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Dear Collectors, Here is my latest auction of vintage 78s, 12" & 16" radio transcriptions, and paper material. Closing date is- SUNDAY- OCTOBER 5, 2014. Winner pays postage and packing at cost. I am looking to purchase quality collections, so please keep me in mind should you hear of anything for sale or wish to sell a collection.


1. Bluebird 5898- Joe Pullum- Rack It Back & Tell It Right/ Joe Pullum- Robert Cooper- Blues With Class E+N-

2. BB 6469- Jimmie Gunn O- Star Dust/ My Blue Heaven E-/V good territory jazz

3. Brunswick 7065 (race series)- Jabbo Smith Rhythm Aces- Sau-Sha Stomp/ Let's Get Together E+ sticker on label nap

4. Br 7091(race series)- Kansas City Stompers- Shanghai Honeymoon/ Good Feelin' Blues V

5. Br 120(ENG)- Fred Elizalde Music- Stomp Your Feet/ Clarinet Marmalade E+

6. Br 132(ENG)- Fred Elizalde solo- Pianotrope/ By the Waters of the Minnetonka V+

7. Br 3404- Elgar's Creole O- Brotherly Love/ Nightmare E+

8. Br 3532- Fess Williams Royal Flush O- Phantom Blues/ Variety Stomp EE-

9. Br 3589- Fess Williams Royal Flush O- Ozark Blues/ Alligator Crawl VV+/V+/E-

10. Br 3596- Fess Williams Royal Flush O- Number Ten/ Razor Edge E+

11. Br 3707- The Original Wolverines- Shim Me Sha Wabble/ The New Twister E+N-

12. Br 4112- Hotsy Totsy Gang- I Couldn't If I Wanted To/ Meyer Davis O- My Old Girls My New Girl Now N- Goodman, Tea, etc A

13. Br 4243- Red Nichols Five Pennies- I Never Knew/ Who's Sorry Now? E+

14. Br 4325- The Cotton Pickers- Kansas City Kitty/ Rampart Street Blues E+/EE+

15. Br 4440- The Cotton Pickers- St. Louis Gal/ No Parking E+

16. Br 4535- Bill Robinson w/ Irving Mills Hotsy Totsy Gang- Aint Misbehavin'/ Doin the New Lowdown E+N-

17. Br 6254- Eddie Lang acc by Carl Kress- Pickin' My Way/ Feelin' My Way EE-

18. Br 7652- Jack Teagarden O- Junk Man/ Casa Loma O- Casa Loma Stomp N-

19. Columbia 605- New Orleans Owls- The Owls Hoot/ Breakin' the Leg looks E, plays EE+

20. Co 862- New Orleans Owls- White Ghost Shivers/ Cook Dreamland O- Sidewalk Blues E/EE+ A side has old needle drop lam DOES NOT sound

21. Co 1193- Reb Spikes Major & Minors- Fight That Thing/ My Mammy's Blues E+

22. Co 2448- Jimmy Johnson O- Go Harlem/ Just a Crazy Song E+

23. Co 2577- Original Memphis 5- My Honey's Lovin' Arms/ St Louis Gal E+

24. Co 2588- Original Memphis 5- Jazz Me Blues/ Anything EE-

25. Co 2675- Harlan Lattimore Connies Inn O- Got the South In My Soul/ Chant of the Weed E-

26. Co 2704(BLUE WAX)- Joe Haymes O- The Old Man of the Mountain/ Lets Have a Party EE+

27. Co 2897(BLUE WAX)- Frank Trumbauer O- Bass Drum Dan/ Cinderella's Wedding Day E+

28. Co 3158- Mills Blue Rhythm Band- Algiers Stomp/ Mr Ghost Goes to Town EE+

29. Co 3168- Benny Goodman O- I Gotta Right To Sing the Blues/ Aint Cha Glad E+ yellow/blue lbl

30. Co DO-1302(AUS)- Benny Goodman O- Nitwit Serenade/ Bugle Call Rag E+ heavy laminated pressing off US Blue Co mxs. Best sound on these Australian issues

31. Crown 3107- Fletcher Henderson O- Tiger Rag/ Somebody Stole My Gal E

32. Cr 3512- Charlie Palloy w/ O- We're In the Money Now/ Pettin' In the Park E- NICE!!

33. Decca 7430- Ikey Robinson Windy City 5- Swing It/ Scrunch-Lo E+ 1935 Champion sides

34. Duophone 4036(ENG)- Tex Brewster O- She's One Sweet Show Girl/ Donold's Yankee Club O- Memories of France E- no US issue on these US recorded sides. Ballew vocal A

35. Gennett 5104- New Orleans Rhythm Kings- Sweet Lovin' Man/ Maple Leaf Rag E- after LIGHT heat mark 1st 20 sec

36. Ge 5395- Bernie Cummins Toadstool Inn O- Ida/ Home Folks Blues E+/EE+ GOOD TPT!!

37. Ge 5542- Wolverine O- Lazy Daddy/ Sensation EE- very clean

38. Ge 5633- Hitch's Happy Harmonists- Cataract Rag Blues/ Nightengale Rag Blues looks E-, plays E

39. HMV EA 2970(AUS)- Eddie Condon's Hot Shots- I'm Gonna Stomp Mr Henry Lee/ Thats a Serious Thing E+ heavy laminated press off US Victor mxs. Best sound on this Australian issue

40. ISI 1092-4323/4326(Saxony- German)- Orchestra- Alexander Ragtime/ The Honolulu Rag EE-/E very unusual early pressing by uncredited orchestra

41. Imperial 2743(ENG)- Cab Calloway O- You Dog(tk 7)/ Somebody Stole My Gal(tk 1) EE- just a hair under E, and nice clean ARC master press

42. Melotone 12414- Baron Lee Blue Rhythm Band- White Lightning/ Wild Waves E+/EE+

43. Odeon ONY 36017- Charles W. Hamp w/ O- Pretty Little You/ A Year Fm Today E+ Lang acc(?)

44. Od ONY 36045- Miff Mole Molers- Navy Blues/ Lucky Little Devil looks EE+, plays E+

45. Od ONY 41273- Miff Mole Molers- Birmingham Bertha/ Moanin' Low E+

46. Od ONY 41305- Emmett Miller & Georgia Crackers- Big Bad Bill/ Lovin' Sam E SOLOS!

47. OKeh 8198- Original Tuxedo Jazz O- Black Rag/ Careless Love E+ great New Orleans sides

48. OK 8585- Three Blues Chasers- Lame Duck Blues/ Nothin' But Blues looks V-, plays at least V+

49. OK 8638- Lonnie Johnson's Harlem Footwarmers- Harlem Twist/ Move Over looks VV-, plays E-V+

50. OK 8682- J. Neal Montgomery O- Atlanta Low Down/ Auburn Ave. Stomp E aud scrs first 5 gvs A, passes quickly-then solid E!!

51. OK 40150- Johnny De Droit New Orleans Jazz O- Number Two Blues/ Nobody Knows Blues V

52. OK 40192- Johnny De Droit NO Jazz O- Brown Eyes/ Jack Linx Society Serenaders- How Come You Do Me Like You Do V

53. OK 40365- Jack Linx Birmingham Society Serenaders- Sweet Georgia Brown/ When I Think of You V+, some E-

54. OK 40803- Jack Linx Birmingham Society Serenaders- He's the Last Word/ Beale St Blues looks EE+, plays E+ GREAT SOLOS!!

55. OK 40901- Rube Bloom- Silhouette/ Dancing Tambourine E+N-

56. OK 40913- Sam Lanin O- Summertime Sweethearts/ A Siren Dream looks E, plays EE+/E+

57. OK 40953- Billy Hays O- There's a Rickety Rackety Shack/ Marianette E+

58. OK 40954- Tom Stacks O- Maybe I'll Baby You/ S' Wonderful looks EE+, plays E+

59. OK 40992- Gotham Troubadours- Sunshine/ Chloe E+

60. OK 40996- Billy Hays O- My Miami Moon/ I'm Always Smiling EE-/E Trumbauer like solo

61. OK 41073- Rube Bloom- That Futuristic Rag/ Serenata E+

62. OK 41227- Smith Ballew w/ O- Some Sweet Day/ My Sin E+

63. OK 41240- Carolina Club O- I'll Always Be In Love w/ U/ Smith Balllew O- Lady Divine E+

64. OK 41251- Joe Venuti Blue 4- My Honey's Lovin Arms/ Goin' Home E+

65. OK 41268- Frank Trumbauer O- Shivery Stomp/ Reaching For Someone E+ CLASSICS!

66. OK 41374- Tommy Bohn O- You've Got That Thing/ Casa Loma O- Romance E+ SUPER A!!

67. OK 41376- Smith Ballew w/ O- Congratulations/ What Do I Care E+N-

68. OK 41401- Dr Eugene Ormandy O- I Never Dreamt/ Only a Rose E+ both nice!

69. OK 41419- William Dutton w/ O- Sing a Little Theme Song/ It Happened In Monterey E+N-

70. OK 41422- Tom Dorsey Novelty O- You Cant Cheat a Cheater/ Daddy Change Your Mind E+

71. OK 41429- Smith Ballew w/ O- I Love U So Much/ U Brought a New Kind of Love to Me E- solos

72. OK 41500- Golden Terrace DO- I Wanna Sing About You/ Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams E-

73. OK 41532- Buddy Campbell O- You Try Somebody Else/ Last Dollar E+

74. Paramount 12549- Will Ezell- Barrel House Man/ West Coast Rag audibly graded EE-/V+ to EE-...looks a bit weary, but plays as described

75. Parlophone PNY 34029- Berkley Gay w/ O- Sitting By the Window/ John Irving w/ O- Dough Boys Lullaby E+

76. Par PNY 34064- Hal Laska O- When the Little Red Roses/ Gotham Collegians- The More I Am In Love With You EE+/E+ solos A

77. Par PNY 34117- The Flamingo Melodians- On Revival Day/ She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain E+ both HOT!!

78. Par PNY 41310- Joe Curran Band- Sophomore Prom/ I Life Up My Finger & Say Tweet E+

79. Pathe 036117- Original Memphis 5- Africa/ Superstitious Blues E

80. Perfect 12444- Annette Hanshaw Sizz Syncos- We Love It/ Get Out & Get Under the Moon V+

81. Pe 14208- Henderson's Dance O- Swanee River Blues/ Shake Your Feet E+

82. Pe 15126- Whoopee Makers- Bugle Call Rag/ St Louis Blues E+/EE+ EXC sides, BG, etc

83. Puritan 11359- Sammy Stewart's O- Copenhagen/ St Louis Low Downs- Eliza E

84. Romeo 1877- Duke Wilson 10 Blackberries- Got the South In My Soul/ Bull Fiddle Blues EE+ Don Redman O A side

85. Timely Tunes 1577- Dave's Harlem Highlights- Loveless Love/ Sonny Green O- Two Hearts E-

86. Variety 516- Dude Skiles Vine Street Boys- ICGUA But Love/ My Girl E+/EE+

87. Var 616- Frankie Newton Uptown Serenaders- Easy Living/ Where or When EE+/E-

88. Var 647- Frankie Newton Uptown Serenaders- The Onyx Hop/ Who's Sorry Now? EE+/E

89. Van Dyke 81879- Newport Syncopators- The Terror (take A)/ Frank Novak O- I'm In the Market For You E HOT Cliff Jackson Krazy Kats A

90. Victor 20316- Thomas Morris O- Who's Dis Heah Stranger/ New Orleans Blue 5- The King of the Zulus E+N-

91. Vi 21199- Bennie Moten KC O- Ding-Dong Blues/ Pass Out Lightly E+N-

92. Vi 21262- Blue Steele O- Washington & Lee Swing/ Where Has My Old Gang Gone? E HOT SOLOS BOTH SIDES

93. Vi 21712- Charlie Johnson Paradise Band- Walk That Thing/ The Boy In the Boat E-

94. Vi 25096- Paul Whiteman O- Aint Misbehavin'/ Dodging a Divorcee E+N-

95. Vi 25227- Rube Bloom- One Finger Joe/ Aunt Jemima's Birthday E+

96. Vi 25273- The Teagarden Boys & Trumbauer Swing Band- I's a Muggin' 1/2 E+

97. Vi 38012- Bennie Moten KC O- Hot Water Blues/ Slow Motion EE+

98. Vi 38055- Jelly Roll Morton O- Red Hot Pepper/ Deep Creek EE+/E

99. Vi 38059- Charlie Johnson O- Harlem Drag/ Hot Bones & Rice E-

100. Vi 38075- Jelly Roll Morton Red Hot Peppers- Burnin' the Iceberg/ Tank Town Bump E

101. Vi 38093- Jelly Roll Morton O- Sweet Aneta Mine/ Courthouse Bump E

102. Vi 38113- Jelly Roll Morton O- Down My Way/ Try Me Out EE+/E

103. Vi 38576- Jones & Collins Astoria Hot 8- Duet Stomp/ Astoria Strut E

104. Vi 40-0102(CANAD)- Louis Armstrong O- I Hate to Leave You Now/ Thats My Home E+ A side uses take 2, original issue of this take from 1932

105. Vocalion 14654- Fletcher Henderson O- Dicty Blues/ Do Doodle Oom E-

106. Vo 14759- Fletcher Henderson O- Cotton Picker's Ball/ Lots O' Mama E

107. Vo 14800- Fletcher Henderson Club Alabam O- Tea Pot Dome Blues/ Mobile Blues E-

108. Vo 14926- Fletcher Henderson O- Copenhagen/ Words E+ GREAT Louis Armstrong solos

109. Vo 1058- Fess Williams Royal Flush O- Atlanta Black Bottom/ High Fever E

110. Vo 03199- Lil Johnson- Press My Button/ Get Em From the Peanut Man EE+/EE-

111. Vo 03591- Original Yellow Jackets- Cross Street Swing/ Blue Drag E- HOT from Hot Springs!!


112. Br 5012- Isham Jones Rainbo O- Sahara Rose/ Jean E

113. Br 2099- Strand Trio- Sauntering Along With Susan/ Drowsy Head E-/E

114. Br 2177- Carl Fenton O- Weep No More My Mammy/ Leave Me With a Smile V+

115. Br 2262- Selvin O- Every Day/ Rosy Posy V

116. Br 2392- Carl Fenton O- Love Sends a Little Gift of Roses/ Wonderful One E-

117. Br 2399- Gene Rodemich O- Railroad Man/ Carl Fenton O- Peggy Dear EE+

118. Br 2568- Carl Fenton O- It Aint Gonna Rain No Mo/ Who's Izzy Is He V

119. Br 2595- Al Jolson w/ Gene Rodemich O- My Papa Doesnt Two Time No Time/ Gene Rodemich O- Lazy EE+ or better

120. Br shellac test- Nick Lucas- My Bundle of Love/ No Foolin' E couple light scrs interesting grey label pressing- one side stamped Los Angeles Brunswick, both sides stamped 3141 with handwritten song titles

121. Br 3283- Nick Lucas- Let Me Live & Love You Just For Tonight/ Looking at the World Thru Rose Colored Glasses E+

122. Br 3486- Hal Kemp O- Brown Sugar/ A Little Girl, A Little Boy, A Little Moon EE-

123. Br 3536- Hal Kemp O- Go Joe Go/ Mary Dear V+

124. Br 3671- Yacht Club Boys- You Cant Walk Back From An Aeroplane/ I Fell Head Over Heels In Love VV+

125. Br 3792- Hal Kemp O- Mary Ann/ If I Cant Have You E-V+

126. Br 3827- Herb Gordon O- Thou Swell/ The Sunrise E

127. Br 3835- Vincent Lopez O- There Must Be a Silver Lining/ Sunshine EE+

128. Br 3841- Hal Kemp O- Didn't I Tell You/ Who's Blue Now EE-/E-

129. Br 3860- Vaughn De Leath- Bluebird Sing Me a Song/ After My Laughter Came Tears E

130. Br 3863- Hal Kemp O- She's a Great, Great Girl/ Collegiana E

131. Br 3870- Scrappy Lambert- I'm Winging Home/ Ramona E

132. Br 3881- Frank Munn- Dear Little Mother O' Mine/ That Wonderful Mother of MIne E

133. Br 3912- Al Jolson- My Mammy/ Dirty Hands, Dirty Face E few scfy spots

134. Br 3927- Vincent Lopez O- My Angel/ Blue Bird Why Dont U Call On Me EE+

135. Br 3929- Frank Munn- In My Boquet of Memories/ Was It a Dream? EE+

136. Br 3936- Vincent Lopez O- Do I Hear You Saying/ You Took Advantage of Me EE+

137. Br 3937- Hal Kemp O- I Dont Care/ Lovable VV+

138. Br 3940- Six Jumping Jacks- Etiquette Blues/ Constantinople VV+/V

139. Br 3954- Hal Kemp O- Oh Baby/ Get Out & Get Under the Moon EE-/V

140. Br 3975- Bennie Goodman's Boys- Shirt Tail Stomp/ Blue G+

141. Br 3986- Arnold Johnson O- I'm On the Crest of a Wave/ What D'ya Say EE-

142. Br 4008- Harry Richman & Frances Williams- What D'Ya Say/ Harry Richman- I'm On the Crest of a Wave E-

143. Br 4011- Six Jumping Jacks- When Sweet Susie Goes Steppin' By/ Nagasaki V-

144. Br 4013- Bennie Goodman's Boys- Room 1411/ Jungle Blues V-

145. Br 4016- Nick Lucas w/ Lew White Organ- Chiquita/ Someday Somewhere EE+/EE-

146. Br 4021- Anglo Persians- Ragging the Scale/ Parade of the Wooden Soldiers V+

147. Br 4030- Lew Leslie's Blackbird O- Magnolia's Wedding Day/ Bandanna Babies V

148. Br 4035- Harry Richman- I Cant Give You Anything But Love/ King For a Day EE-

149. Br 4061- Eddy Thomas- Paradise/ Scrappy Lambert- Grieving EE+

150. Br 4078- Hal Kemp O- High up On a Hill Top/ Washington & Lee Swing VV+

151. Br 4084- Arnold Johnson O- You're In Love & I'm In Love/ Was It Love? EE+

152. Br 4122- Duke Ellington O- The Mooche/ Hotsy Totsy Gang- Since You Went Away E-/EE-

153. Br 4151- Hal Kemp O- My Troubles Are Over/ Gypsy EE-

154. Br 4156- Nick Lucas- I'll Get By/ How About Me? E-

155. Br 4171- Nick Lucas- When the World Is At Rest/ I'll Never Ask For More E+

156. Br 4201- The Blackstone Trio- My Man/ I Love You E

157. Br 4203- Arnold Johnson O- I'll Never Ask For More/ When the World Is At Rest E few lt scfs

158. Br 4212- Hal Kemp O- You Wouldn't Fool Me Would You?/ My Lucky Star E- some scrs B

159. Br 4216- Hal Kemp O- One Kiss(Ballew vocal)/ Louis Katzman O- Lover Come Back to Me E-

160. Br 4231- Earl Burtnett O- You Were Meant For Me/ Broadway Melody E

161. Br 4250- Jesse Stafford O- I Wanna Go Places & Do Things/ All a Twitter E+ NICE!

162. Br 4307- Hal Kemp O- Thats What I Call Keen/ The Things That Were Made For Love V+

163. Br 4325- The Cotton Pickers- Rampart Street Blues/ Kansas City Kitty V

164. Br 4337- Earl Burtnett O- I'm Walkin' Around In a Dream/ Until You Get Somebody Else E+

165. Br 4354- Ben Bernie O- Used to You/ Why Cant You E+

166. Br 4363- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Chinatown My Chinatown/ On the Alamo V

167. Br 4373- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Dinah/ Indiana V+

168. Br 4388- Hal Kemp O- To Be In Love/ When My Dreams Come True E

169. Br 4424- Hal Kemp O- Where Are You Dream Girl?/ In the Hush of the Night E+

170. Br 4527- Regent Club O- Marie/ Where Is the Song of Songs For Me E+

171. Br 4612- Hal Kemp O- I Love You, Believe Me, I Love You EE+

172. Br 4674- Irving Mills Hotsy Totsy Gang- My Little Honey & Me/ Hal Kemp O- H'lo Baby V+

173. Br 4676- Hal Kemp O- Navy Blues/ Romance VV+

174. Br 4716- Earl Burtnett O- When the Little Red Roses Get the Blues For You/ There's Danger In Your Eyes Cherie E+

175. Br 4790- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Nobody Knows/ Smiles VV-

176. Br 4807- Hal Kemp O- If I Had a Girl Like You/ Give Yourself a Pat On the Back EE+

177. Br 4872- Earl Burtnett O- I'm Doin' That Thing/ Go Home & Tell Your Mother E+ surf scr B nap

178. Br 4877- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- China Boy/ Peg O My Heart E

179. Br 4925- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Carolina In the Morning/ Who E-/E

180. Br 4944- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Sweet Georgia Brown/ By the Shalimar E

181. Br 4957- Loring "Red" Nichols O- I Got Rhythm/ Embraceable You E-

182. Br 4968- Bennie Goodman's Boys- Muskrat Scramble/ After Awhile V/VV+

183. Br 4982- Loring "Red" Nichols O- Linda/ Yours & MIne V Harold Arlen vocal A

184. Br 4993- Abe Lyman O- Us & Company/ As Long As Were Togther EE+ 3" tite cr nap

185. Br 6014- Loring "Red" Nichols O- Blue Again/ When Kentucky Bids the World Good Morning E

186. Br 6029- Loring "Red" Nichols O- Sweet & Hot/ You Said It V-

187. Br 6058- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Corinne, Corinna/ Bug a Boo E-V+

188. Br 6068- Loring "Red" Nichols O- Keep a Song In Your Soul/ Things I Never Knew Till Now V-

189. Br 6071- Hal Kemp O- I've Got a Secret Somebody To Love Me/ Little Joe EE-

190. Br 6149- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Moan You Moaners/ How Come You Do Me Like You Do V+

191. Br 6242- Casa Loma O- Maniacs' Ball/ Black Jazz E+ black/silver lbl

192. Br 6272- Cab Calloway O- The Skat Song/ There's a Cabin In the Cotton E- clk A passes

193. Br 6290- Guy Lombardo O- My Extraordinary Gal/ Paradise E

194. Br 6336- Duke Ellington O- Blue Ramble/ The Sheik of Araby EE+ laminated pressing

195. Br 6353- Tom Gerun O- The Lady I Love/ In a Shanty In Old Shanty Town EE+ lt heat mark, or it'd be E+

196. Br 6368- Don Redman O- If Its True/ Hot & Anxious E-

197. Br 6370- Ben Bernie O- The Old Man of the Mountain/ Way Out West In Kansas E

198. Br 6402- Mighty River/ Why Cant I Find Somebody to Love V+ rcnap

199. Br 6416- Hal Kemp O- Wintergreen For President/ Ah But I've Learned E-

200. Br 6452- Hal Kemp O- Its Winter Again/ Look Who's Here E/EE-

201. Br 6463- Casa Loma O- Thanksgivin'/ Rhythm Man EE-/E-

202. Br 6568- Hal Kemp O- Hiatwatha's Lullaby/ In a Little Second Hand Store EE-/E

203. Br 6583- Hal Kemp O- Remember My Forgotten Man/ I've Got to Sing a Torch Song E

204. Br 6627- Ted Fio Rito O- How I've Tried/ Hal Kemp O- Free EE+

205. Br 6648- Hal Kemp O- Its Only a Paper Moon/ Night Owl E

206. Br 6789- Leo Reisman O- As Long As I Live/ Ill Wind N-

207. Br 6922- Glen Gray Casa Loma O- Milenberg Joys/ Out of Space EE+

208. Br 6992- Cab Calloway O- Chinese Rhythm/ Weakness E-/V+

209. Br 6997- Frank Trumbauer O- In a Mist/ Anson Weeks O- Wild Honey E-

210. Br 01793(ENG)- Casa Loma O- Love Me/ Spellbound VV+

211. Br 7306- Jimmie Grier O- College Rhythm/ Lets Give Three Cheers For Love V/V-

212. Br 7318- Lanny Ross w/ O- Lets Give Three Cheers For Love/ Stay As Sweet As You Are E-V+

213. Br 7351- Hal Kemp O- In a Blue & Pensive Mood/ I Woke Up Too Soon E+/EE+

214. Br 7361- Freddy Martin O- My Heart's In the Right Place/ Throwin Stones At the Sun EE+

215. Br 7370- Hal Kemp O- I'm Going Shoppin' With You/ A Little White Gardenia EE+ or better

216. Br 7384- Leo Reisman O- Its An Old Southern Custom/ According To the Moonlight E+

217. Br 7439- Freddy Martin O- Give a Broken Heart a Break/ Reckless EE+

218. Br 7447- Freddy Martin O- If You Want My Heart/ Get Rhythm In Your Feet E+/EE+

219. Br 7452- Ted Fio Rito O- Lulu's Back In Town/ You Can Be Kissed E/EE+

220. Br 7493- Hal Kemp O- Page Miss Glory/ You're So Darn Charming EE+

221. Br 7634- Hal Kemp O- Its Got to Be Love/ There's a Small Hotel EE-/E+

222. Br 7769- Hal Kemp O- All's Fair In Love & War/ With Plenty of Money & You EE+

223. Br 7789- Teddy Wilson O- Thats Life I Guess/ Pennies From Heaven VV- Billie Holiday vocs

224. Br 7900- Gus Arnheim O- The Image of You/ I'm Happy Darling Dancing With You E+

225. Br 7937- Gus Arnheim O- Have You Got Any Castles Baby/ On With the Dance EE+

226. Br 7959- Russ Morgan O- Getting Some Fun Out of Life/ So Many Memories EE-

227. Br 7964- Teddy Wilson Quartet- Aint Misbehavin'/ Honeysuckle Rose E+

228. Br 7973- Teddy Wilson Quartet- Just a Mood pt 1/2 EE+

229. Br 7970- Red Norvo O- Worried Over You/ Tears In My Heart E- Mildred Bailey vocs

230. Br 7992- Raymond Scott Quintette- Minuet In Jazz/ Twilight In Turkey E

231. Br 7993- Raymond Scott Quintette- Powerhouse/ The Toy Trumpet E+

232. Br 8000- Raymond Scott Quintette- Dinner Music For a Pack of Hungry Cannibals/ Reckless Night On Board An Ocean Liner E+

233. Br 8077- Hudson-De Lange O- Sunday In the Park/ Doing the Reactionary V-

234. Br 8098- Ray Noble O- Crazy Rhythm/ Vilia EE+

235. Br 8099- Duke Ellington O- Carnival In Caroline/ Braggin' In Brass EE-

236. Br 8018- Duke Ellington O- The Gal From Joe's/ I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart E

237. Br 8103- Red Norvo O- Jeannine/ Tea Time E-

238. Br 8105- Toots Mondello O- I'll See You In My Dreams/ At Sundown V+

239. Br 8122- Chauncey Morehouse O- Plastered In Paris/ Mazi-Pani VV+

240. Br 8124- Gene Krupa O- Grandfathers Clock/ I Know That You Know E

241. Br 8127- Russ Morgan O- I Love a Lassie/ Casey Jones EE+

242. Br 8128- Russ Morgan O- Sophisticated Swing/ Diga Diga Doo E+ despite lt grey

243. Br 8129- Horace Heidt O- Dust/ My Margarita E- rcnap picture label

244. Br 8135- Red Norvo O- You Leave Me Breathless/ Says My Heart E+/EE+

245. Br 8163- Irving Mills O- Its a Long Long Way To Ur Heart/ TheLonesome Trail Isnt Lonesome E-

246. Br 8164- Will Hudson O- The Flat Foot Floogee/ There's Something About An Old Love VV+/E-

247. Br 8166- Gene Krupa O- What Goes On Here/ Wire Brush Stomp EE-

248. Br 8168- Duke Ellington O- Pyramid/ When My Sugar Walks Down the Street E+/N-

249. Br 8169- Duke Ellington O- You Gave Me the Gate/ Dinahs In a Jam E

250. Br 8171- Red Norvo O- A Cigarette & A Silhouette/ After Dinner Speech E+

251. Br 8174- Duke Ellington O- La De Doody Doo/ The Stevedore's Serenade EE-/EE+ lbl tear

252. Br 8180- Ray Noble O feat Tony Martin- Marching Along With Time/ Ray Noble O- Alexanders Ragtime Band EE+ super lt lam nap

253. Br 8186- Duke Ellington O- Rose of the Rio Grande/ A Gyspy Without a Song E+

254. Br 8194- Red Norvo O- How Can I Thank You/ Wigwammin' EE+ shade under E+ Mildred vocs

255. Br 8196- Ella Logan w/ O- My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean/ The Blue Bells of Scotland E-

256. Br 8199- Teddy Wilson O- Now It Can Be Told/ A Tisket- A Tasket VV+

257. Br 8287- Eddy Duchin O- It Never Was You/ September Song E+

258. Br 8358- Kay Kyser O- Three Little Fishies/ Show Your Linin Miss Richardson E

259. Br 8362- Seger Ellis O- I'm a Lucky Devil/ Me & My Candid Camera E Irene Taylor vocal A

260. Br 8367- Eddy Duchin O- Stardust/ Stormy Weather E+/EE+


261. Co 3547- Columbia 4- Aint You Coming Back to New Hampshire, Molly V-

262. Co 3562- Henry Burr- How Can I Leave Thee VV- hlc nap

263. Co 3578- Henry Burr- Meet Me Sweet Kathleen In Honeysuckle Time VV-

264. Co 3580- Billy Murray- When Tommy Atkins Meets Dolly Gray VV-

265. Co 3589- Ada Jones, Billy Murray, Frank Stanley- Whistle It V+

266. Co 3590- Stevenson & Stanley- Because You're You V

267. Co 3598- Frank C. Stanley- When the Snow Birds Cross the Valley G+

268. Co 3610- Collins & Harlan- Bake Dat Chicken Pie V-

269. Co 3630- George Alexander- Love Abiding VV+

270. Co A 175- Columbia O- Uncle Sammy/ Wiener Blut E/V+

271. Co A 1309- Chauncey Olcott- Sweet Inniscara/ Molly O E

272. Co A 1310- Chauncey Olcott- When Irish Eyes Are Smiling/ I Love the Name of Mary EE+

273. Co A 1317- Collins & Harlan- Smooch Around/ Snookey Ookums E

274. Co A 1319- Campbell & Burr- Who's Going to Love U Whn I'm Gne/ H Burr- To Have To Hold E-

275. Co A 1321- Bert Williams- I Certainly Was Going Some/ Woodman, Spare That Tree VV+/V+

276. Co A 1323- Pietro Deiro- When the Midnight Choo Choo Leaves For Alabam/ Row, Row E-

277. Co A 1326- Peerless 4- You Know You Wont/ Rolling E

278. Co A 1386- Mike Bernard- Tantalizing Tingles/ Medley of Irving Berlin songs V

279. Co A 1388- Ellery Band- Spring Song/ The Dragon Fly E

280. Co A 1394- G Armanini- Cavalleria Rusticana/ Armanini & T. Parvis- Madame Butterfly EE- (could this be a relative of Ty Parvis who sang in Laurel & Hardy's Sons of the Desert??)

