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Dear Collectors, Here is my latest auction of vintage 78s, 12" & 16" radio transcriptions, and paper material. Closing date is- SUNDAY- OCTOBER 25, 2015. Winner pays postage and packing at cost. I am looking to purchase quality collections, so please keep me in mind should you hear of anything for sale or wish to sell a collection.


1. Black Patti 8023- Ralph Waldo Emerson- The World Is Waiting For the Sunrise/ When You & I Were Young Maggie V rcnap. just light wear on this ultra rare label

2. Brunswick 7003- Bill Brown's Brownies- Bill Brown Blues/ Hot Lips E+

3. Br 4373- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Indiana/ Dinah E+N- choice copy!

4. Br 7436- Clark Randall O- Here Comes Your Pappy/ Drifting Tide E+

5. Br 7613- Frank Trumbauer O- Breakin' In a Pair of Shoes/ I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music N-

6. Br 3948(ENG)- Fred Elizalde O- If I Had You/ King Solomon's Miners- Avalon Town E+ UK only issue A with Adrian Rollini bsx, Al Bowlly vocal

7. Cameo 415- Lucille Hegamin & Dixie Daisies- Dina/ Cold Cold Winter Blues E+

8. Columbia A 3923- Chicago Blues DO- House of David Blues/ Blue Grass Blues EE+

9. Co 2133- Charleston Chasers- Sing You Sinners/ Cinderella Brown E+

10. Co 2504- King Carter Royal O- Blue Rhythm/ Moanin' E+

11. Co 2786(BLUE WAX)- Ted Lewis O- Rhythm/ Lazybones E+ West Coast press- RED HOT A

12. Co 3074(BLUE WAX)- Vic Berton O- Devil's Kitchen/ I've Been Waiting All Winter EE+ HOT A!!

13. Co 3156- Mills Blue Rhythm Band- Balloonacy/ Barrelhouse E+

14. Co 3158- Mills Blue Rhythm Band- Algiers Stomp/ Mr Ghost Goes to Town N-

15. Co 35842- Bessie Smith- At the Christmas Ball/ Preachin' the Blues E+ seldom seen stand alone issue- master pressed, original and only issue A

16. Decca 02283(ENG)- Garland Wilson solo- Your Heart & Mine/ Shim Sham Drag N- no US issue

17. Edison Needle Type(thin)- Eva Taylor- Have You Ever Felt That Way?/ West End Blues EE- has LIGHT pressing thump about 5 gvs- not bad at all!

18. Electradisk 1803- (8")- Gloria Palace O- My Silent Love/ Remember Cherie V+/E- a super rare issue in the original sleeve...sleeve has few creases, tears, pencil writing, overall EE-

19. Gennett 3285- Fletcher Henderson O- When Spring Comes Peeping Through/ The Tennesee Ten- What Happened to Rose EE- gritty surface from beg to 1/2 way, lessens as it goes

20. Ge 5132- King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band- Dipper Mouth Blues/ Weather Bird Rag looks V plays EE-

21. Ge 5611- Ross Reynolds Palais Garden O- Creole/ Pippin' E only record by this group

22. Harmony 899- Sunny Clapp Band O' Sunshine- Remember I Love You/ Julie Wintz O- Perfume Of Roses EE- Goodman rarity from the 1928 Jimmy Mc Hugh Bostonians session

23. Ha 1127- Georgia Cotton Pickers- Louisiana Bo Bo/ Snag It looks VV+, plays E-V+

24. HMV DA- 4987- Jelly Roll Morton Red Hot Peppers- Kansas City Stomp/ Georgia Swing E+ top laminated master pressing

25. HMV K 7705(FR)- Bill Coleman O- Joe Louis Stomp/ Coquette E+

26. HMV K 8521- Bill Coleman O- I'm In the Mood For Love/ After You've Gone E+

27. Madison 5098- Tuxedo Syncopators- Horse Feathers/ Lou Gold O- Confessin' E nice copy of red hot Cliff Jackson O A side

28. Odeon ONY 36105- Hotel Penn Music- Gee But I'd Like to Make You Happy/ If You're Not Kissing Me E+N-

29. Od ONY 41191- Ferera Trio- Sweethearts On Parade/ Carolina Moon E+ lt scr nap Ballew vox

30. Od ONY 41259- The Travelers- Am I Blue/ Ed Loyd O- The One In the World E+ Dorseys Bros A

31. OK 4907- Erskine Tate's Vendome O- Cutie Blues/ Chinaman Blues looks V-, plays V- few gvs near beginning, then V+ 95% of the way

32. OK 8660- Lillie Delk Christian- Baby!/ I Must Have That Man E+ with Louis Armstrong Hot 4

33. OK 40034- King Oliver's Jazz Band- Working Man's Blues/ Riverside Blues looks E-, plays EE-

34. OK 40337- Brownlee's Orch of New Orleans- Dirty Rag/ Perculiar looks V-, plays E-

35. OK 40593- Merritt Brunies Friars Inn O- Someone's Stolen My Sweet, Sweet Baby/ Masculine Women! Feminine Men! EE- plays closer to E

36. OK 40950- Southern Melody Artists- The Hours I Spent With You/ Girl of My Dreams E+N- Seger Ellis vocals

37. OK 40984- Miff Mole Molers- The New Twister/ Honolulu Blues E+ some lt grey nap

38. OK 41071- Red Mc Kenzie Music Box- From Monday On/ My Baby Came Home E+

39. OK 41174- Gus Arnheim Cocoanut Grove O- I'll Get By/ Avalon Town E+

40. OK 41189- Louisville Rhythm Kings- Lets Sit & Talk About You/ In a Great Big Way E+ Benny Goodman rarity..and great sides

41. OK 41253- Ed Lang O- Hot Heels/ Freeze An' Melt E+ some light grey nap

42. OK 41361- Joe Venuti Blue Four- Running Ragged/ Apple Blossoms E+

43. OK 41364- Sam Lanin O- I Want to be Happy/ Tea For two EE+/EE-

44. OK 41399- Ed Loyd O- A Pair of Blue Eyes/ I Feel You Near Me E+ Ballew both sides

45. OK 41410- Jack Pettis O- Bag O' Blues/ Ed Lang O- Bugle Call Rag E+

46. OK 41428- Ed Loyd O- I'm Needin' You/ Ro Ro Rollin' Along E+

47. OK 41434- The NY Syncopators- It Seems to be Spring/ Beware of Love N-

48. OK 41435- Ed Loyd O- I've Got My Eye On You/ Just a Little Closer E+ solos both sides

49. OK 41512- Golden Terrace DO- I Love You in the Same Sweet Way/ The Kiss That You've Forgotten NN-

50. OK 41521- Buddy Campbell O- Was It Wrong?/ Cant You See NN-

51. OK 41580- Ted Lewis O- Tiger Rag/ Farewell Blues E+

52. Oriole 1730- Dixie Jazz Band(Duke Ellington)- Doin' the Voom Voom/ Saturday Night Function EE- sm rcnap..unusually clean for a small label Ellington

53. Or 2193- Ben Pollack O- Sing Song Girl(tk 2)/ Fall In Love w/ Me (tk 3) strong E Goodman solo

54. Paramount 12260- O'Bryant's Washboard Band- Midnight Strutters/ Skoodlum Blues looks V, plays E/V+

55. Par 12294- Jimmy O' Bryant's Famous Original Washboard Band- Steppin' On the Gas/ Three J Blues V

56. Par 12297- Jimmy O' Bryant's Washboard Band- Switch It Miss Mitchell/ The Joys looks E-, plays EE+

57. Par PNY 34177(US)- Earl Marlow O- Walkin' My Baby Back Home/ George Wells O- When You Were the Blossom of Buttercup Lane...E+

58. Par PNY 34180- Deauville Syncopators- Love For Sale/ By the River Ste Marie E+ lams A nap

59. Parlophone PO 19(ENG)- Cambridge University Quinquaginta Ramblers- Chinatown/ Who's Sorry Now E+ a super rare PO series(personal order?)- of top 1933 jazz

60. Par R 1015(ENG)- Golden Terrace DO- My Sweet Tooth Says I Wanna/ Just One More Chance E+ early large label pressing on hot Selvin A side- BG, etc

61. Perfect 14757- The Red Heads- Thats No Bargain/ Original Memphis 5- Go Joe Go a shade under E

62. Per 15505- Earl Jackson O- Futuristic Jungleism/ Low Down On the Bayou E+ a rare one!

63. Swing 12- Eddie South & Stephane Grapelly (w/ Django)- Dinah/ Daphne EE-

64. Sw 32- Bill Coleman O- Swing Guitars/ Big Boy Blues E+ w/ Django, etc

65. Titan TR 1247/ 8- Dohrmann's Orch- Needle In a Haystack/ Be Still My Heart

looks E-, plays E+/E..top 1934 shellac pressing from SF. Titan specialized in personal pressings

66. Varsity 6016- Fletcher Henderson O- You Rascal You/ Tiger Rag NN- off Crown

67. Victor 19124- Lizzie MIles- Cotton Belt Blues/ Rosa Henderson- Midnight Blues E+N-

68. Vi 20555- Wiliamson's Beale Street frolic O- Memphis Scronch/ Bear Wallow EE+

69. Vi 21730- Mc Kinney's Cotton Pickers- Cherry/ Some Sweet Day E

70. Vi 22662- Snooks Memphis Stompers- I'm Crazy Bout My Baby/ Smile Darn Ya Smile V+

71. Vi 22737- Snooks Memphis Ramblers- I'm Blue But Nobody Cares/ Eubie Blake O- Thumpin' & Bumpin' EE-

72. Vi 22779- Snooks Memphis Ramblers- Some Other Time/ Sweet Georgia Brown E-

73. Vi 22958- Bennie Moten KC O- Oh! Eddie/ Washboard Rhythm Kings- Pepper Steak EE+ despite grey- HOT SIDES!

74. Vi 24059- Alex Bartha O- Hot Biscuits/ Washboard Rhythm Boys- Tiger Rag looks E-/VV+, plays E-/E

75. Vi 24105- Paul Whiteman O- Love Nest/ Wonderful One EE+ original issue from 1928 w/ Bix

76. Vi 24232- Louis Armstrong O- High Society/ Mahogany Hall Stomp E

77. Vi 24233- Louis Armstrong O- Hustlin' & Bustlin' For Baby/ I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues E

78. Vi 23006- Henry Allen O- Patrol Wagon Blues/ Roamin' looks E-, plays crisp E

79. Vi 23281- Lizzie Miles- The Man I Got Aint the Man I Want/ My Man O' War...looks V, plays mostly EE-, some E- has light heat mark first few grooves, not bad at all. RARE!!

80. Vi 23384- Bennie Moten KC O- Toby/ Moten's Swing E great in Hi Fi!

81. Vi 23574- Jimmie Rodgers- Jimmie Rodgers Visits the Carter Family/ Moonlight & Skies EE+

82. Vi 38067- The Missourians- Missouri Moan/ Market Street Stomp looks VV+, plays strong E-

83. Vi 38071- The Missourians- Ozark Mountain Blues/ You'll Cry For Me But I'll Be Gone EE+

84. Vi 38084- The Missourians- Scotty Blues/ "400" Hop looks VV+, plays E

85. Vi 38103- The Missourians- I've Got Someone/ Vine Street Drag looks E-/EE- plays E

86. Vi 38110- Fats Waller Buddies- Lookin' For Another Sweetie/ When I'm Alone E+

87. Vi 38613- Fats Waller piano solo- Smashing Thirds/ My Feelin's Are Hurt EE+

88. Vi 40182- Blue Steele O- Are You Lonesome?/ Another Night of Happiness EE+ SOLOS A

89. Vocalion 1027- Erskine Tate's Vendome O- Stomp off Lets Go/ Static Strut looks E-, plays EE+ great copy of this Louis Armstrong rarity!

90. Vo 1035- Jimmie Bertrand's Washboard Wizards- Struggling/ Little Bits E+

91. Vo 1269- Junie Cobb Grains of Corn- Smoke Shop Drag/ Boot That Thing EE+

92. Vo 1484- Tampa Red, The Guitar Wizard- Moanin Heart Blues/ Chicago Moan Blues V- wear is on bottom of grooves(grey), no distorted grooves, so music is very audible

93. Vo 14935- Fletcher Henderson O- Shanghai Shuffle/ Naughty Man looks V, plays EE- Armstrong solos

94. Vo 15135- Teneesee Tooters- Everybody Stomp!/ I Aint Got Nobody Blues E+

95. Vo 15875- Bunny Berigan O- The Girl In the Little Green Hat/ A Tree Was a Tree E rare 5 digit

96. Vo 2838(gold lbl)- Clarence Williams O- Sashay, Oh Boy!/ Big Fat Mama looks E-/VV+, plays EE+/EE- couple sm lams nap

97. Vo 3195- Clarence Williams O- Let Every Day Be Sweethearts Day/ This Is My Sunday Off E-

98. Vo 03614- Bob Wills Texas Playboys- White Heat/ Bluin the Blues V red hot Western Swing

99. Vo 4903- Ruby Smith w/ Jimmy Johnson O- He's Mine All Mine/ Back Water Blues E+

100. Vo S 118(ENG)- Benny Carter O- My Buddy/ Lazy Afternoon EE+ no US issue


101. Br 2013- All Star Trio- Vamp/ Carl fenton O- O'er the Desert Wide E-

102. Br 2085- Billy Jones- Rebecca/ Jones & Hare- I Like It EE- clk B

103. Br 2159- Gene Rodemich O- Cry Baby Blues/ Just Like a Rainbow V+

104. Br 2290- Gene Rodemich O- Bamboo Bay/ Broken Hearted Blues E-

105. Br 2379- Gene Rodemich O- Fate/ Teddy Bear Blues E-

106. Br 2381- Gene Rodemich O- Three Little Words/ Flowers of Araby E+

107. Br 2406- Isham Jones O- Saw Mill River Road/ Farewell Blues E+N-

108. Br 2614- Isham Jones O- It Had to be You/ After the Storm EE+

109. Br 2631- Abe Lyman O- Sweet Little You/ Mandalay EE-

110. Br 2646- Isham Jones O- Mahsi/ Dog On the Piano E

111. Br 2736- Margaret Young- Me & the Boy Friend/ Big Bad Bill EE-

112. Br 2943- Carl Fenton O- I Miss My Swiss/ Footloose V/V-

113. Br 2970- Isham Jones O- The Original Charleston/ Sweet Man V+

114. Br 3050- Frank Munn w/ O- Too Many Parties & Too Many Pals/ Dont Be Sorry For Me EE+

115. Br 3126- Ben Bernie O- Jig Walk/ My Bundle of Love EE+

116. Br 3172- Ben Selvin O- Betty/ Valencia E-/V-

117. Br 3203- Charley Straight O- Her Beaus Are Only Rainbows/ Thats Why I Love You EE- stain B nap

118. Br 3241- Abe Lyman O- Ace In the Hole/ Mandy E...exc, esp A, seldom turn up clean

119. Br 3254- Six Jumping Jacks- How Could Red Riding Hood/ When You Dunk a Doughnut Dont It Make It Nice V/VV+

120. Br 3281- Carl Fenton O- Two Little Bluebirds/ Play Gypsies- Dance Gypsies E-

121. Br 3316- Abe Lyman O- New St Louis Blues/ 12th Street Rag VV+/E-

122. Br 3394- Ben Bernie O- I'm Tellin' the Birds Tellin' the Bees/ If I'd Only Believed In You E-

123. Br 3396- Ben Bernie O- The Little White House/ Half a Moon E- stain nap

124. Br 3401- Ben Bernie O- Who'll Be the One/ Lonely Eyes V+

125. Br 3414- Ben Bernie O- Muddy Water/ Hello, Swanee, Hello V+/VV+

126. Br 3440- The Clevelanders- Pretty Lips/ When I First Met Mary E+N-

127. Br 3463- Park Lane O- Look Up & Smile/ The Man In the Moon Told Me So EE-/E-

128. Br 3623- Six Jumping Jacks- She's Just What the Doctor Ordered/ I'm Gonna Dance Wit De Guy Wot Brung Me V-

129. Br 3644- Morgan Clark Music Masters- I'm Saving Saturday Night For You/ Blue River V-

130. Br 3659- Harry Archer O- Way Back When/ Rain E+N-/E+

131. Br 3660- Frank Munn w/ Watching the World Go By/ Are You Lonesome Tonight E+

132. Br 3662- Hanapi & Kaleipua- Song of Hawaii/ Hanalei Bay E-

133. Br 3663- Frank Bessinger- Ed Smalle w/ O- There's a Cradle In Caroline/ I'l Be Lonely NN-

134. Br 3665- Galla-Rini- Miss Annabelle Lee/ Blue Heaven EE+

135. Br 3666- Esther Walker- I Left My Sugar Standing In the Rain/ Good News N-

136. Br 3667- Libby Holman w/ O- Who's That Knockin' At My Door?/ Carefree E+

137. Br 3668- Cook Sisters w/ O- A Shady Tree/ Where the Cot-Cot-Cotton Grows N-

138. Br 3670- Esther Walker w/ O- After I've Called You Sweetheart/ I Aint That Kind of a Baby E+

139. Br 3671- Yacht Club Boys- I Fell Head Over Heels In Love/ You Cant Walk Back From An Aeroplane E-

140. Br 3673- Colonial Club O- An Old Guitar & An Old Refrain/ Are You Lonesome Tonight EE-

141. Br 3710- Sweet William & Bad Bill- In New York/ Still In New York E few lt scrs nap

142. Br 3782- Six Jumping Jacks- Henry's Made a Lady Out of Lizzie/ Ice Cream(I Scream) EE+

143. Br 3850- Nick Lucas- Sunshine/ I Still Love You E

144. Br 3912- Al Jolson- My Mammy/ Dirty Hands Dirty Face V+

145. Br 4048- Jesse Stafford O- Cinderella Blues/ Shine V

146. Br 4132- Ben Bernie O- How About Me?/ She's Funny That Way V-

147. Br 4137- Abe Lyman O- Dont Be Like That/ Dream Train V-

148. Br 4216- Hal Kemp O- One Kiss/ Louis Katzman O- Lover Come Back to Me V+

149. Br 4247- Colonial Club O- There's a Four Leaf Clover In My Pocket/ Oh What a Night to Love E

150. Br 4375- Earl Burtnett O- Singin' In the Rain/ Orange Blossom Time V

151. Br 4548- Jesse Stafford O- Until the End/ I Dont Want Your Kisses V

152. Br 4606- Benny Rubin- Why Is Thanksgiving/ Feetball E-/VV+ rcnap

153. Br 4623- Al Goodman O- Mary/ Lonesome Little Doll E-

154. Br 4695- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Strike Up the Band/ Soon E

155. Br 4714- Belle Baker- The One I Love Just Cant Be Bothered With Me/ Cryin For Carolines E

156. Br 4818- Jesse Stafford O- Tonight/ Anchors Aweigh E+

157. Br 4872- Earl Burtnett O- I'm Doin' That Thing/ Go Home & Tell Your Mother EE- rcnap

158. Br 4874- Harper Bros- Moonlight On the Colorado/ When the Organ Played O Promise Me E

159. Br 4875- Cotton & Morpheus- I Wonder How It Feels/ I Dont Mind Walkin In the Rain V+ scrs

160. Br 4877- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Peg O My Heart/ China Boy E/E-

161. Br 4881- Earl Burtnett O- I Wonder How It feels/ Little White Lies E-

162. Br 4922- Ozzie Nelson O- Body & Soul/ Something to Remember You By E-

163. Br 6002- Ben Bernie O- One Little Raindrop/ 99 Out of 100 Wanna Be Loved VV+

164. Br 6013- Nick Lucas Troubadours- Say Hello to the Folks Back Home/ Lady Play Your Mandolin EE+

165. Br 6070- Loring "Red" Nichols O- Were You Sincere?/ Teardrops & Kisses E scr B nap

166. Br 6100- Casa Loma O- Alexander's Ragtime Band/ Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet E

167. Br 6101- Earl Burtnett O- She Went Havana/ Sing Another Chorus Please V

168. Br 6106- Jacques Renard O- If You Haven't Got Love/ Come to Me VV+ rcnap

169. Br 6114- Jack Denny O- Stories/ Nevertheless EE-

170. Br 6116- Victor Young O- In the Candle Light/ The Hour of Parting V+

171. Br 6145- Bing Crosby- Many Happy Returns of the Day/ At Your Command EE-

172. Br 6258- Ben Bernie O- I Dont Suppose/ Kiss Me Goodnight V

173. Br 6260- Arthur Jarrett w/ O- Just Friends/ Oh What a Thrill E+

174. Br 6277- Isham Jones O- When Nobody Else Is Around/ Keepin Out of Mischief Now VV+/V+

175. Br 6304- Slatz Randall O- Hello Gorgeous/ My Mom G/V

176. Br 6360- The Boswell Sisters- We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye/ Old Yazoo E-

177. Br 6365- Tom Gerun O- Three's a Crowd/ Sweethearts Forever V+ Ballew vocs

178. Br 6385- Ben Bernie O- Lets Put Out the Lights/ You're Telling Me E-

179. Br 6418- The Boswell Sisters- Down Among the Sheltering Palms/ Charlie Two Step V-

180. Br 6442- The Boswell Sisters- It Dont Mean a Thing/ Minnie the Moocher's Weddin' Day EE-

181. Br 6455- Guy Lombardo O- I Called to Say Goodnight/ Street of Dreams EE+

182. Br 6470- The Boswell Sisters- Louisiana Hayride/ Mood Indigo V

183. Br 6471- Hal Kemp O- Shuffle Off to Buffalo/ Forty Second Street E- 2 clx B

184. Br 6486- Casa Loma O- The Lady From St Paul/ New Orleans E

185. Br 6494- Casa Loma O- If You Dont Want to Be Sweethearts/ Why Cant This Night Go On Forever E

186. Br 6504- Ben Bernie O- What Have We Got to Lose/ Lets All Sing Like the Birdies E/V+

187. Br 6513- Casa Loma O- The Dance of the Lame Duck/ Blue Prelude EE-

188. Br 6526- Anson Weeks O- Linger a Little Longer In the Twilight / A Tree Was a Tree EE+

189. Br 6553- Art Tatum- Tea For Two/ Sophisticated Lady EE+

190. Br 6584- Casa Loma O- Under a Blanket of Blue/ Love Is the Thing E/EE-

191. Br 6619- Anson Weeks O- Blue Roses/ Marching Along Together EE-

192. Br 6624- Dorsey Bros O- Old Man Harlem/ By Heck E+

193. Br 6663- Bing Crosby- Home On the Range/ The Last Round-Up E-

194. Br 6688- Jay Whidden O- Good Morning Glory/ I Wanna Meander With Miranda V

195. Br 6691- Victor Young O- Let 'Em Eat Cake/ Mine E-V+

196. Br 6692- Victor Young O- Gdnight Little Girl of My Dreams/ Just a Year Ago Tonight EE- clx B

197. Br 6705- Ted Fio Rito O- Cinderella's Fella/ Temptation EE- clean

198. Br 6710- Earl Hines O- I Want a Lot of Love/ Bubbling Over EE+/E

199. Br 6731- Victor Young O- Someday, Sometime, Somewhere/ Springtime In Old Grenada E-

200. Br 6756- Abe Lyman O- Music Makes Me/ Jimmy Had a Nickel E

201. Br 6850- Leo Reisman O- Its the Animal In Me/ Love Thy Neighbor VV+

202. Br 6862- Connie Boswell- I Knew You When/ Butterfingers E/EE+

203. Br 6891- Claude Hopkins O- I Cant Dance I Got Ants.../ Dont Let Your Love Go Wrong V+

204. Br 6895- Jay Whidden O- Somebody Cares For U/ Dream Tonight of Me Darling VV+ swish A

205. Br 6897- Ambrose O- Gee Oh Gosh I'm Grateful/ Play to Me Gipsy E-

206. Br 6902- Ted Fio Rito O- Soft Green Seas/ King Kamehameha E- some noise few grvs beg A

207. Br 6903- Leo Reisman O- Tonight Is Mine/ Night On the Desert EE+

208. Br 6905- Freddy Martin O- So Help Me/ Your Love E+

209. Br 6897- Duke Ellington O- Moonglow/ Solitude E+ black/silver lbl

210. Br 6997- Frank Trumbauer O- In a Mist/ Anson Weeks O- Wild Honey EE+

211. Br 7317- Hal Kemp O- Hands Across the Table/ Flirtation Walk VV+ scrs

212. Br 7320- Louis Prima- Breakin the Ice/ I Still Want You E/EE-

213. Br 7322- Hal Kemp O- You're the Top/ All Through the Night E-

214. Br 7348- The Boswell Sisters- The Object of My Affection/ Its Written All Over Your Face E

215. Br 7356- Freddy Martin O- When I Grow Too Old to Dream/ The Night Is Young E+

216. Br 7387- Freddy Martin O- Its You I Adore/ Night Wind V+

217. Br 7468- Dick Powell- Outside of You/ Lonely Gondolier E+

218. Br 7604- Freddy Martin O- A Melody From the Sky/ So This Is Heaven E+ thump A nap pretty Blue Wax West Coast pressing

