Did I Kiss That Girl/ David Harris- My Papa Doesn't Two Time V/V+

878. New Phonic 1238- Manhattan Musicians- Mary Ann/ Old Shoes V clean but scry. rare 20s lbl

879. OKeh 4530- Glantz O- Good Bye Shanghai/ Julius Lenzberg O- Stealing VV+

880. OK 4566- Markels' O- On the Gin Gin Ginny Shore/ Old Fashioned Girl E

881. OK 4678- The Okeh Laughing Record/ Cornet solo w/ O- The Gypsy Baron V/E-

882. OK 4685- Markels O- To Morrow/ Truly E-

883. OK 4919- Markels O- Dreamy Melody/ Love Tales E-

884. OK 4959- Vincent Lopez O- I Love You/ What Do You Do Sunday Mary V-

885. OK 40069- The Lanin O- Lonely Little Wallflow'r/ Finzels Arcadia O- The Animal Fair VV+

886. OK 40083- Harold Leonard Red Jackets- Where the Lazy Daisies Grow/ Limehouse Blues V+

887. OK 40088- Ace Brigode 14 Virginians- Dont Mind the Rain/ Never Again E/E- sm chip B sds

888. OK 40091- Harold Leonard Red Jackets- Unfortunate Blues/ Goodnight Sleep Tight V

889. OK 40123- Vincent Lopez O- After the Storm/ Forget Me Not V

890. OK 40125- Eddie Elkins O- The Hoodoo Man/ Jealous VV+ sm dig passes A

891. OK 40161- Finzel's Arcadia O Detroit- Dicty Blues/ Markels O- Africa V+E- Fletcher H comp A

892. OK 40226- Vincent Lopez O- Southern Rose/ All Alone VV-

893. OK 40236- Arkansas Travelers- Those Panana Mamams/ Copenhagen VV+

894. OK 40322- Joe Smith Martha Lee Club O- Nora Lee/ Dont Bother Me EE- nice sides!

895. OK 40707- Harry Reser's Jazz Pilots- Fire/ Sam Lanin O- Here Comes Fatima V/V+ Truetone

896. OK 40712- Harry Raderman's Red Hotters- That Night In Araby/ Cross Your Heart E Truetone

897. OK 40972- Justin Ring O- My Ohio Home/ The Sunrise looks V+, plays E

898. OK 40981- Lillian Morton- After My Laughter Came Tears/ My Ohio Home E-

899. OK 40992- Gotham Troubadours- Sunshine/ Chloe EE- plays E

900. OK 41036- Chas W. Hamp- We Love It/ The Wobbaly Walk looks V, plays E- lt lam nap

901. OK 41038- Billy Hays O- Get Out & Get Under the Moon/ I'd Rather Cry Over You looks VV+, better 2" lam nap label fade

902. OK 41053- Lillian Morton- Thats My Mammy/ When I Lost You looks EE-, plays EE+

903. OK 41287- Justin Ring O- Sleepy Valley/ My Song of the Nile V scrs

904. OK 2868- Bing Crosby- Blue Prelude/ We'll Make Hay While the Sun Shines E+

905. OK 5062- Cab Calloway O-Ut Da Zay/ Crescendo In Drums E- West Coast laminated press

906. OK 5765- Chick Bullock w/ O- Maybe/ Looking For Yesterday E

907. OK 5862- Count Basie O- The Apple Jump/ Blues E+

908. OK 5914- Ben Bernie O- Hi Ya Bud/ Did Anyone Call E+

909. OK 5973- Tommy Tucker O- Walkin' Through Mockin Bird Lane/ You Walk By E-

910. OK 5976- Lawrence Welk O- Sweet & Low/ Little Sleepy Head E+ sleeve stain nap

911. OK 5987- Count Basie O- Stampede In G Minor/ Who Am I E

912. OK 6367- Les Brown O- Its You Again/ City Called Heaven EE-

913. OK 6377- Les Brown O- Joltin' Joe Di Maggio/ The Nickel Serenade N-

914. OK 6389- Dick Jurgens O- Delilah/ Dream Dancing E+ sleeve stain nap

915. OK 6400- Gene Krupa O- Watch the Birdie/ Amour E+ Anita O' Day vocs

916. OK 6945(promo)- Ahmad Jamal's Three Strings- Will You Still Be Mine/ Ahmad's Blues EE+

917. OK 6981(promo)- June Anthony- Rather/ Too Young to Tango N-

918. OK 7008(promo)- June Anthony- A Great Big City Boy Like You/ Stop Up & Ring the Bell N-

919. Operaphone 31131- Castleton DO- Dardanella/ Novelty DO- You'd Be Surprised V-/V+

920. Oriole 2015- Frank Luther- Hello Young Lindy/ Carson Robison Trio- Its the Same the Whole World Over E-

921. Or 2419- Morton Downey- Snuggled On Your Shoulder/ Auf Wiedersehn My Dear E-

922. Or 2495- Cab Calloway O- Dinah/ I'm Now Prepared to Tell the World Its You V+

923. Or 2733- Chick Bullock w/ O- Learn to Croon/ Isn't This a Night For Love V

924. Or 3055- Will Osborne O- Its Dark On Observatory Hill/ Old Faithful E-

925. Or 3073- Chick Bullock Loungers- Blue Moon/ Haunting Me EE-

926. Oroco 195310- Evelyn Lynne- Goody Goody Gum Drop/ I Caught the Bride's Bouquet N- small Hollywood, California label

927. Pathe 021020- Lanin O- Oh Gee, Gosh, Golly I'm In Love/ Golden Gate O- Ducks Quack EE+

928. Pa 025131- Cliff Edwards- I'll Buy the Ring/ Cheatin On Me E/VV+

929. Pa 025132- Cliff Edwards- Let Me Linger Longer In Your Arms/ Thats All There Is E/ EE-

930. Pa 025136- Cliff Edwards- Isn't She the Sweetest Thing/ Casino DO- Once More VV+

931. Pa 025141- Cliff Edwards- If You Knew Susie/ Just Like a Baby V+/E-

932. Pa 03688- Lady Cantor Madam Sophie Kurtzer- Kol Adoshem Yecholel Ayoles/ Kiddush E-V+ 2" crnap

933. Peacock 1710- Spirits of Memphis- God Save America/ Surely, Surely, Amen E+ despite grey

934. Perfect 11176- Ferera Waikiki O- Drowsy Waters/ Louise & Ferera O- Hilena Wz V- ckd to lbl

935. Pe 12453- Willie Walker Gang- He's Our Al/ Sidewalks of NY EE- few clx B

936. Pe 12620- Chick Bullock w/ O- If I Had a Girl Like You/ Irving Kaufman w/ O- I Lost My Gal From Memphis V

937. Pe 12621- Chick Bullock w/ O- You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me/ Irving Kaufman w/ O- I Remember You From Somewhere V+

938. Pe 12628- Murray & Scanlan w/ O- Around the Corner/ I Love You So Much V

939. Pe 12630- Carson Robison Trio- She Was Bred In Old Kentucky/ Moonlight On the Colorado E

940. Pe 12635- Chick Bullock w/ O- My Future Just Passed/ Whats the Use? E/E- needle run B

941. Pe 12640- Chick Bullock w/ O- Just a Little Closer/ So Beats My Heart For You V+

942. Pe 12981- Chick Bullock w/ O- Lets Fall In Love/ This Little Piggie Went to Market V+/E-

943. Pe 13048- Morton Downey- I Saw Stars/ Two Cigarettes In the Dark VV+

944. Pe 13115- Morton Downey- A Little White Gardenia/ I Was Lucky V+

945. Pe 15623- Cab Calloway O- Dinah/ I'm Now Prepared to Tell the World Its You VV+

946. Pe 15841- Art Kahn O- Annie Doesn't Live Here Anymore/ I'd Be Telling a Lie V

947. Pe 15855- Adrian Rollini O- Sittin' On a Log/ I Raised My Hat E-/EE-

948. Pe 15876- Adrian Rollini O- On the Wrong Side of the Fence/ Ol' Pappy EE-

949. Pe 16046- Smith Ballew O- I'll Keep Warm All Winter/ One Little Kiss EE+

950. Pe 16065- Chick Bullock Loungers- You Fit Into the Picture/ Fare Thee Well Annabelle EE+

951. Pe 7-07-09- Chick Bullock Loung's- Foolin' Myself/ A Sailboat In the Moonlight EE+/EE- hlcnap

952. Pe 7-08-10- Tempo King O- I'm Gonna Put You In Your Place/ Dont U Know Or Dont U Care E-

953. Pe 7-08-51- Hoosier Hot Shots- I've Got a Bimbo Down On Bamboo Isle/ Aint She Sweet E-/V

954. Pe 7-10-03- Chick Bullock Loungers- The Loveliness of You/ Afraid to Dream E-

955. Philo 123- Lester Young O- Lester Blows Again/ DB Blues E-

956. Puritan 11148- Majestic DO- Dont Bring Me Posies/ Metro Dance O- Soothing VV+

957. Pur 11179- The Badgers- Rose of the Rio Grande/ Lost- a Wonderful Girl VV+

958. Pur 11416- Bar Harbor O- My Sweetie Turned Me Down/ Lanin O- Smile All the While V

959. Pur 11464- Sam Lanin O- Bye Bye Blackbird/ Thats Why I Loved You V lbl wear

960. Radiex 2372- Arthur Fields- Is She My Girl Friend/ I Know You Know V

961. Ra 2432- Radio Boys- When Your Dancing Neath the Dixie Moon/ John Ryan- Sonny Boy E

962. Rainbow 226- 4 Chicks & Chuck- Foolin'/ Three O Clock In the Morning NEW

963. Romeo 240- Gloria Geer- Bye Bye Blackbird/ Buddy Gravelle- Thats Why I Love You EE-

964. Ro 1214- Roy Carlson DO- There's Some Sunshine Behind Every Cloud/ Bert Lown O- Keepin' Myself For You VV+/V-

965. Ro 1219- Willie Creager O- Bub Bub Baby of Mine/ V Lopez O- There's Danger In Your Eyes E-

966. Ro 1224- Lou Gold O- Love Me Some More/ V Lopez O- Singing a Vagabond Song E

967. Ro 1225- Sam Lanin O- Mona/ Willie Creager O- Egypt Moon G

968. Ro 1238- Buddy Blue Tex- Only a Rose/ Dubin's Dandies- One Hour of Happiness V+ Ballew A

969. Ro 1243- Dubin's Dandies- She Stole My Heart/ Clevelanders- With You V+/V rcnap

970. Ro 1250- Home Towners- What a Funny World This Would Be/ Imp DO- Stein Song E-

971. Ro 1272- Bert Lown O- Strike Up the Band/ Dubin's Dandies- Are You Blue G Ballew A

972. Ro 1277- Hollywood DO- It Happened In Monterey/ Will You Remember Me EE-

973. Ro 1278- Bert Lown O- I Never Dreamt/ Lou Gold O- I Love You So, Dear E Ballew A

974. Ro 1280- Home Towners- Coming Thru the Sky/ Clevelanders- Sweepin the Clouds Away EE+

975. Ro 1283- Golden Gate DO- If You Were All My Own/ Clevelanders- The Moon is Low VV+

976. Ro 1285- Golden Gate DO- Wouldn't It Be Wonderful Baby/ Sam Lanin O- When the Little Red Roses Get the Blues For You V