281. Co A 1406- Collins & Harlan- When Old Silas Does the Turkey Trot To Turkey In the Straw/ The International Rag EE-

282. Co A 1410- Chauncey Olcott- Dream Girl of Mine/ Too Ra Loo Ra E+

283. Co A 1616- Toots Paka Hawaiian Co- Aloha Oe/ Hawaiian medley EE-

284. Co A 1716- Talking- The Dog Foght/ Backyard Conversation Between Two Jealous Irish Washerwomen E

285. Co A 2007- Al Jolson- Down Where the Swanee River Flows/ James Harrison-James Reed- They Made It Twice As Nice As Paradise & They Called It Dixieland EE- rcnap

286. Co A 2396- Chattaqua Preachers Quartette- That Beautiful Land/ label faded VV+

287. Co A 2785- Nora Bayes- Jerry/ In Miami E/E-

288. Co A 2800- Columbia O- The Kiddies Christmas Frolic/ pt 2 V+

289. Co A 2810- Peerless Quartet- When I'm Gone You'll Soon Forget/ I Love U Just the Same E-

290. Co A 2856- Carl Seville & Jack Geddes(Hawaiian guit)- Cinderella/ Hawaiian Hours w/ U E-/V+

291. Co A 2918- Louise & Ferera Waikiki O- Hawaiian Nights/ Malanai Anu Ka Makani Louise, Ferera & Greenus- Malanai Anu Ka Makani EE-

292. Co A 3316- Ferera & Franchini- Honolulu Bay/ Romola E/EE+

293. Co A 3375- Al Jolson- Ding a Ring a Ring/ Frank Crumit- Home Again Blues E-/E+

294. Co A 3381- Percy Grainger- Turkey In the Straw The Gum Suckers March EE-/E

295. Co A 3735- Van & Schenck- All For the Love of Mike/ You Can Have Him, I Dont Want Him..V-

296. Co E 3342- Irene Stolofsky- Determination/ Do U Know Dear Mother What I Drmd Of E+ rcnap

297. Co 2022-X- Arcos & Pulido w/ O- Colombina/ Las Golondrinas NN-

298. Co 2028-X- Columbia DO- Loca/ Tequila Con Limon V+ rcnap

299. Co 14120-D- Bob Fuller- Grand Opera Blues/ Pig Alley Stomp V-

300. Co 2D- Fisk University Jubilee Singers- I've Done What You Told Me To Do/ You May Carry Me, You May Bury Me In the Comin' Day V

301. Co 100-D- Joe Schenck- If She Was What She Was When She Was 16/ The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else EE+

302. Co 546- Donald Lindley- Trumpet Blues/ Sweet Stuff EE-, plays E

303. Co 559- Frank Ferera- Love Dreams of Lula Lu/ Hawaiian Sweetheart of Mine EE-

304. Co 574- Paul Ash O- What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry/ Lantern of Love V+

305. Co 634- The Georgians- Horses/ Spring Is Here G

306. Co 762- Howard Lanin O- Cross Your Heart/ The Little White House V+ sm pop B

307. Co 790- Don Clark Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel O- Just One More Kiss/ When U Wz E- lamnap

308. Co 804- Howard Lanin O- Leander/ Just For Tonight & If You Cared E-

309. Co 908- Ruth Etting- It All Depends On You/ Sam, the Old Acccordion Man V+

310. Co 995- Ruth Etting- After You've Gone/ My Man E-

311. Co 1087- Harry Reser's Syncopators- Swanee Shore/ Meet Me In the Moonlight E/EE+

312. Co 1235- Fred Rich O- I Fell Head Over Heels In Lv/ Max Fisher O- Is She My Girl Friend EE+

313. Co 1287- Mal Hallett O- My New York/ The Beggar EE+ tiny rcnap

314. Co 1309- Vincent Rose-Jackie Taylor Hollywood O- Lovely Little Silhouette/ In My Dream House On the Hill E- rcnap

315. Co 1331- The Cavaliers- My Stormy Weather Pal/ Auf Wiedersehn E

316. Co 1334- Jan Garber O- Back In Your Own Backyard/ Golden Gate VV+

317. Co 1394- Paul Ash O- You're Wonderful/ Speaking of Love V+/E-

318. Co 1395- Guy Lombardo O- Waitin' For Katy/ I Cant Do Without You V+ gouge B..A is clean

319. Co 1399- Ben Selvin O- I'm Afraid of You/ Indian Cradle Song EE-

320. Co 1401- Paul Whiteman O- Evening Star/ Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed Me EE-

321. Co 1402- Paul Whiteman O- Constantinople/ Get Out & Get Under the Moon E

322. Co 1407- Oscar Grogan- Sentimental Baby/ I Wonder If You Miss Me Tonight V+

323. Co 1452- Jan Garber O- Washington & Lee Swing/ VMI Spirit EE+

324. Co 1454- Ruth Etting- Lonely Little Bluebird/ Happy Days & Lonely Nights V+ some scrs

325. Co 1465- Paul Whiteman O- I'm On the Crest of a Wave/ What D'Ya Say EE+

326. Co 1484- Paul Whiteman O- If You Dont Love Me/ In the Evening E+

327. Co 1491- Paul Whiteman O- Oh! You Have No Idea/ Georgie Porgie VV+ couple lams nap

328. Co 1497- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- Mother & Dad/ Shadows On the Wall V+

329. Co 1553- Paul Whiteman O- Blue Night/ Roses of Yesterday EE-

330. Co 1558- Paul Whiteman O- In the Good Old Summertime/ Sidewalks of NY EE+

331. Co 1568- Prince of Hawaii Chorus- Imua Kamaheha/ Nahona Glee Club- Na Lii E

332. Co 1571- Seger Ellis- If I Lost You/ I Never Thought E sticker on lbl

333. Co 1592- Cliquot Club Eskimos- Come On Baby!/ Avalon Town V

334. Co 1621- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- Old Man Sunshine/ Dont Be Like That V+E-

335. Co 1623- Cavaliers- I Love You Then As I Love You Now/ Marion E-

336. Co 1630- Paul Whiteman O- Just a Sweetheart/ Where Is the Song of Songs For Me E-

337. Co 1679- Guy Lombardo O- Me & the Man In the Moon/ Where the Shy Little Violets Grow E+/EE+

338. Co 1682- Leo Reisman O- Along Came Sweetness/ A Love Tale of Alsasce Lorriane V+

339. Co 1693- Ben Selvin O- A Room With a View/ Dance Little Lady V

340. Co 1701- Paul Whiteman O- Lets Do It/ Japanese Mammy EE+ or better

341. Co 1702- Leo Reisman O- The Sun Is At My Window/ Ben Selvin O- The Song I Love E+

342. Co 1706- Thelma Terry Play Boys- Mama's Gone Goodbye/ Charles Fulcher O- Hey! Hey! VV+

343. Co 1708- Paul Specht O- Sweetheart of All My Dreams/ Sweet Music V

344. Co 1710- Ed Lowry- I Want a "Yes" Girl/ Thats How I Feel About You EE-

345. Co 1718- Cliquot Club Eskimos- In a Little Town Called Home Sweet Home/ Olaf E+/EE+

346. Co 1767- Leo Reisman O- On the Alamo/ My Castle In Spain E+

347. Co 1773- Bing Crosby- My Kinda Love/ Till We Meet E+

348. Co 1768- Layton & Johnstone- When the World Is At Rest/ If I Had You E+

349. Co 1800- Ben Selvin O- Honey/ My Sin VV+

350. Co 1804- Andy Sannella All Star Trio- Lady of the Morning/ Perfume of Roses N-

351. Co 1805- Pete Woolery- Coquette/ You Were Meant For Me V+

352. Co 1806- Harry Reser's Syncos- I Got a Code In My Doze/ It Aint No Fault of Mine E+

353. Co 1815- Ipana Troubadours- Building a Nest For Mary/ I Used to Love Her In the Moonlight V-

354. Co 1819- Paul Whiteman's Rhythm Boys- So the Bluebirds & the Blackbirds../ Louise V+

355. Co 1821- University of Notre Dame O- Victory March/ Down the Line E/N-

356. Co 1822- Paul Whiteman O- Reaching For Someone/ When My Dreams Come True EE+

357. Co 1856- Charles Lawman- Oh Sweetheart Where Are You Tonight/ When We Get Together In the Moonlight EE-

358. Co 1869- Ukulele Ike- Singin' In the Rain/ Orange Blossom Time EE-/E

359. Co 1870- Pete Woolery- My Heart Is Bluer Than Your Eyes/ Am I a Passing Fancy N-

360. Co 1872- Milton Charles- A Garden In the Rain/ Pagan Love Song E+

361. Co 1874- Dave Bernie O- Where the Bab Bab Babbling Brook/ I Want to Meander In the Moonlight N-

362. Co 1875- Ben Selvin O- Junior/ Miss You EE-

363. Co 1883- Ruth Etting- I Want to Meander In the Meadow/ Now I'm In Love E

364. Co 1893- Fred Rich O- Dont Hang Your Dreams On a Rainbow/ Song of the Moonbeams VV+

365. Co 1894- Anson Weeks Hotel Mark Hopkins O- Tear Drops/ Now I'm In Love V

366. Co 1898- Percy Grainger- Ramble On Love pt 1/2 E

367. Co 1902- The Mystery Girl- He's So Unusual/ Do I Know What I'm Doing EE- good jazz accomp

368. Co 1903- Ipana Troubadours- Liza/ Do What You Do E+ Smith Ballew vocs

369. Co 1905- Ethel Waters- Shoo Shoo Boogie Boo/ Do I Know What I'm Doing V+E-

370. Co 1906- Ernie Golden O- You're My Silver Lining of Love/ In the Hush of the Night E+

371. Co 1909- Ed Lowry- Through/ Ev'ry Day Away From You EE-

372. Co 1939- Ernie Golden O- Hello Margot!/ Satisfied! E+

373. Co 1940- The Knickerbockers- Song of the Blues/ Song of Siberia VV+

374. Co 1964- Ben Selvin O- The Web of Love/ I'm In Love With You VV+

375. Co 1965- Fred Rich O- When the Real Thing Comes Your Way/ Revolutionary Rhythm V

376. Co 1967- Ted Fiorito O- Then You've Never Been Blue/ On Candle Light Lane E+

377. Co 1971- Al Katz O- I May Be Wrong/ A Year From To-Day V+

378. Co 1972- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- Sweetheart's Holiday/ Love Me EE-

379. Co 1973- Harry Reser's Syncos- Piccolo Pete/ Collegiate Sam E- both good!

380. Co 1978- Ed Lowry- If I Had a Talking Picture of U/ I'm a Dreamer- Aren't We All E+ NICE TPT

381. Co 1979- Fred Rich O- I Dont Want Your Kisses/ Until the End E solos A

382. Co 1981- Midnight Airdales- Swanee Shuffles/ I Gotta Have You E-

383. Co 1982- Ipana Troubadours- True Blue Lou/ There's Too Many Eyes V+

384. Co 1998- Ruth Etting- What Wouldn't I Do For That Man/ The Right Kind of Man EE-

385. Co 2018- The Knickerbockers- Painting the Clouds With Sunshine/ Anson Weeks Hotel Mark Hopkins O- Pals Forever E-

386. Co 2023- Paul Whiteman O- Great Day/ Without a Song E

387. Co 2026- Vic Meyers Music- Congratulations/ Melancholy V+

388. Co 2027- Irene Bordoni w/ Rube Bloom- Just An Hour of Love/ Believe Me EE+

389. Co 2029- Ted Lewis O- Wabash Blues/ Farewell Blues E-

390. Co 2049- Vic Meyers O- Beside An Open Fireplace/ If I'm Dreaming E-V+

391. Co 2073- Ruth Etting- If He Cared/ Crying For the Carolines E-

392. Co 2183- Charles(Buddy) Rogers- My Future Just Passed/ A Bee In Your Boudoir E

393. Co 2184- Ethel Waters- Porgy/ Black & Blue E

394. Co 2185- Paul Specht O- Into My Heart/ Santiago EE+

395. Co 2415- Charleston Chasers- Beale Street Blues/ Basin Street Blues E blue label

396. Co 2440- Teddy Raph O- When I Take My Sugar To Tea/ Please Dont Talk About Me When I'm Gone V+

397. Co 2494- Fred Rich O- As Long As You're There/ The Hour of Parting E Bunny(?), JD,TD, etc

398. Co 2510- Paul Tremaine O- I Cant Get Mississippi Off My Mind/ Give Me Your Affection H EE+

399. Co 2523- Ted Wallace O- Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries/ Guilty VV+ couple lt lams nap

400. Co 2524- Ben Selvin O- Yours Is My Heart Alone/ Trees VV-

401. Co 2555- The Cavaliers- A Faded Summer Love/ Call Me Darling V+

402. Co 2560- Ted Lewis O- An Evening In Caroline/ Old Playmate VV+

403. Co 2562- Ben Selvin O- She Didn't Say Yes/ Try to Forget E- 2 rc's nap

404. Co 2572- Jack Miller- You Try Somebody Else/ Lies V+

405. Co 2573- Ted Wallace Campus Boys- I Promise You/ Home V+

406. Co 2592- Ben Selvin O- Oh What a Thrill/ Good-Night Moon VV+

407. Co 2731(BLUE WAX)- Joe Haymes O- Uncle Joe's Music Store/ I Cover the Waterfront E HOT A!

408. Co 2931(BLUE WAX)- Ben Pollack O- Freckle Face, You're Beautiful/ I've Got a Warm Spot In My Heart For You EE+/E nice tpt B

409. Co 3161- Carroll Gibbons & BF's- Sugar Rose/ Breakin' In a Pair of Shoes E+ blue lbl

410. Co 3169- Ted Lewis Band w/ Sophie Tucker- Some Of These Days/ Ted Lewis Band- Aunt Hagar's Blues E+/E blue label

411. Co 295-M- Carroll Gibbons & BF's- With Thee I Swing/ CG piano- Midnight In Mayfair N-

412. Co 30231(promo)- Count Basie O- Pound Cake/ Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie E+

413. Co 35371- Jerry Colonna- I Love Life/ My Mother Was a Lady E+

414. Co 35374- Benny Goodman O- What They Think of Next/ Whats the Matter With Me? E-

415. Co 35387- Gene Krupa O- Symphony In Riffs/ Marcheta E-

416. Co 35389- Metronome All Star Nine- All Star Strut/ King Porter Stomp NEW..BG, Christian, etc

417. Co 35404- Benny Goodman Sextet- Till Tom Special/ Gone With "What" Wind E

418. Co 35420- Benny Goodman O- The Sky Fell Down/ It Never Entered My Mind NN-

419. Co 35426- Benny Goodman O- Shake Down the Stars/ Be Sure V+

420. Co 35445- Benny Goodman O- Down By the Old Mill Stream/ Yours Is My Heart Alone N-

421. Co 35450- Jack Teagarden O- Somewhere a Voice Is Calling/ Red Wing E/EE-

422. Co 35461- Benny Goodman O- Devil May Care/ Ev'ry Sunday Afternoon E+

423. Co 35463- Mildred Bailey- Fools Rush In/ From Another World E

424. Co 35482- Benny Goodman Sextet- Boy Meets Goy/ I Surrender Dear E-

425. Co 36312- Duke Ellington- Mood Indigo/Solitude// Sophisticated Lady/ In a Sent Moon EE+

426. Co 36795- Count Basie O That Old Feeling/ This Heart of Mine EE-

427. Co 37085- Buddy Clark- I Knew I'd Fall In Love Tonight/ All By Myself EE+ rcnap

428. Co 37202- Buddy Clark- It Might Have Been a Different Story/ If I Had My Life to Live Over E+

429. Co 37909- Buddy Clark- Something To Remember You By/ East of the Sun E+N-

430. Co 37952- Buddy Clark- They're Mine- They're Mine-They're Mine/ I Kiss Your Hand Madame N-

431. Co 38083(promo)- Buddy Clark- Matinee/ Haunted Heart E+

432. Co 38115(promo)- Buddy Clark- Peculiar/ Buddy Clark & The Charioteers- Now Is the Hour E+

433. Co 38129- Frank Sinatra(promo)- But None Like You/ We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye EE+ lams nap

434. Co 38153(promo)- Buddy Clark- Spring In December/ Talking to Myself About You N-

435. Co 38241(promo)- Buddy Clark- I'm a Slave to You/ Where the Apple Blossoms Fall N-

436. Co 38249(promo)- Buddy Clark- Where Flamingos Fly/ On the Waterfall N-

437. Co 38254(promo)- Buddy Clark- You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To/ Rosalie N-

438. Co 38314(promo)- Buddy Clark- I Still Get a Thrill/ Rendezvous With a Rose N-

439. Co 38364(promo)- Buddy Clark & The Modernaires- One Sunday Afternoon/ Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes E+

