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Dear Collectors, Here is my latest auction of vintage 78s, 12" & 16" radio transcriptions, and paper material. Closing date is- SUNDAY- MAY 11, 2014. Winner pays postage and packing at cost. I am looking to purchase quality collections, so please keep me in mind should you hear of anything for sale or wish to sell a collection.


1. Bluebird 5089- Georgia Washboard Stompers- My Pretty Girl/ Sophisticated Lady E+

2. BB 6129- Freddie Jenkins Harlem 7- Nothin' But Rhythm/ Old Fashioned Love EE+

3. BB 6880- Boots & His Buddies- When the Time Has Come/ Haunting Memories E+/EE+

4. BB 6921- Boots & HIs Buddies- Rhythmic Rhapsody/ Swanee River Blues E+

5. BB 7005- Boots & His Buddies- San Antonio Tamales/ Tiny Parham O- Blue Island Blues E to E-/ E+ master press Parham side

6. Brunswick 7116(race series)- Speckled Red- Wilkins Street Stomp/ The Dirty Dozen V+E-/ starts V, then V+

7. Br 4112- Hotsy Totsy Gang- I Couldn't If I Wanted To/ Meyer Davis O- My Old Girl's My New Girl Now EE+/E+

8. Br 6435- Cab Calloway O- Wah Dee Dah/ Dixie Doorway EE+

9. Br 6898- Chick Webb O- Heebie Jeebie/ Blues In My Heart EE+

10. Br 143(ENG)- Fred Elizalde O- Under the Moon/ Diane EE- with Adrian Rollini, etc

11. Br 1145(ENG)- The Jungle Band- Creole Rhapsody 1/2 E+ nice master press off Br 6093

12. Br 02815(ENG)- Jimmie Lunceford O- Shake Your Head/ Running a Temperature E A recorded in 1934, not issued in US

13. Champion 15883- Skillet Dick & His Fryin' Pans- Patent Leather Stomp/ Asphalt Walk looks V-, plays EE- crisp sound on this rare one- HOT A

14. Champion 15902- Ruby Rankin & Her Buddies- Somebody's Got to Knock a Jug/ Doin That Thing V-..Cow Cow Davenport accomp

15. Clarion 5442- Roy Carroll O- Chances Are/ Jerry Fenwyck O- All of Me E- great Tea, Waller A

16. Columbia 14110- Sam Manning Cole Jazz O- Bungo/ Let Go My Hand looks VV+, plays EE-

17. Co 14282- Joe Mannone's Harmony Kings- Sadness Will Be Gladness/ Cat's Head EE+

18. Co 14473- Peg Leg Howell- Goin' Wrong/ Skin Game Blues VV+

19. Co 1076- Duke Ellington Washingtonians- Down In Our Alley Blues/ Charleston Chasers- Delirium E-

20. Co 1263- The Halfway House DO- When I'm Blue/ I Want Somebody to Love E few scrs great copy with some lt scrs, not bad due to laminated press. MANY SOLOS!!

21. Co 1813- Joe Turner Memphis Men- Freeze & Melt/ Mississippi Moan EE+/E+

22. Co 1959- Albert Brunies Halfway House O- If I Didn't Have You/ Just Pretending E+

23. Co vinyl test mx 195092-1. Ben Selvin O- The Whole Darned Thing's For You E+ great instrumental side issued only for export in 1930. Goodman solo, etc

24. Co 2729(BLUE WAX)- Frank Trumbauer O- Between the Devil & Deep Blue Sea/ Newest St Louis Blues EE+...West Coast pressing

25. Co 3110- Frank Froeba Swing Band- The Music Goes 'Round/ There'll Be a Great Day In the Mornin E..Jack Purvis vocal A

26. Co 3156- Mills Blue Rhythm Band- Balloonacy/ Barrelhouse EE+

27. Co 37586- Billie Holiday O- Long Gone Blues/ Am I Blue E+ original issues on these sides

28. Crown 3304- Joel Shaw O- Business In Q/ Oh! Monah! E- HOT A

29. Cr 3362- Joel Shaw O- Get Cannibal/ Basin Street Blues EE-..just a shade under E HOT A

30. De F 5457- Coleman Hawkins w/ Ramblers DO- I Wish I Were Twins/ Swinging Rascals- Wabash Blues E+ no US issue, from 1935

31. Electradisk 2003- Bert Lown O- I'll Build a Nest/ My Heart's Desire E incl bass sax

32. Gennett 5134- King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band- Mandy Lee Blues/ I'm Going Away to Wear You Off My Mind VV+ with Louis Armstrong

33. Genn 5590- Ferd(Jelly Roll) Morton- Shreveport Stomps/ Stratford Hunch EE-..a shade under E

34. Harmony 432- Original Indiana 5- Play It Red/ One Sweet Letter From You E+

35. Lucky 60440(Japanese)- Glenn Miller O- Dipper Mouth Blues/ Why'd Ya Make Me Fall In Love E+ lam nap. nice black/silver label similar to US Bruns- master pressing.

36. Melotone 12148- The Travelers- I''ve Got a Sweet Somebody to Love/ Dream a Little Dream of Me looks V+, plays E..nice solos!

37. MT 12802- Cab Calloway O- The Man From Harlem/ Bugle Call Rag E/EE-

38. Odeon ONY 36106- Ray Seeley O- I Love You So Much/ Swingin' In a Hammock E+

39. Od ONY 41268- Frankie Trumbauer O- Shivery Stomp/ Reaching For Someone E+ GREAT!

40. OKeh unissued vinyl test mx 401474B- Mississippi John Hurt- Big Leg Blues E+ recorded 1928

41. OK 8268- Alberta Hunter w/ Perry Bradford's Mean 4- Your Jelly Roll Is Good/ Take That Thing Away..looks G, plays V-..quite decently!

42. OK 8519- Louis Armstrong Hot 5- Weary Blues/ Thats When I'll Come Back to You looks V-, plays EE-, some V/ V+

43. OK 8662- Duke Ellington O- The Blues With a Feeling/ Misty Mornin' EE+/E few lt scrs B

44. OK 8665- Eva Taylor w/ Clarence Williams O- Happy Days & Lonely Nights/ If You Want the Rainbow E+ couple tiny scrs A click very lite

45. OK 40308- Anthony Parenti's Melody Boys- Thats a Plenty/ Cabaret Echoes E-V+ plays well

46. OK 40950- Southen Melody Artists- The Hours I Spent With You/ Girl of My Dreams E+

47. OK 41329- Smith Ballew O- Lady Luck/ Casa Loma O- Love Is a Dreamer E+ HOT solos A incl Venuti-Lang, and more

48. OK 41326- Frankie Trumbauer O- My Sweeter Than Sweet/ Carolina Club O- He's So Unusual E+

49. OK 41356- Carolina Club O- Waiting For That Thing Called Happiness/ Nobody But You E+N-

50. OK 41444- The Three Boswell Sisters- Heebie Jeebies/ My Future Just Passed NE+N-

51. OK 41168- Bud Freeman Chicagoans- Craze-ology/ Cant Help Lovin Dat Man looks EE+, pl E+

52. OK 41344- Ed Lang O- March of the Hoodlums/ Walkin' the Dog EE+, plays E+

53. OK 41372- Tommy Bohn Penn-Sirens O- Amos 'N Andy/ The Perfect Song E+ GREAT A!!!!!

54. OK 41544- Cloverdale Country Club O- When We're Alone/ Good Night Moon E+

55. Oriole 8034- Georgia Tom & Hannah May- What's That I Smell/ Court House Blues V+ NICE!!

56. Panachord 25017(ENG)- Benny Goodman- Thats a Plenty/ Clarinetitis E few lt scrs ARC master

57. Paramount 12085- Ida Cox w/ Lovie Austin Serenaders- Mama Doo Shee Blues/ Worried Mama Blues VV-

58. Par 12246- Jimmy O' Bryant- Red Hot Mama/ Drunk Man's Strut E- beg, goes to EE-

59. Par 12353- Ida Cox w/ Lovie Austin Serenaders- Night & Day Blues/ Do Lawd Do V-

60. Par 12361- Lovie Austin's Serenaders- Frog Tongue Stomp/ Jackass Blues V+/E-

61. Par 20332- Jelly Roll Morton's Stomps Kings- Steady Roll/ Jelly Roll Morton's Steamboat Four- Mr Jelly Lord looks VV+, plays E-/V+

62. Parlophone PNY 34061- Flamingo Melodians- A Bench In the Park/ Ragamuffin Romeo E+N-

63. Par PNY 34069- Albert Mason O- Girl Trouble/ Into My Heart EE+ or better/ E+ sm scr B nap Ballew A on a very nice side!

64. Par PNY 34088- Russell Brown O- Washin' the Blues From My Soul/ Cyril Merrivale O- The Song Without a Name E+ super nice A side, and in the rare 490000 non vocal mx series

65. Par R 673- Jack Purvis w/ O- Mental Strain At Dawn/ Jack Pettis O- Sweetest Melody E early large purple label

66. Par R 2506- Miff Mole Molers- Shim Me Sha Wabble/ Some Sweet Day E+

67. Par R 2825- Fletcher Henderson O- What Cha Call Em Blues/ Sharkey Bonano Sharks- High Society EE+/E

68. Par R 2829- Louis Armstrong O- Struttin' With Some Barbecue/ Lonesome Road EE+/E

69. Pathe 7502- Mary Stafford- Take Your Finger Off It/ Aint Got Nobody to Grind My Coffee In the Morning E-..nice jazz accomp incl Buster Bailey..brown/black splatter wax

70. Perfect 12296- Miss Annette Hanshaw & the Red Heads- If You Cant Tell the World She's a Good Little Girl Just Say Nothing At All/ I'm All Alone In a Palace of Stone E- clean surf, few scrs

71. Pe 14764- The Red Heads- Tell Me Tonight/ Here or There E+ some great solos A

72. QRS 1007- Zenith Knights- My Blue Ridge Mountain Home/ Should I E/E- the rare red label series

73. Swing 16- Dicky Wells O- Hangin' Around Boudon/ Sweet Sue E Django both sides

74. Swing 39- Dicky Wells O- Dinah/ Nobody's Blues But My Own E+

75. Timely Tunes- C-1580- Ben Friedman Paramount Hotel O- The One Man Band Sam Johnson O- I Found a Million Dollar Baby starts VV- beg, goes to strong V HOT SOLOS/ V-

76. Variety 503- Mills Blue Rhythm Band- Jungle Madness/ Blue Rhythm Fantasy E+N- purple lbl

77. Var 601- Billy Hicks Sizzling 6- Fade Out/ Joe the Bomber E-V+

78. Var 603- California Ramblers- Swingin' Down to Rio/ Chris & His Gang E few lt scfs

79. Velvetone 1860- Arthur Schutt- Rambling In Rhythm/ Jack in the Box E+

80. VT 7118- Boyd Senter- New St Louis Blues/ Louisiana Collegians- Egypt EE+

81. Victor 20855- Bennie Moten Kansas City Orch- Sugar/ Dear Heart E+

82. Vi 21641- Memphis Stompers- Memphis Stomp/ Goofer Feathers Blues E+ HOT A!

83. Vi 22776- Carolina Dandies- Come Easy, Go Easy Love/ When I Cant Be With You looks V+, plays EE- HOT A

84. Vi 24324- Eddie South O- Old Man Harlem/ No More Blues EE-

85. Vi 23003- Fess Williams O- Everything's OK With Me/ Just To Be With You Tonight E+

86. Vi 23006- Henry Allen Jr O- Patrol Wagon Blues/ Roamin' looks E, plays EE+

87. Vi 23012- Mc Kinney's Cotton Pickers- Cotton Picker's Scat Just a Shade Corn EE-

88. Vi 23014- Blue Steele O- Shooin' Flies/ All Muggled Up E-, plays EE- top sides!

89. Vi 23026- Red & His Big Ten- I'm Tickled Pink With a Blue Eyed Baby/ Thats Where the South Begins E+/E-

90. Vi 23580- Jimmie Rodgers- Blue Yodel #9/ Looking For a New Mama E- 2 sm bites nap the great A side with Louis Armstrong, and B is nice too!

91. Vi 38082- Tiny Parham O- Lucky "3-6-9"/ Jungle Crawl VV+

92. Vi 38091- Bennie Moten's Kansas City O- Now Goofy Dust/ Kansas City Squabble E+

93. Vi 38121- Henry Allen Jr O- Everybody Shout/ Dancing Dave looks E, plays EE+ HOT!!

94. Vocalion 14770- Rosa Henderson- Do Right Blues/ Hey Hey & He He, I'm Charleston Crazy V+

95. Vo 1415- Jimmie Noone O- True Blue Lou/ S'posin' looks E, plays E+

96. Vo 2620- Jimmy Noone O- Dixie Lee/ Delta Bound E+/EE+

97. Vo 2723- Ruben "River' Reeves River Boys- Mazie/ Zuddan E+

98. Vo 2801. Ina Ray Hutton O- 24 Hours In Georgia/. Georgia's Gorgeous Gal E/EE- RARE!!

99. Vo 2849- Candy & Coco- China Boy/ Bugle Call Rag looks E-, plays E RED HOT

100. Vo 5481- Billie Holiday- What is This Going to Get Us/ Body & Soul E+


101. Br 2048- Carl Fenton O- Cuban Moon/ The Love Boat VV+/E-

102. Br 2049- Vernon Four- My Midnight Frolic Girl/ Whispering E+/EE+

103. Br 2082- Zez Confrey- Kitten On the Keys/ My Pet VV+

104. Br 2578- Isham Jones O- Nobody's Sweetheart/ Blue Evening Blues E-

105. Br 2600- Isham Jones O- In the Land of Shady Palm Trees/ Spain EE+

106. Br 2631- Abe Lyman O- Sweet Little You/ Mandalay E

107. Br 2729- Abe Lyman O- When U Were the Dandy & I Was the Belle/ Anyway Wind Blows V+

108. Br 2742- Abe Lyman O- Out of a Million, You're the Only One/ All Alone E-

109. Br 2749- Abe Lyman O- Cocoanut Trot/ I Want You Back Old Pal V-

110. Br 2750- Isham Jones O- Gotta Getta Girl/ My Best Girl EE-

111. Br 2752- Oriole O- My Rose Marie/ Copenhagen V rcnap

112. Br 2753- Ray Miller O- Me & the Boy Friend/ I Didn't Care Till I Lost You V-

113. Br 2759- Carl Fenton O- A Little Bit of This/ Rose Marie E-V+

114. Br 2913- Isham Jones O- Collegiate/ Sweet Georgia Brown VV-

115. Br 2916- Herb Wiedoeft Cinderella Roof O- He's Just a Horn Tootin' Fool/ Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now E-V+ both good!

