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Dear Collectors, Here is my latest auction of vintage 78s, 12" & 16" radio transcriptions, and paper material. Closing date is- SUNDAY- FEBRUARY 14, 2016. Winner pays postage and packing at cost. I am looking to purchase quality collections, so please keep me in mind should you hear of anything for sale or wish to sell a collection.


1. Bluebird 6333- Boots & His Buddies- Swing/ Vamp E+

2. BB 6428- Clifford Hayes Louisville Stompers- Blue Trombone Stomp/ Clef Club Stomp E-/EE- master pressed from 1928

3. BB 6862- Boots & His Buddies- I Like You Best of All/ Jealous E+

4. BB 10955- Bennie Moten KC O- Lafayette/ New Orleans EE+ sm rcnap..master pressed from '32

5. Broadway 1034- Harmaniac 5- Harmaniac Blues/ Dixie Banjo Boys- Baby Face E

6. Broad 1355- Harry's Reckless 5- St James Infirmary Blues/ Wailing Blues looks VV+, plays E- (lbl scrs B) nice sides off Paramount

7. Brunswick 583 (lightning bolt)- Original Stamps Quartet- Follow Jesus/ We Will March Alone E+

8. Br 7180(lightning bolt)- The Seven Little Clouds of Joy- Gettin' Off a Mess/ You Rascal You EE+.some lt grey toward center plays E

9. Br 3351- Bud Jackson's Swanee Syncopators- Heebie Jeebies/ Messin' Around EE+

10. Br 4440- The Cotton Pickers- St Louis Gal/ No Parking EE+

11. Br 6047- Harris Brothers Texans- The South's Been a Mother to Me/ Oh How I Cried the Morning After E+ Dallas recorded

12. Br 6786- Adrian's Ramblers- Keep On Doin' What You're Doin/ Get Goin' E+

13. Br 120(ENG)- Fred Elizalde O- Stomp Your Feet/ Clarinet Marmalade EE+/E

14. Br 01986(ENG)- Ina Ray Hutton Melodears- Wild Party/ Witch Doctor EE-..plays E rare on any label- from US gold Vocalion

15. Br 02043(ENG)- The Boswell Sisters- Lullaby of Broadway/ Fare Thee Well Annabelle EE+ the rare one recorded in England with no US issue

16. Champion 40025- Blythe's Blue Boys- Endurance Stomp/ Pleasure Mad E+ rc close but nap. great 1928 sides!

17. Columbia A 3877- Bessie Smith & Trio- Aggravatin Papa/ Beale Street Mama looks EE+, pl E+

18. Co A 3888- Bessie Smith w/ Clarence Williams- Oh Daddy Blues/ Baby Wont U Please Come Home E+/E

19. Co 605- New Orleans Owls- The Owl's Hoot/ Warner's Seven Aces- Breakin the Leg EE+/E+ LIGHT rumble in parts A

20. Co 1549- La Veeda DO- Strut Yo' Stuff/ I Need Some Lovin E+

21. Co 2665(BLUE WAX)- Claude Hopkins O- I Would Do Anything For You/ same EE+/E unusual double coupling

22. Co 2674-Claude Hopkins O- How'm I Doin/ Mush Mouth EE+/E- despite grey which looks worse

23. Co 2741(BLUE WAX)- Claude Hopkins O- Look Who's Here/ California E+ sm lbl tear A

24. Co 2747(BLUE WAX)- Claude Hopkins O- Canadian Capers/ He's a Son of the South looks E-, plays E+/E

25. Co 2782(BLUE WAX)- Joe Venuti Blue 5- Vibraphonia/ Jig Saw Puzzle Blues EE- a shade under E

26. Co 2800- Earl Hines- A Monday Date/ 57 Varieties E+N-

27. Co 2880(BLUE WAX)- Claude Hopkins O- Harlem Rhythm Dance/ Aint Misbehavin' looks E-, plays EE+/E

28. Co 3147- Mills Blue Rhythm Band- Merry Go Round/ Until the Real Thing Comes Along EE+

29. Co 14323- Celestin's Original Tuxedo Jazz O- It's Jam Up/ When I'm With You E+

30. Co 14396- Celestin's Original Tuxedo Jazz O- Ta-Ta Daddy/ The Sweetheart of T.K.O. E+/EE+

31. Co 14662(BLUE WAX)- Bennett's Swamplanders- Jet Black Blues/ New Orleans Wild Cats E/EE+

32. Co 36159- Santo "Peck" Pecora Back Room Boys- Magnolia Blues/ I Never Knew What a Gal Could Do NN-...original issue 1937 sides- on this stand alone record- not from set

33. De F 5457- Coleman Hawkins & The Ramblers O- I Wish I Were Twins/ The Swinging Rascals- Wabash Blues E- no US issue

34. Domino 3458- Club Wigwam O- Alabamy Bound(tk 3)/ Missouri Jazz Band- All the Way From Tennesee EE-..great A- Henderson O w Louis Armstrong solo

35. Gennett 5105- New Orleans Rhythm Kings- Tin Roof Blues/ Thats a Plenty EE+

36. Ge 5106- New Orleans Rhythm Kings- Da Da Strain/ Shimmeshawabble V

37. Harmony 504- Broadway Bell Hops- There Aint No Land Like Dixieland/ There's a Cradle In Caroline looks VV+, plays E/ EE- with BIX

38. Jewel 5263- Dixie Jazz Band- Moten Stomp/ Jewel DO- Waitin' For Katy E.. clk 4 gvs B plays through

39. Lucky S-4(JAPANESE)- Henry Allen O- Every Minute of the Hour/ Fletcher Henderson O- Christopher Columbus NN-

40. Melotone 12009- Frankie Franko Louisianands- Somebody Stole My Gal/ Golden Lily Blues E/E+ sm potential rc nap

41. Odeon ONY 36061- Ed Loyd O- The "Free & Easy"/ Smith Ballew O- Where the Gollden Daffodils Grow E+ great A..Ballew both

42. Od ONY 36130- Hotel Penn Music- If I Could Be With You/ Tomorrow Is Another Day E+N-

43. Od ONY 41297- Roy Smeck Trio- Am I Blue?/ My Song of the Nile N- Ballew vocs both

44. OK 8770- Jimmy Johnson- Feelin' Blue/ Riffs E+

45. OK 40440- Arcadia Peacock O of St Louis- Who Can Your Regular Be Blues/ Little Boy Blues V+E- few lt scrs plays strong...some solos

46. OK 40821- The Jazz Pilots- Go Wash An Elephant/ Goofus 5- The Whisper Song E- few scrs

47. OK 41073- Rube Bloom- That Futuristic Rag/ Serenata E+ tiny rcnap

48. OK 41153- Miff Mole Molers- You're the Cream In My Coffee/ Wild Oat Joe E+N- clk 1 grv B passes

49. OK 41203- Gus Arnheim O- The Song I Love/ A Love Tale of Alsace Lorraine V+

50. OK 41254- Smith Ballew O- Hittin' the Ceiling/ Sing a Little Love Song E+N-

51. OK 41320- Joe Venuti NYers- That Wonderful Something/ Chant of the Jungle E+ scuffs nap

52. OK 41330- Frankie Trumbauer O- What Wouldn't I Do For That Man/ Manhattan Rag E+

53. OK 41482- Fred Rich O- Would You Like To Take a Walk/ Ed Parker O- Wabash Moon N-

54. OK 41498- Louis Armstrong O- Blue Again/ When Your Lover Has Gone E+ rare blue label

55. OK 41504- Louis Armstrong O- I'll Be Glad When You're Dead/ Sleepy Time Down South E-

56. OK 41524- Buddy Campbell O- Little Mary Brown/ Time On My Hands E+

57. OK 41528- Cloverdale Country Club O- A Faded Summer Love/ I'm For You 100% E+

58. Oriole 2469- Billy Banks Rhythm Boys- Heat Waves/ Minnie the Moocher's Wedding Day EE+ animation enthusiasts note that Heat Waves was used in Betty Boop's Penthouse(1932)

59. Paramount 12236- Charlie Jackson- Salt Lake City Blues/ Salty Dog Blues V-/VV-

60. Par 12411- Preston Jackson Uptown Band- Yearning For Mandalay/ Trombone Man looks V/V-, plays V+/V

61. Par 12858- The Hokum Boys- Let Me Pat That Thing/ Went to His Head V

62. Parlophone PNY 34041- Gilbert Marsh O- Lucky Little Devil/ Hal Laska O- Any Time's the Time to Fall In Love E+

63. Par PNY 34094- Flamingo Melodians- Where Can You Be?/ Sam Nash O- My Love E+N-

64. Par PNY 41237- Joe Curran's Band- Walking With Susie/ That's You Baby EE- lam A nap

65. Pathe 036168- Five Birmingham Babies- Go, Emmaline/ Orig Memphis 5- Mama's Boy EE+

66. Perfect 108- Five Musical Blackbirds- 18th Street Strut/ Troy Harmonists- Great Scott E- plays strong

67. Pe 12203- Nellie Potter- Meat Man Pete/ Augusta Jones- Wont Somebody Help Me Find My Lovin Man EE-..faint cr from under lbl nap. Both nice vocs with good jazz accomp

68. Pe 14480- Seven Missing Links- Milenberg Joys/ Angry E/EE- some solos

69. QRS 7038- Earl Hines- Chimes In Blues/ Stowaway E+/EE+

70. Regal 8826- Jimmy Bracken's Toe Ticklers- After You've Gone/ The Rounders- Why Did You E- Irving Mills A

71. Sunset 1132- Steve White Danceland O- Slippery Elm/ Then I'll Be Happy V+/VV+, plays E-/VV+rare California label slightly faded. Top sides!

72. Swing 1- Coleman Hawkins All Star Jam Band- Honeysuckle Rose/ Crazy Rhythm E+/EE+ w/ Django Reinhardt, Grapelly, Benny Carter

73. Sw 205- Arthur Briggs O- Braggin the Briggs 1/2 E+ includes Django Reinhardt

74. Velvetone 2482- Arthur Rivers Novelty O- Red Headed Baby/ How's Your Uncle E-V+/V+ many great solos- this one belongs in the Jazz Discog!

75. Vi 21062- Juanita Stinnette Chapelle w/ Fats Waller organ acc- Florence/ Bert Howell w/ Fats Waller organ acc- Bye Bye Florence E+

76. Vi 22660- Paul Howard Quality Serenaders- New Kinda Blues/ Bennie Moten KC O- As Long As I Love You V+/V..plays E-/VV+

77. Vi 22775- Fletcher Henderson O- Malinda's Wedding Day/ Sweet Music EE+

78. Vi 22844- Eddie Deas Boston Brownies- Little Mary Brown/ All I Care About Is You EE-

79. Vi 23024- Mc Kinney's Cotton Pickers- I Miss a Little Miss/ After All You're All I'm After EE+

80. Vi 23027- Timy Parham O- Doin' the Jug Jug/ Blue Moon Blues V- plays bit better

81. Vi 23031- Mc Kinney's Cotton Pickers- Hello/ You're Driving Me Crazy E+ TINY press bump A sds super light 1 grv

82. Vi 23035- Mc Kinney's Cotton Pickers- Come a Little Closer/To Whom It May Concern E+

83. Vi 23040- Doc Daugherty O- She's a Gorgeous Thing/ Tie a Little String Around Your Finger E despite scuffs

84. Vi 23354- Paul Howard's Quality Serenaders- Harlem/ California Swing E/EE+

85. Vi 38042- Earl Hines O- Chicago Rhythm/ Everybody Loves My Baby E+N-

86. Vi 38043- Earl Hines O- Beau Koo Jack/ Good Little Bad Little You V+/E-

87. Vi 38069- Napoleon's Emperors- You Cant Cheat a Cheater/ Anything N-

88. Vi 38070- Paul Howard's Quality Serenaders- Over Night Blues/ Charlie's Idea E+

89. Vi 40035- Tal Henry O- Just You & I/ Found My Gal E-

90. Vocalion 1503- The Cellar Boys- Wailing Blues/ Barrel House Stomp EE+

91. Vo 15765- Bill Hogan Pere Marquette Hotel O- Who Wouldn't Be Jealous of You/ Caressing You EE- sax, clt, piano solos..One of two records by this Midwest band

92. Vo 2539(gold)- Joseph Robechaux New Orleans Rhythm Boys- King Kong Stomp/ St Louis Blues EE+ most, then E toward end

93. Vo 2575(gold)- Joseph Robechaux New Orleans Rhythm Boys- Ring Dem Bells/ Forty Second Street E beginning, EE- toward end/ 42nd St looks V-, plays V+E- as wear is at bottom of groove

94. Vo 2596(gold)- Irene Taylor w/ O- That Dallas Man/ Give Me Liberty of Give Me Love E- has 2 repd rcs A nap, a few scrs A near beg sd lite..overall plays closer to E

95. Vo 2619(gold)- Jimmy Noone O- Like Me a Little Bit Less/ Inka Dinka Doo EE+/E

96. Vo 2796(gold)- Joseph Robechaux New Orleans Rhythm Boys- Foot Scuffle/ Saturday Night Fish Fry Drag looks E-, plays E

97. Vo 2880(gold)- Rex Stewart O- Stingaree/ Baby Aint You Satisfied E few surface bumps nap

98. Vo 4151- Billie Holiday O- If I Were You/ Forget If You Can EE+

99. Vo S 210- Coleman Hawkins Trio- When Buddha Smiles/ Dear Old Southland E+ Holland rec.

100. Vo S 218- Coleman Hawkins Trio- Blues Evermore/ Way Down Yonder In New Orl. E Holland


101. Br 2665- Abe Lyman O- Patsy/ I Dont Know Why E

102. Br 2689- The Dixie Stars- Al Bernard & Russell Robinson- Blue Eyed Sally/ Never Gettin No Place Blues VV+

103. Br 2818- Cotton Pickers- Mishawaka Blues/ Jacksonville Gal E+N-

104. Br 2940- Nick Lucas- I Might Have Known/ I'm Tired of Everything But You EE+

105. Br 3199- Isham Jones O- Tonights My Night With Baby/ At Peace With the World E

106. Br 3233- Carl Fenton O- Florida, the Moon & You/ Every Little Thing You Do VV+

107. Br 3279- The Clevelanders- She Belongs to Me/ My Cutey's Due at Two to Two Today E+

108. Br 3324- Charley Straight O- Whats the Use of Crying/ Tell Me Tonight E

109. Br 3583- Harry Richman- Aint That a Grand & Glorious Feeling?/ Magnolia E

110. Br 3684- Nick Lucas- Blue Heaven/ Among My Souvenirs E

111. Br 3730- Al Bernard- On a Good Old Time Straw Ride/ I'm a 12 O' Clock Feller E

112. Br 3733- Bernie Cummins O- In a Shady Nook By a Babbling Brook/ Say It w/ a Red Rose E

113. Br 3747- Ben Bernie O- Mine- All Mine/ Fascination E/EE-

114. Br 3752- Peggy English- Mine-All Mine/ What'll You Do V-

115. Br 3867- William F. Wirges O- Back In Your Own Back Yard/ Ol' Man River E-

116. Br 3963- Dave Rubinoff- Stringing Along/ Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed Me V

117. Br 3964- Abe Lyman O- San/ Weary Weasel VV+

118. Br 4042- Ben Bernie O- Cannon Ball Rag/ Hindustan V-

119. Br 4089- Edith Evans(accomp by Ray Mayer)- Ten Little Miles From Town/ Thats What Puts the Sweet In Home Sweet Home E+N- Vaudeville, Vitaphone stars

120. Br 4116- William F Wirges O- Lets Do It/ The Land of Going to Be V

121. Br 4129- Jesse Stafford O- Doin the Raccoon/ Glorianna V 1" cr nap

122. Br 4354- Ben Bernie O- Used to You/ Why Cant You? E/E+

123. Br 4374- Roger Wolfe Kahn O- Pretty Little Thing/ Heigh Ho Everybody E+

124. Br 4402- Al Jolson- One Sweet Kiss/ Liza EE+ at beg, then E+

125. Br 4419- Roy Fox O- Tip Toe Thru the Tulips/ Painting The Clouds w/ Sunshine V+

126. Br 4443- Abe Lyman Calif O- Aint Misbehavin'/ Bashful Baby EE+ EXC!

127. Br 4482- Irving Mills Hotsy Totsy Gang- Cant We Get Together/ Sweet Savannah Sue E-

128. Br 4561- Meyer Davis O- He's So Unusual/ A Year From Today E+ NICE A

129. Br 4586- Roy Ingraham O- That Wonderful Something/ Chant of the Jungle E

130. Br 4589- Six Jumping Jacks- My Wife Is On a Diet/ Collegiate Sam EE+ or better

131. Br 4674- Irving Mills Hotsy Totsy Gang- My Little Honey & Me/ Hal Kemp O- H'lo Baby EE+

132. Br 4703- Lloyd Huntley Isle O' Blues O- Moanin' For You/ Alone In the Rain E

133. Br 4741- Ben Bernie O- Let Me Sing & I'm Happy/ The Clevelanders- Blue Turning Grey Over You E+ sticker on lbl B EXC SIDES

134. Br 4818- Jesse Stafford Palace Hotel O- Tonight/ Anchors Aweigh E-

135. Br 6006- Emil Coleman O- I'm Gettin Myself Ready For You/ Where Have You Been V rcnap Smith Ballew vocals

136. Br 6018- Ozzie Nelson O- Fall In Love With Me/ Truly V/E-

137. Br 6143- Blue Rhythm Boys- Blue Rhythm/ Blue Flame E-

138. Br 6138- Loring Nichols O- Little Girl/ Slow But Sure E-

139. Br 6318- Casa Loma O- All of a Sudden/ Happy Go Lucky You EE-

140. Br 6389- Ben Bernie O- All American Girl/ What No Mickey Mouse E-

141. Br 6556- Ted Fio Rito O- Look What I've Got/ In the Park In Paree EE-

142. Br 6588- Casa Loma O- Buji/ Wild Goose Chase E couple lt clx

143. Br 6659- Freddy Martin O- Beautiful Girl/ I'm Dancin' On a Rainbow E-/EE-

144. Br 6660- Glen Gray O- Me For You Forever/ Sweet Madness E+

145. Br 6666- Glen Gray O- Good Bye Love/ And So Goodbye EE-

146. Br 6674- Abe Lyman O- Doin' the Uptown Lowdown/ When You Were the Girl On the Scooter E-...good A with Ella Logan vocal

147. Br 6710- Earl Hines O- I Want a Lot of Love/ Bubbling Over EE-/VV-

148. Br 6724- Bing Crosby- Did U Ever See a Dream Walking/ Lets Spend An Eve At Home EE+

149. Br 6771- Earl HInes O- Take It Easy/ Harlem Lament EE-

150. Br 6902- Ted Fio Rito O- King Kamehameha/ Soft Green Seas V+

151. Br 6903- Leo Reisman O- Tonight Is Mine/ Night On the Desert EE+

152. Br 6960- Earl Hines O- We Found Romance/ Just To Be In Caroline EE+

153. Br 7307- Jimmie Grier O- Take a Number From One to Ten/ Stay As Sweet As You Are EE+

154. Br 7379- Ted Fio Rito O- Roll Along Prairie Moon/ Fare Thee Well Annabelle E+

155. Br 7400- Don Bestor O- You're a Heavenly Thing/ Since We Fell Out of Love EE+

156. Br 7454- Boswell Sisters- Every Little Moment/ 'Way Back Home E-

157. Br 7467- Boswell Sisters- St Louis Blues/ Trav'lin' All Alone V+

158. Br 7565- Hal Kemp O- With All My Heart/ Where Am I? EE-

159. Br 7566- Hal Kemp O- I'm the Fellow Who Loves You/ Life Begins At Sweet Sixteen E

160. Br 7575- Leo Reisman O- Begin the Beguine/ Cant We Dream a Midsummer Nights Dream EE+ top West Coast pressing

161. Br 7578- Hal Kemp O- Love Will Live On/ Then I Shant Love You Anymore EE+

162. Br 7600- Hal Kemp O- I Cant Get Started/ That Moment of Moments E-

163. Br 7620- Hal Kemp O- Lost/ The Touch of Your Lips E-

164. Br 7630- Hal Kemp O- Desire/ Gloomy Sunday E-

165. Br 7634- Hal Kemp O- Its Got to Be Love/ There's a Small Hotel E+

166. Br 7634- Hal Kemp O- Its Got to Be Love/ There's a Small Hotel VV+ blue wax West Coast pr

167. Br 7640- Teddy Wilson O- Christopher Columbus/ All My Life E Ella Fitzgerald vocal B

168. Br 7641- Russ Morgan O- You Started Me Dreaming/ Dont Say a Word Just Dance E

169. Br 7666- Louis Prima Gang- Dinah/ Lazy River E

170. Br 7716- Fred Astaire- A Fine Romance/ Johnny Green O- The Wz In Swing Time V+

171. Br 7720- Hal Kemp O- You Dont Love Right/ Knock, Knock Who's There EE-

172. Br 7730- Hal Kemp O- B'wanga/ Pursuin the Blues EE-

173. Br 7767- Red Norvo O- Peter Piper/ Now That Summer Is Gone E Mildred Bailey B

174. Br 7827- Art Shaw O- Copenhagen/ My Blue Heaven E+

175. Br 7863- Leon Belasco O- Jammin'/ Turn Off the Moon EE- RARE 1st Andrews Sisters session

176. Br 7872- Leon Belasco O- Wake Up & Live/ There's a Lull In My Life E 1st Andrews Sisters

177. Br 7884- Teddy Wilson O- Its Swell of You/ There's a Lull In My Life E-

178. Br 7890- Leo Reisman O- I've Got a New Lease On Love/ I'll Dream My Way to Heaven E

179. Br 7881- Kay Kyser O- I'm Hatin' This Waitin' Around/ Spring Cleaning E+

180. Br 7894- Emery Deutsch O- The First Time I Saw U/ U Cant Run Away From Love Tonight E-/E

181. Br 8030- Jan Garber O- You Took the Words Right Out of My Heart/ Thrill of a Lifetime V+

182. Br 8045- Freddy Martin O- Down Where the Trade Winds Blow/ I See Your Face Before Me V

183. Br 8058- Raymond Scott Quintet- The Penguin/ War Dance For Wooden Indians E/EE-

184. Br 8123- Gene Krupa O- One More Dream/ Feelin' High & Happy EE-

185. Br 8124- Gene Krupa O- I Know That You Know/ Grandfather's Clock E

186. Br 8139- Gene Krupa O- Fare Thee Well Annie Laurie/ Prelude to a Stomp E

187. Br 8153- Ray Noble O feat Tony Martin- Now It Can Be Told/ My Walking Stick EE+

188. Br 8162- Horace Heidt O- Ridin' to Glory On a Trumpet/ Sugar Blues E+

189. Br 8168- Duke Ellington O- Pyramid/ When My Sugar Walks Down the Street E/E-

190. Br 8177- Will Hudson Swingsters- Hangover In Hong Kong/ Lady of the Night E

191. Br 8182- Red Norvo O- The Sunny Side of Things/ Put Your Heart In a Song E+N- Mildred vocs

192. Br 8191- Will Hudson O- May I Have My Heart Back?/ The Night Is Filled With Music E+

193. Br 8198- Gene Krupa O- You're Pretty As a Picture/ Rhythm Jam E-/E

194. Br 8202- Red Norvo O- Jump Jump's Here/ Garden of the Moon E/EE+

195. Br 8218- Dance Instruction on the Lambeth Walk by Arthur Murray/ Lambeth Walk EE+ HOY!

196. Br 8219- Eddy Duchin O- How Long Can Love Keep Laughing?/ My Heart Is Unemployed E+

197. Br 8222- Will Hudson O- Break It Down/ Break It Up EE+

198. Br 8229- Horace Heidt O- I'm Falling In Love With Someone/ Lillian EE+/E

199. Br 8231- Duke Ellington O- Mighty Like the Blues/ Buffet Flat E+

200. Br 8256- Duke Ellington O- Prologue to Black & Tan Fantasy/ Please Forgive Me NN-

201. Br 8261- Seger Ellis O- What Do You Know About Love?/ I Wish I Had You EE+ Irene Vo A

202. Br 8282- Mary Martin w/ Eddy Duchin O- My Heart Belongs to Daddy/

Most Gentlemen Dont Like Love EE+

203. Br 8302- Seger Ellis O- Like a Ghost From the Blue/ Barry Wood O- Singin' In the Saddle E-

Irene Taylor vocal A

204. Br 8325- Seger Ellis O- Some Rainy Day/ Kiss Me With Your Eyes E+ Irene Taylor vo A

205. Br 8330- Ray Noble O- In My Moment of Weakness/ I Dont Believe In Signs E+ tiny scr beg B

206. Br 8337- Harry James O- Taint What You Do/ Two O Clock Jump E+

207. Br 8344- Duke Ellington O- Subtle Lament/ Pussy Willow E+

208. Br 8346- Gene Krupa O- My Hands Are Tied/ Variety is the Spice of Life NN-

209. Br 8361- Gene Krupa O- Foo For Two/ Dracula E+

210. Br 8362- Seger Ellis O- I'm a Lucky Devil/ Me & My Candid Camera E- Irene Taylor vocal A

211. Br 8371- Seger Ellis O- My Heart Ran Away With My Head/ If Ever a Heart Was In the Right Place E

212. Br 8373- Jack Teagarden O- Class Will Tell/ If Its Good E+

213. Br 8378- Jack Teagarden O- Cinderella Stay In My Arms/ Thats Right- I'm Wrong E+

214. Br 8388- Jack Teagarden O- Octoroon/ White Sails E+


215. Co 3386- Lew Dockstader- Uncle Quit Work Too G

216. Co 3669- Columbia Quartette- Honey Boy VV+

217. Co 3670- Billy Murray- Because I'm Married Now V-

218. Co 3681- Stanley & Burr- Red Wing E-

219. Co 3702- Billy Murray- Just Take Me Down to Wonderland EE-

220. Co 3717- Billy Murray- Take Me back to New York Town V+

221. Co 3729- Ada Jones & Billy Murray- I Could Learn to Love U When U Smile, Smile, Smile E

222. Co 3743- Bob Roberts- I've Got a Tickling Sensation Round My Heart For You G

223. Co 3750- Columbia Quartette- Black Jim VV-

224. Co 3745- Albert Campbell- School Days E

225. A 929- Bert Williams- Something You Dont Expect/ Play That Barber Shop Chord E

226. Co A 1168- Joe Weber & Lew Fields- Heinie At College/ Mosquito Trust EE+

227. Co A 1289- Bert Williams- My Landlady/ Nobody EE+

228. Co A 1321- Bert Williams- Woodman Spare That Tree/ I Certainly Was Going Some EE-

229. Co A 1671- Al Jolson- When the Grown Up Ladies Act Like Babies/ Sister Susie...E-

230. Co A 1817- Bert Williams- Indoor Sports/ I'm Neutral E-

231. Co A 1853- Bert Williams- Never Mo'/ Purpostus EE+

232. Co A 1874- Palie K Lua & David K Kaili- Hawaiian Hotel/ Lilima VV+

233. Co A 2078- Bert Williams- The Lee Family/I'm Gone Before I Go VV+

234. Co A 2080- Al Jolson- Now He's Got a Beautiful Girl/ George O Connor- You Aint No Relation of Mine EE-

235. Co A 2083- Sterling Trio- Not So Very Far From Zanzibar/ Peerless Qtet- Just One Day EE-

236. Co A 2126- Irving Kaufman- Way Down In Iowa I'm Going to Hide Away/ Nannette Flack & Ernest Aldwell- I Never Knew E

237. Co A 2438- Bert Williams- Twenty Years/ No Place Like Home E

238. Co A 2472- Gene Green- Alexander's Got a Jazz Band Now/ Sam Ash- Cleopatra Had a Jazz Band VV+/E-

239. Co A 2478- Collins & Harlan- Dark Town Strutters Ball/ Al Jolson- I'm All Bound With the Mason Dixon Line E

240. Co A 2590- Harry Browne & Peerless 4- Climb Up Ye Chillun Climb/ Carve Dat Possum E/EE+

241. Co A 2634- Yerkes American Marimbaphone O- Tishomingo Blues/ Hear Dem Bells V/V-

242. Co A 2702- Billy Murray- The Alcoholic Blues/ Billy Murray & Peerless Qtet- I'm Goin to Settle Down Outside of London Town E+