440. Co 38370(promo)- Buddy Clark- Its a Big Wide Wonderful World/ The Song of Long Ago E+

441. Co 38406(promo)- Buddy Clark- I Love You So Much It Hurts/ Love Me Love Me Love Me E+

442. Co 30408(promo)- Buddy Clark- I Get Up Ev'ry Morning/ I Dont See Me In U'r Eyes Anymore E+

443. Co 38503(promo)- Buddy Clark- Out of Love/ One More Time E+

444. Co 38546(promo)- Buddy Clark- You're Breaking My Heart/ Song of Surrender N-

445. Co 38705(promo)- Frank Sinatra- Sure Thing/ Sunshine Cake N-

446. Co 38782(promo)- Phil Napoleon Memphis 5- Dixieland Is Here to Stay/ Sister Kate NN-

447. Co 38892(promo)- Frank Sinatra- Goodnight Irene/ My Blue Heaven E+

448. Co 38996(promo)- Frank Sinatra- Lover/ You'll Never Walk Alone E+

449. Co 39001- Sarah Vaughan- Perdido/ Whippa Whippa Woo EE+

450. Co 39071(promo)- Sarah Vaughan- The Nearness of You/ You're Mine, You NN-

451. Co 39124(promo)- Sarah Vaughan- De Gas Pipe She's Leaning, Joe/ I'll Know E+

452. Co 39370(promo)- Sarah Vaughan- Deep Purple/ These Things I Offer You NN-

453. Co 39494(promo)- Sarah Vaughan- After Hours/ Out O' Breath NN-

454. Co 39576(promo)- Sarah Vaughan- Just a Moment More/ I Ran All the Way Home NN-

455. Co 40243(promo)- Red Buttons- The Buttons' Bounce/ Oh! My Mother In Law E+

456. Co 45128(promo)- Ralph Sutton w/ Rhy- Alligator Crawl/ Blue Turning Grey Over You N-


457. De 7161- Monette Moore Swing Shop Boys- Rhythm For Sale/ Two Old Maids In a Folding Bed EE+

458. De 7366- Wingy Mannone O- Shake That Thing/ Up the Country VV+/V-

459. De 7525- Al Cooper's Savoy Sultans- Gettin' In the Groove/ The Thing E-

460. De 7609- Louis Jordan Tympany 5- At the Swing Cats Ball/ Keep a Knockin' E+/V+

461. De 7684- Buddy Johnson Band- Stop Pretending(So Hip You See)/ Jammin In Georgia V-/E-

462. De 7722- Skeets Tolbert Gent's of Swing- I Cant Go For You/ W.P.A. E-

463. De 8524- Erskine Butterfield Blue Boys- Stayin' At Home/ Missouri Wz E+/VV+

464. De 8549- The Variety Boys- Tack Annie/ Harlem Fiesta E

465. De 8645- Louis Jordan Tympany 5- Whats the Use of Getting Sober/ The Chicks I Pick Are Slender & Tender & Tall E-

466. De 8661- Tab Smith O w/ Trevor Bacon- You Lovely You/ I'll Live True to You EE+/V

467. De 3- Bob Howard O- Dapper Dan/ Raggedy But Right E+

468. De 106- Ted Lewis O- Two Cigarettes In the Dark/ Tonight Is Mine V+

469. De 225- Everett Marshall- Song of Love/ Yours Is My Heart Alone E sm chip beg B sds briefly

470. De 229- New Orleans Rhythm Kings- Original Dixieland One Step/ Ostrich Walk V+

471. De 239- Ted Lewis O- Pop Goes Your Heart/ Happiness Ahead E

472. De 240- Ted Lewis O- I'll Close My Eyes to Everyone Else/ Sweetie Pie EE+ NICE!

473. De 241- Ted Lewis O- Isnt It a Shame/ My Old Flame VV+

474. De 245- Bing Crosby- Two Cigarettes In the dark/ The Sweetheart Wz EE+/E+

475. De 247- Lew Stone O- Serenade to a Wealthy Widow/ Isle of Capri EE+/E+ flat lbl

476. De 261- Isham Jones O- Why Am I Blue?/ Be Still My Heart EE-

477. De 285- Harry Reser O- Rock & Roll/ One Little Kiss V+/E

478. De 296- Dorsey Bros O- Honeysuckle Rose pt 1/2 VV+

479. De 299- Jimmie Lunceford O- Stratosphere/ Solitude E

480. De 365- Emil Coleman O- When My Price Charming Comes Along/ A Little White Gardenia E

481. De 546- Nat Gonella- Rockin' Chair/ When You're Smiling EE+

482. De 607- Jimmy Dorsey O- I'm a Gambler/ Dorsey Stomp E/E-

483. De 608- Al Donahue O- Its Dangerous to Love Like This/ The Morning After EE+

484. De 613- Dick Powell- Dont Give Up the Ship/ I'm Sittin' High On a Hill Top E-

485. De 614- Bob Crosby O- At Your Service Madame/ On Treasure Island EE-

486. De 672- Louis Armstrong O- Shoe Shine Boy/ I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music E/EE-

487. De 682- Jimmie Lunceford O- I'm Nuts About Screwy Music/ I'm Walking Through Heaven With You V+/VV+

488. De 737- The Delta Four- Farewell Blues/ Swingin' On the Famous Door VV+

489. De 741- Art Tatum- When a Woman Loves a Man/ I Aint Got Nobody EE+

490. De 829- Connie Boswell- I Met My Waterloo/ On the Beach At Bali Bali EE-

491. De 831- Chick Webb O- A Little Bit later On/ Under the Spell of the Blues E-/E+ Ella vocs

492. De 878- Ben Bernie O- When Did You Leave Heaven/ A Star Fell Out of Heaven EE+ flat lbl

493. De 888- Victor Young O- When the Moon Hangs High/ Me & the Moon EE-/E-

494. De 937- Henry King O- Easy to Love/ I've Got U Under my Skin E

495. De 984- Mal Hallett O- Moonlight On the Chesapeake/ Sweetheart Lets Grow Old Tog. EE+

496. De 993- Mal Hallett O- There's Something In the Air/ Where the Lazy River Goes By V+

497. De 996- Jack Harris O- Alone Again/ Stars In My Eyes E+

498. De 1033- Mal Hallett O- Let Me Sing In Echo Valley/ In the Chapel In the Moonlight E

499. De 1040- Jimmy Dorsey O- Dorsey Dervish/ Serenade to Nobody In Particular E+

500. De 1047- Mal Hallett O- Goodnight My Love/ One Never Knows Does One V

501. De 1070- Victor Silvester Ballroom O- Poor Butterfly/ Vienna, City of My Dreams E-

502. De 1117- Roy Smeck Serenaders- You're Laughing At Me/ This Years Kisses E int cr nap

503. De 1119- Abe Lyman O- A Thousand Dreams of You/ Trust In Me E

504. De 1121- Count Basie O- Swinging At the Daisy Chain/ Pennies From Heaven E/EE-

505. De 1122- Ambrose O- South Sea Island Magic/ Organ Grinder's Swing E-

506. De 1125- Dick Robertson O- Happy Days Are Here Again/ Mardi Gras EE-

507. De 1126- Glen Gray O- I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm/ You're Laughing At Me E

508. De 1153- Claude Hopkins O- Sunday/ Swingin' Down the Lane EE+

509. De 1187- Jimmy Dorsey O- Listen to the Mockingbird/ The Love Bug Will Bite You VV+

510. De 1202- Frances Langford w/ O- Sweet Heartache/ Was It Rain? E

511. De 1204- Jimmy Dorsey O- They All Laughed/ Lets Call the Whole Thing Off VV+

512. De 1208- Andy Kirk O- Puddin' Head Serenade/ Cloudy E/E+

513. De 1213- Chick Webb O- Its Swell Of You/ Wake Up & Live E-/VV+

514. De 1617- Jimmie Lunceford O- Margie/ Like a Ship At Sea EE-

515. De 1633- Fred Rich O- With a Smile & a Song/ One Song EE+

516. De 1672- Glen Gray O- Nutty Nursery Rhymes/ Memories Of You E+

517. De 1681- Chick Webb O- Harlem Congo/ I Got a Guy E-/E

518. De 1707- Dick Robertson O- Lets Sail to Dreamland/ Good Night Angel E

519. De 1710- Andy Kirk O- The Key to My Heart/ Little Joe From Chicago EE+

520. De 1770- Count Basie O- Dont You Miss Your Baby?/ Topsy E

521. De 1840- Chick Webb O- A Tisket A Tasket/ Liza V/E Ella vocal A

522. De 1933- Bing Crosby- A Blues Serenade/ I've Got a Pocketful of Dreams EE-/E-

523. De 2031- Glen Gray O- Mindin' My Business/ Song of India E+/E-

524. De 2041- Ted Weems O- Nola/ Ribbons & Roses E+

525. De 2042- Louis Armstrong O- Aint Misbehavin'/ ICGUA But Love E/EE+

526. De 2201- Bing Crosby- The Funny Old Hills/ I Have Eyes V+/E

527. De 2219(promo)- Bob Hope & Shirley Ross- New Thanks For the Memory/ 2 Sleepy People E

528. De 2237- Bing Crosby- When the Bloom Is On the Sage/ Its a Lonely Trail V+

529. De 2323- Chick Webb O- Undecided/ In the Groove At the Grove E Ella vocal A

530. De 2498- Count Basie 4- When the Sun Goes Down/ The Dirty Dozens EE+

531. De 2545- Augie Goupil & Thurston Knudson- Otea O Tahiti/ Augie Goupil Royal Tahitians-Otea EE+

532. De 2598- Ella Fitzgerald w/ Chick Webb O- Out of Nowhere/ Stairway to the Stars E+/EE+

533. De 2609- The Three Peppers- Its a Puzzle To Me/ Three Foot Skipper Jones E+/V+

534. De 2612- Jimmy Dorsey O- Shoot the Meatballs to Me Dominick Boy/ The Jumpin' Jive E

535. De 2613- Connie Boswell w/ O- At Least You Could Say Hello/ Oh You Crazy Moon EE+

536. De 2680- Bing Crosby- When You're Away/ Thine Alone E-

537. De 2700- Bing Crosby- In My Merry Oldsmobile/ Medley of Gus Edwards Hits VV+

538. De 2722- Count Basie 4- The Fives/ Hey Lawdy Mama E+

539. De 2723- Andy Kirk O- Dunkin' a Doughnut/ Then I'll Be Happy E+

540. De 2780- Count Basie 4- Oh Red/ Fare Thee Honey Fare Thee Well EE-

541. De 2796- Mary Lou Williams- The Pearls/ The Rocks E+

542. De 2797- Mary Lou Williams- Mr Freddie Blues/ Sweet (Patootie) Petunia E+/EE+

543. De 2816- Ella Fitzgerald O- You're Gonna Lose Your Gal/ My Wubba Dolly E-

544. De 2988- Ella Fitzgerald O- Is There Somebody Else/ Starlit Hour EE+

545. De 2999- Bing Crosby- Just One More Chance/ Sweet Potato Piper EE-

546. De 3003- Cliff Edwards- Give a Little Whistle/ Victor Young O- Hi Deedle Dee Dee EE-

547. De 3005- Ella Fitzgerald O- Whats The Matter With Me/ I'm Not Complainin EE-

548. De 3078- Ella Fitzgerald O- Sugar Blues/ Imagination EE-

549. De 3151- Louis Armstrong & Mills Bros- W.P.A./ Marie E scfs nap

550. De 3180- Louis Armstrong & Mills Bros- Boog It/ Cherry E-

551. De 3183- Tony Martin - Help Me/ The Donkey Serenade E

552. De 3235- Louis Armstrong O- Sweethearts On Parade/ Cut Off My Legs & Call Me Shorty E

553. De 3282- Andy Kirk O- Fifteen Minute Intermission/ Fine & Mellow E

554. De 3537- Al Kealoha Perry Singing Surfriders- Ta Hu Wa Hu Wai/ Kalakaua E+

555. De 3582- Andy Kirk O- Or Have I/ If I Feel This Way Tomorrow N-

556. De 3622- Andrews Sisters- In Apple Blossom Time/ I Yi Yi VV+

557. De 3624- Tony Martin- They Met In Rio/ Boa NoiteE-

558. De 3629- Jimmy Dorsey O- Amapola/ Donna Maria V+/E+

559. De 3639- Glen Gray O- Bye Bye Blues/ Margie N-

560. De 3821- Andrews Sisters- Daddy/ Sleepy Serenade E-/E

561. De 3857- Tony Martin- Flamingo/ Where In the World E-

562. De 3860- Andrews Sisters- The Booglie Wooglie Piggy/ The Nickel Serenade V-/EE+

563. De 3865- Sidney Bechet w/ Noble Sissle O- Blackstick/ Bud Freeman O- Sunday E+/E

564. De 3968- Ella Fitzgerald O- I Got It Bad And That Aint Good/Melinda the Mousie EE-/EE+

565. De 4082- Ella Fitzgerald- Somebody Nobody Loves/ You Dont Know What Love Is V+/E-

566. De 4143- Tony Martin- Under Your Window/ I Dont Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You EE-

567. De 4182- Andrews Sisters- A Zoot Suit/ What To Do V-/EE+

568. De 4320- Terry Shand O- Dont Forget To Say No Baby/ Wait Till the Girls Get into the Army, Boys EE+/EE-

569. De 4337- Dick Kuhn O- Put Your Arms Around Me Honey/ I've Got Rings on My Fingers E-

570. De 4356- Jimmy Dorsey O- What Makes Sammy Run/ Murderistic E-

571. De 4358- Johnny Long O- Romance a la Mode/ Massachusetts EE+/E

572. De 4366- Andy Kirk O- Take It & Git/ Hip Hip Hooray EE-/E

573. De 4367- Bing Crosby- A Boy In Khaki- a Girl In Lace/ Hello Mom E-/E

574. De 4375- Johnny Long O- Why Dont You Fall In Love With Me/ Then You'll Know..Carolines E+

575. De 4378- Tony Martin- Lullaby of the Rain/ Yesterday's Gardenias E-

576. De 4381- Andy Kirk O- Worried Life Blues/ Boogie Woogie Cocktail E-

577. De 4416- Joe Daniels Hot Shots- Arkansas Blues/ Darktown Strutters Ball E+/V-

578. De 4426- Dick Robertson O- I Walk Alone/ No Letter Today E

579. De 4430- Song Spinners- God Bless My Darling, He's Somewhere/ Have I Stayed Away E+/E

580. De 4431- Jerry Wald O- Shoo Shoo Baby/ Crazy Blues EE+

581. De 4436- Andy Kirk O- Unlucky Blues/ Ride On, Ride On V+

582. De 4438- Lawrence Welk O- Is My Baby Blue Tonight/ One Little Lie Too Many V-/EE+

583. De 4446- Jerry Wald O- Since You Went Away/ Two Heavens EE+

584. De 4449- Andy Kirk O- Baby Dont You Tell Me No Lie/ Fare Thee Honey Fare Thee Well E+

585. De 14502(faith series)- Andrews Sisters- In the Garden/ Count Your Blessings E+

586. De 18279- Martha Raye- Oh the Pity Of It All/ My Little Cousin E despite grey

587. De 18608- Bing Crosby- Amor/ Long Ago E+

588. De 18621- Bing Crosby- Too Ra Loo Ra/ I'll Remember April E+

589. De 18636- Andrews Sisters- One Meat Ball/ Rum & Coca Cola E+

590. De 18708- Bing Crosby & Les Paul- Its Been a Long Long Time/ Whose Dream Are You NN-

591. De 23019- Frank Forest w/ O- Could I Be In Love/ La Bomba E+

592. De 23115- Hildegarde w/ O- All the Things You Are/ I Didn't Know What Time It Was E

593. De 23139- Marlene Dietrich- You Do Something To Me/ I've Been in Love Before E+

594. De 23140- Marlene Dietrich- You Go To My Head/ You've Got That Look E-

595. De 23183- Hildegarde w/ O- The Last Time I Saw Paris/ Why Do I Love You

596. De 23565- Billie Holiday- What Is This Thing Called Love/ Dont Explain E+

597. De 23675- Hoagy Carmichael- Huggin' & Chalkin'/ I May Be Wrong But I Think U'r Wonderful E

598. De 23676- Billie Holiday- Good Morning Heartache/ No Good Man E+

599. De 23722(promo)- Andrews Sisters & Guy Lombardo- Winter Wonderland/ Christmas Island E+

600. De 23740- Andrews Sisters- The Coffee Song/ A Rainy Night In Rio E+

601. De 23797- Hoagy Carmichael- Hong Kong Blues/ Star Dust N-

602. De 23853- Billie Holiday- There Is No Greater Love/ Solitude E+

603. De 23866- Ella Fitzgerald- A Sunday Kind of Love/ That's My Desire E+ scr A sds lite few gvs

604. De 23932- Louis Jordan Tympany 5- Somebody Done Changed the Lock.../ Caldonia E+

605. De 23933- Hoagy Carmichael- Old Man Harlem/ Dont Forget To Say No Baby N-

606. De 24247- Hoagy Carmichael- A Time For Humming/ Put Yourself In My Place, Baby NEW

607. De 24379- Bing Crosby- Moonlight On a White Picket Fence/ Haunted Heart E+

608. De 24381- Louis Jordan Tympany 5- Inflation Blues/ Reet, Petite & Gone N-

609. De 24519(vinyl)- Peter Lind Hayes- Dainty Brenda Lee/ My Darling, My Darling N-

610. De 24646- Ella Fitzgerald- Lover's Gold/ Black Coffee E+

611. De 24677- Bing Crosby w/ C Cavallaro- The Four Winds & the Seven Seas/ Make Believe E+

612. De 24696(promo)- Bing Crosby- The Last Mile Home/ Imagination E+ deep red vinyl

613. De 24875- Bing Crosby & Carol Richards- Sunshine Cake/ Bing Crosby- The Horse Told Me E+

614. De 24998(promo)- Andrews Sisters Choo'n Gum/ Gonna Paper My Walls w/ Love Letters E+

615. De 25352- Dick Robertson O- Where Do You Work-a John/ The Butcher Boy E+

616. De 25394- Louis Jordan Tympany 5- Saxa-Woogie/ Pinetop's Boogie Woogie E+ hlc nap

617. De 25380- Bing Crosby- Red Sails In the Sunset/ On Treasure Island (B take)N-

618. De 27007(promo)- Andrews Sisters- Just Got the Get Out of the Habit/ I Wanna Be Loved E-

619. De 27013- Bing Crosby- The Dixieland Band/ Jamboree Jones EE+

620. De 27042(promo)- Andrews Sisters- That Ever Lovin' Rag/ Why Worry? E+

621. De 27115(promo)- Andrews Sisters- There Will Never Be Another You/ Cant We Talk It Over E

622. De 27241- Bing Crosby- Accidents Will Happen/ And You'll Be Home E+

623. De 27251(promo)- Andrews Sisters- The Christmas Tree Angel/ I'd Like to Hitch a Ride With Santa Claus E+

624. De 27436- Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy- Lets Put Out the Lights/ I've Got a Wife E+ rcnap

625. De 27483- Bing Crosby- Any Town Is Paris When You're Young/ Sentimental Music E+

626. De 27577- Bing & Gary Crosby- Moonlight Bay/ When You & I Were Young Maggie Blues E+

627. De 27606- Bing Crosby- My Own Bit of Land/ Old Soldiers Never Die E+N-

628. De 27252(promo)- Andrews Sisters- A Bushel & a Peck/ Guys & Dolls E+

629. De 27901- Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong- Neccessary Evil/ Oops! E+N-

630. De 27910(promo)- Andrews Sisters & Guy Lombardo- I'm On a See Saw of Love/ Play Me a Hurtin Tune E+

631. De 28033- Hoagy Carmichael- The Monkey Song/ Drip Drop EE-

632. De 28042- Andrews Sisters- Why Worry?/ That Ever Lovin' Rag E

633. De 28342(promo)- The Andrews Sisters- Carmen's Boogie/ Adios E

634. De 28444(promo)- Louis Jordan Tympany 5- Friendship/ You're Much Too Fat E+

635. De 28481(promo)- Andrews Sisters- Piccolo Pete/ If I Had a Boy Like You E+

636. De 28680- Andrews Sisters- Now That I'm In Love/ Fugue For Tinhorns E+

637. De 28774- Ella Fitzgerald- You'll Have to Swing It/ pt 1/2 N-

638. De 28993(promo)- Ella Fitzgerald- Thats My Desire/ A Sunday Kind of Love E+

639. De 48070- Sister Rosetta Tharpe- Precious Memories/ Beams of Heaven NEW


641. Vi 4599-Olden Time Minstrels(G)- Darky Shout "Get Happy" VV+

642. Vi 45108- Nora Bayes- Eat & Grow Thin/ Ragging the Songs Mother Used to Sing E+

643. Vi 17482- Lillian Davis- You've Got Yopur Mothers Big Blue Eyes/ Peerless Qtet- On a Good Old Time Sleigh Ride E-

644. Vi 18342- Eddie Cantor- Thats the Kind of a Baby For Me/ The Modern Maiden's Prayer E-

645. Vi 18380- Louise- Ferera w/ Athenian Hawaiian 4- Aloha Land/ Hawaii I'm Lonesome For U E+

646. Vi 18771- Ferera- Franchini- Isle Of Paradise/ Drowsy Head E

647. Vi 18791- Eubie Blake Suffle Along O- Baltimore Buzz/ Bandana Days EE-

648. Vi 18849- Ferera- Franchini- Dream Kiss/ Sam Moore- Horace Davis- Laughing Rag EE-

649. Vi 18851- Green Bros Mellorimba O- Smilin'/ All Star Trio & O- Somewhere In Naples E

650. Vi 18857- Club Royal O- Wimmin/ Good Bye Shanghai E-

651. Vi 18859- Paul Whiteman O- On the Gin Gin Ginny Shore/ Marie E

652. Vi 18863- All Star Trio & O- Never Mind/ Hortense E

653. Vi 18867- Arden-Ohman- I've Got the Wonder Where He Went & When Hes Coming Back Blues/ Say, Persianna, Say EE-

654. Vi 18921- Club Royal O- The Sneak!/ Zez Confrey O- Are You Playing Fair E

655. Vi 19167- Rudy Wiedoeft- Saxarella/ Souvenir E+N-

656. Vi 19169- Paul Whiteman O- Dancing Honeymoon/ An Orange Grove In California E+N-

657. Vi 19170- The Original Memphis Five- Tin Roof Blues/ I've Got a Song For Sale E-

658. Vi 19172- Waring's Penns-- The West, a Nest & You/ Sleep E+

659. Vi 19175- The Virginians- Down South Blues/ Garber-Davis O- Steamboat Sal V/V-

660. Vi 19177- The Manhattan Merrymakers- Songs of Yesterday medley pt 1/2 E

661. Vi 19178- Joe Raymond O- Salt Your Sugar/ Rememb'ring E+

662. Vi 19179- International Novelty O- Music Of Love/ Joe Raymond O- Moonlight Kisses E

663. Vi 19180- Peerless Quartet- Alabamy Blacksheep/ Campbell-Burr- I'm Sitting Pretty...City E-

664. Vi 19182- Barney Rapp O- Walk, Jennie, Walk!/ Somebody Else Took You Out of My Arms E+

665. Vi 19211- Joe Raymond O- Hollywood/ Paul Whiteman O- Linger Awhile V+

666. Vi 19398- Art Landry O- Rip Saw Blues/ Vincent Rose Montmartre O- Helen Gone E+

667. Vi 19498- Harry Halstead O- China Girl/ Art Hickman O- Alone With You V+

668. Vi 19662- Fred Hamm O- Bye Bye Blues/ Charles Dornberger O- You're Just a Flower From An Old Boquet E

669. Vi 19959- Henry Burr- Always/ Jack Smith- When the Autumn Leaves Are Falling EE+

670. Vi 19960- Kiriloff's Russian Balalaika O- Song of the Volga Boatmen/ Shining Moon E-/EE+

671. Vi 19961- Assoc Glee Clubs of America- The Bells of St. Mary's/ John Peel EE+

672. Vi 19963- Henry Ford's Old Time DO- Lancers(Oriental) Figures 1, 2 & 3/ Figures #5 EE+

673. Vi 19973- Happiness Boys- What No Women?/ The Village Blacksmith Owns th Village VV+

674. Vi 19975- Charles Dornberger O- My Castle In Spain/ Jean Goldkette O- Drifitng Apart EE+

675. Vi 19977- George Olsen O- Horses/ Herbert Berger O- Whose Who Are You EE-

676. Vi 19980- Jesse Crawford- The Prisoner's Song/ After I Say I'm Sorry EE-

677. Vi 20003- Coon Sanders O- Everythings Gonna Be All Right/ Warings Penns- Talkin' to the Moon E/E-

678. Vi 20023- Art Landry O- Slippery Elm/ Fred Hamm O- Sugar Foot Stomp E

679. Vi 20031- Jean Goldkette O- Lonesome & Sorry/ Gimme a Little Kiss Will Ya Huh E-

680. Vi 20032(CAN)- Sam 'N Henry- S&H At the Dentist/ Sam Phoning His Sweetheart Liza VV+

681. Vi 20053- Stanford University Band- Stanford Forever/ Stanford Songs E/EE-

682. Vi 20059- Irving Aaronson O- Ya Gotta Know How to Love/ Roger Wolfe Kahn O- Somebody's Lonely E+

683. Vi 20060- George Olsen O- Hello, Aloha! How Are You?/ Lets Make Up VV+

684. Vi 20062- Henry Halstead O- Dream of Love & You/ If I Were King V-

685. Vi 20063- Irving Aaronson O- What Good Is Good Morning/ Hi Ho the Merrio N-

686. Vi 20069- Jack Smith- When the Red Red Robin/ Tonight's My Night With Baby EE-

687. Vi 20116- George Olsen O- Why Do You Want to Know Why/ Roger Wolfe Kahn O- Ting a Ling the Bells Will Ring VV+

688. Vi 20118- Johnny Hamp O- I'll Never Miss You Again/ New Moon V+

689. Vi 20119- Johnny Hamp O- I Cant Get Over a Girl Like You/ Tenderly E+

690. Vi 20120- Ted Weems O- My Cuties Due at 2 to 2/ I'm Gonna Park Myself In Your Arms V+/E

691. Vi 20123- The Brox Sisters- How Many Times/ Iyone My Iyone E+/EE+

692. Vi 20126- Art Landry O- I'm Walking Around In Circles/ For My Sweetheart E

693. Vi 20147- Art Landry O- Thats Annabelle/ While the Years Go Drifting By E

694. Vi 20149- Harry Mac Donald O- My Pal Jerry/ Who Could Be More Wonderful Than You? E+

695. Vi 20327- Roger Wolfe Kahn O- Clap Yo Hands/ George Olsen O- Do-Do-Do E

696. Vi 20331- Gertrude Lawrence- Someone to Watch Over Me/ Do-Do-Do E+

697. Vi 20336- Jan Garber O- There Aint No Maybe In My Baby's Eyes/ Nat Shilkret O- Some Day E

698. Vi 20392- George Olsen O- Someone To Watch Over Me/ Jesse Crawford w/ Nat Shilkret O- Maybe E+

699. Vi 20409- George Olsen O- Ev'ry Little While/ Jan Garber O- Have You Forgotten V+

700. Vi 20496- Jim Miller- Charlie Farrell- Since I Found You/ Moonbeam Kiss Her For Me E+

701. Vi 20501- Paul Whiteman O- I Always Knew/ When I'm In Your Arms E+N-

702. Vi 20502- Ernest Rogers- Willie, the Chimney Sweeper/ Vernon Dalhart- Casey Jones VV+

703. Vi 20504- Franklyn Baur- I'll Take Care of Your Cares/ At Sundown EE+/E+

704. Vi 20505- Paul Whiteman O- Your Land & My Land/ Silver Moon E

705. Vi 20507- Five Harmaniacs- What Makes My Baby Cry?/ It Takes a Good Woman V

706. Vi 20509- Jane Green- You Went Away Too Far/ I'm Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now E-/V+

707. Vi 20512- Nat Shilkret O- The Desert Song/ Huguette EE+

708. Vi 20598- Waring's Penns- My Regular Girl/ Art Landry O- Who'll Be the One E

709. Vi 20633- Art Hickman O- The Winding Trail/ Roses For Remembrance EE+

710. Vi 20634- Roger Wolfe Kahn O- Just the Same/ Nat Shilkret O- 50 Million Frenchmen VV+

711. Vi 20635- Victor Band- America/ Arthur Pryor's Band- Star Spangled Banner E+ RS lbl

712. Vi 20636- Victor Concert O- Sous Bois(In the Forest)/ Minuet N-

713. Vi 20643- Aileen Stanley- Billy Murray- I'm Back In Love Again/ Positively- Absolutely E-

714. Vi 20645- Roger Wolfe Kahn O- South Wind/ One Summer Night E+

715. Vi 20659- Nat Shilkret O- Rainbow of Love/ Dawn of Tomorrow E+N-

716. Vi 20707- Keamoku Louis- The Garden of Paradise/ Penei No E+N-

717. Vi 20825- Aileen Stanley- Broken Hearted/ Who Are You Fooling Tonight E+

718. Vi 20829- Ted Weems O- She's Got "It"/ Johnny Hamp O- I'm Afraid You Sing That Song To Somebody Else E+

719. Vi 20911- Ben Black O- Springtime/ BF Goodrich O- Leonora E+

720. Vi 21022- Harry Jans- Harold Whalen- Just a Couple O Good Guys Gone Wrong/ Well Well E

721. Vi 21026- The Troubadours- Our American Girl/ George Olsen O- Worryin' NEW

722. Vi 21031- The Troubadours- I Live, I Die For You/ Eyes That Love NN-

723. Vi 21053- Jesse Crawford- After I've Called You Sweetheart/ Just a Memory E

724. Vi 21054- George Le Maire- Rex Van- The Black Jacks pt 1/2 EE-/E

725. Vi 21055- Victor Salon O- Apache Dance/ La Golondrina E+ RG lbl

726. Vi 21058- Johnny Johnson O- We/ Warings Penn's- Way Back When E+

727. Vi 21071- Ernest V. Stoneman & Dixie Mountaineers- Resurrection/ I Am Resolved E rcnap

728. Vi 21072- Stamps Quartet- Give the World a Smile/ Love Leads the Way V

729. Vi 21078- Roger Wolfe Kahn O- The Hours I Spent With U/ An Old Guitar & Old Refrain NEW

730. Vi 21150- Jean Goldkette O- So Tired/ Just a Little Kiss From a Little Miss EE+

731. Vi 21166- Jean Goldkette O- Here Comes the Show Boat/ My Ohio Home E

732. Vi 21310- Horace Heidt O- What a Wonderful Wedding That Will Be/ Golden Gate E+

733. Vi 21365- Paul Whiteman O- I'm Winging Home/ When You're With Somebody Else EE-

734. Vi 21366- Johnny Johnson O- Just Across the Street From Heaven/ Happy Go Lucky Lane E-

735. Vi 21368- RW Kahn O- Imagination/ Crazy Rhythm VV+

736. Vi 21371- Nat Shilkret O- Bells of St Mary's/ The Troubadours- Ah Sweet Mystery of Life E+

737. Vi 21376- Johnny Marvin w/ O- Angel/ Sweetheart O' Mine EE+

738. Vi 21388- Paul Whiteman O- My Angel/ In My Boquet of Memories EE+

739. Vi 21438- Paul Whiteman O- Louisiana/ Dixie Dawn E

740. Vi 21496- Charlie Fry O- Look What You've Done/ Sorry For Me E

741. Vi 21497- Nat Shilkret O- Thats My Weakness Now/ You're Wonderful EE+

742. Vi 21508- Waring's Penn's- Farewell Blues/ Stack O' Lee Blues NEW from dealers stock

743. Vi 21530- Blue Steele O- Beyond the Sunset/ I Knew I'd Miss You E+ as always, some hot passages from this band!

744. Vi 21562- Coon- Sanders O- Indian Cradle Song/ Don Bestor O- It Must Be Love EE+

745. Vi 21565- Jean Goldkette O- Just Imagine/ Frankie Masters O- My Darling EE+

746. Vi 21571- Grace Hayes w/ O- ICGUA But LOve/ I MUst Have That Man E-

747. Vi 21764- Eddie Harkness O- I'm Wonderin' Who/ Either You Do Or You Dont E+

748. Vi 22267- Ben Pollack O- Keep Your Undershirt On/ High Hatters- What Would I Care E+ EXC!

749. Vi 22279- George Olsen O- Taint No Sin/ The High Hatters- Cant You Understand EE+

750. Vi 22295- Bernie Cummins O- Cooking Breakfast For the One I Love/ When a Woman Loves a Man E nice sides with Belle Mann vocals

751. Vi 22300- Coon-Sanders O- Harlem Madness/ Ted Fiorito O- There Will Never Be Another Mary EE+/E+ TINY 1/4" hlc nap

752. Vi 22342- Coon- Sanders O- After You've Gone/ The Darktown Strutters Ball V

753. Vi 22425- Bernie Cummins O- Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder/ Nat Shilkret O- Dancing With Tears In My Eyes VV+

754. Vi 22435- Rudy Vallee O- The Song Without a Name/ My Heart Belongs to the Girl.. E

755. Vi 22437- Harold Grayson Trojans- I Love You California/ Fight On EE+ rg lbl

756. Vi 22438- Ringling Bro Barnum & Bailey Band- Entry of the Gladiators/ Circus Echoes E- rg lbl

757. Vi 22440- Johnny Marvin w/ O- I'm In the Market For You/ Dancing With Tears In My Eyes EE+

758. Vi 22444- The High Hatters- My Future Just Passed/ Nat Shilkret O- Get Happy E

759. Vi 22541- Bert Lown O- Here Comes the Sun/ I'm Yours EE+

760. Vi 22675- Andy Sanella O- I'm Mad About You/ Let's Get Friendly E

761. Vi 22702- Gus Arnheim O- Why Shouldn't I/ To Whisper Dear I Love You VV+

762. Vi 22706- Warings Penns- Falling In Love/ You Forgot Your Gloves E/EE-

763. Vi 22726- Arden-Ohman O- Do the New York/ Here We Are In Love VV+

764. Vi 22727- Johnny Hamp O- Maybe Its the Moon/ I Was Only Teasing You EE+

765. Vi 22801- Russ Columbo- I Dont Know Why/ Guilty EE-

766. Vi 22802- Russ Columbo- Sweet & Lovely/ You Call It Madness E

767. Vi 22826(CAN)- Russ Columbo- Good Night Sweetheart/ Time On My Hands V+

768. Vi 22829- Ted Weems O- Nobody's Baby Is Somebody's Baby Now/ Any Corner Is a Cozy Corner E/EE-

769. Vi 22856- Leo Reisman O- Thats Why Darkies Were Born/ Peter Van Steeden O- Hiding In the Shadows of the Moon E+ BOTH NICE!!