977. Ro 1286- Bert Lown O- Blue Is the Night/ Lou Gold O- Wonderful Memories VV+ Ballew A

978. Ro 1287- Lou Gold O- Love Dreams/ Springtime In the Rockies EE+

979. Ro 1288- Golden Gate DO- She's Nobodys Fool/ Karl Radlach O- Telling It to the Daisies V+

980. Ro 1292- Chick Bullock w/ O- I Cant Take You Out of My Heart/ Lazy Louis'ana Moon VV+

981. Ro 1294- Chick Bullock w/ O- The One I Love Just Cant Be Bothered w/ Me/ Eyes of Blue E-

982. Ro 1295- George Epstein- Lazy Lou'siana Moon/ Dancing To An Old Refrain V-

983. Ro 1304- Sam Lanin O- I'm In the Market For You/ Lou Gold O- Longing Just For U V Ballew A

984. Ro 1306- Sam Lanin O- Just Like In a Story Book/ Lou Gold O- You're So Sweet VV+

985. Ro 1342- Lou Gold O- Reminiscing/ Buddy Blue O- I'll Always Remember You V+ Ballew B

986. Royale 1795- Richard Himber O- Whose Theme Song 1/2 E+N-

987. Roy 1857- Johnny Green O- On a Sunday Afternoon/ From Another World E

988. Roy 1879- Eddie Le Baron Rainbow Room O- Latins Know How/ Wild About You E+

989. Roycroft 156- English Singers- Hard By a Crystal Mountain/ Down In Yon Forest E slight heat

990. Sacred 163- Sol Hoopii, King of Hawaiian Guitar- Aloha Oe/

What a Friend We Have In Jesus E+N-

991. San Antonio 103- Frankie Marvin- Its a Sin/ Guitar Polka E+

992. Savoy 597- Charlie Parker Boys- Ko Ko/ Don Byas 4- How High the Moon E-

993. Sav 897- Varetta Dillard w/ O- No Kinda Good No How/ Mercy Mr Percy E+ despite grey

994. Sav 4006- Progressive Four- I Aint Ready to Die/ Old Time Religion NN-

995. Seeco 4116- Pupi Cambo O- Pilarena/ How High the Moon E

996. Silvertone 2361- Metro Players- I Love the Girl Who Kisses/ Miami Beach O- The Only Girl V-

997. SMC 1233- Alfredito Valdes Diablos del Mambo(Tito Puente dir)- El Mambo En Broadway/ Encanto Cubano E+

998. SMC 1234- Alfredito Valdes Diablos del Mambo(Tito Puente dir)- Afro- Cuban Serenade/ Arthur Murray Rumba E+

999. SMC 2519- Vidal Bolado Ritmo de Tambores- Ritmo Afro-Cubano 5/6 N-

1000. SMC 2520- Vidal Bolado Ritmo de Tambores- Ritmo Afro-Cubano 7/8 N-

1001. Specialty 865(promo)- Prof Alex Bradford & Bradford Specials- Just the Name Jesus/ I Wont Sell Out E+ great gospel!

1002. Stag 514- Jack Golden Backroom Boys- Give It To Me Papa/ Give It To Me Mama EE+ party

1003. Star 2210- Baritone w/ O- Cupid Is the Captain of the Army V-

1004. St 2240- Contralto w/ O- Last Night VV+

1005. States 153- Lucy Smith Singers- Somebody Bigger Than You & I/ Everytime I Feel the Spirit E+ despite grey

1006. Tempo 584- Donald Novis w/ 5tet incl Joe Venuti- What a Difference a Day Made/

Rose Colored Glasses EE-

1007. Terna 103- Haunani Kahalewai- White Ginger Blossoms/ Mel Peterson- Huki Lau E+

1008. Ter 104- Haunani Kahalewai & Terna Singers- Lani/ Bill Akamuhou- Little Brown Gal E+

1009. Tico 10-035- Tito Rodriguez Los Lobos del Mambo- Desert Dance/ Donde Estebas Tu E+

1010. Tico 10-089- Tito Puente O- Mambo Con Puente/ Baile Mi Mambo E+

1011. Tico 10-224- Joe Loco Quintet- Flamingo/ You're Too Marvelous For Words E+

1012. Van Dyke 71735- Jazzopators- I Wonder Why/ Dixie Rag Pickers- Huggable Kissable You V rcnap....extended marimba or xylo solo A

1013. VD 71739- Memphis Jazzers- Just Blues/ Am I Blue V solos both sides

1014. VD 71769- All Star Players- Tip Toe Thru Tulips/ Rudy Baum O- A Little Lady E- Haw guit A

1015. VD 71807- Casino Jazzers- Sunny Side Up/ My Mother's Lullaby VV+ NICE A!

1016. VD 81815- Hilltop Melody Boys- What Is This Thing Called Love/ Piccadilly Nut Crackers- Some Baby V/V+ Hawaiian guit both. uptempo version A

1017. VD 81891- Ritchie Sodero O- You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me/ Southern Rhythm Masters- Sweetheart Its You V/V- both nice sides

1018. Variety 5037(20s lbl)- Midnight Broadcasters- When Day Is Done/ Senators- What Does It Matter V+

1019. Variety 669(30s lbl)- Phil Napoleon Emperors of Rhythm- Swing Patrol/ Thats a Plenty VV+

1020. Var 670- Midge Williams Jazz Jesters- An Old Flame Never Dies/ The One Rose E/V+

1021. Varsity 205- Morton Downey- More Than You Know/ The Whole World Is Singing My Song E

1022. Va 5053- Dick Robertson O- When You're Getting Along With Your Gal/ My Extraordinary Gal V+ off '32 Crown

1023. Va 5108- Tommy Tucker O- Thank Heaven For You/ You the Moon & Me E+ off '33 Crown

1024. Va 8035- Joe Shaw O- Business in F/ Business in Q EE+ off 1932 Crown

1025. Va 8042- Connies Inn O- Milenberg Joys/ Twelfth Street Rag E+ rcnap off 1931 Crown

1026. Va 8053- Fletcher Henderson O- Low Down On Bayou/

Somebody Stole My Gal EE+ off 1932 Crown

1027. Va 8066- Buddy Clark w/ O- You Are Too Beautiful/ Robert the Roue NN-

1028. Va 8113- Will Osborne O- Between 18th & 19th On Chestnut Str/ Hungry For a Rhapsody N

1029. Va 8115- Hylton Sisters- The End of the Rainbow/ Seven Little Oranges N/V

1030. Va 8149- Tommy Tucker O- Would Ja Mind/ You're Letting Grass Grow Under Your Feet N-

1031. Va 8153- Will Osborne O- Boomps a Daisy/ Indian Summer E+N-

1032. Va 8190- Six Men & a Girl- Zonky/ Scratchin' the Gravel E+

1033. Va 8242- Stuff Smith O- Crescendo In Drums/ I've Got You Under My Skin E+

1034. Va 8307- Griff Williams Stevens Hotel O- Oh!/ Down By the O-Hi-O V+

1035. Va 8308- Olsen & Johnson- Oh Gee Oh Gosh Oh Golly I'm In Love/ My Heartzapoppin E despite grey RARE!

1036. Va 8318- Olsen & Johnson- My Mommy Sent Me to the Store/ Boomps-a Daisy EE+ RARE!

1037. Vee Jay 193- Maceo Woods Singers- Signs of the Judgment/ No Time To Lose E+ despite grey

1038. Velvatone 1013- John Johnson- The Honeymoon Is Over/ Arf' a Crown E+ party record

1039. Velvetone 1704- Golden Gate O- Ready For the River/ Cause I Feel Low Down VV+

1040. VT 1763- Jimmy Mc Hugh's Bostonians- I Dont Care/ Harmonians- Heres That Party Now In Person VV+

1041. VT 1855- Buddy Golden O- I Want to Be Bad/ Button Up Your Overcoat VV+

1042. VT 1881- Jack Miller- When I'm Walkin' With My Sweetness/ R Vallee- Lover Come Back EE-

1043. VT 1894- Harmonians- Garden In the Rain/ Barney Trimble O- Wedding of the Painted Doll V

1044. VT 1915- Annette Hanshaw- I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling/ The One In the World EE-

1045. VT 1938- Golden Gate O- Am I Blue?/ Bar Harbor O- Let Me Have My Dreams V+

1046. VT 2014- Sammy Fain- Painting the Clouds w/ Sunshine/ LOvable & Sweet V/V-

1047. VT 2027- Rudy Marlow O- My Love Parade/ Dream Lover V

1048. VT 2272- Jack Albin O- Eyes of Blue/ Missouri Collegians- Blue Again EE-

1049. Vocalion 14405- Ferrera & Franchini- Honolulu Honeymoon/ Hawaiian Rainbow VV+ hlc nap

1050. Vo 14494- Ben Bernie O- My Buddy/ Flower of Araby E

1051. Vo 14503- Gene Fosdick O- Apple Sauce/ Peggy Dear EE+

1052. Vo 14506- Original Memphis 5- Four O Clock Blues/ Aggravatin' Papa E+

1053. Vo 14508- Selvin DO- Mellow Moon/ Wonderful One V+

1054. Vo 14511- Manecoles O- Palabras De Amor/ El Clackson E

1055. Vo 14513- Billy Jones- I Gave You Up Just Before You Threw Me Down/ Irving Kaufman- You Know You Belong to Somebody Else V+

