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Dear Collectors, Here is my latest auction of vintage 78s, 12" & 16" radio transcriptions, and paper material. Closing date is- SUNDAY- JANUARY 25, 2015. Winner pays postage and packing at cost. I am looking to purchase quality collections, so please keep me in mind should you hear of anything for sale or wish to sell a collection.


1. Aeolian Vocalion 1205- Original Dixieland Jass Band- Barnyard Blues/ At the Jass Band Ball E- 2 pops B, one 10 gvs, one less..not bad. One of the RARE ones!

2. Aeo Voc 1219- Dabney's Band- Darktown Strutter's Ball/ Paddle Addle In Your Little Canoe EE- impr quickly to E/EE+ RARE early jazz band record

3. Ariel 4334(ENG)- Jim Garnet w/ O- Dakota/ Bruce Hargreaves w/ O- You're In My Heart E-, plays EE-..A side is Noble Sissle O recorded in London 1928, no US issue

4. Black Swan 2058- Haynes' Harlem Syncopators- Hawaiian Blues/ Melody in "F" V/V- cr to lbl plays through without a problem

5. BB 5585- Bennie Moten KC O- Blue Room/ Milenberg Joys N- 1932 master press dog lbl

6. BB 5947- Joe Pullum- Black Gal #4/ Robert Cooper- West Dallas Drag #2 E-/EE-

7. BB 6690- Frank Tanner Rhythm Kings- Sailor Man Rhythm/ Chicago Rhythm Kings- The Boston Tea Party strong E...FAINT int cr nap..San Antonio TX territory band A/ Tempo King O B

8. Brunswick 2462- Lizzie Miles- Black Man( Be On Yo Way)/ My Pillow & Me EE+

9. Br 3332- The Wolverines- Crazy Quilt/ You're Burnin' Me Up E+

10. Br 3998- King Oliver Dixie Syncopators- Showboat Shuffle /Every Tub E-

11. Br 4028- King Oliver Dixie Syncopators- Got Everything/ Four or Five Times VV+/V+

12. Br 4500- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- The New Yorkers/ I May Be Wrong EE+ or better

13. Br 01784(ENG)- Garland Wilson- You Rascal You/ The Way I Feel E+ no US issue

14. Br 01814(ENG)- Monia Liter- Alexander's Ragtime Band/ Dinah EE+/E+ nice jazz piano by Al Bowlly's accompanist

15. Br 02283(ENG)- Garland Wilson- Shim Sham Drag/ Your Heart & Mine E+ no US issue

16. Cameo 9048- The Cotton Pickers- Railroad Man/ St Louis Blues E improves to EE+/ VV+ Benny Goodman in band

17. Champion 15018- Birmingham 5- Oh Boy What a Girl/ College Serenaders- Oh Lovey Be Mine E-

18. Champ 15177- Bobby Jones New Yorkers- Blowin' the Blues Away/ Carolina Rolling Stones- Who Are You Vamping Tonight VV+ nice solos A

19. Co 13003-D- King Oliver Jazz Band- Chattanooga Stomp/ New Orleans Stomp looks E, pl EE+

20. Co 14392-D- Fletcher Henderson O- Easy Money/ Come On Baby looks E/EE-, plays EE+

21. Co 14502-D- Jimmy Johnson & Clarence Williams- I Found a New Baby/ How Could I Be Blue E+

22. Co 15018-D- Wallace Butler Hotel De Sota O- Doo Wacka Doo/ I Wonder If You Still Love Me EE+..odd issue. an Atlanta territory dance/jazz band in the Country series

23. Co 51-D- Midway DO- Buddy's Habits/ Cotton Pickers' Ball EE+ Elmer Schoebel group

24. Co 374-D- The Cotton Club O- Riverboat Shuffle/ Original Two Time Man VV+

25. Co 287-D- The Cotton Club O- Snag 'Em Blues/ Down & Out Blues VV+

26. Co 1850- Seven Hot Air Men- Gotta Feelin' For You/ Low Down Rhythm E+

27. Co 1913- Fletcher Henderson O- Blazin'/ The Wang Wang Blues EE- rcnap

28. Co 2087- Seven Gallon Jug Band- What If I Do/ Wipe 'Em Off looks V, plays solid E-

29. Co 2329- Fletcher Henderson O- Somebody Loves Me/ Chinatown My Chinatown E+/EE+

30. Co 2352- Fletcher Henderson O- Keep a Song In Your Soul/ What Good Am I Without You E

31. Co 2414- Fletcher Henderson O- Sweet & Hot/ I've Found What I Wanted In You E+

32. Co 2875(BLUE WAX)- Chocolate Dandies- I Never Knew/ Chick Webb Savoy O- On the Sunny Side of the Street EE+

33. Domino 335- New Orleans Jazz Band- My Papa Doesn't Two Time No Time/ It Had To Be You E+N-

34. Elite 4262(FR)- Phillippe Brun- Tazzin'/ E. Hollerhagen Quartet- Honeysuckle Rose E+/EE+ two super swingin' sides. Top Brun tpt A

35. Gennett 5221- New Orleans Rhythm Kings- London Blues/ Mad.. strong E

36. Ge 5590- Ferd(Jelly Roll) Morton- Shreveport Stomps/ Stratford Hunch starts V+ quickly goes to EE-/ E-

37. Melotone 12689- Alabama Rascals- Stomp That Thing/ Jockey Stomp E-

38. Mt 7-01-63- Alabama Rascals- The Dirty Dozen's Cousins/ Nancy Jane EE+

39. Mt 7-06-05- Cab Calloway O- St James Infirmary/ Nobody's Sweetheart E+ has light lam nap beautiful later West Coast master pressing with much better sound than the Brunswick

40. Odeon NY 6015- Eddie Gordon Band- Get Happy/ Whipporwill E+ in the rare 490000 mx series

41. Od ONY 36107- Ray Seeley O- Can I Help It?/ You're the Sweetest Girl This Side of Heaven E+ edge chip nap. SOLOS A!

42. Od ONY 36138- Joe Venuti New Yorkers- Out of Breath/ I Am Only Human After All E+

43. Od ONY 41215- Sam Lanin O- The Toymakers Dreams/ Wedding of the Painted Doll looks E, plays EE+ or better. Smith Ballew vocal A/ instrumental B

44. OKeh 4305- Mamie Smith's Jazz Hounds- You Cant Keep a Good Man Down/ Baby You Made Me Fall For You V+

45. OK 4738- Original Dixieland Jazz Band- Some Of These Days/ Toddlin' Blues G well worn, but still decent sound to be had

46. OK 4850- Harry Jentes- The Cat's Pajamas/ Sam Goold- Whippin' the Keys E rare Ragtime!

47. OK 4968- Friar's Society O- Tiger Rag/ Panama V

48. OK 8148- King Oliver's Jazz Band- Room Rent Blues/ I Aint Gonna Tell Nobody ruff start A, then improves to V/ slightly loud start B then impr to V

49. OK 8225- Thomas' Muscle Shoals Devils- Morning Dove Blues/ Wash Woman Blues V, plays V+ heat mark B only sounds very lightly

50. OK 8631- Louis Armstrong Hot 5- Skip the Gutter/ Knee Drops looks E/EE-, plays E+ lite clk at beginning of B few seconds only

51. OK 8637- Lonnie Johnson & Blind Willie Dunn- Two Tone Stomp/ Have to Change Keys to Play These Blues E+ rcnap

52. OK 8664- Lonnie Johnson & Spencer Williams- It Feels So Good pt 1/2 E+

53. OK 8695- Lonnie Johnson & Blind Willie Dunn- Bullfrog Moan/ A Handful of Riffs E+

54. OK 40000- King Oliver's Jazz Band- Buddy's Habit/ Tears E+N- a gem copy of this great jazz record even has Louis Armstrong on slide whistle!

55. OK 40890- MIff Mole Molers- Feelin' No Pain/ Imagination E-

56. OK 40913- Sam Lanin O- Summertime Sweethearts/ A Siren Dream E+ scr B sds lite 30 sec

57. OK 40939- Gotham Troubadours- In a Shady Nook By a Babbling Brook/ Dream Kisses E+

58. OK 40965- New York Syncopators- Mary(What Are You Waiting For?)/ Cobblestones E+/EE+ solos both sides

59. OK 41043- Los Angeles Biltmore Trio(Bush-Gibbons-Seckler)- Coquette/ Indian Cradle Song E+

60. OK 41168- Bud Freeman O- Craze-ology/ Cant Help Lovin' Dat Man E+

61. OK 41182- Emmett Miller Georgia Crackers- You're the Cream In My Coffee/ She's Funny That Way E+N-

62. OK 41253- Ed Lang O- Hot Heels/ Freeze An' Melt EE+

63. OK 41312- Ed Loyd O- I May Be Wrong/ Wouldn't That Be Wonderful E- Ballew in chorus

64. OK 41319- Ed Loyd O- Lonely Troubadour/ Dr Eugene Ormandy O- Like a Breath of Springtime EE+...Smith Ballew in chorus A

65. OK 41445- Miff Mole Molers- Shim- Me- Sha- Wabble/ After You've Gone looks E, plays EE+

66. OK 41448- Louis Armstrong O- Confessin'/ If I Could Be With You looks EE-, plays EE+

67. OK 41495- Buddy Campbell O- When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain/ Rocky Mtn Lull E+

68. OK 41496- Golden Terrace O- Ho Hum!/ The Little Old Church In the Valley E+N-

69. OK 41556- Garland Wilson- Rockin' Chair/ Memories of You EE+, plays E+..couple lt scrs nap

70. OK 41568- The Chocolate Dandies- Once Upon a Time/ Krazy Kapers looks E-, plays EE+/E

71. Oriole 2469- Billy Banks & Blue Rhythm Boys- Minnie the Moocher's Wedding Day/ Heat Waves EE+/E scratch A sds 20 sec--not bad

72. Paramount 12088- King Oliver's Jazz Band- The Southern Stomps/ Young's Creole Jazz Band- Dearborn Street Blues V+ clear surface few scrs

73. Parlophone PNY 34018- Earl Marlow O- Wrapped In a Red Red Rose/ Kyrle Bell O- The Shepherd's Serenade E+ has int lam clx VERY lite A..Smith Ballew vocs both sides

74. Par PNY 34050- Kyrle Bell O- Alone With My Dreams/ Metropolitan Serenaders- When Its Springtime In the Rockies EE+

75. Par PNY 41250- Joe Curran Band- I Get the Blues When It Rains/ Pagan Love Song N-

76. Par PNY 41309- Joe Curran Band- Miss Wonderful/ Somebody Mighty Like You E+ nice tpt A

77. Par R 220(ENG)- Noble Sissle & O- Just Like a Melody Out of the Sky/ Since You Said You Loved Me EE+..London recorded, no US issue

78. Pathe 020910- Lena Wilson & Nubian 5- Memphis Tennesee/ He Used to be Your Man But He's My Man Now E+..has very light grey lines which do not sound

79. Pa 36422- Van's Collegians- Jig Walk/ Original Memphis 5- Indiana Stomp V+ impr to E-/V+E- solos both sides. Interesting version A of Trent-Ellington tune

80. Perfect 0205- Alabama Rascals- Ruckus Juice Shuffle/ Georgia Grind V+E-/V+ one clk ea side, sds lite, but passes without a problem

81. Swing 105- Jazz de Paris(Alex Combelle O)- Ambiance/ Verlaine E+

82. Victor 20180- Thomas Morris 7 Hot Babies- Charleston Stampede/ Georgia Grind E+

83. Vi 20296- Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers- Steamboat Stomp/ Smoke House Blues E+

84. Vi 20415- Dixieland Jug Blowers- Memphis Shake/ Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers- Doctor Jazz E-/EE-

85. Vi 21358- Thomas Waller w/ Thomas Morris Hot Babies- Geechee/ The Diggah's Stomp V

86. Vi 21064- Jelly Roll Morton w/ clt, tps- Mr Jelly Lord/ Wolverine Blues EE+ few lt scfs nap

87. Vi 22640- Blanche Calloway Joy Boys- Casey Jones/ Mc Kinney's Cotton Pickers- Talk to Me EE+/E scr B..nap

88. Vi 22681- King Oliver O- Olga/ Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers- Blue Blood Blues E/EE+ has star cr(?) under lbl..does NOT affect play in the least

89. Vi 22717- Blanche Calloway Joy Boys- It's Right Here For You/ Misery VV+

90. Vi 22733- Blanche Calloway Joy Boys- Without That Gal/ It Looks Like Susie EE-

91. Vi 22862- Blanche Calloway Joy Boys- Last Dollar/ Concentratin' VV+

92. Vi 22866- Blanche Calloway Joy Boys- I Got What It Takes/ Growling Joe VV+

93. Vi 23007- Bennie Moten KC O- Band Box Shuffle/ New Vine Street Blues VV+

94. Vi 23013- Hoagy Carmichael O- One Night In Havana/ Georgia E+

95. Vi 23026- Red & His Big Ten- I'm Tickled Pink With a Blue Eyed Baby/ Thats Where the South Begins E+

96. Vi 23040- Doc Daugherty O- She's a Gorgeous Thing/ Tie a Little String Around Your Finger EE-

97. Vi 23041- Duke Ellington O- Shout 'Em Aunt Tillie/ I'm So In Love With You EE+

98. Vi 23028- Bennie Moten KC O- Somebody Stole My Gal/ Wont You Be My Baby E

99. Vi 38010- Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers- Kansas City Stomps/ Boogaboo VV+

100. Vi 38095(ARG)- Fess Williams Royal Flush O- Buttons/ Musical Campmeeting VV+

101. Vi 38099- Jimmie Johnson O- You've Got to be Modernistic/ You Don't Understand E-

102. Victor private use QB 1850/1- Hubert Bauersachs w/ Midnight Melody Makers O- Melrose Rag/ Deuces Wild Rag EE+ RARE RAGTIME mid 1930s

103. Vocalion 15022- Tennessee Tooters- Kansas City Stomps/ Jimtown Blues E

104. Vo 15056- Vic Meyers O- Three O' Clock Blues/ Nay, Dearie, Nay E-

105. Vo 15298- The Bostonians- No Man's Mama/ I've Found a New Baby EE+/E lt heat mark nap

106. Vo 1059- King Oliver Dixie Syncopators- Dead Man Blues/ Someday Sweetheart E/EE-

107. Vo 1630- Alabama Washboard Stompers- Corinne Corinna/ The Porters Love Song strong EE-

108. Vo 3112- Blanche Calloway O- I Gotta Swing/ Louisiana Liza EE-/V

109. Vo 3113- Blanche Calloway O- Line-a-Jive/ You Aint Livin' Right EE-

110. Vo 3180- Louis Armstrong O- Memories of You/ You're Lucky to Me E the only issue of the rare E takes on both sides- alternates both

111. Vo 03199- Lil Johnson- Press My Button/ Get 'Em From the Peanut Man EE-

112. Vo 03266- Lil Johnson- Two Timin' Man/ Was I E

113. Vo 03562- Willie Mae Mc Kenzie- Little Red Wagon/ Lil Johnson- Meat Balls VV+


114. Br 2445- Bennie Krueger O- Yes, We Have No Bananas/ Long Lost Mama EE-

115. Br 2455- Gene Rodemich O- Wolverine Blues/ When June Comes Along With a Song E

116. Br 2487- Carl Fenton O- I Love You/ What Do You Do Sunday, Mary E+

117. Br 2527- Gene Rodemich O- Blue Grass Blues/ You Darling You E-

118. Br 2589- Rosa Henderson w/ Fletcher Henderson Jazz 5- Papa Wild Be Gone/ I'm a Good Gal V

119. Br 2603- Carl Fenton O- Limehouse Blues/ Worried E-

120. Br 2613- Ray Miller O- From One Till Two/ Lots O' Mama E-

121. Br 2627- Herb Wiedoeft O-Oh Peter/ Hoodoo Man VV+

122. Br 2641- Gene Rodemich O- Forsaken Blues/ Bennie Krueger O- Ray & His Little Chevrolet V-

123. Br 2647- Herb Wiedoeft O-Chimes Blues/ Moonlight Memories E light heat mark nap

124. Br 2665- Abe Lyman O- I Dont Know Why/ Patsy E

125. Br 2666- Ray Miller O- Charleston Cabin/ Please VV+

126. Br 2668- Carl Fenton O- Follow the Swallow/ Now Now, Not Yet, But Soon E+

127. Br 2669- Ray Miller O- Somebody Loves Me/ Lonely Little Melody E-

128. Br 2685- Vic Meyers O- Heartbroken/ Burmalone NN-

129. Br 2686- Castlewood Marimba Band- When Its Love Time In Hawaii/ Honolulu Rose EE+

130. Br 2780- Abe Lyman O- You're the Certain Someone/ Sally's Got the Blues E

131. Br 2790- Carl Fenton O- Fascinating Rhythm/ Lady Be Good EE-

132. Br 2814- Ray Miller O- You & I/ Me Neenyah E

133. Br 2866- Ray Miller O- Just a Little Drink/ Moonlight & Roses E/EE+

134. Br 2936- Bennie Krueger O- Yes Sir, Thats My Baby/ If I Had a Girl Like You V+

135. Br 2976- Herb Wiedoeft O- Sugar Plum/ Promenade Walk VV+ rcnap

136. Br 2980- Abe Lyman O- Everybody Stomp/ Pretending V

137. Br 3008- Esther Walker- What Did I Tell Ya/ Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue V+

138. Br 3030- Orch Chez Fysher- Sweet Child/ I Wish't I Was In peoria EE+

139. Br 3064- Six Jumping Jacks- The Village Blacksmith Owns the Vill Now/ Charleston Ball V+/V

140. Br 3082- Ben Bernie O- Bell Hoppin' Blues/ The Roses Brought Me You EE+

141. Br 3084- Abe Lyman O- Nothing Else to Do/ Too Bad V

142. Br 3092- Hale Byers O- Clap Hands! Here Comes Charley/ Sea Legs EE+ good!

143. Br 3095- Six Jumping Jacks- Masculine Women! Feminine Men!/ Hooray For the Irish V

144. Br 3135- Abe Lyman O- Mary Lou/ Do You Believe In Dreams E

145. Br 3194- Princeton Univ Glee Club- Princeton Marching Song/ Princeton Steps Song E-

146. Br 3195- Princeton Univ Glee Club- The Orange & the Black/ Old Nassau E-

147. Br 3242- Ohman- Arden O- Lucky Day/ Black Bottom VV+

148. Br 3253- Ben Selvin O- Baby Face/ Who Wouldn't V+

149. Br 3282- Ernie Golden O- Its a Wonderful World After All/ Me Too EE+

150. Br 3412- Six Jumping Jacks- Cock a Doodle, I'm Off My Noodle/ The Coat & the Pants Do All the Work & the Vest Gets All the Gravy V-

151. Br 3415- Vincent Lopez O- Ev'rything's Made For Love/ Song of the Wanderer E few E- grooves

152. Br 3511- Six Jumping Jacks- I Wonder How I Look When I'm Asleep/ Just the Same E-

153. Br 3615- Abe Lyman O- Bye Bye Pretty Baby/ Just Another Day Wasted Away E+

154. Br 3623- Six Jumping Jacks- She's Just What the Doctor Ordered/ I'm Gonna Dance Wit De Guy Wot Brung Me EE-

155. Br 3712- Herman Timberg & Co- Fiddlin' Blues/ Any Time At All VV+ scarce by this vaudevillian

156. Br 3744- Rodney Rogers Red Peppers- Milenberg Joys/ Chili Blues V-

157. Br 3782- Six Jumping Jacks- Ice Cream(We All Scream)/ Henry's Made a Lady Out of Lizzie V

158. Br 3828- Ray Miller O- Sorry/ My Honey's Lovin' Arms E+ NICE!!

159. Br 3837- Ben Bernie O- Back In Your Own Backyard/ I Just Roll Along Havin' My Ups.. V

160. Br 3954- Hal Kemp O- Get Out & Get Under the Moon/ Oh Baby V+

161. Br 4249- Jesse Stafford O- Kewpie/ A Precious Little Thing Called Love E+N-

162. Br 4274- Ben Bernie O- My Castle In Spain Is a Shack../ Mean to Me E-

163. Br 4284- Ben Bernie O- Till We Meet/ Coquette E+

164. Br 4315- Ben Bernie O- I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling/ I Kiss Your Hand Madame E+

165. Br 4423- Abe Lyman O- Junior/ Suzanna E-

166. Br 4459- Al Bernard & Russell Robinson w/ O- Henry Jones/ Sweet Mandy EE-

167. Br 4586- Roy Ingraham O- That Wonderful Something/ Chant of the Jungle V+

168. Br 4589- Six Jumping Jacks- Collegiate Sam/ My Wife Is On a Diet E

169. Br 4603- Meyer Davis O- If I Had My Way/ There Must Be Somebody Waiting For Me E

170. Br 4619- Earl Burtnett Biltmore Trio- If I Cant Have You/ Out of the Past V

171. Br 4651- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- They Didn't Believe Me/ Say It With Music EE- 1" tite cr nap

172. Br 4732- Ben Bernie O- Keepin Myself For You/ Tom Clines O- Until Love Comes Along E-/EE-

173. Br 4743- Lew White- Have a Little Faith In Me/ Crying For the Carolines E+

174. Br 4784- Lloyd Huntley O- Promises/ On a Blue & Moonless Night VV+

175. Br 4839- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- I'm Just Wild About Harry/ After You've Gone VV+

176. Br 4910- Libby Holman- Body & Soul/ Something To Remember You By V

177. Br 4937- Lloyd Huntley O- Gee But I'd Like to Make You Happy/ Lonely EE- scarce!!

178. Br 4944- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Sweet Georgia Brown/ By the Shalimar VV+

179. Br 4994- Jacques Renard O- He's My Secret Passion/ We're Friends Again EE+

180. Br 6006- Emil Coleman O- I'm Gettin' Myself Ready For You/ Where Have You Been? EE- Smith Ballew vocals--great Cole Porter tunes!

181. Br 6071- Hal Kemp O- I've Got a Sweet Someone to Love Me/ Little Joe E+ a rare one!

182. Br 6106- Jacques Renard O- If You Haven't Got Love/ Come To Me V

183. Br 6113- Jacques Renard O- Since An Angel Like Mary Loves a Devil Like Me/ Happy Little Tune V+

184. Br 6136- Jacques Renard O- Dancing In the Dark/ High & Low VV+

185. Br 6137- Harry Reser Six Jumping Jacks- If You Cant Sing, Whistle/ When Yuba Plays..V+

186. Br 6149- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Moan You Moaners/ How Come U Do Me Like You Do E-/V

187. Br 6169- Bing Crosby- Dancing In the Dark/ Star Dust E-

188. Br 6188- Victor Young O- Love Letters In the Sand/ Lets Drift Away On Dreamers Bay EE-/E

189. Br 6205- Jacques Renard O- As Time Goes By/ I'm Sorry Dear EE- green lbl

190. Br 6207- Jacques Renard O- I'd Be a Fool/ East Wind V+/V

191. Br 6265- Duke Ellington O- It Dont Mean a Thing/ Rose Room E-

192. Br 6284- Abe Lyman O- One Hour With You/ We Will Always Be Sweethearts E-

193. Br 6290- Guy Lombardo O- My Extraordinary Gal/ Paradise VV+

194. Br 6302- The Boswell Sisters- If It Aint Love/ Got the South In My Soul V sm clk/ VV+

195. Br 6326- Jacques Renard O- Just Another Dream of You/ Masquerade V Ballew vox

196. Br 6389- Ben Bernie O- What No Mickey Mouse?/ All American Girl V

197. Br 6444- Abe Lyman O- Rise 'N Shine/ Turn Out the Light E SCARCE!!

198. Br 6463- Casa Loma O- Thanksgivin'/ Rhythm Man V+

199. Br 6513- Casa Loma O- The Dance of the Lame Duck/ Blue Prelude E+

200. Br 6534- Red Nichols O- Sugar/ Dinah Lou EE-/EE+

201. Br 6553- Art Tatum- Tea For Two/ Sophisticated Lady E+/EE+ lt lam nap black/sil lbl

202. Br 6563- Wayne King O- I Cant Remember/ When Its Lamp Lightin' Time In the Valley E+/EE-

203. Br 6564- Ethel Waters- Love Is the Thing/ Stormy Weather E+

204. Br 6568- Hal Kemp O- In a Little Second Hand Store/ Hiawatha's Lullaby V/EE-

205. Br 6578- Abe Lyman O- My Oh My/ You & the Moon & Me E-/VV+ scrs B

206. Br 6581- Wayne King O- Adorable/ My First Love to Last V+

207. Br 6675- Mae West- I'm No Angel/ I Found a New Way to Go To Town VV-

208. Br 6677- Freddy Martin O- My Dancing Lady/ Everything I Have Is Yours EE+

209. Br 6693- Gus Arnheim O- Love Passes Me By/ Summer Is Over VV+

210. Br 6729- Gus Arnheim O- Lets Fall In Love/ Like Me a Little Bit Less EE+..Shirley Ross vo B

211. Br 6744- Freddy Martin O- Moon About Town/ You're Devastating E-/E

212. Br 6767- Red Nichols O- Waitin' For the Evenin' Mail/ Slow & Easy E- int cr und lbl nap

213. Br 6850- Leo Reisman O- Its the Animal In Me/ Love Thy Neighbor E/EE+

214. Br 6860- Ted Fio Rito O- Fly Away to Ioway/ Hot Choc'late Soldiers EE+

215. Br 6928- Ted Fio Rito O- We Went Hunting/ Crickets In the Grass EE+

216. Br 6944- Anson Weeks O- A New Moon Is Over My Shoulder/ I Only Have Eyes For U VV+/V

217. Br 6968- Abe Lyman O- Pop Goes Your Heart/ I'm In Love E

218. Br 6998- Freddy Martin O- What a Difference a Day Made/ Be Still, My Heart E

219. Br 7334- Hal Kemp O- Love & a Dime & East of th Sun/ Will Love Find a Way E+ 2"tite cr nap

220. Br 7369- Hal Kemp O- Lullaby of Broadway/ The Words Are In My Heart E- scrs B

221. Br 7493- Hal Kemp O- Page Miss Glory/ You're So Darn Charmin' E/E+ West Coast pressing

222. Br 7533- Paul Pendarvis O- I'm Sittin' High On a Hilltop/ Thanks a Million V+/V San Fran rec

223. Br 7587- Hal Kemp O- The Music Goes Round/ Dinner For One Please James EE+

224. Br 7609- Fred Astaire- We Saw the Sea/ I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket EE-

225. Br 7644- Benny Goodman O- The Dixieland Band/ Bugle Call Rag EE- top West Coast heavy laminated pressing- mastered off '34 Columbia