219. Br 7630- Hal Kemp O- Desire/ Gloomy Sunday E

220. Br 7633- Ruby Newman O- On Your Toes/ Quiet Night E+ nice West Coast pressing

221. Br 7671- Orville Knapp O- Tonight's the Night/ Its High Time I Got the Low-down On You E+

222. Br 7718- Fred Astaire- Bojangles of Harlem/ Never Gonna Dance E- West Coast pressing

223. Br 7764- Ben Pollack O- Jimtown Blues/ Song of the Islands EE+/E+

224. Br 7782- Anthony Martin w/ O- There's Something In the Air/ Where the Lazy River Flows By EE-/EE+

225. Br 7791- Anthony Martin w/ O- Rainbow On the River/ So Do I E+

226. Br 7792- Leo Reisman O- Now/ Little Old Lady V+

227. Br 7904- Gus Arnheim O- Exactly Like You/ Schubert's Serenade E-

228. Br 7919- Gus Arnheim O- So Rare/ Dancing Under the Stars E-

229. Br 7927- Horace Heidt O- Its the Natural Thing to Do/ The Moon Got In My Eyes VV+

230. Br 8012- Joe Rines O- You're a Sweetheart/ Have You Met Miss Jones? E+

231. Br 8014- Russ Morgan O- Broadway's Gone Hawaii/ I Wanna Be In Winchell's Column E-/EE-

232. Br 8035- Harry James O- Life Goes to a Party/ When We're Alone E

233. Br 8040- Hudson- De Lange O- College Widow/ Error In the News E/EE-

234. Br 8042- Belle Baker- You're a Sweetheart/ Bei Mir Bist Du Schon EE+/E scarce!

235. Br 8049- Hudson-De Lange O- You're Out of This World/ Strictly Formal VV+

236. Br 8055- Harry James O- One O' Clock Jump/ Its the Dreamer In Me EE+/E+

237. Br 8056- Freddy Martin O- Melody Farm/ The One I Love E

238. Br 8058- Raymond Scott Quintet- War Dance For Wooden Indians/ The Penguin E+

239. Br 8079- Ray Noble O- The Moon of Mankoora/ I Hadn't Anyone Till You E+ Tony Martin vocs

240. Br 8080- Russ Morgan O- oooo-Oh- Boom/ At a Perfume Counter E+

241. Br 8108- Duke Ellington O- The Gal From Joe's/ I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart NN-

242. Br 8122- Chauncey Morehouse O- Mazi-Pani/ Plastered In Paris V-

243. Br 8144- Raymond Scott Quintet- Happy Farmer/ Egyptian Barn Dance E

244. Br 8180- Ray Noble O- Marching Along With Me/ Alexander's Ragtime Band E Tony Martin A

245. Br 8181- Kay Kyser O- Dont Let That Moon Get Away/ I've Got a Pocketful of Dreams EE-/VV+ early pressing credits film title as The Unholy Beebes, later changed to Sing You Sinners

246. Br 8181- Kay Kyser O- Dont Let That Moon Get Away/ I've Got a Pocketful of Dms EE- lamnap later pressing credits film title as Sing You Sinners

247. Br 8185- Kay Kyser O- You Go to My Head/ Small Fry E

248. Br 8189- Fred Astaire- I Used to Be Color Blind/ Change Partners E-/VV+ West Coast press

249. Br 8261- Seger Ellis O- What Do You Know About Love/ I Wish I Had You E+ Irene Taylor vo A

250. Br 8321- Seger Ellis O- The Moon Is a Silver Dollar/ We Speak of You Often E Irene Taylor vo B

251. Br 8325- Seger Ellis O- Kiss Me With Your Eyes/ Some Rainy Day E Irene Taylor vo B

252. Br 8326- Harry James O- Love's a Necessary Thing/ Blame It On My Last Affair E+

253. Br 8337- Harry James O- Taint What You Do/ Two O Clcok Jump EE+/E+

254. Br 8355- Harry James O- And the Angels Sing/ Got No Time E

255. Br 8391- Eddy Duchin O- The Song of the Metronome/ When Winter Comes V+

256. Br 8438- Teddy Wilson O- The Man I Love/ Jumpin For Joy NN-

257. Br 55055- Johnny Noble Hawaiian Music- Royal Hawaiian Hotel/ Haole Hula E scfs nap

***the next 2 Brunswicks are from the late 1920s Latin Music series***

258. Br 40321- Jose Moriche w/ Los Castilians- Los Gavilanes/ Que Lindo Besas Mujer N-

259. Br 40323- Pilar Arcos O- La Bordonia Llora Un Tango/ Alma De Milonga E


260. Co 498- Piccolo Solo- A Rag Time Skedaddle E

261. Co A 937- Vess Ossman- St Louis Tickle/ Prince's Military Band- SIlver Bell E-/VV+

262. Co A 1058- Ed Morton- That Peculiar Rag/ Ada Jones & Walter Van Brunt- I Knock Wood E large lam/crease only affects B

263. Co A 1164- Prince's Band- Cabaret Rag/ A Jones & Van Brunt- I'm Afraid Pretty Maid EE+/E+

264. Co A 1427- Mike Bernard piano solo- 1915 Rag/ Maori E

265. Co A 2132- Luck Gates- The Cuckoo Clock/ Naughty Marietta EE-

266. Co A 2133- Prince's O- Children's Songs & Games 1/2 E-

267. Co A 2140- Don Richardson- Old Zip Coon/ Arkansas Traveler E

268. Co A 2143- Morton Harvey- They're Wearing 'Em Higher In Hawaii/ George O' Connor- Pray For the Lights To Go Out E

269. Co A 2150- Vernon Stiles- At Dawning/ Because E-

270. Co A 2163- Arthur Fields- Its Not Your Nationality/ MJ O' Connell- Put On Your Slippers E-

271. Co A 2164- Bway 4- When Evening Shadows Fall/ Reed & Harrison- In the Sweet Long Ago E

272. Co A 2167- Inez Barbour- The Century Girl/ Katherine Clark- Poor Butterfly V

273. Co A 2550- Marimbaphone Band- At the Cotton Pickers' Ball/ There's a Lump of Sugar..EE-

274. Co A 2939- Marion Harris- Left All Alone Again Blues/ Everybody But Me E-

275. Co A 3470- Paul Biese Trio- Canadian Capers/ Dangerous Blues E+

276. Co A 3589- Bert Williams- You Cant Trust Nobody/ Not Lately E

277. Co 14067-D- Wheat Street Female Quartet- Go Down, Moses/ When the Saints Go Marching In V

278. Co 197- Van & Schenck- Choo Choo/ Too Tired E- its the Ellington tune A

279. Co 719- The Little Ramblers- And Then I Forget/ My Cutey's Due At Two to Two Today V

280. Co 818- Fisk University Jubilee Singers- Little David/ Ezekiel Saw The Wheel E

281. Co 860- The Knickerbockers- Blue Skies/ Tonight You Belong to Me EE-

282. Co 861- Charleston Chasers- After You've Gone/ Someday Sweetheart EE+

283. Co 867- Al Lentz O- If You Cant Tell the World She's a Good Little Girl Just Say Nothing At All /Sam the Old Accordion Man EE+/E+

284. Co 871- Fred Rich O- Crazy Words- Crazy Tune/ High High Up In the Hills V+

285. Co 874- Ipana Troubadours- Everything's Made For Love/ Since I Found You E-

286. Co 878- Giersdorf Sisters- In a Little Spanish Town/ Blue Skies VV+

287. Co 881- Don Voorhees O- Muddy Water/ Who Do You Love? V/V+

288. Co 888- Franklyn Baur- If You See Sally/ What Does It Matter E

289. Co 890- Leo Reisman O- Love Me All the Time/ Lonely N-

290. Co 892- Art Gillham- Things That Remind Me of You/ Lets Make Up E+

291. Co 907- Harry Reser's Syncos- The Cat/ I Wonder How I Look When I'm Asleep looks V pl E

292. Co 924- Ruth Etting- Hoosier Sweetheart/ Wistful & Blue VV+

293. Co 926- Leo Reisman O- Still Waters/ Silver Song Bird E

294. Co 927- The Singing Sophomores- Wheres That Rainbow?/ Sing E

295. Co 928- Cole Mc Elroy O- My Co-Ed/ Destiny EE+

296. Co 929- Gypsy & Marta- Who'll Buy My Violets/ Proud V-

297. Co 930- Frank Ellis Hotel St Francis O- Hop Skip/ Who'll Buy My Violets EE+ SF recorded

298. Co 931- Sol Hoopii's Novelty Trio- Breeze/ Most Of All I Want Your Love EE+

299. Co 933- The Columbians- The Winding Trail/ Vagabond King Wz E-

300. Co 934- Earl Burtnett O- If I Hadn't You/ Doll Dance VV+

301. Co 937- Harold Rieder, organist Tivoli Theatre, Newark, NJ- What Does It Matter/ Put Your Arms Where They Belong VV+

302. Co 942- Wendell Hall- Hot Feet/ Down Kentucky Way E+

303. Co 945- Fred Rich O- Wear Your Sunday Smile/ Those Far Away Bells E-

304. Co 1092- Van & Schenck- Pastafazoola/ Magnolia E+

305. Co 1093- Guy Lombardo O- I Haven't Told Her She Hasn't Told Me/ Somebody & Me E/EE-

306. Co 1099- Milton Charles organ- Just Once Again/ When Day Is Done E+

307. Co 1107- The Sunflower Girl of WBAP- I Hold the World In the Palm of My Hand/ You Went Away Too Far N-

308. Co 1108- Fred Rich O- Good News/ Lucky In Love E+

309. Co 1162- Van & Schenck- There Must Be Somebody Else/ A Lane In Spain E+

310. Co 1290- Seger Ellis- Beautiful/ Where In the World E+ 1/2 moon lam sds lite A

311. Co 1306- Jan Garber O- Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down/ Sister Kate V-

312. Co 1345- Guy Lombardo O- Beloved/ Coquette V+

313. Co 1348- Kate Smith- A Little Smile, a Little Kiss/ In the Evening E

314. Co 1349- Paul Ash O- Dolores/ My Pet E+ both good!

315. Co 1358- Shannon Quartet- On the Banks Of the Wabash / The Sidewalks of NY E-/VV+

316. Co 1359- Harry C. Browne w/ bj, p- Polly Wolly Doodle/ Push Dem Clouds Away E- paint on lbl

317. Co 1361- Earl Burtnett O- Stay Out of the South/ Sweet Sue V rcnap

318. Co 1364- Guy Lombardo O- Forevermore/ Japansy EE+

319. Co 1395- Guy Lombardo O- Waitin' For Katy/ I Cant Go On Without You E+

320. Co 1396- Emerson Gill O- Thats What I Call Keen/ Will You Be Sorry? NN- sleeve stain B nap

321. Co 1398- Knickerbockers- Really & Truly/ Whats the Reason V

322. Co 1447- Constance Mering & Muriel Pollock- High Hat/ Rag Doll E-

323. Co 1448- Paul Whiteman O- Chiquita/ Lonesome In the Moonlight E

324. Co 1462- Knickerbockers- Dont Keep Me In the Dark Bright Eyes/ Away From You V-/V

325. Co 1485- Ted Lewis O- Moonlight Madness/ King For a Day EE-

326. Co 1504- California Ramblers- Who Wouldn't Be Blue/ Adoree E+

327. Co 1553- Paul Whiteman O- Blue Night/ Roses of Yesterday E+

328. Co 1571- Seger Ellis- If I Lost You/ I Never Thought EE+

329. Co 1572- Art Gillham- Somebody Else May Be Telling Her Something/ My Heart Cries Out For You N-

330. Co 1573- Ted Lewis O- Clarinet Marmalade/ Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble V-

331. Co 1619- The Whispering Pianist- Just For Tonight/ Chinatown N- Hawaiian guitar a

332. Co 1628- Guy Lombardo O- Thats How I Feel About You/ Sweethearts On Parade EE-

333. Co 1696- Harry Reser's Synco's- Dont Be Like That/ My Troubles Are Over VV+ plays better

334. Co 1723- Paul Whiteman O- How About Me?/ Cradle of Love EE-

335. Co 1816- Charles W. Hamp- Pretty Little Thing/ This Is heaven E+

336. Co 1820- Ukulele Ike- Stack O Lee pt 1/2 EE-

337. Co 1866- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- I'm Doing What I'm Doing For Love/ He's a Good Man To Have Around VV+

338. Co 1882- Ted Lewis O- I'm the Medicine Man For the Blues/ Wouldn't It Be Wonderful E- hlcnap

339. Co 1890- Paul Specht O- At Close of Day/ Ich Liebe Dich E+

340. Co 1891- Charleston Chasers- Moanin' Low/ Aint Misbehavin' E-

341. Co 1901- The Knickerbockers- Where Are You Dream Girl?/ I'd Fall In Love With Me E+N-

342. Co 1973- Harry Reser's Syncos- Piccolo Pete/ Collegiate Sam E+ some grey A nap

343. Co 2047- Paul Whiteman O- Should I/ A Bundle of Old Love Letters E+

344. Co 2113- Ted Lewis O- San/ Aunt Hagar's Blues E+ light grey nap

345. Co 2114- Ted Lewis O- On the Sunny Side of the Street/ Singing a Vagabond Song E+

346. Co 2140- Ted Wallace Campus Boys- Get Happy/ Sweetheart Trail E+N-

347. Co 2187- Columbia Photo Players- My Future Just Passed/ I'm In the Market For You EE+

348. Co 2200- Paul Tremaine O- Rockin' Chair/ Anchors Aweigh E+

349. Co 2206- Ben Selvin O- Dancing With Tears In My Eyes/ When Its Springtime In the Rock EE+

350. Co 2229- Paul Tremaine O- Steamboat Bill/ When the Days Work's All Been Done E+

351. Co 2263- Paul Whiteman O- The Wedding of the Birds/ Song of the Congo V+

352. Co 2297- Paul Whiteman O- Something to Remember You By/ Body & Soul E

353. Co 2311- Ted Lewis O- Homemade Sunshine/ Laughing At Life EE+

354. Co 2363- Ted Wallace Boys- Lonesome Lover/ Reaching For the Moon E

both labels have neat sticker with Nipper(?) from Jack's Music Shop in Minneapolis

355. Co 2413- Ted Wallace Boys- Thrill Me/ One Little Raindrop E+

356. Co 2494- Fred Rich O- As Long As You're There/ The Hour of Parting E-

357. Co 2576- The Knickerbockers- Where the Blue of the Night/ You Were My Salvation E-

358. Co 2613- Ted Wallace Campus Boys- One More Kiss Then Goodnight/ Put That Sun Back In The Sky E- few clx/ VV+

359. Co 2614- Mickey Alpert O- Rain On the Roof/ Auf Wiedersehn My Dear EE-

360. Co 2687(BLUE WAX)- Art Kassel O- Rain, Rain Go Away/ My Heart's At Ease E

361. Co 2690- Eddie Duchin Central Park Casino O- Now You've Got Me Worryin' For You/ The Clouds Will Soon Roll By E- Frances Langford A

362. Co 2734(BLUE WAX)- Ben Selvin O- Street of Dreams/ A Little White House of Our Own E+

363. Co 2736(BLUE WAX)- Enric Madriguera O- Now We're On Our Second Honeymoon/ Its Within Your Power V+/E-

364. Co 2749(BLUE WAX)- Mark Fisher O- Black Eyed Susan Brown/ Lovey EE+/E+ solos both!

365. Co 2753(BLUE WAX)- Ted Lewis O- There's a New Day Comin/ Have U Ever Been Lonely V/V+

366. Co 2762(BLUE WAX)- Charles Carlisle w/ O- I Envy the Moon/ Farewell to Arms E+

367. Co 2866(BLUE WAX)- Freddie Rich O- You Have Taken My Heart/ Clyde Mc Coy O- Little Women E+

368. Co 2962- Andy Iona Islanders- Ta Hu Wa Hu Wa I/ Minnehaha V+E-

369. Co 2996(BLUE WAX)- Frank Parker w/ O- Blue Moon/ So Red the Rose E+ West Coast press

370. Co 3045(BLUE WAX)- Univ of California Band- Univ of San Francisco Victory Song/ Come Join the Band V+ many lams

371. Co 3093- Ross & Sargent- It Could Only Happen in America/ Big Business EE+ FUN!!

372. Co 15120- Chris Bouchillon- Talking Blues/ Hannah looks V+/VV+, plays E-

373. Co 15452- Tom Darby & Jimmie Tarlton- The New York Hobo/ Black Jack Moonshine V

374. Co 349-M- George Elrick Music Makers- Wedding of Pocahontas/ Mother! Mother! E+

375. Co 35955- Duke Ellington O- Misty Mornin'/ The Blues With a Feeling E+ OKeh masters- stand alone issue- not from set

376. Co 36117- Teddy Wilson O- More Than You Know/ Sugar N- lt lam nap...Billie Holiday vocals

377. Co 36185- Eddie Rochester Anderson- Waitin' For Jane/ If Money Grew On Trees EE-

378. Co 36258- Raymond Scott Quintet- Reckless Night...Liner / Dinner Music..Cannibals E

379. Co 38044- Billie Holiday- Gloomy Sunday/ Night & Day E..orig mx's 1939

380. Co 38171(promo)- Cab Calloway O- Everybody Eats When They Come to My House/ A Ghost of a Chance NN-

381. Co 38227(promo)- Cab Calloway O- Two Blocks Down Turn to the Left/ Calloway Boogie NN-

382. Co 38548(promo)- Buddy Clark- Nothing Less Than Beautiful/ Me & My Bundle E+

383. Co 38587(promo)- Buddy Clark- You're In Love With Someone/ Top of the Morning NN-

384. Co 38599(promo)- Buddy Clark- A Dreamer's Holiday/ Envy NN-

385. Co 39202(promo)- Lee Wiley & Bobby Hackett- Manhattan/ Oh Look At Me Now E+

386. Co 39205(promo)- Helen Kane- The Aba Daba Honeymoon/ Hug Me Kiss Me Love Me E+N-

387. Co 39446- Sarah Vaughan- My Reverie/ Vanity NN-

388. Co 39494- Sarah Vaughan- Out O' Breath/ After Hours N-

389. Co 39576(promo)- Sarah Vaughan- I Ran All the Way Home/ Just a Moment More E+

390. Co 39797(promo)- Marlene Dietrich- Come Rain Or Come Shine/ Love Me E+N- vinyl pressing

391. Co 39789(promo)- Sarah Vaughan- Street of Dreams/ Time to Go E+

392. Co 39812- Marlene Dietrich & Rosemary Clooney- Too Old to Cut the Mustard/ Good For Nothin' E+

393. Co 39839- Sarah Vaughan- My Tormented Heart/ Say You'll Wait For Me EE+

394. Co 39873(promo)- Sarah Vaughan- Sinner Or Saint/ Mightly Lonesome Feelin' E+

395. Co 39959(promo)- Marlene Dietrich- Look Me Over Closely/ Time For Love NN-

396. Co 40041(promo)- Sarah Vaughan- Time/ Linger Awhile E+

397. Co 40242(promo)- Art Carney- Song of the Sewer/ Va Va Va Voom N- vinyl pressing


398. De 8509- Bob Pope O- When You Got to Go You Got to Go/ Stop Teasing Me E

399. De 8526- Art Tatum Band- Wee Baby Blues/ Battery Bounce EE+

400. De 8536- Art Tatum Band- Last Goodbye Blues/ Stompin' At the Savoy EE-

401. De 8577- Art Tatum Band- Rock Me Mama/ Lucille E-

402. De 8584- Delta Rhythm Boys- Playin' the Game/ Down On the Delta Shore E

403. De 8659- Louis Jordan Tympany 5- Is You Is Or Is You Aint Ma Baby/ G.I. Jive E

404. De 155- Art Tatum- Moonglow/ Emaline E-

405. De 156- Art Tatum- Love Me/ Cocktails For Two V+

406. De 288- Kate Smith- the Continental/ When My Ship Comes In E

407. De 370- Dorsey Bros O- Lullaby of Broadway/ The Words Are In My Heart V+

408. De 538- Orville Knapp O- Why Stars Come Out at Night/ I Want to Learn to Speak Hawaiian E-/V-

409. De 564- Phil Harris O- I'd Rather Listen To Your Eyes/ I'd Love to Take Orders From You EE+

410. De 565- Phil Harris O- Now You've Got Me Doing It/ Just As Long As the World Goes Round V

411. De 741- Art Tatum- I Aint Got Nobody/ When a Woman Loves a Man EE+

412. De 1031- Riley Farley O- Santa Claus Is Comin to Town/ Jingle Bells EE+

413. De 1043- Harry Roy O- Piano Madness/ Porcupine Rag EE-

414. De 1044- Bing Crosby- Dear Old Girl/ Just One Word of Consolation E-

415. De 1059- Lil Armstrong O- My Hi De Ho Man/ Doin' the Suzie Q V

416. De 1176- Ted Fio Rito O- Sweet Leilani/ Hawaiian Hospitality V-

417. De 1182- Lil Armstrong Swing O- It's Murder/ Just For a Thrill V

418. De 1190- Mal Hallett O- Rockin' Chair Swing/ Humoresque E

419. De 1194- Jessie Matthews- Head Over Heels In Love/ May I Have the Next Romance w/U E+

420. De 1195- Bob Howard O- You're Just a Little Diff'rent/ Spring Cleaning E+

421. De 1220- Chick Webb O- Clap Hands Here Comes Charley/ You Showed Me the Way E/E+ Ella Fitzgerald vocal B..flat lbl

422. De 1299- Lil Armstrong O- Bluer Than Blue/ Born to Swing E/VV+

423. De 1304- Dorsey Bros O- Eccentric/ You're Okay E-

424. De 1306- Bob Howard O- Formal Night In Harlem/ He's a Gypsy From Poughkeepsie E

425. De 1308- Willie Lion Smith & His Cubs- I'm All Out of Breath/ More Than That E+

426. De 1328- Lani Mc Intyre Hawaiians- Ua Like No a Like/ My Tropical Garden V

427. De 1372- Bob Howard O- I'll Take the Key & Lock You Up/ Penny Wise & Punnd Foolish V+/E-

428. De 1373- Art Tatum- I Would Do Anything For You/ Liza E+

429. De 1375- Bing Crosby- Smarty/ The Moon Got In My Eyes V+

430. De 1376- Bing Crosby- All You Want to Do Is Dance/ Its the Natural Thing to Do EE+

431. De 1392- Harry Owens Royal Hawaiian Hotel O- Ua Like No a LIke/ Eka Ta Moena La VV+

432. De 1395- Will Osborne O- Have You Got Any Castles Baby/ Moonlight On the Campus E+

433. De 1402- Mal Hallett O- Yankee Doodle Band/ Roses In December E+/EE+

434. De 1445- Milt Herth- Satan Takes a Holiday/ Somebody Loves Me E/EE-

435. De 1451- Bing Crosby- Remember Me/ I Still Love to Kiss You Goodnight E

436. De 1502- Lil Armstrong Swing O- Lets Call It Love/ You Mean So Much to Me EE-

437. De 1503- Willie Lion Smith & His Cubs- Achin' Hearted Blues/ Honeymooning On a Dime EE-

438. De 1521- Chick Webb O- Just a Simple Melody/ Holiday In Harlem EE+ Ella Fitzgerald vocs

439. De 1544- Mae Questel- I Want You For Christmas/ In Our Little Wooden Shoes V+

440. De 1548- Paradise Island Trio- Across the Sea/ Paradise VV+

441. De 1577- Frances Langford w/ O- I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You/ Sweet Someone E+

442. De 1589- Ambrose O- Medley of Hebrew Dances/ Swing Patrol E+

443. De 1590- Candy Candido & His Candy Kids- The Big Bass Fiddle/ Ma! VV+

444. De 1596- Ella Fitzgerald Savoy 8- Its My Turn Now/ Bei Mir Bist Du Schon EE+

445. De 1609- Ambrose O- In the Mountains of the Moon/ Hometown EE+

446. De 1610- Arthur Tracy- Bei Mir Bist Du Schon/ Shake Hands With a Millionaire EE-

447. De 1669- Ella Fitzgerald Savoy 8- Its Wonderful/ I Was Doing All Right E+

448. De 1685- Harry Roy O- Dinner Music For a Pack of Hungry Cannibals/ Dixie After Dark E

449. De 1690- Ambrose O- Rock & Roll/ What Harlem is To Me NN-

450. De 1692- Ruby Newman O- The Moon of Mankoora/ Ti Pi Tin E- pot fl/ VV+

451. De 1698- Bob Howard O- If You're a Viper/ Raggedy But Right E

452. De 1710- Andy Kirk O- Little Joe From Chicago/ The Key to My Heart E

453. De 1713- Bob Crosby O- You're An Education/ Jezebel E-

454. De 1715- Ruby Newman O- Bewildered/ Girl of the Golden West E-

455. De 1716- Chick Webb O- If Dreams Come True/ Squeeze Me EE+/EE- Ella Fitzgerald A

456. De 1720- Green Bros Marimba O- I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles/ Lonesome-Thats All E-

457. De 1721- Bob Howard Boys- Baby & It Must Be Love/ There Aint Gonna Be No Doggone Afterwhile E

458. De 1722- Lil Armstrong Swing O- U Shall Reap What U Sow/ Happy Today Sad Tomorrow E+

459. De 1750- Roy Smeck Serenaders- Theres a New Moon Over the Old Mill/ Love Walked In E-

460. De 1779- Ray Mc Kinney Hawaiians- Ulili E/ Song of Old Hawaii V+

461. De 1780- Ray Mc Kinney Hawaiians- Manuela Boy/ Aloha Ia No O Maui V+ rcnaps

462. De 1781- Ray Mc Kinney Hawaiians- Coral Isle/ Kauna Kea E-

463. De 1877- Ruby Newman O- My First Love/ My Margarita E/EE+

464. De 1881- Willie Bryant O- You'll Never Remember & I'll Never Forget/ You're Gonna Lose Your Gal E+

465. De 1893- Ruby Newman O- My Walking Stick/ Now It Can Be Told E

466. De 1904- Lil Armstrong Swing O- Oriental Swing/ Lets Get Happy Together EE-/E-

467. De 1964- Mills Brothers- Julius Caesar/ Sixty Seconds Got Together E/E-

468. De 1973- Adrian Rollini O- Singin' the Blues/ The Sweetest Story Ever Told E+

469. De 1980- Jabbo Smith O- Rhythm In Spain/ More Rain More Rest E+

470. De 2389- Chick Webb O- Chew Chew / Its Slumbertime Along the Swanee E-/EE- Ella vox

471. De 2456- Art Tatum- Tea For Two/ Deep Purple EE-

472. De 3021- Roy Smeck Serenaders- Leanin' On the Old Top Rail/ The Gaucho Sereande EE+

473. De 3035- Roy Smeck Serenaders- On the Isle of May/ When You Wish Upon a Star E

474. De 3047- Frances Langford w/ Dick Mc Intyre Hawaiians- Manuela Boy/ Moonlight Over Molokai V+E-

475. De 3048- Dick Mc Intyre Hawaiians- May Day Is Lei Day In Hawaii/ Lovely Hula Hands E+

476. De 3236- Ella Fitzgerald O- Jubilee Swing/ Take It From the Top V

477. De 3323- Dick Robertson O- You're a Grand Old Flag/ I Am An American E

478. De 3566- Carol Bruce w/ O- I Should Have Known You Years Ago/ If I Feel This Way Tomorrow E+ A side reads ..from Hal Roach picture "Road Show"