1056. Vo 14519- Emil Coleman O- Just One More Chance/ Crinoline Days E

1057. Vo 14528- Irving & Jack Kaufman w/ O- Honeymoon Time/ Irving- Crying For You E

1058. Vo 14585- Ben Bernie O- Henpecked Blues/ Railroad Man E-

1059. Vo 14641- Albert E Short O- Bebe/ Midnight Rose E-

1060. Vo 14670- Broadway Syncopators- House of David Blues/ Bonnie VV+

1061. Vi 14671- Frank Banta & the Ambassadors- Upright & Grand/ Banta & Hess & Selvin O- Corn On the Cob E-

1062. Vo 15476- Peggy English w/ O- No One But U Knows How to Love/ Whatcha Gonna Do VV+/E-

1063. Vo 15591- Jay's Chelsea O- Me & My Shadow/ Sometimes I'm Happy V-

1064. Vo 15659- Richard Green- Everywhere You Go/ My Melancholy Baby V+/E-

1065. Vo 15660- Miami Marimba O- Ramona/ Gypsy Love Song E-

1066. Vo 15737- Les Backer- ICGUA But Love/ My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now V-

1067. Vo 15744- Elmo Tanner - Because I Know You'e Mine/ Once In a Lifetime V+

1068. Vo 15753- Frank Sylvano w/ O- Where the Shy Little Violets Grow/ My Suppressed Desire V-

1069. Vo 2527- Fletcher Henderson O- Yeah Man!/ King Porter's Stomp E- black/gold lbl

1070. Vo 2591(gold lbl)- Leon Belasco O- Build a Little Home/ No More Love V+ repd ck to lbl nap

1071. Vo 2625(gold label)- Ozzie Nelson O- Got the Jitters/ Ol' Pappy V-

1072. Vo 2626(gold lbl)- Nye Mayhew O- We'll Make Hay While the Sun Shines/ Temptation E-/E+

1073. Vo 2627(gold lbl)- Nye Mayhew O- Orchids In the Moonlight/ Carioca VV+

1074. Vo 2628(gold lbl)- Bob Snyder O- There Goes My Heart/ On the Wrong Side of the Fence V/V+

1075. Vo 2653(gold lbl)- Joe Green O- The Champagne Wz/ The Moonlight Wz V-/V

1076. Vo 2671(gold lbl)- Arthur Tracy- Lets Fall In Love/ Little Dutch Mill E-

1077. Vo 2830- Bing Crosby- The Day You Came Along/ Beautiful Girl V+/E-

1078. Vo 2869- Bing Crosby- Let's Spend An Evening At Home/ Some of These Days EE+

1079. Vo 3291- Putney Dandridge O- If We Ever Meet Again/ Here Comes Your Pappy EE-

1080. Vo 03310- Sweet Violet Boys- Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet/ Sweet Violets E-/V-

1081. Vo 3338- Ben Bernie O- Listen to the German Band/ Lets All Sing Like the Birdies Sing V

1082. Vo 3477- Red Jessup Melody Makers- I'll Never Tell U I Love You/ You're Here, There...EE+/E-

1083. Vo 3488- Phil Harris O- Too Marvelous For Words/ Sentimental & Melancholy E-

1084. Vo 3536- Ray Pearl O- The Moon Is In the Sky/ Choir Boy E-

1085. Vo 3564- Henry Red Allen O- Sticks & Stones/ A Love Song of Long Ago EE-/E

1086. Vo 3574- Henry Red Allen O- Dont You Care What Anyone Says/ Meet Me In the Moonlight E

1087. Vo 3575- Red Jessup Melody Makers- The Blue Room/ Lady Be Good EE+

1088. Vo 3585- Eddie Stone O- Up Popped the Devil/ Rhythm On the Loose E+

1089. Vo 04093- The Hi Flyers- Static Stomp/ Old Tobacco Mill E-/VV+

1090. Vo 4155- Allan Fielding O- By the Campfires Glow/ Why'd Ya Make Me Fall In Love E+N-

1091. Vo 4255- Tony Martin- By a Wishing Well/ This May Be the Night V+

1092. Vo 4298- Lawrence Welk O- Laugh & Call It Love/ So Help Me EE-

1093. Vo 4435- Lawrence Welk O- I Wont Tell a Soul/ Two Sleepy People EE+

1094. Vo 4437- Cab Calloway O- At the Clam Bake Carnival/ Jive E-

1095. Vo 4438- Art Shaw O- Let 'Er Go/ I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time E

1096. Vo 4458- Lawrence Welk O- Have You Forgotten So Soon?/ Its a Lonely Trail E

1097. Vo 4461- Slim & Slam- Laughing In Rhythm/ Humpty Dumpty EE+

1098. Vo 4477- Cab Calloway O- April in My Heart/ Do You Wanna Jump, Children E

1099. Vo 4478- Lawrence Welk O- Linger Awhile/ Toy Town Jamboree EE+

1100. Vo 4488- Russ Morgan O- Buzz Mirandy/ I Want You For Christmas E

1101. Vo 4497- Lawrence Welk O- That's a Plenty/ Emaline E+

1102. Vo 4498- Cab Calloway O- Angels With Dirty Faces/ FDR Jones E/EE- scuffs B

1103. Vo 4499- Bobby Hackett O- Blue & Disillusioned/ Poor Butterfly E/EE+

1104. Vo 4508- Tony Martin w/ Mannie Klein Swing a Hulas- Rhythm of the Waves/ The Island of Maui Hula E+

1105. Vo 4511- Cab Calloway O- Deep In a Dream/ I'm Madly In Love With You E

1106. Vo 4513- Al Donahue O- Jeepers Creepers/ Hurry Home E+N-

1107. Vo 4522- Bing Crosby- Someone Stole Gabriel's Horn/ Stay On Right Side of the Road EE+

1108. Vo 4536- George Hall O- Do the Voodoo/ You're Gonna See a Lot of Me E+

1109. Vo 4538- Cab Calloway O- Tee Um Tee Um Tee I Tahiti/ Blue Interlude EE-

1110. Vo 4539- Art Shaw O- Fee Fi Fo Fum/ Chant E-

1111. Vo 4549- Ginny Simms O- Please Come Out of Your Dream/ Get Out of Town EE-

1112. Vo 4561- Lawrence Welk O- The Umbrella Man/ I Fell Up to Heaven EE-

1113. Vo 4562- Al Donahue O- Alexander's Swingin'/ Tattooed Lady E+/E

1114. Vo 4565- Bobby Hackett O- A Ghost of a Chance/ Doin' the New Low Down E+

1115. Vo 4572- Lawrence Welk O- Hold On to Your Heart/ Teach Me To Forget You V+

1116. Vo 4637- Art Shaw New Music- South Sea Island Magic/ It Aint Right E+

1117. Vo 4653- John Kirby O- Dawn On the Desert/ The Turf E-

1118. Vo 4752- Herbie Kay O- Its All So New to Me/ Glorianna EE-

1119. Vo 4848- Lawrence Welk O- Stumbling/ My Man EE+/EE-

1120. Vo 4901- Dick Jurgens O- Ragtime Cowboy Joe/ All I Remember Is You E

1121. Vo 4904- Lawrence Welk O- Rendezvous Time In Paris/ Is It Possible E

1122. Vo 4914- Orrin Tucker O- Everybody Loves My Baby/ Billy EE-

1123. Vo 5022- Lawrence Welk O- Let's Forget the Old Forget Me Not/ Hard to get Gertie E-

1124. Vo 5048- John Kirby O- Opus 5/ I May Be Wrong E

1125. Vo 5103- Lawrence Welk O- You Tell Me Your Dream/ Sweet Dreams Sweetheart V+

1126. Vo 5267- Cab Calloway O- A Bee Gezindt/ Tarzan of Harlem V

1127. Vo 5303- Lawrence Welk O- Unfortunate Blues/ The Starlit Hour E-

1128. Vo 5341- Slim Gaillard Boys- Chitlin' Switch Blues/ Huh Uh Huh E/EE-

1129. Vo 5365- Lawrence Welk O- The Girl With the Pigtails/ Angel E

1130. Vo 5472- Chick Bullock O- Shake Down the Stars/ Polka Dots & Moonbeams EE+/E

1131. Vo 5566- Cab Calloway O- Hard Times/ Who's Yehoodi? EE-/E-

1132. Vo 5581- Lawrence Welk O- How Can I Ever Be Alone/ Tennessee Fish Fry V+

FOREIGN LABELS (all British unless noted)

1133. Blue Star 69(FR)- Rex Stewart O- Madeleine/ Muskrat Ramble E

1134. BS 72- Rex Stewart O- Let's Try It/ I Didn't Know About You E+

1135. Broadcast Twelve 3208- Marty Golden O- Rain On the Roof/ High Steppers- Lawd You Made the Night Too Long V+/VV+ tiny hlc nap