116. Br 2996- Harry Archer O- Baby/ Lantern of Love VV+

117. Br 3001- The Cotton Pickers- Fallin' Down/ What Did I Tell Ya EE- 1/2 hlc nap

118. Br 3017- Brunswick Hour O- Only a Rose/ Someone to Love E+

119. Br 3097- Jack Denny O- Drifting & Dreaming/ When the Autumn Leaves Are Falling V+

120. Br 3371- Jack Denny O- Some Day/ Moonlight On the Ganges VV+

121. Br 3405- Yacht Club Boys- Will You Think of Me?/ Aint That Too Bad E-

122. Br 3409- Yacht Club Bys- Ya Gonna Be Mine Tonight/ Nobody's Baby But Mine V+

123. Br 3414- Ben Bernie O- Muddy Water/ Hello Swanee Hello E-/VV+

124. Br 3445- Jack Denny O- All I Want Is You/ Roses For Remembrance E-

125. Br 3613- Chester Gaylord- You Dont Like It Not Much/ Dew-Dew-Dewy Day EE+

126. Br 3614- Nick Lucas- ICB That You're In Love With Me/ Sweet Someone EE+ brief clx B

127. Br 3615- Abe Lyman California O- Bye Bye Pretty Baby/ Just Another Day Wasted Away E+

128. Br 3756- Frank Black O- There's a Rickety Rackety Shack/ Away Down South In Heaven V

129. Br 3813- Herb Wiedoeft O- Night Time, Love & You/ Sad Moments E+

130. Br 3810- Herb Wiedoeft O- Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella/ Ella Cinders V

131. Br 3812- Herb Wiedoeft O- Golden Gate/ Rose Room V

132. Br 3813- Herb Wiedoeft O- Night Time, Love & You/ Sad Moments V/V+

133. Br 3827- Herb Gordon O- Thou Swell/ The Sunrise V

134. Br 3883- Jack Denny O- Mississippi Lullaby/ The Bells of St Mary's VV+

135. Br 3884- Jack Denny O- Hello Montreal!/ There's Always a Way to Remember E

136. Br 3885- Jack Denny O- I Cant Do Without You/ Moments With You V+

137. Br 3886- Jack Denny O- Whisper Sweet & Whisper Low/ I Still Love You E-

138. Br 3981- The Yale Trio- Dream House/ Sweet Ella May EE- uke & Hawaiian guitars

139. Br 3983- Wendell Hall- Hot Feet/ Oh Lucindy E

140. Br 3984- Wendell Hall- Headin' Home/ Old Fashioned Locket EE-

141. Br 3988- Vaughn De Leath- Ginger Bread Brigade/ Mother Goose Parade E+

142. Br 4005- US Military Academy Band- High School Cadets/ Washington Post March VV-

143. Br 4007- US Military Academy Band- Official West Point March/ West Point Football Songs E

144. Br 4008- Harry Richman & Frances Williams- What D'Ya Say?/ Harry Richman- I'm On the Crest of a Wave VV+ rcnap

145. Br 4009- The Washingtonians- Black Beauty/ Take It Easy V-

146. Br 4010- Lee Sims- If I Lost You/ When Summer Is Gone V+

147. Br 4014- The Hotsy Totsy Gang- Digga Digga Do/ Doin' the New Low Down V+

148. Br 4015- Allen Mc Quhae w/ O- Jeannine../ Lonely Little Bluebird N-

149. Br 4099- Grace Johnston w/ O- Take Your Tomorrow/ I Wanna Be Loved By You E+/EE+ great vocalist, nice accompaniment!

150. Br 4101- William F Wirges O- Where Were You- Where Was I/ Billie VV+

151. Br 4104- Earl Burtnett O- Happy/ Sally of My Dreams E+

152. Br 4105- Earl Burtnett Biltmore Trio- Stairway of Dreams/ Where Is the Song of Songs 4 Me E-

153. Br 4108- Ray Miller O- My Beautiful Rose/ I'm Sorry Sally V+/E-

154. Br 4117- Abe Lyman O- My Suppressed Desire/ Sweethearts On Parade EE+ or better

155. Br 4146- Joe Rines O- The Song I Love/ Carolina Moon E-

156. Br 4150- Eddie Jordan Boys- Medley of Old Timers/ more V/VV+

157. Br 4156- Nick Lucas- I'll Get By/ How About Me? E

158. Br 4170- Jack Denny O- The Sun At My Window/ My Mother's Eyes V

159. Br 4171- Nick Lucas- I'll Never Ask For More/ When the World Is At Rest E+

160. Br 4337- Earl Burtnett O- Until You Get Somebody Else/ I'm Waitin' Around In Dreams VV+

161. Br 4406- Jack Denny O- Finding the Long Way Home/ The Land of Sleepy Water VV+

162. Br 4493- Bob Haring O- Song of Siberia/ The Moonlight March VV+

163. Br 4615- Charles King w/ O- Happy Days Are Here Again/ Love Aint Nothin But the Blues V+

164. Br 4667- Cotton & Morpheus- H'lo Baby/ Taint No Sin VV+

165. Br 4670- Al & Pete- At Nesting Time/ Forget Your Yesterdays E+

166. Br 4672- Bob Haring O- Do Ya Love Me?/ Where You Are EE+/E+

167. Br 4675- Ray Miller O- Finesse/ Funny Dear What Love Can Do E/EE+

168. Br 4677- Harry Richman w/ Earl Burtnett O- Puttin' On the Ritz/ Theres Danger In Your Eyes Cherie E-

169. Br 4686- A Century of Progress Band- The Jolly Coppersmith/ King Cotton E-

170. Br 4693- Freddie Rose- There Will Never Be Another Mary/ Molly NN-

171. Br 4696- Abe Lyman O- When I'm Looking At You/ The Rogue Song E+

172. Br 4697- Jack Denny O- The One I Love Just Cant Be Bothered/ Beside An Open Fireplace EE-

173. Br 4802- Meyer Davis O- Nobody Cares If I'm Blue/ Ro Ro Rollin' Along VV+

174. Br 4810- Isham Jones O- Whats the Use?/ The Song Without a Name E

175. Br 4950- Ben Bernie O- I'll Still Belong to You/ You Are the Melody E- scfs B

176. Br 6013- Nick Lucas Troubadours- Say Hello To the Folks Back Home/ Lady Play Your Mandolin VV+

177. Br 6066- Brunswick Hour O- Under a Roof In Paree/ By the River Ste Marie E-

178. Br 6067- Brunswick Hour O- Who'll Buy My Violets/ Amapola VV+

179. Br 6076- Seger Ellis w/ O- One Little Raindrop/ Heartaches E 1" hlc nap

180. Br 6078- Seger Ellis w/ O- I Found What I Wanted In You/ Teardrops & Kisses V-

181. Br 6086- Jack Denny O- You'll Be Mine In Apple Blossom Time/ The Wz U Saved E-

182. Br 6068- Jack Denny O- Say a Little Prayer For Me/ Out of Nowhere E scfs nap

183. Br 6097- Ben Bernie O- Whistling In the Dark/ That Little Boy of Mine VV-

184. Br 6132- Lee Sims- Stardust/ Rockin' Chair V+

185. Br 6133- Red Nichols 5 Pennies- Just a Crazy Song/ You Rascal You E-

186. Br 6135- Seger Ellis w/ O- Nevertheless/ As Long As You''re There E-V+

187. Br 6136- Jacques Renard O- Dancing In the dark/ High & Low V/V+

188. Br 6137- Harry Reser & The Six Jumping Jacks/ If You Cant Sing, Whistle/ When Yuba Pl EE-

189. Br 6138- Loring Nichols O- Little Girl/ Slow But Sure E

190. Br 6139- Jacques Renard O- I'm Thru With Love/ Many Happy Returns of the Day EE+

191. Br 6140- Bing Crosby- I'm Thru With Love/ I Found a Million Dollar Baby V+

192. Br 6142- Abe Lyman O- Without That Gal/ At Your Command EE+

193. Br 6143- Blue Rhythm Boys- Blue Rhythm/ Blue Flame EE-

194. Br 6145- Bing Crosby- Many Happy Returns of the Day/ At Your Command V+ scr B

195. Br 6209- Cab Calloway O- Betw the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea/ Kickin' the Gong Around V/V-

196. Br 6337- Glen Gray- I Never Knew/ Indiana VV+/E

197. Br 6345- Earl Hines O- Oh You Sweet Thing/ Blue Drag V+/VV+

198. Br 6346- Arthur Tracy- Masquerade/ Somewhere In the Night VV+

199. Br 6358- Casa Loma O- Blue Jazz/ Dont Tell a Soul E scfs nap

200. Br 6402- Casa Loma O- Mighty River/ Why Cant I Find Somebody to Love EE+

201. Br 6411- The Three Keys- Fit As a Fiddle/ Nagasaki G

202. Br 6413- Ozzie Nelson O- This Is No Dream/ Take Me In Your Arms VV+

203. Br 6416- Hal Kemp O- Ah But I've Learned/ Wintergreen For President E/E+

204. Br 6543- Art Tatum- Tiger Rag/ St Louis Blues EE-/E

205. Br 6590- Guy Lombardo O- Morning, Noon & Night/ Shadow Wz EE+/E+

206. Br 6661- Anson Weeks O- You've Got Everything/ I'll Be Faithful V+/V-

207. Br 6663- Bing Crosby- Home On the Range/ The Last Roundup V-/V

208. Br 6677- Freddy Martin O- My Dancing Lady/ Everything I Have Is Yours VV+

209. Br 6713- Guy Lombardo O- Did You Ever See a Dream Walking/ I Raised My Hat E+

210. Br 6734- Gus Arnheim O- Coffee In the Morning/ Hal Kemp O- The Boulevard of Broken Dreams E-/V+

211. Br 6736- Ted Fio Rito O- My Little Grass Shack/ Whats Good For the Goose E-

212. Br 6737- Freddy Martin O- If I Love Again/ I Cant Forgive Myself VV+

213. Br 6744- Freddy Martin O- Moon About Town/ You're Devastating V+E-

214. Br 6749- Castillian Troubadours- Orchids In the Moonlight/ Carioca E-/VV+

215. Br 6757- Jack Hylton O- Old Fashioned Sweethearts/ Yvonne E/E+

216. Br 6762- Carlos Molina O- La Comparsa De Los Congos/ Guy Lombardo O- Jungle Drums E

217. Br 6764- Casa Loma O- That's Love/ Lullaby in Blue E/E-

218. Br 6790- Hal Kemp O- She Reminds Me of You/ Good Night Lovely Little Lady V+ rcnap

219. Br 6795- Anson Weeks O- Waitin' At the Gate For Katy/ Oh Me Oh My Oh You EE-

220. Br 6850- Leo Reisman O- Love Thy Neighbor/ Its the Animal In Me V+

221. Br 6853- Bing Crosby w/ Nat Finston Paramount O- May I?/ She Reminds Me of You V

222. Br 6854- Bing Crosby w/ Nat Finston Paramount O- Once In a Blue Moon/

Good Night, Lovely Little Lady V

223. Br 6860- Ted Fio Rito O- Hot Choc'late Soldiers/ Far Away in Ioway E-/V+ super faint hlc

224. Br 6863- Ted Fio Rito O- How Can It be a Beautiful Day?/ Simple & Sweet E-

225. Br 6869- Leo Reisman O- I've Had My Moments/ The Beat O' My Heart E-

226. Br 6890- Ambrose O- Because Its Love/ No More Heartaches, No More Tears E+

227. Br 6892- Ruth Etting- Easy Come, Easy Go/ Riptide EE+ SCARCE!!

228. Br 6893- Castillian Troubadours- Marahuana/ My Shawl E-/V+

229. Br 6895- Jay Whidden O- Somebody Cares For You/ Dream of Me Darling Tonight EE+

230. Br 6896- Leo Reisman O- Do I Love You/ With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming V-

231. Br 6897- Ambrose O- Play To Me Gipsy/ Gee Oh Gosh I'm Grateful E+

232. Br 6902- Ted Fio Rito O- King Kamehameha/ Soft Green Seas E nice laminated West Coast Pressing, few lbl scrs

233. Br 6903- Leo Reisman O- Tonight Is MIne/ Night On the Desert VV+

234. Br 6906- Red Norvo- Dance of the Octopus/ In a Mist E

235. Br 6954- Glen Gray O- Two Cigarettes In the Dark/ Here Come the British E-

236. Br 6959- Joe Morrison w/ O- Two Cigarettes In the Dark/ Rolling In Love EE- NICE!!

237. Br 6974- Hal Kemp O- Strange/ Its All Forgotten Now E-/EE-

238. Br 7322- Hal Kemp O- You're the Top/ All Through the Night V+ rcnap

239. Br 7327- Ted Fio Rito O- June In January/ With Every Breath I Take E- scr B nap

240. Br 7342- Ethel Merman w/ Johnny Green O- I Get a Kick Out of You/ You're the Top EE-

241. Br 7370- Hal Kemp O- I'm Going Shopping With You/ A Little White Gardenia EE-

242. Br 7385- Hal Kemp O- Its Easy to Remember/ Soon E- scr A sds lite

243. Br 7414- Ozzie Nelson O- Swamp Fire/ Soliloquy V+/EE-

244. Br 7420- Irene Dunne w/ O- Lovely To Look At/ When I Grow Too Old To Dream E-

245. Br 7424- Helen Morgan w/ O- I Was Taken By Storm/ The Little Things You Used to Do E-/EE-

246. Br 7429- Hal Kemp O- I'm In Love All Over Again/ You're An Angel VV+

247. Br 7431- Louis Prima New Orl Gang- Swing Me With Rhythm/ Sugar Is Sweet & So R U VV+

248. Br 7433- Jessica Dragonette w/ O- First Love/ Bells Across the Meadows E

249. Br 7446- Ted Fio Rito O- Love Song of Tahiti/ You're All I Need V+

250. Br 7445- Connie Boswell- Chasing Shadows/ Seein' Is Believin' EE+

251. Br 7448- Louis Prima New Orleans Gang- The Lady In Red/ Chasing Shadows V

252. Br 7449- Kay Kyser O- Thinking of You/ If My Love Could Talk E+

253. Br 7486- Fred Astaire- No Strings/ Cheek to Cheek VV+ West Coast pressing

254. Br 7571- Joe Moss Society DO- Sweet Thing/ The Wedding of Jack & Jill V+/VV+

255. Br 7596- Louis Prima New Orleans Gang- Sweet Sue/ I Love You Truly E- West Coast press

256. Br 7597- Ozzie Nelson O- Gotta Go To Work Again/ Cling to Me E+ beaut West Coast press

257. Br 7601- Hal Kemp O- I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself a Letter/ The Bride Comes Home E- West Coast pressing

