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Dear Collectors, Here is my latest auction of vintage 78s, 12" & 16" radio transcriptions, and paper material. Closing date is- SUNDAY- OCTOBER 30, 2016. Winner pays postage and packing at cost. I am looking to purchase quality collections, so please keep me in mind should you hear of anything for sale or wish to sell a collection.

SECTION ONE (all in this section are play graded using a new Stanton 2.7 mil stylus, and listed as looks like/plays like, unless looks/plays are the same)


1. Ariel Z 4564- Ariel DO- Why?/ Cross Your Fingers looks V+, plays E/E- US bands- in the rare 490000 non vocal mx series

2. Autograph unnumbered- Lampe's Orch- Trianon- a New Dance/ Trianon Chicago Tango E...Blue labels clean

3. Black Swan 2026- James P. Johnson- The Harlem Strut/ F.H. Henderson- Unknown Blues looks V, plays about E

4. Bluebird 6300- Bob Pope Hotel Charlotte O- Stop That Dog/ The Bug EE+ NC territory jazz

5. BB 6447- Joe & His Rhythm O- You Can Depend On Me/ Confessin' E..San Antonio territory jazz

6. BB 6546- King Oliver O- Call of the Freaks/ Fess Williams O- Friction EE+/E master pressings

7. BB 7187- Boots & His Buddies- Blues of Avalon/ The Raggle Taggle E+ San Antonio territory jazz

8. BB 7757- Jelly Roll Morton Peppers- Kansas City Stomps/ New Orleans Bump E+ master press

9. BB 8130- Tiny Parham O- Jogo Rhythm/ Stuttering Blues E+N- 1928 master pressing

10. BB 10258- Jelly Roll Morton Trio- Mr Jelly Lord/ Wolverine Blues E+1927 master press

11. Br 7111- Jabbo Smith Rhythm Aces- Band Box Stomp/ Moanful Blues looks V, pl V+, some E-

12. Br 7142(lightning)- Bill Brown Brownies- What Kind Of Rhythm Is That/ Zonky looks E- plays E

13. Br 4119- Fletcher Henderson O- Hop off/ Broadway Broadcasters- I Must Have That Man EE-

14. Br 4184- Tony Parenti's New Orleanians- You Made Me Like It Baby/ Gumbo..EE+ just a shade under E+

15. Br 6026- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- On Revival Day/ part 2 E

16. Br 7534- Mills Blue Rhythm Band- Tallahassee/ Once to Every Heart E/EE+

17. Br 178(ENG)- Fred Elizalde O- A Room With a View/ Dance Little Lady E+

18. Br 01517(ENG)- Duke Ellington O- Blackbird medley 1/2 EE+

19. Champion 15551- Blythe's Blue Boys- Some Do & Some Dont/ Pleasure Mad looks V- with FAINT 1" hlc, few clx B, pass..plays E-/V some V-...decent copy for a rare one!

20. Columbia 698- New Orleans Wanderers- Perdido Street Blues/ Gate Mouth looks V+, plays E

21. Co 953- Duke Ellington Washingtonians- Hop Head/ East St Louis Toodle O looks VV+, pl EE+

22. Co 1267- Fulcher's Dance Trio- Daylight Breaking Blues/ After That looks V+ w/ few scrs, plays E scrs nap

23. Co 2675- Harlan Lattimore's Connie's Inn O- Chant of the Weed/ South in My Soul looks E- grey/ E, plays E/E+..instrumental A

24. Co 2732(BLUE WAX)- Fletcher Henderson O- Underneath the Harlem Moon/ Honeysuckle Rose E- at beginning, to E at end

25. Co 2863(BLUE WAX)- Williams' Jug Band- Organ Grinder/ You Aint Too Old looks E-, plays E- VV+ toward end A side/ EE- B side

26. Co 2884(BLUE WAX)- Casa Loma O- Royal Garden Blues/ San Sue Strut E+

27. Co 2989(BLUE WAX)- Benny Carter Harlem Club O- Devil's Holiday/ Symphony In Riffs EE+

28. Co 3105(BLUE WAX)- Joe Venuti & Russ Morgan- Black Satin/ Red Velvet E+ tiny scr beg B

29. Co 14460- Clarence Williams Jazz Kings- A Pane In the Glass/ Freeze Out looks E, plays E+

30. Co 35842- Bessie Smith- At the Christmas Ball/ Preachin' the Blues N- has surf scr nap stand alone issue-not from set--- A side recorded 1925 and only released here

31. Co CB 612(ENG)- Joe Venuti- Eddie Lang Blue 5- Raggin' the Scale/ Jig Saw Puzzle Blues E/EE+

32. Co CB 686- Joe Venuti Blue 6- The Jazz Me Blues/ In De Ruff E no US issue

33. De 90499- Bill Krenz- Sizzling Fingers Dance of the Kutie Kids E+...great piano! odd series-perhaps personal..label mentions MM Cole Publishing, Chicago. 3D label

34. De test mx GB 5144-1(vinyl)- The Ramblers- Chincatown My Chinatown E+ great sound on this vinyl test- 1932 recording

35. De F 42121- Bennie Carter met the Ramblers- I'll Never Give In/ Black Bottom E- no US issue

36. De F 42165- Bennie Carter met de Ramblers- Nieuwe Straat/ Luie Middag looks E-, plays E

37. Duophone 4005(ENG)- Harry Paul O- Ten Little Miles From Town/ My Ohio Home E- no US issue on these 1928 Brunswick recorded sides, as below

38. Duo 4006(ENG)- Harry Paul O- If You Dont Love Me/ Chloe E+ solos A no US issue

39. Gennett 5417- Guy Lombardo O- Cotton Pickers Ball/ Mama's Gone Goodbye EE-

40. Harmony 1413- Reis & Dunn w/ Ventui & Lange(Lang)- I Wanna Count Sheep/ Starlight N-

41. HMV 5723- Noble Sissle O- You Want Lovin & I Want Love/ Recollections V+ no US issue

42. Odeon ONY 36063- Dr Eugene Ormandy O- I Never Dreamt/ The Verdict Is- Life E+

43. Od ONY 36102- Hotel Pennsylvania O- Just Like In a Story Book/ Where Can You Be? E+

44. Od ONY 36147- Ed Lloyd O- I'll Still Belong to You/ I Am the Words E+ A side fm Whoopee

45. Od ONY 41302- Smith Ballew w/ O- Marianne/ How Am I To Know? E+

46. Odeon 165.358(FR)- Bix Beiderbecke O- Thou Swell/ Larry Abbott O- I'm More Than Satisfied E+/EE+ early master pressing

47. OK 4787- Thomas Waller- Muscle Shoals Blues/ Birmingham Blues looks V, plays E

48. OK 8533- The Chicago Footwarmers- Grandmas's Ball/ Ballin' the Jack looks E, plays E+

49. OK 8548- The Chicago Footwarmers- Oriental Man/ My Baby E+

50. OK 8746- The Harlem Footwarmers- Syncopated Shuffle/ Blues of the Vagabond E+

51. OK 8766- Luis Russell O- Feeling the Spirit/ Doctor Blues E+

52. OK 8772- JC Higginbotham Hicks- Give Me Your Telephone Number/ Higginbotham Blues E+ MINOR edge dmg nap

53. OK 40327- Original New Orleans Rhythm Kings- Golden Leaf Strut/ She's Crying For Me Blues looks G, plays V

54. OK 40825- Joe Venuit & Eddie Lang- Goin' Places/ Doin' Things looks E, plays E+

55. OK 40897- Joe Venuti Blue Four- A Mug of Ale/ Cheese & Crackers E+ couple super lt scrs nap

56. OK 41121- Sam Lanin O- Jumping Jack/ Roses of Yesterday EE+ or better Rube Bloom A

57. OK 41198- Southern Melody Artists- My Angeline/ Carolina Moon E+ Smith Ballew vocals

58. OK 41220- The Goofus 5 & Orch- Deep Night/ Dorsey Bros O- I'll Never Ask For More E+

59. OK 41275- Morelli's Bohemians- Joe College/ You Laughed When I Told You I Loved You E jazz trumpet A

60. OK 41348- Ed Loyd O- If You Were the Only Girl/ I'm Falling In Love With Some One E+ small lam B only NAP- Smith Ballew in vocal chorus A

61. OK 41423- Louis Armstrong O- Indian Cradle Song/ Exactly Like You looks E, plays E+/E

62. OK 41425- Fred "Sugar" Hall Sugar Babies- When I Look to the West/ Bury Me In the Tennesee Mountains N-/E+

63. OK 41427- Joe Venuti O- Dancing With Tears In My Eyes(A tk)/ Promises(C tk) E

64. OK 41427- Joe Venuti O- Dancing With Tears In My Eyes(C tk)/ Promises(B tk) E+

65. OK 41466- Bud Blue O- Someone Sang a Sweeter Song to Mary/ I'll Be Blue Just Thinking of You E+ edge lams nap. NICE Ballew sides

66. OK 41469- Joe Venuti Blue 4- Sweet Sue-Just You/ I've Found a New Baby E+

67. OK 41476- Casa Loma O- Alexander's Ragtime Band/ Put On Your Old Gray Bonnet looks E-(gray)/E+, plays E+

68. OK 41527- Buddy Campbell O- Lucille/ Charlie Cadet E+...nice Selvins!

69. OK 41574- Paul Mares Friars Society O- Nagasaki/ Maple Leaf Rag E+N-

70. Paramount 12593- Blind Lemon Jefferson- Lonesome House Blues/ Sunshine Special looks G, plays clean V no skips, clx, etc

71. Par PNY 34013- Emmett Miller & Georgia Crackers- Sweet Mamma/ Emmett Miller & Phil Pavey- The Ghost of the St Louis Blues E+

72. Par PNY 34027- Ted Shawne O- Rockin' Chair/ Richard Hampton O looks EE+/E plays E+ A side is the classic Louis Armstrong- Hoagy Carmichael version

73. Par PNY 41301- Joe Curran O- Love Aint Nothin But the Blues/ How Am I To Know E+ some light grey nap. GREAT band--Smith Ballew vocs

74. Parlophone R 3323- Frankie Trumbauer O w/ Bix & Lang- Singin' the Blues/ Frankie Trumbauer O w/ Bix- Clarinet Marmalade E+ large purple label

75. QRS 7039- Earl Hines- Just Too Soon/ Panther Rag E+/E+ beginning, to E near end.GREAT!

76. Regal 8129- Joe Jordan's Ten Sharps & Flats- Old Folks Shuffle/ Morocco Blues solid E-, LIGHT scr spot B... great tumpet solos

77. Swing 70- Rex Stewart Footwarmers- I Know That You Know/ Finesse E+ incl Django Reinhardt

78. Vi 19084- Rosa Henderson- I'm Broke Fooling With You/ Good Woman's Blues E+

79. Vi 20431- Jelly Roll Morton Red Hot Peppers- Grandpa's Spells/ Cannon Ball E-

80. Vi 20552- Memphis Jug Band- Sun Brimmers/ Stingy Woman looks V-, plays V and E- in parts

81. Vi 20961- Ross De Luxe Syncopators- Skad-o-Lee/ Florida Rhythm looks E, plays EE+

82. Vi 21202- Thomas Waller w/ Thomas Morris Hot Babies- He's Gone Away/ Please Take Me Out of Jail EE-

83. Vi 21537- Ross De Luxe Syncopators- Dont You Wanna Know/ Believe Me, Dear EE+ or better

84. Vi 21658- Jelly Roll Morton Red Hot Peppers- Shreveport/ Shoe Shiner's Drag E+

85. Vi 22749- Henny Hendrickson Louisville Serenaders- Buffalo Rhythm/ On the Beach With U EE+

86. Vi 23393- Bennie Moten KC O- Two Times/ Prince of Wales looks V, plays solid E-

87. Vi 24150- New Orleans Feetwarmers- Shag/ I Found a New Baby looks V-, plays V+

88. Vi 24320- Louis Armstrong O- Dusky Stevedore/ St Louis Blues E

89. Vi 38008- Duke Ellington O- Diga Diga Do/ ICGUA But Love E lt scr A nap

90. Vi 38055- Jelly Roll Morton Orch- Deep Creek/ Red Hot Pepper E+

91. Vi 38118- Mc Kinney's Cotton Pickers- Zonky/ If I Could Be With You E

92. Vi 40103- Billy Hays O- When Carolina Smiles/ Just In Time E+ NICE A w/ solos

93. Vocalion 14926- Fletcher Henderson O- Words/ Copenhagen E+ has a couple of MINOR scrs in unimportant places- no affect whatsoever on the great Louis Armstrong solos

94. Vo 15078- Sonny Clay's Plantation O- Jambled Blues/ Bogloosa Blues looks V-, plays V+ couple clx B pass

95. Vo 15892- Duke Williams O- Smoke Rings/ Sophisticated Lady E-/ V+..rare Don Redman issue

96. Vo 1291- Cow Cow Davenport- We Gonna Rub It/ Texas Shout looks V-, plays V

97. Vo 2584- Clarence Williams O- Chocolate Avenue/ Dispossessin' Me E-/ B side looks VV+, plays E-

98. Vo 2654- Clarence Williams O- I Got Horses & Numbers On My Mind/ New Orleans Hop Scop Blues looks E-/VV+, plays EE-/E-