1136. Brunswick 122- Helen Morgan- Nothing But/ Wanting You E-/V+ 2 clx B pass easily RARE!

1137. Br 157- Fred Elizalde Music- Dancing the Devil Away/ Lady VV+ int cr nap NICE!

1138. Br 1200- Billy Mason O- Mausie/ Pardon Madame EE+

1139. Br 1298- Connie Boswell- I Cant Believe That Its You/ I Cried For You E few scrs B

1140. Br 02714- Bing Crosby- Joobalai/ You're a Sweet Little Headache E-

1141. Br 02733- Bing Crosby- Between a Kiss & a Sigh/ Lets Tie the Old Forget Me Not V+

1142. Br 1000(FR)- Al Jolson- Golden Gate/ My Mammy EE+/E

1143. Br A 8819(FR)- Earl Burtnett O- Here Comes the Sun/ Regent Club O- Prince Charming V/E-

1144. Br 500665(FR)- Frankie Trumbauer O- The Mayor of Alabam/ 'S Wonderful E+

1145. Br A 9977(GER)- Greta Keller w/ O- Alone/ Touch of Your Lips E+

1146. Capitol CL 13530- The Rev RA Daniels- I Shall Wear a Crown/ He's the Lily of the Valley E+

1146. Columbia 3233- Milton Hayes- The Meanderings of Monty- The General Outlook/ Near East V+

1148. Co 4246- Denza O- Oh How I Love Bulgarians/ Ipana Troubadours- Just a Birds Eye View E

1149. Co 4249- Piccadilly Revels Band- Brown Sugar/ Dream of Love & You V

1150. Co 4380- Harry Reser's Syncopators- Fire!/ I Wonder How I Look When I'm Asleep E- few clx

1151. Co 4399- The Kit Cat Band- I Need Some Cooling Off/ My Heart Stood Still E-

1152. Co 4599- Debroy Somers O- Where Oh Where Do I Live/ Broadway Nitelites- Just Another Day Wasted Away EE-/E

1153. Co 5281- Billy Mayerl & Gwen Farrar pianos- He Loves & She Loves/ Rainbow E

1154. Co 5357- Piccadilly Players- I Found You Out When I Found You In Someone Elses Arms/ Lisette VV+ scrs

1155. Co CB 253- Jack Payne BBC DO- Goodnight Sweetheart/ You'll be Mine In Apple Bl Time EE+

1156. Co CB 377- Savoy Hotel O- Who Am I?/ Linda E Al Bowlly vocs

1157. Co CB 566- Geraldo Gaucho Tango O- Tonight/ Plays Fiddle Play E

1158. Co CB 569- Henry Hall BBCDO- Cant We Meet Again/ Do You Rcall EE- Flanagan & Allen vo

1159. Co CB 572- Henry Hall BBCDO- Sittin' In the Dark/ Have You Ever Been Lonely E+

1160. Co CQ 1994(ITAL)- Victor Silvester O d' Archi- Vino, Donna e Canto/ Storielle del Bosco Viennese E-

1161. Co DB 93- Jack Payne BBC DO- Sgt Flagg & Sgt Quirt/ Airman! Airman! E-

1162. Co DB 1857- Edith Evans- The Voice of Poetry- 3 bands/ 2 bands E

1163. Co DB 2056- Bing Crosby- Temptation/ Thanks E

1164. Co DB 2059- Bing Crosby- Love Thy Neighbor/ May I E lt scr EE+

1165. Co DB 2068- Bing Crosby- Did You Ever See a Dream Walking?/ I'm Hummin, Whistllin..E

1166. Co DCZ 3- Loys Chouquart Creole Jazz- Creole Jazz/ I Aint Gonna Give Nobody..Jelly Roll E+

1167. Co FB 1001- Carroll Gibbons SHO- With Every Breath I Take/ If I Love Again E+

1168. Co FB 1064- Ted Weems O- Talkin' to Myself/ Benny Goodman O- I Was Lucky E-/VV+

1169. Co FB 1162- Billy Mayerl- Mistletoe/ Nimble Fingered Gentleman E+

1170. Co FB 1264- Billy Mayerl- Four Aces 1/2 E+

1171. Co FB 1298- Billy Mayerl- The Joker/ Hop O My Thumb E+

1172. Co FB 1549- Scott Wood Six Swingers- Organ Grinder's Swing/ Harlem E

1173. Co FB 3141- Carroll Gibbons String 5- I'm Getting Sentimental Over You/ Body & Soul E-

1174. Co M6(Japan)- Vienna Boheme O- Song of the Islands/ Moonlight On the Colorado EE-

1175. Co M73- Joe Daniels Hot Shots- In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree/ Chinatown E+

1176. Decca F 2131- The Rhythm Maniacs- Maurice Chevalier Selection 1/2 E-

1177. De F 2788- Jack Hylton O- Thats My Desire/ My Mystery Girl V+

1178. De F 2938- Jack Hylton O- With All My Love & Kisses/ Auf Wiedersehn My Dear EE+

1179. De F 2963- Roy Fox O- Lovable/ Gettin' Sentimental V+ Bowlly vocs

1180. De F 3014- Roy Fox O- I Got Rhythm/ You've Got What Gets Me EE+ scarce Bowlly item

1181. De F 3015- Roy Fox O- Put That Sun Back In the Sky/The Echo of a Song EE+ Bowllys

1182. De F 3028- Roy Fox O- What Makes You So Adorable?/ Its Always Good Bye E- rcnap

1183. De F 3063- Roy Fox O- Minnie Moocher's Wedding Day/ Roy Fox's Commentary E+ Bowllys

1184. De F 3270- Lew Stone O- Lets Put Out the Lights/ I Cant Write the Words E- Bowllys

1185. De F 3275- Al Bowlly w/ O- So Ashamed/ Rosa Mia EE- only light wear..int cr und lbl nap

1186. De F 3676- Lew Stone Band- My Heart's Desire/ Adorable E- Al Bowlly vocal B

1187. De F 3840- Lew Stone O- Louisiana Hayride/ Sing Gypsy Sing V+/E- Bowlly

1188. De F 3842- Lew Stone O- Who'll Buy An Old Gold Ring/ Th Buggy Song EE+ few scry spots A

1189. De F 5270- Lew Stone O- Looking For a Little Bit of Blue/ What a Little Moonlight Can Do E+ scarce Bowlly sides

1190. De F 5282- Ambrose O- Stars Fell On Alabama/ Lost In a Fog EE-

1191. De F 5285- Ambrose O- Selection of Hebrew Dances #1/2 VV+

1192. De F 5880- The Street Singer- Farewell Sweet Senorita/ The Whistling Wz EE+/EE-

1193. De F 6251- Street Singer- In the Chapel In the Moonlight/ I Dream of San Marino EE+

1194. De F 7168- Leonard Feather AS Band- Twelve Bar Stampede/ Feather Bed Bl E+ B Carter etc

1195. De F 7662- Billy Mayerl piano solo- Until You Fall In Love/ All the Things You Are EE-

1196. De F 7720- Dance O of RAF- Beat Me Daddy Eight to the Bar/ The Nearness of You E

1197. Domino 21362(CAN)- Ferera's Hawaiians- Charmaine/ My Blue Heaven E 2" repd cr

1198. Edison Bell Winner 4872- Beth Challis- Is There Anything Wrong In That/ Get Out & Get Under the Moon E

1199. EBW W 149- Carl Shaw O- Out In the Cold Again/ I Saw Stars E- US ARC mxs

1200. Electrola EG 704(GER)- Ferdy Kauffman O- Im Prater Bluhn Wieder Die Baume/ Grinzing E few digs B

1201. El EG 1204- Ferdy Kauffman O- Schneeglucklein Lauten/ Marek Weber O- Petersburger Schlittenfahrt EE+

1202. El EG 2265- Marlene Dietrich- Wenn Ich Mir Was Wunschen Durfte/ Leben Ohne Liebe Kannst Du Night V-

1203. Esquire 10-021- Vic Lewis O- For You a Bone/ Eindayz NN-

1204. Esq 10-124- Vic Lewis O- Lemon Drop/ Solitaire E+

1205. Esq 10-466- Ronnie Scott O- With Every Breath I Take/ Bang E+

1206. Four In One 16- Al Terry O- You're My Everything/ Ooh That Kiss// Sid Raymond Commanders- Marching Along Together/ Song of the Bells E

1207. Four In One 34- Silver Serenaders- The Night You Sang On the Radio/ I'm Sure of Everything But You// Oscar Rabin O- Do You Recall/ Cant We Meet Again E+

1208. Guardsman 812- Fanning & Fortune- Have You Seen the Ducks/ She wants to Marry Me VV+

1209. HMV B 2130- Billy Mayerl- All of a Twist/ Eskimo Shivers VV+

1210. HMV B 2174- Savoy Orpheans- Stomp Off- Lets Go!/ I've Got a Real Daddy Now E/EE+

1211. HMV B 2944- George Metaxa w/ O- I Kiss Your Hand Madame/ Ay Ay Ay E+

1212. HMV B 5083- Savoy Orpheans- Static Strut/ Could I- I Certainly Could V-

1213. HMV B 5132- Jack Hylton O- Two Little Bluebirds/ By the Tamarisk E-

1214. HMV B 5322- Savoy Orpheans- The Girl Friend/ The Blue Room E-/EE-

1215. HMV B 5342- Savoy Orpheans- Aint That Too Bad?/ When Erastus Plays His Old Kazoo V+

1216. HMV B 5373- Savoy Orpheans- Vladivostock/ In a Shady Nook By a Babbling Brook VV+

1217. HMV B 5605- Ambrose O- Me & the Man In the Moon/ If I Had You EE-/V+

1218. HMV B 5612- Jack Hylton O- Up In the Clouds/ Thinking of You E

1219. HMV B 5619- Jack Hylton O- When Summer Is Gone/ Sweethearts On Parade V-

1220. HMV B 5625- Jack Hylton O- One Kiss/ Softly As In a Morning Sunrise E/VV+

1221. HMV B 5627- Jack Hylton O- Glad Rag Doll/ Sweetheart of All My Dreams E

1222. HMV unissued test mx B16328-1- Jack Hylton O- Weary River V+..period shellac test

1223. HMV B 5726- NMDO- I'll Be Getting Along/ Encore E

1224. HMV B 5742- Jack Hylton O- Piccolo Pete/ You're My Silver Lining Of Love EE-

1225. HMV B 5827- NMDO- Harmony Heaven/ We'll Build a World Of Our Own V/V+

1226. HMV B 5840- Jack Hylton O- Lazy Lou'siana Moon/ Ro Ro Rollin Along EE-

1227. HMV B 5845- Jack Hylton O- When I Passed the Old Church Door/ Aint It Great to Be Home Again E-

1228. HMV B 5979- Ambrose O- Lady Play Your Mandoline/ The Peanut Vendor E-

1229. HMV B 5980- Ambrose O- Bathing In the Sunshine/ I'm Just Wearing Out My Heart For U EE-

1230. HMV B 5982- Ambrose O- When You Were My Sweetheart/ Still I Love Her VV+

1231. HMV B 5984- NMDO- Shout For Happiness/ Goodnight Sweetheart E+

1232. HMV B 6057- NMDO- When Its Sunset On the Nile/ Blaze Away EE+ Bowlly A

1233. HMV B 6075- Ambrose O- If They Ever Had An Income Tax On Love/ Queen In Parlour V

1234. HMV B 6076- Jack Hylton O- Song of Happiness/ When the Circus Comes To Town EE+

1235. HMV B 6077- Ambrose O- They Didn't Believe Me/ If You Were the Only Girl E

1236. HMV B 6219- Ray Noble O- Please Dont Mention it/ Pagan Moon E+ Bowlly vocs

1237. HMV B 6223- Ambrose O- That Goes On For Days & Days/ The Night When Love Was Born E

1238. HMV B 6432- Ray Noble O- When U Were the Girl On Scooter/ La Di Da Di Da E+ Bowlly A

1239. HMV B 6484- Ray Noble O- My Sweet/ The Old Covered Bridge E+ Al Bowlly vocs

1240. HMV B 6492- Ray Noble O- The Show Is Over/ I Love You Truly E+ Bowlly vocs

1241. HMV B 6503- Ray Noble O- I'll String Along With You/ Fair & Warmer E+ Bowlly vocs

1242. HMV B 6504- Ray Noble O- Over My Shoulder/ When Uve Got a Little Springtime EE- Bowllys

1243. HMV B 6508- Ray Noble O- Remember Me/ All I Do Is Dream of You EE+ Bowlly

1244. HMV B 6509- Ray Noble O- I Never Had a Chance/ Its All Forgotten Now E- Bowlly

1245. HMV B 6510- Ray Noble O- Dreamy Serenade/ Lady of Madrid VV+ Bowlly vocs

1246. HMV B 8182- New Mayfair O- Love Laugh & Laughter sel 1/2 EE+

1247. HMV B 8642- Original Dixieland Five- Skeleton Jangle/ Tiger Rag E+

1248. HMV B 9131- Sidney Bechet New Orleans Feet.- Old Man Blues/ Nobody Knows The Way N-

1249. HMV B 9431- Artie Shaw O- Lady Day/ Jumpin' On the Merry Go Round E+

1250. HMV B 9443- Artie Shaw O- The Sad Sack/ Little Jazz E

1251. HMV B 9462- Artie Shaw O- September Song/ That's For Me E+

1252. HMV B 9476- Artie Shaw O- Dancing In the Dark/ Yolanda E

1253. HMV BD 143- Jack Hylton O- I Believe In Miracles/ She Wore a Little Jacket of Blue NN-

1254. HMV BD 149- Jack Hylton O- If the Moon Turns Green/ So Red the Rose E

1255. HMV BD 163- Jack Hylton O- Zing Went the Strings Of My Heart/ Olga Pulloffski EE+

1256. HMV BD 198- Jack Hylton O- Give a Broken Heart a Break/ Jump On the Wagon E+

1257. HMV BD 200- Jack Hylton O- Lovely To Look At/ I Wont Dance E

1258. HMV BD 204- Jack Hylton O- I'll Never Say Never Again/ Footloose & Fancy Free E+

1259. HMV BD 5054- Jack Hylton O- Fancy Meeting You/ Yours Truly Is Truly Yours E+

1260. HMV BD 5200- Jack Hylton O- Swing Is In the Air/ Red, White & Blue E

1261. HMV BD 5255- Jack Hylton O- Gangway/ Moon or No Moon EE+

1262. HMV EG 6787- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Schatzwalzer 1/2 E+

1263. HMV K 8741(FR)- Jelly Roll Morton Red Hot Peppers- Original Jelly Roll Blues/ Doctor Jazz Stomp E+ pot edge chip nap

1264. HMV K 8742(FR)- Jelly Roll Morton Red Hot Peppers- Kansas City Stomp/ Georgia Swing E+

1265. HMV X 4500(SWE)- Waldimir Ork- En Sang Vid Brasan/ Nar Ijusen tandas darhemma V+

1266. Homochord 383- Stanley C. Holt- You Tell 'Em Ivories/ Where the Bamboo Babies Grow V+

1267. Hom 492- Stanley C. Holt- Cat's Pajamas/ Symphonola VV+

1268. Imperial 1253- Roseland DO- Aunt Haggar Blues/ Roy Collins O- Oh Gee, Gosh, Golly V+/V

1269. Imp 2455- Florrie Forde w/ O- Maggie Jane/ Lets Pretend We're Having a Jolly Good Time E-

1270. Imp 2621- Chick Bullock- Sweet & Lovely/ Pat O' Dell & Chick Hudson- For the Sake of The Days Gone By VV+ sm hlc nap

1271. John Bull 41046- Rastas Brown- Down In Jungle Town/ Liza & Rastas Brown- The Belle of the Barber's Ball V-

1272. Lucky 1009(JAPAN)- Smith Ballew O- Foolin With the Other Woman's Man/ Forbidden Lips E/EE-...rare issue on yellow/black Japanese label