243. Co A 2849- Bert Williams- Somebody/ The Moon Shines On the Moonshine E-

244. Co A 2687- Nora Bayes- How'ya Gonna Keep Em Down On the Farm/ When Yankee Doodle Sails Upon the Good Ship Home, Sweet, Home E+

245. Co A 3305- Bert Williams- I Want to Know Where Tosti Went/ Get Up E-

246. Co A 3300- Marion Harris- Sweet Mamma/ I Told You So VV+

247. Co A 3339- Bert Williams- Eve Cost Adam Just One Bone/ U'll Never Need a Doc No More E-

248. Co A 3882- Dolly Kay- Wet Yo' Thumb/ Dont Think You'll Be Missed E/E-

249. Co A 3906- Eddie Cantor- Ritzi Mitzi/ I Love Me E-

250. Co A 3907- The Georgians- Henpecked Blues/ Long Lost Mamma E/E+

251. Co A 3924- Original Memphis 5- Pickles/ Yes We Have No Bananas E-

252. Co A 3936- Bessie Smith w/ Fletcher- Bleeding Hearted Blues/ Midnight Blues VV+

253. Co 305-D- Warner's Seven Aces- When My Sugar Walks Down the St/ Cheatin On Me E-/V

254. Co 328-D- Art Gillham- I Had Someone Else Before I Had You/ You May Be Lonesome E-

255. Co 413-D- Harry Reser's Syncopators- On a Night Like This/ Ukulele Lady VV+

256. Co 419-D- California Ramblers- I'm Gonna Charleston Back to Charleston/ Sonya V

257. Co 420-D- Arthur Fields- Oh Say Can I See You Tonight/ Helen Clark & Lewis James-Summer Nights N-

258. Co 426-D- Ace Brigode Virginians- I'm Tired of Everything But You/ Alone At Last E- Haw guit A

259. Co 458- Art Gillham- Are You Sorry?/ Loving Just You E

260. Co 516- Ross Gorman O- I Never Knew/ Sleepy Time Gal V+

261. Co 575- Leo Reisman O- The Roses Brought Me U/ I Never Knew How Wonderful U Were EE-

262. Co 634- The Georgians- Horses/ Spring Is Here E-

263. Co 685- Art Gillham- I'm Leaving You/ I Wish I Had My Old Gal Back Again VV+

264. Co 689- Howard Lanin O- Black Bottom/ Lucky Day V

265. Co 738- Ipana Troubadours- Mary Lou/ In a Little Garden VV+

266. Co 767- Leo Reisman O- Dont Be Angry With Me/ That Night In Araby E few scfs nap

267. Co 771- Art Gillham- Crying Again/ Just Waiting For You EE-

268. Co 786- Cole Mc Elroy O- I'll Fly to Hawaii/ Neapolitan Nights V-

269. Co 841- Les Stevens O- Where Do You Work-a John?/ Earl Gresh O- Ah Ah Aw Aw E

270. Co 900- Fred Rich O- It All Depends On You/ Somebody Else V+

271. Co 922- Ted Lewis O- When My Baby Smiles At Me/ Keep a Little Sunshine In U'r Heart EE+

272. Co 1055- Charles Kaley O- Dew Dew Dewey Day/ Its a Million to One You're In Love V-

273. Co 1146- Carl Haworth- Rosa Lee/ Waitin' For the Springtime VV+

274. Co 1149- Lee Morse- I've Looked All Over For a Girl Like You/ Dawning E+

275. Co 1154- Eddie Thomas Collegians- Sugar/ Knickerbockers- Marvelous EE-

276. Co 1257- The Singing Sophomores- Chloe/ My Ohio Home E/EE+

277. Co 1260- The Charleston Chasers- Imagination/ Sugar Foot Strut EE- plays E

278. Co 1265- Charlie Troutt's Melody Artists- Transportation Blues 3/4 looks V, plays EE-

279. Co 1283- Ipana Troubadours- Four Walls/ In the Sing Song Sycamore Tree VV+

280. Co 1484- Paul Whiteman O- In the Evening/ If You Dont Love Me E+

281. Co 1485- Ted Lewis O- King For a Day/ Moonlight Madness E- few aud pops

282. Co 1550- Jan Garber O- Round Evening/ Sonny Boy looks EE+ plays E+

283. Co 1625- Cliquot Club Eskimos- Watching the Clouds Roll By/ Cross Roads V

284. Co 1717- Ipana Troubadours- Misssissippi/ A Precious Little Thing Called Love VV+

285. Co 1718- Cliquot Club Eskimos- In a Little Town Called Home Sweet Home/ Olaf E-/V

286. Co 1719- Ben Selvin O- If I Had You/ Carolina Moon E-

287. Co 1761- Harry Reser's Syncopators- Kansas City Kitty/ Im Wild About Horns On Autos VV+

288. Co 1762- Ruth Etting- Button Up Your Overcoat/ Mean to Me E

289. Co 1763- Eddie Walters- Makin' Whoopee/ I'm Ka-razy For You EE-/E-

290. Co 1764- Irving Kaufman- The Things That Were Made For Love/ Plucky Lindy's Lucky Day E+

291. Co 1766- Paul Specht O- On With the Dance!/ My Annapolis EE+

292. Co 1767- Leo Reisman O- On the Alamo/ My Castle In Spain is a Shack in the Lane E

293. Co 1779- Ipana Troubadours- Wake Up Chill'Un Wake Up/ Old Fashioned Lady V+

294. Co 1780- The Knickerbockers- Nobody's Fault But Your Own/ Leo Reisman O- The Wedding of the Painted Doll E solos A

295. Co 1781- Tommy Weir- Old Fashioned Lady/ Dream Mother E+

296. Co 1782- Guy Lombardo O- I'm Still Caring/ Love Me or Leave Me E

297. Co 1784- Norman Clark South Sea Islanders- The Honolulu Beach Boys Blues/ Hula Hu E+

298. Co 1785- Sol Hoopii's Novelty Trio- Ka Ua Loku/ Kai Hawanawana E scr A litely aud 20 sec

299. Co 1786- Sol Hoopii's Novelty Trio- Na Molokama/ Kilohana V-

300. Co 1788- Andrew Aiona's Novelty Four- That Lovin' Hula/ Pa Ahana EE+

301. Co 1789- Ted Lewis O- Limehouse Blues/ Roses of Picardy EE+ or better..later blue lbl

302. Co 1790- The Sunshine Boys- Huggable Kissable You/ My Troubles Are Over EE+ or better

303. Co 1791- Ted Wallace Campus Boys- My Kinda Love/ Sweet Seventeen E+

304. Co 1792- Charles W. Hamp- Heigh Ho Everybody Heigh Ho/ My Sin E+N-

305. Co 1800- Ben Selvin O- Honey/ My Sin E

306. Co 1802- Art Gillham- What Wouldn't I Do/ Somewhere There's Someone E+

307. Co 1803- Guy Lombardo O- After Thinking It Over/ Pal of My Dreams E+

308. Co 1845- Paul Whiteman O- Orange Blossom Time/ Your Mother & Mine E+

309. Co 1862- Paul Whiteman O- S'posin'/ Laughing Marionette VV+

310. Co 1880- Hudson Singers- Where the Bab Bab Babbling Brook/ I'm Feathering a Nest E

311. Co 1892- Charles W. Hamp- Junior/ Your Mother & Mine EE+

312. Co 1894- Anson Weeks Mark Hopkins Hotel O- Now I'm In Love/ Tear Drops E-

313. Co 2006- Ipana Troubadours- My Strongest Weakness Is You/ My Sweeter Than Sweet E, plays EE+ Smith Ballew vocs..and some solos

314. Co 2010- Paul Whiteman O- If I Had a Talking Picture of You/ I'm a Dreamer..EE-

315. Co 2023- Paul Whiteman O- Great Day/ Without a Song V/VV+

316. Co 2049- Vic Meyer's Music- If I'm Dreaming/ Beside An Open Fireplace VV+

317. Co 2056- Paul Specht O- I'm Sailing On a Sunbeam/ I'm Following You! E+N-

318. Co 2062- Guy Lombardo O- Have a Little Faith In Me/ Crying For the Carolines VV+

319. Co 2063- Lee Morse Blue grass Boys- I Love You Beleive Me/ A Little Kiss Each Morning E+

320. Co 2116- Ben Selvin O- Happy Days Are Here Again/ The One Girl V

321. Co 2119- Art Gillham- Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder/ Have a Little faith In Me EE+

322. Co 2160- Merle Johnston O- Exactly Like You/ So Sympathetic E

323. Co 2334- Ted Wallace O- The Little Things In Life/ Sweetheart of My Student Days V

324. Co 2451- Art Gillham- Something Reminds Me Of You/ If You Haven't Got a Girl E

325. Co 2510- Paul Tremaine O- Give Me Your Affection Honey/ I Cant Get Missisip Off My Mind E

326. Co 2595- Jack Miller- Oh What a Thrill/ You're My Everything EE+

327. Co 2626- Eddy Duchin Central Park Casino O- Soft Lights & Sweet Music/ By the Fireside V

328. Co 2629- MIckey Alpert O- You Can Make My Life a Bed of Roses/ Say E

329. Co 2761(BLUE WAX)- Phil Harris O- You've Got Me Crying Again/ Hi Ho Lack a Day VV+/V+

330. Co 2766(BLUE WAX)- Phil Harris O- Was My Face Red/ How's About It E/EE-

331. Co 2807(BLUE WAX)- Ted Lewis O- Ten Thousand Years Ago/ Little Locket of Long Ago V

332. Co 2861(BLUE WAX)- Meyer Davis O- On a Steamer Coming Over(Charlie Palloy vo)/ Ambrose O- What More Can I Ask E few lt scrs---rare Palloy's only non Crown vocal

333. Co 2868(BLUE WAX)- Freddie Rich O- Lets Fall In Love/ Love Is Love Anywhere looks V, pl E-

334. Co 2893(BLUE WAX)- Emil Coleman O- Music Makes Me/ In a Shelter From a Shower looks V, pl E-

335. Co 2952(BLUE WAX)- Lud Gluskin O- The Continental/ La Cucaracha V, pl E-

336. Co 3000- New Music of Reginald Forsythe- Garden of Weed/ The Duke Insists E

337. Co 3019(BLUE WAX)- Harry Rosenthal O- My Heart Is An Open Book/ Let Me Sing You to Sleep With a Love Song E West Coast press

338. Co 18002- Frank Trumbauer O w/ Johnny Mercer & Nitecaps- Sizzling One Step med/ Medley of Isham Jones Dance Hits plays E despite grey typical of these long playing records

339. Co 312-M- Joe Loss O- Swingin On the Moon/ The Goose Hangs High E-

340. Co 6459-X(promo)- Humberto Morales Ritmo- Surfiendo/ Mambo De La Selva NN-

341. Co 15090- Smith's Sacred Singers- Pictures From Life's Other Side/ Where We'll Never Grow Old V+

342. Co unnumbered- Frank Sinatra- Dream/ flip side blank label but its American Beauty Rose sung by Sinatra E+N-..printed label side reads special Daddy Long Legs release

343. Co 26134/ 29261(promo)- Benny Goodman 6- Stardust/ Gilly E+

344. Co 26740/ 36680(promo)- Benny Goodman O- The Hour of Parting/ Mission to Moscow E+

345. Co 32241/ 25354(promo)- Benny Goodman O- At The Darktown Strutters/ Scatterbrain NN-

346. Co 35866- Jerry Colonna w/ Orrin Tucker O- The Yogi Who Lost His Will Power/ Orrin Tucker O- The Moon & I E

347. Co 36889- Count Basie O- Queer Street/ Jivin' Joe Jackson E-

348. Co 36903- The Charioteers- No Soup/ One More Dream NEW -

349. Co 37070- Count Basie O- Blue Skies/ The King E

350. Co 37338- Kay Kyser O w/ Jane Russell- Boin-N-N-Ng/ KK O- If My Heart Had a Window N-

351. Co 38101- Kay Thompson- Jubilee/ Back Home Again In Indiana E+N-

352. Co 38200(promo)- Kay Thompson- I See Your Face Before Me/ Louisiana Purchase E+

353. Co 38486(promo)- Frank Sinatra- The Huckle Buck/ It Happens Every Spring E+

354. Co 38689(promo)- Dinah Shore- Its So Nice to Have a Man Around the House/ More Than Anything In the World NN-..comes with original 8x10" promotional material reading that Dinah introduced this hit at the Waldorf, etc, with her photo, etc

355. Co 38722(promo)- Pearl Bailey- Nothin' For Nothin'/ There Must be Somethin Better Th Love E+

356. Co 38790(promo)- Jane Russell, Frank Sinatra & Modernaires- Kisses & Tears/ Frank Sinatra & Modernaires- When the Sun Goes Down NN-

357. Co 38810(promo)- Sarah Vaughan- You Taught Me To Love Again/ Just Friends NN-

358. Co 38821(promo)- Benny Goodman O- Bewitched/ Doris Day- Bewitched NN-

359. Co 38892(promo)- Frank Sinatra- My Blue Heaven/ Goodnight Irene NN-

360. Co 38925(promo)- Sarah Vaughan- I Love the Guy/ Thinking of You NN-

361. Co 39001(promo)- Sarah Vaughan- Perdido/ Whippa Whippa Woo NN-

362. Co 39034(promo)- Benny Goodman O- I See a Million People/ Cab Calloway O- I See a Million People N-

363. Co 39209(promo)- Tony Bennett- The Valentino Tango/ Dr Sigmund Spaeth- Special Valentino Message E+...interesting B discusses Valention and origin of Tango

364. Co 39214(promo)- Joe Bushkin- Dah'ling(For Tallulah)/ Portrait of Tallulah #2 E+

365. Co 39246(promo)- Machito Afro-Cuban O- Holiday Mambo/ Donde Estabas Tu E+

366. Co 39416(promo)- Benny Goodman O- Down South Camp Meetin'/ South of the Border NN-

367. Co 39513(promo)- Benny Goodman O- Toodle-Lee-You-Doo/ Wrappin' It Up NN-

368. Co 39650(promo)- Toni Arden- Heart of Stone- Heart of Wood/ There's Always My Heart N-

369. Co 39812- Marlene Dietrich & Rosemary Clooney- Too Old To Cut the Mustard/ Good For Nothin' E+

370. Co 40233(promo)- Rosemary Clooney & Jose Ferrer- Ay Ay/ Jose Ferrer & Rosemary Clooney- A Bunch of Bananas N- vinyl

371. Co 49156/7(promo)- June Mc Mechen w/ O- Porgy & Bess Excerpts/ more E+


372. De 7304- Frankie Half Pint Jaxon & Harlem Hamfats- Take It Easy Greasy/ The Dirty Dozens EE-

373. De 7345- Frankie Half Pint Jaxon & Harlem Hamfats- You Certainly Look Good to Me/ She Sends Me E+

374. De 7360- Frankie Half Pint Jaxon & Harlem Hamfats- No Need Knockin' On the Blind/ Chocolate to the Bone E/V

375. De 7370- Rosetta Howard & Harlem Hamfats- Rosetta Blues/ If You're a Viper EE+

376. De 7505- Harlem Harley & Washboard Band- Mama Come On Home/ Life Goes On & On E-

377. De 7525- Frankie Half Pint Jaxon w/O- They Put the Big Britches On Me/ I Knocks Myself Out V+

378. De 161- NORK- San Antonio Shout/ Tin Roof Blues E+

379. De 185- Claude Hopkins O- Who?/ Just You, Just Me E

380. De 192- Glen Gray O- I'm In Love/ A New Moon Is Over My Shoulder EE-

381. De 332- Eddie Bush's Biltmore Trio/ Talkin' To Myself/ Object of My Affection E+/EE+ few clx B

382. De 334- Glen Gray O- I Woke Up Too Soon/ You Took Advantage of Me E

383. De 367- Dorsey Bros O- I'm Facing the Music/ Tiny Little Fingerprints V+/E-

384. De 376- Dorsey Bros O- Dinah/ Night Wind E-

385. De 379- Glen Gray O- The Little Man With the Hammer/ Who's Sorry Now EE+

386. De 422- Clyde Mc Coy O- China Boy/ Overture- I Found a New Baby E-/EE-

387. De 426- Victor Young O- That Certain Feeling/ Zing Went the Strings of My Heart EE+

388. De 463- Glen Gray O- Cotton/ Chant of the Jungle E-

389. De 516- Dorsey Bros O- No Strings/ Top Hat E

390. De 536- Ray Mc Kinney w/ Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- Beneath a Banyan Tree/ The Cockeyed Mayor of Kaunakakai E+

391. De 548- Bing Crosby- Without a Word of Warning/ Takes Two to Make a Bargain E-

392. De 554- Orville Knapp O- The Girl I Left Behind Me/ Accent on Youth EE-

393. De 559- Dorsey Bros O- You Are My Lucky Star/ On a Sunday Afternoon EE+

394. De 574- Boswell Sisters- Top Hat, White Tie & Tails/ Cheek to Cheek EE-

395. De 638- Ginger Rogers & Johnny Mercer w/ Victor Young O- Eeny Meeny Miney Mo/ Ginger Rogers w/ Victor Young O- Dont Mention Love to Me E+

396. De 659- Joe Sanders O- I Found a Rose In the Snow/ I'll Never Forget I Love You E

397. De 672- Louis Armstrong O- I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music/ Shoe Shine Boy E-

398. De 676- Joe Sanders O- I Got Love/ Hollywood At Vine EE+/E+

399. De 692- Joe Sanders O- Night Night Dear/ Here Comes My Ball & Chain E+

400. De 695- Isham Jones O- Ev'rytime I Look At You/ Saddle Your Blues to a Wild Mustang E

401. De 1184- Bing Crosby- Sweet Is the Word For You/ I Have So Little To Give E+

402. De 1229- Jimmie Lunceford O- Linger Awhile/ Count Me Out EE-

403. De 1247- James Melton w/ O- September In the Rain/ Melody For Two E

404. De 1286- Claude Hopkins O- June Night/ Church Street Sobbin' Blues E

405. De 1292- Ambrose O- w/ Roy Smeck- Blue Hawaii/ Ambrose- Midnight In Mayfair EE+/E+

406. De 1302- Ella Fitzgerald Savoy 8- Everyone's Wrong But Me/ If You Should Ever Leave E-

407. De 1375- Bing Crosby- Smarty/ The Moon Got In My Eyes E+

408. De 1376- Bing Crosby- Its the Natural Thing to Do/ All You Want to Do Is Dance EE+

409. De 1441- Frances Langford w/ Sam Koki Islanders- My Cabin of Dreams/ Harbor Lights E

410. De 1452- Bing Crosby- Remember Me/ I Still Love to Kiss You Goodnight E

411. De 1462- Bing Crosby- Can I Forget You/ The Folks Who Live On the Hill E

412. De 1470- Paradise Island Trio- The One Rose/ Hawaiian Paradise VV+

413. De 1477- Andy Kirk O- Why Cant We Do It Again/ With Love In My Heart E+

414. De 1532- Mal Hallett O- I Want a New Romance/ I'd Love to Play a Love Scene V+

415. De 1533- Mal Hallett O- True Confession/ You're Out of This World to Me EE-

416. De 1565- Bing Crosby- In the Mission By the Sea/ There's a Gold Mine In the Sky E+/V+

417. De 1602- Teddy Grace w/ O- I've Taken a Fancy to You/ I'll Never Let You Cry V+/V-

418. De 1603- Art Tatum- Gone With the Wind/ Stormy Weather E+

419. De 1612- Milt Herth Trio- Bei Mir Bist Du Schon/ The Big Dipper E+

420. De 1798- Harry Owens Royal Hawaiian Hotel O- Cocoanut Grove/ Dreamy Hawaiian Moon VV+

421. De 1800- Milt Herth Trio- Looney Little Tooney/ Flat Foot Floojie E+

422. De 1816- Milt Herth Trio- Toy Trumpet/ Three Blind Mice E

423. De 1827- Andy Kirk O- What's MIne Is Yours/ It Must Be True E+

424. De 1832- Gene Austin- Music, Maestro, Please/In a Mellow Mood E

425. De 1855- Paradise Island Trio- Missouri Wz/ That Naughty Wz EE+

426. De 1881- Willie Bryant O- U'll Never Rember & I'll Never Forget/ U're Gonna Lose Your Gal EE-

427. De 2038- Andy Iona & Eddie Dunstedter- Song of the Islands/ Aloha Oe V+/V

428. De 2046- Milt Herth Trio- Rockin' In Rhythm/ Lambeth Walk E-

429. De 2290- Andrews Sisters- Begin the Beguine/ Long Time No See E/EE+

430. De 2333- The Merry Macs- Hawaiian War Chant/ Chopsticks E-

431. De 2336- Milt Herth Trio- The Whistler & His Dog/ Annabelle N-

432. De 2339- Harry Roy O- Memphis Blues/ Limehouse Blues E+/EE+

433. De 2351- Guy Lombardo O- We've Come A Long Way Together/ Glorianna EE+

434. De 2359- Bing Crosby- East Side of Heaven/ Sing a Song of Sunbeams E

435. De 2360- Bing Crosby- Hang Your Heart On a Hickory Limb/ That Sly Old Gentleman E+

436. De 2362- Mary Martin- Who'll Buy My Violets/ Deep Purple E+

437. De 2385- Bing Crosby- Poor Old Rover/ Little Sir Echo E+/V+

438. De 2574- Harry Owens Royal Hawaiian Hotel O- Tomai Ho Eu Eu/ Heeia E

439. De 2934(CAN)- Louis Armstrong O- You're a Lucky Guy/ You're Just a No Account E+

440. De 2941- Teddy Powell O- Pussy In the Corner/ Someday E-

441. De 3284- Milt Herth Trio(Teddy Grace vo)- Down South/ Milt Herth Trio- Dardanella EE+

442. De 3300- Bing Crosby- When the Moon Comes Over Madison Square/ Only Forever EE-

443. De 3302- Jack Fulton- When Day Is Done/ My Moonlight Madonna EE-

444. De 3309- Bing Crosby- Rhythm On the River/ That's For Me EE+/E

445. De 3441- Ella Fitzgerald O- Tea Dance/ Louisville K.Y. EE-

446. De 3561- Milt Herth Trio- Huckleberry Duck/ Worried Mind E-

447. De 3952- Bing Crosby- You Are My Sunshine/ Ridin' Down the Canyon E+

448. De 3965- Bing Crosby- You're the Moment of a Lifetime/ No Te Importe Saber EE-

449. De 3970- Bing Crosby- Birth of the Blues/ The Waiter & the Porter & Upstairs Maid E/E-

450. De 4025- Roy Smeck Serenaders- Lament to Love/ The Cowboy Serenade V+E-

451. De 4249/ Br 80058- Bing Crosby- The Lamplighter's Serenade/ At Your Command E+N-

odd pressing with one side a black Decca lbl, other the Brunswick Collectors Series from the album set. B side is from 1931, B take- and its a great vinyl pressing!

