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Dear Collectors, Here is my latest auction of vintage 78s, 12" & 16" radio transcriptions, and paper material. Closing date is- SUNDAY- FEBRUARY 19, 2017. Winner pays postage and packing at cost. I am looking to purchase quality collections, so please keep me in mind should you hear of anything for sale or wish to sell a collection.

SECTION ONE (all in this section are play graded using a new Stanton 2.7 mil stylus, and listed as looks like/plays like, unless looks/plays are the same)


1. Bluebird 10216- Frankie Newton O- Who/ The Blues My Baby Give to Me EE+/ some audible gunk beginning of B. but AUTOGRAPHED by James P. Johnson A, Milton "Mezz" Mezzrow B strong white ink signatures, one on each side- would look great framed

2. Brunswick 7072(lightning bolt)- Walter Barnes Royal Creolians- Buffalo Rhythm/ Third Rail..looks V..plays E-, some V+/ E- 2 brief clx A pass easily!

3. Br 3568- Johnny Dodds Black Bottom Stompers- Come On & Stomp Stomp Stomp/ After You've Gone looks V+, plays E/ E then E- toward inside. great sides!

4. Br 3972(ENG)- Monk Hazel Beinville Hotel O- Git Wit It/ Ideas EE+ nice pressing, label looks similar to US

5. Br 3997- Johnny Dodds Black Bottom Stompers- When Erastus Plays His Old Kazoo/ Joe Turner Blues looks VV+, plays EE-, closer to E

6. Cameo 254- Lucille Hegamin & Her Bang Up Six From Georgia- I've Got What It Takes But It Breaks My Heart to Give It Away/ Cant Get Lovin Blues E

7. Champion 40025- Blythe's Blue Boys- Pleasure Mad/ Endurance Stomp E+ has odd looking wear on B side, but does not sound

8. Clarion 5059- The Hokum Trio(dir by Alex Hill)- You've Had Your Way/ I'm Havin' My Fun looks VV+, plays E-..nice sides

9. Co 14113- The Cotton Club O- Everybody Stomp!/ Charleston Ball looks VV+, plays solid E-

10. Co 14194- Peg Leg Howell- Tishimingo Blues/ Coal Man Blues looks V-, plays V+

11. Co 14129(BLUE WAX)- Bessie Smith- What's the Matter Now/ I Want Ev'ry Bit of It E+/E B side has 2 scuffy spots for 1/3, and a dig that passes but clx...still nice pressing!

12. Co 14586- The Red Devils- Dinah/ Tiger Rag looks V+, plays E and EE+..many solos!

13. Co 489- New Orleans Owls- Stomp Off- Let's Go/ Oh Me Oh My E+

14. Co 813- Cook Dreamland O- Brown Sugar/ High Fever looks EE-, plays EE+

15. Co 1045- New Orleans Owls- Dynamite/ Pretty Baby E+

16. Co 1547- New Orleans Owls- That's a Plenty/ The New Twister E

17. Co 2586- Fletcher Henderson O- My Pretty Girl/ My Gal Sal E++

18. Co 2856(BLUE WAX)- Benny Goodman O- Your Mother's Son In Law/ Tappin the Barrel EE+/E+ Billie Holiday's first record

19. Co 2916(BLUE WAX)- New Music of Reginald Forsythe- Angry Jungle/ Serenade For a Wealthy Widow EE+

20. Co 3012(BLUE WAX)- The New Music of Reginald Forsythe- Lullaby/ Dodging a Divorcee E+

21. Co 3026(BLUE WAX)- Red Norvo Swing Octet- With All My Heart & Soul/ The Night Is Blue E+

22. Co 3033- Benny Goodman O- The Dixieland Band/ Down Home Rag E+N-

23. Co 3060(BLUE WAX)- The New Music of Reginald Forsythe- Melancholy Clown/ The Greener the Grass E+N-

24. Conqueror 7081- Mandy Lee w/ jazz band acc- I Needs a Plenty Grease In My Frying Pan/ Crap Shootin Papa Mama Done Caught Your Dice E+N-..both take 6..

25. Cq 7769- Cab Calloway O- Sweet Jennie Lee/ Caroliners- I'm Happy E-

26. Crown 3197- Eubie Blake O- Sweet Georgia Brown/ Blues In My Heart looks E-/V+ plays EE-/E-

27. De 90500- Bill Krenz- Ripples/ Marita E-...great piano! odd series-perhaps personal..label mentions MM Cole Publishing, Chicago. 3D label

28. De F 5775(ENG)- Coleman Hawkins w/ The Ramblers DO- What Harlem Is to Me/ Netcha's Dream E+/EE+

29. De F 6502(ENG)- Coleman Hawkins w/ The Ramblers- I Wanna Go Back to Harlem/ Something Is Gonna Give Me Away EE+/E

30. Gennett 5102- New Orleans Rhythm Kings- Wolverine Blues(a tk)/ Weary Blues most E, some E-

31. Harmony 327- Original Indiana 5- Delilah/ Broadway Bell Hops- He's the Last Word E+N-

32. Ha 766- Gay Ellis & Novelty O- My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now/ If You Want the Rainbow E+ great copy of Annette Hanshaw w/ James P. Johnson or Clarence Williams

33. Ha 1105- Hotel Penn Music- Cooking Breakfast For the One I Love/ Rudy Marlow O- When I'm Looking At You NN- gorgeous copy with Annette Hanshaw vocal A

34. Ha 1155- Gay Ellis Sizzlin' Syncopators- I've Got It/ Tellin It to the Daisies E..Annette Hanshaw

35. HMV X 4496- Coleman Hawkins with Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grapelly-Star Dust/ Coleman Hawkins w/ Warlop & Briggs Orch- Avalon E+ no US issue

36. Monarch Music Co unnumbered- Joel Shaw O- The Scat Song/ How'm I Doin' V+/E-. From 1932. rare Pittsburgh, Pa. label with address at 5931 Broad St. These are both Crown masters label looks slightly similar to a Brunswick in design. Has old tape(original?) on label with typewritten info- song title, tempo, band name, issue #..in this case 3333

37. OK 8267- Clarence Williams Blue 5- Shake That Thing/ Get It Fixed looks VV+, plays E-

38. OK 8277- Bennie Moten's KC O- Sister Honky Tonk/ Kater Street Rag looks E, plays about E+

39. OK 8462- Clarence Williams Washboard 5- Take Your Black Bottom Outside/ Cushion Foot Stomp looks VV+, plays E

40. OK 8465- Clarence Williams Blue 5- Black Snake Blues/ Old Folks Shuffle EE+, plays E+ aside from a couple lt scrs

41. OK 8473- Bertha "Chippie" Hill w/ Richard M. Jones Jazz Wizards- Sport Model Mama/ Do Dirty Blues EE-/E-

42. OK 8525- Clarence Williams Washboard 4- Yama Yama Blues/ Church Street Sobbin' Blues looks EE+, plays E+

43. OK 8848- Luis Russell O- Panama/ High Tension E+ GREAT!!

44. OK 40527- Irene Taylor w/ Jack Gardner's O(rec in Texas)- I Aint Thinkin 'Bout You/ I Did Wanta But I Don't Wanta Now looks E-, plays E RARE!

45. OK 40464- The Goofus 5- Loud Speakin' Papa/ Are You Sorry N-

46. OK 40474- The Goofus 5- Sweet Man/ Okeh Syncopators- Oh Lovey be Mine NN- looks NEW

47. OK 40594- Emerson Gill Castle of Paris O- The Rhythm Rag/ My Bundle of Love NN- super clean Truetone

48. OK 40625- Mike Markel's O- Deep Henderson/ Who'd Be Blue N- super clean Truetone

49. OK 40631- Alma Rotter- I'm Leaving You/ I Found a Round a Bout Way to Heaven NN- looks N super clean Truetone

50. OK 40687- The Goofus 5- Crazy Quilt/ Sadie Green NN- super clean Truetone

51. OK 40697- Shelton Brooks- When You're Really Blue/ You Sure Am One Sick Man NN- looks N super clean Truetone

52. OK 40959- MIke Markels O- Dawn/ We Two E+

53. OK 40977- Sam Lanin O- The Man I Love/ Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella E+

54. OK 41038- Billy Hays O- Get Out & Get Under the Moon/ I'd Rather Cry Over You E+N-

55. OK 41058- Sophie Tucker- Oh You Have No Idea/ Low Down E+

56. OK 41087- Joe Venuti New Yorkers- I'm On the Crest of a Wave/ Pickin Cotton E+

57. OK 41140- Billy Beard & Al Bernard- Black Opinions/ Fowl Talk EE- few scrs

58. OK 41160- Seger Ellis- Dont Be Like That/ Blue Shadows E+ nice jazz accomp incl TD, Venuti

59. OK 41173- Bix Beiderbecke Gang- Rhythm King/ Louisiana E+ few VERY light surf scrs B nap

60. OK 41266- Charles W. Hamp w/ O- Seventh Heaven/ Little Pal EE+ nice jazz accomp

61. OK 41380- Seger Ellis- Love Is Like That/ When the Sun Goes Down E+

62. OK 41437- Frank Trumbauer O- What's the Use/ Hittin' the Bottle E+

63. OK 41478- Louis Armstrong O- You're Driving Me Crazy/ The Peanut Vendor looks V+, plays E lam nap

64. OK 41480- Fred Rich O- The One Man Band/ The King's Horses looks E-, plays EE+ few lt scrs nap NICE A!

65. OK 41552- Louis Armstrong O- All of Me/ Home looks E-, plays E

66. OK 41560- Louis Armstrong O- Keepin Out of Mischief Now/ Lawd You Made the Night Too Long looks EE-, plays EE+/E

67. OK 41572- Chick Webb O- Blue Minor/ Lonesome Moments E+

68. OK 5831- Billie Holiday- I Hear Music/ I'm All For You E+

69. Oriole 1005- Howard & Johnson- Golden Brown Blues/ Hard Headed Mama VV+/V+E-

70. Paramount 12619- Charles Pierce O- China Boy/ Bull Frog Blues E+ great copy w/ Tesch, etc.

71. Para 12875- Barrel House 5- Endurance Stomp/ Some Do & Some Dont looks V-, plays EE-/E-..nice playing copy!

72. Parlophone PNY 34033- Tom Niles O- Amos 'N Andy/

Ted Shawne O- Blue Turning Grey Over You E+...HOT A and Louis Armstrong B

73. Par PNY 34062- Albert Mason O- Santiago/ Flamingo Melodians- Song of the Dawn E+

74. Par PNY 34119- Tom Barker O- Whats the Use?/ Flamingo Melodians- I Don't Mind Walkin' In the Rain E+ the classic Trumbauer side A

75. Perfect 14528- The Red Heads- Headin' For Louisville/ Nervous Charlie NN- looks NEW

76. Pe 15481- Harlem Hot Shots- Sugar Blues/ Black & Tan Fantasy E

77. Pro-Phy-Lac-Tic unnumbered. Walking With Susie/ Scarf Dance EE+ rare one of a kind label(as far as I know) from Florence, Mass. A side nice full band with solos, has announcement at beginning and end explaining what prophylactic means!

78. QRS 7059- Barrel House Five- Hot Lovin'/ Mama Stayed Out looks G..plays G beginning, improves as it plays to VV-....scr B passes, sds light few gvs only

79. Regal 9199- Eubie Blake O- Jimmy I Love But You/ Golden Gate O- Lola Lo E

80. Re 9920 Perry's Hot Dogs- Milenberg Joys/ New Orleans Jazz Band- Melancholy Lou good E-

81. Silvertone 4030- Josephine Beatty- Nobody Knows The Way I Feel Dis Mornin/ Early Every Morn E+/EE+ few scrs B NAP..

82. Vi vinyl text mx B-31438-3- Zez Confrey O- Charleston Chuckles N-..only take 2 was issued

83. Vi vinyl test mx BVE-70624-2- Mildred Bailey w/ O- Georgia On My Mind E+N- from 1931 only take 1 was issued

84. Vi 20954- Dixieland Jug Blowers- Southern Shout/ National Blues E- at beg due to grit, improves E as it plays..looks EE+

85. Vi 22639- Dave Nelson O- I Aint Got Nobody/ When Day Is Done E+

86. Vi 24204- Louis Armstrong O- You'll Wish You'd Never Been Born/ I Hate to Leave You Now looks E-/E, plays E+ in parts, E in parts/ EE+

87. Vi 24321- Louis Armstrong O- Mississippi Basin/ Sweet Sue Just You E+

88. Vi 23010- Bubber Miley Mileage Makers- Loving You the Way I Do/ The Penalty of Love EE+

89. Vi 23020- Mc Kinney's Cotton Pickers- Never Swat a Fly/ Laughing At Life E+

90. Vi 38048- Bennie Moten KC O- Sad Man Blues/ Earl Hines O- Have You Ever Felt That Way E+ has 2 bites close to grooves, but nap

91. Vi 38067- The Missourians- Market Street Stomp/ Missouri Moan looks V, plays most E, some EE-

92. Vi 38097- Mc Kinney's Cotton Pickers- Gee Aint I Good to You/ Plain Dirt E+

93. Vi 38115- Duke Ellington O- Breakfast Dance/ March of the Hoodlums EE+

94. Vi 38130- Duke Ellington O- My Gal Is Good For Nothing But Love/ I Was Made to Love You E+ one of the scarcer Victor Ellingtons

95. Vocalion 15632- Johnny Dodds Black Bottom Stompers- New Orleans Stomp/ Weary Blues looks VV+, plays EE-, mostly E

96. Vo 1267- Jimmy Noone Apex Club O- Chicago Rhythm/ I Got a Misery looks VV+, plays EE-/E-

97. Vo 1416- Jimmy Noone Apex Club O- Through/ Satisfied V/VV+

98. Vo 2619- Jimmy Noone O- Like Me a Little Bit Less/ Inka Dinka Doo E+ sm lbl scr A

99. Vo 2907- Jimmy Noone O- Its Easy to Remember/ Soon E+

100. Vo 04455- The Yas Yas Girl- Love With a Feeling/ Dont You Make Me High E+ heat marks nap


101. Br 151(lightning bolt)- Blue Ridge Gospel Singers- O Why Not Tonight/ My Loved Ones Are Waiting For Me EE+

102. Br 242(lightning bolt)- Kanawha Singers- Goodbye My Lover Goodbye/ That Good Old Country Town E lt scr beg B

103. Br 5014- Isham Jones O- A Young Man's Fancy/ Alice Blue Gown V+

104. Br 5015- Isham Jones O- Waiting For the Sun to Come Out/ Dance-o-Mania V+

105. Br 5026- Isham Jones O- Koolemoff/ Japanese Sandman E-

106. Br 2005- John Congdon- Dear Little Shamrock/ Where the River Shannon Flows E

107. Br 2020- Arthur Fields- In Miami/ Al Bernard- Pan Yan E+

108. Br 2065- Green Bros Novelty Band- Hula Blues/ Rudy Wiedoeft O- Hop, Skip, & Jump EE+

109. Br 2079- Carl Fenton O- Bright Eyes/ Honolulu Eyes EE-

110. Br 2112- Zez Confrey- You Tell 'Em Ivories/ Poor Buttermilk E

111. Br 2121- Billy Jones- Oh They're Such Nice People/ Strand 4- I Used to Love You E

112. Br 2271- Isham Jones O- Sun God/ High Brown Blues E-

113. Br 2286- Isham Jones O- Birdie/ Yankee Doodle Blues EE-

114. Br 2313- Isham Jones O- Eleanor/ The World Is Waiting For the Sunrise EE-

115. Br 2315- Bennie Krueger O- Haunting Blues/ Blue E brief clx A

116. Br 2356- Oriole Terrace O- All Muddled Up/ Rose of the Rio Grande EE+

117. Br 2389- Oriole Terrace O- Bees Knees/ Gene Rodemich O- Falling EE-/E

118. Br 2512- Phil Ohman & Victor Arden- Nashville Nightingale/ No, No, Nora NN-

119. Br 2538- Brox Sisters- Sittin' In a Corner/ Learn to Do the Strut E 3 sm clx A

120. Br 2646- Isham Jones O- Dog On the Piano/ Mahsi E+

121. Br 2788- Isham Jones conducting Ray Miller O- I'll See You In My Dreams/ Why Couldn't It be Poor Little Me EE+

122. Br 2893- Herb Wiedoeft O- Roamin' Around/ Beside a Silv'ry Stream EE-

123. Br 3107- Regent Club O- In the Middle of the Night/ A Night of Love VV+

124. Br 3135- Abe Lyman O- Mary Lou/ Do You Believe In Dreams E few lt scrs nap

125. Br 3380- Colonial Club O- You Will- Won't You?/ All Alone Monday E+

126. Br 3425- Ben Selvin O- Sam the Old Accordion Man/ Here or There EE-

127. Br 3426- Vincent Lopez O- Since I Found You/ Blue Skies E

128. Br 3428- The Radio Franks- Here Or There/ My Little Bunch of Happiness E+

129. Br 3433- Nick Lucas- Put Your Arms Where They Belong/ In a Little Spanish Town EE+/ E

130. Br 3434- Six Jumping Jacks- Crazy Words- Crazy Tune/ I Love the College Girls E+

131. Br 3438- Anglo Persians- Delilah/ The Sphinx VV+

132. Br 3439- Nick Lucas- High High High Up In the Hills/ I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover E+N-

133. Br 3457- Ohman-Arden O- There's Everything Nice About You/ Mine E-

134. Br 3635- Ray Perkins- Are You Happy?/ Me & My Shadow VV-

135. Br 3747- Ben Bernie O- Fascination/ Mine All Mine VV-

136. Br 3761- Ben Bernie O- Changes/ Let's Misbehave G

137. Br 3797- Charley Straight O- My Ohio Home/ Everywhere You Go EE+

138. Br 3827- Herb Gordon Adelphia O- Thou Swell/ The Sunrise E few scfs nap

139. Br 3837- Ben Bernie O- I Just Roll Along/ Back In Your Own Backyard V

140. Br 3913- Ben Bernie O- Crazy Rhythm/ Imagination V/V+ bite nap

141. Br 3947- Freddie Rose w/ O- Cuddle Up a Little Closer/ Gee But I'm Blue EE+

142. Br 3964- Abe Lyman's Sharps & Flats- Weary Weasel/ San V-

143. Br 4000- The Original Wolverines- Royal Garden Blues/ A Good Man Is Hard to Find E-/VV+

144. Br 4070- Jesse Stafford O- I'm Writing You This Little Melody/ I Need Sympathy VV+

145. Br 4131- Ray Miller O- Who Wouldn't Be Jealous of You/ Rose of Mandalay E/EE+

146. Br 4144- Allister Wylie O- Some Night When Youre Lonely/ A Love tale Of Alsasce Lorraine E+

147. Br 4168- Ben Bernie O- I'll Get By/ Glad Rag Doll VV+

148. Br 4192- Dick Robertson w/ O- I Faw Down & Go Boom/ Sweethearts On Parade EE-

149. Br 4196- Six Jumping Jacks- I Faw Down & Go Boom/ Clevelanders- Guess Who? V

150. Br 4198- Jesse Stafford O- You'll Never Know/ The Spell of the Blues E

151. Br 4239- Freddie Rose- True Blue/ Sweet Liza V+

152. Br 4246- Bob Haring O- Deep Night/ Wedding Bells V+

153. Br 4251(CANAD)- Arnold Johnson O- Tear Drops/ Harold Stern O- From Sunrise to Sunset E- scr A

154. Br 4257- Regent Club O- Marie/ Where Is the Song of Songs For Me? E

155. Br 4262- Earl Burtnett's Biltmore Trio- Avalon Town/ Vernon Rickard w/ Bill Hatch Melody Makers- One Golden Hour With You V

156. Br 4272- The Eight Radio Stars- I Found Happiness/ My Annapolis E-

157. Br 4274- Ben Bernie O- Mean to Me/ My Castle In Spain Is a Shack In the Lane V+

158. Br 4367- Dick Robertson w/ O- Louise/ Some Sweet Day V

159. Br 4445- Libby Holman- Moanin' Low/ Am I Blue? VV+

160. Br 4613- Libby Holman- Happy Because I'm In Love/ More Than You Know VV+

161. Br 4617- Lew White w/ p, xylo- Tip Toe Thru the Tulips/ Painting the Clouds w/ Sunshine N-

162. Br 4629- Jesse Stafford O- The Prep Step/ My Sweeter Than Sweet EE+ top talkie tunes

163. Br 4639- Lee Sims- Dont Ever Leave Me/ Why Was I Born E/E- 2 rcnaps

164. Br 4657- Abe Lyman O- If I'm Dreaming/ Sally E/E-

165. Br 4659- Jesse Stafford O- A Bundle of Old Love Letters/ The Woman In the Shoe EE-

166. Br 4703- Lloyd Huntley O- Moanin For You/ Alone In the Rain VV-

167. Br 4910- Libby Holman- Body & Soul/ Something to Remember You By E-

168. Br 4943- Ben Bernie O- It's a Lonesome Old Town/ Au Revoir, Pleasant Dreams V+

169. Br 6122- Tom Gerun O- Let Me Hum a Hymn to Her/ When the Shepherd Leads the Sheep E+

170. Br 6130- Hal Kemp O- I'm Keepin' Company/ Under Your Window Tonight E-

171. Br 6265- Duke Ellington O- It Dont Mean a Thing/ Rose Room V+

172. Br 6297- Connie Boswell- My Lips Want Kisses/ Lullaby of the Leaves EE-

173. Br 6309- Victor Young O- Tell Me Why You Smile Mona Lisa/ The Voice In Old Village Choir E

174. Br 6311- Casa Loma O- Evening/ Lazy Day EE-

175. Br 6316- Enric Madriguera O- Living In Dreams/ The Song That Broke My Heart V-/V

176. Br 6317- Duke Ellington O- Baby When You Aint There/ Moon Over Dixie E faint hlc nap

177. Br 6465- Victor Young O- You're Charming/ My Wishing Song EE+

178. Br 6477- Bing Crosby w/ Guy Lombardo O- You're Beautiful Tonight My Dear/ Guy Lombardo O- I'm Playing With Fire E+N-

179. Br 6504- Ben Bernie O- What Have We Got to Lose/ Lets All Sing Like the Birdies Sing E

180. Br 6516- Duke Ellington O- Blackbird Medley 1/2 E-/E

181. Br 6622- Don Redman O- Watching the Knife & Fork Spoon/ Lazybones E/V+

182. Br 6624- Dorsey Bros O- Old Man Harlem/ By Heck VV+

183. Br 6688- Jay Whidden O- Good Morning Glory/ I Wanna Meander With Miranda EE- great sides from 1933 film "Sitting Pretty" with big SF sound

184. Br unissued text mx LA-172-C- Ted Fio Rito O- The World Owes Me a Living E- lam nap. shellac test on green Allied label of Hollywood. Female chorus sounds like a cartoon sdtk

185. Br 6750- Claude Hopkins O- Mystic Moan/ Washington Squabble E

186. Br 6786- Adrian's Ramblers- Keep On Doin' What You're Doin'/ Get Goin' E-/EE-

187. Br 6794- Bing Crosby- Little Dutch Mill/ Shadows of Love E

188. Br 6795- Anson Weeks O- Oh Me Oh My Oh You/ Waitin' At the Gate For Katy EE+

189. Br 6800- Glen Gray O- Ol' Man River/ I Got Rhythm VV+

190. Br 6851- Leo Reisman O- Once In a Blue Moon/ May I? E+

191. Br 6853- Bing Crosby- May I?/ She Reminds Me of You VV+

192. Br 7312- Freddy Martin O- My Future Star/ Yes to You E-

193. Br 7313- Freddy Martin O- Say When/ When Love Comes Swingin' Along EE-

194. Br 7356- Freddy Martin O- The Night Is Young/ When I Grown Too Old To Dream E+

195. Br 7365- Don Bestor O- If You Love Me Say So/ The Debutante Wz E+

196. Br 7366- Don Bestor O- I Believe In Miracles/ Tiny Little Fingerprints VV+

197. Br 7368- Freddy Martin O- Believe It Beloved/ Dancing With My Shadow E

198. Br 7372- Abe Lyman O- Singing a Happy Song/ Au Revoir, L'amour N-

199. Br 7375- Ozzie Nelson O- Dust Off That Old Pianna/ Rigamarole E

200. Br 7376- Louis Prima New Orleans Gang- House Rent Party Day/ Bright Eyes VV+

201. Br 7538- Freddy Martin O- If I Should Lose You/ Thunder Over Paradise E+

202. Br 7355- Jimmie Grier O with Pinky Tomlin vo- What's the Reason/ Pinky Tomlin w/ Jimmie Grier O-Dont Be Afraid to Tell Your Mother E-