226. Br 7842- Miff Mole O- How Could You/ On a Little Bamboo Bridge E+N- Midge Williams vocs

227. Br 7946- Horace Heidt O- Little Heaven of Seven Seas/ Intoxicating Rhythm E/V+ King Sis A

228. Br 7950- Jan Garber O- In a Little Carolina Town/ Blossoms On Broadway E+/EE+

229. Br 7951- Claude Thornhill O- You & I Know/ An Old Flame Never Dies E-/V+

230. Br 7955- Russ Morgan O- If You Were Someone Else/ Good Bye Jonah EE-

231. Br 7978- Leo Reisman O- I Owe You/ Sympathy E

232. Br 7981- Horace Heidt feat Three Trumpeters- Bugle Call Rag/ Horace Heidt O- I'll Love You In My Dreams EE+/E

233. Br 7975- Red Norvo O- Clap Hands/ Russian Lullaby E rcnap

234. Br 7962- Joe Rines O- Mama I Wanna Make Rhythm/ Have You Ever Been in Heaven EE+/E+

235. Br 7961- Emery Deutsch O- Stardust on the Moon/ Harbor Lights V+

236. Br 7960- Teddy Wilson O- If I Had You/ You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me V

237. Br 7982- Fred Astaire w/ Ray Noble O- A Foggy Day/ I Cant Be Bothered Now V

238. Br 7983- Fred Astaire w/ Ray Noble O- Nice Work If You Can Get It/ Things Are Looking Up V

239. Br 7987- Emery Deutsch O- I'd Love to Play a Love Scene/ I Want a New Romance E

240. Br 8005- Russ Morgan O- The Dipsy Doodle/ I Want You For Christmas E/E-

241. Br 8008- Teddy Wilson O- Cant Help Lovin' Dat Man/ My Man EE+ Billie Holiday vocs

242. Br 8013- Horace Heidt O- Sweet Someone/ Mama, That Moon Is Here Again VV+

243. Br 8014- Russ Morgan O- I Wanna Be In Winchell's Column/ Broadway's Gone Hawaii E

244. Br 8019- Art Shaw New Music- Monsoon/ Free For All E-/V+

245. Br 8020- Joe Usifer O- The Jockey On the Carousel/ In the Hall of the Mountain King E-

246. Br 8021- Horace Heidt O- There's a Gold Mine In the Sky/ Shenanigans E

247. Br 8028- Horace Heidt O- Rosalie/ Sail Along, Silv'ry Moon E/EE+

248. Br 8071- Hudson- De Lange O- Off Again, On Again/ Definition of Swing E+

249. Br 8073- Horace Heidt O- How'dja Like to Love Me/ I Fall In Love With You Every Day E/E-

250. Br 8074- Horace Heidt O- Heigh Ho/ I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen E+

251. Br 8077- Hudson- De Lange O- Sunday In the Park/ Doing the Reactionary E+

252. Br 8078- Horace Heidt O- A Shack In the Back of the Hills/ Ti-Pi-Tin E+

253. Br 8115- Eddy Duchin O- Moonshine Over Kentucky/ Istn't It Wonderful, Isn't It Swell E+

254. Br 8130- Eddy Duchin O- I'll Dream Tonight/ Ride Tenderfoot Ride EE+

255. Br 8131- Duke Ellington O- Swingtime In Honolulu/ I'm Slappin' Seventh Avenue N-

256. Br 8140- Eddy Duchin O- I Wanna Go Back to Bali/ A Stranger In Paree E+

257. Br 8142- Chauncey Morehouse O- Ku-Li-A/ Oriental Nocturne EE- lams B nap

258. Br 8144- Raymond Scott Quintet- Happy Farmer/ Egyptian Barn Dance EE+/E

259. Br 8147- Hudson- De Lange O- Why Pretend/ China Clipper E+

260. Br 8148- Horace Heidt O- I'll Still Be Loving You/ When They Played the Polka E+

261. Br 8150- Teddy Wilson O- If I Were You/ Jungle Love E+

262. Br 8155- Eddy Duchin O- Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea/ Ol' Man Mose E

263. Br 8156- Hudson- De Lange O- On the Alamo/ The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else V

264. Br 8157- Russ Morgan O- The Sheik of Araby/ Way Down Yonder In New Orleans EE+

265. Br 8199- Teddy Wilson O- Now It Can Be Told/ A Tisket a Tasket E few lams nap

266. Br 8224- Eddy Duchin O- How Can We Be Wrong?/ My Reverie EE+

267. Br 8310- Barry Wood O- We'll Never Know/ The Spider & the Fly E Fats Waller comp B

268. Br 8357- Alec Wilder Octet- Such a Tender Night/ Walking Home In Spring E+


269. Co A 2521- Van & Schenck- My Mind's Made Up to Marry Carolina/ In the Land of Yamo EE-

270. Co A 2630- Van & Schenck- They Were All Out of Step But Me/ Ragtime Moses Oldtime Bomboshay E-

271. Co A 2780- Van & Schenck- Mandy/ Irving & Jack Kaufman-I'll Be Happy When the Preacher Makes You Mine E-

272. Co A 2929- Yerkes Southern 5- Railroad Blues/ Happy 6- Shake Your Shoulder VV+

273. Co A 2941- Bert Williams- Ten Little Bottles/ Unlucky Blues E-/EE-

274. Co A 2943- Lanin O- Rose of Chile/ Oh By Jingo EE+

275. Co A 3353- Marion Harris- Yankee/ Grieving For You E-/V+

276. Co A 3427- Van & Schenck- Aint You Coming Out Melinda/ Wang Wang Blues E-

277. Co A 3770- Van & Schenck- Away Down East in Maine/ You Tell Her- I Stutter V+

278. Co A 3806- Van & Schenck- Mississippi Moon/ Down In Maryland NEW

279. Co A 3905- Van & Schenck- That Red Head Gal/ Trot Along V+

280. Co 3- Al Jolson- The Cantor/ Victor Young O- Hebrew Chant NEW A master pressed from his rare '32 Bruns

281. Co 15128- Smith's Sacred Singers- We Are Going Down the Valley One By One/ If I'm Faithful To My Lord V+

282. Co 15159- Smith's Sacred Singers- Life's Railway to Heaven/ Jesus Prayed EE-

283. Co 15195- Smith's Sacred Singers- Climbing Up the Golden Stairs/ City of Gold V+/E-

284. Co 15230- Smith's Sacred Singers- We Shall Rise/ I Want to Go to Heaven VV+/E-

285. Co 15308- Smith's Sacred Singers- Waiting On the Golden Shore/ Hold to God's Unchanging Hand E/VV+

286. Co 15329- Smith's Sacred Singers- Deliverance Will Come/ The Home Over There E-/E

287. Co 6- Van & Schenck- That Bran' New Gal O' Mine/ Sittin' In a Corner V

288. Co 8- Columbia DO- Mississippi Ripples/ Wedding Bells V+ sm lam B

289. Co 9- California Ramblers- You Darling You/ Melancholy E/EE-

290. Co 67- California Ramblers- California Here I Come/ Cover Me Up w/ Sunshine of Virginia EE+

291. Co 75- Leo Reisman O- Heartaches/ Maybe EE-

292. Co 114- Blossom Seeley- Dont Mind the Rain/ Lazy E-

293. Co 282- Ace Brigode 14 Virginians- Alabamy Bound/ A Sun- Kist Cottage E-

294. Co 310- Art Kahn O- Some of These Days/ Lucky Kentucky E+

295. Co 336- Warner's 7 Aces- The Blues Have Got Me/ Art Kahn O- Who Told You E+

296. Co 341- Ace Brigode 14 Virginians- What a Smile Can Do/ When I Think of You E heat rumble

297. Co 449- California Ramblers- I'm In Love With You/ Moon Dear E-

298. Co 458- Art Gillham- Loving Just You/ Are You Sorry? E-

299. Co 492- Frank Ferera- Drowsy Moon/ My Hawaiian Evenin' Star V

300. Co 886- Charles Kaley- High High High Up In the Hills/ Muddy Water V

301. Co 1085- Broadway Nitelites- Bye Bye Pretty Baby/ Just Another Day Wasted Away E+

302. Co 1092- Van & Schenck- Pastafazoola/ Magnolia V

303. Co 1093- Guy Lombardo O- Somebody & Me/ I Haven't Told Her- She Hasn't Told Me V

304. Co 1103- Little Ramblers- Swamp Blues/ Play It Red E-/EE- great sides!

305. Co 1252- The Knickerbockers- Back Where the Daisies Grow/ Waiting For the Rainbow E-

306. Co 1278- Harold Leonard O- Blue Baby/ The Four Aristocrats- Our Bungalow of Dreams V

307. Co 1288- Ruth Etting- Back in Your Own Backyard/ When You're With Somebody Else E-

308. Co 1351- Leo Reisman O- Ma Belle/ March of the Musketeers E+

309. Co 1352- Ruth Etting- Say "Yes' Today/ Ramona V/V+

310. Co 1355- Emerson Gill Bamboo Garden O- The Yale Blues/ The Dance of the Blue Danube E+

311. Co 1361- Earl Burtnett LA Biltmore- O Stay Out of the South/ Sweet Sue- Just You E+

312. Co 1362- Ford & Glenn- Yield Not to Temptation/ Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight E+

313. Co 1364- Guy Lombardo O- Forevermore/ Japansy E+

314. Co 1365- Sol Hoopii Novelty 4- Iniki Malie/ Mauna Loa E- some scfs nap

315. Co 1391- Ted Lewis Band- Oh Baby!/ Start the Band E

316. Co 1393- Ruth Etting- I Must Be Dreaming/ Bluebird Sing Me a Song V

317. Co 1401- Paul Whiteman O- Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed Me/ Evening Star VV+

318. Co 1411- California Ramblers- Anything to Make You Happy/ Whisper Sweet & Low EE-/E

319. Co 1420- Ruth Etting- Because My Baby Dont Mean Maybe Now/ Beloved E/E- lams nap

320. Co 1434- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- Lonesome For You/ When I Lost You E+

321. Co 1488- Vernon Dalhart- The Bum Song/ Hallelujah I'm a Bum EE-

322. Co 1491- Paul Whiteman O- Georgie Porgie/ Oh You Have No Idea E-

323. Co 1492- Van & Schenck- Get Out & Get Under the Moon/ Skadatin-Dee E+

324. Co 1511- Charles Kaley O- Gee But I'm Lonesome Tonight/ Eddie Thomas Colleg-My Darling E

325. Co 1521- Leo Reisman O- Blue Shadows/ Raquel E+ lam, edge lam B nap

326. Co 1584- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- Mississippi Mud/ I Must Have That Man V

327. Co 1595- Ruth Etting- Its Right Here For You/ You're In Love & I'm In Love V+/E-

328. Co 1621- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- Old Man Sunshine/ Dont Be Like That VV+

329. Co 1630- Paul Whiteman O- Just a Sweetheart/ Where Is the Song of Songs For Me V+E-

330. Co 1638- Ipana Troubadours- Do You Thats All I Want to Know/ Glorianna E+ solos A incl BG

331. Co 1659- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- If You Want the Rainbow/ Let's Do It VV+

332. Co 1716- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- You Are My Own/ Where the Shy Little Violets Grow E-

333. Co 1731- Paul Whiteman O- Marianne/ Lover Come Back to Me E+

334. Co 1769- Annette Hanshaw- You Wouldn't Fool Me Would U/ Lover Come Back to Me E- rcnap

335. Co 1771- Paul Whiteman O- Louise/ Blue Hawaii EE-

336. Co 1788- Andrew Aiona's Novelty Four- That Lovin' Hula/ Paahana EE+ NICE!!

337. Co 1811- Milt Shaw Detroiters- Walking With Susie/ Breakaway VV+/V+E-

338. Co 1849- The Knickerbockers- An Eyeful of You/ Leo Reisman O- Kiddies Kabaret E

339. Co 1851- Bing Crosby- I Kiss Your Hand Madame/ Baby- Oh Where Can You Be VV+

340. Co 1854- Ted Lewis O- I'm Walkin' Around In a Dream/ Maybe- Who Knows? V+

341. Co 1860- Clayton, Jackson & Durante- Can Broadway Do Without Me?/ So I Ups to Him E-

342. Co 1869- Ukulele Ike- Singin' In the Rain/ Orange Blossom Time V

343. Co 1900- Ben Selvin O- Am I Blue?/ My Song of the Nile E

344. Co 1922- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- Sweetness/ Moanin' Low E

345. Co 1924- Fred Rich O- Wishing & Waiting For Love/ Tip Toe Thru the Tulips E/EE- lam B nap

346. Co 1925- The Charleston Chasers- Loveable & Sweet/ Red Hair & Freckles E

347. Co 1927- Guy Lombardo O- You Belong to Me, I Belong To You/ Why Did You EE+

348. Co 12125-F- Ben Selvin O- To Be Forgotten/ Ipana Troubadours- Molly E green label export series. rare 195000 mx non vocal takes

349. Co 2027- Irene Bordoni- Just An Hour of Love/ Believe Me VV+ lt clk B

350. Co 2048- Columbia Photo Players- Take Everything But You/ Love Made a Gypsy..E-

351. Co 2050- James Melton- Chant of the Jungle/ Love Your Spell Is Everywhere E

352. Co 2056- Paul Specht O- I'm Sailing On a Sunbeam/ I'm Following You E+

353. Co 2057- Ted Wallace O- You Came, I Saw, You Conquered Me/ Sittin On a Doorstep E Ballew vocs both- sax solo B

354. Co 2063- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- A Little Kiss Each Morning/ I Love U Bel Me I Love U E-

355. Co 2064- Will Osborne O- Where You Are/ Just Think of Me Sometime EE-

356. Co 2084- James Melton- The Sacred Flame/ The Shepherd's Serenade V+

357. Co 2103- Rube Bloom Bayou Boys- The Man From the South/ St James Infirmary VV-

358. Co 2113- Ted Lewis O- Aunt Hagar's Blues/ San V

359. Co 2120- Vic Meyers O- Rose Room/ The Knickerbockers- March of the Old Guard E+/EE+

360. Co 2146- Ruth Etting- Ten Cents a Dance/ Funny Dear What Love Can Do VV+

361. Co 2255- Ben Selvin O- Its Easy to Fall In Love (tk 2)/ Have You Forgotten Waikiki(tk 3) NEW-

362. Co 2265- Art Gillham- Confessin'/ My Heart Belongs to the Girl...E- jazz accomp incl BG

363. Co 2270- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- I Still Get a Thrill/ Just You & I E+ jazz accomp

364. Co 2277- Paul Whiteman O- New Tiger Rag/ Nola V some bad gvs/ E+

365. Co 2285- Columbia Photo Players- I'm Learning a Lot From You/ One More Wz E

366. Co 2286- Guy Lombardo O- I Still Get a Thrill/ Just a Little dance Mamselle E/EE+

367. Co 2297- Paul Whiteman O- Body & Soul/ Something to Remember You By EE-

368. Co 2491- Paul Whiteman O- Choo-Choo/ Ben Selvin o- Sing Another Chorus Please E-

369. Co 2531- Clyde Mc Coy O- I've Found a New Baby/ Mood Indigo E-

370. Co 2535- Joe Ventui Rhythm Boys- There's No Other Girl/ Now That I Need U, You're Gone V

371. Co 2578- Guy Lombardo O w/ Kate Smith- Too Late/ River Stay Way From My Door E

372. Co 2581- Dorsey Bros O- Ooh That Kiss/ By the Sycamore Tree EE+/E

373. Co 2649- Billy Cotton O- Oh Monah/ Sydney Kyte Piccadilly Hotel O- Tom Thumb's Drum E-

374. Co 2676- Ben Selvin O- Holding My Honey's Hand/ Sleep V/V-

375. Co 2682(BLUE WAX)- Art Kassel O- Hells Bells/ OK America EE-/E

376. Co 2697(BLUE WAX)- Roger Wolfe Kahn O- Sheltered By the Stars/ Another Night Alone E

377. Co 2794(BLUE WAX)- Clyde Mc Coy Hotel Drake O- New Basin St Blues/ Smoke Rings EE+

378. Co 2909(BLUE WAX)- Clyde Mc Coy O- Way Down Yon in NO/ Tear It Down E+/VV+ lams nap

379. Co 2916(BLUE WAX)- The New Music of Reginald Forsythe- Angry Jungle/ Serenade For a Wealthy Widow EE-

380. Co 2946(BLUE WAX)- Irving Aaronson Commanders- Pardon My Southern Accent/ When You First Ate An Olive E both nice!

381. Co 2969(BLUE WAX)- Little Jack Little O- Lets Give Three Cheers For Love/ Stay As Sweet As You Are E+

382. Co 3072(BLUE WAX)- Benny Meroff O- Cowboy On Manhattan/ Yankee In Havana E-

383. Co 3073(BLUE WAX)- Lew Stone O- The Gentleman Obviously Doesn't Believe/ Billy Cotton Band- I've Got a Note E+

384. Co 3081(BLUE WAX)- Will Osborne O- Without a Word of Warning/ I Wish I Were Aladdin E+/EE+

385. Co 3090(BLUE WAX)- Jacques Renard O- I Live For Love/ Henry Hall O- The Oregon Trail EE+ lams nap. Smith Ballew vocal A

386. Co 35201- Benny Goodman O- Comes Love/ Rendezvous Time In Paree E+

387. Co 35322- Duke Ellington w/ Jimmy Blanton- Plucked Again/ Blues E+

388. Co 35349- Benny Goodman Sextet- Seven Come Eleven/ Shivers E+

389. Co 35810- Benny Goodman 6 feat Count Basie- Royal Garden Blues/ Wholly Cats NEW

390. Co 36039- Benny Goodman 6 feat Count Basie- I Found a New Baby/ Breakfast Feud E-/E+

391. Co 36099- Benny Goodman Sextet- A Smo-o-o-th One/ Good Enough to Keep EE-/E

392. Co 36107- Raymond Scott Quintet- Twilight In Turkey/ Minuet In Jazz E+

393. Co 36185- Eddie "Rochester' Anderson- If Money Grew On Trees/ Waitin' For Jane E+/E

394. Co 36258- Raymond Scott Quintet- Reckless Night On Board An Ocean Liner/ Dinner Music For a Pack of Hungry Cannibals EE-

395. Co 36277- Raymond Scott Quintet- The Happy Farmer/ Egyptian Barn Dance E+N-

396. Co 36311- Raymond Scott Quintet- Powerhouse/ The Toy Trumpet E+N-

397. Co 36410- Raymond Scott O- Key West/ On the Jersey Side E

398. Co 36684- Benny Goodman O- Solo Flight/ Benny Goodman Qtet- The World Is Wating..E+

399. Co 36755- Benny Goodman Sextete- ICGUA But Love/ Benny Goodman O- Fiesta In Blue N-

400. Co 36767- Benny Goodman Quintet- Only Another Boy & Girl/ Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye E+

401. Co 36781- Benny Goodman 3- Body & Soul/ Benny Goodman Sextet- After You've Gone EE+

402. Co 37093- Count Basie O- Fla-Ga-La-Pa/ Mutton Leg N-

403. Co 37236- Golden Gate Quartet- Shadrack/ Atom & Evil NN-

404. Co 37571- Chu Berry Stompy Stevedores- Chuberry Jam/ Maelstrom N- orig issued fm 1937

405. Co 37889- Buddy Clark- The Freedom Train/ Sincerely Yours N-

406. Co 37920- Buddy Clark- The Little Old Mill/ Dont You Love Me Anymore NN-

407. Co 37985- Buddy Clark- You Are Never Away/ All Dressed Up With a Broken Heart EE+

408. Co 38170(promo)- Buddy Clark- Melody Time/ Blue Shadows On the Trail NN-

409. Co 38171- Cab Calloway O- Everybody Eats When They Come to My House/ A Ghost of a Chance EE+

410. Co 38294(promo)- Buddy Clark- Here I'll Stay/ Green Up Time N-

411. Co 38462- Sarah Vaughan- Black Coffee/ As You Desire Me EE+

412. Co 39212(promo)- Rosemary Clooney- Beautiful Brown Eyes/ Shot Gun Boogie E+

413. Co 39446(promo)- Sarah Vaughan- Vanity/ My Reverie E

414. Co 39467(promo)- Rosemary Clooney- Rose of the Mountain/ Come On-a My House E+

415. Co 39631(promo)- Rosemary Clooney- Why Dont You Love Me/ Be My Life's Companion E+N-

416. Co 39980(promo)- Rosemary Clooney & Marlene Dietrich- Its the Same/ Dot's Nice Donna Fight NN-

417. Co 48331(promo)- Benny Goodman 1937-38 Jazz Concert- Killer Diller/ Ridin' High E+

418. Co 48333(promo)- Benny Goodman 1937-38 Jazz Concert- Clarinet Marmalade/ Caravan E+

419. Co 48920(promo)- Rosemary Clooney- Kitty Kats Party/ The Teddy Bears Picnic NN-

420. Co 8226-F- Sholom Secunda O- Roumania, Roumania/ Dos Oibershte Fun Shtoisel NEW


421. De 8660- Christine Chatman O- Hurry, Hurry/ Naptown Boogie E/V-

422. De 7199- Georgia White- I Just Want Your Stingaree/ Black Rider V+/V

423. De 265- Adrian Rollini O- Sugar/ Riverboat Shuffle EE+

424. De 302- Red Mc Kenzie & Spirits of Rhythm- As Long As I Live/ I've Got the World On a String EE+

425. De 323- Duke Ellington O- Aint Misbehavin'/ Hyde Park E+ bite close but nap

426. De 548- Bing Crosby- Takes Two to Make a Bargain/ Without a Word of Warning E

427. De 574- Boswell Sisters- Cheek to Cheek/ Top Hat E-

428. De 621- Bing Crosby- Adeste Fidelis/ Silent Night E- scrs flat lbl

429. De 637- Ambrose O- Dinner For One Please James/ The General's Fast Asleep E-

430. De 660- Ambrose O- Memphis Blues/ Limehouse Blues E/EE-

431. De 661- Coleman Hawkins O- Netcha's Dream/ Chicago E+ flat lbl

432. De 670- Red Norvo O- The Wedding of Jack & Jill/ Polly Wolly Doodle E

433. De 677- Ted Fio Rito O- Hypnotized/ The Broken Record E+

434. De 787- Adrian Rollini O- Lessons In Love/ Tap Room Swing E

435. De 804- Henry King O- When I'm With You/ But Definitely EE-

436. De 806- Bing Crosby- It Aint Necessarily So/ I Got Plenty O Nuttin' E flat lbl

437. De 807- Adrian Rollini O- Stuff, Etc./ Swing Low EE+

438. De 838- Ambrose O- Swing/ The Sunset Trail E

439. De 866- Louis Armstrong O- Swing That Music/ Thankful E-/EE- despite grey

440. De 883- Ink Spots- Old Joe's Hittin' the Jug/ Christopher Columbus E/EE- SCARCE!

441. De 895- Ted Weems O- Until Today/ Bye Bye Baby EE+

442. De 907- Dixie Lee Crosby & Bing Crosby- A Fine Romance/ The Way You Look Tonight E-

443. De 1106- Cliff Edwards w/ Andy Iona Islanders- If I Had You/ The Night Is Young..So Beautiful V

444. De 1115- Chick Webb O- Gee But You're Swell/ Love Marches On EE-

445. De 1157- Adrian Rollini Trio- Rebound/ Driftin' E+

446. De 1169- Dick Robertson O- Marie/ May I Have the Next Romance With You EE-

447. De 1180- Glen Gray Casa Loma O- Love Is Good For Anything That Ails You/ Was It Rain? E+

448. De 1234- Bing Crosby- My Little Buckaroo/ What Is Love? VV+

449. De 1252- Count Basie O- Boogie Woogie/ Exactly Like You E

450. De 1261- Andy Kirk O- Foolin' Myself/ In the Groove EE+

451. De 1264- Ambrose O- On the Isle of Kitchy Mi Boko/ I'm All In EE+

452. De 1267- Lennie Hayton O- I Know Now/ You Cant Run Away From Love Tonight E+

453. De 1297- Clyde Mc Coy O- Doo Wacka Doo/ Toot, Toot, Tootsie! EE-

454. De 1300- Milt Herth- How Come You Do Me LIke You Do/ Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet E+

455. De 1318- Jimmie Lunceford O- The Merry Go Round Broke Down/ I'll See You In My Dreams E few clx A, lbl scr A

456. De 1319- Henry King O- The Image of You/ Where or When EE-

457. De 1320- Henry King O- A Sailboat In the Moonlight/ Who'll be the One This Summer E+

458. De 1322- Seger Ellis O- I Know That You Know/ A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody V+/E

459. De 1324- Jack Hylton O- Black & Blue Rhythm/ Temple Bells E+

460. De 1462- Bing Crosby- Can I Forget You/ The Folks Who Live On the Hill E-/VV+

461. De 1534- Will Osborne O- Yakka Hula Hickey Dula/ Twelfth Street Rag E-

462. De 1573- Billy Costello- Barnacle Bill/ Lets All Sing Like the Birdies E- the original Popeye

463. De 1618- Louis Prima O- Yes, There Aint No Moonlight/ Rosalie V+

464. De 1661- Louis Armstrong O- Struttin' With Some Barbecue/ Let That be a Lesson to You E-

465. De 1822- Louis Armstrong O- So Little Time/ Mexican Swing EE-

466. De 2050- Teddy Grace w/ jazz 5- Love Me or Leave Me/ Crazy Blues E

467. De 2073- Paul Whiteman Swing Wing- I Used to Be Color Blind/ Peelin' the Peach E+

468. De 2074- Paul Whiteman Swing Wing- Jamboree Jones/ Sing a Song of Sixpence E+

469. De 2075- Paul Whiteman O- All Ashore/ My Reverie E

470. De 2076- Paul Whiteman O- When I Go a Dreamin'/ There's No Place Like Your Arms EE+

471. De 2080- Chick Webb O- I Let a Tear Fall In the River/ Mac Pherson Is Rehearsin' EE+ Ella

472. De 2081- Andy Kirk O- How Can We Be Wrong?/ How Much Do You Mean To Me E+

473. De 2082- Andrews Sisters- Goodbye-Goodbye/ Lullaby to a Little Jitterbug V+

474. De 2129- Sidney Bechet w/ Noble Sissle's Swingsters- When the Sun Sets Down South/ Blackstick E+

475. De 2147- Bing Crosby- You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby/ Summer Time EE+

476. De 2170- Joseph Green(xylophone w/ org)- The Whirlwind/ A Bunch of Roses E

477. De 2200- Bing Crosby- Joobalai/ You're a Sweet Little Headache E

478. De 2201- Bing Crosby- I Have Eyes/ The Funny Old Hills E-/VV+

479. De 2202- Ella Fitzgerald Savoy 8- Woe Is Me/ Strictly From Dixie E+

480. De 2203- Green Bros Marimba O- Love's Ship/ I Love You Best of All E few scfs nap

481. De 2230- Louis Armstrong O- As Long As You Live You'll Be Dead If You Die/ When the Saints Go Marching In EE-

482. De 2237- Bing Crosby- When the Bloom Is On the Sage/ It's a Lonely Trail EE+

483. De 2269- Willie the Lion Smith- Morning Air/ Passionette E-

484. De 2468- Chick Webb O- I'm Up a Tree/ Have Mercy E+ 2" cr nap Ella vocs 485. De 2526- Al Cooper's Savoy Sultans- Jumpin' At the Savoy/ We'd Rather Jump Than Swing E