99. Vo 2676- Clarence Williams O- Mister Will You Serenade/ St Louis Blues E/ B side looks V-, plays E-

100. Vo 2989- Benny Carter O- Shoot the Works/ Dream Lullaby E-


101. Br 2106- Frank Ferera & Anthony Franchini- Honolulu March/ Ua Like No a Like E+

102. Br 2119- Frank Ferera & Anthony Franchini- Malani Anu Ka Makani/ Kawaha E+

103. Br 2182- Selvin O- Goodbye Pretty Butterflies/ Smilin' E/EE-

104. Br 2318- Marion Harris- Brother 'N Law Dan/ Dixie Highway VV+

105. Br 2350- Isham Jones O- You Gave Me Your Heart/ The Sneak! EE+

106. Br 2439- Isham Jones O- Other Lips/ Marcheta E

107. Br 2506- Isham Jones O- Mama Loves Papa/ Stealing to Virginia E-

108. Br 2582- Al Jolson w/ Isham Jones O- Home In Pasadena/ Mr Radio Man E

109. Br 2642- Bennie Krueger O- June Night/ Maytime EE+

110. Br 2689- The Dixie Stars- Bernard & Robinson- Never Gettin No Place Bl/ Blue Eyed Sally E

111. Br 2752- Oriole O- Copenhagen/ My Rose Marie E-/V+

112. Br 2797- Gene Rodemich O- Twilight/ Oriole O- I Cant Stop Babying You EE-

113. Br 3172- Ben Selvin O- Betty/ Valencia VV+

114. Br 3184- Nick Lucas- Bye Bye Blackbird/ Adorable E+N-

115. Br 3186- Bennie Krueger O- What Was I To Do/ Bye Bye Blackbird E

116. Br 3197- Ohman- Arden O- The Girl Friend/ The Blue Room VV+

117. Br 3203- Charley Straight O- Thats Why I Love You/ Her Beaus Are Only Rainbows E-

118. Br 3239- Harry Snodgrass piano solo- Maple Leaf Rag/ Along Miami Shore E+/EE-

119. Br 3477- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Buddy's Habits/ Boneyard Shuffle E-

120. Br 3493- Colonial Club O- You Went Away Too Far../The Castilians- Who'll Buy My Violets V

121. Br 3501- Harry Richman- It All Depends On You/ What Does It Matter E+

122. Br 3549- Colonial Club O- Wide Open Spaces/ Lazy Weather E+

123. Br 3550- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Hurricane/ Alabama Stomp V+

124. Br 3556- The A&P Gypsies- Mystery of Night/ Marchioness Your Dancing EE-

125. Br 3557- Jules Herbuveaux O- You Dont Like It Not Much/ Where the Wild Flowers Grow E

126. Br 3649- Colonial Club O- Sally Rose/ Moonlit Waters EE+

127. Br 3835- Vincent Lopez O- Sunshine/ There Must Be a Silver Lining V+

128. Br 3837- Ben Bernie O- I Just Roll Along../ Back In Your Own Backyard VV+

129. Br 3841- Hal Kemp O- Didn't I Tell You/ Who's Blue Now? E-

130. Br 3855- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- The Japanese Sandman/ Five Pennies VV+ scrs

131. Br 3865- Regent Club O- Japansy/ Auf Wiedersehn E+

132. Br 3867- Al Jolson- Ol Man River/ Back In Your Own Back Yard V+ few clx B

133. Br 3870- Harold "Scrappy" Lambert- I'm Winging Home/ Ramona EE+

134. Br 3910- William F Wirges O- Afraid of You/ Laugh, Clown, Laugh VV+

135. Br 4025- The Clevelanders- Sweet Ella May/ When You're Smiling V

136. Br 4032- Jesse Stafford O- I Love You Truly/ Rye Wz V-

137. Br 4033- Al Jolson- There's a Rainbow Round My Shoulder/ Sonny Boy E+

138. Br 4035- Harry Richman- ICGUA But Love/ King For a Day EE+/E+

139. Br 4037- Charlie Davis O- Suppose Nobody Cared(Dick Powell vo)/ Arnold Johnson O- Pickin Cotton EE-

140. Br 4077- Ray Miller O- Anything You Say/ If I Have You EE+ or better/ E+ some hot stuff

141. Br 4085- Ben Bernie O- It Goes Like This/ Rhythm King E+

142. Br 4090- Dick Robertson w/ O- Oh Is She Mad At Me?/ She's Wonderful E+ FUN!

143. Br 4126- June Pursell- Happy Days & Lonely Nights/ High Up On a Hill Top E lt lbl dmg nap

144. Br 4129- Jesse Stafford O- Gloriana/ Doin' the Raccoon V

145. Br 4192- Dick Robertson w/ O- I Faw Down & Go Boom/ Sweethearts On Parade E+/E

146. Br 4204- Ben Bernie O- I Want to be Bad/ Button Up Your Overcoat V+ Zelma O Neal vocal A

147. Br 4246- Bob Haring O- Wedding Bells/ Deep Night E

148. Br 4311- The Eight Radio Stars- A Happy Ending/ Under the Stars of Havana E

149. Br 4340- Joseph E. Howard- Honeymoon/ Blow the Smoke Away V-

150. Br 4360- Chester Gaylord- Blue Hawaii/ The One In the World VV+

151. Br 4445- Libby Holman- Am I Blue?/ Moanin' Low V+

152. Br 4452- Arnold Johnson O- Dont Hang Your Dreams On a Rainbow/ Colonial Club O- Song of the Moonbeams E+

153. Br 4553- Colonial Club O- I'm Doing What I'm Doing For Love/ Arnold Johnson O- Pretty Little Maid of Old Madrid E-

154. Br 4454- The Southlanders- Southern College Medley/ Sweetheart of Sigma Chi EE-/EE+

155. Br 4457- Six Jumping Jacks- Piccolo Pete/ The Whoopee Hat Brigade E-

156. Br 4458- Bob Haring O- At Close of Day/ Ich Liebe Dich E- lbl tears

157. Br 4460- Freddie Rose- That's You Baby/ I'm Still Caring E+

158. Br 4468- Nick Lucas- Sweethearts Holiday/ Where Are You Dream Girl E lt lbl dmg nap

159. Br 4505- Roy Fox O- When I See My Sugar/ Oo La La La EE-/V

160. Br 4558- Belle Baker- Take Everyting But You/ I'm Walking With the Moonbeams E-

161. Br 4676- Hal Kemp O- Navy Blues/ Romance E-V+

162. Br 4799- Harry Richman- Without Love/ Thank Your Father VV+

163. Br 4852- Bob Haring O- I Love You So Much/ Betty Co Ed E/VV+ sm rcnap

164. Br 4856- Isham Jones O- Stardust/ Trees VV+ rcnap

165. Br 4879- Wendell Hall- Land of My Sunset Dreams/ Mellow Moon E-

166. Br 4882- Tom Clines O- Why Have U Forgotten Waikiki?/ Meyer Davis-It Seems to Be Spring V

167. Br 4910- Libby Holman- Body & Soul/ Something to Remember You By EE-

168. Br 4931- Ignace Hilsberg piano solo- Aufschwung Op 12/ Cracovienne Fantastique E

169. Br 6056- Hal Kemp O- I Want You For Myself/ Think a Little Kindly of Me V+

170. Br 6060- Ozzie Nelson O- Dream a Little Dream of Me/ Do I Really Deserve It From You VV+

171. Br 6083- The Boswell Sisters- What D'ja Do To Me/ When Take My Sugar To Tea VV-

172. Br 6138- Loring Nichols O- Little Girl/ Slow But Sure EE+

173. Br 6140- Bing Crosby- I Found a Million Dollar Baby/ I'm thru With Love E+

174. Br 6167- Gloria Swanson w/ O- If You Haven't Got Love/ Come To Me V+/VV+ RARE!

175. Br 6188- Victor Young O- Lets Drift Away On Dreamer's Bay/ Love Letters In the Sand E+

176. Br 6244- Jacques Renard O- Just Friends/ How Long Will It Last? EE-/E

177. Br 6289- Casa Loma O- In the Still of the Night/ Smoke Rings EE+

178. Br 6308- Isham Jones O- I Cant Believe Its True/ My Silent Love E+N-

179. Br 6327- Jacques Renard O- The Night When Love Was Born/ Night Shall be Filled w/ Mus E-

180. Br 6351- Bing Crosby- Love Me Tonight/ Some of These Days EE+ label damage from tape

181. Br 6406- Bing Crosby- Here Lies Love/ Its Within Your Power EE+

182. Br 6414- Bing Crosby- Brother Can You Spare a Dime/ Lets Put Out the Lights E+

183. Br 6427- Bing Crosby- Some Day We'll Meet Again/ I'll Follow You E+

184. Br 6435- Cab Calloway O- Wah Dee Dah/ Dixie Doorway VV+

185. Br 6464- Bing Crosby- Its Within Your Power/ Street of Dreams EE+

186. Br 6474- Wayne King O- Twenty Million People/ Moon Song E rcnap

187. Br 6495- Mae West- Easy Rider/ A Guy What Takes His Time EE-

188. Br 6546- Ethel Merman- Eadie Was a Lady 1/2 E-

189. Br 6580- Wayne King O- From Me to You/ Love Songs of the Nile EE+

190. Br 6615- Wayne King O- With You Beside Me/ Blue Hours E

191. Br 6616- Hal Kemp O- Shadows On the Swanee/ It Might Have Been a Different Story E+/EE+

192. Br 6617- Ethel Waters- Shadows On the Swanee/ Dont Blame Me E+ sm clk B

193. Br 6627- Hal Kemp O- Free/ Ted Fio Rito O- How I've Tried V

194. Br 6635- Bing Crosby- Some Of These Days/ Sweet Georgia Brown VV+ few heat marks

195. Br 6651- Victor Young O- Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf/ The Last Round Up V+

196. Br 6665- Anson Weeks O- Buckin the Wind/ Give Me LIberty or Give Me Love V

197. Br 6694- Bing Crosby- Beautiful Girl/ After Sundown E

198. Br 6701- Leo Reisman O- Let's Begin/ Yesterday E

199. Br 6706- Ted Fio Rito O- I'd Be Telling a Lie/ We'll Make Hay While the Sun Shines EE+/E

200. Br 6726- Glen Gray O- Dixie Lee/ Tired of It All V/E

201. Br 6736- Ted Fio Rito O- What's Good For the Goose/ My Little Grass Shack Kealakekua E+

202. Br 6738- Glen Gray O- You Have Taken My Heart/ Shadows of Love EE-

203. Br 6756- Abe Lyman O- Music Makes Me/ Jimmy had a Nickel V+E-

204. Br 6766- Freddy Martin O- There Goes My Heart/ In a Shelter From a Shower EE+

205. Br 6781- Guy Lombardo O- Little Dutch Mill/ You Oughta Be In Pictures EE+

206. Br 6800- Glen Gray O- I Got Rhythm/ Ol Man River EE+/E

207. Br 6825- Red Nichols Five Pennies- On the Alamo/ Chinatown EE+ orig issue non vocal tk A

208. Br 6863- Ted Fio Rito O- How Can It Be a Beautiful Day/ Simple & Sweet E+

209. Br 6867- Ambrose O- At the End of the Day/ Unless EE+/E+

210. Br 6992- Cab Calloway O- Chinese Rhythm/ Weakness VV+

211. Br 6936- Bing Crosby- Love In Bloom/ Straight From the Shoulder V+

212. Br 7322- Hal Kemp O- You're the Top/ All through the Night EE+

213. Br 7323- Hal Kemp O- One Little Kiss/ I've Got An Invitation to a Dance EE+

214. Br 7357- Hal Kemp O- I See Two Lovers/ Square Dance E/EE+

215. Br 7366- Don Bestor O- I Believe In Miracles/ Tiny Little Fingerprints EE+

216. Br 7370- Hal Kemp O- I'm Going Shoppin With You/ A Little White Gardenia E

217. Br 7380- Ted Fio Rito O- Here Comes Cookie/ My Heart Is An Open Book V+

218. Br 7381- Jimmie Grier O- If the Moon Turns Green/ I'm Keeping Those Keepsakes UGave Me E-

219. Br 7385- Hal Kemp O- Soon/ Its Easy to Remember E+

220. Br 7387- Freddy Martin O- Its You I Adore/ Night Wind E+

221. Br 7404- Hal Kemp O- I Was Taken By Storm/ Love's Serenade E

222. Br 7411- Cab Calloway O- Avalon/ Moonlight Rhapsody VV+

223. Br 7417- Leo Reisman O- Right About Face/ Lets Spill the Beans EE+ light slv stain nap

224. Br 7459- Freddy Martin O- Paris In the Spring/ Bon Jour Mam'selle EE+

225. Br 7509- Hal Kemp O- From the Top of Your Head/ Without a Word of Warning EE+

226. Br 7561- Leo Reisman O- I'm the Echo/ I Dream Too Much EE+ lams B nap

227. Br 7586- Louis Prima New Orleans Gang- I've Got My Fingers Crossed/ I'm Shooting High E+

228. Br 7622- Jimmie Grier O- Swell/ Am I Gonna Have Trouble With You VV+ West Coast pressing

229. Br 7646- Ruth Etting- Its Been So Long/ Lost N- rarely turns up clean

230. Br 7651- Ozzie Nelson O- Is It True What They Say About Dixie?/ Streamline Strut E+

231. Br 7658- Lud Gluskin O- My First Thrill/ She Shall Have Music EE+ Buddy Clark vocs

232. Br 7663- Frankie Trumbauer O- The Mayor Of Alabam'/ 'S Wonderful E+

233. Br 7685- Cab Calloway O- Are You In Love With me Again?/ When You're Smiling E+

234. Br 7705- Bill Robinson- Just a Crazy Song/ Keep a Song In Your Soul V+

235. Br 7783- Hal Kemp O- Goodnight My Love/ One Never Knows-Does One E+

236. Br 7830- Hal Kemp O- What Will I Tell My Heart/ Sweet Is the Word For You E+/EE+

237. Br 7854- Hal Kemp O- On the Isle of Kitchy Mi Boko/ The Love Bug Will Bite You V+

238. Br 7991- Hudson- De Lange O- The Maid's Night Off/ Sophisticated Swing E-/EE-

239. Br 8004- Duke Ellington O- Crescendo In Blue/ Dimuendo In Blue EE+/E+

240. Br 8027- Dorothy Lamour- True Confession/ The Moon of Mankoora E scuffs nap

241. Br 8029- Duke Ellington O- Chatter-Box/ Dusk In the Desert EE+/E+

242. Br 8044- Duke Ellington O- Black Butterfly/ Harmony In Harlem EE+/E

243. Br 8063- Duke Ellington O- The New Black & Tan Fantasy/ Stepping Into Swing Society E+

244. Br 8099- Duke Ellington O- Braggin' In Brass/ Carnival In Caroline E/E+

245. Br 8201- Kay Kyser O- Love of My Life/ When the Circus Came To Town E+

246. Br 8210- Kay Kyser O- From Alpha To Omega/ You Never Know E

247. Br 8225- Kay Kyser O- Sixty Seconds Got Together/ The Umbrella Man E

248. Br 8228- Kay Kyser O- What Have You Got That Gets Me/ You're Lovely Madame E+

249. Br 8364- Ella Logan- Its the Same The Whole World Over/ Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose E+

250. Br 8380- Duke Ellington O- Solid Old Man/ Smorgasbord & Schapps EE+/E+

251. Br 8408- Jack Marshand O- Reading, Writing & Rhythm/ We Can Live On Love E+

252. Br 67083- Isa Kremer- Oi Abram/ Sitz Ich Mir in Stiebele E Hebrew label


253. Co A 1551- Ada Jones- You Can Tango, You Can Fox Trot, But Be Sure You Hesitate/ William Halley- Do They Love It? E

254. Co A 2140- Don Richardson- Arkansas Traveler/ Old Zip Coon VV+

255. Co A 2550- Marimbaphone Band- At the Cotton Pickers Ball/ There's a Lump of Sugar E+

256. Co A 2596- Wilbur Sweatman Orig Jazz O- Darktown Strutters Ball/ Goodbye Alexander EE+

257. Co A 2611- Wilbur Sweatman Orig Jazz O- Indianola/ Oh You La La VV+

258. Co A 2678- Nora Bayes- Good Bye France/ My Barney Lies Over the Ocean E

259. Co A 2707- Wilbur Sweatman Orig Jazz O- Rainy Day Blues/ Ja Da E

260. Co A 2768- Wilbur Sweatman Original Jazz O- Kansas City Blues/ Louisiana 5- Alcoholic Bl E-

261. Co A 2836- Al Jolson- You Aint Heard Nothin' Yet/ Billy Murray- Come On & Play w/ Me EE-

262. Co A 2856- Carl Seville & Jack Geddes- Hawaiian Hours With You/ Cinderella E scarce Haw..

263. Co A 2861- Al Jolson- Chloe/ Henry Burr- Was There Ever a Pal Like You E

264. Co A 2935- Frank Crumit- So Long Oolong/ Oh By Jingo! E

265. Co A 2994- Wilbur Sweatman Original Jazz O- But/ Think of Me Little Daddy VV+

266. Co A 3366- Leo F Reisman O- Love Bird/ Bright Eyes E

267. Co A 3367- Marion Harris- Look For the Silver Lining/ I'm Gonna Do It If I Like It EE+

268. Co A 3467- The Happy Six- South Sea Isles/ Columbia DO- Sweet LadyV

269. Co A 3560- Ferera, Frachini & Green- Isle of Paradise/ Ferera & Franchini- Susquehanna Shore NEW..looks unplayed

270. Co A 3876- Jones & Hare- Barney Google/ Old King Tut E-

271. Co 364-D- Eddie Cantor- If You Knew Susie/ Billy Jones- Nuthin's Gonna Stop Me Now VV+

272. Co 409- Harry Reser banjo w/ p- Heebe Jeebes/ Ukulele Lady VV+

273. Co 467- Jacques Jacobs Hotel Shelton O- I Want Another Chance With You/ Sunset On the St Lawrence EE- lt lam B

274. Co 521- Phil Baker- Ann & Her Little Sedan/ Big Butter & Egg Man E-/E

275. Co 738- Ipana Troubadours- Mary Lou/ In a Little Garden E-

276. Co 787- Earl Burtnett O- Song of the Wanderer/ On the Road to Mandalay EE+

277. Co 882- Howard Lanin O- Moonbeam Kiss Her For Me/ Forgive Me EE-

278. Co 1000- Vernon Dalhart- Lucky Lindy/ Lindbergh E

279. Co 1006- The 3 Giersdorf Sisters- Swanee River Trail/ Rosy Cheeks V

280. Co 1033- Cass Hagan Hotel Manger O- Variety Stomp/ Melancholy Charlie EE-

281. Co 1037- Al Lentz O- Who Was The Lady?/ Frankfurter Sandwiches V

282. Co 1042- William Nappi O- Look Me Over/ I'll Dream of You EE- NICE Atlanta band

283. Co 1055- Charles Kamey O- Dew Dew Dewey Day/ Its a Million To One You're In Love E/EE-

284. Co 1056- Milton Charles organ- Me & My Shadow/ Forgive Me E+

285. Co 1058- Leo Reisman O- I Adore You/ Pleading EE-

286. Co 1064- Max Fisher Calif O- Strum My Blues Away/ Paul Specht O- Dreamy Avalon E/EE+

287. Co 1083- Leo Reisman O- Paree!/ Leonora E-

288. Co 1085- Broadway Nitelites- Bye Bye Pretty Baby/ Just Another Day Wasted Away E+ rcnap

289. Co 1088- The Knickerbockers- Miss Annabelle Lee/ Roam On My Little Gypsy Sweetheart V+

290. Co 1098- Ipana Troubadours- Are You Happy?/ A Night In June E+N-

291. Co 1116- Art Gillham- Flutter By, Butterfly/ I'd Walk a Million Miles E+

292. Co 1120- The Columbians- Moonlit Waters/ Sailin' On E-

293. Co 1121- Gerald Marks O- Polly/ Slow River V

294. Co 1126- Al Handler Hotel Davis O- Thats What I Think of You/ Don Voorhees O- Rain E

295. Co 1132- Kate Smith- Clementine/ Just Another Day Wasted Away EE-

296. Co 1133- Ben Selvin O- Wherever You Are/ Playground In the Sky EE+

297. Co 1150- The Radiolites- There's a Cradle In Caroline/ Everybody Loves My Girl EE+

298. Co 1151- Billy "Uke" Carpenter- Bye Bye Pretty Baby/ Jack Major- The Spell of the Moon E+

299. Co 1156- The Columbians- C'est Vous/ Are You Lonesome Tonight E+

300. Co 1160- Fred Rich O- Together We Two/ Harry Reser O- Baby Feet Go Pitter Patter E-

301. Co 1166- Cole Mc Elroy O- Lonely Nights In Hawaii/ Honolulu Blues V+

302. Co 1168- Vic Meyers Hotel Butler O- Now That You're Gone/ Whether It Rains- Whether It Shines V-/V

303. Co 1176- Cass Hagan Park Central Hotel O- My Lady/ Cavaliers- Two Loving Arms EE+

304. Co 1177- Vincent Rose- Jackie Taylor Hollywood O- Blue River/ Did You Mean It? E+

305. Co 1183- The Columbians- I Live, I Die For You/ Sterling O- Eyes That Love E+

306. Co 1186- Paul Specht O- Hot Feet/ Roll Up the Carpets EE+/E

307. Co 1212- Ipana Troubadours- There's One Little Girl Who Loves Me/ Leo Reisman O- What'll You Do EE-

308. Co 1260- The Charleston Chasers- Sugar Foot Strut/ Imagination EE+ despite grey

309. Co 1274- Ben Selvin O- We'll Have a New Home/ When You're With Somebody Else E

310. Co 1322- Cliquot Club Eskimos- Humoreskimo/ Wings V+ lt lam, scr nap

311. Co 1344- Tracy-Brown O- Beautiful/ Chloe E-

312. Co 1349- Paul Ash O- My Pet/ Dolores V-

313. Co 1413- Eddy's Hawaiian Serenaders- I'm Wingin' Home/ My Angel EE+

314. Co 1467- Leo Reisman O- Cause I Feel Low Down/ In a Bamboo Garden E+

315. Co 1550- Jan Garber O- Round Evening/ Sonny Boy VV+

316. Co 1553- Paul Whiteman O- Roses of Yesterday/ Blue Night E+ lam nap

317. Co 1557- Knickerbockers- Flower of Love/ Masquerade V+ Hawaiian guitar A

318. Co 1615- Jan Garber O- Louisiana/ Outside E-

319. Co 1630- Paul Whiteman O- Just a Sweetheart/ Where Is the Song of Songs For Me E+N-

320. Co 1719- Ben Selvin O- If I Had You/ Carolina Moon E+ rcnap

321. Co 1780- The Knickerbockers- Nobody's Fault But Your Own/ Leo Reisman O- The Wedding of the Painted Doll...looks E, plays EE+

322. Co 1782- Guy Lombardo O- Love Me Or Leave Me/ I'm Still caring E

323. Co 1940- The Knickerbockers- Song of the Blues/ Song of Siberia E+ Ballew vocs-some solos

324. Co 2017- Guy Lombardo O- A Little Kiss Each Morning/ My Fate Is In Your Hands EE+

325. Co 2023- Paul Whiteman O- Great Day/ Without a Song EE-, mostly E

326. Co 2135- Guy Lombardo O- The Moon Is Low/ Lazy Lou'siana Moon E

327. Co 2162- Paul Tremaine O- There's One More River to Cross/ Swing Low Sweet Chariot EE+/E

328. Co 2163- Paul Whiteman O- It Happened In Monterey/ Song of the Dawn E+

329. Co 2185- Paul Specht O- Into My Heart/ Santiago EE-/E-

330. Co 2188- Guy Lombardo O- Rollin Down the River/ U'r the Sweetest Girl This Side of Heaven E

331. Co 2259- Guy Lombardo O- Good Evenin'/ Confessin' E+/ E

332. Co 2454- Ruth Etting- Say a Little Prayer For Me/ Out of Nowhere EE+ incl Goodman

333. Co 2463- Ben Selvin O- Now You're In My Arms/ Poor Kid V- rcnap

334. Co 2469- Roy Evans- Roll On Mississippi Roll On/ There Must be a Bright Tomorrow V

335. Co 2471- Lee Morse Blue Grass Boys- Walkin' My Baby Back Home/ I've Got $5 E incl BG, TD

336. Co 2514- Ted Wallace Boys- Come to Me/ Shine On Harvest Moon E+

337. Co 2815(BLUE WAX)- Meyer Davis O- The Day You Came Along/ Thanks EE+

338. Co 2835- Benny Goodman O- I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues/ Aint Cha Glad E/E-

339. Co 2840(BLUE WAX)- Harry Reser O- You're Gonna Lose Your Gal/ My Galveston Gal E+ few lams nap

340. Co 2895(BLUE WAX)- Little Jack Little O- You Oughta Be In Pictures/ Nothing But the Best V+

341. Co 2930(BLUE WAX)- Emil Coleman O- So Help Me/ Little Man You've Had a Busy Day E+ lams nap

342. Co 3048(BLUE WAX)- Henry King O- Chasing Shadows/ Footloose & Fancy Free E lams clk lite beg B

343. Co 3086(BLUE WAX)- Jacques Renard O- I'd Love To Take Orders From You/ I'd Rather Listen To Your Eyes E+N- Bullock A/ Ballew B

344. Co 3089(BLUE WAX)- Andy Iona's Islanders- Drinking Songs of Hawaii/ Hawaiian Hospitality E+/E

345. Co 3160- BBC DO(Henry Hall)- Supposing/ I Heard a Song In a Taxi EE-/E-

346. Co S271-M- Charles Laughton- Lincoln's Gettysburg Address E+ laminated one sided pressing

347. Co 35203- Horace Heidt O- Tomorrow Night/ Shadows E+

348. Co 35214- Duke Ellington O- The Sergeant Was Shy/ Serenade to Sweden NN-

349. Co 35235- Mary Jane Walsh- Love Never Went to College/ I Like to Recognize the Tune EE+

350. Co 35247- Raymond Scott Quint- New Years Eve In a Haunted House/ Girl w/ Light Blue..EE+

351. Co 35249- Orrin Tucker O- Lydia, The Tattooed Lady/ Stop Its Wonderful EE+

352. Co 35256- Orrin Tucker O- If I Knew Then/ All In Favor Say "Aye" E+

353. Co 35259- Eddy Duchin O- Its a Hap Hap Happy Day/ I Hear a Dream E+

354. Co 35565- Raymond Scott O- Four Beat Shuffle/ Birdseed Special E-

355. Co 35745- Raymond Scott O- Yesterthoughts/ Stranger N-

356. Co 36698- Raymond Scott O- In a Moonboat/ A Million Dreams Ago E

357. Co 35864- Raymond Scott O- All Around the Christmas Tree/ Happy Birthday to You E/E-

358. Co 35911- Raymond Scott O- Copyright 1950/ Eagle Beak E

359. Co 35967- Jimmie Lunceford O- Okay For Baby/ Flight of the Jitterbug E

360. Co 35971- Leo Reisman O- It Aint Necessarily So/I Got Plenty O Nuttin' EE+

361. Co 35978- Eddy Duchin O- Jenny/ My Ship E+

362. Co 35980- Raymond Scott O- Blues My Girl Friend Taught Me/ Eevning Star E+

363. Co 36005- Kay Kyser O- A Little Old Church In England/ Walkin' Through Mockin' Bird Lane E+

364. Co 36025- Danny Kaye- Tschaikowsky/ Jenny EE+

365. Co 36103- Raymond Scott O- In the Hush of the NIght/ Just a Little Bit So of North Carolina E+

366. Co 36107- Raymond Scott Quintet- Twilight In Turkey/ Minuet In Jazz N- Master masters

367. Co 36116- Ray Noble O- Cherokee/ By the Waters of the Minnetonka EE+

368. Co 36149- Raymond Scott O- Keep Cool Fool/ Where You Are E

369. Co 36185- Eddie Rochester Anderson- Waitin For Jane/ If Money Grew On Trees E+

370. Co 36495- Kay Kyser O- It Happened In Hawaii/ The Train Song N-

371. Co 36567- Kay Kyser O- Dont Sit Under the Apple Tree/ There Wont Be a Shortage of Love E+

372. Co 37196- Big Bill & His Chicago 5- I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town/ Hard Headed Woman E+N-

373. Co 37571- Chu Berry Stompy Stevedores- Maelstrom/ Chuberry Jam N- original issue fm 1937

374. Co 37808- Louis Armstrong O- Star Dust/ Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams E masters

375. Co 38153- Buddy Clark- Spring In December/ Talking to Myself About You EE+

376. Co 38227(promo)- Cab Calloway O- Two Blocks Down..Turn to the Left/ Calloway Boogie EE+

377. Co 38229- Toni Harper w/ Eddie Beal Sextet- Candy Store Blues/ Dolly's Lullaby VV+

378. Co 40326- Les Elgart O- One O Clock Jump Mambo/ I Dont Want to set the World On Fire NN-

379. Co 40388- Les Elgart O- Bazoom!/ Charlie's Dream E+

380. Co 40545- Les Elgart O- Start Dancing With a Smile 1/2 E+ (based on the Chesterfield theme)

381. Co 40617- Les Elgart O- The Trouble With Harry/ Devil May Care E+

382. Co 40664- Les Elgart O- Main Title- Man With the Golden Arm/ DJ Jamboree E+


383. De 5286- Norman Phelps' Virginia Rounders- Minnie the Mermaid/ When I Wore My Daddy's Brown Derby E-

384. De 6030- Buddy Jones- Every Day Blues/ Dont Say Goodbye If You Love Me E+/E-

385. De 7042- Alabama Jug Band- Crazy Blues/ Sugar Blues VV+ rcnap

386. De 7396- Delores Jackson & the Cabin Boys- Cloudy/ Carelessly EE+

387. De 7803- Lil Armstrong O- Why Is a Good Man So Hard to Find/ Riffin' the Blues EE+/E Midge Williams vo A

388. De 7843- The Honey Dripper- Doin' the Sally Long/ Low As a Toad EE+/VV+

389. De 8595- Jay Mc Shann- New Confessin the Blues/ Red River Blues E

390. De 8625- Pete Brown Band- Gonna Buy Me a Telephone/ The Cannon Ball EE+

391. De 8623- Jay Mc Shann- Baby Heart Blues/ Cryin' Wont Make Me Stay E

392. De 8635- Jay Mc Shann- Hootie's Ignorant Oil/ 'Fore Day Rider E

393. De 172- Chick Webb O- On the Sunny Side of the Street/ Blue Minor E+N-

394. De 184- Claude Hopkins O- King Porter Stomp/ In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree EE+/EE-

395. De 245- Bing Crosby- Two Cigarettes In the Dark/ The Sweetheart Wz EE+ or better

396. De 249- Dick Mc Intyre's Harmony hawaiians- Malihini Mele/ Hoonanea E- flat lbl

397. De 277- Kate Smith- Lets Give Three Cheers For Love/ College Rhythm E

398. De 493- Isham Jones O- Black Magic/ The Blue Room E+

399. De 501- Barbary Coast O of Dartmouth- Star Gazing/ Sweet & Slow E-

400. De 538- Orville Knapp O- I Want to learn to Speak Hawaiian/ Why Stars Come Out At Night E-

401. De 540- Mae Questel (the Betty Boop Girl)- When I Grow Up/ Animal Crackers In My Soup E+

402. De 559- Dorsey Bros O- You Are My Lucky Star/ On a Sunday Afternoon E+ scuffs B nap

403. De 671- Boswell Sisters- The Music Goes Round/ I'm Gonna Sit Right Down..Letter V+

404. De 692- Joe Sanders O- Here Comes My Ball & Chain/ Nighty Night Dear E+

405. De 704- Isham Jones O- Life Begins When You're In Love/ No Greater Love EE+

406. De 711- Top Hatters Trio w/ O- Wah Hoo/ We Saw the Sea EE+ (got this one in my first batch of 78s, and it helped hook me!)

407. De 721- Red Mc Kenzie O- Dont Count Your Kisses/ I Dont Know Your Name E+

408. De 729- Andy Kirk O- Christopher Columbus/ Froggy Bottom E

409. De 797- Louis Armstrong O- I Come From a Musical Family/ Somebody Stole My Break EE+

410. De 806- Bing Crosby- It Aint Neccessarily So/ I Got Plenty O Nuttin E+

411. De 908- Jimmie Lunceford O- Sleepy Time Gal/ Organ Grinder's Swing EE+/E-

412. De 947- Bing Crosby- Pennies From Heaven/ Let's Call a Heart a Heart E+

413. De 1047- Mal Hallett O- One Never Knows, Does One?/ Goodnight My Love E+

414. De 1064- Woody Herman O- Now That Summer Is Gone/ Old Fashioned Swing EE+

415. De 1067- Dick Powell- Speaking of the Weather/ With Plenty of Money & You E

416. De 1068- Dick Powell- Let's Put Our Heads Together/ All's Fair In Love & War VV+

417. De 1081- Joe Daniels Hot Shots- Drummer Goes to Town/ The Japanese Sandman E/EE+

418. De 1092- Lil Armstrong O- Brown Gal/ Or Leave Me Alone E+/E lt scr B nap

419. De 1141- Count Basie O- Honeysuckle Rose/ Roseland Shuffle EE+ flat lbl

420. De 1187- Jimmy Dorsey O- The Love Bug Will Bite You/ Listen to the Mockingbird E

421. De 1229- Jimmie Lunceford O- Linger Awhile/ Count Me Out E-

422. De 1284- Glenn Miller O- Wistful & Blue/ Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere EE+ label has light tape residue on original sunburst