258. Br 7604- Freddy Martin O- A Melody From the Sky/ So This Is Heaven E- West Coast press

259. Br 7672- Russ Morgan O- Does Your Heart Beat For Me/ I Found a Rose EE+

260. Br 7700- Hudson-De Lange O- It Seems I've Done Something Wrong Again/ The Moon is Grinning At Me V+/V-

261. Br 7704- Russ Morgan O- Linger Awhile/ Stumbling// Wabash Blues E

262. Br 7717- Fred Astaire- Pick Yourself Up/ The Way You Look Tonight V+

263. Br 7738- Johnny Green- Medley of Swing Time selections/ pt 2 EE-

264. Br 7898- Jan Garber O- Dont Ever Change/ Two Hearts Are Dancing EE-

265. Br 7902- Russ Morgan O- Canadian Capers/ Shine On Harvest Moon EE+

266. Br 7909- Emery Deutsch O- Love Is Never Out of Season/ Our Penthouse On 3rd Avenue V

267. Br 7912- Hal Kemp O- The Bride Comes Home/ The Jazz-Me Blues E/E-

268. Br 7913- Horace Heidt O- The Miller's Daughter Marianne/ Gone With the Wind VV+

269. Br 8107- Horace Heidt O- John Peel/ The Donkey Serenade E+

270. Br 8108- Duke Ellington O- The Gal From Joe's/ I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart E

271. Br 8280- Gene Krupa O- Say It With a Kiss/ Jeepers Creepers E- lam/ E

272. Br 8282- Mary Martin w/ Eddy Duchin O- Most Gentlemen Dont Like Love/ My Heart Belongs to Daddy E-

273. Br 8300- Ella Logan- Phil the Fluter's Ball/ Celito Lindo VV+

274. Br 8301- Kay Kyser O- Romance Runs In the Family/ Deep Purple V

275. Br 80126- Stuff Smith Trio- Desert Sands/ I Dont Stand a Ghost of a Chance w/U E+

276. Br 80217(promo)- Jackie Paris w/ O- Only Yesterday/ If Love Is Good To Me E+


277. Co A 1978- Henry Burr- Wake Up America/ Ernest Ball- Good By, Good Luck,God Bless U V+

278. Co A 2043- Oscar Shaw- Some Girls Do & Some Girls Dont/ Collins & Harlan- Oh How She Could Yacki Hacki Wicki Wacki Woo E

279. Co A 2310- Julian Rose- Levinsky At the Wedding pt 1/2 EE+ lam A

280. Co A 2366- Julian Rose- Levinsky At the Wedding pt 3/4 NN-

281. Co A 2811- Art Hickman O- My Baby's Arms/ On the Streets of Cairo E-/E

282. Co A 2907- Harry Hershfield- Abe Kakibble At the Ball Game/ Abe K. Dictates a Letter VV+

283. Co A-3371- Marion Harris- Where Is My Daddy Now Blues/ I Aint Got Nobody VV+

284. Co A 3731- Blossom Seeley- Mississippi Choo Choo/ Way Down Yonder in New Orleans E

285. Co 37-D- Original Memphis 5- She Wouldn't Do/ More V+

286. Co 114-D- Blossom Seeley- Dont Mind the Rain/ Lazy V+

287. Co 136-D- Blossom Seeley- Bringin' Home the Bacon/ A New Kind of Man w new kind love E-

288. Co 478-D- Ted Lewis O- Bam Bam Bamy Shore/ The Camel Walk VV+

289. Co 552-D- Al Bernard & Frank Kamplain- Hokey Pokey/Yeedle Deedle Lena E but many scrs

290. Co 555-D- Henry Ford's Old Fashioned DO- Heel & Toe Polka/ A Southern Scottische N- later blue label issue. gorgeous surface!

291. Co 572-D- Ford & Glenn- Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again/ Behind the Clouds N-

292. Co 574-D- Paul Ash O- What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry/ Lantern of Love E+

293. Co 580- Ruth Etting- Nothing Else to Do/ Lets Talk About My Sweetie EE-

294. Co 633- Ruth Etting- So Is Your Old Lady/ Could I? I Certainly Could V-

295. Co 634- The Georgians- Spring Is Here/ Horses E-

296. Co 637- Cliquot Club Eskimos- Somebody's Lonely/ Lonesome & Sorry V-

297. Co 638- California Ramblers- No Foolin'/ The Girl Friend V

298. Co 643- Ipana Troubadours- Blue Bonnet- You Make Me Feel Blue/ At Peace With World V+

299. Co 644- Ruth Etting- But I Do- You Know I Do/ Lonesome & Sorry E-V+

300. Co 656- Warner's 7 Aces- You Got Those Wanna Go Back Again Blues/

So Is Your Old Lady VV+ lam B nap

301. Co 666- Frank Harris- Lay My Head Beneath a Rose/ My Dream of the Big Parade E-

302. Co 667- Ted Lewis O- Thats Why I Love You/ Where'd You Get Those Eyes? V+

303. Co 692- Ruth Etting- Thats Why I Love You/ I Aint Got Nobody V+

304. Co 697- Ted Lewis O- The New St Louis Blues/ My Mamma's In Town VV+

305. Co 710- The Whispering Pianist- Thinking/ Tenderly V+

306. Co 712- Milton Watson- I Cant Get Over a Girl Like You/ The Journey's End V+/V

307. Co 718- Vernon Dalhart- There's a New Star In Heaven Tonight, Rudolph Valentino/ I Lost a Wonderful Pal VV+

308. Co 722- Ruth Etting- Precious/ Her Beaus Are Only Rainbows V lam

309. Co 917- Mal Hallett O- Oh Lizzie/ Its OK Katy With Me E/EE+ solos!!

310. Co 919- The Cavaliers- The Love Wz/ I Could Wz On Forever With You Sweetheart E-

311. Co 921- Cliquot Club Eskimos- My Sunday Girl/ At Sundown E+

312. Co 922- Ted Lewis O- Keep a Little Sunshine In Your Heart/ When My Baby Smiles At Me E- later blue label issue

313. Co 924- Ruth Etting- Wistful & Blue/ Hoosier Sweetheart VV+/VV-

314. Co 926- Leo Reisman O- Silver Song Bird/ Still Waters E+

315. Co 928- Cole Mc Elroy O- Destiny/ My Co-Ed E-

316. Co 930- Frank Ellis Hotel St Francis O- Who'll Buy My Violets/ Hop Skip V+

317. Co 934- Earl Burtnett O- If I Hadn't You/ Doll Dance VV+

318. Co 945- Fred Rich O- Wear Your Sunday Smile/ The Far Away Bells E+

319. Co 974- Lee Morse- Side By Side/ My Idea of Heaven E

320. Co 976- Wiff Fyffe- I Belong to Glasgow/ I'm 94 Today E+

321. Co 988- Ted Lewis O- One Sweet Letter From You/ Fifty Million Frenchmen Cant Be Wrong E-

322. Co 992- California Ramblers- Pardon the Glove/ Yes She Do E-

323. Co 995- Ruth Etting- After You've Gone/ My Man E

324. Co 1000- Vernon Dalhart- Lindbergh/ Lucky Lindy EE+

325. Co 1004- Constance Mering & Muriel Pollack- The Doll Dance/ Spring Fever V+

326. Co 1008- Max Fisher California O- You Know I Love You/ Oh Yaya V+

327. Co 1009- Ipana Troubadours- Wherever You Go Whatever You Do/ Side By Side E-

328. Co 1012- The Knickerbockers- One Summer Night/ Rosy Cheeks E-

329. Co 1013- Paul Specht O- Echoes of the South pt 1/2 V

330. Co 1021- South Sea Islanders- All Because of You/ Hanalei Bay E-

331. Co 1210- Eddie Thomas' Collegians- Tomorrow/ Girl of My Dreams E+N- Kenny Sargent vo B

332. Co 1211- Constance Mering & Muriel Pollack- Polly/ Dainty Miss EE+

333. Co 1212- Ipana Troubadours- There's One Little Girl Who Loves Me/ Leo Reisman O- What'll You Do E

334. Co 1216- Jackie Souders O- Pale Moon/ Thais:Meditation E+ scarce sides by LA band

335. Co 1247- South Sea Islanders- The call of Aloha/ Thats What the Lei Said to Me V_

336. Co 1277- Clarence Senna- How to Write a Popular Song/ The Dempsey Tunney Fight E- very good sides accurately described as "comedy pianologues"

337. Co 1317- South Sea Islanders- Sailing Along to Hawaii/ Dreams That Remind Me of You V

338. Co 1444- Paul Whiteman O- Taint So, Honey Taint So/ Thats My Weakness Now V

339. Co 1455- Paul Whiteman's Rhythm Boys- Wa Da Da/ That's Grandma VV+

340. Co 1464- Paul Whiteman O- American Tune/ Pickin' Cotton E/EE-

341. Co 1465- Paul Whiteman O- What D'ya Say?/ I'm On the Crest of a Wave E/E+

342. Co 1471- Ukulele Ike- Thats My Weakness Now/ ICGUA But Love E-

343. Co 1480- Prince of Hawaii Chorus- Imi Au Ia Oe/ Kaalouahi Quartet- Hawaii Where the Sunshine Smiles V

344. Co 1484- Paul Whiteman O- If You Dont Love Me/ In the Evening EE+

345. Co 1485- Ted Lewis O- King For a Day/ Moonlight Madness E-

346. Co 1487- Charles W. Hamp- Rosette/ Down Where the Sun Goes Down E+

347. Co 1490- Ben Selvin O- Just Imagine/ Dream House V

348. Co 1491- Paul Whiteman O- Georgie Porgie/ Oh! You Have No Idea E-/V+

349. Co 1506- Leo Reisman O- I Still Belong to You/ Old Man Sunshine Little Boy Bluebird EE-

350. Co 1544- Francis Craig O- Coon Tail/ Red Rose EE-

351. Co 1560- Moran & Mack- Two Black Crows In the Jail House 1/2 V+

352. Co 1575- Ben Selvin O- Someday, Somewhere/ Out of the Tempest E-

353. Co 1596- The Knickerbockers- Doin' the Racoon/ Happy Days & Lonely Nights E

354. Co 1622- Broadway Nitelites- My Silver Tree/ Pompanola E+

355. Co 1663- Art Gillham- Lamp of Aladdin/ U Cant Take My Mem'ries Away E nice cornet/p A

356. Co 1683- Paul Whiteman O- Makin' Whoopee/ I'm Bringing a Red Red Rose V

357. Co 1709- Ted Lewis O- Glad Rag Doll/ So I Ups to Him VV-

358. Co 1780- Knickerbockers- Nobody's Fault But Ur Own/ L Reisman-Wedding of Painted Doll E-

359. Co 1789- Ted Lewis Band- Limehouse Blues/ Roses of Picardy EE-

360. Co 1791- Ted Wallace Campus Boys- Sweet Seventeen/ My Kinda Love E- edge lam ticks few sec

361. Co 1807- Paul Specht O- The Things That Were Made For Love/ You're Just Another Memory E+ NICE A!!

362. Co 1808- Pasquale Taraffo(guitar solo)- Prospero/ Sonata in A Major V

363. Co 1811- Milt Shaw O- Walking With Susie/ Breakaway V

364. Co 1814- Eddie Walters- Goodness Gracious Gracie/ What Didja Wanna Make Me Love You For E scuffs nap. NICE!!

365. Co 1815- Ipana Troubadours- Building a Nest For Mary/ I Used to Love Her In the Moonnlight V

366. Co 1816- Charles W. Hamp- This Is Heaven/ Pretty Little Thing V bite nap

367. Co 1817- The Columbians- Christiana/ Pagan Love Song E+

368. Co 1818- Willard Robison Deep River O- Head Low/ Peace of Mind EE+/E+

369. Co 1819- Paul Whiteman's Rhythm Boys- So the Bluebirds & the Blackbirds/ Louise EE-

370. Co 1860- Clayton, Jackson & Durante- Can Broadway Do Without Me/ So I Ups to Him EE-

371. Co 1867- Guy Lombardo O- This Is Heaven/ Here We Are V

372. Co 1907- Ukulele Ike- Hang On to Me/ Just You, Just Me VV+

373. Co 1954- Irving Kaufman- Lonely Troubadour/ Satisfied! E-

374. Co 1983- Irene Bordoni- My Lover/ I Wonder What Is Really On His Mind EE-

375. Co 1997- Al Katz O- My Wife Is On a Diet/ I Lift Up My Finger & Say Tweet EE-

376. Co 2047- Paul Whiteman O- A Bundle of Old Love Letters/ Should I V+

377. Co 2056- Paul Specht O- I'm Sailing On a Sunbeam/ I'm Following You VV+

378. Co 2288- Ethel Waters- You're Lucky To Me/ Memories of You E despite lt scrs B

379. Co 2364- Jimmy Green O- Come a Little Closer/ Dont Send My Boy to Prison E+N-

380. Co 2451- Art Gillham- If You Haven't Got a Girl/ Something Reminds Me of You E+N-

381. Co 2453- Clyde Mc Coy O- It Looks Like Love/ A Lonely Gondolier E+ light grey A nap

382. Co 2457- Guy Lombardo O- Moonlight Saving Time/ When the Shepherd Leads the Sheep E+

383. Co 2462- Paul Tremaine O- When Gabriel Blows Dat Horn/ I Wanna Sing About You EE+

384. Co 2466- Clyde Mc Coy O- Black & Tan Fantasy/' The Nightmare E+

385. Co 2767(BLUE WAX)- Hotel Commodore DO- Lets Call It a Day/ Hold Me EE-/VV+

386. Co 2954(BLUE WAX)- Ruth Etting w/ Jimmie Grier O- Talkin' To Myself/ Tomorrow Who Cares? E lams A nap

387. Co 2956(BLUE WAX)- Ted Weems O- Ten Yards to Go/ Out of the Night E

388. Co 3028(BLUE WAX)- Johnny Green O- The Little Things You Used to Do/ Go Into Your Dance EE+ lbl tear

389. Co 3075(BLUE WAX)- Phil Regan w/ O- So Nice Seeing You Again/ A Sunbonnet Blue EE- A side obscure WB movie tune

390. Co 154-M- Percy Grainger- Country Gardens/ Shepherd's Bay VV+

391. Co 286-M- Hildegarde w/ O- C'etait Ecrit/ Quand Un Vicomte E-

392. Co 17521- Oscar Levant w/ Colum Concert O- Gayne Ballet Suite- Sabre Dance/ Lullaby EE+

393. Co 17523- Mahatma Gandhi His Spiritual Message/ more E- long lam B

394. Co 30133(promo)- Chicago All Stars feat Cozy Eggleston- Are You Getting Married Brother/ Chicago All Stars feat Pro Mc Clam- Strange Strange Lover E+