486. De 2631- Count Basie O- Oh Lady Be Good/ You Can Depend On Me E-

487. De 2641- Bing Crosby- A Man & His Dream/ Go Fly a Kite EE-

488. De 2655- Dick Powell w/ O- Snd He Would Whistle/ I Like Mountain Music E+ 1" hlc nap

489. De 2786- Victor Silvester Ballroom O- To You Sweetheart Aloha/ Sleep Tight E+

490. De 2811- Dick Mc Intyre Harmony Hawaiians- Hula Lolo/ My Hawaiian Souvenir V+

491. De 3098- Bing Crosby- The Girl With the Pigtails/ I Dream of Jeanie E-

492. De 3118- Bing Crosby- Beautiful Dreamer/ Yours Is My Heart Alone E

493. De 3133- Bing Crosby- Sierra Sue/ Marcheta E- clx/E+

494. De 3137- Paul Whiteman's Four Modernaires- Rain/ At the Story Book Ball E+

495. De 3161- Bing Crosby- I Haven't Time to Be a Millionaire/ April Played the Fiddle E

496. De 3162- Bing Crosby- The Pessimistic Character/ Meet the Sun Halfway E

497. De 3227- Vic Shoen O- Hit the Road/ Arabian Nights V/V+ Don Raye vocal A

498. De 3300- Bing Crosby- When the Moon Comes Over Madison Square/ Only Forever V+

499. De 3354- Bing Crosby- Where the Blue of the Night/ The Wz U Saved For Me E- pot fl A

500. De 3361- Clara Inter w/ Al Keahola Perry Singing Surfriders- Ukulele Lady/ The Pidgin English Hula E-

501. De 3415- Tony Martin & Frances Langford- Our Love Affair/ Two Dreams Met V+

502. De 3433- Frances Langford w/ O- Who Am I/ In the Cool of the Evening E-

503. De 3441- Ella Fitzgerald O- Louisville, K.Y./ Tea Dance E

504. De 3450- Bing Crosby- Please/ You Are the One E

505. De 3477- Bing Crosby w/ Paradise Island Trio- When I Lost You/ When U're a Long Way From Home E

506. De 3645- Tony Martin- You Stepped Out of a Dream/ Too Beautiful to Last E+

507. De 3952- Bing Crosby- Ridin' Down the Canyon/ You Are My Sunshine E/E+

508. De 4000- Bing Crosby- The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi/ Dream Girl of Pi K.A. E+

509. De 4033- Bing Crosby- Day Dreaming/ Clementine EE+

510. De 4065- Bing Crosby- The Anniversary Wz/ Shepherd Serenade E

511. De 4152- Bing Crosby- Dear Little Boy of Mine/ Oh How I Miss You Tonight E-

512. De 4173- Bing Crosby- Remember Hawaii/ Sing Me a Song of the Islands EE-

513. De 18371- Bing Crosby- Walking the Floor Over You/ When My Dream Boat Comes Home E-

514. De 18391- Bing Crosby- Nobody's Darlin' But Mine/ When the White Azaleas St Blooming EE-

515. De 18755- Ink Spots- The Sweetest Dream/ I'm Gonna Turn Off My Teardrops E/E+ int cr nap

516. De 18841- Leo Reisman O- Spellbound/ Amado Mio E

517. De 23388- Fred Astaire- If Swing Goes I Go Too/ This Heart of Mine EE+ VERY SCARCE!!

518. De 23496- Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald- The Frim Fram Sauce/ You Wont Be Satisfied E-

519. De 24446- Ella Fitzgerald- Tea Leaves/ My Happiness E few lt scfs, scrs

520. De 24505- Lionel Hampton O- Goldwyn Stomp/ Hawk's Nest E

521. De 27228- Bing Crosby & Andrews Sisters- Mele Kililimaka/ Poppa Santa Claus E+

522. De 27230- Bing Crosby- A Marshmallow World/ Looks Like a Cold, Cold Winter E+

523. De 27241- Bing Crosby- And You'll Be Home/ Accidents Will Happen E+

524. De 27566(promo)- Ray Bolger- The Foot Foot Song/ I'm Glad I'm Not a Rubber Ball NN-

525. De 27631- Bing Crosby & Andrews Sisters- Black Ball Ferry Line/ The Yodeling Ghost E-

526. De 27647- Ethel Merman- Make the Man Love Me/ Love Is the Reason NEW

527. De 27706(promo)- George Barnes- Hot Guitar Polka/ Clarinet Polka E+N- NICE GUITAR!

528. De 28818(promo)- Mills Bros- Beware/ Who Put the Devil In Evelyn's Eyes EE+


529. Vi 45108- Nora Bayes- Cheer Up! Eat & Grow Thin/ Ragging the Songs Mother Used to Sing EE+

530. Vi 45369- Will Rogers- Nominates Henry Ford for President/ Tells Traffic Chiefs How to Direct Traffic E+

531. Vi 17767- Pale K. Lua- David Kaili- Wailana Wz/ Irene West Royal Hawaiians- Hilo E

532. Vi 17782- Olive Kline- Elsie Baker- Whispering Hope/ Abide With Me EE+

533. Vi 17834- Six Brown Brothers- Down Home Rag/ Fred Van Eps- Dance of the Bugs E+

534. Vi 18069- Helen Louise- Frank Ferera- Song to Hawaii/ Hawaiian Hula medley E-

535. Vi 18340- Van & Schenck- Southern Gals/ The Ragtime Volunteers Are Off to War VV+

536. Vi 18666- Billy Murray- Profiteering Blues/ Margaret Young- Oh! By Jingo! NEW

537. Vi 18672- Victor Roberts- So Long Oo-Long/ Sidney Phillips- The Moon Shines On the Moonshine E+

538. Vi 18704- Billy Murray- Ed Smalle- I've Got the A-B-C-D Blues/ B Murray- Sally Green E+

539. Vi 18712- Billy Murray- Oh Gee Say Gee You Ought To See My Gee Gee Fro the Fiji Isles/ Victor Roberts- My Home Town is a One Horse Town...E+

540. Vi 19361- Phil Spitalny O- Worryin' Blues/ Benson Orch- Lonely Little Wallflow'r N-

541. Vi 19398- Art Landry O- Rip Saw Blues/ Vincent Rose O- Helen Gone V

542. Vi 19519- Dan Gregory O- Me & the Boy Friend/ Jack Chapman O- Let Me Be the First to Kiss You Good Morning E

543. Vi 19578- Henry Halstead O- On the Way to Monterey/ Moonlight & Roses E-

544. Vi 19600- Jean Goldkette O- Its the Blues/ Coon- Sanders O- Some of These Days E+

545. Vi 19728- Coon Sanders O- Alone At Last/ Meyer Davis O- Stop Flirting E+

546. Vi 20010- Warings Penns- In My Gondola/ Just a Cottage Small EE+

547. Vi 20032- Sam 'N Henry- At the Dentist/ Sam Phoning His Sweetheart Liza EE+

548. Vi 20114- Jan Garber O- Dorothy/ There's a Blue Ridge In My Heart Virginia E+

549. Vi 20115- Phil Spitalny O- Only You & Lonely Me/ Hello Baby E/EE-

550. Vi 20119- Johnny Hamp O- I Cant Get Over a Girl Like You/ Tenderly E+

551. Vi 20120- Ted Weems O- I'm Going to Park Myself In Your Arms/ My Cuteys Due EE+/EE-

552. Vi 20128- Shannon Quartet- Maggie Murphy's Home/ The Sidewalks of NY V+

553. Vi 20381- Irving Aaronson O- Ev'rything's Peaches/ Give Me a Ukulele & a Ukulele Baby E+

554. Vi 20390- Coon- Sanders O- My Baby Knows How/ Brainstorm E

555. Vi 20505- Paul Whiteman O- Your Land & My Land/ Silver Moon E+

556. Vi 20570- Paul Whiteman O- So Blue/ Song of the Wanderer E

557. Vi 20634- Nat Shilkret O- 50 Mill Frenchmen Cant Be Wrong/ RW Kahn O- Just the Same E-

558. Vi 20725- Herman Kenin O- All I Want Is You/ Pretty Little Thing VV+ Portland, Oregon rec

559. Vi 20783- Paul Whiteman Rhythm Boys- Sweet Lil/ Aint She Sw/ Miss Mud/ Sugar Standing V-

560. Vi 20747- Actual Moments In the Reception of Chas Lindbergh in Wash DC 1/2 E-/EE-

561. Vi 20751- Paul Whiteman O- I'm Coming Virginia/ Just Once Again EE+

562. Vi 20782- Herman Kenin O- Some Other Day/ Sad 'N Blue E Portland, Oregon recorded

563. Vi 20783- Paul Whiteman's Rhythm Boys- Mississippi Mud/ I Left My Sugar Standing In the Rain// Sweet Lil/ Aint She Sweet EE+

564. Vi 20846- Ted Weems O- Miss Annabelle Lee/ Barbara E-

565. Vi 20874- Paul Whiteman O- Broadway/ Manhattan Mary E-

566. Vi 20910- Ted Weems O- It Was Only a Sun Shower/ Highways Are Happy Ways EE+

567. Vi 21214- Paul Whiteman O- Lonely Melody/ Ramona E-/V

568. Vi 21305- Coon- Sanders O- The Wail/ Sluefoot VV+

569. Vi 21335- Horace Heidt O- Cuddle Up a Little Closer Lovey Mine/ I Love U Truly V Oakland rec

570. Vi 21364- Ted Weems O- Nothing On My Mind/ He's Tall, Dark & Handsome VV+

571. Vi 21376- Johnny Marvin- Angel/ Sweetheart O' Mine V+

572. Vi 21435- Johnny Marvin- I Still Love You/ My Pet VV+

573. Vi 21506- Eddie Harkness O- Dear Little Girl/ Sweetheart Lane EE+/E+ Oakland recorded

574. Vi 21515- Nat Shilkret O- Dusky Stevedore/ When Sweet Susie Goes Steppin By EE-

575. Vi 21573- Tal Henry North Carolinians- Louise, I Love You/ Why Do You Make Me Lonesome E+ top sides esp A

576. Vi 21670- Ted Weems O- You're Just a Great Big Baby Doll/ If You Want the Rainbow EE+

577. Vi 21684- Helen Kane- Is There Anything Wrong In That?/ I Wanna Be Loved By You E/EE-

578. Vi 21767- Ted Weems O- Anything Your Heart Desires/ You're the Cream In My Coffee V

579. Vi 21788- Warings Penns- Maybe This Is Love/ Pompanola E-

580. Vi 21809- Ted Weems O- My Troubles Are Over/ Me & the Man In the Moon V

581. Vi 21812- Coon- Sanders O- Who Wouldn't Be Jealous of You/ Here Comes My Ball & Chain V+/V-

582. Vi 21853- Nat Shilkret O- Dream Train/ Jean Goldkette O- She's Funny That Way E-

583. Vi 21903- Bennie Krueger O- Down Among th Sugar Cane/ Thats the Good Old Sunny So. VV+

584. Vi 21906- Hilo Hawaiian O- Sleepy Honolulu Town/ Sweet Hawaiian Dream Girl EE-

585. Vi 21969- Nat Shilkret O- Hittin' the Ceiling/ Sing a Little Love Song EE+

586. Vi 21976- Nat Shilkret O- I'm Crazy Over You/ Wake Up Chillun Wake Up E+

587. Vi 21996- Nat Shilkret O- Susianna/ The Lonesome Road E

588. Vi 21971- Ben's Bad Boys- Yellow Dog Blues/ Wang Wang Blues V+

589. Vi 21980- Herman Kenin O- Walkin' Around In a Dream/ After Thinking It Over E Culver City rec

590. Vi 21991- Herman Kenin O- Building a Nest For Mary/ Kids Again E Culver City recorded

591. Vi 22006- Herman Kenin O- Thats What I Call Sweet Music/ There's a Place In the Sun For You EE+ Culver City recorded

592. Vi 22016- Herman Kenin O- I'm Doin' What I'm Doin' For Love/ I'm Feathering a Nest E Cal rec.

593. Vi 22017- Arden-Ohman O- Or What Have You/ I've Made a Habit of You E+

594. Vi 22037- Ted Weems O- Piccolo Pete/ Here We Are E

595. Vi 22056- Gus Arnheim O- One Sweet Kiss/ Now I'm In Love E-

596. Vi 22058- Gus Arnheim O- If I Had My Way/ Sweetheart Where Are You Tonight E

597. Vi 22092- Thomas Waller- I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling/ Love Me or Leave Me EE+

598. Vi 22157- Ted Weems O- There's Too Many Eyes That Wanna Make Eyes At Two Pretty Eyes I Love/ Remarkable Girl E-

599. Vi 22221- Leo Reisman O- Happy Days Are Here Again/ Lucky Me-Lovable You EE+

600. Vi 22223- Gene Austin w/ O- My Fate Is In Your Hands/ All That I'm Asking Is Sympathy E-

601. Vi 22238- Ted Weems O- The Man From the South/ Harmonica Harry E

602. Vi 22292- Waring's Penns- Tea For Two/ I Want to Be Happy V

603. Vi 22372- John Boles- It Happened In Monterey/ The Song of the Dawn EE-

604. Vi 22373- John Boles- You, You Alone/ For You E+

605. Vi 22378- Maurice Chevalier- Sweepin' the Clouds Away/ All I Want Is Just one VV+

606. Vi 22384- Gus Arnheim O- All I Want Is Just One/ Dancing to Save Your Sole E lt clk B Fred Mac Murray vocal A

607. Vi 22480- Green Bros Marimba O- Lo-Lo/ Somehwere In Old Wyoming E+

608. Vi 22494- Bernie Cummins O- F'r Instance/ Lonely E+

609. Vi 22498- Marek Weber O- Japanese Lantern Dance/ Chinese Street Serenade E+

610. Vi 22499- Ted Weems O- My Baby Just Cares For Me/ A Girl Friend of a Boy Friend V+/E-

611. Vi 22501- Jackie Taylor O- Looking For the Lovelight In the Dark/ Ted Fiorito O- Tomorrow Is Another Day VV+

612. Vi 22505- Gus Arnheim O- I'm Doin' That Thing/ Go Home & Tell Your Mother E-

613. Vi 22515- Ted Weems O- Sing/ I Still Get a Thrill EE+ just a shade under E+

614. Vi 22516- Johnny Johnson O- I'm Learning a Lot From You/ A Big Bouquet For You V

615. Vi 22521- Ted Fiorito O- Until We Meet Again Sweetheart/ One More Wz E-

616. Vi 22524- Aileen Stanley w/ O- I'll Be Blue Just Thinking of You/ Wasn't It Nice E

617. Vi 22525- Johnny Johnson O- Sittin' On a Rainbow/ Bernie Cummins O- In My Heart Its U EE+

618. Vi 22531- Leo Reisman O- Love Is Like a Song/ Say "Oui" Cherie V+

619. Vi 22537- Leo Reisman O- Body & Soul(tk 17)/ Something To Remember You By VV+

620. Vi 22538- Leo Reisman O- Lucky Seven/ Sing Something Simple E

621. Vi 22540- Rudolf Friml- Huguette/ Indian Love Call EE+

622. Vi 22541- Bert Lown O- I'm Yours/ Here Comes the Sun E-

623. Vi 22543- Leo Reisman O- Just a Little Dance Mam'selle/ Troubadours- Just a Little While E-

624. Vi 22551- Jesse Crawford- Little White Lies/ Confessin' V+

625. Vi 22553- Nat Shilkret O- Oh How I Cried the Morning After/ When Kentucky Bids the World Good Morning E+ Lew Conrad vocal B

626. Vi 22557- Jesse Crawford- So Beats My Heart For You/ Just a Little While EE-

627. Vi 22561- Gus Arnheim O- Fool Me Some More/ It Must Be True V Bing Crosby vocs

628. Vi 22564- Ted Weems O- The One Man Band/ Johnny Johnson O- I'm a Ding Dong Daddy V+

629. Vi 22565- Bernie Cummins O- Who's Calling You Sweetheart/ Troubadours- Ukulele Moon EE-

630. Vi 22566- High Hatters- Cheerful Little Earful/ Overnight E

631. Vi 22567- Bernie Cummins O- I Love Love/ I'll Never Leave You EE-

632. Vi 22569- Leonard Joy All String O- I'll Still Belong to You/ Us & Company E-/V

633. Vi 22571- Nat Shilkret O- La Seduccion/ Bolero E+

634. Vi 22575- Wayne King O- In a Window In a House In Carolina/ The Wz U Saved For Me VV+

635. Vi 22580- Gus Arnheim O- The Little Things In Life/ Them There Eyes V+ Bing A/ Rhy Boys B

636. Vi 22583- Bert Lown O- You're the One I Care For/ Crying Myself to Sleep EE+/E

637. Vi 22592- The Southerners- Yours & Mine/ Leonard Joy O- On a Little Balcony In Spain EE-

638. Vi 22598- Waring's Penns- Where Have You Been?/ Love For Sale E

639. Vi 22602- Bert Lown O- Lonesome Lover/ Havana Novelty O- Little Spanish Dancer EE+

640. Vi 22605- Leo Reisman O- He's Not Worth Your Tears/ Hurt E-

641. Vi 22606- Leo Reisman O- Just a Gigolo/ I'm Alone Because I Love You E+

642. Vi 22609- Arden-Ohman- Canadian Capers/ Maple Leaf Rag V rg lbl

643. Vi 22612- Bert Lown O- Say Hello To the Folks Back Home/ Heartaches E-

644. Vi 22613- The Troubadours- Truly I Love You/ reaching For the Moon EE+

645. Vi 22618- Gus Arnheim O- I Surrender Dear/ La Rosita VV+/V+ Bing A

646. Vi 22623- Bert Lown O- I'm So Afraid of You/ By My Side V+ scr A

647. Vi 22624- Bert Lown O- My Missouri Home/ Hilo Hawaiian O- Blue Pacific Moonlight E-

648. Vi 22631- The Troubadours- You Didn't Have to Tell Me/ With All My Heart VV+

649. Vi 22633- The Southerners- I'm the Last One Left On the Corner/ Dreamy Rocky Mtn Mn VV+

650. Vi 22641- Blanche Calloway Joy Boys- I Need Lovin'/ There's Rhythm In the River V

651. Vi 22647- Leo Reisman O- It Looks Like Love/ Heavenly Night E-

652. Vi 22648- Ted Weems O- When You Were the Blossom of Buttercup Lane/ Wayne King O- I Keep Remembering EE+ or better

653. Vi 22653- Bert Lown O- Were You Sincere?/ I Found What I Wanted In You EE-

654. Vi 22654- Bert Lown O- When I Take My Sugar To Tea/ Running Between the Raindrops E-

655. Vi 22656- Ted Weems O- My Favorite Band/ Wayne King O- Star Dust E-

656. Vi 22669- Irving Mills O- So Sweet/ Doin' the Rumba E+

657. Vi 22670- Leo Reisman O- For You/ You;ll Be Mine In Apple Blossom Time E-

658. Vi 22672- Rudy Vallee O- My Cigarette Lady/ Whistling In the Dark E

659. Vi 22673- Morton Downey- Mother's Apron Strings/ Wabash Moon EE+

660. Vi 22674- Morton Downey- The Little Old Church In the Valley/ Say a Little Prayer For Me E+

661. Vi 22675- Andy Sannella O- Let's Get Friendly/ I'm Mad About You E+

662. Vi 22676- Henry Busse O- Think a Little Kindly of Me/ I'll Love You in My Dreams EE+

663. Vi 22677- Henry Busse O- You Dont Know What You're Doin'/ I'm Thru With Love EE-/E

664. Vi 22678- Andy Sannella O- Bubbling Over With Love/ Henry Busse O- Fiesta E

665. Vi 22679- Rudy Vallee O- You're Just a Lover/ Two Little Blue Little Eyes E+

666. Vi 22700- Gus Arnheim O- One More Time/ Thanks to You VV+ Bing vocals both

667. Vi 22725- Bert Lown O- I'm Painting Pictures/ Never E-/V

668. Vi 22738- Bert Lown O- The Hour of Parting/ That Little Boy of Mine E

669. Vi 22740- Bert Lown O- June Time Is Love Time/ Troubadours- How the Time Can Fly E

670. Vi 22758- Gus Arnheim O- Just One More Chance/ At Your Command E-

671. Vi 22783- Rudy Vallee O- This Is the Missus/ Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries E-/EE- sol nap

672. Vi 22796- Johnny Hamp O- The Kiss That You've Forgotten/ I'm Just a Dancing Sweetheart E

673. Vi 22804- Bert Lown O- You Call It Madness/ Sweet Summer Breeze V+

674. Vi 22816- Ted Black O- Sing Another Chorus Please/ I'm With You V+

675. Vi 22822- Ted Weems O- Oh! Mo'nah/ I Love to Hear a Military Band VV+/V+

676. Vi 22829- Ted Weems O- Nobody's Baby Is Somebody's Baby Now/ Any Corner Is a Cozy Corner EE- 2" hlc nap

677. Vi 22836- Leo Reisman O- Hoops/ White Heat E+ Fred & Adele Astaire vocals A/ Fred B

678. Vi 22838- Ted Weems O- That's What I Like About You/ I'm For You 100% E+

679. Vi 22853- Gus Arnheim O- Put Your Litle Arms Around Me/ Lies V+

680. Vi 22904- Leo Reisman O- Someday I'll Find You/ Paradise V+ Frances Maddux vocs

681. Vi 22908- Bert Lown O- Was That the Human Thing to Do/ The More You Hurt Me VV+

682. Vi 22918(CAN)- Gene Kardos O- I Wouldn't Change You For the World/ Fate Introduced Me To You VV+

683. Vi 22919- Roane's Penns- Chinatown My Chinatown/ When You & I Were Young Maggie looks V, plays E- due to top Victor recording quality

684. Vi 22937- George Olsen O- U Can Make My Life a Bed of Roses/ There I Go Drming Again E-

685. Vi 22971- Jimmie Grier O- Music In the Moonlight/ One Hour With You EE+ pop beg B

686. Vi 22996- Ted Black O- I'll Get Along Somehow/ I Cant Forget EE+

687. Vi 24020- Donald Novis- Goodnight, My Love/ By the Fireside E

688. Vi 24034- Ray Noble O- Hold My Hand/ Pied Piper of Hamelin E Al Bowlly vocals

689. Vi 24054- Gus Arnheim O- It Might Have Been You/ You're Blase E+

690. Vi 24055- Joe Haymes O- Let's Have a Party/ Why Little Boy Blue Was Blue E GREAT!

691. Vi 24061- Gus Arnheim O- You've Got Me In the Palm of Your Hand/ Evening V+

692. Vi 24071- Donald Novis- Somewhere In the West/ As You Desire Me E+

693. Vi 24087- Bert Lown O- Over the Weekend/ I'm Yours For Tonight VV+

694. Vi 24125- Gus Arnheim O- And So to Bed/ All American Girl E/VV+

695. Vi 24140- Paul Whiteman O- Lets Put Out the Lights/ You're Telling Me E-

696. Vi 24147- Don Bestor O- 'Long About Sundown/ Good Might My Lady Love E+ very light grit

697. Vi 24197- Paul Whiteman O- Rise 'N Shine/ Turn Out the Light E-V+

698. Vi 24208- Ted Weems O- Look Who's Here/ Hats Off Here Comes a Lady V plays better due to Hi Fi recording...both great sides!!

699. Vi 24214- Warings Penns- I'm Young & Heatlhy/ You're Getting to Be a Habit With Me EE+/E+ above in my top 5 dance band records of all time!

700. Vi 24236- Paul Whiteman O- Farewell to Arms/ A White House of Our Own E-

701. Vi 24254- Glen Gray Casa Loma O- Black Eyed Susan Brown/ Going, Going, Gone V-

702. Vi 24340- Glen Gray Casa Loma O- My Imaginary Sweetheart/ The Night We Met E+

703. Vi 24361- Jan Garber O- Stringin' Along On a Shoe String/ Blue Roses E+

704. Vi 24412- Jan Garber O- I'll Be Faithful/ And So Goodbye E+

705. Vi 24444- Jan Garber O- You're Gonna Lose Your Gal/ You've Got Everything EE+

706. Vi 24507- Jan Garber O- On the Wrong Side of the fence/ The Whistlin' Cowboy EE+

707. Vi 24567- Jan Garber O- In a Shelter From a Shower/ Arlene V

708. Vi 24579- Eddy Duchin O- As Long As I Live/ Ill Wind VV+ rcnap Harold Arlen vocals

709. Vi 24634- Jan Garber O- Why Dont You Practice What You Preach/ Hello Again E

710. Vi 24716- Leo Reisman O- Night & Day/ Stormy Weather E- Astaire A/ Arlen B rg lbl

711. Vi 24730- Jan Garber O- Rain/ Blue Sky Avenue EE+

712. Vi 24750- Richard Himber O- Tea For Two/ Avalon VV+ Joey Nash vocs rg lbl

713. Vi 24769- Paul Whiteman O- I Get a Kick Out of You/ You're the Top E two great sides!!

714. Vi 24874- Maurice Chevalier w/ O- You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth/ Rhythm of the Rain E+

715. Vi 25017- Jan Garber O- Music In My Heart/ You're An Angel E rcnap

716. Vi 25082- Ray Noble O- St Louis Blues/ Way Down Yonder In New Orleans EE+ rg lbl

717. Vi 25090- Benny Goodman O- King Porter/ Sometimes I'm Happy NN- rs lbl

718. Vi 25091- Paul Whiteman O- I Feel a Song Comin' On/ I'm In the Mood For Love E

719. Vi 25093- Eddy Duchin O- Cheek to Cheek/ Isn't It a Lovely Day E rg lbl

720. Vi 25105- Ray Noble O- Double Trouble/ Why Stars Come Out At Night V Bowlly vocs

721. Vi 25121- Jan Garber O- My Other Me/ First Kiss EE+

722. Vi 25174- Jan Garber O- If You Were Mine/ I'm a Gambler EE-

723. Vi 25180- Jan Garber O- Twenty Four Hours a Day/ The Day You Were Born E-

724. Vi 25187- Ray Noble O- Dinner For One Please, James/ Where Am I? E

725. Vi 25190- Ray Noble O- I'm the Fellow Who Loves You/ Life Begins At Sweet 16 E Bowlly A

726. Vi 25191- Tommy Dorsey O- Alone/ Two Hearts Carved On a Lonesome Pine E+

727. Vi 25200- Ray Noble O- Somebody Ought To Be Told/ I Built a Dream One Day E Bowlly vox

728. Vi 25247- Benny Goodman O- Stompin' At the Savoy/ Breakin' In a Pair of Shoes E/E+ rs lbl

729. Vi 25257- Jack Hylton O- Song of the 'Cello/ You Give Me Ideas E-

730. Vi 25294- Jack Hylton O- Moanin' Minnie/ My First Thrill E+

731. Vi 25325- Eddy Duchin O- A Rendezvous With a Dream/ Summer Holiday E+/EE+

732. Vi 25340- Benny Goodman O- Sing Me a Swing Song/ Roy Fox O- These Foolish Things VV+

733. Vi 25343- Eddy Duchin O- Take My Heart/ Guess Who E+

734. Vi 25347- Eddy Duchin O- I'm An Old Cowhand/ I Cant Escape From You E+

735. Vi 25364- Eddy Duchin O- Love Will Tell/ Follow Your Heart VV+

736. Vi 22365- Richard Himber O- Me & the Moon/ Midnight Blue E-

737. Vi 25404- Paul Whiteman O- Announcer's Blues/ Joe Loss O- Madam- Ah La Marquise V/E

738. Vi 25406- Benny Goodman 3- Exactly Like You/ Goodman O- Love Me or Leave Me E+ rg lbl

739. Vi 25411- Nick La Rocca ODJB- Clarinet Marmalade/ Goodman O- St Louis Blues E/E+ rs lbl

740. Vi 25422- Ray Noble O- Easy to Love/ I've Got You Under My Skin E- rs lbl

742. Vi 25434- Benny Goodman O- When a Lady Meets a Gentleman Down South/ You're Giving Me a Song and a Dance EE+

743. Vi 25519- Tommy Dorsey O- Melody In F/ Who'll Buy My Violets E-

744. Vi 25522- Guy Lombardo O- I Cant Lose That Longing For You/ Boo-Hoo E-

745. Vi 25523- Tommy Dorsey O- Song of India/ Marie E-

746. Vi 25524- The Original Dixieland 5- Tiger Rag/ Skeleton Jangle EE-/EE+

747. Vi 25526- Guy Lombardo O- September In the Rain/ What Will I Tell My Heart VV+

748. Vi 25570- Tommy Dorsey O- Nola/ Satan Takes a Holiday E

749. Vi 25575- Lionel Hampton O- Whoa Babe/ Buzzin' Around With the Bee E

750. Vi 25586- Lionel Hampton O- China Stomp/ Rhythm, Rhythm E+ rs lbl

751. Vi 25592- Lionel Hampton O- I Know That You Know/ On the Sunny Side of the Street E+ rs lbl

752. Vi 25603- Tommy Dorsey O- That Stolen Melody/ You're Precious to me E-/E

753. Vi 25612- Mezz Mezzrow O- The Swing Session's Called to Order/ Hot Club Stomp E-

754. Vi 25616- Bunny Berigan O- Frankie & Johnnie/ Mother Goose E-

755. Vi 25627- Benny Goodman O- Roll 'Em/ Afraid to Dream EE-/E+

756. Vi 25646- Bunny Berigan O- Turn On that Red Hot Heat/ Let 'Er Go V+ despite grey

757. Vi 25666- Lionel Hampton O- Piano Stomp/ I Surrender Dear E+ sticker on lbl

758. Vi 25677- Bunny Berigan O- Mama I Wanna Make Rhythm/ Have You Ever Been In Heaven V+

759. Vi 25686- Tommy Dorsey O- If Its the Last Thing I Do/ Once In a While E/EE+

760. Vi 25708- Benny Goodman O- I've Hitched My Wagon To a Star/ Let That be a Lesson To U V+

761. Vi 25717- Benny Goodman O- Loch Lomond/ Camel Hop V/E-

762. Vi 25722- Hal Kemp O- Good Night Angel/ Swingin' In the Corn E/EE-

763. Vi 25726- Benny Goodman O- Life Goes to a Party/ If Dreams Come True EE-

764. Vi 25848- Bunny Berigan O- Azure/ Tommy Dorsey O- I Hadn't Anyone Till You E-

765. Vi 26011- Lionel Hampton O- Shoe Shiners Drag/ I'm In the Mood For Swing E sticker on lbl

766. Vi 26116- Bunny Berigan O- Sobbin' Blues/ I Cried For You E later label

767. Vi 26170- Benny Goodman O- And the Angels Sing/ Sent For You Yesterday E

768. Vi 26347- Hal Kemp O- I Must Have One More Kiss/ Melancholy Lullaby E/E

769. Vi 26348- Alec Templeton- Hazy & Blue/ Man With New Radio EE-

770. Vi 26336- Hal Kemp O- Whats New?/ What Goes On Behind Your Eyes E

771. Vi 26402- Alec Templeton- Three Little Fishies/ Night & Day V+/E-

772. Vi 26421- Leo Reisman O- Katie Went to Haiti/ Do I Love You V Gertrude Niesen vocal A

773. Vi 26440- Alec Templeton- Phonograph Record, Player Piano & Carmen Lombardo/ Mendelssohn Mows 'Em Down E-

774. Vi 26614- Artie Shaw O- Mister Meadowlark/ My Fantasy E

775. Vi 26640- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Wild Man Blues/ Shake It & Break It E+/E

776. Vi 26760- Artie Shaw O- If Its You/ Old, Old Castle In Scotland E-

777. Vi 26762- Artie Shaw Gramercy 5- Special Delivery Stomp/ Keepin Myself For You E-

778. Vi 26763- Artie Shaw Gramercy 5- Summit Ridge Drive/ Cross Your Heart E-

779. Vi 27255- Hal Kemp O- Talkin' To My Heart/ It All Comes Back to Me Now V+

780. Vi 27261- Hal Kemp O- I Cant Remember To Forget/ You're the One E-

781. Vi 27337- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Slippin' & Slidin'/ Egyptian Fantasy EE-

782. Vi 27663- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Laughin' In Rhythm/ Rip Up the Joint E+

783. Vi 20-2052- Desi Arnaz O- Another Night Like This/ Mi Vida E+

784. Vi 20-2480- Dizzy Gillespie O- Ow!/ Oopapada EE+

785. Vi 20-2689(promo)- Tony Martin- For Every Man There's a Woman/ Whats Good Abt GdbyeNN-

786. Vi 20-2690(promo)- Tony Martin- It Was Written in the Stars/ Hooray For Love NN-

787. Vi 20-2812(promo)- Tony Martin- Confess/ Bride & Groom Polka NN-

788. Vi 20-3454(promo)- Tony Martin- My Heart Beats Faster/ Angles Never Leave Heaven NN-

789. Vi 20-3516(promo)- Spike Jones City Slickers- Dance of the Hours/ Spike Jones describes the

musical instruments used in Dance of the Hours EE+ one label black Victor/ other white promo