423. De 1292- Ambrose O w/ Roy Smeck- Blue Hawaii/ Ambrose- Midnight In Mayfair EE+/E+

424. De 1302- Ella Fitzgerald Savoy 8- If You Should Ever Leave/ Everyone's Wrong But Me E-V+

425. De 1360- Mills Brothers- Long About Midnight/ The Old Folks At Home E+

426. De 1375- Bing Crosby- Smarty/ The Moon Got In My Eyes E

427. De 1376- Bing Crosby- Its the Natural Thing to Do/ All You Want to Do Is Dance E/EE+

428. De 1384- Mal Hallett O- Turn On That Red Hot Heat/ Moonlight On the Highway E-

429. De 1521- Chick Webb O- Holiday In Harlem/ Just a Simple Melody E/EE- Ella vocs

430. De 1524- Teddy Grace- Good Bye Jonah/ Tears In My Heart E

431. De 1560- Louis Armstrong O- Once In a While/ On the Sunny Side of the Street EE+/E+

432. De 1571- Roy Smeck Serenaders- You're a Sweetheart/ You Took the Words Right Out of My Heart EE+/E+

433. De 1578- Gene Austin- Marie/ Thrill of a Lifetime EE+

434. De 1580- Bob Crosby O- Every Day's a Holiday/ Thrill of a Lifetime E+

435. De 1616- Bing Crosby w/ Lani Mc Intyre Hawaiians- Palace In Paradise/ Dancing Under the Stars EE-

436. De 1840- Chick Webb O- A Tisket A Tasket/ Liza EE+ Ella voc A

437. De 1851- Ben Pollack Boys- Morocco/ Nobody's Gonna Take Me From You E

438. De 1860- Jimmy Dorsey O- That Feeling Is Gone/ John Silver EE+

439. De 2002- Jimmy Dorsey O- Change Partners/ The Yam E+

440. De 2021- Chick Webb O- Wacky Dust/ Spinnin' the Webb V/E- Ella voc A

441. De 2030- Count Basie O- Texas Shuffle/ Mama Dont Want No Peas, Rice, Coconut Oil EE+

442. De 2042- Louis Armstrong O- Aint Misbehavin'/ ICGUA But Love E+

443. De 2048- Edgar Hayes O- Shindig/ You're My First Thought Every Morning E

444. De 2052- Art Tatum- Chlo-e/ The Sheik of Araby E-

445. De 2082- Andrews Sisters- Lullaby to a Little Jitterbug/ Goodbye Goodbye EE-

446. De 2125- Russ Morgan O- You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby/ This Is Madness EE+

447. De 2152- John Metcalf(the Hymn Evangelist)- What a Friend We Have In Jesus/

Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown? E-

448. De 2195- Guy Lombardo O- The Girl friend of the Whirling Dervish/ I Must See Annie Tonite E

449. De 2204- Andy Kirk O- Messa Stomp/ Bless You My dear E+

450. De 2128- Teddy Grace w/ jazz group- Monday Morning/ Down Hearted Blues EE-

451. De 2212- Count Basie O- Jumpin' At the Woodside/ Dark Rapture E/EE+

452. De 2213- Jimmy Dorsey O- Kind'a Lonesome/ A Room With a View E+

453. De 2216- John Kirby Onyx Club Boys- Undecided/ From A Flat to C E+

454. De 2224- Count Basie O- Do You Wanna Jump Children?/ Panassie Stomp E+ lt scr nap

455. De 2226- Andy Kirk O- Jump Jack Jump/ Ghost of Love EE-/E

456. De 2230- Louis Armstrong O- When the Saints Go Marching In/ As Long As You Live....E+

457. De 2241- Sol Hoopii Novelty Five- Farewell Blues/ Stack O' Lee Blues EE+

458. De 2251- Russ Morgan O- I Come From a Musical Family/ Wabash Blues E

459. De 2294- Jimmy Dorsey O- Romance Runs In the Family/ Good For Nothin' EE-

460. De 2309- Chick Webb O- My Heart Belongs to Daddy/ Its Foxy V+/E- Ella vocals

461. De 2323- Chick Webb O- Undecided/ In the Groove At the Grove EE-/EE+ Ella voc

462. De 2325- Count Basie O- Thursday/ Shorty George E+

463. De 2326- Andy Kirk O- Honey/ Mary's Idea E

464. De 2333- The Merry Macs- Hawaiian War Chant/ Chopsticks E- scrs B only

465. De 2379- Bob Crosby O- Stomp Off & Lets Go/ Song of the Wanderer E

466. De 2438- Frances Langford- The Honorable Mr So & So/ Blue Evening E+

467. De 2468- Chick Webb O- I'm Up a Tree/ Have Mercy E- Ella vocals

468. De 2479- Russ Morgan O- The Girl Behind the Venetian Blind/ Does Your Heart Beat For Me E

469. De 2487- Sol Hoopii Novelty 5- Hula Blues/ The Wang Wang Blues E+

470. De 2541- Dick Robertson O- Aint Cha Comin Out/ Maybe E-

471. De 2556- Chick Webb O- Little White Lies/ One Side of Me EE+ Ella vocals

472. De 2601- Ambrose O- To You Sweetheart, Aloha/ If Ever a Heart Was In the Right Place EE+

473. De 2617- Andy Kirk O- September In the Rain/ What a Life EE+

474. De 2922- Count Basie O- Jive At Five/ Evil Blues E+/EE+

475. De 3095- Ray Kinney Hawaiians- Ka-Lu-A/ Hawaiian Love EE-

476. De 3160- Roy Smeck Serenaders- Angel In Disguise/ Hear My Song Violetta V+/E-

477. De 3402- Ray Kinney Hawaiians- Pagan Love Song/ Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight E-/V+

478. De 3420- Ella Fitzgerald O- Five O Clock Whistle/ So Long E-/E

479. De 3426- Glen Gray O- Moon Over Burma/ When You Awake E-

480. De 3463- Teddy Grace w/ Bud Freeman O- Sing/ Gee But I Hate to Go Home Alone E

481. De 3490- Ella Fitzgerald O- Cabin In the Sky/ Taking a Chance On Love E-

482. De 3578- Richard Himber O- Whose Theme Song 1/2 E+

483. De 3579- Will Hudson O- Start Jumpin'/ Three At a Table For Two V+/EE-

484. De 3587- Terry Shand O- Slap Happy Lassie/ Lets Do It V+

485. De 3691- Mildred Bailey & Delta Rhythm Boys- Georgia On My Mind/ I'm Afraid of Myself E+

486. De 3721- Jimmy Dorsey O- Man, Thats Groovy/ Au Reet E-/VV+

487. De 3754- Ella Fitzgerald O- Keep Cool, Fool/ No Nothing E+

488. De 4032- Jimmie Lunceford O- Hi Spook/ Yard Dog Mazurka E+

489. De 4078- Johnny Long O- The Time to Sing/ The Anniversary Wz E+

490. De 4079- Johnny LOng O- Panic In Panama/ You're On My Mind E

491. De 4099- Lucky Millinder O- Let Me Off Uptown/ How About That Mess N-

492. De 4125- Jimmie Lunceford O- Blues In the Night 1/2 E+

493. De 4132- Jimmy Dorsey O- I Remember You/ If You Build a Better Mousetrap E+

494. De 4147- Lawrence Welk O- Ard & Around She Goes/ U Dont Love Me, But I'll Always Care E

495. De 4162- Bing Crosby- Lets All Meet At My House/ Deep In the Heart of Texas E

496. De 4257- Dick Kuhn O- Is There a Latin In the House/ Who'll Buy a Rose From Margareeta EE-

497. De 4289- Jimmie Lunceford O- Life Is Fine/ I'm Losing My Mind E/E+

498. De 4434- Lawrence Welk O- Mairzy Doats/ Don't Sweetheart Me E+

499. De 11004- Bing Crosby- Without a Word of warning/ Takes Two to Make a Bargain E

500. De 18835- Lucky Millinder O- There's Good Blues Tonight/ Chittlin' Switch E+

501. De 23582- Josh White- Jelly, Jelly/ Back Water Blues EE+

502. De 27111(promo)- Bing Crosby-La Vie En Rose/ Cross My Fingers EE-/E

503. De 27159(promo)- Bing Crosby-The Teddy Bears Picnic/ Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer E

504. De 27249(promo)- Bing Crosby- A Crosby Christmas 1/2 E

505. De 27270- Artie Shaw O- Serenade In Blue/ Autumn Leaves E+

506. De 27840- Jeri Southern- You Better Go Now/ Baby Did You Hear E

507. De 28814(promo)- Bing Crosby-Mademoiselle De Paree/ Embrasse Moi Bien E

508. De 28963(promo)- Bing Crosby- Ida Sweet As Apple Cider/ ICBTUIL w/Me E-

509. De 28969(promo)- Bing Crosby- Y'All Come/ Changing Partners EE+

510. De 46143- Red Foley & Cumberland Valley Boys- Tit For Tat/ Just a Man & His Dog NN-


511. Vi 45204- Cantor Josef Rosenblatt- Achenu Kol Beth Israel 1/2 E+ in Hebrew

512. Vi 45263- Fanny Brice- My Man/ Second Hand Rose V+

513. Vi 65338- SM Kaiawe w/ Hawaiian Qtet & instruments- Maid of Honolulu/ Kawiliwiliwai E+

514. Vi 65348- SM Kaiawe w/ Hawaiian Quint- Kuu Home/ Hawaiian Quintet- Aloha Oe V+

515. Vi 72947- Joe Feldman- Parents, Do Not Sin/ Schnelle Hilfe EE- Yiddish series

516. Vi 77721- Jacob Jacons- The Life Wheel Turns/ Moonshine E Yiddish series

517. Vi 77768- Gus Goldstein- Feigele/ Itzik With His Fiddle E Yiddish series

518. Vi 16018- Collins & Harlan- Down In Georgia On Campmeeting Day/ Jones- Murray Oh You Coon! VV+/V+

519. Vi 16102- Billy Murray- Cheyenne/ Ada Jones & Len Spencer- Peaches & Cream V+

A side played in every Warner Brothers cartoon with a Western scene

520. Vi 16171- Arthur Collins- I Got to See the Minstrel Show/ John Kimmel- Med of Reels #2 VV+

521. Vi 16341- Peerless Quartet- Lets Go Back to Baby Days/ Jones & Spencer- How Kathleen Proposed E-

522. Vi 16747- Billy Golden- Bye Bye Ma Honey/ John J Kimmel- Irish Boy March EE-

523. Vi 16936- Christmas Morning At Clancy's/ Clancy's Wooden Wedding EE-

524. Vi 16994- Maurice Burkhardt- Bring Back My Lena To Me/ Geo Watson- Schneider, Does Your Mother Know You're Out E-

525. Vi 17056- Ada Jones- Down In Gossip Row/ American Quartet- Paddy Duffy's Cart E-

526. Vi 17145- Maurice Burkhardt- Since My Margaret Became a Suffragette/ Walter J Van Brunt- I'll Be Welcome In My Home Town E- rcnap

527. Vi 17151- Arthur Collins- The Swanee River Bend/ Eddie Morton- Somebody Else Is Gettin' It E

528. Vi 17269- Ada Jones- I Should Worry & Get Wrinkles/ Collins & Harlan- Take Me To That Swanee Shore E

529. Vi 17418- Porter & Harlan- Two Jolly Sailors/ Cal Stewart- And Then I Laughed E+

530. Vi 17450- Josef Rosenblatt- Weseorew 1/2 EE+ in Hebrew

531. Vi 17633- Collins & Harlan- Everybody Loves Rag/ Heidelberg 5- Roll Them Cottom Bales EE+

532. Vi 17692- Victor Military Band- Sugar Lump/ Chutney V+

533. Vi 17767- Irene West Royal Hawaiians- Hilo/ Pale K Lua- David Kaili- Wailana Wz E-

534. Vi 18272- Sterling Trio- Hawaiian Butterfly/ Peerless Qtet- When Sun Goes Down In Dixie E-

535. Vi 18404- Van Eps Trio- Ching Chong/ Harold Veo O- Wait Till the Cows Come Home EE-

536. Vi 18429- Van & Schenck- I MIss the Old Folks Now/ American Quartet- Dixie Volunteers E

537. Vi 18859- Paul Whiteman O- On the Gin Ginny Shore/ Marie E-

538. Vi 18897- Trinity Male Choir- A Mighty Fortress Is Our God/ Oh God, Our Help In Ages Past E-

539. Vi 18917- The Benson Orch of Chicago- Oogie Oogie Wa Wa/ Deedle Deedle Dum E-

540. Vi 18919- Club Royal O- Who'll Take My Place/ Georgette V

541. Vi 18924- Benson Orch of Chi- Swanee Bluebird/ All Star Trio & O- Just Because You're U E

542. Vi 18933- The Virginians- Blue/ Why Should I Cry Over You? E-

543. Vi 18936- Club Royal O- Can You Forget/ Two Little Wooden Shoes VV+

544. Vi 18938- Paul Whiteman O- I'm Just Wild About Harry/ Say It While We're Dancing E

545. Vi 18948- Benson Orch of Chicago- Those Longing For You Blues/ Stuttering EE+

546. Vi 19805- Lena Wilson- Taint Nobody's Bizness If I Do/ Triflin Blues E- rcnap

547. Vi 19091- Great White Way O- When June Comes Along With a Song/ Troubadours- Born & Bred In Brooklyn E

548. Vi 19189- The Virginians- Stavin' Change/ Warings- Stack O Lee Blues EE-

549. Vi 19237- Jack Chapman O- Honolulu Blues/ David H. Silverman O- Blue Grass Blues EE+

550. Vi 19447- Paul Whiteman O- Bagdad/ Hard Hearted Hannah EE+

551. Vi 19470- Benson O Of Chicago- Copenhagen/ Keep on Dancing E/EE+

552. Vi 19474- Henry Halstead O- Tessie Stop Teasing Me/ Paul Biese O- Bye Bye Baby E+

553. Vi 19487- Paul Whiteman O- I Wonder Whats Become of Sally/ All Alone E+ rcnap

554. Vi 19571- Warings Penns- Will You Remember Me?/ Jack Shilkret O- You & I E+

555. Vi 19580- George Olsen O- Nobody Knows What a Red Head Mama Can Do/ Charles Dornberger O- I Cant Stop Babying You E+

556. Vi 19584- Paul Whiteman O- Lucky Kentucky/ The Only Only One For Me EE-

557. Vi 19602- Tom Waring w/ Waring Penns- At the End of the Road/ Blue Eyed Sally NN-

558. Vi 19610- George Olsen O- Everybody Loves My Baby/ Warings- When My Sugar Walks Down the Street E+

559. Vi 19727- Coon- Sanders O- I'm Gonna Charleston Back to Charleston/ Busse O- Deep Elm E-

560. Vi 19728- Coon- Sanders O- Alone At Last/ Meyer Davis O- Stop Flirting E+/EE+

561. Vi 19737- Fred Hamm O- She's Got 'Im/ Paul Whiteman O- What a World This Would Be E

562. Vi 19772- Seattle Harmony Kings- If I Had a Girl Like You/ Darktown Shuffle E-/VV+

563. Vi 19786- Johnny Hamp's Ky Serenaders- Angry/ Oh Say Can I See You Tonight E

564. Vi 19797- Howard Lanin O- Melancholy Lou/ Dont Wake Me Up Let me Dream EE-

565. Vi 19803- Paul Whiteman O- Keep on Croonin' a Tune/ I'm Goin' Out If Lizzie Comes In E/EE-

566. Vi 19804- Coon-Sanders Nighthawks- Dreaming of Tomorrow/ Ted Weems O- Lonesome E/EE-

567. Vi 19805- Original Memphis Five- Bass Ale Blues/ Military Mike E+

568. Vi 19824- Paul Robeson- Water Boy/ Lil Gal E/EE+

569. Vi 19841- Edwin Mc Enelly O- What a Blue Eyed Baby Are You/ Normandy E+

570. Vi 19843- Art Landry O- What Could Be Sweeter Than You/ Sleepy Time Gal E+

571. Vi 19850- Art Landry O- Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue/ Don't Wait Too Long E

572. Vi 19851- Edwin Mc Enelly O- Spanish Shawl/ RW Kahn O- You Told Me to Go E/EE+

573. Vi 19981- Father Lawrence Bracken- Mother Dear Oh Pray For Me/ Hail Queen of Heaven E

574. Vi 20081- Coon-Sanders Nighthawks- Deep Henderson/ Al Katz Kittens- Ace In the Hole E+

575. Vi 20085- Frank Banta- When the Red Red Robin/ Sympathy EE+

576. Vi 20089- George Olsen O- What's the Use of Talking/ Bye Bye Blackbird E+

577. Vi 20177- Paul Whiteman O- When the Red Red Robin/ Trudy E-

578. Vi 20194- Waring Penns- Moonlight & Roses/ Nat Shilkret O- Let Me Call You Sweetheart E+

579. Vi 20200- Paul Whiteman O- Song of India/ Cho Cho San E-

580. Vi 20206- Ted Weems O- Chick, Chick, Chicken/ Jan Garber O- Aint We Carryin' On EE+/E+

581. Vi 20243- Nat Shilkret O- Down On the Banks of Old Yazoo/ RW Kahn O- Thats a Good Girl V

582. Vi 20256- Russo & Fiorito O- Trying to Forget/ Goldkette O- Dont Be Angry With Me EE+

583. Vi 20336- Jan Garber- There Aint No Maybe In My Baby's Eyes/ Nat Shilkret- Some Day EE+

584. Vi 20337- Art Landry O- I Dont Mind Being All Alone/ George Olsen O- I Never Knew What the Moonlight Could Do EE+

585. Vi 20338- Warings Penns- Dont Sing Aloha When I Go/ RW Kahn- We'll Have a Kingdom E+

586. Vi 20466- Jean Goldkette O- I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover/ RW Kahn O-Yankee Rose E+

587. Vi 20508- Paul Whiteman O- Muddy Water/ Nat Shilkret O- Aint She Sweet E

588. Vi 20540- Ernest Stoneman- Kahle Brewer- Down Where the Watermelon grows/ PeekaBoo E-

589. Vi 20615(CAN)- Charles Dornberger O- Red Lips, Kiss My Blues Away/ Nat Shilkret O- Why Should I Say That I'm Sorry EE-

590. Vi 20676- Jan Garber O- Positively, Absolutely/ You Dont Like It Not Much EE+

591. Vi 20679- Paul Whiteman O- Magnolia/ Love & Kisses EE+ super faint hlc nap

592. Vi 20785- Coon- Sanders O- Roodles/ I Aint Got Nobody E+ light surf scr nap

593. Vi 20829- Ted Weems O- She's Got "It"/ Johnny Hamp O- I'm Afraid You Sang That Song..E+

594. Vi 20901- Jack Crawford O- I'd Walk a Million Miles/ Ted Weems O- Marvelous E+

595. Vi 20985- The Salon Group- C'est Yous, Its You/ Dawn of Tomorrow EE+

596. Vi 21103- Paul Whiteman O- Changes/ Mary E+ Bix and Bing

597. Vi 21104- Paul Whiteman's Rhythm Boys- Miss Annabelle Lee/ 4 Aristocrats- Everybody Loves My Girl E+

598. Vi 21114- Arden- Ohman O- 'S Wonderful/ Funny Face E-

599. Vi 21116- Marion Harris- The Man I Love/ Did You Mean It? EE+

600. Vi 21120- Honolulu Serenaders- Honolulu Stomp/ Mele Of Hawaii EE-

601. Vi 21310- Horace Heidt O- Golden Gate/ What a Wonderful Wedding That Will Be EE+/E+

602. Vi 21325- Paul Whiteman O- When You're In Love/ Little Log Cabin of Dreams E+

603. Vi 21417- Kane's Hawaiians- Alekoko/ Liliu E E+

604. Vi 21434- Carter Family- Keep On the Sunny Side/ River of Jordan E

605. Vi 21453- Paul Whiteman O- It Was the Dawn Of Love/ BF Goodrich O- Church Bells E

606. Vi 21684- Helen Kane- Is There Anything Wrong In That/ I Wanna Be Loved By You VV+

607. Vi 22185- Nat Shilkret O- My Man Is On the Make/ I Can Do Wonders With You EE-

608. Vi 22205- Arden- Ohman O- Why?/ Its You I Love E

609. Vi 22255- The High Hatters- A Bundle of Old Love Letters/ Arden- Ohman O- Should I? E-

610. VI 22419- Rudy Vallee O- Kitty From Kansas City/ If I Had a Girl Like You E-

611. Vi 22425- Bernie Cummins O- Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder For Somebody Else/ Nat Shilkret O- Dancing With Tears In My Eyes E