395. Co 35218- Gene Krupa O- Take Your Love/ Sweetheart, Honey Darlin', Dear V

396. Co 35228- Orrin Tucker O- How Many Times/ Oh Johnny Oh EE+

397. Co 35249- Orrin Tucker O- Stop Its Wonderful/ Lydia, the Tattooed Lady EE+

398. Co 35256- Orrin Tucker O- All In Favor Say "Aye"/ If I Knew Then E+

399. Co 35303- Orrin Tucker O- Twilight Interlude/ Many Dreams Ago V+

400. Co 35328- Orrin Tucker O- Would Ja Mind/ Pinch Me E+

401. Co 35389- Metronome All Stars- King Porter Stomp/ All Star Strut E/EE+

402. Co 35394- Martha Raye w/ O- Gone With the Wind/ It Aint Neccessarily So EE+

403. Co 35429- Gene Krupa O- I Love You Much Too Much/ It Happened In Kaloha E+

404. Co 35444- Gene Krupa O- Moments In the Moonlight/ Manhattan Transfer E

405. Co 35732- Will Bradley O- Rock a Bye the Boogie/ Scramble Two E-

406. Co 35743- Will Bradley O- There I Go/ Scrub Me Mama With a Boogie Beat E+

407. Co 35943- Mildred Bailey Oxford Greys- There'll be Some Changes Made/ Rockin' Chair NN-

408. Co 35944- Benny Goodman O- Bewitched/ This Is New V+

409. Co 35978- Eddy Duchin O- Jenny/ My Ship E

410. Co 36594- Benny Goodman Sextet- The Wang Wang Blues/ The Way You Look Tonight E+

411. Co 36109- Benny Goodman O- The Dixieland Band/ Bugle Call Rag E+

West Coast press..30s masters

412. Co 36591- Gene Krupa O- Deliver Me To Tennesee/ Knock Me a Kiss

413. Co 36601- Count Basie O- Basie Blues/ I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town EE+

414. Co 36611- Cab Calloway O- Virginia, Georgia & Caroline/ I'll Be Around E/EE-

415. Co 36621- Gene Krupa O- All Those Wonderful Years/ That's What You Think EE-

416. Co 36662- Cab Calloway O- I get the Neck of the Chicken/ Geechee River Lullaby EE-/EE+

417. Co 36684- Benny Goodman O- Solo Flight/ BG 4- The World Is Waiting For Sunrise VV+/E-

418. Co 36751- Cab Calloway O- The Moment I Laid Eyes On You/ Lordy E+

419. Co 36845- Count Basie O- Feather Merchant/ Aint It the Truth E+

420. Co 36867- Harry James O- I Cant Begin To Tell You/ Waitin' For the Train to Come In EE+ Betty Grable vocal A(Ruth Haag)