452. De 14589(promo)- The Jordanaires- Joshua Fit The Battle of Jericho/ Search Me Lord E+

453. De 18640- Bing Crosby- Sleigh Ride In July/ Like Someone In Love E+N-

454. De 18887- Bing Crosby- Just One of Those Things/ Night & Day EE+

455. De 18898- Bing Crosby- September Song/ Begin the Beguine E+

456. De 23655- Bing Crosby- The Things We Did Last Summer/ Sweet Lorraine E+

457. De 23670- Ella Fitzgerald & Delta Rhythm Boys- For Sentimental Reasons/ Its a Pity to Say Goodnight NN-

458. De 23954- Bing Crosby- The Old Chaperone/ I Do Do Do Like You EE+

459. De 23971- Bing Crosby- I Love You Truly/ Just a Wearyin For You EE+

460. De 24100- Bing Crosby w/ Lee Wiley- I Still Suits Me/ Bing Crosby- Kokomo, Indiana EE+

461. De 24695(promo)- Kay Thompson- 'Bout You 'N Me/ Now That I Need You E+ vinyl

462. De 24773(promo)- Ella Fitzgerald- A Man Wrote a Song/ Foolish Tears E+

463. De 24873- Ray Bolger & Ethel Merman- Dearie/ I Said My Pajamas E

464. De 24972(promo)- Billie Holiday- God Bless the Child/ This Is Heaven to Me E+N-

465. De 25292- Ella FItzgerald- Out of Nowhere/ Stairway to the Stars NEW original sleeve

466. De 27679(promo)- Bing Crosby- Bonne Nuit/ Your Own Little House N-

467. De 27768(promo)- Bing Crosby- I Will Remember You/ The Loneliness of Evening N-

468. De 27907- Bill Synder- Flying Fingers/ Dizzy Fingers V+

469. De 28419(promo)- Bing Crosby & Andrews Sisters- Cool Water/ South Rampart St Parade E+

470. De 28733(promo)- Bing Crosby- Walk Me By the River/ Tenderfoot E+

471. De 28814(promo)- Bing Crosby- Mademoiselle De Paree/ Embrasse Moi Bien N-


472. Vi 60076- James Whitcomb Riley- The Raggedy Man V+

473. Vi 2556- Richard Jose- Silver Threads Among the Gold V-

474. Vi 4670- Miss Jones & Mr Spencer- Mandy & Her Man V-

475. Vi 16472- Victor O- Wild Cherries Rag/ Collins & Harlan- That Mesmerizing Mendelssohn Tune E+

476. Vi 17687- Victor Military Band- Pick a Chicken/ Bayside VV+ rcnap

477. Vi 17808- Victor Military Band- Glad Rags/ Booster(An American Absurdity) VV+

478. Vi 18036- Charles Ross Taggart- Old Country Fiddler on Woman's Suffrage/ at the Party V

479. Vi 18644- Al Bernard- You Know What I Mean/ Bell Hop Blues E-

480. Vi 18717- ODJB- Margie/ Palasteena E

481. Vi 18798- ODJB- Royal Garden Blues/ Dangerous Blues VV+

482. Vi 18902- Zez Confrey O- I Love Her- She Loves Me/ Club Royal O- Lovable Eyes EE-

483. Vi 19170- OM 5- Tin Roof Blues/ I've Got a Song For Sale V+

484. Vi 19217- Paul Whiteman O- I'm Sitting Pretty In a Pretty Little City/ Arcady EE+

485. Vi 19314- Paul Biese O- Blue Evening Blues/ Cinderella Blues E+

486. Vi 19480- OM 5- How Come You Do Me Like You Do/ Meanest Blues VV+

487. Vi 19430- Zez Confrey O- Mississippi Shiver/ Nickel In the Slot E+

488. Vi 19606- Zez Confrey O- Charleston Chuckles/ Humorestless VV+/E

489. Vi 19182- Barney Rapp O- Somebody Else Took U Out of My Arms/ Walk, Jennie, Walk EE+

490. Vi 19859- Jack Shilkret O- Clap Hands Here Comes Charley/ George Olsen O- Sugar Plum EE+

491. Vi 20052- Nina Hinds- Pearl Leonard- Moonlight & Roses Blues/ Sandman Lullaby V+E-

West Coast artists, Oakland recording.A side written by Ben Black. (Le Roy Shield on piano)

492. Vi 20059- Irving Aaronson O- Ya Gotta Know How to Love/ RW Kahn O- Somebody's Lonely E-

493. Vi 20231- Roger Wolfe Kahn O- Jersey Walk/ Nat Shilkret O- Half a Moon NN-

494. Vi 20273- Jean Goldkette O- Sunday/ I'd Rather Be the Girl In Your Arms E+

495. Vi 20281- Royal Hawaiian Trio- Kaala-medley/ Waonahele-medley E+

496. Vi 20493- Jean Goldkette O- Sunny Disposish/ RW Kahn O- A Little Birdie Told Me So E

497. Vi 20615- Nat Shilkret O- Why Should I Say That I'm Sorry/ Charles Dornberger O- Red Lips Kiss My Blues Away E

498. Vi 20777- Zez Confrey O- Kitten On the Keys/ Dizzy Fingers N-

499. Vi 20783- Paul Whiteman Rhythm Boys- Sweet Lil/ Aint Ahe Sweet/ Mississippi Mud/ I Left My Sugar Standing In the Rain E+

500. Vi 20970- Phil Baker- At the Theatre 1/2 EE-

501. Vi 21025- Nat Shilkret O- Where Is My Meyer/ George Olsen O- Blue Baby E-

502. Vi 21026- The Troubadours- Our American Girl/ George Olsen O- Worryin' E-

503. Vi 21040- Nat Shilkret O- Theres a Cradle In Carolina/ George Olsen- The Song Is Ended EE-

504. Vi 21120- Honolulu Serenaders- Honolulu Stomp/ Mele of Hawaii VV+

505. Vi 21148- Coon- Sanders O- Mine-All Mine/ Is She My Girl Friend? E-

506. Vi 21233- Troubadours- The Man I Love/ RW Kahn- Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella (tk 2) E/EE+

507. Vi 21274- Paul Whiteman O- From Monday On/ Mississippi Mud EE+/EE-

508. Vi 21314- Herman Kenin Multinomah Hotel O- Rose Room/ Rose of Monterey VV+

509. Vi 21321- Harry Reser's Banjo Boys- Down South/ When the Robert E. Lee Comes to Town E+

510. Vi 21336- Herman Kenin Multinomah O- A Canoe & You/ When Love Comes Stealing VV+

511. Vi 21338- Paul Whiteman O- When(tk 2)/ Nat Shilkret O- Just a Little Way From Home Sweet Home EE+

512. Vi 21340- Lee Lykins w/ O- Dream House/ If I Should Lose You E+/EE+ Oakland recorded

513. Vi 21341- Robert Olsen- Painting Pretty Pictures/ I'll Take U Home Again Kathleen E Oakland

514. Vi 21347- Nat Shilkret O- Really & Truly/ Troubadours- Your Eyes EE+

515. Vi 21385- Mickey Gillette Romanciers- Will You Remember Sweetheart/ Moonlight On the Danube E+ Oakland recorded

516. Vi 21398- Paul Whiteman O- You Took Advantage of Me/ Do I Hear You Saying V+

517. Vi 21417- Kane's Hawaiians- Alekoki/ Liliu E E+ rg lbl

518. Vi 21423- All Star O- Oh Baby!/ Add a Little Wiggle E-

519. Vi 21438- Paul Whiteman O- Louisiana/ Dixie Dawn E

520. Vi 21701- George Olsen O- Doin the Racoon/ Johnny Johnson O- It Goes Like This EE+

521. Vi 22041- The High Hatters Low Down Rhythm/ Gotta Feelin' For You EE+

522. Vi 22047- Leo Reisman O- Moanin' Low/ Aint Misbehavin' E

523. Vi 22073- All Star O- Waiting At the End of the Road/ Troubadours- My Song of the Nile E+

524. Vi 22111- Arden-Ohman O- How Am I To Know/ Henry Busse O- After the Clouds Roll By EE+

525. Vi 22137- Ted Weems O- Miss Wonderful/ Leo Reisman O- Dance Away the Night E

526. Vi 22146- High Hatters- You've Got Me Pickin' Petals Off of Daisies/ I'm a Dreamer..EE+

527. Vi 22147- Ben Pollack O- Song of the Blues/ Smith Ballew O- Same Old Moon EE+

528. Vi 22205- Arden-Ohman O- Its You I Love/ Why? E+

529. Vi 22305- Marshall Cole- The Trick Boys 1/2 EE-

530. Vi 22340- Waring's Penns- Let Me Sing & I'm Happy/ Looking At You VV+

531. Vi 22355- Bernie Cummins O- Minnie the Mermaid/ You Will Come Back to Me EE+ despite grey...nice hot A

532. Vi 22388- Grace Hayes w/ O- I Like to Do Things For You/ My Lover E-/E

533. Vi 22476- Henry Thies O- Here Comes Emily Brown/ Havin' U Around Is Heaven EE+ GREAT A

534. Vi 22586- Duke Ellington O- Nine Little Miles From Tennesee/ What Good Am I Without U E+

535. Vi 22587- Duke Ellington O- When a Black Man's Blue/ Mood Indigo EE+/E+

536. Vi 22589- George Olsen O- My Love For You/ The Song of the Fool EE-

537. Vi 22636- Johnny Hamp O- Rockin' Chair/ All On Account Of Your Kisses V

538. Vi 22643- Wayne King O- Dream a Little Dream of Me/ Wabash Moon E-

539. Vi 22645- Wayne King O- Speak Easy/ The Moochi E

540. Vi 22652- Bert Lown O- When Yr Lover Has Gone/ Please Dont Talk Abt Me Whn I'm Gn VV+

541. Vi 22653- Bert Lown O- I've Found What I Wanted In You/ Were You Sincere? V+

542. Vi 22667- London Mayfair DO- Say a Little Prayer For Me/ The Troubadours- Mine Yesterday His Today E/EE+

543. Vi 22684- Sunny Clapp Band O' Sunshine- When My Baby Smiles At Me/ Bon Soir VV+

544. Vi 22688- Henry Busse O- Mary Jane/ London Mayfair DO- The Same As We Used to Do E

545. Vi 22690- Arden-Ohman O- In a Cafe On the Road to Calais/ Beautiful Love E

546. Vi 22706- Waring's Penns- You Forgot Your Gloves/ Falling In Love E-

547. Vi 22707- Waring's Penns- Sing a Little Jingle/ I Found a Million Dollar Baby E

548. Vi 22708- Waring's Penns- High & Low/ Dancing In the Dark E-

549. Vi 22727- Johnny Hamp O- Maybe Its the Moon/ I Was Only Teasing You V+

550. Vi 22729- Don Azpiazu O- Wanna Lot O' Love/ Green Eyes E

551. Vi 22762- Ted Black O- I Love U In the Same Sweet Way/ Give Me Your Affection Honey E//E-

552. Vi 22830- Lofner- Harris St Francis Hotel O- I Got the Ritz/ I'm Sorry Dear VV+

553. Vi 22857- Ted Black O- Lucille/ The High Hatters- Mary E

554. Vi 22882- Paul Whiteman O- A Rose & a Kiss/ Dont Suppose E+/EE+

555. Vi 22876- Paul Whiteman O- Gettin' Sentimental/ My Goodbye to You E+

556. Vi 22953- New Mayfair DO- Got a Date With An Angel/ Ambrose O- Close Your Eyes EE+

557.Vi 24046- Ted Black O- Banking On the Weather/ Masquerade E

558. Vi 24078- Paul Whiteman O- San/ Poor Butterfly V/V+ original issue of 1928 sides w/ BIX

559. Vi 24123- Joe Haymes O- Hot Jazz Pie/ Hoagy Carmichael O- Mighty River E-/E NICE!

560. Vi 24136- Don Bestor O- I Guess It Wasn't Meant to Be/ The River Rhine VV+

561. Vi 24139- George Olsen O- Its Gonna Be You/ Please EE-

562. Vi 24140- Paul Whiteman O- You're Telling Me/ Lets Put Out the Lights EE+

563. Vi 24142- Don Bestor O- Along Came Love/ My Darling VV+

564. Vi 24176- Don Bestor O- I'm Sure of Everything But You/ Speak to Me of Love EE- rg lbl

565. Vi 24263- New Mayfair DO- Try a Little Tenderness/ Don Bestor O- Close to My Heart EE-

566. Vi 24267- Don Bestor O- You Must Believe Me/ Meet Me In the Gloaming E- rcnap

567. Vi 24314- Ray Noble O- What More Can I Ask?/ Brighter Than the Sun E-/VV+ HOT B

568. Vi 24327- Eddy Duchin O- Dont Do Anything I Wouldn't Do/ From Me to You E+

569. Vi 24332- Noel Coward- Mad Dogs & Englishmen/ Lover of My Dreams EE+

570. Vi 24333- Ray Noble O- I'll Do My Best to Make U Happy/ Love Is the Sweetest Thing E Bowlly

571. Vi 24334- Jan Garber O- Cant We Meet Again/ I've Got My Fingers Crossed E+

572. Vi 24336- Jan Garber O- We'll Have a Honeymoon Someday/ It Was a Night In June E-

573. Vi 24337- Jan Garber O- I'm Thru Saying I'm Thru/ We'll Meet At the Bottom of the Hill EE- later lbl

574. Vi 24338- Glen Gray O- Lazy Bones/ Sophisticated Lady E-

575. Vi 24341- Ray Noble O- My Heart's To Let/ When You've Fallen In Love V+ Bowlly vocs

576. Vi 24364- Paul Whiteman O- Marching Along Together/ My Moonlight Madonna N-

577. Vi 24365- Paul Whiteman O- Ah But Is It Love?/ Are You Makin Any Money V

578. Vi 24367- Isham Jones O- It Isn't Fair/ Good Luck Sweetheart E-

579. Vi 24368- Isham Jones O- Shadows On the Swanee/ Paul Whiteman O- Down the Old Ox Road V+

580. Vi 24369- Louis Armstrong O- Honey, Do/ Snow Ball E despite grey

581. Vi 24372- Leo Reisman O- If Love Were All/ I'll See You Again V+/V

582. Vi 24375- Ray Noble O- Stay On the Right Side of the Road/ Jan Garber O- Did My Heart Beat E/EE- HOT A with Bowlly vocal

583. Vi 24376- Eddy Duchin O- To Be Or Not To Be/ Close Your Eyes E

584. Vi 24377- Eddy Duchin O- Its the Talk of the Town/ Trouble In Paradise EE+/E

585. Vi 24400- Paul Whiteman O- Its Only a Paper Moon/ Night Owl E+

586. Vi 24434- Don Bestor O- There's a Ring Around the Moon/ Heaven Only Knows V+

587. Vi 24441- Eddy Duchin O- Dark Clouds/ Lonely Lane E label misidentifies source film as "Football Coach"...its really "College Coach"

588. Vi 24452- Paul Whiteman pres Peggy Healy & Al Dary w/ Roy Bargy- Thats How Rhythm Was Born/ When You Were the Girl On the Scooter E+ repd 2" cr nap

589. Vi 24495- American Legion Band(Sioux City, Iowa)- US Field Artillery March/ Song of the Soldiers E- rg lbl

590. Vi 24499- Isham Jones- Blue Prelude/ London Mayfair O- Lady of Spain EE+ rg lblx

591. Vi 24566- Paul Whiteman O- True/ The Moonlight Wz E+

592. Vi 24574- Paul Whiteman O- Sun Spots/ The Bouncing Ball EE+ top Trumbauer!

593. Vi 24579- Eddy Duchin O- As Long As I Live/ Ill Wind V- Harold Arlen vo

594. Vi 24606- Isham Jones O- Its Funny To Everyone Else But Me/ I Aint Lazy-I'm Just Dreamin E

595. Vi 24621- Tom Coakley O- Thats What Makes the World Go Round/ Call It Anything V+

596. Vi 24623- Harry Sosnick O- How Do I Know Its Sunday/ Hot Chocolate Soldiers V

597. Vi 24634- Jan Garber O- Hello Again/ Why Dont You Practice What You Preach E

598. Vi 24665- Eddy Duchin O- Try to See It My Way/ I Only Have Eyes For You EE-

599. Vi 24670- Paul Whiteman O- Born to Be Kissed/ I Saw You Dancing In My Dreams V lbl scrsB

600. Vi 24705- Paul Whiteman O- I'm Counting On You/ I Saw Stars V

601. Vi 24721- Rudy Vallee O- Lost In a Fog/ The Drunkard Song VV+/VV-

602. Vi 25029- Eddy Duchin O- Ev'ry Little Moment/ You're All I Need EE+

603. Vi 25142- Al Bowlly w/ Ray Noble O- Roll Along Prairie Moon/ Red Sails In the Sunset E

604. Vi 25150- Paul Whiteman O- Sugar Plum/ New O'leans V+

605. Vi 25178- Eddy Duchin O- You Took My Breath Away/ How Do I Rate With You VV+

606. Vi 25188- Eddy Duchin O- Dont Mention Love to Me/ Out of Sight, Out of Mind E+

607. Vi 25192- Paul Whiteman O- Darktown Strutters Ball/ Farewell Blues EE+

608. Vi 25197- Paul Whiteman O- I Dream Too Much/ The Jockey on the Carousel E

609. Vi 25202- Mezz Mezzrow O- 35th & Calumet/ Old Fashioned Love VV+

610. Vi 25212- Eddy Duchin O- Moon Over Miami/ Lights Out EE+

611. Vi 25236- Tommy Dorsey O- I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over U/ I've got a Note E rg lbl

612. Vi 25252- Paul Whiteman O- Wah Hoo/ What's the Name of That Song E+

613. Vi 25316- Benny Goodman O- The Glory of Love/ You Cant Pull the Wool Over My Eyes E+

614. Vi 25319- Paul Whiteman O- Stop, Look, & Listen/ Nobody's Sweetheart Now E+

615. Vi 25323- Ray Noble O- Speedboat Bill/ Ambrose O- Trees E

616. Vi 25324- Helen Ward w/ Benny Goodman Trio- All My Life/ Too Good to Be True EE-

617. Vi 25325- Eddy Duchin O- A Rendezvous With a Dream/ Summer Holiday E-

618. Vi 25330- Jack Hylton O- This'll Make You Whistle/ May All Your Troubles Be Little Ones V+

619. Vi 25336- Ray Noble O- When I'm With You/ But Definitely EE- Bowlly vocs

620. Vi 25337- Ruby Newman O- Madly In Love/ Stars In My Eyes V

621. Vi 25356- Paul Whiteman O- On Your Toes/ Afterglow EE+

622. Vi 25375- Fletcher Henderson O- Sing, Sing, Sing/ Shoe Shine Boy E

623. Vi 25390- Eddy Duchin O- I'm Talking Through My Heart/ Night In Manhattan E+

624. Vi 25411- Nick La Rocca ODJB- Clarinet Marmalade/ BG Orch- St Louis Blues V/V+

625. Vi 25420- Nick La Rocca ODJB- Who Loves You?/ Did You Mean It? E-

626. Vi 25449- George Hamilton O- Under Your Spell/ I Was Saying to the Moon E-

627. Vi 25458- George Hamilton O- With Plenty of Money & You/ Lets Put Our Heads Together V+

628. Vi 25460- Nick La Rocca ODJB- Ostrich Walk/ Toddlin' Blues E+

629. Vi 25497- Benny Goodman O- Somebody Loves Me/ Jam Session E+ rg lbl

630. Vi 25499- Fats Waller Rhythm- Who's Afraid of Love?/ One In a Million EE+/EE-

631. Vi 25504- Ray Noble O- To Love You & To Lose You/ Long As You Got Your Health EE+

632. Vi 25507- Ray Noble O- I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm/ Slumming On Park Avenue EE+

633. Vi 25508- Tommy Dorsey O- The "Goona Goo"/ If My Heart Could Talk E

634. Vi 25512- Roy Fox O- Did Your Mother Come From Ireland/ Joe Loss O- When the Poppies Bloom Again E+

635. Vi 25569- Eddy Duchin O- Without Your Love/ Lets Call the Whole Thing Off E+

636. Vi 25576- Eddy Duchin O- When Two Love Each Other/ The You & Me That Used to Be E

637. Vi 25598- Hal Kemp O- Stop You're Breaking My Heart/ Whispers In the Dark V+

638. Vi 25602- George Hamilton O- Sun Showers/ I'm Feelin' Like a Million E+/E-

639. Vi 25606- George Hamilton O- Miller's Daughter Marianne/ Would U Like to Buy a Dream E-V+

640. Vi 25611- George Hamilton O- Born to Love/ There Must Be Paint In the Sky E-

641. Vi 25617- George Hamilton O- Gone With the Dawn/ Old Man Moon E/EE-

642. Vi 25665- Hal Kemp O- I'd Like to See Samoa of Samoa/ I Still Love to Kiss U Goodnight E

643. Vi 25685- Hal Kemp O- Things Are Looking Up/ Foggy Day In London EE+

644. Vi 25792(CAN)- Benny Goodman O- One O' Clock Jump/ Dont Be That Way E+

645. Vi 25795- Tommy Dorsey O- Its Wonderful/ Bewildered V+/E- Stuff Smith comp A

646. Vi 25885- Larry Clinton O- Gonna Lock My Heart/ There's a Brand New Picture In My Frm EE+

647. Vi 26009- Hal Kemp O- The Night Is Filled With Music/ I Used to be Color Blind E/EE-

648. Vi 26031- Hal Kemp O- Monday Morning/ Bambina E-/E

649. Vi 26038- Hal Kemp O- FDR Jones/ My Heart Is Unemployed E-/E

650. Vi 26039- Nick La Rocca ODJB- Old Joe Blade/ Lionel Hampton O- Any Time At All E

651. Vi 26040- Hal Kemp O- Like a Monkey Likes Coconuts/ If I Loved You More E/EE+

652. Vi 26156- Hal Kemp O- Its All So New To Me/ Blue Italian Waters E

653. Vi 26165- Hal Kemp O- You've Got Me Crying Again/ A Heart of Stone E

654. Vi 26176- Hal Kemp O- Delightful Delirium/ My Hands Are Tied E

655. Vi 26179- Hal Kemp O- Hoi Polloi/ Blue Moonlight E

656. Vi 26204- Hal Kemp O- Three Little Fishies/ The Chestnut Tree E/EE+

657. Vi 26207- Skinnay Ennis O- That Sentimental Sandwich/ Strange Enchantment EE+

658. Vi 26209- Lionel Hampton O- Sweethearts On Parade/ High Society N-

659. Vi 26272- Hal Kemp O- I'm Sorry For Myself/ When Winter Comes E-/E

660. Vi 26278- Hal Kemp O- Love For Sale/ Paradise E+

661. Vi 26309- Gray Gordon O- Start the Day Right/ It Seems Like Old Times E+

662. Vi 27665- Art Jarrett O- What Do You Think I Am?/ Buckle Down Winsocki EE+

663. Vi 27909- Freddy Martin O- Jingle, Jangle, Jingle/ I Let Her On Monday EE-

664. Vi 20-2550- Desi Arnaz O- El Cumbanchero/ Made For Each Other V-

665. Vi 20-2614(promo)- Phil Harris O- One More Time/ Old Time Religion N-

666. Vi 20-2653- Perry Como- If You Had All the World & Its Gold/ Because E+N-

667. Vi 20-2782(promo)- Etta Jones- Misery is a Thing Called Moe/ This Is a Fine Time NN-

668. Vi 20-2784(promo)- Perry Como- You Can Do No Wrong/ Love of My Life N-

669. Vi 20-3229(promo)- Louis Prima O- California Is Wonderful(If You're a Grapefruit)/ Page Cavanaugh Trio- I Want a Little Girl E+

670. Vi 20-3381- Perry Como- A Perry Como Parody/ A You're Adorable NN-

671. Vi 20-3886(promo)- Polly Bergen- Oh Them Dudes/ I Got Tookin E+

672. Vi 20-4123- Betty Hutton- That's the Kind of Guy I Dream Of/ It's a Man! NEW

673. Vi 20-4132(promo)- George Beverly Shea w/ O- Be Still My Soul/ If You Know the Lord E+

674. Vi 20-4234- Gene Krupa O- The Sheik of Araby/ Off & On E+

675. Vi 20-4342- Phil Harris O- Where the Blues Were Born In New Orleans/ Rugged But Right E+

676. Vi 20-5142(promo)- Danny Thomas- Oh Moon/ Hush a Bye NN-

677. Vi 20-5317(promo)- Perry Como- Keep It Gay/ No Other Love E+

678. Vi 27-0141(promo)- Artie Shaw O- Carioca/ Indian Love Call N-

679. Vi 27-0142(promo)- Artie Shaw O- The Donkey Serenade/ What Is This Thing Called Love E+

680. Vi 27-0143(promo)- Artie Shaw O- Rosalie/ Softly As In a Morning Sunrise E+

***Victor odd issues and foreign series***

681. Vi 25-0033(International Series)- Comedian Harmonists- Amapola/ Donkey Serenade N-

682. Vi 25-1071- Desi Arnaz O- Carinoso/ Carnival In Rio EE+

683. Vi 37008- Francisco Lomuto O- Mano a Mano/ La Cumparasita E+N-

684. Vi 37658- Alfonso Ortiz Tirado- Granada/ Toledo E+ despite grey/ E+

685. Vi 76428- Chelo Flores- Mi Tormento/ Un Momento NN-

686. Vi 82857- Carlos Gardel w/ O- Mi Buenos Aires-Querido/ Melodia de Arrabal E+

687. Vi 83254- Fon-Fon e O- Abre A Janella/ Odette Amaral- Alma De Um Povo E+

688. Vi 83255- Cynara Rios- Carnival Em Familia/ Carlos Galhardo- Samba Lele E+

689. Vi 83489- Cuarto Flores- Despedida/ Amor N-

690. Vi 83827- Edgardo Donato y Muchachos- Quine Sera?/ Una Rosa Para Mi Rosa N-

691. Vi 83953- Rita Montaner- Yo Va Di La Fieta/ Golpe De Bibijagua N-

692. Vi 42163 blue lbl- Chinese Cantonese c. 1920- unknown titles VV+ few clx

693. Vi 42480 blue lbl- Chinese Cantonese c. 1920- unknown titles E

694. Vi 42497 blue lbl- Chinese Cantonese c. 1920- unknown titles VV+

695. Vi 56359 (scroll)- Chinese c. 1930- unknown titles VV+

696. Vi V-5057(scroll)- Henri Marcoux- Romance/ Ma Normandie E- Canadian recording

697. Victor Sound Effect E-7- Train Starting/ Train Running at Constant Speed/ Train Stopping// same EE+ scroll label

698. Victor Salesman's Sample- from 1930- plain white label with printed text and Nipper logo reading Salesman's Sample for Vic 22433 E+...never seen another like this!