612. Vi 22446- Willard Robison w/ O- There's Religion In Rhythm/ Dont Ever Be Fraid to Wade Those Troubled Waters E+

613. Vi 22460- Henry Thies O- June Kisses/ Under Vesuvian Skies E+ Jane Froman vo A

614. Vi 22461- Henry Thies O- Sharing/ My Sweetheart Serenade E Jane Froman vo A

615. Vi 22462- Johnny Hamp O- Nobody Cares If I'm Blue/ George Olsen O- The Kiss Wz E+

616. Vi 22579- Frank Crumit w/ O- I Miss a Little Miss/ Three Little Words EE+

617. Vi 22583- Bert Lown O- You're the One I Care For/ Crying Myself to Sleep EE-

618. Vi 22603- Bert Lown O- To Whom It May Concern/ Duke Ellington O- Blue Again E-/VV+

619. Vi 22618- Gus Arnheim O- I Surrender Dear/ La Rosita E+ Bing Crosby vocal A

620. Vi 22625- Williams Purple Knights- Dinah/ Living, Loving You V

621. Vi 22643- Wayne King O- Dream a Little Dream of Me/ Wabash Moon E sm rc nap

622. Vi 22656- Ted Weems O- My Favorite Band/ Wayne King O- Star Dust VV+

623. Vi 22701- Bing Crosby- Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/ Just a Gigolo NN-

624. Vi 22722- Johnny Hamp O- Look In the Looking Glass/ Nevertheless VV+

625. Vi 22795- Arden- Ohman O- My First Love- My Last Love/ Nina Rosa E

626. Vi 22636- Johnny Hamp O- All On Account Of Your Kisses/ Rockin' Chair E+

627. Vi 22805- Bert Lown O- Lets Drift Away On Dreamer's Bay/ Troubadours- Now That I Need You, You're Gone E+

628. Vi 22931- Ruby Newman O- Cant We Talk It Over/ Because I Worship You V+

629. Vi 22986- Gene Kardos O- When Nobody Else Is Around/ My Extraordinary Gal VV+

630. Vi 22995- Jack Denny O- Night/ We Will Always Be Sweethearts EE- Luther/ Pursell vocs

631. Vi 22996- Ted Black O- I Cant Forget/ I'll Get Along Somehow E-

632. Vi 24002- Ambrose O- The Queen Was In the Parlour/ George Olsen O- Tom Thumb's Drum EE+

633. Vi 24046- Ted Black O Banking On the Weather/ Masquerade VV+ plays better Hi Fi

634. Vi 24050- Ted Black O- Rain Rain Go Away/ A Shanty In Old Shanty Town looks V, plays E-

635. Vi 24072- Ruby Newman O- Strange Interlude/ Another Night Alone E

636. Vi 24073- Ruby Newman O- My Heart's At Ease/ So Ashamed VV+

637. Vi 24085- Eliot Everett O- Little Nell/ Was I? EE-/E-

638. Vi 24129- Isham Jones O- Twas Only a Summer Night's Dream/ Someday We'll Meet Again E+

639. Vi 24132- Leo Reisman O- Riddle Me This/ How Do You Do It V

640. Vi 24134- Isham Jones O- I'll Never Have to Dream Again/ Beside the Sunset Trail E-V+

642. Vi 24162- Isham Jones O- A Million Dreams/ What Would Happen to Me If Somehting Happened to You EE-

643. Vi 24176- Don Bestor O- I'm Sure of Everything But You/ Speak to Me of Love E+

644. Vi 24183- Jack Denny O- The Song Is You/ I've Told Every Little Star E-

645. Vi 24186- Warings Penns- Well! Well! Well!/ And So I Married the Girl EE+ or better

646. Vi 24197- Paul Whiteman O- Rise 'N Shine/ Put Out the Light EE+

647. Vi 24201- Paul Whiteman O- Till To-morrow/ Just An Echo In the Valley EE+

648. Vi 24202- Paul Whiteman O- Eadie Was a Lady/ You're An Old Smoothie E+

649. Vi 24212- Ray Noble O- We've Got the Moon & Sixpence/ Looking On the Bright Side E-/V+

650. Vi 24213- Jack Denny O- I'm Playing With Fire/ Why Cant This Night Go On Forever EE+

651. Vi 24222- George Olsen O- Say Young Lady/ Hey Young Fella E 1" tite cr nap

652. Vi 24225- Don Bestor O- After You/ Paul Whiteman O- In Egern On the Tegern See E few scrs nap

653. Vi 24235- Gus Arnheim O- Suzanne/ Love In the Moonlight V+

654. Vi 24268- Ramona- Tony's Wife/ Roy Bargy & Ramona- What Have We Got to Lose VV+

655. Vi 24314- Ray Noble O- Brighter Than the Sun/ What More Can I Ask VV+/E+ HOT A Bowlly

656. Vi 24333- Ray Noble O- Love Is the Sweetest Thing/ I'll Do My Best to Make U Happy E+ rg lbl

657. Vi 24428- Leo Reisman O- Not For All the Rice In China/ Supper Time V+

658. Vi 24434- Don Bestor O- Heaven Only Knows/ There's a Ring Around the Moon E+

659. Vi 24436- Don Bestor O- Theres a Home In Wyomin'/ Tree that Father Planted For Me E/EE+

660. Vi 24496- Isham Jones O- Got the Jitters/ Sittin' On a Log E- NICE!

661. Vi 24604- Raymond Paige O- Once In a Blue Moon/ Love Thy Neighbor E

662. Vi 24680- Richard Himber O- Lets Take a Walk Around the Block/ Fun to be Fooled E

663. Vi 24701- Isham Jones O- The Blue Room/ Georgia Jubilee looks V-, plays E-

664. Vi 24750- Richard Himber O- Avalon/ Tea For Two E

665. Vi 24769- Paul Whiteman O- I Geta Kick Out of You/ You're the Top E

666. Vi 24804- Landt Trio & White w/ Dixieland O- The Animal Trainer/ No No 1000 Times No E+

667. Vi 24885- Paul Whiteman O- Itchola/ Jan Garber O- Love and a Dime EE- plays E

668. Vi 25044- Fats Waller Rhythm- You've Been Taking Lessons In Love/ I'm Gonna Sit Right Down..EE+/V+

669. Vi 25057- Eddy Duchin O- Outside of You/ The Rose In Her Hair E+

670. Vi 25082- Ray Noble O- Way Down Yonder In New Orelans/ St Louis Blues EE+

671. Vi 25158- Eleanor Powell w/ Tommy Dorsey O- I've Got a Feelin' You're Foolin'/ You Are My Lucky Star VV+

672. Vi 25173- Eleanor Powell w/ Tommy Dorsey O- That's Not Cricket/ Got a Bran New Suit E+N-

673. Vi 25183- Tommy Dorsey O- Dont Give Up the Ship/ At a Little Church Affair EE+

674. Vi 25191- Tommy Dorsey O- Alone/ Two Hearts Carved On a Lonesome Pine E-

675. Vi 25216- Tommy Dorsey O- I'm Shooting High/ Lovely Lady EE+

676. Vi 25217- Tommy Dorsey O- I PIcked a Flower the Color of Your Eyes/ Please Believe Me E+

677. Vi 25220- Tommy Dorsey O- The Day I Let You Get Away/ One Night In Monte Carlo EE-

678. Vi 25236- Tommy Dorsey O- I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You/ I've Got a Note EE+ rg lbl

679. Vi 25264- Eddy Duchin O- Welcome Stranger/ Love Is Like a Cigarette E+

680. Vi 25268- Benny Goodman O- The Devil & the Deep Blue Sea/ Madhouse EE-

681. Vi 25270- Paul Whiteman O- There's a Small Hotel/ Its Got to Be Love V+/E-

682. Vi 25314- Tommy Dorsey O- At the Codfish Ball/ Rhythm Saved the World EE+

683. Vi 25325- Eddy Duchin O- A Rendezvous With a Dream/ Summer Holiday V+

684. Vi 25326- Tommy Dorsey O- Jada/ Royal Garden Blues E-

685. Vi 25328- Ruby Newman O- Its Time I Got the Low Down On You/ Tonight's the Night E

686. Vi 25336- Ray Noble O- But Definitely/ When I'm With You EE- Bowlly vocals

687. Vi 25337- Ruby Newman O- Stars In My Eyes/ Madly In Love E+

688. Vi 25344- Ruby Newman O- I'm Just Beginning to Care/ We'll Rest At the End of the Trail E-

689. Vi 25349- Tommy Dorsey O- On the Beach At Bali Bali / No Regrets E+

690. Vi 25352- Tommy Dorsey O- San Francisco/ You Gotta Eat Your Spinach Baby E+

691. Vi 25402- Ruby Newman O- Never Gonna Dance/ Magnolias In the Moonlight E

692. Vi 25405- Ruby Newman O- Now Or Never/ Darling Not Without You V+

693. Vi 25441- Richard Himber O- You're Everything Sweet/ In the Chapel In the Moonlight V+

694. Vi 25446- Tommy Dorsey O- Another Perfect Night Is Ending/ For Sentimental Reasons E+

695. Vi 25447- Tommy Dorsey O- A High Hat, a Piccolo & a Cane/ Close to Me EE+

696. Vi 25448- Ray Noble O- Now/ Little Old Lady V+ Bowlly vocs

697. Vi 25487- Tommy Dorsey O- Head Over Heels In Love/ May I Have Next Romance With U E-

698. Vi 25500- Benny Goodman O- You Can tell She Comes From Dixie/ Never Should Have Told You E+ scr beg A nap

699. Vi 25504- Ray Noble O- As Long As You Got Your Health/ To Love You & To Lose You EE+

700. Vi 25505- Benny Goodman O- This Year's Kisses/ He Aint Got Rhythm E

701. Vi 25508- Tommy Dorsey O- The Goona Goo/ If My Heart Could Talk EE+

702. Vi 25509- Tommy Dorsey O- Lookin' Around Corners For You/ My Ghost Goes to Town E+

703. Vi 25513- Tommy Dorsey O- How Could You?/ On a Little Bamboo Bridge EE+

704. Vi 25516- Tommy Dorsey O- Dedicated To You/ You're Here, You're There E+

705. Vi 25523- Tommy Dorsey O- Song of India/ Marie E rg lbl

706. Vi 25539- Tommy Dorsey O- Mendelssohn's Spring Song/ Liebestraum E+

707. Vi 25543- Ruby Newman O- Swing High, Swing Low/ Sweet Leilani E+

708. Vi 25546- Ruby Newman O- Where Or When/ Johnny One Note E

709. Vi 25553- Tommy Dorsey O- Turn Off the Moon/ Jammin' E/E-

710. Vi 25813- Tommy Dorsey O- Comin' Thro the Rye/ I Never Knew E

711. Vi 25815- Tommy Dorsey O- Deed I Do/ Yearning EE+

712. Vi 25821- Tommy Dorsey O- Everybody's Doing It/ When the Morning Choo Choo..Alabam E

713. Vi 25856- Tommy Dorsey O- Now It Can Be Told/ My Walking Stick E+

714. Vi 25887- Tommy Dorsey O- Barcarolle/ Canadian Capers E+

715. Vi 26005- Tommy Dorsey O- You're Pretty As a Picture/ My Own E-

716. Vi 26007- Richard Himber O- The Parade of Bands 3/4 E-

717. Vi 26012- Tommy Dorsey O- Stop Beatin Round Mulberry Bush/ I'll See U In My Dreams EE+

718. Vi 26054- Tommy Dorsey O- Weary Blues/ Boogie Woogie N-

719. Vi 26062- Tommy Dorsey O- Rainbow Round the Moon/ Stompin' At the Stadium E-

720. Vi 26066- Tommy Dorsey O- You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby/ Sailing At Midnight E-/E

721. Vi 26076- Larry Clinton O- Chant of the Jungle/ Design For Dancing E+

722. Vi 26101- Richard Himber O- War Dance For Wooden Indian/ Minuet In Jazz E/EE+

723. Vi 26105- Tommy Dorsey O- Sweet Sue- Just You/ Tin Roof Blues E

724. Vi 26108- Larry Clinton O- The Devil With the Devil/ Jeepers Creepers EE-/EE+

725. Vi 26110- Benny Goodman O- I Must See Annie Tonight/ Kind'a Lonesome E couple lt pops B

726. Vi 26115- Tommy Dorsey O- Angels With Dirty Faces/ Between a Kiss & a Sigh E

727. Vi 26119- Tommy Dorsey O- Thanks For Everything/ Did You Remember Last Night EE+/E

728. Vi 26126- Tommy Dorsey O- Hawaiian War Chant/ Midnight On the Trail EE-

729. Vi 26209- Lionel Hampton O- Sweethearts On Parade/ High Society E-/E

730. Vi 26231- Wayne King O- My Man/ Arrancame La Vida EE+

731. Vi 26241- Hal Kemp O- S'posin'/ Boom E+

732. Vi 26242- Gray Gordon O- I'm In Love w/ Honorable Mr So & So/ A Lady Needs a Change E+

733. Vi 26299- Xavier Cugat O- The Thrill of a New Romance/ Havana For a Night E

734. Vi 26345- Gray Gordon O- Just For a Thrill/ Old Mil Wheel E+

735. Vi 26349- Hal Kemp O- Crying In My Dreams/ Love Grows On the White Oak Tree EE+

736. Vi 26351- Larry Clinton O- Twilight Interlude/ The Last Two Weeks In July E+

737. Vi 26357- Gray Gordon O- Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead/ If I Were King of the Forest EE+

738. Vi 26395- Bob Zurke O- Its a Hap Hap Happy Day/ Faithful Forever E-

739. Vi 26396- Gray Gordon O- To You Sweethheart, Aloha/ Goody Goodbye E+

740. Vi 26397- Hal Kemp O- Many Dreams Ago/ Last Night E+

741. Vi 26408- Hal Kemp O- I Thought About You/ Out of Space E+

742. Vi 26452- Hal Kemp O- Confucius Say/ Would Ja Mind EE+/E+

743. Vi 26469- Hal Kemp O- Playmates/ Thank Your Stars EE+/E+

744. Vi 26562- Hal Kemp O- They Ought To Write a Book About You/ Believing E+

745. Vi 26592- Hal Kemp O- Louisiana Purchase/ You Cant Brush Me Off E/EE-

746. Vi 26627- Hal Kemp O- Meet the Sun Half Way/ The Girl Who Took a Second Look E+

747. Vi 27255- Hal Kemp O- It All Comes Back to Me Now/ Talkin' to My Heart EE+

748. Vi 27261- Hal Kemp O- You're the One/ I Cant Remember to Forget EE+

749. Vi 27315- Artie Shaw O- Beau Night In Hotchkiss Corners/ The Calypso E+

750. Vi 27381- Sammy Kaye O- Hawaiian Sunset/ Friendly Tavern Polka E/V+

751. Vi 20-1848- Freddy Martin O- You're the Cause of It All/ I Love An Old Fashioned Song E

752. Vi 20-1914- Tex Beneke & the Miller O- I Know/ Everybody Loves My Baby E/E+

753. Vi 20-1929- Artie Shaw O- The Gentle Grifter/ Scuttlebutt E+

754. Vi 20-1931- Artie Shaw O- They Didn't Believe Me/ Cant Help Lovin' Dat Man E+N-

755. Vi 20-1932- Artie Shaw O- Lament/ Kasbah E+

756. Vi 20-1933- Artie Shaw O-A Foggy Day/ I Could Write a Book E-/E

757. Vi 20-1935- Artie Shaw O- Just Floatin' Along/ No One But You E+

758. Vi 20-1936- Artie Shaw O- Keepin' Myself For You/ I Cant Escape From You E+N-

759. Vi 20-1937- Artie Shaw O- Lucky Number/ Thrill of a Lifetime E+

760. Vi 20-1951- Tex Beneke & the Miller O- The Woodchuck Song/ Passe E-

761. Vi 20-1959- The Dardanelle Trio- Boogie In Bee/ After U Get What U Want U Dont Want It E+

762. Vi 20-2919- Leslie Scott w/ Coleman Hawkins O- Never In a Million Years/ How Did She Look NN-

763. Vi 20-3792- Eddie Fisher- Warm Kisses In the Coo/ of Night/ Nightwind E+

764. Vi 20-5107- Spike Jones City Slickers- I'll Never Work There Anymore/ I Went to Ur Wedding N-

765. Vi 20-5166- Sauter-Finegan O- Stop Beatin Round the Mulberry Bush/ Tweedle Dee & Dum E+

766. Vi 20-5248- Sauter-Finegan O- Yankee Doodletown/ Now That I'm In Love E+

767. Vi 20-5307- Sauter-Finegan O- The Honey Jump/ Time to Dream E+

768. Vi 20-5359- Sauter-Finegan O- The Moon Is Blue/ "O" E+

769. Vi 20-5432- Sauter-Finegan O- Cool Bongo/ A Foggy Day E+

770. Vi 20-5506- Sauter-Finegan O- Joey's Theme/ Doodletown Races E+

771. Vi 20-5614- Sauter-Finegan O- Where's Ace/ Hit the Road to Dreamland E+

772. Vi 20-5720- Sauter-Finegan O- Science Fiction/ The Thundisbreak E+

773. Vi 20-5826- Sauter-Finegan O- Pale Moon/ Of Thee I Sing E+

774. Vi DJ-759(20-3538)- Dizzy Gillespie O- If Love Is Trouble/ In the Land of Oo-Bla-Dee E+

775. Vi DJ-914(promo)- Eddie Fisher- I Love You Because/ Am I Wasting My Time On You E+

776. Vi E1-VB 3748(promo)- Eddie Fisher- Never Before/ Any Time E+

777. Vi E3-VB 1692(promo)- Eddie Fisher- Until You Said "Goodbye"/ Oh My Papa E+

778. Vi E0-VB 6224(promo)- Eddie Fisher- If It Hadn''t Been For You/ Bring Back the Thrill E+

779. Vi E2-VB 6526(promo)- Eddie Fisher- If It We're Up to Me/ Even Now E+


780. Victor Program Transcription- Vi L-4500- Victor Salon Group & Concert O- Victor Herbert Melodies- Suite 1- part 1/2 EE- 33 1/3 rpm

781. Victor Program Transcription- Vi L-4501- Victor Salon Group & Concert O- Victor Herbert Melodies- Suite 1- part 3/4 EE+ 33 1/3 rpm

782. Victor Program Transcription-Vi L-16002- Paul Whiteman O- Program Transcription- E+. 3 tunes- incl Mildred Bailey 33 1/3 rpm

783. Victor Program Transcription-Vi L-16005- Leo Reisman O- Program Transcription- E+.. several tunes at 33 1/3 rpm

784. Vi test mx 68459-1. Max Steiner- Tropical/Hawaiian themed movie music. Tropical music and Hawaiian guitar are heard on this 1933 shellac test recorded in Hollywood c. March 1933 (between a Bing Crosby and Maurice Chevalier non commercial session according to the master book). Could be for an RKO 1933 release? E cond..likely one of a kind!

785. Victor Record Society Limited Edition- VRS-2- Tommy Dorsey O- Milenberg Joys 1/2 E+ label autographed by Tommy Dorsey. light green on buff colored label

786. Victor red vinyl- A side label reads ..test pressing for musical quality and content only/ B side has RCA Victor spider web and label w/ grid for comments. Content is Cinderella--story & vocs V+

787. Victor Demonstration Record(12")- for RCA Victor 99K Radio part 1/2- Electronic Tuning For All/ Victrola Attachment Demonstration Record. fun narration and song excerpts including Ray Noble- Blue Danube, Tommy Dorsey, etc. Mx CS 023321/4. E+ shellac..black on gold label


788. Actuelle 022387- Royal Waikiki Hawaiian O- On the Banks of the Wabash/ Sidwalks of NY E

789. Aeolian Vocalion 14147- Ferera-Franchini & Green- Isle of Paradise/ On Hilo Bay EE+

790. AV 14180- Selvin DO- Daisy Days/ Paper Doll E+

791. Amos & Andy/ Cliff Nazzaro Christmas 1941 record- A side has Freeman Gosden & Charles Correll introducing their Amos & Andy characters and wishing a Merry Christmas and Happy 1942. They introduce the flip side with Cliff Nazarro as their "publicity man". Lots of fun. One side has picture label of A&A, flip side has holiday motif EE+

792. Apollo 138- The Barton Brothers- Joe & Paul pt 1/2 E- Yiddish comedy vocal

793. Ap 139- The Barton Brothers- Cock Eyed Jenny/ Minnie the Flapper E- Yiddish comedy

794. ARC Theatre Use Only F 326- Freddy Martin O- You Oughta Be In Pictures/ same EE+

795. Atlantic 670- Joe Bushkin- One For the Road/ Dancing On the Ceiling E+

796. Banner 1045- Lenzberg Mid. Frolic O- Boo Hoo Hoo/ Virginia Blues E+ heat mark sds few gvs

797. Ba 1181- Roy Collins O- Maxie Jones(king of saxophones)/ 6 Black Diamonds- Farewell Bl V-

798. Ba 1662- Six Black Diamonds- My Charleston Dancing Man/ Missouri Jazz- Spanish Shawl V-

799. Ba 1868- Sam Lanin O- Sunday/ Al Lentz O- I've Got the Girl E-

800. Ba 6116- Jimmy Andrews piano solo- Dancing Shadows/ The Doll Dance EE-

801. Ba 6157- Scrappy Lambert w/ O- Good Night I'll See You In Dreamland/ Radio Ed & Scrappy Lambert- Away Down South In Heaven E/EE-

802. Ba 6563- Roy Smeck Trio- Am I Blue?/ Honolulu Days E

803. Ba 33251- Vincent Rose O- Lets Give Three Cheers For Love/ Stay As Sweet As You Are V+ Smith Ballew vocals

804. Ba 35-09-19- Archie Bleyer O- Isnt This a Lovely Day/ Top Hat, White Tie, & Tails E-

805. Banner (later lbl)- Barry Sisters & O- Mein Yiddishe Meidele/ Bie Mir Bisttu Shein VV+

806. Bell P-173(20s lbl)- Coreyfonic O- Yankee Doodle Blues/ Coal Black Mammy E

807. Bell 333- Arthur Hall- I Dont Care What You Used to Be/ I Cant Stop Babying You E+

808. Bell 383- Moonlight Serenaders- Hot Stuff Blues/ Sitting On Top of the World V-

809. Bell 470- Fields & Dwyer- Why Should I Marry/ Gertrude Dwyer- I'm Going to Park Myself In Your Arms E-

810. Bell 504- Johnnie Johnson O- Hoosier Sweetheart/ Lanin O- Nesting Time E

811. Bell 1023- Artie Shaw Gramercy 5- That Old Feeling/ Besame Mucho E+

812. Bell 1027- Artie Shaw Gramercy 5- Stop & Go Mambo/ Tenderly E+

813. Bell 1029- Tommy Dorsey O w/ JD- Make Love to Me/ My Friend the Ghost E+

814. Black & White 750- Jack Mc Vea All Stars- Ooh Mop/ Bartender Boogie E+ sm rcnap

815. Blue Note 1615- Dizzy Gillespie Jazz Ens- Everything Happens to Me/ Say Eh EE+ few scfs

816. Bluebird 5039- Williams Cotton Club O- I Would Do Anything For You/ A Good Man Is Hard to Find V

817. BB 5090- Park Central Hotel O- Cant We Meet Again/ I've Got to Pass Your House EE- has several rcnaps..plays great due to hi fi recording--top sides

818. BB 5690- Milton Brown Musical Brownies- Girl of My Dreams/ Trinity Wz V+

819. BB 5767- Rhythm Kings O- Love Is Just Around the Corner/ The Debutante Wz E-/E

820. BB 5781- George Hall O- When I Grow Too Old To Dream/ The Night Is Young E+

821. BB 5849- Sid Peltyn O- Lullaby of Broadway/ Out On An Old Pair of Shoes VV+

822. BB 5890- Bill Barry O- You're a Heavenly Thing V

823. BB 6436- Willie Bryant O- I'm Grateful To You/ I Like Bananas E-

824. BB 6533- Tempo King O- Bojangles of Harlem/ Organ Grinder's Swing E-

825. BB 6534- Tempo King O- William Tell/ I Would Do Anything For You E+/EE+

826. BB 7328- Rudy Vallee O- Have You Met Miss Jones?/ I'd Rather Be Right E

827. BB 7317- Al Bowlly O- Sweet As a Song/ Half Moon On the Hudson EE+

828. BB 7319- Al Bowlly O- Every Day's a Holiday/ Outside of Paradise E

829. BB 7342- Rudy Vallee O- Melody Farm/ The One I Love EE+

830. BB 7344- Jerry Blaine O- Bei Mir Bist Du Schon/ The Big Dipper EE-/E+

831. BB 7763- Mildred Bailey- Stop the Sun, Stop the Moon/ Home E+

832. BB 10107- Johnny Messner O- The Devil With the Devil/ Could Be E-

833. BB 10351- Earl Hines O- Grand Terrace Shuffle/ Ridin & Jivin E-

834. BB 10377- Earl Hines O- Father Steps In/ Piano Man V+

835. BB 10396- Bob Chester O- You Tell Me Your Dream/ Shoot the Sherbert to Me Herbert VV+

836. BB 10414- Bob Chester O- Goody Goodbye/ Oo Oo Oo E-

837. BB 10504- Erskine Hawkins O- Uptown Shuffle/ More Than You Know E

838. BB 10529- Sextet of the Rhythm Club of London- Calling All Bars/ Mighty Like the Blues EE+

839. BB 10530- Charlie Barnet O- Ogoun Badagris/ The Right Idea E

840. BB 10531- Earl Hines O- Riff Medley/ XYZ E

841. BB 10557- Sextet of the Rhythm Club of London- Why Didn't William Tell?/ You Gave Me the Go-By E+

842. BB 10562- Freddy Martin O- Oh What a Lovely Dream/ Am I Proud E+

843. BB 10563- Ziggy Elman O- Tootin My Baby Back Home/ What Used to Was Used to Was E+

844. BB 10615- Don Redman O- About Rip Van Winkle/ You Aint Nowhere VV+ a rare BB

845. BB 10643- Freddy Martin O- Saturday's Children/ I'd Love To E+

846. BB 10644- Charlie Barnet O- You've Got Me Out On a Limb/ Castle of Dreams EE+

847. BB 10658- Fats Waller Rhythm- Cheatin On Me/ Oh Frenchy EE+

848. BB 10673- Glenn Miller O- I'll Never Smile Again/ The Rumba Jumps E

849. BB 10735- Bob Chester O- The Moon Wont Talk/ Orchids For Rememberance E-

850. BB 10780- Bob Chester O- Chester's Choice/ River Stay Way From My Door VV+

851. BB 10841- Fats Waller Rhythm- Stayin' At Home/ I'll Never Smile Again EE-

852. BB 10850- Larry Clinton O- A Brown Bird Singing/ Dance of the Candy Fairy E

853. BB 11018- Larry Clinton O- Rockin' Chair/ Nobody Knows My Troubles E+

854. BB 11021- Johnny Hodges O- Junior Hop/ Day Dream NN-

855. BB 11088- Bob Chester O- Slow Down/ My Sister & I E-

856. BB 11054- Bob Chester O- Dolores/ Oh Look At Me Now V+

857. BB 11365- Glenn Miller O- Ev'rything I Love/ Baby Mine E+N-

858. BB 11398- The Four King Sisters- We're the Couple In the Castle/ Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat E+

859. BB 11416- Glenn Miller O- Fooled/ It Happened In Hawaii EE+/E

860. BB 11417- Charlie Barnet O- I'm Coming Virginia/ I'll Remember April E

861. BB 11418- Art Kassel O- No Need to be Sorry/ The Biggest Aspidastra In the World EE+/E

862. BB 11495- Freddy Martin O- You Cant Hold a Memory In Your Arms/ The Last Call 4 Love E+

863. BB 11499- Teddy Powell O- There Wont Be a Shortage of Love/ All Those Wonderful Yrs E+

864. BB 11501- Alvino Rey O- Picnic In Purgatory/ I'm Glad There Is You E-

865. BB 11534- Art Kassel O- Ring the Bell For Uncle Sam/ You Aint Got No Romance E+

866. BB 11537- Shep Fields O- This Is Worth Fighting For/ Wonder When My Baby's Coming Home E+

867. BB 11540- Mart Kenney O- Captains of the Clouds/ Waltzing Matilda E+

868. Boy Scout 1- Old Zip Coon/ Three Good Turns E-/EE- rare 1920s Massachusetts label

869. Broadway 11377- Al Bernard w/ F Ferera acc(Haw guitar)- 25 Years From Now/ Thomas & West- What Does a Pussy Cat Mean When She Says Meow V

870. Br 1106- Earl Randolph O- Everybody Loves My Girl/ Al Lynch O- Sweetheart of Sigma Chi V+

871. Cameo 348- Dixie Daisies- Yes Sir! Thats Lazy BonesAggravtin' Papa V+

872. Cam 403- Dixie Daisies- Sam Jones Blues/ St Louis Gal V-

873. Cam 9208- Varsity 8- Dance Your Blues Away/ Dick Cherwin O- I'm Doing What Im Doing For Love V/V+

874. Capitol 208- The King Cole Trio- I'm a Shy Guy/ I Tho't You Ought to Know E+

875. Cap 218- Peggy Lee- Waitin' For the Train To Come In/ I'm Glad I Waited For You E+

876. Cap 236- Peggy Lee- I Dont Know Enough About You/ I Can See It Your Way E+

877. Cap 263- Peggy Lee- Linger In My Arms a Little Longer Baby/ Baby You Can Count On Me NN-

878. Cap 274- The King Cole Trio- You Call It Madness/ Oh But I Do E

879. Cap 292- Peggy Lee- Its All Over Now/ Aren't You Kind of Glad We Did? N-

880. Cap 304- The King Cole Trio- The Best Man/ For Sentimental Reasons E

881. Cap 322- Peggy Lee- He's Just My Kind/ It's a Good Day E+

882. Cap 724- The King Cole Trio- The Frim Fram Sauce/ Come to Baby Do E+

883. Cap 15036- The King Cole Trio- I've Only Myself to Blame/ The Geek E

884. Cap 57-70033- Bus Moten O- Gone/ On the Gravy Train E+

885. Castle 10- Lee Stafford piano solo- Heliotrope Boquet/ Winter Garden Rag E+

886. Celtic 1916- Shaun O Farrell- The Darling Gal From Clare/ The Irish Volunteer VV- 1" cr RARE Gennett family label

887. Century 1501- Kenny Clarke Clique- Roll 'Em Bags/ You Go to My Head E+ rare modern jazz on this lbl

888. Challenge 362- Jack Stillman Gang- Go Away & Dont Come Back/ Grandview Inn O- Here Am I Brokenhearted E-/VV+ good trumpet both

889. Chall 365- Sheldon Holmes O- Island Breezes/ Dave Lawson O- Me & My Shadow V+

890. Champion 15421- Grandview Inn O- Everybody Loves My Girl/ Metomkin Inn O- You Can Tell Here Anything Under the Sun V- nice trumpet solos!

891. Champ 15838- Bud Carlson O- I Gotta Have You/ Clowning VV+ solos A

892. Clarion 1115- Selvin O- My Sunny Tennesee/ Clarion DO- When the Sun Goes Down E+

893. Clar 5376- Phil Hughes O- Sweet & Lovely/ I Cant Get Mississippi off My Mind EE-

894. Coda 5002- Noro Morales Sextet- Montuno In A Flat/ Josefina E-

895. Commodore 536- Eddie Condon O- Dancing Fool/ Georgia Grind E- "Maurice" Waller p

896. Conqueror 7692- Bob Haring O- When Your Lover Has Gone/ You'll Be Mine In Apple Bl Time V

897. Cq 7923- Vic Irwin O- Somebody Loves You/ Tired EE+/E+

898. Cq 8107- Gene's Merrymakers- The Girl In the Little Green Hat/ Joe Furst O- At the Baby Parade VV+

899. Cq 8108- Owen Fallon O- You Must Believe Me/ A Boy & a Girl Were Dancing V+

900. Cq 8153- Gene's Merrymakers- Lets All Sing Like the Birdies Sing/ Have U Ever Been Lonely EE-/E-

901. Cq 8220- Adrian Rollini O- By a Waterfall(tk 3)/ Will Osborne O- Bless Your Heart V-/V

902. Cq 8261- Ed Loyd O- The Boulevard of Broken Dreams/ Albert Taylor O-My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua, Hawaii E-/VV+

903. Cq 8504- Roy Smeck Tropical Serenaders- Drifting & Dreaming/ Let Me Call You Sweet. E-

904. Cq 8620- Johnny Johnson O- Lights Out/ A Beautiful Lady In Blue E-

905. Cq 8685- Gene Autry- Guns & Guitars/ The Answer to Nobody's Darling E

906. Cr 3063- Lou Gold O- Walkin My Baby Back Home/ I'm So Afraid of You V+

907. Cr 3031- The High Steppers- Wasting My Love On You/ When Kentucky Bids the World..G

908. Cr 3165- Lou Gold O- The Kiss That You've Forgotten/ I'm Just a Dancing Sweetheart E-

909. Cr 3258- Arthur Schutt O- Was That the Human Thing To Do/ How Long Will It Last V

910. Cr 3330- Russ Carlson O- Hummin to Myself/ In My Hideaway V/VV+

911. Cr 3379- The Arcadians- And So to Bed/ Rock a Bye Moon E-

912. Cr 3380- Allan Small O- I Only Found You For Somebody Else/ Moon V rcnap

913. Cr 3405- Elmer Feldkamp O- Someday We'll Meet Again/ Take Me In Your Arms VV+

914. Cr 3437- Al Winters- Wait'll I Get You In My Dreams/ Moon Song V/V-

915. Cr 3463- Teddy Lang O- Two Tickets to Georgia/Maybe I Love You Too Much V/E

916. Cr 3464- Teddy Lang O- Have You Ever Been Lonely?/ Meet Me In the Gloaming V

917. Dandy 5047- Carter O- Easy to Please/ Dandy Trio- Dont Bring Lulu G

918. Dan 5079- Carter O- Lonely/ Oh Say Can I See You Tonight V+

919. Davis & Schwegler 100- Claude Sweeten O- One Little Date With You/ Behind the Cabin Door E+..rare 78 issue by this Los Angeles company known for transcriptions

920. Dee Gee 3703- Milt Jackson Quartet- Round About Midnite/ Moving Nicely E+

921. Dial 1025- Dodo Marmarosa Trio- Dary Departs/ Lover looks E-, plays E+

922. Diva 2643- The Harmonians- My Angel/ Whisper Sweet & Whisper Low E-

923. Di 2851- Lou Gold O- Its Tight Like That/ Little Ootsie Oo V

924. Discovery 504- Martha Raye- After You've Gone/ Ooh, Doctor Kinsey E+ despite grey

925. Domino 3968- Irving Kaufman- Hello Lindy/ Harold Lambert- You Flew Over VV+/E-

926. Do 404- Hal White O- Everything You Do/ Golden Gate O- Eliza E-

927. Edison DD 51212- Green Bros Novelty O- Polly Olly Oo/ Last Night On the Back Porch E+

928. EDD 50498- Waikiki Hawaiian O- Somewhere In Hawaii/ Kiss Me Again Wz EE+

929. EDD 50991- Palakiko's Hawaiian O- Hawaiian Nightingale/ Flower of Hawaii E

930. EDD 51144- Hilo Serenaders- One Little Smile/ Just a Breath of Hawaii E

931. EDD 51162- Kaplan's Melodists- Dont Cry Swanee/ Paul Victorin O- Swingin Down the Lane V/V+

932. EDD 51226- Paul Victorin O- If I Can Take U From Somebody Else/ First, Last & Always E+

933. EDD 51685- Irving Aaronson's Crusaders- Dont Wake Me Up/ I Dare Not Love You E+ stain A, and brief clk sounds SUPER light..