770. Vi 22858- Peter Van Steeden O- I Can Sympathize With You/ I'll Always Remember Sept. E-

771. Vi 22915- Leo Reisman O- Kinda Like you/ Drums In My Heart E

772. Vi 22948- Peter Van Steeden O- Somebody Loves You/ You're Dancing On My Heart E+

773. Vi 22964- Ray Noble O- Just Once For All Time/ Live, Laugh & Love E+

774. Vi 22976- Russ Columbo- Paradise/ Auf Wiedersehn My Dear E

775. Vi 22984- Peter Van Steeden O- Ev'rything Must Have An Ending/ Paul Whiteman O- Lawd You Made the Night Too Long E+

776. Vi 24004- Ray Noble O- Beside a Dutch Canal/ Lights of Paris E

777. Vi 24014- Lew Conrad O- Fools In Love/ I Love to See the Evenin' Sun Go Down EE- NICE!

778. Vi 24025- The Pickens Sisters- San/ Sweet Georgia Brown E+

779. Vi 24045- Russ Columbo O(CAN)- Living In Dreams/ Just Another Dream of You E

780. Vi 24176- Don Bestor O- I'm Sure of Everything But You/ Speak to Me of Love E rg lbl

781. Vi 24212- Ray Noble O- Looking On the Bright Side of Life/ We've Got the Moon & Sixpence V

782. Vi 24221- George Olsen O- Hallelujah I'm a Bum/ You Are Too Beautiful E Hi Fi sound!

783. Vi 24246- Isham Jones O- Down a Carolina Lane/ A Tree Was a Tree VV+

784. Vi 24255- Isham Jones O- Honestly/ You've Got Me Crying Again E

785. Vi 24262- Leo Reisman O- Maybe I Love You Too Much/ Stormy Weather E- Astaire/ Arlen vox

786. Vi 24279- New Mayfair DO- Ich Liebe Dich/ Ambrose O- Tell Me Tonight E

787. Vi 24297- Ray Noble O- Wanderer/ Lying In the Hay E

788. Vi 24308- Ray Noble O- A Letter To My Mother/ Standing On the Corner E

789. Vi 24314- Ray Noble O- What More Can I Ask/ Brighter Than the Sun V+/VV+

790. Vi 24322- PW presents Peggy Healy, Roy Bargy & Rhythm Boys- The Gold Digger's Song/ Pettin In the Park EE-

791. Vi 24325- Eddy Duchin O- Isn't It Heavenly/ I Cover the Waterfront V+E-

792. Vi 24333- Ray Noble O- Love Is the Sweetest Thing/ I'll Do My Best to Make You Happy VV+

793. Vi 24341- Ray Noble O- My Heart's To Let/ When You've Fallen in Love E

794. Vi 24346- Don Bestor O- I've Got to Pass Your House/ Shadow WzEE+/E- rg lbl

795. Vi 24347- Ray Noble O- Three Wishes/ Let Me Give My Happiness To You E

796. Vi 24357- Ray Noble O- The Old Spinning Wheel/ Hang Out the Stars In Indiana V+

797. Vi 24359- Leo Reisman O- Here You Come With Love/ Dont Blame Me VV+

798. Vi 24407- Isham Jones O- Little You Know/ This Is Romance V+E-

799. Vi 24420- Ray Noble O- Roll Up the Carpet/ If You'll Say Yes Cherie E/E+

800. Vi 24429- Leo Reisman O- Let Em Eat Cake/ Mine E-

801. Vi 24451- Cab Calloway O- The Lady With the Fan/ Fathers Got His Glasses On E-

802. Vi 24475- Rudy Vallee O- Puddin' Head Jones/ I Raised My Hat V+

803. Vi 24558- Rudy Vallee O- Carolina/ Dancing In the Moonlight E-

804. Vi 24575- Ray Noble O- U Ought To See Sally On Sunday/ On a Steamer Coming Over E/EE+

805. Vi 24601- Jimmie Lunceford O- Breakfast Ball/ Here Goes VV+

806. Vi 24611- Eddy Duchin O- Easy Come, Easy Go/ When a Woman Loves a Man VV+

807. Vi 24633- Isham Jones O- I've Got a Warm Spot In My Heart/ Little Man U'v Had Busy Day EE-

808. Vi 24667- Don Bestor O- Thank You For a Lovely Evening/ Butterfly V

809. Vi 24694- Don Bestor O- I'll Close My Eyes To Everyone Else/ A Little Chirch Ard Corner V

810. Vi 24713- Eddy Duchin O- A Needle In a Haystack/ Learning VV+

811. Vi 24720- Ray Noble O- Over My Shoulder/ When U've Got a Little Springtime In U'r Heart EE+

812. Vi 24736- Eddy Duchin O- Flirtation Walk/ I See Two Lovers VV+

813. Vi 24741- Tom Coakley Palace Hotel O- Okay Toots/ Your Head On My Shoulder V+

814. Vi 24743- Jolly Coburn O- College Rhythm/ Stay As Sweet As You Are E- BIG sound!

815. Vi 24745- Richard Himber O- Stars Fell On Alabama/ If I Had a Million Dollars V+

816. Vi 24871- Eddy Duchin O- I Wont Dance/ Lovely To Look At V+

817. Vi 25000- Enric Madriguera O- She's a Latin From Man./ The Little Things You Used To Do E+

818. Vi 25118- Enric Madriguera O- I Wish I Were Aladdin/ Takes Two To Make a Bargain E

819. Vi 25029- Eddy Duchin O- Ev'ry Little Moment/ You're All I Need E-

820. Vi 25030- Eddy Duchin O- Moonlight & Violins/ At Last V+

821. Vi 25043- Eddy Duchin O- Lamento Esclavo/ Caminito E-

822. Vi 25045- Willie Bryant O- Jerry the Junker/ Long About Midnight E-/E

823. Vi 25193- Benny Goodman O- Yankee Doodle Never Went to Town/ No Other One E-

824. Vi 25198- Paul Whiteman O- I Got Love/ I'm the Echo E-

825. Vi 25202- Mezz Mezzrow O- 35th & Calumet/ Old Fashioned Love EE+

826. Vi 25215- Benny Goodman O- Sandman/ Good-Bye E+ rs lbl

827. Vi 25236- Tommy Dorsey O- I've Got a Note/ I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You EE-

828. Vi 25263- Gene Krupa Swing Band- I'm Gonna Clap My Hands/ Mutiny In the Parlor E-

829. Vi 25268- Benny Goodman O- The Devil & the Deep Blue Sea/ Madhouse(tk 2) E

830. Vi 25276- Gene Krupa Swing Band- Spring Is Here/ I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music EE- rc, hlc nap

831. Vi 25279- Benny Goodman O- Christopher Columbus/ Get Happy E+

832. Vi 25290- Benny Goodman O- If I Could Be With You/ I Know That You Know E+

833. Vi 25313- Rudy Vallee O- Is Is True What They Say About Dixie/ Ray Noble O- The Moment I Saw You EE+ Bowlly vocal B

834. Vi 25314- Tommy Dorsey O- Rhythm Saved the World/ At the Codfish Ball EE+

835. Vi 25316- Benny Goodman O- The Glory of Love/ You Cant Pull the Wool Over My Eyes E

836. Vi 25317- Fletcher Henderson O- Jangles Nerves/ I'll Always Be In Love With You E/E+ rg lbl

837. Vi 25318- Eddy Duchin O- I'll Stand By/ Love Came Out of the Night E+

838. Vi 25320- Benny Goodman O- Star Dust/ Tommy Dorsey O- Star Dust E rg lbl

839. Vi 25321- Eddy Duchin O- Isnt Love the Strangest Thing/ I Nearly Let Love Go Slipping..E+

840. Vi 25322- Guy Lombardo O- The Scene Changes/ Dream Time E

841. Vi 25323- Ray Noble O- Speedboat Bill/ Ambrose O- Trees E+

842. Vi 25324- Helen Ward w/ Benny Goodman O Trio- Too Good To Be True/ All My Life EE+

843. Vi 25325- Eddy Duchin O- Summer Holiday/ A Rendezvous With a Dream E+

844. Vi 25326- Tommy Dorsey O- Royal Garden Blues/ Jada E+N-

845. Vi 25327- Ruby Newman O- Its a Sin To Tell a Lie/ Small Town Girl E+

846. Vi 25328- Ruby Newman O- Tonight's the Night/ Its High Time I Got the Lowdown On You EE-

847. Vi 25329- Benny Goodman O- Walk Jennie Walk/ Remember EE-

848. Vi 25330- Jack Hylton O- May All Your Troubles Be Little Ones/ This'll Make U Whistle E+

849. Vi 25333- Benny Goodman Trio- Oh Lady Be Good/ China Boy V+/V

850. Vi 25334- Fletcher Henderson O- Do U Or Dont You Love Me/ Where There's U Theres Me E+

851. Vi 25335- Tommy Dorsey O- Long Ago & Far Away/ Where Is My Heart E-

852. Vi 25336- Ray Noble O- But Definitely/ When I'm With You E+/EE+ Bowlly vocs

853. Vi 25337- Ruby Newman O- Madly In Love/ Stars In MY Eyes E-

854. Vi 25350- Benny Goodman O- House Hop(take 1)/ I Would Do Anything For You E despite grey

855. Vi 25350- Benny Goodman O- House Hop(take 3)/ I Would Do Anything For You E+ rg lbl

856. Vi 25363- Benny Goodman O- Theres a Small Hotel/ Tommy Dorsey O- Thats a Plenty EE-

857. Vi 25387- Benny Goodman O- Pick Yourself Up/ Down South Camp Meeting E

858. Vi 25395- Eddy Duchin O- Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight/ You're Still Mine In My Dreams E-

859. Vi 25403- Nick La Rocca ODJB- Bluin' the Blues/ Tiger Rag V

860. Vi 25431- Eddy Duchin O- So Do I/ Pennies From Heaven E-

861. Vi 25442- Benny Goodman O- Peter Piper/ Organ Grinder's Swing EE+/E

862. Vi 25445- Benny Goodman O- Alexander's Ragtime Band/ Riffin' At the Ritz E/EE+ rg lbl

863. Vi 25461- Benny Goodman O- Taint No Use/ Goodnight My Love E

864. Vi 25467- Benny Goodman O- Bugle Call Rag/ Tommy Dorsey O- After You've Gone E rg lbl

865. Vi 25469- Benny Goodman O- Taint No Use/ Did You Mean It E/EE-

866. Vi 25481- Benny Goodman Trio- Tiger Rag/ BG Qtet- Whispering V+/E- rcnaps rg lbl

867. Vi 25517- Eddy Duchin O- Just a Quiet Evening/ Too Marvelous For Words E- sm cr nap

868. Vi 25542- Eddy Duchin O- Farewell to Dreams/ When Love Comes Marching Along E-

869. Vi 25899- Tommy Dorsey O- As Long As You Live/ A Tisket A Tasket EE-

870. Vi 25954(ARG)- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Caballito/ Rudy Vallee O- Vieni Vieni EE-

871. Vi 26107- Benny Goodman O- Topsy/ Smoke House E

872. Vi 26114- Lionel Hampton O- Down Home Jump/ Rock Hill Special E+

873. Vi 26134- Benny Goodman O- Undecided/ We'll Never Know V+

874. Vi 26196- Bunny Berigan O- Patty Cake, Patty Cake/ Y' Had It Comin' To You E+

875. Vi 26286- Jean Sablon w/ O- South American Way/ Is It Possible? E

876. Vi 26336- Hal Kemp O- What's New/ What Goes On Behind Your Eyes E-

877. Vi 26536- Duke Ellington O- Morning Glory/ Jack the Bear EE+

878. Vi 26796- Duke Ellington O- Warm Valley/ The Flaming Sword E/E-

879. Vi 27574- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Swing Parade/ I Know That You Know E+

880. Vi 27599- Skinnay Ennis O- The Whistler's Mother in Law/ You Mean So Much To Me E+

881. Vi 27663- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Rip Up the Joint/ Laughin' In Rhythm E-

882. Vi 27869- Tommy Dorsey O- I'll Take Tallulah/ Not So Quiet Please EE+/E Sinatra A

883. Vi 27876- Tommy Dorsey O- Snootie Little Cutie/ Moonlight On the Ganges E+/E Sinatra A

884. Vi 27948- Alvino Rey O- I Never Knew I Could Lv../ When Its Moonlight On the Blue Pacific N-

885. Vi 27962- Tommy Dorsey O- Manhattan Serenade/ Blue Blazes N-

886. Vi 27974- Tommy Dorsey O- There Are Such Things/ Daybreak E+ Sinatra both

887. Vi 40015- Moody Bible Institute Trio- Grace Greater Than Our Sins/ I Cannot Get Beyond His Love EE+

888. Vi 10-1045(red seal)- Tommy Dorsey O- By the Sleepy Lagoon/ Melody E

889. Vi 10-3425(promo)- Jan Peerce- What Is a Boy/ Because of You E+

890. Vi 10-3468(promo)- Jan Peerce- What Is a Girl/ The Rose I Bring You N-

891. Vi 10-3802(promo)- Jan Peerce- These Things Are Known/ A Mother As Lovely As You E+

892. Vi 20-1522- Tommy Dorsey O- It Started All Over Agin/ Mandy Make Up U'r Mind E+ Sinatra A

893. Vi 20-1530- Tommy Dorsey O- In the Blue of the Evening/ its Always You E Sinatra both

894. Vi 20-1539- Tommy Dorsey O- Dig Down Deep/ You Took My Love EE+ Sinatra A

895. Vi 20-1697- Duke Ellington O- Everything But You/ Riff Staccato VV+

896. Vi 20-1808- Henry Red Allen O- Get the Mop/ Buzz Me E scuffs nap

897. Vi 20-2546- Tommy Dorsey O- Lets Pick Up Where We Left Off/ Like a Leaf In the Wind N-

898. Vi 20-2623- Sonny Boy Williamson- Willow Tree Blues/ Sugar Gal EE-

899. Vi 20-2636- Earl Hines O- Second Balcony Jump/ My Heart Beats For You NN-

900. Vi 20-2758- Tommy Dorsey O- I May Be Wrong/ Farewell to Arms E

901. Vi 20-2852- Tommy Dorsey O- On the Painted Desert/ Mississippi Mud VV+

902. Vi 20-3061- Tommy Dorsey O- Until/ After Hour Stuff V/EE+

903. Vi 20-3145- Dizzy Gillespie O- Cubana Bop/ Cubana Be EE+

904. Vi 20-3236- Tommy Dorsey O- U Can Never Shake Love/ U Know What the Trouble Is Baby E+

905. Vi 20-3317- Tommy Dorsey O- How Many Tears Must Fall/ Down By the Station V+

906. Vi 20-3348- Tommy Dorsey O- Someone Like You/ Where Is the One? EE+

907. Vi 20-3359(promo)- Spike Jones City Slickers- Knock Knock/ Ya Wanna Buy a Bunny E+

908. Vi 20-3934(promo)- Spike Jones City Slickers- Mommy Wont You Buy a Baby Brother/ Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer N-

909. Vi 20-3419- Tommy Dorsey O- The Heart of Loch Lomond/ Because I Care E+

910. Vi 20-3450- Tommy Dorsey O- Aintcha Glad I Love You/ The Continental E+ scfs nap

911. Vi 20-3588- Tommy Dorsey O- Hollywood Hat/ Shake That Tree E+

912. Vi 20-3791- Tommy Dorsey Clambake 7- Tiger Rag/ Way Down Yonder in NO N-

913. Vi 20-3829(promo)- Eddie Fisher- Just Say I Love Her/ Give a Broken Heart a Chance to Cry N-

914. Vi 20-4318(promo)- Jan Peerce- Once/ How Do I Love Thee N-

915. Vi 20-4680(promo)- Eddie Fisher- Just a Little Lovin'/ I'm Yours N-

916. Vi 20-5161(promo)- Jan Peerce- When I Give My Love Its Forever/ Encore N-

917. Vi 20-5338(promo)- Jan Peerce- Just For a While/ I'll Know My Love N-

918. Vi 20-5580(promo)- Jan Peerce- If You Love Me/ When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New N-

919. Vi 25-5081- Mickey Katz O- Yiddish Square Dance/ Haim Afen Range E+ depsite grey

920. Vi 25-5092- Mickey Katz O- Carmen Katz/ Hinky Dinky Vais Ich Voos E+

921. Vi 20-5359- Sauter Finegan O- "O"/ The Moon Is Blue N-

922. Vi 30-0018(promo)- Eddie Fisher- Sorry/ Yesterday's Roses N-

923. Vi 45-0002- Duke Ellington w/ Tommy Dorsey O- The Minor Goes a Muggin'/ Tommy Dorsey w/ Duke Ellington O- Tonight I Shall Sleep E/EE-

---------next, a couple of odd Victor pressings--------

924. Vi D-1- Milton Cross- Victor Radio Tone Demo/ Victor Symphony O- Victor Radio Tone Demo- Victory EE-

925. Vi BVE 63172-2- The Voice of RKO- Signature Song/ same VV+ gold on white label


926. Apollo 776- Babs 3 Bips & a Bop- Everything Is Cool/ 1280 Special V+

927. ARA 156- Earl Hines O- Straight Life/ Non That You're Mine E

928. ARC Theatre Use Only F 156- Society Night Club O- Paradise/ same VV+

929. Atlantic 859- Joe Morris & O- The Spider/ Mad Moon E+

930. Atlas 100- King Cole Trio- My Lips Remember Your Kisses/ F.S.T. NEW but gritty surface

931. Atomic 216- Slim Gaillard Quartette- Penicillin Boogie/ Jumpin' At the Record Shop EE-

932. Audiovox 100- Dorothy Collins- To Make a Long Story Short/ My Heart Stood Still E+

933. Aud 108- Dorothy Collins- Break My Heart/ Can This Be the End of a Dream NN-

934. Banner 6382- Six Black Diamonds- I've Got the San Francisco Blues/ Sam Lanin O- From Sunrise to Sunset V+

935. Bell 1024- Tommy Dorsey O feat Jimmy Dorsey- You're My Everything/ Granada E+

936. Black & White 115- T Bone Walker- Its a Low Down Dirty Deal/ Dont Give Me the Runaround NEW

937. Bluebird 5116- Joe Haymes O- Gotta Go/ Louisville Lady E+ HOT A!!

938. BB 5130- Ted Weems O- Trouble In Paradise/ Hold Your Man EE-

939. BB 5209- Ernie Holst O- We'll Make Hay/ Answer My Heart V

940. BB 5218- Bee Sharp O- Supper Time/ Heat Wave VV+

941. BB 5676- Cab Calloway O- Jitter Bug/ Harlem Hospitality E-V+

942. BB 5677- Cab Calloway O- Harlem Camp Meeting/ Zah Zuh Zah E staff lbl

943. BB 5688- Mills Blue Rhythm Band- The Growl/ The Stuff Is Here E orig BB sides from '34

944. BB 5713- Jimmie Lunceford O- White Heat/ Jazznocracy E- dog lbl

945. BB 6398- George Hall O- Apple Dumplin'/ Small Town Girl V

946. BB 6873- Ozzie Nelson O- They Cant Take That Away From Me/ They All Laughed E+

947. BB 6895- Shep Fields O- Where Or When/ Johnny One Note EE+

948. BB 6896- Ozzie Nelson O- Never In a Million Years/ Its Swell of You E

949. BB 6897- Teddy Hill O- The Love Bug Will Bite You/ Would You Like to Buy a Dream E/EE+

950. BB 6898- Teddy Hill O- Where Is the Sun/ My Marie V+

951. BB 6919- Clarence Williams Washboard Band- Jammin'/ Turn Off the Moon VV+ 1/2" cr nap

952. BB 6965- Ozzie Nelson O- Satan Takes a Holiday/ Mountain Music V+E-

953. BB 6974- Ozzie Nelson O- Jelly-Fish/ Peckin' EE- int cr under lbl nap

954. BB 7358- Rudy Vallee O- Nagasaki/ Savage Serenade E- HOT A

955. BB 7634- Freddy Martin O- Dont Wake Up My Heart/ Saving myself For You E

956. BB 8302- Jelly Roll Morton Red Hot Peppers- Strokin' Away/ Low Gravy E

957. BB 10303- Glenn Miller O- Moon Love/ Cinderella EE+

958. BB 10305- Billy Bunch Smoky Rhythm- Three Little Maids/ The Flowers That Bloom In the Spring VV+ pseudonym for Don Redman O

959. BB 10311- Ozzie Nelson O- You & Your Love/ White Sails E+/E-

960. BB 10315- Freddy Martin O- Lets Make Memories Tonight/ A Boy Named Lem E

961. BB 10319- Artie Shaw O- All I Remember Is You/ Octoroon EE+

962. BB 10320- Artie Shaw O- Out of Nowhere/ I'm Coming Virginia E-/E

963. BB 10324- Artie Shaw O- Comes Love/ I Cant Afford to Dream V+

964. BB 10326- Freddy Martin O- There's Only One In Lve/ An Old Fashion Tune Is Always New E

965. BB 10328- Red Nichols O- Poor Loulie Jean/ Sassin' the Boss EE+/E

966. BB 10329- Glenn Miller O- Oh You Crazy Moon/ Aint Cha Comin' Out? V+

967. BB 10330- Van Alexander O- The Jumpin' Jive/ Ragtime Cowboy Joe E+

968. BB 10332- Red Nichols O- Address Unknown/ Its Way Past MY Dreaming Time EE+

969. BB 10333- Freddy Martin O- It Seems Like Old Times/ Cuba-Duba-Doo EE-

970. BB 10345- Artie Shaw O- Easy to Say/ I'll Remember E

971. BB 10347- Artie Shaw O- Go Fly a Kite/ A Man & His Dream EE-

972. BB 10349- Charlie Barnet O- An Apple For the Teacher/ Still the Bluebird Sings EE+

973. BB 10350- Freddy Martin O- Let's Disappear/ Winter Blossoms E

974. BB 10351- Earl Hines O- Grand Terrace Shuffle/ Ridin' & Jivin' VV+

975. BB 10386- Bud Freeman O- The Eel/ China Boy E-/VV+

976. BB 10387- Johnny Messner O- Ling'ring On Your Doorstep/ Its a Hundred to One E

977. BB 10403- Shep Fields O- Boy Scout In Switzerland/ Sleepy Moon EE+

978. BB 10434- Jelly Roll Morton O- I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say/ High Society E-/V

979. BB 10689- Glenn Miller O- Shake Down the Stars/ Boog It EE-

980. BB 11462- Glenn Miller O- Skylark/ The Story of a Starry Night E+

981. BB 11478- Bob Chester O- Sunburst/ Tomorrow's Sunrise EE+/E+

982. BB 11521- Bob Chester O- Tanning Dr Jekyll's Hyde/ Moonlight Bay EE+

983. BB 11548- Bob Chester O- Strictly Instrumental/ Keep the Home Fires Burning E+

984. BB 34-0745- Roosevelt Sykes- Little Sam/ Anytime Is the Right Time E scuffs nap

985. Bop 101- Dexter Gordon & Wardell Gray- The Hunt part 5/6 E+

986. Cameo 430- A Lange O- Tell All the Folks In Kentucky/ If I Cant Get the Sweetie I Want V+

987. Ca 439- Arthur Lange O- In Love With Love/ Bob Haring O- Linger Awhile E-/VV+

988. Ca 499- Arthur Lange O- The One I Love/ Bob Haring O- Song of the South V

989. Ca 507- Ernest Carle O- That Bran New Gal Of Mine/ Varsity 8- I Love the Girl Who Kisses V-

990. Ca 512- Arthur Lange O- Down Where the South Begins/ Bob Haring O- Innocent Eyes V

991. Ca 546- Arthur Lange O- Jealous/ Bob Haring O- Believe Me E- scr B

992. Ca 549- Radio Joe- On a Windy Day Way Down In Waikiki/ It Looks Like Rain E-

993. Ca 575- Henry Santrey O- Let Me Be the First to Kiss You Good Morning/ Arthur Lange O- Stop Henrietta V heat mark

994. Ca 589- Bob Haring O- Pretty As a Picture/ Follow the Swallow EE-

995. Ca 590- Arthur Lange O- Sing a Little Song/ Walla Walla V-

996. Ca 604- Statler Hotel DO- All Alone/ Arthur Lange O- Let Your Home Be My Home EE-

997. Ca 1229- The Caroliners- I'm Coming Virginia/ Sam Lanin O- A Shady Tree V+/V

998. Ca 8130- Alabama Red Peppers- The Drag/ Savoy Plaza DO- Mary Ann V+

999. Capitol 1005(promo)- Dottie O' Brien- The Laziest Gal In Town/ Big Butter & Egg Man NN-

1000. Cap 1269(promo)- Maynard Ferguson O- Love Locked Out/ Band Aint Draggin' E+

1001. Cap 1408(promo)- Helen O' Connell- Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing In a Hurry/ The Lovliest Night of the Year E+

1002. Cap 1961- Mickey Katz O- Sin/ Herring Boats EE+ despite grey

1003. Cap 2025- Peggy Lee- Ev'rytime/ Goin' On a Hayride E+

1004. Cap 2044(promo)- Jane Froman- I'll Walk Alone/ With a Song In My Heart N-

1005. Cap 2125(promo)- Stan Freberg- Ba-Ba-Ball & Chain/ Abe Snake For President E+

1006. Cap 2219(promo)- Jane Froman- No!/ My Love, My Life E+

1007. Cap 2279(promo)- Stan Freberg- The World Is waiting For the Sunrise/ The Boogie Woogie Banjo Man From Birmingham E+ despite grey

1008. Cap 2332(promo)- Jane Froman- Ghost of a Rose/ I Believe E+

1009. Cap 2347(promo)- Frances Faye- My Last Affair/ On a Raft E+

1010. Cap 2387(promo)- Bugle Sam- Bugle Call Rag/ Has Anybody Seen My Kitty? E+

1011. Cap 2390(promo)- Frances Faye- A Fool In Love/ There's a Bell That Rings In My Heart E+

1012. Cap 2496(promo)- Jane Froman- If I Love You a Mountain/ My Shining Hour N-

1013. Cap 2610- Nat King Cole- Thats All/ Lover Come Back to Me E+

1014. Cap 2671(promo)- Stan Freberg- Christmas Dragnet/ pt 2 E+

1015. Cap 2708(promo)- Jane Froman- Its All In Your Heart/ Wait & See N-

1016. Cap 2755(promo)- Jane Froman- Backward, Turn Backward/ I Solemnly Swear E+

1017. Cap 2838(promo)- Stan Freberg & Daws Butler- Person To Pearson/ Point of Order E+

1018. Cap 10074- King Cole Trio- Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/ Hal Derwin- The Touch Of Your Hand E

1019. Cap 15242- Nick Lucas- Tip Toe Thru the Tulips/ Side By Side EE-/VV+

1020. Cap 15351- Dean Martin- Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder/ Powder Your Face w/ Sunshine NN-

1021. Cap 15356- Sammy Jonah's Joy Boys- After You've Gone/ House Party Blues N-

1022. Cap 20061- King Cole Trio- This Way Out/ What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry E+

1023. Cap 20062- King Cole Trio- I Know That You Know/ I Dont Know Why E+/E

1024. Cap 20063- King Cole Trio- To a Wild Rose/ I'm In the Mood For Love E+

1025. Cap 20064- King Cole Trio- I'm Thru With Love/ Look What You've Done To Me E+

1026. Cap 37-651- David Middleton O- It Took So Long/ Love Is a Beautiful Thing NEW

1027. Cap 57-691- Dean Martin- Just For Fun/ My Own, My Only, My All NEW

1028. Cap 57-60000- Three Bips & a Bop- Capitolizing/ Professor Bop NN-

1029. Cap 57-60002- Dave Barbour O- Little Boy Bop Go Blow Your Top/ Ensenada NN-

1030. Cap 57-60003- Lennie Tristano Sextette- Wow/ Crosscurrent E+

1031. Cap 57-60004- Bill Harris w/ O- The Moon Is Low/ How High the Moon E+N-

1032. Challenge 561- Al Goering DO- Once Over Lightly/ Sam Lanin O- My Ohio Home E+N- nice jazzy A..in original sleeve

1033. Chal 634- Sam Lanin DO- Constantinople/ Imperial DO- Boo Hoo Hoo E-/V+

1034. Champion 15820- Bob Nichols O- The Flippety Flop/ Lou Gold O- Why Cant You Love That Way E/EE- BOTH NICE. scat vocal A, trombone solo B

1035. Ch 40071- Ted Russell O- No Other One/ I Found a Dream E-

1036. Ch 40073- Mound City Blue Blowers- Eeny Meeny Miney Mo/ A Little Bit Independent VV+

1037. Ch 40095- Brian Lawrance O- Everybody Loves My Baby/ Miss Annabelle Lee VV+/E-

1038. Clarion 5105- Rudy Marlow O- Three Little Words/ Ford Britten O- Lets Leave It That Way E-

1039. Cl 5220- Ford Britten Blue Comets- She's My Baby Now/ Sam Lanin O- 99 Out of 100 VV+

1040. Cl 5284- Adelyne Hood- Westward Ho For Reno/ The Daughter of Calamity Jane V+/V-

1041. Cl 5306- Phil Hughes O- Whistling In the Dark/ Rex King O- Fortune Is Smiling E

1042. Clover 1618- Califonia Melody Syncos- I'm Tired of Everything But You/ Clover DO- Midnight Moon E

1043. Coleman 5989- Elder Benjamin Broadie & Ivory Gospel Singers- On the Jericho Road/ Come On Back Home Baby, Papa Aint Mad At You E rare Newark, NJ lbl

1044. Cole 5994- LaCille Watkins- There's Not a Friend Like the Lonely Jesus/ Watkin Bell Singers- Let Me Walk In the Footsteps of the Lord EE+ tite cr to lbl nap

1045. Cole 6000- Elder BH Broadie & Ivory Gospel Singers- Let My People Go/ Prayer Meeting In Hell EE+

1046. Comet unnumbered- Jack Russell O- I Have a Right to My Dreams/ Write a Title- unnumbered- Jack Russell O- March Contest Number E+ interesting record and attractive labels c. late 30s