699. Victrola 64980- Serge Rachmaninoff- Golliwogg's Cake Walk E- sm bite nap

700. Vic 814- Serge Rachmaninoff- Prelude in C Sharp Minor/ Spinning Song E-/V

701. Vic 4020- Julia Arthur- Battle Hymn of the Republic/ America E+N-


702. Actuelle 020490- Harmonizers-Aunt Jemima's Jubilee/ Rhodes & Francis- Make Believe E

703. Act 020839- Golden Gate O- Why Should I Cry Over You/ Sweet Indiana Home V+

704. Aeolian Vocalion 14190- Monroe Silver- Rebecca/ Billy Jones- Aint We Got Fun E+

705. ARC Theatre Use F 144- All Star Collegians- Was That the Human Thing to Do/ same E+

706. Apollo 777- Illinois Jacquet AS- Jumpin at the Woodside/ Music Hall Beat E+

707. Atl 852- Bob Howard Rhythm- Button Up Your Overcoat/ Mo'lasses NN-

708. Atl 854- Tiny Grimes Quintet- Boogie Woogie Barbecue/ Blue Harlem NN-

709. Atl 3001- Illinois Jacquet AS- Blow Illinois Blow/ Illinois Blows the Blues E+

710. Atomic 230- Slim Gaillard Quartet- Drei Six Cents/ Minuet in Vout EE-/E

711. Audiovox 106- Raymond Scott O- Honest Injun/ Highland Swing E+

712. Banner 1021- Irving Weiss O- Gypsy Blues/ Yerkes Jazzarimba O- Everybody Step E+

713. Ba 6430- Helen Richards- Mean to Me/ Howard Wilson- At Twilight V-

714. Ba 6535- Roy Smeck Trio- Beautiful/ Little Pal V/V-

715. Ba 0722- Willie Creager O- Drifting Down the Stream/ Royal Marimba O- Dancing w/ Tears E-

716. Ba 33028- Smith Ballew O- Fair & Warmer/ I'll String Along With You E+

717. Barry 712(promo)- Sandy Solo- I D'Wanna Hear Sweet Music Tonight/ Close Your Dreamy Eyes NN- small label of unknown origin

718. Bel Tone 761- Slim Gaillard O- Slim's Jam/ Santa Monica Jump EE+ (Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie A)

719. Bell 1023- Artie Shaw Gramercy 5- That Old Feeling/ Besame Mucho EE+

720. Bethlehem 1296- Beulah Swan w/ O- Hip Shakin' Mama/ Dont Steal My Heart E+N- lt lam nap

721. Bluebird 2230- Emilio Cacares y O- Amor Y Misterio/ The Last Roundup V rare series staff lbl

722. BB 2900- Coro Mixto w/ O- Cielito Lindo/ La Paloma V+ staff lbl

723. Bluebird 5044- Lee Morse- While the Rest of the World Is Sleeping/ In the Little Church On the Hill E-/EE-

724. BB 5054- Jack Berger O- The Gold Diggers Song/ My First Love to Last V

725. BB 5133- Joe Haymes O- Limehouse Blues/ Shine On Harvest Moon VV+

726. BB 5175- Rudy Vallee O- Shame On U/ Love Is the Sweetest Thing VV+ rcnap Alice Faye A

727. BB 5220- Joe Haymes O- Aint Gonna Grieve No More/ Ernie Holst O- You or No One E-

728. BB 5234- The Madhatters- Was I?/ Little Nell E-

729. BB 5281- Jimmie Rodgers- Jimmie Rodgers' Last Blue Yodel/ Years Ago V-/E

730. BB 5314- George Hall O- Let's Fall In Love/ Tired of It All EE- lt water dmg B only

731. BB 5482- Jimmie Rodgers- Mother Was a Lady/ Ben Dewberry's Final Run EE+

732. BB 5729- Al Mitchell O- Hands Across the Table/ Isle of Capri E-/VV+

733. BB 5730- Al Mitchell O- New Deal In Love/ Did She Ask For Me? VV+

734. BB 5816- Charlie Barnet O- On a Holiday/ Growlin' EE- rarely seen sides

735. BB 5969- Art Kassel O- You've Been Taking Lessons In Love/ Ev'ry Little Moment E-V+

736. BB 5991- Jimmie Rodgers- Yodeling Cowboy/ Daddy & Home E+

737. BB 6129- Freddie Jenkins Harlem 7- Old Fashioned Love/ Nothin But Rhythm EE-

738. BB 6193- Freddie Jenkins Harlem 7- Swingin Em Down/ Little Ramblers- Tap Room Special E-

739. BB 6238- California Ramblers- Cling to Me/ Too Much Imagination V+

740. BB 6240- California Ramblers- Hypnotized/ If I Should Lose You E-

741. BB 6251- Ted Wallace Swing Kings- Mama Dont Allow It/ I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself a Letter E

742. BB 6320- Mezz Mezzrow Swing Band- Lost/ A Melody From the Sky E

743. BB 6321- Mezz Mezzrow Swing Band- I'se a Muggin' 1/2 E-V+/EE-

744. BB 6453- Bob Pope O- On Your Toes/ There's a Small Hotel E/E- NICE A

745. BB 6615- Amanda Randolph O- Doin the Suzi Q/ Please Dont Talk About My Man EE+ rcnap good hot stuff!

746. BB 6664- Frank Dailey O- Lets Put Our Heads Together/ With Plenty of Money & You E

747. BB 6666- Frank Dailey O- Take Another Guess/ Tell Santy I Live In a Shanty E-

748. BB 6699- Dolly Dawn Patrol- Better Get Off Your High Horse/ There's Frost On the Moon EE+

749. BB 6701- Dolly Dawn Patrol- A Treat For the Eyes/ I Stumbled Over Love E-

750. BB 6748- Johnny Hamp O- Never Should Have Told You/ Trust In Me E+

751. BB 6909(CAN)- Ozzie Nelson O-Cause My Baby Says Its So/ You Cant Run Away From Love Tonight E sm rcnap

752. BB 7036- Willie Farmer O- Whispers In the Dark/ Stop You're Breaking My Heart V+

753. BB 7396- Freddy Martin O- You Couldn't Be Cuter/ Just Let Me Look At You E+

754. BB 7502- Ozzie Nelson O- The Black Cat/ Dont Be That Way VV+

755. BB 7528- Ozzie Nelson O-You Leave Me Breathless/ Says My Heart E

756. BB 7544- Rose Marie w/ O- You Better Change Your Tune/ It's Raining Sunshine E+N- NICE!

757. BB 7623- Art Kassel O- So You Left Me For the Leader of a Swing Band/ Daydreaming E-/E

758. BB 7668- Frank Dailey O- Isn't It Wonderful, Isn't It Swell/ There's a Village In the Valley E+

759. BB 7736- Blue Barron O- I Used to Be Color Blind/ The Yam E+

760. BB 7814- Ozzie Nelson O- Stompin' At the Stadium/ Who Blew Out the Flame? V+

761. BB 7856- Blue Barron O- Angels With Dirty Faces/ Its a Lonely Trail E+

762. BB 7872- Blue Barron O- Love Doesn't Grow On Trees/ Heart & Soul E/E+

763. BB 7905- Mustard & Gravy(Dixie's Tastiest Combination)- Five Nights Experience/ The Whale Did I Know He Did EE+

764. BB 10003- Eddie De Lange O- My Kid's Singin' Swing Songs/

Right In the Corner Where You Are E+

765. BB 10027- Eddie De Lange 8 Screwballs- You Cant Kiss a Frigidaire/ Eddie De Lange O- Copenhagen E+

766. BB 10033- Van Alexander O- I Found My Yellow Basket/ Alexander's Swinging E

767. BB 10094- Eddie De Lange O- The Cockeyed Mayor of Kaunakakai/ Livery Stable Blues E+

768. BB 10103- Ziggy Elman O- And the Angels Sing/ Bublitchki EE+

769. BB 10190- Red Nichols O- The King Kong/ The Hour of Parting E+

770. BB 10194- Jelly Roll Morton Trio- Smilin' the Blues Away/ The Turtle Twist E+ masters 1929

771. BB 10225- Louis Armstrong O- Swing You Cats/ Snowball E+

772. BB 10372- Glenn Miller O- Baby Me/ Blue Orchids E+

773. BB 10390- Blue Barron O- Out of Port/ Poor Old Joe E+

774. BB 10427- Bob Chester O- I Cant Tell Why I Love You But I Do/ Billy E-

775. BB 10449- Johnny Messner O- Hawaiia Sang Me to Sleep/ Hey, Good Looking EE+

776. BB 10486- Glenn Miller O- Who's Sorry Now?/ Blue Rain E+

777. BB 10491- Joe Sudy O- Its a Hap Hap Happy Day/ I Hear a Dream EE-

778. BB 10495- Glenn MIller O- Farewell Blues/ Indian Summer EE+

779. BB 10524- Bob Chester O- In the Heart of the Dark/ Why Go On pretending E-

780. BB 10545- The Four King Sisters- In the Mood/ Irish Washerwoman E

781. BB 10556- Abe Lyman O- Princess Poo Poo-ly Has Planety Pa Pa Ya/ Ho Punchinello EE-

782. BB 10613- Johnny Kaonohi Pineapple Islanders- The Moon of Mankoora/ Na Alu VV+

783. BB 10656- Art Kassel O- It Happened In Kaloha/ the Guy Needs a Gal EE+

784. BB 10918- Charlie Barnet O- Isola Bella/ Whacha Know Joe E/V+

785. BB 10951- Charles Kama Moana Hawaiians- Rainbow Over Paradise/ Sweet Kona Moonlight VV+

786. BB 10996- Mitchell Ayres O- I'm Nuts About the Good Old USA/ Lily- Hot From Chili E+

787. BB 11004- Charlie Barnet O- He's a Latin from Staten island/ The Things You Left Me V+

788. BB 11014- Charlie Barnet O- Phyllisse/ Lumby E+

789. BB 11017- Bob Chester O- I Could Write a Book/ Beau Night In Hotchkiss Corners V+

790. BB 11037- Charlie Barnet O- Charleston Alley/ Good For Nothin Joe E

791. BB 11147- Freddy Martin O- The Hut Sut Song/ The Karlstad Ball E+

792. BB 11292- Charlie Barnet O- The Heart You Stole From Me/ Murder At Peyton Hall E+

793. BB 11321- Charlie Barnet O- You Were There/ Mother Fuzzy EE-

794. BB 11396- Charlie Barnet O- 50,000,000 Nickels/ Macumba E+

795. BB 11446- Charlie Barnet O- Ya La Blu/ Night of Nights E+

796. BB 11469- Fats Waller- Winter Weather/ Clarinet Marmalade E

797. BB 11586- Spike Jones City Slicks- Der Fuehrer's Face/ I Wanna Go Back to West Va. E-/E

798. BN 510- Ike Quebec Swingtet- Hard Tack/ If I Had You NN-

799. BN 514- John Hardee's Swingtet- Hardee's Party/ Idaho NN-

800. BN 520- John Hardee's Sextet- Nervous From the Service/ What is This Thing Called Love E+

801. BN 521- John Hardee's Sextet- Sweet & Lovely/ River Edge Rock E+

802. BN 515- Ike Quebec Swingtet- Topsy/ Cup-Mute Clayton E+

803. BN 516- Ike Quebec Swingtet- Sweethearts On Parade/ Dolores E+

804. BN 525- Tiny Grimes Swingtet- Tiny's Boogie Woogie/ C Jame Blues E+ name written on lbl

805. BN 530- T Bone Walker w/ Les Hite O- T Bone Blues/ Jimmy Shirley w/ Oscar Smith- Jimmy's Blues E+ name written on lbls

806. BN 534- Babs' 3 Bips & a Bop- Oop-Pop-A-Da/ Stompin' At the Savoy E+ name written on lbl

807. BN 535- Babs' 3 Bips & a Bop- Lop Pow/ Pay Dem Dues E+N- name written on lbl

808. BN 537- Babs' 3 Bips & a Bop- Runnin' Around/ Babs' Dream E+N-

809. BN 538- Ike Quebec Swing Seven- Zig Billion/ Someone to Watch Over Me E+ name writ lbl

810. Broadway 1107(20s lbl)- Al Lynch O- Baltimore / Earl Randolph O- Highways Are Happy Ways E

811. Broadway 1001- Paulette Sisters(40s-50s lbl)- Ricky Ticky Licks/ Piggy Bank Polka NN-

812. Broad 1012- Paulette Sisters- As Your Love Is To Me/ Sweet Pure & Innocent E+

813. Cameo 477- Johnny Johnson O- Wop Blues/ Stay Home Little Girl Stay Home E-

814. Ca 566- Broadway Broadcasters- Driftwood/ Bob Haring O- Sadie O' Grady E

815. Ca 1000- Seven Little Polar Bears- Me Too/ Out In the New Mown Hay V+

816. Ca 1058- Seven Little Polar Bears- Where Do You Work-a John?/ How Could Red Riding Hood VV+

817. Ca 1048- Joe Candullo O- Brown Sugar/ Frank Cornwell O- Elsie Shultz-en-heim VV+

818. Ca 8339- Seven Little Polar Bears- The Cat & the Dog/ Dixie Daisies- Doin the Raccoon V

819. Cap 418- Nat King Cole Trio- Come In Out of the Rain/ Can You Look Me In the Eyes N- vinyl

820. Cap 1727(promo)- Mel Blanc- The Little Bottles In the Sink/ Okmnx E+

821. Cap 1797(promo)- Dean Martin- Hanging Around With You/ Aw C'mon E+

822. Cap 1921(promo)- Dean Martin- As You Are/ Oh Boy! E+

823. Cap 2029(promo)- Stan Freberg- Try/ Pass the Udder Udder E+N-

824. Cap 2119(promo)- Bob Crosby O- Song of the Islands/ Paducah Parade E+

825. Cap 2130(promo)- Nat King Cole- Walkin My Baby Back Home/ Funny NN-

826. Cap 2154(promo)- Jane Froman- Mine/ Wish You Were Here NN-

827. Cap 2212(promo)- Nat King Cole- I'm Never Satisfied/ Because You're Mine NN-

828. Cap 2555(promo)- Dean Martin- If I Could Sing Like Bing/ Dont You Remember E+

829. Cap 2635- Le Blanc- I'm In the Mood For Love/ My Kinda Love E+

830. Cap 2764(promo)- Mel Blanc- Money/ Polly, Pretty Polly EE+

831. Cap 15036- King Cole Trio- The Geek/ I've Only Myself to Blame E+N- vinyl

832. Cap 15054- King Cole- Nature Boy/ King Cole Trio- Lost April N- vinyl

833. Cap 15422- Betty Hall Jones- This Joints Too Hip For Me/ Why Cant You Love That Way E+

834. Cap 40001- Tex Williams- Smoke! Smoke! Smoke/ Roundup Polka E+ beautiful vinyl pressing has light lines written A which do not affect play

835. Cap 57-747- Buddy De Franco Sextet- Extrovert/ When We're Alone NN- incl Max Roach

836. Cap 57-749- Nat King Cole Trio- Nalani/ You Cant Lose a Broken Heart E+

837. Cap 57-60011- Miles Davis O- Israel/ Boplicity NN- incl Gerry Mulligan

838. Cap 57-60013- Lennie Tristano Sextet- Marionette/ Sax of a King NN-

839. Cap 57-70022- Sammy Davis Jr- Bebop the Beguine/ Cant You See I've Got the Blues E+

840. Cap PRO-21- Jane Froman Interview- With a Song In My Heart/ Tea For Two NN-

841. Cap PRO-48- Gisele Mac Kenzie introduces Le Fiacre/ Le Fiacre E+

842. Cap album DDN-291- Painting the Clouds With Sunshine- Dennis Morgan & Lucille Norman 1/5 ..Painting the Clouds With Sunshine/ We're In the Money//The Birth of the Blues NN-

843. Century 3025- Blind LeRoy Garnett- Chain Em Down/ Louisiana Glide N- off Paramount

844. Champ 15619- Glenn Parks O- I Wanna Be Loved By You/ Rex Gordon Aces- Where the Shy Little Violets Grow E+

845. Clef 89117- Artie Shaw Gramercy 5- Sunny Side Up/ Imagination E

846. Commodore 7519- Billie Holiday- I Love My Man/ On the Sunny Side of the Street E+N- light sleeve stain does not affect play

847. Com 50- Minerva Pious & Bud Freeman- Private Jives 1/2 EE+ or better--hard to find clean

848. Com 573- Kansas City 6- Three Little Words/ Four O Clock Drag EE+

849. Continental 6026- Edmond Hall O- Ellis Island/ Lonely Moments E+N-

850. Conqueror 9553- Bing Crosby- Black Moonlight/ Blue Prelude E+

851. Coral 60030- Tony Martin w/ O- Beautiful Ohio/ Old Pal Why Dont You Answer Me E-

852. Cor 60921(promo)- Eydie Gorme- Love Me Not Just a Little/ Dont Tell Lies E+

853. Cor 60999(promo)- Eydie Gorme- Uska Dara/ Cocoanuts E+

854. Cor 61093(promo)- Eydie Gorme- Fini/ Gimme Gimme John E+

855. Cor 61189(promo)- Eydie Gorme- Climb Up the Wall/ Tea For Two E+

856. Cor 61213(promo)- Eydie Gorme- Sure/ Chain Reaction E+

857. Crown 3036- Buddy Blue Texans- You're the One I Care For/ Adrian Schubert O- Lonesome Lover VV+ few scrs

858. Cr 3045- Bob Reynolds O- He's Not Worth Your Tears/ Gil Rodin O- 99 Out of 100 E-/VV+

859. Cr 3050- The High Steppers- Say Hello To the Folks Back Home/ Adrian Schubert O- We're friends Again V

860. Cr 3086- Eubie Blake O- When Your Lover Has Gone/ Adrian Schubert O- I'm the Last One Left On the Corner VV+

861. Cr 3099- Lou Gold O- Out of Nowhere/ The Wz U Saved For me V+E- sm clk B

862. Cr 3130- Eubie Blake O- Nobody's Sweetheart/ St Louis Blues VV+

863. Cr 3163- Russ Carlson O- Its the Girl/ Hikin' Down the Highway V- sm dig B

864. Cr 3218- Vaughn De Leath w/ O- Guilty/ Goodnight Sweetheart VV+

865. Cr 3225- Adrian Schubert O- Why Did It Have to be Me/ I'm Sorry Dear E+ mark near beg sds 11 gvs, slightly gritty near beg--looks NN-

866. Cr 3472- Frank La Motta O- A Ghost of a Chance/ Lets All Sing Like the Birdies Sing EE+ a rare one- Charlie Palloy sings both

867. Crystalette 619- Charles Trenet All Stars- Young Man's Blues 1/2 NN-

868. Dandy 5155- Clif Hall Ridgewood O- Dinah/ Dandy DO- Beyond the Blue VV+ tpt, clt solos

869. Derby 848- Valito O- Old Gray Mare Mambo/ Afro Lament E+

870. Dial 1003- Charlie Parker Septet- Yardbird Suite/ Tempo Jazz Men- Round About Midnight... E+N- name written on lbl

871. Diva 2653- University 6- Constantinople/ Ernie Golden O- Just a Night For Meditation V+

872. Di 2816- Golden Gate O- Glad Rag Doll/ My Troubles Are Over E 1/2 moon lam sds A 20 sec....solos both sides

873. Di 3078- Sammy Fain- Navy Blues/ My Sweeter Than Sweet E- lam B nap

874. Domino 3651- Missouri Jazz Band- Charleston Baby/ Hollywood DO- Dinah V+E-

875. Do 3652- Continental DO- A Cup of Coffee, a Sandwich & You/ That Certain Feeling VV+

876. Do 3666- Al Goering Collegians- Up & At Em/ Sam Lanin O- After I Say I'm Sorry V

877. Dot 15226(promo)- Johnny Maddox Rhythmasters- Blue Hawaii/ Pattona Rag NN-

878. Emerson 10645- Dave Bernie O- Oh Gee Oh Gosh Oh Golly I'm In Love/ Pennsylvania Syncopators- Eddie Steady E-/EE- Eddie Cantor composer b

879. Exclusive 39- The Basin St Boys- I Sold My Heart to the Junk Man/ Voot Nay On the Vot Nay E despite grey lines

880. Fantasy 503- Dave Brubeck Trio- Body & Soul/ Lets Fall In Love EE+/E+

881. Fan 521- Dave Brubeck Qtet- Look For the Silver Lining/ This Can't Be Love e+

882. Fan 527- Dave Brubeck Qtet- I May Be Wrong/ On a Little Street in Singapore E+

883. Fan 530- Dave Brubeck Qtet- The Trolley Song/ Brubeck solo- My Heart Stood Still EE+/E+

884. Ge 3118- Henry Thies Castle Farm O- Angry/ Dream Garden V-

885. Ge 5053- Call of the North O- Secrets/ Glantz O- Peggy Dear EE-

886. Ge 5061- Martucci O- One Night In June/ Away Down East in Maine V-

887. Ge 5077- Art Landry Call of the North O- Wonderful One/ By the Shalimar E-

888. Ge 5116- Lanin O- Gone/ Babbling Brook V

889. Ge 5164- Ladds Black Aces- I Aint Never Had Nobody Crazy Over Me/ Sittin On the Inside Lookin At the Outside EE+ or better

890. Ge 5669- Arthur Hall w/ Reser g, Griselle p- I Dont Care What You Used to Be/ Honest & Truly V+ sm hlc nap

891. Gennett 0156- Sound effects record- Machine Gun Fire. c late 20s 6 cuts E-

892. Glen Thompson 10-002- GT & Dixie Playboys- Teardrops of Sorrow/ All Alone I've Been Waiting For You V..scarce North Carolina picture label issue

893. Grey Gull 1055- Al Starita O- Wang Wang Blues/ Kruegers O- Saxopation V/E- early lbl

894. Guyden 010- Rosalind Patton & Friend- Aint Nothing Wrong With That Baby/ Baby Boogie E+/E..rare small Philadelphia label

895. Harmony 120- Broadway Bell Hops- Lets Talk About My Sweetie/ But I Do- You Know I Do E+

896. Ha 217- Original Indiana Five- Deep Henderson/ Spanish Mamma VV+

897. Ha 288- Broadway Bell Hops- Sunday/ Dont Take That Black Bottom Away E+

898. Ha 322- Ross Gorman O- Sidewalk Blues/ Come Day- Go- Day V+E-

899. Ha 422- Victor Irwin O- Rhapsody In Blue 1/2 V+ Gershwin classic in a fox trot

900. Ha 427- Ross Gorman O- Phantom BLues/ Tommy Christian O- Swamp Blues V+E-

901. Ha 436- Julie Wintz O- She Dont Wanna/ Vo Do Do De O Blues EE-

902. Ha 438- Julie Wintz O- Magnolia/ The Astorites- One O Clock Baby E-

903. Ha 463- Harmony Bros- Gid-Ap Garibaldi/ I Walked Back From the Buggy Ride V

904. Ha 574- Andy Sannella Trio- After My Laughter Came Tears/ My Melancholy Baby VV+

905. Ha 679- Harmonians- If You Dont Love Me/ Lonesome In the Moonlight VV+

906. Ha 700- Joe Candullo O- Out Of the Dawn/ Lou Gold O- King For a Day E-

907. Ha 1340- C Leighton O- Without That Gal/ On the Beach With You looks E/E-, pl E+ Selvin

908. Ha 1348- J Fenwyck O- Take It From Me/ I'm All Dressed Up w/ a Broken Heart VV+ Selvin

909. Ha 1361- L Keating O- I Dont Want Love/ Alone In a Corner E+ Selvin

910. Ha 1362- J Whitney O- Shine On Harvest Moon/ My Song looks E, plays E+ Selvin

911. Hit 7045- Allen Miller O- It Cant Be Wrong/ Charlie Baum O- Do I Love You E+ despite grey

912. Hollywood- Pacific Gas Range- Holbrook, Merrill & Stetson 1/2 E+ gold on red 1920s label..rare West Coast advertising record c.1926

913. HRS 1008- Sandy Williams Big 8- Sumpin' Jumpin' Round Here/ After Hours On Dream St E-

914. HRS 1014- Jimmy Jones Big 8- Muddy Miss/ Old Juice On the Loose E

915. Hub 3002- Don Byas solo w/ 4tet- Spots/ Fruit Salad N-

916. Jazz Classics 533- Scott Joplin- Scott Joplin's New Rag/ Fig Leaf E+ from piano roll

917. JC 534- Scott Joplin- The Entertainer/ Original Rags E+ from piano roll

918. Key 657- Dave Lambert & Buddy Stewart w/ Red Rodney Be Boppers- Perdido/ Gussie G E+

919. King 1325(promo)- Steve Lawrence- I Need/ Liebchen E+N-

920. King 4201- Lonnie Johnson- What a Woman/ Tomorrow Night NN-

921. King 15081(promo)- Johnny Long O- I Dont Care(Saxie D tune)/ Once You Find Your Guy E+

922. King 15185(promo)- Steve Lawrence- Never Leave Me/ Poinciana E+

923. King 15187(promo)- Mary Small & Qtet- The Merry Go Round Broke Down/ You'd Think I Was In Love N-

924. Liberty 55022- Prudence- A Smile & a Ribbon/ Patience & Prudence- Tonight You Belong to Me E+ ...A side played in the 2001 film Ghost World by Thora Birch

925. London 563- Teresa Brewer- I Beeped When I Shoulda Bopped/ Ol Man Mose E+

926. Lon 573- Eddie Heywood piano solo- Trees/ Bebe E+

927. Lucky 7001- Joe Venuti & Friends- Onyx Club Revue #2/ Non Skid Manure E+ these sides were made originally in 1933/4 for the Brunswick TO(test only) series- for personal use, and NOT to be released.The guys were having lots of fun on these!!