203. Br 7358- Red Nichols O- Dardanella/ When You & I Were Young Maggie VV+

204. Br 7379- Ted Fio Rito O- Roll Along Prairie Moon/ Fare Thee Well Annabelle V-/VV+

205. Br 7433- Jessica Dragonette w/ O- First Love/ Bells Across the Meadows EE-/E-

206. Br 7478- Ted Fio Rito O- I Want to Learn to Speak Hawaiian/ Sweet & Slow EE+

207. Br 7507- Ted Fio Rito O- Roll Along Prairie Moon/ Kalua Lullaby E/E-

208. Br 7512- Frances Langford w/ O- I Feel a Song Comin' On/ Then You've Never Been Blue E+

209. Br 7516- Don Bestor O- On a Sunday Afternoon/ You Are My Lucky Star EE-

210. Br 7602- Jack Shilkret O- A Little Rendezvous In Honolulu/ Misty Islands of the Highlands V+

211. Br 7631- Freddy Martin O- You/ It's Been So Long E few lt scrs

212. Br 7637- Russ Morgan O- The Hills of Old Wyomin'/ It's a Sin to Tell a Lie E+

213. Br 7641- Russ Morgan O- You Started Me Dreaming/ Dont Say a Word- Just Dance EE+

214. Br 7656- Hudson-De Lange O- You're Not the Kind/ Organ Grinder's Swing E+N-

215. Br 7698- Art Shaw O- No Regrets/ I Used to be Above Love EE+

216. Br 7704- Russ Morgan O- Wabash Blues/ Linger Ahile/ Stumbling E

217. Br 7705- Bill Robinson- Just a Crazy Song/ Keep a Song In Your Soul VV+

218. Br 7733- Jimmie Grier O- Lost In My Dreams/ How'm I Doin' With You V-

219. Br 7735- Artie Shaw O- Thou Swell/ Sugar Foot Stomp EE+

220. Br 7752- Duke Ellington O- Trumpet In Spades/ Yearning For Love E-

221. Br 7798- Leo Reisman O- You Were There/ Play, Orchestra, Play E

222. Br 7828- Hudson- De Lange O- Love Song of a Half Wit 1/2 EE+

223. Br 7829- Dorothy Lamour- Panamania/ Moonlight & Shadows VV+

224. Br 7858- Bunny Berigan O- Let's Do It/ Dixieland Shuffle E+N-

225. Br 7888- Russ Morgan O- The Merry Go Round Broke Down/ Toodle-Oo V+

226. Br 7893- Teddy Wilson O- How Am I To Know?/ I'm Coming Virginia V+

227. Br 7943- Teddy Wilson O- Coquette/ The Hour of Parting E+/EE+

228. Br 7969- Jan Garber O- Rosalie/ If I Can Count On You E-

229. Br 7990- Duke Ellington- Sophisticated Lady/ In a Sentimental Mood// Mood Indigo/ Solitude E scr B nap

230. Br 8033- Jan Garber O- Outside of Paradise/ A Sweet Irish Sweetheart of MIne E

231. Br 8081- Hudson-De Lange O- Mr. Sweeney's Learned to Swing/ At Your Beck & Call E

232. Br 8083- Duke Ellington O- Riding On a Blue Note/ Lost in Meditation EE+

233. Br 8088- Red Norvo O- Please Be Kind/ The Week End of a Private Secretary E+

234. Br 8103- Red Norvo O- Tea Time/ Jeannine EE+

235. Br 8105- Toots Mondello O- I'll See You In My Dreams/ At Sundown E

236. Br 8155- Eddy Duchin O- Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea/ Ol Man Mose E+/EE+ grey on B side does not sound due to West Coast laminated pressing

237. Br 8170- Kay Kyser O- Simple & Sweet/ I'm Gonna Lock My Heart E+

238. Br 8181- Kay Kyser O- Dont Let That Moon Get Away/ I've Got a Pocketful of Dreams E+

239. Br 8193- Kay Kyser O- Dont Cross U'r Fingers, Cross U'r Heart/ Love Is Where You Find It EE+

240. Br 8202- Red Norvo O- Garden of the Moon/ Jump Jump's Here V+ Mildred Bailey vocs

241. Br 8221- Duke Ellington O- A Blues Serenade/ Hip Chic EE+

242. Br 8224- Eddy Duchin O- How Can We Be Wrong?/ My Reverie E+

243. Br 8230- Red Norvo O- This Is Madness/ Who Blew Out the Flame? E+ Mildred Bailey vocs

244. Br 8236- Red Norvo Quartet- In a Mist/ Dance of the Octopus NN- looks unplayed

245. Br 8240- Red Norvo O- Just You, Just Me/ You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby E+N-

246. Br 8272- Walter Huston- September Song/ The Scars VV+

247. Br 8288- Red Norvo O- Undecided/ Thanks For Ev'rything E+

248. Br 8295- Kay Kyser O- All God's Chillun Got Rhythm/ Mighty Lak a Rose EE+

249. Br 8307- Alec Wilder Octet- A Little Girl Grows Up/ Concerning Etchings E+

250. Br 8332- Sidney Phillips O- Hullabaloo/ Voodoo E+

251. Br 8344- Clarence Profit Trio- There'll Be Some Changes Made/ Tea For Two E-

252. Br 8349- Jack Marshand O- Snug As a Bug In a Rug/ I Never Knew Heaven Could Speak E+

253. Br 8386- Eddy Duchin O- London Bridge Is Falling Down/ Norwegian Dance E

254. Br 8391- Eddy Duchin O- The Song of the Metronome/ When Winter Comes E+

255. Br 8441- Horace Heidt O- Over the Rainbow/ Address Unknown EE+/E+

256. Br 8477- Jack Marshand O- S' Wonderful/ In the Still of the Night E-

257. Br 41198- Luis Yance guitar solo- Fandanguillo/ Granadinas looks V, plays E- NICE

258. Br 55088- Sol Hoopii Novelty Five- Hula Breeze/ To You Sweetheart Aloha EE- lt lam nap


259. Co 14278-F- A Sigismondi- Amore Vecchie e Amore Nove/ Lu Carre Nove E-/ EE- Abruzzese

260. Co A 1246- Collins & Harlan- When the Midnight Choo Choo Leaves For Alabam/ Oh You Little Bear EE-

261. Co A 1321- Bert Williams- I Certainly Was Going Some/ Woodman Spare That Tree E

262. Co A 1504- Bert Williams- The Darktown Poker Club/ You Cant Get Away From It EE- lam nap

263. Co A 1594- Van Eps Banjo O- Some Baby/ Sans Souci E

264. Co A 1861- Palie K. Lua & David K. Kaili- Honolulu Rag/ Kaiwi Wz E

265. Co A 2363- Borbee's Jazz O- Paddle-Addle/ The Ragtime Volunteers Are Off to War V+E-

266. Co A 2370- Earl Fuller Rector Novelty O- Pork & Beans/ Prince's Band- Mr Jazz Himself V-

267. Co A 2548- Wilbur C. Sweatman's Original Jazz Band- Regretful Blues/ Ev'rybody's Crazy Bout the Doggone Blues But I'm Happy E+

268. Co A 2578- Earl Fuller O- Smiles/ The Missouri Wz E

269. Co A 2596- Wilbur Sweatman's Original Jazz Band- Goodbye Alexander/ The Darktown Strutters' Ball E+

270. Co A 2614- Louise, Ferera & Greenus- Funiculi, Funicula/ Maria, Maria VV+ Hawaiian

271. Co A 2663- Wilbur Sweatman's Original Jazz Band- Dallas Blues/ Has Anybody Seen My Corinne EE-/V+E-

272. Co A 2682- Wilbur Sweatman's Original Jazz Band- Bluin' the Blues/ Ringtail Blues E-

273. Co A 2707- Wilbur Sweatman's Original Jazz Band- Ja Da/ Rainy Day Blues E+N-

274. Co A 2750- Bert Williams- Everybody Wants a Key to My Cellar/ Its Nobodys Business But My Own EE-

275. Co A 2768- Wilbur Sweatman's Orig Jazz Band- Kansas City Blues/ The Alcoholic Blues E+

276. Co A 2818- Wilbur Sweatman's Original Jazz Band- I Aint Gonna Give Nobody None O' This Jelly Roll/ Hello Hello E-

277. Co A 2825- Columbia Band- Lassus Trombone(De Cullud Valet to Miss Trombone)/ Miss Trombone E+

278. Co A 3305- Bert Williams- I Want to Know Where Tosti Went/ Get Up V

279. Co A 3339- Bert Williams- Eve Cost Adam Just One Bone/ Benny Davis- You'll Never Need a Doctor No More E+ sticker on lbl B

280. Co A 3356- Bert Williams- My Last Dollar/ I'm Gonna Quit Saturday E+

281. Co A 3589- Bert Williams- Not Lately/ You Cant Trust Nobody E few lt scrs

282. Co 510- Harry Reser's Syncopators- Fond of You/ It Must Be Love V-

283. Co 524- The Little Ramblers- In Your Green Hat/ I Love My Baby VV+

284. Co 525- W.C. Polla O- Lucky Boy/ A Little Bungalow E

285. Co 656- Warner's 7 Aces- So Is Your Old Lady/ Wanna Go Back Again Blues E-/V

286. Co 680- Ipana Troubadours- Step On the Blues/ Kitty's Kisses E

287. Co 694- Paul Ash O- Her Beaus Are Only Rainbows/ Looking At the World Thru Rose Colored Glasses E+ depsite grey...has lightly aud scr B

288. Co 696- Ipana Troubadours- Why Do You Want to Know Why?/ Baby Face E-

289. Co 697- Ted Lewis O(silver lbl)- The New St Louis Blues/ My Mama's In Town E-

290. Co 701- Leo Reisman O- The Birth of the Blues/ Here I Am EE-

291. Co 702- Lacalle Spanish Band- Plus Ultra/ Valencia E-/V

292. Co 704- California Ramblers- She Belongs to Me/ Me Too VV+

293. Co 706- Fred Rich O- On the Riviera/ Barcelona EE-

294. Co 795- Cliquot Club Eskimos- Hello Bluebird/ Some Day V+

295. Co 803- Harry Reser's Syncopators- Fire!/ We'll Have a Kingdom E

296. Co 827- Ruth Etting- Just a Bird's Eye View/ Thinking of You V-

297. Co 844- Ted Lewis O- Wistful & Blue/ If You See Sally V

298. Co 912- Cliquot Club Eskimos- Look At the World & Smile/ You & I Love You & Me E+

299. Co 928- Cole Mc Elroy Spanish Ball Room Band- Destiny/ My Co-Ed V-

300. Co 934- Earl Burtnett Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel O- If I Hadn't You/ Doll Dance E+

301. Co 979- Ruth Etting- Wherever You Go Whatever You Do/ Dew Dew Dewy Day E- scrs A

302. Co 1188- Ipana Troubadours- Dream Kisses/ Ben Selvin O- Among My Souvenirs V

303. Co 1304- Aunt Jemima- Cant Help Lovin' Dat Man/ Goodrich Silvertown 4- Ol Man River V+ (sm dig B)some lams and lt scrs, sd litely....plays solid V+

304. Co 1322- Cliquot Club Eskimos- Humoreskimo/ Wings V

305. Co 1337- Ben Selvin O- In My Bouquet of Memories/ Ramona E-

306. Co 1408- Emerson Gill Bamboo O- Ready For the River/ Charles Kaley O- My Blue Ridge Mountain Home V

307. Co 1493- James Melton- Neapolitan Nights/ My Angel VV+

308. Co 1573- Ted Lewis O- Shim Me Sha Wabble/ Clarinet Marmalade EE+

309. Co 1575- Ben Selvin O- Someday Somewhere/ Out of the Tempest N-/E+

310. Co 1578- Ukulele Ike- Just a Sweetheart/ Roses of Yesterday E+ scf nap/ N-

311. Co 1596- The Knickerbockers- Doin' the Raccoon/ Happy Days & Lonely Nights VV-

312. Co 1617- Ben Selvin O- If You Want the Rainbow/ I'm Sorry Sally E+

313. Co 1728- Andrew Aiona's Novelty 4- Hula Girl/ Keko V+E-.. more jazz than Hawaiian on these Los Angeles sides!

314. Co 1741- Brownagle O- Helen/ A Night of Memories E+ lt scr B nap. solo A

315. Co 1773- Bing Crosby- My Kinda Love/ Till We Meet E small scry spot A sds 20 sec

316. Co 1778- Fred Rich O- Yours Sincerely/ I Kiss Your Hand Madame EE+

317. Co 1779- Ipana Troubadours- Wake Up Chill'un, Wake Up/ Old Fashioned Lady E

318. Co 1782- Guy Lombardo O- I'm Still Caring/ Love Me Or Leave Me EE-

319. Co 1830- Ruth Etting- I'm Walkin' Around In a Dream/ The One In the World E+

320. Co 1831- Ben Selvin O- I'm Just a Vagabond Lover/ The One In the World E-V+

321. Co 1833- Ted Wallace Campus Boys- Jericho/ I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling V Ballew vox

322. Co 1850- The Seven Hot Air Men- Low Down Rhythm/ Gotta Feelin For You VV+

323. Co 1851- Bing Crosby- Baby- Oh Where Can You Be?/ I Kiss Your Hand Madame V clx B

324. Co 1854- Ted Lewis O- Maybe- Who Knows?/ I'm Waltzin' Around In a Dream E-

325. Co 1860- Clayton, Jackson, & Durante- Can Broadway Do Without Me/ So I Ups to Him E-/EE-

326. Co 1861- Mason-Dixon O- Alabammy Snow/ What a Day! E+..great sides..basically a mini Whiteman Orch with Trumbauer, Margulies, etc

327. Co 1862- Paul Whiteman O- S'posin'/ Laughing Marionette EE+

328. Co 1866- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- He's a Good Man to Have Around/ I'm Doing What I'm Doing For Love V+

329. Co 1867- Guy Lombardo O- Here We Are/ This Is Heaven E+

330. Co 1908- Ted Wallace Campus Boys- Sweetness/ The Moonlight March VV+ Smith Ballew vox

331. Co 1925- The Charleston Chasers- Red Hair & Freckles/ Lovable & Sweet E

332. Co 2124- Moana Orch- For You a Lei/ My Hawaiian Souvenir E

333. Co 2132- Fred Rich O- Strike Up the Band/ Send For Me E+

334. Co 2152- Moana Orch- My Hawaiian Isles/ Dreamy Hula Town EE+/E

335. Co 2183- Charles(Buddy) Rogers- My Future Just Passed/ A Bee In Your Boudoir E+/E

336. Co 2254- Ted Wallace Campus Boys- Hittin' the Bottle/ Little White Lies V

337. Co 2276- Guy Lombardo O- Go Home & Tell Your Mother/ I'm Doin' That Thing E+

338. Co 2292- Bert Lown O- Maybe Its Love/ I'll Be Blue Just Thinking of You E-

339. Co 2344- Mickie Alpert O- We're Friends Again/ Hurt EE+

340. Co 2365- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- The Little Things In Life/ Tears EE+ rc close may clx lite 2gvs A, lt scrs B nap

341. Co 2367- Ben Selvin O- On a Little Balcony In Spain/ Lady Play Your Mandolin VV+

342. Co 2377- Ruth Etting- Reaching For the Moon/ Overnight V

343. Co 2388- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- Blue Again/ I'm One of God's Children N- BG etc

344. Co 2400- Ben Selvin O- Love For Sale/ 99 Out of 100 Want to Be Loved..looks E-, plays about E...BG etc

345. Co 2402- Ted Wallace Campus Boys- I Want You For Myself/ Its a Lonesome Old Town EE-+

346. Co 2403- Mickie Alpert O- Sing Song Girl/ I Surrender Dear looks VV+, plays strong E- BG etc

347. Co 2409- Ethel Waters- Please Dont Talk About Me When I'm Gone/ When Your Lover Has Gone VV+

348. Co 2421- Ben Selvin O- Smile Darnya Smile/ The One Man Band looks V, plays V+E-/EE- Benny Goodman aplenty on this one!

349. Co 2426- Ben Selvin O- Learn to Croon/ You Said It Looks V-, plays VV+

350. Co 2435- Helen Rowland & Paul Small- You'll Be Mine In Apple Blossom Time/ The Rondoliers- Chidlins E-/V+..BG B..very nice A

351. Co 2452- Ted Lewis O- One More Time/ Ho Hum looks E, plays E+ great BG, etc

352. Co 2463- Ben Selvin O- Now You're In My Arms/ Poor Kid looks E-, plays E..Helen Rowland A

353. Co 2473- Ben Selvin O- Dancing In the Dark (tk 2)/ High & Low (tk 2) looks V plays V+

354. Co 2473- Ben Selvin O- Dancing In the Dark (tk 2)/ High & Low (tk 3) looks E-, plays E with Benny Goodman and the gang

355. Co 2481- Ethel Waters- Without That Gal/ You Cant Stop Me From Lovin You VV+/V+

356. Co 2545- Honolulu Honeys- Blue Kentucky Moon/ The Kiss That You've Forgotten EE+/EE- few scrs A

357. Co 2569- California Ramblers- Concentratin'(on you)/ When I Wore My Daddy's Brown Derby E+

358. Co 2847(BLUE WAX)- Emil Coleman O- You're Devistating/ I'll Be Hard to Handle E rcnap

359. Co 2892(BLUE WAX)- Benny Goodman O- Junk Man/ Ol' Pappy G-

360. Co 3054(BLUE WAX)- Andy Iona Islanders- Samoan Love Song/ An Island Melody E

361. Co 3057(BLUE WAX)- Andy Iona Islanders- Hawaiian Paradise/ My Rose of Waikiki E+

362. Co 3089(BLUE WAX)- Andy Iona Islanders- Hawaiian Hospitality/ Drinking Songs of Hawaii E+

363. Co 14214- Ethel Waters- Take Your Black Bottom Outside/ Weary Feet V

364. Co 14217- Rev WM Mosley- Drinking Shine/ I've Been Redeemed VV+

365. Co 14228- Golden Echo Quartet- Good News- The Chariot's Coming/ Golden Slippers NN-

366. Co 40000- Lloyd K Hillman's 1640 Boys, Tommy Monroe & Bob Allen- I Gotta Misery/ Never Again V+ lams B...odd series from late 20s

367. Co 309-M- Carroll Gibbons and Boy Friends- CG Looks Back N- lam A nap

368. Co 35273- Enric Madriguera O- The Saddest Man In Town/ Vereda Tropical EE+

369. Co 35291- Duke Ellington O- Lady In Blue/ Little Posey E+

370. Co 35294- Andy Iona O- Tropic Memories/ Homesick For the Islands EE+ scarce single issue, not from set

371. Co unissued test mx H-548- Gene Krupa O- Bolero at the Savoy E+. beautiful sound on this vinyl test. Label states H 548 which would be unissued, but as there is no mx pressed into the vinyl, I can't be sure...I believe it to be the unissued take from 10/14/41

372. Co 35363- Raymond Scott O- Huckleberry Duck/ Just a Gigolo E

373. Co 35364- Raymond Scott O- Business Men's Bounce/ The Peanut Vendor E/EE-

374. Co 35369- Eddy Duchin O- I Happen to Be In Love/ I Concentrate On You V+

375. Co 35447- Fabian Andre O- The Man Who Came to Rhumba/ Wz Night at the Savoy EE+

376. Co 35453- Jimmie Lunceford O- I Wanna Hear Swing Songs/ Sonata By L Van Beethoven EE+

377. Co 35482- Benny Goodman Sextet- Boy Meets Goy/ I Surrender Dear E

378. Co 35547- Jimmie Lunceford O- Bugs Parade/ Chopin's Prelude #7 E+

379. Co 35548- Doris Rhodes w/ Joe Sullivan O- Lorelei/ My Melancholy Baby EE-

380. Co 35556- Duke Ellington O- Sophisticated Lady/ Stormy Weather E+ 1930s master press

381. Co 35567- Jimmie Lunceford O- I Aint Gonna Study War No More/ Monotony In Four Flats E+

382. Co 35575- Horace Heidt O- Columbia the Gem of the Ocean/ America, the Beautiful E+

383. Co 35637- Horace Heidt O- God Bless America/ Stars & Stripes Forever EE+

384. Co 35643- Horace Heidt O- Yankee Doodle Boy/ I Am An American E+

385. Co 35648- Alec Wilder Octet- Seldom the Sun/ The Children Met the Train EE+ label has store sticker from 734 Washington Street in Hoboken (now a Post Office)

386. Co 35681- Johnny Dodds Chicago Footwarmers- Get Em Again Blues/ Brush Stomp E scarce stand alone issue-not from set- 1928 OKeh masters used

387. Co 35684- Ted Lewis O- Royal Garden Blues/ Dallas Blues E+ scarce stand alone issue-not from set- 1931 Columbia masters used

388. Co 35699- Orrin Tucker O- Take Care/ I Know Somebody Who Loves You E+

389. Co 35702- Eddy Duchin O- I'm Home Again/ Practice Makes Perfect E

390. Co 35724- Eddy Duchin O- The Same Old Story/ Our Love Affair EE+

391. Co 35735- Eddy Duchin O- A Song of Old Hawaii/ Whatever Happened to You EE+

392. Co 35744- Orrin Tucker O- You've Got What It Takes/ Dancing On a Dime E+

393. Co 35746- Horace Heidt O- I Just Wanna Play With You/ Goodnight Mother E+

394. Co 35773- Raymond Scott O- I Don't Want to Cry Any More/ Half Way Down the Street E+

395. Co 35788- Joe Gumin O- Jingle Bells/ I'll Think of You E 1931 Columbia master press

396. Co 35792- Orrin Tucker O- L'il Abner/ You're Nearer E+

397. Co 36108- Duke Ellington O- I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart The Gal From Joe's E Master's

398. Co 36109- Benny Goodman O- Bugle Call Rag/ The Dixieland Band EE+ 1934 master press

399. Co 36114- Duke Ellington O- Reminiscing In Tempo 1/2 E mid 30s master press

400. Co 36115- Duke Ellington O- Reminiscing In Tempo 3/4 E+ mid 30s master press

401. Co 36120- Duke Ellington O- Azure/ Caravan E+N- 1937 Master label master pressing

402. Co 36311- Raymond Scott Quintet- Powerhouse/ The Toy Trumpet E+N-

403. Co 36678- Frank Sinatra- Close to You/ You'll Never Know E

404. Co 36737- Teddy Wilson O- Out of Nowhere/ You're My Favorite Memory EE+

405. Co 36774- Frank Sinatra- I Begged Her/ What Makes the Sunset? EE+

406. Co 36808- Xavier Cugat O- Adios Africa/ Enlloro E

407. Co 36813- Benny Goodman O- Gotta Be This Or That 1/2 EE+

408. Co 36820- Frank Sinatra- Homesick-That's All/ A Friend of Yours EE+/E

409. Co 36902- Xavier Cugat O- Walter Winchell Rhumba/ Oya Negra E+

410. Co 36905- Frank Sinatra- Oh What Is Seemed to Be/ Day By Day E-

411. Co 37292- Kay Kyser O w/ Jane Russell- As Long As I Live/ Possum Song E+N- (no Jane B)

412. Co 37338- Kay Kyser O w/ Jane Russell- Boin-n-n-ng/ If My Heart Had a Window E+ (no Jane B)

413. Co 37925- Kay Kyser O- It Happened In Hawaii/ Pushin' Sand E+

414. Co 37967- Ray Noble w/ Buddy Clark- Those Things Money Can't Buy/ I'll Dance At Your Wedding E+

415. Co 38049- Kay Kyser O- Saturday Date/ The First Time I Kissed You EE+

416. Co 38051- Buddy Clark w/ O- Pianissimo/ You're Too Dangerous Cherie N-

417. Co 38135(promo)- Xavier Cugat O with Buddy Clark- Its Easy When You Know How/ Xavier Cugat O- It Began In Havana N-

418. Co 38153- Buddy Clark- Talkin To Myself About You/ Spring In December EE+/E

419. Co 38157(promo)- Kay Kyser O- Cincinnatti/ My Fair Lady N-

420. Co 38169- Kay Kyser O- Evelyn/ Bride & Groom Polka E+

421. Co 38197- Kay Kyser O- Woody Wood-pecker/ When Veronica Plays the Harmonica V+

422. Co 38202- Kay Kyser O- Little Girl/ Takin' Miss Mary to the Ball E+N-

423. Co 38262(promo)- Kay Kyser O- Too Much a Manana/ Ring, Telephone, Ring N-

424. Co 38263- Buddy Clark- I'd Rather Be Wrong Than Sorry/ The Night Has a Thousand Eyes EE+

425. Co 38364- Buddy Clark- Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes/ One Sunday Afternoon E

426. Co 38374- Kay Kyser O- The Little Old Lady of Threadneedle Street/ It Only Happens Once E+

427. Co 38639(promo)- Ray Noble O- You're Always There/ Melissa E+

428. Co 38658(promo)- Ray Noble O- Its Delightful Down In Chile/ Come Dance With Me E+N-

429. Co 38774- Jimmy Dorsey O- Kiss Me/ Sweet Georgia Brown E+N-

430. Co 39079(promo)- Frank Sinatra- You Don't Remind Me/ I Am Loved N-

431. Co 39115(promo)- Mary Martin & her son Larry(Hagman)- Get Out Those Old Records/ You're Just In Love E+

432. Co 39138(promo)- Jimmy Dorsey O- Lily of the Valley/ By Heck E+

433. Co 39195(promo)- Ray Noble O- Vampin'/ The Sheik of Araby N-

434. Co 39428(promo)- Duke Ellington O- Fancy Dan/ The Hawk Talks N-

435. Co 39692(promo)- Louis Prima O- Ooh-Dahdily-Dah/ Basta E+

436. Co 39712- Duke Ellington- Blues At Sundown/ Bensonality E+N-

437. Co 39735(promo)- Louis Prima O- Boney Bones/ The Bigger the Figure E+

438. Co 44281/4(promo)- Eddie Heywood w/ rhy- Without a Song/ A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody E+