790. Vi 20-3535(promo)- Tony Martin- Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor/ Thursday Would Have Been a Year NN-

791. Vi 20-3588- Tommy Dorsey O- Hollywood Hat/ Shake That Tree E+

792. Vi 20-3620(promo)- Spike Jones Slickers- Wild Bill Hiccup/ Morpheus EE+

793. Vi 20-3874(promo)- Tony Martin & Fran Warren- Till We Meet Again/ Take a Letter Miss Smith NN-

794. Vi 20-3883(promo)- Tony Martin- The Big Dipper/ Music, Maestro, Please NN-

795. Vi 20-4055(promo)- Spike Jones Slickers- Peter Cottontail/ Rhapsody From Hunger(y) E+

796. Vi 20-4125(promo)- Spike Jones Slickers- My Daddy Is a General to Me/ Ill Barkio E+

797. Vi 20-4216(promo)- Tony Martin- Take Me Out to the Ball Game/ Casey At the Bat NN-

798. Vi 20-5066(promo)- Robert Clary- I'm In Love With Miss Logan/ Lucky Pierre E+ thats the same Robert Clary of Hogan's Heroes tv fame!

799. Vi 27-0117- Benny Goodman Trio(promo)- After You've Gone/ Someday Sweetheart E+N-

800. Vi 27-0118- Benny Goodman Trio(promo)- Body & Soul/ Nobody's Sweetheart E+N-

801. Vi 27-0119- Benny Goodman Trio(promo)- Tiger Rag/ Oh Lady Be Good E+N-


802. Vi 65339- Hawaiian Quintet- Kaua i ka huahuai/ Wailana EE-

803. Vi 78697- Joseph Feldman w/ O- Wus gewen is gewen is nito(Let Bygones Be Bygones)/ Men lost nit tzi zum pusik(Just Missed It) E good electric sides w/ band

804. Vi V- 36- Victoria Quintet- Tip Toe Thru the Tulips With Me/ Chant of the Jungle V rare series

805. Vi X-16174- Castanets w/ Orch- La Espana Cani/ Cordoba E-

806. Victor PMS 226- Dorothy Lamour singing Blue Nightfall, a Paramount Picture/ Matty Malneck O playing St Louis Blues, a Paramount Pic E-V+..gold lbl Paramount promo

807. Vi DJ-531/ 20-3061- The Tommy Dorsey Story set to music narrated by Johnny Victor(story teller of the RCA Sunday Radio Show)..reads please play this side first, and is overwritten in pen- "do not play, not for broadcast" Tommy Dorsey O- Until


808. acetate- Martha Raye sings Shoe Shine Boy/ My Heart Belongs to Daddy E- A side from Rinso Show 4/6/37. B side from Lifebuoy Show 3/22/39. Label reads radio station KNX. Recorded by Electro- Vox in Hollywood. autographed w/ inscription by Martha, tape rep'd lbl

809. Aeolian Vocalion- 12007- Arthur Fields w/ O- You're Mama's Little Daddy Now/ Arthur Burns- Belgian Rose EE+

810. Aeo Voc 14050- Peerless Quartet- Melodious Jazz/ Throw Out That Mason & Dixon Line E+

811. Aeo Voc 14055- Ferrera & Kaile- Hawaiian Smiles/ Wild Flower Wz EE-

812. Aladdin 140- Velma Nelson w/ O- Love Poison/ Pop Fly e

813. Al 179- Illinois Jacquet O- Jivin With Jack the Bellboy/ You Left Me All Alone E+

814. Al 3001- Illinois Jacquet All Stars- Blow Illinois Blow/ Illinois Blows the Blues V+

815. Al 3185- Lynn Hope & O- Jet & the Way You Look Tonight/ Tenderly E+

816. Allied 5025(promo)- King Sisters w/ Alvino Rey O- Walk It On Down/ Keep Cool NN-

817. Ammor 101- Larry Breese O- Jumpin' Jive/ What's New VV+

818. Am 115- Claude Hopkins O feat Orlando Roberson- Whats the Matter With Me/ Claude Hopkins O- Out to Lunch V+/E+ tiny hlc nap

819. Apollo 756- Illinois Jacquet All Stars- Bottoms Up/ Ghost of a Chance NN-

820. Ap 1009- Jose Morand O- Chiqui-Cha/ Rhumba At the Waldorf EE+

821. ARC Theatre Use Only F 330- Art Kahn O- Hold My Hand/ same E-/V+

822. Artistic Records 204- Geri Galian Caribbean Rhythm Boys- Fantasie Impromptu/ Jungle Rhumba E-

823. Art Rec 205- Geri Galian Caribbean Rhythm Boys- Rhumba Cabra(Dance of the Macabre)/ Caribbean Moon V+

824. Asch 432- Woody Guthrie- Biggest Thing/ Josh White- Dont Lie Buddy V+

825. Asch 3573- John Kirby O- KC Caboose/ JK Special EE+

826. Astor 1001- Ginnie Blue- I'm Tied to a Memory/ Fred Sayles- You Cant Be True Dear VV- long cr nap- still a rare small NYC label

827. Atlantic 878- Joe Morris O- Beans & Corn Bread/ Bottletop E- some scrs

828. Atl 1034- Alec Templeton- Big Ben Bounce/ Ida E+

829. Atomic 226- Dodo Marmarosa Trio- Dodo's Blues/ I Surrender Dear E+

830. Banner 0566- Dorsey Bros O- Congratulations/ Lou Gold O- Lonely Me VV+

831. Ba 32101- Ben Pollack O- You Didn't Have to Tell Me(tk 3)/ Joe Morgan O- Heartaches V

832. Bantam 9001- Isham Jones O- She Picked It Up In Mexico/ How Many Tears Must Fall NN- very late record for this great band--Bob Allen of Hal Kemp fame is the vocalist

833. BBS 105- Sandy Kent w/ O- Lovable/ Say That You Care E+ sm Philadelphia label

834. Bell P-94- Al Bernard- Dapper Dan/ Irving Kaufman- Bimini Bay EE- 1" cr nap

835. Bing Crosby- outtakes- Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/ Serenade in Blue E+ handwritten label

836. Bluebird 5098- Rudy Vallee O- Thank Heaven For You/ When the Sweet Magnolias Bloom Again EE+ A side from 1933 Paramount Picture International House

837. BB 5114- Rudy Vallee O- Lazy Bones/ A Heart of Stone EE+

838. BB 5171- Rudy Vallee O- Honeymoon Hotel/ By a Waterfall EE+ or better Alice Faye vo A RARE!

839. BB 5172- Rudy Vallee O- Shanghai Lil/ The Last Round Up E+/EE+

840. BB 5639- Angelo Ferdinando O- Two Cigarettes In the Dark/ Lost In a Fog VV+

841. BB 5918- Joe Haymes O- The Lady In Red/ My Melancholy Baby VV+/EE+

842. BB 5984- Reggie Childs O- Outside of You/ The Rose In Her Hair EE+

843. BB 6043- The Little Ramblers- Streamlined Greta Green/ Loveless Love G

844. BB 6129- Freddie Jenkins Harlem 7- Nothin' But Rhythm/ Old Fashioned Love EE-

845. BB 6146- The California Ramblers- Now You've Got Me Doing It/ Broadway Rhythm V+E-

846. BB 6215- George Hall O- I Dream Too Much/ Lights Out V+

847. BB 6217- Dolly Dawn Patrol- The Broken Record/ Quicker Than You Can Say Jack Robinson E/EE+

848. BB 6220- The Little Ramblers- I'm Shootin' High/ The Music Goes Round & Round E+

849. BB 6239- The California Ramblers- So This Is Heaven/ Cant We Dream a Midsummer's...VV+

850. BB 6748- Johnny Hamp O- Trust In Me/ Never Should Have Told You V+/V

851. BB 6801- George Hall O- If My Heart Could Only Talk/ When the Poppies Bloom Again E+/EE+

852. BB 6873- Ozzie Nelson O- They All Laughed/ They Cant Take That Away From Me V

853. BB 6875- Ozzie Nelson O- Whoa Babe/ Poor Robinson Crusoe VV+

854. BB 6881- Ambrose O- I Dont Want to Go to Bed/ Lets All Sing Like the Birdies E-/E

855. BB 6897- Teddy Hill O- The Love Bug Will Bite You/ Would You Like To Buy a Dream EE-

856. BB 6921- Boots & His Buddies- Swanee River Blues/ Rhythmic Rhapsody V+

857. BB 6922- Ted Mack O- Spring Cleaning/ On a Little Dream Ranch V+

858. BB 6943- Teddy Hill O- A Study In Brown/ Twilight In Turkey EE+

859. BB 7105- Jesse Crawford O- Dancing Under the Stars/ Me Myself & I E/EE-

860. BB 7106- Hod Williams O- Lady From Fifth Avenue/ Night Over Shanghai EE-/E NC territory band

861. BB 7136- Shep Fields O- Blossoms On Broadway/ Stardust On the Moon V/V+

862. BB 7137- Frankie Reynolds O- Chicken On the Apple/ Paradise E- NC territory band

863. BB 7319- Al Bowlly O- Every Day's a Holiday/ Outside of Paradise E+ top copy-scarce!

864. BB 7763- Mildred Bailey w/ O- Stop the Sun, Stop the Moon/ Home E+ 1931 master press

865. BB 8516- Tennessee Ramblers- 'Neath Hawaiian Palms/ All My Natural Life V/V-

866. BB 8692- Bill Monroe Blue Grass Boys- Katy Hill/ Dog House Blues E+ long scr B sds lite

867. BB 10043- Boots & His Buddies- Sweet Girl/ Louis "King" Garcia Swing Band- Swing Mr Charlie EE+/E+ sm lbl tear A

868. BB 10523- Coleman Hawkins O- Body & Soul/ Fine Dinner E/EE-

869. BB 10623- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Preachin' Blues/ Indian Summer E-/V+ scr B

870. BB 10647- The Bamboo O feat Wilmouth Houdini- Cousin, Cousin, Scratch Here For Me/ Mama, Call the Fire Brigade E scr B nap. SCARCE!!

871. BB 10693- Coleman Hawkins Octet- Bouncing With Bean/ When Day Is Done E/E+

872. BB 10900- Glenn Miller O- Shadows On the Sand/ Five O Clock Whistle EE+

873. BB 11060- Bob Chester O- You're Dangerous/ You Lucky People You N-

874. BB 11117- Johnny Hodges O- Thats the Blues Old Man/ Good Queen Bess E+/E-

875. BB 11364- Spike Jones City Slickers- Barstool Cowboy From Old Barstow/ The Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along E+

876. BB 11447- Johnny Hodges O- Squatty Roo/ Things Aint What They Used to Be EE+

877. BB 11466- Spike Jones City Slickers- Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag/ Clink, Clink Another Drink E-/V-

878. BB 11560- Spike Jones City Slickers- Come Josephine In My Flying Machine. Siam E+

879. BB 30-0812- Spike Jones City Slickers- The Sheik of Araby/ Oh By Jingo E+

880. Blue Note 501- Frank Newton Quintet- Daybreak Blues/ Weary Land Blues EE+

881. BN 502- Sidney Bechet BN Quartet- Saturday Night Blues/ Bechet's Steady Rider EE+

882. BN 503- Teddy Bunn- Bachelor Blues/ King Porter Stomp EE+

883. BN 504- Teddy Bunn- Blues Without Words/ Guitar In High E+

884. BN 506- Art Hodes Chicagoans- She's Crying For Me/ Slow 'Em Down Blues E couple scrs

885. BN 563- Sidney Bechet BN Jazzmen- When the Saints Go Marching In/ Basin Street Bl EE+

886. Cadet 202- Slim Gaillard Qtet- The Hop/ Baby Wont You Please Come Home E+

887. Cameo 498- Broadway Broadcasters- Sobbin' Blues/ Varsity 8- Mean to Me VV+

888. Ca 640- Varsity 8- Beets & Turnips/ Bob Haring O- Too Tired E-

889. Ca 707- The Happiness Boys- In Sweet Onion Time/ Radio Joe- 25 Years From Now E-

890. Capitol 205- Coleman Hawkins O- Its the Talk of the Town/ Stuffy E-

891. Cap 393- The King Cole Trio- You Dont Learn That In School/ Meet Me At No Special Place NN- vinyl pressing

892. Cap 950- Mickey Katz O- The Barber of Schlemeel/ Happy Pay Off Day E

893. Cap 1184(promo)- Nat King Cole Trio w/ Stan Kenton O- Orange Colored Sky/ Jam-Bo E+

894. Cap 1270(promo)- Nat King Cole- Time Out For Tears/ Get To Gettin' E+

895. Cap 1441- Mel Blanc- K-K-K- Katy/ Flying Saucers EE+ or better despite grey

896. Cap 1501(promo)- Nat King Cole- Song of Delilah/ Because of Rain NN-

897. Cap 1669(promo)- Nat King Cole Trio- This Is My Night to Dream/ Makin' Whoopee NN-

898. Cap 1711(promo)- Stan Freberg- Thats My Boy/ I've Got You Under My Skin E+N-

899. Cap 1712(promo)- Mel Torme- The One For Me/ Love Is Such a Cheat E+

900. Cap 1761(promo)- Mel Torme- My Buddy/ Take My Heart E+

901. Cap 1788- Mickey Katz O- Sound Off/ Come On- a My House E+

902. Cap 1994(promo)- Nat King Cole- Easter Sunday Morning/ Summer Is a Comin In NN-

903. Cap 2131(promo)- Mel Torme- Dont Leave Me/ Black Moonlight E+

904. Cap 2263(promo)- Mel Torme- Casually/ Anywhere I Wander E+

905. Cap 2529(promo)- Mel Torme- A Stranger In Town/ It Made Me Happy When U Md Me Cry E+

906. Cap 2838- Stan Freberg & Daws Butler- Pearson to Pearson/ Point of Order N-

907. Cap 15138- Jesse Price Blues Band- Baby Lets Be Friends/ My Baby Done Left Me NN-

908. Cap 15224- The King Cole Trio- Litlette/ A Woman Always Understands NN-

909. Cap 15265- Ceelle Burke O- From Twilight 'Til Dawn/ Lovely Hannah E+

910. Cap 15387- King Cole Trio- Portrait of Jenny/ An Old Piano Plays the Blues NN-

911. Cap 7-1819- Yma Sumac- Najala's Lament/ Birds NN-

912. Cap 57-70002- St Paul Baptist Church Choir of Los Angeles- He's a Friend of Mine/ Didn't It Rain E+

913. Cardinal 1017(promo)- Cathy Bryan w/ O- Until Sunrise/ Crying My Heart Out For You NN- above is a rare Kansas City, Mo. label

914. Challenge 563- Continental DO- Beautiful/ Imp DO- Then I Think of You V+ 1/2" cr nap good A side with early Dick Robertson vocal

915. Ch 917- King's Hawaiians- I'm Going Back to Waikiki/ Naomi of Aloha Land V+/E

916. Champion 15579- Kenneth Patten w/ O- Forever/ There's a Rainbow Round My Shoulder E/V some nice jazz accomp B, hot passages are steeled (V cond), voc is E cond

917. Clef 89081- Roger King Mozian O- Midnight In Spanish Harlem/ Love For Sale E+/ E-

918. Cl 89086- Johnny Hodges O- Jappa/ Sheik of Araby EE-

919. Cl 89118- Roger King Mozian tpt & O- Just Mozian Along/ Forlorn E+

920. Coleman 115- Calypso Serenaders- Zambo/ Bull Dog Dont Bite Me EE+/E despite grey

921. Commodore 506- Jess Stacy- Complainin'/ Ramblin' E+ early laminated pressing

922. Comm 517- Jess Stacy- Candlelights/ Aint Goin' Nowhere E+ early laminated pressing

923. Comm 637- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Jelly Roll Blues/ National Emblem March EE-

924. Comm 638- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- At a Georgia Camp Meeting/ Hindustan EE+

925. Conqeror 7769- Cab Calloway O- Sweet Jenny Lee/ The Caroliners- I'm Happy EE+ to E- needs heavy tracking due to heat mark, but is a clean copy

926. Cq 8610- Chick Bullock w/ O- On Treasure Island/ Red Sails In the Sunset E sm clx A

927. Crown 3066- Adrian Schubert O- Two Hearts Swing in 3/4 Time/ Falling In Lv Agn VV+ Ballews

928. Cr 3086- Eubie Blake O- When Your Lover Has Gone/ Adrian Schubert O- I'm the Last One Left On the Corner V+ rcnap

929. Cr 3088- Adrian Schubert O- That Little Boy of Mine/ One Little Rainbow VV+/V

930. Cr 3104- Buddy Blue Texans- Whistling In the Dark/ Say a Little Prayer For Me V Ballew vox

931. Cr 3109- Lou Gold O- Thrill Me/ I Surrender Dear E- few digs B

932. Cr 3111- Eubie Blake O- One More Time/ Two Little Blue Little Eyes V-

933. Cr 3154- Roy Evans- One More Time/ I Wanna Sing About You looks E-..plays V due to groove wear, but surface is clean w/o scrs..good jazz acomp!

934. Cr 3161- The High Steppers- Makin' Faces At the Man in the Moon/ What Am I Gonna Do For Lovin' V/VV+

935. Cr 3175- Roy Smeck Vita Trio- Little Old Church../ When the Moon Comes Over.. E- Hawaiian

936. Cr 3178- Adrian Schubert O- Why Dance?/ The Hour of Parting EE+

937. Cr 3182- Tommy Gott O- I Apologize/ Shine On Harvest Moon EE-

938. Cr 3183- Embassy DO- Love Letters In the Sand/ While Hears Are Singing E-/E

939. Cr 3216- The Argentinians- La Seduccion/ Queja Pampera VV+

940. Cr 3218- Vaughn De Leath w/ O- Guilty/ Goodnight Sweetheart V

941. Cr 3225- Adrian Schubert O- I'm Sorry Dear/ Why Did It Have To Be Me V- few clx

942. Cr 3227- Smith Ballew O- You Try Somebody Else/ I'm For You 100% EE-/E

943. Cr 3230- Lou Gold O- Save the Last Dance For Me/ Old Playmate V

944. Cr 3234- The Argentinians- Spain/ Cigarette V+

945. Cr 3252- Lou Gold O- When We're Alone/ Delishious E- sm clk B long playing

946. Cr 3253- Joe Green Nov O- An Old Fashioned Home In New Hampshire/ Two Loves EE- Ballew

947. Cr 3258- Arthur Schutt O- Was That the Human Thing to Do?/ Adrian Schubert O- How Long Will It Last? E- rc 5 gvs B passes but clx. NICE A!

948. Cr 3280- Buddy Blue Texans- Somebody Loves You/ Marty Golden O- Tired V Ballew A

949. Cr 3389- Charlie Palloy O- One Little World Led to Another/ You're Telling Me V+E- NICE!

950. Cr 3391- Elmer Feldkamp O- I'll Never Have to Dream Again/ When Mother Played Organ E-

951. Cr 3497- Tommy Tucker Californians- Good Evening Mr Nightingale/ Blue Prelude V+/V

952. Cr 3525- Gus Steck O- Moonlight Down in Lovers Lane/ In the Vine Covered Church V-

953. Crown 114(40s lbl)- Morey Amsterdam- Your Baby Has Gone Down the Drainpipe/ How Does It Feel? E...FUN!!

954. Cr 152- Sarah Vaughn w/ John Kirby O- You Go to My Head/ It Might As Well Be Spring E+

955. Crystallete 602- Kay Starr All Stars(Bigard, Zutty, etc)- Sweet Lorraine/ Love Me or Leave Me E

956. Crys 616- Kay Starr All Stars(Bigard, Zutty, etc)- I'm Confessin'/ Honeysuckle Rose NN-

957. Dial 1001- Tempo Jazz Men- Dynamo A/ Dynamo B NN-

958. Dial 1005- Tempo Jazz Men- Diggin' For Diz/ Howard Mc Ghee Band- Trumpet At Tempo E

959. Dial 1025- Dodo Marmarosa Trio- Lover/ Dary Departs E+

960. Diva 2929- The Georgians- S'posin'/ Me Queres? E

961. Di 3020- Rudy Marlow O- Sunny Side Up/ Dance Away the Night V+

962. Di 3047- Patsy Young- I Think You'll Like It/ He's So Unusual VV+ Annette Hanshaw and jazz

963. Do 377- Gotham DO- Follow the Swallow/ Rialto DO- Morning E- hlc nap

964. Do 401- New Orleans Jazz Band- Dixie Flyer Sam/ Rialto DO- Bring Back Those Rock a Bye Baby Days V+

965. Do 432- Rialto DO- Oh How I Love My Darling/ No Wonder E-

966. Do 3508- Roseland DO- Smile All the While/ Imperial DO- Wondering VV+

967. Do 3528- Hollywood DO- Seminola/ Missouri Jazz Band- Farmer Took Another Load V-

968. Do 3535- Hollywd DO- Fi Fi/ Golden Gate O- I Miss My Swiss EE+/E+ half moon cr sds 3gvsB

969. Do 3554- Imperial DO- I Want a Lovable Baby/ Manhattan EE+/VV+

970. Do 3571- Imperial DO- Speech/ Missouri Jazz Band- I Wanna Go Home V+/V+E-

971. Do 3575- Imperial DO- I Want to Be Happy/ Lou Gold O- Tea For 2 EE+ int cr nap 2 sm pops A

972. Do 3589- Perry's Hot Dogs- There Aint No Flies On Auntie/ Show Me Way to go Home VV+

973. Do 3586- Sam Lanin O- Hugo, I Go Where You Go/ Bam Bamy Shore E-/V-

974. Do 3633- Six Black Diamonds- Steppin' Fool/ Newport Soc O- That Certain Party VV+/VV-

975. Do 3856- Hollywood DO- Never Without You/ Sam Lanin O- Angel Eyes EE+

976. Eagle 10-111(promo)- Anita Boyer- Star of Fortune/ It's March Again E+N-

977. Emerson 1055- Six Brown Brothers- Carolina Sunshine/ Peter Gink E

978. Em 1056- Six Brown Brothers- Missouri Blues/ I'll Say She Does E+

979. Em 10105- Eddie Cantor- When It Comes to Lovin' the Girls.../ Give Me the Sultan's Harem E

980. Em 10122- The Imperial Three- Mid the Pyramids/ George Hamilton Green-xylophone solo- Chromatic VV+

981. Em 10205- Six Brown Brothers- 12th Street Rag/ Fatima EE-

982. Epic 9026(promo)- Joyce Bryant- Momele/ Runnin' Wild NN-

983. Epic 9046(promo) Joyce Bryant- You Made Me Love You/ Lonely Girl NN-

984. Fantasy 531(promo)- Cal Tjader Quintet- Yesterdays/ Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen E+

985. Fox Movietone 126- Smith Ballew O- Animal Crackers In My Soup/ The Simple Things In Life E the RARE mid 30s ARC label- pale blue/black and white

986. Futurama 3005- Errol Garner- Great Christmas pt 1/2 EE+

987. Gala 3- Lee Wiley w/ Bushkin O- You Took Advantage of Me/ A Little Birdie Told Me So EE-

988. General 4001- Jelly Roll Morton- Mamie's Blues/ Original Rags E/EE-

989. Gen 4003- Jelly Roll Morton- Buddy Bolden's Blues/ The Crave NN-

990. Gen 4004- Jelly Roll Morton- Winin' Boy Blues/ Mister Joe E

991. General Tavern Tunes 1711- The Morton Seven- Dirty, Dirty, Dirty/ Swinging the Elks V+

992. Gennett 4798- Criterion Quartet- Iowa Corn Song/ On the Banks of the Wabash E+

993. Globe K-16- Al Bernard- My Little Bimbo Down n the Bamboo Isle/ Hart & Shaw- Tripoli EE+

994. Golden Dawn Gems S-1- Robert Haring O- We Two/ Here In the Dark// Dawn/The Whip EE- gold on maroon label clean- rare theatre only record

995. Golden Gate 1001- Glen Hurlbut w/ Greg Ritchie O- Cable Car Concerto/ Rhapsody of Fisherman's Wharf E-/E rare San Francisco label

996. Gotham 105- Tony Scott Down Beat Club Septet- Ten Lessons w/ Timothy/ All Too Soon E+

997. Grey Gull L-1061- Ferera & Franchini- Along the Way top Waikiki/ Dreamy Hawaii E/E- early ornate blue/gold/white lbl

998. Harmony 62- Pete Dale & His Ukulele- When Old Pete Dale Plays His Ukulele Down In Whaleyville/ Just Around the Corner EE+