934. EDD 51813- Joe Green- Dancing Stars/ Dance of the Toy Regiment E+

935. EDD 51983- Oreste Queensland O- I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover/ I Want to Be Miles From Ev'ryone EE- few lt clx B

936. EDD 52013- BA Rolfe O- The Doll Dance/ Some Other Day E

937. EDD 52023- Joe Green Novelty Marimba O- Charmaine/ Dawn of Tomorrow E+ incl Hawaiian guitar

938. EDD 52119- Mid Pacific Hawaiians- Na Lei O Hawaii/ E Liliu E+

939. EDD 52184- Harry Reser's Rounders- Our Bungalow of Dreams/ Highways Happy Ways EE+

940. EDD 52223- BA Rolfe O- Cant Help Lovin Dat Man/ Why Do I Love You E-

941. Edison Needle Type 20009- Frank Luther and his Pards- Goin' Home/ Lay Down Doggies E

942. Electradisk 1900- Tom Berwick O- Please/ Isnt It Romantic EE-

943. Emarcy 16103- Maynard Ferguson- All God's Children Got Rhythm/ Somewhere Over the Rainbow E+ despite gray

944. Emerson 1071- Eddie Cantor- Dont Put a Tax On the Beautiful Girls/ You Dont Need Wine to Have a Wonderful Time VV+

945. Em 9158(9")- Louisiana Five- Laughing Blues/ A Good Man Is Hard to Find EE-

946. Em 10100- Irving Kaufman- Hippity Hop/ Arthur Fields- Tell Me V-

947. Em 10119- Eddie Cantor- All the Boys Love Mary/ Come On & Play Wiz Me My Sw Babee V+

948. Em 10223- Arthur Fields- In the Blue Grass State/ Irving Kaufman- Chili Bean EE+

949. Fantasy 504- Dave Brubeck Trio- Laura/ Indiana E+ lt scr nap

950. Fan 511- Dave Brubeck Octet- Fugue On Bop Themes/ Prelude EE+

951. Fan 517- Dave Brubeck Quartet- Somebody Loves Me/ Crazy Chris E/EE+

952. Fan 522- Gerry Mulligan Quartet- Line For Lyons/ Carioca looks E, plays E+

953. Federal 5182- Rialto DO- Honey Lu/ Rosy-Posy E/E+

954. Four Star 1078- Slim Gaillard Trio- Ding Dong Oreeney/ Ya Ya Ha V+ RARE!

955. Gala 194- Dwight Fiske- All Out Annie/ Mrs. Trapp VV+

956. Gem 3481- Elmer Feldkamp O- Stormy Weather/ Me & That Old Gang of Mine V+/E- rare Crown subsidiary label

957. General 1706- The Morton Sextet- Why/ Get the Bucket E+

958. Ge 1707- The Morton Sextet- Shake It/ If You Knew E+

959. Ge 1710- The Morton Seven- Mama's Got a Baby/ My Home Is a Southern Town E+

960. Ge 1711- The Morton Seven- Swinging the Elks/ Dirty, Dirty, Dirty N-

961. Gennett 4859- Ray Miller O- Georgia/ Canary Isle VV+

962. Ge 5035- Ladd's Black Aces- You've Got to See Your Mamma Every Night/ Runnin' Wild V-

963. Ge 5077- Call of the North O- Wonderful One/ By the Shalimar EE-

964. Ge 5202- Howard Lanin O- Love Tales/ Mid-Night Rose VV+

965. Gilt Edge 516- Pvt Cecil Gant- I Feel It/ Jam Jam Blues EE+

966. Grey Gull L-2063- Ernest Hare- Dont Take Away Those Blues/ Arthur Fields- Ma E-

967. Grey Gull 1171- Dan Gregory O- Sun-Kist Rose/ Majestic DO- Love Is Just a Flower EE+/E

968. GG 1173- Lanin O- Louisville Lou/ Fletcher Henderson O- Down Hearted Blues V-

969. GG 1184- Original Memphis 5- Sad News Blues/ Penn Syncos- If I Cant Get the Sweetie I Want EE+/EE-

970. Harmony 286- Joe Candullo Everglades O- Brown Sugar/ Blowin' Off Steam VV+ lt lams nap

971. Ha 314- Lou Gold O- Do-Do-Do/ Clap Yo' Hands E-

972. Ha 361- Jope Candullo Everglades O- My Sunday Girl/ Yes- Flo! VV+

973. Ha 408- Joe Candullo O- Honolulu Moon/ The Astorites- I'll Take Care of Your Cares VV+

974. Ha 491- WMCA Broadcasters- Good News/ A Shady Tree E-

975. Ha 494- Royal Troubadours- My Blue Heaven/ Barbara EE+ few lt scrs

976. Ha 513- Jane Gray- Mister Aeroplane Man/ Play-Ground In the Sky E+

977. Ha 586- Manhattan Dance O- Mary Ann/ You Gotta Be Good to Me EE-

978. Ha 799- Ed Martel O- Until You Get Somebody Else/ Arthur Ross O- I'll Never Ask For More E

979. Ha 822- Lou Gold O- Thats Her Now/ The Harmonians- Cradle of Love E

980. Ha 993- Sammy Fain- Aint Misbehavin'/ Liza E+

981. Ha 1034- Harmonians- I'm a Dreamer Aren't We All/ Georgians- If I Had a Talking Pic E-

982. Ha 1047- Patsy Young- I Think You'll Like It/ He's So Unusual V- Annette Hanshaw

983. Ha 1052- Lloyd Keating O- Low Down Rhythm/ Lou Gold O- Piccolo pete V

984. Ha 1053- Lloyd Keating O- Turn On the Heat/ Rudy Marlow O- The Woman In the Shoe E+ hot version A w/ Sammy Fain vocal

985. Ha 1056- Lloyd Keating O- Needin' You Like I Do/ Lou Gold O- My Fate Is In Your Hands VV+

986. Ha 1196- Gay Ellis- Little White Lies/ Nobody Cares If I'm Blue looks V, plays V+E-

987. Ha 1206- Frank Auburn O- A Big Boquet For You/ Hotel Penn O- Sing Something Simple E-

988. Ha 1292- Frank Auburn O- Were You Sincere/ Phil Dannenberg O- All On Account Of Your Kisses VV+

989. Ha 1397- Roy Carroll O- Bend Down Sister/ J Fenwyck O- By the Sycamore Tree VV+ few clx sound but pass.. great solos

990. Ha 5087- Hawaiian String Trio- Smiles, Then Kisses/ Hawaiian Echoes E+N-..rare series!

991. Ha 5092- Hawaiian String Trio- Just a Wearyin' For You/ Kiss Me Again E+ ...rare series!

992. High Society 515- Peter/ I Wish I Was a Fairy E+ fun party record

993. Hit 7002- Les Hite O- One Dozen Roses/ Idaho E/EE+

994. Hit 7004- Chico Marx O- Here You Are/ Sweet Eloise EE-

995. Hit 7012- Johnny "Scat" Davis O- White Christmas/ Hip Hip Hooray VV+

996. Jam 900- Don Byas All Star 5- You Call It Madness/ Should I E

997. Jam 901- Don Byas All Star 5- Jamboree Jump/ Pennies From heaven E/EE+

998. Jam 902- Don Byas All Star 5- You Came Along/ Little White Lies EE-/E

999. Jam 904- Don Byas All Star 5- Once In a While My Melancholy Baby E

1000. Jam 905- Don Byas All Star 5- Avalon/ Blue & Sentimental E

1001. Jam 907- Dave Tough 5- When You're Smiling/ Love Walked In E

1002. Key 610- Coleman Hawkins Quintet- I'm In the Mood For Love/ Bean At the Met E+

1003. King 4245- Lonnie Johnson- Feel So Lonesome/ Pleasing You E+ sm rcnap

1004. King 4251- Lonnie Johnson- Happy New Year, Darling/ Backwater Blues E+ lt scr nap

1005. King 4398(promo)- Lucky Millinder O- Who Said I Wasn't Coming Back/ Clap Your Hands E+

1006. Liberty Music Shop 254- Milli Monti w/ O- Nostalgico/ If You Leave Paris E-

1007. LMS 297- Lee Wiley w/ Bunny Berigan O- Lets Do It/ Hot House Rose E-

1008. LMS 344- Mary Jane Walsh- Ace In the Hole/ Everything I Love E+

1009. Lincoln 2633- Southern Serenaders- Honolulu Moon/ Lane DO- Russian Lullaby EE-

1010. London 1418- Ted Heath O- Alligator Crawl/ Jitterbug Wz E+

1011. Mac Gregor & Sollie 1487/8- uncred Orch w/ voc- You Are My Lucky Star/ Keep Your Fingers Crossed E+...beautiful laminated pressing on this San Francisco label

1012. M&S 1489/90- uncred Orch w/ voc- Got a Bran New Suit/ If You Were Mine E+ as above SF

1013. M&S 1503/4- Ace of the Air- In My Solitude/ Seein' Is Believin' E+N- as above SF label

1014. MGM 10939- Johnny Desmond- My Yiddishe Momme/ Mama E-

1015. MGM 10946- Buddy de Franco O- Dancing On the Ceiling/ Out of Nowhere E+

1016. MGM 10108- Lena Horne- Take Love Easy/ I Feel So Smoochie E+

1017. MGM 10113- Kate Smith- Dancing With Tears In My Eyes/ It Had to be You E+

1018. MGM 11557- Larry Clinton O- Walkin' Down a Country Road/ Pretty Firefly E+

1019. MGM 11761- Leroy Holmes O- Rear Window Theme- Lisa/ The High & the Mighty E+

1020. Mad 50019- Atlanta Merrymakers- Song of India/ Carlton DO- Blue Danube Wz E-

1021. Mad 50026- Carlton DO- Sunny Side Up/

Melody Hounds- Blue Days Waiting For You E- Hawaian guitar A

1022. Mad 5063- Newport DO- Dancing With Tears In My Eyes/ Two Red Lips EE-/E good B

1023. Mad 5064- Atlanta Syncopators- Blue & Lonesome/ Newport DO- Springtime In Rockies EE+

1024. Mad 5069- Synco Jazzers- Lonesome Me/ Atlanta Merrymakers- If I Had a Girl Like U E good!

1025. Mad 5070- Tuxedo DO- Longing For You/ Newport DO- I'm In the Market For You VV+/E

1026. Mad 5082- Synco Jazzers- I Love You So Much/ Oceanic DO- I Wont Be Satisfied E- Hawaiian guitar A

1027. Mad 5086- Madison DO- Talk About Heaven/ Little White Lies V good trumpet A

1028. Mad 6000- Madison DO- 3 Little Words/ Cosmo DO- Wonderful One E- Hawaiian guitar both

1029. Majestic 1059- Jimmy Durante & Eddie Jackson- There Are Two Sides to Every Story/ G'Wan Home, Your Mudder's Callin' EE+

1030. Manor 1008- Georgia Peach & Skylight Singers- The Road Is Mighty Rugged/ Does Jesus Care E

1031. Man 1036- Coleman Hawkins AS- Step On It/ Memories of You E+

1032. Melodisc 1004- George Dukes & Duchess- Slowing Down the Blues/ Cherokee E+

1033. Melody 1436(rare 20s lbl)- Wallace Downey O- Stella/ St Louis Syncopators- Long Lost Mama G-

1034. Melotone 12122- Ranny Weeks O- Out of Nowhere/ Love Is My Master V

1035. Mt 12490- Art Kahn O- A Million Dreams/ Beside the Sunset Trail E+ unusually clean!

1036. Mt 12716- Albert Taylor O- You & the Moon & Me/ Dont Do Anything I Wouldn't Do VV+

1037. Mt 13370- Hoosier Hot Shots- Farmer Gray/ Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia E

1038. Mercury 1039- Tony Martin- As Time Goes By/ Body & Soul V+ rcnap

1039. Mer 8999- Oscar Peterson Quartet- Just One of Those Things/ Willow Weep For Me E+

1040. Mer 11069- Bud Powell Trio- Tea For Two/ Hallelujah E+N-

1041. Mer 11095- Charlie Parker O- Lover Man/ Back Home Blues plays E+ despite grey, scfs, scrs

1042. Mer 70294- Martha Raye- Wolf Boy/ Blues In the Night E+ light scuffs nap

1043. Mer 89016- Charlie Barnet O- Fur Trappers Boogie/ Wosie Posie E

1044. Mer 89023- Bill Harris O- Gloomy Sunday/ D'Anjou E+

1045. Mus 316- Teddy Wilson Quintet- Just For You Blues/ Just You Just Me E+

1046. Mus 317- Teddy Wilson Quintet- This Heart of Mine/ Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye E+

1047. Mus 354- Dizzy Gillespie 5- Lover Man/ Shaw 'Nuff E+

1048. Mus 365- Artie Shaw O- I Got the Sun In the Morning/ Along With Me E+

1049. Mus 369- Teddy Wilson- Cheek to Cheek/ You're My Favorite Memory E+

1050. Mus 378- Artie Shaw O- The Glider/ Love Of My Life E/EE+

1051. Mus 396- Slam Stewart Quartet- Blues Collins/ Coppin' Out NN-

1052. Mus 412- Artie Shaw O- Changing My Tune/ For You, For Me, Forevermore E-

1053. Mus 428- Artie Shaw O- Guilty/ Anniversary Song E+ few scfs. RED VINYL

1054. Mus 441- Artie Shaw O- And So to Bed/ They Cant Convince Me E+

1055. National 9012- Albinia Jones w/ Don Byas 7(incl Dizzy Gillespie)- Dont You Wear No Black/ Evil Gal Blues E

1056. New Jazz 802- Stan Getz Tenor Sax AS- Four & One Moore/ Five Brothers E+

1057. Norgran 150- Lionel Hampton 5- September Song(incl Tatum, Buddy Rich, Sweets)/ Lionel Hampton- Oscar Peterson Duet- The High & the Mighty E+

1058. Okeh 4196- Green Brothers Novelty O- Toodles/ Rega DO- 12th Street Rag E+N-

1059. OK 4280- Hager's Novelty O- Becky From Babylon/ Banjo Wallace O- Mazie G

1060. OK 4405- Tampa Blue Jazz band- Bad Land Blues/ Mule Blues V-

1061. OK 4688- Frank Ferera- Anthony Franchini- O Sole Mio/ Venetian 6- Panorama Bay E+

1062. OK 4742- Guyon's Paradise O- Hawaii/ Isle of Sweethearts V/V+ scr B Hawaiian guitar

1063. OK 5418- Tommy Reynolds O- Now You Know/ Pipe Dreams EE+

1064. OK 5687- Cab Calloway O- Come On With the Come On/ A Ghost of a Chance N-

1065. OK 5688- Tommy Tucker O- Rhythm On the River/ Aint It a Shame About Mame EE-

1066. OK 5702- Frankie Masters O- That's For Me/ Shades of Twilight EE+

1067. OK 5769- Dick Jurgens O- Our Love Affair/ So Deep is the Night E+ sleeve mark nap

1068. OK 5816- Count Basie O- The World Is Mad 1/2 E+

1069. OK 5829- Al Kavelin O- Whatever Happened to You?/ Who Dreamed You Up E+ slv mk nap

1070. OK 5830- Ina Ray Hutton O- A Handful of Stars/ Gotta Have Your Love E+

1071. OK 5847- Cab Calloway O- Make Yourself At Home/ A Chicken Aint Nothin But a Bird E/E+

1072. OK 5851- Al Kavelin O- Goodnight Again/ Do You Hear What I Hear? EE+

1073. OK 5909- Gene Krupa O- Yes My Darling Daughter/ Blues Krieg E/EE-

1074. OK 6014- Fausto Curbelo O- Bacoso'/ Quintomajor N-

1075. OK 6059- Frankie Masters O- Its Always You/ Birds of a Feather E+

1076. OK 6330- Count Basie O- Basie Boogie/ Let Me See N-

1077. OK 6365- Count Basie O- H and J/ Diggin' For Dex E+

1078. OK 6707- Mr Memphis Minnie- Black Rat Swing/ Memphis Minnie- Looking the World Over V/V-

1079. OK 6871- The Trumpeteers- Home Dont Seem Like Home/ Dont Miss That Train E-

1080. Oriole 157- Golden Gate O- Steppin' Out/ Military Band- American Republic March VV+/V

1081. Or 365- Roy Collins O- Its the Same All Over the World/ Sam Hill O- Swanee Butterfly E-

1082. Or 526- Sidney MItchell w/ O- Bonita/ Harry Crane w/ O- The Lonesomest Gal In Town EE-

1083. Or 1393- Roy Collins DO- Maybe I Was Made For You/ Boston Soc O- How About Me EE- nice solos A!

1084. Or 1650- Roy Smeck Trio- Summy Sunny June/ Pagan Love Song G..but scarce!

1085. Or 1908- Bert Lown O- I Never Dreamt/ Lou Gold O- I Love You So Dear E- Ballew A

1086. Oxford 5531- Band- The African 400 (an educated rag) E-

1087. Pacific Jazz 601- Gerry Mulligan Quartet- Lullaby of the Leaves/ Bernie's Tune looks E, pl E+

1088. Pather 020609- Ferera & Franchini- Hawaiian Chimes/ Susquehanna Shore E

1089. Pa 020974- Les Stevens O- Voo Doo Man/ La Monte Tango E scr B nap

1090. Pa 021070- Original Indiana Five- Stavin' Change/ Mean Mean Mama V

1091. Pa 021075- New Synco Jazz Band- House of David Blues/ Somebody's Wrong V

1092. Pa 03673- Jennie Goldstein- The Lost Youth/ The Moral Preacher E Hebrew label

1093. Pa 25196- Miss Lee Morse- Someone Is Losin' Susan/ The Light At the Bend of the Road E+

1094. Pe 11047- Nick Lucas' Ukulele Trio- Down Old Virginia Way/ Ji Ji Boo G 1" cr nap RARE!

1095. Pe 11293- Eddie Peabody- Happy Highways/ Singin' In the Rain V- rcnap

1096. Pe 12133- Cliff Edwards- When My Sweetie Puts her Lovin On/ Hard Hearted Hannah V+

1097. Pe 12134- Cliff Edwards- You're So Cute/ I Cant Get the One I Want EE+/EE-

1098. Pe 12153- Cliff Edwards- June Night/ Insufficient Sweetie E

1099. Pe 12169- Cliff Edwards- All Alone/ Its All the Same to Me EE+

1100. Pe 14378- Carolina Club O- Who Takes Care of the Caretaker's Daughter/ Max Terr O- How Do You Do E rcnap

1101. Pe 14400- Casino DO- Florida/ Sam Lanin O- All Aboard For Heaven V-

1102. Pe 14462- Mayflower Serenaders- Smile Awhile/ Lou Gold O- I'm Tired of Everything But U E-

1103. Pe 14470- Lou Gold O- Pretty Puppy/ Max Terr O- KInky Kids Parade V+

1104. Pe 14538- Sam Lanin O- Spanish Shawl/ Southern Harmonists- That Certain Party V-

1105. Pe 14569- Mike Speciale O- Dinah/ Just a Cottage Small E-

1106. Pe 14616- Mal Hallett O- What Good Is Good Morning/ Lonesome & Sorry E-

1107. Pe 14638- Miami Melodists- I Had U I Lost U I Found U/ I'd Rather Be the Girl In Your Arms V

1108. Pe 14672- Julie Wintz & George Zimmer's Jersey Collegains- Cherie I Love You/ Lieut Matt O- The Pump Song EE-

1109. Pe 14669- Ole Olsen O- Snag It/ Sadie Green E nice sides!

1110. Pe 14671- Bob Sylvester O- Cross Your Heart/ Casino DO- I'll Make U Answer Yes E+

1111. Pe 14712- Miami Troupe- Sweet Pretty Names/ Lou Gold O- Because I Love You V+

1112. Pe 15082- Golden Gate O- When Summer Is Gone/ Casino DO- Sweethearts On Parade VV+

1113. Pe 15088- Tuxedo DO- Me & the Man In the Moon/ Some Night When You're Lonely E-

1114. Pe 15116- Majestic DO- Happy Humming Bird/ Louis Sherry DO- Poor Punchinello E+

1115. Pe 15160- Dan Ritchie O- Louise/ Frank Keyes O- Jericho EE+

1116. Pe 15168- Larry Rich O- Wake Up Chill'un Wake Up/ Pagan Love Song E+/EE+

1117. Pe 15211- Don Voorhees O- Just You Just Me/ Tuxedo DO- Marianne EE+/E

1118. Pe 15218- La Palina O- How Am I To Know?/ Little By Little EE+ couple lt pops/ E+

1119. Pe 15335- The Clevelanders- What's the Use/ / I Still Get a Thrill E

1120. Pe 15340- Sam Lanin O- My One Ambition Is You/ Adrian Schubert O- Dixiana V

1121. Pe 15341- Lou Gold O- I'm Doin' That Thing/ Adrian Schubert O- Go Home & Tell U'r Mother E

1122. Pe 15352- Fred Rich O- Until We Meet Again Sweetehart/ Clevelanders- Just To Be With You Tonight E-

1123. Pe 15353- Fred Rich O- You Darlin'/ Majestic DO- I'll Be Blue EE+

1124. Pe 15363- Jack Teagarden O- Son of the Sun/ Majestic DO- On the Rainbow Trail E- 2" tite crnap. some scrs B only

1125. Pe 15368- Willie Creager O- Right Through That Heart of Mine/ Clevelanders- I'm Yours E+ rcnap

1126. Pe 15530- Majestic DO- The Cutest Kid In Town/ You Didn't Know the Music E-

1127. Pe 15717- Joe Furst O- Did You Mean What You Said Last Night/ At the Baby Parade EE+

1128. Pe 15729- Ed Loyd O- Young & Healthy/ You're Getting to Be a Habit With Me V+

1129. Pe 15818- Gene's Merrymakers- Shanghai Lil/ Honeymoon Hotel E-

1130. Pe 15827- Harry Reser O- You Gotta Be a Football Hero/ Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf E

1131. Pe 15866- Chick Bullock Loungers- Dixie Lee/ In Valley Of Yesterday EE+ good jazz violin

1132. Pe 6-09-09- Johnny Johnson O- On a Coconut Island/ Sittin In the Sand a Sunnin E-

1133. Pe 6-11-07- Chick Bullock Loungers- Fancy Meeting You/ Out Where the Blue begins E-/V+

1134. Pe 6-11-10- Jimmy Hunter O- Here's Love In Your Eye/ Darling, Not Without You VV+

1135. Pe 7-01-09- Vincent Lopez O- Does a Duck Like Water?/ Love Marches On V

1136. Pe 7-08-60- Prairie Ramblers- Bacon Rind/ Raise the Roof In Georgia E

1137. Pe 8-02-03- Jonnny Long O- This Never Happened Before/ Lets Give Love Another Chance E

1138. Personal Record 140-P- Guy Lombardo O- Living On Love/ She'll Come Along EE+ pressed by Columbia for Princeton Triangle Club show

1139. Prestige 747- Roy Eldridge Gramercy 5- Moppin' John/ Scottie E+

1140. Pres 771- Al Vega w/ bass, bongos- I Only Have Eyes For You/ Fantastic N-

1141. Puritan 9068- Ferera & Franchini Hawaiian Guitars- Hawaiian Twilight/ Kawaha E faint 1/2"crnap

1142. Regal 8111- Eddie Peabody- Valencia/ Bye Bye Blackbird VV+

1143. Re 9395- The Original Memphis 5- Stop Your Kiddin'/ Bee's Knees E-

1144. Re 9476- Original Memphis 5- Memphis Glide/ Shufflin' Mose V

1145. Regent 169- Buddy Clark w/ O- South of the Border/ If What You Say Is True EE+

1146. Regis 109- Albino Jones Anbassadors- Busters Mess/ I'm So Disappointed In You E- NJ lbl

1147. Re 1011- Tiny Bradshaw O- Straighten Up & Fly Right/ Bradshaw Bounce V+/E

1148. Re 70002- Septet w/ Coleman Hawkins- All the Things You Are/ Riding on 52nd Street E+

1149. Resona 75045- Hare & Bernard- See Old Man Moon Smile/ George Wilton Ballard- Daddy You've Been a Mother to Me EE+/E few scrs, pops B

1150. Res 75257- Miami Beach O- Wonderful One/ After Every Party E+ few clx A

1151. Romeo 459- Clyde Doerr O- Blue River/ Bob Haring O- Say It With a Red Rose E+ 1" hlcnap

1152. Ro 934- Richard Cherwin O- Swanee Cradle of Mine/ Ernest Carl O- Redskin E-

1153. Ro 945- Varsity 8- I Get the Blues When It Rains/ Joe Green O- I Wonder Why E+

1154. Ro 1028- Al Alberts O- Here We Are/ Regent Club O- Rose of Armentieres E-

1155. Ro 1116- Eddie Peabody- St Louis Blues/ Painting the Clouds With Sunshine V-

1156. Ro 1124- Willie Creager O- Who Misses My Kisses/ Society Night Club O- I'm In Love w/ U E-

1157. Ro 1188- Vincent Lopez O- Happy Days Are Here Again/ Al Lentz O- Love In My heart V-

1158. Ro 1192- Dorsey Bros O- Have a Litl Faith In Me/ Al Lentz O- Ur Photograph Is All I Have VV-

1159. Ro 1196- Ralph Hanies- A Little Kiss Each Morning/ Lets Start All Over V

1160. Ro 1199- Tony Parenti- Old Man Rhythm/ Eddie Peabody- If I Had a Talking Picture of U G+

1161. Ro 1202- Dubin's Dandies- Dimples/ Cliquot Club Eskimos- You Do Something to Me E

1162. Ro 1208- Dorsey Bros O- Beside An Open Fireplace/ Imperial DO- Ring Around the Moon E

1163. Ross Stores 11371- After the Storm/ Jealous V-...rare 20s label!

1164. Savoy 522- Pete Brown's Band- Bellevue For You/ Pete Brown's Boogie EE-

1165. Sa 652- Charlie Parker w/ Miles, Bud, Max, etc- Donna Lee/ Buzzy E- some heat marks

1166. Silvertone 46207(early purple)- Tenor Duet- Domt Bite the Hand That Feeds You EE+

1167. Silvertone 1226- Fred Van Eps banjo w/ O- Coconut Dance/ Southern Dixie medley E+

1168. Sil 1239- Bannister & Colwell- Bringing Home the Bacon/ Wendell Hall- It Aint Gona Rain EE+

1169. Sil 1544- Eddie Peabody- Hallelujah/ Some of These Days V

1170. Sil 2030- Toota Paka Troupe- Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight/ Kohala March EE+

1171. Sil 2034- Toots Paka Troupe- Til We Meet Again/ Beautiful Ohio Wz VV+ 3" cr

1172. Sil 2048- David Duggin- I Love a Lassie/ Its Nice to Get Up In the Morning E

1173. Sil 2122- Bernard & Hare- Alabama Jubilee/ Memphis Blues VV+

1174. Sil 2165- Ernest Hare- Tuck Me to Sleep in My Old Kentucky Home/ Vernon Dalhart- When the Honeymoon Was Over EE+

1175. Sil 21520- Smith Bros- Baby Feet Go Pitter Patter/ Irving Kaufman- Highways Are Happy Ways E/V+ lbl tear

1176. Silvox 1027- Jose Tavares Furtado w/ Silvox O- Sao Miguel/ Feiticeira E+N- Portuguese on a Massachusetts label

1177. Signature 28114- Barney Bigard 3- Steps Steps Down/ other side mislabeled as same E+

1178. Solo Art 12008- Jim Yancey- The Fives/ Jimmy's Stuff EE-

1179. Sonora 104- Eddie Barefield 5- After Hours/ Three Bickets O Jive E

1180. Son 110- Snub Mosley O- Squash Head/ Herman's Boogie E

1181. Son 500- Snub Mosley O- Hinkty Man/ You & the Devil E

1182. Son 1030- Lani Mc Intyre Aloha Islanders- Beautiful Kahana/ Farewell to Thee EE-

1183. Son 1031- Lani Mc Intyre Aloha Islanders- Isle of Golden Dreams/ Maori Brown Eyes E-

1184. Son 3029- Saxie Dowell O- Rugged But Right/ She Told Him Emphatically "No"! E

1185. SMC 1242- Miguelito Valdes O- Harlem Special/ Summertime E+grey, scfs nap

1186. Special Record 1012- Arthur Ross Westerners- You Wouldn't Fool Me Would You/ My Lucky Star N- great copy of this theatre record from Follow Thru

1187. Specialty 470- Jimmy Liggins 3-D Music- Drunk/ I'll Never Let You Go E+

1188. Spin 106- King Cole Trio- Beautiful Moons Ago/ I'm Lost E+N-..rare Hollywood label

1189. Sunset 1057- Jack Gordon w/ ukulele- That Brand New Gal O' Mine/ Just a Little Drink E- rare California lbl

1190. Sunset 1155- Bobbie Toft- After I Say I'm Sorry/ Croon a Little Lullaby E-. rare Calif lbl

1191. Supertone 9378- Carl Fenton O- Thats What I Call Heaven/ Deep Night E-/EE+

1192. Spt 9417- Carl Fenton O- My Kinda Love/ Dance of the Paper Dolls EE+

1193. Swing Society 1048- Coleman Hawkins Trio- Swinging In the Groove/ I Know That U Know E+

1194. Tico 1082- Melino O- Mambo #2/ The Crows w/ Melino- Mambo Shevitz E- B side fun take on Manishewitz commercial

1195. Tico 10-182- Tito Puente O- Mambo Birdland/ Mambo City E+ few scfs nap

1196. Tico 10-279- Pepe Rico O- Adios Muchachos/ La Cumparsita EE+

1197. Timely 106(promo)- Sister Dorothy Willett- Lay Down My Heavy Load/ Dont Take Everybody To Be Your Friend E+ lt scr A