479. De 3599- Andrews Sisters- You're a Lucky Fellow Mr Smith/ Yes My Darling Daughter E+

480. De 3612- Ella Fitzgerald O- Wishful Thinking/ Hello Ma! I've Done It Again E/E-

481. De 3671- Jan Savitt O- Green Goon Jive/ Les Preludes E-/E

482. De 3993- Decca Band- We're In the Navy/ Navy Blues V+ A side from Abbott & Costello pic

483. De 4025- Roy Smeck Serenaders- The Cowboy Serenade/ Lament to Love E+

484. De 4195- Frances Langford- Blue Tahitian Moon/ April In My Heart E-

485. De 14594(promo)- Jersey Joe Walcott & Marie Knight- Say a Little Prayer/ Have Faith E+ scarce issue by this world heavyweight boxing champ of the 1940s & 50s

486. De 18347- Ella Fitzgerald- Mama Come Home/ All I Need Is You E

487. De 18605- Ella Fitzgerald- Once Too Often/ Time Alone Will Tell E+

488. De 21341(promo)- Conjunto Casino- Esto Es Felicidad/ Tumblae El Rabo A Perico N- Cuban

489. De 23425- Ella Fitzgerald & Delta Rhythm Boys- Cry You Out of My Heart/ Its Only a Paper Moon NN-

490. De 23483- Billie Holiday- You Better Go Now/ No More E+

491. De 23545- Bob Hope & Shirley Ross- When We're Alone/ Two Sleepy People VV+

492. De 23546- Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Jordan- Stone Cold Dead In the Market/ Petootie Pie NN-

493. De 23676- Billie Holiday- Good Morning Heartache/ No Good Man E+

494. De 23688- Judy Garland- Love/ Changing My Tune V+/E-

495. De 23824- Andrews Sisters- My Dearest Uncle Sam/ Lullaby of Broadway V

496. De 23853- Billie Holiday- There Is No Greater Love/ Solitude E

497. De 23866- Ella Fitzgerald- A Sunday Kind of Love/ Thats My Desire NN-

498. De 23956- Ella Fitzgerald- Flying Home/ Oh Lady be Good EE+

499. De 24138- Billie Holiday- Easy Living/ Deep Song E+

500. De 24295- Bing Crosby- Galway Bay/ Andrews Sisters- Bella Belle Marie N- vinyl pressing

501. De 24476- Bing Crosby- Aint Doin Bad Doin Nothin/ Ida I Do E+

502. De 24562- Ella Fitzgerald- I Couldn't Stay Away From You/ Someone Like You E+ rcnap

503. De 24582- Marlene Dietrich- Illusions/ Black Market EE-

504. De 24635- Bing Crosby & Andrews Sisters- Be- Bop Spoken Here/ Wedding Day NN-

505. De 24644- Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Jordan- Dont Cry, Cry Baby/ Baby Its Cold Outside EE+

506. De 24646(promo)- Ella Fitzgerald- Lover's Gold/ Black Coffee E+N- maroon vinyl

507. De 24652(promo)- Lionel Hampton O- The Hucklebuck/ Lavender Coffin E+N- maroon vinyl

508. De 24708- Ella Fitzgerald- Crying/ A New Shade of Blues NN-

509. De 24709/24710- Bing Crosby- You're In Love With Someone/ Top O The Morning/ The

Donovans/ Oh Tis Sweet To Think// Bing Crosby & Andrews Sisters- Betsy E+ maroon vinyl

510. De 24710- Bing Crosby- The Donovans/ Oh Tis Sweet to Think N- maroon vinyl pressing

511. De 24972- Billie Holiday- God Bless the Child/ same E+ 1/4" cr beg before vocal. vinyl press

512. De 25255- Jimmy Dorsey O- It Happened In Hawaii/ Tangerine E+/V

513. De 27063- Ray Bolger- You Cant Take It With You/ Francie E+

514. De 27120- Ella Fitzgerald- I've Got the World On a String/ Peas & Rice E+

515. De 27200(promo)- Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Jordan 5- I'll Never Be Free/ Aint Nobodys Biz E+

516. De 27453- Ella Fitzgerald- Lonesome Gal/ The Beanbag Song NN-

517. De 27566(promo)- Ray Bolger- I'm Glad I'm Not a Rubber Ball/ The Foot Foot Song N-

518. De 27602- Ella Fitzgerald- Because of Rain/ A New Shade of Blue E+

519. De 27634(promo)- Ella Fitzgerald- Even As You & I/ Do You Really Love Me N-

520. De 27680(promo)- Ella Fitzgerald- Mixed Emotions/ Come On a My House E+

521. De 27693- Ella Fitzgerald- Smooth Sailing/ Love You Madly E/E+

522. De 27830- Bing Crosby- When the World Was Young/ Domino E+

523. De 28433(promo)- Ella Fitzgerald- My Favorite Song/ Walkin' By the River E+

524. De 28463(promo)- Bing Crosby- Sleigh Ride/ Bing & Peggy Lee- Little Jack Frost Get Lost E+

525. De 28511(promo)- Bing Crosby- Keep It a Secret/ Sleigh Bell Serenade N-

526. De 28683(promo)- Bing Crosby- I Love My Baby/ There's Music In You E+

527. De 28671- Ella Fitzgerald- Careless/ Blue Lou E+N-

528. De 28969(promo)- Bing Crosby- Y'All Come/ Changing Partners E+

529. De 29008- Ella Fitzgerald- Somebody Bad Stole De Wedding Bell/ Melancholy Me NN-

530. De 29144- Bing Crosby- If You Love Me/ Liebchen N-

531. De 88018- Uncle Lumpy- Little Orley & the Little Engine/ Little Orley & the Happy Bird NN- (Uncle Lumpy is really Hugh Brannum, better known as Mr. Green Jeans on Captain Kangaroo)

532. De 88102- Sterling Holloway- The Little House 1/2 NN-

533. De 88124- Uncle Lumpy- Hubert the Horse 1/2 NN-

534. De 88150- Sterling Holloway- Herkimer the Homely Doll/ Jack, the No Tailed Donkey NN-


535. Vi 5854- Gene Greene- King of the Bungaloos E(1911 version)

536. Vi 45263- Fanny Brice- Second Hand Rose/ My Man E+N-

537. Vi 45346- Maier-Pattison (2 pianos)- A Jazz Study/ Rolling Fire// Romance V+

538. Vi 45347- Will Rogers- Timely Topics/ A New Slant On War E+N-

539. Vi 45369- Will Rogers- Tells Traffic Chiefs How to Direct Traffic/ Nominates Henry Ford E+N-

540. Vi 16092- Fred Van Eps- A Gay Gossoon/ Plantation Trio- St Louis Tickle E+/E

541. Vi 16678- Chris Chapman- Dill Pickles Rag/ Sunbeam Dance E

542. Vi 16816- Vess Ossman w/O- Patrol of the Scouts/ Arthur Pryor O- Razazza Mazzazza E/VV+

543. Vi 17020- Collins & Harlan- Everybody's Doing It Now/ Golden & Hughes- Darktown Poets E+

544. Vi 17092- James Lent- The Ragtime Drummer/ William Reitz- Iffa Saffa Dill VV-

545. Vi 17265- Vess Ossman- Little Bit of Everything med/ William Reitz- Hoop-e-Kack V

546. Vi 17292- Victor Military Band- Too Much Mustard/ Gertrude Hoffmann Glide E-

547. Vi 17295- Collins & Harlan- Melinda's Wedding Day/ American Quartet- Row Row Row VV+

548. Vi 17308- Van Eps Trio- Florida Rag/ William Reitz- La Kraquette V+

549. Vi 17377- Arthur Collins w/ O- That Baseball Rag/ Peerless Quartet- Rolling E-

550. Vi 17520- Victor Military Band- Leg of Mutton/ Some Smoke EE-

551. Vi 17601- Van Eps Trio- Notoriety Rag/ Chinese Picnic & Oriental Dance E-

552. Vi 17608- Felix Arndt- Desecration Rag/ Hacienda E+

553. Vi 18032- Edna Brown- James Reed- Fair Hawaii/ Raymond Dixon & Orpheus Quartet- She Sang Aloha To Me E

554. Vi 18106- Conway's Band- Two Key Rag/ label says same EE+

555. Vi 18167- Horace Wright- O' Brien Is Tryin' To Learn to Talk Hawaiian/ Peerless Quartet- Take Me to My Alabam N-

556. Vi 18266- Gene Greene- King of the Bungaloos/ Ruff Johnson's Harmony Band V+ (1917 version A)

557. Vi 18309- Six Brown Brothers- Saxophone Sam/ Ghost of the Saxophone E+N-

558. Vi 18380- Louise- Ferera- Aloha Land/ Hawaii, I'm Lonesome For You E-

559. Vi 18689- Hawaiian Trio- Hawaiian Twilight/ Ferera- Franchini- Beautiful Hawaii EE+ scr A/ EE+

560. Vi 18713- All Star Trio- 12th Street Rag/ Dotty Dimples E

561. Vi 19052- Memphis 5- Snakes Hips/ Who's Sorry Now? V+

562. Vi 19108- Great White Way O- Blue Hoosier Blues/ Brooke Johns O- Annabelle E/E+

563. Vi 19320- Roy Bargy- Ruffnreddy/ Sunshine Capers E+

564. Vi 19327- Jean Goldkette O- Eileen/ Benson Orch of Chicago- Wait'll You See My Gal EE+

565. Vi 19334- The Virginians- Shine/ Bringin' Home the Bacon E+

566. Vi 19344- Ted Weems O- Savannah/ Big Boy E-

567. Vi 19354- Charles Dornberger O- I'm On My Way Back Home/ Just To Be Held In Your Arms V

568. Vi 19360- Charles Dornberger O- Thats the Tune/ Tropical Palms V+

569. Vi 19361- Phil Spitalny O- Worryin' Blues/ Benson Orch of Chicago- Lonely Little Wallflower E

570. Vi 19379- Vincent Rose O- String Beans/ Art Hickman O- Mandalay EE+ Oakland rec

571. Vi 19480- Original Memphis 5- Meanest Blues/ How Come You Do Me Like You Do V+E-

572. Vi 19484- Benson Orch of Chicago- Go Emmaline/ Words V+ lt scrs A

573. Vi 19488- Art Landry O- Lazy Blues/ I'll Get You E- Oakland recorded

574. Vi 19496- Ted Weems O- Travelling Blues/ Jan Garber O- If You Dont Want Me E

575. Vi 19514- Henry Halstead O- Panama/ Art Landry O- I'm a Lonesome Litl Mama V Oakland rec

576. Vi 19551- Paul Whiteman O- Oh Lady Be Good/ Fascinating Rhythm E

577. Vi 19579- Henry Halstead O- On the Way to Monterey/ Moonlight & Roses V

578. Vi 19606- Zez Confrey O- Humorestless/ Charleston Chuckles VV+

579. Vi 19616- Roger Wolfe Kahn O- Hot-Hot-Hotentot/ Yearning EE+

580. Vi 19685- Benson Orch of Chicago- Oh How I Miss You Tonight/ I Had Someone Else..E

581. Vi 19750- Coon- Sanders O- Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now/ Thats All There Is E-

582. Vi 19860- Roger Wolfe Kahn O- A Little Bungalow/ Lucky Boy E from The Cocoanuts

583. Vi 19982- Victor O- Fairies/ Clowns// Gnomes/ Dwarfs EE+ multi banded record

584. Vi 19944- George Hamilton Green- Rainbow Ripples/ Triplets V+/E-

585. Vi 19966- Whitey Kaufman O- Tamiami Trail/ Roger Wolfe Kahn O- Birdie EE+

586. Vi 19977- Herbert Berger O- Whose Who Are You?/ George Olsen O- Horses EE+/E+

587. Vi 19988- Don Bestor O- Say Mister Have You Met Rosie's Sister/ Edwin J Mc Ennelly O- Moonlight In Mandalay E

588. Vi 20062- Henry Halstead O- If I Were King/ Dream of Love & You V+

589. Vi 20631- Eddie Harkness O- Haunting Wz/ Consolation E+ San Francisco recorded

590. Vi 20644- Johnny Hamp O- One O Clock Baby/ Art Landry O- The Whisper Song NN-

591. Vi 20726- Charlie Fry Milion $ Pier O- My Wife Is In Europe Today/ Little Girl, Boy, Moon EE+

592. Vi 20735- Ernest Loomis O- Lovers Lane/ Sentimental Rose E recorded in Butte, Montana

593. Vi 20138- Paul Whiteman O- Countess Maritza/ The Birth of the Blues EE+

594. Vi 21019- Franklyn Baur w/ O- Diane/ Lewis James w/ O- My Heart Will tell Me So E

595. Vi 21258- Coon- Sanders O- Stay Out of the South/ Waring- Who's Blue Now EE+

596. Vi 21305- Coon- Sanders O- Slue Foot/ The Wail EE+/E+ sm bite nap

597. Vi 21479- Sean Nolan's Dublin O- The Washerwoman/ St Patrick's Day VV+

598. Vi 21531- Jimmie Rodgers- Never No Mo' Blues/ Blue Yodel # 3 E-

599. Vi 21743- Ben Pollack O- She's One Sweet Show Girl/ Buy Buy For Baby E+ hot dance!

600. Vi 21745- Irving Aaronson O- Lets Do It/ The Land of Going to Be V+

601. Vi 21858- Ben Pollack O- Futuristic Rhythm/ Lets Sit & Talk About You E+

602. Vi 21915- Gene Austin w/ O- A Garden In the Rain/ Dream Mother NN-

603. Vi 21916- Gene Austin- My Sorority Sweetheart/ The Dream Girl of Pi K.A. E

604. Vi 22007- Maurice Chevalier- Its a Habit of Mine/ On Top of the World Alone E+/EE+

605. Vi 22056- Gus Armheim O- Now I'm In Love/ One Sweet Kiss E+

606. Vi 22077- Jean Goldkette O- Birmingham Bertha/ Coon- Sanders O- And Especially You V+/V-

607. Vi 22147- Ben Pollack O- Song of the Blues/ Smith Ballew O- Same Old Moon E+

608. Vi 22217- Jackie Taylor O- A Night of Happiness/ Sitting By the Window E

609. Vi 22384- Gus Arnheim O- Dancing To Save Your Sole/ All I Want Is Just One E-

610. Vi 22568- Bert Lown O- Loving You the Way I Do/ The Penalty of Love EE+/E+

611. Vi 22627- Arden-Ohman O- We'll Be the Same/ I've Got Five Dollars V+/V

612. Vi 22757- Leo Reisman O- Take It From Me/ Its the Girl EE- early Lee Wiley A

613. Vi 22810- Bert Lown O- Blues In My Heart/ The High Hatters- Sugar EE+

614. Vi 22830- Lofner- Harris St Francis Hotel O- I Got the Ritz/ I'm Sorry Dear V+

615. Vi 22900- Waring's Penns- I'm Only Guessin'/ Honest! Really! Truly! V+

616. Vi 22913- Leo Reisman O- Stepping Into Love/ Paul Whiteman O- Tango Americano E+ Harold Arlen vocal A

617. Vi 22920- Gene Kardos O- Alexander's Ragtime Band/ Glory V HOT plays well

618. Vi 22939- Warings Penns- On a Roof In Manhattan/ I Say Its Spinach VV+

619. Vi 24063- Maurice Chevalier- Mimi/ The Poor Apache E-

620. Vi 24131- Leo Reisman O- A Shine On Your Shoes/ Alone Together E- HI FI recording

621. Vi 24186- Waring's Penns- And So I Married the Girl/ Well! Well! Well! V+E-

622. Vi 24229- George Olsen O- Underneath the Arches/ Vas Villst Du Haben? EE+

623. Vi 24284- Ben Pollack O- Two Tickets to Georgia/ Linger a Little Longer in the Twilight VV+ RED HOT A in HI FI

624. Vi 24310- Roy Bargy & Ramona- Was My Face Red/ Ramona- And Yet the World Rolls On V+

625. Vi 24358- Leo Reisman O- Smoke Rings/ A Heart of Stone E- Harold Arlen/ Fred Astaire vocals

626. Vi 24362- Leo Reisman O- Louisiana Lullaby/ Give All Your Love to Me E+

627. Vi 24499- Isham Jones O- Blue Prelude/ New Mayfair O- Lady Of Spain EE+

628. Vi 24500- Isham Jones O- You're OK/ Roll Out of Bed With a Smile E-/E+

629. Vi 24583- Isham Jones O- I Knew You When/ Infatuation E-/E

630. Vi 24598- Ramona & Park Avenue Boys- We're Out of the Red/ Broadway's Gone Hillbilly E-

631. Vi 24628- Isham Jones O- Dont Let Your Love Go Wrong/ Ridin Around In the Rain EE- BIG sound

632. Vi 24708- Fats Waller Rhythm- Have a Little Dream On Me/ Then I'll Be Tired of You NN-

633. Vi 24812- Frank Trumbauer O- Down T' Uncle Bills/ Blue Moon EE-

634. Vi 24814- Jan Garber O- If You Love Me Say So/ Let's Be Thankful EE+

635. Vi 24826- Fats Waller Rhythm- Breakin' the Ice/ Honeysuckle Rose E rg lbl

636. Vi 24834- Frank Trumbauer O- Plantation Moods/ Troubled EE+

637. Vi 24842- Jolly Coburn O- The Cradle & the Music Box/ Tiny Little Fingerprints V

638. Vi 25065- Gene Gifford O- Squareface/ Dizzy Glide E

639. Vi 25317- Fletcher Henderson O- Jangled Nerves/ I'll Always Be In Love With You E+

640. Vi 25319- Paul Whiteman O- Stop, Look & Listen/ Nobodys Sweetheart Now E/E-

641. Vi 25598- Hal Kemp O- Whispers In the Dark/ Stop You're Breaking My Heart E

642. Vi 25606- Tommy Dorsey O- If You Ever Should Leave/ Posin' E-/V

643. Vi 25606- George Hamilton O- The Miller's Daughter Marianne/ Would U Like to Buy a Dream E

644. Vi 25607- Tommy Dorsey O- Dont Ever Change/ Our Love Was Meant to Be V-/E+

645. Vi 25855- Hal Kemp O- In Any Language/ Where In the World E+

646. Vi 25865- Hal Kemp O- Rhyme a Rhyme a Ling/ So You Left Me For a Leader of a Swing Band E+

647. Vi 26010- Larry Clinton O- The Yam/ Change Partners NN- Bea Wain A

648. Vi 26018- Larry Clinton O- Dipper Mouth/ Milenberg Joys E-

649. Vi 26019- Sammy Kaye O- Love Is Where You Find It/ Confidentially N-

650. Vi 26041- Ralph Gordon O- Arabian Nightmare/ Twelve O' Clock in Jolopi EE+

651. Vi 26043- Guy Lombardo O- Show Boat medley/ Desert Song medley E+E+

652. Vi 26047- Skinnay Ennis O- The Girlfriend of the Whirling Dervish/ Garden of the Moon E+

653. Vi 26067- Sammy Kaye O- Have You Forgotten So Soon/ Two Sleepy People E+

654. Vi 26080- Sammy Kaye O- Get Out of Town/ From Now On E+

655. Vi 26094- Skinnay Ennis O- Deep In a Dream/ Gardenias E+

656. Vi 26109- Emilio Caceres Trio- Runnin' Wild/ Jig In G V+/E-

657. Vi 26151- Larry Clinton O- The Masquerade Is Over/ I Get Along Without U Very Well V+

658. Vi 26162- Richard Himber O- Lets Stop the Clock/ Romance Runs In the Family E+

659. Vi 26177- Richard Himber O- Blame It On My Last Affair/ I Promise You EE+

660. Vi 26182- Richard Himber O- Are There Any More At Home Like You/

Step Up & Shake My Hand E+

661. Vi 26348- Alec Templeton- Hazy & Blue/ Man With New Radio E+

662. Vi 26402- Alec Templeton- Night & Day/ Three Little Fishies E+

663. Vi 26421- Leo Reisman O- Do I Love You/ Katie Went to Haiti E/EE- Gertrude Niesen B

664. Vi 26440- Alec Templeton- Mendelssohn Mows 'Em Down/ Phonograph Record, Record Player & Carmen Lombardo EE+

665. Vi 26524- Hal Kemp O- Washington & Lee Swing/ The VMI Spirit EE-

666. Vi 27240- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Save It Pretty Mama/ Stompy Jones E+

667. Vi 27363- Bea Wain w/ O- Afraid to Say Hello/ My Sister & I E+N-

668. Vi BS 06301/ 066117(promo)- Meade Lux Lewis- Honky Tonk Train/

Pete Johnson & Albert Ammons- Walkin' the Boogie N-

669. Vi 20-2480- Dizzy Gillespie O- Ow!/ Oopapada E+N-

670. Vi 20-2603(promo)- Dizzy Gillespie O- Stay On It/ Two Bass Hit NN-

671. Vi 20-2673(promo)- Helen Carroll & The Satisfiers w/ O- Little Lulu/ Shauny O' Shea E+ fun version of the cartoon theme song with vocal & chorus similar to the film

672. Vi 20-2878(promo)- Dizzy Gillespie O- Good Bait/ Ool-Ya-Koo NN-

673. Vi 20-2889(promo)- Glenn Miller O- Serenade In Blue/ Blue Evening E+

674. Vi 20-2942(promo)- Glenn Miller O- Adios/ Delilah E+

675. Vi 20-2979(promo)- Wayne King O- Sweet Leilani/ Skyrockets O- I'd Give a Million Tomoros N-

676. Vi 20-3071- Vaughn Monroe O- Why Did I Teach My Girl to Drive/ Sam You Made the Pants Too Long E+ FUN!

677. Vi 20-3186- Dizzy Gillespie O- Algo Bueno/ Minor Walk E

678. Vi 20-3370- Dizzy Gilespie O- Guarachi Guaro/ Lover Come Back to Me EE+

679. Vi 20-3481(promo)- Dizzy Gillespie O- Jump Did-Le Ba/ That Old Black Magic NN-

680. Vi 20-3556(promo)- Tony Martin- You Call It Madness/ Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye NN-

681. Vi 20-3573(promo)- Tony Martin & Fran Warren- Speak a Word of Love/ Remember NN-

682. Vi 20-3750- Milton Berle- I'll Kiwl You a Miwl-Yun Times/ I Found My Mama NN-

683. Vi 20-3759(Promo)- Dick Leibert organ w/ vo- The Bowling Song/ At the Roller Derby E+ FUN!

684. Vi 20-3792(promo)- Eddie Fisher- Nightwind/ Warm Kisses In the Cool of the Night NN-

685. Vi 20-3598(promo)- Tony Martin- Marta/ Marta NN-

686. Vi 20-3633(promo)- Juanita Hall & 4 Tunes- Old Bojangles Is Gone/ I'm In the Mood For Lve E+

687. Vi 20-3913(promo)- Hugo Winterhalter O- The Red We Want Is the Red We've Got/ Mr

Touchdown USA E+..interesting "Red Scare" era songs

688. Vi 20-3953- Dennis Day- And You'll Be Home/ The Place Where I Worship N-

689. Vi 20-3970(promo)- Dennis Day- Christmas In Kilarney/ I'm Praying For St Christopher N-

690. Vi 20-4051- Dennis Day- Lover Come Back to Me/ When I Grow Too Old to Dream E+

691. Vi 20-4053- Dennis Day- Deep In My Heart Dear/ Serenade E

692. Vi 20-4169(promo)- Tony Martin, Tony Martin, and Tony Martin- Do You Really Love Me/ Tony Martin- Tell Me NN-

693. Vi 20-4210(promo)- Eddie Fisher- I Have No Heart/ Unless NN-

694. Vi 20-4830(promo)- Eddie Fisher- The Hand of Fate/ Wish You Were Here NN-

695. Vi 20-4859(promo)- Harold Nicholas- Your Love Belongs to Me/ Just Let Me Love You N-

696. Vi 20-4953(promo)- Eddie Fisher- Outside of Heaven/ Lady of Spain NN-

697. Vi 20-5038(promo)- Eddie Fisher- Thats What Christmas Means to Me/ Christmas Day NN-

698. Vi 20-5284(promo)- Eartha Kitt- Uska Dara/ Two Lovers E+N-

699. Vi 20-5358(promo)- Eartha Kitt- C'est Si Bon/ African Lullaby E+

700. Vi 20-5365- Eddie Fisher- When I Was Young/ With These Hands E-

701. Vi 20-5437(promo)- Betty & Jane Kean- No Calls At All/ You're So Much a Part of Me NN-

702. Vi 20-5442(promo)- Eartha Kitt- I Want to Be Evil/ Annie Doesn't Live Here Anymore E+

703. Vi 20-5645(promo)- Dennis Day- Hey Brother, Pour the Wine/ Tularosa NN-

704. Vi 20-5762(promo)- Dennis Day- An Irishman Will Steal Your Heart Away/ His Eye Is On the Sparrow E+

705. Vi 26-9028(promo)- Jose Curbelo O- Baby Shoot Me a Kiss/ La Comparsa N-

706. Vi 27-0138(promo)- Coleman Hawkins All Star Jam Band- Crazy Rhythm/ Charlie Ventura O- High On An Open Mike E+ nice vinyl press w/ Django A

707. Vic 45-0016- Marie Greene & Vic Damone- There's a Small Hotel/ Betty Garrett- The Lady is a Tramp E+N-

708. Vic 45-0017- Marie Greene & cho- Here In My Arms/ Betty Garrett & Milton Berle- Ev'rything I've Got E+N-

709. Vic Y-458- Paul Winchell & Jerry Mahoney- I Scream For Ice Cream/ When I Get Back From My Vacation NN-

710. Vi X-16080(scroll)- Orchestra- Promenade/ Polly E-/V+ dig clx 20 gvs B, passes easily. nice sides c. 1928 in 4 digit mx series(beginning with a zero), likely used for silent movie scoring

711. Vi 79043(scroll)- Georg Gut w/ O- Sag mir beim Tanz dass du mich liebst/ Ich hab' mein Herz in Heidelberg Verloren EE-/E-

*** the next group are from the 1930s Victor Serie Internacional***

712. Vi 37641- Alfonso Ortiz Tirado w/ O- Clavel Del Aire/ Las Perlas De Tu Boca NN-

713. Vi 76452- Juan Arvizu w/ O- Desperadamente/ Chula NN-

714. Vi 76677- Lucha Reyes- Ay Jalisco No Te Rajes/ Traigo Un Amor E+N-

715. Vi 82634- Orcq Casino de la Playa- Babalu/ Cuando Vuelvas a Quererme NN- rc B nap


716. Aloha unnumbered- Jack De Mello & Coconut 5- Coconut Willie 1/2 NN-

717. Apollo 235- Mahalia Jackson- Go tell It On the Mountain/ Silent Night EE+/V-

718. Ap 753- Coleman Hawkins O- Feeling Zero/ Disorder At the Border NN- w/Max & Dizzy

719. Ap 764- Illinois Jacquet All Stars- 12 Minutes to Go/ She's Funny That Way E

720. Ap 771- Cat Anderson O- Swingin' the Cat/ I Gotta Go Baby NN-

721. Atlas KC 100- King Cole Trio- F.S.T./ My Lips Remember Your Kisses NN-

722. Atlas KC 106- King Cole Trio- Let's Pretend/ Got a Penny NEW

723. Atlas OM 107- Oscar Moore & the Three Blazers- Melancholy Madeline/ Johnny Moore's Three Blazers- Tell Me You'll Wait For Me E+

724. Atomic 202- Lyle Griffin Music- Wolf Song/ Strictly For Kicks E+N-

725. Audiovox 104(promo)- Dorothy Collins w/ Raymond Scott Quintet- Tiger Rag/ Singin In the Rain NN-

726. Banner 1318- New Orleans Jazz Band- Tin Roof Blues/ Six Black Diamonds- Mindin My Biz V

727. Ba 33470- Morton Downey- You're An Angel/ In the Middle of a Kiss V

728. Ba 6-01-07- Dick Messner O- In Your Own Little Innocent Way/ You Stayed Away Too Long V-

729. Banner 104- Kadimah Group of Hadassah- HMS Pinafore in Yiddish- "Der Shirtz" 2 records/ 4 sides EE+...original colorful sleeve E+

730. Ban 108- Kadimah Group of Hadassah- Pirates of Penzance In Yiddish. "Die Yom Bonditten" 3 records/ 6 sides E+ in original colorful box which is VG

731. Ban 534- Radio Aces w/ Ray Carter O- Catskill Jamboree/ Take a Letter Miss Goldfarb V

732. Ban 2015- Molly Picon w/ O- Pinky's In a Pickle/ Die Veldt Is a Theatre E+

733. Bell 193- Vee Lawnhurst- Breakin' the Piano/ Ralph Reichenthal- Piano Puzzle V ruff grv A

734. Bell 205- Syncopating Skeeters- Loose Feet/ Telephone Blues V-

735. Belvedere 4002- Dick Coleman w/ Originals- Once In a While/ If Its True NN- rare Baltimore lbl

736. Bethlehem 1294(promo)- Bert Bryson Musical Boys- I Was Burned In Carolina/ One Sided Heart E+ sm scr/ NN-

737. Blakstone 202- Nan Blakstone- The Laziest Gal In Town/ Isabella-The Queen EE+

738. Bluebird 5026- The Madhatters- I Called to Say Goodnight/ Just An Echo In the Valley EE+

739. BB 5091- The Park Central Hotel O- A Fool In Love/ Learn to Croon VV+

740. BB 5250- Barney Rapp O- Build a Little Home/ No More Love VV+

741. BB 5253- Harlem Hot Shots- Can This Be The End of Love?/ My Galveston Gal E/EE-

742. BB 5461- Sam Robbins O- The Beat O' My Heart/ Fool That I Am V

743. BB 5462- Sam Robbins O- Fool That I Am/ Sweetest Music This Side of Heaven VV+

744. BB 5463- Eliot Everett O- How Do I Know Its Sunday/ Little Man You've Had a Busy Day E- NICE!!

745. BB 5478- Sam Robbins O- I'm a Very Highly Educated Man/ Herman Waldman O- Home On the Range E FUN A!

746. BB 5581- Don Mayfield O- Here Come the British/ Pardon My Southern Accent EE- NICE

747. BB 5583- Red Nichols World Famous Pennies- Old White's Whiskers/ Silver Threads Among the Gold E+ interesting rumba version B!