999. Ha 307- Tommy Christian O- When I'm In Your Arms/ Lou Gold O- The Sphinx E

1000. Ha 323- Lou Gold O- Climbing Up the Ladder of Love/ Bar Harbor Soc O- There's a Little White House E+

1001. Ha 528- Brown- Morris O- Rose of Monterey/ Astorites- Among My Souvenirs V

1002. Ha 581- Dolly Kay- Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella/ The Grass Grows Greener VV+ lam A

1003. Ha 617- University 6- Stay Out of the South!/ Lila V+

1004. Ha 630- Broadway Bell Hops- In the Evening/ Happy Go Lucky Lane VV-

1005. Ha 638- Harmonians- Hello Montreal/ Westerners- Sweet Sue- Just You VV+

1006. Ha 667- Harmonians- Thats My Weakness Now/ Because My Baby Dont Mean Maybe E/E-

1007. Ha 669- Lou Gold O- Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed Me/ I Must be Dreaming EE+

1008. Ha 680- Golden Gate O- Every Night In the Week/ Dont Cry Baby V

1009. Ha 704- Golden Gate O- Cause I Feel Low Down/ Ready For the River E-V+

1010. Ha 723- Arthur Ross O- Take Your Tomorrow/ High up On a Hilltop E- scr A nap

1011. Ha 762- The Harmonians- I Wanna Be Loved By You/ A Night of Memories E-/E

1012. Ha 770- Lou Gold O- You're the Cream In My Coffee/ Ed Blossom O- Jane V+

1013. Ha 776- The Georgians- Glorianna/ Lets Do It V

1014. Ha 801- The Harmonians- Sunny Skies/ Ed Martel O- She's Funny That Way E

1015. Ha 818- Barney Trimble O- The Spell of the Blues/ Live & Love E-

1016. Ha 825- Rudy Vallee O- If I Had You/ Makin' Whoopee VV+

1017. Ha 844- Carolina Club O- Dream Train/ Jerome Conrad O- Wedding Bells E-

1018. Ha 856- Honey Swamp Stompers- Wipin' the Pan/ Betty VV+

1019. Ha 857- Rudy Vallee w/ O- Outside/ Jack Miller w/ O- Weary River V+

1020. Ha 891- Lou Gold O- In Old Tia Juana/ Arthur Ross O- My Sin EE-

1021. Ha 907- Arthur Ross O- The One In the World/ Barth's Mississippians- To Be In Love VV+

1022. Ha 913- Arthur Ross Westerners- Do Something/ Ted Bartell O- I Get the Blues..Rains V-

1023. Ha 939- The Georgians- Evangeline/ 'Neath the Palms V+E-

1024. Ha 952- Jerome Conrad O- I'm Walkin' Around In a Dream/ Sam Lanin O- The Worlds Greatest Sweetheart Is You EE+

1025. Ha 977- Lou Gold O- Moanin' Low/ Ted Bartell O- Broken Idol VV+ lam A nap

1026. Ha 986- Jerome Conrad O- Sweetness/ The Moonlight March EE+

1027. Ha 1014- Sammy Fain- Painting the Clouds With Sunshine/ Lovable & Sweet VV+

1028. Ha 1017- Sam Lanin O- Deep In the Arms of Love/ Bar Harbor O- Love Me E+

1029. Ha 1027- Rudy Marlow O- My Love Parade/ Dream Lover V+

1030. Ha 1040- Julie Wintz O- H'lo Baby/ Congratulations V few clx B

1031. Ha 1052- Lou Gold O- Piccolo Pete/ Lloyd Keating O- Low Down Rhythm VV+ few clx B

1032. Ha 1100- Golden Gate O- Oh How I Adore U/ Lou Gold O- The One I Love Just Cant..w/Me V

1033. Ha 1116- Jack Miller w/ New Englanders- With You/ Lazy Lou'siana Moon V+

1034. Hit 7089- Bob Chester O- Where Are You/ Together VV+

1035. Hitch 75010- Orch- The World Is Waiting For the Sunrise/ Marcheta E+/EE+ one of the rare Gennett pressings possibly related to the KKK label. Reads "The American" PO Box 871, Indianapolis, Indiana

1036. Hollywood 506- Sterling Young O- Who's Afraid of Love/ One In a Million EE- the RARE mid 30s ARC label- pink/black and white

1037. HRS 1000- Pee Wee Russell Rhythmakers- Dinah/ Baby Wont You Please Come Home EE+

1038. HRS 1001- Pee Wee Russell R'makers- There'll Be Some Changes Mde/ Horn of Plenty Bl E+

1039. HRS 1002- Pee Wee, Zutty & James P.- I Found a New Baby/ Everybody Loves My Baby N-

1040. HRS 1013- JC Higginbotham Big 8- Dutch Treat/ A Penny For Your Blues E+

1041. HRS 1015- Jimmy Jones Big 8- Departure From Dixie/ A Woman's Got a Right To Change Her Mind E+

1042. Jamboree 905- Don Byas AS 5- Blue & Sentimental/ Avalon EE+

1043. Jam 906- Dave Tough 5- You Were Meant For Me/ East of the Sun E

1044. Jam 907- Dave Tough 5- Love Walked In/ When You're Smiling E

1045. Joe Davis 8251- Coleman Hawkins Quartet- On the Bean/ Recollections E-

1046. Keynote 634- Bill Harris New Music- Everything Happens to Me/ Frustration E+

1047. King 4477- Errol Garner- Garner In Hollywood/ Lotus Blues EE+

1048. Liberty 55006- Julie London- S' Wonderful/ Cry Me a River E-

1049. Liberty Music Shop 179- Chick Endor & Charlie Farrell- Cheer Up, Everything's Going to be Lousy/ We Always Wanted to Meet the Man E+

1050. LMS 188- Ethel Waters w/ Russell Wooding O- Hottentot Potentate/ Thief In the Night VV+ early label

1051. London 607- Eddie Brandt Hollywood Hicks- When I Grow Up I Want to Be Like Hoppy/ Hollywood Baby Sitter E+N- ---interesting record!. Eddie Brandt-the founder of the famous memorabilia store in Hollywood.. A side is co written by William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy). B side is Spike Jones-ish and has a "baby sitter" taking care of kids of movie stars who all sound just like the parents!---

1052. Lyric 4104- Halle's Saxophone Band- Smoke Up/ Blue & White Marimba Band- Guatemalan Girls V- beautiful multi colored lbl is mint

1053. Lyric 4701- Harry J Clarke's Royal Hawaiian O- Hawaiian Smiles/ Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight E

1054. Mac Gregor 625- Jack Barbour's California Clippers- Macnamara's Band/ The Jones Boys- Old Joe Clark E+N-..in orignal sleeve with orig square dance instructions

1055. Madison 1921- Southern Trio- Loveless Love Blues/ Yellow Dog Blues VV+/V-

1056. Majestic 1093- Mildred Bailey- I'll Close My Eyes/ Me & the Blues E+

1057. Maj 1101- Mildred Bailey- Lover Come Back to Me/ At Sundown E+

1058. Maj 1140- Mildred Bailey- Almost Like Being In Love/ All of Me NEW

1059. Manor 1111- Jimmie Lunceford O under dir Wilcox-Thomas- Moonbeams/ Sneaky Pete N-

1060. Master 101- Duke Ellington O- I've Got to Be a Rug Cutter/ New East St Louis Toodle-O V+/E

1061. Ma 103- Hudson-De Lange O- Sophisticated Swing/ The Maid's Night Off VV-

1062. Ma 108- Raymond Scott Quintet- Minuet In Jazz/ Twilight In Turkey E

1063. Ma 111- Raymond Scott Quintet- Powerhouse/ The Toy Trumpet E+

1064. Ma 114- Adrian Rollini O- Slap That Bass/ Lets Call the Whole Thing Off V

1065. Ma 119- Irving Mills O- At a Cuban Cabaret/ Lullaby to a Lamp Post E

1066. Ma 123- Duke Ellington O- The New Birmingham Breakdown/ Scattin' At the Kit Kat EE-/VV+

1067. Melotone 12209- Ted Black O- Maybe Its the Moon/ Anthony Trini O- One Night Alone With You V/V-

1068. Mt 12247- Jack Berger O- As Time Goes By/ Old Playmate V+

1069. Mt 12759- Allen-Hawkins O- Stringin' Along On a Shoe String/ Shadows On the Swanee V

1070. Mt 12769- Allen-Hawkins O- Aintcha Got Music?/ The River's Takin' Care of Me E

1071. Mt 12813- Dick Robertson- There's a Home In Wyomin'/ The Last Roundup V+

1072. Mt 12816- Joe Venuti O- You're My Past,Present & Future/ Doin' the Uptown Lowdown V

1073. Mt 12817- Charles Barnett O- I Want You-I Need You/ I'm No Angel E few scrs B

1074. Mt 12818- Charles Barnett O- What Is Sweeter/ Buckin' the Wind VV+

1075. Mt 12819- Herb Gordon O- Good Bye Love/ Tonight May Never Come Again E- 1"crnap

1076. Mt 12842- Allen-Hawkins O- You're Gonna Lose Your Gal/ Galveston Gal V-/E

1077. Mt 12848- Joe Venuti O- Heat Wave/ Easter Parade VV+

1078. Mt 12856- Joe Green Novelty O- There's a Home In Wyomin'/ Answer My Heart E-

1079. Mt 12858- Allen-Hawkins O- Hush My Mouth/ Dark Clouds VV+/E

1080. Mt 13045- Henry Allen O- I Wish I Were Twins/ I Never Slept a Wink Last Night E-/E+

1081. Mt 13016- Henry Allen O- Why Dont You Practice What You Peach?/ Dont Let Your Love Go Wrong EE-/EE+

1082. Mt 35-10-02- Chick Bullock Loungers- Toddlin' Along With U/ So Nice Seeing U Again V+/E

1083. Mt 5-11-12- Henry Biagini O- Georgia Rockin' Chair/ Casani Club O- Red Sails In the Sunset VV-

1084. Mt 5-12-02- Dick Messner O- Mine Alone/ I Live For Love E+

1085. Mt 5-12-06- Bert Block O- The Key to Paradise/ Will Love Find a Way? E-

1086. Mt 6-07-03- Rudy Vallee O- I'm On a Wild Goose Chase/ The Call of the Prairie E+

1087. Mt 6-07-05- Johnny Johnson O- One Rainy Afternoon/ Secret Rendezvous V-

1088. Mt 6-07-07- Chick Bullock Levee Loungers- And Still No Luck With You/ The Martins & the Coys E+/EE-

1089. Mt 6-08-03- Clyde Mc Coy O- The Nightmare/ Creole Love Call EE- '31 Columbia mx's

1090. Mt 6-08-08- Dick Mc Donough O- On the Beach At Bali Bali/ The Scene Changes V

1091. Mt 7-01-12- Sterling Young O- Where Are You/ Top of the Town EE+

1092. Mt 7-05-01- Sterling Young O- No More Tears/ Sweet Heartache EE-

1093. Mercury 2052- Dinah Washington- Joy Juice/ I Cant Get Started E+

1094. Me 5309- Cliff Edwards- Singin' In the Rain/ June Night E+ despite few scuffs

1095. Me 5430- Kay Brown- Cotton Candy/ Thanks For the Buggy Ride E+

1096. Me 5538- Kay Brown- Oh Babe/ Baby Me E+

1097. Me 5696- Kay Brown- Bird 'N Butterflies/ Flash In the Pan E+

1098. Me 5906- Dinah Washington- Make Believe Dreams/ Stormy Weather E+

1099. Me 8079(promo)- Dinah Washington- West Side Baby/ Walkin' & Talkin' E+N-

1100. Me 8082(promo)- Dinah Washington w/ Cootie O- Resolution Bl/ diff song, same label E+N-

1101. Me 8187- Dinah Washington- I'll Never Be Free/ Big Deal EE+/E despite grey

1102. Me 8211- Dinah Washington- Dont Say You're Sorry Again/ I Wont Cry Anymore E+

1103. Me 8934- Lester Young O- Neenah/ Three Little Words E+ sm tite cr nap

1104. Me 8936- Ray Brown Trio- Blue Lou/ Song of the Volga Boatmen EE+

1105. Me 70046- Dinah Washington- I Cried For You/ Gambler's Blues E+

1106. Me 70439- Dinah Washington- I Dont Hurt Anymore/ Dream E

1107. Modern Hollywood 20-641- Gene Norman Just Jazz(Wardell, Mc Ghee, Garner, etc.) One O Clock Jump 1/2 E+

1108. Mod- Hwd 20- 680- Kay Starr- Good For Nothing Joe/ Aint Misbehavin' NN- orig sleeve

1109. Montgomery Ward 4261- Lee Morse- Pettin' In the Park/ I've Got to Sing a Torch Song VV+/V

1110. MW 4272- Jack Berger O- The Gold Digger's Song/ My First Love to Last E great A side Bluebird masters

-----next two have the same label number but are different records-----

1111. MW 4998- Ted Russell O- I'm In the Mood For Love/ You Are My Lucky Star V+/E-

1112. MW 4998- Mezz Mezzrow O- A Melody From the Sky/ Lost E

1113. Muse S-235- The Big Four Quartet- Little Cotton Dolly/ Kentucky Babe E-

1114. Musicraft 354- Dizzy Gillespie AS 4 w/ Sarah Vaughan- Lover Man/ Dizzy Quint- Shaw Nuff N-

1115. Mus 363- Mel Torme & Mel Tones- There's No One But You/ Willow Road E+

1116. Mus 373- Georgie Auld O- Honey/ Air Mail Special EE+

1117. Mus 383- Dizzy Gillespie Sextet- Oop Bop Sh' Bam/ That's Earl Brother E+

1118. Mus 398- Sarah Vaughan w/ O- My Kinda Love/ I Can Make You Love Me NEW

1119. Mus 399- Dizzy Gillespie O- Good Dues Blues/ Our Delight E+

1120. Mus 404- Dizzy Gillespie Sextet- One Bass Hit/ Dizzy Gillespie O- One Bass Hit E+

1121. Mus 428- Artie Shaw feat Mel Torme- Guilty/ Anniversary Song NEW

1122. Mus 447- Dizzy Gillespie O- Things to Come/ Emanon E+

1123. Mus 525- Sarah Vaughan & O- Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child/ Lords Prayer E+

1124. Mus 538- Mel Torme- But Beautiful/ Night & Day NN-

1125. Mus 539- Sarah Vaughan w/ O- Love Me Or Leave Me/ w/ Jimmy Jones 4Gentleman Friend N-

1126. Mus 580(promo)- Teddy Wilson Trio- As Time Goes By/ Whispering NN-

1127. Mus 15044- Georgie Auld O- Come To Baby Do/ Just a Sittin & a Rockin E+/E

1128. Mus 15107- Mel Torme- A Little Kiss Each Morning/ One For My Baby E+N-

1129. National 4002- Joe Turner w/ Bill Moore Lucky 7 Band- My Gals a Jockey/ I Gt Love 4 Sale E-

1130. Nat 4011- Joe Turner Boogie Woogie Boys- I'm Sharp When I Hit the Coast/ Miss Brown Blues EE+

1131. Nat 4017- Joe Turner Boogie Woogie Boys- That's What Really Hurts/ Whistle Stop Blues E+

1132. New Jazz 826- Reinhold Svennson 5- Sweet & Lovely/ My Blue Heaven E+ sm press bump A

1133. Novelty 504- Benny Bimbo- Two Times Tonight/ Ship It C.O.D. V+E- early pressing

1134. Odeon 20037- Lanin's Roseland O- Make Believe/ Joseph Knecht O- Wyoming E+

1135. Od 20042- Green Bros Nov Band- Shanghai Lullaby/ Lanin's O- I Was Born in Michigan E-/VV+

1136. Okeh 40712- Harry Raderman Red Hotters- Cross Your Heart/ That Night In Araby E- Truetone

1137. OK 40716- Sam Lanin O- My Baby Knows How/ I Dont Mind Being All Alone EE- plays E some solos A on 2 bright Truetone sides

1138. OK 40774- Frank Dailey Meadowbrook O- YoU Went Away and Stayed Too Far/ There's Everything Nice About You looks G, plays VV+

1139. OK 41039- Frankie Trumbauer O- Borneo/ My Pet looks V-, plays E- hang up gv beg B only Borneo plays straight through..thanks to OKeh pressing, still great sound to be had

1140. OK 41324- Kalama's Quartet- My Hawaiian Home/ A Flower Lei VV+

1141. OK 4633- The Radio Code by Jack Binns #1/2 E-

1142. OK 5315- Cab Calloway O- Chili Con Conga/ Vuelva E

1143. OK 5582- Adrian Rollini Trio- Honky Tonk Train/ Martha-Ah So Pure E+

1144. OK 5629- Count Basie O- Blow Top/ Gone With "What" Wind looks EE-, plays EE+

1145. OK 5646- Ben Bernie O- Down By the O-Hi-O/ Its the Last Time I Fall In Love E+

1146. OK 5979- Adrian Rollini Trio- Isle of Capri/ The Girl With the Light Blue Hair E+

1147. OK 6109- Cab Calloway O- Willow Weep For Me/ Jonah Joins the Cab EE+

1148. OK 6180- Count Basie O- Feedin' the "Bean"/ I Do Mean You E+

1149. OK 6221- Count Basie O- Down, Down, Down/ You Betcha My Life NN-

1150. OK 06642- Champion Jack Dupree- All Alone Blues/ Black Cow Blues E-/V-

1151. OK 6712- Golden Gate Quartet- Dip Your Fingers In the Water/ Stalin Wasn't Stallin' E-

1152. OK 6827(promo)- Reuben Mitchell p w/ qtet- After Hours In Haiti/ Out of Nowhere E

1153. OK 6943(promo)- Joyce Bryant- Go You Where You Go/ Farewell to Arms E+

1154. OK 6968(promo)- Buck Clayton & Marlowe Morris Trio- Blue Moon/ I Want a Little Girl E+

1155. OK 6988(promo)- Joyce Bryant- Its Only Human/ After You've Gone E+N-

1156. Oriole 904- Billy James O- Would U Believe Me/ Tennesee Happy Boys- At Sundown E pot cr

1157. Or 1961- Roy Smeck Trio- I'm Dreaming of My Honolulu/ When Its Springtime In the Rockies V+/V

1158. Paramount 2051- Royden D. Massey- A Little Bit of Sunshine/ Three Wonderful Letters From Home V

1159. Par 2053- Dan Quinn- Life Is a Merry Go Round/ Byron G. Harlan- Round Her Neck She Wears a Yellow Ribbon V/V-

1160. Par 20338- Paramount DO- June Nights/ Mandalay E+

1161. Perfect 12158- Cliff Edwards- Charley My Boy/ I Wonder What's Become of Sally? E

1162. Pe 12165- Lee Morse- Bring Back Those Rock a Bye Baby Days/ Mail Man Blues VV+ clxB

1163. Pe 12406- Jay C. Flippen Gang- Away Down South In Heaven/ Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella E/EE- rcnap

1164. Pe 12599- Chick Bullock w/ O- Alcoholic Ward Blues/ Strollers 4- Sing You Sinners VV+

1165. Pe 12772- Dick Robertson w/ O- Crosby, Columbo & Vallee/ Nows the Time to Fall In Love V plays OK, and has top Venuti solos both sides..extra vocal choruses too

1166. Pe 12783- Morton Downey- Just Friends/ Save the Last Dance For Me V+

1167. Pe 13070- Odis Elder- I'm Lonesome For You Caroline/ Rain V+ rcnap

1168. Pe 14276- Original Memphis 5- Oh Baby/ I Never Care About Tomorrow As Long As I'm Happy Today E-/E

1169. Pe 14397- Casino DO- I Dont Want to Get Married/ Titinia E-

1170. Pe 14434- Southampton Society O- Oh That Sweet In Suite 16/ Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now E+/EE+

1171. Pe 14458- Lou Gold O- If I Had a Girl LikeU/ Nat Glantz O- Marguerite E+ scffy spot 20 sec

1172. Pe 14616- Mal Hallett O- What Good Is Good Morning/ Lonesome & Sorry E+ bite nap

1173. Pe 14754- Bar Harbor O- It Made Me Happy..Cry/ Tuxedo DO- In a Little Spanish Town E-

1174. Pe 14869- Bert Dolan O- Underneath the Wabash Moon/ Sam Lanin O- It Was Only a Sun Shower VV+/EE-

1175. Pe 15028- Deep River O- Someday, Somewhere/ Majestic DO- Jeannine In Lilac Time E

1176. Pe 15131- The Freshmen- Guess Who?/ Dan Ritchie O- Leave Me a Beautiful Melody EE+/E

1177. Pe 15140- Tuxedo DO- Get Yourself a Sweetie/ Sam Lanin O- My Castle In Spain Is a Shack In the Lane EE- sm pop A..Smith Ballew vocal

1178. Pe 15188- Dan Ritchie O- Maybe- Who Knows/ Casino DO- Mistakes E+ Hawaiian g, clt solo A

1179. Pe 15214- Yuban Radio O- I'm the Medicine Man For the Blues/ Sam Lanin O- Miss You EE+

1180. Pe 15257- The Clevelanders- Sunny Side Up/ If I'm Dreaming EE- Smith Ballew both sides

1181. Pe 15292- Majestic DO- Thank Your Father/ Clevelanders- Let Me Sing & I'm Happy E+ tpt solo A

1182. Pe 15356- Ted Bancroft O- You're Lucky to Me/ Sing Something Simple E/E-

1183. Pe 15371- Varsity 8- Never Swat a Fly/ Willie Creager O- Gotta Sing- Gotta Shout EE- a nice two sided record- trumpet solo A, trombone B on a Creager orig tune

1184. Pe 15372- Fred Rich O- Can This Be Love?/ Arthur Fields O- You're My Little Rhapsody In Blue E+ nice trumpet solo B

1185. Pe 15434- Cliquot Club Eskimos- I'm Happy When You're Happy/ One Little Raindrop V-

1186. Pe 15457- Cab Calloway O- Mood Indigo(tk 2)/ Farewell Blues(tk 1) V/V-

1187. Pe 15462- Bob Haring O- Let's Get Friendly/ Ho Hum VV+

1188. Pe 15481- Harlem Hot Shots- Sugar Blues/ Black & Tan Fantasy E-/E

1189. Pe 15506- Chick Bullock Loungers- You Rascal You/ I Cant Get Mississippi Off My Mind E-

1190. Pe 15531- Cab Calloway O- Stardust(tk 1)/ You Cant Stop Me From Lovin' You (tk 1) VV+ blue/silver label

1191. Pe 15540- Sam Lanin O- George White Scandals of 1931 medley/ Old Time Wz med V

1192. Pe 15550- All Star Collegians- Now's the Time To Fall In Love/ She's So Nice VV+

1193. Pe 15670- Will Osborne O- Say It Isn't So/ After To-night E-

1194. Pe 15674- Will Osborne O- Three On a Match/ Twas Only a Summer Nights Dream E-/E

1195. Pe 15727- Cab Calloway O- Aint Got No Gal In This Town/ Trickeration V- 2" tite cr nap

1196. Pe 15735- Owen Fallon O- Have YoU Ever Been Lonely/ You Must Believe Me VV+ Rollini O

1197. Pe 15760- Owen Fallon Californians- I Lay Me Down to Sleep/ Stay Out of My Dreams E

1198. Pe 15789- Earl Harlan O- Sophisticated Lady/ Smoke Rings E Don Redman O

1199. Pe 15819- Adrian Rollini O- I'll be Faithful/ Beloved V+ both take 3

1200. Pe 15831- Adrian Rollini O- And So Goodbye/ You've Got Everything V

1201. Pe 6-08-56- Prairie Ramblers- Ridin' Down the Canyon When the Desert Sun Goes Down/ I'm Looking For the Bully of the Town E+

1202. Radiotone 25313/4- Del Courtney O- Just a Bundle of Dreams/ I'm Terribly Lonesome For You E+ 1939 sides on the odd label with songs written by O.B. Clow. Joe Martin vocal B

1203. Rainbow 10093(promo)- Chubby Jackson 5th Dimensional Jazz- Lemon Drop/ same(?) E+

1204. Regal 8101- Missouri Jazz Band- My Cutey's Due At Two to Two Today/ Sam Lanin O- While the Years Go Drifting By V+ 1/2" cr repd nap

1205. Re 8107- Sam Lanin O- Me Too/ Missouri Jazz Band- Everybody's Got a Girl But Me V/VV+

1206. Re 8109- Joe Candullo Everglades O- Nervous Charlie Stomp/ Black Bottom V+/VV+

1207. Re 8149- Woodmasten Inn DO- Mary Lou/ Six Black Diamonds- Susie, Oh Susie Why Wont You Marry Me V/VV+ rcnap

1208. Re 8175- Hollywood DO- Idolizing/ Irwin Abrams DO- Moonlight On the Ganges VV+

1209. Re 8177- Al Lentz DO- How Could Red Riding Hood?/ Gone Again Gal VV+ some hot stuff A

1210. Re 8179- Imperial DO- Hawaiian Kisses/ Al Lentz O- There's a Little White House On a Little Green Hill V+

1211. Re 8531- S Lanin O- Happy Go Lucky Lane/ Imp DO- In My Bouquet of Memories VV+ rcnap

1212. Re 8554- Sam Lanin O- My Angel/ Herb Spencer O- Persian Rug VV+/V+

1213. Re 8610- Sam Lanin O- Down Where the Sun Goes Down/ My Darling V

1214. Re 8718- Sam Lanin O- If I Had You/ Imperial DO- Dream Train V

1215. Re 8764- The Rounders- Building a Nest For Mary/ Lou Gold O- Redskin V-

1216. Re 8781- Ed Lloyd O- Heigh Ho Everybody/ The Rounders- When My Dreams Come True EE-

1217. Re 8786- Rose Room O- I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling/ Lanin O- I'm Just a Vagabond Lover E

1218. Re 8796- Missouri Jazz Band- Breakaway/ The Rounders- Sing a Little Love Song E- Reser B

1219. Re 8812- Buddy Blue Texans- Lonely Little Cinderella/ Sam Lanin O- My Song of the Nile E heat mark nap..Smith Ballew vocal A

1220. Re 9480- Ferera & Franchini- One Little Smile/ Maria, Mari EE+ Hawaiian

1221. Re 9683- Fletcher Henderson O- The Grass Is Always Greener(tk 2)/ Chiclet O- June Nite VV+

1222. Romeo 827- The Washingtonians- Hot & Bothered/ Bway Brd- She's Funny That Way V scr A nap..rare small label Ellington

1223. Royale 1842- Rex Irving Boys- Gossip/ Second Avenue Clambake E

1224. Roy 1845- Rex Irving Boys- The Acrobat/ Elegy to a Jitterbug E

1225. Savoy 537- Slam Stewart 4- Dark Eyesky/ Play Fiddle Play EE+

1226. Sa 560- Herbie Fields O- How Herbie Feels/ Jumpin For Savoy E+

1227. Sa 575- Cozy Cole O- Concerto For Cozy/ Jericho E

1228. Sa 599- Vido Musso AS- Moose On a Loose/ Vido In a Jam E+

1229. Sa 602- Kai's Krazy Kats- Loaded/ Sweet Miss EE+ (Getz, Shorty, etc)

1230. Sa 617- Una Mae Carlsile w/ O- I'm Crazy Bout My Baby/ If It Aint Mine EE-

1231. Signature 15127- Anita O Day- Ace In the Hole/ Sometimes I'm Happy EE+ or better

1232. Sig 65101- Charlie Spand & Blind Blake- Hastings Street/ Meade Lux Lewis- Honky Tonk Train Blues E+

1233. Silvertone 2538- Phillips & Moore- Ukulele Lady/ If It Wasn't For You E-

1234. Sil 3835- Arthur Fields- Baby Face/ Who Wouldn't E

1235. Sonora 2006- Bob Chester O- Linda/ Roses In the Rain EE+

1236. Son 2008- Bob Chester O- Speaking of Angels/ Why Did It Hve to End So Soon E+ sm hlc na

1237. Son 3004- Bob Chester O- I Didn't Mean a Word I Said/ Azusa EE+

1238. Son 3011- Bob Chester O- If You Were the Only Girl/ Surrender E

1239. Son 3018- Bob Chester O- Someday/ The Octave Jump E+

1240. Son 3020- Bob Chester O- Years & Years Ago/ When You Make Love to Me E+

1241. Special Service Division HQ SOS ETOUSA PA 61- The Statesmen- Headquarters UK Base Dance Band- April In Paris/ I Didn't Know About You EE-. interesting WW2 disk!