1198. Triangle 11316- Lanin O- Not Here Not There/ Shubert O- Covered Wagon Days EE-

1199. United Artists 2002- The Mellow Larks- L-L-L-L-A Los Angeles Is Hard to Say/ Beatin' Bangin' N' Scratchin' NN-

1200. Variety 561- Andy Sannella O- Tea For Two/ Yakka Hula Hickey Dula E+

1201. Var 594- Johnny Williams Swing 6- Where's My Sweetie Hiding?/ Little Old Lady EE+

1202. Var 606- Sleepy Hall O- Alice Blue Gown/ Sleepy Serenade E+N-

1203. Var 641- Clyde Lucas O- Little Fraternity Pin/ Moonlight On the Campus E+

1204. Var 654- Sidney Phillips O- Comin Through the Rye/ Annie Laurie EE+

1205. Varsity 8035- Joe Shaw O- Business in "F"/ Business in "Q" E+ HOT off early 30s Crown

1206. Var 8036- Joe Green O- The Wooden Soldier & China Doll/ Tom Thumb's Drum E '31 Crown

1207. Var 8147- The Varsity 7- Easy Rider/ Its Tight Like That N-..Carter, Hawk, etc

1208. Var 8151- Johnny Mc Gee O- Make Way For John/ The Gaucho Serenade EE+

1209. Var 8200- Johnny Mc Gee O- Tiny Old Town/ Playmates EE+

1210. Var 8226- Johnny Mc Gee O- A Lover's Lullaby/ One Cigarette For Two E+

1211. Vaughan 358- Vaughan Quartet- Look For Me/ Waiting At the Gate G rare Tennesee lbl

1212. Velvetone 1814- Lou Gold O- Buy Buy For Baby/ A Precious Little Thing Called Love V+

1213. VT 1845- Jack Hart w/ O- You Were Meant For Me/ Broadway Melody E

1214. VT 1855- Buddy Golden O- I Want to Be Bad/ Button Up Your Overcoat VV+

1215. VT 1872- Golden Gate O- My Sugar & Me/ Carolina Club O- Dream Mother V-

1216. VT 2265- Ford Britten O- I Hoped That My Dreams Come True/ Golden Gate O- Lady Play Your Mandolin..looks V, plays EE-

1217. VT 2479- Lloyd Keating O- Hiding In the Shadows of the Moon/ F Auburn O- I Wonder Who's Under the Moon With You Tonight. looks V-, plays EE-

1218. Vocalion 13019- Aaron Lebedeff w/ O- When Der Shoifer Blost/ Oif Dem Neiem Yor V+

1219. Vo 14253- Bennie Krueger O- Bimini Bay/ I've Got the Joys EE+

1220. Vo 14354- Pipes, violin, piano- Irish Jig medley/ Irish Reel medley E

1221. Vo 14385- Honey Hurst w/ O- Send Back My Honey Man/

Billy Jones- Whenever You're Lonesome V+

1222. Vo 14405- Ferera & Franchini- Hawaiian Rainbow/ Honolulu Honeymoon EE+/EE-

1223. Vo 14424- Helen Clark w/ O- Baby/ Besty Lane Shepherd- Calm As the Night E-

1224. Vo 14494- Ben Bernie O- Flower of Araby/ My Buddy E-

1225. Vo 14506- Original Memphis 5- Four O Clock Blues/ Aggravatin Papa E

1226. Vo 14620- The Ambassadors- Tell Me a Story/ When You Walked Out Someone Else Walked Right In E+

1227. Vo 14681- Ambassadors- What Do You Do Sunday, Mary/ Bar Harbor O- I Love You E

1228. Vo 14854- Ben Bernie O- Somebody Loves Me/ Put Away a Little Ray of Golden Sunshine EE-/E-

1229. Vo 14894- Austin Wylie O- Eliza/ Morning V+E-

1230. Vo 14939- Ben Bernie O- Mandy/ Toodles EE+

1231. Vo 14982- Ben Selvin O- Peter Pan/ Does My Sweetie Do V scrs/E-

1232. Vo 15002- Ben Bernie O- Sweet Georgia Brown/ Yearning V+

1233. Vo 15018- Ben Bernie O- I Had Someone Else Before I Had You/ Happy Melody V+

1234. Vo 2617(gold lbl)- Henry King O- Coffee In the Morning/ Song of Surrender E-

1235. Vo 2618(gold lbl)- Eddie Jackson O- Alice In Wonderland/ Throw Another Log On the Fire E-/V

1236. Vo 2721(gold lbl)- Paul Hamilton O- Easy Come, Easy Go/ So Help Me G-

1237. Vo 3099- ODJB- U Stayed Away Too Long/ Slipping Thru My Fingers E clk B nr end hangs up

1238. Vo 3171- Wingy Mannone O- Swing, Brother, Swing/ Nickel In the Slot E+

1239. Vo 3351- Putney Dandridge O- You Do the Darndest Things Baby/ Easy to Love EE+/E lt scf

1240. Vo 3352- Putney Dandridge O- The Skeleton In the Closet/ A High Hat, Piccolo, Cane E+

1241. Vo 3359- Don Redman O- We Didn't Know From Nothin'/ Who Wants To Sing My Love Song E-/VV+

1242. Vo 3367- Mildred Bailey O- Its Love I'm After/ For Sentimental Reasons E+

1243. Vo 3369- Joe Haymes O- Should I/ St Louis Blues close to E+ despite grey

1244. Vo 3476- Vincent Travers O- Love Is Good For Anything That Ails You/ Was It Rain? E+

1245. Vo 03683- Hoosier Hot Shots- Runnin' Wild/ Goofus E+

1246. Vo 3909- Sammy Kaye O- Indiana/ Sometimes I'm Happy E/E+

1247. Vo 3961- Midge Williams Jazz Jesters- Gd Night Angel/ The Greatest Mistake of My Life E+

1248. Vo 3970- Cab Calloway O- Doing the reactionary/ One Big Union For Two E

1249. Vo 3991- George Hall O- A Gypsy Told Me/ Ti-Pi-Tin E-

1250. Vo 4254- Tony Martin w/ Manie Klein Swing a Hulas- A Song of Old Hawaii/ My Sweetheart E-

1251. Vo 4652- Hal Kemp O- Got a Date With An Angel/ Pursuin' the Blues E+

1252. Vo 4847- Chick Bullock O- The Tinkle Song/ Time & Time Again E+

1253. Vo 4860- Count Basie O- Miss Thing 1/2 E+

1254. Vo 4985- Del Courtney O- An Apple For the Teacher/ Still the Bluebird Sings E+

1255. Vo 5086- Mildred Bailey O- A Ghost of a Chance/ I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles E rcnap

1256. Vo 5235- Dick Jurgens O- Careless/ I Only Want a Buddy Not a Sweetheart E

1257. Vo 5262- Will Bradley O- This Changing World/ Swingin' a Dream E+

1258. Vo 5291- Del Courtney O- It Was Written In the Stars/ When Love Beckoned E+

1259. Vo 5354- Del Courtney O- Hawaiian War Chant/ The Singing Hills E+

1260. Vo 5410- Frankie Newton Cafe Society O- Vamp/ Parallel Fifths E+N-

1261. Vo 5420- Freddie Rich O- How High the Moon/ A House With a Little Red Barn E

1262. Vo 5446- Ace Brigode O- U Know U Belong to Somebody Else/ Why Should I Cry Over U E

1263. Vo 5457- Tommy Tucker O- It Happened In Kaloha/ Shake Down the Stars V+

1264. Vo 5532- Six Hits & a Miss & O- Relax/ It Had To Be You VV+/V

1265. Vo 5534- Seger Ellis O- Too Lazy For Love/ Bye Bye Blues E Irene Taylor vo A

1266. Vo 5552- Dick Jurgens O- Bessie Couldn't Help It/ her Name Was Rosita E/E-

1267. White label test- Sid Hoff O- With a Little Bit of You & Me/ You're So Very Sentimental E handwritten label or unknown origin. 1940s big band w/ vocals

1268. Yaakov's Melodies 102- All Evil Plans Will Be Voided/ How Good & How Pleasant E- Hebrew lbl

FOREIGN LABELS (all British unless noted)

1269. Apex 656(CAN)- The Diamond Trio- Scotch & Soda/ I'm Going Back to Home Sw Home N-

1270. Apex 8265(CAN)- Ben Selvin O- Me & the Boy Friend/ California Ramblers- Manda VV+

1271. Beltona 1072- The Harmony 4- When the Saints Come Marching In/ My Lords Gonna Move E+

1272. Broadcast Twelve 3157- Harvard Dance Club Aces- Home/ One More Kiss Then Gdnite EE-/E

1273. Br Tw 3162- Mahnattan Melodymakers- All of Me/ Sweeteart EE-

1274. Br Tw 3260- Blue Mountaineers- Lets Put Out the Lights/ Moon E

1275. Br Tw 3262- Blue Mountaineers- Mad About the Boy/ The Younger Generation E-

1276. Br Tw 3332- Morton Downey- You Are Too Beautiful/ Sweetheart Darlin E

1277, Brunswick 3551- Lee Sims- Falling In Love With You/ Song of the Wanderer E

1278. Br 3821- Hal Kemp O- I Dont Care/ Lovable V

1279. Br 3999- Zelma O'Neal w/ Al Goodman O- What Didja Wanna Make Me Love U For/ Do Something E minor center hole dmg nap

1280. Br 02046- Connie Boswell w/ Ambrose O- I'll Never Say Never Again/ Things Might Have Been So Different E-/EE- recorded in London--no US issue

1281. Br 02920- Teddy Grace w/ jazz accomp- Low Down Blues/ Hey Lawdy Papa E-

1282. Br 02994- Frances Langford w/ O- Someone to Watch Over Me/ The Man I Love EE+

1283. Br RL 296- Fred Astaire- Cheek to Cheek/ No Strings E

1284. Capitol 12334- the Ever-Ready Singers- Two Wings/ This Heart of Mine EE- Negro Spiritual

1285. Chappell C 258- Queen's Hall Light O- Moon Magic E+

1286. Ch C 311- Queen's Hall Light O- Fiesta E+

1287. Ch C 312- Queen's Hall Light O- How Beautiful is Night EE-

1288. Ch C 904- Ole Jensen O- Fun With Fido/ Flook// State Conference/ A Touch of Bitters E+

1289. Cinch 5024- Royal Guards Band- Raggedy Rags 3/4 VV-

1290. Columbia 3185- Savoy Hotel Band- Kitten On the Keys/ Forget Me Not E

1291. Co 5689- Cicely Courtneidge w/ O- I've Fallen In Love/ Jack Hulbert w/ O- A Comfort to Me E

1292. Co 256- Jack Payne BBCDO- Alma Mia/ Tears V-

1293. Co CB 328- Jack Payne BBCDO- Just a Dancing Sweetheart/ Whistling In the Dark EE+/E

1294. Co CB 376- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Theres a Time & Place For Everything/ Sweet & Lovely V+ Al Bowlly vocals

1295. Co CB 472- Henry Hall BBCDO- Lullaby of the Leaves/ The Sun Has Got His Hat On EE+

1296. Co CB 474- Henry Hall BBCDO- Soft Lights & Sweet Music/ Lets Have Another Cup O Coffee E- small deep scr A 10 sec

1297. Co CB 475- Henry Hall BBCDO- Singing In the Moonlight/ Bahama Mama NN-

1298. Co CB 476- Henry Hall BBCDO- Wherever You Are/ Wrap Your Arms Around Me EE+

1299. Co CB 510- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Love Me Tonight/ The Old Man of the Mountain VV+ clx

1300. Co CB 546- Carroll Gibbons SHO- Try a Little Tenderness/ So Ashamed E-

1301. Co CB 773- Carroll Gibbons SHO- Easy Come, Easy Go/ So Help Me E-

1302. Co DB 1994- Boswell Sisters- It Dont Mean a Thing/ St Louis Blues E+

1303. Co DB 2127- Jack Buchanan w/ O- Ev'rything Happens to Me/ I'm Looking For a Melody E

1304. Co FB 1118- John Mills w/ O- Car of Dreams/ Goodbye Trouble EE-

1305. Co FB 1172- Margaret Bannerman- I Only Want One Boy/ A Couple of Fools In Love E

1306. Co FB 1203- Carroll Gibbons SHO- From the Top of Your Head/ Without a Word of Warning V-

1307. Co FB 1216- Henry Hall BBCDO- Accent On Youth/ Misty Islands of the Highlands E/E-

1308. Co FB 1229- Carroll Gibbons SHO- You Are My Lucky Star/ I've Got a Feelin' You're Foolin E-

1309. Co FB 1518- Irving Caesar & Ray Henderson w/ Scott Wood- Transatlantic Rhythm piano selection 1/2 E

1310. Co FB 1922- Carroll Gibbons SHO- Where Are the Songs We Sung/ Dearest Love E

1311. Co FB 1958- Carroll Gibbons SHO- Please Be Kind/ Sweet As a Song EE-

1312. Co FB 2007- Carroll Gibbons SHO- You Leave Me Breathless/ Says My Heart VV+

1313. Co FB 2569- Carroll Gibbons piano- Carroll Calls the Tunes #8 part 1/2 V

1314. Co FB 2606- Carroll Gibbons piano- Carroll Calls the Tunes #10 part 1/2 E

1315. Co FB 2896- Carroll Gibbons piano- Carroll Calls the Tunes #23 part 1/2 E+

1316. Co FB 2912- Carroll Gibbons piano- Carroll Calls the Tunes #24 part 1/2 E+

1317. Co FB 3220- Carroll Gibbons SHO- If I Had a Wishing Song/ Mary Lou E-

1318. Curry 364- Allan Selby O- When Polly Walks Through the Hollyhocks/ Bright Eyes V

1319. De C 16169- Sidney Bechet & Dutch Swing College O- King Porter Stomp/ Dutch Swing College Blues E+

1320. Decca M 118(purple)- Ambrose O- Body & Soul/ Punch & Judy V+/E-

1321. De M 32953(NETH)- Charlie Kunz Piano medley #91 1/2 E-

1322. De M 33350(NETH)- Charlie Kunz Piano medley #105 1/2 E-

1323. De F 2834- Roy Fox O- Minnie the Moocher/ Kickin' the Gong Around E-/EE- Bowlly vocs

1324. De F 3176- Nat Gonnella & his trumpet- I Heard/ ICBTUIL w/ Me EE-

1325. De F 3238- Jack Hylton O- Sweet Muchacha/ Someday We'll Meet Again E

1326. De F 3270- Lew Stone O- Lets Put Out the Lights/ I Cant Write the Words E Bowlly vocs

1327. De F 3285- Jack Hylton O- Take a Spot of Happiness/ Yes Mr Brown E

1328. De F 3288- Roy Fox O- You're Telling Me/ How Deep Is the Ocean? E

1329. De F 3373- Lew Stone O- What More Can I Ask/ Brighter Than the Sun E Bowlly vocs

1330. De F 3394- Lew Stone O- Little Nell/ Bananas EE+ Bowlly on A side

1331. De F 3427- Jack Hylton O- Puss, Puss, Puss/ A Boy & a Girl Were Dancing E+

1332. De F 3456- Lew Stone O- Please Handle With Care/ In Santa Lucia E+ Al Bowlly vocs

1333. De F 3524- George Formby- Why Dont Women Like Me?/ Running Around the Fountains In Trafalgar Square E+

1334. De F 3671- Jack Hylton O- Happy As the Day Is Long/ Reflections In Water E+ faint int cr nap

1335. De F 3673- Jack Hylton O- Pettin' In the Park/ I've Got to Sing a Torch Song VV+

1336. De F 3676- Lew Stone O- My Heart's Desire/ Adorable EE- Bowlly vo

1337. De F 3687- Jack Hylton O- Its the Talk of the Town/ The Last Round Up EE+/E

1338. De F 3752- George Formby- My Ukulele/ I Went All Hot & Cold EE+

1339. De F 3805- Roy Fox O- My Hat's On the Side of My Head/ On a Steamer Coming Over E-

1340. De F 3840- Lew Stone O- Louisiana Hayride/ Sing, Gypsy, Sing EE-/E Bowlly voc

1341. De F 3853- Al Bowlly w/ O- Everything I Have Is Yours/ Thats Me Without You E-

1342. De F 5282- Ambrose O- Stars Fell On Alabama/ Lost In a Fog E

1343. De F 5483- The Bugle Call Raggers- Tunes With Pep 1/2 EE-

1344. De F 6096- Ambrose O- I'm In a Dancing Mood/ My Red Letter Day V+/VV+

1345. De F 6104- Ambrose O- On Your Toes/ There's a Small Hotel E/EE+

1346. De F 6131- Ambrose O- The Way You Look Tonight/ A Fine Romance E-

1347. De F 6506- Lew Stone O- Whispers In the Dark/ That Old Feeling E+

1348. De F 7203- Ambrose O- Organ Grinder's Swing/ Lullaby of Broadway E-/EE-

1349. De F 7349- Bebe Daniels- Your Company's Requested/ Start the Day Right E

1350. De F 7521- Ambrose O- Begin the Beguine/ I've Got My Eyes On You E

1351. De F 7574- Bebe Daniels- Imagination/ I Cant Love You Any More E+

1352. De F 7583- Adelaide Hall- Fools Rush In Mist On the River E/E-

1353. De F 7816- Bebe Daniels- When That Man Is Dead & Gone/ Johnny Peddler E

1354. De F 8526- Freddy Mirfield Garbage Men- Good Old Wagon Blues/ Miss Annabelle Lee E

1355. Disco National 6170(ARG)- Orq Tipica- Patagonia/ Buenos Aires VV+/V+

1356. Disques Salabert 1271- Sylvester O- Yiddisch Charleston/ Idolizing E+

1357. Duo 532- Betty Fields- I'm Scared to Death of Holding My Breath Under the Water/ Kiss Me, Curse You E+

1358. Eclipse 224- Michael Cheshire(Wurlitzer org)- All through Jealousy/ Voice In Village Choir E+

1359. Ecl 245- Carol Porter- Paradise/ Lets Join the Chorus of Love V+

1360. Ecl 227- Ambassadors- Now & Then/ What Makes U So Adorable V+ repd hlc nap

1361. Ecl 321- The Pavement Singer- A Bedtime Story/ Granny's Cosy Kitchen V

1362. Ecl 332- Phil Allen O- We're a Couple of Soldiers/ Hoist the Jig & Spanker E-

1363. Ecl 457- Michael Cheshire(Wurlitzer organ)- Stormy Weeather/

Don Porter Accordion Band- Down Dig Way EE-

1364. Ecl 476- Sid Roy RKOlians- Somebody Stole My Gal/ Oh Mother Was It Worth It EE-

1365. Ecl 480- Michael Cheshire(Wurlitzer organ)- When/ Hold Me E

1366. Ecl 497- Bertini O- Dance Your Blues Away/ There's a Cabin In the Pines EE+

1367. Ecl 516- Connecticut Collegains- It Cant Be True/ Whistling Under the Moon E/EE-

1368. Ecl 546- Roland Blake(Wurlitzer organ)- Lazybones/ Dusk VV+

1369. Four In One 5- Ray Starita O- I Heard/ Shadows On the Window// Andre Astan O- The Sun Has Got His Hat On/ Louis Ramel O- From One Pair of Arms to Another VV+

1370. Grammophon 47032- Lew Stone DO- The Music Goes Around & Around/ Marilou VV+

1371. Guardsman 1208- Guardsman DO- Dapper Dan/ Stumbling G+

1372. HMV B 2124- Savoy Orpheans- Row, Row, Rosie/ I Cant Realise G/V+

1373. HMV B 2144- Savoy Orpheans- I'm a Little Bit Fonder of You/ I Am Thinking of You V-

1374. HMV B 2125(AUS)- Savoy Havana O- Where Is That Girl Who Was Stolen From Me?/ When You & I Were Seventeen E

1375. HMV B 2665- Jack Smith- The Song Is Ended/ My Blue Heaven E+/E couple scrs B

1376. HMV B 3244- Gracie Fields- Moscow/ This Is Heaven E

1377. HMV B 3735- New Mayfair O- I Know of Two Bright Eyes/ Somewhere a Voice Is Calling N-

1378. HMV B 4212- Pickens Sisters- Dream Sweetheart/ Lawd You Made the Night Too Long E-

1379. HMV B 4263- Jack Hulbert w/ O- I Want to Cling to Ivy/ The Flies Climber Up the Window EE+

1380. HMV B 4865- Duke Ellington O- Hot Feet/ Sloppy Joe NN-

1381. HMV B 4869- Duke Ellington O- Black & Tan Fantasie/ Jubilee Stomp NN-

1382. HMV B 4888- Duke Ellington O- Hittin' the Bottle/ Old Man Blues NN-

1383. HMV B 4915- Duke Ellington O- Blue Bubbles/ Sweet Dreams of Love NN-

1384. HMV B 4946- Duke Ellington O- Its a Glory/ Brown Berries NN-

1385. HMV B 4958- Duke Ellington O- Got Everything But You/ East St Louis Toodle Oo NN-

1386. HMV B 4960- Duke Ellington O- The Duke Steps Out/ Haunted Nights NN-

1387. HMV B 4966- Duke Ellington O- Harlemania/ Blues I Love to Sing NN-

1388. HMV B 5348- Jack Hylton O- Bye Bye Pretty Baby/ Why Are There Tears In Your Eyes V+

1389. HMV B 5355- Rio Grande Tango O- Zulu Wail/ A Blue Serenade E-/E

1390. HMV B 5548- Jack Hylton O- In the Hush Of Twilight/ Ever Green Eve V+

1391. HMV B 5608- Jack Hylton O- I Wish I Had a Talking Picture of U/ I Aint Never Been Kissed E+

1392. HMV B 5892- Jack Hylton O- There's a Good Time Coming/ Over the Garden Wall E

1393. HMV B 5893- New Mayfair DO- Say a Little Prayer For Me/ I've Got a Feeling EE-/E

1394. HMV B 5904- Ambrose O- He's My Secret Passion/ Blue Turning Grey Over You V+

1395. HMV B 5983- New Mayfair DO- Time On My Hands/ I'm Glad I Waited EE- Bowllys

1396. HMV B 5984- New Mayfair DO- Goodnight, Sweetheart/ Shout For Happiness E- Bowlly vocs

1397. HMV B 6009- Ambrose O- Laughing At the Rain/ I Surrender Dear E+

1398. HMV B 6010- New Mayfair DO- Sunshine & Shadows/ Fiesta VV+ Al Bowlly vocals

1399. HMV B 6011- New Mayfair DO- That's Somerset/ You're Twice As Nice..EE+ Bowlly vocals

1400. HMV B 6012- Jack Hylton O- Lets Get Friendly/ Bubbling Over With Love E-

1401. HMV B 6080(FR)- Ambrose O- You Forgot Your Gloves/ Kiss Me Goodnight E- laminated

1402. HMV B 6147- Ray Noble O- Its Great to Be In Love/ Blues In My Heart E+ Bowlly vocs

1403. HMV B 6220- Ray Noble O- Why Be So Unkind to Me/ Where Are You? V Bowlly vocs

1404. HMV B 6222- Ambrose O- For You Just You My Baby/ Underneath the Arches E intcr under lbl nap

1405. HMV B 6394- Ray Noble O- Trouble In Paradise/ Mademoiselle E+ Bowlly vocs

1406. HMV B 6396- Ray Noble O- How Can We Be Wrong/ Its Bad For Me E Bowlly vocs

1407. HMV B 6399- Paul Whiteman O- Ah, But Is It Love/ My Moonlight Madonna E+

1408. HMV B 6424- Ray Noble O- More Turkish Delight 1/2 EE+

1409. HMV B 6503- Ray Noble O- I'll String Along w/ You/ Fair & Warmer E+ faint int cr under lbl nap...Al Bowlly gems!

1410. HMV B 8647- Fletcher Henderson O- Jim Town Blues/ You Can Depend On Me NN-

1411. HMV B 8649- Fletcher Henderson O- Sing Sing Sing/ Grand Terrace Rhythm NN-

1412. HMV B 8652- Duke Ellington O- Bandana Babies/ Washington Wobble NN-

1413. HMV B 8653- Duke Ellington O- Keep a Song In Your Soul/ I Was Made to Love You E+

1414. HMV B 8784- Fats Waller- Viper's Drag/ Alligator Crawl N-

1415. HMV B 9048- Duke Ellington O- Jack the Bear/ Morning Glory E+

1416. HMV B 9061- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Preachin Blues/ Indian Summer NN-

1417. HMV B 9086- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Wild Man Blues/ Shake It & Break It N-

1418. HMV B 9091- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- I Want You Tonight/ Lay Your Racket E+

1419. HMV B 9115- Duke Ellington O- Dusk/ Blue Goose N-

1420. HMV B 9131- Sidney Bechet New Orleans Feetwarmers- Old Man Blues/ Nobody Knows..NN-

1421. HMV B 9135- Duke Ellington O- Harlem Air Shaft/ Sepia Panorama NN-

1422. HMV B 9136- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Blues For You Johnny/ Aint Misbehavin E+N-

1423. HMV B 9206- Duke Ellington O- The Girl In My Dream Tries to Look Like You/ Flamingo NN-

1424. HMV B 9254- Duke Ellington O- The Giddybug Gallop/ Bakiff NN-

1425. HMV B 9320- Artie Shaw O- Is It Taboo?/ Beyond the Blue Horizon EE+

1426. HMV B 9340- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- One O Clock Jump/ Blues In Thirds N-

1427. HMV B 9345- Duke Ellington O- John Hardy's Wife/ Delta Serenade NN-

1428. HMV B 9365- Artie Shaw O- Stormy Night In Hotchkiss Corners/ Prelude In C Major E/EE+

1429. HMV B 9366- Jimmy Yancey- Five O' Clock Blues/ Yancey Stomp E+

1430. HMV B 9374- Jimmy Yancey- The Mellow Blues/ Slow & Easy Blues E+/E

1431. HMV B 9408- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Sweetie Dear/ Maple Leaf Rag N-

1432. HMV B 9639- Coleman Hawkins 52nd Street AS- Allen's Alley/ Low Flame E-/E

1433. HMV shellac test mx OEA 472-2- Bea Lillie- A Baby's Best Friend EE-

1434. HMV BD 183- Benny Goodman O- The Dixieland Band/ Duke Ellington O- Delta Serenade E+

1435. HMV BD 5209- Teddy Foster Kings of Swing- Take Another Guess/ The Rhythm's OK in Harlem E

1436. HMV BD 5399- Fats Waller Continental Rhythm- The Flat Foot Floogee/ Pent Up In a Penthouse EE+ one of the rarer ones- recorded in London, no US issue