439. Co 27-G(promo)- Mary Martin- My Girl Back Home/ Lonliness of Evening E+

440. Co 53-G(promo)- Amos 'N Andy- The Lord's Prayer/ Jeff Alexander Choir- Little Bitty Baby E+


441. De 5129- Milton Brown Brownies- Black & White Rag/ In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree EE-

442. De 5149- Milton Brown Brownies- I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You/ Taking Off V/V+..good Western Swing

443. De 5152- Louisiana Ramblers- Underneath the Lousiana Moon/ Miss Vandy (dedicated to the Co-Eds of Vanderbilt University) E....very nice dance band sides- NOT Western as is usual in the 5000 series

444. De 7299- Harlem Hamfats- Hallelujah Joe Aint Preachin No More/ Whats My Baby Doin' G-

445. De 7382- Harlem Hamfats- You Got the Devil to Pay/ Tempo De Bucket E/V

446. De 7515- Rosetta Howard & Harlem Hamfats- It Will Never Happen Again/ Trading Old Love For New VV+/E

447. De 7530- Harlem Hamfats- I Believe I'll Make a Change/ I'm In So Much Trouble Now EE+

448. De 7616- Harlem Stompers- Jammin' In Georgia/ Serenade to a Jitterbug E-

449. De 7621- Jack Sneed Sneezers- Paul Revere/ Ole Chris V/V+E-

450. De 7650- Ikey Robinson 5- "A" Minor Stomp/ Sunshine E+

451. De 7719- Louis Jordan Tympany 5- Jake What a Snake/ You're My Meat E

452. De 7728- Snub Mosely O- The Little Man With the Funny Little Horn/ Swinging With Mose V

453. De 7798- Peetie Wheatstraw- Jaybird Blues/ Cuttin' 'Em Slow V-

454. De 7863- Jewel Paige Brown Brownies- Give It Up/ I Aint Gonna Give Nobody...Jelly Roll VV+

455. De 8559- Jay Mc Shann O- Hootie Blues/ Jay Mc Shann p- Confessin the Blues V+ Charlie Parker's first recording session A

456. De 115- Dorsey Bros O- I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You/ Long May We Love E

457. De 117- Dorsey Bros O- Dr. Heckle & Mr. Jibe/ Annie's Cousin Fannie E-V+ flat lbl

458. De 118- Dorsey Bros O- Basin Street Blues/ By Heck E+

459. De 207- Dorsey Bros O- Dont Let It Bother You/ The Breeze E-

460. De 220- Isham Jones O- You're OK/ When You Climb Those Golden Stairs EE+

461. De 239- Ted Lewis O- Pop Goes Your Heart/ Happiness Ahead E

462. De 258- Dorsey Bros O- Earful of Music/ Your Head On My Shoulder VV+

463. De 270- Claude Hopkins O- Walkin' the Dog/ Sweetheart O' Mine VV+/E-

464. De 273- Vee Lawnhurst & the Cavaliers- Just Tell Them That You Saw Me/ A Bird In a Gilded Cage E-

465. De 291- Dorsey Bros O- Dream Man/ Hands Across the Table EE+ flat lbl

466. De 296- Dorsey Bros O- Honeysuckle Rose 1/2 E+ flat lbl

467. De 297- Dorsey Bros O- Missouri Misery/ Sandman VV+/E-

468. De 318- Dorsey Bros O- Anything Goes/ All Through the Night V+

469. De 342- Fletcher Henderson O- Wild Party/ Rug Cutter's Swing E light wear

470. De 369- Jimmie Lunceford- Star Dust/ Rhythm Is Our Business E+

471. De 464- New Orleans Rhythm Kings- Sensation/ Bluin' the Blues E

472. De 483- Chick Webb O- Don't Be That Way/ Its Over Because We're Through E-/V+

473. De 493- Isham Jones O- Black Magic/ The Blue Room EE-

474. De 521- Red Mc Kenzie Rhythm Kings- Double Trouble/ That's What You Think E+

475. De 529- Alfred Piccaver- Trees/ The Song of Songs E+

476. De 533- Ray Kinney w/ Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- Across the Sea/ For You a Lei E+

477. De 538- Orville Knapp O- I Want to Learn to Speak Hawaiian/ Why Stars Come Out at Night N-

478. De 554- Orville Knapp O- The Girl I Left Behind Me/ Accent On Youth EE-

479. De 555- Fletcher Henderson O- Liza/ Hotter Than 'Ell E

480. De 561- Dorsey Bros O- Dipper Mouth/ The Gentleman Obviously Doesn't Believe E+

481. De 563- Jose Ramos Tango O- Donde Estas Corazon/ A Media Luz V-

482. De 570- Jimmy Dorsey O- When Love Comes Your Way/ Me & Marie E

483. De 596- Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians-Naughty Hula Eyes/ They're All Good Hawaiian Names V+/V

484. De 610- Isham Jones O- Darling/ Dont Mention Love to Me EE+ few lt pops

485. De 654- Earl Hines O- Julia/ Japanese Sandman E+

486. De 662- Isham Jones O- Panama/ Rock Your Blues Away EE+ lbl tear B

487. De 669- Joe Venuti Blue 4- Vibraphonia #2/ Send Me E+

488. De 747- Connie Boswell Swing Band- The Panic Is On/ Mama Don't Allow It EE+

489. De 842- Victor Young O- On a Cocoanut Island/ If I Had My Way E+

490. De 855- Ray Kinney w/ Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- Moku Kia Kahi/ Do the Hula VV+

491. De 856- Ray Kinney w/ Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians-Uheuhene/ If Your Aloha Means I Love You V/E

492. De 868- Jan Garber O- Hickory Dickory Dock/ Without the Shadow of a Doubt EE+/E+

493. De 869- Glen Gray O- Bugle Call Rag/ Rose of the Rio Grande E-

494. De 886- Bing Crosby w/ Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- Hawaiian Paradise/ South Sea Island Magic E+

495. De 897- Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- Hawaiian Memories/ Ray Kinney w/ Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- Pulupe E-/EE+

496. De 933- Vi Bradley- Bye Bye Baby/ I Take to You VV+

497. De 941- Jimmy Dorsey O- Dont Look Now/ The Parade of the Milk Bottle Caps EE+

498. De 952- Joe Sanders O- You're Slightly Terrific/ You Do the Darndest Things Baby EE+

499. De 953- Joe Daniels Hot Shots- St Louis Blues/ Sweet Sue EE-

500. De 1109- Clyde Mc Coy O- The Goona Goo/ When You're Smiling E

501. De 1116- Mal Hallett O- One In a Million/ Who's Afraid of Love? E/E+

502. De 1137- Ray Kinney w/ Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- It Happened At Waialae/ Honolulu Honeymoon EE+/E

503. De 1268- Lennie Hayton O- The Lady Who Couldn't Be Kissed/ Night Over Shanghai E

504. De 1272- Lil Armstrong Swing O- I'm Knockin At the Cabin Door/ Sit Down Strike For Rhythm E+

505. De 1301- Bing Crosby- Peckin'/ Jimmy Dorsey O- Just Lately EE-

506. De 1676- Johnny Dodds Chicago 5- Stack O' Lee Blues/ Melancholy E

507. De 1717- Will Osborne O- Singin' the Blues/ Buzz Mirandy E+

508. De 1840- Chick Webb O- A Tisket a Tasket/ Liza E/E+

509. De 2049- Andy Iona Islanders- Indebted To You/ Carefree EE+

510. De 2185- Andy Iona Islanders- I'm Getting Sentimental Over You/ Falling In Love With You EE+

511. De 2231- Chick Webb O- Gotta Pebble In My Shoe/ Who Ya Hunchin' E/EE+ sticker on lbl

512. De 2236- Paradise Island Trio- I Love You/ Love, Here Is My Heart EE-/EE+

513. De 2239- The Three Peppers- Fuzzy Wuzzy/ Down By the Old Mill Stream EE-

514. De 2285- Mills Brothers- Sweet Adeline/ You Tell Me Your Dream E-

515. De 2441- Mills Brothers- Sweet Sue/ Goodbye Blues E

516. De 2448- Bing Crosby- If I Had My Way/ Whistling In the Wildwood EE-/E

517. De 2529- Jack Sneed Sneezers- Sissy In the Barn/ Jamaica Mama V-

518. De 2574- Harry Owens Royal Hawaiian Hotel O- Tomai Ho Eu Eu/ Heeia E

519. De 2599- Mills Brothers- Side Kick Joe/ Way Down Home EE+

520. De 2653- Bert Shefter O- A Toast to Paganini's Ghost/ Wig Wag EE+

521. De 2656- Rudy Vallee- I Want My Mama/ Its Way Past My Dreaming Time E+

522. De 2657- Bob Crosby O- Over the Rainbow/ You & Your Love E

523. De 2743- Ambrose O- Hullabaloo/ The Penguin EE+/E+

524. De 2765- Dick Robertson O- What Good Will It Do/ Baby Me E+

525. De 2804- Mills Brothers- Asleep in the Deep/ Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland EE-

526. De 2810- Jimmy Dorsey O- My Prayer/ You're the Greatest Discovery E+

527. De 2929- Roy Smeck Serenaders- Carelsss/ On a Little Street in Singapore E pot rcnap

528. De 2998- Bing Crosby- The Moon & the Willow Tree/ Too Romantic E

529. De 3030- Russ Morgan O- How High the Moon/ You Gorgeous Dancing Doll EE-/E

530. De 3035- Roy Smeck Serenaders- When You Wish Upon a Star/ On the Isle of May E

531. De 3175- Tony Martin- You're Lonely & I'm Lonely/ Fools Fall In Love EE-

532. De 3234- Teddy Powell O- Feather Merchant's Ball/ Teddy Bear Boogie EE+/E

533. De 4099- Lucky Millinder O- How About That Mess/ Let Me Off Uptown E+/EE+

534. De 4175- Gene Austin- Forgive Me/ If I Could Be With You E-

535. De 23451- Jimmie Lunceford O w/ Delta Rhy Boys- The Honeydripper/ Baby Are U Kiddin E+

536. De 23469- Bing Crosby w/ J Dorsey O- Its the Talk of the Town/ Give Me the Simple Life E+

537. De 23482- Bing Crosby- Mighty Lak a Rose/ The Sweetest Story Ever Told E+

538. De 23661- Bing Crosby- Pretending/ Gotta Get Me Somebody to Love EE-

539. De 23681- Bing Crosby & Dixie Lee Crosby- A Fine Romance/ The Way You Look Tonight E

540. De 23885- Bing Crosby & Andrews Sisters- Go West Young Man/ Talahassee E+

541. De 24560(promo)- Andrews Sisters- Underneath the Linden Tree/ Patty Andrews- Bob Crosby- You Was E+N-...brown/red vinyl

542. De 24752(promo)- Louis Armstrong- That Lucky Old Sun/ Blueberry Hill E+

543. De 24944(promo)- Ray Bolger & Ethel Merman- Its So Nice to Have a Man Around the House/ If I Knew You We're Comin' I'd 've Baked a Cake E+

544. De 24958(promo)- Ella Fitzgerald w/ O- Solid As a Rock/ Sugarfoot Rag E+

545. De 25281- Bing Crosby- I'm Waiting For Ships That Never Come/ When Day Is Done E+ rcnap

546. De 25285- Bing Crosby- Star Dust/ Deep Purple E+ rcnap

547. De 25399- Bing Crosby- Pale Moon/ Dolores EE+

548. De 25462(promo)- Mildred Bailey- All Too Soon/ Ev'rything Depends On You N-

549. De 27173(promo)- Bing Crosby & Andrews Sisters- High On the List/ Life Is So Perculiar E+

550. De 27934- Bing Crosby- The Isle of Innisfree/ At Last! At Last! E+

551. De 27951(promo)- Bing Crosby- Granada/ Copacabana E+N-

552. De 28513(promo)- Bing Crosby & Bob Hope- The Road to Bali/ Chicago Style E+/EE+

553. De 28238(promo)- Bing Crosby & Peggy Lee- Watermelon Weather/

The Moon Came Up With a Great Idea Last Night EE+

554. De 28515(promo)- Bing Crosby- To See You/ Moonflowers E+

555. De 28610(promo)- Bing Crosby- Ohio/ A Quiet Girl E+N-

556. De 28680(promo)- Andrews Sisters- Now That I'm In Love/ Fugue For Tinhorns E+

557. De 28616(promo)- Donald O' Connor- Love Is In the Air/ The Biggest Bloomin' Bumbershoot In the World E+

558. De 28773(promo)- Andrews Sisters- Tegucigalpa/ You Too, You Too? E+

559. De 29015(promo)- Universal International O- Little Brown Jug/ A String of Pearls E+ edge mark sounds lightly about 20 sec..scarce issue from sound track of The Glenn Miller Story


560. Vi 5395- Arthur Pryor Band- "Darkies Spring Song" March VV+

561. Vi 5713- Arthur Pryor Band- Pickles & Peppers- Ragtime Two Step E-

562. Vi 45167- Olive Kline- Chinese Lullaby/ Baby Jim E int cr near lbl nap

563. Vi 45263- Fanny Brice- Second Hand Rose/ My Man E

564. Vi 45503- Fanny Brice- Oh, How I Hate That Fellow Nathan/ I'm An Indian E+

565. Vi 72824- Naum Coster w/ O- Die Alte Kashe/ Die M'sinke Oisgegeben// A Mame's Laide V

566. Vi 16607- Solomon Small w/ Jewish O- Schmendrixs Besezens/ Zu der chupe Vetsere V few clx, minor hlcs

567. Vi 17021- Arthur Pryor Band- Ramshackle Rag/ That Flying Rag E+

568. Vi 17477- Conway's Band- Dixieland/ Vic Military Band- To Have & To Hold EE-

569. Vi 17489- Victor Military Band- The Junk Man Rag/ On the Honeymoon Express VV+

570. Vi 17619- Victor Military Band- Rag-a-Muffin Rag/ The Memphis Blues E+N-

571. Vi 17884- Signor "Grinderino"- The Georgia Grind/ Its Tulip Time In Holland E-/VV+

572. Vi 18295- Peerless Quartet- Hong Kong/ Campbell- Burr- Lookout Mountain E+

573. Vi 18321- Earl Fuller Famous Jazz Band- Yah-de-dah/ Slippery Hank EE-/E

574. Vi 18342- Eddie Cantor- The Modern Maiden's Prayer/ Thats the Kind of a Baby For Me V+

575. Vi 18669- Frank Ferera- A Franchini- Wild Flower/ Hawaiian Trio- Alabama Moon E- rcnap

576. Vi 18689- Frank Ferera- A Franchini- Beautiful Hawaii/ Hawaiian Trio- Hawaiian Twilight EE-

577. Vi 18703- Aileen Stanley- Singin' the Blues/ I've Got the Blues for My Kentucky Home EE-

578 Vi 18712- Billy Murray- Oh Gee Say Gee You Ought to See My Gee Gee From the Fiji Isle/

Victor Roberts- My Home Town Is a One Horse Town But Its Big Enough For Me E+

579. Vi 18716- Frank Ferera- Anthony Franchini- Let the Rest of the World Go By/ Blue & White Marimba Band- My Isle of Golden Dreams E

580. Vi 18850- Original Dixieland Jazz Band- Bow Wow Blues/ Benson O- Railroad Blues NEW-

581. Vi 18973- Zez Confrey O- All Muddled Up/ True Blue Sam E

582. Vi 19052- The Original Memphis 5- Who's Sorry Now?/ Snakes Hips EE+

583. Vi 19170- The Original Memphis 5- Tin Roof Blues/ I've Got a Song For Sale E+

584. Vi 19385- Hilo Hawaiian O- Waikki Is Calling Me/ Moana Chimes EE+

585. Vi 19379- Vincent Rose Montmartre O- String Beans/ Art Hickman O- Mandalay EE+ West Coast pressing on these Oakland sides

586. Vi 19406- Henry Halstead O- Sweet Little You/ Art Hickman O- If I Stay Away Too Long From Carolina EE- both Oakland, Ca. recorded

587. Vi 19776- Kiriloff Russian Balalaika O- Polainka/ Odessa E

588. Vi 19920- Paul Whiteman O- Sweet & Low Down/ That Certain Feeling E

589. Vi 19924- Russo & Fiorito Oriole O- Somebody's Eyes/ I Wish't I Was In Peoria EE+

590. Vi 19960- Kiriloff Russian Balalaika O- Shining Moon/ Song of the Volga Boatmen E/EE-

591. Vi 20394- Ben Pollack O- When I First Met Mary/ George Olsen O- Thinking of You E

592. Vi 20928- Georgia Yellow Hammers- Going to Make a Rucus Tonight/ Mary, Dont You Weep E

593. Vi 21034- George Olsen O- I Feel At Home With You/ My Heart Stood Still E+

594. Vi 21037- Hilo Hawaiian O- Song of Hawaii/ Nat Shilkret O- Dainty Miss E

595. Vi 21211- Fanny Brice- Mrs. Cohen At the Beach 1/2 EE+

596. Vi 21240- Paul Whiteman O- Sunshine/ Back In Your Own Backyard EE-

597. Vi 21384- Edna Fischer piano solo- The Varsity Drag/ Rag Doll VV+

598. Vi 21647- Sam Ku West- steel guitar solo- Old Black Joe/ The Rosary VV-

599. Vi 21831- Eddie Cantor- Makin' Whoopee/ Hungry Woman V

600. Vi 21863- Helen Kane- I Want To Be Bad/ Button Up Your Overcoat VV+

601. Vi 21941- Ben Pollack O- Louise/ Wait Till You See "Ma Cherie" EE-

602. Vi 21993- Sophie Tucker w/ O- I'm Feathering a Nest/ I'm Doing What I'm Doing For Love E+

603. Vi 22079- Gloria Swanson- Serenade/ Love E

604. Vi 22201- Victor Novelty O- Ginger Snaps/ Danse Bagatelle E some very lt scrs

605. Vi 22234- Amos & Andy- The Dairy/ At the Bull Fight E

606. Vi 22293- Amos & Andy- I'se Regusted/ Check & Double Check EE+ lt scr B nap

607. Vi 22486- Warings Penns- Without Love/ So Beats My Heart For You E+

608. Vi 22548- Leroy Shield and the Victor Hollywood O- Sing Song Girl/ Song of the Big Trail EE- --great A side by the man responsible for much of the Our Gang and Laurel and Hardy background music/ B side sung by Bud Jamison who was in many a Three Stooges short---

609. Vi 22561- Gus Arnheim O- Fool Me Some More/ It Must Be True E-

610. Vi 22720- Snooks Memphis Ramblers- Dip Your Brush In the Sunshine/ Let a Little Pleasure Interfere With Business V+

611. Vi 22745- Novelty O- Puzzle Record part 1/2 E+ Al Bowlly sings

612. Vi 22755- Leo Reisman O- New Sun In the Sky/ I Love Louisa EE+/EE- Fred Astaire vocs

613. Vi 22910- Leo Reisman O- How Long Will It Last/ Arden-Ohman O- When We're Alone EE-

614. Vi 24058- Graham Prince Palais D'Or O- Let's Try Again/ Girl of My Dreams EE+

615. Vi 24132- Leo Reisman O- Riddle Me This/ How Do You Do It E+/E odd sleeve stain near lbl B nap

616. Vi 24142- Don Bestor O- Along Came Love/ My Darling E+

617. Vi 24148- Billy Banks O- It Dont Mean a Thing/ Oh You Sweet Thing V-/V

618. Vi 24156- Leo Reisman O- Brother Can You Spare a Dime/ Whistling For a Kiss EE+

619. Vi 24168- Waring's Penns- Fit As a Fiddle/ You'll Get By looks V+, plays E- thanks to hi fi rec.

620. Vi 24189- Paul Whiteman O- In the Dim Dim Dawning/ Warings- Sweet Muchacha V+, pl better

621. Vi 24193- Leo Reisman O- Night & Day/ I've Got You On My Mind E+ Fred Astaire vocs

622. Vi 24203- Arden-Ohman O- I'll See You in the Morning/ Lucky Little Accident EE+ or better

623. Vi 24210- Florence Desmond w/ O- A Hollywood Party 1/2 E rc clx lite 2 gvs B

624. Vi 24253- Don Bestor O- Forty-Second Street/ Shuffle Off to Buffalo E+... A side like a mini movie- great in Hi Fi!

625. Vi 24256- Glen Gray O- Dardanella/ Casa Loma Stomp EE-

626. Vi 24262- Leo Reisman O- Maybe I Love You Too Much/ Stormy Weather E+ Fred Astaire vocal A/ Harold Arlen vocal B

627. Vi 24301- The High Hatters- Easy Rider/ A Guy What Takes His Time EE- closer to E GREAT!

628. Vi 24307- Don Bestor O- Sing to Me/ Isn't This a Night For Love E-

629. Vi 24320- Louis Armstrong O- St. Louis Blues/ Dusky Stevedore looks E-, plays E

630. Vi 24345- Don Bestor O- Under a Blanket of Blue/ Hold Your Man E

631. Vi 24358- Leo Reisman O- Smoke Rings/ A Heart of Stone VV+ Fred Astaire vocal B/ Harold Arlen vocal A

632. Vi 24388- Isham Jones O- Jealousy/ Ray Noble- Seven Years With the Wrong Woman EE+

633. Vi 24410- Don Bestor O- Mickey Mouse & Minnie's In Town/ Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf E couple clx B

634. Vi 24422- Don Bestor O- Deep In the Blue/ Tonight May Never Come Again E

635. Vi 24681- Isham Jones O- For All We Know/ Say It EE+

636. Vi 24682- Isham Jones O- From Now On/ A New Moon Is Over My Shoulder E

637. Vi 24685- Charles Smalu & Troupe- Soft Green Seas/ Malihini Mele EE+

638. Vi 24694- Don Bestor O- I'll Close My Eyes to Everyone Else/ A Little Church Around the Corner E+

639. Vi 24695- Isham Jones O- Blue Lament/ Out of Space EE- BIG SOUND!

640. Vi 24698- Don Bestor O- Ooh You Miser You/ Moon of Desire EE+

641. Vi 24713- Eddy Duchin O- A Needle In a Haystack/ Learning EE+

642. Vi 24728- Paul Whiteman O- Vilia/ Marek Weber O- The Merry Widow Wz N- rg label

643. Vi 24734- Sol K. Bright Hollywaiians- Malihini Mele/ I've Found a Little Grass Skirt EE+

644. Vi 24741- Tom Coakely Palace Hotel O- Okay Toots/ Your Head On My Shoulder E/EE- BIG SOUND!

---in my 35 years of collecting, I've never seen the following 4 Victors aside from these---

645. Vi 24760- President Franklin D. Roosevelt- 9/30/34- On Industry & Labor/ A Comparison of England's Methods of Recovery With Ours E+N-

646. Vi 24761- President Franklin D. Roosevelt- 9/30/34- On the NRA/ On the Second Phase of the NRA E+N-

647. Vi 24762- President Franklin D. Roosevelt- 9/30/34- On the Relation of Labor & Capital/ On the Right of Labor To Organize E+N-

648. Vi 24763- President Franklin D. Roosevelt- 9/30/34- On the Broader Definition of Liberty/ On Public Works & Unemployment E+N-

649. Vi 24769- Paul Whiteman O- You're the Top/ I Get a Kick Out of You EE- closer to E

650. Vi 24770- Paul Whiteman O- Anything Goes/ All Through the Night EE+

----next group are scarce multi track- ethnic and classical----

651. Vi 24782- Hungarian 2 cuts/ German 1 cut// Russian 2 cuts/ Polish 1 cut E..instr incl zither, guitar, balalaika, cembalom, etc

652. Vi 24793- Victor O- George Frederic Handel/ Johann Sebastian Bach 3 cuts/ 4 cuts E rg lbl

653. Vi 24795- Victor O- Franz Peter Schubert/ Ludwig Van Beethoven 2 cuts/ 3 cuts E

654. Vi 24798- Victor O- Robert Schumann/ Myrtle Eaver piano more Schumann 3 cuts per E

655. Vi 24802- The High Hatters- Don't Ever Leave Me/ Jack Jackson O- Lonely Feet E-

656. Vi 24804- Landt Trio w/ Dixieland O- The Animal Trainer/ No No 1000 Times No E

657. Vi 24805- Eddy Duchin O- Life Begins With Love/ Hands Across the Table E+

658. Vi 24815- The Pickens Sisters & Orch- Love Is Just Around the Corner/ The High Hatters- I've Got An Invitation to a Dance E-

659. Vi 24848- Eddy Duchin O- I'm Goin' Shopping With You/ The Words Are In My Heart E few scfs

660. Vi 25000- Enric Madriguera O- She's a Latin From Manhattan/ The Little Things You Used to Do E+ brief clk light 2 gvs A