1047. Commodore 110- Billy Banks Rhythmakers- Oh Peter/ Margie EE+ early issue ARC masters

1048. Comm 512- Kansas City 6- Pagin' the Devil/ Way Down Yonder in New Orleans EE-

1049. Conqueror 8901- Chick Bullock Loungers- You Cant Stop Me From Dreamin'/ Blossoms On Broadway E-

1050. Cq 9402- Hoosier Hot Shots- Who's Sorry Now/ Beer Barrel Polka E-

1051. Continental 6004- Cozy Cole All Stars- Comes the Don/ Memories of You EE+

1052. Coral 60697- Anita O Day w/ O- Key Largo/ Hi Ho Trailus Boot Whip E+

1053. Cor 69028- Arnold Stang- Harry the Horse pt 1/2 EE- RARE!! vinyl pressing

1054. Crown 3049- Embassy DO- Sing Song Girl/ Reaching For the Moon V+/E-

1055. Cr 3050- The High Steppers- Say Hello To the Folks Back Home/ Adrian Schubert O-We're Friends Again E+

1056. Cr 3060- Lou Gold O- The River & Me/ Would You Like to Take a Walk VV+

1057. Cr 3184- The High Steppers- Tonight Or Never/ You Cant Stop Me From Lovin' You E-

1058. Cr 3189- Tommy Gott O- Never/ Sweet & Lovely E light grain

1059. Cr 3206- Adrian Schubert O- I'm With You/ Goodnight Sweetheart E

1060. Cr 3233- Dick Robertson O- Kickin' the Gong Around/ Freddie the Freshman G 1/2 cr nap

1061. Cr 3243- Dick Robertson O- I Found You/ Tell Me With a Love Song EE+ rare Long Playing

1062. Cr 3252- Lou Gold O- When We're Alone/ Delishious EE+ rare Long Playing

1063. Cr 3260- Buddy Lane w/ O- All Of Me/ Just Friends E+

1064. Cr 3406- Dick Robertson O- Louisiana Hayride/ Listen to the German Band E FUN!!

1065. Cr 3407- San Remo DO- I'm Sure of Everything But You/ Sweet Muchacha V+/V

1066. Cr 3456- Goodrich Cavaliers- U'r An Old Smoothie/ Paramount Grill O- Farewell to Arms VV+

1067. Cr 3495- San Remp DO- Tango of Roses/ Jealousy V+

1068. Dee Gee 3805(promo)- Shelby Davis- I Cant Get Started/ My Man E+

1069. Disc 152- The Two Gospel Keys- Charity/ Thrasher Wonders- Motherless Child EE+

1070. Disc 159- Thrasher Wonders- Jesus I Love You/ Blind Old Barnabus E+ 2 tite cks nap

1071. Discovery 100- Phil Moore O- 125th St Prophet/ Cornucopia E+ scuff nap

1072. Diva 2826- Frank Ferera's Hawaiian 3- Carolina Moon/ Maui Chimes E+ Annette Hanshaw vox

1073. Diva 3020- Rudy Marlow O- Dance Away the Night/ Sunny Side Up E+ nice 'n clean!

1074. Diva 3102- Arthur Fields & Fred Hall- Hank Simons Show Boat/ Amos 'N Andy V-

1075. Domino 3668- Imperial DO- Thanks For the Buggy Ride/ Sam Lanin O- Behind the Clouds E

1076. Do 3715- Missouri Jazz Band- California Sunshine/ Lanin O- Tonights My Night With Baby V

1077. Do 3748- Sam Lanin O- In a Little Garden/ For My Sweetheart V+

1078. Do 3956- Joe Candullo O- St Louis Blues/ Six Hottentots- The Memphis Blues V/E

1079. Dot 15110- Peggy Taylor- If You Wuz a Bird/ When I Dance With You E+

1080. Elite 5008- Ina Ray Hutton O- You Made Me Love You/ Ev'rything I Love EE- Ina Ray voc A

1081. Emerson 9122- Van Eps Trio- Good Bye France/ Van Eps Banta Trio- Round the Town E-

1082. Everybody's 1006- Fred Weaver w/ p, bjo- When My Sugar Walks Down the Street/ John Ryan- Arthur Hall & O- Laff It Off VV+/E-

1083. Every 1058- Nathan Glantz O- Yes Sir Thats My Baby/ Lindy EE+ some scrs beg B

1084. Every 1073- Charles Hartwell Everybodys O- Oh Say Can I See You Tonight/ I Wonder If You Ever Knew EE-

1085. Exclusive 53- Johnny Moore's Three Blazers- Walkin' In Circles/ Lonesome Blues NN-

1086. Exc 63- Johnny Moore's Three Blazers- Lost In the Night/ Merry Christmas, Baby NEW

1087. Exc 102- Spivy- Why Dont You?/ The Last of the Fluer De Levy V+

1088. Exc 703- Johnny Moore's Three Blazers- Gloria/ St Louis Blues NN-

1089. Four Star 1078- Slim Gaillard Trio- Ya Ha Ha Ding Dong Oreeney E+

1090. General 1703- Jelly Roll Morton 7- Sweet Substitute/ Panama NEW

1091. Gennett 4827- Irving Kaufman w/ O- Eddie Leonard Blues/ Vernon Dalhart w/ O- Dear Old Southland E+

1092. Ge 5682- Wilson Harper- Rose Dreams/ Take Me Back to Your Heart EE+

1093. Globe 1316- University DO- Then I'll Be Happy/ Bix City 6- What Name Is Sweeter Th Swtht E

1094. Grey Gull 1158- Joe Samuels O- Nuthin' But/ Majestic Saxophone Sextet- How Ya Gonna Keep Your Mind On Dancing EE-

1095. GG 4160- Westell Gordon- Blue Hawaiian Moon/ Arthur Fields- Sweet Hawaiian Kisses V+ Hawaiian guitar both sides

1096. Guild 1002- Dizzy Gillespie Quinette- Shaw Nuff/ Lover Man E (with Charlie Parker, etc)

1097. Guild 1003- Dizzy Gillespie Quinette- Hot House/ Salt Peanuts EE- (with Charlie Parker, etc)

1098. Harmony 68- The Harmonians- Tomorrow Mornin'/ Manhattan Dance Makers- I Wanna See a Little More EE+

1099. Ha 73- University 6- In Your Green Hat/ I Love My BabyV+ lam B

1100. Ha 164- Rube Bloom- Spring Fever/ Soliloquy E-

1101. Ha 316- University 6- It Takes a Good Woman/ Wait'll You See E-V+

1102. Ha 418- Jack Kaufman- Lucky Lindy/ Lindbergh VV+

1103. Ha 436- Julie Wintz O- She Dont Wanna/ Vo Do Do De O Blues VV+

1104. Ha 445- Lou Gold O- A Little Girl, Boy, Moon/ Frank Farrell O- Charmaine! V

1105. Ha 549- Lou Gold O- Plenty of Sunshine/ WMCA Broadcasters- Rain EE-/E-

1106. Ha 706- Gay Ellis & Novelty O- ICGUA But Love/ I Must Have That Man V- Hanshaw

1107. Ha 924- Lou Gold O- Breakaway/ Thats You Baby E

1108. Ha 1139- Sam Lanin O- The Free & Easy/ Montana Call EE+

1109. Ha 1264- Jack Whitney O- He's My Secret Passion/ Sam Lanin O- I'm Up On a Mountain E+

1110. Ha 1274- Lloyd Keating O- Keep a Song In Your Soul/ Just a Gigolo VV+

1111. Ha 1005- Al Jolson- Hallelujah I'm a Bum/ April Showers NEW masters fm his rare '32 Bruns

1112. Ha 1069- Hot Lips Page O- St James Infirmary/ Take Off Your Shoes Baby N-

1113. Ha 1086- Bessie Smith- You've Got to Give Me Some/ I'm Wild About That Thing NEW Columbia masters

1114. Ha 1011- Benny Goodman Sextet- If I Had You/ Limehouse Blues E+N-

1115. Ha 1321- Frank Auburn O- Rocky Mountain Lullaby/ When the Moon Comes Over Mtn V+

1116. Ha 6507- Charles Dornberger O w/ Paul Small- Strangers/ My Mom N- rare 5 minute double track record. Lamination looks somewhat rippled in parts but does not sound at all- super clean copy

1117. Haven 500- Sunset Four- Where Shall I Go/ If I Could Just Make It I EE+/E scf B int cr nap

1118. Highball Party Records 202- Paul Wynn- Two Times Tonight/ The Automobile Song E+

1119. Hit 7088- Bob Chester O- How Blue the Night/ It Could Happen to You E

1120. Hit 7089- Bob Chester O- Where You Are/ Together E-

1121. Jazz Man 11- Jelly Roll Morton- Winin' Boy Blues/ Honky Tonk Music N-

1122. Jewel 5820- Lou Gold O- Weary Blues/ Cliquot Club Eskimos- Crying For the Carolines EE+

1123. King 4450- Lonnie Johnson- Fallin' Rain Bllues/ Good Night Darling NN-

1124. King 15006- Leon Merian, his tpt & O- First Love/ Sirious NN-

1125. LMS 257- Al & Lee Reiser at the pianos- Stars In Your Eyes medley/ more VV+

1126. LMS 274- Emile Petti Savoy Plaza O- Melodies of 1924/ 1925 V+

1127. LMS 309- Joan Edwards- Fresh As a Daisy/ Make It Another Old Fashioned Please VV+

1128. LMS 314- Emile Petti O- Melodies of 1932/ 1933 E- marroon vinyl

1129. LMS 315- Emile Petti O- Melodies of 1934/ 1935 V+ E-

1130. LMS 332- Gracie Fields- She Fought Like a Tiger For 'Er 'Onour/ One of the Orphans of the Storm EE-

1131. LMS 343- Mary Jane Walsh w/ O- Farming/ I Hate You Darling E- rc 20grvs B

1132. LMS 349- Pliner & Earle- Time On My Hands/ Rise 'N Shine// Carioca EE+

1133. Mac Gregor &Sollie 2256/2258 (blue wax)- Sterling Young O- Mr. Ghost Goes to Town/ Organ Grinder's Swing E both good!!

1134. M&S 2264 (blue wax)- Sterling Young O- Now EE+ one sided

1135. Madison 6015- Broadway Syncos- Walking My Baby Back Home/ Saxophone Solo- With You Dear Everything Is Different E good A, interesting B

1136. Mad 50007- Melody Hounds- Every Tear Will Disappear/ Synco Jazzers- Sleep In My Arms Sweetheart VV+ 1/4" hlc nap Hawaiian guitar B

1137. Majar 144- Jerry Colonna w/ O- Chicago Style/ Baffi E+ rare small NY label

1138. Majestic 9002- Slim Gaillard O- Dizzy Boogie/ Flat Foot Floogee E+N- with Bird & Diz

1139. Maj 9003- Slim Gaillard O- Mean Pretty Mama/ Wini Beatty w/ Slim Gaillard Trio- Early Morning Boogie E+

1140. Manor 1000- Milt Page Trio feat Oscar Pettiford- Its Only a Paper Moon/ Soda Pop N-

1141. Master 108- Raymond Scott Quintet- Singing In the Rain/ A Street Corner In Paris E

1142. Ma 117- Duke Ellington O- There's a Lull In My Life/ Its Swell of You E- lt heat mark

1143. Melotone 12019- Mark Fisher O- I Bring a Love Song/ You Will Remember Vienna EE+

1144. Mt 12125- Ranny Weeks O- I Had to Lose You/ Oh How I Miss You E-V+ faint hlc nap

1145. Mt 12159- The Melotone Boys- Mary Jane/ Boy Oh Boy I've Got It Bad EE-

1146. Mt 12194- Colonial Club O- I Lost My Gal Again/ If You Cant Sing, Whistle E Reser/ Kemp

1147. Mt 12501- Ed Loyd O- All American Girl/ This Is No Dream VV+

1148. Mt 12579- Chick Bullock w/ O- Its Winter Again/ Just An Echo In the Valley VV-

1149. Mt 12580- Joe Furst O- Did You Mean What You Said Last Night/ At the Baby Parade V-

1150. Mt 12581- Owen Fallon Californians-No More Love/ My Darling VV+

1151. Mt 12986- Frances Langford w/ O- Nasty Man/ Hold My Hand V

1152. Mt 13029- Smith Ballew O- Foolin' With the Other Woman's Man/ Forbidden Lies VV+

1153. Mt 13057- Mills Brothers- Coney Island Washboard/ St Louis Blues E-/E

1154. Mt 13131- Bing Crosby- Home On the Range/ Thanks V+

1155. Mt 13137- Will Osborne O- One Night of Love/ It Was Sweet of You E+ a clean ARC!!

1156. Mt 13178- Mills Brothers- Coney Island Washboard/ St Louis Blues EE-/E

1157. Mt 13362- Henry Biagini O- Go Into Your Dance/ The Little Things You Used to Do V-

1158. Mt 13378- Johnny Johnson O- The Night That She Cried In My Beer/ The Horse With the Lavender Eyes E/E-

1159. Mt 13388- Jack Fulton w/ O- Its Easy to Remember/ When I Grow Too Old to Dream EE-

1160. Mt 13391- Scott Fisher O- Dont Worry, Sweetheart/ Once Upon a Midnight EE-

1161. Mt 13406- Joe Haymes O- To Call You My Own/ The Lady In Red V+ some scrs

1162. Mt 13407- Scott Fisher O- I'm In Love All Over Again/ You're An Angel VV+

1163. Mt 13409- Clyde Mc Coy O- Tear It Down/ Sugar Blues EE+/V+

1164. Mt 35-10-07- Joe Haymes O- Oh You Sweet Thing/ Nana E+

1165. Mt 6-04-07- Sherman Keene O- But Where Are You/ We Saw the Sea VV+ West Coast press

1166. Mt 6-04-08- Gene Kardos O- Saddle Your Blues to a Wild Mustang/ I Like That Face You're Wearing EE- rcB nap. West Coast pressing

1167. Mt 6-04-09- Bob Causer O- I'm Building Up To An Awful Letdown/ Alone At a Table For 2 EE-

1168. Mt 6-06-11- Joe Haymes O- You Better Play Ball With Me/ I've Got a Heavy Date E+N-

1169. Mt 6-11-15- Jack Shilkret O- So Divine/ The World Is Mine EE-

1170. Mt 6-12-04- Dick Jurgens O- I've Got You Under My Skin/ Easy to Love V+/E-

1171. Mer Jerry Byrd Beach Boys- Dont Sing Aloha When I Go/ Elmer's Tune E+

1172. Mercury 1150- Alfred Newman O- Street Scene/ How Green Was My Valley E+

1173. Mer 2004- June Richmond- I Haven't Changed a Thing/ After You've Gone E-

1174. Mer 5102- Rose Marie- Romo, the Romeo of Rome/ Chidabee, Chidabee, Chidabee E+

1175. Mer 8967- Anita O' Day O- Lover Come Back to Me/ Rock 'N Roll Blues N-

1176. Mer 8988- Count Basie O- Why Not/ Fancy Meeting You E+

1177. Mer 11017- Charlie Parker w/ Machito O- Okiedoke/ Mango Mangue E+N-

1178. Mer 11089- Charlie Parker With Strings- Stella By Starlight/ Lover NN-

1179. Mer 70349- Jack Fulton- True Blue Sue/ If You Ever Get To My Home Town N-

1180. Mer 89016- Charlie Barnet O- Wosie Posie/ Fur Trapper's Boogie E+N-

1181. Merrimac 751- Charles Magnati accordion w/ O- Juke Box Ballet/ Jimmy Ainsworth w/ O- Holiday Greeting N- rare small NYC label

1182. MGM 10545- Diane Courtney- A Song For My Mother/ Everything They Said Came True E+

1183. Modern Hollywood 153- Hadda Brooks Trio- Hungarian Rhapsody #2 In Boogie/ Dont Take Your Love From Me E+

1184. Mod Hwd 20-611- Wardell Gray & Vido Musso- Sweet georgia Bop/ Sweet Georgia Brown E+

1185. Musicraft 316- Teddy Wilson 5- Just For You Blues/ Just You Just Me E+

1186. Mus 318- Teddy Wilson 5- Memories of You/ Bugle Call Rag EE+

1187. Mus 319- Teddy Wilson 4- Runnin' Wild/ I Surrrender Dear N-

1188. Mus 332- Teddy Wilson Sextet- Stompin' At the Savoy/ I Cant Get Started E+/EE+

1189. Mus 354- Dizzy Gillespie O- Lover Man/ Shaw 'Nuff EE+ Sarah Vaughn A

1190. Mus 357(vinyl pressing)- Artie Shaw O- Lets Walk/ A Ghost of a Chance E+

1191. Mus 365(vinyl)- Artie Shaw O w/ Mel Torme- I Got the Sun In the Morning/ Along With Me E+

1192. Mus 378(vinyl pressing)- Artie Shaw O- The Glider/ Love Of My Life E+

1193. Mus 383- Dizzy Gillespie 6- Oop Bop Sh' Bam/ Thats Earl Brother EE-/E

1194. Mus 391(vinyl pressing)- Artie Shaw O feat Teddy Walters- You Do Something To Me/ Artie Shaw O- Begin the Beguine E+ despite scuffs

1195. Mus 404- Dizzy Gillespie O- One Bass Hit/ Dizzy Gillespie 6- pt 2 EE-

1196. Mus 445- Artie Shaw O- Connecticut/ Dont You believe It Dear N-

1197. Mus 446- Dizzy Gillespie O- Things to Come/ Emanon E

1198. Mus 465- Duke Ellington O- Flippant Flurry/ Golden Feather E+N-

1199. Mus 494- Sarah Vaughan w/ O- Body & Soul/ Everything I Have Is Yours E+/EE+

1200. Mus 500- Sarah Vaughan w/ Teddy Wilson 8- Dont Worry About Me/ September Song E

1201. Mus 503- Sarah Vaughan w/ O- I Cover the Waterfront/ I Dont Stand a Ghost of a Chance E

1202. Mus 504- Sarah Vaughan w/ O- Tenderly/ Dont Blame Me E

1203. Mus 512- Artie Shaw O(promo)- When You're Around/ The Glider E+ few scuffs nap

1204. Mus 518- Dizzy Gillespie O- Salt Peanuts/ I Waited For You EE+ (with Charlie Parker, etc)

1205. Mus 533- Sarah Vaughan w/ O- Trouble Is a Man/ I Feel So Smoochie EE+

1206. Mus 15020- Joan Brooks w/ O- Seven Days a Week/ If You Were the Only Girl In the World E+

1207. Mus 15022- Joan Brooks w/ Jazz 6- A Little On the Lonely Side/ Let Me Love You Tonight E+ top jazz accomp incl Sammy Weiss & Carl Kress

1208. Mus 15023- Joan Brooks w/ Jazz 6- Waiting/ I Think About You N- as above accomp

1209. Nocturne 103(blue vinyl promo)- Earl Hines- ICBTUIL w/ Me/ The Web E

1210. OKeh 40199- Vincent Lopez O- Me & the Boy Friend/ Dreamer of Dreams E-

1211. OK 40219- The Lanin O- Some Other Day/ I Want to See My Tennesee E-

1212. OK 40380- The Red Hotters- Ev'rything Is Hotsy Totsy Now/ Oh Heinrich! V

1213. OK 40382- The Red Hotters- The Flapper Wife/ The Yellow Jackets- Love Light Lane E-

1214. OK 40451- The Melody Sheiks- Cecilia/ Marguerite EE+ one stripped grv B

1215. OK 3150- Bix Beiderbecke- In a Mist/ Wringin' An Twistin' E+/EE+

1216. OK 5978- Horace Henderson O- Ginger Belle/ Do Re Mi EE-

1217. OK 6234- Claude Thornhill O- All I Need/ Portrait of a Guinea Farm EE-

1218. OK 6244- Count Basie O- 9:20 Special/ Goin' to Chicago Blues E+

1219. OK 6245- Tommy Tucker Time- You Started Something/ Lovliness & Love E+

1220. OK 6246- Charlie Spivak O- When the Sun Comes Out/ Charlie Horse E+

1221. OK 6255- Gene Krupa O- Afriad to Say Hello/ Love Me As I Am V+

1222. OK 6257- Charlie Spivak O- Time Was/ I'll Never Let a Day Pass By E+

1223. OK 6260- Slim Gaillard Flat Foot Floog Boys- Hit That Mess/ Lookin' For a Place to Park E+

1224. OK 6268- Tommy Tucker O- Tattletale/ Kiss the Boys Goodbye E+

1225. OK 6269- Tiny Hill O- Dance & Stay Young/ Sweet As Honey E+

1226. OK 6420- Dick Jurgens O- The Man With the Lollypop Song/ Around & Around She Goes E+

1227. OK 6423- Tiny Hill O- It Happened Here In My Heart/ 'Fraidy Cat E+

1228. OK 6429- Tommy Tucker Time- Some Sunny Day/ Sugar Daddy E+

1229. OK 6430- Les Brown O- That Solid Old Man/ 'Tis Autumn E+

1230. OK 6438- Gene Krupa O- Come Be My Love/ The Walls Keep Talking E+

1231. OK 6439- Dick Jurgens O- Make Love To Me/ A Sinner Kissed An Angel E+

1232. OK 6440- Count Basie O- Fiesta In Blue/ Take Me, Baby E+

1233. OK 6449- Count Basie O- Moon Nocturne/ Something New NN-

1234. OK 6457- Les Brown O- As We Walk Into the Sunset/ Pushin' Along NN-

1235. OK 6458- Charlie Spivak O- When I See An Elephant Fly/ This Is No Laughing Matter E+N-

1236. OK 6466- Tommy Tucker O- Cancel the Flowers/ Skunk Song E+

1237. OK 6474- Benny Goodman O- The Earl/ Let's Do It E+N-

1238. OK 6475- Paul Robeson w/ Count Basie O- King Joe Part 1/2 E+

1239. OK 6486- Benny Goodman Sextet- If I Had You/ Limehouse Blues NN-

1240. OK 6487- Tommy Tucker Time- The Train Song/ The White Cliffs Of Dover E+ rcnap

1241. OK 6497- Benny Goodman O- That Did It Marie/ Somebody Else Is Taking My Place E+

1242. OK 6499- Dick Jurgens O- It Happened In Hawaii/ Madeline EE+

1243. OK 6500- Les Brown O- Hes 1-A In the Army and A-1 In My Heart/ Baby Mine NN-

1244. OK 6506- Gene Krupa O- Keep Em Flying/ Thanks For the Boogie Ride E+

1245. OK 6508- Count Basie O- I Struck a Match In the Dark/ Platterbrains E+

1246. OK 6516- Benny Goodman O- Winter Weather/ Everything I Love E+

1247. OK 6519- Jack Leonard w/ O- Who Calls!/ Madelaine E label fade

1248. OK 6525- Dick Jurgens O- Sweethearts Or Strangers/ I Guess I'll Be On My Way E+

1249. OK 6526- Tommy Tucker Time- Moonlight Cocktail/ I Said No EE+

1250. OK 6527- Count Basie O- My Old Flame/ Tom Thumb NN-

1251. OK 6535- Dick Jurgens O- How About You/ I'll Never Forget E+

1252. OK 6537- Tiny Hill O- I Hear You Knockin'/ I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover E+

1253. OK 6544- Benny Goodman O- How Long Has This Been Going On/ Clarinet a la King NN-

1254. OK 6545- Frankie Masters O- Goodbye Mama/ The Sun Will Soon Be Setting E-

1255. OK 6546- Charlie Spivak O- Stardreams/ I Surrender, Dear E+

1256. Olympic 15217- Irving Weiss O- Who Believed In You/ Say It With Music VV+

1257. Oriole 1981- Buddy Blue Texans- College Campus/ Karl Radlach O- Around the Corner E- Ballew vocal A

1258. Or 1998- Ben Pollack O- If I Could Be With You(tk 2)/ Imp DO- Because I'm Lonesome EE-

1259. Or 2009- Ernie Golden O- Dirty Hot/ Cliquot Club Esk- Out of Breath clean V+..GOOD A! (A has diff mx than listed in Rust)

1260. Or 2637- Gene's Merrymakers- The Girl In the Little Green Hat/ If I Ever Get a Job Again VV+

1261. Pathe 021022- Hotel Biltmore O- Love Tales/ Casino DO- March of the Mannakins E-

1262. Pa 021030- Joe Gibson O- The Gold Digger/ Hotel Biltmore O- Now That I Need You- You're Gone VV+

1263. Pa 021031- Original Memphis 5- Struttin' Jim/ Don Parker's Boys- Wild Papa V

1264. Pa 21159- Ferera's Hawaiian Guitars- Moonlight Night In Hawaii/ Drowsy Moon EE+

1265. Pa 25172- Miss Lee Morse- In the Middle of the Night/ Mother & Dad VV+

1266. Pa 32208- Willard Robison- Why Do Ya Roll Those Eyes/ Mary Lou V+

1267. Paramount 20058- Peerless O- My Mammy/ Al Columbos GG O- Some Little Bird E

1268. Perfect 11604- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- Nobody Else/ Garland of Old Fash Roses VV+

1269. Pe 11606- Lee Morse Blue G Boys- Mother & Dad/ Lee Morse- In the Middle of the Night VV+

1270. Pe 11618- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- A Little Love/ Lee Morse- Lonesome & Sorry E-

1271. Pe 11631-Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- If You're Missing Me/ Lee Morse- Tonight You Belong to Me V-

1272. Pe 12119- Cliff Edwards- Who's the Meanest Gal In Town / Red Hot Mamma E- 1/2"hlc

1273. Pe 12925- Frank Luther Trio- Way Up There/ When I Take My Vacation In Heaven VV+

1274. Pe 12174- Jones & Hare- Oh How I Love My Darling/ Gotta Getta Girl NN-

1275. Pe 12176- Sargent & Marvin- Sunshine/ Wright & Bessinger- When You Send a Four Leaf Clover N- Hawaiian guitars A

1276. Pe 12206- Jimmy Flynn- I Wouldn't Be Crying Now/ Midnight Wz E+N-

1277. Pe 12268- Chick Bullock w/ O- I Wanna Sing About You/ Moonlight Saving Time E+ a rare clean ARC!...decent trumpet B--

1278. Pe 14028- Louis Edmonds & Frank Grant- Lonesome Mamma Blues/ Doeftons DO- Buzz Mirandy EE+ banjo & piano duet A

1279. Pe 14299- D. Onivas O- The Grass Is Always Greener/ Frasquita E+N-

1280. Pe 14365- Lou Gold Club Wigwam O- Doo Wacka Doo/ Lanin O- Forsaken Blues NEW

1281. Pe 14367- Perfect DO- Because They All Love U/ U'r Just a Flower From An Old Boquet E+

1282. Pe 14428- The Blues Chasers- Sweet Georgia Brown/ Lou Gold O- Rose of the Moonlight VV+ bite close but nap

1283. Pe 14520- Mayflower Serenaders- I Never Knew/ Sam Lanin O- Pile of Logs & Stones N-

1284. Pe 14590- Sam Lanin O- Under the Ukelele Tree/ Mike Speciale O- Could I, I Certainly Could EE-

1285. Pe 14664- Golden Gate O- Where'd You Get Those Eyes/ Bert Dolan O- Longing EE-

1286. Pe 14667- Joe Candullo O- Baby Face/ Down By the Sea Shore EE-

1287. Pe 14716- Frank Signorelli O- St Louis Hop/ A Blues Serenade E-

1288. Pe 14718- Miami Troupe- I Could Be Sweeter To My Sister's Sweetie/ Van and his O- Here Comes Fatima EE+

1289. Pe 14841- Joe Candullo O- Its a Million To One You're In Love/ Sam Lanin- Bless Her Little Heart VV+

1290. Pe 15142- Mills Merry Makers- Honey/ Frank Keyes O- I Get the Blues When It Rains E-

1291. Pe 15236- Lou Gold O- If I Had a Talking Picture of You/ Majestic DO- Turn On the Heat E-

1292. Pe 15264- Imperial DO- Hello Baby/ Nobody But You V-

1293. Pe 15428- Ben Pollack O- You Didn't Have to Tell Me(tk 3)/ Joe Morgan O- Heartaches G

1294. Pe 15453- Majestic DO- Out of Nowhere/ Imperial DO- By My Side E Smith Ballew vocs

1295. Pe 15476- Broadway Broadcasters- Love Is Like That/ Snooks Memphis Stompers- Under Your Window Tonight EE-

1296. Pe 15624- Bob Causer O- The Clouds Will Soon Roll By/ Please Handle With Care E+ a rare clean ARC!...

1297. Pe 15639- Bob Causer O- The One Note Trumpet Player/ Rain Rain Go Away EE+ Haymes A

1298. Pe 15671- Bob Causer O- Everyone Says "I Love You"/ Me Minus You E/EE-

1299. Pe 15681- Bob Causer O- All American Girl/ You're Telling Me E-

1300. Pe 15692- Bob Causer O- More Beautiful Than Ever/ You'll Get By E-

1301. Pe 15723- Harold White O- Moon Song/ Twenty Million People EE-

1302. Pe 15825- Cab Calloway O- The Man From Harlem/ Bugle Call Rag VV-

1303. Pe 15866- Chick Bullock Loungers- Dixie Lee/ Delta Bound V+E-

1304. Pe 15868- Willie Farmer O- Lets Fall In Love/ Love Is Love Anywhere E-

1305. Pe 15910- Will Osborne O- How Do I Know Its Sunday/ Simple & Sweet E-

1306. Pe 15934- Smith Ballew O- I'm Dancing With the Girl of My Dreams/ Frank Luther O- Little Man You've Had a Busy Day E-