421. Co 36874- Benny Goodman O- My Guy's Come Back/ Symphony N-

422. Co 36889- Count Basie O- Jivin' Joe Jackson/ Queer Street E+

423. Co 36894- Cab Calloway O- The Honeydripper/ If This Isn't Love V+/V

424. Co 36908- Benny Goodman O- I Wish I Could Tell You/ Give Me the Simple Life EE+/E

425. Co 36947- Frank Sinatra- You Are Too Beautiful/ Full Moon & Empty Arms E-

426. Co 36955- Benny Goodman O- Swing Angel/ Its the Talk of the Town EE+

427. Co 36967- Benny Goodman O- All the Cats Join In/ Dont Be a Baby, Baby N-

428. Co 36990- Count Basie O- High Tide/ Lazy Lady Blues EE+

429. Co 37067- Gene Krupa O- Thats My Home/ Its Just a Matter of Opinion E-

430. Co 37070- Count Basie O- The King/ Blue Skies N-

431. Co 37077- Benny Goodman O- Love Doesn't Grow On Trees/ Pity the Poor Lobster E+N-

432. Co 37078- Gene Krupa O- Just the Other Day/ Ev'rybody Loves My BabyE

433. Co 37091- Benny Goodman O- Put That Kiss Back Where You Found It/ My Blue Heaven N-

434. Co 37093- Count Basie O- Mutton Leg/ Fla-Ga-La-Pa E+N-

435. Co 37389- Eddy Duchin w/ Buddy Clark- After Graduation Day/ Je Vous Aime N-

436. Co 37595- Chicago All Stars- I Love You Mama/ Green Light E+ exc swingin' blues

437. Co 37928- Chicago All Stars- No No Baby/ Hey Hey Big Mama E+ EXC swingin blues

438. Co 37988(promo)- Hazel Scott w/ rhy- Mary Lou/ Dancing On the Ceiling E+

439. Co 38210- Frank Sinatra- S'posin'/ Nature Boy N-

440. Co 38281(promo)- Benny Goodman O w/ Peggy Lee- Lets Do It/ Where or When E+

441. Co 38519- Duke Ellington O- I Could Get a Man/ Take Love Easy EE-

442. Co 38589(promo)- The Modernaires- Love Happy/ My Friend Irma E+ Marx Bro/ Martin & Lewis

443. Co 38546(white label promo)- Buddy Clark- You're Breaking My Heart/ Song of Surrender E

444. Co 38599- Buddy Clark- A Dreamer's Holiday/ Envy E+

445. Co 38996(promo)- Frank Sinatra- When You're Smiling/ That Old Black Magic EE-

446. Co 39044- Frank Sinatra- Nevertheless/ I Guess I'll Have to Dream the Rest E+

447. Co 39045(promo)- Benny Goodman Sextet- Oh Babe/ Walkin' With the Blues E+

448. Co 39406(promo)- Count Basie O- Beaver Junction/ Little Pony E+

449. Co 39478(promo) Benny Goodman 6- Wang Wang Bl/ BG O- It Never Enetered My Mind E+

450. Co 40173(promo)- Gene Klavan- Ricochet/ O, Mein Papa E+

451. Co 49785(promo)- Hal Aloma Hawaiians- Tahiti/ My Little Grass Shack E+


452. De 8592- King Cole Trio- Stop! The Red Light's On/ I Like To Riff E

453. De 101- Bing Crosby- Someday Sweetheart/ Let me Call You Sweetheart E-

454. De 162- New Orleans Rhythm Kings- Jazz It Blues/ Panama EE- flat lbl

455. De 213- Fletcher Henderson O- Down South Camp Meetin'/ Tidal Wave E+ sticker on lbl

456. De 319- Dorsey Bros O- You're the Top/ I Get a Kick Out of You EE-

457. De 541- Ivan Frank's Hofbrau Band- 1,2,3,4- O Du Lieber Augustin/ Schnitelbank E

458. De 593- Frank Luther- Tuneful Tales 1/2 E

459. De 594- Frank Luther- Tuneful Tales 3/4 E

460. De 595- Frank Luther- Tuneful Tales 5/6 V+

461. De 631- Bing Crosby- Sailor Beware/ My Heart & I E

462. De 671- Boswell Sisters- Music Goes Round & Round/ I'm Gonna Sit Right Down..Letter V+/E

463. De 691- Red Norvo Sextet- Gramercy Square/ Decca Stomp E

464. De 749- Albert Ammons Rhythm Kings- Boogie Woogie Stomp/ Nagasaki VV+

465. De 757- Bing Crosby- The Touch of Your Lips/ Twilight On the Trail E

466. De 779- Red Norvo Swing Sextet- I Got Rhythm/ Lady Be Good E flat lbl

467. De 785- Chick Webb O- Crying My Heart Out For You/ Down Home Rag VV+ Ella A

468. De 810- Ted Weems O- Jelly Bean/ The Martins & the Coys E-/V flat lbl

469. De 814- Ambrose O- There Isn't Any Limit To My Love/ This'll Make U Whistle E-

470. De 885- Ted Weems O- Knock Knock Whos There/ When a Lady Meets a Gent Down South E

471. De 886- Bing Crosby w/ Dick Mc Intyre Haw's- Hawaiian Paradise/ South Sea Isl Mag E+/E-

472. De 919- Louis Armstrong w/ JD O- The Skeleton In the Closet/ Hurdy Gurdy Man EE+

473. De 963- Frank Luther- Holidays pt 1/2 EE+ fun!!

474. De 964- Frank Luther- Holidays pt 3/4 EE+ fun!!

475. De 965- Frank Luther- Holidays pt 5/6 EE+ fun!!

476. De 1121- Count Basie O- Pennies From Heaven/ Swinging At the Daisy Chain E-

477. De 1124- Frank Victor & Harry Volpe- Sweet Strings/ Easy Like E+ great guitar duet

478. De 1141- Count Basie O- Roseland Shuffle/ Honeysuckle Rose E-

479. De 1134- Anson Weeks O- How Could You?/ Moonlight & Shadows VV+

480. De 1143- Arthur Tracy- When the Poppies Bloom Again/ Did Your Mother Come From Ireland E

481. De 1162- Mal Hallett O- I Adore You/ Boo Hoo EE+/E

482. De 1163- Mal Hallett O- Big Boy Blue/ Ridin' High E

483. De 1164- Ambrose O- Did Your Mother Come From Ireland/ I Dream of San Marino E+

484. De 1167- Mal Hallett O- The Trouble With Me Is You/ I've Got Rain In My Eyes V

485. De 1170- Bob Crosby O- Gin Mill Blues/ If I Had You E+

486. De 1175- Bing Crosby w/ Lani Mc Intyre Hawaiians- Sweet Leilani/ Blue Hawaii EE-

487. De 1176- Ted Fio Rito O- Sweet Leilani/ Hawaiian Hospitality V

488. De 1182- Lil Armstrong O- Just For a Thrill/ Its Murder VV+

489. De 1185- Bing Crosby- Too Marvelous For Words/ What Will I Tell My Heart E+

490. De 1186- Bing Crosby- Moonlight & Shadows/ I Never Realized E-

491. De 1187- Jimmy Dorsey O- The Love Bug Will Bite You/ Listen to the Mockingbird E/E-

492. De 1201- Bing Crosby- The One Rose/ Sentimental & Melancholy E/EE+

493. De 1213- Chick Webb O- Its Swell of You/ Wake Up & Live E-

494. De 1234- Bing Crosby- My Little Buckaroo/ What Is Love VV+

495. De 1265- Harry Owens Royal Hawaiian Hotel O- Hawaii Calls/ Imi Au Ia Oe E-/VV+

496. De 1266- Harry Owens Royal Hawaiian Hotel O- Koni Au I Ka Wai/ O Ko Le Ma Lu Na V

497. De 1304- Dorsey Bros O- Eccentric/ You're Okay EE+

498. De 1316- Claude Hopkins O- Honey/ My Kinda Love E-

499. De 1317- Arthur Tracy- Stranded/ Nirewana E+

500. De 1318- Jimmie Lunceford O- I'll See You In My Dreams/ The Merry Go Round Broke Down E

501. De 1322- Seger Ellis O- A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody/ I Know That You Know E-/V+

502. De 1356- Chick Webb O- Love Is the Thing So They Say/ That Naughty Wz E Ella voc A

503. De 1363- Count Basie O- John's Idea/ One O Clock Jump V

504. De 1375- Bing Crosby- The Moon Got In My Eyes/ Smarty E-

505. De 1412- Glen Gray O- Casa Loma Stomp/ For You E/E-

506. De 1425- Henry Busse O- The Vamp/ Fit As a Fiddle E+

507. De 1436- Dick Robertson O- The Sidewalks of NY/ Come Josephine In My Flying Machine V+

508. De 1437- Lennie Hayton O- Make a Wish/ So Many Memories E+

509. De 1462- Bing Crosby- The Folks Who Live On the Hill/ Can I Forget You EE-/E

510. De 1518- Bing Crosby- When You Dream About Hawaii/ Sail Along Silvery Moon VV+

511. De 1588- Reggie Childs O- Scrapin' the Toast/ Just a Sweet Old Gent & a Quaint Old Lady E+

512. De 1718- Danny Polo Swing Stars- More Than Somewhat/ Blue Murder E-/EE+

513. De 1840- Chick Webb O- A Tisket A Tasket/ Liza V Ella vocal A

514. De 1880- Count Basie O- Swinging the Blues/ Sent For You Yesterday E-

515. De 1960- Bing Crosby & Johnny Mercer- Me Crosby & Mr Mercer/ Bing Crosby- Small Fry E

516. De 1965- Count Basie O- Doggin' Around/ Blue & Sentimental E

517. De 2080- Chick Webb O- Mac Pherson Is Rehearsin'/ I Let a Tear Fall In the River VV+ Ella

518. De 2105- Chick Webb O- FDR Jones/ I Love Each Move You Make EE- Ella Fitzgerald vocs

519. De 2219(promo)- Bob Hope & Shirley Ross- Two Sleepy People/ New Thnks For th Memory N-

520. De 2231- Chick Webb O- Gotta Pepple In My Shoe/ Who Ya Hunchin' V-/V Ella A

521. De 2237- Bing Crosby- Its a Lonely Trail/ When the Bloom Is On the Sage EE+

522. De 2257- Bing Crosby- Just a Kid Named Joe/ The Lonesome Road EE+

523. De 2261- Andy Kirk O- Breeze/ Sittin' Around & Dreamin' EE+

524. De 2277- Andy Kirk O- But It Ddin't Mean a Thing/ What Would People Say E+

525. De 2286- Ink Spots- If I Didn't Care/ Knock Kneed Sal E

526. De 2288- Ray Kinney Hawaiians- Kamaaina From Lahaina/ White Ginger Blossoms V-

527. De 2289- Bing Crosby- My Melancholy Baby/ Between a Kiss & a Sigh N-

528. De 2327- Roy Smeck Serenaders- I Promise You/ Red Skies In the Night E-

529. De 2357- Paradise Island Trio- Song of Love/ Good Night Sweetheart E

530. De 2358- Roy Smeck Serenaders- I Wont Believe It/ Heaven Can Wait E+

531. De 2383- Andy Kirk O- You Set Me On Fire/ Julius Caesar EE+

532. De 2447- Bing Crosby- I'm Building a Sailboat of Dreams/ Down By the Old Mill Stream EE-

533. De 2448- Bing Crosby- Whistling In the Wildwood/ If I Had My Way EE+

534. De 2469- Roy Smeck Serenaders- You Grow Sweeter As the Years Go By/ At a Little Hot Dog Stand E+

535. De 2510- Andy Kirk O- S'posin'/ I'll Never Learn E+

536. De 2538- Louis Armstrong O- Me & Brother Bill/ Savoy Blues EE+/E+

537. De 2556- Chick Webb O- Little White Lies/ One Side of Me EE- Ella Fitzgerald vocs

538. De 2585- Roy Smeck Serenaders- Somebody Nobody Knows/ Begone E+

539. De 2626- Bing Crosby & Connie Boswell- Start the Day Right /Bing- Neighbors In the Sky E-

540. De 2624- Roy Smeck Serenaders- I'll Remember/ For Tonight E+

541. De 2721- Ella Fitzgerald O- My Last Goodbye/ Ella w/ Chick Webb O- Heart of Mine EE+

542. De 2774- Andy Kirk O- Why Dont I Get Wise to Myself/ Say It Again E+

543. De 2915- Andy Kirk O- Big Jim Blues/ I Dont Stand a Ghost of a Chance E+

544. De 2941- Teddy Powell O- Some Day/ Pussy In the Corner E-

545. De 2957- Andy Kirk O- I'm Getting Nowhere With You/ It Always Will Be You EE+

546. De 2985- Teddy Powell O- The Sphinx/ Flea On a Spree E-

547. De 3026- Ella Fitzgerald O- Sing Song Swing/ If It Weren't For You V+

548. De 3092- Louis Armstrong O- Harlem Stomp/ You've Got Me Voodoo'd E

549. De 3105- Louis Armstrong w/ JD O- Swing That Music/ Wolverine Blues EE+

550. De 3141- Dick Robertson O- I Want a Girl/ If I Could Be With You VV+/E

551. De 3174- Judy Garland- I'm Nobody's Baby/ Buds Wont Bud EE-

552. De 3185- Jan Savitt O- W.P.A./ Its Time to Jump & Shout E

553. De 3186- Ella Fitzgerald O- Lindy Hopper's Delight/ Baby Wont U Please Come Home VV+/V-

554. De 3199- Ella Fitzgerald O- Shake Down the Stars/ I Fell In Love With a Dream E-/EE-

555. De 3250- Terry Shand O- Give Me the Moonlight, Give Me the Girl/ Scared E+

556. De 3299- Bing Crosby- A Song of Old Hawaii/ Trade Winds E

557. De 3314- Ceelle Burke O- Trade Winds/ They Tell Me Hawaii Is Heaven E- int cks, hlc nap

558. De 3341- Johnny Long O- When I Take My Sugar To Tea/ Rose Colored Glasses E-

559. De 3468- Ink Spots- I'm Only Human/ Puttin' & Takin' EE+

560. De 3545- Benny Carter O- I've Been In Love Before/ Mills Bros w/ Benny Carter O- By the Watermelon Vine, Lindy Lou E+

561. De 3558- Dick Robertson O- Oh They're Makin' Me All Over In the Army/ Oh How I Hate to get up In the Morning E

562. De 3559- Dick Robertson O- I Used to Love You/ San Antonio Rose EE+

563. De 3612- Ella Fitzgerald O- Wishful Thinking/ Hello Ma! I Done It Again V

564. De 3622- Andrews Sisters- In Apple Blossom Time/ I Yi Yi V/E+

565. De 3626- Ink Spots- Ring Telephone Ring/ Please Take a Letter Miss Brown E+

567. De 3656- Ink Spots- We'll Meet Again/ You're Looking For Romance E+/EE+

568. De 3666- Ella Fitzgerald O- The Muffin Man/ I'm the Lonesomest Gal In Town E-

569. De 3856- Bing Crosby- Goodbye Little Darlin' Goodbye/ Be Honest With Me E-/E

570. De 3900- Louis Armstrong O- Yes Suh!/ I'll Get Mine Bye & Bye E

571. De 4007- Ella Fitzgerald- Jim/ This Love of Mine VV+

572. De 4073- Ella Fitzgerald- I'm Thrilled/ Make Love to Me V

573. De 4082- Ella Fitzgerald- You Dont Know What Love Is/ Somebody Nobody Loves VV+

574. De 11051- Mills Bros- Tiger Rag/ Paper Doll E+N-

575. De 12168- Joseph Maguire- Corrigan(The Irish Airman)/ The Wicklow Mountain High E

576. De 14594- Jersey Joe Walcott & Marie Knight- Say a Little Prayer/ Have Faith E+N- a rare one by this World Heavyweight boxing champ

577. De 18095(CAN)- Jimmie Noone O- Keystone Blues/ New Orleans Hop Scop Blues EE+

578. De 18127- Hazel Scott- Ritual Fire Dance/ Two Part Invention in "A" Minor E+

579. De 18347- Ella Fitzgerald- Mama Come Home/ All I Need Is You V

580. De 18621- Bing Crosby- Too Ra Loo Ra/ I'll Remember April E

581. De 21198- Agustin Lara w/ O- Triste Camino/ Frente a Frente E+ Hispanic series

582. De 23000- Grace Moore- What Shall remain/ The End Begins E-/EE+ 1/2 hlc nap

583. De 23001- Grace Moore- Stars In My Eyes/ Learn How to Lose E+

584. De 23020- Ronald Frankau- They Have a Much Better Time When They're Naughty/ Truly Rural E+ faint int cr under lbl nap

585. De 23297- Hildegarde- Suddenly Its Spring/ Leave Us Face It E+

586. De 23348- Hildegarde- My Heart Sings/ Lili Marlene E+

587. De 23391- Billie Holiday- That Ole Devil Called Love/ Lover Man E+

588. De 23457- Bing Crosby- ICBTUIL w/ Me/ I Cant Begin to Tell You E+

589. De 23499- Gertrude Niesen- Legalize My Name/ I'm a Big Girl Now E

590. De 23511- Hildegarde- The Gypsy/ One-Zy, Two-Zy E+

591. De 23954- Bing Crosby- The Old Chaperone/ I Do, I Do Like You E+

592. De 23957- Billie Holiday- I'll Look Around/ Baby I Dont Cry Over You E+

593. De 24114- Bing Crosby w/ Eddie Condon O- Blue/ After You've Gone EE+

594. De 24157- Ella Fitzgerald- U'r Breaking In a New Heart/ Dont You Think I Ought to Know EE+

595. De 24387- Ella Fitzgerald- You Turned the Tables On Me/ How High the Moon E+

596. De 24446- Ella Fitzgerald- My Happiness/ Tea Leaves EE+

597. De 24455- Hoagy Carmichael- Bubble-Loo, Bubble-Loo/ The Sad Cowboy E

598. De 24462- Danny Kaye- Andrews Sisters- The Woody Woodpecker/ Put Em In a Box...E+

599. De 24497- Ella Fitzgerald- Its Too Soon To Know/ I Cant Go On E/E-

600. De 24646- Ella Fitzgerald- Lover's Gold/ Black Coffee E/EE- lt scr B

601. De 24749- Mills Bros- Who'll Be the Next One/ Dick Haymes- Marta E+

602. De 24796- Billie Holiday- You're My Thrill/ Crazy He Calls Me E+

603. De 24509(promo)- Mills Bros- I Want to Be the Only One/ Gloria N-

604. De 24536(promo)- Danny Kaye- Andrews Sisters- Beatin' Bangin' 'N Scratchin'/

Amelia Cordelia Mc Hugh E+

605. De 24538- Ella Fitzgerald- Robbins Nest/ No Sense E+ sm scry spot end A

606. De 24800- Bing Crosby w/ Fred Waring- Way Back Home/ The Iowa Indian Song E+

607. De 24805(promo)- Dorothy Carless- My Love Loves Me/ Speak a Word of Love E+

608. De 24813(promo)- Ella Fitzgerald & Mills Bros- I Gotta Have My Baby Back/ Fairy Tales E+

609. De 24857- Billie Holiday- Somebody's On My Mind/ Please Tell Me Now NN-

610. De 24947- Billie Holiday- Now Or Never/ Gimme a Pigfoot & a Bottle of Beer E+ grey lines nap

611. De 24994- Mills Bros- I've Shed a Hundred Tears/ Open the Gates of Dreamland E+

612. De 25183- Bing Crosby- Too Marvelous For Words/ Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams E+

613. De 25273- Tony Martin- Tonight We Love/ Intermezzo E+

614. De 27104(promo)- Mills Bros- The Tunnel of Love/ Why Fight the Feeling E+

615. De 27145- Billie Holiday- Them There Eyes/ Keeps On Rainin' E+ one small scry spot A sounds super light 3 gvs

616. De 27419- Ella Fitzgerald & Ink Spots- I Still Feel the Same About U/ Little Small Town Girl E-

617. De 27564(promo)- Danny Kaye- I'm Late/ The Walrus & the Carpenter E+

618. De 27579- Mills Bros- Wonderful, Wasn't It/ Mister & Mississippi E+

619. De 27722- Arthur Prysock- The Morningside of the Mountain/ Blue Velvet E+

620. De 27769- Arthur Prysock- The Love of a Gypsy/ Sin E+

621. De 28375- Ella Fitzgerald- Trying/ My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean E+/EE+

622. De 28377(promo)- Connee Boswell & Artie Shaw- My Little Nest of Heavenly Blue/ Where There's Smoke There's Fire E+

623. De 28395- Peggy Lee w/ O- River River/ Sans Souci E+

624. De 28430- Frank Luther w/ the dancing Feet- I'll Ring You Up/ Jig a Jig Jig E+

625. De 28436(promo)- Jane Turzy- Aint It a Cryin' Shame/ Be My Baby E+

626. De 28492- Patty Andrews(promo)- You Blew Me a Kiss/ No Deposit No Return E+

627. De 28498(promo)- Connee Boswell- It Made You Happy When You made Me Cry/ Singin' the Blues E+

628. De 28524(promo)- Louis Armstrong- Chlo-e/ Listen to the Mocking Bird E+

629. De 28549(promo)- Mills Bros- A Shoulder to Weep On/ Someone Loved Someone N-

630. De 28562(promo)- Danny Kaye- Anatole of Paris/ I Belong to Glasgow/ Good Old 149/ Tschaikowsky E+

631. De 28628(promo)- Louis Armstrong- Congratulations to Someone/ Your Cheatin' Heart E+

632. De 28704(promo)- Louis Armstrong- April In Portugal/ Ramona E+

633. De 28736(promo)- Mills Bros- Pretty Butterfly/ Dont Let Me Dream E+

634. De 28803(promo)- Louis Armstrong- Sittin' In the Sun/ Dummy Song E+

635. De 28818(promo)- Mills Bros- Who Put the Devil In Evelyn's Eyes/ Beware E+

636. De 28827(promo)- Jerry Colonna- I'm a Love You/ Hey Barmaid! E+

637. De 28943(promo)- Louis Armstrong- 'Zat You Santa Claus/ Cool Yule EE+

638. De 29024- Bing Crosby- Secret Love/ My Love, My Love E+

639. De 29087- Jane Turzy(promo)- Its You, Its You I Love/ Such a Night E+

640. De 29412- Connee Boswell- Fill My Heart With Happiness/ How Important Can It Be E+

641. De 29620- Sammy Davis Jr & Carmen Mc Rae- I Go For You/ A Fine Romance E+N-

642. De 29746- Ella Fitzgerald- My One & Only Love/ The tender Trap E+

643. De 40001- Walter Huston- Lost In the Stars/ September Song E-

644. De 40005- Jean Sablon- La Chansons Des Rues/ J'attendrai EE+

645. De 40012- Bing Crosby & Jascha Heifetz- Lullaby/ Where My Caravan Has Rested N-

646. De 46382(promo)- Hank Garland- E-String Rag/ Hillbilly Express E+


647. Vi 45171- Lambert Murphy- Yearning/ Tell Me VV+ rcnap

648. Vi 45248- Edgar A. Guest- Me & the Auto/ It Couldn't Be Done Wait Till Your Pa Cmes Hme E-

649. Vi 45347- Will Rogers- Timely Topics/ A New Slant On War E

650. Vi 17002- Victor Military Band- St Patrick's Day/ Reap the Flax V

651. Vi 17011- Golden & Hughes- Aunt Mandy/ Arthur Collins- The Ghost of the Banjo Coon VV+

652. Vi 17092- James I. Lent- The Ragtime Drummer/ William H Reitz- Iffa Daffa Dill V-

653. Vi 17119- Al Jolson- That Lovin' Traumerei/ Billy Murray- Lucia Sextette Burlesque VV+ clx B

654. Vi 17141- Billy Murray- Take Me to the Cabaret/ Heidelberg 5- Waiting for Robert E Lee VV+

655. Vi 17974- Alice Green- Here Comes Tootsi/ Alice Green- Raymond Dixon- So Long Letty V

656. Vi 18068- Peerless Quartet- The Honolulu Blues/ Collins & Harlan- Hello Summer! E+

657. Vi 18069- Helen Louise- Frank Ferera- Hawaiian Hula medley/ Song to Hawaii E-

658. Vi 18081- Avon Comedy Four- Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula/ My Mother's Rosary E+ 1/4" cr nap