661. Vi 25039- Fats Waller Rhythm- You're the Cutest One/ Hate to Talk About Myself E-

662. Vi 25062- Tom Coakley O- Rhythm is Our Business/ Simply Grand E+

663. Vi 25124- Richard Himber O- Broadway Rhythm/ On a Sunday Afternoon E-

664. Vi 25556- Tommy Dorsey O- Blue Danube/ Dark Eyes E+

665. Vi 25564- Kay Thompson O- There's a Lull In My Life/ Carelessly E-

666. Vi 25568- Tommy Dorsey O- The Milkmen's Matinee/ Twilight In Turkey E+

667. Vi 25570- Tommy Dorsey O- Satan Takes a Holiday/ Nola E

668. Vi 25573- Tommy Dorsey O- Sleep/ Wake Up & Live E/EE-

669. Vi 25587- Bunny Berigan O- The Image of You/ I'm Happy Darling Dancing With You EE+

670. Vi 25591- Tommy Dorsey O- Our Penthouse On Third Ave/ Love Is Never Out of Season E+

671. Vi 25593- Bunny Berigan O- The First Time I Saw You/ Roy Fox O- Harbor Lights VV+

672. Vi 25600- Tommy Dorsey O- Humoresque/ Goin Home E+

673. Vi 25605- Tommy Dorsey O- Posin'/ If You Ever Should Leave EE-/E

674. Vi 25620- Tommy Dorsey O- My Cabin of Dreams/ Am I Dreaming EE+

675. Vi 25623- Tommy Dorsey O- The Things I Want/ Allegheny Al V+

676. Vi 25625- Tommy Dorsey O- You're My Desire/ In My Meditations V+

677. Vi 25630- Tommy Dorsey O- Having Wonderful Time/ Stardust On the Moon E-

678. Vi 25657- Tommy Dorsey O- Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/ Night & Day E+

679. Vi 25663- Tommy Dorsey O- Who Knows?/ In the Still of the Night E+

680. Vi 25673- Tommy Dorsey O- The Lady Is a Tramp/ Tears In My Heart E/E+

681. Vi 25676- Tommy Dorsey O- If the Man In the Moon Were a Coon/ Josephine E-

682. Vi 25695- Tommy Dorsey O- You're a Sweetheart/ Nice Work If You Can Get It E+

683. Vi 25703- Tommy Dorsey O- I May Be Wrong/ The Morning After E+

684. Vi 25750- Tommy Dorsey O- Little White Lies/ Just a Simple Melody E+N-

685. Vi 25673- Tommy Dorsey O- The Big Dipper/ Smoke From a Chimney E+

686. Vi 26121- Bunny Berigan O- Davenport Blues/ Flashers E-

687. Vi 26122- Bunny Berigan O- Candlelights/ In the Dark EE-

688. Vi 26244- Bunny Berigan O- There'll Be Some Changes Made/ Jazz Me Blues E despite grey

689. Vi 26421- Leo Reisman O- Katie Went to Haiti/ Do I Love You? E/E+ Gertrude Niesen vo A

690. Vi 26503- New Friends of Rhythm- Foster Chile/ High Voltage E

691. Vi 26763- Artie Shaw 5- Summit Ridge Drive/ Cross Your Heart E+

692. Vi 27221- Duke Ellington & Jimmy Blanton- Pitter Panther Patter/ Sophisticated Lady E/EE+

693. Vi 27223- Leo Reisman O- What Makes a Song/ The Last Time I Saw Paris EE-/E

694. Vi 27230- Artie Shaw- Star Dust/ Temptation E+ pic of Artie pasted on label

695. Vi 27237- Leo Reisman O- Your Dream/ Remind Me EE+

696. Vi 27239- Sammy Kaye O- Taking a Chance On Love/ You & Your Kiss E+

697. Vi 27247- Duke Ellington O- All Too Soon/ I Never Felt Ths Way Before E+

698. Vi 27254- Lanny Ross w. O- The Last Time I Saw Paris/ High on a Windy Hill E-

699. Vi 27318- Bill Coleman w/ Django Reinhardt- Bill Coleman Blues/ Dicky Wells 4- Dicky Wells Blues EE+

700. Vi 27326- Duke Ellington O- Flamingo/ The Girl In My Dreams Tries to Look Like You EE+/E+

701. Vi 27719- Artie Shaw O- Take Your Shoes Off Baby/ I Ask the Stars EE+

702. Vi 40222- Kay Kyser O- Just a Haven/ Rainy Weather V

703. Vi 82683(international series)- Pedro Vargas w/ Alfred Brito O- Cuando Te Acuerdes De Mi/ El Amor De Mi Bohio N-

704. Vi 82690- Marimba Pan Americana- Perfidia/ Oye Tu V

705. Vi 83492- Pedro Vargas- La Paloma/ Adios, Mariquita Linda V+

706. Vi 83523- Trio Servando Diaz- Parampampin/ Chacumbele E+

707. Vi 83748- Juan Arvizu w/ O- Perfidia/ Vereda Tropical EE+

708. Vi 83749- Los Trovadors Porthenos- Cielito Lindo/ Pepe y Chabela- Cuatro Vidas EE+

709. Vi 83750- Dora Luz w/ O- Prisinero Del Mar/ Tito Guizar- Alla En Rancho Grande EE+

710. Vi 20-2546- Tommy Dorsey O- Like a Leaf In the Wind/ Lets Pick Up Where We Left Off V+

711. Vi 20-2665- Tommy Dorsey O- You Cant Make Money Dreamin'/ Sentimental Rhapsody E-

712. Vi 20-2724- Tommy Dorsey O- Starlight Rendezvous/ My Gal Is Mine Once More E-

713. Vi 20-4319- Perez Prado O- In a Little Spanish Town/ C'est Si Bon E+

714. Vi 20-4744- Perry Como & Eddie Fisher- Watermelon Weather/ Maybe E scuffs nap heavy vinyl

715. Vi 20-4995- Sauter- Finegan O- When Hearts Are Young/ Midnight Sleighride E+N-

716. Vi 20-5065- Sauter- Finegan O- Nina Never Knew/ Love Is a Simple Thing NN-

717. Vi 20-5748- Eddie Fisher- My Friend/ Green Years E+


718. Vi 20-3375(promo)- Tommy Dorsey O- She's a Home Girl/ Enjoy Yourself E+

719. Vi 20-3544(promo)- Tommy Dorsey O- Twilight/ The Knock Song E+

720. Vi 20-3588(promo)- Tommy Dorsey O- Hollywood Hat/ Shake That Tree E+N-

721. Vi 20-3613(promo)- Tony Martin & Fran Warren- I Said My Pajamas/ Have I Told You Lately That I Love You N-

722. Vi 20-3620(promo)- Spike Jones City Slickers- Wild Bill Hiccup/ Morpheus E+

723. Vi 20-3622(promo)- Lucky Millinder O- I'll Never Be Free/ Journey's End E+N-

724. Vi 20-3626(promo)- Tommy Dorsey O- Puddle Wump/ Nice to Know You Care NN-

725. Vi 20-3750(promo)- Milton Berle- I'll Kiwl You a Miwl-Yun Times/ I Found My Mama E+

726. Vi 20-3939(promo)- Spike Jones City Slickers- Baby Buggy Boogie/ Molasses, Molasses E+

727. Vi 20-3948(promo)- Milton Berle- Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Me/ This Is the Chorus E+

728. Vi 20-3958(promo)- Polly Bergen- I Put My Head In the Lion's Mouth/ Just the Way You Are E+

729. Vi 20-3965(promo)- Tony Martin- Its Easy For You To Say/ Roulette N-

730. Vi 20-4011(promo)- Spike Jones City Slickers- Tenessee Wz/ I Haven't Been Home For Three Whole Nights E+

731. Vi 20-4022(promo)- Polly Bergen- Out of Sight Out of Mind/ Tonda Wanda Hoy N-

732. Vi 20-4407(promo)- Luis Alcaraz O- Dont Be That Way/ Jalousie E+

733. Vi 20-4444(promo)- Eddie Fisher- Tell Me Why/ Trust In Me EE+

734. Vi 20-4527(promo)- Perry Como- Over the Rainbow/ You'll Never Walk Alone E+

735. Vi 20-4618(promo)- Eddie Fisher- I Remember When/ same E+

736. Vi 20-4668(promo)- Ray Noble O- I Hear the Bluebells Ring/ Whistle My Love E+

737. Vi 20-4750(promo)- Phil Harris O- Potato Chips/ Under the Lamp Post E+N-

738. Vi 20-5365(promo)- Eddie Fisher- With These Hands/ When I Was Young E+

739. Vi 20-5748(promo)- Eddie Fisher- My Friend/ Green Years E+

740. Vi 20-5756(promo)- Eartha Kitt w/ O- Easy Does It/ Mink Shmink E+


741. Victor Program Transcription- Vi L-24008- Civic Light Opera Co w/ Orch Gems From "Pirates of Penzance" pt 1/2 E+ 33 1/3 rpm

742. Victor Program Transcription- Vi L-24009- Civic Light Opera Co w/ Orch Gems From "Pirates of Penzance" pt 3/4 E+ 33 1/3 rpm

743. Victor Program Transcription DL-5A/B- Victor Artists Party- Frank Crumit, The Revelers, Arden & Ohman, Nat Shilkret// Victor Music Festival- Vic Symph O EE+ scr B nap 33 1/3 rpm

744. Vi test mx 68460-1. Max Steiner conducts large Hollywood studio orchestra. Tropical themed movie music and some Hawaiian guitar are heard on this 1933 shellac test recorded in Hollywood c. March 1933, (between a Bing Crosby and Maurice Chevalier non commercial session according to the master book). Could be for an RKO 1933 release? E cond..likely one of a kind!

745. Victor Special D9- A/B- Ray Noble O- Way Down Yonder In New Orleans/ Eddy Duchin O- Cheek to Cheek V+ light brown on buff label

746. Vi BS 044895/6- Freddy Martin O- The Sweetheart of ATO/ Old Alpha & Our Jewels V+ gold on blue c. late 30s...."private use only" on label

747. Vi 10-1313- advance pressing of The Whiffenpoof Song/ Sweetheart of Sigma Chi by Robert Merrill E+...black on white label- vinyl pressing

748. Vi EPB-3185- Excerpts from Eddie Fisher album "May I Sing to You" E+..incl You Call It Madness, April Showers, Begin the Beguine// May I Sing to You, Night & Day, Vagabond Lover

749. Vi E3-VB-2674(promo)- Eddie Fisher- May I Sing to You/ same E+N- pressed on neon yellow vinyl

750. Vi 21-0124(promo)- Eddy Arnold- C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S/ Will Santy Come to Shanty Town E+ pressed on Christmas green vinyl

751. Vi E3-CB-3370- Glenn Miller O(promo)- Little Brown Jug/ String of Pearls E+ both broadcasts A fm 6/2/40/ B fm 5/5/42...label reads featured tunes from "Glenn Miller Story"

752. Vi 44-0006- Benny Goodman O- King Porter/ same EE- Coin Operator issue

753. Vi 45-0000- Four King Sisters & Freddy Martin OI- Yah Ta Ta, Yah Ta Ta/ Take Me In Your Arms E....one of those odd Double Feature series


754. Actuelle 020467- Max Kortlander & Victor Arden piano duet- Twelfth Street Rag/ Anytime, Any Day, Anywhere EE-

755. ARC-theatre use only F 445- Art Kahn O- Moon Over Miami/ same EE-

756. ARC-theatre use only F-450- Art Kahn O- I Dont Want to Make History/ same EE-

757. Arto 9003- Synco Jazz Band- Bluin' the Blues/ Jazzola EE-

758. Arto 9030- Moulin Rouge O- Margie/ Arto DO- Honolulu Eyes G+

759. Banner 6316- W Creager O- Nita My Juanita/ Carolina Collegians- Wedding Bells V

760. Ba 6319- Carolina Collegians- Before the Rain/ W Creager O- You Were Meant For Me V+/E-

761. Ba 33385- Taft Jordan Mob- If the Moon Turns Green/ Night Wind V+E- plain beige sleeve autographed by Taft Jordan, Bennie Morton & another

762. Bell 382(1920s label)- Jack Stillman O- Then I'll Be Happy/ I Wish't I Was In Peoria V+

763. Bell 1028(later label)- Tommy Dorsey O feat Jimmy Dorsey- Marie/ Green Eyes E+

764. Bell 1029- Tommy Dorsey O feat Jimmy Dorsey- My Friend the Ghost/ Make Love to Me E+

765. Bell 1045- Bob Crosby O- Steam Hat/ The Happy Wanderer E+

766. Bell 1053- Tommy Dorsey O feat Jimmy Dorsey- The Man That Got Away/ The High & the Mighty E+

767. Bell 1073- Tommy Dorsey O w/ Jimmy Dorsey- Love You Didn't Do Right By Me/ Brothers E+

768. Belle 2051- The Coronets w/ O- Give Me Time to Wander Back/ The Unhappy Lover V- Pa.lbl

769. Bluebird 5133- Joe Haymes O- Lime House Blues/ Shine On Harvest Moon V

770. BB 5172- Rudy Vallee O- Shanghai Lil/ The Last Round Up V+/VV+

771. BB 5178- Joe Haymes O- I Never Knew I Could Love Anybody/ Bill Scotti O- Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf E-/V

772. BB 5252- Mike Doty O- Lonely Lane/ Lenox Avenue V+ both top sides. Haymes O

773. BB 5269(CAN)- Reggie Childs O- Did You Ever See a Dream Walking/ Many Moons Ago VV+

774. BB 5580- Don Mayfield O- Once In a Lifetime/ Moon of Desire V+

775. BB 5582(staff lbl)- Emilio Cacares Club Aguila O- Adios Mi Chapparita/ Alla En El Rancho Grande E+/V-

776. BB 5918- Joe Haymes O- The Lady In Red/ My Melancholy Baby E-V+

777. BB 6190- California Ramblers- I'll Never Forget I Love You/ A Beautiful Lady In Blue E/V scr B

778. BB 6204- Bennie Moten KC O- Moten Stomp/ Clifford Hayes Louisville Stompers- Blue Guitar Stomp V+

779. BB 6245- Joe Kennedy Rhythm O- You Can Depend On Me/ Confessin' V

780. BB 6341- Jan Garber O- In the Merry Month of May/ In a Little Gypsy Tea Room E+

781. BB 6362- Willie Bryant O- Is It True What They Say About Dixie/ Moonrise On Lowlands V-

782. BB 6374- Willie Bryant O- The Glory of Love/ Ride, Red Ride E-

783. BB 6375- Wingy Mannone O- Dallas Blues/ Swingin' At the Hickory House EE-

784. BB 6393- Wingy Mannone O- Isn't Love the Strangest Thing/ Every Once In a While E+

785. BB 6394- Wingy Mannone O- Hesitation Blues/ Swing Me a Swing Song E-

786. BB 6482- Connie Mc Lean Rhythm O- High Falutin' Stomp/ All I Want In the World Is You V+ label wear...scarce one!

787. BB 6511- Shep Fields O- Midnight Blue/ Picture Me Without You E+/EE+

788. BB 6605- Charlie Barnet O- Did You Mean It?/ Floatin' Down to Cotton Town E-

789. BB 6619- Amanda Randolph O- I've Got Something In My Eye/ Charlie Barnet O- Rainbow On the River V

790. BB 6744- Earl Hines O- Blue Nights/ Grand Piano Blues EE+

791. BB 6805- Shep Fields O- September In the Rain/ Melody For Two E+

792. BB 6967- Charlie Barnet O- He Walked Right In/ A Sailboat in the Moonlight VV+

793. BB 8716- Charles Mitchell O- The Sun Has Gone Down On Our Love/ Jersey Side Jive E

794. BB 10074- Eddie De Lange O- What This Country Needs Is Foo/ I Ups to Her & She Ups to Me E+

795. BB 10865- Bob Chester O- We Three/ Off the Record EE+ 1" cr nap

796. BB 11063- Glenn Miller O- I Dreamt I Dwelt In Harlem/ A Stone's Throw From Heaven E+ scry spot B

797. BB 11388- Bob Chester O- Not a Care In the World/ A Nickel to My Name EE- rcnap

798. BB 10406(CANAD-buff lbl)- Artie Shaw O- Day In-Day Out/ Put That Down In Writing E-

799. BB 11478- Bob Chester O- Sunburst/ Tomorrow's Sunrise E+

800. BB 34-0723- Big Joe & His Rhythm- I'm All Right Now/ Your Money Cant Buy Me V-/E-

801. Blue Circle 500- Willie (the Lion) Smith & O- The Lion Steps Out/ When the Saints Go..E

802. Blue Note 504- Teddy Bunn- Blues Without Words/ Guitar In High NN-

803. BN 556- James Moody Bop Men- Mood's All Frantic/ Workshop E

804. Broadway 1074- Miami Bell Boys- At Sundown/ Doll Dance VV+

805. Br 1076- Hollywood DO- Just the Same/ Sweet Marie VV+ banjo A

806. Br 1133- Al Lynch O- So Tired/ Dream Kisses V

807. Br 1201- Bill Haid Cubs- If You Don’t Love Me/ Jeannine.. EE-

808. Br 1360- Lawrence Veda O- Singing a Vagabond Song/ Theres Danger In Your Eyes VV+

809. Br 1399- Lietskes Midnight Serenaders- So Beats My Heart For You/ Betty Co Ed VV+

810. Br 8101- Royal Hawaiians- Medley Old Songs/ When You & Were Young Maggie E+ Hawaiian guitars

811. Bullett 1097- John Gordy piano solo- Salty Dog Rag/ Over the Waves E+

812. Bull 1011- Seger Ellis- Little Jack Frost Get Lost/ We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye EE+

813. Cameo 398- Phil Baker Nov O- Little Boy Blue/ Bob Haring O- Indiana Moon EE-

814. Ca 478- Original Memphis 5- Sweet Papa Joe/ Arthur Lange O- You E-

815. Ca 714- Varsity 8- Don't Bring Lulu/ Nobody Knows What a Red Head Mama Can Do E+

816. Ca 2289- The Caroliners- Prince of Wails/ Those Panama Mamas EE-

817. Capitol 239- King Cole Trio- Sweet Georgia Brown/ It Is Better To Be By Yourself E+N-

818. Cap 368- Andy Russell- Anniversary Song/ My Best to You EE+ vinyl pressing

819. Cap 386- Andy Russell- Dreams Are a Dime a Dozen/ Unless It Can Happen With You EE+ vinyl pressing

820. Cap 915- Nat King Cole- Calypso Blues/ Twisted Stockin's EE+

821. Cap 1010- Nat King Cole- Mona Lisa/ The Greatest Inventor EE+

822. Cap 1401- Nat King Cole- Always You/ Destination Moon E+

823. Cap 1468- Nat King Cole- Red Sails In the Sunset/ Little Child EE+

824. Cap 1501- Nat King Cole- Because of Rain/ Song of Delilah EE+

825. Cap 57-640- Charlie Barnet O w/ Lambert-Stewart vo- Be Bop Spoken Here/ Charlie Barnet O- Gloomy Sunday E+ groove dmg B only 15 sec

826. Carousel 2007- Joe Mooney & Trio- Nowhere/ We'll Be Together Again E+ small NYC label

827. Champion 15112- Pastime Club Café O- Lets Make Up/ Lets Forget E- scrs

828. Cira 3306/9- Jo Ann Lear w/ O- I'll Tell the World I Love U/ What Would I Do E+ rare NJ lbl

829. Clef 89050- Chico O' Farrell O- The Disappearance/ Taboo E+

830. Commodore 559- Billie Holiday- I Cover the Waterfront/ Lover Come Back to Me E+/EE-

831. Com 569- Billie Holiday- She's Funny That Way/ How Am I To Know E+

832. Com 570- Eddie Heywood O- Blue Lou/ Carry Me Back to Old Virginny E+

833. Com 588- Jelly Roll Morton- Michigan Water Blues/ The Naked Dance E+

834. Com 589- Jelly Roll Morton- Buddy Bolden's Blues/ The Crave EE+

835. Com 590- Jelly Roll Morton- Mister Joe/ Winin' Boy Blues E+

836. Com 591- Jelly Roll Morton- Dont' You Leave Me Here/ King Porter Stomp EE+

837. Com 614- Billie Holiday- On the Sunny Side of the Street/ I Love My Man E+N-

838. Conqueror 7105- Irving Kaufman- King For a Day/ Rodman Lewis- Angela Mia EE-/E-

839. Cq 7188- Victor King O- All of the Time/ Sonny Boy EE-/VV+

840. Cq 7194- Irving Kaufman- Theres a Rainbow Round My Shoulder / Sonny Boy VV+

841. Cq 7246- Montmartre O- Who Wouldnt Be Jealous of You/ Plantation Club O- A Precious Little Thing Called Love E/E-

842. Cq 7307- Rounders- Down Among Sugar Cane/ That’s What I Call Heaven E-

843. Cq 7366- Frank Leithner O- With a Song In My Heart/ Buddy Blues Texans-Sposin VV+ Smith Ballew B

844. Cq 7380- Victor King O- Singin In the Rain/ Ed Lloyd O- Your Mother & Mine V+/V+E-

845. Cq 7388- Ed Lloyd Rhythm Boys- Tip Toe Thru/ Painting the Clouds Sunshine V+ 2” tite cr

846. Cq 7392- Irving Kaufman- Sleepy Valley/ Helen Richards- Am I Blue V+/V-

847. Cq 7425- Yuban Radio O- Hes a Good Man to Have Around / Things We Want Most EE-/VV+

848. Cq 7484- Bert Lown O- The Perfect Song( tk1)/ I Love You Believe Me( tk1) EE-

849. Coral 61148(promo)- Lillian Roth- Did U Ever See a Dream Walking/ Please Tell Me When E+

850. Crown 3044- Embassy DO- Heartaches/ San Remo O- The Peanut Vendor EE+/E 3 aud clx A

851. Cr 3049- Embassy DO- Sing Song Girl/ Reaching For the Moon VV+

852. Cr 3057- Carson Robison Trio- Little Sweetheart of Prairie/ Little Sweetheart of the Mountains V rcnap

853. Cr 3115- Scrappy Lambert- I Have a Sweetheart/ M-O-T-H-E-R E/ EE-

854. Cr 3136- Russ Carlson O- Love Is Like That/ Just a Blue Eyed Blonde V

855. Cr 3137- Russ Carlson O- Under Your Window Tonight/ Little Girl E

856. Cr 3141- Les Reis & Artie Dunn- Moonlight Saving Time/ Ho Hum V+

857. Cr 3151- Adrian Schubert O- Come to Me/ Many Happy Returns of the Day EE-

858. Cr 3227- Smith Ballew O- You Try Somebody Else/ I'm For You 100% EE-

859. Cr 3381- Joel Shaw O- Sing! Its Good For Ya/ This Is the Chorus of a Song E/E- HOT A

860. Cr 3512- Charlie Palloy- Pettin' In the Park/ We're In the Money Now EE-, plays E. NICE!!!

861. Deluxe 1091- Ruth Wallis- An Oil Man From Texas/ Too Many Men In My Life VV+

862. De 1112- Ruth Wallis- Down In the Indies/ Pull Down the Shade, Marie E

863. Diva 2826- Frank Ferera's Hawaiian Trio- Carolina Moon/ Maui Chimes EE+

864. Di 2940- Annette Hanshaw- Am I Blue/ Daddy Wont You Please Come Home E- lam B nap

865. Di 6062- Mills Ten Blackberries- Sweet Mama/ Double Check Stomp looks V- w/ an int cr B plays E-/VV+ crack does not sound due to laminated pressing

866. Domino 3974- Imperial DO- Under the Moon/ Sam Lanin O- When Day Is Done E/EE-

867. Do 4033- Sam Lanin O- Blue River/ Baby Your Mother V

868. Do 4093- Nathan Glantz O- One More Night/ Sam Lanin O- Mary Ann EE-

869. Do 4128- Imperial DO- In My Boquet of Memories/ Sam Lanin O- Happy Go Lucky Lane EE-

870. Do 4133- Pelham Inn Soc O- There's Something About a Rose/ Sam Lanin O- Just Across the Street From Heaven V-/EE-

871. Do 4199- Ernie Golden O- All of the Time/ The Rounders- Sonny Boy EE-

872. Do 4513- Imperial DO- Sweetheart/ Sam Lanin O- What Is Thing Thing Called Love EE-

873. Duquesne 45591- I Got to See the Minstrel Show/ I'd Rather Be a Lobster Than a Wise Guy EE+ rare purple label c. 1910s

874. EDD unn.-mx 2358/ 2071- John Philip Sousa- The Black Man/ String O- Rose Mousse E+

875. EDD unn.-mx 6199/ 6006- Earl Fuller Famous Jazz Band- Jazzbo Jazz/ George Hamilton Green- xylo w/ O- Frivolity E has heavier rumble near edge, lessens inside/ EE+ light rumble near edge, lessens inside..several rcnaps

876. EDD 50464- Frisco "Jass" Band- Pozzo/ Lou Chiha "Frisco"-xylo w/ O- Buzzin the Bee E

877. EDD 50477- All Star Trio(xylo, sax, p)- Hindustan/ Frosini(accord)- I Hate to Lose U EE+/E+

878. EDD 50593- All Star Trio(xylo, sax, p)- Western Land/ Lenzberg O- Taxi E light swish through

879. EDD 50622- Louisiana Five- Yelping Hound Blues/ Tuxedo DO- Peter Gink E+

880. EDD 50898- Zez Confrey piano- Kitten On the Keys/ Henry W Lange- p- Monastery Bells E+

881. EDD 51314- Tommy Monaco O- Why Did I Kiss That Girl/ Merry Sparklers- Not Yet Suzette VV+/E label tear 1/2 A

882. EDD 51326- Ernest L Stevens piano solo- A Smile Will Go a Long Long Way/ Harry Osborne piano solo- The West, a Nest & You E+ nice A!!