1307. Pe 16001- Vincent Rose O- Learning/ Stars Fell On Alabama E Benny Goodman, etc

1308. Pe 35-10-34- Henry Biagini O- Heartstrings/ Accent On Youth VV+/V-

1309. Pe 6-01-05- Jimmy Carr O- Its Dangerous to Love Like This/ At a Little Church Affair EE-

1310. Pe 6-01-06- Jimmy Carr O- Precious Little One/ A Little Bit Independent E-

1311. Pe 7-04-15- Mal Hallett O- The Boston Tea Party/ Sweet Misery of Love V

1312. Pe 7-04-62- Hoosier Hot Shots- Everybody Stomp/ Pick That Bass VV-

1313. Pe 7-05-13- Joe Haymes O- The Love Bug Will Bite You/ My Little Buckaroo VV+

1314. Pe 7-07-03- Eddie Stone O- Satan Takes a Holiday/ A Study In Brown EE+

1315. Pe 7-09-03- Nye Mayhew O- Its the Natural Thing to Do/ The Moon Got In My Eyes V

1316. Pe 7-09-04- Sammy Kaye O- Good Mornin'/ The Moon Got In My Eyes V+

1317. Pe 7-10-10- Sammy Kaye O- My Buddy/ Swing & Sway EE+ few scfy spots

1318. Philharmonic 63- Bunny Berigan O- My Little Cousin/ 'Tis Autumn V+

1319. Phonola 4124- Joseph Samuels Jazz Band- Slim Trombone/ Green Bros Novelty Band- Do Another Break VV- rare early label

1320. Photo & Sound 978/9- Mackensie Gorden vo, Una Waldrop, piano- Old(Ol' Man River)/ Border Ballad E+ rare issue from this San Francisco label on Geary St

1321. Prestige 710- Stan Getz- Long Island Sound/ Mar-cia E

1322. Pres 724- Stan Getz Tenor Sax Stars- Battle of the Saxes/ Stan Getz- Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams E+

1323. Pres 740- Stan Getz Quartet- What's New/ Indian Summer E

1324. Pres 1308(Promo)- Billy Valentine- Gamblin' Man/ I Wanta Love You E+N-

1325. Publix 1018- Annette Hanshaw- My Sin/ Willie Creager O- On Top of the World Alone VV+

1326. Puretone11317- Frisco Syncos- Oh Gee Oh Gosh Oh Golly I'm In Love/ Shubert's DO- Walk Jennie Walk VV+

1327. Puritan 11002- Benny Selvin O- My Isle of Golden Dreams/ Peggy V ornate early label

1328. Radiex 1769- Astoria Dance Players- Tip Toe Thru the Tulips/ Big City DO- A Little Lady E-/E nice A with solos incl Hawaiian guitar

1329. Rad 2420- John Ryan w/ O- ICGUA But Love/ Arthur Fields w/ O- A Little Something- Thats All V

1330. Regal 8071- Imperial DO- Where Does She Live/ I'm Just Wild About Animal Crackers E+

1331. Re 8352- Missouri Jazz Band- I'm Coming Virginia/ Lucky 10 Ent- Dew Dew Dewy Day EE-

1332. Re 8854- La Paloma Broadcasters- Sweetheart We Need Each Other/ The Rounders- Rio Rita V+/V- Ballew A

1333. Re 8898- Joe Ryan O- Love Made a Gypsy Out of Me/ A Little Kiss Each Morn V Ballew vocs

1334. Re 8910- The Clevelanders- Sunny Side Up/ If I'm Dreaming VV+ 1" cr nap Ballew vocs

1335. Re 8927- Clevelanders- If You Were the Only Girl/ Imperial DO- I Have to Have You E-/V+

1336. Re 8952- Irving Kaufman w/ O- Congratulations/ Chick Bullock w/ O- Should I E-

1337. Re 8960- Majestic DO- My Love Parade/ Hollywood DO- The Stein Song V

1338. Re 8964- Sam Lanin O- Sweetheart Trail/ Lou Gold O- Funny Dear What Love Can Do VV+

1339. Re 9169- Ferera & Franchini- Honolulu Rag/ One-Two-Three- Four EE-/E-

1340. Romeo 361- Jack Loew- Singing In the Rain/ Blue Bird Trio- Crazy Words- Crazy Tune E-

1341. Ro 413- The California Humming Birds- She's Got "It"/ Jack Loew- Vo Do De O Blues V

1342. Ro 618- The Washingtonians- Take It Easy/ 7 Little Polar Bears- Mississippi Mud G

1343. Ro 627- Jack Kaufman w/ O- When a Blonde Makes Up Her Mind/ Harry Smith- Girl of My Dreams V/V+

1344. Ro 646- Klein's Serenading Shoemakers- Happy Days/ Society Night Club O- Beloved V+rcnap cartooney-tune A

1345. Ro 648- Bob Haring O- One Little Day/ Laugh, Clown, Laugh E- couple pressure crks nap

1346. Ro 658- Broadway Broadcasters- You're Wonderful/ Bob Haring O- Nina V scrs

1347. Ro 932- Broadway Broadcasters- Honey/ The Home Towners- Lets Get Together E-

1348. Ro 940- The Lumberjacks- Would You Be Happy/

Harry Salter O- I'm Just a Vagabond Lover V+

1349. Ro 1561- Ben Pollack O- Fall In Love With Me(tk3)/ Sing Song Girl (tk2) V due to grit

1350. Ro 1577- Ben Pollack O- I'm a Ding Dong Daddy Eddie Kirkeby O- Headin for Better Times V- 2 clx A

1351. Roulette 4061- Count Basie O feat Joe Williams- Five O Clock In the Morning/ How Can You Lose E+

1352. Roul 4088- Count Basie O w/ Lambert, Hendrix & Ross & Joe Williams- Going to Chicago Bl/ Swingin' the Blues N-

1353. Roul 4103- Count Basie O w/ J Will- Hallelujah I Love Her So/ Tell Me Your Troubles E+

1354. Roul 4109- Count Basie O- The M Squad Theme/ The Late Late Show E+

1355. Roul 4124- Count Basie O w/ Lambert, Hendrix & Ross & Joe Williams- Jumpin' At the Woodisde/ Rusty Dusty Blues E+N-

1356. Royal Roost 520- Stan Getz Quartet- Strike Up the Band/ Tootsie Roll E

1357. RR 550- Stan Getz Quintet- The Song Is You/ Stan Getz- It Might As Well Be Spring E

1358. RR 553- Eddie Lockjaw Davis 4- Bewitched/ My Blue Heaven E

1359. RR 556- Stan Getz Quintet- Wildwood/ Stan Getz- Penny EE+

1360. Royale 1782- James Shelton w/ O- Our Town/ Four Young People E-

1361. Savoy 501- Cozy Cole O- Talk to Me/ Body & Soul E

1362. Sa 539- Earl Warren O feat Earl Warren & Lester Young- Tush/ Circus In Rhythm E+

1363. Sa 553- Ben Webster 4- Blue Skies/ Honeysuckle Rose EE-

1364. Sa 597- Charlie Parker's Ri Bop Boys- Ko Ko/ Don Byas Quintet- How High the Moon V+

1365. Sa 609- Don Byas Quartette- Cherokee/ I Dont Know Why E+

1366. Sa 616- Una Mae Carlisle O- Throw It Out Your Mind/ That's My Man E+ ck to lbl nap

1367. Sa 617- Una Mae Carlisle O- If It Aint Mine/ I'm Crazy Bout My Baby E scuffs nap

1368. Sa 940- Be Bop Boys- Boppin the Blues/ Sonny Stitt Be Bop Boys- Serenade to a Square V+

1369. Sa 5513- Helen Humes w/ Leonard Feather Hiptet- Fortune Tellin Man/ I Would If I Could E+

1370. Schirmer 512- Casper Reardon O- I Got Rhythm/ They Didn't Believe Me EE- sticker on lbl

1371. Signature 15162- Anita O Day w/ O- Boot Whip/ What Is This Thing Called Love EE+

1372. Sig 15217(DJ edition)- Anita O' Day- I Aint Gettin' Any Younger/ Its Diff'rent NN-

1373. Sig 28114- Barney Bigard Trio- Steps Steps Down/ Steps Steps Up NN-

1374. SMC 2518- Chano Pozo- Ritmo Afro-Cubano #3/4 N-

1375. Sonora 1105- Russell Bennett O- Hoops/ With a Song In My Heart E/EE-

1376. Son 2008- Bob Chester O- Speaking of Angels/ Why Did It Have to End So Soon E+

1377. Son 3004- Bob Chester O- I Didnt Mean a Word I Said/ Azusa E+

1378. Son 3006- Bob Chester O- It Couldn't Be True!/ You Haven't Changed At All E+ scuff nap

1379. Son 3018- Bob Chester O- The Octave Jump/ Someday E+

1380. Special Editions 5009- Benny Goodman O- Your Mother's Son In Law/ Riffin' the Scotch E Billie Holiday's first in a master pressing

1381. Sunrise 2014- Earl Hines O- When I Dream of You/ Louise EE+

1382. Tad Clouse 12062- Coon Race/ Coon Treed E- beyond description!

1383. Universal U-66/67- Bill Russo- Experiment in Jazz- E+N-..Two record set in orig illustrated paper sleeve packaging. Tunes are For Roger/ Stairway to the Stars/ Lonely Town/ Orion

1384. Van Dyke 907- Mike Mosiello Jazzopators- Darlingest/ Cosmo Dance O- Caring Just 4 U E some jazz A & Hawaiian guitar both

1385. Variety 515- Barney Bigard Jazzopators- Stompy Jones/ Caravan V

1386. Var 533- Benny Fields w/ O- There's a Lull In My Life/ Its Swell of You E- tite cr nap

1387. Varsity 5117- Oklahoma Dancopators- I Have a Sweetheart/ MOTHER EE+ off Crown

1388. Var 5094- Bill's Texas Dance Boys- My Oh My/ Theres a Cabin In the Pines EE+ 3"crnap

1389. Var 6016- Fletcher Henderson O- You Rascal You/ Tiger Rag E+/EE+ off Crown

1390. Var 8052- Fletcher Henderson O- Sugar Foot Stomp/ Blue Rhythm EE+ off Crown

1391. Var 8118- Toots Mondello O- Louisiana/ St Louis Gal NN-

1392. Var 8120- Johnny Mc Gee O- Dont Make Me Laugh/ Tic Tac Toe NN-

1393. Var 8183- Johnny Messner O- Ah!-------/ You'd Be Surprised E+

1394. Var 8254- John Ryan O- Who Paid the Rent For Mrs Rip Van Winkle/ Mohammed Say E

----next, a couple of rarely seen Olsen & Johnson's, the only records made by these vaudevillians----

1395. Var 8308- Olsen & Johnson- Oh Gee Oh Gosh Oh Golly Im In Love/ My Heartzapoppin EE-

1396. Var 8318- Olsen & Johnson- My Mommie Sent Me to the Store/ Boomps a Daisy VV+

1397. Velvetone 2018- Sam Lanin O- Melancholy/ Like a Breath of Springtime VV- lt heat mark

1398. VT 2027- Rudy Marlow O- My Love Parade/ Dream Lover EE-

1399. VT 2030- Lou Gold O- I'll Still Go On Wanting You/ Pretty Little You V+

1400. VT 2035- Barney Trimble Oklahomans- Love Is a Dreamer/ If I Cant Have You V

1401. VT 2066- Annette Hanshaw- I'm a Dreamer/ If I Had a Talking Picture of You VV+/V

1402. VT 2197- Webster Moore O- I Wonder How It Feels/ So Beats My Heart For You E+

1403. VT 2371- Jerry Fenwyck O- Out of Nowhere/ Wally Edwards O- Whisper Your Love E

1404. Vocalion 14333- Jack Shea w/ O- Lovesick Blus/ Doley & Shea- Gallagher & Shean E scrs B

1405. Vo 14386- Emil Coleman O- Georgette/ Who'll Take My Place E

1406. Vo 14445- Emil Coleman O- There's a Reason & Its You/ Homesick EE+

1407. Vo 14706- Emil Coleman O- Cielito Mio/ Capricho EE+

1408. Vo 14712- Emil Coleman O- The Only Girl/ Linger Awhile E+

1409. Vo 15074- Night Club O- I Want a Lovable Baby/ Manhattan VV+

1410. Vo 15224- Austin Wylie O- If U Bel. In Me/ Essex Club O- Dreaming of a Castle In the Air E-

1411. Vo 15278- Night Club O- Blinky Moon Bay/ Thanks For the Buggy Ride V- some steeling

1412. Vo 15332- Austin Wylie O- Could I? I Certainly Could/ Valencia V rcnap

1413. Vo 15333- Austin Wylie O- Honey Bunch/ Bye Bye Blackbird VV- peppy!

1414. Vo 15400- The Bostonians- For My Sweetheart/ Who Cd Be More Wonderful Than U V/E-

1415. Vo 3008- Louis Armstrong O- St Louis Blues/ Basin St Blues E/EE+ OKeh masters

1416. Vo 3149- Bix Beiderbecke Gang- Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down/ Sorry EE-

1417. Vo 3277- Putney Dandridge- These Foolish Things/ Cross Patch E

1418. Vo 3301- Louis Armstrong O- I'm In the Market For You/ Little Joe E

1419. Vo 3304- Putney Dandridge- You Turned the Tables On Me/ Sing, Baby, Sing E/V+

1420. Vo 3577- Roy Eldridge O- That Thing/ Heckler's Hop EE-

1421. Vo 4521- Slim & Slam- Dopey Joe/ Buck Terrace Rhythm V

1422. Vo 4539- Art Shaw O- Chant/ Fe Fi Fo Fum E-

1423. Vo 4546- Boswell Sisters- It Dont Mean a Thing/ Minnie the Mooch Wedding Day E 2 clx B

1424. Vo 4564- Buster Bailey O- Man With a Horn Goes Berserk/ Light Up E-

1425. Vo 4572- Lawrence Welk O- Teach Me To Forget You/ Hold On To Your Heart EE+

1426. Vo 4573- Johnny Hodges O- Wanderlust/ Hodge Podge E

1427. Vo 4577- Ovie Alston O- Twinkle Dinkle/ Spareribs & Spaghetti E/E-

1428. Vo 4582- Jimmie Lunceford O- Taint What You Do/ Cheatin' On Me E/EE+

1429. Vo 4918- Lawrence Welk O- It Seems Like Old Times/ Start the Day Right EE+/E+

1430. Vo 4929- Lawrence Welk O- I Paid For the Lie I Told You/ If I Hadn't Met You EE+

1431. Vo 4930- Al Kavelin O- Nola/ Grateful E

1432. Vo 4941- Johnny Hodges O- Home Town Blues/ Dance of the Goon E

1433. Vo 4945- Mitchell Ayres O- On a Bicycle Built For Two/ If I Had My Way EE+/E+

1434. Vo 4958- Cootie Williams O- Night Song/ Black Beauty EE+

1435. Vo 4979- Jimmy Lunceford O- I Love You/ Oh Why, Oh Why E+

1436. Vo 5301- Slim Gaillard Flat Foot Floogee Boys- Matzoh Balls/ Its You Only You E/E+

FOREIGN LABELS- all are British unless noted

1437. Broadcast 164- Harry Bidgood O- Black Bottom/ Deep River EE+

1438. Br 167- Victor Vorzanger O- Crazy Words- Crazy Tune/ Souvenirs EE+

1439. Br 169- Harry Bidgood O- Me & Jane In a Plane/ Charmaine! EE+ int cr B nap

1440. Br 399- Mabel Marks w/ O- Tell Me More About Love/ I Must Have That Man E-

1441. Br 477- Percival Mackey O- I've Never Seen a Smile Like Urs/ On Her Doorstep Last Nite EE-

1442. Broadcast Twelve 2599- Marius B Winter O- What a Perfect Night For Love/ Oh Donna Clara VV+ Bowlly vocal A

1443. Br Tw 3018- Ferrachini's Hawaiian Band- Moonlight On the Colorado/ Marius B Winter O- The Kings Horses V/V- Bowlly vocal A

1444. Br Tw 3237- Harvard Dance Club Aces- For You Just You Baby/ Downhearted EE+

1445. Br Tw 3261- The Blue Mountaineers- Moonlight, the Danube & You/ You're My Everything E

1446. Br Tw 3262- The Blue Moutnaineers- Mad About the Boy/ The Younger Generation EE-

1447. Br 02089- Gladys Palmer- I'm Living In a Great Big Way/ In the Middle of a Kiss E+ nice jazz accomp from 1935

1448. Columbia 2075- General Booth, founder of the Salvation Army- Through Jordan/ Please Sir, Save Me E-

1449. Co 4141- Binnie Hale & Jack Buchanan- When We Get Out Divorce/ Jack Buchanan- I've Looked For Trouble E-

1450. Co 4703- Al Starita Kit Kat Band- She Dont Wanna/ There's a Rickety Rackety Shack VV+/V+

1451. Co 4721- Fred Rich O- Polly/ Dawn of Tomorrow E/E- RARE sides rec. in UK- no US issue

1452. Co 4941- Sophie Tucker w/ O- There's Something Spanish In My Eyes/ Stay Out of the South VV+ London recorded, no US issue

1453. Co 4953- Jack Buchanan, Vera Pierce & Raymond Newell w/ O- Parting Time/ Raymond Newell & cho w/ O- A Marching Song E-/E

1454. Co CB 308- Jack Payne BBCDO- One Little Raindrop/ Moonlight Saving Time E

1455. Co CB 309- Debroy Somers O- Slipping Around the Corner/ Going Home EE-

1456. Co CB 310- Jack Payne BBCDO- I'd Rather Be a Beggar With U/ I'm 100% In Love w/ U E/E-

1457. Co CB 312- Jack Payne BBCDO- Lazy Day/ When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain E-

1458. Co CB 314- Debroy Somers O- When We Went Strolling Round the Town/ Blaze Away E+

1459. Co CB 376- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Theres a Time & Place For Everything/ Sweet & Lovely V- Al Bowlly vocals

1460. Co CB 377- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Who Am I/ Linda EE+ or better Al Bowlly vocals

1461. Co CB 389- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Along With My Dreams/ I Apologize E

1462. Co CB 403- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- You're the Kind of a Baby For Me/ All My Life EE-/E-

1463. Co CB 404- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Sweet Summer Breeze/ You'll Be Sorry E few lt scrs

1464. Co CB 405- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Put Your Little Arms Around Me/ Cuban Love Song EE+

1465. Co CB 407- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Dancing In the Dark/ Have You Forgotten? E

1466. Co CB 434- The Masqueraders- We'll Be Together Again/ Granny's Photo Album E rare Bowlly vocals..sticker on lbl nap

1467. Co CB 447- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Rain On the Roof/ Auf Wiedersehn EE+

1468. Co CB 457- The New BBCDO- Listen In Tonight My Darling/ Roses At Dawning VV+

1469. Co CB 458- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Snuggled On Your Shoulder/ Somebody Loves You EE-

1470. Co CB 462- Henry Hall BBCDO- All For the Love Of a Loady/ Lovely Little Silhouette E-/V+

1471. Co CB 505- Henry Hall BBCDO- Lets All Dance the Polka/ I Beg Your Pardon Madam. E-

1472. Co CB 586- Henry Hall BBCDO- Put a Little Spring Time/ I'm One of the Lads of Valencia EE+

1473. Co CB 587- Carroll Gibbons SHO- Its Gonna Be You/ What Would Ja Like For Breakfast E

1474. Co CB 588- Carroll Gibbons SHO- Sweetheart/ Pale Volga Moon E

1475. Co CB 632- Henry Hall BBCDO- In the Valley of the Moon/ My Old Irish Mother E+

1476. Co DB 709- Kate Smith w/ O- You Call It Madness/ I Dont Know Why EE+ US Co masters

1477. Co DB 732- Carroll Gibbons BF's- Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries/ Sleepytime Down So. EE+

1478. Co DB 1312- Layton & Johnstone- Louisiana Hayride/ Lullaby Lady V-

1479. Co DB 1829- Bing Crosby- Brother Can You Spare a Dime/ Home On the Range E+ Br mxs

1480. Co DB 2036- Bing Crosby- I Kiss Your Hand Madame/ Till We Meet E+ Co mxs

1481. Co DF 1998(FR)- Henry Hall BBCDO- A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody/ Empty Saddles V+

1482. Co DO 2650(AUS)- Benny Goodman Sextet- Benny's Bugle/ Wholy Cats E+ top laminated

1483. Co DW 2014(GER)- Col DO- Eine Freundin so goldig wie du/ Eine kleine Sehnsucht E

1484. Co DW 4526- Howard Jacobs O- Its the Natural Thing to Do/ Carroll Gibbons O- The Moon Got In My Eyes E

1485. Co FB 1000- Carroll Gibbons SHO- I'm In Love/ Dancing On a Dime E+

1486. Co FB 1001- Carroll Gibbons SHO- With Every Breath I Take/ If I Love Again EE+

1487. Co FB 1017- Henry Hall BBCDO- Blue Moon/ Pop Goes Your Heart E-

1488. Co FB 1018- Henry Hall BBCDO- Oopsala/ The Dashing Marine E-

1489. Co FB 1020- Carroll Gibbons & SHO- How Am I Gonna Keep the News From Mother/ Missus Lowsborough Goodby EE+/E+

1491. Co FB 1326- The Masqueraders- Why Did She Fall For the Leader of the Band/ My Lord, the Carriage Waits EE+

1492. Co FB 1339- The Romany Band- Woe Is Me/ On Top of a Bus E+ some solos

1493. Co FB 1732- Carroll Gibbons SHO- Never In a Million Years/ There's a Lull In My Life V-

1494. Co FB 1781- Flanagan & Allen- Free(Isnt It the Way It Ought to Be?)/ Home Town EE+

1495. Co FB 1791- Carroll Gibbons SHO- Whispers In the Dark/ So Rare EE-/E-

1496. Co FB 1830- Carroll Gibbons SHO- That Old Feeling/ The Lovliness of You V+E-

1497. Co FB 2090- Henry Hall O- Proud of You/ When the Circus Came to Town E

1498. Co FB 2762- Carroll Gibbons- Carroll Calls the Tunes 17 pt 1/2 E+

1499. Co FB 2768- Carroll Gibbons- Carroll Calls the Tunes 18 pt 1/2 E+

1500. Co FB 2795- Turner Layton- This Is No Laughing Matter/ Strange As It Seems VV+

1501. Co FB 2710- Eric Winstone Swing Quartet- Oasis/ Corn Silk EE-

1502. Co FB 2723- Nat Gonella Georgians- Good Morning Blues/ Sent For You Yesterday.. E-

1503. Co FB 2747- Carroll Gibbons- Carroll Calls the Tunes # 16 pt 1/2 E+

1504. Co M 59(Japanese)- Henry Hall BBCDO- Speak to Me of Love/ Blue Moon E+

1505. Co J 1930- Henry Hall BBCDO- One Life, One Love/ Because Its Love EE-

1506. Co J 2124- Jessie Matthews- When You've Got a Little Springtime In Your Heart/ Tinkle, Tinkle, Tinkle/ Over My Shoulder E+

1507. Co J 2536- Henry Hall BBCDO- You Started Me Dreaming/ Saddle Your Blues to a Wild Mustang EE-

1508. Co M 87- Jack Payne BBCDO- When Kentucky Bids the World Good AM/ Peanut Vendor E+

1509. Crown 91124(CAN)- Green's Nov O- Bubbling Over w/ Love/ Mary Jane VV+

1510. Cr 91141- Eddie Kirkeby O- I Wanna Sing About You/ Dick Cherwin O- Happy Little Tune V+

1511. De F 2607- Blue Lyres- Just a Blue Eyed Blonde/ Many Happy Ret of the Day EE- GOOD A

1512. De F 2684- Jack Hylton O- Me/ I Dont Know Why EE-

1513. De F 2757- Jack Hylton O- Mona Lisa/ Your Blase E-

1514. De F 2796- Jack Hylton O- Home/ My Heart Is Bluer Than Your Eyes EE-/E

1515. De F 2867- Roy Fox O- Goodnight Moon/ Kiss By Kiss E/E- 2" tite cr nap. Bowllys

1516. De F 2888- Roy Fox O- She Didn't Say Yes/ Was That the Human Thing To Do V- Bowllys

1517. De F 2964- Roy Fox O- Love, You Funny Thing/ It Aint No Fault of Mine E- Bowlly

1518. De F 3321- Lew Stone O- Melodious Flashes 1/2 EE-

1519. De F 3322- Roy Fox O- Roy Fox Chooses 1/2 EE-

1520. De F 3324- Lew Stone O- The Girl Who Thought 1/2 E+ scarce Bowlly item!

1521. De F 3331- Roy Fox O- Wanderer/ Dreaming V-

1522. De F 3563- Spike Hughes Negro O- Someone Stole Gabriel's Horn/ Nocturne E few lt scrs nap

1523. De F 3569- Jack Hylton O- Wear a Great Big Smile/ Rock a Bye Moon EE-

1524. De F 3716- Lew Stone O- From Me To You/ Was My Face Red E- Bowlly vocal A

1525. De F 3768- Roy Fox O- Without That Certain Thing/ Blue Moments E-/EE-

1526. De F 3937- Roy Fox O- Gee Oh Gosh I'm Grateful/ Paddy EE-

1527. De F 5086- Roy Fox O- I've Got Everything/ The House Is Haunted E

1528. De F 5197- Roy Fox O- You Turned Your Head/ Kiss Me, Dear E

1529. De F 5245- Ambrose O- Then I'll Be Tired of You/ Tina V+

1530. De F 5401- Roy Fox O- Blue Moon/ Tiny Little Fingerprints E- AUTOGRAPHED by ROY FOX

1531. De F 5478- Ambrose O- A Story of London Life/ pt 2 EE+

1532. De F 5708- Claude Bampton Bandits- Embankment Midnight/ Monday Evening Lullaby E

1533. De F 5717- Ambrose O- Cheek to Cheek/ The Piccolino E-

1534. De F 5739- Ambrose O- Isn't This a Lovely Day/ Top Hat, White Tie & Tails E-

1535. De F 5740- Ambrose O- Broadway Rhythm/ You Are My Lucky Star V/VV+

1536. De F 5806- Sam Coslow w/ Geraldo O- The Morning After/ Some Other Time E no US issue

1537. De F 5932- Ambrose O- Let Yourself Go/ I'd Rather Lead a Band V

1538. De F 7636- Adelaide Hall- All the Things You Are/ I Wanna Be Loved EE-

1539. De Y 5215(AUS)- Chick Webb O- Rock It For Me/ Strictly Jive E+ great laminated pressing and Ella vocal A

1540. Disco Grammofono R 7713(IT)- Banda Savoy Havana- Show Me the Way to Go Home/ Bygone Days VV+

1541. Discomoda 92(VENEZ)- Luis Alberty O- Liesta En Jacagua/ Mi Merengue E

1542. Dominion A 138- Jay Wilbur Band- Breakaway/ Thats You Baby EE-/E-

1543. Edison Bell Radio 876- Alfredo Band- Singapore Sorrows/ Together V+

1544. EBR 890- Alfredo Band- Lila/ My Angel EE-

1545. EBR 939- The Plaza Band- There's a Rainbow Round My Shoulder/ Old Man Sunshine E-/E

1546. EBR 1247- Alfredo Band- Do Something/ I'll Always Be In Love With You E

1547. EBR 1331- Alfredo Band- Singin In the Bathtub/ Smiling Irish Eyes E

1548. EBR 1345- Radio Melody Boys- Eleven Thirty Saturday Night/ Stein Song E-

1549. EBR 1382- Radio Melody Boys- Here In My Heart/ Exactly Like You EE+

1550. EBR 1401- The Blue Jays- Say a Little Prayer For Me/ Gypsy Melody V

1551. EBR 1417- Alfredo Band- Californian Serenade/ Thats Where the South Begins E

1552. EBR 1422- The Blue Jays- Livin In the Sunlight, Lovin In the Moonlight/ You Brought a New Kind of Love To Me E

1553. EBR 1436- Harry Hudson O- I'm Doing That Thing/ Go Home & Tell Your Mother EE-

1554. EBR 1464- Sid Phillips Melodians- Three Little Words/ Cheerful Little Earful E+

1555. EBR 1482- Radio Rhythm Boys- Ten Cents a Dance/ Lady of Spain E-

1556. EBR 1490- Sid Phillips O- You're The One I Care For/ Overnight E

1557. EBR 1502- Radio Melody Boys- You're Twice As Nice As That Girl In My Dreams/ You'll Be Mine In Apple Blossom Time E+