659. Vi 18085- Fred Van Eps- Ragging the Scale/ William H Reitz(xylophone)- Eldorado March E+

660. Vi 18087- Helen Louise- Frank Ferera- Pua Carnation/ Maui Aloha V+

661. Vi 18088- Avon Comedy 4- I'm Going Way Back Home & Have a Wonderful Time/ You're a Dangerous Girl EE-

662. Vi 18322- Billy Sunday Chorus- America/ Sail On E

663. Vi 18326- Peerless Quartet- Along the Way to Waikiki/ Orpheus Quartet- My Hawaii E+

664. Vi 18347- Wright-Dietrich acc by Louise & Ferera- Pua Mohala/ Isles of Aloha E

665. Vi 18380- Helen Louise- Frank Ferera- Aloha Land/ Hawaii I'm Lonesome For You E/EE-

666. Vi 18617- All Star Trio- Alcoholic Blues/ Jerry E

667. Vi 18618- Joseph C. Smith O- Yellow Dog Blues/ Tulip Time VV+

668. Vi 18621- Adele Rowland- Granny/ When the Preacher Makes You Mine E

669. Vi 19123- James P. Johnson- You Cant Do What My Last Man Did/ Bleeding Hearted Blues E-

670. Vi 19302- Hilo Hawaiian O- Sad Hawaiian Sea/ Hula Hula Dream Girl E/E-

671. Vi 19379- Vincent Rose O- String Beans/ Art Hickman O- Mandalay E- West Coast press

672. Vi 19478- The Brox Sisters- Sweetest Little Rose In Tennesee/ Nobody Loves U Like I Do E

673. Vi 19479- Wendell Hall- Lonely Lane/ Hall-Carson Robison- Swanee River Dreams E+

674. Vi 19481- Victor Salon O- A Japanese Sunset/ Enchanted Forest EE+

675. Vi 19482- Henry Halstead O- I Dont Know Why/ That's My Girl EE+

676. Vi 19484- Benson Orch of Chicago- Go Emmaline/ Words EE+/E+

677. Vi 19487- Paul Whiteman O- All Alone/ Troubadours- I Wonder Whats become of Sally E

678. Vi 19491- Jan Garber O- Too Tired/ Ted Weems O- Dear One E

679. Vi 19493- Troubadours- Come Back to Me/ Charles Dornberger O- Kiss Me Goodnight E

680. Vi 19494- Noble Sissle- Eubie Blake- Manda/ Dixie Moon V+

681. Vi 19496- Ted Weems O- Traveling Blues/ Jan Garber O- If You Dont Want Me E+

682. Vi 19497- George Olsen O- The Slave of Love/ Barney Rapp O- Because They All Love You E+

683. Vi 19498- Henry Halstead O- China Girl/ Art Hickman O- Alone With You E

684. Vi 19500- International Nov O- All Alone With You In a Little Rendezvous/

Charles Dornberger O- The Pal That I Loved Stole The Gal That I Loved VV+

685. Vi 19715- George Olsen O- Save Your Sorrow For Tomorrow/ Intl Nov O- Kiss I Cant Forget E+

686. Vi 19721- Paul Whiteman O- Got No Time/ Sonya NN-

687. Vi 19745- Coon- Sanders O- Yes Sir Thats My Baby/ Jack Shilkret O- Sometime VV+

688. Vi 20022- Hilo Hawaiian O- Hawaiian Sunset/ Sweet Hawaiian Dreams V+E

689. Vi 20273- Jean Goldkette O- Sunday/ I'd Rather Be the Girl In Your Arms E

690. Vi 20281- Royal Hawaiian Trio- Waonahele-medley/ Kaala-medley E+

691. Vi 20361- Beatrice Lillie- Nicodemus/ Like He Loves Me VV+

692. Vi 20375- Sam 'n Henry- Sam 'n Henry Buying Insurance/ Rollin' the Bones E+

693. Vi 20377- William J Haussler & D Wakefield Coutlee- How to Play the Harmonica 1/2 E+

694. Vi 20380- The Revelers- I Know That You Know/ Mary Lou E+

695. Vi 20596- Hilo Hawaiian O- Honolulu Moon/ Hawaiian Dreams VV+

696. Vi 20632- Kane's Hawaiians- You Dont Like It Not Much/ Hula Blues VV+ rc clx lite 3 gvs B

697. Vi 20749- Bela(Piroska) Schaffer & Feri Sarkozi(violin & cymbal duet)- The Old Gypsy/

The Broken Violin E+

698. Vi 20846- Ted Weems O- Barbara/ Miss Annabelle Lee E

699. Vi 20848- Jan Garber O- Sixty Seconds Every Minute/ Troubadours- Tired Hands NEW

700. Vi 20862- West Virginia Coon Hunters- Your Blue Eyes Run Me Crazy/ Greasy String VV-

701. Vi 20864- Jimmie Rodgers- The Soldier's Sweetheart/ Sleep Baby Sleep V-

702. Vi 20866- Travis B. Hale- E.J. Derry Jr- Long Gone/ Cant You hear Me Say I Love You EE-

703. Vi 20869- Frank & James Mc Cravy- Six Feet of Earth/ These Bones G'wine Rise Again

V due to grit

704. Vi 20870- Ernest Rogers- Let me Be Your Man In the Moon/ My Red Haired Lady E-

705. Vi 20871- Waino Kauppi Suomi O- On a Beautiful Summer Night/ Honeysuckle E/EE- Hawaiian

706. Vi 20872- George Olsen O- Lucky In Love/ The Best Things In Life Are Free E-

707. Vi 20873- Vaughn De Leath- Baby Your Mother/ Henry Burr- Are You Lonesome Tonight E+

708. Vi 20875- George Olsen O- Good News/ The Varsity Drag E+

709. Vi 20876- Jesse Crawford- After We Kiss/ Baby Feet Go Pitter Pattter E

710. Vi 20881- Paul Whiteman O- Just a Memory/ Cheerie Beerie Bee E+

711. Vi 20882- Nat Shilkret O- Baby's Blue/ Paul Whiteman O- The Calinda E tiny hlc nap

712. Vi 20883- Paul Whiteman O- Five Step/ It Wont Be Long Now E+

713. Vi 20884- International Novelty O- Here I Come/ Paree E+

714. Vi 20885- Paul Whiteman O- Shaking the Blues Away/ Ooh! Maybe Its You E+

715. Vi 20892- Ted Weems O- Roam On My Little Gypsy Sweetheart/ BF Goodrich O- Charmaine E

716. Vi 21009- Ted Weems O- From Saturday Night Till Monday Morning/ She'll Never Find a Fellow Like Me VV+

717. Vi 21110- Hilo Hawaiian O- Aloma/ Hawaiian Nights E+

718. Vi 21119- Paul Whiteman O- Sensation Stomp/ Whiteman Stomp EE+

719. Vi 22132- Bebe Daniels- You're Always In My Arms/ If You're In Love You'll Wz E-

720. Vi 21137- Duke Ellington O- Black & Tan Fantasie/ Creole Love Call VV+

721. Vi 21148- Coon- Sanders O- Is She My Girl Friend?/ Mine-All Mine VV+/V

722. Vi 21150- Jean Goldkette O- Just a Little Kiss From a Little Miss/ So Tired E-

723. Vi 21305- Coon- Sanders O- The Wail/ Sluefoot VV+/V scrs B

724. Vi 21326- Roger Wolfe Kahn O- She's a Great, Great Girl/ All Star O- I Must Be Dreaming E+

725. Vi 21332- The Happiness Boys- He Aint Never Been to College/ Shes the Sweetheart of Six Other Guys V+

726. Vi 21366- Johnny Johnson O- Just Across the Street From Heaven/ Happy Go Lucky Lane E-

727. Vi 21374- Gene Austin- In My Bouquet of Memories/ Without You Sweetheart E

728. Vi 21376- Johnny Marvin w/ O- Angel/ Sweetheart O' Mine E+ prob Benny Goodman accomp

729. Vi 21381- Robert Olsen- I'm Writing You This Little Melody/ I Still Love You E-

730. Vi 21382- The Rounders- Ready For the River/ Chloe V+

731. Vi 21384- Edna Fischer piano solo- The Varsity Drag/ Rag Doll VV+

732. Vi 21385- Mickey Gillette O- Will You Remember Sweetheart/ Moonlight On the Danube V+/V

733. Vi 21389- Paul Whiteman O- My Pet/ I'm Afraid of You E

734. Vi 22426- Ted Weems O- Washing Dishes With My Sweetie/ Leo Reisman- I Remember U..V+

735. Vi 21460- Cliff Friend- Daffy Ditties pt 1/2 E+

736. Vi 21557- Helen Kane-Get Out & Get Under the Moon/ Thats My Weakness Now V-

737. Vi 21558- Hilo Hawaiian O- Along Miami Shore/ Honolulu Sweetheart of Mine E-

738. Vi 21822- Hilo Hawaiian O- Under the Stars of Havana/ Blue Waters E

739. Vi 21830- Helen Kane- Me & the Man In the Moon/ Dont Be Like That V

740. Vi 21835- The High Hatters- Wipin' the Pan/ The Spell of the Blues V-

741. Vi 21853- Jean Goldkette O- She's Funny That Way/ Nat Shilkret O- Dream Train VV+

742. Vi 21863- Helen Kane- I Want to be Bad/ Button Up Your Overcoat V

743. Vi 22104- All Star Orch- Too Wonderful For Words/ Steppin' Along V+ scr B

744. Vi 22105- The High Hatters- I May Be Wrong/ Wait For the Happy Ending E/EE-

745. Vi 22106- Ben Pollack Park Central O- Where the Sweet Forget Me Nots Remember/ Nat Shilkret O- You Made Me Love You- Why Did You? EE+

746. Vi 22108- Thomas Waller piano solo- Ain't Misbehavin'/ Sweet Savannah Sue E

747. Vi 22109- Nat Shilkret O- Bottoms Up/ Bigger & Better Than Ever E+

748. Vi 22110- Bernie Cummins O- The World's Greatest Sweetheart is You/ Dont Hang Your Dreams On a Rainbow E+

749. Vi 22111- Arden-Ohman O- How Am I To Know/ Henry Busse O- After the Clouds Roll By E+

750. Vi 22267- Ben Pollack O- Keep Your Undershirt On/ High Hatters- What Would I Care EE+

751. Vi 22268- Warings Penns- Dancing Dominoes/ Arden-Ohman O- Hello Margot! E+

752. Vi 22269- The Duncan Sisters w/ O- I'm Following You/ Hoosier Hop EE-

753. Vi 22270- The Revelers- Chant of the Jungle/ Waiting At the End of the Road EE+

754. Vi 22273- Johnny Marvin w/ O- Have a Little Faith in Me/ With You VV+

755. Vi 22274- Chick Endor w/ O- You Do Something To Me/ Sunny Side Up V+

756. Vi 22275- Arden-Ohman O- Nina Rosa/ My First Love- My Last Love E/EE+

757. Vi 22301- Wayne King O- Song of the Islands/ Ted Fio Rito O- Hangin' On the Garden Gate E-

758. Vi 22306- Leo Reisman O- Puttin' On the Ritz/ Nat Shilkret O- Singing a Vagabond Song E-

759. Vi 22480- Green Bros Marimba O- Lo-Lo/ Somewhere In Old Wyoming E+

760. Vi 22671- Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey's Band- Old Glory Triumphal March/ Gentry's Triumphal March E-

761. Vi 22689- Bert Lown O- I Wanna Sing About You/ Now You're In My Arms E+

762. Vi 22690- Arden-Ohman O- In a Cafe On the Road to Calais/ Beautiful Love E

763. Vi 22696- Bert Lown O- Let Me Hum a Hymn To her Tonight/ Leo Reisman- Cant You Read Between the Lines E+

764. Vi 22697- Jack Hylton O- The Alpine Milkman/ Soldier On the Shelf E-

765. Vi 22698- Connie's Inn O- Moan You Moaners/ Roll On Mississippi V+

766. Vi 22700- Gus Arnheim O- Thanks To You/ One More Time E Bing crosby vocals

767. Vi 22701- Bing Crosby- Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/ Just a Gigolo V+

768. Vi 22861- Russ Columbo- Call Me Darling/ You Try Somebody Else V

769. Vi 22868- Peter Van Steeden O- I Promise You/ Home E-

770. Vi 22869- Leo Reisman O- She Didn't Say "Yes"/ The Night Was Made For Love E

771. Vi 22870- Leo Reisman O- Try to Forget/ Paul Whiteman O- Dance of the Little Dutch Dolls E-

772. Vi 22871- Wayne King O- Save the Last Dance For Me/ Too Late E

773. Vi 22872- Ted Black O- An Ev'ning In Caroline/ Two Loves E

774. Vi 22876- Paul Whiteman O- Gettin' Sentimental/ My Goodbye to You E- Mildred Bailey B

775. Vi 22877- Ted Weems O- Carolina's Calling Me/ One of Us Was Wrong VV+

776. Vi 22950- Coon- Sanders O- What a Life/ Let That Be a Lesson To You E NICE B!!!

777. Vi 22979- Coon- Sanders O- On Revival Day/ Wayne King- Way Down Between Dem Rows E-

778. Vi 24095- Whiteman's Rhythm Boys- Bahama Mama/ Lost In Your Arms VV+

779. Vi 24097- Paul Whiteman O- I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plan/ You'll Always Be the Same Sweetheart V/V+

780. Vi 24098- Isham Jones O- Music, Music Everywhere/ And I Still Care VV+/V

781. Vi 24099- Isham Jones O- Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia/ One Little Word Led to Another V-..plays better due to top recording quality

782. Vi 24115- Wayne King O- Three's a Crowd/ Sweethearts Forever VV+

783. Vi 24145- Ethel Merman w/ O- I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues/ Satan's L'il Lamb EE- RARE!

784. Vi 24199- Charles Dornberger Mount Royal Hotel O- She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain/ Old Mac Donald Had a Farm V+

785. Vi 24240(ARG)- Bing Crosby Y Rhythm Boys- Sweet L'il & Aint She Sweet/ Mississippi Mud & I Left My Sugar Standing In the Rain E+ SCARCE ISSUE!

786. Vi 24274- Eddie Duchin O- Anything Your Little Heart Desires/ Kiss In the Moonlight E-

787. Vi 24314- Ray Noble O- What More Can I Ask/ Brighter Than the Sun E+ HOT B Bowlly both

788. Vi 24315- Leo Reisman O- Happy As the Day Is Long/ The Gold Diggers Song EE- possibly the best dance band record ever!- It has Fred Astaire, Harold Arlen & Adrian Rollini on bass sax AND vibes, plus hi fidelity recording!