1273. Musart 10068(MEX)- Moscovita y sus Guajiros- Cinica/ Maria Cristina EE+ despite grey

1274. Odeon 194379(ARG)- Sophie Tucker- Thats Something to be Thankful For/ Lawd You made the Night Too Long E+ no US issue on these sides

1275. Od 31149(GER)- Harry Roy O- Rita the Rumba Queen/ Boo Hoo EE-

1276. Parlophone A 6704(AUS)- Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye- Rhythmic Revels 1/2 EE-

1277. Par B 12410(GER)- Lilian Harvey w/ O- Lab mich einmal deine Carmen sein!/ Willy Fritsch w/ O- Ich lab mir meinen Korper schwarz bepensien E

1278. Par F 132- Nat Gonella O- Mister Rhythm Man/ Star Dust VV+/E

1279. Par F 396- The Krakajax- Spreadin' Rhythm Around/ High Rhythm & Low Moanin' VV+

1280. Par F 512- Max Abrams Rhythm Masters- After You've Gone/ Nobody's Sweetheart EE-

1281. Par F 622- Sophie Tucker- Foolin With the Other Woman's Man/ You'll Have to Swing It E-/EE- few scrs A, rcnap.no US issue

1282. Par F 1683- Sid Phillips Trio w/ Greene Sisters- Plain Jane/ Anything Goes E

1283. Par F 1689- Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye- Tin Pan Alley med #23 pt 1/2 V+

1284. Par F 1700- Harry Roy's Tiger Rag's- Rose Room/ Put That Down In Writing EE+

1285. Par F 2485- Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye- Piano Flage/ Russian Rag VV+

1286. Par F 2504- Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye- Bar Room Rag/ Bumble Boogie V+/E-

1287. Par R 675- Carolina Club O- Hangin' On the Garden Gate/ Eugene Ormandy O- Only a Rose E- OKeh masters

1288. Par R 991- Roof Garden O- I Wanna Sing About You/ Faithfully Yours E repd rc's nap. BG, etc in this Columbia sublabel master press

1289. Par R 1797- Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye- Kitten On the Keys/ Russian Rag//Nola/Polly E-

1290. Par R 3821- Jack Parnell O- Devil Eyes/ Skin Deep E+

1291. Par R 3852- Jack Parnell O- Blowin' Wild/ Knock Out E+

1292. Par R 3870- Jack Parnell O- The Bandit/ Annies Blues E+

1293. Par R 3904- Jack Parnell O- Kick Off/ Sure Thing E-

1294. Pathe 624(FR)- Ray Ventura Collegiens- Tout Ca Tres Bien/ Je Crois Bien Que C'est L'Amour EE+

1295. Piccadilly 108- Bohemian Band- Sunny Skies/ Ramona V+/E- top A side!!

1296. Pic 500- The Three Virginains- Aint Misbehavin/ Reaching For Someone E-

1297. Pic 641- Jack Leon O- Say a Little Prayer For Me/ There's a Good Time Comin' E/V+

1298. Polydor 24601- Ilja Livschakoff DO- Du, um dich mach idi mir Kummer/ Es war einmal ein Walzer N- nice A!

1299. Pol 24625- Ilja Livschakoff DO- Ich hab ein grobes Heimweh/ Mir ist heut' so nach Liebe E+N- NICE A!

1300. Pol 41313- Ilja Livschakoff DO- Du bist mein schonstes Erlebnis/ Einer Frau mub man alles verzeih'n E+N- nice A!

1301. Polyphon HA 70010(GER)- Kordt Sisters- GI Jive/ Paper Doll V+/E- fun phonetic English vocal group with jazz accompaniment

1302. Regal MR 421- Percival Mackey Kit Cat Bd- Just One More Chance/ Time Alone Will Tell V+

1303. Re MR 539- Sydney Kyte O- Sweetheart/ Whistling Wz EE+/E

1304. Re Zo MR 766- Kosmos Klub Tanz O- Dont Say Goodbye/ You, Just You E German vocals

1305. Re Zo MR 957- Billy Cotton O- Rhapsody In Blue 1/2 E

1306. Re Zo MR 1503- Lew Stone O- The Continental/ Smoke Gets In Your Eyes EE+

1307. Re Zo MR 1565- Billy Cotton O- I'm On a See Saw/ It's Home EE+

1308. Re Zo MR 1567- Six Swingers- Hot Pie 1 part 1/2 E-

1309. Re Zo MR 1568- Arthur Young Youngsters- a Bouquet For George Gershwin 1/2 E+

1310. Re Zo MR 1811- Billy Cotton O- Look Up & Laugh/ Love Is Everywhere EE-

1311. Re Zo MR 1841- The Six Swingers- Swingin' the Lead/ Weather Man E-

1312. Re Zo MR 2121- Billy Cotton O- Got to Dance My Way to Heaven/ I Nearly Let Love Go Slipping Through My Fingers E+N-

1313. Re Zo G 22517(AUS)- Billy Cotton O- Shadows In the Moonlight/ Hands Across the Table V-

1314. Re Zo G 24286- Wally Bishop O- Sing Me a Song of Home Sweet Home/ Goodnight My Beautiful EE+

1315. Re Zo G 24938- Fats Waller Rhythm- Got No Time/ Anita E+ beautiful laminated press

1316. Re Zo G 24941- Jack Teagarden O- Pickin' For Patsy/ Octoroon NN- great pressing!

1317. Rex 8067- Harry Mortimer- A Day In the Alps/ Somewhere a Voice Is Calling

1318. Rex 8775- Jay Wilbur O- Celebratin'/ The Touch of Your Lips V+

1319. Rex 8787- Jay Wilbur O- We Saw the Sea/ But Where Are You V

1320. Rex 8812- Casani Club O- Robins & Roses/ A Melody From the Sky VV+/E-

1321. Rex 9366- Reginald Dixon organ solo- Dixon Hits #23 1/2E

1322. Rex 9405- Billy Cotton O- Ragtime medley 1/2 EE+

1323. Sterno 952- Ray Starita O- Kiss By Kiss/ Auf Wiedersehn V

1324. Telefunken 2136(GER)- Greta Keller- Kleine Melodie/ Die Musik spielt ganz leise E-

1325. Tele Cupol series 15050- Stig Holm Trio- Maple Leaf Rag/ The Old Piano Roll Blues NEW

1326. The Twin FT 1451(IND)- Syd Lipton Grosvenor House Band- The Sun Has Got His Hat On/ Pagan Moon V+ lbl dmg B

1327. The Twin FT 8840(IND)- Joe Loss O- Over the Rainbow/ I Shall be Waiting EE- lbl dmg B

1328. Tri Ergon 5737(GER)- Kunstler O Geza Komor- Eine Stunde in Potsdam/ 2 EE+

1329. Victor A-1116(Japan)- Leo Reisman O- Night & Day/ Eddy Duchin O- Cheek to Cheek E Astaire vocal A

1330. Vi A-1284- Original Dixieland 5- Bluin' the Blues/ Clarinet Marmalade E+

1331. Vo 18- Don Redman O- I Gotcha/ Henry Red Allen O- Whose Honey Are You E+

1332. Vocalion 25- Art Shaw O- The Japanese Sandman/ A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody E

1333. Vo S-48- Artie Shaw O- Skeleton In the Cupboard/ Sugar Foot Stomp EE+

1334. Vo S-54- Artie Shaw O- Thou Swell/ The Same Old Line E+

1335. Vo S-134- Artie Shaw O- I've a Strange New Rhythm In My Heart/ Free Wheeling EE+

1336. Vo S-147- Artie Shaw O- Whistle While You Work/ Non Stop Flight EE+

1337. Vogue 101(FR)- Wings Over Jordan- Old Ship Of Zion/ Deep River E+N-

1338. Vo 154- Stars of Hope- I Want to Be More Like Jesus/ I Just Cant Keep From Crying E+

1339. The Winner 3535- Diplomat O- Bo La Bo/ Avalon V- few clx

1340. Zonophone 2122- Black Diamonds Band- Avola/ Oceana E-

1341. Zon 5059- Devonshire Restaurant O- Dog On the Piano/ Tired Hands V-

1342. Zon 6186- The Blue Lyres- Nothing But a Lie/ Sing a New Song E-/V

1343. Zon 6206- The Blue Lyres- The Younger Generation/ Mad About the Boy E

12" 78s- INCLUDES STANDARD ISSUES, AIRCHECKS, TEST PRESSINGS, ODD ISSUES AIRCHECKS, TESTS, RADIO, etc..(includes some other sizes- all 12" unless noted)


1344. Victor home recording Saturday Night Swing Club live on the air, unknown date 1936. Begins with guitar/piano playing China Boy(2 minutes). Announcer ID's him as "Joe", but no further info given. Definitely Django Reinhart influenced..Next, same group medley of Sheik of Araby & Who's Sorry Now...(2 min)..Next the Bunny Berigan big band swings Chicken & Waffles to end this side (1 minute)//flip begins with Bunny Berigan soloing in front of the big band on unknown tune, announcer states that Fats Waller had to leave to go to the Apollo Theatre!...then promotes "Ray" Scott new tune for next week- Powerhouse....Next is guest Glenn Miller who is premiering his new tune, Community Swing...GM speaks, then band swings out---for about 2 minutes..some talking over part of the tune which I'm not sure of the source..Announcer thanks Glenn Miller & Leith Stevens, with music out to end the disc. Disc plays well considering the source. I had this professionally transferred by an engineer who used a 5 mil or higher stylus. My 2.5 mil gave almost no reproduction..I can provide a short MP3 for serious bidders who might want to check quality. Do not expect perfection on this disk as it was recorded by an amateur, but its likely one of a kind.

1345. Victor home recording The Coty Hour with Ray Noble Orchestra(Glenn Miller in band?) and Al Bowlly. (May 13,1935??). Begins with announcer for medley of What More Can I Ask/ By the Fireside(Al Bowlly vocal)/ Brighter Than the Sun/ Love Is the Sweetest Thing(Al Bowlly vocal) (5+ minutes)...Announcer does brief Coty commercial. Next up I Cant Give You Anything But Love-super swinging with solos(2 1/2 min)....Next is Goodnight Sweetheart with NBC signoff (about 1 min).. Side continues with Your Feets Too Big by unknown vocal group(about 30 sec). Next announced is Rhapsody In Blue by unknown Whiteman-esque band(8 minutes)....Lastly a male vocal with unknown big band sings Clouds..(almost 2 minutes)..Disc plays well considering the source. I had this professionally transferred by an engineer who used a 5 mil or higher stylus. My 2.5 mil gave almost no reproduction..I can provide a short MP3 for serious bidders who might want to check quality. Do not expect perfection on this disk as it was recorded by an amateur, but its likely one of a kind. Better recording quality than the previous disk, Saturday Night Swing Club..