928. Madison 1736- Orch w/ vo- The Whoopee Hat Brigade/ What a Funny World It Would Be V+

929. MGM 10041- Kate Smith- Feudin' & Fightin'/ Tomorrow N- 1" hlc nap

930. MGM 10113- Kate Smith- It Had to be You/ Dancing With Tears In My Eyes EE+

931. MGM 10157- Kate Smith- Long After Tonight/ The Miracle of the Bells E+

932. MGM 11053(promo)- Russell Nype- Another Human Being of the Opposite Sex/ Tra La La N-

933. MGM 11501(promo)- Elliott Bros O- In the Mood/ 12th Street Rag N- fun version A with Thurl Ravenscroft vocal(voice of Tony the Tiger, singing voice of Karloff's Grinch)

934. MGM 30281- Jane Powell- By the Light of the Silvery Moon/ Oceana Roll E+

935. MGM 30316(promo)- Fred Astaire- Jane Powell- How Could You Believe Me When I Said.../ Jane Powell- Too Late Now E+

936. Majestic 9008- Slim Gaillard O- Mean Pretty Mama/ Wini Beatty w/ Slim Gaillard Trio- Early Morning Boogie EE-

937. Master 102- Duke Ellington O- Sophisticated Lady/ In a Sentimental Mood// Mood Indigo/ Solitude E+ super clean

938. Ma 117- Duke Ellington O- There's a Lull In My Life/ It's Swell of You

939. Ma 131- Duke Ellington O- Caravan/ Azure V/V+

940. Ma 137- Duke Ellington O- Alabamy Home/ All God's Chillun Got Rhythm E

941. Melotone 12119- Paul Small w/ O- Out of Nowhere/ When Your Lover Has Gone V+

942. Mt 12473- Will Osborne O- You'll Always Be the Same Sweetheart/ Moon E+N-

943. Mt 13286- Joe Haymes O- In My Country That Means Love/ Throwin Stones At the Sun E/V

944. Mt 13451- Joe Haymes O- Lost Motion/ Swingin' For the King V+

945. Mt 6-07-04- Johnny Johnson O- Where There's You There's Me/ Lets Sing Again E-

946. Mt 6-07-08- Vicnent Lopez O- I'm Pixilated Over You/ We'll Rest At the End of the Trail E+

947. Mt 6-07-11- The Laughing Record #1/2 VV+

948. Mt 7-01-02- Sterling Young O- Now That Summer Is Gone/ Peter Piper E

949. Mt 7-04-01- Sterling Young O- One In a Million/ Who's Afraid of Love? EE+ West Coast press

950. Mt 7-04-04- Sterling Young O- I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm/ Slumming On Park Ave EE+ West Coast pressing

951. Mt 7-05-21- Sterling Young O- Never In a Million Years/ I'm Bubbling Over E West Coast pr

952. Mt 8-01-08- Chick Bullock Loungers- I've Hitched My Wagon to a Star/ You're a Sweetheart E-

953. Mt 8-01-09- Vincent Lopez O- Goin' Hollywood/ Ham On Rye E+

954. Mt 8-01-11- Gene Kardos O- I Knew You When/ Blue Fantasy E+

955. Menorah Records H-6- Succot & Simchat Tora pt 2/3 E scr B clx lite

956. Mercury unnumbered- Patti Page & Vic Damone interview each other 1/2 NN-

957. Mer 5359- Adrian Rollini Trio- Jazz Me Blues/ Oye Negra E+ despite scuffs

958. Mer 5911- Al Bernie- Its In the Book pt 1/2 E+ vinyl. rare by this vaudevillian

959. Mer 8022- Albert Ammons O- Swanee River Boogie/ I Dont Want to See You EE+

960. Mer 8954- Johnny Hodges O- Globetrotter/ Gentle Breeze EE+

961. Mer 8975- Roy Eldridge O- I See Everybody's Baby/ Easter Parade E+ despite grey

962. Mer 8977- Johnny Hodges O- Below the Azores/ Who's Excited E+ despite grey

963. Mer 8996- Roy Eldridge O- Jumbo the Elephant/ Baby Whats the Matter With You EE+

964. Musicraft Spec C/D- Los Tres Guitarras- Corazones Partidos/ Ed Demonio N-

965. Musicraft 363- Mel Torme & Mel-Tones w/O- Willow Road/ There's No One But You E+

966. Mus 381- Mel Torme & Mel-Tones w/O- South America Take It Away/ Try a Little Tender...E

967. Mus 397- Mel Torme- Born to Be Blue/ Mel Torme & Mel-Tones w/O- It Happened In Monterey E+/EE+

968. Mus 534- Mel Torme- Makin' Whoopee/ Do It Right EE+

969. Mus 538- Mel Torme- But Beautiful/ Night & Day E+

970. Mus 15076- Phil Moore 4- Romance Without Finance Is a Nuisance/ She's a Rank Chick E+ scotch tape over side B makes it unplayable, A is fine- nice vinyl pressing

971. Mus 15087- Louanne Hogan w/ O- Look For the Silver Lining/ Autumn In NY E+

972. National 1242- Arthur Hall- Tomorrow/ Irving Kaufman- Homesick V- some label recoloring- rare Iowa City, Iowa label c. 1920s

973. OK 1019- Joseph Phillips- Holy City/ Croxton Trio- Priase Ye! "Atilla" EE-/E early Otto Heineman Phonograph Supply Co. lbl

974. OK 4182- Rega DO- Medley- Ziegfeld Follies of 1920/ Ray Miller O- Rock Me in a Cradle of Love V

975. OK 41163- Boyd Senter Senterpedians- Original Chinese Blues/ Prickly Heat looks V, pl EE-

976. OK 3211- Fletcher Henderson O- Blue Lou/ Christopher Columbus E

977. OK 5118- Count Basie O- Lester Leaps In/ Dickie's Dream N-

978. OK 5186- Albert, Meade, Pete Three Pianos- Cafe Society Rag/ Lovin Mama Blues EE+

979. OK 5200- Adrian Rollini Trio- Moonglow/ Pavanne E+

980. OK 5731- Cab Calloway O- Calling All Bars/ Papa's In Bed With His Britches On EE+

981. OK 5816- Count Basie O- The World Is Mad 1/2 E

982. OK 5830- Ina Ray Hutton O- Gotta Have Your Love/ A Handful of Stars E+N-

983. OK 5897- Count Basie O- Draftin' Blues/ Whats Your Number E

984. OK 6001- Benny Carter AS O- Beale Street Blues/ Joe Turner Blues E+

985. OK 6010- Coutn Basie O- Volcano/ Rocking the Blues E+N-

986. OK 6189- Dick Jurgens O- I've Got a Bone to Pick With You/ Long Ago Last Night E+

987. OK 6365- Count Basie O- Diggin For Dex/ H and J E-

988. OK 6366- Charlie Spivak O- To Your Hearts Content/ Lets Go Home E+

989. OK 6431- Charlie Spivak O- Under Your Window/ In the Dark of the Moon E

990. OK 6546- Charlie Spivak O- Stardreams/ I Surrender Dear E+

991. Oriole 2227- Roy Smeck Trio- My Missouri Home/ I'm Alone Because I Love You G

992. Paramount 12570- Elmo Tanner- Marvelous/ Sweetheart of Sigma Chi VV- nice banjo

993. Paramount 14026- Kansas City Frank's Footwarmers- Blue Slug 1/2 E+ unusual original issue to later Paramount label

994. Pathe 032041- Cliff Edwards- Feeling the Way I Do/ I Want to Walk In Again Blues E-

995. Pa 036184- Majestic DO- Doo Wacka Doo/ Piedmont O- Forsaken Blues V-/EE-

996. Pa 32249- Betty Morgan w/ O- Hoosier Sweetheart/ Thats What I Call a Pal E-

997. Pa 36629- Southampton Soc O- Put Your Arms Where They Belong/ Silver Moon VV+

998. Pa 36692- Dan Ritchie O- Pretty Little Thing/ That's Living E+ tiny repd hlc nap

999. Pa 36698- La Palina Bdcstrs- To Be In Love/ Harold White O- What A Day! E+

1000. Pa 37025- Majestic DO- Wishing & Waiting For Love/ La Palina O- Serenading the Moon EE+

1001. Pathe Actuelle 11234- The Red Heads- Hi Diddle Diddle/ Lou Gold O- Black Bottom EE-

1002. Perfect 11565- Cliff Edwards- Cheatin' On Me/ I'll But the Ring EE-

1003. Pe 12158- Cliff Edwards- Charley My Boy/ I Wonder Whats Become of Sally E needle drop nap

1004. Pe 12279- Betty Morgan- And Then I Forget/ While the Years Go drifting By V pimply

1005. Pe 14257- Fry's Million $ Pier O- Limehouse Blues/ Gllden Gate O- Two Blue Eyes E-

1006. Pe 14330- Lanin's O- I Want to See My Tennessee/ Mike Speciale O- Eliza E+

1007. Pe 14373- Mike Speciale O- When the Moon Shines In Coral Gables/ I Adore You EE+/E

1008. Pe 14378- Carolina Club O- Who Takes Care of the Caretakers Daughter/ Max Terr O- How Do You Do V- rcnap

1009. Pe 14400- Casino DO- Florida/ Sam Lanin O- All Aboard For Heaven EE+/E

1010. Pe 14428- The Blues Chasers- Sweet Georgia Brown/ Lou Gold O- Rose of the Moonlight V-

1011. Pe 14437- Boyd Senter- Slippery Elm/ Its Time To Keep Away From You E-

1012. Pe 14440- Sam Lanin O- Are You Sorry/ Bill Wirges O- Yes Sir Thats My Baby E

1013. Pe 14447- Fletcher Henderson O- Dont Forget You'll Regret Day By Day/ Five Birmingham Babies V+/V...Armstrong, Hawk A/ Rollini B

1014. Pe 14477- Five Birmingham Babies- As Far As I'm Concerned/ I Know What It Means EE+ TINY hlc nap..Rollini, etc

1015. Pe 14635- Five Birmingham Babies- Remember the Night/ Sam Lanin O- Thats Why I Love You E..Rollini etc, A

1016. Pe 15196- Ben Franklin Hotel O- Tip Toe Thru the Tulips/ Painting Clouds w/ Sunshine VV+

1017. Pe 15269- Dorsey Bros O- Beside An Open Fireplace/ Congratulations E-

1018. Pe 15323- Clevelanders- My Future Just Passed/ Imp DO- I Love U So Much EE- lt stain nap

1019. Pe 15325- Ben Pollack O- There's a Wah Wah Girl(tk 2)/ if I Could Be With You(tk 3) EE-/E-

1020. Pe 15682- Paul Small O- Lets Put Out the Lights/ I Cant Write the Words E

1021. Pe 15692- Bob Causer O- You'll Get By/ More Beautiful Than Ever V+

1022. Pete Pike unnumbered(promo)- Pete Pike- I Can See An Angel/ In the House of the Lord N-

1023. Puritan 902- Al Colombo's Golden Glades O- Yoo Hoo/ Say It With Music V/VV+ Conn. lbl

1024. Puritan 11310- Golden Gate O- Where the Lazy Daisies Grow/ Hugo VV+ 20s lbl

1025. Radiex 4009- Ferera & Franchini- Honolulu Rag/ One-Two- Three- Four E-

1026. Romeo 668- Dixie Daisies- Got Everything/ Broadway Bdcstrs- Ready For the River EE-

1027. Ro 1360- Hollywood DO- I Love You So Much/ Lou Gold O- Dancing In a Trance VV+/E-

1028. Ro 1362- Dubin's Dandies- Just a Song About You/ Lou Gold O- Swingin In a Hammock V+

1029. Ro 1364- Ben Pollack O- There's a Wah Wah Girl in Agua Caliente/ Dubins Dandies- MyrtleV-

1030. Ro 1366- Ben Pollack O- Rollin' Down the River/ Roy Carlson DO- Fascinating You V

1031. Ro 1371- Dubin's Dandies- The Harvard Hop/ Lou Gold O- Bye Bye Blues V/VV+

1032. Ro 1372- Lou Gold O- Nobody Cares If I'm Blue/ I've Got My Mind On You V- rcnap

1033. Ro 1707- Majestic DO- Love Letters In the Sand/ Now That You're Gone V-

1034. Ro 1721- Gene Austin O- Guilty/ Blue Kentucky Moon V- rcnaps nap

1035. Ro 1814- Vic Irwin O- Lovable/ I'm So In Love V+E-

1036. Ro 1824- Morton Downey- One Hour With You/ Paradise EE-/E-V+

1037. Ro 1826- Chick Bullock Loungers- I'd Rather Be a Beggar With / My Extraordinary Gal EE-

1038. Ro 1828- Ralph Kirbery- Lullaby of the Leaves/ I Send My Love With these Roses E-

1039. Ro 1829- Dan Roberts O- In a Shanty In Old Shanty Town/ When the Sun Goes Down..E-

1040. Ro 1835- Chick Bullock Loungers- Dixie/ Hello Gorgeous VV+

1041. S&G 5007- The Jones Boys w/ O- You Make Me Feel Like a Penny Waitin' For Change/ The Song Is Ended NN- obscure Hollywood label

1042. Savoy 620- Illinois Jacquet AS- Dont Blame Me/ Girl of My Dreams E+

1043. Seeco 7299- Celia Cruz con la Sonora Matancera- Nurvo Ritmo Omelinko/ Burundanga looks V, plays E+ despite scuffs, grey. a scarce one!

1044. SMC 2517- Chano Pozo- Ritmo Afro-Cubano 1/2 N-

1045. Standard T-1000- Francisco Cuban Boys- Ya Me Voy/ Caminado NN-

1046. Sterling 5004- Irving Kaufman- Nat the Rat/ Gay Vec Cherie, Gay Vec EE+

1047. Styletone 100- Ray Rivera-A KIss Always Helps/ Mem'ries of Arizona NN- small lbl of unknown origin

1048. Supertone 9069- Kenneth Thorpe w/ O- My Baby Is driving Me Wild/ It Goes Like This V+

1049. Trend 64(promo)- Bobby Short w/ O- Let There Be Love/ Sunday In Savannah E+N-

1050. Van Dyke 71747- Jazzopators- Sweet Little Sis/ Olympic DO- Why Cant You E-

1051. VD 71765- Majestic DO- How Am I To Know/ Rod Baum O- I'm a Coming Georgia E Hawaiian guitar A...unusually nice sides for this label

1052. VD 71769- All Star Players- Tip Toe Thru Tulips/ Rudy Baum O- A Little Lady VV+ Haw guit A

1053. VD 71777- Oriental Dance Troupe- Chinese Rose/ Lopez O- Piccolo Pete VV+ Haw guit A

1054. VD 71781- Big Town Jazzers- Bluer Than You/ Radio Stars- Painting the Clouds With Sunshine EE+ faint hlc nap. unusually nice for a Grey Gull!

1055. VD 71801- Collegiate Jazzers- Absolutely Marvelous/ Lopez- A Little Kiss Each Morn EE+

1056. VD 71807- Casino Jazzers- Sunny Side Up/ Collegiate Jazzers- My Mothers Lullaby V+

1057. VD 71784- Bar Harbor O- Time To Be With You/ Vincent Lopez- Sweetheart We Need Each Other E- Hawaiian guitar A

1058. VD 81822- All Star Troubadours- What Do I Care/ Louisville Master Players- Sweet Henry E- Smith Ballew vocal A, good sax solo

1059. VD 81821- Collegiate Jazzers- Adeline/ Savoy DO- That Wonderful Something Is Love V

1060. VD 81838- Melodist Four- Two Hearts/ All Star Players- Should I E-/V

1061. Variety 512- Zinn Arthur O- Love Is Good For Anything That Ails You/ Was It Rain? E-/VV+

1062. Varsity 8344- Milton Cross- The Story of Cinderella 1/2 V

1063. VT 1397- Joe Candullo O- Go Wash An Elephant/ Fifty Million Frenchmen Cant Be Wrong V

1064. VT 1584- Frank Farrell O- What Do You Say?/ Back In Your Own Back Yard EE+

1065. VT 1853- Bert Lown O- My Castle In Spain/ Carolina Club O- Guess Who? E-

1066. VT 1920- Bert Lown O- Big City Blues/ Lou Gold O- Walking With Susie VV-

1067. VT 2052- Lloyd Keating O- Low Down Rhythm/ Lou Gold O- Piccolo Pete V+

1068. Vo 14462- Emil Coleman O- Pack Up Your Sins/ Porcelain Maid EE-

1069. Vo 14496- Gene Fosdick's Hoosiers- Way Down Yonder in New Orleans/ You've Got to See Mamma Ev'ry Night E

1070. Vo 14524- Ferrera Trio- Mari Mari/ O Sole Mio E

1071. Vo 14585- Gene Fosdick's Hoosiers- Railroad Man/ Ben Bernie O- Henpecked Blues E-/VV+

1072. Vo 14614- ASileen Stanley w/ O- Lou'siana/ I'll Hop, Skip & Jump In My Mammy's Arms E-

1073. Vo 14700- Criterion 4 w/ Ferera & Franchini- Coral Sands of My Hawaii/ One-Two-Three.. V+

1074. Vo 14787- Ferera- Franchini Quartet- Waikiki Is Calling Me/ When Its Love Time In Hawaii E-

1075. Vo 14854- Ben Bernie O- Put Away a Little Ray of Sunshine/ Somebody Loves Me E-

1076. Vo 14871- The Ambassadors- Follow the Swallow/ Ben Selvin O- Susquehanna Home EE-

1077. Vo 14975- Austin Wylie Golden Pheasant O- China Girl/ If It Wasn't For You E

1078. Vo 15122- Keystone Serenaders- Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now/ Where Can I Find You E+

1079. Vo 15123- Keystone Serenaders- I'm Knee Deep In Daisies/ Lonesome Me E+

1080. Vo 25001(gold)- Sam Coslow acc by "The Islanders"- Moonstruck/ Learn to Croon good V+ dont know who "The Islanders" are, but they're a jazz group as theres a nice trumpet

1081. Vo 25008(gold)- Dick Himber O- It Might Have Been a Different Story/ It Isn't Fair G

1082. Vo 2557(gold)- Jacques Renard O- This Is Romance/ Bless Your Heart V-

1083. Vo 2659(gold)- Arthur Tracy- Play to Me Gipsy/ Home On the Range V

1084. Vo 84071- Shaun O' Nolan- Lerry Long Ago/ Dan McCann V- rare Irish series

1085. Vo 2830- Bing Crosby- The Day You Came Along/ Beautiful Girl V

1086. Vo 2867- Bing Crosby w/ Isham Jones O- Sweet Georgia Brown/ Black Moonlight E+/V clx B

1087. Vo 2868- Bing Crosby- Beautiful Girl/ We'll Make Hay While the Sun Shines E-

1088. Vo 3170- Stuff Smith Onyx Club Boys- I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music/ I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket E+ West Coast pressing

1089. Vo 3509- Louis Prima New Orleans Gang- You The Love Bug Will Bite You/ 52nd Street V-

1090. Vo 3657- Louis Prima New Orleans Gang- You Cant Have Everything/ Tin Roof Blues E+/E

1091. Vo 3911- Isham Jones O- Shenanigans/ Outside of Paradise V+

1092. Vo 4008- Earl Hines O- Please Be Kind/ Good Night Sweet Dreams Good Night EE-

1093. Vo 4032- Earl Hines O- Jezebel/ Dominick Swing E

1094. Vo 4098- George Hall O- You leave Me Breathless/ Says My Heart E

1095. Vo 4100- Cab Calloway O- Azure/ Peck a Doodle Do N-

1096. Vo 4104- Eddie Stone O- Smuggler's Nightmare/ The Goblin Band V+

1097. Vo 4112- Johnny Messner O- You Didn't Have to Tell Me/ Cowboy From Brooklyn EE+/E

1098. Vo 4113- Terry Shand O- Back Home/ The Circus Came to Town NN-

1099. Vo 4116- Joe Marsala O- Woo Woo/ Jim Jam Stomp V

1100. Vo 4124- Vincent Lopez O- The Girl In the Bonnet of Blue/ Dust E

1101. Vo 4129- Vincent Lopez O- A Stranger In Paree/ Daydreaming EE-

1102. Vo 4131- Terry Shand O- Tall, Tall Corn/ Ferdinand the Bull EE+

1103. Vo 4141- Vincent Lopez O- There's Honey on the Moon Tonight/ The Spelling Bee E/E+ rcnap

1104. Vo 4143- Earl Hines O- Solid Mama/ Tippin at the Terrace E-

1105. Vo 4144- Cab Calloway O- Hoy Hoy/ Rustle of Spring EE-/E+

1106. Vo 4153- Al Donahue O- Spring Is Here/ Music, Maestro, Please E-

1107. Vo 4157- Clarence Williams Trio- Bluer Than Blue/ I'm Falling For You E+

1108. Vo 4164- Roger Pryor O- Now It Can Be Told/ My Walking Stick E/EE-

1109. Vo 4197- Sammy Williams Three Naturals- I'm Gonna Lock My Heart/ All Alone EE-/E+

1110. Vo 4198- Artie Shaw O- Free Wheeling/ Shoot the Likker to Me John Boy E/E+

1111. Vo 4228- Tommy Tucker O- There's a Brand New Picture In My Picture Frame/ Mirrors Dont Tell Lies E-/N-

1112. Vo 4286- Penny Wise & Her Wise Guys- Sidekick Joe/ Dont Let That Moon Get Away E-/G

1113. Vo 4309- Johnny Hodges O- A Blues Serenade/ Jitterbug's Lullaby E

1114. Vo 4323- Lawrence Welk O- Eight Little Hours/ When twilight Comes E+/EE+

1115. Vo 4324- Cootie Williams O- Blue Is the Evening/ Sharpie E+/E

1116. Vo 4412- Frank Trumbauer O- Way Down Yonder In New Orleans/ Clarinet Marmalade V+

1117. Vo 4465- Art Shaw O- The Japanese Sandman/ A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody E

1118. Vo 4478- Lawrence Welk O- Toy Town Jamboree/ Linger Awhile N-/EE+

1119. Vo 4594- Slim & Slam- Its Gettin Kinda Chilly/ Sweet Safronia E-

1120. Vo 4597- Lawrence Welk O- She's My Girl/ An Old Curiosity Shop EE+

1121. Vo 4598- Art Shaw O- Sweet Lorraine/ Streamline E

1122. Vo 4622- Johnny Hodges O- Dancing On the Stars/ I'm In Another World EE-/E+ rcnap

1123. Vo 4633- Lawrence Welk O- Louisville Lou/ Lovin' Sam E-/EE-

1124. Vo 4634- Al Kavelin O- Some Rainy Day/ Love, I'd Give My Life For You EE+

1125. Vo 4642- Walter Powell O- Devil's Holiday/ Definition of Swing EE-

1126. Vo 4651- Al Kavelin O- I Long to Belong to You/ Blue Italian Waters E+/EE+

1127. Vo 4652- Hal Kemp O- Got a Date With An Angel/ Pursuin' the Blues EE+

1128. Vo 4653- John Kirby O- Dawn On the Desert/ The Turf E+

1129. Vo 4747- Count Basie O- Baby Dont Tell On Me/ Rock a Bye Basie V+

1130. Vo 4847- Chick Bullock O- Time & Time Again/ The Tinkle Song E

1131. Vo 4860- Count Basie O- Miss Thing 1/2 E+

1132. Vo 4862- Chick Bullock Loungers- Stairway to the Stars/ You Dont Know How Much You Can Suffer E

1133. Vo 4872- Jerry Colonna w/ Fuddy Bears- Tally-Ho!/ Ehen You Were Sweet Sixteen EE+

1134. Vo 4874- Dick Jurgens O- My Last Goodbye/ Rumpel-Stilts-Kin E

1135. Vo 4900- Jan Garber- An Old Fashioned Tune Is Always New/ I Poured My Heart Into a Song E+

1136. Vo 4953- Red Norvo O- My Love For You/ In the Middle of a Dream EE+

1137. Vo 04978- Monkey Joe Music Grinders- Mobile & KC Line/ Little Son Joe- My Black Buffalo EE+

1138. Vo 4981- Henry Russell O- You Taught Me to Love Again/ White Sails EE-/E

1139. Vo 4982- Chick Bullock Loungers- Oh You Crazy Moon/ Up-Sy-Down-Sy VV+

1140. Vo 5009- Red Norvo O- Some Like It Hot/ Have Mercy E

1141. Vo 5010- Count Basie O- Sub Deb Blues/ How Long Blues E+ lt sleeve stain edge nap

1142. Vo 5012- Jan Garber O- World's Fair Wz/ I Want the Waiter E+/EE+

1143. Vo 5046- Del Courtney O- To You Sweetheart Aloha/ Put That Down In Writing E-

1144. Vo 5061- Del Courtney O- A Table In a Corner/ An Angel In a Furnished Room E

1145. Vo 5085- Count Basie O- Pound Cake/ Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie E-

1146. Vo 5125- Chick Bullock Loungers- Are You Havin Any Fun/ At Least You Could Say Hello E

1147. Vo 5183- Al Donahue O- Love Never Went to College/ All Dressed Up Spic & Spanish V+/V-

1148. Vo 5207- Jimmie Lunceford O- Belgium Stomp/ Think of Me Little Daddy E-/E

1149. Vo 5208- Dick Jurgens O- Heaven In My Arms/ All In Fun VV+

1150. Vo 5211- Al Donahue O- On a Little Street In Singapore/ My Silent Mood E+

1151. Vo 5212- Del Courtney O- Its a Hap Hap Happy Day/ I Hear a Dream E-/E+

1152. Vo 5540- Dick Jurgens O- The Kitten With the Big Green Eyes/ Make Believe Island E

1153. Vo 5554- Tommy Reynolds O- Dolly Doolittle/ Two Guitars E-

1154. Vo 5555- Lawrence Welk O- ON the Old Park Bench/ Mister Meadowlark EE-

1155. Vo 5557- Slim Gaillard Boys- Fitzwater Street/ Windy City Hop E

1156. Zonophone 266- Billy Murray- Put Me In My Little Cell V- dig

1157. Zon 5162- Collins & Harlan- Play Dat Rag/ Down In Georgia On Campmeeting Day V

1158. Zon 5531- Zonophone Concert Band- The African 400/ A Georgia Barn Dance V 2" cr sds lite

1159. Zon 5561- Zon-o-phone O- The Rag Bag Rag/ Popular Chorus med #5 V-

FOREIGN LABELS (all British unless noted)