883. EDD 51372- Atlantic DO/ Arthur Hall- Radio// Harry Raderman Do/ Joseph Phillips- Ev'rything You Do E+....odd double track record which has the instrumental, blank grooves, then the vocal version--similar to the depression era Harmony label. Great lyrics about early radio

884. EDD 51422- The Blue Ridge Duo- Gene Austin & George Reneau- Little Brown Jug/ Arkansas Traveler E+

885. EDD 51552- Bud Birmingham & his Uke- We're Gonna Have Weather/ Who Takes Care of the Caretakers Daughter E

886. EDD 51562- Golden Gate O- Cheatin' On Me/ When the Moon Shines In Coral Gables E+

887. EDD 51622- Golden Gate O- Brown Eyes, Why Are You Blue/ Sweet Man E+ nice Rollini

888. EDD 51633- Golden Gate O- The Co-Ed/ Freshie E+

889. EDD 51645- Phil Baker's Bad Boys- Pretty Little Baby/ How Can U Look So Good E- no label B, label 1/4 missing A

890. EDD 51661- Golden Gate O- Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie/ Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue E+

891. EDD 51664- Golden Gate O- Don't Wait Too Long/ Tenn. Happy Boys- Smile a Little Bit E+

892. EDD 51706- Mike Speciale O- Tentin' Down In Tennesee/ Lo-Nah EE+ some Tram like sax A

893. EDD 51895- Hotel Commodore DO- Do-Do-Do/ Clap Yo Hands E-

894. EDD 51907- Oreste piano solo- She's Still My Baby/ The Little White House E

895. EDD 52138- Ernie Golden O- Dancing Shadows/ Rose of Monterey E flip side has home made Edison label reading Bullshit Blues by Helen Keller's Jazz Maniacs!

896. Edison 14066(needle type)- Jack Dalton 7 Blue Babies- if I Give Up the Saxophone/ Billy Murray & Walter Scanlan- Sgt Flagg & Quirt EE- to E/ E..some heat mks nap...solos A

897. Electradisk 1903- Frank Luther Trio- Old River Valley/ Buck Jones Rangers' Song V/VV+

898. Eld 1904- The New Yorkers- I'll Follow You/ Rock a Bye Moon V

899. Eld 1906- Jim Harkins O- You're Telling Me/ I Guess It Wasn't Meant to Be VV+

900. Emerson 10101- Irving & Jack Kaufman w/ O- Nobody Knows/ Sam Ash- In Your Arms E

901. Em 10292- Eddie Cantor- And She Gave Them All the Ha Ha Ha/ Palesteena E-/EE-

902. Em 19317- Merry Melody Men- Kentucky Blues/ Plantation DO- Rosie V

903. Gem 3486- The Golden Bears- You're Mine, You/ An Orchid to You V 2 tite cks, 1 to lbl, nap

904. Gennett I-5389- G De Laurentis w/ O- Napule E 'Na Canzona/ 'A Tazza 'E Cafe VV- rare Gennett Italian series--never seen another!

905. Ge 3094- Bailey's Lucky 7- Marguerite/ Summer Nights E-

906. Ge 3177- Red Saunders O- I Never Knew/ Travis Carlton O- When I Dream of Last Wz w/ U E-

907. Ge 3400- Vaughn De Leath- Here Comes Fatima/ Scatter Your Smiles V+

908. Ge 4541- Premier American 4- Dixie Is Dixie Once More/ Billy Murray- And He'd Say Oo La La, Wee, Wee E

909. Ge 4656- Ernest Hare- All She'd Say Umh Hum/ Margie E-

910. Ge 4663- Yerkes DO- Dolly (I Love You)/ Vernon Trio- Rose VV+

911. Ge 4716- Lanin O- In a Boat/ Harry Raderman O- I Found a Rose In the Devil's Garden V

912. Ge 4720- Merry Melody Men- Pucker Up & Whistle/ Snuggles V scrs

913. Ge 4731- Flo Bert- All By Myself/ Hortense V+/E-

914. Ge 4732- Lanin O- Aint We Got Fun/ Just Like a Rainbow E

915. Ge 4770- Merry Melody Men- Remember the Rose/ All By Myself V+

---the next two are indentical, except that one credits Lanin and one Spindler's Orch---

916. Ge 4796- Lanin O- Wabash Blues/ Leave Me With a Smile E

917. Ge 4796- Harry Spindler's Hotel Sinton O of Cincinnati, Ohio- Wabash Blues/ Leave Me With a Smile E-

918. Ge 4806- Ladd's Black Aces- Brother Low Down/ I've Got to Have My Daddy Blues VV+

919. Ge 5035- Ladd's Black Aces- Runnin' Wild/ You've Got to See Your Mama Every Night EE-/E

920. Ge 9012- Sam Ash w/ O- In Your Arms/ Billy Jones- You'd Be Surprised E/V+

921. Ge 9073- Arthur Hall w/ O- A Hundred Years Ago/ Billy Murray- The Simple Simon Party V

922. Ge 9077- Al Bernard w/ O- Reed 'Em & Weep/ The Broadway Blues E

923. Ge 6281(electrobeam)- Les Backer w/ O- My Blue Heaven/ Yesterday V

924. Ge 6452(electrobeam)- Ookala Serenaders- Chili Blues/ Kaiwi Wz E+ Hawaiian guitars

925. Ge 6614(electrobeam)- The Major & Minor Boys- Good Little Bad Little You/ Norman Wallace w/ O- There's a Rainbow Round My Shoulder E/V+

926. Ge 7196(electrobeam)- Elmer Grosso O- I'm In the Market For You/ If I Had a Girl Like You E nice little trumpet/sax give and take A

927. Ge 40195(Electrobeam)- Tenor Augusto Monterroso w/ Orch- Adios Illusiones/ Calla Corazon E slight warp near edge, may need heavier tracking for first few grooves, but plays fine. RARE Spanish Electrobeam series..label reads Rayo Electrico instead of New Electrobeam..has copyright info in Spanish, in a 5 digit series which I have never seen elsewhere

928. Gilt Edge 532- Teddy Bunn's Group- You Dont Live Here No More/ Bobaliba VV+/VV-

929. Guyden 703- Norma Douglas w/ O- If You Could Only Read My Mind/ Ah Ri Rung E+ Philly lbl

930. Harmony 69- Billy West- Bob Thomas- Sleepy Time Gal/ Then I'll be Happy EE-

931. Ha 114- Jane Gray- Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue/ What Can I Say After I'm Sorry EE-

932. Ha 116- The Harmony Brothers- The Roses Brought Me You/ I Never Knew How Wonderful You Were VV+

933. Ha 135- Billy Wynne O- Under the Ukulele Tree/ Sweet Southern Breeze V-

934. Ha 215- Manhattan Dance Makers- Precious/ While the Years Go Drifting By V-

935. Ha 236- Jane Gray- Looking At the World Thru Rose Colored Glasses/ I Dont Wanna V

936. Ha 246- Lou Gold O- I Dont Mind Being All Alone/ WMCA Broadcasters- I Never Cried Before I Met You VV+

937. Ha 256- Night Club O- Hum Your Troubles Away/ Just a Birds Eye View V

938. Ha 279- Lou Gold O- Broken Hearted/ Broadway Bell Hops- Here Comes Fatima V

939. Ha 282- WMCA Broadcasters- Moonlight On Ganges/ There's a Boatman On the Volga V+

940. Ha 699- Musical Comedy O- Watch My Baby Walk/ Blue Shadows EE+ despite lt grey

941. Ha 724- Rudy Vallee Yale Collegians- Lady Whippoorwill/ Right Out of Heaven V no Rudy vox

942. Ha 725- Chuck Campbell O- Japanese Mammy/ Grieving E-

943. Ha 726- Barney Trimble O- To Know You is To Love You/ 'Round Evening E+

944. Ha 728- Musical Comedy O- Salaaming the Rajah/ Dream Sweetheart E+N-

945. Ha 729- Mack Allen- A Warning to Girls/ A Warning to Boys VV+

946. Ha 731- Carol Wynn- organ solo w/ vo- Jeannine/ Beloved E-

947. Ha 738- Jerome Conrad O- When Sweet Susie Goes Steppin' By/ Etiquette Blues E+ few scfs

948. Ha 748- Arthur Ross O- Just Because Its You/ Where the Shy Little Violets Grow E/EE+

949. Ha 749- The Harmonians- There's a Rainbow Round My Shoulder/ I Cant Get Enough of U E-

950. Ha 752- Jerry Mason Californians- Some Little Someone/ Paradise EE-/E-

951. Ha 753- Ed Blossom New Englanders- You'll Never Know/ Was It Love? E+

952. Ha 759- Frank Mater Collegians- Doin' the Raccoon/ Bye & Bye Sweetheart E- hot Vallee A

953. Ha 761- Jerry Mason Californians- Just a Sweetheart/ Happy Days & Lonely Nights VV+ clx A

954. Ha 763- Jimmy Mc Hugh's Bostonians- I Don't Care/ The Harmonians- Here's That Party Now In Person E+ Pettis, etc A side

955. Ha 853- Carolina Club O- Guess Who?/ Bert Lown O- My Castle In Spain V

956. Ha 999- Kate Smith w/ O- Moanin' Low/ Waiting At the End of the Road NN-

957. Ha 1012- Gay Ellis(Annette Hanshaw)- Tip Toe Thru the Tulips/ What Wouldn't I Do For That Man looks E, plays E+/E with very lt scr

958. Ha 1373- Phil Hughes O- Was It Wrong/ When Its Sleepy Time Down South looks EE-, plays E...nice Selvin's

959. Ha 6000- Lloyd Keating O/ Jack Miller- Tom Boy/ The Birthday of a Kiss E+N- double track

960. Ha 1016- Artie Shaw O- Copenhagen/ Sobbin' Blues E+

961. Ha 1024- Phil Harris O- Thats What I Like About the South/ Nobody E-

962. Ha 1055- Eddy Duchin O- There's Yes Yes In Your Eyes/ Who Do You Know In Heaven E+

963. Ha 1062- Eddy Duchin O- I'll Keep the Lovelight Burning/ Somehow E+

964. Ibis 1001- Marilyn Ross w/ qtet- I'm One of God's Children/ Hard Hearted Hannah E+ rare small jazz label

965. Jewel 5012(green lbl)- Billy James DO- Lovey O' Mine/ Lou Connor DO- Red Lips Kiss My Blues Away V

966. Je 5711(20s label)- Buster Benson Band- Gypsy Dream Rose/ Ted White O- Sympathy V

967. Jewel 2008(40s label)- Dan Grissom O- Wonderful Christmas Night/ So You're Falling In Love N-

968. Kay Attl 1101/1102- Kajetan Attl (solo harpist San Francisco Symphony- Spring Song/ Lucia Di Lammermoor E+ rare 1930s gold on red label from 532 Geary St, San Francisco, prob pressed by Mac Gregor

969. Keystone 634- Picadilly Pipers w/ Bonnie Davis- The Wolf Is On the Loose/ You Taught Me How To Cry N- small Pennsylvania label

970. King 4423- Lonnie Johnson- When I'm Gone/ Little Rockin' Chair E lt scrs, scfs nap

971. Liberty Music Shop 259- Ted Straeter O- Terribly Attractive/ All the Time E-

972. LMS 260- Ted Straeter O- Wishing/ Teeter Totter Tessie EE+

973. LMS 280- Ted Straeter O- Four Young People/ Our Town E+

974. Lincoln 2634- Al Friedman O- Muddy Water/ Vagabonds- Im Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover EE+

975. MacGregor & Sollie 313/314- uncredited big band- No Other One/ Isn't This a Lovely Day E+ beautiful laminated pressing on this San Francisco, Ca. label

976. M&S 619/620- Sterling Young O- Robins & Roses/ A Melody From the Sky E+ beautiful laminated greyish/blue pressing on this California label

977. M&S 1206/1207- Clarence Muse- Roll, Jordan Roll/ Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child E+ beautiful laminated royal blue pressing on this California label

978. Madison 1604- Dixie Troubadours- Baby Face/ Always Got the Blues EE+

979. Mad 1609- Newport Soc O- Horses/ Joe Harrison O- Sister Sally VV+/V-

980. Mad 5086- Madison DO- Talk About Heaven/ Little White Lies E- good trumpet solo A

981. Mad 6022- Synco Jazzers- Two Pink Cheeks/ Majestic DO- Toodle-Oo, So Long, Goodbye E/

G-....good Mosiello jazzy side A, string of solos.someone in the 30s liked the flip better!

982. Manor 1014- Savannah Churchill w/ Al Killian O- I Cant Get Enough of U/ Too Blue to Cry E+

983. Master 103- Hudson-De Lange O- Sophisticated Swing/ The Maid's Night Off E

984. Mas 112- Hudson-De Lange O- Wake Up & Live/ Never In a Million Years EE+

985. Mas 138- Hudson-De Lange O- I'm Feelin' Like a Million/ Yours & Mine EE+

986. MGM 10549- Sarah Vaughan- The Man I Love/ Once In a While E+

987. MGM 11634- Charles Paul O- Love(Nora Drake Theme)/ Martin Kane Theme N-/E+

988. Melotone 12245- Snooks Paramount Hotel O- Guilty/ Good Night Sweetheart E+/EE+

989. Mt 13067- Joe Haymes O- Rolling In Love/ Dames V

990. Mt 13142- Joe Haymes O- Day Dreams/ It's All Forgotten Now VV+

991. Mt 13189- Joe Haymes O- If I Had a Million Dollars/ Mandy E

992. Mt 5-12-09- Dick Messner O- On Treasure Island/ When the Leaves Bid the Trees Gbye EE-

993. Mt 6-02-08- Lani Mc Intyre's Hawaiians- Night Wind/ I'd Give My Tomorrow's For One

Yesterday E+/ EE+ few lt lams beg A sd lite. Beautiful laminated pressing BLA mx A/ LA mx B

994. Mt 7-10-66- Big Bill- Evil Hearted Me/ My Gal Is Done V/E- crk to lbl

995. Melo Tone unnumbered- Sarah Corby- Elohai Ad Shelau Nozarti (Hebrew prayer)/ Abram

Avinu(16th cent folk song) EE-..picture label- same company that issued Florence Foster Jenkins

996. Mercury- Childcraft CMG 13- Peter & the Wolf narrated by Boris Karloff E+ in original laminated sleeve which has some tears, overall E

997. Mer 5256- Machito O- Un Poquito De Tu Amor/ Asia Minor E-

998. Mer 5300- Benay Venuta- Be My Little Baby Bumblebee/ He's a Devil E+

999. Mer 5355- Frankie Laine w/ O- God Bless the Child/ Dont Cry Little Children Dont Cry E+

1000. Mer 5537- Emil Dewan Quintones- Lady is a Tramp/ Aeluna Mezzumare E+N-

1001. Mer 5540- Alfred Newman cond Hollywood Symphony O- All About Eve/ Banjo & Fiddle E+

1002. Mer 5714- Emil DeWan Quintones- Pavanne/ Where D'ya Work-a John E+ lt scfs

1003. Mer 8960- The Flip Phillips Quintet- Apple Honey/ Broadway E+N-

1004. Mer 11018- Flip Phillips w/ Machito O- Flying Home/ Caravan E+

1005. Mer 70037- Sophie Tucker- Margie/ Waiting For the Robert E. Lee E+

1006. Mer 89002- Billie Holiday O- I Only Have Eyes For You/ These Foolish Things EE+

1007. Mer 89004- Billie Holiday O- Blue Moon/ You Go to My Head EE+

1008. Mer 89005- Billie Holiday O- East of the Sun/ Solitude E+ few scfs nap

1009. Mer 89019- Chico O Farrell O- Malaguena/ Peanut Vendor EE+

1010. Mer 89021- Illinois Jacquet O- The Cool Rage/ Lean Baby E- few scrs

1011. Mer 89030- Flip Phillips- Buddy Rich Trio- Carioca/ Three Little Words E+

1012. Mer 89036(promo)- Illinois Jacquet O- What's the Riff/ Blues In the Night E+

1013. Mer 89044(promo)- Benny Carter 4- Street Scene/ Pick Yourself Up E+

1014. Metrotone 4001(promo)- Pauline Oriel w/ Luis Russell O- Lonely/ When the Saints E+ bright neon blue vinyl pressing on this obscure Brooklyn, NY label

1015. Milton G Wolf 1219- George Barnes & Ernie Varner playing electric Spanish Guitars- Swoon of a Goon/ G Minor Spin VV+...40s picture label from Chicago

1016. Montgomery Ward 4354- The Paradise Islanders- Missouri Wz/ Beautiful Ohio E+/EE+ Victor 23695 master pressing. Hawaiian guitars

1017. Moxie- sung by Arthur Fields/ by Raderman's O V+/V cracked to label- yet still desirable. pressed by Gennett in 1921 for Moxie

1018. Muse 322- Ferera & Franchini- One-Two-Three-Four/ Aloha Oe VV+

1019. Musicraft 504(promo)- Sarah Vaughan- Tenderly/ Dont Blame Me E+

1020. Mus 505(promo)- Sarah Vaughan- I've Got a Crush on You/ Penthouse Serenade E+

1021. Mus 511(promo)- Duke Ellington O- Dimuendo In Blue/ Jam a Ditty E+

1022. Mus 518(promo)- Dizzy Gillespie O- Salt Peanuts/ I Waited For You E+N- scf B nap

1023. Mus 539(promo)- Sarah Vaughan- Gentleman Friend/ Love Me or Leave Me E+

1024. Mus 552(promo)- Sarah Vaughan- The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else/ What a Diff'rence a Day Made E+

1025. OKeh 9301- Coppia Ruby-De Russo w/ O- Stornelli Del Macellaio/ Where Do You Work-a-John? E-...orange OKeh electric label..lotsa fun!

1026. OK 4498- Ray Miller O- The Sheik of Araby/ Glantz O- Four Horsemen VV-

1027. OK 4575- Frank Ferera- Anthony Franchini- Hawaiian Rainbow/ Rio Nights NN- looks NEW

1028. OK 4970- The Yellow Jackets- So This Is Love/ Song of Love E

1029. OK 40190- The Yellow Jackets- Georgia Lullaby/ My Dream Girl VV+

1030. OK 40290- The Yellow Jackets- Fascinating Rhythm/ Gotham Nightingales- One Stolen Kiss E/EE-

1031. OK 40365- Jack Linx Birmingham Society Serenaders- When I Think of You/ Sweet Georgia Brown looks V-, plays about E-

1032. OK 40413- Okeh Syncopators- Arabella/ Dont Bring Lulu E+/EE+

1033. OK 40957- Kalama's Quartet- I Nikiniki Malie/ Medley of Hulas E+

1034. OK 41324- Kalama's Quartet- My Hawaiian Home/ A Flower Lei E

1035. OK 45226- Honolulu Strollers- Old Oaken Bucket/ My Wild Irish Rose V-

1036. OK 5567- Tiny Hill O- He's a Curbstone Cutie/ Yes Sir, Thats My Baby E sleeve stain nap

1037. OK 5627- Gene Krupa O- Blue Rhythm Fantasy pt 1/ pt 2 E+

1038. OK 5628- Dick Jurgens O- Avalon/ A Million Dreams Ago E+

1039. OK 5632- Horace Henderson O- Chlo-e/ John Kirby O- Chlo-e E/EE+

1040. OK 5634- Tommy Tucker O- Buds Wont Bud/ I'm Nobody's Baby E+

1041. OK 5635- Tiny Hill O- Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue/ I'm Knee Deep In Daisies EE+

1042. OK 6145- Tommy Tucker Time- I Love You/ Lazy River E+

1043. OK 6707- Little Son Joe- Black Rat Swing/ Memphis MInnie- Looking the World Over E+N-

1044. OK 6893- Bessie Smith- Gimme a Pigfoot/ Take Me For a Buggy Ride E+N-

1045. Oriole 2047- Carson Robison Trio- Carry Me Back to the Mountains/ I'll Never See My Darling Any More E+

1046. Or 2061- The Caroliners- Why Am I So Romantic?/ Lou Gold O- Chasing the Blues Away V-

1047. Or 2063- Hollywood DO- Why Have You Forgotten Waikiki?/ Clevelanders- Mississippi Miss I Miss You V

1048. Or 2098- Majestic DO- You're Simply Delish/ Elliott Jacoby O- Dont Be FoolishV+/E- 1" crnap

1049. Or 2132- Lou Gold O- Yours & Mine/ Joe Green Marimba O- U'd Promised That U'd Be Mine E

1050. Or 2133- Varsity 8- You're Driving Me Crazy/ Elliott Jacoby O- Bye & Bye Sweetheart E-

1051. Or 2174- Frank & James Mc Cravy- Can a Boy Forget His Mother/ Dont Forget to Drop a Line to Mother E+/E

1052. Or 2186- Dan Ritchie O- My Love For You/ Harold White O- Overnight E-

1053. Or 2192- Dick Cherwin O- Little Spanish Dancer/ Joe Morgan O- When Your Hair Has Turned to Silver E+

1054. Or 2196- Joe Morgan O- Just a Gigolo/ I Had to Lose You EE+ aud clx A

1055. Or 2212- Cliquot Club Eskimos- I'm So Afraid of U/ Dick Cherwin O- Got the Bench, Park V+

1056. Or 2218- Billy Hays Orient Cafe O- By Special Permission of the Copyright Owners/ We Can Live On Love V

1057. Or 2231- Gus Van- In a Cafe On the Road to Calais/ Chick Bullock- Hello Beautiful V/V-

1058. Or 2248- Lou Gold O- That Little Boy of Mine/ Eddie Lane O- Whistling In the Dark V/V- Smith Ballew A

1059. Or 2253- Ben Alley- I Have a Sweetheart/ Two Hearts E-

1060. Or 2271- Eddie Kirkeby O- I Wanna Sing About You/ Dick Cherwin O- Happy Little Tune E

1061. Or 2296- Society Night Club O- While Hearts Are Singing/ When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain EE+/E-

1062. Or 2308- Ruth Etting- Cigarettes, Cigars/ Shine On Harvest Moon EE+

1063. Or 2323- Ben Alley w/ O- Begging For Love/ I'm Just a Dancing Sweetheart E/E-

1064. Or 2354- Roy Smeck Vita Trio- Stardust/ Shine On Harvest Moon E+ Hawaiian guitars

1065. Or 2364- Lou Gold O- Hiding In the Shadows Of the Moon/ Old Playmate VV+

1066. Or 2367- Vic Irwin O- When the Rest of the Crowd Goes Home/ Cuban Love Song EE+

1067. Or 2384- Colonial Club O- Save the Last Dance For Me/ Tell Me With a Love Song E+

1068. Or 2391- Ruth Etting- All of Me/ Home E/E-

1069. Or 2392- Douglas Stanbury- Star Spangled Banner/ Father of the Land We Love V+/VV+

1070. Or 2963- Bing Crosby- Blue Prelude/ We'll Make Hay While the Sun Shines V+ impr to EE-

1071. Or 3058- Smith Ballew O- I'll Keep Warm All Winter/ One Little Kiss VV+

1072. Pan American 36- Eddie Cantor- One Zy Two Zy/ Joan Barton- rather Do Without You Baby E

1073. Pathe 22284(vert)- Noble Sissle- I'm Just Simply Full of Jazz/ Ain't Cha Coming Back Mary Ann to Maryland V/V+

1074. Pathe 21191(lateral)- Frank Ferera's Hawaiians- Honolulu Sweetheart of Mine/ Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella EE-

1075. Pa 36881- Mississippi Music Makers- It Goes Like This/ Phil Hughes High Hatters- Do You? Thats All I Want to Know EE+

1076. Pe 12180- Miss Lee Morse BG Boys- Better Shoot Straight/ Everybody Loves My Baby V

1077. Pe 12220- The Troubadours- Bam Bam Bamy Shore/ Jimmy Flynn- While We Danced Till Dawn E+

1078. Pe 12635- Chick Bullock w/ O- My Future Just Passed/ Whats the Use? V

1079. Pe 14163- Joe Samuels O- Dusting the Keys/ Page Mr. Paderewski E+

1080. Pe 14272- D. Onivas O- Doodle Doo Doo/ Big Boy E+

1081. Pe 14675- Phil Hughes High Hatters- When You Come Back to Me/ Barcelona EE-

1082. Pe 14719- Joe Candullo O- I'd Like to Call You My Sweetheart/ Golden Gate O- That Night In Araby VV+

1083. Pe 14739- Phil Hughes High Hatters- I'll Fly to Hawaii/ Dont You Remember E

1084. Pe 14800- Sam Lanin O- Doll Dance/ D. Onivas O- Ay Ay Ay EE-

1085. Pe 15258- The Clevelanders- A Year From To-Day/ Imperial DO- I'm Following You E+N- Smith Ballew vocals both

1086. Pe 15402- Sam Lanin O- To Whom It May Concern(tk 3)/ You're the One I Care For(tk 3) V-

1087. Pe 15435- Sam Lanin O- Walkin' Baby Back Home/ 99 Out of 100 Want To Be Loved EE+

1088. Pe 15445- Dan Ritchie O- It Must Be True/ Society Night Club O - Two Hearts E hlc nap

1089. Pe 15462- Bob Haring O- Ho Hum/ Lets Get Friendly E-/V+

1090. Pe 15472- Dick Cherwin O- Happy Little Tune/ Eddie Kirkeby O- I Wanna Sing About U EE-

1091. Pe 15475- Bob Haring O - Let Me Hum a Hymn To Her Tonite/ Little Old Church In Valley V

1092. Pe 15479- Snooks Memphis Stompers-One More Time/ Thats My Desire V+ tite cr to lbl

1093. Pe 15491- Sam Lanin O- Makin' Faces at the Man In Moon/ Just One More Chance E- few clk gvs

1094. Pe 15492- Sam Lanin- Many Happy Returns of Day./ Dick Cherwin- On the Beach w/ U V-

1095. Pe 15495- Vincent Rose- Without That Gal/ Sam Lanin- Yours Is My Heart Alone V

1096. Pe 15498- Teddy Black O- How the Time Can Fly/ Begging For Love V+

1097. Pe 15499- Teddy Black O- Why Shoudlnt I/ Vincent Rose- Do the New York VV+/V+

1098. Pe 15501- Vincent Rose O- There's No Depression In Love/ Bob Haring O- Its the Girl VV- scr fw gvs A

1099. Pe 15514- Gene Austin O- Maybe Its the Moon/ Hows Your Uncle E-

1100. Pe 15959- Will Osborne O- Count Your Blessings/ The Old Spinning Wheel EE-

1101. Pe 7-06-11- Rudy Vallee O- Turn Off the Moon/ That's Southern Hospitality E-

1102. Personal Record 93-P- Bolton & Cipriano's Westchester Biltmore O, Rudy Vallee leader- You'll Do It Someday (So Why Not Now?)/ Rudy Vallee saxophone solo w/ p made for David Dean Smith at Whitlock's, New Haven Ct. VV+ edge lams nap RARE!