748. BB 5681- Eddie Stone O- Ramblin' Joe/ Learning E-

749. BB 5733- Dan Mc Donnell w/ O- With Every Breath I Take/ June In January VV+ a rare one!

750. BB 5884- Jack Shilkret O- The Little Things You Used to Do/ About a Quarter To Nine VV+

751. BB 6075- Angelo Ferdinando O- I've Got a Feelin You're Foolin'/ You Are My Lucky Star E

752. BB 6077- California Ramblers- Just We Two/ What a Night, What a Moon, What a Girl E+

753. BB 6101- George Hall O- It Never Dawned O Me/ Will Love Find a Way E

754. BB 6145- California Ramblers- Here's to Romance/ Thunder Over Paradise E-

755. BB 6146- California Ramblers- Now You've Got Me Doing It/ Broadway Rhythm E+N-

756. BB 6297- Locke Bros Rhythm O- I'm Going Back to Old Zazoo/ Elephant Stomp E+/VV-

757. BB 6398- George Hall O- Small Town Girl/ Apple Dumplin' EE+ or better

758. BB 6399- Joyce Walsh w/ O- The Right Somebody to Love/ At the Codfish Ball E+

759. BB 6432- Charlie Barnet O- Where Is My Heart/ Long Ago & Far Away E+

760. BB 6433- Charlie Barnet O- When I'm With You/ But Definitely E/EE+

761. BB 7188- Vernon Geyer(electric organ)- After You've Gone/ Casa Loma Stomp E-

762. BB 6920- Ted Mack O- Carelessly/ Words Fail Me E

763. BB 7418- Nita Carol & Alan Holt- Sing Me a Song w/ Social Significance/ Chain Store Daisy EE+

764. BB 7518- Ronnie Munro O- When My Heart Says Sing/ You Gotta Take Your Pick & Swing EE+

765. BB 7772(Canadian buff lbl)- Art Shaw O- Comin' On/ ICBTU In Love w/ Me E/EE-

766. BB 8851- Rev JM Gates & Congregation- Hitler & Hell/ When the War Is Over E-

767. BB 10112- Guy Lombardo O- Sittin' In the sand a Sunnin'/ To You Sweetheart, Aloha EE-

768. BB 10339- Art Hinett Threesome- Georgia On My Mind/ Runnin' Wild E+

769. BB 10416- Glenn Miller O- I Want to be Happy/ In the Mood E-

770. BB 10424- Abe Lyman O- Good Morning/ Honest John E/E-

771. BB 10443- Eddie de Lange O- My Cat Fell In the Well/ Old Heart of Mine V+/E+

772. BB 10800- Bob Chester O- Rhumboogie/ Rhythm On the River V-

773. BB 11187- Glenn Miller O- I Guess I'll Have to Dream the Rest/ Take the A Train E-

774. BB 11194- Charlie Barnet O- Little Dip/ Ponce De Leon EE+ both Henderson tunes

775. BB 11197- Benny Carter O- Cuddle Up, Huddle Up/ What a Difference a Day Made E+

776. BB 11203- Glenn Miller O- Peekaboo to You/ Cradle Song E+

777. BB 11209- The Four King Sisters- Love Me a Little Little/ Sand In My Shoes VV+

778. BB 11227- Bob Chester O- Its So Peaceful In the Country/ There Goes That Song Again V

779. BB 11237- Earl Hines O- Up Jumped the Devil/ Southside E-

780. BB 11244- Bob Chester O- In Waikiki/ You're a Natural V+

781. BB 11259- Bob Chester O- You Were Meant For Me/ A New Shade of Blue V+

782. BB 11272- Alvino Rey O- Dont Take Your Love From Me/ Jealous EE+

783. BB 11280- Bob Chester O- You Betcha My Life/ You Cant Get Lovin' E/EE-

784. BB 11288- Benny Carter O- Midnight/ My Favorite Blues EE+

785. BB 11290- The Airport Boys- You belong to Me/ It Aint Gonna Rain No Mo E-/V

786. BB 11299- Glenn Miller O- The Man In the Moon/ Ma Ma Maria E-

787. BB 11304- Bob Chester O- The Wind Blows Free/ B-I-Bi V+

788. BB 11313- Bob Chester O- From Maine to California/ The Magic of Magnolias E-

789. BB 11316- Bob Chester O- This Love of Mine/ Joltin Joe Di Maggio E/EE-

790. BB 11318- Larry Clinton O- You'll Never Know/ Your Words & My Music E

791. BB 11319- Alvino Rey O- Who Calls?/ On the Alamo EE+

792. BB 11331- Alvino Rey O- It Isnt a Dream Anymore/ Idaho E

793. BB 11332- Bob Chester O- ICBTUIL w/ Me/ Wait Till the Sun Shines Nellie E-

794. BB 11341- Benny Carter O- Sunday/ Back Bay Boogie E+

795. BB 11349- The Four King Sisters- Rose O' Day/ Jack & Jill E+

796. BB 11384- Bob Chester O- Harlem Confusion/ The Clock Is Fast E-

797. BB 34-0729- Roosevelt Sykes- Jiving the Jive/ Honeysuckle Rose EE+

798. BB 30-0810- The Four Vagabonds- Rosie the Riveter/ I Had the Craziest Dream G

799. Blue Note 501- JC Higginbotham 5- Weary Land Blues/ Frank Newton 5- Daybreak Blues V+

800. BN 503- Teddy Bunn guitar solo- King Porter Stomp/ Bachelor Blues EE

801. BN 504- Teddy Bunn guitar solo- Guitar In High/ Blues Without Words EE+

802. BN 507- Art Hodes O- Shoe Shiner's Drag/ Doctor Jazz EE+

803. BN 509- Pigmeat Alamo Markham w/ Oscar Rev Mesheux Blue 6- See See Rider/ You've Been a Good Old Wagon E+

804. Bullet 674- Paul Blunt- Sweetheart of Hawaii/ You Promised Me N- 2" hlc

805. Cameo 327- Jack Haley- I Love Me/ Allan Cross- Wanita VV+ the Tin Man A!

806. Cam 8109- Alabama Red Peppers- San/ Sam Lanin O- My Ohio Home EE-/VV+ rcnap.. solos incl Hawaiian guitar A

807. Cam 8128- Andy Razaf- JC Johnson- Two Watermelon Seeds 1/2 EE-

808. Ca 8142- South Sea Hawaiians- Among My Souvenirs/ Wonderful Isle of Dreams V+ sm dig/ V

809. Ca 9000- Paul Mills Merry Makers- Bad Girl/ Bob Haring O- Sweethearts On Parade EE+

810. Ca 9030- The Lumberjacks- Whoopee Stomp/ Caroliners- Where the Shy Little Violets Grow EE- nice side A--Pollack O with Goodman, Tea, etc--solos

811. Cam 9041- The Lumberjacks- Blue Little You/ Bob Haring O- I Faw Down & Go Boom EE- as above--nice side A--Pollack O with Goodman, Tea, etc--solos

812. Ca 9105- Bob Finley O- Audition Blues/ Bob Haring O- Four or Five Times E some solos

813. Ca 9130- Broadway Broadcasters- Honey/ Home Towners- Lets Get Together EE+ BG solo

814. Ca 9250- Buddy Fields O- If You Believed In Me/ Willard Young O- Adorable You E+

815. Ca 9260- Cliff Roberts O- Painting the Clouds With Sunshine/ Al Alberts O- Loving You E+ hlc nap Ballew Trio A

816. Campus Christians 7- Cavalry Choir- Holy, Holy, Holy/ Robert Bowman w/org- Flee As a Bird to the Mountain V/V+...scarce Las Angeles label. c 1940

817. Cap 102- Freddie Slack O- Cow-Cow Boogie/ Here You Are E

818. Cap 224- King Cole Trio- The Frim Fram Sauce/ Come to Baby, Do! NN-

819. Cap 274- KIng Cole Trio- You Call It Madness/ Oh But I Do E+N-

820. Cap 304- King Cole Trio- The Best Man/ For Sentimental Reasons NN-

821. Cap 418- King Cole Trio- Come In Out of the Rain/ Can You Look Me In the Eyes NN-

822. Cap 437- King Cole Trio- That's What/Naughty Angeline NEW

823. Cap 356- King Cole Trio- I Want to Thanks Your Folks/ You Should Have Told Me NEW

824. Cap 381- Bob Hope & Dorothy Lamour- My Favorite Brunette/ Beside You E+ vinyl pressing

825. Cap 393- King Cole Trio- You Don't Learn That In School/ Meet Me at No Special Place NEW

826. Cap 795- Sharkey Kings of Dixieland- Pizza Pie Boogie/ Bourbon Street Bounce NN-

827. Cap 1419(promo)- Mickey Katz O- Gehakte Mambo/ Chiny Town N-

828. Cap 1439(promo)- Mary Mayo- It Only Takes a Minute/ My Love An' My Mule NN-

829. Cap 1560(promo)- Frank de Vol O- Hopalong Cassidy March/ Circus Days NN-

830. Cap 1788(promo)- Mickey Katz O- Sound Off/ Come On-a My House N-

831. Cap 1961(promo)- Mickey Katz O- Sin/ Herring Boats N-

832. Cap 2069(promo)- Nat King Cole- Somewhere Along the Way/ What Does It Take to Make You Take to Me E+

833. Cap 2079(promo)- Yma Sumac- Wimoweh/ Babalu E+

834. Cap 2116(promo)- Jane Froman- Cling to Me/ Cant Get Out of This Mood NN-

835. Cap 2124(promo)- Mickey Katz O- Kiss of Meyer/ Schvitzburgh, Pennsylvania N-

836. Cap 2159(promo)- Mickey Katz O- The Downtown Strutter's Ball/ A Schmo Is a Schmo N-

837. Cap 2203(promo)- Julia Lee Boy Friends- Last Call (For Alcohol)/ Goin' to Chicago Blues NN-

838. Cap 2229(promo)- Mickey Katz O- Shleppin' My Baby Back Home/ Patcha-Me NN-

839. Cap 2241(promo)- Jane Froman- Laughing/ Stay Where You Are NN-

840. Cap 2639(promo)- Jane Froman- The Sound of Love/ Rose of Cavalry E+

841. Cap 2640(promo)- Dean Martin- The Christmas Blues/ If I Should Love Again NN-

842. Cap 15001- Peggy Lee- There'll Be Some Changes Made/ A Nightingale Can Sing the Blus N-

843. Cap 15011- King Cole Trio- Now He tells Me/ Those Things Money Cant Buy NEW

844. Cap 15039- Metronome All Stars- Leap Here/ Metronome Riff N-. Dizzy etc. vinyl pressing

845. Cap 15056- Mel Powell w/ O- Anything Goes/ That Old Black Magic N- vinyl

846. Cap 15210- The Unnatural Seven- Serutan Yob/ Red Ingle w/ Natural 7- Oh Nick O Deemo NN-

847. Cap 15338- Marcel Laurence(hammond organ solo)- Pigalle Rag/ Let the Rest of the World..E+

848. Cap 15390- Sammy Davis Jr- I Dont Care Who Knows/ The Way You Look Tonight NN-

849. Cap 15727(promo)- Joe "Fingers' Carr- Raggin' the Sclae/ Wz In Ragtime E+N-

850. Cap 32010- Chill Wills- Francis the Talking Mule/ A Mule Is a Fool NN-

851. Cap 57-576- Benny Goodman O- The Huckle- Buck/ That Wonderful Girl of Mine NN-

852. Cap 57-578- June Christy w/ O(Art Pepper, etc)- Everything Happens to Me/ The Way You Look Tonight NN-

853. Cap 57-783- Margaret Whiting & Bob Hope- Aint We Got Fun/ Lucky Us N-

854. Cap 57-70004- Sammy Davis Jr- You Are My Lucky Star/ I Aint Got Nobody NN-

855. Cap 57-70033- Bus Moten- On the Gravy Train/ Gone NN-

856. Cap 57-70045- Sammy Davis Jr- Smile, Darn Ya, Smile/ Azure NN-

857. Cap 77-30069- Margaret O' Brien- Beauty & the Beast/ The Princess & the Pea NN-

858. Cap promo- Nat King Cole- from album #420, Two In Love- This Cant Be Love/ Tenderly E+N-

859. Century 4000- Jelly Roll Morton (fm piano roll)- Dead Man's Blues/ Cliff Jackson (from piano roll)- Hock Shop Blues E+

860. Challenge 253- Lou Gold Melody Men- Aint She Sweet/ You Should See My Tootsie V+E- sax solo A, trumpet solo B

861. Chal 541- Sam Lanin O- Old Man Sunshine/ N. Glantz O- Life Means Nothing to Me EE+

862. Chal 687- Arthur Fields- Get Away Old Man/ Lambert & Hillpot- My Carolina Home E- hlcnap

863. Champion 15728- Bud Carlson O- She Only Laughs At Me/ I Got a Code In My Nose VV+

864. Chicago Gospel Tabernacle- C & M.A. Colored Gospel Quintet- I'm Glad That Jesus Won/ Everythings All Right In My Father's House E..rare 20s picture label disk from Chicago

865. Clarion 5019- Milt Coleman- Kitty From Kansas City/ Arthur Fields- Little Darlin' E

866. Clar 5281- Lou Gold O- Love Whispers/ Jerry Fenwyck O- Two Hearts E+/E

867. Clef 89063- Ben Webster Quintet- Cottontail/ Danny Boy E+N-

868. Coke- Bring Home the Coke- E-..1950s, great warm jazz trumpet on this one-

some dixieland too. Coke jingle in various versions produced by Mc Cann- Erickson--vinyl press

869. Comm 511- The Kansas City Six- Them There Eyes/ KC 5- Good Mornin' Blues E Lester A

870. Conqueror 7314- Frank Ferera's Hawaiians- Sweethearts On Parade/ Roy Smeck Trio- Marie V/VV+

871. Cq 8104- Fiddlin' Dan Roberts Trio- Carroll Country Blues/ Charleston Number 1 VV+/V

872. Cq 8262- Adrian Rollini O- Sittin on a Log/ Ed Loyd O- This Little Piggie Went to Market E-

873. Cq 8461- Joe Reichman O- The Object of My Affection/ Hands Across the Table EE+

874. Cq 8547- Archie Bleyer O- I've Got a Feelin' You're Foolin'/ From the Top of Ur Head E+

875. Cq 9539- Phil Harris O- The Darktown Strutters' Ball/ Casa Loma O- Alexander's Ragtime Band E/E+

876. Coral 60249- George Cates O- Baseball Polka/ On the Beach NN-

877. Cor 60302- George Cates O- Tubby the Tuba Song/ Sleigh Ride NN- (Thurl Ravescroft in cho)

878. Cor 61058- Tex Beneke O- Mr Peepers/ Danny's Hideaway E+ A side "inspired" by the tv char

879. Cr 3008- Buddy Blue Texans- Body & Soul/ Here Comes the Sun G

880. Cr 3011- Ray O' Hara O- You Are the Melody/ Adrian Schubert O- The Little Things In Life E-

881. Cr 3029- Jack Albin O- Crying Myself to Sleep/ Hurt V+/E-

882. Cr 3068- Buddy Blue Texans- Tie Litle String Around Your Finger/ Running Bet Raindrops V+/G

883. Cr 3069- Jack Albin DO- I've Got Five Dollars / Sweet & Hot V-

884. Cr 3163- Russ Carlson O- Its the Girl/ Hikin' Down the Highway V

885. Cr 3199- Joe Green Marimba Band- La Rosita/ El Choclo E-

886. Cr 3241- Lou Gold O- All of Me/ This Is My Love Song E-

887. Cr 3249- Andy Sanello O(Sanella)- Song ot the Islands/ Roy Smeck O- Cuban Love Song G couple sm digs. Hawaiian guitars--Ballew vocal A

888. Cr 3268- Lou Gold O- Let That be a Lesson To You/ Snuggled On Your Shoulder V+E-

889. Cr 3272- Charlie Lawman O-Too Many Tears/ Strangers VV+ few clx. Hawaiian guit B

890. Cr 3288- Welcome Lewis- Can't We Talk It Over/ Snuggled On Your Shoulder V+

891. Cr 3304- Joel Shaw O- Business In Q/ Oh Monah G-

892. Cr 3318- Adrian Schubert O- Lullaby of the Leaves/ With Summer Coming On V+

893. Cr 3335- Adrian Schubert O- The Night When Love Was Born/ Masquerade EE+

894. Cr 3338- Adrian Schubert O- Same Old Moon/ How Deep Is the Ocean? VV-

895. Cr 3347- Russ Carlson O- Please Handle With Care/ You're Blase V/V-

896. Cr 3348- Adrian Schubert O- It Was So Beautiful/ Hold My Hand V+/E- Smeck Hawaiian guit B

897. Cr 3359- Adrian Schubert O- The Lady I Love/ Mardi Gras EE+

898. Cr 3372- Frank Novak O- Isn't It Romantic?/ Love Me Tonight V+E-

899. Cr 3375- Jack Berger O- Something In the Night/ Say It Isn't So G

900. Cr 3390- Harold Van Emburgh O- All American Girl/ She Went to St Marys I Went to Notre D V

901. Cr 3443- Joel Shaw O- White Zombie/ The Old Man of the Mountain V- ruff groove B

902. Cr 3426- Dell Lampe O- My River Home/ I Called to Say Goodnight E-

903. Cr 3427- Dick Robertson O- Eadie Was a Lady/ I Played the Fiddle For the Czar VV+ GOOD!

904. Cr 3442- Joel Shaw O- The Girl In the Little Green Hat/ The Old Kitchen Kettle V-

905. Cr 3443- Palais D'Or O- You Must Believe Me/ Underneath the Arches V-

906. Cr 3456- Goodrich Cavaliers- You're An Old Smoothie/ Paramount Grill O- Farewell to Arms V+

907. Cr 3472- Frank La Motta O- A Ghost of a Chance/ Lets All Sing Like the Birdies V- rcnap Charlie Palloy vocals

908. Davis DA 11- The Three Suns- Hawaiian War Chant/ Song of India E+

909. Della 117- Tony Iavello w/ O- This Is New York/ Perquito E+/ NN- rare California label

910. Dial 1001- Tempo Jazz Men- Dynamo A/B V+ Dizzy on trumpet

911. Dial 1009- Bill Harris Big 8- Woodchopper's Holiday/ Somebody Loves Me V+

912. Dial 1012- Charlie Parker All Stars- Relaxin' At Camarillo/ The Mad Monks- Blue Serge E-

913. Dial 1014- Charlie Parker Quartet- Bird's Nest/ Dark Shadows E-

914. Dial 1017- Dexter Gordon- Wardell Gray and group- The Chase 1/2 V+E-

915. Discovery 100- Phil Moore O- Cornucopia/ 125th St Prophet NN-

916. Disc 101- Phil Moore O- Misty Moon Blues/ Fugue For Barroom Piano NN-

917. Domino 4161- Nancy Walker- Because My Baby Dont Mean Maybe/ You're a Real Sweetheart V good jazz accomp

918. Dom 4359- Sam Lanin O- Here We Are/ Rounders- Am I a Passing Fancy E-

919. Edison needle type 14077- Luigi Romanelli King Edward Hotel O- Perhaps/ Pretending E-/EE+ nice trumpet A

920. Elite 13- Arthur's Camp Boys- Ketchup/ Gonna Buy Me a Brand New Suit E-/V FUN A!!

921. Emarcy 16005- Sarah Vaughan- Shulie a Bop/ Polka Dots & Moonbeams E+

922. Emerson 10140- Sterling Trio w/ O- Venetian Moon/ Irving & Jack Kaufman- If You're Only Fooling Around Me VV+/V+

923. Em 13124- Joseph Feldman- Shuihelech/ Mein Weibel Mirke VV+ Yiddish purple label

924. Encore 500- Sam Donahue Swing 7- Encore Essence/ Hollywood Hop E+

925. Enc 502- Sam Donahue Swing 7- Round the Block/ Catch As Catch Can E+

926. Exclusive 270- Jack Mc Vea O- Tatoe Pie/ Mumblin' Blues NN-

927. Fanfare 501- Ted Mossman piano, Bob Hamilton Hammond organ- Ode to Gershwin 1/2 NN-

928. Fiesta 20-019(promo)- Ramon Marquez- No Se Irrite/ Chivirico a la Billy May E+

929. Fox Movietone F 121- Vincent Rose O- The House Where I Was Born/ On the Good Ship Lollypop EE+..rare theatre only label. A side introduced in an Educational Pix short

930. General 1704- Jelly Roll Morton Seven- Good Old NY/ Big Lip Blues N-

931. Gen 1710- The Morton 7- My Home Is In a Southern Town/ Mama's Got a Baby NN-

932. Gen 4005- Jelly Roll Morton- King Porter Stomp/ Dont You Leave Me Here E-

933. Gennett 4806- Ladd's Black Aces- Brother Low Down/ I've Got to Have My Daddy Blues V+

934. Ge 5272- Ladd's Black Aces- I've Got a Song For Sale/ All Wrong V-

935. Gramophone Shop 1002- Beatrice Lillie- Snoops the Lawyer/ There Are Fairies At the Bottom of Our Garden E+

936. Gramo 1003- Beatrice Lillie- I'm a Campfire Girl/ He Was a Gentleman EE+

937. Grey Gull 7025- Wabash Trio- Hard Time Blues/ Yellow Dog Blues E- great banjo!

938. Guild 107- Boyd Raeburn O(w/ Dizzy Gillespie & Oscar Pettiford)- Interlude(Night In Tunisia)/ I Didn't Know About You VV+

939. Ha 222- Confidential Charley- While the Years Go Drifting By/ Oh If I Only Had You VV+

940. Ha 225- Lou Gold O- I'd Love to Meet That Old Sweetheart of Mine/ In a Little Garden V

941. Ha 458- Manhattan Dance Makers- Sweet Marie/ Dew Dew Dewey Day VV+ long lam nap

942. Ha 459- Original Indiana 5- Struttin' Jerry/ Arkansas Travellers- Stompin' Fool V+

943. Ha 466- University 6- Swanee Shore/ Roam On My Little Gypsy Sweetheart E-

944. Ha 483- Frank Farrell O- Shaking the Blues Away/ Oh Maybe Its You E edge lam nap

945. Ha 497- Astorites- Moonlit Waters/ Dream Kisses E

946. Ha 502- Lou Gold O- Here Comes the Showboat/ Baby Your Mother VV+

947. Ha 733- Lou Gold O- Ev'rything We Like We Like Alike/ Bar Harbor O- 12 O Cl Wz EE+

948. Ha 999- Kate Smith w/ O- Moanin' Low/ Waiting At the End of the Road EE-

949. Ha 1066- Gay Ellis- If I Had a Talking Picture of You/ I'm a Dreamer...V+E- Annette Hanshaw

950. Ha 1086- Hotel Penn O- Taint No Sin/ Nobody's Sweetheart E- both hot w/ Sammy Fain vocs

951. Ha 1340- Chester Leighton O- Without That Gal/ On the Beach With You looks V+/V-, pl E/V+

952. Ha 1322- Roy Carroll O- Moonlight Savings Time/ Roll On Mississippi looks V+/E- plays E HOT

953. Hit 7012- Johnny "Scat" Davis O- White Christmas/ Hip Hip Hooray EE+

954. Hit 8055- Aagaard & His Swingsters- Nagasaki/ I Cant Love You Anymore EE+

955. Hit 8079- Al Trace Silly Symphonists- Mairzy Doats/ Where Did You Get That Girl V+

956. Horace Heidt 1061- Horace Heidt O- Hawaiian War Chant/ Goofus V

*** the next group are annual issues, first from John H. Harris Ice Capades, then Shipstads & Johnson Ice Follies...They all have picture labels, the Ice Follies in color***

957. Ice Capades (year?)- Lee Sullivan, Sally Sweetland w/ Jeri Mayhall Ice Capades O- Brigadoon Song Hits 1/2 NN-

958. Ice Follies 1952- Gil Merchon & Ensemble w/ O- Tie a Little Rainbow Round Your Finger/ Norma Zimmer & Bill Reeve w/ O- The Swing Wz NN-

959. Ice Follies 1953- Ice Follies Ensemble w/ O- You Cant Get In Trouble Shakin' Your Head/ Its a Wonderful Time to Have a Wonderful Time NN-

960. Ice Follies 1955- Ray Linn & Ensemble w/ O- Sound Off & Sing/ Ensemble w/ O- It Always Rains At a Picnic (red vinyl) NN-

961. Imperial 8219- Jody Levins Boys- Hey! Liberace/ Tall Lean Gal From New Orleans NN-

962. Jazz Man 14- Jelly Roll Morton- Finger Buster/ Creepy feeling E+

963. Jam H-2-450- Dixie Dandies- High Society Blues/ Orlie's Blues E+ rare lbl from Willoughby, Oh

964. Jam R-2-450- Dixie Dandies- Royal Garden Blues/ At the Jazz Band Ball E odd mix of shellac colors on this rare Ohio label from the 40s-50s?