1160. Apex 41124(CAN)- Dorsey Bros O- Beside An Open Fire Place/ Glantz O- Hummin' With Love EE-

1161. Ariel Z4610- Ariel DO- Looking At You Across the Breakfast Table/ Rio Rita V+ Okeh masters

1162. Broadcast Four Tune 502- Blue Mountaineers- Please/ Old Mother Hubbard// Al Benny's Broadway Boys- May I/ My Romance EE-

1163. Broadcast Twelve 2594- Marius B Winter O- My Future Just Passed/ The Kings Horses E scr, sds lite/ V

1164. Br Tw 2599- Marius Winter O- What a Perfect Night For Love/ Oh Donna Clara E- Bowlly A

1165. Br Tw 3004- Marius B Winter O- Okay Baby/ A Little Love Song E Al Bowlly vocs

1166. Br Tw 3130- Manhattan Melodymakers- If I Didn't Have You/ My Sunshine Is You VV+

1167. Br Tw 3260- Blue Mountaineers- Moon/ Lets Put Out the Lights E-

1168. Br 1058- Libby Holman- Something to Remember You By/ Moanin' Low E-

1169. Br 1199- Royal Hawaiian Girls Glee Club- Haole Hula/ Royal Hawaiian Hotel E+

1170. Br 1205- Connie's Inn O- Radio Rhythm/ The House of David Blues E- ARC masters

1171. Br 1241- Royal Hawaiian Girls Glee Club- He Loke/ Lihue E+

1172. Brunswick 1026- Nick Lucas- Go Home & Tell Your Mother/ The Kiss Wz N- master press off US Br 4900

1173. Br 01155- Bing Crosby- Just One More Chance/ Were You Sincere E+

1174. Br 01166- Bing Crosby- Out of Nowhere/ If You Should Ever Need Me E-

1175. Br 01606- Ambrose O- Dont Blame Me/ Dinner At Eight E

1176. Br 02695- Bing Crosby- Many Happy Returns of the Day/ Cant We Talk It Over E+

1177. Br A 9947(GER?)- Fred Astaire w/ Johnny Green O- Lets Face the Musik & Dance/ Let Yourself Go E

1178. Br A 81197(GER)- Ambrose Tanz O- Poor Robinson Crusoe/ I Saw a Ship a Sailing E

1179. Cinecord 021- anonymous O- Fare Thee Well Annabelle/ Sweet Music E

1180. Co 3636- The Hannan Dance Band- San Francisco/ Nobody Knows What a Red Head Mamma Can Do EE-/E-

1181. Co 3914- The Trix Sisters- I Care For Him & He Cares For Her/ Ukulele Lullaby E- lam B nap

1182. Co 3970- Fred & Adele Astaire- I'd Rather Charleston/ Hang On the Me E

1183. Co 4678- Len Fillis guitar w/ p- Souvenirs/ When U Played the Organ & I Sang Rosary V-

1184. Co 4685- London Radio Dance Band- Zulu Wail/ If Only I Had Known V+

1185. Co 4853- Ray Starita Ambassadors- Love Lies/ Blue River EE+

1186. Co 5118- Jack Payne BBC DO- For Old Times Sake/ Down By the Old Front Gate E-

1187. Co 5119- Piccadilly Players- My Rock a Bye Baby/ Virginia VV+

1188. Co 5175- Adele Astaire w/ Bernard Clifton- He Loves & She Loves/ 'S Wonderful E-

1189. Co 5206- Jack Payne BBC DO- The One In the World/ I Dont Know Why But I Do V

1190. Co 5245- Van Phillips O- The Five Step/ I Kiss Your Hand Madame V+

1191. Co 5286- Charlie Kunz Henri Club O- When Eliza Rolls Her Eyes/ Grieving E+

1192. Co 5225- Piccadilly Players- My Southern Home/ Blue Grass E-

1193. Co CB 427- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- My Bluebird's Back Again/ Blues In My Heart E+

1194. Co CB 646- Carroll Gibbons BBCDO- Dancing Butterfly/ Moths Around the Candle Flame E-/E

1195. Co CB 663- Henry Hall BBC DO- Experiment/ How Could We Be Wrong? E

1196. Co CB 751- Henry Hall BBC DO- Because Its Love/ Little Dutch Mill EE+

1197. Co CB 765- Henry Hall BBC DO- Waitin' At the Gate For Katy/ Lets Have a Basinful of the Briny EE+

1198. Co CB 767- Henry Hall BBC DO- Love Thy Neighbor/ Cafe In Vienna E

1199. Co CB 768- Henry Hall BBC DO- Moon Country/ Little Man You've Had a Busy Day EE-

1200. Co DB 288- Billy Mayerl piano- Nippy medley 1/2 E few lt scrs

1201. Co DB 685- Albert Sandler O- Pardon Madame/ Just One More Chance E

1202. Co DB 851- Marion Harris- Gettin' Sentimental/ Spring Is Here Again E- no US issue

1203. Co FB 1437- Carroll Gibbons & John W Green w/ BF's- Two Friends In Harmony 1/2 E-

1204. Co FB 1459- Carroll Gibbons BF's- You Never Looked So Beautiful/ You E+

1205. Co FB 3205- Victor Silvester Ballroom O- I'm So All Alone/ A Little Love a Little Kiss E+N-

1206. Co FB 3608- Victor Silvester Ballroom O- The Lady Is a Tramp/ Tea For Two EE+

1207. Co FB 3701- Victor Silvester Ballroom O- A Little Kiss/ Three O Clock In the Morning EE+

1208. Co D-8322(unknown origin)- Ipana Troubadours- Du wann bist du bei mir/

Ted Lewis- Yvonne meine einzige Yvonne mit voc und Hawaiian Guitarre VV+

1209. Co DV 999(AUSTRIA)- Henry Hall BBC DO- Dreaming/ Marching Along Together E-

1210. Co J 1998(Japanese)- Henry Hall BBC DO- I'll String Along With You/ Little Valley In Mtns E-

1211. Co M 343(Japanese)- Art Shaw O- The Blues A/ The Blues B NN-

1212. Co OD 163(Czech)- Carroll Gibbons SHO- Will Love Find a Way/ A Little Bit Independent VV+

1213. De M 119 vinyl test- Ambrose O- I'm On a Diet of Love E+N- (take 1)

1214. De F 1966- The Rhythm Maniacs- Swinging In a Hammock/ Bye Bye Blues E-/VV+

1215. De F 2239- Roy Fox O- Hurt/ The Peanut Vendor E-/V Bowlly

1216. De F 2404- Roy Fox O- Love For Sale/ I Found You E- Bowllys

1217. De F 2711- Spike Hughes DO- A Harlem Symphony 1/2 E

1218. De F 2786- Jack Hylton O- Dancing In the Dark/ Helen E

1219. De F 2796- Jack Hylton O- Home/ My Heart Is Bluer Than Your Eyes E couple clx beg A

1220. De F 2889- Roy Fox Band- Living In Clover/ Good Night Vienna V+ Al Bowlly vocs both

1221. De F 2911- Victor Ricardo O- Sailors Adventures/ On a Local Train Journey EE-

1222. De F 2936- Spike Hughes DO- Weary Traveller/ I've Been In the Storm So Long E scarce!

1223. De F 2938- Jack Hylton O- With All My Love & Kisses/ Auf Wiedersehn My Dear E+

1224. De F 2958- Jack Hylton O- Rhythm Like This/ I Give My Heart VV+/EE-

1225. De F 2959- Jack Hylton O- Snuggled On Your Shoulder/ Lovely Little Silhouette EE-

1226. De F 2964- Roy Fox O- Love You Funny Thing/ It Aint No Fault of Mine VV+ Bowllys

1227. De F 2987- Ray Ventura O- The Song of the Sea/ Delicious E-/EE-

1228. De F 3099- Roy Fox O- You're My Everything/ Ooh That Kiss VV+ Bowllys

1229. De F 3157- Greta Keller w/ O- Too Late/ Cant We Talk it Over V+

1230. De F 3184- Greta Keller- I'll Never Be the Same/ Love Me Tonight EE-

1231. De F 3245- Roy Fox Band- Linger A LIttle Longer in the Twilight/ When the Morning Rolls Around E+

1232. De F 3240- Jack Hylton O- On a Dreamy Afternoon/ Say It Isnt So EE+

1233. De F 3521- Zaidee Jackson- I've Got the Wrong Man/ Mediterranean Madness E-

1234. De F 3698- Jack Hylton O- After You/ Night & Day EE+

1235. De F 3723- Jack Hylton, Roy Fox, Lew Stone, Ambrose O- The Bands That Matter/ more EE- Al Bowlly sings Isn't It Heavenly w/ Stone

1236. De F 3731- Roy Fox Band- Happy & Contented/ Love Locked Out EE+

1237. De F 3737- Elsie Carlisle w/ O- Come Up & See Me Sometime/ Making Conversation E

1238. De F 3742- Al Bowlly w/ O- Lover Come Back to Me/ Fancy Our Meeting V+

1239. De F 3783- Lew Stone Band- Weep No More My Baby/ Close Your Eyes E+/EE+ Bowlly

1240. De F 5467- The Embassy 8- Back Home In Tennesee/ Where the Black Eyes Susans Grow E

1241. De F 5564- Billy Mason O- If You Knew Susie/ Dont Be Angry E

1242. De F 6451- Lew Stone O- Slumming On Park Ave/ You're Laughing At Me E-

1243. De F 6553- Jack Jackson O- I'll Write a Love Song/ Mine Alone EE-

1244. De F 6580- Jack Jackson O- Blossoms On Broadway/ Little Red Riding Hood EE-

1245. De F 6882- Ambrose O- Lambeth Walk/ The Chestnut Tree V/V+

1246. De F 7878- Bebe Daniels- There I Go/ The Little Boy Who Never Told a Lie EE+

1247. De F 8012- Bebe Daniels- I'm Singing to a Million/ Its a Small World E

1248. De F 8476- Ambrose O- The Same Little Words/ Swinging On a Star E+

1249. De F 8498(FR?)- Ambrose O- Some Other Time/ The Trolley Song V+

1250. De F 8521- Johnny Green w/ O- A Little On the Lonely Side/ I Promise You EE-

1251. De F 8532- Roma Beaumont w/ O- Curtsy to the King/ Muriel Barron w/ p- A Woman's Heart V-

1252. De BM 30442- Bing Crosby w/ Lionel Hampton O- Boogie Woogie/ On the Sunny Side of the Street EE+/E

1253. De BM 30451- Lionel Hampton- Blow Top Blues/ Robbins In Your Hair E+

1254. De MU 60301(FR)- Lionel Hampton O- Goldwyn Stop/ Hawk's Nest EE+ picture lbl

1255. De MU 60479- Lionel Hampton O- Hamp's Gumbo/ Sad Feeling E+N-

1256. De MU 60667- Lionel Hampton O- Beulah's Boogie/ Boogie Woogie E+ picture label

1257. Dominion A 137- Vincent Richards O- You Were Meant For Me/ Broadway Melody V

1258. Dom 307- Elsie Carlisle- My Man O' War/ Body & Soul VV+ special b/w label announcing 1st new issue on Dominion

1259. HMV B 2088- Jack Hylton O- She's Drivin' Me Wild/ Babette EE+

1260. HMV B 2131- Billy Mayerl- The Jazz Master/ The Jazz Mistress E-

1261. HMV B 3061- Gracie Fields w/ O- Nagasaki/ Scented Soap E

1262. HMV B 3177- Harry Shalson w/ O- Come On Baby/ Through E nice muted tpt A

1263. HMV B 3427- Harry Shalson w/ O- Happy Days Are Here Again/ The One I Love Cant Be Bothered With Me VV+ great tpt!

1264. HMV B 3628- Harry Shalson w/ O- With My Guitar & You/ Little White Lies E- solos

1265. HMV B 3939- NMDO- Uncle Pete/ Jollification E+

1266. HMV B 3981- Puzzle Record #3 part 1/2 VV+ the rare one

1267. HMV B 4083- Jack Buchanan w/ O- Living In Clover/ Goodnight Vienna E

1268. HMV B 4085- Ray Noble O- The Punter's Lament/ Back Your Fancy (a race game for parties) E+

1269. HMV B 4282- Raie da Costa- Say It With Music medley 1/2 E+

1270. HMV B 5027- Savoy Havana Band- Masculine Women & Feminine Men/ Savoy Orpheans- Picador VV+

1271. HMV B 5455- Palias De Danse O- Miss Annabelle Lee/ I'm Coming Virginia VV+/V+

1272. HMV B 5487- Ambrose O- Try to Learn to Love/ Dance Little Lady E-

1273. HMV B 5604- NMDO- Misery Farm/ Up With the Lark E+

1274. HMV B 5789- Jack Hylton O- Tiger Rag/ Limehouse Blues E

1275. HMV B 5813- Ambrose O- Moanin' For You/ When a Woman Loves a Man V

1276. HMV B 5824- Ambrose O- I'm In the Market For You/ Just Like In a Story Book VV+

1277. HMV B 5839- Jack Hylton O- Why?/ Cross Your Fingers medley E-

1278. HMV B 5869- Ambrose O- The Free & Easy/ Beware of Love V

1279. HMV B 5858- Ambrose O- A Japanese Dream/ Exactly Like You E

1280. HMV B 5893- NMDO- I've Got a Feeling/ Say a Little Prayer For Me EE-

1281. HMV B 5913- Night Club Kings- Allah's Holiday/ Whispering E-/VV+

1282. HMV B 5984- NMDO- Shout For Happiness/ Goodnight Sweetheart E

1283. HMV B 6064- Jack Hylton O- Time Alone Will Tell/ I Believe In You EE+

1284. HMV B 6074- Jack Hylton O- Love Is Like That/ You Were My Salvation V+

1285. HMV B 6172- Ray Noble O- Goodnight Vienna/ Living In Clover EE+ Bowllys

1286. HMV B 6232- Ambrose O- Wrap Your Arms Around Me/ Nothing But a Lie EE+

1287. HMV B 6336- NMDO- Jolly Old Ma- Jolly Old Pa/ A Broken Rosary V+

1288. HMV B 6367- Ray Noble O- Gypsy Fiddles/ Jog Along EE+ Bowlly A

1289. HMV B 6369- NMDO- Something Came & Got Me In the Spring/ Chewing Gum E-/E Bowlly A

1290. HMV B 6423- Ray Noble O- Hand In Hand/ Laughing Wz EE- Bowlly A

1291. HMV B 6510- Ray Noble O- Dreamy Serenade/ Lady of Madrid EE- clx B Bowlly vocs

1292. HMV B 8809- Tommy Dorsey O- When That Midnight Choo Choo../ Everybody's Doing It E

1293. HMV BD 206- NMDO- Sing Me a Song of Home Sweet Home/ Shadows In the Moonlight EE+

1294. HMV BD 892- Al Bowlly & Jimmy Mesene- Only For Ever/ The ferry Boat Serenade E+ RARE

1295. HMV BD 5130- The Ballyhooligans- Ragging the Rag- medley 1/2 EE+

1296. HMV BD 5131- The Ballyhooligans- Ragging the Rag- medley 3/4 E+

1297. HMV BD 5137- Jack Hylton O- Organ Grinders' Swing/ Midnight Blue E

1298. HMV BD 5282- Roy Fox O- Its the Natural Thing to Do/ The Moon Got In My Eyes E+

1299. HMV BD 5835- Joe Loss O- Kiss Me/ Paper Doll E+N-

1300. HMV BD 5836- Joe Loss O- Cow Cow Boogie/ Vict'ry Polka E+

1301. HMV BD 5875- Joe Loss O- My Guy's Come Back/ Barrel House Boogie E+N-

1302. HMV BD 5886- Jack Payne O- Love Is My Reason/ We'll Gather Lilacs VV+

1303. HMV JO 92- Fats Waller Rhy- Something Tells Me/ I'm Gonna Salt Away Some Sugar EE+

1304. Imperial 1908- Fred Rich O- Miss Annabelle Lee/ Our Bungalow of Dreams E+

1305. Imp 2025- Jay Whidden O- I'm Crazy Over You/ Casablanca E-/V

1306. Imp 2381- Elsie Carlisle w/ O- Dada Dada/ Go Home & Tell Your Mother V+

1307. Imp 2585- Teddy Brown w/ nov sextet- Time Alone Will Tell/ Got a Date With An Angel E-

1308. Imp 2631- Red Pepper Sam- I'm Nobody's Sweetheart Now/ Dinah EE-/E the original Popeye

1309. London 103- Anne Shelton- My Yiddishe Momme/ Eili, Eili EE+

1310. Lon 1424(promo)- Ted Heath O- Piccadilly/ Bond Street E+ despite surf scrs--vinyl press

1311. Lon 1425(promo)- Ted Heath O- Chelsea/ Soho E+ vinyl press on these Waller tunes

1312. Lon 1426(promo)- Ted Heath O- Whitechapel/ Limehouse E vinyl press on these Waller tunes

1313. Metropole 1019- George Fisher Kit Cat Band- I've Found a Horseshoe/ Blue Baby V

1314. Odeon 194579(ARG)- Harry Roy O- Mi Chica Est Loca Por El Ritmo/ Tu Eres Una Cosa Celestial E-

1315. Od O-28237(GER)- Jonny G Lijeberg O- Ich zuhl mir's on den Knopfen ob/ Lab mich nie mit dir allein E- some scrs B both fox trots

1316. Od O-31149- Harry Roy O- Rita the Rumba Queen/ Boo Hoo V

1317. Panachord 25362- Maurice Winnick O- Love Is the Sweetest Thing/ Wanderer EE-/E

1318. Pana 25377- Arthur Lally O- Leave a Little For Me/ How Do You Do Mr Brown E-

1319. Pana 25384- Art Kahn O- A Million Dreams/ Sleepy Hall O- I'll Follow You E

1320. Pan 25528- Owen Fallon O- I Lay Me Down to Sleep/ Stormy Weather EE+

1321. Par A 7553(AUST)- Harry Roy O- Dont Take Your Love From Me/ Manana EE+

1322. Par A 7560- Harry Roy O- Make Mine Music/ Well of All People E+

1323. Par A 7616- Harry Roy O- When the Gang Meet Again/ Chirpy As a Cricket E+

1324. Par E 6102- Ronnie Munro's Dance Band- I Scream, You Scream..Ice Cream/ C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T-I-N-O-P-L-E VV+

1325. Par F 109- Harry Roy O- My Kid's a Crooner/ His Majesty the Baby E

1326. Par F 110- Harry Roy O- Greenland medley pt 1/2 V+

1327. Par F 112- Harry Roy O- You & the Night & the Music/ Easter Parade V+

1328. Par F 114- Harry Roy O- Pop Goes Your Heart!/ A Hunting We Will Go E+

1329. Par F 115- Harry Roy's Tiger Ragamuffins- Fox Trot medley pt 1/2 E+

1330. Par F 116- Nat Gonella's Georgians- Georgia's Gorgeous Girl/ I'm Gonna Wash My Hands of You EE+

1331. Par F 129- Harry Roy O- Lets Have a Jubilee/ Two Trumpet Toot E-/VV+

1332. Par F 172- Harry Roy O- Zing Went the Strings/ Whats the Reason I'm Not Pleasin' U E-/EE-

1333. Par F 358- Washboard Serenaders- Nagasaki/ Black Eyes EE-

1334. Par F 397- The Krakajax- Crazy Rhythm Man/ I Got Rhythm EE-

1335. Par F 428- Washboard Serenaders- St Louis Blues/ The Sheik of Araby EE-

1336. Par F 484- Harry Roy O- Thats a Plenty/ Someday Sweetheart EE+

1337. Par R 414- Lily Lapidus w/ A Rosebury O- He's a Good Man to Have Around/ Am I Blue E- dig beg B skips

1338. Par R 440- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Bitter Sweet/ Sleepy Valley E-

1339. Par R 838- Pavilon Lescaut O- Only Room For One Love/ Under the Roofs of Paris E

1340. Par R 1197- Fats Waller- I'm Crazy Bout My Baby/ Dragging My Heart Around E+

1341. Par R 1599- Patricia Rossborough piano- Pianoflage/ Slipova EE+

1342. Par R 1733- Harry Roy O- Doggone, I've Done It/ I Stole Back the Gal E-

1343. Par R 1734- Harry Roy O- Nobody's Sweetheart/ Bugle Call Rag E-/VV+ scr B

1344. Par R 1761- Harry Roy O- We Like a Gay Song/ Dixie Lee V

1345. Par R 1762- Harry Roy O- My Last Years Gal/ Bom-Di-Bom V

1346. Par R 1844- Harry Roy O- The Show Is Over/ Over Somebody Else's Shoulder E

1347. Par R 1865- Harry Roy O- My Dog Loves Your Dog/ Nasty Man E

1348. Par R 1908- Harry Roy O- I Wish I Were Twins/ Jungle Fever EE+

1349. Par R 2152- Lew Davis tbn w/ trio- I Never Knew/ Swing Me Sweetly EE+

1350. Par R 2153- Fred Gardner w/ 4tet- China Boy/ Hummin' to Myself E-/EE+

1351. Par R 2295- Phil Green & G. Elliott-Cryin For the Carolines/ Mal Hallett O- Swing Fever E+

1352. Par R 2315- Phil Green & George Elliott-Its the Talk of the Town/ Time On My Hands EE+

1353. Par R 2336- Phil Green & George Elliott- Stardust/ Pardon Me Pretty Baby V

1354. Par R 2866- Harry Parry Radio 6- Lady Be Good/ Time On My Hands N-

1355. Pathe X 8932(FR)- Lou Gold O- The Birth of the Blues/ Singing Troubadours- Barcelona EE+

1356. Peerless 1996(MEX)- Manuela Arriola w/ Garrido O- Besame Mucho/ Solamento Una Vez E

1357. Peer 2178(MEX)- Alfonso Ortiz Tirado w/ Fajardo O- Princesta/

Adios Marquida Linda E- 1/4"hlc

1358. Peer 2298(MEX)- Pedro Infante O- Cielito Lindo/ Alla En El Rancho Grande V/V-

1359. Piccadilly 146- Piccadilly Dance Band- Chloe/ Get Out & Get Under the Moon EE-/EE+

both excellent instrumentals..very interesting B, played slower than Whiteman version