1103. Photo & Sound 967/8- Bohemian Club Neapolitan Trio- Carmela & Funiculi, Funicula/ Ciribiribin E+ rare San Francisco label from Kearny St c. late 30s

1104. Puritan 11252- Arthur Hall- Yes We Have No Bananas/ Maggie Yes Ma'am EE+

1105. Puritone 1034- Frank Guarente O- Sweethearts On Parade/ Harmonians- My Annapolis VV+

1106. Radiex 1441- Paul Bolognese O- Doll Dance/ Harmony DO- Wishing & Waiting E scrs/EE+

1107. Rainbow 10099- Larry Clinton O- The Wheels Keep Spinning Around/ Janette Davis w/ Larry Clinton O- Walk Before You Run E

1108. Regal 8382- Smith Bros- Dew Dew Dewy Day/ Miss Annabelle Lee VV+

1109. Re 9102- Mildred Fernandez Syncopated Syncopators(!)- The Jazz Me Blues/ Leonard Graham Jazz Band- In Honeysuckle Time (a Miller & Lyles, Sissle & Blake tune) V+

1110. Re 9224- Joseph Samuels Music Masters- Stumbling/ Lanin O- Teasin' E-

1111. Regent 112- Dolly Dawn w/ O- Something I Dreamed Last Night/ The Same Old Cry E+

1112. Reg 118- Dolly Dawn Patrol- Money, Money, Money/ I Was Lucky E+N-

1113. Reg 143(promo)- Dolly Dawn w/ O- Summertime/ Celito Lindo E+

1114. Ross Stores 11367- Max Terr O- Limehouse Blues/ Schubert Serenaders- Lazy V rare 1920s label clean

1115. Royal Roost 618- Fran Manfred- Don't U Know/ Crazy When I Hear Your Name E despite grey

1116. Royale 1775- Johnny Green O- All the Things You Are/ Heaven in My Arms E-

1117. Roy 1814- Eldridge Newman O- A Southern Rhapsody 1/2 E+

1118. Roy 1836- Johnny Green O- Body & Soul/ Out of Nowhere E+N-

1119. Roy 1857- Johnny Green O- Ev'ry Sunday Afternoon/ From Another World E+

1120. Roy 1877- Richard Himber O- Clear Out of This World/ On the Old Park Bench E+N-

1121. Roy 1878- Johnny Green O- Its a Lovely Day Tomorrow/ It'll Come to You E+

1122. Roy 1880- Johnny Green O- You're Lonely & I'm Lonely/ You Can't Brush Me Off E+

1123. Sacred 162- Sol Hoopii, King of Hawaiian Guitar- Paradise Isle/ Beautiful King of Kings E+

1124. Sac 163- Sol Hoopii, King of Hawaiian Guitar- Aloha Oe/ What a Friend We Have In Jesus E+

1125. Sapphire 707- Al (Stomp) Russell Trio- The Trouble With Me Is You/ Strike Blues E+ Philly lbl

1126. Savoy 5536- Cousin Joe- Too Tight To Walk Loose/ Old Man Blues E+

1127. Sav 8003- Dave Tarras O- Frielachs/ Send David EE+ super rare series- best Klezmer!

1128. Sav 597- Charlie Parker Ri Bop Boys- Ko Ko/ How High the Moon EE+

1129. Silvertone 2320- Georgia Jazz Band- Hot Roasted Peanuts/ Southern Serenaders- Oh Sister, Aint That Hot V-

1130. Sil 4117- Orch- ragtime two step- Black & White G

1131. Sun 45490(early label- 1910s?)- Northern Military Band- Pekin Peeks V..label clean

1132. Supertone 9029- Jack Moran w/ O- Highways R Happy Ways/ Here Am I- Broken Hearted EE-

1133. Spt 9056- Mendel's Canadians- Too Busy/ Anything You Say ..heat dmg affects about 15 sec beg A/ 30 sec beg B..not too bad at all, then impr to E- A/V+ B, which has a nice trumpet solo

1134. Spt 9095- Royal Hawaiians- Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight/ Kohala March EE+ Hawaiian guitar

1135. Spt 9143- Supertone Male Quartette- Sidewalks of NY/ Carry Me Back to Old Virginny E+

1136. Spt 9215- Cecil & Esther Ward (Hawaiian guitar duet)- Chili Blues/ Just Once Again E

1137. Tico 10-088- Tito Puente O- Tinguaro/ The Willie & Ray Mambo E+ despite grey

1138. Tico 10-109- Tito Puente O- Que Lindo El Mambo/ Er Rey Del Timbal E+

1139. Tico 10-110- Tito Puente O- Titoro/ Mamey Colorado E+

1140. Tico 10-142- Tito Puente O- La Guira/ La Gloria Eres Tu E+

1141. Universal Pictures UP-59- Deanna Durbin sings Love At Last from "Nice Girl" V+ picture label

1142. Variety 503- Mills Blue Rhythm Band- Jungle Madness/ Blue Rhythm Fantasy E+

1143. Var 519- Midge Williams Jazz Jesters- Walkin the Dog/ In the Shade of Old Apple Tree E+/E-

1144. Var 537- George Hall O- Coronation Wz/ Sorority Wz VV+

1145. Var 546- Lucky Millinder w/ Mills Blue Rhythm Band- Rhythm Jam/ Prelude to a Stomp E+N-

1146. Var 556- Ben Pollack O- Peckin'/ In a Sentimental Mood V+

1147. Var 582- Blue Barron O- Dont Ever Change/ And Then They Called It Love V+

1148. Var 583- Sleepy Hall O- Sleepy Time Gal/ That Old Oaken Bucket E+

1149. Var 604- Lucky Millinder w/ Mills Blue Rhythm Band- The Image of You/ The Lucky Swing E+

1150. Var 623- George Hall O- Remember Me?/ Am I In Love? EE+

1151. Var 630- The Three Peppers- If I Had My Way/ Serenade In the Night EE+

1152. Var 631- Clyde Lucas O- Big Apple/ Song of the Samovar V-

1153. Var 634- Lucky Millinder w/ Mills Blue Rhythm Band- Jammin' For the Jack Pot/ Let's Get Together E+

1154. Var 651- Cab Calloway O- Hi De Ho Romeo/ Moon at Sea VV- rcnap but close

1155. Var 655- Barney Bigard Jazzopators- Demi-Tasse/ Jazz ala Carte E/E-

1156. Var 660- Cappy Barra's Harmonica Swing Ensemble- Stardust/ Voodoo E

1157. Var 668- Buster Bailey Rhythm Busters- Dizzy Debutante/ Afternoon In Africa E+

1158. Varsity 5114- Tommy Tucker O- You'll Never Get Up to Heaven That Way/ Spring Is In My Heart Again EE+ off early 30s Crown

1159. Var 5136- Tommy Tucker O- Hiawatha's Lullaby/ Stay Out of My Dreams EE-/E- potential rcnap off early 30s Crown

1160. Var 8042- Connies Inn O- 12th Street Rag/ Milenberg Joys EE+ off early 30s Crown- Fletcher

1161. Var 8070- Tommy Tucker O- Blue Prelude/ Gypsy Rhapsody E+ off early 30s Crown

1162. Var 8100- Buddy Clark O- In An Old Dutch Garden/ Leanin On the Ole Top Rail E-

1163. Velvetone 1511- Newport Society O- I'm Walkin' On Air/ Are You Lonesome Tonight E

1164. VT 1827- Bar Harbor Society O- Marie/ Ted Bartell O- The Wz I Cant Forget E-

1165. VT 2511- D'orsay DO- When We're Alone/ Frank Auburn O- One Little Quarrel E+N- 3 brief clx beg A

1166. Vocalion 13039- Aaron Lebedeff- Odesser Hora/ In Odesis EE-/E-

1167. Vo 14458- Emil Coleman O- Teddy Bear/ Bee's Knees E

1168. Vo 14952- Tennesee Tooters- Prince of Wails/ I Aint Got Nobody to Love E+

1169. Vo 15207- Palala's Hawaiians- Hawaiian Sweetheart of Mine/ Sweet Hawaiian Dreams E+

1170. Vo 15683- Miami Marimba Band- Laugh, Clown, Laugh/ Auf Wiedersehn G

1171. Vo 15723- Harry Breuer's Roxy Trio- Flapperette/ Roxyette V- pot rcnap

1172. Vo 1521- Tampa Red w/ Georgia Tom- You Rascal You 1/2 VV+ at beg, V+E- toward inside/ V all the way..ckd to lbl, rep'd nap

1173. Vo 3225- Bunny Berigan O- I Cant Get Started/ Rhythm Saved the World E

1174. Vo 3253- Bunny Berigan O- When I'm With You/ But Definitely E- rcnap

1175. Vo 03537- Bob Wills Texas Playboys- Too Busy/ No Matter How She Done It V+/V SWINGS!

1176. Vo 3488- Phil Harris O- Too Marvelous For Words/ Sentimental & Melancholy VV+/E-

1177. Vo 3499- Isham Jones O- It Must Be Love/ Now You're Talking My Language EE-

1178. Vo 3565- Phil Harris O- Between the Devil & Deep Blue Sea/ Darktown Strutters' Ball E+/E-

1179. Vo 3957- George Hall O- I Was Doing All Right/ Love Is Here to Stay E+

1180. Vo 4407- George Hall O- With You On My Mind/ Why Not String Along With Me E-/V+

1181. Vo 4547- Patricia Norman w/ O- Pluckin' On a Golden Harp/ Flow Gently Sweet Afton EE-

1182. Vo 5301- Slim Gaillard Flat Foot Floogee Boys- Matzoh Balls/ Its You, Only You EE+

1183. Vo 5436- Sherry Magee Dixielanders- Satanic Blues/ Bluin' the Blues V+E-

1184. Zon-o-phone 266- Billy Murray w/ O- Put Me In My Little Cell V-

FOREIGN LABELS (all British unless noted)

1185. Artiphone 1003(FR)- Roland Nathaniels- Native Dance Sikeli pt 1/2 E- Creole vo w/ band

1186. Broadcast Twelve 3195- Singin' Sam- Lord You Made the Night Too Long/ Somebody Loves You E-/E+

1187. Brunswick A 8286(GER)- Earl Burtnett LA Biltmore O- Singin In the Rain/ Orange Blossom Time EE- 1" repd crack nap. RARE non vocal takes on these 1929 sides-for export only

1188. Br 03600- Pint Top Smith- Pinetop's Boogie Woogie/ Pinetop's Blues E+

1189. Chappell C 412- Melodi Light O- Pow Wow// High Adventure/ Thrill of the Curtain E

1190. Columbia 3941- Percival Mackey O- Hang On To Me/ Oh Lady be Good E

1191. Co 4184- Percival Mackey O- A Tiny Flat Near Soho Square/ Here In My Arms EE-/E

1192. Co 5137- Ray Starita O- Crazy Rhythm/ Where Have You Been All My Life E

1193. Co 5425- Annette Hanshaw w/ O- That's You Baby/ Big City Blues VV+ a few clx

1194. Co CB 293- Jack Payne BBC DO- Tell Me a Tale of Old Virginia/ A Love Song of Old Valencia E- pot 1/2 moon cr

1195. Co CB 304- Ted Lewis Band- Headin' For Better Times/ Ho Hum E NICE w/ BG, etc

1196. Co CB 310- Jack Payne BBCDO- I'd Rather Be a Beggar With U/ I'm 100% In Love w/ U E+/E-

1197. Co CB 403- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- You're the Kind of a Baby For Me/ All My Life EE-/E-

1198. Co CB 404- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Sweet Summer Breeze/ You'll Be Sorry E few lt scrs

1199. Co CB 457- The New BBCDO- Listen In Tonight My Darling/ Roses At Dawning VV+

1200. Co CB 458- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Snuggled On Your Shoulder/ Somebody Loves You EE-

1201. Co CB 513- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Dont Say Goodbye/ You Just You E

1202. Co CB 551- Henry Hall BBCDO- Leave the Pretty Girls Alone/ Horses Carry Tails V-

1203. Co CB 532- Henry Hall BBCDO- How Can You Say No?/ Round the Bend of the Road EE-

1204. Co CB 554- Henry Hall BBCDO- Standing On the Corner/ A Boy & a Girl Were Dancing E- lbl dmg

1205. Co CB 587- Carroll Gibbons SHO- Its Gonna Be You/ What Would Ja Like For Breakfast E

1206. Co CB 669- Henry Hall O- Did My Heart Beat/ Whos Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf EE-

1207. Co CB 670- Henry Hall O- Weep No More My Baby/ Down a Long Long Road E+

1208. Co CB 672- Henry Hall O- Thanks/ The Day You Came Along EE+/E+

1209. Co CB 795- Henry Hall O- Lets All Go to the Music Hall/ Sing As We Go E+

1210. Co CB 803- Carroll Gibbons O- I Saw Stars/ For All We Know VV+

1211. Co CB 804- Henry Hall O- Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/ Learning EE+

1212. Co CB 807- Carroll Gibbons O- Love Divided By Two/ When He Comes Home to Me EE-

---the next two are Bing Crosby Austrailian pressings- smooth, laminated surface- great sound--

1213. Co DO-1160(AUS)- Bing Crosby- I've Got to Pass Your House/ There's a Cabin In th Pines E+

1214. Co DO-1284(AUS)- Bing Crosby- Give Me a Heart to Sing To/ Love In Bloom E+

1215. Co DB 848- Terance Casey organ- Bye & Bye/ Auf Wiedersehn My Dear E- scrs B

1216. Co DB 861- Henry Hall BBC DO- A Musical Comedy Wz. Concoction pt 1/2 E+

1217. Co DB 871- Kate Smith- Love You Funny Thing/ Snuggled On Your Shoulder E- few clx

1218. Co DB 874- Wylie Watson, Peter Haddon, Carlyle Cousins & Bobby Howes w/ O- Sing Brothers/ Bobby Howes & Carlyle Cousins w/O- Happy the Day E-

1219. Co DB 919- Sidney Torch organ- Organ Medley of Song Hits pt 1/2 E+

1220. Co DB 1216- Norman Long- We Cant Let You Broadcast That/ 'Oles V+ FUN!

1221. Co DB 1419- Billy Mayerl- Billy Mayerl's Savoy Havana Memories 1/2 E

1222. Co DB 1445- Mr & Mrs Billy Mayerl - Ace of Spades/ Marigold E+

1223. Co DB 1556- Hildegarde- For Me, For You/ Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup E+

1224. Co DB 1577- Fifes & Drums, Massed bands, etc- Tattoo pt 1/2 E recorded in Nottingham

1225. Co DB 1892- Harold Williams w. O- Lords of the Air/ We'll Remember E+

1226. Co FB 1115- Billy Mayerl & Austin Croom-Johnson- Bats In the Belfry/ Green Tulips E

1227. Co FB 1236- Radio Rhythm Rascals(Val Rosing vocs)- Shine/ Whispering EE+

1228. Co FB 1783- Carroll Gibbons Boyfriends-Foolin' Myself/ You're Here, There, Everywhere E+

1229. Co FB 1799- Hildegarde- The Moon Got In My Eyes/ Its the Natural Thing to Do EE+/E

1230. Co FB 1805- Carroll Gibbons Boyfriends- You Cant Have Everything film selection/ High, Wide & Handsome film selection E+

1231. Co FB 1817- Carroll Gibbons Boyfriends- Shes My Lovely/ If Its the Last Thing I Do EE+

1232. Co FB 1842- Carroll Gibbons O- Blossoms On Broadway/ I Still Love to Kiss You Gdnt EE-

1233. Co FB 1852- Six Swingers- I'm Getting Sentimental Over You/ Stardust VV+

1234. Co FB 1855- Carroll Gibbons O- Remember Me/ Here Comes the Sandman VV+

1235. Co FB 1864- Six Swingers- Hot Scotch #3/4 E-

1236. Co FB 1869- Carroll Gibbons Boyfriends- Damsel In Distress film selection/ Life of the Party film selection EE-

1237. Co J 1093(JAPAN)- Ted Lewis O- Headin' For Better Times/ Just a Gigolo E

1238. Co M 569(JAPAN)- Ray King Hawaiians- Kilalila Haleakala/ In a Little Hula Heaven E+ beautiful multi colored label has scotch tape on one side

next, two rare Decca M series vinyl test pressings by Ambrose Orch- recorded 1929