965. Jewel 5325- The Four Hawaiians- Sunnyside Lane/ Get Out & Get Under the Moon V+

966. Joe Davis 8127- Coleman Hawkins w/ Foots Thomas O- Out to Lunch/ In th Hush of the Nite E

967. Jubilee 3501- Lee Tully w/ O- Essen/ pt 2 VV+

968. Jub 3503- Lee Tully w/ O- Why Do They Fall In Fallsburg?/ pt 2 V-

969. Jub 6002(promo)- Dolly Dawn w/ O- Be Anything/ You're Not Worth My Tears NN-

970. Jub 6042- 4 Chicks & Chuck- Hock Mir Nisht Kein Cheinik/ Smarty E+ nice Pee Wee tpt solo

971. Juke Box 505- Frankie & Her Boys- Not On the First Night/ The Laziest Gal In Town V

972. Keynote 117- Lester Young Quartet- I Never Knew/ Just You Just Me E-

973. Key 628- Ted Nash 5- I've Got a Pocketful of Dreams/ The Girl In My Dreams...E+

974. King 4185- Barbara Cameron w/ Herman Chittison- Love That Boy/ Feeling Zero N-

975. King 4230- Bull Moose Jackson Buffalo Bearcats- Fare Thee Well Deacon Jones/ I Cant Go On Without You NN-

976. King 15070(promo)- Andy Iona Islanders- The Roses Will Remember/ The Five Hula Lessons N-

977. Lincoln 347- Dixie Serenaders- Aggravatin' Papa/ Hotsy Totsy Town E-

978. London 1200(promo)- Chris Hamalton hammond organ- Saturday Rag/ Dizzy Fingers N- vinyl

979. Mac Gregor & Sollie- Eb & Zeb Theme E..2 cuts on this 1932 heavy shellac Columbia pressing recorded by M&S on Mission Street in San Francisco, Ca

980. Mac G & S- Aces of the Air 1535/6- My Wonderful One/ Kashmiri Song N- San Francisco label

981. Mac G & S 1115/6- Sterling Young O- Stardust On the Moon/ Heaven Help This Heart of Mine EE+ blue wax- Hollywood lbl

982. Mad 5038- Atlanta Syncos- Crying For the Carolines/ Tuxedo DO- Why Should I Take You Back E ..Hawaiian guitar B

983. Mad 50026- Melody Hounds- Blue Days Waiting For You/ Carlton DO- Sunny Side Up EE+ solos B incl Hawaiian guitar

984. Majestic 9001- Slim Gaillard O- Slim's Jam/ Popity Pop E with Bird & Diz

985. Maj 9002- Slim Gaillard O- Dizzy Boogie/ Flat Foot Floogee E+ with Bird & Diz

986. Maj 9004- Slim Gaillard Trio- That Aint Right/ Slim Gaillard O- Santa Monica Jump E+

987. Maj 9006- Slim Gaillard Trio- Mean Mama Blues/ Riff City E+N-

988. Manhattan 627- Orchestra- Smoky Mokes March E-

989. Manor 1000- Milt Page Trio- Soda Pop/ Its Only a Paper Moon E-

990. Man 1036- Coleman Hawkins All Stars- Step On It/ Memories of You E+

991. Man 1070- Les Benson & His Monticello Mounties- Borscht Belt Blues/ "Sarah" Come Back to the Range NN-

992. Master 114- Adrian Rollini O- Lets Call the Whole Thing Off/ Slap That Bass E-

993. Medallion 808- (9")- Biltmore Hawaiian Quintet- Missouri Wz/ Louise & Ferera- Hilo March VV+

994. Mt 12550- Morton Downey- A Boy & a Girl Were Dancing/ I May Never Pass Your Way E/V+

995. Mt 12558- Chick Bullock Loungers- My River Home/ Here It Is Monday EE-

996. Mt 12892- Adrian Rollini O- On the Wrong Side of the Fence(tk1)/ Ol' Pappy(tk 2) E

997. Mt 12908- Dan Ritchie O- Spin a Little Web of Dreams/ Orchids In the Moonlight V+/VV+

998. Mt 12937- Todd Rollins O- In a Shelter From a Shower/ One Morning In May VV+

999. Mt 6-12-01- Morton Downey- Come Back to Erin/ Bonny Mary of Argyle EE-

1000. Mt 6-12-15- Bob Foster O- And They Said It Wouldn't Last/ Rainbow On the River E-

1001. Mt 7-01-08- Vincent Lopez O- Take Another Guess/ In the Chapel In the Moonlight E-

1002. Mer 5051- Tony Martin- If I Love Again/ Would You Believe Me E+

1003. Mer 5121(promo)- Vic Damone- Laroo, Laroo, Lilli Bolero/ My Fair Lady NN-

1004. Mer 5152- Rose Marie- Cheap Tomatoes/ Nellie Paid the Mortgage N-

1005. Mer 5431- King Sisters- Somedays There Just Aint No Fish/ I'll Get By E+

1006. Mer 5449- King Sisters- Happy Feet/ Everybody Knows You By Your First Name E+

1007. Mer 5606- Slim Gaillard Peruvians- Laughing In Rhythm/ Soony Roony E+

1008. Mer 5631- Rose Marie- My Mama Says "No, No"/ Chen' a' Luna E+

1009. Mer 8065- Dinah Washington- I Love You, Yes I Do/ Dont Come Knockin At My Door E+

1010. Mer 8079(promo)- Dinah Washington- West Side Baby/ Walkin' & Talkin' NN-

1011. Mer 8083(promo)- Cootie Williams O- Typhoon/ You Talk a Little Trash NN-

1012. Mer 8162- Golden Gate Quartet- Ride On Moses/ Same Train E+

1013. Mer 8297- Beryl Booker Trio- Love Is the Thing/ Stay As Sweet As You Are N- vinyl

1014. Mer 8959- Oscar Peterson Trio- Love For Sale/ Until the Real Thing Comes Along E+

1015. Mer 11097(promo)- Fred Astaire- I Used to be Color Blind/ They All Laughed NN-

1016. Mer 11098(promo)- Fred Astaire- 'S Wonderful/ A Fine Romance NN-

1017. Mer 70336- Dinah Washington- Such a Night/ Until Sunrise E+ scf nap

1018. Mer 89010- Nick Esposito O- Love Is Just Around the Corner/ Empty Ballroom Blues NN-

1019. Minneapolis Aquatennial 2502- Official Souvenir Record- Melody of Minneapolis E+ shellac pressing c. early 40s with colorful label

1020. MGM 520- Tom & Jerry and the Rocket Ship to the Moon 1/2 NN- the cat & mouse team

1021. MGM 521- Tom & Jerry In the Wild West 1/2 NN- the cat & mouse team

1022. MGM 526- Tom & Jerry Meet Robin Hood 1/2 NN- the cat & mouse team

1023. MGM 10024- Kate Smith- After Graduation Day/ Dreams Are a Dime a Dozen NN- int cr nap

1024. MGM 10028- Kate Smith- Ask Anyone Who Knows/ Tallahassee NN-

1025. MGM 10125- Kate Smith- Now Is the Hour/ I'll Never Say I Love You E+

1026. MGM 10180- Betty Garrett- I'm Gonna See a lot of You/ Dont Blame Me NN-

1027. MGM 10504- Milt Buckner O- Oo-Be-Doop/ M.B. Blues NN-

1028. MGM 10565- Johnny Bond O- You Broke My Heart With Be Bop/ John- Atsa My Paisan E+ both fun!!..A about a Hillbilly girl who learns be-bop

1029. MGM 10629- Betty Garrett & Larry Parks- Can I Come In For a Second/ U Missed the Boat N

1030. MGM 11625- Little Rita Faye- I Fell Out of a Christmas Tree/ The Miracle of Christmas NN-

1031. MGM 11664(promo)- Rita Faye- I'm a Problem Child/ Mister Light'nin' Bug NN-

1032. MGM 30193- Gene Kelly & Betty Garrett- Take Me Out to the Ball Game/ Yes Indeedy E+

1033. MGM 30352- Ava Garnder- How Am I To Know/ Ann Blythe The Lonliest Night of the Year NN-

1034. MGM 30379- Ava Gardner- Cant Help Lovin Dat Man/ Kathyrn Grayson & Howard Keel- Make Believe NN-

1035. MGM 30388- Danielle Darieux & Fernando Lamas- We Never Talk Much/ F Lamas- Paris NN-

1036. Montgomery Ward 4997- The Little Ramblers- A Little Bit Independent/ I've Got a Feelin You're Foolin' E-

1037. MW 7528- Ozzie Nelson O- Yes Suh!/ Maple Leaf Rag EE+

1038. Mus 374- Georgie Auld O- Stormy Weather/ Co-Pilot E+ dimple A sds

1039. Mus 375- Georgie Auld O- Georgie Porgie/ It Had to Be You E+

1040. Mus 377- Georgie Auld O- Jump Georgie Jump/ Blue Moon NN-

1041. Mus 411- Muguelito Valdes O- Negra Leono/ You, So Its You NN-

1042. Mus 462- Teddy Wilson 4 w/ Sarah Vaughan- Time After Time/ Teddy Wilson 4- Moon Faced, Starry Eyed N-

1043. Mus 503- Sarah Vaughan- I Cover the Waterfront/ I Dont Stand a Ghost of a Chance NN-

1044. Mus 552(promo)- Sarah Vaughan- What a Diff'rence a Day Made/ The One I Love Belongs.NN-

1045. Mus 567- Sarah Vaughan- Nature Boy/ I'm Glad There Is You NN-

1046. Mus 586- Sarah Vaughan- I'll Wait & Pray/ I Get a Kick Out of You N

1047. National 4010- Gatemouth Moore w/ Tiny Grimes Swingtet- Christmas Blues/ Isabel V-/E-

1048. OKeh 4072- George H Green- Hot Foot/ All Star Trio- Dont You Remember Those School Days E/V repd rcnap

1049. OK 4888- Warner's Seven Aces- In a Tent/ Eddie Steady EE+

1050. OK 4309- Johnny Hodges O- Jitterbug's Lullaby/ A Blues Serenade E-

1051. OK 4606- Meade Lux Lewis, Pete Johnson, Albert Ammons- Boogie Woogie Prayer 1/2 N-

1052. OK 4941- Johnny Hodges O- Dance of the Goon/ Home Town Blues E-

1053. OK 5828- Al Donahue O- The Blue Jump/ Burning the Midnight Oil NEW

1054. OK 05882- Black Cats & the Kitten- Step It Up & Go/ My Boogie Woogie Daddy V

1055. OK 5966- Seger Ellis O- When Its Sleepy Time Dn South/ No Jug, No Jazz E+ Irene Taylor A

1056. OK 6100- Chick Bullock All Star O- There'll Be Some Changes Made/ Amapola E+

1057. OK 6336- Cootie Williams O- Top & Bottom/ Toasted Pickle E+

1058. Olympic 14111- Aileen Stanley- In a Little Front Parlor/

Al Bernard- I'm Looking For a Bluebird To Chase My Blues Away...V+E-

1059. Oly 14113- Aileen Stanley- Ma!/ Mandy 'N Me V scrs

1060. Oriole 1363- Dixie Jazz Band- High Hattin Hattie/ Yankee Ten O- It Goes Like This V...scr rc A nap good jazz!

1061. Or 2419- Morton Downey- Snuggled On Your Shoulder/ Auf Wiedersehn E-

1062. Or 6-12-16- Bob Foster O- Please Keep Me In Your Dreams/ For Sentimental Reasons V-

1063. Pathe 020609- Ferera & Franchini- Hawaiian Chimes/ Susquehanna Shore E

1064. Pa 032028- Cliff Edwards- How My Sweetie Loves Me/ If You'll Come Back E-/V+

1065. Pa 032041- Cliff Edwards- Feeling the Way I Do/ I Want to Walk In Again Blues E

1066. Pa 032090- Cliff Edwards- Its All the Same to Me/ All Alone VV+

1067. Pa 25206- Cliff Edwards Hot Combination- Side By Side/ Oh Baby Dont We Get Along V-/V

1068. Pa 25215- Cliff Edwards- Broken Hearted/ Give Me a Night In June V-/V

1069. Pa 36337- Fred Van Eps- Nigger In a Fit/ Dave Rubinoff- Feelin' Kind Of Blue E- looks (VV+)

1070. Pe 11170- Cliff Edwards- Old Fashioned Love/ Lovey Came Back VV+

1071. Pe 11251- Vera Guilaroff- Maple Leaf Rag/ Calico Rag VV-

1072. Pe 11295- Eddie Peabody- Little By Little/ If I Had a Talking Picture of You E+

1073. Pe 11362- Roy Smeck O- Song of the Islands/ Hilo March V-

1074. Pe 11560- Cliff Edwards- I'll Take Her Back if She Wants.../ Fascinating Rhythm EE-

1075. Pe 11565- Cliff Edwards- Cheating/ I'll Buy the Ring EE-

1076. Pe 11566- Cliff Edwards- Thats All There Is There Aint No More/ Let Me Linger Longer E- hlc

1077. Pe 11575- Cliff Edwards- If You Knew Suzie/ Just Like a Baby V+

1078. Pe 12119- Cliff Edwards- Who's the Meanest Gal In Town, Josephine/ Red Hot Mamma E-

1079. Pe 12133- Cliff Edwards- When My Sweetie Puts her Lovin On/ Hard Hearted Hannah E+

1080. Pe 12134- Cliff Edwards- You're So Cute/ I Cant Get the One I Want EE-

1081. Pe 12165- Lee Morse- Mail Man Blues/ Bring Back Those Rockabye Baby Days E-/V+

1082. Pe 12757- Ruth Etting- If I Didn't Have You/ Let Me Call You Sweetheart EE-

1083. Pe 13030- Georgie Price- A New Moon Is Over My Shoulder/ Love In Bloom VV+

1084. Pe 13063- Eddie Cantor- Okay Toots/ When My Ship Comes In V/V+ lbl tear B

1085. Pe 14472- Southhampton Soc O- Cecilia/ Got No Time VV+

1086. Pe 14530- Five Birmingham Babies- Indigo Blues/ Lou Gold O- Roll 'Em Girls VV=/E

1087. Pe 15252- Joe Ryan O- A Little Kiss Each Morning/ Love Made a Gypsy..EE+ Ballew vocs

1088. Pe 15337- Lou Gold O- Just a Little Closer/ The Clevelanders- So Beats My Heart For You E+

1089. Pe 15343- Clevelanders- How Are You Tonight In Hawaii/ I Dont Mind Walking In the Rain E-

1090. Pe 15345- Sam Lanin O- Maybe Its Love/ Confessin' VV+

1091. Pe 15474- Cab Calloway O- I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby(tk 4)/ Creole Love Call(tk 1) V

1092. Pe 15514- Lou Gold O- Hummin' To Myself/ Night Shall Be Filled With Music V

1093. Pe 15535- Sammy Watkins O- Everything Must Have An Ending/ Ma & Pa V-

1094. Pe 15551- Cab Calloway O- Corrine Corinna(tk 3)/ Down Hearted Blues(tk 1) VV+ rcnap

1095. Pe 15552- Frank & Milt Britton's Band- One More Kiss Then Goodnight/ All of Me E-

1096. Pe 15559- Dick Cherwin O- Here Is My Heart/ Good Night Moon E Bullock A/ Ballew B

1097. Pe 15560- Lou Gold O- Marta/ Carolina's Calling Me V+

1098. Pe 15562- Majestic DO- Show Boat medley/ Old Time Wz med NN- RARE 5 minute disk

1099. Pe 15568- Vincent Rose O- Two Loves/ Auf Wiedersehn E-

1100. Pe 15570- Harold White All Stars- Who Cares/ Of Thee I Sing V-

1101. Pe 15580- Majestic DO- Now That I Have You/ Love, You Funny Thing E-

1102. Pe 15594- Bob Causer O- I Wish I Could Leave You Alone/ When Work Is Through V

1103. Pe 15605- Billy Banks Blue Rhythm O- The Scat Song/ Cabin in the Cotton V-

1104. Pe 15608- Vic Irwin O- If I Had My Way 'Bout Sweetie/ Lazy Day V- rcnap

1105. Pe 15611- Dan Ritchie O- My Yesterdays With You/ Good Bye Blues V-

1106. Pe 15615- Billy Banks O- Spider Crawl/ Bugle Call Rag VV+

1107. Pe 15616- Bob Causer O- My Silent Love/ If I Could Call You Sweetheart VV+

1108. Pe 15624- Bob Causer O- The Clouds Will Soon Roll By/ Please Handle With Care EE+

1109. Pe 15626- Smith Ballew O- If You Were Only Mine/ Sleep Come On & Take Me VV+

1110. Pe 15639- Bob Causer O- The One Note Trumpet Player/ Rain Rain Go Away V Haymes A

1111. Pe 15642- Harlem Hot Shots- Bald Headed Mama/ Who's Sorry Now V

1112. Pe 15643- Chick Bullock Loungers- We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye/ My Heart's At Ease E-

1113. Pe 15651- Jack Bland Rhythmakers-Yes Suh(tk 2)/ I'd Do Anything For You (tk 1) VV+

1114. Pe 15648- The Red Heads- Feelin No Pain/ Ida VV+/V-

1115. Pe 15701- Bob Causer O- You Little So & So/ Puleeze Mr Hemingway V+

1116. Pe 5-11-10- Dick Messner O- Wouldn't I Be a Wonder/ The Oregon Trail E/EE- West Coast pr

1117. Pe 5-12-02- Dick Messner O- Mine Alone/ I Live For Love VV+ 1118. Pe 5-12-09- Dick Messner O- On Treasure Island/ Whn the Leaves Bid the Trees Goodbye E-

1119. Pe 5-12-11- Bob Causer O- I Found a Dream/ Dick Messner O- Barbary Coast V+E-

1120. Pe 6-08-09- Rudy Vallee O- Rhythm On the Range/ Empty Saddles E+

1121. Philharmonic 81- W.C. Handy O- St Louis Blues/ Roy Eldridge O- High Society V+

1122. Primos 1002- Glenn Taylor w/ O- I Got a Date With the Moon/ Tell Me That You Love Me E+ very rare small label from Primos, Pennsylvania

1123. Puritan 11173- Axel Christensen- Teasing the Classics/ The Girl I Kissed on the Stairs EE-

1124. Queen 4105- Slim Gaillard Boogiereeners- Central Avenue Boogie/ Sightseeing Boogie E+N-

1125. Racy Records(from Hollywood) HS 416-Bud Averill Swing Band- The Girl From Atlantic City/ same both sides E/EE- very sexy label!

1126. Radiex 4023- Franchini & Dettborn- My Old Kentucky Home/ Sanella & Bolognese- O Sole Mio E..both sides Hawaiian guitar duets

1127. Riviera 114- Roger Coleman w/ O- Everything I Love/ Too Marvelous For Words NN- small NYC lbl

1128. Ro 512- Seven Little Polar Bears- When the Robert E Lee Comes to Town/ Lanin- Dawn E/G

1129. Ro 646- Klein's Serenading Shoemakers- Happy Days/ Society Night Club O- Beloved E

1130. Ro 649- Sam Lanin O- Sweet Sue/ Broadway Broadcasters- South Bound EE+

1131. Ro 659- Dixie Daisies- Peek a Boo Eyes/ Miami Royal Palm O- Get Out & Get Under the Moon EE-

1132. Ro 982- Hawaiian Gondoliers- Honey/ Thru The Night V

1133. Ro 1767- Frank & Milt Britton O- All Of Me/ One More Kiss Then Goodnight E-

1134. Ro 1770- Lou Gold O- Prisoner of Love/ Ben Alley O- Pagan Moon V Bullock A

1135. Scott Recordings 1001- Hal Kipling w/ Bell Aires- Raisins & Almonds/ Ol Poppa Zudick E+ rare small 40s label of unknown origin

1136. Seeburg Select-O-Matic 1214- Orch- I'm Always Chasing Rainbows/ Say It w/ Music N- blue

1137. Seeburg 1217- Orch- ICGUA But Love/ Soft Lights & Sweet Music N- blue vinyl

1138. Select 186- Betty Cox w/ O- Up to Now/ How Wrong Can You Be NN- small lbl- origin unk.

1139. Session 10-003- Alonzo Yancey- Hobo Rag/ Ecstatic Rag E+

1140. Ses 10-006- Cripple Clarence Lofton- In De Mornin/ Early Blues E+

1141. Silvertone 1249- Willy White piano- Try & Play It/ Butter Scotch EE-

1142. Sil 1277- Golden & Marlow- A Lovesick Coon/ The Coon Mariners EE+

1143. Sil 2102- Ferrera & Franchini- Let the Rest of the World Go By/ Dreamy Hawaii E+

1144. Sil 2465- Tom Moore w/ O- I'll See You In My Dreams/ Peter Pan, I Love You EE+

1145. Sil 8028- Mitzi- Sweet Sue Just You/ After My Laughter Came Tears V+

1146. Sil 8053- The Vagabonds- Did You Mean It/ Girl of My Dreams E-

1147. Special unnumbered- David V. Bush- God Will Take Care of You/ My Heavenly Father Knows V+ scarce Rodheaver issue from Chicago

1148. Spectrotone 1003- Johnny Thompson w/ Merry Go Round organ- Marie/ Alexander's Ragtime Band E+ very rare small label from Barrington, New Jersey- "accoustimetric"!

1149. Standard 1003- Alfredo Mendez O- Te He De Sonar/ El Cojo N-

1150. Stanley Recording Co 4314- Doris Borden acc by WH Borden- I Surrender Dear E- one sided heavy shellac personal pressing by this recording co located on 1841 Broadway, NYC. Nice logo with film strip and 78. c. 1931, perhaps the WORST vocal ever recorded!!