1360. Re G 8886- Jack Payne Hotel Cecil O- Side By Side/ Anytime-Anywhere E

1361. Re G 20770- Billy Cotton O- Crying For the Carolines/ Dark Night EE-/E

1362. Re G 21321- Leslie Holmes w/ O- He Played His Ukulele At the Ship Went Down 1/2 VV+

1363. Regal MR 498- Jack Payne BBC DO- Lies/ Pagan Serenade V+

1364. Re MR 513- London Piano Accordeon Band- There's Something In Your Eyes/ Moonlight On the Prairie, Mary EE+

1365. Re MR 516- Billy Cotton Band- Sunshine & Roses/ Three Little Times E-

1366. Re MR 517- Sydney Kyte Band- My Bluebird's Back Again/ Flame of Desire V+/E

1367. Re MR 521- Jack Payne BBC DO- All of Me/ Goonight Little Girl Goodnight V

1368. Re MR 522- Jack Payne BBC DO- You Try Somebody Else/ One More Kiss E

1369. Re MR 622- Billy Cotton Band- Georgia/ Just Another Dream of You E- scrs

1370. Re MR 623- Billy Cotton Band- Hummin' to Myself/ Little Spanish Villa EE-

1371. Re MR 624- Billy Cotton Band- Singin' In the Moonlight/ Pagan Moon V+

1372. Re MR 636- Billy Cotton Band- Bravo Jim/ For You, Just You My Baby V+/EE-

1373. Re MR 737- Billy Cotton Band- Mrs. Brown/ Lets All Dance the Polka E-V+

1374. Regal Zonophone G 21742(AUS)- Jim Davidson O- Let Me Give My Happiness to U/

Tell Me Tonight E-/E

1375. Re Zo G 22294-The Rhythmic Troubadours- Mr & Mrs Is the Name/ Casino Royal O- Flirtation Walk VV+ nice versons---assume Australian bands

1376. Re Zo G 40119- Irene Price(the English Shirley Temple) w/ O- You Gotta S.M.I.L.E. to Be H.A. Double P.Y./ Goodnight My Love EE+ FUN A..I dont think there's a US version of this upbeat tune

1377. Re Zo MR 758- Anona Winn & Stewart Rose- Always In My Heart/ Someday We'll Meet Again EE+ scr B sds lite

1378. Re Zo MR 767- Billy Cotton Band- Always in My Heart/ Balloons EE- lt scrs

1379. Re Zo MR 800- Ambrose O- Fit As a Fiddle/ Balloons V+ dig B

1380. Re Zo MR 801- Ambrose O- Try a Little Tenderness/ I'll Never Have to Dream Again EE-

1381. Re Zo MR 814- Jack Mackintosh & William Oughton cornet duet w/ brass band acc- Twitterings/ Jack Mackintosh- Bird of Love Divine E+

1382. Re Zo 892- Billy Cotton O- What Would Ja Like for Breakfast/ Undern the Harlem Moon E+

1383. Re Zo MR 893- Billy Cotton O- Hustlin & Bustlin For Baby/ You Must Believe Me V

1384. Re Zo MR 917- Billy Cotton O- Wear a Great Big Smile/ It Was Four O Clock In the AM E

1385. Re Zo MR 1057- Billy Cotton O- He Was a Handsome Young Soldier/ The Last Roundup E

1386. Re Zo MR 1261- Billy Cotton O- So Shy/ Lullaby In Blue E-

1387. Re Zo MR 1313- Billy Cotton O- Little Man You've Had a Busy Day/ The Show Is Over EE+

1388. Re Zo MR 1668- Billy Cotton O- Rhythm Rag/ Broadway Bandits- Rhythm of Rumba VV+/E

1389. Re Zo MR 2009- Scott Wood O- A Little Bit Indep./ Georgia Rockin Chair E-/E+ tiny clk B

1390. Rex 8567- Charlie Kunz piano medley #7 1/2 VV+

1391. Rex 8638- Jack Payne O- One Way Street/ Did You Everer Have a Feeling You're Flying EE+

1392. Rex 8651- Charlie Kunz piano solo- Charlie Kunz piano medley #10 pt 1/2 VV+

1393. Rex 8681- Casani Club O- Love Is Like a Cigarette/ I've Got a Feeling You're Fooling E

1394. Rex 8686- Charlie Kunz piano solo- Charlie Kunz piano medley #12 pt 1/2 E

1395. Rex 8726- Charlie Kunz piano medley #13 1/2 E+

1396. Rex 8742- Sid Phillips Rhythm- Eeny Meeny Miney Mo/ Woe! Is Me V+ scrs

1397. Rex 8747- Charlie Kunz piano medley #14 1/2 E+

1398. Rex 8813- Jay Wilbur O- Got to Dance My Way to Heaven/ I Nearly Let Love Go Slipping..E-

1399. Rex 8853- Ruth Etting- Take My Heart/ Its a Sin to Tell a Lie E-/V no US issue

1400. Rex 8858- Jack Payne O- The Fleet's In Port Again/ O-Kay For Sound V-

1401. Rex 8926- Morton Downey- The Rose of Tralee/ Danny Boy E/EE+

1402. Rex 9232- Billy Cotton O- Lambeth Walk/ Me & My Girl EE-

1403. Rex 9252- Freddy Gardner Swing O- I Double Dare You/ Have You Got Any Castles V

1404. Rex 10,127- Jay Wilbur & His "Hi Gang" O- Miss You/ I Dont Want to Walk Without You EE-

1405. Sterno 194- Bert Maddison DO- I'm Perfectly Satisfied/ Not My Girl V+ B side is the only known dance band recording of this Fred Astaire composition

1406. Sterno 206- The Rythmics- I'll Never Ask For More/ Florida Club DB- Mean to Me V

1407. St 1492- Teddy Joyce O- New Moon/ Isle of Capri E+

1408. Syrena Grand 30258(RUSSIA)- Two Rags duets- Ragtime Soldier Man/ I Am Going Back to Dixie VV+/V- few clx- rare issue!

1409. Tempo 660- Paul Kley O- Goody, Goody/ Walter Raalshke w/ O- Lambeth Walk V+ 1" cr barely sounds on this rare wartime issue. German vocal B

1410. Vo S-48- Artie Shaw O- Sugar Foot Stomp/ Skeleton In the Cupboard E-

1411. Vo 500- Fred Astaire- A Fine Romance/ Bojangles of Harlem EE+

1412. Vo 502- Fred Astaire- The Way You Look Tonight/ Johnny Green O- Wz In Swing Time VV+

1413. Women's League of Health & Beauty- HB 9/10- Record 5 part 1/2 E-..minor edge dmg nap rare early 30s British issue with speech by Mrs Bagot Stack, music by Deidre Welsh. Deco label

1414. Zonophone 1769- Charlie Collins w/ O- Auntie Skinner's Chicken Dinner/ Where There Isnt a Light At All V-

1415. Zon 5262- Arcadians DO- In the Heart of the Sunset/ The Rhythmic Eight- My Flame of Love E+

1416. Zon 5474- Sylvester Ahola- Somewhere a Voice Is Calling/ Until VV+

1417. Zon 5786- Orpheus Dance Band- Sing/ Go Home & Tell Your Mother EE+

1418. Zon 5814- The Rhythmic Eight- I Want a Little Girl/ My Desire V-

1419. Zon 5865- Orpheus Dance Band- Bathing In the Sunshine/ Memories of You EE-/E

1420. Zon 5954- Rhythmic Eight- Pardon Me Pretty Baby/ Two Heads In the Moonlight E

1421. Zon 5992- Jack Hylton O- Guilty/ The Wooden Rocking Horse E/E-

1422. Zon 5993- Jack Hylton O- Got a Date With An Angel/ For the Love of Mike EE+

1423. Zon 6045- Jack Hylton O- Love For Sale/ The Springtime Reminds Me of You E

1424. Zon 6065- The Blue Lyres- All of Me/ Just Friends EE-

1425. Zon 6092- The Blue Lyres- Three Little Times/ You Rascal You V/V+E-

1426. Zon 6112- Orpheus Dance Band- With Love In My Heart/ We'll Be Together Again E

1427. Zon 6114- The Blue Lyres- You're the One/ Goodnight Vienna E


AIRCHECKS & TESTS(includes some other sizes- all 12" unless noted)

1428. acetate- Fitch Bandwagon w/ Phil Harris & Alice Faye. Original acetate recorded for NBC by Electro- Vox, Hollywood for broadcast on 11/10/46. Four sides on 2 records, 33 1/3" E+ excellent music, comedy and song by both Alice & Phil

1429. acetate- Fitch Bandwagon w/ Phil Harris & Alice Faye. Original acetate recorded for NBC by Electro- Vox, Hollywood for broadcast on 11/17/46. Four sides on 2 records, 33 1/3" E+ excellent music, comedy and song by both Alice & Phil

1430. acetate- Les Brown Orch- Design for Jivin'--CBS radio 10/7/42 EE- flip is The Angels Cried- not sure if its also Les Brown as label is missing

1431. acetate- Gene Krupa voice promos for Roberts Record Room on WAAT..4 diff cuts. fm 1947

1432. acetate- Stan Kenton voice promos for Roberts Record Room on WAAT..2 diff cuts. fm 1948

1433. aluminum disk- Paul Whiteman- Buick Program 11/28/32- Orch plays Thats a Plenty/ Frank Munn sings A Little Love a Little Kiss. V/V- has scrs, dings, etc, but plays through

1434. Columbia test mx W400138C- Sophie Tucker- My Pet. N- beautiful sound on this 11" shellac with Columbia label of the 1928 OKeh side. mx in lead in groove

1435. vinyl- Victory Through Salvage- a talk by William Arnoldy, Exec Dir New York State Salvaging Committee 3/5/42 E+

1436. vinyl (11")- mx W 490038-A- Casa Loma O- Sweeping the Clouds Away N- a more modern vinyl test with great sound only issued on American Odeon. Orig rec date 2/6/30

1437. Edison(?) 10" needle type test. unknown artists playing violin and piano. This is consistent with Edison tests of the period, shellac with rough cut edges. White label on record reads S 80/ S 81, 21.2 wax chilled open faced. Sleeve reads EXP S-80, EXP S-81..before 10-11-28. E+ any info??

1438. Musical Varieties- Program 3 part 7/9. EE+ c.1930 shellac produced by Radiocasting Service on West 48th St, recorded at Bryce Recording Lab in the Chrysler Bldg. A side features Louis Katzman and Colonial Club O playing Two Guitars, followed by The Serenaders(a Revelers type group) doing Annie Laurie/ B side features Reis & Dunn w/ Cornell on accordion playing Accordion Joe, then a classical vocal type tune

1439. Victor (10 1/2") test mx BS-88616-1- Richard Himber Orch- I'm Going Down to Dance At Clancy's.. 2/11/35 E has two rep'd hlc's nap. I purchased this from the vocalist Joey Nash c. 1980. He stated that it was given to him by the recording engineer as it was his last side made with Himber. The record was not released on 78 and only came out in the LP era. Has plain white label with "Clancy's Himber" written, and recording information etched along the lead in.

1440. Victor home recording 1936. Fletcher Henderson Orch on the air!!/ Benny Goodman O on the air!! Begins with most of Can You Take It(about 3:00), Blue Minor (about 3:00) (announcer mentions Roy Eldridge), Sing, Sing, Sing,(abt 3:00) I Would Do Anything For You (partial runs 2:00)..Each song has an announcer between cuts. NOW for the flip side...It is Benny Goodman with Helen Ward..has a partial These Foolish Things(about 2:20), a partial Stompin' At the Savoy(about :50), an Elgin commercial then more Stompin' At the Savoy(about 1:00) and Sing Me a Swing Song(about 2:20). A knowledgeable source states that this is an undocumented performannce from The Elgin Revue show c. April-May, 1936..Disc plays well considering the source. I had this professionally transferred by an engineer who used a 5 mil or higher stylus. My 2.5 mil gave almost no reproduction..I can provide a short MP3 for serious bidders who might want to check quality. Do not expect perfection on this disk as it was recorded by an amateur, but its likely one of a kind

1441. Blue Note 1- Meade Lux Lewis- Melancholy/ Solitude E scr B sds lite

1442. BN 2- Albert Ammons- Boogie Woogie Stomp/ Boogie Woogie Blues E

1443. BN 3- Port of Harlem Jazzmen- Rocking the Blues/ Mighty Blues E impr to EE+

1444. BN 4- Albert Ammons- Chicago In Mind/ Meade & Albert- Twos & Fews E slight warp nap

1445. BN 5- Earl Hines- The Father's Getaway/ Reminiscing At Blue Note EE- impr to E

1446. BN 6- Port of Harlem Seven- Pounding Heart Blues/ Sidney Bechet 5- Summertime E

1447. BN 7- JC Higginbothan 5- Basie St Blues/ Blues For Tommy EE+

1448. BN 8- Meade "Lux" Lewis- The Blues pt 1/2 E

1449. BN 9- Meade "Lux" Lewis- The Blues pt 3/4 E

1450. BN 10- Pete Johnson Blues Trio- Kansas City Farewell/ Barrelhouse Breakdown E

1451. BN 11- Pete Johnson Blues Trio- Some Day BLues/ Vine St Bustle E-

1452. BN 12- Pete Johnson- Holler Stomp/ You Dont Know My Mind E-

1453. BN 14- Port of Harlem Jazzmen- Port of Harlem Blues/

Frank Newton 5- After Hours Bl EE+ slight dish nap

1454. BN 15- Meade "Lux" Lewis- Honky Tonk Train Blues/ Tell Your Story EE- some dishing

1455. BN 16- Meade "Lux" Lewis- Six Wheel Chaser/ Bass On Top E

1456. BN 17- Edmond Hall Celeste 4(incl Charlie Christian)- Celestial Express/ Prodoundly Blue E+

1457. BN 18- Edmond Hall Celeste 4(incl Charlie Christian)- Jamming In Four/ Edmond Hall Bl E+

1458. BN 21- Albert Ammons- Bass Goin' Crazy/ Suitcase Blues EE+

1459. BN 22- Meade "Lux" Lewis- Rising Tide Blues/ Tell Your Story #2EE+

1460. BN 23- Joshua White Trio- Milk Cow Blues/ Careless Love EE+

1461. BN 24- James P. Johnson- Gut Stomp/ JP Boogie NEW

1462. BN 28- Edmond Hall BN Jazzmen- Blues At Blue Note/ High Society E

1463. BN 29- Edmond Hall BN Jazzmen- Royal Garden Blues/ Night Shift Blues E

1464. BN 31- Edmond Hall AS Quintet- Blue Interval/ Seein' Red E+

1465. BN 32- James P Johnson BN Jazzmen- Blue Mizz/ Victory Stride E/EE+

1466. BN 33- James P Johnson BN Jazzmen- Joy Mentin/ After You've Gone E+/E

1467. BN 34- Art Hodes Blue Note Jazzmen- Sweet Georgia Brown/ Sugar Foot Stomp E

1468. BN 35- Art Hodes Blue Note Jazzmen- Squeeze Me/ Bugle Call Rag EE+

1469. BN 36- Edmond Hall Swingtet- Steamin' & Beamin'/ Big City Blues E+

1470. BN 39- Meade "Lux" Lewis- Chicago Flyer/ Blues' Whistle EE+

1471. BN 40- Sidney De Paris BN Jazz Men- Everybody Loves My Baby/ The Call of the Blues E+

1472. BN 41- Sidney De Paris Blue Note Jazz Men- Ballin' the Jack/ Who's Sorry Now E+

1473. BN 44- Sidney Bechet's Blue Note Jazz Men- St Louis Blues/Jazz Me Blues EE+

1474. BN 45- Art Hodes Blue 5- Shake That Thing/ Apex Blues E+

1475. BN 46- Benny Morton AS feat Webster & Bigard- Conversing In Blue/ Sheik of Araby EE+/E

1476. BN 47- Benny Morton AS feat Webster & Bigard- Limehouse Blues/ My Old Flame E

1477. BN 49- Sidney Bechet's Blue Note Jazz Men- Weary Blues/ Salty Dog EE+

1478. BN 50- Sidney Bechet's Blue Note Jazz Men- High Society/ Jackass Blues E+ despite grey

1479. BN 54- Bechet- Nicholas Blue 5- Bechet's Fantasy/ Old Stack O' Lee Blues E+

1480. Brunswick 20105- Bing Crosby w/ Duke Ellington O- St Louis Blues(A take) Duke Ellington O- Creole Love Call NN- black silver label, beautiful sound!

1481. Columbia 805(ENG)- The Original Dixieland Jazz Band- My Baby's Arms/ I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles V+/VV+..some lbl wear B

1482. Columbia 50019-D- Cantor Mordechay Hershman- The Hebrew In the Synagogue/ The Shepherd V

1483. Co 55001- Benny Goodman O- The Man I Love/ Benny Rides Again NEW

1484. Co 7361-M- Andre Kostalantez O- Pavanne Pour Une Infante Defunte/ Clair De Lune N-

1485. Commodore 1500- Jam Session at Commodore- Carnegie Jump/ Carnegie Drag EE-

1486. Comm 1501 Jam Session at Commodore #2- Serenade to a Shylock/ Embraceable You E-

1487. Comm 1502- Chu Berry Little Jazz Ens- Body & Soul/ Stardust E+

1488. Comm 1504- Jam Session at Commodore #3- A Good Man Is Hard to Find pt 1/2 EE-

1489. Comm 1505- Jam Session at Commodore #3- A Good Man Is Hard to Find pt 3/4 EE-

1490. Comm 1506- Chocolate Dandies- ICBTUIL w/ Me/ I Surrender Dear NEW

1491. Comm 1508- Chu Berry Jazz Ens- On the Sunny Side of the Street/ Gee Aint I Good to U N- faint cr from under label nap

1492. Comm 1509- Eddie Condon O- Mammy O' Mine/ Tortilla B flat NEW

1493. Comm 1510- Jam Session at Commodore #4- More Tortilla B flat/ Lonesome Tag Blues NEW

1494. Comm 1511- Wild Bill Davison O- Panama/ That's a Plenty E+ despite grey

1495. Comm 1513- Jam Session at Commodore #5- Basin Street Blues/ Oh Katharina E+

1496. Comm 1514- Eddie Heywood O- Begin the Beguine/ I Cover the Waterfront N-

1497. Comm 1518- Miff Mole O- St Louis Blues/ Peg O' My Heart NEW

1498. Comm 1520- Jonah Jones O- You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me/ Hubba Hubba Hub NN-

1499. Decca 15039- Chick Webb O feat Ella Fitzgerald- Hallelujah/ I Want to Be Happy E+

1500. De 29226- Bing Crosby- Frances Langford- Louis Armstrong w/ JD O- Pennies From Heaven/ Pennies From Heaven medley E+

1501. De K 743(ENG)- Roy Fox O- Fox Favorites 1/2 EE+ incl Nasty Man

1502. De K 750- Ambrose O- Ambrose's Jubilee Cavalcade 1/2 EE- tunes from 1910-1935

1503. De K 769- Roy Fox O- Alexander's Ragtime Band/ The Japanese Sandman E+ stain A nap

1504. Emerson 13193-XX- Ephraim Duff & Joseph Birenzweig- Die Goldene Zeit/ Joseph Birenzweig- A Chazendel Oif Shabes V..described as Jewish Folk Songs

1505. Keynote 1304- Charlie Shavers 5- Rosetta/ Mountain Air E+ despite grey

1506. Melotone- Florence Foster Jenkins- Queen of the Night/ Serenata Mexicana EE-

1507. Signature 90001- Coleman Hawkins Swing 4- The Man I Love/ Sweet Lorraine NEW

1508. Swing SWX 129- Festival Swing 1942 pt 1/2 E+...was bumped at one time causing rim dent, does NOT affect play. Great 2 sided jazz including Django Reinhardt & QHCF- RARE!

1509. Vi 35261- Frank Croxton- Nazareth-Christmas Song/ Arthur Pryor's Band-Yule Tide- A Christmas Fantasia E

1510. Vi 35293- Georgene Faulkner- Pancake Story/ The Fox As Herdsman E

1511. Vi 35262- Georgene Faulkner- Goldilocks & the Three Bears/ Chicken Little EE+

1512. Vi 36206- Fats Waller Rhythm- Honeysuckle Rose/ Blue Turning Grey N-/EE+

1513. Vi 36208- Bunny Berigan O- I Cant Get Started/ The Prisoner's Song N-

1514. Vi 36383- Artie Shaw O- Concerto For Clarinet 1/2 NEW

OTHER 12" records

The Comedy Show and Spot with Dick Cavett. These are 33 1/3 microgroove distributed by Clayton Webster Corp. Each show is on 2 discs with 4 sides, and feature a theme with related comedy skits There are also built in commercials. Made for radio use only

1515. Comedy Show broadcast week 1/6/86- "Money"- artists include Henny Youngman, Jack Benny, Burns & Allen, Martin & Lewis, Lucille Ball, Bill Cosby, Bob Hope, Sid Caesar E+

1516. Comedy Show broadcast week 1/27/86- "Old West" -artists include Jack Benny, George Carlin, Jonathan Winters, Stan Freberg, Edgar Bergen, Bill Cosby E+

1517. Comedy Show broadcast week 4/21/86. "Country Life"- artists inclide Stan Freberg, Jonathan Winters, Edgar Bergen, Jimmy Stewart, Garrison Keillor, etc E+



1518. Associated test mx A 1561-C2- Tune Twisters w/guitar- I Haven't Got a Hat/ Congratulate Me/ By the Great Horn Spoon EE+

1519. Assoc test mx A 1617-2- Ray Sinatra O- The Folks Who Live On the Hill/ High Wide & Handsome EE+

1520. Assoc test mx A 1619-2- Ray Sinatra O- The Lovliness of You/ Afraid to Dream E+

1521. Assoc 26- Joe Venuti O- Confessin'/ When Its Sleepy Time Down South Gilda Nielson(Gertrude Niesen) w/ Jimmy Garfield O(Johnny Green)- Isle of Capri/ Blow Gabriel EE+

1522. Assoc 137-A- Clyde Lucas O- Mammy Bong/ You Came to My Rescue// Racimo's Hawaiians-y Little Grass Shack/ Meleana E+

1523. Assoc 180- Ramon Lorenzo O- medley- Lullaby of Broadway/ Lovely to Look At/ I'll be Following In Your Footsteps/ Rodeo Range Ramblers- Last Roundup/ Home On the Range E

1524. Assoc 206- James Dalton O- Sandman/ Beebe/ I'm Painting the Town Red// Cheek to Cheek/ No Strings..E- lt aud scr/ E-..nice Jimmy Dorsey Orch sides!

1525. Assoc 222- Clyde Mc Coy O- Black & Tan Fantasy/ Jazz Me Blues// Sugar Blues/ I've Found a New Baby E+

1526. Assoc 267- Emil Coleman O- Zing Went the Strings of My Heart/ Fare Thee Well Annabelle/ Rhythm In My Hair// Be Careful Young Lady/ Clouds E

1527. Assoc 279- Russ Morrow O- You Cant Pull the Wool Over My Eyes/ I Bet You Tell That to All the Girls// Linda Lee w/ R.Morrow O- Everything's In Rhythm With My Heart/ Cuban Moonlight E

1528. Assoc 280- Freddy Bergin O- Troubolesome Trumpet/ Clyde Mc Coy O- Is It True What They Say About Dixie// Clyde Mc Coy O- Shoe Shine Boy/ Doing the Prom E/EE+

1529. Assoc 283- Arthur Deane O- Take My Heart/ When I'm With You// Lou Raderman O- One Rainy Afternoon/ These Foolish Things/ There's Always a Happy Ending E

1530. Assoc 483- Freddie Rich O- Alabamy Bound/ Pompanola// Alexander Karlin O- Limehouse Blues/ medley I'll Follow My Secret Heart/ Nevermore E+

1531. Assoc 542- The Tune Twisters- I Love to Rhyme/ Popcorn Man. Swingin' In the Corn// Xavier Cugat O- Inspiration/ Dark Eyes E+

1532. Assoc 554- Ozzie Nelson O- A Room With a View/ I Found My Yellow Basket// Doris Rhodes w/ Johnny Augustine O- The Song Is Ended/ Russian Lullaby E NICE OZZIE

1533. Assoc 592- Terry Snyder Trio- Oh Johnny/ Jingle Bells/ Swingin' a Dream// John Gart Music- Billy/ The Little Red Fox E..A side has vibes & guitar

1534. Assoc 610- Irving Szathmary O- Lets be Buddies/ My Mother Would Love You/ I've Still Got My Health// Jack & Jill/ Drink To me Only... E+ some solos A and top band

1535. Assoc 12,014- Dorsey Bros O- medley- I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You/ Tiger Rag/ I'm a Ding Dong Daddy// Louis Katzman O- Love's Old Sweet Song/ Down South EE+

1536. Muzak 550- Isham Jones O- My Dance/ Sugar// Al Donahue O- Je Vous Adore/ Take My Heart E+ (Muzak label taped over Associated)

1536. World 428- Carl Fenton O- No More Love/ Its the Talk of the Town.E+ an early one on red semi flexible material

1537. World 429- Carl Fenton O- Thanks/ This Time Its Love..E+ ..early issue red semi flex

1538. World 429- Carl Fenton O- Thanks/ This Time Its Love..E+ ..early issue red semi flex


1539. original acetate- The Jack Benny Program with Mary Livingstone, Rochester, Phil Harris, Dennis Day, Don Wilson-plus Ralph Edwards, Mel Blanc, Sara Berner, Frank Nelson, Bea Benadaret- as originally broadcast on NBC network 3/14/48. Has Lucky Strike commercials and NBC sig out E+

1540. original acetate- The Jack Benny Program with Mary Livingstone, Rochester, Phil Harris & Don Wilson. Frank Nelson, as originally broadcast on CBS network 1/23/49. Lucky Strike commercials. Airchecked by KNX ..E+

1541. Mac Gregor & Sollie- Anson Weeks O series B, pgm 29/30. Fantastic fidelity on this heavy shellac pressing from San Francisco. Tunes are Love Me Tonight, Goofus, I'll Follow You, Goodnight, Litttle Girl Goodnight// B side- Cuddle Me, Mighty River, Lovely Melody and a peppy Hallelujah to finish E+

1542. Transco 7 A/B Phil Harris O- as Cocoanut Grove Ambassadors. 1932..Begins with It Dont Mean a Thing(If It Aint Got That Swing) with a Phil Harris vocal...next I'll Never Be the Same with a Jimmy Newell vocal, lastly Leah Ray sings I Wish I Had Wings// B side begins with an instrumental on Rain, Rain, Go Away, Leah Ray sings Someone to Care For, lastly Jimnmy Newell sings Hold My Hand. E+ couple lt lams nap. Heavy shellac- Beautiful sound!