789. Vi 24317- Don Bestor O- Gypsy Fiddles/ Sweetheart Darlin' EE-

790. Vi 24326- Eddie Duchin O- An Orchid to You/ A Fool In Love E

791. Vi 24327- Eddie Duchin O- Dont Do Anything I Wouldn't Do/ From Me To You V+

792. Vi 24331- George Olsen O- Makin' Whoopee/ Until You Get Somebody Else V rare issue of these 1928 sides, on large '28 style label

793. Vi 24332- Noel Coward- Lover of My Dreams/ Mad Dogs & Englishmen E/VV+ rg lbl

794. Vi 24333- Ray Noble O- I'll Do My Best to Make U Happy/ Love Is the Sweetest Thing E rg lbl

795. Vi 24335- Louis Armstrong O- Honey Dont You Love Me Anymore/ There's a Cabin In Pines V

796. Vi 24337- Jan Garber O- I'm Thru Saying I'm Thru/ At the Bottom of the Hill EE+

797. Vi 24338- Glen Gray O- Lazy Bones/ Sophisticated Lady E+

798. Vi 24339- Salon O- Wedding of the Winds pt 1/2 E

799. Vi 24340- Glen Gray O- My Imaginary Sweetheart/ The Night We Met E

800. Vi 24341- Ray Noble O- My Heart's To Let/ When You've Fallen In Love E+ Bowlly both

801. Vi 24377- Eddy Duchin O- Trouble In Paradise/ Its the Talk of the Town VV+

802. Vi 24380- Eddy Duchin O- Shame On You/ There's No Harm In Hoping VV+ scrs B

803. Vi 24402- Hoagy Carmichael- Snowball/ Lazy Bones VV+

804. Vi 24417- Leo Reisman O- Thanks/ The Day You Came Along E-

805. Vi 24418- Leo Reisman O- Easter Parade/ How's Chances VV+/E- Clifton Webb vocs

806. Vi 24424- Conrad Thibault w/ O- Its Only a Paper Moon/ This Is Romance EE-

807. Vi 24441- Eddy Duchin O- Lonely Lane/ Dark Clouds V

808. Vi 24451- Cab Calloway O- Lady With the Fan/ Father's Got His Glasses On V

809. Vi 24437- Isham Jones O- Life's So Complete/ Goodbye Again V lbl dmg B..plays well

810. Vi 24461- Eddy Duchin O- After Sundown/ La Cumparsita VV+

811. Vi 24510- Eddy Duchin O- Lets Fall In Love/ Love Is Love Anywhere E-

812. Vi 24512- Eddy Duchin O- If I Didn't Care/ This Little Piggie Went to Market VV+

813. Vi 24579- Eddy Duchin O- As Long As I Live/ Ill Wind E- Harold Arlen vocs

814. Vi 24600- Tom Coakley O- I'll String Along With You/ Fair & Warmer VV+

815. Vi 24643- Isham Jones O- With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming/ Do I Love You E

816. Vi 24644- Jan Garber O- Having You Is Heaven/ When You're Not Around I'm Lonesome E+

817. Vi 24645- Don Bestor O- Dont Let It Happen Again/ In a Little Red Barn E

818. Vi 24646- Rudy Vallee O- Spellbound/ So Help Me V+

819. Vi 24647- Henry King O- Tonight Is MIne/ Give Me a Heart to Sing To E-

820. Vi 24648- Fats Waller O- A Porter's Love Song to a Chambermaid/ Do Me a Favor E+

821. Vi 24649- Isham Jones O- China Boy/ Dallas Blues E/V-

822. Vi 24651- Duke Ellington O- My Old Flame/ Troubled Waters E+ rg lbl

823. Vi 24657- Ray Noble O- The Very Thought of You/ I'll Be Good Because of You E+ rg lbl

824. Vi 24658- Don Bestor O- Dancing On a Roof Top/ Moon-Glow E+

825. Vi 24659- Cab Calloway O- Margie/ Emaline EE+ rg lbl

826. Vi 24661- Richard Himber O- The Marines' Hymn/ High Hatters- Anchors Aweigh E-

827. Vi 24664- Eddy Duchin O- Dust On the Moon/ I Never Had a Chance V

828. Vi 24665- Eddy Duchin O- I Only Have Eyes For You/ Try To See It My Way VV+

829. Vi 24666- Eddy Duchin O- Dames/ Rolling In Love E-

830. Vi 24673- Xavier Cugat O- Gypsy Airs/ En El Rancho Grande EE+

831. Vi 24716- Leo Reisman O- Night & Day/ Stormy Weather E..Fred Astaire A/ Harold Arlen B

832. Vi 24720- Ray Noble O- When You've got a Little Springtime/ Over My Shoulder V+ Bowllys

833. Vi 24721- Rudy Vallee O- Lost In a Fog/ The Drunkard Song EE+/E-

834. Vi 25022- Paul Whiteman O- Now I'm a Lady/ Way Back Home E

835. Vi 25027- Fats Waller Rhythm- What's the Reason/ Whose Honey Are You E+ non vocal takes

836. Vi 25039- Fats Waller Rhythm- Hate To Talk About Myself/ You're the Cutest One E-

837. Vi 25044- Fats Waller Rhythm- You' ve Been Taking Lessons In Love/ Im Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself a Letter EE+/E+