1437. HMV HN 2930(ITAL)- Roman New Orleans Jazz Band- Muskrat Ramble/ Tin Roof Blues N-

1438. HMV HN 3013(ITAL)- Roman New Orleans Jazz Band- New Orleans Function 1/2 N-

1439. HMV HN 3065(ITAL)- Sestetto Jazz Cuppini- Basin Street Blues/ Memphis Blues E+

1440. HMV JF 54- Duke Ellington O- Japanese Dream/ Troubled Waters NN-

1441. HMV K 7048(FR)- Comedian Harmonists- Quand Il Pleut/ Tout Le Jour Tout Le Nuit

1442. HMV N 4485(IND)- Benny Goodman O- I Want To Be Happy/ B Goodman 4- Tea For Two E+

1443. HMV SG 31(FR)- Artie Shaw O- Yesterday/ Charlie Barnet O- Cherokee E/EE- laminated

1444. Imperial 2532- Elsie Carlisle- Pardon Me Pretty Baby/ Poor Kid E-/ V scrs B

1445. Jazz Selection 611- Earl Hines O- Spooks Ball/ Aint Gonna Give None Of This Jelly Roll NN- original issue as in the next

1446. JS 614- Earl Hines O- Oh My Aching Back/ Trickatrack NN-

1447. Mayfair 2013- Bud Leonard Pennsylvanians- You're Just a Lover/ Palermo Hose O- Fiesta V-

1448. Melodisc 1304- Joe Saye Music- Lullaby of Broadway/ The Old Music Master E

1449. Odeon 286070- Bert Firman Quintuplets of Swing- Keep Goin'/ Blue Strings EE+

1450. Panachord 25098- Snooks Memphis Stompers- Just One More Chance/ Will Osborne- Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams V+

1451. Pan 25564- Harry Leader O- Tick Tock/ My Lucky Day E+

1452. Pan 25651- The Street Singer- With Every Breath I Take/ June In January V+

1453. Pan 25761- Len Green p w/ sb & dms- Melodies of the Month #1 pt 1/2 V-

1454. Pan 25762- Len Green p w/ sb & dms- Melodies of the Month #2 pt 1/2 V-

1455. Parlo A 3776(AUS)- Harry Roy O- I Was In the Mood/ He Was a Handsome Young Soldier E+

1456. Par A 3912(AUS)- Harry Roy O- Alexanders Ragtime Band/ Better Think Twice E few scrs B

1457. Par F 1300- Harry Roy O- I've Got a Pocketful of Dreams/ It May be Slow E

1458. Par F 1375- Harry Roy Tiger Ragamuffins- Alexnader's Got a Swing Band Now/ Sha Sha EE+

1459. Par F 1376- Nat Gonella w/ Benny Carter, Buster Bailey, John Kirby, etc- Just a Kid Named Joe/ Jeepers Creepers E+

1460. Par F 1479- Harry Roy O- That Sly Old Gentleman/ Aintcha Comin Out? E+

1461. Par R 1238- Havana Marimba Band- Somebody Loves U/ Five Minutes to Twelve EE-

1462. Par R 1535- Duke Ellington O- Blues of the Vagabond/ Syncopated Shuffle E+N-

1463. Par R 1549- Duke Ellington O- What Can a Poor Fellow Do/ Lazy Duke N-

1464. Par R 1615- Harlem Footwarmers- Sweet Chariot/ Duke Ellington O- The Mooche E+N-

1465. Par R 1793- Bessie Smith w/ O- I'm Down In the Dumps/ Do Your Duty E+

1466. Par R 2146- Bessie Smith w/ O- Gimme a Pigfoot/ Take Me For a Buggyride EE+

1467. Par R 2151- Arthur Young 4- Blind Man's Buff/ Aint Misbehavin' E

1468. Par R 2152- Lew Davis 5- I Never Knew/ Swing Me Sweetly E+

1469. Par R 2280- Phil Green & George Elliott- ICBTUIL w/ Me/ Basin Street Blues E+

1470. Par R 2477- Bessie Smith Blue Boys- There'll be a Hot Time In the Old Town Tonight/

Alexanders Ragtime Band E+

1471. Par R 2480- Bessie Smith Blue Boys- Trombone Cholly/ Yellow Dog Blues E+

1472. Par R 2482- Bessie Smith- Soft Pedal Blues/ I Used to Be Your Sweet Mama E+

1473. Par R 2813- Duke Ellington O- Baby When You Aint There/ It Dont Mean a Thing NN-

1474. Par R 3022- Benny Goodman Sextet- Just One of Those Things/ Tiger Rag E+

1475. Regal G 9453- The Midnight Minstrels- If I Had a Talking Picture of You/ Aren't We All EE+

1476. Regal MR 680- Billy Cotton O- The Old Man of the Mountain/ Aint Ya Comin Out Tonight V-

1477. Regal Zonophone MR 770- Ambrose O- Please/ Here Lies Love EE-

1478. RZ MR 771- The Blue Lyres- How Deep Is the Ocean/ Ich Liebe Dich My Dear EE+/E+

1479. RZ MR 1450- Billy Cotton O- Judy/ My Song For You EE-

1480. RZ MR 1453- Joe Loss O- Out In the Cold Again/ I Love You Very Much Madame VV+

1481. RZ MR 1458- Billy Cotton O- I Saw Stars/ Two Cigarettes In the Dark EE-

1482. RZ MR 1473- Lew Stone O- He Didn't Even Say Goodbye/ Long May We Love EE-

1483. RZ MR 1524- Scott Wood O- Dames/ I Only Have Eyes For You E+

1484. RZ MR 1554- Reginald Dixon- organ solo- Dixonland pt 1/2 E+

1485. RZ MR 1786- Lew Stone O- Red Sails In the Sunset/ The Hilly Billy Band E

1486. RZ MR 1793- Gracie Fields- Anna From Annacapresi/ w/ Tommy Fields- Love Is Ev'rywhere E

1487. RZ G 21716(AUS)- Jessie Matthews- Let Me Give My happiness to You/ Three Wishes E/EE+

1488. Rex 8179- Jack Payne O- Tiger Rag/ Lazy Rhythm EE-/E

1489. Rex 8437- Jack Payne O- Maybe I'm Wrong Again/ Back to Those Happy Days EE-

1490. Rex 8738- Jack Payne O- When April Comes Again/ With All My Heart EE-

1491. Rex 9434- Adele England- How To Dance The Chestnut Tree/ Ivor Kirchin O- The Chestnut Tree EE+/V

1492. Rex 9726- Billy Cotton O- Scatter Brain/ Safe In My Heart E-

1493. Royal Jazz 724- Earl Hines AS 4- Tea For Two/ Chicago E+ original issue as are the following

1494. RJ 725- Earl Hines AS 5- Air France Stomp/ Night Life In Pompeii NN-

1495. RJ 727- Earl Hines 3- Snappy Rhythms/ I Never Dreamt NN-

1496. RJ 728- Earl Hines 3- Sugar/ Earl Hines solo- Honeysuckle Rose #2 NN-

1497. Scala 323- Olly Oakley- Ragmania banjo pt 1/2 E-

1498. Sterno 1218- Sid Lypton O- Two Buck Tim From Timbuctoo/ In the Valley of the Moon E-

1499. St 1228- Oscar Rabin O- Shuffle Off to Buffalo/ You're Getting to Be a Habit With Me E- clx

1500. Tri Ergon TE 5784(GER)- Berliner Liedertafel- Burschen heraus/ Gaudeamus igitur E+

1501. Ultraphon A 831(GER)- Greta Keller- Wenn ich mir was wunschen durfte/

Manchmal mochte man so gerne V+E-

1502. Vocalion 517- Charlie Kunz- Around the Shows pt 1/2 E

1503. Vo S 124- Artie Shaw New Music- The Blues 1/2 EE-

1504. Winner 2249- Winner Ragtime Band- Hitchy-Koo/ Waiting For the Robert E. Lee V-



1505. Bing Crosby sings Home Sweet Home...78 rpm-12" vinyl pressing In presentation album- promo for Better Homes & Gardens.. Label reads Home Sweet Home sung for Robert Oliver by Bing Crosby, accomp by Victor Young O with the compliments of Better Home & Gardens to remind you that there's no "Market" place like home...Private edition record # blank, and #1 is filled in in pen. Inside album reads "there's no commercial on the record, our plug is over here", and it lists what people do in homes. Record is E, album has light discoloration, overall EE+...C. 1940s

1506. Motion Picture Relief Fund radio program in presentation album. 4 records/ 7 sides Screen Guild Show..April 9, 1939. Stars Joan Bennett, Rosemary Lane, Mickey Rooney, Rudy Vallee, King's Men, George Murphy and Oscar Bradley O. Special label- recorded by Radio Recorders in Hollywood for proposed rest home for the motion picture industry. Presented by Gulf Oil, produced by Young & Rubicam. Beautiful blue wax laminated pressings are E+N-, album E+

1507. Vitaphone disk--soundtrack to reel 1 of The Yellow Ticket starring Lionel Barrymore- 1931- Fox Films. Remake of a silent film from a play about Czarist Russia. First few lines in film are about confining Jews who do not fight in the army. Might be a lost film as I cannot even find a good description of it, much less a dvd release. Only in fair condition, some perhaps some unplayable- but if plasticizer is removed, may be OK..Still historically interesting..Has early Fox logo

1508. Columbia Tele-Focal Radio Series- Program 2, part C- Paul Tremaine O- Steamboat Bill E+ great side with solos! ..from 1930-31

1509. Gardner Nursery Co- 78 rpm commercial for the company c. early-mid 30s. Pressed on semi flex material by Titan..label reads The Pacific Coast Record Corp Ltd, San Francisco, Calif. EE+

1510. The Ace of Diamonds- episodes #1/4. 33 1/3 shellac. complete episode radio drama c. early 1930s. Made by American Transcriptions Inc, 149 Powell St, San Francisco, Cal E- some lams play thru

1511. Maytag Special #3- c. 1929- Ted Fio Rito O- Old Time medley. mx XC-3200. Nat'l Radio Advt. Co. E+

1512. Al Jolson- Ruby Keeler- acetate dub from Go Into Your Dance promotional record. This includes introduction, Jolson singing Go Into Your Dance, Keeler singing A Good Old Fashioned Gal. Made by Hi Speed Tape Dup Co, Bellevue Hotel, Geary St, San Francisco, Ca..E+ 78 rpm

1513. acetate- Fitch Bandwagon w/ Phil Harris & Alice Faye. Original acetate recorded for NBC by Electro- Vox, Hollywood for broadcast on 11/24/46. Four sides on 2 records, 33 1/3" E+ excellent music, comedy and song by both Alice & Phil

1514. acetate- Fitch Bandwagon w/ Phil Harris & Alice Faye. Original acetate recorded for NBC by Electro- Vox, Hollywood for broadcast on 12/8/46. Four sides on 2 records, 33 1/3" E+ excellent music, comedy and song by both Alice & Phil


1515. VD heavy vinyl test mx VP-1313-C- All of My Life/ I Dont Care Who Knows It w/ Harry James O & vocs by Buddy De Vito/ Kitty Kallen E-

1516. VD 153- Boston Symphony dir Serge Koussevitsky- Rakoczy March/ Rosamunde E+ bite nap

1517. VD 191- Eddie Condon Jazz Band feat Hot Lips Page- Uncle Sam Blues// Doctor Clayton- Watch Out Mama/ Lil Green- What Have I Done? E-

1518. VD 202- Mildred Bailey w/ Teddy Wilson- More Than You Know/ Red Norvo O- 7 Come 11 E lt scr A

1519. VD 205- The Ink Spots- We'll Meet Again// Benny Goodman O- Down By the Old Mill Stream/ Jumpin' at the Woodside E- bite nap

1520. VD 269- Bing Crosby w/ TD O- Small Fry/ Perry Como- Forget Me Nots In Your Eyes E

1521. VD 271(shellac)- Claude Thornhill O- Rustle of Spring// Snowfall/ Pop Goes the Weasel V-

1522. VD 278- Szath- Myri O- Go Down Moses/ My Old Kentucky Home E+N-

1523. VD 289(shellac)- Count Basie O- Circus In Rhythm// Jimmie Lunceford O- Pretty Eyes/ Lunceford Special E

1524. VD 299- Benny Goodman O- Superman/ Harry James O- Memphis Blues/ On the Alamo E+/E

1525. VD 309(shellac)- Raymond Scott O- In a Magic Garden/ Tiajuana// Stan Kenton O- And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine V

1526. VD 329(shellac)- Sammy Kaye O- On My Way Out/ Les Brown O- Prelude to a Kiss E+

1527. VD 330- Benny Carter O- Among My Souvenirs/Sleep// Artie Shaw O- I Cover the Waterfront E

1528. VD 338- Cab Calloway O- I'm Making Believe/ Foo a Little Ballyhoo// 17 Skymen of 718th AAF Band- Summer Holiday E-

1529. VD 412- Les Brown O- Take Me In Your Arms/ Artie Shaw O- I'll Never Be the Same/ S' Wonderful E+

1530. VD 463- Dinah Shore- I Fall In Love Too Easily/ ICBTUIL w/ Me// Bing Crosby- A Friend of Yours/ That Sly Old Gentleman..EE+

1531. VD 543- Gene Krupa O- Jose Gonzales/ ooh Hot Dawg// Woody Herman O- Ah Your Fathers Mustache V

1532. VD 555(shellac)- Connee Boswell VD Music Men- Way Down Yonder In NO/ / Gene Krupa O- Opus 1/ Eight Squares & a Critic- The Latest thing In Hot Jazz EE+

1533. VD 556- Martha Tilton VD O- If I Had You/ Benny Goodman O- Shine/ Tiger Rag E

1534. VD 560- Monica Lewis VD Friends- My Heart Stood Still/ I'm An Old Cowhand// Bily Butterfiend, Jack Jenney- Stardust/ Artie Shaw O- Begin the Beguine E

1535. VD 575- Duke Ellington O- Frantic Fantasy// Count Basie O- Old Manuscript EE-

1536. VD 629- Marie Greene & Joe Dash- It Had to Be You// Martha Tilton & Jack Leonard w/ O(incl Roy Eldridge, Trummy, Trigger, etc)- Thanks For the Memory E+

1537. VD 656- Mildred Bailey w/ O- Rockin' Chair/ Mildred's Hot Sextet- Dinah// Perry Como- Prisoner of Love/ I'm Always Chasing Rainbows EE-

1538. VD 677- Boyd Raeburn O- Tone Poem by George Handy- Dalvatore Sally/ Hey Look I'm Da-ncin'// Grey Suede Speical Maid/ Keyf E few lt scrs

1539. VD 680- Skinnay Ennis O- Got a Date With An Angel/ The Iggidy Song// Sammy Kaye O- I've Never Forgotten/ Gee I'm Glad to Be the One I Am E+

1540. VD 725- Mary Marlowe- The Gypsy/ Nancy Norman- Doon N'Dee// Wayne King O- What'll I Do/ All Alone EE+

1541. VD 754- 1946 Metronome Winners w/ Frank Sinatra vo- Sweet Lorraine/ 1946 Metronome Winners feat June Christy & Nat King Cole- Nat Meets June// Buddy Clark- How Are Things In Glocca Morra/ Claude Thornhill O- I Knew You When E+


1542. American Music 251- Bunk Johnson Band- See See Rider/ Tiger Rag E+

1543. Am Mus 254- Jim Robinson Band- Ice Cream/ George Lewis, Lawrence Marrero- Burundy St Blues E

1544. Blue Note 3- Port of Harlem Jazz Men- Rocking the Blues/ Mighty Blues EE-

1545. BN 5- Earl Hines- Reminiscing At Blue Note/ The Father's Getaway EE-

1546. BN 6- Sidney Bechet Quintet- Summertime/ Port of Harlem Seven- Pounding Heart Blues E

1547. BN 7- Port of Harlem Seven- Blues For Tommy/ JC Higginbotham 4- Basin St Blues EE-

1548. BN 8- Meade Lux Lewis- The Blues pt 1/2 E

1549. BN 9- Meade Lux Lewis- The Blues part 3/4 E+

1550. BN 11- Pete Johnson Blues Trio- Vine St. Bustle/ Some Day Blues E

1551. BN 12- Pete Johnson- Holler Stomp/ You Dont Know My Mind E-

1552. BN 13- Sidney Bechet BN Quartet- Lonesome Blues/ Dear Old Southland E

1553. BN 14- Port of Harlem Jazz Men- Port of Harlem Blues/ After Hours Blues EE+

1554. BN 18- Edmond Hall Celeste 4- Edmond Hall Blues/ Jamming In Four E

1555. BN 21- Albert Ammons- Bass Goin' Crazy/ Suitcase Blues E

1556. BN 29- Edmond Hall BN Jazz Men- Night Shift Blues/ Royal Garden Blues E faint hlc nap

1557. BN 31- Edmond Hall AS Quintet- Blue Interval/ Seein' Red E few scrs A, rc A nap

1558. BN 32- James P Johnson BN Jazzmen- Victory Stride/ Blue Mizz EE+

1559. BN 37- Ike Quebec Quintet- Tiny's Exercise/ Blue Harlem V+

1560. BN 40- Sidney de Paris Blue Note Jazz Men- The Call of the Blues/ Everybody Loves My Baby EE+/E

1561. BN 43- Sidney Bechet Blue Note Jazz Men- Blue Horizon/ Muskrat Ramble EE+/E

1562. Brunswick 20044- The Merrymakers Carnival 1/2 EE-/E-

1563. Br 20047- Gaiety Musical Comedy Chorus w/ O- Queen High medley/ Queen High vocal gems EE+/E

1564. Br 20049- The Merrymakers In Hawaii/ The Merrymakers In Spain V+ Hawaiian guitar A

1565. Br 20050- John A Mc Dermott pioneer fiddler- Virginia Reel medley 1/2 E-/EE-

1566. Climax 101- George Lewis New Orleans Stompers- Deep Bayou Blues/ Climax Rag E

1567. Climax 104- George Lewis New Orleans Stompers- Fidgety Feet/ Dauphine St Blues E+/E

1568. Comet T2- Art Tatum Trio- I Know That You Know/ Body & Soul NN-

1569. Co T3- Art Tatum Trio- The Man I Love/ Dark Eyes EE+

1570. Emerson 501- Louisiana Five- Yelping Hound Blues/ High Brown Babies Ball V+ rcnap

1571. Keynote 1302- Kansas City 5 feat Lester Young- Lester Leaps Again/ Kansas City Seven- After Theatre Jump E-



1572. Associated test mx A 223-2- Glen Gray O- Supposing(voc)/ Roses of Picardy(no voc) E

1573. Assoc test mx VLC-0685-1- Joe Reichman O- Love Will Tell/ U Turned the Tables On Me EE+

1574. Assoc(?) S-2440- Vincent York(Victor Young) O-- March Winds & April Showers/ When Love Knocks At Your Heart (vocs Al Kennedy) EE+ early red semi flex

1575. Assoc 26- Joe Venuti O- Confessin'/ When Its Sleepy Time Down South// Gilda Nielson w/ Jimmy Garfield O(Gertrude Niesen w/ Johnny Green O)- Isle of Capri/ Blow Gabriel Blow EE+

1576. Assoc 40- James Dalton O- (Jimmy Dorsey)- Sandman/ Beebe/ I'm Painting the Town Red //Sven Von Hallberg O- Hindu Song/ Song to Zuleika EE+

1577. Assoc 72- Vivian Vail w/ Michael Wayne O(Vera Van or Virginia Verrill w/ Mark Warnow O)- Its Delightful to Be Married/ Michael Wayne O- Digga Digga Do/ When My Baby Smiles At Me// Henry King O- My Heart Stood Still/ Someday I'll Find You(no vocs) E+

1578. Assoc 267- Lee Collins O(Larry Clinton)- Abba Dabba/ The Campbells Are Swinging// D'Artega O- Love Is here to Stay (vocal by Jerry Nichols-Joey Nash)/Good Night Angel- inst E/E-

1579. Assoc 284- Arthur Deane O- Afterglow/ Mary Had a Little Lamb// The Scene Changes/ Lazy Weather E+

1580. Assoc 288- Clyde Mc Coy O- Am I Asking Too Much/ I'm Grateful to You// Jack Shaw(Shilkret O)- I Cant Escape From You/ On a Cocoanut Island E+ Dick Robertson vocals in hi fi B side

1581. Assoc 289- Jack Shaw O(Jack Shilkret O?)- I'll Smile Again/ A Star Fell Out of Heaven// Empty Saddles/ If We Never Meet Again EE+ Dick Robertson vocals in hi fi!

1582. Assoc 475- Franklyn Roberts O(Freddie Rich)- The Image of You/ Easy Living// Emil Coleman O- Cuban Pete/ The Miller's Daughter Marianne EE+/E+ Joey Nash vocs A

1583. Assoc 496- Lenny Carson O(Larry Clinton)- Every Day's a Holiday/ Jubilee w/Babs Warren- (Bea Wain vocals)// Franklyn Roberts O(F Rich)- Why Did You Do It?/ I Hit a New High E+

1584. Assoc 521- Walter Remsen O(Williard Robison?)- On the Green/ Rockin' Chair// Lon Gladstone O(Lud Gluskin)- Russian Rhapsody medley EE+

1585. Assoc 524- D'Artega O- Bei Mir Bist Du Schon/ Ziguener//Al Roth O- I Could Use a Dream/ Sweet As a Song E-

1586. Assoc 526- D'Artega O- A Serenade to the Stars/ Digga Digga Do/ Al Roth O- I Can Dream Cant I(Linda Lee vo)/ Just A Sweet Old Gent & A Quaint Old Lady E+ lt scr Diga/ E+

1587. Assoc 536- Franklyn Roberts O(Fred Rich?)- Blow Gabriel Blow/ Dancing In the Dark// Ray Sinatra O- Marcheta/ Two Hearts EE+

1588. Assoc 607- Irving Szathmary O- Shout! Wherever You May be I Am An American/ Your Flag & Mine/ This Is Our Side of the Ocean// The Call of the Canyon/ Crosstown E+(female vocal B)

1589. Assoc 617- Buddy Clark w/ Nov O- Bewitched/ I Could Write a Book// D'Artega O- Yes My Darling Daughter(Linda Lee voc)/ There'll Always Be An England(Stuart Allen vo) EE+

1590. Assoc 12022- The Quintones w/ p,g, tpt, str bass- The Wearing of the Green/ Oh No John/ Oh Susanna// Ben Selvin Cocktail O- Ramona/ Aint Misbehavin' E+ B has piano duet by Margo & Brown

1591. Assoc 12,014- Dorsey Bros O- medley- I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You/ Tiger Rag/ I'm a Ding Dong Daddy// Louis Katzman O- Love's Old Sweet Song/ Down South E+

1592. Muzak test A 1208-C2- Jack Shilkret O- Without a Shadow of a Doubt/ Tell Me With Your Kisses EE-


1593. The Kay Kyser Orch- pgm 11/12- heavy shellac from 1934. Tunes include I Dont Care, A Thousand Goodnights, Why, Get Goin', Rhapsody In Beer, Goofus, etc E+ GREAT!

1594. Paramount Movie Parade- transcription #21. shellac. Wharf Angel- Paramount- intro/outro song America Here We sung by composer-Sam Coslow, with Nat Finston Paramount Recording Orchestra..Stars Dorothy Dell, Victor Mc Laglen, Preston Foster, Allison Skipworth, and David Landau...Record features recreated Dorothy Dell screen test with what sounds like a real film crew. Screen test director tells Dell to walk up to Ralph Rainger who then accompanies her on "Cigarettes, Cigars"...Other songs heard on the record include In a Park In Paree, Did You Ever See a Dream Walking, a Scott Joplin rag, Oh You Beautiful Doll, also plot narration and scenes from the film.. has rubber stamp dated 3/23/33, but white typed label reads week of 3/11/34..E+ On a sad note, Dorothy Dell would be dead within 3 months of the airplay of this record

1595. original acetate- The Jack Benny Program with Mary Livingstone, Rochester, Dennis Day, Phil Harris, Don Wilson.. as originally broadcast live on NBC network 2/26/50. Sendup of "The Whistler", with Benny as "The Fiddler" Has Lucky Strike commercials E+, West Coast airchecked.

1596. original acetate- The Jack Benny Program with Mary Livingstone, Rochester, Dennis Day, Phil Harris, Mr. Kitzel, Don Wilson.. as originally broadcast live on NBC network 4/30/50. Has Lucky Strike commercials E+, West Coast airchecked.

1597. original acetate(set of 2)- The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show as originally broadcast live on NBC network 6/4/50. Has all Rexall commercials, NBC chimes outro, and great music and comedy E+ West Coast airchecked.

1598. original acetate(set of 2)The Henry Morgan Show- sponsored by Eversharp..as broadcast 9/17/47. Great bits by Arnold Stang, Garry Moore and others! E+ ABC ID at end. West Coast airchecked by Radio recorders in Hollywood

1599. original acetate- Saturday Night Swing Session as broadcast on NY station WNEW. Hosted by Art Ford..Begins with Roy Ross WNEW All Stars playing Perdido, no labels so cannot tell the date, Illinois Jacquet plays The Blues, Buddy Rich joins Illinois for How High the Moon.. Next Roy Eldridge joins the group to jam on I Surrender Dear and I Found a New Baby..Next, Ella Fitzgerald joins the jam for How High the Moon...then Lady Be Good..disk ends during the last song..so not complete, but whats there is great!! Super live show E+

1600. Philco Radio Time starring Bing Crosby- March 9, 1949. Guests Phil Harris and Peggy Lee. 3 parts on 2 red vinyl disks, plus original publicity material from Hutchins Advt E+

1601. AFRS- Jubilee #226- Ava Gardner, Jack Teagarden, Jack Mc Vea All Stars, Julie Porter, Sol Davis Trio..great live show EE+

1602. AFRS- Judy Canova Show #7- with Mel Blanc, Ruby Dandridge, Joe Kearns, etc EE+ great music & comedy

1603. AFRS- Just Jazz #81- Duke Ellington O, Billie Holiday. Billie sings My Man and Miss Brown to You, Duke plays 6 tunes incl Rockin' In Rhythm, Just Squeeze Me, How High the Moon in this great LIVE show hosted by Gene Norman. Overall E+, a couple lt scrs here and there

1604. AFRS- Yank Swing Session #57 incl Ellington- Take the A Train, T Dorsey- Hawaiian War Chant, Bing Crosby- Stardust, and others E+

1605. American Red Cross 1952- The Bing Crosby Show/ The Bob Hope Show EE-/E+

1606. American Red Cross 1953- The Bing Crosby Show/ The Bob Hope Show E+

1607. American Red Cross 1953- The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show/ The Jack Benny Show E+

1608. Capitol B-96- Stan Kenton O- 8 cuts E incl Intermission Riff, Easy Street

1609. Cap B-97- Stan Kenton O- 7 cuts E+ incl She's Funny That Way, Body & Soul

1610. Cap B-99- Stan Kenton O- 8 cuts E incl Two Moose In a Caboose, I Surrender Dear

1611. Cap B-244- Billy Butterfield O- 8 cuts E+ incl Laura, I Only Have Eyes For You

1612. Deanna Durbin- Spot Announcements for "Can't Help Singing"- 1944 Universal Pictures. music & lyrics by Kern & Harburg...11 cuts including a long one with music E+. NICE picture label too!