1543. Transco 8 A/B Phil Harris O- as Cocoanut Grove Ambassadors. 1932..Unknown instrumental opens the show, the Phil sings Got the South In My Soul, We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye sung by Jimmy Newell.// B side begins with instrumentl on Lights of Paree, One Little Word Led to Another with a Leah Ray vocal, lastly a great Everyone Says I Love You..some lams a couple of light scrs on A side do NOT sound E+, Heavy shellac..Beautiful sound!

1544. 1959 Heart Fund- Salute to Heart Sunday 1959 starring Jack Benny with Rochester, Ralph Edwards, Gisele Mac Kenzie, Ralph Edwards and Dennis Day// Heart Sunday announcements incl Lauren Bacall, Desi & Lucy, Greer Garson, Oscar Hamm II, Jack Benny, Ed Wynn, etc N-

1545. AFRS Comedy Caravan #112- Duff's Tavern with Ray Bolger, Jeri Sullivan, Roy Bargy O E

1546. AFRS- Downbeat- Gene Norman w/ Dave Dexter Jr spins disks incl Lester Young, Lucky Thompson, Charlie Ventura, etc E

1547. AFRS- Jack Benny Show #174..Jack Benny, Phil Harris, Dennis Day, Don Wilson, Rochester, Mel Blanc, special guest Ronald Colman E+

1548. AFRS- Jubilee- Christmas Show- Series H-11-Duke Ellington EE-

1559. CP Mac Gregor- LIB 211- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- 8 cust incl Little By Little, Perfidia EE+

1560. Lang Worth 537/8- The Brass Hats- Harry Breuer dir, Jean Ellington voc- 8 cuts incl Toot That Trumpet, This Is Paradise EE+

1561. LW AS-76- Tommy Dorsey O/ Frankie Carle O- 5 cuts per incl I'm Gettin' Sentimental A/ GI Jive B E

1562. LW AS-121- Lee Castle O/ Frankie Carle O- 4 cuts per incl Thats Moon's In My Heart A/ Saturday Night B EE+

1563. LW AS-139- Anita Ellis w/ Mitchell Ayres O/ Bobby Sherwood O- 4 cuts per incl Sleigh Ride In July A/ After Hours B E

1564. Mac Gregor LB 573- Sterling Young O- 4 cuts oncl Organ Grinders' Swing// Dude Martin O- 4 cuts incl Ragtime Cowboy Joe..A side uses orig M&S material from '36-'37 E+

1565. Mac Gregor BB 644- Bob Randall O- 8 cuts incl Study In Brown, Swamp Fire E-

1566. Standard R 101- Cleo Brown 8 cuts incl Swing Brother Swing, Did You Mean It EE- heavy early Victor pressing

1567. Std P-129- Will Hudson O- 10 cuts incl Easy Rocker, Start Jumpin..looks V, plays E heavy early Victor pressing

1568. Std Y-103- Tommy Tucker O- 8 cuts incl She's Tall, Tan & Terrific. Mama I Wanna Make Rhythm EE- heavy early Victor pressing

1569. Std Y-114- Frank Trumbauer O- 8 cuts incl If Dreams Come True, Yes There Aint No Moonlight..some vocals by Hal Kemp vocalist Deane Janis E..heavy early Victor pressing

1570. Std Y-131- Chuck Foster O- 8 cuts incl Tahitian Lullaby, Honolulu, I Found My Yellow Basket...some vocs by girl trio Three D's. E heavy early Victor pressing

1571. Std Y-133- Chuck Foster O- 8 cuts incl Aint Ya Got No Romance. I've Got a Moonlight Date (at the Golden Gate)..some vocs by girl trio Three D's. EE+ heavy early Victor pressing

1572. Std Y-136- Chuck Foster O- 4 cuts incl Mr & Mrs America// Edwin Le Mar Quartet-The Moon's a Silver Dollar/ ..one voc A by girl trio Three D's. E heavy early Victor pressing

1573. Std Z-120- Frank Trumbauer O- 8 cuts incl Television, Midnight Oil EE- heavy early Victor pressing

1574. Thesaurus 221- Joey & Chuck/ The Honeymooners- 3 cuts per. music and comedy. Incl Ford Song A/ Please Mr President B. EE+..includes Eddie Albert as one of the Honeymooners

1575. Thes 338- Rhythm Makers O(Tony Pastor)- 8 cuts incl The Love Bug Will Bite You, Twilight In Turkey, Alibi Baby EE-

1576. Thes 420- Rhythm Makers O(Artie Shaw)/ Xavier Cugat O- 4 cuts per incl If You Should Ever Leave A/ Cuban Pete B.. EE-

1577. Thes 509- Nathaniel Shilkret O/ The Master Singers - 4 cuts per incl Let's Begin, Forecastle Frolics A/ On Moonlight Bay B E

1578. Thes 524- The Rhythm Makers(Artie Shaw)/ Xavier Cugar O- 4 cuts per incl Nightmare A/ Something Tells Me B EE+

1579. Thes 538- The Rhythm Makers(Charlie Barnet)/ George Hall O- 4 cuts per incl Rock It For Me A/ Minuet In Jazz B

1580. Thes 683- Gene Austin/ Hildegarde. 4 cuts per incl Smoke Dreams A/ Its Wonderful B E+

1581. Thes 747- The Rhythm Makers(Les Brown)/ Ranch Boys- 4 cuts per incl Wham A/ Ragtime Cowboy Joe B EE+

1582. Thes A 1149- the Rhythm Cats/ The Master Singers- 4 cuts per incl Singin' the Blues A/ Of Thee I Sing B EE+

1583. Thes 1386- The Jumpin' Jacks/ Slim Bryant Wildcats..6 cuts ea E+


1584. Assoc test mx AA-1461-C2- Fred Rich O- 4 cuts incl Slumming On Park Ave(nice solos!), This Years Kisses...all 4 tunes w/ Buddy Clark vocals E+ great fidelity!

1585. Assoc test mx AA-1462-C2- Fred Rich O- 4 cuts incl You're My Best Bet, May I Have the Next Romance With You...all 4 tunes w/ Buddy Clark vocals E+ great fidelity!

1586. Assoc test mx ZZ-1997-A1/ ZZ-1989-2- Clyde Mc Copy O/ Will Osborne O- 4 cuts per incl Ya Got Me A/ Sailing At Midnight B EE+

1587. Assoc test mx 1547-2- Ben Selvin Cocktail O- 4 cuts incl Mountain Music, Old Fashioned Music Box E+

1588. Assoc R-A-1000- Ruby Newman O/ Ben Selvin Cocktail O- 4 cuts per incl All God's Chillun Got Rhythm, Sophisticated Swing A- great fidelity!

1589. Assoc R-6004- Freddie Rich O- Goldman Band- 4 cuts per incl Saskatchewan A E+

1590. Assoc R-6008- Will Osborne O/ Doris Rhodes w/ John Augustine O- 4 cuts per incl Dixie, Oasis A// Simple & Sweet, Deep In a Dream B E+

1591. Assoc 10,101- Arnold Briggs O- 4 cuts incl Gee But You're Swell, Goodnight My Love E vocalist on some is Helen Gay(actually Shirley Lloyd)

1592. Assoc 60.059- Lenny Carson O(Larry Clinton)- 8 cuts- mixture instrumentals and Bea Wain vocs incl Hollywood Pastime, Chris & His Gang E+..great sides!

1593. Assoc 60,061- D'Artega O- 8 cuts incl Daydreaming, Let Me Whisper E+

1594. Assoc 60,286- Blue Barron O/ Al Goodman O- 4 cuts per incl Ida, Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me A// Maria Elena B E+

1595. Assoc 60, 287- Blue Barron O- 7 cuts incl With a Twist of the Wrist, You Talk Too Much E+

1596. Assoc 60,364- Johnny Messner O- 7 cuts incl We Did It Before, Goodbye Mama E+

1597. Assoc 60,643- John Kirby O/ Emery Deutsch O- 4 cuts/ 3 cuts incl Ebony Rhapsody A/ All I Do Is Dream of You B EE+

1598. Assoc 61,149- The Dixielanders/ Orch Themes- 4 cuts A incl Eccentric, Milenberg Joys E+

1599. Assoc 61,197- Dick Jurgens O/ Buddy Weed- 4 cuts per incl Johnson Rag A, As Time Goes By B E+

1600. Assoc 61,204- The Dixielanders/ Charles Magnante Quartet- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts incl Dengozo A/ Market Street Minuet B E+

1601. Assoc 61,337- Ralph Flanagan O- 7 cuts incl Baltimore Rag E+

1602. Assoc 61,353- Ralph Flanagan O/ Dick Jurgens O- 4 cuts per incl A Flat Swing A/ My Little Grass Shack in Kealakekua, Hawaii B E+

1603. Muzak X-135- Ray Heatherton O/ Chiquito Latin American O- 4 cuts per incl. It Was You All the Time/ Mala Mujer B E+

1604. RCA Victor test mx ZZ-6277-5(World tx?)- Satisfiers/ Buddy Weed Trio- 4 cuts incl Shake That Tree E+

1605. World 286- Alvin Kaleolani Royal Hawaiians/ Buddy Morrow O- 6 cuts per incl Ho'I Mai, E Ho'l Mai Kaua, Kuulani A// Deed I Do B E+

1606. World test mx 17233-B1- Richard Himber O- 4 cuts incl Could You Pass In Love..Bea Wain & Stuart Allen vocs E-

1607. World 985-992- anonymous dance band- 8 cuts incl Mile a Minute, Footloose & Fance Free EE-..red semi flexible

1608. World 1321-28- anonymous dance band/ semi classical- 4 cuts per incl Broadway Rhythm A E+ superb fidelity!..red semi flexible

1609. World 1841-1848- 8 cuts..anonymous dance O, but Billy Reid O is written on label. 8 nice cuts incl Love Is Good For Anything That Ails You, One Never Knows Does One E+ some Joey Nash vocs..red semi flexible. TOP fidelity!

1610. World 4377- 4384- Bob Chester O- 8 cuts incl Bugle Call Rag, Dewey Square EE+

1611. World 4699-4708- Joe Marsala O- 10 cuts incl Lower Register, Solid Geometry For Squares EE-..incl nice jazz harp

1612. World 5229- 5238- Ethel Smith Trio- 10 cuts incl Babalu, Aquarela Do Brazil E

1613. World 5619-5628- Johnny Green O- 10 cuts incl Carefree, Lovely to Look At EE+

1614. World 6029-6038- Duke Ellington O/ Ralph Ginsburgh O- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl Tea 4 Two A

1615. World 6589-6598- Frankie Masters O/ Glen Gray O- 5 cuts/ 4 cuts incl Zone 28 A/ Flat Third Jive B EE+


TRANSCRIPTION DISCOGRAPHIES- these are softcover 8"x 11 1/2" volumes with information that has not been compiled anywhere else to my knowledge. Collectors and researchers Ken Crawford, Bozy White, Rod Baum and Charles Garrod are the names that I see as contributors to these lists. As they were works in progress, some are in draft form. Contents include matrix numbers, issue numbers, artists, song titles, index, etc. All are in near mint condition w/ estimates on # of pgs

1616. AFRS- One Night Stand 2001- 3000 working draft approx 100 pgs

1617. AFRS- One Night Stand pages 111-168..

1618. AFRS- One Night Stand pages 169-228

1619. AFRS- One Night Stand pages 229-293

1620. AFRS- One Night Stand pages 293-374

1621. Associated Transcription Master Numbers 10/2/34-7/24/42 approx 100 pgs

1622. Associated Transcriptions 60,000 draft..approx 50 pgs

1623. Capitol Transcriptions approx 50 pgs

1624. Keystone Transcriptions approx 50 pgs

1625. Lang Worth Transcriptions - 2nd draft. approx 100 pgs

1626. Mac Gregor Transcriptions...1-920..approx 40 pgs

1627. Mac Gregor Transcriptions 2000-2570- draft approx 25 pgs

1628. Muzak Transcriptions approx 75 pgs

1629. Muzak Transcriptions 2nd draft. approx 100 pgs

1630. Standard Transcriptions- Draft- thick, approx 200 pgs

1631. Thesaurus Transcriptions..100-2137. 6th draft. thick approx 200 pgs

1632. World Transcriptions WM 2nd draft. approx 25 pgs


1633. Victor Red Seal/ Popular supplements. These are from the mid 30s to early 40s and have a picture of a Red Seal artist on the cover(ex Toscanini, Stokowski, Ormandy, etc). each about 16 pgs. Most content is classical, but most have some popular and big band listings. This is for one lot of 50 issues..mostly different, mostly E+N- (I can probably provide a couple 100)

1634. The Gramophone Shop Inc Monthly Record Supplements. Near complete run of 1949-1952 for this establishment which was on East 48th St in NYC. Each monthly supplement is about 14 pgs, 6"x9" and contains mostly classical, but there are some Broadway, children's, film etc. Most are mint and are as follows..1949- 10 diff, 1950- 11 diff, 1951- 12 diff, 1952- 12 diff. This is one lot for all..

---next are Brunswick 8-12 pg booklets. Each features a color rendering of an artist and scenes illustrating a song. Also listings and artwork inside.. VERY attractive!

1635. Bruns Dec 1926- special Christmas issue- dozens pix on cover incl Isham, Reser, Lucas, Denny, Ohman, Lyman, Krueger, Miller, Selvin, etc. extra nice art inside E+

1636. Bruns Jan 1927- cover Ray Perkins, plus 3400s, extra nice artwork inside E+

1637. Bruns Feb 1927- cover art for Br 3414, plus 3400s inside E+

1638. Bruns Mar 1927- cover JC Thomas, plus 3400s and nice artwork inside E+

1639. Bruns Apr 1927- cover art for Br 3464, plus 3400s inside E few creases

1640. Bruns Mar 1928- cover Abe Lyman for Br 3753, plus 3600s, 3700s inside E+

1641. Bruns Apr 1928- cover Herb Wiedoeft for Br 3810, plus 3700s, 3800s inside E+

1642. Bruns May 1928- cover Ben Bernie for Bruns 3808, plus 3700s, 3800s inside E+

1643. Columbia/ Brunswick Jan 1939. 16 pg foldout. pix include Teddy Wilson, Noble, Seger Ellis, Red Norvo, Kyser..lotsa listings- near the end of Brunswick as a company E+

1644. Folkways 1957- 46 pg- ethnic, folk, etc E+

1645. Harmony LP- 20 pgs c. 1950s- cover pix Billie Holiday, Louis, BG, Ella, Peggy, etc E+

1646. Homochord(?) 1927..38 pg catalog, missing covers, otherwise E+. Pages read "The Hit" and Tele-Records. Lists include the very earliest Al Bowlly records from 1927 including those with Fred Bird, and those with ukulele and piano. Others listed inclde Barnabas von Geczy, Penn Syncos, Hawaiian guitar records, Julian Fuhs Follies Band, plus other types. Not sure if Homochord, but being able to cross reference the Bowllys makes me believe so. RARE!!!

1647. Pacific Jazz Summer 1955- 1 pg flyer w/ Mulligan, Shank, Baker, etc E+

1648. Silvertone Vinylite- 10 pg foldout c. 1940s incl Magnante, Osser, Damone, etc minor tape repair, writing in pencil...overall E

1649. Victor May 1, 1905. 64 pgs, all size Victor- incl coon songs, minstrels E+

1650. Vic Jan 1909- Grand Opera- 48 pgs, some wear, tape repair, overall EE-

1651. Vic Feb 1909- 12 pg foldout pix and listings E+

1652. Vic Apr 1909- 12 pg foldout pix and listings E+

1653. Vic May 1909- 12 pg booklet pix and listings E+

1654. Vic June 1909- 8 pg booklet pix and listings E+

1655. Vic July 1909- 12 pg booklet pix and listings E+

1656. Victor Feb 1912- 32 pg bklt..lists and pix incl Pryor, Lauder. Cover separated, EE+

1657. Victor May 1912- 32 pg bklt..lists and pix incl Jolson, Caruso, Tetrazzini, etc E+

1658. Victor Dec 1913- 32 pg bklt..lists and pix incl Van Eps, Murray, etc. pencil marks, o/w E+

1659. Victor Jan 1914- 36 pg bklt..lists and pix incl Baker, Harrison, etc some scrawlings, E+

1660. Victor July 1914- 32 pg bklt..lists and pix incl Castles, Murray, Danse Macabre, etc E+

1661. Victor Aug 1914- 32 pg bklt..lists and pix incl Castles, Mc Cormack, Caruso, etc E+

1662. Victor mailer- c. March 1918. 8 pg colorful foldout heavy stock. Lists, drawings Easter E

1663. Victor mailer- Sept 1920. 8 pg colorful foldout heavy stock. Lists, drawings E some splitting

1664. Victor mailer- Oct 1920. 8 pg colorful foldout heavy stock. Lists, drawings EE+

---next are Victor supplements- 7"x9", heavy paper stock. Each one has extensive descriptions of featured records, plus artwork, and lists of other new releases.

1665. Vic May 1928- 8 pgs feat Coon- Sanders, Whiteman, Shilkret, etc E+

1666. Vic June 1928- 8 pgs feat Austin, Waring, Whiteman, etc E+

1667. Vic July 1928- 12 pgs feat J Marvin, Whiteman, Harkness,etc E+

1668. Vic Aug 1928- 12 pgs feat Pollack Singapore Sorrows, Olsen, etc.E+

1669. Vic Sep 1928- 12 pgs feat Helen Kane, Coon-Sanders, etc E+

1670. Vic Oct 1928- 12 pgs feat Happiness Boys, Amos & Andy, Eddie South, etc E+

1671. Vic Nov 1928- 16 pgs feat Jimmie Rodgers, Grace Hayes, Johnny Hamp, All Star O, etc E+

1672. Vic Dec 1928- 20 pg Xmas format feat George Olsen, Helen Kane, hits from Broadway E+

1673. Vic Jan 1929- 16 pgs feat Nat Shilkret, Ted Weems, Ohman-Arden, Irving Aaronson etc.E+

1674. Victor July 1929- 24 pg bklt. cover pix Vallee. modern design and pix Reisman, Shilkret, Waring, Endor, Austin, Cantor E+

1675. Victor Apr 1930- 24 pg bklt. modern design and pix Cummins, L Joy, Olsen, Fanny, etc E+

1676. Victor up to ? c. 1930. salesmen supp 28 pgs hot dance, race, old familiar, popular, etc. E+

1677. Victor up to March 1932. salesmen supplement- 44 pgs incl hot dance, race, old familiar, popular, etc tape on spine, otherwise E+

1678. Victor up to Feb 1933. salesmen supp. 24 pgs hot dance, race, old familiar, popular, etc. E+

1679. Victor up to May 1934. salesmen supp 40 pgs hot dance, race, old familiar, popular, etc. E+

1680. Victor up to Jun 1935. salesmen supp 20 pgs popular, red seal, etc. E-, staining

1681. Victor up to Jun 1935. salesmen supp 28 pgs popular, red seal, etc. E+

1682. Victor Aug 1932- 8 pg foldout incl pix Ruby Newman, Waring, lists early 24000s E+

1683. Victor Sep 1933- 8 pg foldout incl lists 24300's E+

1684. Victor Oct 1933- 8 pg foldout incl lists 24300's E+ some pencil

1685. Victor Nov 1933- 8 pg foldout incl lists 24300's, 24400's E+

1686. Victor Dec 1933- 8 pg foldout incl lists 24400's E+

1687. Victor Jan 1934- 8 pg foldout incl lists 24400's E+

1688. Victor Mar 1933- 8 pg foldout incl lists 24400's, 24500's E+


8X10 GLOSSY PHOTOS- BANDS AND BAND LEADERS- some are original, some are quality copies, some I can't be sure of, but will attempt to describe accurately!

1689. Charlie Agnew- early 30s original Maurice Seymour portrait. AUTOGRAPHED/personalized

1690. Louis Amstrong O at Sunset Cafe, Chicago 1927- quality copy from Schiedt collection

1691. Louis Armstrong w/ Les Hite O (incl Hamp) 1930. copy from Schiedt collection

1692. Louis Armstrong w/ O as King of Jazzmania from Paramount short 1932. copy from Driggs

1693. Louis Armstrong w/ 9 piece band. WSMB radio New Orleans 1932- quality copy from Schiedt collection

1694. Louis Armstrong full body portrait c.1930 quality copy from Schiedt coll

1695. Louis Armstrong full body portrait 1933. printed autograph..quality copy from Schiedt coll

1696. Louis Armstrong and Joe Glazer c 1933. quality copy from Schiedt collection

1697. Bing Crosby- portrait looking left c. 1931- could be original--if not, its old!

1698. Bernie Cummins- portrait c. 1930, couple pinholes...original

1699. Bix Beiderbecke & Wolverines- quality copy from Schiedt collection

1700. Bix Beiderbecke early portrait in jacket & tie. quality copy from Schiedt collection

1701. Bix Beiderbecke & Wolverines at Gennett- 1924- from Schiedt collection

1702. Bix Beiderbecke and members of Jean Goldkette O at Bronx Zoo. Summer 1927 quality copy from Schiedt collection

1703. Bix Beiderbecke, Don Murray, Howdy Quicksell and horse 1927- copy from Schiedt collection

1704. Duke Ellington and 2 black gents(one may be Sonny Greer)- at train depot. back says Murder At the Vanities..quality copy from Driggs collection

1705. Duke Ellington- full body portrait from 1933 tour- copy

1706. Jelly Roll Morton and 6 band members in tuxedos. C. late 20s. copy of unknown origin

1707. Paul Whiteman- contemplative portrait by Talbot c. 1928- matte finish. photog stamp on back

ESQUIRE JAZZ MAGAZINES- YEAR BOOK OF THE JAZZ SCENE-(may require separate shipping due to large 10"x14" size)

1708. Esquire 1946- 90 pgs- pix- Glenn Miller, Bird, Billie, Lester, BG, Duke, Parham, ODJB, Pollack O, NORK, Louis, Hawk, Mildred, Ella, etc. plus reviews, articles. abt E shows some age

1709. Esquire 1947- 90 pgs..pix- Louis, GM(+ article), Wiley, Mildred, Ethel, Duke, Condon, Ella, Billie, Connee + thoughtful artcles by musicians, etc EE+

1710. Esquire January 1959- includes supplement- The Golden Age of Jazz- 25 pages of pictures & text..Full page color pix Louis, Lester, Duke, Bird's grave. Article on Minton's. Commentary written by Monk, Mulligan Brubeck, Willie the Lion, Duke, Rollins, etc. Classic 1950s ads, content.. E cond


1711. The Ragtime Review- July 1916.pub by Axel Christensen..12 pgs--writings, ads, pix, etc E a RARE item

1712. The Ragtime Review- April 1917. pub by Axel Christensen about 20 pgs. may be missing a couple. Content clean but somewhat worn. RARE item!

1713. KCBQ- CBS radio San Diego promo..about 30 pages- heavy stock paper. Interesting pix include Edward R. Murrow, Chet Huntley, Bill Cullen, Amos & Andy, Howard Duff, Arthur Godfrey, Jack Benny, Gene Autry, Red Barber, Spike Jones..plus the coming of TV, etc E+

1714. Musical Instrument Merchandiser- May 1931- 26 pgs w/ ads Ludwig, Epiphone, Elkhart,etc E

1715. Musical Truth- band & orchestra news. Spring 1941. 52 pgs..Instrument ads and artciles. Picture ads feat Tony Pastor, Larry Clinton, Les Brown, Charlie Barnet, Bud Freeman, Phil Harris and more. MANY band pictures E+ but for some cover spine wear

1716. Tune In- Sept 1946. cover pic Ann(Maisie) Sothern..50 pgs..articles w/ pix on Bud Collyer-He Makes Like Superman, Ann Sothern as Maisie, Contests- Fair or Fixed?. Pix incl Tony Martin, Orson Welles, Durante, Jack Benny, Eddie Cantor, Gable, Hope, BG, more---good content E


I would like to recommend the 42nd Annual Jazz Record Collectors' Bash, to be held on June 24 and 25th, 2016. There will be 78s, CDs, LPs and music memorabilia for sale, plus rare vintage videos, disk spinning sessions, and much more of interest to jazz record collectors. The bash will once again be held at the APA Hotel Woodbridge in Iselin, New Jersey(formerly the Hilton Woodbridge). Special discount room rates are available for bash attendees.I have been attending for the last 30+ years and always have a great time. For more information please go to the bash website www.jazzbash.net...Its never too early to start planning!!!


For some excellent CD reissues of the music that we all love, please check out musician, friend and fellow collector Bryan Wright's website at Rivermont Records.


For the absolute best radio program for those of us interested in 1920s-30s music, please tune into friend and fellow collector Rich Conaty's show, The Big Broadcast on WFUV..His show is what stoked my interest in the music almost 40 years ago when I first started listening, and to this day never miss a show..You can tune in on FM or on line, and can read about it at the link below...


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