1558. EBR 1515- Deauville Dance Band- Were You Sincere/ Goodnight Sweetheart E+

1559. EBR 1518- The Blue Jays- Pardon Me Pretty Baby/ Why Shouldnt IE-

1560. Eclipse 423- Syd Roy O- After Awhile/ Farewell to Arms E/EE-

1561. Ecl 497- Bertini O- Dance Your Blues Away/ Theres a Cabin In the Pines EE-

1562. Ecl 572- Joe Taub O- Dinner At Eight/ Blue Mountain Blues E+

1563. Ecl 809- Bertini O- Take a Ride On a Sunbeam/ Love In Bloom V/E

1564. Ecl 836- The Philadelphians- Who Made Little Boy Blue/ Sweet Dreams of You EE+

1565. Ecl 898- The Connecticut Collegians- Dames/ pt 2 E

1566. Filmophone 203- Clive Errard's DO- Sing Something Simple/ Ten Cents a Dance E+ NICE!!

1567. Four In One 9- Twelve Rhythm Monarchs- How'm I Doin'/ Ray Starita O- Listen to the German

Band// Bernie Blake O- Cabin In the Cotton/ Louis Ramel O- Coo-ee VV+/EE+

1568. Four In One 13- Bennie Blake O- We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye/ Andre Astan O- Janine// Ben Selwyn O- Say To Yourself, I Will Be Happy/ Louis Ramel O- Moon V/V+ sm dig B

1569. HMV B 2103- Savoy Orpheans- Why Couldn't It Be Poor Little Me/ Sea Songs med EE- scr A

1570. HMV B 3479- New Mayfair O- King of Jazz selesction pt 1/2 E

1571. HMV B 3985- Cicely Courtneidge- Ali Baba's Camel/ pt 2 EE+

1572. HMV B 5105- Savoy Orpheans- Dizzy Fingers/ Savoy Havana- Comin' Thro the Cornfields E

1573. HMV B 5380- Savoy Orpheans- Why Cant We Two Be Sweethearts/ Floating Thru the Air E-

1574. HMV B 5568- NMDO- Shout Hallelujah Cause I'm Home/ You're In My Heart E

1575. HMV B 5584- All Star O- Rainbow Round My Shoulder/ Edwin Mc Enelly O- Joanne E+

1576. HMV B 5617- Jack Hylton O- I Must Have That Man/ Carolina Moon EE-

1577. HMV B 5692- Ted Weems O- What a Day/ Rudy Vallee O- S'posin' E-

1578. HMV B 5722- Jack Hylton O- Painting the Clouds With Sunshine/ Tip Toe Thru the Tulips E

1579. HMV B 5795- Jack Hylton O- Jack O' Lanterns/ Wind In the Willows EE+

1580. HMV B 5798- Jack Hylton O- Sunshine of Marseille/ Molly E hot Philippe Brun tpt A

1581. HMV B 5799- Jack Hylton O- Just As We Used to Do/ With a Song In My Heart EE+

1582. HMV B 5813- Ambrose O- Moanin' For You/ When a Woman Loves a Man EE+

1583. HMV B 5814- Ambrose O- Have a Little Faith In Me/ Cryin' For the Carolines E-

1584. HMV B 5821- NMDO- Airman, Airman/ Figaro E-

1585. HMV B 5824- Ambrose O- Just Like In a Story Book/ I'm In the Market For You VV+

1586. HMV B 5825- Ambrose O- Blue Is the Night/ The Empire Party Song E

1587. HMV B 5826- NMDO- High Society Blues/ Eleanor EE+

1588. HMV B 5827- NMDO- Harmony heaven/ We'll Build a Little World Of Our Own V+

1589. HMV B 5832- NMDO- Wedding In the Ark/ Blue Pacific Moonlight E

1590. HMV B 5836- Jack Hylton O- Amy/ Oh! What a Silly Place to Kiss a Girl EE-/E

1591. HMV B 5956- New Mayfair DO- Sunny Days/ I'll Be Good Because of You E- HOT A Bowlly

1592. HMV B 5965- Ambrose O- On a Little Balcony In Spain/ Loving You the Way I Do E+

1593. HMV B 5967- Ambrose O- Blue Again/ Star Dust EE-

1594. HMV B 5970- Jack Hylton O- Song Of the Drum/ Within My Heart E+

1595. HMV B 5973- Jack Hylton O- Choo Choo/ Topsy Turvy Talk EE+ Trumbauer tune A

1596. HMV B 5979(FR)- Ambrose O- Lady Play Your Mandoline/ The Peanut Vendor E-/E

1597. HMV B 5980- Ambrose O- Bathing In the Sunshine/ I'm Just Wearing Out My Heart 4 U E-/V

1598. HMV B 5982- Ambrose O- When You Were My Sweetheart/ Still I Love Her EE-

1599. HMV B 5983- NMDO- I'm Glad I Waited/ Time On My Hands E- Bowllys

1601. HMV B 5984- NMDO- Shout For Happiness/ Goodnight Sweetheart E+ HOT A Bowlly vocs

1602. HMV B 6009- Ambrose O- Laughing At the Rain/ I Surrender Dear VV+

1603. HMV B 6010- NMDO- Sunshine & Shadows/ Fiesta V+ Bowlly vocs

1604. HMV B 6011- NMDO- You're Twice As Nice As The Girl In My Dreams/ Thats Somerset E- scarce Bowlly vocals!

1605. HMV B 6013- Jack Hylton O- Got the Bench, Got the Park/ Girl of a MIllion Dreams E-/V+

1606. HMV B 6014- Ambrose O- When Your Lover Has Gone/ One Little Raindrop E-

1607. HMV B 6332- Ray Noble O- Let Me Give My Happiness To You/ Three Wishes E Bowllys

1608. HMV B 6347- Ray Noble O- Its Within Your Power/ Maybe I Love You Too Much E+ Bowllys

1609. HMV B 6364- Ray Noble O- Seven Years With the Wrong Woman/ All Over Italy E- Bowllys

1610. HMV B 6366- Ray Noble O- I Only Want One Girl/ A Couple Of Fools In Love E- Bowllys

1611. HMV B 6369(AUS)- NMDO- Something Came & Got Me In the Spring/ Chewing Gum E- laminated pressing and Bowlly vocal A

1612. HMV B 6375- Ray Noble O- Pettin' In the Park/ I've Got to Sing a Torch Song E Bowlly vocs

1613. HMV B 6378- Leo Reisman O- Happy As the Day Is Long/ Arden-Ohman O- Lets Call It a Day E+ great coupling- Harold Arlen vocal A, with Adrian Rollini..both Hi Fi sides

1614. HMV B 6379- Ray Noble O- There's a Cabin In the Pines/ If You'll Say Yes Cherie E+ Bowllys

1615. HMV B 6479(IND)- Jack Jackson O- Now That We're Swthrts Again/ Because Its Love V+/E

1616. HMV B 6504- Ray Noble O- Over my Shoulder/ Wheh You've Got a Little Springtime E- Bowlly

1617. HMV B 6530- Jack Jackson O- Soon/ Ole Faithful E+ Alberta Hunter vo

1618. HMV B 6565- Jack Jackson O- Dancing With a Ghost/ I'm On a See Saw E

1619. HMV B 8295- Belle Baker- Swing High, Swing Low/ Wish Me Good Luck EE-/E- NO US ISSU

1620. HMV B 8869- Artie Shaw O- Nightmare/ Indian Love Call EE+/V+

1621. HMV B 8879- Benny Goodman O- Bach Goes to Town/ Farewell Blues EE+

1622. HMV B 8893- Artie Shaw O- Carioca/ The Donkey Serenade EE+

1623. HMV B 8925(IND)- Artie Shaw O- Non Stop Flight/ Prosschai E-

1624. HMV B 9216- Jelly Roll Morton NO Jazzmen- I Thought I Heard B Bolden Say/ Hi Society E+

1625. HMV B 9217- Jelly Roll Morton NO Jazzmen- Winin' Boy Blues/ Oh Didn't He Ramble E+

1626. HMV B 9218- Jelly Roll Morton NO Jazzmen- Ballin' the Jack/ Dont U Leave Me Here E+

1627. HMV B 9219- Jelly Roll Morton NO Jazzmen- West End Blues/ Climax Rag E+

1628. HMV B 9250- First English Public Jam session Recording- St Louis Blues 1/2 E-

1629. HMV B 9770- Dizzy Gillespie O- Algo Bueno/ Ool Ya Koo E

1630. HMV BD 124- Jack Jackson O- How Can U Face Me/ She Fell For a Fella From "Oopsala" E+

1631. HMV BD 200- Jack Hylton O- Lovely to Look At/ I Wont Dance EE+ or better

1632. HMV BD 212- Jack Hylton O- About a Quarter to Nine/ She'a a Latin From Manhattan E

1633. HMV BD 791- Reginald Foort- Selection from Gulliver's Travels pt 1/2 E+ nice organ medleys

1634. HMV BD 805- Al Bowlly w/ O- Give Me My Ranch/ Somewhere In France With You VV+

1635. HMV BD 825- Arthur Askey w/ O- Give a Little Whistle/ Turn On the Old Music Box E-

1636. HMV BD 5139- Ronnie Munro O- Who Loves You/ Foolish Heart E

1637. HMV BD 5821- New Mayfair DO- Marlene/ Pedro the Fisherman EE+

1638. HMV BD 5937- Tony Pastor O- Please No Squeeza Da Banana/ One Meatball E+

1639. HMV DA 1309- Grace Moore- The Dubarry/ I Give My Heart E+

1640. HMV EA 3073(AUS)- Duke Ellington O- Jumpin' Punkins/ Blue Serge E+ top laminated press

1641. HMV EG 6130- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Hab' Keine Sorgen/ Adda E+ fox trot A

1642. HMV EG 6146- Kammersanger Marcel Wittrisch- Hor Mein Lied Violetta/ Mondnacht In Venedig E+

1643. HMV EG 6170- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Der Wind Hat Mir Ein Lied Erzahlt/ Serenade E+

1644. HMV EG 6196- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Herbstgold/ Serenade E+

1645. HMV EG 6198- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Wenn Der Abend Vebsinkt/ Papillon E+

1646. HMV EG 6227- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Cubanischer Tanz/ Roter Teufel E+ both fox trots

1647. HMV EG 6244- Will Glahe O- Kleine Mama, Wie Geht Es Ihrem Baby/ Das Ist Berlin EE+ great A side- fox trot

1648. HMV EG 6255- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Es Leuchten Die Sterne/ Heut Hab Ich Das Gluck Gefunden E+ fox trot A

1649. HMV EG 6256- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Leibe Hochverehrte Grossmama/ Das Ist Berlin E+ nice bouncy instrumental fox trot A

1650. HMV EG 6259- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Wenn Du Mich Liebtest/ Fruhlingstag E+

1651. HMV EG 6321- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Liebesserenade Zur Nacht/ So Schoen Wien Huet Hab Ich Dich Noch Nie Gieseh'n E+ both fox trots

1652. HMV EG 6325- Ludwig Roth O- Lerzte Neuheiten/ Alles Tanzt und Singt E-

1653. HMV GV 146- Charlie Barnet O- Ponce de Leon/ Conga Del Moaxo E+

1654. HMV JF 40- Benny Goodman O- King Porter/ Sometimes I'm Happy NN-

1655. HMV K-6499(FR)- Ambrose O- Oh Monah/ Cuban Love Song VV+

1656. HMV K-7022- Leo Reisman O- The Gold Diggers Song/ Ray Noble O- The Shadow Wz E/E+ great coupling with Fred Astaire vocal A/ Al Bowlly B

1657. Imperial 2627- Gene Austin O- Who Am I?/ If I Didn't Have You E- US ARC masters

1658. Imp 2823- Jack Payne O- Jack Payne Memories 1/2 EE+

1659. Jazz Club Francais 121(FR)- Jazz Club Mystery Hot Band- If Dreams Come True/ Blue Skies N-

1660. JCF 122(FR)- Jazz Club Mystery Hot Band- Beatin' the Hallelujah Dreams/ I Must Have That Man N-

1661. JCF 123(FR)- Jazz Club Mystery Hot Band- Stompin' At the Savoy/ S'Wonderful E+

1662. JCF 131(FR)- Hot Trio Ray Mac Kinley- Shoemaker's Apron/ China Boy NN-

1663. Jazz Man 12- Jelly Roll Morton solo- Finger Buster/ Creepy Feeling E+ from 1938

1664. Jazz Selection 625(FR)- Leon "Chu" Berry Jazz Ensemble- Get Lost 1/2 V+

1665. Kristall 4079(AUSTRIA)- Jack Payne O- Love Is the Sweetest Thing/ I'll Do My Best to Make You Happy V+

1666. Musica 9203(SWE?)- Tyree Glenn vibraphon med Simon Brems 5- My Melancholy Baby/ Tyree Glenn trombone med Simon Brems 5- Sweet Lorraine EE+

1667. Mus 9204- Expressiens Elitorkester- How High the Moon/ Stompin' At the Savoy E+

1668. Odeon A 2219078- Nat Gonella Georgians- Mister Rhythm Man/ Star Dust EE+

1669. Panachord 25676- Joe Loss O- And the Big Bad Wolf Was Dead/ The Pig Got Up..E-

1670. Parlophone AR 387- Richard Tauber- Never Say Goodbye/ Break of Day EE+

1671. Parl E 5808- Harry Reser's String O- Just Wondering/ What Does It Matter V+ electric OKeh masters

1672. Par E 6377- Herman Darewski O- Without My Gal/ My Cradle Is My Desert EE-/E NICE A!

1673. Par R 390- Arthur Roseberry Kit Cat DB- Big City Blues/ Breakaway VV+

1674. Par F 161- Nat Gonella Georgians- Tiger Rag/ Nagasaki V+

1675. Par F 380- Joe Paradise O- Squareface/ Memories of You E+

1676. Par F 397- The Krakajax- I Got Rhythm/ Crazy Rhythm Man V+

1677. Par F 411- Harry Roy O- Without Rhythm/ This'll Make U Whistle V

1678. Par F 432- Harry Roy O- Let Yourself Go/ I'd Rather Lead a Band E-

1679. Par F 441- Harry Roy O- The Man From Herlem/ Doin the New Low Down E

1680. Par F 665- Harry Roy O- So Do I/ La Bomba E/EE-

1681. Par F 1567- Harry Roy O- Oh Aint It Grand To Be In the Navy/ Oh You Crazy Moon E+

1682. Par F 1569- Victor Silvester Ballroom O- Summer Evening In Santa Cruz/ Dear Madam EE+

1683. Par F 1583- Harry Roy O- They Cant Black Out The Moon/ Adolf E topical WW2 songs- B mentions Hitler, Goebbels, Goring in lyrics!

1684. Par F 1596- Harry Roy O- Lets Make Memories Tonight/ Down At the Hole In the Wall E

1685. Par F 1597- Harry Roy O- God Bless You Mr. Chamberlain/ Goodnight Children Everywhere E

1686. Par F 1676- Harry Roy O- Turn On the Old Music Box/ When You Wish Upon a Star E+

1687. Par F 1679- Harry Roy O- Goody Goodbye/ I Want the Waiter EE+

1688. Par F 2058- Joe Daniels Hot Shots- Tight As a Drum/ Sippy Serenade E

1689. Par F 2075- Joe Daniels Hot Shots- Drummer Boy Drum 1/2 V rcnap

1690. Par R 343- Leslie Hutchinson- What Is This Thing Called Love/ I'm a Gigolo V

1691. Par R 371- Rene Dumont- Saxophobia/ Nola V

1692. Picadilly 491- White Star Syncos- Steppin' Along/ My Fate Is In Your Hands E-

1693. Pic 602- Cunard DO- I'm In the Market For You/ Just Like In a Story Book E/E-

1694. Pic 811- Howard Godfrey Waldorfians- Tell Me Are U From Georgia/ Cherie C'est Vous EE+

1695. Polydor 23848(GER)- Ilja Livschkoff DO- Wenn du liebst/ Fleurette E+

1696. Pol 15162(Japan)- Roy Fox O- June In January/ With Every Breath I Take EE+

1697. Pol 15301(Japan)- Lew Stone O- Marilou/ The Music Goes Round EE+ few shellac pops

1698. Pol 1973(CZECH??)- Ambrose O- Swingola/ Sing, Baby, Sing V

1699. Regal G 8543- Corona DO- Chick Chick Chicken(Lay a Little Egg For Me)/ Breezin' Along EE-

1700. Re G 9380- Midnight Minstrels- Breakaway/ I'll Always Be In Love With You E

1701. Re MR 147- Billy Bennett- She Was Poor But..Honest/ Dont send My Boy to Prison V-

1702. Re MR 410- Roy Evans- Roll On Mississippi/ There Must Be a Bright Tomorrow V+ BG A

1703. Re MR 421- Percival Mackey Kit Cat O- Time Alone Will Tell/ Just One More Chance E

1704. Re MR 571- Billy Cotton O- Now That You're Gone/ Somebody Loves You VV+

1705. Re MR 596- Sidney Kyte O- Lovable/ Paradise V+/E-

1706. Re MR 637- Billy Cotton O- That Goes On For Days & Days 1/2 E-

1707. Re Zo MR 659- Midnight Minstrels- Happy Go Lucky You/ Masquerade E/EE-

1708. Re Zo MR 832- Ambrose O- Willow Weep For Me/ A Boy & a Girl Were Dancing V+

1709. Re Zo MR 836- Billy Cotton O- I Wish I Knew a Bigger Word Than Love/ Please Handle With Care EE+

1710. Re Zo MR 999- The Silver Screen O- 42nd Street selection/ Falling For You selection E NICE!!

1711. Re Zo MR 1503- Lew Stone O- The Continental/ Smoke Gets In Your Eyes E+

1712. Re Zo MR 1504- Lew Stone O- Merry Widow Wz/ Vilia N-

1713. Re Zo MR 1514- The Big Hit Parade-1934 pt 1/2 EE+

1714. Re Zo MR 1524- Scott Wood O- Dames/ I Only Have Eyes For You E

1715. Re Zo MR 1733- Broadway Bandits- You're the Top/ All Through the Night E+ US CO mxs

1716. Rex 8087- Ed Lloyd O- Good Morning Glory/ Did U Ever See a Dream Walking EE+ US mxs

1717. Rex 8335- Hollywood DO- When the New Moon Shines/ Stars Fell On Alabama E+ US mxs

1718. Rex 8423- Jay Wilbur O- Lets Have a Jubilee/ Old Timer EE+ despite grey

1719. Telefunken A 2170(GER)- Greta Keller- A Fine Romance/ Pennies From Heaven E

1720. Victor A-1302(Japanese)- Tommy Dorsey Clam 7- My Cabin of Dreams/ Am I Dreaming E+

1721. Vi JA-172(Japanese)- John Jackson O- Let Bygones Be Bygones/ Come On Be Happy V+/V scarce Al Bowlly issue- vocals on both sides

1722. Vogue 5065(FR)- Sidney Bechet- Claude Luter O- Lastic/ Maryland NN-

1723. Vo 5069(FR)- Sidney Bechet- Claude Luter O- Casey Jones/ Blues In My Heart NN-

1724. Vo 5091(FR)- Sidney Bechet- Claude Luter O- Blues In the Cave/ Egyptian Fantasy NN-

1725. The Winner 2144- Ernest Gray- In Remembrance of the Titanic- Be British/ In Remembrance of the Titanic-Stand To Your Post V+ one of the rarer Titanic records

1726. Zonophone 5150- Bert Firman DO- Away Down South In Heaven/ Playground In the Sky E-


MISCELLANEOUS- airchecks, etc

1727. Flexocol Record- aircheck 5/11/34 3:30 PM-4:00 PM- Station WNEW, New Jersey. Ken Ader Orchestra. control numbers 5155A/C on disk one and 5155 B/D on disk two. In 4 parts on 2 disks. Songs include The Beat of My Heart, He's a Humdinger, On the Banks of the Raritan(!!)- a Rutgers University song!!..etc. Program and songs have announcements. Records are light plastic, generally E and play right through with just a little extra weight on the tone arm- despite a light crease and even a couple of hair line vertical splits which do not affect play. Disks produced by the Flexible Record Co of East 48th St, NYC. Certainly one of a kind- fascinating look back at a slice of broadcasting life in 1934

1728. ARS- Advertisers Recording Service, NYC acetate aircheck. Dick Barrie O- undated, but 1937. as announcer states, "by the boardwalk of the surf of the Atlantic Ocean, the music of Dick Barrie O, coming to you from the Marine Ballroom of Jenkinsons Pavillion located at Point Pleasant"..Orch plays Teacher's Pet, Hi Yo Silver..with appreciative crowd applauding. Original recording skips over some applause, goes right to next song..Flip is marked The Poetic Mansfield Melodies, studio, 9/17/37- and sounds more like a studio cut transcription. Starts with a good band playing Good Mornin'(the Paramount Pictures tune), then Whispers In the Dark. In between is a verbal interlude ala Tony Wons I assume by "the poetic Mansfield"..A side starts E-, impr to E/ B is EE-. one of a kind!

1729. War Production Drive- Work Music. Pgm 7/8- arranged & conducted by Wheeler Beckett- 30 Members of NY Philharmonic O- Beautiful Blue Danube/ Love's Salutations- E+ WW2 era

1730. Simmel- Meservey JA 2391/2- J Carroll Naish narrates Sermon On the Mount/ The Last Supper EE+ maroon vinyl pressing. unknown year

1731. American Music 251- Bunk Johnson Band- Tiger Rag/ See See Rider EE+

1732. Am Mus 252- Bunk Johnson Band- When the Saints Go Marching/ St Louis Blues E+

1733. Am Mus 253- Bunk Johnson Band- Lowdown Blues/ Yes Yes In Your Eyes E+

1734. Am Mus 254- Jim Robinson Band- Ice Cream/ George Lewis, Lawrence Marrero Slow Drag- Burgundy St Blues EE+

1735. Asch 1002- Mary Lou Williams Chose 5- Little Joe/ Mary solo- Drag 'Em E-

1736. Asch 1004- Mary Lou Williams Chosen 5- Lullaby of the Leaves/ Mary solo- St Louis Blues E

1737. Asch 1008- Mary Lou Williams 7 (incl Hawk)- This & That/ Song In My Soul NN-

1738. Blue Note 6- Improv by Port of Harlem 7- Pounding Heart Blues/ Sidney Bechet Quintet- Summertime E

1739. BN 23- Joshua White Trio- Careless Love/ Milk Cow Blues EE+

1740. BN 34- Art Hodes Blue Note Jazz Men- Sweet Georgia Brown/ Sugar Foot Stomp EE+

1741. BN 35- Art Hodes BN Jazz Men- Bugle Call Rag/ Squeeze Me E

1742. BN 49- Sidney Bechet's BN Jazz Men- Salty Dog/ Weary Blues E

1743. BN 50- Sidney Bechet's BN Jazz Men- High Society/ Jackass Blues EE-

1744. Brunswick 20094- Colonial Club O- Rio Rita medley 1/2 EE+

1745. Br 20070- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Dear Old Southland/ Limehouse Blues VV+

1746. Br 20109- Victor Young Brunswick O- Jazz Nocturne/ Bing Crosby, Boswell Sisters w/ Don Redman O- Lawd You Made the Night Too Long EE+

1747. Br 20110- Red Nichols O feat Connie Boswell, Arthur Jarrett- New Orleans pt 1/2 EE+

1748. Br 20111- Jack Hylton O- Paradise/ You VV+ heat marks

1749. Br 20112- Victor Young Bruns O feat Boswell Sisters, Carmen Lombardo & Fran Frey/ Boswells, Mills Bros, Frank Munn, Fran Frey- OK America pt 1/2 E

1750. Columbia A 6141- Bert Williams- Elder Eatmore's Sermon On Generosity/ Throwing Stones E-

1751. Co A 6204- Gypsy Smith- Somebody Knows/ Who Could It Be EE+

1752. Co A 6231- Lasses White Minstrel Co w/ Al Bernard- Old Time Minstrels pt 1/2 E- lbl stain

1753. Co 50068- Paul Whiteman O- The Man I Love/ My Melancholy Baby EE-/E

1754. Columbia Tele-Focal Radio Series pgm 8 part A- The Charleston Chasers- Here Comes Emily Brown E+ great side with BG, etc

1755. Co DX 290(ENG)- Vesta Victoria & cho w/ O- Old Time medley/ more EE+ one clk A

1756. Co Mercury Text Record- Orson Welles- The Merchant of Venice pt 5/6- nice label! E+

1757. Co Mercury Text Record- Orson Welles- The Merchant of Venice pt 7/8- nice label! E+

1758. Co Mercury Text Record- Orson Welles- The Merchant of Venice pt 9/10- nice label! E+

1759. Co Mercury Text Record- Orson Welles- The Merchant of Venice pt 11/12- nice label! E-

1760. Co Mercury Text Record- Orson Welles- The Merchant of Venice pt 13/14- nice label! E+

1761. Co Mercury Text Record- Orson Welles- The Merchant of Venice pt 15/16- nice label! E+

1762. Co Mercury Text Record- Orson Welles- The Merchant of Venice pt 17/18- nice label! E+

1763. Co Mercury Text Record- Orson Welles- The Merchant of Venice pt 19/20- nice label! E+

1764. Co Mercury Text Record- Orson Welles- The Merchant of Venice pt 21/22- nice label! E+

1765. Decca 15012- Victor Young O- Through the Years/ Sweet Sue- Just You E+

1766. De 15013- Dorsey Bros O- Weary Blues/ Solitude V+ few clx

1767. De 15034- Victor Young O w/ Lee Wiley- What Is Love?/ I've Got U Under My Skin EE+

1768. De 15039- Chick Webb O feat Ella Fitzgerald- I Want to be Happy/ Hallelujah! E+

1769. De 29157- Orson Welles- The Song of Songs pt 1/2 E+N-

1770. De 29226- Bing Crosby, Frances Langford, Louis Armstrong- Pennies Fm Heaven med 1/2 E+

1771. De G-25713- Jack Hylton O- Poeme/ Praeludium E+

1772. HMV C 925- Mayfair DO- The Boston Two Step/ Sandy Mac EE+

1773. HMV C 1548- NMDO- Good News selection/ Paul Whiteman O- Chloe E/E+

1774. HMV DB 375- Ignace Jan Paderewski- Polonaise Militaire/ Nocturne In F Maj Op 15 #2 E+

1775. HMV DB 1273- Ignace Jan Paderewski-Valse Caprice/ Valse Brilliante in E Fl maj Op 18 E+

1776. HRS 2007- Jack Teagarden Big 8- Big 8 Blues/ The World Is waiting For the Sunrise E+

1777. RCA 050644/5- Lucky Strike presents Elvira Rios- Quimbamba/ Perfidia E-

1778. RCA Victor 12-0663-5. 3 records- Hamlet w/ Laurence Olivier. EE+ for all 3 records

1779. Royal Jazz 703- Mezzrow- Bechet 5- Funky Butt/ Where Am I E+

1780. Signature 90004- Herbie Fields O- You Can Depend On Me/ These Follish Things E

1781. Vi 7486- Lawrence Tibbett- De Glory Road/ Edward E/EE+

1782. Vi 70038- Nora Bayes- Jack Norworth- Turn off Your Light Mr Moon ManV+

1783. Vi 55225- Paul Whiteman O- Rhapsody In Blue 1/2 E- few lt clx

1784. Vi 35202- Victor Minstrel Co- Carolina Minstrels #20/ Golden & Hughes- Whistling Pete- Minstrel Specialty E+/EE+

1785. Vi 35213- Victor Minstrel Co- Arkansas Minstrels/ Louisiana Minstrels E

1786. Vi 35280- Golden & Hughes- Unlucky Mose/ Victor Minstrel Co- New Orleans Minstrels #27 E

1787. Vi 35267- Victor Minstrel Company #25- Florida Minstrels/ Ada Jones & Len Spencer- A Race For a Wife EE+

1788. Vi 35307- Victor Minstrel Co- North Carolina Minstrels/ Golden & Hughes- Jimmie Trigger, or The Military Hero EE-

1789. Vi 35708- Paul Whiteman O- All For U- Happiness/ All Star Trio & O- Moonbeams/ Pining E

1790. Vi 35753- A Miniature Concert by The 8 Popular Victor Artists 1/2 E-

1791. Vi 35822- Paul Whiteman O- Rhapsody In Blue 1/2 E+ rs lbl

1792. Vi 35933- Paul Whiteman O- Metropolis 1/2 E+

1793. Vi 35934- Paul Whiteman O- Metropolis 3/4 E+

1794. Vi 35970- Victor Light Opera Co w/ O- Gems from Follow Thru/ from Hold Everything EE+/E

nice sides with peppy band, Hawaiian guitar- good female vocal (Belle Mann?)