1239. De test mx MB-794-1A- Ambrose O- Painting the Clouds With Sunshine NN-

1240. De test mx MB-795-2A- Ambrose O- Tip Toe Thru the Tulips NN-

1241. De F 1611- Rhythmmaniacs- Sunnyside Up selection pt 1/2 E

1242. De F 1679- Rhythmmaniacs- If I'm Dreaming/ Look For the Silver lining E sl wear on highs

1243. De F 1695- Rhythmmaniacs- With a Song In My Heart/ Wind In the Willows E few lt scrs

1244. De F 1706- Rhythmmaniacs- If I Cant Have You/ Singin' In the Bathroom VV+

1245. De F 1966- The Rhythm Maniacs- Bye-Bye Blues/ Swingin' In a Hammock V/VV+

1246. De F 1999- The Rhythm Maniacs- I Still Get a Thrill/ When Its Springtime In Rockies E-

1247. De F 2030- The Million-Airs- Follow A Star selection pt 1/2 E+

1248. De F 2057- The Savana Players- Sitting On a Haystack/ Tiddle Iddle Um Pum EE+

1249. De F 2338- Florence Starr acc by Ray Ventura Collegians- Can This Be Love?/ Beyond the Blue Horizon E+

1250. De F 2579- Carl Brisson w/ O- Time Alone Will Tell/ Whistling In the Dark E+

1251. De F 2591- Carl Brisson w/ O- I'm Thru With Love/ Love Is Like That EE+

1252. De F 2608- The Blue Lyres- Makin Faces At the Man In the Moon/ Hang Out the Stars In Indiana E

1253. De F 2763- Roy Fox O- Oh Monah/ If I Didn't Have You E- some scrs Bowlly B

1254. De F 3014- Roy Fox O- You've Got What Gets Me/ I Got Rhythm E few lt scrs Al Bowlly both

1255. De F 3099- Roy Fox O- You're My Everything/ Ooh That Kiss E Bowllys

1256. De F 3111- Jack Hylton O- Happy Go Lucky You/ They All Start Whistling "Mary" E

1257. De F 3373- Lew Stone O- Brighter Than the Sun/ What More Can I Ask E Bowlly vocs

1258. De F 3410- Hal Kemp O- It's Winter Again/ Look Who's Here E

1259. De F 3428- Lew Stone Band- A Letter To My Mother/ Kazotski E-V+ Bowlly in Yiddish A

1260. De F 3440- Jack Hylton O- Try a Little Tenderness/ Play Fiddle Play E-/EE-

1261. De F 3445- Jack Hylton O- Do You Know/ I Love to Yodel E+

1262. De F 3455- Lew Stone Band- Meditteranean Madness/ The World Is So Small V+ Bowlly

1263. De F 3456- Lew Stone Band- Please Handle With Care/ In Santa Lucia V+ Bowlly

1264. De F 3475- Jack Hylton O- I'm Playing With Fire/ I Wish I Knew a Bigger Word Than Love EE-

1265. De F 3560- Al Bowlly- That's All That Matters to Me/ Maria My Own V+E- rcnap

1266. De F 3484- Jack Hylton O- I Want to Go Home/ I May Never Pass Your Way Again EE+

1267. De F 3489- Jack Hylton O- Sunny Madeira/ Let Bygones Be Bygones E+

1268. De F 3490- Jack Hylton O- My Darling/ Jolly Old Ma, Pa E+

1269. De F 3496- Lew Stone- My Hearts To Let/ When You've Fallen In Love EE- BOWLLY both

1270. De F 3499- Rhythmmaniacs- Do You Recall/ Butterflies In the Rain EE-

1271. De F 3515- Jack Hylton O- Her Name Is Mary/ Farewell to Arms E

1272. De F 3567- Jack Hylton O- Out In the Open/ Little Miss Muffet E

1273. De F 3568- Jack Hylton O- If You Believe/ We'll Always Be Friends E

1274. De F 3570- Roy Fox Band- Seven Years With the Wrong Woman/ Chewing Gum V

1275. De F 3782- Lew Stone O- White Jazz/ Blue Jazz V+/E-

1276. De F 3804- Roy Fox O- Did You Ever See a Dream Walking?/ Lou'siana Lullaby E

1277. De F 3805- Roy Fox O- My Hat's On the Side of My Head/ On a Steamer Coming Over VV+

1278. De F 3821- Lew Stone O- Don't Change/ Nagasaki E- Bowlly A

1279. De F 3826- Lew Stone O- Dark Clouds/ So Shy E-/EE- Bowlly

1280. De F 3884- Lew Stone O- Lullaby In Blue/ Gosh I Must Be Falling In Love EE- Bowlly vocs

1281. De F 5301- Ambrose O- Who's Been Polishing the Sun/ I Couldn't Be Mean to You E/EE+

1282. De F 5318- Ambrose O- I'm Gonna Wash My Hands Of You/ No, No, 1000 Times No EE-

1283. De F 5322- Nat Gonella Trumpet - I Cant Dance, I Got Ants In My Pants/ Carolina V+/E

1284. De F 5326- Al Bowlly w/ O- Be Still My Heart/ If I Had a Million Dollars V-

1285. De F 5362- Ambrose O- Be Still My Heart/ Argentina EE-

1286. De F 5363- Ambrose O- If I Love Again/ If I Had a Million Dollars E

1287. De F 5645- Arthur Young Youngsters- Any Old Rags 1/2 E-/EE+

1288. De F 5783- Lew Stone Band- St. Louis Blues/ Etude E

1289. De F 5882- The Street Singer- Stranded/ Stay Awhile EE-

1290. De F 5933- Ambrose O- Woe Is Me/ Life Begins When You;re In Love V-

1291. De F 5961- Louis Armstrong O- Rhythm Saved the World/ Falling In Love With You E-

1292. De F 5971- Lew Stone O-These Foolish Things/ Dream Time EE+ lt scf A

1293. De F 5982- Jessie Matthews- Tony's In Town/ Its Love Again E+

1294. De F 5983- Jessie Matthews w/ O- Got to Dance My Way to Heaven/

Slipping Through My Fingers E+

1295. De F 5990- Sid Lypton O- I LIke Bananas/ Madame Ah La Marquise Ah NEW-

1296. De F 5992- Ambrose O- We're Tops On Saturday Night/ She E

1297. De F 5993- Ambrose O- Lost My Rhythm, My Music, My Man/ I'm All In E-/VV+

1298. De F 6048- Ambrose- OK For Sound/ There's a New World E-/V

1299. De F 6067- Bob Crosby O- Dixieland Shuffle/ Muskrat Ramble EE+

1300. De F 6083- Bob Crosby O- Come Back Sweet Papa/ Pagan Love Song EE-/E

1301. De F 6094- Teddy Foster Kings of Swing- Harlem/ Sing, Sing, Sing E-

1302. De F 6188- Lew Stone O- Ups & Downs/ Shades of Hades VV+

1303. De F 6339- Ambrose O- Goodnight, My Love/ The Night Is Young & You're So Beautiful E+

1304. De F 6409- Lew Stone O- On a Little Dream Ranch/ Was It Rain? E

1305. De F 6410- Lew Stone O- Slap That Bass/ Beginners Luck E-/EE-

1306. De F 6541- The Street Singer- Little Old Lady/ Old Pal of Mine E

1307. De F 7026- Ambrose O- Hold Tight- Hold Tight/ Jeepers Creepers EE-/E bite nap

1308. De F 7698- Lew Stone Stonecrackers- Farewell Blues/ Confessin' E

1309. De C 16120- Orchestra of the Dutch Swing College- Fidgety Feet/ Royal Garden Blues E+

1310. De M 30275- Bing Crosby w/ Andrews Sisters & Joe Venuti O- Ciribiribin/ Yodelin' Jive E/E-

1311. El EG 1332- Jack Hylton O- Herzen!/ Puppenhochzeit E

1312. El EG 1523- Marek Weber O- Marschlied Aus "Drei Musketiere"/ Schomer Gigolo E-/E

1313. Esquire 10-199- Mel Powell- Homage to Fats Waller/ Homage to Debussy N-

1314. Gloria 10044(GER)- Gloria Tanz O- Wiener Praterleben/ Puppen Walzer E-

1315. HMV B 2103- Savoy Orpheans- Why Couldn't It Be Poor Little Me/ Sea Songs med EE- scr A

1316. HMV B 3888- Raie Da Costa piano- Would You Like to Take a Walk/ The Match Parade EE+

1317. HMV B 4083- Jack Buchanan w/ O- Living In Clover/ Goodnight Vienna E-

1318. HMV B 5545- Jack Hylton O- Sunrise/ Ah Sweet Mystery of Life EE-/V+

1319. HMV B 5547- Jack Hylton O- All MIne/ Paradise Square VV+

1320. HMV B 5549- Jack Hylton O- In the Shadows/ For Old Time's Sake V+/EE+

1321. HMV B 5611- Jack Hylton O- But I Do Say So/ Wonderful You E-/VV+

1322. HMV B 5615- Jack Hylton O- Glad Feet/ A Dickey Bird Told Me So VV+

1323. HMV B 5641(FR)- Jack Hylton O- My Angeline/ Sleep Baby Sleep E lt scr B

1324. HMV B 5695- Jack Hylton O- I Want to Be Bad/ You Wouldn't Fool Me EE-

1325. HMV B 5720- Jack Hylton O- If You Were Mine/ My Song of the Nile E

1326. HMV B 5747- New Mayfair Dance O- Three Red Roses/ To You VV+

1327. HMV B 5783- Jack Hylton O- We're Uncomfortable/ Its An Old Spanish Custom E+

1328. HMV B 5911- NMDO- It Must Be You/ Your Sunny Disposition & Mine E-V+

1329. HMV B 5982- Ambrose O- When You Were My Sweetheart/ Still I Love Her EE-

1330. HMV B 5983- NMDO- Time On My Hands/ I'm Glad I Waited V+ Bowlly

1331. HMV B 5984- NMDO- Goodnight Sweetheart/ Shout For Happiness E+ great Bowllys!

1332. HMV B 6055- NMDO- Pagan Serenade/ Belle of Barcelona EE-

1333. HMV B 6068- Ambrose O- Me/ For You E-

1334. HMV B 6181- Ray Noble O- I Was True/ One Little Quarrel EE-/E- Bowlly

1335. HMV B 6125- Ambrose O- You're Blase/ Mona Lisa EE+

1336. HMV B 6153- Ambrose O- Try to Forget/ She Didn't Say Yes VV+

1337. HMV B 6318- New Mayfair DO- Poor Me, Poor You/ Play Fiddle Play VV+

1338. HMV B 6219- Ray Noble O- Please Dont Mention It/ Pagan Moon E/EE+

1339. HMV B 6269- Ray Noble O- Old Moore's Almanac pt 1/2 EE-

1340. HMV B 6274- Ray Noble O- Hearts of Oak- medley pt 1/2 E 1341. HMV B 6285- Ray Noble O- Balloons/ Yes, Mr. Brown EE- dig B

1342. HMV B 6325- Ray Noble O- The Moment I Saw You/ There's Something About a Soldier EE+/E Bowlly A

1343. HMV B 6328- Duke Ellington O- Swanee Shuffle/ Jungle Nights In Harlem E

1344. HMV B 6366- Ray Noble O- I Only Want One Girl/ A Couple Of Fools In Love VV+ Bowlly

1345. HMV B 6408- Ray Noble O- Experiment/ Snowball E Bowlly vocs

1346. HMV B 6492- Ray Noble O- The Show Is Over/ I Love You Truly VV+ Bowlly vocals

1347. HMV B 6499- Ray Noble O- Nasty Man/ Hold My Hand E-/ EE- Bowlly

1348. HMV B 6503- Ray Noble O- I'll String Along With You/ Fair & Warmer E- Bowlly vocals

1349. HMV B 6504- Ray Noble O- When You've Got a Little Springtime/ Over My Shoulder E Bowlly

1350. HMV B 6507- Ray Noble O- Happy/ Moon Country E+ Bowllys

1351. HMV B 6509- Ray Noble O- Its All Forgotten Now/ I Never Had a Chance V+ Bowlly

1352. HMV B 8994- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Puszta/ Teddy Bears Picnic E+

1353. HMV B 9443- Artie Shaw O- Little Jazz/ The Sad Sack EE+

1354. HMV B 9553- Charlie Barnet O- Phylisse/ Comanche War Dance E

1355. HMV B 9638- Charlie Barnet O- Macumba/ The Last Jump E+/E rcnap

1356. HMV B 9884- Rose Murphy- Rosetta/ Gee I Wonder What the Trouble Can Be E+

1357. HMV BD 1139- Spike Jones City Slickers- Blue Danube/ U Always Hurt the One U Love E-

1358. HMV BD 1176- Phil Harris O- The Dark Town Poker Club/ Woodman Spare That Tree E

1359. HMV BD 1189- Ray Kinney Coral Islanders- Sweet Leilani/ Aloha Oe E+

1360. HMV BD 5090- Benny Goodman O- You Cant Pull the Wool Over my Eyes/ Rudy Vallee O- I Dont Want to Make History E+

1361. HMV BD 5162- Tommy Dorsey O- May I Have the Next Romance With You/ Head Over Heels In Love EE-

1362. HMV EA 736(AUS)- George Olsen O- It Happened In Monterey/ Song of the Dawn E+

1363. HMV EG 6326- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Berceuse/ Kuss E+

1364. HMV EG 6371- Will Glahe O- Es Ist So Schon Soldan Zu Sein/ Ein Viertelstundchen Dir Allein E+

1365. HMV HE 2312(FR)- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Gluckspiel/ Spatzenkonzert E+

1366. HMV JO 39- New Mayfair O- Padilla medley 1/2 E+

1367. Homochord 434- Stanley C. Holt piano solo- Ragman's Excercise/ Fidgety Fingers E-/EE-

1368. Imperial 1809- Jimmy Andrews piano solo- At Sundown/ The Doll Dance E+

1369. Imp 2008- Joe Candulla O- Dusky Stevedore/ Sam Lanin O- Old Man Sunshine VV-

1370. Imp 2088 Jay Whidden O- Its a Million to One You're Far From Home/ When I Met Connie In the Cornfield VV-

1371. Imp 2371- Jay Wilbur O- Soldier On the Shelf/ Clevelanders- With My Guitar & You E/E+

1372. Kristall 3209(GER)- Billy Bartholomew O- Das Ist die liebe der Matrosen/ Eine Nacht In Monte Carlo V-/V+

1373. Lyceum 063- Harry Short- Hitchy Koo/ Oh You Beautiful Doll G

1374. MGM 336- Fred Astaire & Red Skelton- Nevertheless/ Gloria De Haven- Whos Sorry Now EE+

1375. Melotone 93006(CAN)- Roy O Connor- There's a New Star In Heaven(Baby Lindy Is Up There)/ Charles A. Lindbergh Jr.V 3" repd cr sds lite

1376. Odeon 31 177(GER)- Harry Roy O- Lets Call the Whole Thing Off/ They Cant Take That Away From Me V+E-

1377. Omega 35-118(NETH)- Mena Moeria Minstrels- The Royal Hawaiian Hula/ Hano Hano Hanalei E+...top Hawaiian!

1378. Panachord 25009- Al Carney- I'm Alone Because I Love You/ Ukulele Moon EE+

1379. Pan 25249- Les Peabody Memphis Ramblers- My Lips Want Kisses/ Sleepy Hall O- Lullaby of the Leaves E+

1380. Parlophone A 6482(AUS)- Mildred Bailey Alley Cats- Honeysuckle Rose/ Willow Tree E laminated

1381. Par F 781- Harry Roy O- Speaking of the Weather/ Lets Put Our Heads Together EE-/E+

1382. Par F 788- Harry Roy's Tiger- Ragamuffins- Harlem/ Roy Club Rag E-

1383. Par F 806- Harry Roy O- Slap That Bass/ Shall We Dance VV+

1384. Par F 837- Harry Roy's Tiger Ragamuffins- Way Down Yonder in New Orleans/ Fate EE+

1385. Par F 917- Leslie Hutchinson piano- Stardust On the Moon/ Goodnight To You All E-/E

1386. Par F 942- Victor Silvester O- Dance Time- No.1- The Waltz pt 1/2 E+

1387. Par F 1090- Gerry Moore Rhythm- Always & Always/ Ti Pi Tin EE+

1388. Par F 1107- Jack White Collegians- Have You Ever Been In Heaven/ Sweet As a Song E-

1389. Par F 1189- Leslie Hutchinson piano- Solitude/ A New Song E

1390. Par R 238- Raie Da Costa- Rag Doll/ Laughing Marionette E-/EE-

1391. Par R 335- Raie Da Costa & Orch- Fashionette/ Dancing Shadows E-/EE-

1392. Par R 1584- Harry Roy O- There's a New Day Comin'/ Mood Indigo V/E+

1393. Par R 1594- Harry Roy O- Isn't It Heavenly?/ There's a Cabin In the Pines E

1394. Par R 1701- Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye, twin pianos- Dinah/ After You've Gone/ Nobody's Sweetheart// St Louis Blues/ Some of These Days E

1395. Par R 1726- Harry Roy O- Doin the Uptown Lowdown/ Youre My Past, Present & Future V/V+

1396. Polydor 12015(JAPAN)- Dorsey Bros O- Heat Wave/ Isham Jones O- Tiger Rag E-/EE-

1397. Pol 15411- Bobby Breen- Flower Song/ Rainbow On the River EE-

1398. Pol 12020- Ginger Rogers- Out of Sight Out of Mind/ Dick Powell- My Kingdom For a Kiss E no US issue A side

1399. Regal Zonophone MR 1022- Silver Screen O- Moonstruck/ Learn to Croon V+

1400. RZ MR 1149- Jack Mackintosh & Harry Mortimer cornet duet- Merry Mountaineers/ Jack & Jill EE+

1401. RZ MR 1170- The Midnight Minstrels- Dance Parade pt 1/2..14 songs each side E+

1402. RZ MR 1193- Scott Wood O- I Wanna Meander With Miranda/ Little You Know V+

1403. RZ MR 1209- Billy Merrin O- Blue Moments/ Cheerio E+/EE+

1404. RZ MR 1585- Billy Cotton O- Dancing With My Shadow/ The Moon Was Yellow E+

1405. RZ MR 1719- Billy Cotton O- I've Got a Note/ In the Merry Month of May E+

1406. RZ MR 1812- Billy Cotton Band- Every Single Little Tingle of My Heart/ I'll Never Say Never E

1407. RZ MR 1839- Billy Cotton Band- Good For Nothing/ Valparaiso E+

1408. RZ MR 1841- The Six Swingers- Swingin' the Lead/ Weather Man EE-/E-

1409. RZ MR 3507- Harry Roy O- There Goes That Song Again/ Beneath the Lights of Home V+

1410. RZ G 21713(AUS)- Phil Harris O- How's About It/ Was My Face Red E+ despite grey on this top laminated pressing using US Blue Columbia mxs

1411. Rot-Blau(GER)- Jazz Orch- Lang ist's her/ Wurlitzer Orgel- La Paloma E clx B NICE bouncy fox trot A...blue/orange label

1412. Royal(CAN)- Ben Pollack O- You Didn't Have to Tell Me/ Joe Morgan O- Heartaches V-

1413. Stiff 70- Desmond Dekker- Israelites/ Why Fight? E+ a 1980 Ska-10" 45 vinyl- original sleeve

1414. Supraphon 18162(CZECH)- Graeme Bell Dixie Jazz Band- Riverside Blues/ Panama Rag N-

1415. Sup 18173- Graeme Bell Late Hour Hounds- Blue Tongue Blues/ Willie the Weeper N-

1416. Sup 18164- Graeme Bell Dixie Jazz Band- Dallas Blues/ Sister Kate N-/E+ lt scr B

1417. Sup 22582- Graeme Bell Dixie Jazz Band- Organ Grinder/ Get It Fixed E+ tite 1" cr nap

1418. Teichiki 7012(JAPAN)- Buckie Shirakata Aloha Hawaiians- La Paloma/ Blue Danube EE+

1419. Telefunken M 6306(GER)- Adalbert Lutter O- Hummel-Hummel!/ Wir Gondeln! V/E- fox trot A

1420. Vi A-1103(JAPAN)- Benny Goodman Quintet- Pick a Rib 1/2 E+

1421. Zonophone 2113- Mr. Peter Latham- Sammie's Scottische/ Shufflin Samuel strong VV+

1422. Zon 6209- Syd Lipton O- Looking On the Bright Side of Life/ After Tonight We Say Gdbye VV+

1423. Zon 6248- The Blue Lyres- A Bed Time Story/ My Romance E



1424. Motion Picture Relief Fund radio program in presentation album. 4 records/ 7 sides Screen Guild Show..March 9, 1941. Stars Joan Bennett, Fibber Mc Gee & Molly, Gary Cooper, Edward Arnold, Frances Langford, Roger Pryor, and Oscar Bradley O. Special label- recorded by Radio Recorders in Hollywood for proposed rest home for the motion picture industry. Presented by Gulf Oil, produced by Young & Rubicam. Beautiful laminated pressings are E+N-, album E+

1425. Committee for the celebration of the President's Birthday. 6 messages from movie stars for Franklin D. Roosevelt's birthday- Infantile Paralysis. Stars are Tyrone Power, Dorothy Lamour, Priscilla Lane, Edward G. Robinson, Edward Arnold, John Shelton..messages run 1:43 to 3:00 ea EE+ pressing similar to V Disc

AIRCHECKS(all 12" unless noted)

the first group were purchased by me from Joey Nash in the early 1980s. They are acetates cut as demos for his band, Joey Nash and his Orchestra, which he formed not long after leaving Richard Himber's Orchestra. Joey introduces each tune, the hot ones generally feature solos. As Joey was a musician as well as a vocalist, he probably knew the top NY guys..They were cut by Advertisers Recording Service c. 1936. All are VV+ but may play better if you have different stylii to experiment with. Needless to say, they are one of a kind and have not surfaced anywhere till now..

1426. Joey Nash Orchestra- I Love You Truly/ All My Life

1427. Joey Nash Orchestra- Dark Town Strutters Ball/ You

1428. Joey Nash Orchestra- I'll Never Forget You/ Robins & Roses

1429. Joey Nash Orchestra- Stompin' At the Savoy/ The Westchester Glide(a Joey Nash original)

1430. Bob Howard private recording..Bob Howard sings and accompanies himself on the piano in this fun 2 sided acetate cut for himself, as he says. He mentions his show on WEAF, talks to the people in the studio and has alot of fun. A side is Two Old Maids...where Bob sings something like "Two old maids were sitting in bed, one looked at the other and the other one said", then goes into a riff from a popular song, including I Got Rhythm, I Wonder What's Become of Sally, Whistle While You Work, and on and on. Flip is The Lady's In Love With You, The Same Old Shilelagh, and Whistleina. Record is about V+/E- and has a slight warp toward the outside--can be played with just a bit of extra pressure on the stylus..Sleeve is inscribed to Bob from Henry Katzman..who he?. One of a kind I would think!

1431. Cel-Ray Song Time Audition- 2 sided 78 rpm recorded by Commercial Recording Studios on 5th Ave, NYC with two different shows E+. First starts with Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray Jingle for Cel Ray Song Time with vocalist Bob Carroll, Art Ryerson O and Frank Signorelli..Tunes are Say Si Si, With the Wind and the Rain In Your Hair, plus Cel-Ray commercials and NBC sig out...// second has same line up of talent, Cel-Ray Jingle, I've Got My Eyes On You, Too Romantic, plus Cel-Ray commercials & NBC sig out...C. 1939

the next group are 10" by Art Mooney's Orch- airchecked from various NY radio stations in 1945

1432. Art Mooney O- I Don't Care Who Knows It /There Must Be a Way.. 8/3/45, 8/9/45. 7:15 PM radio station WINS E+

1433. Art Mooney O- American Patrol/ Homesick-That's All 8/10/45. 12:05 AM, station WEAF E+

1434. Art Mooney O- And There You Are/ Caldonia 8/10/45. 12:05 AM, station WEAF E+

1435. Art Mooney O- There Must Be a Way/ My Pet Brunette 8/10/45. 12:05 AM, station WEAF E+, few clx inside part A

1436.Art Mooney O- Gotta Be This Or That ..8/10/45. 12:05 AM, station WEAF E+

1437. aircheck acetate- Phil Harris anounces and sings Slap Happy Lassie With a Streamline Chassis. Unknown date c. 1940s. E

1438. acetate- Fitch Bandwagon w/ Phil Harris & Alice Faye. Original acetate recorded for NBC by Electro- Vox, Hollywood for broadcast on 12/22/46. Four sides on 2 records, 33 1/3" E+ excellent music, comedy and song by both Alice & Phil

1439. acetate- Fitch Bandwagon w/ Phil Harris & Alice Faye. Original acetate recorded for NBC by Electro- Vox, Hollywood for broadcast on 1/5/47. Four sides on 2 records, 33 1/3" E+ excellent music, comedy and song by both Alice & Phil


1440. VD 197- Les Brown O(shellac)- Mexican Hat Dance/ Gene Krupa O- Let Me Off Uptown N-/E+

1441. VD 212- Duke Ellington O- Flamingo// Take the A Train/ Sentimental Lady E-

1442. VD 219- Ziggy Elman O- I'll Never Be the Same/ Zaggin' With Zig// Jimmy Lunceford O- 'Taint What You Do E-/EE-

1443. VD 322- Tommy Dorsey O- Melody In A/ Chicago// Benny Goodman All Star Band- After You've Gone E-

1444. VD 395- Frankie Froeba, his Backroom Boys & Piano- Let me call You Sweetheart/ Down By the Old Mill Stream//The Three Suns- The Things I Love/ The Love I Long For E+ scr B

1445. VD 418- Jack Teagarden VD AS- If I Could Be With You/ Hot Lips Page AS- Sheik of Araby E

1446. VD 426- Red Norvo Quintet- Lagwood Walk// Stuff Smith Trio- Stop-Look-Listen/ Humoresque E+

1447. VD 506- Frank Sinatra w/ O- Brahm's Lullaby/ I'll Follow My Secret Heart// Connee Boswell VD Play Fellows- Good Night Sweetheart/ Shine On Harvest Moon E-

1448. VD 519(shellac)- Benny Goodman Sextet- Oomph Fah Fah/ After You've Gone// Woody Herman O- I've Got the World On a String/ Yeah Man E

1449. VD 534- Count Basie O- Sent For You Yesterday/ Jimmy's Boogie Woogie// Duke Ellington O- Dimuendo In Blue/ Crescendo In Blue E-

1450. VD 585- Gene Krupa O- Just a Little Fond Affection/ Cab Calloway O- Here I Go Just Dreamin' Away// Benny Goodman O- Give Me the Simple Life/ My Guy's Come Back VV+

1451. VD 586- Billie Holiday- I Cover the Waterfront/ The Same Old Story// Jimmie Lunceford O- For Dancers Only/ What to Do V+

1452. VD 605- Tommy Dorsey- A Door Will Open/ The Moment I Met You/ Roy Eldridge O- Old Rob Roy E few lt scrs

1453. VD 619- Bill Heathcock VD West Coasters- Late At Night/ My Silent Love E+ 2 clx beg B

1454. VD 629- Marie Greene & Joe Dash- It Had to Be You// Martha Tilton & Jack Leonard w/ O(incl Roy Eldridge, Trummy, Trigger, etc)- Thanks For the Memory E-

1455. VD 630- Fats Waller- Bouncin' On a VDisc// Bunk Johnson Band- I Cant Escape From You E+N-

1456. VD 658- Bunk Johnson Band- Snag It/ Fats Waller at the Organ- Solitude EE+

1457. VD 670- Marie Greene w/ O- I Got Lost In His Arms/ It's a Woman's Perogative// Frank Sinatra- They Say Its Wonderful/ You Are Too Beautiful EE+

1458. VD 679- Frank Sinatra- The Girl That I Marry/ Something Old, Something New// Marie Greene- Bewitched(intro by Bob Hope) E- some scrs

1459. VD 689- Skinnay Ennis O- Remember Me/ The Outlaw(into by Bob Hope)// Frank Sinatra- The Song Is You N-

1460. VD 695- Duke Ellington O- New World a Comin' pt 1/2 E+N-

1461. VD 719- Stan Kenton O- Intermission Riff/ Benny Goodman O- Put That Kiss Back Where You Got It// Raymond Scott O- Boy Scout In Switzerland/ Just a Gigolo E+

1462. VD 720- Martha Tilton- Honeyfoglin' Time/ Peggy Lee- Its All Over Now// Kay Penton w/ O- Yesterdays E+N-

1463. VD 749- Frank Sinatra- Soliloquy from Carousel pt 1/2 E+

1464. VD 862- Jack Schaindlin O- Dialogue For Lovers/ Tico Tico// Sympathy/ Allah's Holiday E/E-

1465. VD 865- Johnny Guarneri p- I Would Do Most Anything For You/ Pearl Bailey & Charioteers- Who// Don Cornell- I'm Lonesome/ Sammy Kaye O- Baby Face V+/E- scry A


1466. BN 7- Port of Harlem Seven- Blues For Tommy/ JC Higginbotham 4- Basin St Blues V+/E-

1467. BN 9- Meade Lux Lewis- The Blues pt 3/4E+

1468. BN 12- Pete Johnson- Holler Stomp/ You Dont Know My Mind E+

1469. BN 15- Meade "Lux" Lewis- Honky Tonk Train Blues/ Tell Your Story E+

1470. BN 16- Meade "Lux" Lewis- Six Wheel Chaser/ Bass On Top E+

1471. BN 17- Edmond Hall Celeste Quartet- Celestial Express/ Profoundly Blue E-

1472. BN 25- James P. Johnson- Carolina Balmoral/ Back Water Blues E

1473. BN 27- James P. Johnson- Arkansaw Blues/ Mule Walk-Stomp E+

1474. BN 32- James P Johnson BN Jazzmen- Victory Stride/ Blue Mizz E+

1475. BN 33- James P Johnson BN Jazzmen- After You've Gone/ Joy-Mentin' E+

1476. BN 35- Art Hodes BN Jazz Men- Bugle Call Rag/ Squeeze Me E+

1477. BN 37- Ike Quebec Quintet- Tiny's Exercise/ Blue Harlem EE+

1478. BN 38- Ike Quebec Quintet- She's Funny That Way/ Indiana E+

1479. BN 45- Art Hodes Blue 5- Apex Blues/ Shake That Thing E-

1480. Fiskana 36134- Dwight Fiske- Vera Young/ Week-End EE+

1481. Fiskana 36135- Dwight Fiske- Columbus & Isabella/ Africa Whispers EE+

1482. Fiskana 36162- Dwight Fiske- The Colonel's Tropical Bird/ Mr. Seven E+

1483. Fiskana 36187- Dwight Fiske- Why Do Penguins Fly/ Mediterranean Folly E+

1484. Gala 188- Dwight Fiske- Pogey Brown/ The Censored Letter E

1485. Gala 189- Dwight Fiske- The Hair of the Wolf/ Dr. Cinnamon E-

1486. Schirmer 5502- Sheila Barrett- Make Like Garbo/ The Socialite Singer E

1487. Vi 36084- Louis Armstrong O- Medley of Armstrong Hits 1/2 E+ one of the scarcest Louis records incl St James Inf, Dinah, You Rascal, Nobody's Sweetheart, When You're Smiling, etc

1488. Vi 84522(scroll)- Frequency Record 433 & 1000 cycles while played at 33 1/3, 1000 & 2300 when played at 78 rpm// 30 cylces to 10,000 cycles E condition



1489. Assoc test(?) mx A138- Vic Irwin's Cartoonland Band- Popeye the Sailor/ Sailing, Sailing EE+ great Popeye in hi fi with both familiar and unfamiliar vocal chorus' (early red semi flex)

1490. Assoc A139- Vic Irwin's Cartoonland Band- Bull Frog/ Tom Thumb's Drum E+(early red semi flex)

1491. Assoc test mx A 921-C2- Brad Collins O(Bob Crosby) Island In the West Indies/ Wake Up & Sing E....sleeve notes state alternate master from issued takes(early red semi flex)

1492. Assoc test mx A-1662-2- Ben Selvin Cocktail O- Am I In Love/ You've Got Something There E+

1493. Assoc text mx AA1737-C2- Ruby Newman O- I've Hitched My Wagon to a Star/ Silhouetted In the Moonlight E+ BIG HI FI SOUND!