1242. Specialty 325- Camille Howard w/ rhy- Instantaneous Boogie/ The Mood I'm In E+

1243. Sunset 7558- Lem Davis 6(Dodo, etc)- My Blue Heaven/ Nothin' From Nothin' EE+

1244. Supertone 9016- Manhattan Madcaps- My Ohio Home/ An Old Guitar An Old Refrain E+/E they rarely turn up this clean!

1245. Spt 9275- Paulson's Night Hawks- My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now/ Pretty, Petite & Sweet E solos A

1246. Symphonola 4203- Arthur Fields w/ O- Tell Me/ The Three Kaufields w/ O- In Miami EE- rcnap

1247. Tempo 562- Ben Light at Steinway, Herb Kern at Hammond, Lloyd Sloop novachord- Embraceable You/ If You Could Care For Me V

1248. Tem 592- Ben Light, Kern w/ harp- Love Nest/ Deep Purple E

1249. Tem 610- Light, Kern, Lloyd Sloop novachord, + harp- Always/ I'm Waiting For Ships.. E

1250. Tem 682- Ben Light Quintet- I'll See You In My dreams/ My Blue Heaven E-

1251. Tem 1220- Ben Light Quintet- Smiles/ Blue & Brokenhearted E+

1252. Tico 10-155- Tito Puente O- Temptation/ Autumn Leaves E+

1253. TNT Records 6003/8035- Low Bridge/ Now I Know E/EE- fun 40s party record A has a Zasu Pitts like voice, B uses a character named Vito in an Italian stereotype

1254. Tower 976- Jack Owens w/ Malihinis- The Hukilau Song/ Buttered All Over NN-

1255. 20th Century 20-22/32- Al (Stomp) Russell Trio- Holiday Blues/ Blue Prelude E rare Philly lbl

1256. Universal U-45- Joe Sanders O- Here Comes My Ball & Chain/ Over the Rim of the Sun V+ amazing to hear him still doing the tune he helped make popular in 1928..here in hi-fi!

1257. Variety 504- Ben Pollack O- Deep Elm/ The Moon Is Grinning At Me E-

1258. Va 506- Jan Savitt Top Hatters- I'll Never Tell You I Love You/ How Could You EE-/E-

1259. Va 512- Zinn Arthur O- Love Is Good For Anything That Ails U/ Was It Rain E few scfs, hlc na

1260. Va 517- Rex Stewart 52nd Street Stompers- Rexatious/ Lazy Man's Shuffle EE+/VV+

1261. Va 532- Chu Berry Stompy Stevedores- Now You're Talking My Language/ Too Marvelous For Words E

1262. Va 558- Jack Pettis O- Swing Session In Siberia/ Hawaiian Heat Wave E/EE-

1263. Va 564- Barney Bigard Jazzopators- Four & One Half Street/ Solace E-/VV+

1264. Va 585- Jan Savitt Top Hatters- Yonkel Doodle Goes Steppin'/ Cross Country Hop E-

1265. Va 586- Johnny Hodges O- A Sailboat In the Moonlight/ Edgar Gayes O- Manhattan Jam EE+

1266. Va 593- Cab Calloway O- My Gal Mezzanine/ Congo EE-/E

1267. Varsity 8058- Paradise Orch- I'm Sorry Dear/ Shine On Harvest Moon V+ Crown 1931 sides

1268. Va 8098- Dick Robertson O- Girl In the Little Green Hat/ Old Kitchen Kettle EE- Crown 1932

1269. Va 8278- Jack Teagarden O- Devil May Care/ Night On the Shalimar E/EE-

1270. Va 8282- Johnny Mc Gee O- Just For a While/ Meow E-/EE-

1271. Va 8399- Willie the Lion Smith- Sidney Bechet O- Mayotte/ Magic Island E+

1272. Velvetone 1721- Vernon Dalhart- Mother Was a Lady or If Jack Were Only Here/ Treasure Untold EE+

1273. VT 1979- Jack Miller w/ O- I Want to Meander In the Meadow/ Walter Cummins- Huggable Kissable You EE+

1274. VT 2063- Rudy Marlow O- He's So Unusual/ The Georgians- Singin' In the Bathtub VV+

1275. VT 2066- Annette Hanhsaw- If I Had a Talking Picture of You/ I'm a Dreamer E-

1276. VT 2075- Frank Auburn O- I Have to Have You/ Lloyd Keating O- You Do Something To Me V+/EE- Annette Hanshaw vocal A

1277. VT 2163- Sammy Fain- I'm In the Market For You/ Mia Cara EE+

1278. Vocalion 14250- Aeolian DO- Moxie/ Shannon Four- Moxie E- some scrs/ E

1279. Vo 15060- Irving Kaufman w/ O- That Melody That Made You Mine/ West of the Great Divide EE-

1280. Vo 15162- Tuxedo O- Here In My Arms/ Song of the Vagabonds VV+

1281. Vo 3269- Putney Dandridge O- Why Was I Born?/ Ol Man River V+

1282. Vo 3294- Teddy Hill O- Uptown Rhapsody/ Passionette E/EE-

1283. Vo 3850- Fletcher Henderson O- You're In Love With Love/ If Its the Last Thing I Do E-

1284. Vo 4032- Earl Hines O- Dominick Swing/ Jezebel EE-

1285. Vo 4143- Earl Hines O- Solid Mama/ Tippin' At the Terrace E

1286. Vo 4227- Buddy Rogers Famous Swing Band- Meet the Beat of My Heart/ Figaro E-

1287. Vo 4886- Count Basie O- Jump For Me/ 12th Street Rag E

1288. Vo 4916- Ben Bernie O- I'm Sorry For Myself/ The Song of the Metronome EE-/E

1289. Vo 5010- Count Basie O- How Long Blues/ Sub-Deb Blues EE+

1290. Vo 5085- Count Basie O- Clap Hands Here Comes Charley/ Pound Cake E-/V+

1291. Vo 5118- Count Basie's Kansas City 7- Dickie's Dream/ Lester Leaps In VV+

1292. Vo 5138- Slim Gaillard Flat Foot Floogee Boys- A Well a Take 'Em a Joe/ Chicken Rhythm E-

1293. Vo 5331- Ben Bernie O- Side Street Troubadour/ Little Shepherd of My Dreams E+

1294. Vo 5406- Cab Calloway O- Give, Baby, Give/ Pluckin' the Bass E/EE-

1295. Vo 5615- Ben Bernie O- Its a Wonderful World/ The Gentleman Needs a Shave E+

1296. Vo 5621- Adrian Rollini Trio- ICBTUIL w/ Me/ ICGUAB Love// Dardanella EE-/E-

1297. Vo 6499- Dick Jurgens O- It Happened In Hawaii/ Madelaine E-/V

1298. Yerkes Dance Record 3103- Yerkes Famous Flotilla O- An Orange Grove In California/ Yerkes Famous Happy Six- Linger Awhile VV- rare, nicely illustrated label

FOREIGN LABELS (all British unless noted)

1299. Aupel 4041(SWE)- Rex Stewart Ork- Waitin' For the Train to Come In/ Boy Meets Horn EE-

1300. Broadcast Twelve 3036- Marius B Winter O- Tap Your Feet/ Betty Co-Ed E-

1301. Br Tw 3048- Marius B Winter O- Oh! Rosalita/ You'll Be Mine In Apple Blossom Time E+

1302. Br Tw 3067- Billy Mason O- Got the Bench- Got the Park/ I Surrender Dear EE+

1303. Br Tw 3260- Blue Mountaineers- Lets Put Out the Lights/ Moon V+

1304. Br Tw- Morton Downey- I Wake Up Smiling/ Just So You'll Remember EE+

1305. Brunswick 01547- Connie Boswell w/ O- I Couldn't Tell Them What To Do/ The River's Takin Care of Me E-

1306. Br 01555- Connie Boswell w/ O- Under a Blanket of Blue/ I Cover the Waterfront E

1307. Br 01707- The Film Stars Parade 1/2- incl Bing, Mae West, Jolson, Boswells, Cliff Edwards, Marlene Dietrich, Dick Powell, etc EE-

1308. Br 02658- Count Basie O- London Bridge Is Falling/ Stop Beatin' Round the Mulberry B EE+

1309. Br 02666- Count Basie O- Texas Shuffle/ Mama Dont Want No Peas, Rice, Coconut Oil E+

1310. Br 02762- Count Basie 4- How Long Blues/ Boogie Woogie E+

1311. Br 02793- Chick Webb O- If Dreams Come True/ Squeeze Me EE+ Ella Fitzgerald A

1312. Br 02838- Count Basie O- Oh Lady Be Good/ You Can depend On Me E+

1313. Br 82622(GER)- Gene Krupa Chicagoans- Jazz Me Blues/ The Last Round-Up E+

1314. Br A 9787(FR or GER)- Ambrose O- Anything Goes/ You're The Top EE+

1315. Cinecord 011- Orch w/ voc- We Belong Together/ I've Told Every Little Star EE- theatre only

1316. Columbia 5225- Piccadilly Players- Blue Grass/ My Southern Home VV+

1317. Co 5518- Jack Payne BBC DO- That's You Baby/ On Top of the World Alone E

1318. Co 5590- Ray Starita Ambassadors- Come On Baby/ Through! VV+

1319. Co 5607- Charlie Kunz Chez Henri Club O- You Went Away Too Often/ Another Kiss E-/V+

1320. Co 5635- Jack Payne BBCDO- I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling/ Riding On a Camel V/V-

1321. Co 5660- Jack Payne BBCDO- Sweetheart We Need Each Other/ You're Always In My Arms EE+/E+

1322. Co 5678- Jack Payne BBCDO- Satisfied/ O Ya Ya EE+

1323. Co CB 17- Jack Payne BBC DO- She's a Slip of a Girl/ Beside An Open Fireplace V+

1324. Co CB 369- Jack Payne BBC DO- Twentieth Century Blues/ Lover of My Dreams EE-

1325. Co CB 371- Jack Payne BBC DO- Tunes of the Times pt 1/2 EE-

1326. Co CB 463- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Paradise/ The Voice In the Old Village Choir E+

1327. Co CB 469- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- What Makes You So Adorable/ By Special Permission of the Copyright Owners V

1328. Co CB 471- The Masqueraders- When Work is Through/ It Aint No Fault of Mine E-

1329. Co CB 486- Henry Hall BBCDO- Hummin' to Myself/ Little Romany EE-/E

1330. Co CB 534- Carroll Gibbons SHO- Mimi/ We're a Couple of Soldiers EE+ rcnap

1331. Co CB 564- Carroll Gibbons SHO- I Wish I Knew a Bigger Word Than Love/ When the Wandering Boy Comes Home E-

1332. Co CB 583- Rudy Vallee O- Pretending You Care/ The Whisper Wz EE-

1333. Co CB 717- Henry Hall BBCDO- Faint Harmony/ Unless EE+

1334. Co CB 724- Henry Hall BBCDO- Lonely Lane/ Wagon Wheels E+/EE+

1335. Co CB 726- New Music of Reginald Forsythe- Garden of Weed/ Berceuse For An Unwanted Child VV+

1336. Co CB 738- Henry Hall BBCDO- Somebody Wants to Go To Sleep/ Hand In Hand E-

1337. Co CB 742- Carroll Gibbons BBCDO- One Morning In May/ Rolling In Money E-

1338. Co CB 773- Carroll Gibbons SHO- Easy Come, Easy Go/ So Help Me E+

1339. Co CB 779- Henry Hall BBC DO- All I Do Is Dream of You/ Love E-

1340. Co DB 141- Leslie Sarony- Wallah- Malaka- Lucy/ Over the Garden Wall VV+

1341. Co DB 534- Billy Mayerl p- Song Hits medley pt 1/2 EE-

1342. Co DB 707- Jack Payne BBCDO- Hold My Hand selection 1/2 E+

1343. Co DB 734- Kate Smith- You Try Somebody Else/ I Apologize VV+

1344. Co DB 1086- Harry Robbins- xylophone solo- Robbin' Harry/ Nursery Masquerade EE-

1345. Co DB 2160- Rawicz & Landauer- piano duet- Serenade/ Snow-Flakes E

1346. Co DB 2841- Steve Conway- Dont Make a Memory of Me/ Would I Love You E+

1347. Co DF 229(FR)- Josephine Baker- J'ai Deux Amours/ La Petite Tonkinese E-

1348. Co FB 1004- Henry Hall BBCDO- Its Home/ His Majesty the Baby E+/EE+

1349. Co FB 1006- Geraldo Sweet Music- What a Difference a Day Made/ The Moon Ws Yellow E+

1350. Co FB 1013- Henry Hall BBCDO- My Heart Was Sleeping/ Man On the Flying Trapeze EE-

1351. Co FB 1112- Les Allen Canadian Seren- On the Middle of a Kiss/ Red Sails In the Sunset E

1352. Co FB 1160- Harry Robbins- xylophone solo- 12th Street Rag/ Kitten On the Keys EE+

1353. Co FB 1229- Carroll Gibbons SHO- You Are My Lucky Star/ I've Got a Feelin' You're Foolin E-

1354. Co FB 1491- Caroll Gibbons SHO- There Isnt Any Limit to My Love/ This'll Make U Whistle E-

1355. Co FB 1520- Scott Wood Six Swingers- Tiger Rag/ Basin Street Blues VV+

1356. Co FB 1724- Carroll Gibbons BF's- Tomorrow Is Another Day/ I Was Anything But Sentimental E/E-

1357. Co FB 1906- Orch of Merry Men(Geo Scott Wood)- Whistle While You Work/ Someday My Prince Will Come EE+

1358. Co FB 1939- Carroll Gibbons BF's- Radio City Revels- film sel/ Sally, Irene & Mary sel EE-

1359. Co FB 1941- Carroll Gibbons BF's- Hollywood Hotel sel/ Snow White & 7 Dwarfs sel E+

1360. Co FB 1952- Carroll Gibbons BF's- Love & Hisses sel/ Manhattan Music Box sel E+

1361. Co FB 2244- Carroll Gibbons SHO- Wishing/ Sing, My Heart V

1362. Co FB 3048- Carroll Gibbons SHO- Swinging On a Star/ San Fernando Valley EE- scr B

1363. Co FB 3074- Carroll Gibbons p- Carrolls Tribute to Fats Waller/ pt 2 E

1364. Co FB 3044- Victor Silvester Jive Band- The One I Love/ Love Me or Leave Me EE-

1365. Co FB 3085- Victor Silvester Jive Band- There's Honey on the Moon Tonight/ Coquette E

1366. Co FB 3429- The Serenaders- I Want Some Money/ Underneath the Arches E+

1367. Co FB 3560- Carroll Gibbons p w/ rhy- Hit Parade medley pt 1/2 EE-

1368. Co FB 40237(IND)- Carroll Gibbons SHO- Miss You/ Moonlight Cocktail VV+

1369. Co FB 40271(IND)- Carroll Gibbons p- Stardust/ When Day Is Done E+/EE+

1370. Co J 2027(JAPAN)- Carroll Gibbons SHO- Heaven On Earth/ Cocktails For Two E+

1371. Co J 2467- Maurice Winnick O- You Hit the Spot/ The Sunset Trail V

1372. Decca M 110- Ambrose O- Painting the Clouds With Sunshine/ Tip Toe Thru the Tulips VV+

1373. De M 117- Ambrose O- Happy Days Are Here Again/ My Love Parade V/VV+

1374. De F 1872- The Rhythm Maniacs- Golliwogs' Tea Party/ Clatter of the Clogs EE-/E-

1375. De F 1999- The Rhythm Maniacs- I Still Get a Thrill Thinking of U/ Springtime In Rockies EE-

1376. De F 2112- The Rhythm Maniacs- What Good Am I Without You/ The King's Horses VV+

1377. De F 2469- Roy Fox O- Whispering/ You Are My Heart's Delight VV+ Bowlly B

1378. De F 2514- Roy Fox O- Sweet & Lovely/ Sing Another Chorus Please E- Al Bowlly both

1379. De F 2788- Jack Hylton O- Thats My Desire/ My Mystery Girl E

1380. De F 2938- Jack Hylton O- With All My Love & Kisses/ Auf Wiedersehn My Dear EE+

1381. De F 3030- Jack Hylton O- Dream Sweetheart/ Paradise V+ rcnap

1382. De F 3040- Jack Hylton O- You're Taking a Chance With Me/ Little Anna Gramm E+

1383. De F 3086- The Rhythm Maniacs- In London On a Night Like This/ If Anything Happened to You V+/V Al Bowlly vocal A, AND composer!

1384. De F 3313- Lew Stone O- My Woman/ Junk Man Blues E Bowlly vocals

1385. De F 3314- Lew Stone O- I'll Never Be the Same/ Balloons E Bowlly vocs

1386. De F 3320- Gordon Harker & Jeanne De Casalis- Mrs Feather- Engaging a Servant pt 1/2 EE-

1387. De F 3345- Lew Stone O- You'll Always be the Same Sweetheart/ Lets All Sing Like the Birdies EE- Bowlly vocals

1388. De F 3502- Lew Stone O- Wont You Stay to Tea?/ Someone to Care For E Bowlly vocs

1389. De F 3687- Jack Hylton O- Its the Talk of the Town/ The Last Round Up E+/EE+

1390. De F 3710- Sam Coslow- Moonstruck/ Where Have I Heard That Melody E- rare issue by this composer

1391. De F 3714- Jack Hylton O- Hand In Hand/ Yvonne E

1392. De F 3715- Jack Hylton O- Did My Heart Beat? Did I Fall In Love?/ He Was a Handsome Young Soldier E

1393. De F 3842- Lew Stone O- Who'll Buy An Old Gold Ring/ The Buggy Song E Bowlly vocal A

1394. De F 3953- Lew Stone O- The Call of the Freaks/ Milenberg Joys E

1395. De F 3980- Lew Stone O- You're My Thrill/ Josephine E- Bowlly A

1396. De F 5018- Lew Stone O- Easy Come, Easy Go/ The Beat 'O My Heart V+E- Bowllys

1397. De F 5172- Lew Stone O- With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming/ Rollin' Home E- Bowllys

1398. De F 5214- Roy Fox O- Carolina/ Love E-/V+

1399. De F 5223- Ambrose O- One Night of Love/ Two Hearts On a Tree E

1400. De F 5245- Ambrose O- Tina/ Then I'll Be Tired of You E- aud sc spot A

1401. De F 5454- Ambrose O- Rhapsody In Blue pt 1/2 E+

1402. De F 5574- Arthur Young O- Show Me the Way to Romance/ What Is This Thing V

1403. De F 5811- Lew Stone O- In a Little English Inn/ When the Guardsman Started Crooning V-/V

1404. De F 5846- Lew Stone O- The Music Goes Around & Around/ Marilou E/E+

1405. De F 6641- Lew Stone O- Have U Ever Been in Heaven/ Moolight On the Highway EE- Bowlly

1406. De F 6812- Lew Stone O- I'm Gonna Lock My Heart/ The Frog On the Water Lily V+

1407. De F 6854- Ken Johnson West Indian DO- Snakehips Swing/ Exactly Like You E-

1408. De F 10313- Cyril Stapleton O- Lester Leaps In/ Midnight Sun EE-/EE+

1409. De MU 60096(FR)- Andrews Sisters- I Hate to Lose U/ Toolie Oolie Doolie V+ picture label

1410. Edison Bell Winner 4548- Regent DO- Any Ice Today Lady?/ Because I Love You VV+/V

1411. Electrola EG 2259(GER)- Jack Hylton O- Ich Bin So Scharf Auf Erika/ Das Verliebte Orch E

1412. Elect EG 7713(GER)- Tommy Dorsey Clambake 7- The Skeik of Araby/ Chinatown N-

1413. Elect EG 7749(GER)- Artie Shaw O- Carnival/ Needlenose N-

1414. Elect EG 7905(GER)- Glenn Miller O- Adios/ Perfidia E+/E-

1415. Elect EW 54(GER)- Yvette Guilbert- Dites- Moi Si Je Suis Belle/ Pourquoi Me Bat Mon Mari E

1416. Filmophone 238- Arthur Lally O- Bubbling Over With Love/ The Hour of Parting E+ orange colored. needs a bit heavier tracking as most of these do- still relatively flat

1417. Four In One 8- Ray Starita O- Three's a Crowd/ The 12 Rhythm Monarchs- Walkin' On Air// Lou Selwyn O- Aint Ya Comin' Out Tonight/ Billy Seymour O- Gene the Fighting Marine E-

1418. HMV B 2801- George Metaxa- Chloe/ Garden in the Rain V+

1419. HMV B 3644- Wish Wynne- An Embankment Impression/ Bluebeard- a Bedtime Story E

1420. HMV B 3678- Grace Hayes- My Future Just Passed/ Bebe Daniels- Night Winds EE-

1421. HMV B 3775- Novelty O- Puzzle Record pt 1/2 V

1422. HMV B 3969- Fay Compton- Searching For Lambs/ When Thou Art Dead E rcnap

1423. HMV B 4306- Jack Simpson- xylo solo- Red Hearts/ The Mouse, the Piano & the Cat EE+

1424. HMV B 4318- NMDO- Happy Memories- selection pt 1/2 E+

1425. HMV B 4323- NMDO- Once Upon a Time selection pt 1/2 E-

1426. HMV B 5726- Carroll Gibbons HMV O- Encore/ NMDO- I'll be Getting Along E-/V

1427. HMV B 5800- New Mayfair DO- Every Day Away From You/ Silvery Moon EE-

1428. HMV B 5801- New Mayfair DO- At Twilight/ South Sea Rose E-

1429. HMV B 5850- Jack Hylton O- Here Comes Emily Brown/ Cheer Up & Smile E/EE-

1430. HMV B 5852- Jack Hylton O- When You're Smiling/ Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight EE-

1431. HMV B 5854- Ambrose O- When the Little Red Roses Get the Blues 4 U/ Sing a Little Theme Song EE-

1432. HMV B 5855- NMDO- Dreamy Carolina/ I Wonder Why EE- rcnap

1433. HMV B 5856- NMDO- Sweepin' the Clouds Away/ Anytime's the Time to Fall In Love E-

1434. HMV B 5864- Jack Hylton O- You Taught Me All I Know/ Falling In Love Again E+

1435. HMV B 6182- Ray Noble O- Give Me a Tune/ Waring's Penns- You're the One EE- Bowlly A 1436. HMV B 6191- Ambrose O- Lullaby of the Leaves/ My Mother E/E- sm lbl tear

1437. HMV B 6193- Ray Noble O- Good Evening/ The Echo of a Song V+/VV+ Bowlly both

1438. HMV B 6194- Ray Noble O- It Aint No Fault of Mine/ Tan Tan Tivvy Tally Ho EE+

1439. HMV B 6200- Ambrose O- When Work Is Through/ 'Leven Pounds of Heaven E/EE-

1440. HMV B 6203- Ray Noble O- We've Got the Moon & Sixpence/ Put That Down In Writing E+

1441. HMV B 6236- Ray Noble O- When the Band Goes Marching By/ Watch the Navy E+

1442. HMV B 6408- Ray Noble O- Experiment/ Snowball E+ Al Bowlly both

1443. HMV B 6432- Ray Noble O- When You Were the Girl On the Scooter/ La Di Da Di Da E+

1444. HMV B 6508- Ray Noble O- All I Do Is Dream of You/ Remember Me EE+ Al Bowlly both

1445. HMV B 8516- Benny Goodman O- You Turned the Tables On Me/ When a Lady Meets..E

1446. HMV B 8523- Benny Goodman O- These Foolish Things/ Sometimes I'm Happy NEW

1447. HMV B 8531- Benny Goodman 4- Tiger Rag/ Sweet Sue E+

1448. HMV B 8533- Benny Goodman 4- Whispering/ My Melancholy Baby E+

1449. HMB B 8568- Benny Goodman 4- Moon Glow/ Runnin' Wild E+

1450. HMV B 8569- Benny Goodman O- House Hop/ Bugle Call Rag E

1451. HMV B 8615- Benny Goodman O- Peckin'/ Cant We Be Friends V+

1452. HMV B 8631- Benny Goodman O- Afraid to Dream/ Roll 'Em E+

1453. HMV B 8640- Benny Goodman O- Walk, Jennie Walk/ Riffin' At the Ritz NN-

1454. HMV B 9090- Duke Ellington O- Cotton Tail/ Never No Lament E

1455. HMV BD 142- Jack Hylton O- Life Begins At Oxford Circus/ Put On An Old Pair of Shoes E

1456. HMV BD 143- Jack Hylton O- I Believe In Miracles/ She Wore a Little Jacket of Blue E+

1457. HMV BD 200- Jack Hylton O- I Wont Dance/ Lovely to Look At EE+

1458. HMV BD 208(IND)- Jack Jackson O- Roll Along Priaire Moon/ There's a Lovely Lake In London E/E+ sm rcnap

1459. HMV BD 213- Ray Noble O- Flowers For Madame/ Enric Madriguera O- The Little Things You Used to Do E+ Bowlly A

1460. HMV BD 215- Jack Hylton O- In the Middle of a Kiss/ Nothing Lives Longer Than Love VV+

1461. HMV BD 218- New Mayfair DO- Sorrento By the Sea/ When You're Only Seventeen E

1462. HMV BD 221- Jack Jackson O- The Wheel of the Wagon Is Broken/ Its My Mothers B'day E

1463. HMV BD 237- NMDO- Squibs/ Did You Ever Have a Feeling You're Flying? EE+

1464. HMV BD 391- Roy Fox O- Whispering pt 1/2 E- aud clx

1465. HMV BD 5009- Jack Jackson O- In a Little English Inn/ Sailing Home With the Tide E

1466. HMV BD 5034- Jack Hylton O- Swing/ Hypnotized E+

1467. HMV BD 5768- Glenn Miller O- Moonlight Sonata/ Story of a Starry Night E+

1468. HMV BD 5784- Glenn Miller O- Lets Have Another Cup O' Coffee/ Chip Off the Old Block E+

1469. HMV BD 5854- Glenn Miller O- Moon Love/ Sold American E+

1470. HMV BD 5929- Glenn Miller O- Starlit Hour/ A Million Dreams Ago E+

1471. HMV BD 5932- Joe Loss O- Opus #1/ Washington Whirligig E/EE-

1472. HMV EA 1548(AUS)- Jack Jackson O- On the Prom, Promenade/ NMDO- Jolly Good Company Beside the Sea VV+

1473. HMV EA 3408(AUS)- Paul Whiteman O- Christmas Night In Harlem/ Fare Thee Well to Harlem EE+/E+ super heavy laminated pressing

1474. HMV JO 228- Benny Goodman Quartet- Vibraphone Blues/ Tea For Two E

1475. HMV K 5783(FR)- Jack Hylton O- Am I Blue?/ Excuse Me Lady EE-/E-

1476. HMV K 5966(FR)- Jack Hylton O- Watching My Dreams Go By/ La Petite Femme De Paris V+/E-

1477. Imp 2448- Buddy Blue Texans- You're the One I Care For/ Remo DO- When Your Hair Has Turned to Silver EE+/E Smith Ballew A