1151. Star Garter 1003- The Bull Fight 1/2 E- fun party record

1152. Star Garter 1007- Drug Store Jake/ School Daze E+ fun party record

1153. Super Disc 1049- Ronnie Deauville w/ Ram Ramirez Qtet- Deep In a Dream/ Mad About U E

1154. Supertone 9383- Honey Gal & Smoke- Social Functions 1/2 E- "black face comedy"

1155. Twentieth Century(20th Century) 5018- Milton Buckner Trio- Flying Home/ Taking a Chance on Love NN-

1156. Tw Cent 5022- Milt Buckner- There'll Never Ne Another You/ The Hawk Talks E+

1157. UHCA 5/6- Bessie Smith- Young Woman's Blues/ Baby Doll E+ master pressed B

1158. United Artist 401- Buddy Rogers O- My Buddy/ Sleep, My Love NN- vinyl pressing

1159. Universal 100- Gene Austin w/ Les Paul Rhythm- My Blue Heaven/ Keep a Rockin' NN-

1160. Van Dyke 30014- Dixie Rag Pickers- Huggable Kissable You/ University Syncos- Whoopee Hat Brigade V

1161. Vargo 29015- Buck Bassey's Royal Yorkers- In the Good Old Summertime/ Glen Moore's Society Four- Lost & Lonesome Blues E rare lbl from Owosso, Michigan

1162. Variety 523- The Three Peppers- Alexanders Ragtime Band/ Get the Gold E+ good jazz!

1163. Var 566- Ben Pollack O- Peckin'/ In a Sentimental Mood E+

1164. Var 603- California Ramblers- Chris & His Gang/ Swingin' Down to RioE+

1165. Var 612- Cab Calloway O- Manhattan Jam/ Peckin' E+

1166. Varsity 8068- Radios Novelty O- Oriental Nocturne/ Caravan VV+ interesting jazz sides

1167. VT 1970- Kate Smith- He's a Good Man To Have Around/ Maybe-Who Knows? V+ lt lam nap

1168. VT 2012- Annette Hanshaw- Tip Toe Thru Tulips/ What Wouldnt I Do For That Man E- dig B

1169. VT 2311- Lloyd Keating O- Love For Sale/ W Edwards- Moonlight On Rio Grande EE+

1170. VT 2312- Golden Gate O- Telling You I Love You/ F Auburn- When Your Hair Has Turned..EE-

1171. VT 2428- Jerry Fenwyck O- Nobody Loves No Baby/ Do the New York looks VV+, plays EE- HOT with Goodman

1172. VT 2457- Roy Carroll O- Waiting For a Call From You/ Good Night Sweetheart looks E-, pl E

1173. VT 2475- Jerry Fenwyck O- Nows The Time to Fall In Love/ When I Wore My Daddy's Brown Derby looks V, plays E..hot A w/ BG, etc

1174. VT 2476- Roy Carroll O- Home/ You Were My Salvation looks V, plays E-

1175. Vitacoustic 5- Mel Henke w/ Honeydreamers- In a Mist/ Honky Tonk Train E+ sm thump A interesting take on Bix tune A

1176. Vocalion 14707- Frank Banta & Cliff Hess- Shake Your Feet/ Covered Wagon Days V+

1177. Vo 14890- The Ambassadors- Bagdad/ Rose Marie E

1178. Vo 14939- Ben Bernie O- Toodles/ Mandy EE-

1179. Vo 15027- Ben Bernie O- Cheatin' On Me/ All Aboard For Heaven VV+

1180. Vo 2643(gold)- Fred Stone O- My Little Grass Shack/ Wagon Wheels V+ crkd to lbl

1181. Vo 2645(gold)- Arthur Nichols O- That's Love/ Why Do I Dream Those Dreams VV+/VV- Joey Nash vocals

1182. Vo 2747(gold)- Ted Wilson O- I Wish I Were Twins/ Why Dont You Practice What You Preach VV+

1183. Vo 2963- Wingy Mannone O- Every Little Moment/ Black Coffee E- bl/gold lbl

1184. Vo 3134- Wingy Mannone O- The Music Goes Round/ I'm Shooting High N- 1" lam nap choice West Coast pressing

1185. Vo 3419- Phil Harris O- You Can Tell She Comes From Dixie/ Where the Lazy River Flows E

1186. Vo 3430- Phil Harris O- Jelly Bean(Curbstone Cutie)/ Nobody E

1187. Vo 3466- Phil Harris O- Swingin' For the King/ Woodman, Woodman Spare That tree V+

1188. Vo 3583- Phil Harris O- The Groove Song/ Constantly V+

1189. Vo 3565- Phil Harris O- Darktown Strutters' Ball/ Between the Devil & Deep Blue Sea E-/E+

1190. Vo 3920- Isham Jones O- More Than Ever/ I Double Dare You V+

1191. Vo 4212- Adrian Rollini Quartet- Small Fry/ Ten Easy Lessons EE+

1192. Vo 4464- Wingy Mannone O- Walkin' the Streets/ The Isle of Capri V+

1193. Vo 4526- Johnny Long O- Just An Ordinary Moon/ Just Like That E-

1194. Vo 4608- Albert Ammons- Shout For Joy/ Meade Lux Lewis- Bear Cat Crawl E+ lt scfs nap

1195. Vo 4769- Mills Blue Rhythm Band- Spitfire/ Back Beats E-

1196. Vo 5087- Ben Bernie O- No Mama No/ I'm Takin' My Time With You E-

1197. Vo 5170- Johnny Hodges O- Savoy Strut/ Good Gal Blues V+

1198. Vo 5186- Pete Johnson Boogie Woogie Boys- Lovin' Mama Blues/ Albert, Meade, Pete- Cafe Society Rag E+N-

1199. Vo 5435- Adrian Rollini Trio- Estrellita/ Dark Eyes E-

1200. Vo 05490- Jimmie Yancey- Old Quaker Blues/ Bear Trap Blues E+

1201. White Church 5200- Lois Irwin- Somebody Heard My Prayer/ Let Me Be Worthy NN-

1202. White label- Bing Crosby outtakes- I Surrender Dear/ Serenade In Blue E+

1203. Zon 109- Zon-o-phone Concert Band- Belle of the Philippines E-

1204. Zon 817- Hager's O- Carpet Rags E-

1205. Zon 980- Zon-o-phone Concert Band- The Smiler (a Joplin Rag) V-

1206. Zon 5287- Zon-o-phone O- Sweetmeats/ Made In Germany V-

1207. Zon 5496- Zon-o-phone O- Wild Cherries Rag/ Musical Comedy medley- two step #1 EE-

FOREIGN LABELS (all British unless noted)

1208. Aeolian Vocalion M-1046- Wiedoeft's Californians Blushes/ Club Maruice O- On the Gin Ginny Shore V-

1209. Bellbird 120(AUS)- Jerry White- Painting the Clouds With Sunshine/ Frank Luther- Tip Top Thru the Tulips E-/EE- beautiful rare label on flexible substance. More sturdy that a Flexo, but bendable(label reads "unbreakable"). Grey Gull masters- Hawaiian guitar B

1210. Broadcast Twelve 3260- The Blue Mountaineers- Moon/ Lets Put Out the Lights E/EE-

1211. Br Twelve 3261- Blue Mountaineers- You're My Everything/ Moonlight, The Danube & U EE+

1212. Br Twelve 3340- Dick Powell- I've Got to Sing a Torch Song/ Shadow Wz E- US mxs

1213. Br Twelve 5192- Laddie Ray- Popular Melodies On a Piano 1/2 E+N-

1214. Brunswick 3183(ARG)- Al Jolson- If I Knew Find You(sic)/ I Wish I Had My Old Gal Back Again EE+

1215. Br 1347- Boswell Sisters- We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye/ Down Among the Sheltering Palms E

1216. Br 01822- Sol Hoopii Novelty 4- Hula Girl/ Kings Serenade E- despite odd looking wear nap

1217. Br 01893- The Boswell Sisters- Alexanders Ragtime Band/ Doggone It I've Done It EE-

1218. Br 02046- Connie Boswell w/ Ambrose O- Things Might Have Been So Different/ I'll Never Say Never Again Again EE- RARE recorded in UK- no US issue

1219. Br 02443(picture label)- Bing Crosby- In a Little Hula Heaven/ Sweet Leilani VV+

1220. Br 02444(picture label)- Bing Crosby- Sweet Is the Word For You/ Blue Hawaii VV+

1221. Br 02499(picture label)- Bing Crosby- Its the Natural Thing to Do/ All You Want to Do Is Dance VV+

1222. Clifford 5229(AUS)- Lou Gold O- I'm In the Market For You/ Just Like In a Story Book E-V+ attractive gold on purple "electrobeam" label..Smith Ballew vocals on both sides

1223. Co 3687- Percival Mackey O- Who Takes Care of the Caretakers Daughter/ Boquet E

1224. Co 3822- Percival Mackey Band- Dog On the Piano/ Araby E

1225. Co 3909- Bert Ralton O- What Did I Tell Ya?/ Headin' For Louisville E

1226. Co 3963- Percival Mackey O- Thanks For the Buggy Ride/ Barcelona EE-

1227. Co 4599- Debroy Somers O- Where Oh Where Do I Live/ Broadway Nitelites- Just Another Day Wasted Away VV+

1228. Co 4909- Ray Starita Band- There Must be a Silver Lining/ Ramona E

1229. Co 5121- Debroy Somers O- Mississippi Melody/ Ben Selvin O- I'm Walking Between the Raindrops V+/V- rcnap

1230. Co 5175- Adele Astaire & Bernard Clifton- 'S Wonderful/ He Loves & She Does E+

1231. Co CB 329- Jack Payne BBCDO- Lights of Paris/ Old Spanish Moon V

1232. Co CB 378- Jack Payne O- Over the Blue/ Neath the Spell of Monte Carlo EE-/VV+

1233. Co CB 381- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- You're My Hearts Delight/ Song of Songs E+

1234. Co CB 599- Carroll Gibbons SHO- Remember Me/ A Broken Rosary V+

1235. Co CB 582- Rudy Vallee O- Hey Young Fella/ The Girl in the Little Green Hat EE+ US Co mx

1236. Co CB 603- Carroll Gibbons SHO- I Want to Go Home/ Why Cant This Night Go On Forev. E-

1237. Co CB 613- Carroll Gibbons SHO- What Have We Got to Lose/ Waltzing In a Dream E+

1238. Co CB 614- Fred Rich O- You Are Too Beautiful/ Art Kassel O- Chewing Gum EE+ scr A sds lite and brief. US Blue Co mxs

1239. Co CB 615- Henry Hall BBCDO- Keep It To Yourself/ Just An Old Chateau EE-

1240. Co CB 619- Carroll Gibbons SHO- Stormy Weather/ Rockabye Moon E+

1241. Co CB 775- Carroll Gibbons SHO- Heaven On Earth/ Cocktails For Two EE-

1242. Co D 13014(FR)- Jean Wiener piano solo- Maurice Charleston/ Clement Doucet- La Vache Dans La Cave E- 1/2" hlc nap

1243. Co DB 702- Eddie Peabody- Just a Crazy Song/ This Is the Day of Days V+ UK only issue

1244. Co DB 713- Eddie Peabody- Some Of These Days/ St Louis Blues V UK only issue

1245. Co DB 1050- Paul Small- Till Tomorrow/ Remember Our Romance EE+ GREAT Venuti & Lang from the rare 265000 mx. series made for export only- no US issue

1246. Co DB 1104- Reis & Dunn- Shuffle Off to Buffalo/ Thats All That Matters to Me EE+ from the rare 265000 mx. series made for export only- no US issue

1247. Co DC 2015- Billy Cotton O- Little White Lies/ Californian Serenade EE- violin solos A RARE WM series- non vocal issued for export to the European continent

1248. Co DW 1968(GER)- Bing Crosby- Some Of These Days/ Shine E+

1249. Co DF 1230(FR)- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- And So I Married the Girl/ Under My Umbrella EE+

1250. Co FB 1067- Carroll Gibbons O- I Got a Note/ Masqueraders- I'll Take the South E-

1251. Co FB 1070- Geraldo O- My Heart Jumped Over the Moon/ On the Good Ship Lollypop VV+

1252. Co FB 1093- Geraldo O- Louisiana Fairy Tale/ South American Joe E

1253. Co FB 1923- Carroll Gibbons SHO- You're a Sweetheart/ Tears In My Heart E/E-

1254. Co FB 1935- Carroll Gibbons SHO- With a Smile & a Song/ One Song E+

1255. Co FB 1941- Carroll Gibbons & His BF's- Hollywood Hotel selection/ Snow White sel EE-

1256. Co RF 92(FR)- Andre Claveau w/ O- Rapsodie D'Un Soir/ On Ne Sait Jamais D'avance E

1257. Co special S 1713(AUST)- Bing Crosby- Buy Another Bond Today E top laminated pressing, flip side is embossed Columbia logo. rare Aussie issue

1258. Cupol 4480(SWE)- Putte Wickman O- Taking a Chance on Love/ Lover Come Back to Me N- int cr under lbl nap

1259. De M 122- Ambrose O- I'm Following You/ Lucky Me- Lovable You VV+ early purple label

1260. De F 1547- The Rhythm Maniacs- Talkie Hit Selection pt 1/2 EE+

1261. De F 2513- Roy Fox O- Time Alone Will Tell/ When the Wz Was Through E- Bowllys

1262. De F 3093- Roy Fox O- Marta/ One More Affair E Bowllys

1263. De F 3152- Roy Fox O- Are U Prepared to Be True/ Night When Love Was Born E- Bowllys

1264. De F 3156- Edgar Jackson Band- Oh How I Love My Darling/ Sweet Little U VV+ good jazz!

1265. De F 3176- Nat Gonella & Trumpet- I Heard/ ICBTUILW/ Me E+ Bowlly audible on guitar

1266. De F 3181- Roy Fox O- Old Man of the Mountain/ All of a Sudden E/EE+ Bowlly vocs

1267. De F 3183- Jack Hylton O- We Just Couldnt Say Goodbye/ Shanty In Old Shantytown E+

1268. De F 3198- Roy Fox O- Moon/ How'm I Doin' EE-/ E Al Bowlly vocs

1269. De F 3204- Jack Hylton O- How Are You/ Listen to the German Band V+/E-

1270. De F 3213- Jack Hylton O- Dont Say Goodbye/ You Just You E+

1271. De F 3369- Al Bowlly- Glorious Devon/ Owen Bryngwyn- Lets Put Out the Lights EE+

1272. De F 3394- Lew Stone O- Little Nell/ Bananas E-/E Bowlly A

1273. De F 3398- The Britannic Piano-Accordion O- Just An Echo In the Valley/ Rosa Mia VV+

1274. De F 3409- Jack Hylton O- Pu-leeze Mr Hemingway/ Standing On the Corner E

1275. De F 3423- The Street Singer- Arm In Arm/ Out of the Darkness EE+

1276. De F 3424- Jack Hylton O- Fit As a Fiddle/ I'm Sure of Everything But You E

1277. De F 3525- Jack Hylton O- Old Father Thames- Take Me Away From the River EE+ scr nap

1278. De F 3560- Al Bowlly- Thats All That Matters To Me/ Maria My Own V

1279. De F 3672- Jack Hylton O- The Gold Diggers' Song/ Shadow Wz V-

1280. De F 5644- Ambrose O- Lovely to Look At/ I Wont Dance E rcnap

1281. De F 5645- Arthur Young Youngsters- Any Old Rags 1/2 E

1282. De F 5656- Ambrose O- Leave Me With a Love Song/ Red Sails In the Sunset E/EE-

1283. De F 5657- Roy Fox O- Roll Along Praiire Moon/ The Hill Billy Band VV+

1284. De F 5674- Roy Fox O- Moonspun Dreams/ A Little Dash of Dublin E-

1285. De F 6741- Eddie Cantor w/ Ambrose O- Lambeth Walk/ Says My Heart/ Little Lady Make Believe V+ recorded in UK- no US issue

1286. De F 6754- Bob Crosby O- Grand Terrace Rhythm/ At the Jazz Band Ball E+

1287. De F 7126- Danny Polo Swing Stars- China Boy/ Polo-naise E

1288. De SF 161(FR)- Sam Price- Frenchy's Blues/ Sammy's Boogie EE+ int cks nap

1289. Derby (GER)- DO 5689(8")- Karkoff O- Ich singe nur fur dich (Singin' In the Rain)/ Grenadier E+...in the original sleeve which is about E+nice version A

1290. Dominion A 15- Midnight Serenaders- Sweet So & So/ Fancy Our Meeting E-

1291. Dom A 51- Midnight Serenaders- Oh What a Night to Love/ Joe Green O- Revenge V/V+

1292. Dom A 119- Varsity 8- Outside/ Jay Wilbur- Wedding of the Painted Doll EE+/V+

1293. Dom A 138- Jay Wilbur O- Thats You Baby/ Breakaway EE- evenly worn

1294. Duophone B 5119- John Birmingham Band- Oh Boy, What a Girl/ You Forgot to Remember E+ rarely seen multi colored label

1295. Eclipse 585(8")- Joe Taub O- You Are My Idol/ We'll All Go Riding On a Rainbow E-/ V-

1296. Ecl 644- Bertini Tower Blackpool O- Listen to That Rhythm/ Home On the Range EE+

1297. Ecl 651- Harry Leader O- Honeymoon Hotel/ Deep Sea Blues V

1298. Ecl 670- Connecticut Collegians- Hum a Merry Tune/ In Town To-night V+ int cr nap

1299. Ecl 671- Harry Leader O- Its a Happy Night Tonight/ Swaller Tail Coat E-/E

1300. Edison Bell Radio 1222 (8")- Alfredo O- Huggable, Kissable You/ Carolina Moon E-/ VV+

1301. EBR 1226- Harry Hudson O- Sweet Music/ Thats the Good Old Sunny South V+

1302. EBR 1237- Randolph Sutton & O- My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now/ What Are You Going to Do About the Poor Old Cow? V

1303. Edison Bell Winner 4547- Alfredo's Band- Ev'ry Little Maid/ Babying You E-

1304. EBW 4593- Regent DO- Hard to Get Gertie/ Shepherd of the Hills V+

1305. Embassy E120(AUST)- Majestic DO- One Little Raindrop/ You Will Remember Vienna

E-/V+ 2"crnap. beautiful gold on blue label resembles US Brunswick

1306. Gazell 3001(SWE)- Sune Borg- Original Rags/ Maple Leaf Rag E+

1307. Girmac 112(SCOT)- Mr & Mrs Floyd H Lacy- My Sins Are Gone/ My Home Sweet Home E

1308. Goodson 205(flexible)- Wolverine Pepperpots- Taint No Sin to Dance Around In Your Bones/ White Way Serenaders- Have a Little Faith In Me EE- HOT A!!

1309. HMV 216404(CAN)- Melody King's DO- Cat's Whiskers/ Harry Thomas Trio- Shamrock VV+

1310. HMV B 1701- Jack Hylton O- Seven & Eleven Blues/ Blue Trot Blues VV+

1311. HMV B 1758- Jack Hylton O- Felix Kept On Walking/ Why Robinson Crusoe Got the Blues VV+

1312. HMV B 2226- Jack Smith- I Care For Her, She Cares For Me/ Cecilia EE+

1313. HMV B 2249- Jack Hylton Band- Cutie/ Down Paradise Way VV+

1314. HMV B 2347- Arthur Miele(organ)- Storm pt 1/2 E

1315. HMV B 2392- Aileen Stanley & Billy Murray- Who Could Be More Wonderful/ Bridget O' Flynn EE+

1316. HMV B 2665- Jack Smith- The Song Is Ended/ My Blue Heaven E+

1317. HMV B 3073- Maurice Chevalier- Louise/ On Top of the World Alone EE-

1318. HMV B 3202- Gracie Fields- I've Got a Man/ Oh Maggie What Have You Been Up to E-

1319. HMV B 3299- Carroll Gibbons HMV Orch- Splinters pt 1/2 V+

1320. HMV B 3456- John Boles- Song of the Dawn/ It Happened In Monterey EE+/E+

1321. HMV B 3470- New Mayfair Nov O- The Clock Is Playing/ Dicky Bird Hop EE+

1322. HMV B 3683- Nellie Wallace- Mother's Pie Crust/ Cuckoo VV+/V+

1323. HMV B 3685- Maurice Chevalier- Oh Come On Be Sociable/ Tu Et Moi E+

1324. HMV B 3686- Maurice Chevalier w/ Jack Hylton O- Chevalier medley 1/2 E-

1325. HMV B 3714- George Metaxa- My Heart Belongs to the Girl/ Oh Donna Clara E+

1326. HMV B 4225- Raie De Costa & Ray Noble- Wherever You Are/ Nola E+

1327. HMV B 4259- Gracie Fields- 'Appy 'Ampstead/ You're More Than All the World.. EE+/E+

1328. HMV B 4265- Melville Gideon- Nothing But a Lie/ Moonlight On the River EE+ scf nap

1329. HMV B 4268- Raie De Costa- Words & Music medley pt 1/2 E+

1330. HMV B 5101- Jack Hylton Kit Cat Band- While My Pretty One Sleeps/ I'm Lonely w/o U E

1331. HMV B 5195- Savoy Havana Bd- It Wont Be Long Now/ I Cant Get Over a Girl Like U EE+/V+

1332. HMV B 5235- Jack Hylton O- It/ The Desert Song E-

1333. HMV B 5630- Jack Hylton O- A Precious Little Thing Called Love/ Weary River EE-

1334. HMV B 5657- Jack Hylton O- Mean to Me/ My Ideal E

1335. HMV B 5659- Jack Hylton O- Close Harmony medley/ Broadway Melody medley E-/EE-

1336. HMV B 5895- Ambrose O- Dont Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve/ Follow a Star EE+

1337. HMV B 5897- Jack Hylton O- Under the Sweetheart Tree/ Tiddle Iddle Um Pum EE-/V+

1338. HMV B 5910- Jack Hylton O- Confessin'/ Swingin' In a Hammock E-

1339. HMV B 5942- Ambrose O- Go Home & Tell Your Mother/ What Good Am I Without You E

1340. HMV B 5949- Jack Hylton O- Singing a Song to the Stars/ Under the Roofs of Paris E-

1341. HMV B 5983- New Mayfair DO- I'm Glad I Waited/ Time On My Hands V+

1342. HMV B 6094- New Mayfair DO- Erinalia- Irish wz medley 1/2 E+

1343. HMV B 6096- Ambrose O- Thats Why Darkies Were Born/ It Always Starts to Rain E

1344. HMV B 6098- New Mayfair DO- Got a Date With An Angel/ For the Love of Mike VV+ Al Bowlly vocal A

1345. HMV B 6105- Ambrose O- Who Am I?/ For the Sake of the Days Gone By V

1346. HMV B 6108- Amrbose O- I Wanna Be Loved By You/ My Song E+ NICE A!!

1347. HMV B 6109- Ambrose O- Joey the Clown/ Close Your Eyes V+

1348. HMV B 6125- Ambrose O- You're Blase/ Mona Lisa V+

1349. HMV B 6203(AUS)- Ray Noble O- We've Got Moon & Sixpence/ Put That Down In Writing V

1350. HMV B 6245- Ray Noble O- Love Is the Sweetest Thing/ I'll Do My Best to Make U Happy E-

1351. HMV B 6267- Ray Noble & New Mayfair DO- Kashmiri Song/ Blue Danube E+

1352. HMV B 6269- Ray Noble & New Mayfair DO- Old Moore's Almanac pt 1/2 EE-

1353. HMV B 6337- Ray Noble O- Wont You Stay to Tea?/ No More Love V-

1354. HMV B 6359- Ray Noble O- Hiawatha's Lullaby/ I Shall Still Keep Smiling Along E Bowlly

1355. HMV B 6396- Ray Noble O- Its Bad For Me/ How Could We Be Wrong E Bowlly vocals

1356. HMV B 6408- Ray Noble O- Snowball/ Experiment V+ Bowllys

1357. HMV B 6419- Leo Reisman O- Louisiana Hayride/ Hoops V/E- Arthur Schwartz A/ Astaires B

1358. HMV B 6432- Ray Noble O- When You Were the Girl On the Scooter/ La Di Da De Da EE+ Al Bowlly A

1359. HMV B 6438- Ray Noble O- My Song Goes Round the World/ Song Without Words EE+ Al Bowlly vocs. scr B na, scuffy spot B sds lite for a few gvs

1360. HMV B 6440- Ray Noble O- On a Steamer Coming Over/ You Ought to See Sally On Sunday E+/E...great Bowlly vocals, and Hot B!!

1361. HMV B 6450- Ray Noble O- The Sun Is Round the Corner/ Oceans of Time E- Bowllys

1362. HMV B 6478- Ray Noble O- In a Shelter From a Shower/ One Morning In May E Bowllys

1363. HMV B 6479- Jack Jackson O- Because Its Love/ Now That We're Sweethearts Again E

1364. HMV B 6514- Ray Noble O- Love/ Sing As We Go E/EE- Bowlly vocs

1365. HMV B 6553- New Mayfair DO- Who's Been Polishing the Sun/ No A Thousand Times No V

1366. HMV B 8030- Gertrude Lawrence- Its Bad For Me/ How Could We Be Wrong VV+ scrs

1367. HMV B 9006- Artie Shaw O- Traffic Jam/ Serenade to a Savage V+/E-

1368. HMV B 9762- Mildred Bailey w/ Larkins Trio- That Aint Right/ I Dont Wanna Miss Missisip N-

1369. HMV BD 635- Jack Hylton O- Ya Got Something There/ The Bassoon E+

1370. HMV BD 783- Jack Hylton O- Black Velvet medley/ All Clear medley E

1371. HMV BD 5018- Jack Hylton O- My First Thrill/ May All Your Troubles Be Little Ones EE+

1372. HMV BD 5024- Jack Hylton O- Sailing Along on a Carpet of Clouds/ Moanin' Minnie E

1373. HMV BD 5435- The Ballyhooligans- The Highland Swing/ The Hornpipe Swing E+

1374. HMV BD 5438- Geraldo O- Colorado Sunset/ Is That the Way to Treat a Sweetheart E

1375. HMV BD 5444- Geraldo O- My Own/ You're Pretty As a Picture E

1376. HMV BD 5449- Geraldo O- One Day When We Were Young/ I'm In Love With Vienna E+

1377. HMV BD 5042- Roy Fox O- Life Begins When You're In Love/ I Feel Like a Feather Brz EE-

1378. HMV BD 5128(IND)- Jack Hylton O- Tiger Rag/ Rose Room VV+/E-

1379. HMV BD 5138(IND)- Roy Fox O- I'll Sing You 1000 Love Songs/ When the Sun Says Goodnight EE+

1380. HMV EA 971(AUS)- Ted Weems O- I Love To Hear a Military Band/ The High Hatters- As Long As You're There E+ beautiful laminated pressing

1381. HMV EA 1079(AUS)- Ray Noble O- Put Your Little Arms Around Me (Al Bowlly voc)/ Peter Van Steeden O- I Promise You E/EE+ beautiful laminated pressing

1382. HMV EA 1086(AUS)- Warings Penns- Dancing In the Dark/ Arden-Ohman O- Music On My Fingers EE+ beautiful laminated pressing

1383. HMV EG 3773- Marita Grundgens w/ O- Das Verstenst Du Nicht/ Kinderfragen E

1384. HMV EG 6130- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Hab' Keine Sorgen/ Adda EE-

1385. HMV EG 6208- Will Glahe O- Und Dann Drucken Wir Noch Mal Auf's Knopfchen/ Die Welt Wird Schoner Mit Jedem Glas E+

1386. HMV HN 46(IT)- Ray Noble O- I Only Want One Girl/ Something Came & Got Me In the Spring VV+ few rcs nap laminated press. Al Bowlly vocals

1387. HMV JK 2007(FR)- Artie Shaw O- My Heart Stood Still/ The Donkey Serenade EE+

1388. HMV JK 2070(FR)- Artie Shaw O- Out of Nowhere/ I'm Coming Virginia E+

1389. HMV JK 2071- Artie Shaw O- Lady Be Good/ I Surrender Dear E/EE+

1390. HMV JO 1- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Blue Sky/ Romanesca E+

1391. HMV K 8336(FR)- Artie Shaw O- Comin' On/ Copenhagen E-

1392. HMV SG 40(FR)- Artie Shaw O- Pyramid/ Chantez La Bas E+/EE+

1393. HMV SG 329(FR)- Hubert Rostaing O- Un Petit Bout De Satin/ Pour Un Oui, Pour Un Non E-

1394. Homochord 545- G. Norman piano- Pianoflage/ Dusting the Keys VV+

1395. Imperial 1809- Jimmy Andrews- The Doll Dance/ At Sundown E-

1396. Imp 1831- Jimmy Andrews- Dancing Shadows/ Sailin' Along E+N-

1397. Imp 2191- Pete Mandel Rhythm Masters- Pickin' Petals Off O' Daisies/ Piccolo Pete V+/E-

1398. Imp 2448- Buddy Blue Texans- You're the One I Care For/ San Remo DO- When Your Hair Has Turned to Silver V+ US Crown mxs Ballew A

1399. Jazz Selection 510(FR)- Coleman Hawkins 4tet- On the Bean/ Recollections E+N- w/ Monk

1400. Kol Zion 1015- Bracha Zefira- Adarim/ Shiboleth Basaden E recorded in Palestine, iss in UK

1401. Lucky 60233(JAPAN)- Gene Raymond- Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star/ Will You E+ rare on any label!