1795. Vi 36020- Hall Johnson Negro Choir- Ezekiel Saw, Swing Low, Keep Yo Hand On the Flow//

Good News, Standin' in the Need of Prayer/ Religion Is a Fortune E-

1796. Vi 36123- Eight Piano Ensemble, Philip Finch ldr. rec in London- Rhapsody in Blue 1/2 EE+

1797. Vi 36205- Benny Goodman O- Sing, Sing, Sing 1/2 V+

1798. Vi NB 6013(Japanese)- Page Cavanaugh Trio & as sung by Virginia Mayo in the film-Daddy O/ D Kaye, Golden Gate Qtet, Louis, Hamp, Dorsey, Barnet BG, Powell and as sung by Virginia Mayo in the film- A Song Is Born E+

1799. Vocalion 35009- Ray Miller O- She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not/ Newport Soc O- StealingV+


1800. Asch DM 103- Gaby Casadesus plays Claude Debussy piano works on this 4 record set. Titles are: Voiles/ 2nd Arabesque G major// La Serenade Interompue/ 1st Arabesque G Major// Serenade a La Poupee/ Minstrels// Golliwogs Cakewalk/ La Fille Aux Cheveux de lin. Records are all in E+, and album is in E condition

1801. Asch 350- Jazz Variations. 3 record set E+, album EE+. Fletcher Henderson O, Jess Stacy All Stars, James P. Johnson, Peck's Bad Boys feat Alan Reuss

1802. Asch 357. John Kirby O. 2 record set and album E+. Incl Asch 3571-2

1803. Coast Records C-2. Columbia Pictures and Coast Records present the Isham Jones album It Had to Be You, dedicated to Ginger Rogers & Cornel Wilde. 2 record set and album is E+, has light brown marks on inside cover. Unusual movie tie in.

1804. Commodore CMS1- presents piano solos by Willie Smith. Very rare 7 record set of both originals by The Lion, and standards. Among them are Morning Air, Rippling Waters, Finger Buster, Fading Star, I'll Follow You, Between the Devil.. Records are like new, except one which may be a replacement and is E+ with some lbl dmg. Album has spine repair, but is overall clean. Never heard of another copy!

1805. Decca 170- Harold Arlen & Ted Koehler's Americanegro Suite- Reverend Johnson's Dream. An extremely rare set...The 3 record set is inscribed and signed(autographed) by Harold Arlen. The performers include William Gillespie, Lois Hodnett, Ruby Elzy, and the Jubilee Singers. Tunes are Reverend Johnson's Dream, Little Ace O' Spades, I'm Here Lawd, I Got Dat Feelin', Where Is Dis Road a Leadin Me to, and Big Time Comin'. Records and album E+. Has descriptive brochure.

1806. Decca 473- Ella Fitzgerald Souvenir Album. 4 record set and album E+, light brown marks inside cover. Includes De 25123-25126, I Got It Bad, The One I Love, etc.

1807. Disc 622. Erroll Garner & Billy Kyle. 3 record set E+, album EE+, light brown stains inside cover. Includes records 501-3. John Kirby and others play

1808. Japanese Polydor album S13- Hollywood Tea Party from 1935. Great illustrated album(NO RECORDS) with an embossed heavy duty cover featuring "caricatures" of movie stars. The same stars have illustrated inner sleeves where one would place the Polydor 78s..These illustrations are rough caricatures to say the least-...They are Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Betty Boop, Popeye, Ginger Rogers, Deanna Durbin, Jessie Matthews, Grace Moore, Dick Powell, Bobby Breen, Frances Langford, Marlene Dietrich..Album is about E condition with some light wear to the spine, etc.

1809. Musicraft unnumbered. Toni Home Permanent presents Torme Time. Rarely seen Mel Torme 2 record set which is E+ as is album. Unusual product and NBC TV tie in.

1810. Musicraft S8- Mel Torme, the Velvet Fog. 3 record set E+ as is album. Includes Musicraft 528- 530. One record has radio station crayon marks on surface which does not affect play

1811. RCA Victor DC-42- Brooklyn Baseball Cantata. Robert Merrill. Two record set and album E+, lt brown marks inside cover

1812. RCA Victor Y-386- Peter and the Wolf narrated by Sterling Holloway. Two record set, Disney illustrated inserts and album are all E+


1813. Columbia M-477- Peter & the Wolf. Basil Rathbone narr, Stokowski cond. 3 rec E+, alb EE-

1814. Decca 363- Winged Victory- 2 record set- records EE+, album E-

1815. De DA 290- A Christmas Carol- Ronald Colman as Scrooge. 3 rec set E+, alb E- light water

1816. Historical Recordings- Truman, FDR, Churchill, Ike, Mac Arthur, etc. 4 rec E+, album E

1817. HMV 364- The Progress of the War. Broadcast Speeches by the PM Winston Churchill. Vol 3. Mar 1941-Aug 1941. 8 record set w/ pic lbls Churchill E+.Album EE+, small part corner missing



1818. Associated test mx A 1376-C2- Will Osborne O- The Way You Look Tonight/ Organ Grinder's Swing E+ EXC with top solos B!! (THEY CAN PLAY HOT!!)

1819. Associated test mx A 1561-C2- Tune Twisters w/guitar- I Haven't Got a Hat/ Congratulate Me/ By the Great Horn Spoon EE+

1820. Associated test mx A 1618-C2- Ray Sinatra O- The Folks Who Live On the Hill/ High, Wide & Handsome (no vocs) EE+

1821. Associated test mx 1731-C2..Isham Jones O- I Want a New Romance/ Things Are Looking Up E+ GREAT BIG SOUND and swingin' with solos

1822. Associated 40- James Dalton O- (Jimmy Dorsey)- Sandman/ Beebe/ I'm Painting the Town Red//Sven Von Hallberg O- Hindu Song/ Song to Zuleika EE+. extra nice hi fi on Beebe

1823. Associated 71- Clyde Lucas O- After 12 O' Clock(the Hoagy Carmichael tune)/ Limehouse Blues// Domenic Savino O- Maytime In Vienna/ Maria, Maria E+ EXC A side- big sound!

1824. Associated 137- Clyde Lucas O- Mammy Bong/ You Came to My Rescue// Racimo's Hawaiians- My Little Grass Shack/ Meleana E E+ big, lush sound

1825. Associated 146- Joe Venuti O- Wild Party/ Earthquake(top solos, great fidelity)// Leon Bolero O(Leon Belasco)- I've Got Love/ La Comparsa EE+/E-

1826. Associated 526- D'Artega O- A Serenade to the Stars/ Digga Digga Do/ Al Roth O- I Can Dream Cant I(Linda Lee vo)/ Just A Sweet Old Gent & A Quaint Old Lady E+ lt scr Diga/ E+

1827. Associated 585- Teddy Powell O- Blue Sentimental Mood(no voc)/ Its All Over Now(voc)// Senor Clemente Pan American o- Las Altenitas/ Tu Ya No Soplas/ La Tarde Era Triste E+

1828. Associated 559- Horace Heidt O- Red Skies In the Night/ Lets Stop the Clock(vocs)// The Dance of the Blue Danube/ Clarinet Polka/ I'll Love You In My Dreams E+

1829. Associated 630- Harry Breuer 5 Men of Rhythm- Tap, Tap, Tap/ Lola// Claude Thornhill O- The Butterfly/ Rustle of Spring EE- incl xylo, vibes, guitar. top jazz small group

1830. Associated 645- Shep Fields O- Powder Puff/ Dinner At the Browns// Clinton Military Band- Maryland My Mary./ America the Beau/ Star Spangled Ban EE+ NICE Shep with electric guitar solo on Dinner- NOT the rippling rhythm band- this is a top swing band E scr nap

1831. Associated 12,005- Clyde Lucas O- Poinciana/ You're Slightly Terrific(NICE!!)// Ruby Newman O- Whistle While You Work/ Sunday In the Park E+ big sound!- vibes poss Rollini

1832. Associated 12,010- Michael Wayne O(Mark Warnow?)- Summertime/ Farewell Blues/ After You've Gone// Evan Evans & Muriel Taft w/ Katzman O- Rio Rita/ If You're In Love You'll Wz/ Rangers Song/ Rio Rita EE+

1833. Associated 12011- Clyde Mc Coy O- Stomping At the Savoy/ Embassy Stomp// Sam Lanin O- Lady of the Evening/ Cecile Wz E+ solos A

1834. Associated A 12015- Lenny Carson O(Larry Clinton)- Let 'Er Go/ The One Rose--both with Babs Warren(Bea Wain vocs)// Ray Sinatra O- Chicago/ Sweet & Hot/ Anchors Aweigh E+ nice B


1835. AFRS- America's Popular Music 51 pt 1/ Music Views From Hollywood 18 pt 1 E+ Benny Goodman A incl Dixieland Band/ B incl Les & Mary, Stan Freberg, etc

1836. AFRS- BML 143/4- Bing Crosby/ Charlie Barnet O- 4 cuts per E

1837. AFRS- BML 171/2- Art Tatum solos/ Jimmy Dorsey O- 3 cuts per EE-

1838. AFRS- Carnival of Music #22- 2 sided Morton Gould, Alec Templeton, Dorothy Shay E-V+.

1839. AFRS- Downbeat 226/7- Gene Norman host. discs by Diz, Coleman, Hawk, Lester EE+

1840. AFRS- Eddie Condon Show #28. great 2 sided incl Lee Wiley, Jack Teagarden, Sidney Bechet, Bobby Hackett, Cacares, Kaminsky, Pee Wee Russell, etc 2" scr A clx lite but plays through with no problem

1841. AFRS- GI Jive 2111/2- Benny Goodman A incl Chicago, How High Moon/ B incl Ventura E

1842. AFRS- Phonograph Album 45/6- Benny Goodman/ Louis Armstrong- 4 cuts per E incl Air Mail Special A, Drop That Sack B

The next two are Associated(?) lateral heavy duty acetates recorded by unknown bands "playing like" big bands with easy to figure out pseudonyms. True hi fidelity and top quality performances

1843. Assoc 16-B- Dave Ellers O(Duke Ellington)- 3 cuts incl Jack the Bear, Passion Flower N-

1844. Assoc 20-B- Tommy Hearn O(Ted Heath)- 5 cuts incl Lullaby of Birdland, The Hawk Talks N-

1845. CP Mac Gregor 2037/8- Sterling Young O- 7 cuts recorded in 1937. E

1846. CPM 2087/ MB100- Al Perry Singing Surf Riders- 8 cuts incl Drums of Hawaii, Night of Tropic Love, At Waikiki I Met Her E

1847. CPM LB 128/9- Red Nichols 5 Pennies/ Stan Kenton O- 4 cuts per E+

1848. CPM LB 521/2- Sterling Young O/ Matty Malneck O- 4 cuts from '37/ 3 cuts E+

1849. CPM Lib 37/39- Stan Kenton O/ Les Paul Trio- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+

1850. Donald Novis Sings- #1/2. 4 cuts each side. E c mid 1930s, pressed on heavy vinyl by RCA Victor Hollywood. Nice picture label with Novis

1851. Donald Novis Sings #3/4- 4 cuts each E..description as above

1852. MGM Hollywood Reporter- Air Trailer for The Courtship of Andy Hardy- Mickey Rooney, Lewis Stone, Donna Reed. Runs 15 minutes E+ from 1942

1853. Muzak- Bob Hope All Star Show for Arthritis & Rheumatism Foundation. Great 2 sided live show- combo of music & comedy with Hope, Frank Sinatra, Wm Holden, Dorothy Shay, etc E-

The next Muzak is a lateral heavy duty acetate safety disk cut at the actual session- just like being there!!

1854. Frankie Masters O- 4 cuts incl Mine complete take, 2 complete takes of Anything You Can Do, 1 breakdown take of Anything You Can Do EE+ watermark sounds very light in parts

1855. National Guard- Lets Go to Town 127/8- Billy May O with Peggy Lee E+

1856. Navy Dept- Adventures of Babe Ruth- episodes 53/4 E+

1857. Navy Dept- Adventures of Babe Ruth- episodes 5/6 E+

1858. Naval Air Reserve Show pgm 5/6 ser 3- Buddy Clark/ Connie Haines E light warp nap

1859. Standard X-15- Eddie Fitzpatrick O- 8 great tunes incl I'm Gonna Picket Your Heart, Blossoms On Broadway, You Cant Stop Me From Dreaming. early heavy RCA Victor Hollywood pressing

1860. Std X-97- Garwood Van O- 8 cuts incl Apple For Teacher E+ heavy RCA Victor pressing

1861. Std Z-109- Henry King O- 10 cuts. E- heavy RCA Victor pressing

1862. Std Y-119- Dick Jurgens O- 8 cuts incl Pocketful of Dreams E heavy RCA Victor pressing

1863. Std Q-130- The Islanders- 8 Hawaiian sides incl Maka Mui, My Heart Had Known E- early iss

1864. Std Z-133- Dancin With Anson- 8 cuts E. early heavy RCA Victor Hollywood pressing

1865. Std Y-141- Dancin With Anson- 8 cuts E. early heavy RCA Victor Hollywood pressing. Top

tunes incl There Aint Gonna Be No War, Delightful Delirium, Dont Look Now +a voc by Dale Evans

1866. Std Z-179- Ray Noble O- 10 cuts incl Lying In the Hay EE+

1867. Std Z-213- Spike Jones O- 9 cuts incl Laura & Minka E+

1868. Std U-222- Kay Starr w/ Joe Venuti & Les Paul- 10 cuts incl Dixieland Band E+

1869. Std X-315- Tommy Dorsey O- 9 cuts incl Cheerful Little Earful NN-

1870. Std X-334- Tommy Dorsey O- 9 cuts incl Two Beats On a Bat NN-

1871. Thesaurus 285- Joe Green O/ Five Minute Mysteries- 4 cuts/ 1 cut E A incl Sister Kate/ Roll On Mississippi/ B is titles Scotchman's Honeymoon

1872. Thes 473- Rhythmakers(L Brown)/ Fields & Hall Mountaineers- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts A incl Go Feather Your Nest E

1873. Thes 487- Rhythmakers(A Shaw)/ Xavier Cugat O- 4 cuts per incl Stalling For Time E+

1874. Thes 537- Rhythmakers(C Barnet)/ Milt Herth- 4 cuts per incl Stop, Look & Listen A/ Tiger Rag B EE+

1875. Thes 611- Will Osborne O/ Gray Gordon O- 4 cuts per incl Julius Caesar A/ Jeepers Cr B E

1876. Thes 943- Teddy Powell O/ Allen Roth O- 5 cuts per VV+

1877. Thes 1444- Jumpin' Jacks w/ Bobby Hackett/ Salon Players. 4 cuts A incl Singin the Blues, Stars Fell On Alabama, ICBTUIL w/ Me, Isle of Capri E

1878. Treasury Dept- Guest Star 163/4- Louis Armstrong All Stars(Bigard, Cozy)/ A Godfrey EE+

1879. US Army- Army Bandstand 23/4- Benny Goodman A/ Chris Connor B E some scrs/E+ incl You're Driving Me Crazy A/ I'm Shootin' High B

1880. US Dept of State- pgm 33/34- Benny Goodman/ Xavier Cugat 5 cuts per EE+ A side incl One O' Clock Jump(w/ Basie guest), Hallelujah/ B incl Ali Baba

1881. World Broadcasting System- Chevrolet Musical Moments 110/111. from 1936. Includes swing versions of Whats the Reason I'm Not Pleasin' You, Hunkadola, Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight E+


1882. Assoc test M-1681- Arnold Briggs O- 4 cuts E+..The pseudonyms most times match the artists real initials, but this one is Ozzie Nelson. It has a date of 9/8/37, and 3 of the 4 tunes were cut the prior week for BB. Great trumpet on You Cant Stop Me From Dreamin' & The Big Apple.

1883. Assoc test mx ZZ-3857-P9- Fred Rich O- 5 cuts E+ incl I've Got U Under.., Beg Beguine

1884. Assoc test mx ZZ-3858-P8- Fred Rich O- 5 cuts E+ incl great Way Down Yonder in New Orleans with Joe Venuti in ultra high fidelity!

The next Associated is a heavy duty acetate safety disk cut at the actual session- by a top jazz band just like being there!!

1885. Assoc ZZ-3918-C-1-The Way You Look Tonight breakdown take, The Way You Look Tonight complete take, Flyin' Home- complete take. GREAT jazz band- sounds like Teddy Wilson and Slam Stewart are there, plus a top trumpet solo, and clarinet, trombone solos, etc. Who is it?? NEW-

1886. Assoc 1005- Adrian Rollini Novelty Quartet/ Arlene Courtney/ Henry King O. 5 cuts per E+ A incl Bye Bye Blues, Smiles. B good vox incl Touched In the Head, Shoutin In Amen

1887. Assoc 60,062- Dixie Songsters/ Rosario Bourdon O- 5 cuts A EE+ incl Ride Red Ride, Darktown Strutters' Ball, My Gal Sal

1888. Assoc 60,067- Dixie Songsters/ Rosario Bourdon O- 4 cuts A E+ incl Dinah, Runnin Wild

1889. Assoc 60,132- Ernie Fiorito O- 7 cuts E+ incl Start the Day Right, Man With Mandolin

1890. Assoc 60,288- John Kirby O/ Erskine Butterfield O- 3 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ A incl Rehearsin' For a Nervous Breakdown/ B incl Hallelujah

1891. Assoc 60,318- Joan Edwards w/ her own piano acc/ Charlie Spivak O- 4 cuts/ 3 cuts EE+ incl Jim, I Dont Want To Set...Fire A/ Lets Go Home B

1892. Assoc 60,469- George Gregory O/ Jean Collins w/ Polka Dots. 4 cuts per E+ fantastic Glen Gray O A incl Black Jazz, Sunny Disposish

1893. Assoc 60,493- Thomas "Fats" Waller O/ R. Bourdon O. 4 cuts A E+ incl Aint Misb, Swt Sue

1894. Assoc 60,678- Riders of the Purple Sage. 11 cuts E+ incl Ragtime Cowboy Joe, Texas Blues

1895. Assoc 61,031- Richard Himber O/ Harry Horlick O- 4 cuts/ 3 cuts E+. A incl Body & Soul, Something to Remember You By

1896. Assoc 61,200- The Satisfiers acc Buddy Weed Trio/ Alan Holmes O- 4 cuts per E+

1897. Muzak X-726- Dave Dennis O- 8 cuts E+ incl You Are Too Beautiful, My Silent Love

1898. Reiss Public Address Systems- Detroit, Mi. Freddy Rich O- 3 cuts include The Latin Quarter. and A Stranger In Paree. Dated E+5/13/38..unknown source but good band!! BIG SOUND!

1899. World WM-531-535/ 556-560- Bob Conley O(Bob Crosby)/ G Yanowvich Gypsy Ensemble. 4 cuts per E+ early Bob Crosby sides incl Treasure Island, Let Yourself Go

1900. World WM-546-550/ 596-600- Bob Conley O(Bob Crosby)/ Dixieland Strings. 4 cuts per E+ early Bob Crosby sides incl Broadway Rhy, Diga, Diga Do/ B incl Liza

1901. World 937-944 uncredited big band from 1935. 8 cuts E+. Great big band. Tunes incl Ghost of Dinah, Soon, She's a Latin From Manhattan, Its Easy to Remember .red semi flex press

1902. World 2777-2784- uncredited jazz band, but sleeve notes say its Red Norvo O, and it is. 8 cuts E+ GREAT jazz on Rug Cutter's Swing, drop me Off In Harlem, Sunny Side of Things, etc

1903. World 3097-3104- uncredited big band from 1939. 8 cuts E+. Nice sides incl And the Angels Sing, East Side of Heaven, Happy About the Whole Thing, Heaven Can Wait-- maroon vinyl

1904. World 300- 3713-3720- Frankie Masters O- 8 cuts per E-

1905. World 300- 3721-3728- Frankie Masters O/ Jimmy Dorsey O- 4 cuts per E

1906. World 7739-7747- Glen Gray O/ Nat Brandywynne O- 5 cuts per EE+. A incl Ready, Quiet, Begin, Hold the Phone/ B incl After You've Gone, Deep Purple, Somebody Stole My Gal

1907. World 7749-7758- Glen Gray O/ MIlt Herth Trio- 5 cuts per E+..A incl Reconversion Blues, Just An Old Manuscript, B incl Honky Tonk Train, Bugle Call Rag

1908. World 299- Alvin Kaleolani Royal Hawaiians- 4 cuts incl Kauiokalani/ Oscar Peterson- 2 cuts incl Singin' In the Rain// Eddie Howard O- 3 cuts- / Harry James O- 2 cuts incl Roll 'Em E+

1909. World Jam Session 26A/B- Miff Mole Dixieland O/ Red Norvo Sextet. 5 cuts/ 3 cuts E+ A incl At the Jazz Band Ball/ How Come U Do Me/ B incl The Man I Love

1910. World Jam Session 37A/B- Jonah Jones O/ Max Kaminsky Jazz Band. 4 cuts per E+ A incl 12th Street Rag, ICGUA But Love/ B incl Eccentric, Dipper Mouth

1911. World Jam Session 38A/B- Jonah Jones O/ Jess Stacy Trio. 4 cuts/ 5 cuts EE+ incl BH Boogie, Stompin' at the Savoy A/ Sweet Georgia Brown, Blue Motion B


The next group is Victor Record Review. Each about 16 pgs. All things RCA Victor! All EXC cond

1912. Vic Record Review- May 1939- RCA at Worlds Fairs- cover Trylon & Perisphere, plus photos inside of RCA at NYWF, and GGIE, plus Boogie Woogie

1913. Vic Record Review- July 1939- From the Golden Age of Jazz, Nan Wynn, Sablon, Cugat

1914. Vic record Review- August 1939- Tommy Dorsey at home (not more than a few miles from where I am sitting now at home!!)--also Kemp, Wain, Hutton, Eberle, etc

1915. Vic Record Review- Sept 1939- Kemp, Wynn, Wizard of Oz cast, Artie Shaw, Condon, etc

1916. Vic Record review- Feb 1940- Pinocchio, Du Barry Was a Lady, Janet Blair

1917. Vic Record Review- March 1940- Pinocchio, Jeanette Mac Donald, Alec Templeton, Zurke

1918. Vic Record Review- Apr 1940- Artie Shaw Returns, Paul Robeson, Duke Ellington

1919. Victor Record Review- June 1950- cover TD & Jascha- also Beneke, Betty Clooney, Allan Jones, NBC TV, Gene Krupa, Frankie Carle, Berle, Spike Jones, good shots at KTTV

The next group is a West Coast music mag called Theme. Good content- articles, pictures,ads, record reviews, etc covering modern & traditional artists. Will give brief descriptions. All in EXC cond

1920. Theme Nov 1954- 30 pgs. Chet Baker, Bobby Troup, Swedish Jazz, Al Jolson

1921. Theme Jan 1955- 30 pgs. Billie, Louis, Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Ella, Christy, Brunis

1922. Theme Vol 2 #4, 1955- 32 pgs. Les Brown, Bing, Red Norvo, etc

1923. Theme March 1955- 28 pgs. The early Bing, Kenton, Lyttleton, etc

1924. Theme- Jan 1957- 28 pgs. full pg ad Pacific Jazz, Bud Shank, Jazz Poll 1956, JJ Johnson

1925. Theme- Fall 1957- 32 pgs. full pg ad Pac Jazz, Julie London, Stars of Jazz, Bunk Johnson

Next are The Jazz Record- 20 pgs each. Covers traditional & current jazz of the mid 40s. exc cond

1926. Jazz Record May 1945- cover James P. Johnson- Condon, Frank Melrose, Jelly, etc

1927. Jazz Record Dec 1945- cover Joe Marsala, Joe Bushkin- Louis, Dixieland, Condon, etc

1928. Jazz Record Jan 1946- cover Sidney Bechet- George Lewis, Richard M Jones obit, light water

1929. Jazz Record Nov 1946- cover Albert Nicholas- Condon, Hackett, Pee Wee, Hodes, etc

Next- a variety of miscellaneous items

1930. A Collection of Jewish Melodies songbook as featured by Joseph Cherniavsky & his Yiddish American Jazz Band (1926)- great photo cover and music. some pages loose

1931. Django Reinhardt album souvenir w/ pix Django on cover, plus music for Daphne, Djangologie, Swing Guitar, Tears, Nuages, etc MINT

1932. Louis Armstrong Concert Group- Satchmo the Great. 24 pgs- many pix and articles E+

1933. Tommy Dorsey O- program 11/6/46. Decatur Illinois Lions Club. Many pix plus autographs of Ziggy Elman, Dorothy Claire, Abe Most and others E

1934. Billy Eckstine, George Shearing Concert program. c 1950. many pix and articles E+

1935. Paul Whiteman All Gershwin Concert program. 20 pgs c late 40s lots of pix E bit of cover wear

1936. Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole, Sarah Vaughan- the Biggest Show of 1951 concert program. 18 pages--pix and articles on stars plus Peg Leg Bates, Marie Bryant, Stump & Stumpy EE-

1937. Newport Jazz Festival program 1956. 100+ pages. Billie, Louis, Ella, Lester, Mulligan, Stitt, Brubeck, Tea, Basie, Hackett, etc EE+ tons of pix!!

1938. Nat King Cole, Cal Tjader 5, Nelson Riddle, Jeri Southern- concert flyer for Civic Aud in San Jose. 5"x8" w/ pic of Cole. MINT condition

1939. Spike Jones New Musical Insanities of 1954. concert flyer for Curran Theatre on Geary St in San Francisco. 6"x9" pix of Spike & Helen Grayco MINT

1940. Crosby on Record 1926-50. published by Mello's Music, SF, Ca. 100+ pages well researched with many photos. cover loose, otherwise EXC

1941. The Etude- August 1924. Great cover "The Jazz Problem". Several articles on jazz EE+

1942. Jazz by Leonard Feather- an exciting story of jazz today. c. 1952. 80+ pgs w/ pix and articles galore- Bird, Diz, Cab, Basie, Babs Gonzales, Monk, Stitt, Getz, Miles, etc EE+

1943. Jazz Magazine- Oct 1962. 28 pgs incl Bix by Otis Ferguson, Duke Ellington on The Twist, Sonny Rollins, Ray Charles..also pix Coleman Hawkins, Stan Getz, etc Record reviews, etc E+

1944. Benny Goodman canceled check- made out to trumpeter Nate Kazabier. Signed by BG on the bottom, Nate endorsed on the back. Dated 5/16/55. EXC cond

1945. Benny Goodman canceled check- made out to saxophonist Arthur Rollini. Signed by BG on the bottom, Art endorsed on the back. Dated 5/16/55. EXC cond-tape repair side-no affect signatures

1946. Benny Goodman canceled check- made out to trombonist Murray Mc Eachern. Signed by BG on the bottom, Murray endorsed on the back. Dated 5/16/55. EXC cond



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