1613. Musically Yours- Tex Beneke & Glenn Miller O, special Air Forces Program live from Aragon Ballroom Chicago. E+..Great content by the band- on white RCA Electrical Trans. lbl

1614. Show Stoppers 1/2- Hildegarde/ Morton Downey EE-, even wear, scrs beginning of Downey side..Presented by Koret of California. c late 1930s. NBC Orthacoustic label fm Textile Brdcstrs

1615. Show Stoppers 3/4- Ethel Merman/ Alfred Drake EE-, even wear..Great I Got Rhythm by Merman..Presented by Koret of California. c late 1930s. NBC Orthacoustic label fm Textile Brdcstrs

1616. Standard A 494-497/ 506-510- uncredited but sleeve states Jean Dunne & Jimmy Tolson/ Gene Austin.. 4 cuts/ 5 cuts incl As Long As I Live A/ New Orleans & Riverside Drive B E+ heavy early Victor pressing

1617. Std A 665-669- uncredited big band. 5 cuts incl Music Is Magic, Chicago, How Do I Rate With You E+ (could be Jimmie Grier O) heavy early Victor pressing

1618. Std A 1187-1194- Dick Jurgens O- 8 cuts in The Merry Go Round Broke Down, Tomorrow Is Another Day, Me Myself & I E+ heavy early Victor pressing

1619. Std Q 126- Art Tatum- 8 cuts E. incl Happy Feet, Royal Garden Blues, Star Dust. lbl dmg heavy early Victor pressing

1620. Std P-101- Garwood Van O/ The Dreamers(vocal qtet)- 4 cuts/ 3 cuts E. incl I See By the Papers We're Through A/ Jump, Jack Jump B..heavy early Victor pressing

1621. Std P-126- The King Cole Trio- 10 cuts NN-. Beautiful clean copy. tunes incl Early Morning Blues, Honey Hush, Pogo Stick Bounce, You Send Me, etc

1622. Std R-110- Gene Austin w/ Candy & Coco- 9 cuts E-. incl New Orleans, I'm Coming Virginia, Honeysuckle Rose, Riverside Drive..heavy early Victor pressing

1623. Std X-50- Garwood Van O/ Lennie Conn Qtet- 4 cuts per E+ incl Satan's Wedding Day A Swing & Sway B. heavy early Victor pressing

1624. Std X-212- Garwood Van O- 12 cuts E+ incl Over the Rainbow, Once In a While, Rise N Shine

1625. Std Y-149- Garwood Van O- 8 cuts incl Its a Hap Hap Happy Day/ Stop- Its Wonderful E+ heavy early Victor pressing

1626. Thesaurus 125- Rhythm Makers O(Benny Goodman)- incl Love Dropped In For Tea, Farewell Blues, Restless, Jingle Bells, When We're Alone E+

1627. Thes 126- Rhythm Makers O(Benny Goodman)- incl She's a Latin From Manhattan, Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas, Star Dust E+

1628. Thes 236- Rudolph Friml Jr O- 8 cuts E+ incl Mr. Deep Blue Sea, The Right Somebody to Love, Rhythm Saved the World. This band SWINGS!

1629. Thes 566- George Hall O/ Rhythm Makers(Charlie Barnet)- 4 cuts per incl This May Be the Night A/Harmony In Harlem B E+

1630. Thes 646- The Rhythm Cats/ Ozzie Nelson O- 4 cuts per..incl Singin' the Blues, Sweet Georgia Brown A/ At a Little Hot Dog Stand B E+

1631. Thes 650- Seger Ellis O- 9 cuts incl Hooray For Spinach/ You Had It Comin To You E+ with vocals by Irene Taylor & Seger Ellis

1632. Thes 880- Tony Pastor O/ Al & Lee Reiser. 5 cuts per incl Short Order Love A/ My Mind's On You B E+

1633. Thes 949- Teddy Powell O/ Allen Roth O- 5 cuts per EE+ incl Lets Get Away From It All A/ My Sister & I B

1634. Thes 1006- Tony Pastor O/ Richard Leibert organ B. 5 cuts per EE+. incl There's a Love Song In the Air Tonight, Doin' the Ratamacue A side

1635. Thes 1216- Sammy Kaye O- 10 cuts incl Hawaiian War Chant, Saturday Night E-

1636. Thes 1261- The Music of Manhattan- 10 cuts EE+ incl Blue Room, Toy Trumpet, Diga Diga

1637. World Vibraphonia 18A/B- Adrian Rollini Ensemble/ Dardanelle Trio- 5 cuts/ 6 cuts E some scrs..Incl One More Dream (w/ Bobby Hackett), Perfidia A/ I'll Remember April B

1638. World- Jam Session 27A/B- Sam Price Blusicians/ Red Norvo Sextet 4 cuts/ 3 cuts E-/EE- incl House Rent Boogie, Boogie Woogie Notion A/ Red Dust B

1639. Veterans Administration- Here's to Vets 102/3- Phil Harris & Alice Faye/ American Melody E+

1640. Vets Admin- Here's to Vets 137/8- The Jack Benny Show/ We Three E+


1641. Assoc 6006- D'Artega O/ Ray Sinatra O- 4 cuts per E+..incl a nice Tisket a Tasket A/ Cowboy From Brooklyn B ....some A vocs by The Tune Twisters

1642. Assoc 6007- D'Artega O/ Ben Selvin O- 4 cuts per E+ ..incl nice Flat Foot Floogee A/ Where or When B..some A vocs by the Tune Twisters

1643. Assoc test pressing for 10,011. Arnold Briggs O- 4 cuts E+ vocs by Arnold Briggs & Helen Gay, who Crawford states is Shirley Lloyd. Tunes incl This Years Kisses, I've Got My Love..Warm

1644. Assoc test mx AA 1902- D' Artega O- 4 cuts E+ incl Change Partners, Dinah

1645. Assoc 10,105- Ben Selvin DO- 6 cuts E+..Incl Blue Hawaii, The Mood That I'm In, Sweet is the Word For You, plus 3 vibraphone interludes by Harry Breuer to finish up the sides.

1646. Assoc 60,035- Isham Jones O/ Roy Nugent O- 4 cuts per E+..but aud scrs on outside cuts which are Tin Roof Blues/ I've Hitched My Wagon to a Star. Other cuts clean incl Queen Isabella A

1647. Assoc 60,227- Jerry Sears O- 10 cuts E+ incl Walkin By the River w/ Una Mae Carlisle vo, plus Stomping Room Only and Toot That Trumpet some vocs by the Tune Twisters

1648. Assoc 60,537- John Kirby O- 8 cuts EE+, some E+ incl Shoo Shoo Baby, Blue Skies

1649. Assoc 60,582- Art Kassel O- 4 cuts incl Jumpin' Jupiter/ George Olsen O- Prisoner of Love// Connie Haines w/ Fred Rich O- 4 cuts incl Salt Water Cowboy EE+

1650. Assoc 60,593- Lee Castle O- 8 cuts E+ incl Is You Is or Is You Aint, Up, Up, Up

1651. Muzak X-454- Racimo's Hawaiians- 3 cuts incl A Fine Romance/ Emery Deutsch O- 1 cut// Clyde Mc Coy O- 2 cuts incl Shoe Shine Boy/ Larry Clinton O-1 cut Big Dipper E few scrs

1652. World Jam Session 19A/B- Everett Johnson piano solos/ Eddie Heywood O- 5 cuts/ 3 cuts E+ incl Madhouse Boogie, Stormy Boogie A// Lover Man B

1653. World 303- Les Brown O- 3 cuts incl Moon of Mankoora/ Xavier Cugat O- 2 cuts incl Say It Over Again// Daydreamers- 6 cuts incl S'posin' E+

1654. World 1289-1295- 8 cuts by unknown big band on rigid material. Ken Crawford's sleeve notes say its Artie Shaw on clarinet, and it is just GREAT!..Super high fidelity and great solos E+ Tunes include New Orleans, Clarinet Marmalade, Great Day, Dear Old Southland and more

1655. World 1689-1696- 8 cuts by unknown big band on rigid material EE+. Tunes incl Ridin High, You Turned the Tables On Me, Fancy Meeting You. top fidelity!

1656. World 1993- 2000- Carl Kress- Dick Mc Donough O- 8 cuts on rigid material E-V+. great fidelity shines through on All God's Chillun Got Rhythm, China Boy, Way Down Yonder in NO, etc

1657. World 2257-2264- 8 cuts unknown big band on rigid material EE-..great fidelity and top tunes incl Queen Isabella, Davenport Blues, Bob White, Things Are Looking Up. Some sound very Isham Jones- like

1658. World 3225-3232- - Joseph Rines O- 8 cuts EE+ incl An Apple For the teacher, You Taught Me To Love, A Man & His Dream

1659. World 4409- 4416- Harry James O/ Frankie Masters O- 4 cuts per EE+ incl Flyin' Home A/ Let's Dream This One Out B

1660. World 7249-7258- Phil Ohman O/ Les Brown O. 4 cuts/ 5 cuts EE+ incl Scotch & Soda A/ Its Only a Paper Moon B



1661. World Program Service Music Catalog- hard cover bound volume of approx several hundred pages as issued by World for clients. Each page is 9"x11" as has info such as catalog #, titles, artists, time, composer, type(tempo), publisher, royalty, etc. Covers all categories, including popular dance, novelty dance, popular vocal, hill-billy, western & folk, Latin American & Spanish, Hawaiian, pipe organ, patriotic, sacred, production aids, etc. Artists include John Kirby, Andrews Sisters, Ella Fitzgerald, Delta Rhythm Boys, Richard Himber, Lani Mc Intyre, Glen Gray, etc. Pages are in excellent condition--a couple have light water near top--cover has some dirt, wear, but is hardbound. From the Ken Crawford collection- likely not many volumes like this one!- Information galore!!

1662. Capitol Catalog of Transcriptions- complete through Dec. 1951. Similar to above..looks to be several hundred pages 9"x13", heavy paper bound. Has several sections inlcuding title, artists name, music category for easy reference. Included in catergories are dance, hillbilly-western, international including Hawaiian and polka, Latin American, musical shows, religious, small combos, Dixieland, etc. Pages are generally E+, some have edge wear. Cover and supplement have water damage(supplement damage mostly on cover). From the Ken Crawford collection- a wealth of information!

TRANSCRIPTION DISCOGRAPHIES- these are softcover 8"x 11 1/2" volumes with information that has not been compiled anywhere else to my knowledge. Collectors and researchers Ken Crawford, Bozy White, Rod Baum and Charles Garrod are the names that I see as contributors to these lists. As they were works in progress, some are in draft form. Contents include matrix numbers, issue numbers, artists, song titles, index, etc. All are in near mint condition w/ estimates on # of pgs

1663. Lang Worth Transcriptions- second draft..approx 75 pages, various series covered.

1664. Thesaurus Volume 1- working draft. approx 60 pgs, covers issues 100-1000

1665. World Transcription Original Series 1-11268..approx 85 pgs


1666. Victor records 1930 dealers catalog. 330 page book issued only to dealers. Not to be confused with monthly or annual catalogs or supplements available to the general public. Measures 9"x9". A great research tool for the collector and discographer. Printed in December 1929 and lists all available issues prior to the December 1929 supplement.There are red seal listings, and popular series listings which still have some 16000s in the catalog, and go up to the high 22000 #'s. But perhaps the most interesting are the numerous ethnic series and specialty series like the 38000 race and 40000 series- renamed from the Southern to the Native American, also V1000 Bohemian, V2000 Bulgarian, V3000 Croatian, V25000 Syrian, V26000 Turkish, plus way more- Finnish, Hebrew, Spanish, Mexican, Irish, Greek, Italian, etc-. miscellaneous foreign series such as the 45000, 55000, 65000, 81000s and more which cover most of the same groups-Cuban, Mexican, Irish, Portuguese, Italian, Lithuanian, Russian, Bohemian, Bulgarian,Hawaiian Scandanavian, Slovak, Neapolitan, Serbian, Greek, French, Polish, Finnish, Roumanian, Slovenian, Hebrew, West Indian, Yiddish, Arabic, Syrian, Hungarian, Japanese, etc. Interestingly there are numbers alloted for another Southern series, the 86000s, and another race series, the 88000s. Lots of listings on the 38000 race series which is jazz and red hot dance, the 38500 series which is blues, jug bands, sermons, etc, and the 40000 Native American series which include country, harmonica, hillbilly, Hawaiian, string bands, Southern jazz bands, etc. Plus 12" listings in the 35000 series and odd specialty items. Everyone from Caruso to Jimmie Rodgers to Bennie Moten, Duke Ellington, Cannon's Jug Stompers, Jelly Roll Morton, Wilson's Catfish String Band, Tal Henry, The Missourians, Helen Kane, Rudy Valee, Belasco Orch, Wilmouth Houdini, etc, etc Excellent condition- no markings

RECORD COMPANY SUPPLEMENTS- and a couple of equipment makers too---

Starting with the BEST!...Brunswick 1929-30 foldouts. Each one in its own unique color, art deco motif with pictures of various artists, and lots of records listed. Starts as a 3 1/2" x 6 1/2", folds out to nearly 2 feet- 16 pages. Many collectors frame them.----all are E+ (originally from Hanson Music House on Powell St. in San Francisco, via the George Morrow collection)

1667. Brunswick July 1929- - pix Ray Miller, Earl Burtnett, Hal Kemp, Dick Robertson, Cotton & Morpheus, Burtnett Trio, etc

1668. Brunswick Aug 1929- pix- Roger Wolfe Kahn, Hal Kemp, Herb Gordon, Red Nichols, Nick Lucas, Frank Luther, Willard Robison, etc

1669. Brunswick- Sept 1929- pix Al Jolson, Ben Bernie, Nick Lucas, Roy Fox, Abe Lyman, Earl Burtnett, Tom Gerunovitch, Hal Kemp, Jack Denny, Freddie Rose, Dick Robertson, and more

1670. Brunswick Oct 1929- pix Abe Lyman, Al Jolson, Red Nichols, Arnold Johnson, Harry Reser, Ray Miller. Nick Lucas and others..

1671. Brunswick Nov 1929- pix Davey Lee, Red Nichols, Earl Burtnett, Roger Wolfe Kahn, Dan Russo, Jack Carney, Jesse Stafford, Al Goodman, June Pursell, Libby Holman, Frances Williams, Nick Lucas, Andy Sanella, more

1672. Brunswick Dec 1929- Christmas motif- pix Earl Burtnett, Belle Baker, Ben Bernie, Slatz Randall, Jack Denny, Red Nichols, Joe Rines, Scrappy Lambert, Frances Williams, more

1673. Brunswick January 1930- pix Jesse Stafford, Tom Clines, Jack Denny, Roger Wolfe Kahn, Red Nichools, Isham Jones, Libby Holman, Charles King, etc

1674. Brunswick Feb 1930- pix Jesse Stafford, Hal Kemp, Abe Lyman, Lloyd Huntley, Earl Burtnett, Belle Baker, Lawrence Gray, Burtnett Trio..also lists 7000 series Race Records

1675. Brunswick March 1930- pix Marion Harris, Irving Mills, Tom Clines, Ray Miller, Abe Lyman, Ben Bernie, Harry Horlick, Scrappy Lambert, others..also lists 7000 series Race Records

1676. Brunswick April 1933- 6 pg foldout-Mae West cover photo- lists 6400/6500s, plus Bing, Cab, Duke, Lombardo, etc. E..some discoloration on corner

1677. Brunswick Chinese- 6 pg foldout..unknown date..very colorful. cover reads 5102 2 E+

1678. Bluebird Sept 1939. 16 pg foldout. Pix Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw, Charlie Barnet, Red Nichols, Eddie De Lange, etc. extensive lists, plus section on hot jazz for the connoisseur E+

1679. Blue Note- 3 pg foldout lists Monk, Mc Ghee, Navarro, Babs, Tadd, Bechet.etc few folds E

1680. Blue Note- 4 pg foldout incl Bechet, Bunn, Port of Harlem 7, Pete Johnson, Meade, etc E+

1681. Columbia March 1907- 6 pg foldout for cylinders and discs. one small corner missing, otherwise EE+. Colorful cover of an attractive woman of the day. lists Ada Jones, Henry Burr, etc

1682. Columbia July 1907- 6 pg foldout for cylinders and discs. EE+. Colorful cover folks listening to records lists Ada Jones, Billy Murray, etc

1683. Columbia- 50 pg booklet- Fifty Artists Who Record Exclusively for Columbia. dated1920. incl photos and text on: Ted Lewis Band, Van & Schenck, Al Jolson, Nora Bayes, Columbia Sax Sextet, Fiske University Quartet, Bert Williams E+

1684. Columbia March 1925. 12 pg booklet. Pix Eddie Cantor, Paul Specht. Lists early 3 digit D series, 14000 race, etc. 4 pages of the 12 are Hawaiian. E+

1685. Columbia April 1925. 12 pg booklet. Pix Eddie Cantor, Ted Lewis, Dixie Stars. Lists early 3 digit D series, 14000 race, etc E+

1686. Columbia May 1925. 12 pg booklet. Pix..Ted Lewis, Leo Reisman, Blossom Seeley Lists early 3 digit D series, 14000 race, etc EE+

1687. Columbia June 1925. 16 pg booklet. Lists early 3 digit D series, 14000 race, etc E+

1688. Columbia- 4 pg foldout for Henry Ford's Old Fashioned Dance O. listings plus large picture. Revives the old dances for a new appreciation! E+

1689. Columbia May 1931. 8 page foldout on 2400-Ds. pix Lee Morse, Enric Madriguers, Ted Lewis, Guy Lombardo. Highlights records by Smith Ballew, Fletcher, Charleston Chasers, Selvin E+

1690. Columbia c. 1935(ENG) 6 pg foldout. cover pix Henry Hall, Flanagan & Allen, etc. Lists Turner Layton, Sol Hoopii, Len Fillis, Ruth Etting, Florence Desmond, Billy Mayerl, etc E+

1691. Contemporary Fall 1954- 4 pg foldout. pix Shelly, L. Niehaus, Kessel, etc..also lists Diz E+

1692. Contemporary Spring 1956- 6 pg foldout. pix Hawes, Niehaus, Kessel, Rumsey, Manne, etc ..also lists Dizzy and others E+

1693. Contemporary- Modern Jazz. 12" LP catalog #6. 16 pg booklet w/ illus and listings. Art Pepper, Shelly Manne, Sonny Rollins, Lennie Niehaus, etc E+

1694. Contemporary- Modern Jazz. 12" LP catalog #9. 30 pg booklet w/ illus and lists.. Shelly Manne, Sonny Rollins, Lennie Niehaus, Benny Carter, Ornette Coleman etc E+

1695. Contemporary- 2 pg flyer for Dizzy in Paris, Shelly Manne & His Men, etc. E+

1696. Edison Bell(ENG)- 4 page flyer for West African Records in Ewe language. must be rare! EE+

1697. Edison Diamond Point Reproducer..makes Blue Amberols sound clearer! 4 pgs. unk date E+

1698. Fantasy Aug 1954- 8 pgs w/ pic Dave Brubeck. List Chet Baker, Gerry Mulligan, etc NN-

1699. HMV mid Oct 1929. 8 pg bklt incl Jack Hylton, NMDO, Broadway, film, etc light spots, EE+

1700. HRS. 4 pg heavy stock mailer for Rex Stewart's Big 7 HRS 2004-5 E+

1701. Mercury- Jazz..12 pg foldout has the JATP art on cover. Lists 78s and 45s incl Charlie Parker, Slim Gaillard, Basie, Lester, Oscar, Hawk, Bud, etc.stained, still E-..contents easily readable

1702. MGM Sept-Oct 1952. 18 pg foldout w/ pix Hank Williams, George Shearing, Billy Eckstine, Tom & Jerry, Leo the MGM lion, etc. lotsa listings NN-

1703. MGM Oct-Nov 1952. 18 pg foldout w/ pix George Shearing, Billy Eckstine, Lionel Hampton, Fran Warren, Leo the MGM lion, etc. lotsa listings NN-

1704. New Jazz/Prestige/ Birdland/ Hop. 2 pg flyer incl Max, Powell, Stitt, Wardell, Kai, Mc Ghee, Getz EE+ one small tear

1705. Perfect Nov 1931. 8 large 8 pg foldout lists Novelty(Red Papper Sam), Cab Calloway, Hawaiian Ruth Etting, Uncle Don, Roy Smeck, Chick Bullock, Negro Blues, Vocal Blues 3 digit series, Hot Dance 3 digit series, etc.. has small stain on fold, but overall crisp and clean E

1706. QRS piano rolls- June-July 1959. 12 pg foldout. has lots of rags..fm Art Tatum to Liberace! E+

1707. Thorens- 8 pg foldout for turntables, record players and changers. MINT unknown date

1708. Victor- special Rudy Vallee flyer- 1928. measures 7"x 8". Front has pciture and write up about Rudy. back has more text, plus college character and lists if his 21800 issues. Near Mint!

1709. Victor June 1932. 8 pg foldout. Great picture Baby Rose Marie for Take a Picture of the Moon. Pic Pickens Sisters for 22975. Lists 22900s- dance, hot numbers, long plays, etc E+

1710. Victor July 1932. 8 pg foldout. lists high 22900s and 24000s. Pic Buddy Rogers for Hello Gorgeous, Jack Denny..Lists 22900s, 24000s- dance, hot numbers, long plays, etc E+

1711. Vocalion June 1925. 6 pg foldout lists popular, Hawaiian, dance, race, Southern, Jewish. Pix Irving Kaufman, Ben Bernie E+

1712. Vocalion July 1925. 6 pg foldout lists popular, race, Mexican, Southern, etc pix Ben Bernie E+

1713. Vocalion December 1925. 12 pg foldout lists dance, popular, Mexican, Jewish, Southern, Christmas, etc E+

1714. Vocalion January 1926. 12 pg foldout lists dance, popular, etc E+

1715. Vocalion July 1939- 4 pg foldout incl vocal, dance, race blues, race spiritual, novelty E-

1716. Zon-O-phone June 1909. 6 pg flyer incl Burr, Collins, Murray, Harlan, Ada, etc E+

BROADWAY PLAYBILLS- in excellent condition unless specified. Some ads of interest to music fans will be noted. Other ads include cars, tobacco, booze, lingerie, hotels, etc

1717. Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic(third of the series)- 1916. Cast includes Oscar Shaw (The Cocoanuts). with Dabney's Syncopated Orch. Only 8 pages, but nicely illustrated

1718. Jane Cowl season 1930-31- 2 plays- Art and Mrs Bottle w/ Katharine Hepburn and Twelfth Night..only 50 performances..must be a scarce Playbill w/ early Hepburn

1719. Design For Living- 1933- Lunt, Fontanne, Coward.. Picture ad for Ethel Merman in Take a Chance..others for Paul Tremaine, Ted Lewis, Abe Lyman. Old Gold picture ad with Myrna Loy and Leslie Howard..also Nat Brandywynne at the Waldorf Astoria

1720. Roberta- 1934- cast incl Bob Hope, George Murphy, Lyda Roberti, Sydney Greenstreet, and Fred Mac Murray in the California Collegians. ads for Cotton Club w/ Cab Calloway, Buddy Rogers picture ad at the Paradise, Rudy Vallee at the Hollywood. One small corner torn off- no consequence

1721. Personal Appearance- 1934- cast incl Gladys George. ads for Cotton Club, George Givot, Eddy Duchin at Central Park Casino, Enric Madriguera, Annette Hanshaw on Camel Caravan

1722. Page Miss Glory- 1934- cast incl James Stewart, Peggy Shannon..also included an original newspaper photo of a scene with, but not mentioning Jimmy Stewart

1723. The Great Waltz- 1934. ads include Annette Hanshaw on Camel Caravan, Glen Gray, Jolly Coburn, sexy picture ad w/ Sally Rand at the Paradise (NTG no doubt!)

1724. Dodsworth- 1934. ads include Annette Hanshaw on Camel Caravan, Glen Gray. Cast includes Walter Huston and Fay Bainter

1725. Dead End- 1936. ads incl Frances Williams, Nick Lucas, picture ad with Rudy Vallee & Ed Wynn. Cast includes Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Gabe Dell, Bobby Jordan, etc

1726. A Doll's House- 1938- cast incl Ruth Gordon, Sam Jaffe. light wear still crisp

1727. Ye Obedient Husband- 1938- (ran for 8 performances) w/ Fredric March and last billed Montgomery Clift. Great 2 page photo ad spread for Madhattan Room w/ pix Benny Goodman, Gene Krupa, Art Rollini and sax section, Big Apple, Peckin' Suzi Q. Picture ad for Cotton Club w/ Cab and Bill Robinson, and full page w/ Myrna Loy for Lucky Strike

1728. Liliom- 1940- only played 56 perfs. cast incl Ingrid Bergman, Burgess Meredith, Margaret "top of the world, ma" Wycherly...light wear...still crisp

1729. Porgy & Bess- 1942 version w/ Todd Duncan, Etta Moten. Picture ad- Alvino Rey & King Sis, other ads incl Yacht Club Boys, etc

1730. Early to Bed- 1943. music by Fats Waller- cast incl Bob Howard, Jane Kean..ads incl Benny Goodman at the New Yorker, Frank Sinatra and Leo Reisman at Waldorf. light water mark, overall E


SLEEVES FOR SALE Many of you have noticed the heavy weight manila type sleeves that I used to pack some of your auction wins. These sleeves were made to order for the late George Morrow of California. He used nothing but the best for his collection! I have some extra- gently used 10" sleeves available..I say gently used as they are the most durable I've ever seen, and whether they are gently used or new is just about the same..I am pricing these at 50 cents each plus postage... in lots of 100... I can send them by cheap media mail postage in the US..Each lot of 100 sleeves weighs about 5 lbs..

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For some excellent CD reissues of the music that we all love, please check out musician, friend and fellow collector Bryan Wright's website at Rivermont Records.


For the absolute best radio program for those of us interested in 1920s-30s music, please tune into friend and fellow collector Rich Conaty's show, The Big Broadcast on WFUV..His show is what stoked my interest in the music almost 40 years ago when I first started listening, and to this day never miss a show..You can tune in on FM or on line, and can read about it at the link below...


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