1402. Le Chant Du Monde 1501(FR)- Jack Dieval piano w/ 4tet- Sweet Lorraine/ Shufflin In the Hollywood EE+ pot rc nap..laminated pressing

1403. London 1157- The Duchess- Dynamite Rag/ The Wang Wang Blues E+

1404. Mayfair 2045- Fifth Ave DB- Time Alone Will Tell/ Please Dont Talk About Me When I'm Gone E- some hot passages B

1405. Odeon 31280(GER?)- Harry Roy O- Here Comes the Sandman/ Remember Me V+E- scr nap

1406. Omega 35.033(HOLLAND)- John Sweetfield Petrolians- Crazy Crazy/ Organ Grinder's Swing E+ rarely seen label

1407. Par E 6109- Parlophone Variety Co- All By Yourself In the Moonlight/ Dance & Song Med 5 V

1408. Par F 100- Harry Roy O- Roy Medley 1/2 E

1409. Par F 175- Harry Roy O- I'll Take the South/ I've Got a Note E

1410. Par F 177- Harry Roy O- Believe It Beloved/ Haunting Me V- red label

1411. Par F 204- Harry Roy O- Lovely to Look At/ I Wont Dance E/EE-

1412. Par F 206- Harry Roy O- Here's To You & Love/ Look Up & Laugh EE+/E+

1413. Par F 210- Nat Gonella O- Black Coffee/ Lazy River V+

1414. Par F 220- Harry Roy O- Ev'ry Single Little Tingle of My Heart/ Red Sails In the Sunset E

1415. Par F 367- Harry Roy O- I'd Love to Take Orders From You/ The Music Goes Round E

1416. Par F 396- The Krakajax- Spreadin Rhythm Around/ High Rhythm & Low Moanin E

1417. Par F 411- Harry Roy O- This'll Make You Whistle/ Without Rhythm EE+

1418. Par F 432- Harry Roy O- Let Yourself Go/ I'd Rather Lead a Band E+

1419. Par F 441- Harry Roy O- Doin the New Lowdown/ The Man From Harlem V+

1420. Par F 1057- Harry Roy O- You're a Sweetheart/ Me Myself & I E

1421. Par F 1945- Joe Daniels Hot Shots- My Melancholy Baby/ Corn On the Cob EE+/E+

1422. Par F 1951- Joe Daniels Hot Shots- Pig In a Poke/ Rubber Ball Rhythm VV+

1423. Par F 2066- Joe Daniels Hot Shots- Bei Mir Bist Du Schon/ If I Had You E+

1424. Par F 2167- Joe Daniels Hot Shots- Diga Diga Do/ Blues For You E+

1425. Par F 2426- Joe Daniels Hot Shots- Shime/ Chicago E+

1426. Par R 1878- Ronald Frankau- What Every Girl Wants to Know/ Chin Chin Cheerio E-

1427. Par R 1896- Harry Roy O- The Roy Rag/ 12th Street Rag VV+

1428. Par R 1918- Harry Roy O- I'm Hummin' I'm Whistlin'../ Oh Baby Baby E- long scrs B

1429. Par R 1920- Harry Roy O- Heat Wave/ Not For All the Rice In China V

1430. Par R 1938- Harry Roy O- Three Little Fat Girls/ Lost In a Fog E

1431. Par R 1939- Harry Roy O- Yes Sir, I Love Your Daughter/ Say It E-

1432. Par R 1949- Harry Roy O- The Spring Dont Mean a Thing To Me/ PS I Love You E

1433. Par R 1968- Harry Roy O- What Are You Going to Do?/ Who Made Little Bly Blue? EE+

1434. Par R 1983- Nat Gonella O- Dont Let Your Love Go Wrong/ Moon Glow V label signed by Nat

1435. Philips 21.033(FR)- Sarah Vaughan w/ O- Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year/ A Blues Serenade EE+

1436. Phonycord 25(GER)- Edo Stubbs Tango O- Alma Mia/ Chiquita V+ orange flexible record, needs flattening--still a rare label

1437. Plaza 305(8")- Al Gold O- You're On My Mind/ When You've Got a Little Springtime E/E-

1438. Pl 318- Al Gold O- Hot & Strong/ I'll String Along With You E-/VV+

1439. Re G 8471- Corona DO- Collegiate/ I Miss MY Swiss V US Co mxs

1440. Regal MR 421- Percival Mackey Band- Just One More Chance/ Time Alone Will Tell EE-

1441. Re MR 556- Billy Cotton O- Open Up Dem Pearly Gates/ Sailin On the Robert E Lee E- scr A

1442. Re MR 561- Billy Cotton O- Lawd You Made the Night Too Long/ Cant We Talk It Over E

1443. Re MR 574- Sydney Kyte O- Just Humming Along/ Darkie Town E

1444. Re MR 738- Billy Cotton O- Sweet Muchacha/ Say It Isn't So V+/E+

1445. Re MR 739- Billy Cotton O- Rock Your Cares Away/ Nightfall VV+

1446. Re Zo MR 1074- Billy Cotton O- Did My Heart Beat/ Its the Talk of the Town E-/EE+

1447. Re Zo MR 1315- Billy Merrin O- Now Thats We're Sweethearts Again/ In Other Words We're Through E+ lbl tear B

1448. Re Zo MR 1507- Gaumont British DO(Lou Levy)- Who's Been Polishing the Sun/ Things Are Looking Up medley (not the Astaire tune) E+

1449. Re Zo MR 2556- Bram Martin O- Tiger Rag/ Post Horn Swing EE+

1450. Re Zo G 21764(AUS)- Jim Davidson O- My First Love to Last/ Adorable VV+

1451. Rex 8231- Frances Langford- Nasty Man/ Hold My Hand V+

1452. Rex 8339- Morton Downey- Love Is the Thing/ I Saw Stars E-

1453. Rex 8498- Casani Club O- I've Got a Note/ Where Were U On the Night of June the Third E/E-

1454. Twin FT 1441(IND)- The Blue Lyres- 'Leven Pounds of Heaven/ Please Dont Mention It EE-/E-

1455. The Victory 250(7")- Aldwych Players- Lucky Me Lovable You/ Vic Mil Band- Mirella E- 1456. Vocalion X-9429- Ben Selvin O- Maybe/ Southhampton Serenaders- Soothing Lullaby VV+

1457. Voc X-9879- Don Parker O- That Certain Feeling/ Looking For a Boy E pretty colored label

1458. Vox 8049(GER)- Bernard Ette O- Sunset/ One Smile E-

1459. Zon 2906- Bert Firman DO- Somebody's Lonely/ Because I Love You E scr A sds

1460. Zon 2921- Bert Firman DO- I Love the Moonlight/ The Desert Song E-

1461. Zon 5386- Arcadians DO- Empty Hours/ Giovanna E-/VV+ few scrs, pops A

1462. Zon 5478- Arcadians DO- Button Up Your Overcoat/ Sleepy Valley EE-/E Danny Polo solo A

1463. Zon 5534- The Rhythmic 8- Mickey Mouse/ I May Be Wrong E+

1464. Zon 5921- Orpheus Dance O- Miss Elizabeth Brown/ Oh Rosalita VV+

1465. Zon 6137- The Blue Lyres- Snap Your Fingers/ Round the Marble Arch E dig B

1466. Zon 6215- Syd Lipton Band- Linger a Little Longer In the Twilight/ When the Morning Rolls Around E

NEXT- PATHE discs of various sizes and genres- all vertical cut- some interesting ones here! (Record dimension is noted once and all follow till dimension changes)

1467. Pa 20461(10")- Synco Jazz Band- The Moan/ Blacksmith Rag E

1468. Pa 20467- Max Kortlander- Victor Arden piano duet- Twelfth Street Rag/ Anytime, Any Day, Anywhere EE+

1469. Pa 22214- Arthur Fields- I Might Be Your Once In a While/ Peerless 4- Fast Asleep In Poppyland V+

1470. Pa 10065(10 1/2")- Peerless Qtet w/ O- Way Down Home/ Henry Burr w/ O- Some Day the Shadows Will All Fade Away EE-/EE+

1471. Pa 20072- Joe Remington w/ O- O'Brien is Tryin' to Learn to Talk Hawaiian/ Girls, If You Ever Get Married V+

1472. Pa 20181- Jan Rubini v w/ p- Hawaiian Butterfly/ There's a Long, Long Trail E

1473. Pa 20266- Noble Sissle w/ O- Good-Night Angeline/ Somebody's Gonna Get You V

1474- Pa 20355- The Farber Girls w/ O- How'd You Like to Be My Daddy/ There's a Lump of Sugar Down In Dixie EE+

1475. Pa 20376- Thomas Mallin banjo solo- Romping Bessie/ George Ackroyd piccolo- The Deep Blue Sea E-

1476. Pa 22017- The Farber Girls- I'm Crazy About My Daddy/ Arthur Fields- Ja-Da E/EE-

1477. Pa 22041- George Baker w/ O- Thora/ Because E-/V+ 2" cr nap

1478. Pa 22084- Creighton Thompson w/ Lieut Jim Europe Singing Serenaders- Exhortation/ Noble Sissle w/ Europe's Band- Little David Play On Your Harp EE-

1479. Pa 22201- Eddie Cantor- When They're Old Enough to Know Better/ I've Got My Captain Working For Me Now VV+

1480. Pa 22208- Belle Baker- I Love Him/ Poor Little Butterfly EE+

1481. Pa 22163- Eddie Cantor- Oh the Last Rose of Summer/ You Dont Need the Wine E

1482. Pa 22173- Sterling Trio- Carolina Sunshine/ Henry Burr- Oh What a Pal Was Mary V+

1483. Pa 26007- M. Danges- Herodiade/ Thais EE+

1484. Pa 27008- David Bispham- Lady Moon/ A Warrior Bold EE+

1485. Pa 27020- Paul Althouse w/ O- At Dawning I Love You/ Where My Caravan Has Rested E-

1486. Pa 90 (11 1/2")- Mr. Gene Greene, the Rag-Tine King- My Lady Angeline/ My Ever Loving Two Step Man EE+..a rare one!!..recorded in London 1912

1487. Pa 6853 -Five Birmingham Babies- Tiger Rag/ Star Syncopators- I Miss My Swiss EE+...a rare one on white on brown Disque Pathe label (mx 106005/ 94896)

1488. Pa 29210- Jack Norworth- Fancy You Fancying Me/ The Further It Is From Tipperary V

1489. Pa 30201- Pathe Freres O- Ballet De Sylvia- pizzicati/ valse lente E rcnap

1490. Pa 30286- Pathe DO- Blame It On the Blues/ Wz of the Season EE+

1491. Pa 30332- Imperial Symphony O- Melody In F(Rubenstein)/ Hearts & Flowers E

1492. Pa 40156- Garde Republicaine Band of France- Sigurd 1/2 E

1493. Pa 40166- Garde Republicaine Band of France- Dejanire/ Regiment of the Braves E

1494. Pa 40204- Garde Republicaine Band of France- Le Chalet/ Siamese Twins EE-

1495. Pa 50005- James Stevens bar, De Koven Opera co, cho w/ O- Robin Hood- Brown October Ale/ De Koven Opera Co- O See the Little Lambkins Play E

1496. Pa 52028- Grace Hoffman- Moonlight, Starlight/The Nightingale's Trail EE+

1497. Pa 2061 (14"- France)- Imperial Symphony O- Moraima/ The Voice of the Bells E

1498. Pa 2065 (14"- France)- Miss Carrie Herwin- Home Sweet Home/ Ora Pro Nobis E

1499. Pa 2092 (14"- Belgium)- Imperial Symphony O- Unfinished Symphony pt 1/2 E

1500. Pa 2180 (14"- Belgium)- Premier Operatic Male Voice Quartet w/ O- Chorus of Monks/ We Follow Where He Leads E

12" 78s- includes standard issues, airchecks, test pressings, odd issues, etc

1501. acetate air check Woody Herman O featuring Flip Phillips- Sweet & Lovely E+ as broadcast on WABC 10/26/44, 12:30-1:00 AM

1502. acetate air check Dardanelle Trio- Ode to a Hickory Broiled Steak E few pops, lt scrs as broadcast on WNBC 10/10/47, 12:30 AM...vibes, electric guitar (Tal Farlow?)

1503. acetate- Fitch Bandwagon w/ Phil Harris & Alice Faye. Original acetate recorded for NBC by Electro- Vox, Hollywood for broadcast on 10/13/46. Four sides on 2 records, 33 1/3" E cond excellent music, comedy and song by both Alice & Phil

1504. acetate- Fitch Bandwagon w/ Phil Harris & Alice Faye. Original acetate recorded for NBC by Electro- Vox, Hollywood for broadcast on 11/3/46. Four sides on 2 records, 33 1/3" N- excellent music, comedy and song by both Alice & Phil

1505. acetate- Tommy Dorsey O live at the Cafe Rouge, Hotel Pennsylvania. As broadcast on CBS network 11/13/48. Vocals by Denny Dennis, Lucy Ann Polk and The Sentimentalists. Songs incl Beyond the Purple Hill, A Starlight Rendezvous, The Continental, Its Magic, Think Once, Think Twice, Capital ID, etc. Also interview with a local WAAT. 8 sides- 4 disks E+

1506. Brunswick 20094- Colonial Club O- Rio Rita medley 1/2 EE-

1507. Br 20102- Victor Young Brunswick O w/ Bing Crosby, The Boswell Sisters, Frank Munn, The Mills Brothers, Tommy Dorsey- Gems from "George White's Scandals" 1/2 EE+

1508. Br 20104- Guy Lombardo O- Between the Devil & Deep Blue Sea/ Gems from Cat & Fiddle E

1509. Br 20105- Bing Crosby w/ Duke Ellington O- St Louis Blues/ Duke Ellington O- Creole Love Call V+ rarely seen orignal

1510. Br 20120- Anson Weeks O- Strike Me Pink medley 1/2 EE+ few scfs nap

1511. Br 45006(ENG)- Maurice Schwartz- A Chazen a Shiker (A Drunken Cantor) 1/2 E+

1512. Columbia test mx W400615B- Sophie Tucker- Oh You Have No Idea. N- beautiful sound on this 11" shellac with Columbia label of the 1928 OKeh side. mx in lead in groove

1513. Columbia test mx LA 1262-B- Phil Harris O- Sentimental & Melancholy E+N- scf nap exc sound on this 11" shellac with Columbia label of the 1937 Vocalion side. mx in lead in groove Label also reads "Mr. Avakian"

1514. Columbia test mx WM-1069-A- Benny Carter O- When Lights Are Low E+ beautiful sound on this 10 1/2" vinyl with Columbia label of the 1939 Vocalion side. UNISSUED on 78. from 8/39

***next are 3 promotional disks for The Benny Goodman Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert. Top quality heavy vinyl pressings with the red on white promotional label. All have super sound!. Should one bidder win all three, I will include the original radio station radio script which was included to help with introduction, background and promotion***

1515. Co XCO 45706/7- Benny Goodman O- Dont Be That Way/ BG Trio- Body & Soul E+

1516. Co XCO 45708/9- Benny Goodman O- Blue Reverie/ BG Quartet- Avalon E+

1517. Co XCO 45710/11- Benny Goodman O- Swingtime In the Rockies/ Life Goes to a Party E+

1518. Columbia A 5794- Prince's Band- On the Shore At Le Lei Wi/ Ladder of Roses EE+

1519. Co A 5887- Prince's Band- Oh How She Could Yacki Hacki Wicki Wacki Woo/ Medley Fox Trot VV+

1520. Co A 5920- Prince's Band- Homesickness Blues/ The Florida Blues EE+

1521. Co A 5928- Vess Ossman O- My Hawaiian Sunshine/ U'll Be the Same Sweet Baby VV+

1522. Co A 5951- Prince's Band- I've Got the Army Blues/ My Hawaiian Sunshine EE+

1523. Co A 5967- Prince's Band- Hawaiian Butterfly/ Hong Kong E+

1524. Co A 6162- Prince's O- Pickaninny Blues/ Pretty Little Cinderella EE+

1525. Co A 6204- Gypsy Smith- Who Could It Be/ Somebody Knows E

1526. Co A 6216- Bert Williams- You Can't Do Nothing Till Martin Gets Here/ How? Fried E+

1527. Co A 6231- Lasses White Minstrel Co w/ Al Bernard-Old Time Minstrels pt 1/2 E lbl stain A

1528. Co 50020-D- Lucy Van De Mark, First Church of Christ Scientist, Boston, Mass.- God Will Take Care of You/ Joy Cometh In the Morning E-

1529. Co 7479-M- Woody Herman O conducted by Igor Stravinsky- Ebony Concerto 1/2 E+

1530. Commodore 1507- Lee Wiley w/ Jess, Muggsy- Sugar/ Down to Steamboat Tennesee E-

1531. De 15006- Fray & Bragiotti- Variations On Yankee Doodle 1/2 EE- hlc nap (style of Chopin, Gershwin, Back, Beethoven)

1532. De K 637(ENG)- Fred Elizalde- From Jazz to Rhythm E+

1533. De K 669- Fred Elizalde O- Rhythm Past & Present 1/2 E+

1534. Disc 503- Jazz At the Philharmonic- 2 record set in album. Band incl Charlie Parker, Lester, Dizzy Gillespie, etc. Tunes Crazy Rhythm 1/2..Sweet Georgia Brown 1/2. Discs E- album E

1535. Electro-Vox test- Rudy Vallee- Lazy Rolls the Rio Grande V-..11" shellac pressed by Allied in Hollywood, recorded by Electro Vox in LA. Label partially written in Vallee's hand. c. late 30s

1536. Keynote 1302- Kansas City 7/5- After Theatre Jump/ Lester Leaps Again E. Lester & Basie

1537. Key 1303- Kansas City 7- Destination KC/ 6 Cats & a Prince E Lester and Basie-ites

1538. London B 12005(ENG)- Lou Levy Concert O- Cole Porter Suite 1/2 EE-

1539. Mac Gregor & Sollie shellac test (10 3/4")- Guy Lombardo O- At Thy Sweet Voice E+ label marked DSF test- recored in San Francisco

1540. Nations Forum 25- Warren G Harding- Liberty Under the Law/ Prince's Band- March VV+

1541. Radioette XC-4531- Art Kassel O- Maytag Dance Party pt 2- Its Unanimous Now/ In the Hush of the Night E+..nice shellac disc from 1930 with hot Its Unanimous

1542. Schirmer 5501- Sheila Barrett w/p- The Professional Southern Girl/ The Chorus Girl E+ FUN!

1543. Silvertone 37032- Band- Thats Love With a Capital "L" V+E-..rare 12" Silvertone

1544. Titan "G" #5- Clark Wilson's United Artists Vocal Ensemble w/ O- Rain medley- Rhythm In the Rain, Rain On the Roof, Singin' In the Rain, etc E+ 1/2" lam near edge sds LITE from 1934

1545. Universal Pictures promotional disk- from the Abbott & Costello picture "Keep 'Em Flying" Carol Bruce & Martha Raye w/ O- The Boy With the Wistful Eyes/ Martha Raye- Pig Foot Pete E- special white on blue picture label

1546. Victrola 88357- Ignace Jan Paderewski- Hark, Hark, the Lark E+

1547. Victor 70098- Joseph Cawthorn- You Cant Play Every Instrument In the Band E

1548. Vi 35072- Victor Minstrel Co- An Evening With the Minstrels #1/4 E

1549. Vi 35108- Victor Minstrel Co- Alabama Minstrels/ Arthur Pryor O- Old Heidelberg V+

1550. Vi 35183- Victor MInstrel Co- Minstrels #17/ Arthur Pryor O- A Night's Frolic V

1551. Vi 35213- Victor Minstrel Co- Louisiana Minstrels/ Arkansas Minstrels E

1552. Vi 35267- Victor Minstrel Co- Florida Minstrels 25/ Jones & Spencer- A Race For a Wife EE+

1553. Vi 35405- Victor Military Band- Ballin' the Jack/ Meadowbrook V+

1554. Vi 35533- Victor Military Band- Bugle Call Rag/ Some Sort of Somebody VV+

1555. Vi 35536- Vess Ossman's Banjo O- Merry Whirl/ Kangaroo Hop E-

1556. Vi 35554- Victor Military Band- Walkin' the Dog/ Are You Prepared For the Summer EE-/E

1557. Vi 35609- Victor Vaudeville Co- Court Scene In Carolina/ Darktown Campmeetin' Experiences E

1558. Vi 35618- Victor Military Band- Honolulu, America Loves You/ Its Not Your Nationality V+

1559. Vi 35718- President Warren G. Harding- Address at Hoboken 5/23/21/ Address at Washington 11/12/21E picture label

1560. Vi 35746- HRH The Prince of Wales- Sportsmanship/ The Band of the Coldstream Guards- God Bless the Prince of Wales E+ picture label

1561. Vi 35753- Eight Popular Victor Artists- A Miniature Concert 1/2 E-

1562. Vi 35961- Victor Minstrels w/ O- MInstrel Show of 1929 1/2 E+

1563. Vi 36008- Victor Light Opera Co w/ O- Gems from Sunny Side Up/ My Love Parade E+

1564. Vi 36047- Hall Johnson Negro Choir- St James Infirmary Bl & Eastman/ Water Boy E-/E rg lbl

1565. Vi 36142- Andre Kostalanetz- Revenge With Music 1/2 EE- rg lbl

1566. Vi 36161- Andre Kostalanetz- Chant of the Weed/ Rumba Fantasy EE+ rg lbl

1567. Vi 20-0405- Artie Shaw O- Evensong/ Suite #8 EE+

1568. Vi 28-0406- Artie Shaw O- Summertime/ The Maid With the Flaccid Air EE+/E+

1569. Vi 28-0419- Al Goodman O- Themes from "Gone With the Wind"/ Fantasia Mexicana E+

1570. Vi 46-0009- Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey- The Dorsey Concerto 1/2 E+ scarce double feature iss.

1571. Vi NB-6001(JAPAN)- Artie Shaw O- Concerto For Clarinet 1/2 N- top laminated pressing

1572. Vi NB 6005- Tommy Dorsey O- Beale Street Bl/ Stop, Look & Listen N- top laminated press

1573. Watchtower P-11/12- Judge Rutherford- Whose Servant pt 1/2 EE- early blue label. West Coast Allied pressing

1574. Watchtower P- 224/6- Judge Rutherford- The End part 6/8 E- super lt lam nap--cream label

OTHER 12" records

The Comedy Show and Spot with Dick Cavett. These are 33 1/3 microgroove distributed by Clayton Webster Corp. Each show is on 2 discs with 4 sides, and feature a theme with related comedy skits There are also built in commercials. Made for radio use only

1575. Comedy Show broadcast week 1/13/86. "Great Comedy Teams" incl Smith & Dale, Bob & Ray, Stiller & Meara, Reiner & Brooks, Abbott & Costello, Jack Benny & Fred Allen, etc E+

1576. Comedy Show broadcast week 1/20/86. "Cops & Criminals" incl Gilford & Mc Fadden, Stan Freberg, Woody Allen, Johnny Carson & Jack Webb, Henny Youngman, etc E+

1577. Comedy Show broadcast week 3/24/86. "High Seas" incl Phil Harris, Stan Freberg, Edgar Bergen, Spike Jones, The Bickersons, Bob Newhart, Lou Jacobi, etc E+

TRANSCRIPTIONS- 8", 12" & 16"

LATERAL 8" PLAYING AT 33 1/3 RPM ---all are Lang Worth 8" in the original sleeve---all heavy vinyl--some blue

1578. LW CI 10- Maxine Sullivan w/ John Kirby O- 4 cuts incl If I Had a Ribbon Bow EE+

1579. LW CI 42- Bob Strong O- 4 cuts incl Riff Raff EE+

1580. LW CI 43- Bob Strong O- 4 cuts incl Hittin' the Silk E-

1581. LW CI 45- Sonny Dunham O- 4 cuts incl Half Past Jumpin' Time EE+

1582. LW CI 46- Sonny Dunham O- 4 cuts incl 9:20 Special E

1583. LW CI 47- Sonny Dunham O- 4 cuts incl Mop Mop EE+

1584. LW CI 63- Teddy Powell O- 4 cuts incl Jersey Bounce E+

1585. LW DL 27- Claude Thornhill O- 4 cuts incl Sorta Kinda E+

1586. LW DL 39- Randy Brooks O- 4 cuts incl We Knew It All the Time E/E+

1587. LW DL 216- Ziggy Elman O- 4 cuts incl Hub-Je-De-Bee E

1588. LW DL 225- Dean Hudson O- 4 cuts incl Cherokee E

1589. LW DL 234- Charlie Barnet O- 4 cuts incl Oh, Miss Jaxon EE 1590. LW DL 269- Dean Hudson O- 4 cuts incl Skiing Is Fun EE+

1591. LW DL 309- Dean Hudson O- 4 cuts incl Route #17 E

1592. LW DL 310- Dean Hudson O- 4 cuts incl Teasin' E

1593. LW MP 2- Shep Fields voice tracks- 8 cuts incl Shep Abandons Rippling Rhythm 8

1594. LW MP 16- Ray Anthony voice tracks- 11 cuts incl Glenn Miller Influence E

1595. LW MP 19- Tommy Dorsey// Henry Busse/ Ziggy Elman dance band themes 3 cuts//2 cuts/3 cuts incl I'm Gettin Sentimental A EE+

1596. LW MP 74- Frankie Carle voice tracks- 11 cuts incl Yesterdays Music vs Todays E

1597. LW MP 77- Ray Anthony voice tracks- 10 cuts incl Ray Raps Bop E

1598. LW MP 79- Clyde Mc Coy voice tracks- 8 cuts incl The Sugar Blues story EE+

1599. LW VoS 22- Dick Brown Synkrodisk (Orch accomp)- 4 cuts incl Stardust, ICGUA But Love E


1600. Associated 270- Flip Wallace(Fats Waller)- Where Were You On the Night of June the Third, Clothes Line Ballet, Dont Let It Bother You// Gertrude Niesen w/ Johnny Green O(label missing B)- Temptation/ Hot Cha Cha E...great Fats A w/ 3 tunes done as a medley with talk in bewteen

1601. Assoc 287- Clyde Mc Coy O- Stompin' At the Savoy/ Embassy Stomp// But Definitely/ Oh My Goodness E..4 excellent sides!