1346. True Tale Dramas pgm 1/2. Heavy shellac c. early 30s radio pressed by Titan. 33 1/3 rpm. good stuff! N-

1347. Victor CS 051407- Lucky Strike presents Shirley Ross- I'm Lonely & You're Lonely/ Bea Wain- Imagination EE-..black on gold Lucky Strike label- vinyl

1348. acetate aircheck- Tommy Dorsey Orchestra live on the Mutual Broadcasting System from Frank Dailey's Terrace Room in Newark, NJ, as broadcast on WAAT on 4/15/44.. .. Tommy Dorsey O- Song of India, complete on side one/ side two starts with You're Driving Me Crazy by the Sentimentalists(?). Continuing on side 2 is Hawaiian War Chant by Dorsey with Gene Krupa and Buddy De Franco..the tune is almost complete..Record has a warp ONLY affecting beginning of side 2- the vocal tune- the rest plays well 10" original acetate

1349. acetate aircheck- Johnny Morris Orchestra live on the Mutual Broadcasting System from Frank Dailey's Terrace Room in Newark, NJ, as broadcast on WAAT on June 16, 1945. 3 parts on 2-12" acetates. Minor edge gunk, s/b cleanable, otherwise E+

1350. acetate- Fitch Bandwagon w/ Phil Harris & Alice Faye. Original acetate recorded for NBC by Electro- Vox, Hollywood for broadcast on 10/6/46. Four sides on 2 records, 33 1/3" E+ excellent music, comedy and song by both Alice & Phil

1351. acetate- Fitch Bandwagon w/ Phil Harris & Alice Faye. Original acetate recorded for NBC by Electro- Vox, Hollywood for broadcast on 10/20/46. Four sides on 2 records, 33 1/3" E+ excellent music, comedy and song by both Alice & Phil

1352. acetate- Nat King Cole voice promos for Roberts Record Room on WAAT..2 diff cuts- intro and outro- unique pressing! E+ from 1948

1353. acetate- Mel Torme voice promos for Roberts Record Room on WAAT..2 diff cuts- intro and outro- unique pressing! E+ from 1948


1354. Okeh test mx 403205-B- Casa Loma O- Lucky me Lovable You N-..a more modern oversized (10 1/2") vinyl test from their first recording session on 10/29/29 (aka Black Tuesday!)

1355. Victor test mx 68329-2- Lies- Gus Arnheim O. E+ ..Victor Master Book states Dave Marshall vocalist, but hand written info on label reads Harry Barris..sounds more like Marshall for sure...wonder what the story is there??. Recorded Oct 29, 1931..10 1/2" Victrolac 1931 test

1356. ARC Theatre Use Only vinyl test mx E-722-1- I'm Young & Healthy. recorded 4/22/32. Top band has trumpet, clarinet solos. great side plays at 33 1/3 rpm. warp may be able to be flattened, but does NOT affect play on this 11" heavy vinyl pressing

1357. MacGregor & Sollie, San Francisco test mx MS-A 1051-1- Paul Pendarvis O- Please Believe Me EE+.oversize(11") one sided shellac pressing- likely a test- from 1934-5

1358. Co/Voc UNISSUED test mx 24511- Basie's Bad Boys- Goin' to Chicago E+ recorded 2/13/39 top sound on this heavy vinyl 12" test with Lester, Buck, Jo, Page, Rushing, etc

1359. Co test mx WB- 24374-C. Jack Marshand O- Yours For a Song E+ 4/14/39 beautiful sound on this 10 1/2"+ size vinyl test..(unusual multiple takes for a dance band-see below)

1360. Co test mx WB- 24374-D Jack Marshand O- Yours For a Song E+ 4/14/39 beautiful sound on this 10 1/2"+ size vinyl test..(unusual multiple takes for a dance band-see above)

1361. Co test mx WM-1119-A- Barney Bigard Jazzopators- Honey Hush 11/22/39 N-. beautiful sound on this 10 1/2"+ size vinyl test


1362. Blue Note 5- Earl "Father" Hines- The Father's Getaway/ Reminiscing At Blue Note E

1363. BN 38- Ike Quebec Quintet- Indiana/ She's Funny That Way EE+

1364. Brunswick 20104- Guy Lombardo O- Between The Devil & the Deep Blue Sea/ Gems from The Cat & Fiddle E

1365. Br 20122- Abe Lyman O- Gold Diggers of 1933 med/ Stormy Wx V- scuffs & scrs

1366. Br 20056(ENG)- Brunswick medley 1/2- Harry Shalson, Leslie Hutchinson, Maude Gold, Alice

Morley, Jessie Matthews, Fred & Manuel Elizalde, Kel Keech, Ord Hamilton EE- few rcnaps

1367. Climax 104- George Lewis New Orleans Stompers- Fidgety Feet/ Dauphine St. Blues EE+/EE-

1368. Co A 5562- Prince's Band- The Castle Walk/ Castle's Half & Half E-

1369. Co A 6168- Columbia O- Hawaiian Twilight/ On Pensacola Bay E-

1370. Co BXO 14(ENG)- mx # CAX 6666/7- Introducing Columbia Records #14 pt 1/2 E+ includes Henry Hall BBC DO, Rudy Vallee, organ, vocal, etc

1371. Co DX 786(ENG)- Carroll Gibbons O w/ Larry Adler & Christopher Stone/ Gibbons w/ Hildegarde & Christopher Stone plus record clips from George Gerswhin & Fred Astaire- Gershwin- King of Rhythm 1/2 E+

1372. De 15035- Glen Gray O- Paramour/ I May Be Wrong E+

1373. De K 710(ENG)- The Bands That Matter- Hylton, Fox, Stone, Ambrose EE+

1374. De K 715- Lew Stone Favourites 1/2 EE+ incl Minnie the Moocher, I Got Rhythm. Al Bowlly among the vocalists

1375. De K 808- Lew Stone O- Broadcast Favourites 1/2 E- edge scrs beg B

1376. De 29226- Bing Crosby- Frances Langford- Louis Armstrong w/ Jimmy Dorsey O- Pennies From Heaven med/ pt 2 EE-

1377. Esquire 12-011 Johnny Dankworth 6 A Night In Tunisia/ Ronnie Scott 4- Dont Blame Me EE+

1378. HMV C 1456- New Mayfair O- Clowns In Clover sel 1/2 E-

1379. HMV C 1477- New Mayfair O- The Yellow Mask selection 1/2 E-

1380. HMV C 1478- New Mayfair O- Lady Mary selection 1/2 E- rcnap

1381. HMV C 2486- New Mayfair O- Snacks In Bars 1/2 EE+

1382. HMV C 2564- Louis Armstrong O- Medley of Armstrong Hits 1/2 V+/VV+ scarce on any label

1383. HMV C 2716- New Mayfair O- Ballad Memories 1/2 E

1384. Par E 11339(ENG)- Victor Silvester Ballroom O- Paul Jones 1/2 E+ potential flake nap. NICE!!

1385. Session 12-001- Jimmy Yancey- Eternal Blues/ Yancey Special E+

1386. Ses 12-002- Mama Yancey w/ J. Yancey- How Long Blues/ Yancey solo- Midnight Stomp E+

1387. Swing SWX 91(FR)- Jazz De Paris dir Alex Combelle- In a Mist/ Quintette Hot Club of France & others incl Combelle, Paquinet, Chiboust- Festval Swing E+ never saw a 12" Swing till my last auction, and here's another. super swinging B side with Django, etc and interesting take on Bix Beiderbecke tune A

1388. Victor 70028- Clifton Crawford- Gunga Din V

1389. Vi 70057- Robert Hilliard- Scene from "A Fool There Was" E couple scrs

1390. Vi 35405- Victor Military Band- Ballin' the Jack/ Meadowbrook E-

1391. Vi 35533- Victor Military Band- Bugle Call Rag/ Some Sort of Somebody EE+/EE-

1392. Vi 35536- Vess Ossman Banjo O- Merry Whirl/ Kangaroo Hop VV+

1393. Vi 35783- De Wolf Hopper- Casey At the Bat/ O'Toole's Touchdown EE-

1394. Vi 35845- Nat Shilkret O w/ Fairchild & Rainger, The Bros Sisters, Franklyn Baur- Ziegfeld Follies medley 1/2 E/EE+

1395. Vi 35933- Paul Whiteman O- Metropolis 1/2 EE+

1396. Vi 35934- Paul Whiteman O- Metropolis 13/4 EE+

1397. Vi 36085- Paul Whiteman O- Medley of Cole Porter Hits/ Night & Day E+

1398. Vi 36107- Green Brothers- Elegie/ The Swan V

1399. Vi 36131- Paul Whiteman O- Deep Purple/ Park Avenue Fantasy E rg lbl

1400. Vi 36141- Paul Whiteman O- Anything Goes selection/ New Mayfair O- Evergreen sel EE+/E

1401. Vi 36142- Andre Kostalanetz O- Revenge With Music 1/2 E rg lbl

1402. Vi 36159- Paul Whiteman O- Star Dust/ Blue Moonlight E+ rg lbl

1403. Vi 36161- Andre Kostalanetz O- Chant of the Weed/ Rumba Fantasy EE+ rg lbl

1404. Vi 36198- Paul Whiteman O- All Points West 1/2 EE+/E

1405. Zonophone A 302(ENG)- A Miniature Concert 1/2- Campbell & Burr, Rudy Wiedoeft, Frank Croxton, Peerless Quartet, Frank Banta, Sterling Trio, Henry Burr, Billy Murray, etc E-



1406. Associated test mx A-1652-2- Ray Sinatra O- Have You Got Any Castles Baby(hot clarinet)/ Love Is On the Air Tonight(vocal- male cho)..E+ BOTH nice versions

1407. Assoc S-51- Mel Warren Orch(Mark Warnow) - I'm On a See Saw/ And Then Some// Why Stars Come Out At Night/ From the Top of Your Head EE+ superb fidelity and nice versions

1408. Assoc 20- Jimmy Garfield O(Johnny Green O)- You & the Night & the Music/ Got Me Doing Things// Lou Raderman O- I Got Plenty O Nuttin'/ Cocktails For Two EE+

1409. Assoc 53- Freddy Bergin O- Dark Eyes/ Here It Is Monday// Leon Bolero O(Leon Belasco) X'd out Porter medley/ Lost My Rhythm E+ peppy solos A

1410. Assoc 70- Clyde Mc Coy O- Mr Ghost Goes to Town/ Swamp Fire// Racimo's Hawaiians- My Tane/ Pau Pau Pau Pilikia + 3rd unnamed cut X'd out EE+ solos A

1411. Assoc 101- Joe Venuti O- I Got Rhythm/ Wild Dog// Ramon Lorenzo O- Dust On the Moon/ I Wont Dance EE+ both nice sides!

1412. Assoc(Muzak) 435- Larry Clinton O- I Double Dare You (Bea Wain vo,sax solo)/ Whistle While You Work(Bea Wain vo, clt, sax solo)// Al Roth O- You're a Sweetheart(Linda Lee vo), A Little White Lighthouse(LInda Lee vo) E+ ALL NICE ESP A!!