1478. Lucky 60019(JAPAN)- The Boswell Sisters- Alexander's Ragtime Band/ Dinah V+

1479. Lucky 60027(JAPAN)- Fred Astaire- No Strings/ Cheek to Cheek E-/E

1480. Odeon 194189(ARG)- Harry Roy Tiger Ragamuffins- Memories of You/ Rain/ Goodbye Blues// It Dont Mean a Thing/ Happy Feet/ Everybody Loves My Baby E

1481. Od 194569(ARG)- Harry Roy O- U'v Been Taking Lessons In Love/ Goody Goody EE- lam nap

1482. Odeon 28036(GER)- Harry James O- Duke's Mixture/ Back Beat Boogie N-

1483. Od 28479(GER)- Harry James O- King Porter Stomp/ Night Special N-

1484. Od 31936(GER)- Harry James- Estrellita/ A Little Bit of Heaven E+

1485. Oriole 201- Peggy English w/O- How Long Must I Wait For You/ High High Up In the Hills E+

1486. Parlophone F 162- Nat Gonella Georgians- Gonna Wed That Gal O' Mine/ Mommy I Dont Want To Go To Bed E-

1487. Par F 167- Gerry Moore- Old Man Harlem/ Fox Trot med E+

1488. Par F 378- The Krakajax- If Harlem Came to Mayfair/ Limehouse Blues VV+ clean but scry

1489. Par F 379- The Krakajax- Got a Bran New Suit/ Sailing Along On a Carpet of Clouds VV+

1490. Par F 380- Joe Paradise Music- Squareface/ Memories of You EE+

1491. Par F 391- Harry Roy's Tiger- Ragamuffins- Fox Trot med pt 1/2 V+

1492. Par F 395- Maurice Winnick O- Alone/ The Sunset Trail EE+

1493. Par F 740- Leslie Hutchinson- Goodnight My Love/ All Alone In Vienna V

1494. Par F 759- Leslie Hutchinson- Broken Hearted Clown/ I Need You V+

1495. Par F 772- Harry Roy O- When the Trumpet Started Crooning/ Julietta V+

1496. Par F 778- Harry Roy O- The Love Bug Will Bite You/ Lets Swing It E-

1497. Par F 1846- Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye- Tin Pan Alley med #36 pt 1/2 EE-

1498. Par F 1974- Geraldo O- Move It Over/ Whispering Grass EE+/E+

1499. Par F 2003- Geraldo O- Walkin' By the River/ The Dancer At the Fair E

1500. Par F 2038- Joe Daniels Hot Shots- Alone As Two Peas/ Shandy E-

1501. Par RO 20190- Richard Tauber- Castles In the Moon/ Tales From the Vienna Woods E+

1502. Par RO 20230- Richard Tauber- Night & Day/ Let Me Love You Tonight EE+

1503. Par RO 20256- Richard Tauber- Once There Lived a Lady Fair/ Love Lost For Ever More E

1504. Par RO 20503- Richard Tauber- The Blue Danube/ Whisperings of the Vienna Woods E+

1505. Par RO 20507- Richard Tauber- Laughter & Weeping/ The Question E+

1506. Polydor 15233(JAPAN)- Carl Brisson w/ O- Fatal Fascination/ Change Your Mind E+

1507. Regal G 8924- Raymond DO- Am I All to You?/ Ting a Ling E-

1508. Re MR 727- Anona Winn w/ O- The Night When Love Was Born/ While We Danced At the Mardi Gras E

1509. Re Zo MR 516- Billy Cotton O- Three Little Times/ Sunshine & Roses EE-

1510. Re Zo MR 866- Billy Cotton O- Skirts/ Super Tiger Rag E-

1511. Re Zo MR 918- Billy Cotton O- Shuffle Off to Buffalo/ You're Getting to Be a Habit w/ Me E+

1512. Re Zo MR 996- Billy Cotton O- Best Wishes/ Mood Indigo E+

1513. Re Zo MR 1023- Larry Brennan Winter Gardens O- There's a Cabin In the Pines/ Sweetheart Darlin' EE+

1514. Re Zo MR 1057- Billy Cotton O- He Was a Handsome Young Soldier/ The Last Roundup EE+

1515. Re Zo MR 1127- Billy Cotton O- The King Made Whoopee/ I Took My Harp to a Party E

1516. Re Zo MR 1141- Billy Cotton O- Without That Certain Thing/ Wheezy Anna's Wedding Day E+

1517. Re Zo MR 1162- Billy Cotton O- Louisville Lady/ Lou'siana Lullaby VV+

1518. Re Zo MR 1265- Scott Wood O- Swaller Tail Coat/ Carioca E/EE-

1519. Re Zo MR 1413- Billy Cotton O- The Third Tiger/ St Louis Blues E-/V+

1520. Re Zo MR 1565- Billy Cotton O- I'm On a See Saw/ Its Home E+

1521. Re Zo MR 1567- The Six Swingers- Hot Pie #1 pt 1/2 E

1522. Re Zo MR 1621- The Six Swingers- Swing, Brother, Swing/ Streamline Strut E

1523. Re Zo MR 1861- Arthur Young & the Youngsters- A Bouquet For Cole Porter 1/2 E+

1524. Re Zo MR 1868- The Little Ramblers- Cotton/ Truckin' E-/VV+

1525. Re Zo MR 2781- Wally Bishop O- My Day/ Let's Sail to Dreamland E

1526. Rex 8058- Big Bass Sambo- Goodnight Little Girl of My Dreams/ John Hare- The Last Round Up V US ARC mxs

1527. Rex 8339- Morton Downey- Love Is the Thing/ I Saw Stars E

1528. Rex 8547- Casani Club O- Chasing Shadows/ Shadows In the Moonlight E-

1529. Rex 8558- Gracie Fields- Life Is a Song- The Words Are In My Heart- Lullaby of Broadway// I'm Ninety Nine Today EE+

1530. Rex 8573- Alice Faye- According to the Moonlight/ Oh! I Didn't Know VV+ US ARC mxs

1531. Rex 8640- Casani Club O- Without a Word of Warning/ From the Top of Your Head E-

1532. Rex 8811- Morton Downey- Lovely Lady/ The Touch of Your Lips EE- UK recorded, no US iss

1533. Rex 8901- Jay Wilbur O- A Fine Romance/ The Way You Look Tonight V+/V

1534. Rex 8944- Casani Club O- Who Loves You/ Have You Forgotten So Soon E-

1535. Rex 9166- Gracie Fields- Little Old Lady/ The First Time I Saw You EE-

1536. Rex 9326- Billy Cotton Band- Merrily We Roll Along/ Mama I Wanna Make Rhythm E+

1537. Rex 9393- Billy Cotton Band- The Highland Swing/ Give Me a Ride On Your Horse Buddy E-

1538. Rex 9713- Oscar Rabin O- Scatter-Brain/ Who's Taking You Hone Tonight E

1539. Rex 9878- George Formby- Chinese Laundry Blues/ My Ukulele VV+

1540. Sterling 281378(CAN)- The Clevelanders- you Brought a New Kind of Love to Me/ Hew Sterling O- Longing Just For You EE-

1541. Swing(FR) 20- Arthur Briggs O- Braggin' the Briggs 1/2 E- Django both sides

1542. Sw 213- Oscar Aleman Trio- Just a Little Swing/ Dear Old Southland E+

1543. Victor B 6055(JAPAN)- NMDN- Pagan Serenade/ Belle of Barcelona E-/VV+ Bowlly vocals

1544. Victor JA-811(JAPAN)- Maurice Chevalier- You Look So Sweet Madame/ Tzinga Doodle Day NN- beautiful laminated pressing

1545. Vogue 113(FR)- Smith Jubilee Singers- Jesus/ Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen E+N-

1546. Wilco 0-100(AUSTRALIAN)- Southern Jazz group- Red Hot Henry Brown/ Smokey Mokes N-

1547. Wilco 0-108-(AUS)- Southern Jazz 5- Clarinet Sugar/ Clarinet Spice N-

1548. Winner 4198- Pavilion Players- Oh, Mabel/ Honest & Truly V-

1549. Zonophone 5131- Bert Firman DO- Firefly/ Dream Kisses E//EE-


1550. acetate aircheck- 12/26/37- Tim & Irene Show w/ D'Artega O part 1/3 - stars off with announcer "WOR- the Bamberger Broadcasting Service, Newark, NJ"....sponsored by Admiration for beautiful hair. D'Artega opens with Who Knows from Rosalie, commercial, more song..Tim & Irene skit partial/ side 2 has D'Artega playing Diga Diga Do. Recorded on acetate by National recording Co for Al D'Artega. E condition..Good music and interesting piece of broadcast history! (B side has one hang up groove near beginning)

1551. Asch 551-3- James P Johnson 5- Hot Harlem/ The Boogie Dream E

1552. Black & White 45/6- Cliff Jackson's Village Cats- Jeepers Creepers/ Cliff's Boogie Woogie N-

1553. Blue Note 11- Pete Johnson Blues Trio- Some Day Blues/ Vine St. Bustle E

1554. BN 15- Meade Lux Lewis- Honky Tonk Train Blues/ Tell Your Story E+

1555. BN 24- James P. Johnson solo- J.P. Boogie/ Gut Stomp EE+

1556. BN 37- Ike Quebec Quintet- Blue Harlem/ Tiny's Exercise E- 2" cr nap

1557. Brunswick 20044- The Merrymakers Carnival assisted by Brunswick artists pt 1/2 E-/EE-

1558. Br 20049- The Merrymakers In Hawaii/ In Spain assisted by Brunswick artists V 1/4"hlc nap

1559. Br 20050- John C. Mc Dermott pioneer fiddler & caller- Virginia Reel med pt 1/2 E-V+

1560. Br 20052- Frank Black O- Count of Luxembourg/ Merry Widow V

1561. Br 20047- Carl Fenton O- Queen High medley/ Queen High vocal gems E

1562. Br 20058- Frank Black O- Rhapsody In Blue pt 1/2 VV+ Oscar Levant piano

1563. Br 20062- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Poor Butterfly/ Cant Yo Heah Me Callin' Caroline E

1564. Br 20091- Red Nichols O- Some Of These Days/ I'll See You In My Dreams E-

1565. Br 20104- Guy Lombardo O- Gems from Cat 7 the Fiddle/ Between the Devil & Deep Blu..V

1566. Br 20118- Victor Young O- Without a Song/ Sylvia E+

1567. Br 20121- Capitol Salon Ensemble- Farewell to Arms/ A Lullaby E

1568. Br 20122- Abe Lyman O- Gold Diggers of 1933 medley/ Stormy Weather VV+

1569. Br 85001- Bing Crosby, Boswell Sisters, Mills Bros, Frank Munn w/ O/ flip incl Mills Bros- George White Scandals medley 1/2 EE+

1570. Br 116(ENG)- Bing Crosby with Duke Ellington O- St Louis Blues (B take) Duke Ellington O- Creole Love Call E+

1571. Columbia 759(ENG)- The Original Dixieland Jazz Band- Satanic Blues/ Lasses Candy E- very few copies of these UK recorded sides have turned up- one of the true early jazz rarities!

1572. Columbia Tele-Focal Radio Series 91935- pgm 2 part C- Paul Tremaine O- Steamboat Bill E+

1573. Co 55038- Benny Goodman O- The Man I Love/ BG Sextet- I Got Rhythm E+

1574. Co 55039-Benny Goodman O- Oh Baby pt 1/2 E+

1575. Comet T-1- Art Tatum Trio- The Man I Love/ Dark Eyes E 1/2" hlc nap

1576. Co T-2- Art Tatum Trio- I Know That You Know/ Body & Soul E+N-

1577. Commodore 1508- Chu Berry Jazz Ens- Gee Aint I Good to You/ On the Sunny Side of the Street EE-

1578. Decca 15029- Al Donahue O- For Sentimental Reasons/ Its Love I'm After// When My Dream Boat Comes Home/ To Mary With Love N-

1579. De 15029- Jack Hylton O- Gilbert & Sullivan med/ pt 2 E+

1580. De 15052- Ruby Newman O- Basin St Bl / Memphis Blues// Por Que/ Chitarra Romana EE+

1581. Decca 25584- Ray Ventura O- Songs of Gershwin pt 1/2 E+

1582. Decca K 637(ENG)- Fred Elizalde p- From Jazz to Rhythm pt 1/2 E+

1583. General 3001- Joe Marsala & Delta 4- Three O Clock Jump/ Reunion In Harlem EE+

1584. HMV C 2500- New Mayfair O- Old Timers Medley pt 1/2 N-

1585. HMV C 2518- New Mayfair O- Mother of Pearl sel pt 1/2 E+

1586. HMV C 2564- Louis Armstrong O- Medley of Armstrong Hits V+ rare on any issue!

1587. HMV C 3432- Songs We All Sang (six years of war hits) pt 1/2 E+

1588. HMV RG7- The Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in Westminster Abbey by direct line from the BBC #13/14 E+. special label

1589. Hollywood Variety Productions pgm 14. Earl Burtnett O- Some Sweet Day E-, plays better rare c. 1930 Columbia Hollywood issue with yellow on black label, Columbia musical note back

1590. Keynote 1300- Cozy Cole All Stars- Just One More Chance/ Blue Moon EE- despite grey

1591. Key 1302- Kansas City 5- Lester Leaps In/ Kansas City 7- After Theatre Jump EE-

1592. Key 1303- Kansas City 7- Destination KC/ Three Cats & a Prince EE- despite grey

1593. Mac Gregor & Ingram- Cecil & Sally in The Funniest Things- episode 107 pt 1/ 108 pt 1 E+ San Francisco white label radio show c. 1930- autographed by Johnny(Cecil) Patrick

1594. National Radio Adv Co- Sunny Meadows F #1- Ray Miller O- What a Girl, What a Night E Brunswick pressing mx XC-2878 on one of the earliest of these types of shows, recorded in Chicago of January 1929

1595. Pathe 5706- Pathe DO- Castle House Rag/ All Aboard For Dixie Land EE+ vertical cut- inside start--unusual for a commercial record

1596. Pathe 30374- Van Eps- Banta Banjo O- Kangaroo Hop/ Imp Symph O- A Little Love E vertical

1597. Vi 35213- Victor Minstrel Company- Louisiana Minstrels/ Arkansas Minstrels E int cr nap

1598. Vi 35313- Conway's Band- Underneath the Cotton Moon med/ I Love Her Oh Oh Oh med NN-

1599. Vi 35487- Conway's Band- Trilby Rag/ Setting the Pace E+

1601. Vi 35533- Victor Military Band- Bugle Call Rag/ Some Sort of Somebody E+/E

1602. Vi 35536- Vess Ossman Banjo O- Merry Whirl/ Kangaroo Hop V+

1603. Vi 35650- Conway's Band- She's Dixie All the Time/ Huckleberry Finn E-

1604. Vi 35769- Victor Light Opera Co- Gems fm "Cocoanuts"/ "Sunny"EE+ incl Monkey Doodle Do

1605. Vi 35790- Victor Symphony O- Egmont Overture pt 1/2 E+

1606. Vi 35793- Victor Symphony O- Peer Gynt Suite #1 pt 1/2 EE-

1607. Vi 36060- Paul Whiteman O- Dance Selections from Face the Music/ from Hot- Cha E-

1608. Vi 36107- Green Brothers- vibra harp & chimes- The Swan/ Elegie V+

1609. Vi 36109- uncred O- Musical presentation of the Paramount Picture "Melody In Spring" 4 tunes incl Its Psychological and Ending With a Kiss// Musical presentation of the Paramount Picture "We're Not Dressing"- 4 tunes incl May I, She Reminds Me of You EE+ Although the band is uncredited, it IS George Hall O- perhaps uncredited because he was recording for Bluebird at the time. This is likely the rarest dance band record I've ever offered. In 35 years of collecting I've only heard of two other copies

1610. Vi 36131- Paul Whiteman O- Deep Purple/ Park Avenue Fantasy E rg lbl

1611. Vi 36141- Paul Whiteman O- Anything Goes selection/ NMDO- Evergreen selection EE+

1612. Vi 36142- Andre Kostalanetz O- Revenge With Music pt 1/2 E-

1613. Vi 36143- Paul Whiteman O- Peter Peter Punkin' Eater pt 1/2 E a scarce one!

1614. Vi 36161- Andre Kostalanetz O- Chant of the Weed/ Rumba Fantasy E+

1615. Vi 36205- Benny Goodman O- Sing, Sing, Sing pt 1/2 EE+ rs lbl

1616. Vi 36237- Jessica Dragonette w/ qtet & O- Is There a Santa Claus pt 1/2 E+

1617. Vi 36239- Noel Coward w/ Leo Reisman O pres. songs from Bitter Sweet, This Year of Grace, Charlot's Review 1926 pt 1/2 E+

1618. Vi 28-0405- Artie Shaw O- Evensong/ Suite #8 E- 1619. Victrola 88322- Ignace Jan Paderewski- Valse Brilliante E

1620. Vi 88357- Ignace Jan Paderewski- Hark, Hark, the Lark E+

1621. Warner Bros movie promo WB-D 732/733 from film Rhapsody In Blue- Paul Whiteman O- Gershwin Piano Concerto 1st movement/ 3rd movement EE+. White label, typed info


1622. Co A 2255- Harry C Browne- Jordan Am a Hard Road to Travel/ De Gospel Train Am Comin E int cr nap

1623. Co A 2557- Vernon Dalhart- Paul Revere/ Peerless 4- France, We'll Rebuild Your Towns V

1624. Co A 2937- Charles Harrison- That Old Irish Mother of Mine/ Peerless 4- There's a Typical Tipperary Over Here E

1625. Co DF 2676(ENG)- Lucienne Boyer- Mon P'tit Kaki/ Tommy Et La Petite Francaise E+

1626. Co 55029(12")- Mississippi Minstrels- An Old Time Minstrel Show pt 1/2 V

1627. Decca test mx MG 2469-T2- Rudolf Friml- Unforgettable Melodies 4 cuts 33 1/3 EE+

1628. Decca test mx MG 2470-T5- Rudolf Friml- Unforgettable Melodies 4 cuts 33 1/3 EE+

1629. Decca 23151- Mary Martin- Just a Whistlin' & a Whitlin'/ Youre Lonely & Im Lonely E-

1630. Edison 5044- Arthur Fields- Its a Long Way to Berlin But We'll Get There/ Peerless Qtet- We're Going Over EE+

1631. Emerson 7197(7")- Henry Lewis w/ O- Oh Johnny Oh Johnny Oh/ Lily of the Valley VV+

1632. General 4017- George Byron- Go Little Boat/ You Never Know About Me EE+

1633. HMV JO 75(ENG)- Maurice Chevalier- Je Vais Sur Mon Chemin/ Pour Les Amants E-

1634. HMV 04233(12")- Maurice Gordon & Evelyn Laye- If You Look In Her Eyes VV+

1635. Keynote 514- Joshua White- Southern Exposure/ Uncle Sam Says V

1636. Key 515- Joshua White- Jim Crow Train/ Bad Housing Blues V+

1637. Key 516- Joshua White- Hard Times Blues/ Defense Factory Blues V+/E

1638. Keynote 1200(12")- Paul Robeson- Anthem of the USSR/ The United Nations E-

1639. Liberty Music Shop 203- Fairchild & Carroll- You Got Something/ Its De Lovely// Ridin High/ Red Hot & Blue V

1640. Monarch 1824- An Evening With the Minstrels #2 V-

1641. Okeh 4783- Vincent Lopez O- Aggravatin' Papa/ Burning Sands V+

1642. Pathe 2061 (14"- France)- Imperial Symphony O- Moraima/ The Voice of the Bells E

1643. Pathe 2065 (14"- France)- Miss Carrie Herwin- Home Sweet Home/ Ora Pro Nobis E

1644. Pathe 2092 (14"- Belgium)- Imperial Symphony O- Unfinished Symphony pt 1/2 E

1645. Pathe 2180 (14"- Belgium)- Premier Operatic Male Voice Quartet w/ O- Chorus of Monks/ We follow Where He Leads E

1646. Pathe 8084 (14"- France)- Orch Militaire- La Celebre et Veritable Maxixe Bresilienne/ La Mariposa E-

1647. Pathe PA 2216(FR)- Georges Guetary w/ O- Chic a Chiquito/ La Plus Belle EE+

1648. Twentieth Century Fox 169- Betty Grable, Male Voices & Orch- Take It From There from the film Coney Island/ June Havoc & O- I've Gotta Have You, from film Hello Frisco E- few lams nap

1649. Victor 60002- Harry Lauder- Stop Your Tickling, Jock E

1650. Vi 60023- Nora Bayes- That Lovin' Rag/ EE-

1651. Vi 60028- Harry Lauder- Wee Jean Mac Gregor EE+

1652. Vi 1283- Jose Mojica w/ O- Pasas Por El Abismo/ Pais Azul E

1653. Vi 2518- Haydn Quartet- Rocked In the Cradle of the Deep VV+

1654. Vi 2934- Macdonough & Bieling- Sweet Adeline/ V-

1655. Vi 4010- Haydn Quartet- Kathleen Mavourneen EE-

1656. Vi 16189- Harry Mac Donough- By the Watermelon Vine/ Victor Minstrels #11VV+

1657. Vi 17930- Billy Murray & Cho- When I Get Back to the USA/ Harry Mac Donough & cho- That Hula Hula E/E-

1658. Vi 18255- Sterling Trio- Mummy Mine/ Vernon Dalhart- I'm Waiting For You Liza Jane V+/V-

1659. Vi 18705- Charles Harrison- There's a Vacant Chair at Home Sweet Home/ Peerless Quartet- When You're Goen I Wont ForgetE/E-

1660. Vi 20-4952- Eartha Kitt- Monotonous/ Alice Ghostley- Boston Beguine E+

1661. (16") AFRS- Christmas Command Performance part 1/3 only- Bob Hope, Jerry Colonna, Xavier Cugat O, Virginia O' Brien, Jimmy Durante, Dinah Shore E-

1662. (16") AFRS- Showtime 170- recalling Broadway tunes back to the 1920s. Dinah Shore, Les Paul VV+. Incl You're a Builder Upper, She Didn't Say Yes

1663. (16") AFRS- Showtime #203- great show recalling Broadway tunes back to the 1920s. Hosted with vocals by Shirley Ross- also Les Paul. Tunes incl Moanin' Low, Get Happy, etc E+

1664. (16") AFRS- Showtime #254- Lady In the Dark- narrated by Eve Arden w/ Gertrude Lawrence, Danny Kaye E+

1665. (16") AFRS- Command Performance #176- Lucille Ball, Jack Carson, Robert Benchley, Kitty Kallen, Phil Regan V+E-

1666. (16") Treasury Dept- 4th War Loan Drive Treasury Star Parade 321/2- Noel Coward/ Helen Jepson and David Ross E+

1667. (16")Paramount Radio Recording- To Each His Own- Hollywood Premiere Broadcast with Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Ray Milland, Alan Ladd, Marjorie Reynolds, etc/ Spot Announcements by Olivia de Havilland & John Lund E-/VV+

1668. (16") Treasury Dept- Guest Star 147/8- Ethel Merman/ Bill Goodwin EE+

1669. (16") Vets Admin- Heres to Vets 102/3- Phil Harris & Alice Faye/ American Melody Hour E+

1670. (16") Vets Admin- Heres to Vets 678/9- Buddy de Franco/ J Mac Donald, Nelson Eddy E+

1671. (16") Vets Admin- Heres to Vets 488/9- Danny Kaye/ Gordon Jenkins E+



1672. World 47660- King Cole Trio- Wild Root Annual Sales Convention January 1947 Souvenir Record E-. Great disk includes a spoken intro by Nat, plus Straighten Up & Fly Right & Wild Root Cream Oil Charlie

1673. Standard 5- Sons of the Pioneers- 3 cuts per E incl Pop Eye's Spiritual/ Cow Across Road

1674. Standard 20- Sons of the Pioneers- 3 cuts per E incl Dixie/ Some Folks

1675. Standard C- Sons of the Pioneers- 3 cuts per E incl Belle of Baltimore/ Oh Susanna

1676. Standard Z- Sons of the Pioneers- 3 cuts per E incl Preacher & the Bear/ Pretty Quadroon


1677. Associated unissued test mx VLC 0167-1..Bob Crosby O- dated 2/1/38- Thru the Courtesy of Love/ My Kingdom For a Kiss E+

1678. Assoc test mx A 1581-C1- Emil Coleman O- Our Penthouse On Third Ave(no voc)/ Is This Gonna Be My Lucky Summer(Joey Nash vo) E+ NICE B!!