1602. Assoc 463- Freddie Rich O- Song of the Vagabonds/ O Katharina/ Smile Darn Ya Smile// Assoc Male 4- 3 tunes E..ALL upbeat versions A

1603. Assoc 473- Emil Coleman O- The Widow In Lace/ It Goes to Your Feet// Voluptuous/Amargura E both good tunes A from New Faces of 1937

1604. Assoc 524- Al Roth O- I Could Use a Dream/ Sweet As a Song// Bei Mir Bist Du Schon/ Ziguener E-

1605. Assoc 525- Al Roth O- Doughnuts & Coffee/ Along a Texas Trail// D'Artega O- Spring Again/ I Was Doing All Right E+ nice A, Gershwin B

1606. Assoc 530- Walter Remsen O(Willard Robison)- Memphis Blues/ Round My Old Deserted Farm// Clyde Lucas O- Doctor Rhythm/ Just a Simple Melody EE-..closer to E..both nice!

1607. Assoc 532- Clyde Lucas O- Heigh Ho/ Moonlight On the Sunset Trail// Roy Nugent O(Ruby Newman)- By Myself/ You Have Everything E+ good version Heigh Ho

1608. Assoc 536- Franklyn Roberts O(Fred Rich?)- Blow Gabriel/ Dancing In the Dark// Ray Sinatra O- Marcheta/ Two Hearts E...nice A!

1609. Assoc 593- Adrian Rollini Novelty Trio- Honky Tonk Train/ Alabamy Bound// Ben Selvin Cocktail O- Bells Across the Meadows/ Goodbye Girls I'm Through E+

1610. Assoc 597- Buddy Clark- Let There Be Love/ From Another World// Henri Nosco O- Over the Waves/ Puppchen E+

1611. Muzak 567- Isham Jones O- Once Upon a Time/ Blue Room// Al Donahue O- Just One of Those Things/ I Built a Dream One Day E GREAT ISHAM

1612. Muzak 569- Isham Jones O-The Lady Is a Tramp/ Mama, That Moon Is Here Again// Ozzie Nelson O- Ebb Tide/ Satan Takes a Holiday E BIG SOUND BOTH

1613. Muzak 618- Emil Coleman O- Music Makes Me/ One Morning In May// Bernard Levitow O- The Swan/ The Chatterbox E..

1614. Muzak 701- Freddie Rich O w/ Buddy Clark vocs- You Turned the Tables On Me/ Did You Mean It// Emil Coleman O- Goody Goody/ Only a Rose E NICE A!


1615. acetate- Side 1 band 1- Pittsburgh Paints 4/23/34- Jacques Renard O- Washington & Lee Swing, This Little Piggie Went to Market, You Have Taken My Heart..voc incl Kay Costello// Side 1- band 2 Hollywood Spotlight- Phil Harris O- a real nice 'Long About Sundown with Leah Ray vocal, the 5 Jones Boys// Side 2- label reads NBC Orthacoustic The Railroad Hour 10/9/50 part 2/2 and is a performance of Roberta. Likely some sort of dub, but sounds good with good content E+

1616. original acetate- RCA Victor Show(unknown date but mentions Mayor La Guardia)- Leonard Feather, Deems Taylor, Raymond Paige O..Tunes incl Patience & Fortitude// Woody Herman Show 12/22/45 brought to you by Wildroot. Tunes incl Flying Home, Great Northern, Jingle Bells EE+. shows may not be complete end in a logical place

1617. original acetate- The Jack Benny Program(special Christmas program) with Mary Livingstone, Rochester, Phil Harris, Dennis Day, Don Wilson as broadcast on CBS network Christmas 1949. E+

1618. original acetate- The Jack Benny Program with Mary Livingstone, Rochester, Phil Harris and Dennis Day as originally broadcast on CBS network 1/29/50. E+

1619. AFRS- Basic Music Library 181/2- Red Norvo 5/ Count Basie O- 3 cuts per E-

1620. AFRS- BML 233/4- Duke Ellington O- 4 cuts V+

1621. AFRS- BML 287/8- Benny Goodman- 6 cuts incl ONLY issue of Only Another Boy & Girl E+

1622. AFRS- BML 417/8- Ray Noble O- 8 cuts EE+ incl Lady Be Good

1623. AFRS- Jubilee 299- Benny Goodman- live concert in Los Angeles 1948 E+ GREAT!

1624. AFRS- One Night Stand 1722- Benny Goodman Sextet- live show from Philadelphia 1948..E+

1625. Capitol B-103/4- Alvino Rey O- 7 cuts incl How High the Moon, Make Love With a Guitar E

1626. Cap B 181/2- Alvino Rey O- 8 cuts incl Singin' the Blues E

1627. Cap B 245/6- Duke Ellington O- 8 cuts incl Just Squeeze Me E

1628. Cap B 317/8- Mahlon Clark Sextet- 9 cuts incl Stompin' At the Savoy E

1629. CP Mac Gregor- 2453/4- Sextette From Hunger/ Pat Friday fem voc. 5 cuts per E+/E top trad jazz A incl Lock, Stock & Barrelhouse, Olsen Sent Me

1630. Lang Worth 81/82- Tommy Dorsey O/ Frankie Carle O- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts incl I Never Knew A, plus a swingin tune marked Do Not Play/ I Surrender Dear B EE-

1631. Mutual Broadcasting Co- This Is Jazz #28. Live broadcast from San Francisco hosted by Rudi Blesh with Bob Scobey, Turk Murphy, Wally Rose, and trad band. Complete 2 sided heavy red vinyl. Tunes incl Pineapple Rag, Cake Walkin Babies, Snake Rag, etc EE+

1632. Muzak L-262- Willis Kelly O- 10 cuts of top trad jazz incl 12th Street Rag, Shine E+

1633. RCA ET- mx MS 101712/104256- The Lure of Perfume Series pgm 1/2. Talk and music incl She Shall Have Music, Lets Face the Music & Dance E+ once plasticizer is removed. From 8/36

1634. Standard Radio Advertising Co- Kay Kyser #2. Heavy shellac pressing by Mac Gregor & Sollie in San Francisco. Tunes incl Great Day, Rag Man, Easter Parade, Champagne Wz EE+

1635. Standard 543-550- unknown big band/ Gene Austin- 4 cuts per EE+. Incl I Know That You Know A/ Fair Weather Mama B

1636. Standard A 862- 870. A side college tunes/ B side 5 exc sides by uncredited Hal Grayson O incl Sing, Baby, Sing, You Turned the Tables On Me EE+ early Victor pressing

1637. Std A 884-691. Uncred jazz piano/ Rhythm Rascals. 4 cuts per E incl I Wish I Were Twins, Devil In the Moon A// Rocking Rolling Rhythm B. early Victor pressing

1638. Std B 1049-1058. uncred Jones Boys/ uncred Hal Grayson O- 5 cuts per E..Incl Shoe Shine Boy, Its Been So Long A/ Cross Patch, A Little Robin Told Me So B early Victor pressing

1639. Std X-2- Dick Jurgens O- 7 tunes EE+ incl Stop You're Breaking My Heart early Victor press

1640. Std X-120- Ted Fio Rito O/ Bob Crosby O- 5 tunes per EE+. Incl Down On Ami Ami Oni Oni Isle, Sing Me a Song of the Islands A/ Jingle Jangle Jingle B..early Victor pressing

1641. Std X-122- Bob Crosby O/ Dyana Gayle w/ O B- 5 tunes per EE+ incl Just Imagine, Johnny One Note A/ HOT Sugar Foot Stomp B.. early Victor pressing

1642. Std Y-117- Dick Jurgens O- 8 cuts incl I Married An Angel E. early Victor pressing

1643. Thesaurus 192- Harry Reser O/ Rosario Boudon- 4 cuts/ 3 cuts incl I Got Rhythm A E+

1644. Thesaurus 366- Rhythm Makers O(Artie Shaw)- 8 cuts incl Love Is Good For Anything That Ails You EE+ once plasticizer is removed

1645. Thesaurus 419- Rhythm Makers O(Artie Shaw)- 8 cuts incl Its the Natural Thing to Do E+

1646. Thesaurus 510- William Wirges O/ Hildegarde- 4 cuts per incl Dodging a Divorcee A/ 'S Wonderful B EE+

1647. Thesaurus 574- Blue Barron O/ Fields & Hall Mountaineers 4 cuts/ 5 cuts incl hot The Yam A...EE-

1648. Thesaurus 579- Jan Savitt O/ Blue Barron O- 4 cuts per incl Could You Pass In Love A/ Love Of My Life B..good mix of swing and sweet EE+

1649. Thesaurus 1433- Jumpin' Jacks/ Music of Manhattan 6 tunes per incl Sunday A/ I Cant Get Started B E

1650. Thesaurus 1558- Artie Shaw O/ Johnny Guarnieri Quintet- 4 tunes/ 6 tunes. Incl Moonglow A/ I Beeped When I Shoulda Bopped B E+

1651. Transco 11 A/B Phil Harris O- as Coconut Grove Ambassadors. Fantastic content includes A show- All American Girl, sung by The Three Ambassadors..Phil dedicates it to Peggy Joyce Hopkins(his error!), Leah Ray & Phil sing If You Could Only Cook, plus I Cannot Tell You Why// B show starts with Rise 'N Shine with The Three Ambassadors, Leah Ray croons Look What You've Done, Phil ends the disk with a vocal on The Old Man of the Mountain E+, heavy shellac

1652. Transco 13 A/B Phil Harris O- as Coconut Grove Ambassadors. Exc shows!! 13A- Save a Rainy Day For Me(Leah Ray vo), This Is No Dream, That Dame Called May(Harris vocal)// 13B You're Telling Me, Street of Dreams, Hold Up Your Hands(Leah Ray), Lets Fly Away EE+, heavy shellac

1653. Treasury Dept- Guest Star 403/4- Louis Armstrong/ Fred Waring E+N-

1654. Treasury Dept- Guest Star 471/2- Nat King Cole/ Eddy Howard E+N-

1655. Veterans Dept- Here's to Vets-148/9- Eddy Condon O/ Chick Foster O E+

1656. Ziv- The Guy Lombardo Show- 241/242 part 1 each. 2 long cuts per side EE+

1657. Ziv- The Guy Lombardo Show- 249/250 part 2 each. 2 long cuts per side EE+


1658. acetate- World Transcription safety acetate. These were cut at the recording session as safeties, and immediate reference copies. This one contains 5 cuts by an unknown big band obviously led by a trumpeter. Cuts include On My Way Out, After That, Is You Is Or Is You Aint Ma Baby, I Learned a Lesson I'll Never Forget, Some Peaceful Evening. 5 tunes that took 9 takes, so 4 breakdown takes are included. N- incredible fidelity and a look into an actual recording session

1659. Assoc test mx AA-1369-C1- Fred Rich O- 4 cuts incl South Sea Island Magic, Its D'Lovely E+

1660. Assoc test mx AA 1403-C2- Ray Noble O w/ Al Bowlly vocals- 4 cuts in super hi fidelity incl Easy to Love, I've Got You Under My Skin, Under Your Spell, Lets Put Our Heads Together E+

1661. Assoc test mx AA-1415-C2- unknown super dance band plays 4 cuts incl You Cant Tell She Comes From Dixie, Trust In Me, There's Frost On the Moon E+ Sonny Schuyler/ Tiny Wolfe vocs

1662. Assoc test mx M-1511-C1- Jack Denny O- 4 cuts incl Sweet Leilani, Bubbling Over EE+

1663. Assoc test mx M-1525-C2- Ben Selvin Cocktail O- 3 cuts incl Its Swell of You/ Casper Reardon harp interlude- one cut E-

1664. Assoc 60032- Rex Melbourne O/ Freddie Rich O- 4 cuts/ 3 cuts incl Blue Hawaii A/ Our Song B E+

1665. Assoc 60035- Rex Melbourne O/ Ben Selvin O- 4 cuts per incl I Got Rhythm, Raggin' the Scale A/ Adrian Rollini bass sax on Slap that Bass B

1666. Assoc 60069- Lenny Carson O(Larry Clinton)- 8 cuts incl Saving Myself For You, I'm Gonna Lock My Heart--some with Babs Warren(Bea Wain) vocs E+

1667. Assoc 60082- Rex Melbourne O/ Will Osborne O- 4 cuts per incl What Have You Got That Gets Me A/ FDR Jones B EE+

1668. Assoc 60222- Larry Clinton O/ Merle Pitt 4- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ incl Dig Me Honey A/ Opus 4, Long, Long Ago B..both good!

1669. Assoc 60292- Claude Thornhill O/ Joan Edwards- 3 cuts/ 4 cuts E+ incl nice Kitten On the Keys A/ I Get a Kick Out of You B

1670. Assoc 60532- Abe Lyman O- 4 cuts per incl African Hop A... E..scr B sds, A is OK

1671. Muzak X-75- Nat Brandywynne O- 10 cuts incl Button Up Your Overcoat E+

1672. Muzak X-76- Nat Brandywynne O- 6 cuts + piano interludes incl A Million Dreams Ago E+

1673. Muzak X-189- Willis Kelly O/ Ben Ross O- 4 cuts per incl Sister Kate A..E+ top trad jazz

1674. Muzak X-190- Willis Kelly O/ Ben Ross O- 7 Willis/ 2 Ben incl Temptation Rag A E+

1675. World- Chevrolet Musical Moments- 106/7 red semi flexible from 1935. Great dance band plays Footloose & Fancy Free (some solos), The Touch of Your Hand, Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town, Without a Word of Warning// I Feel a Song Coming On, Melody in F, etc EE+

1676. World 745-752- unknown top dance band from 1934. 8 tunes incl a great Dames, plus Moon Country, I'm Hummin, Whistlin, Singin, I Only Have Eyes For You, etc EE+ red semi flexible

1677. World 1049-1056- unknown top dance band from 1935/ cowboy. 4 cuts per incl Curly Top, Young Ideas, Get Rhythm In Your Feet A... E red semi flexible

1678. World 993-1000- Dick Carroll O- 8 tunes from 1935 incl I'm In Love All Over Again E red flex

1679. World 2601-2608- Alec Randolph O(Adrian Rollini)- 8 cuts with exc Bobby Hackett trumpet incl Memphis Blues, Nagasaki, Sweet Lorraine EE+ some lt surf scrs nap

1680. World 2801-2808- Lew Adams O/ World Vocal Orch- 4 cuts per incl You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby A/ There's Honey on the Moon B..E

1681. World Jam Session JS 11- Pete Brown Jump Band/ Henry Red Allen O- 5 cuts/ 4 cuts incl Thats the Lick A/ Get the Mop B E- some scrs

1682. World Jam Session JS 25- Joe Marsala O/ Miff Mole O- 4 cuts/ 5 cuts incl Panama A/ I Would Do Anything For You B EE+

1683. World Jam Session JS 27- Sam Price Blusicians/ Red Norvo Sextet - 4 cuts/ 3 cuts incl Boogie Woogie Notion A/ Dee Dee's Dance B E



1684. Bluebird May 1941- 4 pg foldout- pop, dance, Hillbilly, Disques Francais E+

1685. Bluebird June 1941- 6 pg foldout- pop, dance, Hillbilly, Disques Francais E+

1686. Bluebird July 1941-8 pg foldout- pop, dance, Hillbilly, Disques Francais E+

1687. Bluebird Aug 1941-10 pg foldout- pop, dance, Hillbilly, Disques Francais E+

1688. Bluebird Sept 1941-10 pg foldout- pop, dance, Hillbilly, Disques Francais E+

1689. Bluebird Oct 1941-10 pg foldout- pop, dance, Hillbilly, Disques Francais E+

1690. Bluebird Nov 1941-10 pg foldout- pop, dance, Hillbilly, Disques Francais E+

1691. Bluebird Dec 1941-8 pg foldout- pop, dance, Hillbilly, Disques Francais, childrens E+

1692. Brunswick Mar 1925- 12 pg bklt w/ pix Mound City Blue Blowers, Chitwood & Landress E+

1693. Brunswick Apr 1925- 12 pg bklt w/ pix Gene Rodemich, Marion Harris, Green Brothers E+

1694. Brunswick May 1925- 12 pg bklt w/ pix Carl Fenton O, Isham Jones E+

1695. Brunswick- unknown.- 20 pg bklt lists new 2700's- pix Abe Lyman O, Ray Miller, Kreuger E+

1696. Brunswick Oct 1926- 14 pg bklt- feat Ben Selvin, Abe Lyman, Macy & Smalle, etc E-

1697. Brunswick May 1927- 8 pg bklt. Harry Richman cover. Color illus Honolulu Moon E

1698. Brunswick Sept 1928- 8 pg bklt incl Songs From Dixie. art deco illus E

1699. Columbia Aug 1911- 14 pg bklt..Will Oakland, Chas W Harrison, Princes O, etc EE+

1700. Columbia Sep 1911- 14 pg bklt. Henry Burr, Dolly Connolly etc EE+

1701. Columbia Oct 1911- 22 pg bklt..Blossom Seeley, Chas W Harrison, Princes O, etc EE+

1702. Columbia Nov 1911- 22 pg bklt..Ed Morton, Arthur Collins, etc EE+

1703. Columbia Dec 1911- 26 pg bklt..Will Oakland, Chas W Harrison, Arthur Collins, etc EE+

1704. Columbia Jan 1912- 22 pg bklt- incl ragtime, religious, opera, etc EE+

1705. Columbia July 1912- 22 pg bklt- incl Weber & Fields, Irving Berlin- Ted Snyder, etc EE+

1706. Columbia June 1919- 30 pg bklt- incl large pic Bert Williams, Waldorf DO- dance, pop, E

1707. Columbia Aug 1922- 18 pg bklt. color covers- Eddie Cantor on back in blackface E+

1708. Columbia Sep 1927- 20 pg bklt. pix Etting, Morse, Reisman O, Ted Lewis O E+

1709. Columbia Sep 1928- cover Ruth Etting..Whiteman, dance, Irish, etc EE-

1710. Columbia May 1928- 8 pg foldout- Charles Mack cover- dance, vocal, Irish E+

1711. Columbia Jan 1929- 20 pg bklt. Cover Lee Morse, pix Gershwin, etc E+

1712. Columbia Feb 1929- 20 pg bklt. Cover Anna Case E+

1713. Columbia Mar 1929- 20 pg bklt. Cover Guy Lombardo, lists Concerto in F by Gershwin E+

1714. Columbia Apr 1929- 30 pg bklt. pix Whiteman, Etting, Lowry, etc E+

1715. Columbia May 1929- 30 pg bklt. Cover Oscar Grogan E+

1716. Columbia June 1929- 30 pg bklt. Cover James Melton, also lists Hawaiian, Race E+

1717. Co July 1930. 5"x7" 16 page foldout to 9"x24".lists and caricatures of Selvin, Etting, Osborne,

Lombardo, Grogan, Tremaine etc. Dance, race, vocals, etc. Many collectors frame these EE+

1718. Co Aug 1930. as above- with lists and caricatures of Ukulele Ike, Whiteman, Morse, Selvin, Ted Lewis, Paul Tremaine. Dance, race, vocals, etc EE+

1719. Co Sept 1930. as above- with lists and caricatures of Bert Lown, Roy Evans, Art Gillham, Lee Morse, Ben Selvin, Ted Lewis. Dance, race, vocals, etc EE+

1720. Co Oct 1930. as above- with lists and caricatures of Whiteman, Etting, Osborne, Selvin, Guy, etc. Dance, race, vocals, etc. EE+

1721. Commodore- 10 pg foldout incl Billie, Wiley, Chu, Hawk, etc. pencil checks, otherwise EE+

1722. Commodore- 4 pg foldout incl UHCA & Commodore. pencil checks, otherwise E+

1723. Commodore- 10 pg foldout incl Billie, Wiley, Chu, Hawk, Private Jives, Willie Smith EE+

1724. Commodore- 10 pg foldout incl UHCA, Solo Art, Signature, light pencil checks, E+

1725. Commodore- 10 pg foldout incl Chu, Roy, Billie, Wiley, Stacy- pencil checks, otherwise EE+

1726. Decca Dec 1943- 6 pg foldout- pix- Glen Gray E+

1727. Decca Jan 1944- 4 pg foldout- pix- Guy Lombardo E+

1728. Decca Feb 1944- 4 pg foldout- pix- Jimmy Dorsey E+

1729. Decca March 1944- 4 pg foldout- pix- Merry Macs E+

1730. Decca Apr 1944- 4 pg foldout- pix- Woody Herman E+

1731. Decca May 1944- 4 pg foldout- pix- Bing Crosby E+

1732. Gennett Jan 1920- 24 pg bklt, w/ illustrations, listings. pencil writing, otherwise E

1733. Odeon June 1924- haupt catalog- 60 pgs- all types. light water mark, otherwise EE+

1734. Victor June 1912- 32 pg bklt. Pix Jolson, Caruso, Baker, etc E+

1735. Victor July 1912- 32 pg bklt. Pix Jolson, Caruso, Mc Cormack, etc E+

1736. Victor Aug 1912- 32 pg bklt. Pix Caruso, Mc Cormack, That Girl Qtet, etc E+

1737. Victor Oct 1913- 36 pg bklt. Pix Caruso, Mc Cormack, Victor Herbert, etc-some pencil E+

1738. Victor Dec 1925- 28 pg bklt. Cover Caruso- pix Whiteman O, Nat Shilkret, Weems O E+

1739. Victor Feb 1, 1926 flyer- 4 pgs. high 19800's. illustration black quintette for Dinah E+

1740. Victor Mar 1, 1926 flyer- 6 pgs. lists 19900s E+

1741. Victor Apr 1, 1926 flyer- 8 pgs. lists 19900s E+

1742. Victor International Records April 1940. 12 pg foldout incl Greek, Croatian, Finnish, German, Yiddish, Turkish, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Norwegian, etc E

THE RECORD CHANGER- complete or near complete annual runs with ads, articles, discographies, photos, record reviews from pioneer collectors and authors, plus great cover illustrations. Covers all types of jazz- trad, bop, swing, etc. All in excellent cond

1743. Record Changer Lot #1- 1952- 8 issues (Jan, Feb, Mar, June, July, Aug/Sep combo, Nov, Dec). Topics incl Mildred Bailey, QRS, Ed Allen, Chicago Style, Dizzy, Dodds, Jelly, etc

1744. Record Changer Lot #2- 1953 issues- 10 issues- all but Nov(summer was combo). Included- Goodman, Red Onion Jazz, Meade Lux, Gennett Story, Institute of Jazz Studies, etc

1745. Record Changer Lot #3- 1954 issues- 9 issues (no March, Sept, Oct)- Included- Buffalodians, jazz origins, ODJB, Red Allen, Jelly Roll, Leadbelly

1746. Record Changer Lot #4- 1955 issues- first 9 issues of the year(were there any more?)- Included- Personality collectors, Hawk, Chet Baker, Speckled Red, Ma Rainey, etc

RCA VICTOR RECORD REVIEW- approx 15 page large format monthly mag with pix- (many unusual Hollywood star pix), reviews, articles, ads, etc- all in exc cond

1747. RCA Record Review April 1950- dance bands return, Toscanini, Duke, Gershwin, etc

1748. RCA Record Review - May 1950- Victor Long Plays, Dorsey, Kaye, Pix Bing Crosby, etc

1749. RCA Record Review- July 1950- Como, Crosby, & Godfrey, Sinatra, Krupa, Cantor, Karloff

1750. RCA Record Review- Nov 1950- Roy Rogers, Freddy Martin, Betty Hutton, Groucho & Bing

1751. RCA Record Review- Dec 1950- Merman, Eleanor Roosevelt, Spike Jones

1752. RCA Record Review- Feb 1951- Bunny Berigan, Glenn Miller, BG, Kemp, Bing, Louis

1753. RCA Record Review- Mar 1951- Phil Harris, Alice Faye, Your Show of Shows

1754. RCA Record Review- Apr 1951- Spike Jones, Tony Martin, Phil Harris, Sinatra

1755. RCA Record Review- May 1951- Eddie Fisher, Preston Sturges

1756. RCA Record Review- June 1951- Tony Martin, Vaughan Monroe, The King & I

1757. RCA Record Review- July 1951- Eddie Fisher, Dennis Day, Dinah Shore

1758. RCA Record Review- Oct 1951- Spike Jones, Two Tickets to Broadway

1759. RCA Record Review- Nov 1951- Glenn Miller, Eddie Fisher, Gene Krupa

1760. RCA Record Review- Jan 1952- BG, Artie, Sidney, Dizzy, Bunny, Louis, Hawk, Chu, Jelly Roll Morton, Mc Kinney's Cotton Pickers

1761. RCA Record Review- Mar 1952- Dinah Shore, Dorothy Loudon, Betty Hutton

1762. RCA Record Review- Apr 1953- Dinah Shore, Nipper, Sauter-Finegan

TRANSCRIPTION DISCOGRAPHIES- these are bound, softcover 8"x 11 1/2" volumes with information that has not been compiled anywhere else to my knowledge. Collectors and researchers Ken Crawford and Bozy White among others put these together. Contents include matrix numbers, issue numbers, artists, song titles, index, etc. All are in near mint condition.

1763. AFRS Basic Music Library P-1 to P-1200

1764. AFRS Basic Music Library P-1200 to P-2400

1765. AFRS Basic Music Library P-2400 to P-3602

1766. AFRS Downbeat Series(a working draft)- issues 1-437

1767. Standard Transcription- Volume 1- Series A-T

1768. Standard Transcription- Volume 2- Series U-Z

1769. Thesaurus Transcription- Volume 1(working draft)- issues 100-1000


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