1494. Assoc text mx A1740-C2- Ruby Newman O- You Took the Words Right Out of My Heart/ If Its the Last Thing I Do E+ BIG HI FI SOUND!

1495. Assoc- S-57-A- Larry Bradford O- No Other One/ Why Was I Born// A Little Bit Independent/ Body & Soul E (early red semi flex)

1496. Assoc S-2439(or 162)- Ned Sawyer O(Nat Shilkret)- I Believe In Miracles/ Believe It Beloved E nice bouncy version B...(early red semi flex)

1497. Assoc 199- Bob Clifford (Buddy Clark) w Michael Wayne O- A Star Fell Out of Heaven/ When I'm With You//Michael Wayne O- Wildflower/ They Didn't Believe Me/ The Love Nest E+N-

1498. Assoc 236- Russ Morrow O- Goody Goody/ Linger Awhile/ Stumbling// Light Out/ After Dark E

1499. Assoc 238- Brad Collins O(Bob Crosby)- Time On My Hands/ Savoy Blues// Russ Morgan- If I Should Lose You/ Lost EE+ nice jazz on Savoy

1500. Assoc 251- Harvey Tweed O(Tommy Dorsey)- Dont Mention Love to Me/ With All My Heart// Al Duffy Novelty Trio- Kiddin On the Fiddle/ Messin Around E+/EE+. HOT B

1501. Assoc 273- Ruby Newman O- It's Easier Said Than Done/ The One I Love/ Hollywood Male Quartet- Lola O' Brien, the Irish Hawaiian/ Shenanigans E

1502. Assoc 332- Ray Sinatra O- Midnight Blue/ Dream Awhile// Graig Lennox O- Say Si Si/ Close to Me EE+/E

1503. Assoc 490- Isham Jones O- The Lady Is a Tramp/ Mama That Moon Is Here Again// Franklyn Roberts O- Swing Is Here to Sway/ I'd Rather Call You Baby E+ both super sides...B prob Freddie Rich

1504. Assoc R-12- Russ Morrow O(Morgan)- Twilight On the Trail/ We'll Rest at the End of the Trail/ Jimmy Garfield O(Johnny Green)- Sweet Music/ Every Day E

1505. Assoc R 12010- Michael Wayne O- Summertime/ Farewell Blues/ After You're Gone// vocals and orch incl Rio Rita E+ NICE A!..prob Mark Warnow O

1506. Assoc R 12011- Clyde Mc Coy O- Stomping At the Savoy/ Embassy Stomp// Sam Lanin O- Lady of the Evening/ Cecile Wz E+ HOT A!


----following are Muzak transcriptions. Lateral issues of sides originally cut vertically, meaning they have super sound. I am going by Ken Crawford's sleeve notes for identification M prefix are mono, S are stereo- and ALL sound great, and are E+, with 12 cuts per disk

1507. S-2249. Jimmy Lytell- incl Aunt Hagars, Ballin the Jack, Opposites

1508. S-2278- Sy Oliver- incl My Mammy, Brother Can You Spare a Dime, Destination Moon

1509. S-2330- Elliott Lawrence, Ted Dale incl Tenderly, Tea & Trumpets, More Than You Know

1510. S-2339- Warren Covington- incl I'm Coming Virginia, Toy Trombone, Gotta Be This Or That

1511. M-2090- Art Van Damme incl Flying Home, Seven Come Eleven, Undecided, Movin'

1512. M-2218- Shep Fields- incl Powder Puff, Jump Fever, Jersey Bounce, Don't Blame Me

1513. M-2221- John Kirby, Shep Fields, Lawrence Welk, Harry Breuer(?)- incl Shuffle Off to Buffalo, Smile Darn Ya Smile, Skeleton Dance, Does Your Mother Know You Smoke

1514. M-2355- Bobby Hackett, Sid Bass, Larry Clinton, Earl Sheldon, Richard Hayman, Norm Leyden- 12 Aint Misbehavin', Down Home Rag, Mary Lou. I Know That You Know

----following are World transcriptions. Lateral issues of sides originally cut vertically, meaning they have super sound, and are E+

1515. R-564- Roy Eldridge/ Eddie Condon 5 cuts per incl After You've Gone, The Gasser A// Darktown Strutters, Mandy, Everybody Loves My Baby B

1516. R-578- Charlie Shavers/ David Rose- 5 cuts/ 6 cuts incl Deuce-a-Rini, Rose Room A

1517. R-585- Frank Froeba Back Room Boys/ Jess Stacy Trio/ Eddie Condon w/ Red Mc Kenzie vocals- 6 cuts A// 3 Stacy/ 4 Condon incl Louise, Everybody Loves My Baby A// Sweet Georgia Brown, Rosetta- Stacy// Sweet Lorraine, Dinah Condon, Mc Kenzie

1518. R-600- Les Brown O/ Fray & Braggiotti- 6 cuts/ 5 cuts incl Boptized A/ Blue Moon B

1519. R-612- Mary Lou Williams Trio/ Mantovani- 6 cuts/ 5 cuts incl Roll Em, 8th Ave Express A

1520. R-621- Oscar Peterson Trio/ Miff Mole- 5 cuts per incl Dont Blame Me A/ At Jazz Band Ball B

1521. R-626- Max Kaminsky Dixieland Band/ Charlie Spivak O- 6 cuts/ 7 cuts incl Dipper Mouth, Black & White A// Star Dreams, White Christmas B

1522. R-636- Ben Pollack Dixieland Band/ Louis Jordan O- 6 cuts/ 7 cuts incl Sensation Rag, Milenberg Joys A// Let's Operate, Wo-Ho, The Willies B

1523. R-697- Les Paul Trio/ Burl Ives- 8 cuts/ 6 cuts incl Sunday, Studio A, I Aint Got Nobody A

1524. R-708- Wingy Manone/ Monica Lewis- 6 cuts per incl Memphis Blues, St James Infirmary, Sudan A// Everything I Have Is Yours, Make the Man Love Me B


1525. original acetate- Al Jolson tribute, as originally broadcast live on network radio, 10/1/46. Appearing on this disk are Eddie Cantor, George Jessel, Dinah Shore, Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Hildegarde, Burns and Allen, Perry Como, and of course Jolson E+, West Coast airchecked. Sleeve has original newspaper advt glued on which states 1 hour show. This disk is less than 1 hour, so not complete, but does have all the stars listed above..

1526. original acetate- The Jack Benny Program with Mary Livingstone, Rochester, Dennis Day, Phil Harris, Don Wilson.. as originally broadcast live on NBC network 9/11/49 Has Lucky Strike commercials E+, West Coast airchecked.

1527. original acetate- Edgar Bergen and Charlie Mc Carthy as originally broadcast live on network radio 3/26/50, with Ray Noble O, and special guest Jane Wyman E+, West Coast airchecked.

1528. original acetate- Amos & Andy's 10,000th radio show, as originally broadcast live on CBS network E+, West Coast airchecked on KNX 11/16/52

1529. AFRS- Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show pgm 28. 2 sided disk complete E

1530. AFRS- Jack Benny Show, pgm 17/ Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show, pgm 68. Special red and green Chistmas label on holiday themed shows. Some funny Mel Blanc on the Benny show. Each is in 2 parts on half of the disk of this 2 disk set..So 2 disks, 4 sides, 2 complete shows E+N-

1531. AFRS- Mail Call- series H-1- Mail Call. E-...sounds like a live(?) show with Mel Blanc and the Sportsmen, Edgar Bergen & Charlie Mc Carthy, Eddy Duchin, King Cole Trio playing The Christmas Song, Edward Everett Horton, Eddie Foy, Dinah Shore

1532. Air Trailer- Sunny- Jerome Kern special tribute with cuts from RKO films by Irene Dunne, Fred Astaire(singing & dancing) & Ginger Rogers, Lily Pons, John Carroll, Anna Neagle EE+

1533. CP Mac Gregor 2087- Al Perry Singing Surf Riders- 10 cuts EE+ incl At Waikiki I Met Her, Night of Tropic Love

1534. CP Mac Gregor 2216- Al Perry Singing Surf Riders- 10 cuts EE+ incl Wai Kahakuku, Hue Hue, Maui O Kama

1535. CP Mac Gregor LB 382- Mel Torme & Page Cavanaugh Trio- 9 cuts EE+ incl Whoopee, April In Paris, Isn't This a Lovely Day

1536. CP Mac Gregor LB 387- Mel Torme & Page Cavanaugh Trio- 10 cuts EE+ incl How High the Moon, You Oughta Be In Pictures

1537. Mac Gregor LB 431- Mel Torme w/ Dave Barbour 4- 3 cuts EE+ incl Its Easy to Remember

1538. Mac Gregor LB 432- Mel Torme w/ Dave Barbour 4- 3 cuts EE+ incl Gone With the Wind

1539. Mac Gregor LB 433- Mel Torme w/ Dave Barbour 4- 4 cuts EE+ incl Blues In the Night

1540. Calling All Girls- pgms 80/81 EE+. Fun WW2 era shows geared for teenage girls. Ziv label

1541. Capitol E-1/2- Danny Kuaana & His Islanders- 9 cuts incl My Hawaii, Old Plantation, Lani In Kauai, Rhythm of the Waves E+

1542. Cap E-3/4- Danny Kuaana & His Islanders- 8 cuts incl Polynesian Lament Kukuna Oka La E+

1543. Cap E-9/10- Danny Kuaana & His Islanders- 9 cuts incl Drums of Samoa, He Ui, Steel Guitar Boogie, Kuu Aina Aloha E+

1544. Cap E-11/12- Danny Kuaana & His Islanders- 9 cuts incl Malua, Hula Conga, Hola E Pae E+

1545. Cap E-13/14- Danny Kuaana & His Islanders- 9 cuts incl Ka Nani O Lauai. Kulani E+

1546. Cap E-17/18- Danny Kuaana & His Islanders- 9 cuts incl White Sands of Waikiki, Kuu Lei E

1547. Columbia test pressing- Downbeat #10- Mitchell Ayres O- part 1 E+

1548. The Comic Weekly Man- dramatized reading of Puck, the Comic Weekly..pgm 90/91, dramatizing issue of 1/9/49 and 1/16/49. Hearst Newspapers...on 2 sides of WOR electrical transcription. E- Fun sides incl Blondie, Snuffy Smith, etc with music effects and song.

1549. The Comic Weekly Man- dramatized reading of Puck, the Comic Weekly..pgm 92/93, dramatizing issue of 1/23/49 and 1/30/49. Hearst Newspapers...on 2 sides of WOR electrical transcription. E- Fun sides incl Blondie, Snuffy Smith, etc with music effects and song.

1550. Keystone Broadcasting System 131/2- Hoopii Hawaiian group/ Serenaders. 5 cuts per E incl Pulupe, Maui Girl, Meleana E A side

1551. KBS 133/4- Hoopii Hawaiian group/ Allan Palmer console organ 5 cuts per E incl Hula Girl, Pua Okealoha A

1552. Lang Worth 597/8- Jimmy Lunceford O- 8 cuts E+ incl There I Go, I'm a Heck of a Guy

1553. Music From America- Raymond Scott Show 1/2. 5 cuts/6 cuts E+ incl Star Eyes, Star Dust, No Love, No Nuthin', I'll Be Around

1554. Music From America- Raymond Scott Show 11/12. 6 cuts per EE+ incl The Moon Is Low, Speak Low, The Beard, Little Did I Know

1555. Music From America- Raymond Scott Show 15/16. 6 cuts per E+ incl Somebody Loves Me, Mairzy Doats, Pretty Little Petticoat

1556. Navy Dept- AFRS- Raymond Scott Show 106/107 EE+

1557. Radio Division- Coordinator of Inter American Affairs- Lets Be Neighbors- Music of the Other Americas- #5-good Latin incl 1 by Juan Garrido O, 1 by Plateados Quartet, 6 by Tariacuris Trio E+

1558. Radio Division- Coordinator of Inter American Affairs- Lets Be Neighbors- Music of the Other Americas- #6- nice Latin music incl 7 by Juan Garrido O, 1 by Hernandez Bros Trio E+

1559. Standard A 559-568- uncredited, but Gene Austin/ classical tunes. 4 cuts per E+ incl Sleepy Time Gal, Voodoo Drums A// Country Gardens B..heavy early Victor pressing

1560. Std A 705-708/722-725 uncredited big band/ classical. 4 tunes per EE+ incl Silly Little Thing, I Saw You In a Crowd A/ Cavalliera Rusticana B....heavy early Victor pressing

1561. Std A- 1236-1243- Eddie Fitzpatrick O- 8 cuts E+ incl Old King Cole, The Lady is a Tramp, On With the Dance, Posin'-- heavy early Victor pressing

1562. Std 937-944- uncredited big band 8 cuts E-..incl Pennies From Heaven, I've Got You Under My Skin, S'Wonderful, Boy Meets Girl....heavy early Victor pressing

1563. Std B 992-999- uncredited big band- 8 cuts incl Broadway Rhythm, Hollywood & Vine, You Are My Lucky Star, Thanks a Million...could be Jimmie Grier O..E+.....heavy early Victor pressing

1564. Std Q-163- Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- 10 cuts E incl Just a Memory of Hawaii, Aloha Wind, Hea Mai. Eddie Bush on some sides

1565. Std Q-166- Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- 10 cuts E incl How To Do the Hula, On the Beach At Kualoa, Honeymoon Island, Lani Kai..Eddie Bush on some sides

1566. Std Q-171- Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- 10 cuts E incl Hawaiian Dream of Love, Luana, In Hawaii By the Sea, Neath a Tropical Moon

1567. Std X-51- Garwood Van O- 8 cuts EE+ incl Jungle Love, Lovelight In the Starlight... heavy early Victor pressing

1568. Std X-101- Anson Weeks O- 8 cuts E+ incl The Little Man Who Wasn't There, Mexiconga, I've Got My Eye On You, When Buddha Smiles..heavy early Victor pressing

1569. Std Y-105- Tommy Tucker O- 8 cuts E..Incl I'm Like a Fish Out of Water, Let That Be a Lesson To You ..heavy early Victor pressing

1570. Standing Room Only- Starring Hugh Herbert- auditon show. 2 sides cut by Radio Recorders in Hollywood. with Lurene Tuttle, Hanley Stafford, Martha Tilton, etc E+

1571. Thesaurus 159- Nathaniel Shilkret O- 7 cuts E+ incl Paradise, My Hero, Isn't It Romantic

1572. Thesaurus 856- Irving Miller O/ Ted Steele's Novatones..5 cuts per E/EE- incl Clarinet in a Haunted House A/ Do Watcha Wanna Do B

1573. Thesaurus 911- Tony Pastor O- 10 cuts E..incl Under Pressure, That's All Brother

1574. Thesaurus 1046- Cy Walter piano solos/ Vincent Lopez O- 5 cuts per E-/E incl I'll Be Around A/ Poor Little Penguin, Treasure Chest B

1575. Thesaurus 1147- The Rhythm Makers(Charlie Barnet)/ Jan Savitt O- 4 cuts per EE+ incl Harmony In Harlem, In a Jam A/ The Paper Picker, Monday Morning B

1576. Thesaurus 1161- Russ Morgan O/ The Master Singers 4 cuts per EE- incl South of Pago Pago A/ Louisiana Hayride B

1577. War Dept Spec Serv Div- Downbeat- series H-7 pgm 13/14 part 2 each. Tommy Dorsey/ Ray Noble VV+/E..Ray & TD chat + play Manhattan Serenade A/ Cherokee, Sleepy Time Gal B

1578. War Dept Spec Serv Div- Downbeat show 54-NY7 part 1/2. Cab Calloway guest. E+ Cab discusses such topics as his Jive Dictionary, how to scat sing, etc and plays his records dating back to 1930 incl Bugle Call Rag, Minnie the Moocher, Kickin' the Gong Around, St Louis Blues, Special Delivery, Ogeechee River Lullaby. great fun

1579. War Dept Spec Serv Div- Downbeat series 39 NY 71 part 1/2. Raymond Scott guest. E+ Raymond introduces and chats about many of the Raymond Scott Quintet classics

1580. War Dept Spec Serv Div- Downbeat series H-7 pgm 4/6 part 1 each.Harry James O plays Strictly Instrumental, Let Me Up, etc / Johnny Long O..Just Like That, I'm Breathless, etc EE+

1581. War Dept Spec Serv Div- Personal Album- Series 3- 109/110- the great Mildred Bailey/Lina Romay both live shows w/ piano acc..Mildred chats & croons Rockin' Chair, More Than You Know, Scrap Your Fat A/ Lina...I'm Saving Myself For Bill, As Time Goes By, etc EE+ small scry spot A

1582. War Dept Spec Serv Div- Personal Album- 25/26- Dick Todd sounding like Bing Crosby/ Dave Lane sounding like Perry Como..live show B, possibly A too E+

1583. War Dept Spec Serv Div- Personal Album- 41/42- The Andrews Sisters/ Dick Todd E+ Patty Andrews intro's Andrews Sisters tunes incl What to Do, Thats the Moon My Son, I'll Pray For You, Hula Baluau// Dick Todd announces & sings Loretta, Dreamsville, Ohio, etc

1584. War Dept Spec Serv Div- Personal Album- 53/54- Shirley Ross/ The Kings Men E+ top live content as Shirley accompanies herself on As Time Goes By and more

1585. War Dept Spec Serv Div- Yank Swing Session w/ Martin Block. pgm 49- ser 49-NY 22 pt 1/2 E+ incl Charlie Barnet, Duke Ellington, Jan Savitt, Hal Mc Intyre, Earl Hines, Muggsy Spanier

1586. War Dept Spec Serv Div- Yank Swing Session w/ Martin Block. pgm 50- ser 50-NY 21 pt 1/2 E+ incl Artie Shaw, Bob Chester, Abe Lyman, Jimmie Lunceford, etc

1587. War Dept Spec Serv Div- Yank Swing Session w/ Martin Block. pgm 53 NY 2 pt 1/2 E+ incl Tommy Dorsey, Duke Ellington, Lucky Millinder. Erskine Hawkins, Jimmy Dorsey

1588. War Dept Spec Serv Div- Yank Swing Session w/ Martin Block. pgm 56 NY 2 pt 1/2 E+ incl Glenn Miller, Jimmie Lunceford, King Sisters w/ Alvino Rey, Count Basie, Earl Hines, etc

1589. War Town- Little Dictator with Victory Jory and Peter Fernadez (voice of Speed Racer)/ pgm 12- Mama Merino with Victory Jory and Hester Sondergaard. on WOR electrical transcription label EE+

1590. War Town- On With the Show, pgm 13 with Edmond O' Brien/ pgm 14- General Janet USO with Dean Jagger. on WOR electrical transcription label EE+


1591. Assoc test mx AA 1653/6- Ray Sinatra O- 8 cuts EE+ incl Old King Cole, Moonlight On Campus, We're Working Our Way Through College, Am I In Love + another w/ Joey Nash vocs

1592. Assoc test mx AA 1841/2- Charles Baum O- 8 cuts EE+. incl Ride Tenderfoot Ride and My Margarita w/ Frank Luther vocals, I Married An Angel, At Your Beck & Call

1593. Assoc text mx ZZ-2708- Erskine Butterfield 5- 4 tunes EE+ incl Boogie Woogie, Saturday Night Twist, Monday's Wash, Lighthouse

1594. Assoc 10032- Lee Collins O(Larry Clinton)/ Bert Block O- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl nice Sugar Foot Stomp, Cry, Baby, Cry A// You Went to My Head B

1595. Assoc 60080- Al Goodman O/ Rex Melbourne O- 4 cuts per E+ incl For No Rhyme or Reason A/ Lambeth Walk B

1596. Assoc 60147- Mitchell Ayres O- 8 cuts E+ incl You're a Lucky Guy, Make With the Kisses

1597. Assoc 60443- John Kirby O- 2 tunes/ Dick Rogers O- 1 tune//Texas Jim Robertson 6 tunes E+..Incl John Kirby- Orig Dixieland One Step, Blues Petite, Dick Rogers- Beaver Hop

1598. World 721-728- 8 cuts by unknown big band with male/female vocals EE+..Tunes incl A Needle In a Haystack, Practicing the Piano, Kissing Games, You Can Put It In the Papers. flex red

1599. World 1209-1216- Larry Earl O/ uninteresting vocals B side. 4 cuts per E+/E. great A side w/ nice trumpet in this big band, possible Joe Venuti. Tunes- How Do I Rate With You, Breaking In a Pair of Shoes, Kissing My Baby Goodnight, Rhythmatic..flexible red pressing- amazing hi fidelity

1600. World 4001-4008- Ohman & Arden- piano duo 8 cuts V+ w/My One & Only, As Time Goes By

1601. World 4033-4040- Lei Aloha Island Serenaders- 8 cuts E- incl Honolulu, Makalapua

1602. World 4409-4416- Frankie Masters O/ Harry James O. 4 cuts per E- incl Flyin' Home A/ Let's Dream This One Out B

1603. World 4729-4738- Frankie Masters O- 10 cuts EE- incl Whistler's Mother In Law, Coffee & Cakes

1604. World 6029-6038- Duke Ellington O/ Ralph Ginsburgh O- 5 cuts per EE+ incl Tea For Two, Mood Indigo double length A/ The Secret B

1605. World 6089-6098- Machito Afro Cubans/ Lawrence Welk- 5 cuts per E- incl Tierra Va Tembla

1606. World 7249-7258- Les Brown O/ Victor Arden O- 5 cuts per E- incl Scotch & Soda B/ Its Only a Paper Moon A

1607. World 7579-7588- Jose Morand O- 5 cuts// Mel Torme Mel Tones 2 cuts/ Dick Haymes 2 cuts E..incl A Stranger In Town by Mel

1608. World 7839-7848- Glen Gray O- 2 cuts/ Lawrence Welk O- 2 cuts// Charlie Spivak O 5 cuts E incl After You've Gone by Casa Loma with trumpet solo by Bobby Hackett/ Flat Feet by Spivak

1609. World 398- Miff Mole O- 2 cuts/ Eddie Condon O- 1 cut/ Pete Marshall 2 cuts// Xavier Cugat O- 3 cuts/ Starlighters 2 cuts N- incl Ballin the Jack, I Would Do Anything For You by Miff/ Everybody Loves My Baby by Eddie Condon

1610. World 461- Leon Mc Auliffe Cimarron Boys/ Les Brown O- 6 cuts per N- incl hot Western Sizzlin Cecil, Roadside Rag A/ Night Flight, Laura B

1611. World 469- Leon Mc Auliffe Cimarron Boys/ World Concert O- 6 cuts/ 5 cuts N- incl hot One O Clock Jump, Catfish A...

1612. World Jam Session 42A/B- Art Hodes trio/ Eddie Condon Jazz Band 5 cuts/ 4 cuts E incl Really the Blues, Apex Blues A/ The Man I Love w/ Lee Wiley B



1613. Muzak Library- hardbound company book of approx 100 pages. Lists artists, music types, song titles, running times, issue numbers plus notes written by Muzak people, and I believe Ken Crawford. A couple of internal note papers are included with one being from Jane Jarvis, who was the organist for the New York Mets, and apparently worked at Muzak. Some of the bands listed are John Kirby, Jimmy Lytell, Earl Sheldon, Glenn Osser, Frankie Masters, Sid Feller, Harry Breuer, Dick Hyman, Ralph Flanagan, and more. EXC cond. From the Ken Crawford collection- likely not many volumes like this one!- Information galore!!

1614. Lang-Worth- Talendex- looseleaf type hardcover company book of approx 100 pages. Lists artists, song titles, publisher, running times, etc. Aside from artists, lists music by type such as specialty spots for bakeries, dry cleaners, gas stations, etc. Among the artists listed are Cliff Edwards, Frankie Carle, Ray Anthony, Allan Jones, D'Artega, Larry Clinton, John Kirby, Gene Krupa, Ray Mc Kinley, plus genres such as Negro Spirituals, Harp Interludes, College Marches, etc. From the Ken Crawford collection-exc condition

1615. Thesaurus- looseleaf type softcover of approx 200 pages with NBC mic logo and Thesaurus embossed on cover. Lists artists, titles, type, time, composer, record #, production source if any, etc. Broken down by genre- dance orch, pop concert, classical, hillbilly, vocal, sacred, etc. Among the artists mentioned are Charlie Barnet, Frank Banta, Xavier Cugat, Deep River Boys, Cy Walter, Carl Kress, Music of Manattan, Lukewela's Royal Hawaiians, Will Osborne, Rhythm Cats, Rhythm Makers, Aileen Stanley, Carson Robison. From the Ken Crawford collection- likely not many volumes like this one!- Information galore!! EXC condition

1616. Standard Program Library- hardbound volume of approx 200 pages. Lists artists, song titles, running times, issue numbers, etc. Among the artists are Ray Noble, Phil Ohman, Freddy Martin, Spike Jones, Dick Mc Intyre Hawaiian group, Art Tatum, Jack Teagarden, etc. Great info and content, from the Ken Crawford collection. Some water marks on cover- contents clean


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