1679. Assoc test mx A 1588-C2- Ray Sinatra O-Lovely One(Joey Nash voc)/ Smarty(no voc) E+ both exc sides!!...hot B w/ solos

1680. Assoc 50- Ray Sinatra O- Shine/ I Love You Truly/ Aint She Sweet// Russ Morgan O- Valse Triste/ My Melancholy Baby E+ top solos A, clarinet, trumpet, piano

1681. Assoc R-A-71- Clyde Lucas O- After 12 O Clock/ Limehouse Blues(clt solo)// Domenico Savino Concert O- Maytime In Vienna/ Maria, Maria E+

1682. Assoc R 82- George Gregory O(Glen Gray)- Blue Room(clt, tpt, sax solos)/ Maniacs Ball/(hot tbn, clt, sax solo)// Lenny Carson O-(Larry Clinton)-Remember(swinging with sax solos)/ The Dipsy Doodle w/ Bea Wain vo E+

1683. Assoc (?) S-56-A (Oct 1935)- Larry Bradford O- Will Love Find a Way(vo Stan Abbott)/ Love Is Sweeping the Country(instrumental)// What a Wonderful World/ I'd Rather Listen To Your Eyes(both w/ Stan Abbott vocals) nice big Himber like sound

1684. Assoc(?) S-2440- Vincent York(Victor Young) O-- March Winds & April Showers/ When Love Knocks At Your Heart (vocs Al Kennedy) EE+

1685. Assoc 235- Brad Collins O(Bob Crosby)- I'm Comin' Virginia/ The Wheel of the Wagon Is Broken //The Oleanders- Mama Don't Allow It/ Ol Man Mose black male vocal group with piano E+

1686. Assoc 291- Michael Wayne O(Mark Warnow)- If We Never Meet Again(Vera Van vo)/ My Day Begins & Ends With You(Buddy Clark vo)// When Did You Leave Heaven(Buddy Clark vo)/ I Take to You(Vera Van vo) E+

1687. Assoc 362- Jimmy Garfield O(Johnny Green)- Sweet Music/ Ev'ry Day// Walter Remsen O- Sweet & Low/ The Old Oaken Bucket EE+

1688. Assoc 363- Jimmy Garfield O(Johnny Green)- You & the Night & the Music/ Got Me Doin' Things// Walter Remsen O- Song of the Bayou- very nice Whiteman-esque version of this Rube Bloom composition which sounds like it has some of Washboard Blues in it/ Carry Me Back to Old Virginny EE+

1689. Assoc 364- Walter Remsen O- In Pastures Green/ Sylvia// Alexander Karlin O- Parade of the Wooden Soldiers/ Autumn In New York E+

1690. Assoc 379- Val Yorke O(Victor Young)- Once In a Lifetime/ When You're Away// Sam Lanin O- Lady of the Evening/ Cecile Wz E+

1691. Assoc Muzak 397- Al Donahue O- It Aint Right(peppy)/ Guess Who(nice tpt solo)// Bernard Levitow- Liebestraum/ Pierrette E+

1692. Assoc 590- Ernie Fiorito O- The Wedding of the Wooden Soldier(mentions Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck- vocal by Helen Daniels)/ Oh Susanna// Mitchell Ayres O- In the Good Old Summer Time/ Ol' Man River E+ hot trumpet B

1693. Assoc 611-D'Artega Orch- Down In Toyland Village- nice song about fairy tale and cartoon characters(mentions of Little Lulu & Donald Duck)-vocal by Helen Daniels(Helen Rowland)/ El Relicario// Bugle Calls(Bob Effros trumpeter)- 8 diff E+


1694. AFRS- Basic Music Library P-183/4- Woody Herman O/ The Jesters 4 tunes/ 5 tunes E incl It Must be Jelly A/ Salt Water Cowboy B

1695. AFRS- BML- P 373/4- Helen Forrest w/ O/ Stan Kenton O- 4 cuts per incl EE+ incl Good For Nothin' Joe A/ Mad For a Pad B

1696. AFRS- Basin Street Jazz #20/ Mystery Time #10. 2 parts each on 2 disks EE+. A side features George Shearing Quintet from Basin Street Club in NYC

1697. AFRS- Charlie Barnett O repl Bandwagon/ Lyn Murray E+ top show A from 1945 incl Rockin' In Rhythm, West End Blues

1698. AFRS- Jubilee 166- Benny Goodman Orch with Stan Getz. Also Lena Horne, Gene Krupa Trio, BG Quint. E+ from 1/46 incl Rattle & Roll, Runnin Wild

1699. AFRS- Vaughn Monroe Show #24 2 parts EE+. with Bert Parks & Billy Butterfield

1700. Capitol B-115- Gene Krupa O- 7 cuts incl Hop, Skip & Jump, Up & Atom, Indiana E+

1701. Cap B-117- Gene Krupa O- 7 cuts incl Calling Dr Gillespie, Whats This?, Hodge Podge E+

1702. Cap B-119- Gene Krupa O- 8 cust incl Leave Us Leap, Tea For Two E+

1703. Cap B-448- Nat King Cole Trio- 8 cuts incl Top Hat Bop, Go Bongo, Rumba Blues E+

1704. CP Mac Gregor LIB 217/8- Eddie Skrivanek Sextette From Hunger/ Harry the Hipster Gibson 4 cuts per incl Sugar A/ Hipster's Blues B E+

1705. Lang Worth AS 147/8- Tony Pastor O/ Bobby Sherwood O 4 cuts per E+ incl Hence It Doesn't Make Sense A/ Makin' Whoopee B

1706. LW 399/400- Clarence Williams Swing Band- 10 cuts EE+

1707. LW 663/4- Ray Noble O- 8 cuts EE+ incl Everything Happens to Me

1708. LW 1145- Frankie Masters O/ Lenny Herman 5- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ A incl Chick Lick Boogie, plus 1 tune "X"'d out but still audible

1709. Mac Gregor LB 631- Sterling Young O/ Thomas Peluso O- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ A side uses 1937 masters incl Stompin' At the Savoy, When I'm With You

1710. Mac Greg 2478/9- Sextette From Hunger/ Skitch Henderson O 5 cuts per E- incl Dixie Hillbilly A/ Madame will Drop Her Shawl B

1711. Mac Greg- California Natl Guard pres Sextet From Hunger 5/6 E incl Muskrat Ramble, Jada

1712. Mac Gregor & Sollie- Anson Weeks Hotel Mark Hopkins O- pgm #23/24. 8 great tunes incl The Sun's In My Heart, 'Leven Pounds of Heaven, Rain On the Roof, Music In My Fingers E+ HEAVY shellac pressing

1713. RCA MS 101430- WPA presents Municipal Dance Band pgm #3. 4 tunes + theme incl a hot Harlem Heat and Rigamarole. looks NN-, needs cleaning to remove light plasticizer

1714. Sister Kenny Foundation- 1952 Appeal- Guest Star Time- Frank De Vol O/ Guest Star Spots incl Charlie Mc Carthy, Durante, Cantor, Benny, Kate, P Harris,etc E+

1715. Standard A 1252-1259- The Playboys/ Eddie Fitzpatrick O- 4 cuts per. A incl Life of the Party & Way Out West// B incl Big Chief Swing It, High, Wide & Handsome E

1716. Std A 1260- 1267. Eddie Fitzpatrick O- 8 cuts incl Scattin' At the Kit Kat, I'm Dependable, Please Pardon Us We're In Love, Love Is Never Out of Season E

1717. Std A 1429-36. The Playboys/ Tommy Tucker O- 4 cuts per. A incl Broadway Jamboree which mentions Armstrong, Venuti, Goodman, Dorsey, Calloway, M Raye, and a neat song called Charlie Mc Carthy// B incl Half Moon On the Hudson, Sweet As a Song E

1718. Std U-268- Kay Starr w/ O- 10 cuts E+ incl Pretty Baby, Them There Eyes

1719. Std U-272- Kay Starr w/ O- 10 cuts E incl Was That the Human Thing To Do/ Who Hit Me

1720. Std U-292- Kay Starr w/ O- 10 cuts E+ incl He's a Good Man to Have Around, Its a Good Day

1721. Std X-193- Eddie Miller O- 9 cuts incl You're a Builder Upper, Squeeze Me E+

1722. Thesaurus 346- Harry Reser O- 8 cuts EE+ incl Riding High, This Year's Kisses

1723. Thes 567- Rhythm Makers O(Artie Shaw)/ Nat Shilkret O- 4 cuts per EE+/E incl Meade Lux Special, Blue Fantasy A/ She Didn't Say Yes, Oh Miss Hannah B

1724. Thes 606- Rhythm Makers O(Charlie Barnet)/ Will Osborne O. 4 cuts per E incl Love Is Flying High, Chatterbox A// I Go For That B

1725. Thes 660- Blue Barron O/ Ted Steele Novatones 4 cuts per E+ incl Thats Right I'm Wrong A/ Powerhouse B

1726. Thes 730- Will Osborne O/ Fields & Hall Mountaineers 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl Between 18th & 19th on Chestnut St A/ Does Money Talk B

1727. Thes 973- Al Donahue O- 10 cuts incl Stop, the Red Light's On, Yes Indeedy EE+

1728. Thes 1239- Music of Manhattan(Norman Cloutier O)/ Music Hall Varieties O- 6 cuts per E+ classic jazz A inc Royal Garden Bl, Aunt Hagar's Bl// early jazz B inc Whip & Spur, Operatic Rag

1729. Thes 1793- Jimmy Lytell & Delta 8/ Claude Thornhill O- 5 cuts per E+ hot sides A incl Baby Face, Panama/ B incl Love Nest, Mosquitoes Parade

1730. Transco- Montmartre Orch- pgm 11/12 c. April 1935. Hnery Busse O- 8 cuts E+ incl You're the Top, Jazz Mad(HOT!), Horntootin' Fool HEAVY shellac pressing

1731. USMC- Bob Crosby All Stars 11/12- 7 cuts E+ incl So Rampart St, Honeysuckle Rose

1732. USMC- Bob Crosby All Stars 15/16- 7 cuts E+ incl Ostrich Walk, St Louis Blues

1733. USMC- Bob Crosby All Stars 17/18- 7 cuts E+ incl Wolverine Blues, March of the Bobcats


1734. Assoc 60053- Isham Jones O/ Roy Nugent O- 4 cuts per E+ incl Tin Roof Blues, Queen Isabella A/ I've Hitched My Wagon to a Star B GREAT A!!

1735. Assoc 60266- Clyde Lucas O/ Ruby Newman O E+ incl Minnie From Trinidad A/ I Take To You B

1736. Assoc 60458- Nat Brandywynne O- 10 cuts EE+ incl Clap Yo Hands, Some. to Remem U By

1737. Assoc 60766- Clyde Mc Coy O/ George Gregory O(Glen Gray)- 5 cuts/ 3 cuts E+ super fidelity on this incl Jazz Me Blues A/ Copenhagen, Wolverine Blues B

1738. Assoc 60802- Eddie Condon Jazz Concert O/ Kay Armen w/ O- 5 cuts/ 4 cuts E+ incl Big Butter & Egg Man, Jazz Band Ball A/ Aint Misbehavin, Perfidia B

1739. Assoc 60808- Errol Garner- 8 cuts EE+ incl ICGUA But Love, Body & Soul, I Get a Kick..

1740. Assoc 60810- Errol Garner/ Kay Armen w/ O- 4 cuts/ 3 cuts EE+ incl Sweet Georgia Brown A When Your Lover Has Gone B

1741. Assoc 60839- Richard Himber O/ The Galli Sisters 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl Welcome to My Dream, Blue A/ Man Bites Dog B

1742. Assoc 60843- Richard Himber O/ D'Artega O- 4 cuts/ 3 cust E+ incl Just My Luck A/ My Dog Has Fleas B

1743. Assoc 60844- Richard Himber O/ Hank D' Amico Sextette- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl She's Funny That Way A/ It Must Be True, Sheik of Araby B

1744. Assoc 60882- Elliott Lawrence O/ Jerry Sears O EE+ 4 cuts per incl They Cant Convnice Me A/ Aren't You Kinda Glad We Did B

1745. Assoc 60883- Elliott Lawrence O/ Jerry Sears O- 4 cuts per E+ incl Millionaires Dont Whistle A/ I'm Lucky B

1746. Assoc 61079- John Kirby O- 7 cuts E+ incl Boogie Woogie, B-Flat Special

1747. Assoc test mx AA-1366-C1- Fred Rich O- 4 cuts EE+ incl You Do the Darndest Things Baby

1748. Assoc test mx AA-1825-C2/ ZZ-1965-D5- Larry Clinton O/ Bill Mc Cune O- 4 tunes A incl Night Shades w Bea Wain vo/ Glen Island Hop// 5 tunes B incl Teacher's Pet & Hearts Are Never Blue In Blue Kalua E+

1749. Assoc test mx 1907- C2/ 1910-C-1- Richard Himber O- 8 great sides EE+. Himber plays both sweet & hot(some nice solos) incl Lady on the 2 Cent Stamp, Girlfriend of Whirling Dervish, I've Got a Date With a Dream, Stop Beatin' Round the Mulberry Bush

1750. Assoc test mx 1908-C-1- Richard Himber O- 4 top sides EE+ incl Lullaby In Rhythm, Dream Dust, Theres a Far Away Look In Your Eye, Love Is Where You Find It, plus breakdown take

1751. Assoc test red vinyl ZZ-2860-C2- Erskine Butterfield Trio- 5 cuts E+ incl Hallelujah. gd guitar

1752. Assoc test red vinyl ZZ-3212-P8- Erskine Butterfield 5- 5 cuts E+ incl Man Thats Groovy E+

1753. Assoc test red vinyl ZZ-4142- 4 Chicks & Chuck 5 tunes incl Dont Fence Me In E+

1754. Assoc test red vinyl ZZ-5784-P3. 4 cuts E+ incl Lover Man, For Heaven's Sake

----The next 2 Associateds are heavy duty acetate safety disk cut at the actual session--

1755. Assoc ZZ 2550/2551- Larry Clinton O- A side incl 3 big band jazz tunes incl I Want to Rock, plus 2 breakdown takes// B side 3 diff big band jazz tunes and 2 breakdown takes. All instrumental, one has a nice electric guitar solo. Has some plasticiser(white stuff) but should clean to like new.

1756. Associated ZZ-5653-C- Claude Thornhill O- I Get the Blues When It Rains, plus Our Wz/Wonderful One medley, and 4 breakdown takes EE+

1757. Muzak X-185- Teddy Wilson O/ Ben Ross O- 5 cuts per E+ incl Indiana, I Got Rhythm A

1758. World uncredited dance band 200-137- 200/144- 8 cuts incl Buckin' the Wind, Lets Fall In Love, One Morning In May, That's Love. instrumentals & male/female vocs E-

1759. World uncredited dance band 200-193- 200/200 (sleeve says Victor Arden O)- 8 cuts incl Love Louisa, Isnt It Romantic, Hosanna, Lady be Good, Sweet Madness E-

1760. World uncredited jazz band, but its Bob Crosby O- 300-2425-2432. 8 cuts in super fidelity and a very clean E+ incl You're An Education, Please Be Kind, Old Apple Tree, Always & Always

1761. World 200- 2985-2992- Bert Castle DO(Bob Crosby)- 8 cuts E+ incl South Rampart Street, Struttin' With Some BBQ, Hold Tight, Deep Purple

1762. World 300/200- 6879-6888- Charlie Spivak O/ Glen Gray Casa Loma O- 5 cuts/ 4 cuts E+ incl Bulldozer A/ Duration Blues, From the Blue B



1763. Decca- 1936-37. 32 pgs incl Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Jimmie Lunceford, Chick Webb, Dick Powell, Hawaiian, lists by films, etc E- some wear

1764. Decca- 1938. 50 pgs incl Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Jimmie Lunceford, Chick Webb, Judy Garland, Hawaiian, Scotch, lists by films, etc E+ light pencil

1765. Decca- 1939. 82 pgs incl Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Jimmie Lunceford, Chick Webb,

Judy Garland, Hawaiian, Spanish, Tahitian, Ella, Whiteman, lists by films, etc E very light water

1766. Decca- 1940. 132 pgs incl Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Jimmie Lunceford, Chick Webb, Judy Garland, Roy Smeck, Hawaiian lists by films, etc E light wear


1767. Bluebird undated(release 36/37)-4 pgs- mid 1930s incl 5600's- pop, hot, Hawaiian, etc EE+

1768. BB undated(release 38/39)-4 pgs- mid 1930s incl 5700's- pop, hot, Hawaiian, etc E

1769. BB undated(release 40/41)-4 pgs- mid 1930s incl 5700's- pop, hot, Hawaiian, etc E-

1770. BB undated(release 42/43)-4 pgs- mid 1930s incl 5700's- pop, hot, Hawaiian, etc E

1771. BB Aug 1936- 2 pgs- pop, swing, Hillbilly, etc E-

1772. BB Feb 1937- 6 pgs- picture of Popeye & Olive. popular, hot dance, Irish, Popeye records E+

1773. BB June 1938- 4 pgs- pix Baby Rose Marie(grows up) Bob Skyles, Bill Boyd bands E

1774. BB Mar 1939- 12 pg foldout- pix Fats, Artie, Mezz, de Lange, Fats, incl Hawaiian EE+

1775. BB May 1939- 4 pg foldout incl Meade, Fats, F Newton, Ozzie E+

1776. BB June 1939- 12 pg foldout- pix Glenn, Ethel. Artie, Fats, Ozzie E

1777. BB Dec 1939- 4 pg foldout incl Jelly Roll, GM, Nichols, Christmas records EE+

1778. BB Feb 1940- 6 pg foldout. pix- Glenn, Ozzie, Cats & Fiddle, Barnet EE+

1779. BB May 1940- 12 pg foldout- pix Glenn, Fats, Dinah, Shep, F Martin EE+

1780. BB July 1940- 6 pg foldout- pix Glenn, Pastor, Barnet, Erskine EE+

1781. BB Nov 1941- 10 pg foldout incl Dolly, Alvino, GM, Todd, Fats EE+

1782. BB May 1942- 6 pg foldout incl Miller, Monroe, Rey, Kassell, Ayres, etc E pencil writing

1783. Brunswick July 1935- 6 pg foldout- pix Kemp, Martin, Melton, J Green E+

1784. Br April 1936- 8 pg foldout- pix incl Fred Astaire, Johnny Green, Ozzie Nelson E+

1785. Br Nov 1936- 8 pg foldout- pix incl Norvo, Duke, Artie, J Green, Hudson- de Lange E

1786. Br Feb 1937- 4 pg foldout- pix incl Teddy Wilson, Tony Martin, Kyser, Kemp, Hudson- De E+

1787. Br Feb 38- 6 pg foldout-pix Raymond Scott, Harry James, Ella Logan, Artie, etc plus illus The Penguin for Bruns 8058. E- split at crease, but a rare later issue!

1788. Br Mar 38- 6 pg foldout- pix Noble, Morgan, Heidt, Logan, Hudson- de Lange EE+

1789. Br July 38- 6 pg foldout- pix Ellington, Kyser, Morgan, Heidt, Duchin EE+

1790. Br Aug 38- 6 pg foldout- pix Dorothy Lamour, Gene Krupa, Noble- one corner missing o/w E

1791. Br Sep 38- 6 pg foldout- pix Norvo, Duke, Kyser, Noble E. very lt water

1792. Br Oct 38- 8 pg foldout- pix Norvo, Duke, Krupa, Logan, Heidt, etc E light split crease

1793. Durium flyer- back issues 10/$1 incl early issues E+ light discolor

1794. Harmony June 1931. large 8 pg foldout incl 1320's- Selvin, race, blues, Hawaiian E-

1795. Harmony Apr 1932. large 8 pg foldout incl 1420's- Selvin, race, blues, Hawaiian E-

1796. Hit of the Week- 4 pg foldout for back issues at 10/$1 incl early issues E+ light discolor

1797. Liberty Music Shop- Popular European Records- 10 pg foldout c. 1931. Includes Noble, Hylton, Ambrose, Tauber, piano, etc V+ some fold wear

1798. LMS Sept '32- 4 pg foldout Victor, Bruns, HMV, etc incl Bing, Russ, Whiteman, etc EE+

1799. LMS c. late '33- 8 pg bklt w/ pix Marion Chase, Mae West, Dorothy Norman, Frank Ross, Jack Munroe, Freddy Martin, plus lists, equipment, etc EE-

1800. LMS c. late '34- large 8 pg bklt w/ pix incl Bruz Fletcher, Endor & Farrell, Bordoni, Keller, Noble, J Green, Duchin, plus listings, equipment, etc E

1801. Marconi c. mid 1934- 8 pg foldout inc Victor & Bruns from movies & theatre, dance, vocs, E

1802. Okeh-Odeon- Deutscher HauptCatalog 1929. nice 46 pgs. some pix, lots of listings EE+

BOOKS- all are hardcover unless noted

1803. Jazz Records- 1897-1942. by Brian Rust. Arlington House- 2 volumes. nearly 2000 pages. the classic jazz discography!. Books LIKE NEW, dust jacket minor tears

1804. The American Dance Band Discography 1917-1942. Brian Rust. Arlington House- 2 volumes 2000+ pages. the classic dance band discog. Books LIKE NEW. dust jacket EE+

1805. Jazz & Ragtime Records 1897-1942. Brian Rust. Mainspring Press. 2 volumes. BRAND NEW, still sealed in plastic

1806. The Complete Entertainment Discography 1890s-1942 - Brian Rust. Arlington House. 1973 650+ pages, with red dust jacket. LIKE NEW

1807. The Victor Master Book, Vol 2. 1925-1936 Brian Rust. 1969. 760+ pages E+

1808. The American Record Label Bok by Brian Rust. 1978. 336 pgs. Book like new, dj almost E+

1809. Paramount 12000/13000 series- by Max Vreede. 1971. LIKE NEW

1810. Hendersonia - the Music of Fletcher Henderson & His Musicians by Walter C. Allen. 1973 600+ pages on the great Fletcher. Book is EE+ minor discolor some pages ends

1811. Jack Teagarden- His Career & Recordings by Howard Waters. 1960 softcover 220 pgs EE+

1812. Moonlight Serenade- a bio discog of the Glenn Miller Civilian Band by John Flower. 1972 550+ pages. Book E+, dust jacket light wear

1813. Clarence Williams by Tom Lord. Storyville. 1976. 625+ pages E+

1814. Bird Lives- the life & hard times of Charlie Parker by Ross Russell. 1973..400 pgs w/ dj E+

1815. Frank Sinatra- An American Legend. by Nancy Sinatra. 383 pages. NEW-still sealed in plastic cover. Has remainder marker on bottom side of pages

1816. Jazz Giants- a visual retrospective compiled by K. Abe. Watson- Guptill Pubs, NJ. 280 pages NEW- still in sealed presentation box. Pix galore Bird, Monk, Billie, Lester, Louis, etc

1817. Jelly Roll, Bix & Hoagy- Gennett Studios & the Birth of Recorded Jazz. by Rick Kennedy. 1994...230+ pages. with dust jacket. LIKE NEW

1818. Oh Mister Jelly- a Jelly Roll Morton Scrapbook compiled by William Russell. Massive volume 700+ high quality pages, 8 1/2" x 12". LIKE NEW with dust jacket

1819. Tin Pan Alley- the Composers, the Songs, the Performers & their times. by David Jasen, 1988 306 pages. with dust jacket. LIKE NEW- autographed and inscribed by author

1820. Ain't Misbehavin- the Story of Fats Waller by Ed Kirkeby. 1966 248 pages. books E+, dust jacket E-

1821. Muggsy Spanier: The Lonesome Road- a biography & discography by Bert Whyatt. 1995. 236 pages. softcover. Includes CD of previously unissued material E+

1822. Bix-The Leon Bix Beiderbecke Story by Philip & Linda Evans. 1998. 602 pgs. softcover autographed by both authors LIKE NEW

1823. The Story of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band by H.O. Brunn. 1960. 260+ pages, ex lib. EE+

1824. Me, the Mob & the Music. by Tommy James. 2011..225 pgs E+ softcover

1825. Do Not Sell At Any Price- the Wild Obsessive Hunt For the World's Rarest Records.. by Amanda Petrusich. 2014. 260 pgs. w/ dust jacket. LIKE NEW


Radio Stars, Radio Mirror, Radio & Television Mirror- just some of the highlights shown. All in E or better cond, unless noted

1826. Radio Stars Oct 1932- Ruth Etting cover- plux Bing, Boswells, Richman, Burns & Allen

1827. Radio Stars Dec 1932- Gracie Allen cover- Cantor, Goldbergs, Amos & Andy

1828. Radio Stars Feb 1934- Gracie Allen cover plus Connie Boswell, Cantor, Jessel

1829. Radio Stars March 1935- Swarthout cover plus Annette Hanshaw, Loretta Lee, Pickens

1830. Radio Stars March 1937- cover Nino Martini plus Jolson & Ruby, Fannie, Stanwyck, Vallee

1831. Radio Mirror Feb 1948- color cov- Alice Faye, also Wm Bendix, Fred Allen

1832. Radio & TV Mirror Apr 1948- color cov Jack Benny & Mary, Arthur Tracy, Esther Williams

1833. Radio & TV Mirror June 1948- color cov Dick Haymes, also Al Jolson full pg color, Irma

1834. Radio & TV Mirror Jul 1948- Don Mc Neill, Coast to Coast in TV(early pix), Perry Mason radio

1835. Radio & TV Mirror Sept 1948- color cov Tex & Jinx, full color backpage ad for Susan Hayward in Tap Roots for Chesterfield, also Hoagy Carmichael, Edgar Bergen & Charlie

1836. Radio & TV Mirror Nov 1948- color cov Blondie & Dagwood..also My Friend Irma, Jo Stafford

1837. Radio & TV Mirror Jan 1949- cov Ralph Edwards- + Jimmy Durante, Ozzie & H, Spike Jones

1838. Radio & TV Mirror Feb 1949- color cov Alice Faye & Phil, My Father Groucho by Arthur

1839. Radio & TV Mirror March 1949- W Winchell, E Bergen, Jolson, Charles Correll, back cov tear

1840. Radio & TV Mirror Apr 1949- Arthur Godfrey, Red Skelton, Martin Block, Lucy & Desi

1841. Radio & TV Mirror April 1950- nice cover Lucille Ball- star of tv's My Favorite Husband (pre I Love Lucy!), Ed Wynn, Eddie Albert, Paul Frees, etc E- contents clean-some cover chipping

1842. Radio & TV Mirror Dec 1950- Crosby, Cantor, Kate, Phil Harris, Lucy & Desi

1843. Radio & TV Mirror Jan 1951- W Winchell, pix Sylvia Froos, Berle, Etting, etc E- some wear

1844. Radio & TV Mirror Feb 1951- Johnny Desmond, Robert Young, The Shadow

1845. Radio & TV Mirror June 1953- Wally Cox, Red Buttons, Bud Collyer, Dinah Shore light dirt

1846. Radio & TV Mirror July 1953- Lucy & Desi, Dave Garroway, Joan Alexander, Dennis James

1847. Radio & TV Mirror August 1953- Eddie Fisher, Ted Mack, Garry Moore, Arthur Godfrey

1848. Radio & TV Mirror Jan 1954- Warren Hull, Jim & Henny Backus, Art Linkletter

1849. Music & Rhythm- April 1942. Barbara Lynn cover + great articles on Joe Venuti, Raymond Scott, Benny Goodman, Austin Gang, etc. pix Bix, Bunny, Meroff, Slim & Slam 50 pgs E+

1850. Orchestra World- April 1945. Lionel Hampton cover, plus King Cole trio, Bix to Nick's, Tommy & Jimmy, Louis, plus pix, record reviews, ads, etc. one small picture cut out, o/w EE+

ARRANGEMENTS-all in excellent used cond. may have writing incl tune #, name, etc. nice covers!

1851. Gin Mill Blues- Bob Crosby- arr in modern dixieland style by Joe Sullivan & Deane Kincaid

1852. One O Clock Jump- Swing Series for Orch by Count Basie. arr by Buck Clayton

1853. St Louis Blues by WC Handy- new modern dance arr by Fletcher Henderson

1854. Stompin' At the Savoy by Benny Goodman- modern nov orch ser. arr by Spud Murphy

1855. Earl Fuller's Collection of Jazz Classics- 1919. 1st violin. many tunes incl Jaba Jaba Jazz, Jazanola, Jigger Jazz, Jazology, Jazitis, Jazorient, Jazarella, etc. EXC cond. sticker on cover

1856. Earl Fuller's Collection of Jazz Classics- 1919- 1st clarinet..as above

1857. Earl Fuller's Collection of Jazz Classics- 1919- cello.. as above

1858. Earl Fuller's Collection of Jazz Classics- 1919- drums..as above


1859. Paul Whiteman Orch 4 pg program 2/10/26 at The Forum. E+ incl Rhythm Rag, Ukelele Lady

1860. Radio Stars of Today- c. 1930 Nat'l Union Radio Corp. approx 50 pgs large format incl large pix & bios incl Ginger Rogers, Helen Kane, Baby Rose Marie, Scrappy Lambert, Jones & Hare EE+

1861. WLS at the Fair- 1933. 40 pgs 6"x8". Station WLS at 1933 C of P Chicago World's Fair E+

1862. RAE(radio & entertainment) annual radio personality book. approx 100 pgs. Large format 9"x12". 1933 or '34 (NRA symbol on cover)- Well produced with rarely seen pictures and info on just about any radio personality of the era. Incl. Annette Hanshaw, Lee Wiley, Boswell Sisters, Three X Sisters, Fred Waring, Irene Beasley, The Goldbergs, Johnny Marvin, Irene Taylor, Jones & Hare, Jessel, Cantor, Langford, Ramona, Russ Columbo, Vallee, The Royal Hawaiians, Jolson, Bernie, The Rolling Stones( not THOSE Stones!), Etting, spine wear otherwise EE+

1863. Blue Book of Radio Entertainers- what they look like-who they are. 1935. General Electric. 5"x7". Pix & info on Amos & Andy, Bernie, Boswells, Bing, Duke, Duchin, Etting, Hanshaw, Himber, Isham, Jolson, Gershwin, Merman, Noble, Olsen, Niesen, etc EE+

1864. Dial Locations- United States Broadcast Stations- 1941. Tung Sol Radio Tubes. 18 pages. Info on radio and TV stations, plus pix incl Bing, Guy, Cantor, Bernie, Artie, Hope, etc E few creases

1865. Jazzways Vol 1, #1. 1946. a yearbook of hot music. 120+ pgs. 8"x11". great articles & pix incl Diz, BG, Hawk, Bechet, Miff Mole in color, King Oliver, Hackett, Lee Wiley, Teddy Wilson, Slam, Yancey & Johnny St Cyr in color, discollecting, Tatum, Jelly, Duke, Basie, Louis in color, etc. Display ads from Victor, Brunswick, Blue Note, Disc, Crescent, Guild, Signature, more E cond

1866. Jazz Under the Stars- program- 7/27/57. incl ticket stub and handout. Performers incl Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, Hank Jones, Gerry Mulligan, Lester Young, Errol Garner, Sonny Stitt, others. Large format 16 pgs incl pix, stories, ads. E cond, minor wear, folds

1867. Music Memories Monthly- covering all phases of music collecting. June 1963. Special Ragtime Issue. 28 pgs. pix, ads, articles, etc EE+. rarely seen mag from Birmingham, Alabama

1868. National Ragtime Festival program 16 pgs c. 1970s. Eubie, E Peabody, Parenti, etc E+


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