1413. Assoc 142- Cliff Miles O(Clyde Mc Coy) No Regrets/ You Cant Pull the Wool Over My Eyes (NICE!)/ Lee Winter(Lew White) organ solo- Cavalleria Rusticana/ Song of the Soul EE+

1414. Assoc A 176- Don Maron O(Dick Messner)Get Happy(nice version with trumpet, clt solos)/ Begin the Beguine// Lawrence Roland O(Lou Raderman)- Reflections In the Water/ I Surrender Dear, Pagan Love Song E+

1415. Assoc 189- The Carter Family- Cannonball Blues/ Happy or Lonesome// Nat Cromwell w/ piano- Ol' Man River/ Till I Wake EE+/E

1416. Assoc 203- James Dalton O(Jimmy Dorsey)- My Very Good Friend the Milkman/ From the Top of Your Head// Why Shouldn't I/ Picture of Me EE+

1417. Assoc 214- Harvey Tweed O(Tommy Dorsey)- One Umbrella For Two/ Its Written In the Stars// Where Am I/ In the Dark E+ all vocals

1418. Assoc 218- Harvey Tweed O(Tommy Dorsey)- Dont Give Up the Ship/ Bluin' the Blues// Emery Deutsch O- Emery Deutsch Compositions- 3 tunes E+

1419. Assoc 248- Henry King O- Christopher Columbus/ I've Got a Heavy Date/ Swing Mister Charlie (all nice swingy instrumentals)// Love Came Out of the Night/ The Glory of Love(both with Joe Sudy vocs) E+

1420. Assoc 644- Dick Rogers O- Tishimingo Cake Walk/ Roseland Shuffle// Freddie Rich O- Star Spangled Banner 2 takes/ Emery Deutsch O- Orch Tuning Up 2 takes E+ great A-lots of solos!

1421. Muzak 9- Russ Morgan O- For Sentimental Reasons/ Love Marches On(vocs)// Racimo's Hawaiians- On the Beach At Bali Bali (vo)/ Bye Bye Baby EE+/E aud scrs B

1422. Muzak 536- Glen Gray O- Basin Street Blues/ Who's Sorry Now/ Russ Morgan O- Stella the Belle of the Town(NICE!)/ After All I've Been to You E+

1423. Muzak 560- Ben Selvin Cocktail O- When Did You Leave Heaven?/ Me & the Moon// Bernard Levitow- Gypsy Love-selections E

1424. Muzak 648- Larry Clinton O- Its Good Enough For Me(Bea Wain vo)/ Zig Zag E+

1425. World S-2465- Bob Wiley O- You're Walking In My Sleep/ Livin' In a Great Big Way EE+ a top early issue on red semi flexible material


1426. (original?) acetate- President Franklin D. Roosevelt addresses Congress on 12/8/41. 2 sides appears to be full length & complete- hangs up first few grooves, but begins clean with announcer- "the far flung networks of the National Broadcasting Co have joined together, etc" EE+

1427. original acetate- The Jack Benny Program with Mary Livingstone, Rochester, Dennis Day, Phil Harris, Frank Nelson, as originally broadcast live from Chicago on NBC network 5/11/47. Has Lucky Strike commercials E+, if cleaned properly (has light plasticizer which should be able to be cleaned to make it sparkle).. West Coast airchecked.

1428. original acetate- The Jack Benny Program with Mary Livingstone, Rochester, Dennis Day, Don Wilson-plus Mel Blanc, as originally broadcast on NBC network 12/5/48. Has Lucky Strike commercials E+.. West Coast airchecked.

1429. original acetate- Philco Radio Time- with Bing Crosby & Phil Harris as recorded off ABC Network 3/9/49 by Radio Recorders in Hollywood/ flip is an NBC show called American Portraits E+

1430. original acetate- General Electric Show- with Bing Crosby, Jo Ann Gilbert & Joe Venuti as recorded off CBS Network 2/19/53 by Radio Recorders in Hollywood E+ on 2 sides

1431. AFRS BML P 361/2- Jess Stacy O/ Tony Pastor O// Sammy Kaye O- 2 cuts per A/ 4 cuts B E..incl Paper Moon with Lee Wiley A

1432. AFRS GI Jive 1593-4- 4 cuts per EE+ incl Glenn Miller, Les Brown, Tommy Dorsey, Frank Sinatra, etc. has interesting AFN Berlin paste over label

1433. AFRS Phonograph Album 1/2 series H-62- Glenn Miller O/ Duke Ellington O. 4 cuts per E-

Next is an Associated(?) lateral heavy duty acetate recorded by unknown bands "playing like" big bands with easy to figure out pseudonyms. True hi fidelity and top performances

1434. George Miles O(Glenn Miller O) P-14-B- E+ 4 tunes incl In the Mood, At Last

1435. Capitol B-105- Alvino Rey- 7 cuts w/ some great steel guitar E+

1436. Cap C-2- Frank De Vol O- 7 cuts incl Over the Rainbow E

1437. Guy Lombardo Show- 2 shows, # 244/245 of this Frederic W. Ziv program. Each disk has either 2 part ones or part 2s of the shows, so the lot consists of 2 shows in 2 parts each E cond

1438. Guy Lombardo Show- 2 shows, # 249/250 of this Frederic W. Ziv program. Each disk has either 2 part ones or part 2s of the shows, so the lot consists of 2 shows in 2 parts each E cond

1439. Guy Lombardo Show- 2 shows, # 246/247 of this Frederic W. Ziv program. Each disk has either 2 part ones or part 2s of the shows, so the lot consists of 2 shows in 2 parts each E- cond

1440. Lang Worth 495/6-Franzella Quintette (good group w/ Haggart, Morehouse, Weed, Mottola)/ Airlane Trio. 4 cuts per EE+ incl Bix Beiderbecke's In a Mist A/ Object of My Affection B

1441. LW AS 685/6- Franzella Quintette (same group as above)/ Joe Sodja Trio 4 cuts/ 5 cuts EE+ incl Fiddle Faddle A/ Solitude B

1442. LW 1357- Franzella Quintette(same group as above)/ Cavalcade of Music 5 cuts per EE+ incl Perpetual Motion A, Swing Low Sweet Clarinet

1443. Keystone KBS 499/500- Jerry Jerome Group/ Keystone String Ens. 6 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ includes Stompin At the Savoy, Just You, Just Me A..NICE!

1444. Radio Recorders Inc- Standing Room Only starring Hugh Herbert- audition shows 1/2 EE+/EE- few scrs B. Funny stuff with Hugh, Lurene Tuttle and others. Free wheeling audition shows.

1445. Std A- 515-522- Carol Lee- vocal/ unknown jazz group 4 cuts per EE+ both nice sides incl Bluer Than Blue, Then You've Never Been Blue A// Canadian Capers/ Raggin' the Scale B heavy early Victor pressing

1446. Std B- 934-941. uncredited big band, but Ken Crawford's notes say its Jack Joy O. 8 cuts EE+ incl Maolo(w/ Hawaiian guitar), Lulu's Back In Town, In the Twinkling of An Eye. Good male and female singers even do a Phil Harris- Leah Ray soundalike side. heavy early Victor pressing

1447. Std 665-674- uncredited swinging band. 10 cuts EE+ when light plasticizer is cleaned). Top side incl Yankee Doodle Never Went to Town, Chicago, Music Is Magic. heavy early Victor pressing

1448. Std P-104- Garwood Van O/ The Staffords. 4 cuts per EE+ incl Let's Get Away From It All A/ Oh Susannah B. heavy early Victor pressing

1449. Std Q-233- The Harmony Hawaiians- 10 cuts incl My Hawaiian Queen, Ke Ka Upu E

1450. Std Q-234- The Harmony Hawaiians- 10 cuts incl Lani In Kauau, A-We- Wahine EE- impr to E

1451. Std X-99- Bill Roberts O/ The Sportsmen- 4 cuts per E.. incl 18th Century Drawing Room A/ 4 tunes from The Wizard of Oz B heavy early Victor pressing

1452. Std Z-122- Frank Trumbauer O/ The King's Jesters- 4 cuts per incl Raisin' the Roof A/ So the Bluebirds & the Blackbirds Got Together E..one hang up groove A beg of Old Man River/ very nice B, obviously Rhythm Boys inspired w/ good jazz accomp..heavy early Victor pressing

1453. Std Z-150- Alvino Rey, singing guitar & O- 10 cuts EE+ incl Baltimore Bunny, So Sweet

1454. Std Z-158- Don Allen O/ Ray Noble O. 5 cuts per E+ incl A Star In Sight A/ Blow Gabriel B

1455. Std Z-201- Jack Teagarden, trombone & Ork- 9 cuts incl Big T Jump, The Mole E+

1456. Thesaurus 490- Hildegarde/ John Seagle 4 cuts per E+ incl Schnitzel/ Wien A

1457. Thes 516- The Revelers/ Rosario Bourdon O- 4 cuts/ 3 cuts incl Chloe A..E, a rare late issue for the Revelers

1458. Thes 641- Gray Gordon O- 8 cuts E+ incl I Cant Get You Out of My MInd

1459. Thes 680- Charlie Barnet O- 8 cuts E+ incl Rug Cutter, Ain'tcha Comin Out

1460. Thes 725- Reggie Child's O/ The Dreamers- 4 cuts per E+ incl Dont Make Me Laugh A

1461. Thes 755- Charlie Barnet O/ Ted Steele's Novatones- 5 cuts per E+ incl Ooh What You Said A/ A Kiss In the Dark B

1462. Thes 908- Tony Pastor O- 10 cuts incl Tabu/ There'll Be Some Changes Made E+

1463. Thes 1153- The Rhythm Makers- 4 cuts per E.. incl Down South Camp Meeting A/ Bugle Call Rag B

1464. Thes 1793- Jimmy Lytell Delta 8/ Hugo Winterhalter O- 5 cuts per incl Baby Face, Panama A E+ with few lt scrs.

1465. Transco 12 A/B Phil Harris O- as Cocoanut Grove Ambassadors. 1932. Heavy blue/grey shellac pressing by Transco in Hollywood. Songs include Riddle Me This, I'm Sure of Everything But You, Between Devil & Deep Blue Sea, more EE+ vocs incl Phil & Leah Ray

1466. Treasury Dept- Fourth War Loan Drive 321/2- Noel Coward/ Helen Jepson & David Ross E+

1467. Treasury Dept- Guest Star 147/8- Ethel Merman/ Bill Goodwin in Sideshow Romeo E+

1468. Vitaphone Disk- All Quiet On the Western Front- reel 11 from this classic 1930 Universal Picture. Has early Universal logo on label, Columbia pressing. few int lams from under label nap E+


1469. Associated test mx AA-1577-1- Emil Coleman O- 4 cuts E+ incl Cuban Pete, Lady Who Couldn't Be Kissed

1470. Assoc test mx AA 1879-C2- Clyde Lucas O- 4 cuts E+ in Moonlight In Waikiki, Popcorn Man

1471. Assoc 60074- D'Artega O/ Nat Brandywynne O- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+. Incl A Tisket a Tasket A/ Any Time At All B

1472. Assoc 60125- Teddy Powell O/ Terry Snyder Trio 5 cuts per E+ incl Oh You Crazy Moon A/ You Meet the Nicest People In Your Dreams B

1473. Assoc 60270- Clyde Lucas O/ Erskine Butterfield O- 4 cuts per E+..Incl Its Corny But Its Fun A/ Scrub Me Mama With a Boogie Beat B

1474. Assoc 60353- Dick Rogers O- 7 cuts E+ incl Honey Bunch, He's A-1 In the Army

1475. Assoc 60398- Russ Morgan O/ Carmen Cavallaro O- 4 cuts per E+ incl Nursie Nursie A/ Jingle Jangle Jingle B

1476. Assoc 60406- The Swing Cadets, 5 cuts, Adrian Rollini Trio 1 cut/ flip Silver String E cond. top A side, both groups use vibes. Cadets incl Robert E Lee, Rollini- Fiesta

1477. Muz 130- Bert Stevens O/ D'Artega O- 7 cuts Bert/ 1 D'Art EE- icnl I Dream of Old Hawaii

1478. Muzak 865- Ray Bloch O- 8 cuts E+ incl good Who's Sorry Now & Fascinating Rhythm

1479. Muz 986- Merle Pitt O/ Carmen Cavallaro- 4 cuts per E+ incl You're My Everything A

1480. acetate- World Transcription mx #s ZZ-4323-C/ 4324-C. These were cut at the recording session as safeties, and immediate reference copies. This one contains 8 cuts by an unknown big band with a top female vocalist. Tunes are You Moved Right In (3 takes), Please Dont Say No, Say Maybe (2 takes), Saturday Night Is the Loneliest Night of the Week(1 take), He's the Lovin-est Baby Around Texas(2 takes) N- incredible fidelity and a look into an actual recording session

1481. World 953-960- anonymous dance band- 8 cuts E+. great sides incl About a Quarter to Nine, I Wont Dance, Lets Spill the Beans...superb fidelity!..red semi flexible

1482. World 1065-1072- anonymous dance band- 8 cuts incl I'm On a See Saw/ I'm In the Mood For Love EE- superb fidelity!..red semi flexible

1483. World 1281-1288- anonymous dance band/ salon type- 4 cuts per incl Lets Face the Music & Dance, Dardanella A / The Rosary, etc B E+ superb fidelity!..red semi flexible

1484. World 2937-2944- uncredited Orks, but Crawford states Reed Murray/ Russ Morgan. 4 cuts per EE+ incl Could Be A/ Ya Got Me B

1485. World 2993-3000- Bert Castle O/ Don Cossack Choir. 4 cuts per E incl You're a Sweet Little Headache A

1486. World 4539-4548- Bob Chester O- 10 cuts incl Hawaiian Sunset, Oysters In June E

1487. World 4709- 4718- Bob Chester O- 10 cuts EE+ incl B-I-Bi, The Clock Is Fast

1488. World 4779-4788- John Kirby O- 10 cuts E- incl Tweed Me, See What You Did

1489. World 6219- 6228- Larry Adler w/ John Kirby O/ Caney(Spanish O) 4 cuts/ 5 cuts EE- both good sides incl Begin the Beguine, As Time Goes By A/ Quingua B

1490. World 6239-6248- Charlie Spivak O/ Carmen Cavallaro- 5 cuts per incl Travlin' Light A/ Sure Thing B EE+

1491. World WM-1721-1730- Adrian Rollini Trio/ Carmen Cavallaro- 5 cuts per EE- incl Driftin', Rebound, Satan Takes a Holiday A/ Ciribiribin B

1492. World 249- Oscar Peterson w/ acc/ Mack Stewart 4// Bob Eberly/ Fontaine Sisters.. 2 cuts/ 4 cuts// 3 cuts per E+ incl Oscar- Dont Blame Me/ Eberly- Dont Fence. Fontaine- Hawaiian War Chant

1493. World 384- Roy Eldridge O, 2 cuts incl Embraceable You. Miff Mole O, 2 cuts incl Barnyard Blues, Adrian Rollini Ensemble 2 cuts incl Hawaiian War Chant/ flip Cass County/ Ted Heath E+

1494. World 366- The Daydreamers// Peggy Lee/Three Suns- 7 cuts/ 3 cuts/ 2 cuts E+ incl Moon Over Miami A/ I Get a Kick Out of You B

1495. World Feature- Jam Session 29A/B- Stuff Smith Trio/ Charlie Shavers Quartet 5 cuts/ 4 cuts EE+ incl Bugle Call Rag A/ On the Spot B

1496. RCA Victor(for World Transcription) test mx ZZ-6276-8-Satisfiers/ Buddy Weed Trio- 4 cuts incl Too-Whit! Too-Whoo! E+

1497. RCA Victor(for World) test mx TZ-6480-1A- Buddy Weed- 5 cuts incl You're Mine You E+

1498. RCA Victor(for World) test mx TZ-6481-1- Buddy Weed- 5 cuts incl Bix Beiderbecke's In a Mist, Aint Misbehavin'.. E+


TRANSCRIPTION DISCOGRAPHIES- these are softcover 8"x 11 1/2" volumes with information that has not been compiled anywhere else to my knowledge. Collectors and researchers Ken Crawford, Bozy White, Rod Baum and Charles Garrod are the names that I see as contributors to these lists. As they were works in progress, some are in draft form. Contents include matrix numbers, issue numbers, artists, song titles, index, etc. All are in near mint condition w/ estimates on # of pgs

1499. AFRS- Basic Music Library P 2401-3602

1500. AFRS- One Night Stand pages 1-110

1501. AFRS- One Night Stand pages 111-168

1502. AFRS- One Night Stand pages 169-228

1503. AFRS- One Night Stand pages 229-293

1504. AFRS- One Night Stand pages 293-374

1505. AFRS- Magic Carpet about 50 pgs

1506. AFRS- Spotlight Bands-about 50 pgs

1507. Lang Worth Transcriptions - 1st draft. approx 40, covers issues 1-600 +

1508. Standard Transcriptions A & Q series incl Venuti, Hoopii, Grier, etc about 12 pgs

1509. Thesaurus Transcriptions..100-2137. 5th draft. thick approx 200 pgs

1510. World Transcriptions 3rd draft. 88 pgs. covers issues 1-11233


the following sheets have pictures of orchestras on the cover- general condition E unless noted. some may have a name written on cover--any major distractions will be noted

1511. That Red Head Gal(1923)- Paul Whiteman's Collegains under dir of Bob Causer

1512. Cliquot(1926)- Cliquot Club Eskimos...some tears on back, spine split in part

1513. I'll Never Find a Pal LIke You(1924)- Al E. Short Tivoli Syncopators. spine split

1514. Deep Henderson(1926)- Harry Mac Donald's Victor Recording O

1515. Everybody Stomp(1925)- Sleepy Hall Yale Collegiate O

1516. Linger Awhile(1923)- The Carolinians..spine split in part

1517. Girl of My Dreams(1927)- Parisian Red Heads- America's Greatest Girl Band

1518. Poor Papa(1926)- Al Lentz O-tape repair inside

1519. Hot 'N Cold(1922)- Herb Wiedoeft O at Cinderella Roof, Los Angeles

1520. Following You Around(1927)- Roger Wolfe Kahn O, with Ventui, Mole, etc

1521. I'm Lonely Without You(1926)- Irwin Young Californians

1522. Wob-a-Ly Walk(1928)- Irving Aaronson's Commanders..also insets Phil Saxe, Red Stanley

1523. Dreamy Melody(1922)- Art Landry Call of the North O

1524. I Want You Back Old Pal(1924)- Original Memphis 5

the following sheets have pictures of music personalities on the cover- vocalists, bandleaders

1525. Nothing Lives Longer Than Love(1935)- Pickens Sisters

1526. Maybe(1935)- Dick Robertson

1527. Goody- Goody(1936)- Hal Kemp

1528. The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else(1924)- Isham Jones

1529. The Jumpin' Jive(1939)- Cab Calloway statuette

1530. Dont Be Like That(1928)- Helen Kane

1531. You've Got Ev'rything(1933)- Gus Arnheim

1532. You Darlin'(1930)- Bert Lown

1533. Poor Little Gigolette(1931)- Elmer Feldkamp

1534. St Louis Blues(1914)- piano transcription- Rube Bloom

1535. What a Life(1932)- Helen Morgan

1536. Sweet Leilani(1937)- Bing Crosby

1537. I Cant Escape From You (1936)- Bing Crosby & Frances Farmer

1538. Song of Siberia(1929)- Tom Gerunovich

1539. The Heart We Carved On a Tree(1930)- Joe Candullo

1540. Did You Mean It?(1927)- Three Brox Sisters

1541. Sweetie Pie(1934)- Joey Nash

1542. Lost In a Fog(1934)- Nick Lucas

1543. Just As Though You Were Here( 1942)- Tommy Dorsey

1544. Aint'cha?(1929)- helen Kane

1545. Give a Broken Heart a Break(1935)- Isham Jones

1546. 'Leven Pounds of Heaven(1931)- Mildred Bailey

1547. There Goes a Horse(1931)- Joe Sanders- co-leader of Coon- Sanders O

1548. You Showed Me the Way(1937)- Benny Goodman

1549. All That I'm Asking Is Sympathy(1929)- Smith Ballew

1550. You Fit Into the Picture(1935)- Annette Hanshaw

1551. This Is My Love Song(1931)- Loyce Whiteman

1552. I Wasn't Lying When I Said "I Love You"(1936)- Vaughn De Leath

1553. I've Found What I Wanted In You(1931)- Seger Ellis

the next three are UK issues of Bing Crosby sheets- different artwork/and or format than US issues

1554. Love In Bloom(1934) Bing Crosby

1555. June In January(1934)- Bing Crosby, Kitty Carlisle

1556. Learn to Croon(1933)- Bing Crosby & Mary Carlisle

the following sheets have pictures of movie stars on the cover

1557. This Is Heaven(1929)- Vilma Banky

1558. Take It From There(1942)- Betty Grable, George Montgomery, Cesar Romero

1559. Long Ago(1944)- Rita Hayworth

1560. Moonlight On the Danube(1927)- Leatrice Joy, Joseph Schildkraut(?)

1561. For You, For Me, For Everyone(1946)- Betty Grable, Dick Haymes

1562. Yankee Doodle In Berlin(1919)- Mack Sennett & Bathing Beauties

1563. Jingle, Jangle, Jingle(1942)- Fred Mac Murray & Paulette Goddard

1564. This Is My Night(1939)- Eleanor Powell, Robert Young, Burns & Allen

1565. Music Has Charms(1930)- King of Jazz art cover w/ Whiteman potato head, nekked girls

1566. Until Love Comes Along(1929)- Bebe Daniels

1567. Beggars of Life(1928) -Wallace Beery

1568. Smilin' Through(1930)- Norma Shearer

1569. Californ-i-ay(1944)- Deanna Durbin

1570. Three Little Words(1930)- Amos & Andy

1571. Now You're In My Arms(1931)- Constance Bennett

1572. A Foggy Day(1937)- Fred Astaire- also Ginger, Burns & Allen

1573. Fleur D' Amour(1930)- Lilyan Tashman

1574. Last Night On the Back Porch(1923)- Winnie Lightner

1575- Feelin' High(1934)- art cover from Hollywood Party- mint old store stock


I would like to recommend the 42nd Annual Jazz Record Collectors' Bash, to be held on June 24 and 25th, 2016. There will be 78s, CDs, LPs and music memorabilia for sale, plus rare vintage videos, disk spinning sessions, and much more of interest to jazz record collectors. The bash will once again be held at the APA Hotel Woodbridge in Iselin, New Jersey(formerly the Hilton Woodbridge). Special discount room rates are available for bash attendees.I have been attending for the last 30+ years and always have a great time. For more information please go to the bash website www.jazzbash.net.......ITS COMING UP SOON!


For some excellent CD reissues of the music that we all love, please check out musician, friend and fellow collector Bryan Wright's website at Rivermont Records.


For the absolute best radio program for those of us interested in 1920s-30s music, please tune into friend and fellow collector Rich Conaty's show, The Big Broadcast on WFUV..His show is what stoked my interest in the music almost 40 years ago when I first started listening, and to this day never miss a show..You can tune in on FM or on line, and can read about it at the link below...


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