838. Vi 25104- Ray Noble O- I Wished On the Moon/ Why Dream EE+ Bowlly vocals

839. Vi 25123- Fats Waller Rhythm- Thief In the Night/ Got a Bran' New Suit V

840. Vi 25189- Richard Himber O- I Feel Like a Feather In the Breeze/ You Hit the Spot VV+

841. Vi 25196- Fats Waller Rhythm- A Little Bit Independent/ Sweet Thing E+

842. Vi 25211- Fats Waller Rhythm- Spreadin' Rhythm Around/ I've Got My Fingers Crossed EE+

843. Vi 25241- Ray Noble O- Let Yourself Go/ Lets Face the Music & Dance V+ Bowlly vocs

844. Vi 25255- Fats Waller Rhythm- Oooh Looka There Aint She Pretty/ That Never To Be Forgotten Night E+

845. Vi 25277- Ray Noble O- Yours Truly Is Truly Yours/ The Touch of Your Lips E- Bowlly vocs

846. Vi 25295- Fats Waller Rhythm- Christopher Columbus/ Us On a Bus EE+

847. Vi 25298- Richard Himber O- I've Got a Heavy Date/ Would You E-

848. VI 25346- Ray Noble O- Big Chief De Sota/ Empty Saddles E Bowlly vocs

849. Vi 25353- Fats Waller Rhythm- You're Not the Kind/ Why Do I Lie To Myself About You E-

850. Vi 25359- Fats Waller Rhythm- Black Raspberry Jam/ Paswonky EE+

851. Vi 25365- Richard Himber O- Me & the Moon/ Midnight Blue E-

852. Vi 25422- Ray Noble O- I've Got You Under My Skin/ Easy to Love V+/E- Bowlly vocs

853. Vi 25428- Ray Noble O- Lets Call a Heart a Heart/ One, Two, Button Your Shoe E- Bowlly vocs

854. Vi 25441- Richard Himber O- You're Ev'rything Sweet/ In the Chapel In the Moonlight EE+/V

855. Vi 25448- Ray Noble O- Now/ Little Old Lady V+ Bowlly vocs rg lbl

856. Vi 25531- Benny Goodman Quartet- Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider/ Chlo-e EE+ rg lbl

857. Vi 25532- Tommy Dorsey O- In a Little Hula Heaven/ Sweet Is the Word For You E- heat mks

858. Vi 25533- Jack Hylton O- Bolero/ Vienna, City of My Dreams E

859. Vi 25535- Lionel Hampton O- Stomp/ Jivin' the Vibres E+ rs lbl

860. Vi 25537- Fats Waller Rhythm- Did Anyone Ever Tell You/ When Love Is Young V/V-

861. Vi 25538- Richard Himber O- Was It Rain?/ Blue Hawaii VV+

862. Vi 25614- Bert Shefter O- SOS/ Locomotive VV+

863. Vi 25644- Benny Goodman 4- Avalon/ The Man I Love E+

864. Vi 25650- Richard Himber O- My Campfire Dreams/ Make a Wish E-

865. Vi 25660- Benny Goodman 4- Smiles/ Liza EE+

866. Vi 25723- Larry Wagner Rhythmasters- Two Dukes On a Pier/ Autopsy On Schubert E-

867. Vi 25725- Benny Goodman 4- I'm a Ding Dong Dad/ Benny Goodman 3- Where Or When EE+

868. Vi 25738- Richard Himber O- Sail Along Silv'ry Moon/ There's a Gold Mine In the Sky E-

869. Vi 25751- Benny Goodman 4- Bei Mir Bist Du Schon/ more E+

870. Vi 25754- Richard Himber O- The Parade of the Bands 1/2 E

871. Vi 25822- Benny Goodman 3- Sweet Lorraine/ Benny Goodman 4- Dizzy Spells E+

872. Vi 25869- Hal Kemp O- You & Me/ So Lonely E+

873. Vi 25886- Hal Kemp O- Naturally/ Small Fry E+

874. Vi 25893- Hal Kemp O- Meet the Beat of My Heart/ What Do You Know About Love EE+

875. Vi 25896- Hal Kemp O- Dont Let That Moon Get Away/ I've Got a Pocketful of Dreams E

876. Vi 26009- Hal Kemp O- The Night Is Filled With Music/ I Used To Be Color Blind E+

877. Vi 26044- Benny Goodman 4- The Blues In My Flat/ The Blues In Your Flat E+

878. Vi 26047- Skinnay Ennis O- Garden of the Moon/ The Girl Friend of the Whirling Dervish E-

879. Vi 26198- Kate Smith- God Bless America/ The Star Spangled Banner E

880. Vi 26204- Hal Kemp O- Three Little Fishies/ The Chestnut Tree EE-

881. Vi 26212- Skinnay Ennis O- Hooray For Spinach/ Wishing E-

882. Vi 26215- Hal Kemp O- If Its Good/ Sunrise Serenade E+/V+

883. Vi 26229- New Friends of Rhythm- The Droschky Drag/ When Johnny Comes Marching Home E-

884. Vi 26233- Lionel Hampton O- Wizzin' the Wizz/ Denison Swing E/VV+ sm flake B

885. Vi 26247- Hal Kemp O- Yours For a Song/ Blue Evening E/E+

886. Vi 26256- New Friends of Rhythm- Capriciousness #24/ Barbers' Hitch EE+

887. Vi 26268- Kenny Baker w/ O- Melancholy Mood/ Aint Cha Comin' Out? E-

888. Vi 26274- Reginald Forsythe- Arthur Young- Tiger Rag/ St. Louis Blues EE+ nice piano duet!

889. Vi 26277- Larry Clinton O- Comes Love/ A Boy Named Lem E-/EE-

890. Vi 26278- Hal Kemp O- Love For Sale/ Paradise E+

891. Vi 26280- Kenny Baker w/ O- Stairway to the Stars/ White Sails EE+

892. Vi 26299- Xavier Cugat O- Havana For a Night/ The Thrill of a New Romance E+

893. Vi 26334- Xavier Cugat O- Perfidia/ Nana EE-

894. Vi 26598- Duke Ellington O- Me & You/ Concerto For Cootie EE-

895. Vi 26610- Duke Ellington O- Cotton Tail/ Never No Lament E-

896. Vi 26640- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Shake It & Break It/ Wild Man Blues E+

897. Vi 26663- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Old Man Blues/ Nobody Knows The Way I Feel E-

898. Vi 26746- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Aint Misbehavin'/ Blues For You Johnny E

899. Vi 26794- Xavier Cugat O- Green Eyes/ Adios E

900. Vi 27204- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- One O Clock Jump/ Blues In Thirds E+

901. Vi 27240- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Save It Pretty Mama/ Stompy Jones E

902. Vi 27247(CAN)- Duke Ellington O- All Too Soon/ I Never Felt That Way Before EE+

903. Vi 27274- Tommy Dorsey O- You Might Have Belonged to Another/ Oh Look At Me Now EE+/E

904. Vi 27326- Duke Ellington O- The Girl In My Dreams Tries To Look Like You/ Flamingo EE-

905. Vi 27337- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Slippin' & Slidin'/ Egyptian Fantasy E

906. Vi 27344- Leo Reisman O- Flamingos & Moonlight/ Bewitched E/E- faint int cr under lbl nap

907. Vi 27383- Leo Reisman O- They Met In Rio/ Chica Chica Boom Chic E-/E

908. Vi 27386- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Baby Wont U Please../ Coal Black Shine E

909. Vi 27406- Duke Ellington & Jimmy Blanton- Mr J.B. Blues/ Body & Soul E

910. Vi 27447- Sidney Bechet NO Feets- I Aint Gonna Give Nobody../ Sleepy Time Down South..E+

911. Vi 27477- Jan Savitt O- Topper/ Jo-Jo the Hobo V/V+

912. Vi 27485- Sidney Bechet- Blues Of Bechet/ The Sheik of Araby E+

913. Vi 27574- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Swing Parade/ I Know That You Know E

914. Vi 27600- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Limehouse Blues/ Texas Moaner E+

915. Vi 27663- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Rip Up the Joint/ Laughin' In Rhythm E+

916. Vi 27879- Glenn Miller O- Sleep Song/ Sweet Eloise VV+

917. Vi 27894- Glenn Miller O- Lullaby of the Rain/ Knit One, Purl Two E-

918. Vi 27903- Tommy Dorsey O- Street of Dreams/ Just As Though You Were Here V Sinatra both

919. Vi 27904- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Georgia Cabin/ I'm Coming Virginia E+

920. Vi 27923- Tommy Dorsey O- Be Careful, Its My Heart/ Take Me E Sinatra both

921. Vi 27933- Glenn Miller O- The Humming Bird/ Yesterday's Gardenias E-

922. Vi 27935- Glenn Miller O- Thats Sabotage/ Serenade In Blue E-

923. Vi 27953- Glenn Miller O- I'm Old Fashioned/ Dearly Beloved E-

924. Vi 120915(Can)- Gracie Fields- Gracie With the Troops/ pt 2 V+

925. Vi V-722- Will Glahe O- WPA Polka/ Jelly-Roll Polka EE-

926. Vi 20-1510- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- The Mooche/ Blues In the Air E+

927. Vi 20-1523- Glenn Miller O- A PInk Cocktail For a Blue Lady/ That old Black Magic V+

928. Vi 20-1530- Tommy Dorsey O- Its Always You/ In the Blue of the Evening V+/V Sinatra

929. Vi 20-1539- Tommy Dorsey O- Dig Down Deep/ You Took My Love E- Sinatra A

930. Vi 20-1574- Tommy Dorsey O- I'll Be Seeing You/ Lets Just Pretend E- Sinatra A

931. Vi 20-1597- Tommy Dorsey O- Whispering/ Two In Love VV+/E- Sinatra

932. Vi 20-2314- Count Basie O- The Jungle King/ I Aint Mad At You E+

933. Vi 20-2352- Vivien Garry Quintet- Operation Mop/ I'm In the Mood For Love E+

934. Vi 20-2664(promo)- Eddie Heywood Trio- The Continental/ Heywood's Boogie E+

935. Vi 20-2677(promo)- Count Basie O- Your Red Wagon/ Robin's Nest N-

936. Vi 20-2762(promo)- Beryl Davis- Spring In December/ I Wanna E+

937. Vi 20-2820(promo)- Spike Jones O- Ugga Ugga Boo Ugga Boo/ Down In Jungle Town E+

938. Vi 20-2912(promo)- Tommy Dorsey O- Baby, Baby All the Time/ Judaline N-

939. Vi 20-2938(promo)- Nat Shilkret O- Serenade Rhapsodic (Banjo Concerto) 1/2 E+ GOOD!

940. Vi 20-2940(promo)- Jack Haley- Rhode Island Is Famous For U/ Russ Case O- Inside USA E+

941. Vi 20-2949(promo)- Spike Jones O- I'm Getting Sentimental Over U/ I Kiss Your Hand Mad. E+

942. Vi 20-3003(promo)- Count Basie O- Seventh Avenue Express/ Ready, Set, Go! E+

943. Vi 20-3031(promo)- Tommy Dorsey Clambake 7- At the Codfish Ball/ The Lady is a Tramp E+

944. Vi 20-3061- Tommy Dorsey O- After Hours Stuff/ Until E+

945. Vi 20-3120- Sidney Bechet NO Feetwarmers- Suey/ 12th Street Rag EE-

946. Vi 20-3177(promo)- Spike Jones O- All I Want For Christmas/ Happy New Year E+

947. Vi 20-3186(promo)- Dizzy Gillespie O- Algo Bueno/ Glenn Miller O- Elmer's Tune E+

948. Vi 20-3236(promo)- T Dorsey O- U Dont Know What Trouble Is/ You Can Never Shake Love E+

949. Vi 20-3274- Tony Martin w/ O- Tenement Symphony 1/2 EE+ from Marx Bros The Big Store

950. Vi 20-3331(promo)- Tommy Dorsey O- While the Angelus Was Ringing/ So In Love E+

951. Vi 20-3348(promo)- Tommy Dorsey O- Where Is the One?/ Someone Like You E+

952. Vi 20-3375- Tommy Dorsey O- Enjoy Yourself/ She's a Home Girl E+

953. Vi 20-3419- Tommy Dorsey O- Because I Care/ The Heart of Loch Lomond E+

954. Vi 20-3427- Tommy Dorsey O- The Huckle Buck/ Again E+

955. Vi 20-3427(promo)- Tommy Dorsey O- The Huckle Buck/ Again E+

956. Vi 20-3449(promo)- Count Basie O- Bran' New Dolly/ Cheek to Cheek E+

957. Vi 20-3450- Tommy Dorsey O- Aint'cha Glad I Love You/ The Continental E+

958. Vi 20-3542(promo)- Count Basie O- Slider/ She's a Wine-O N-

959. Vi 20-3572- Count Basie O- Rocky Mountain Blues/ Walking Slow Behind You N-

960. Vi 20-3601(promo)- Count Basie O- St Louis Baby/ Blee Blop Blues E+

961. Vi 20-3603(promo)- Juanita Hall- Blow Them Blues Away/ Scarlet Ribbons E+

962. Vi 20-3605(promo)- Phil Regan- When U Look In the Ht of a Shamrock/ Phil the Fluters Ball E+

963. Vi 20-3633- Juanita Hall & the Four Tunes- Old Bojangles Is Gone/ I'm In the Mood 4 Love E+

964. Vi 20-3755(promo)- Tony Martin- I Dont Care If the Sun Dont Shine/ Valencia E+

965. Vi 20-3756-(promo)-Tony Martin- The Thrill Is Gone/ Spring Made a Fool Of Me E+

966. Vi 20-3775(promo)- Fran Allison- Little Buffalo Bill/ The Doughnut Song E+

967. Vi 20-3842(promo)- Claude Thornhill O- Honoluulu/ Sweet & Lovely E+N-

968. Vi 20-4048-(promo)-Tony Martin- Pagan Love Song/ Singin' In the Rain E+

969. Vi 20-4049(promo)- Tony Martin- I Cried For You/ You Are My Lucky Star E+

970. Vi 20-4050(promo)- It Was So Beautiful/ You Were Meant For Me E+

971. Vi 20-4056(promo)- Tony Martin- Would I Love You/ I Apologize E+

972. Vi 20-4584(promo)- Phil Harris- Hambone/ Mama's On the Warpath E+

973. Vi 20-4651- Paul Winchell & Jerry Mahoney- Jack & the Beanstalk/ M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I EE+

974. Vi 20-4994- Gogi Grant- Where There's Smoke There's Fire/ Forget Me Not E+

975. Vi 20-5436- Gogi Grant- Ricochet/ Everyone Knows I Love You E+

976. Vi 25-5098- Mickey Katz Kosher Jammers- Yiddish Jam Session/ St Louis Blues E+

977. Vi 20-6322- Homer & Jethro- Santy's Movin' On/ Nuttin' For Christmas E+

978. Vi 27-0135(promo)- Louis Armstrong O- Basin St Blues/ Bunk Johnson New Orleans Band- When the Saints Go.. E+


979. ARA 149- Earl Hines O- Rosetta/ Margie EE+

980. ARA 156- Earl Hines O- Straight Life/ Now That You're Mine E

981. ARC Theatre Use Only F 337- Bob Causer Cornellians- She Reminds Me of You/ same EE+

982. ARC Theatre F 340- Freddy Martin O- All I Do Is Dream of You/ same E/EE-

983. Ac'cent1011(promo)- Kelley Norwood O- April In Paris/ Twisted Heart E+ rare Hollywood lbl

984. Actuelle 03580- Belle Baker- David Hamelich's Fidel/ Eli-Eli V/G in Yiddish or Hebrew

985. Aeolian Vocalion 14127- Selvin DO- Darling/ Grieving For You E-

986. AV 14174- Harmonizers 4tet- I Lost My Gal to the Meanest Gal In Town/ Jones & Hare- I Like to Do It V+

987. AV 14179- Selvin DO- Tea Leaves/ Al Jockers O- I'll Keep Following You E-

988. AV 14182- Selvin DO- Cherie/ Moonlight V+

989. Allied 5023- Jerry Wallace w/ O inc Ziggy Elman- Runnin' After Love/ Dixie Anna E+ gold vinyl

990. American Music 532- Original Creole Stompers- B-Flat Blues/ Baby Wont You Please Come Home E+

991. Apollo 1052- Carl Brisson- A Beautiful Lady In Blue/ The Bells of St. Mary's E-

992. Apo 1088- Dean Martin w/ Jerry Jerome AS- Walkin' My Baby Back Home/ Oh Marie E+

993. Autograph 830- Gordon Gaines- Dixie/ Bonnie Blue Flag E+ rare small 50s label

994. Banner 7230- Chick & Andy- Mail Man Blues/ Jones & Hare- Anything You Say VV+

995. Ba 6450- Ed Loyd Rhythm Boys- Painting the Clouds With Sunshine/ Roy Carlson DO- Dreaming By a Fireside VV+

996. Ba 32269- The Aristocrats- Lets Drift Away on Dreamer's Bay/ I Dont Know Why VV+

997. Ba 32283- Phil Spitalny O- My Song/ You Call It Madness VV+

998. Ba 32324- Majestic DO- An Evening In Caroline/ You Try Somebody Else V

999. Ba 32573- Chick Bullock Levee Loungers- Mighty River/ Underneath the Harlem Moon V

1000. Ba 32644- Chick Bullock w/ O- Its Winter Again/ Just An Echo In the Valley V-

1001. Ba 33028- Smith Ballew O- Fair & Warmer/ I'll String Along With You V

1002. Ba 33088- Chick Bullock Levee Loungers- In a Little Red Barn/ Freckle Face U'r Beautiful V-

1003. Bantam 9000- Isham Jones O- How Many Tears Must Fall/ She Picked It Up In Mexico E+ has to be about the last recording by Isham- plus has Hal Kemp's Bob Allen as vocalist

1004. Beacon 9139- Dick Todd- Nighty Night/ Dont Cry Little Girl E+

1005. Benida 5004(promo)- Mary Mayo w/ O- Again, Again & Again/ Star of My Dreams E+

1006. Bethlehem 1302- Chris Connor w/ Ellis Larkins Trio- Lullaby of Birdland/ Try a Little Tend.E+

1007. Bluebird 5117- George Hall O- Did My Heart Beat/ I May Be Dancing w/ Somebody Else EE+

1008. BB 5121- Masters Hawaiians- Hot Hula Lips/ After You've Gone VV+ staff lbl

1009. BB 5173- Jimmie Lunceford O- Jazznocracy/ White Heat V+

1010. BB 5178(Canad)- Bill Scotti O- Its Only a Paper Moon/ Who's Afraid of Big Bad Wolf E+/V

1011. BB 5269- Reggie Childs O- Many Moons Ago/ Did You Ever See a Dream Walking? V+/E

1012. BB 5329- Radio Rascals O- You're In My Power/ Holiday E-

1013. BB 5332- Wendell Hall- You So 'N So/ It Aint Gonna Rain No More pt 3" VV+ cr to lbl

1014. BB 5371- Ted Black O- Sweet & Simple/ Hold My Hand V-

1015. BB 5375- Ted Black O- True/ Do You Miss Me Tonight E- couple lt clx

1016. BB 5387- Ted Black O- As Long As I Live/ Ill Wind E-/E

1017. BB 5416- Al Mitchell O- The House Is Haunted/ I'm Lookin' Forward to Goin' Back Home VV+

1018. BB 5553- Red Nichols O- Runnin' Wild/ Shine VV+

1019. BB 5552- Red Nichols O- Straight From the Shoulder/ I'm Hummin, I'm Whistlin, Singin V+

1020. BB 5642- Angelo Ferdinando O- One Night of Love/ If You Love Me, Say So V

1021. BB 5683- Art Kassel O- Take a Number From One to Ten/ Stay As Sweet As You Are E+

1022. BB 5687- Art Kassel O- It Was Sweet of You/ Here Is My Heart E

1023. BB 5686- Art Kassel O- Be Still My Heart/ Softly Steals the Night E-

1024. BB 5732- Al Mitchell O- Dancing With My Shadow/ Home Ties V

1025. BB 5851- Dick Robertson O- Soon/ Its Easy to Remember VV+

1026. BB 6254- The California Ramblers- Gotta Go to Work Again/ Sing An Old Fashioned Song E

1027. BB 6266- George Hall O- I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket/ But Where Are You V+

1028. BB 6267- George Hall O- Misty Islands of the Highlands/ The Wheel of the Wagon Is Broken E+

1029. BB 6281- George Hall O- If You Love Me/ Whats the Name of That Song V

1030. BB 6302- Louis King Garcia O- Love Is Like a Cigarette/ Its Great to Be In Love Again VV+

1031. BB 6375- Wingy Mannone O- Dallas Blues/ Swingin' At the Hickory House EE- scarce

1032. BB 6397- Chicago Rhythm Kings- Sarah Jane/ The Martins & the Coys VV-

1033. BB 6432- Charlie Barnet O- Where Is My Heart/ Long Ago & Far Away EE-

1034. BB 6511- Shep Fields O- Midnight Blue/ Picture Me Without You E

1035. BB 6576- Dolly Dawn Patrol- Sing a Song of Nonsense/ Copper Colored Gal E+ NICE!!

1036. BB 6577- Emmett Miller Ga Crackers- Anytime/ The Gypsy V

1037. BB 6779- Shep Fields O- Too Marvelous For Words/ Just a Quiet Evening E-/E

1038. BB 6803- Shep Fields O- Dedicated To You/ Moonlight & Shadows E/E-

1039. BB 6806- Wingy Mannone O- Oh Say Can You Swing/ Boo-Hoo E-

1040. BB 6816- Wingy Mannone O- Formal Night In Harlem/ Sweet Lorraine V/V-

1041. BB 6895- Shep Fields O- Johnny One Note/ Where or When E

1042. BB 6897- Teddy Hill O- Would You Like to Buy a Dream/ The Love Bug Will Bite You V-

1043. BB 6907- Ozzie Nelson O- To a Sweet Pretty Thing/ I'll Never Tell You I Love You EE+

1044. BB 6941- Teddy Hill O- China Boy/ The You & Me That Used to Be E-

1045. BB 6943- Teddy Hill O- Twilight In Turkey/ A Study In Brown V

1046. BB 6944- Jimmie Livingston O- I've a Question In Mind/ Some Little Someone EE+ sn rcnap

1047. BB 6953- Shep Fields O- South Wind/ It Looks Like Rain In Cherry Blossom Lane E-/EE+

1048. BB 6967- Charlie Barnet O- A Sailboat In the Moonlight/ He Walked Right In E/E+

1049. BB 7136- Shep Fields O- Stardust On the Moon/ Blossoms On Broadway E+

1050. BB 7138- Shep Fields O- Caravan/ Satan Takes a Holiday E+

1051. BB 7331- Rudy Vallee O- I'll Take Romance/ A Little White Lighthouse VV+

1052. BB 7396- Freddy Martin O- You Couldn't Be Cuter/ Just Let Me Look At You V+

1053. BB 7467- Rudy Vallee O- On the Air/ Love Is the Sweetest Thing E+N- one of his best ever A, and a better pressing than the 5000 series BB

1054. BB 7478- New Yorkers- Hell's Bells/ Shep Fields O- Darktown Strutters Ball EE+/EE- EXC A

1055. BB 7479- Frank Dailey Stop & Go O- Toy Trumpet/ In Bad With Sinbad V

1056. BB 7966- The Tune Wranglers- Hawaiian Honeymoon/ Island Reverie E+ NICE!

1057. BB 8302- Jelly Roll Morton Red Hot Peppers- Strokin' Away/ Low Gravy E+

1058. BB 10039- Chalres Kama Moana Hawaiians- When I Dream of You I Dream of Old Hawaii/ Dreamy Moana Nights E/V

1059. BB 10043- Louis King Garcia Swing Band- Swing Mr Charlie/ Boots Buds- Sweet Girl V+/V-

1060. BB 10173- Joseph Sudy O- I Long to Belong to You/ My Hands Are Tied E+

1061. BB 10213- Eddie DeLange O- Eagle Eye Finkle/ Mrs. Mose Has A Million Beaus E edge cr nap

1062. BB 10229- Glenn Miller O- The Ladys In Love With You/ My Last Goodbye E-

1063. BB 10298- Ozzie Nelson O- South American Way/ Is It Possible? V+

1064. BB 10311- Ozzie Nelson O- You & Your Love/ White Sails V+

1065. BB 10368- Eddie De Lange O- The Merry Old Land of Oz/ Jelly Roll Polka E

1066. BB 10400- Johnny Messner O- Mexiconga/ Dust Be My Destiny E+

1067. BB 10441- Eddie de Lange O- Stop! Its Wonderful/ Jiminy Cricket E+

1068. BB 10495- Glenn Miller O- Indian Summer/ Farewell Blues E-

1069. BB 10497- Ozzie Nelson O- At Least You Could Say Hello/ How Long Has This Been Going On VV+

1070. BB 10499- Ozzie Nelson O- Leanin' On the Ole Top Rail/ Three Foot Skipper Jones E+

1071. BB 10503- Vincent Lopez O- Cute As Christmas/ Hello Mr Kringle E-

1072. BB 10506- Muggsy Spanier Ragtime Band- Dipper Mouth Blues/ Sister Kate EE+

1073. BB 10518- Muggsy Spanier Ragtime Band- At the Jazz band Ball/ Livery Stable Blues E

1074. BB 10520- Glenn Miller O- Careless/ Vagabond Dreams EE+

1075. BB 10522- Red Nichols O- A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody/ Poor Butterfly V+

1076. BB 10526- Glenn Miller O- On a Little Street in Singapore/ This Changing World EE+

1077. BB 10527- Fats Waller Rhythm- You're Lettin' the Grass Grow Under Your Feet/ Its You Who Taught Me To E-/E

1078. BB 10532- Muggsy Spanier Ragtime Band- Riverboat Shuffle/ Relaxin' At the Touro E- clx/E+

1079. BB 10550- Mitchell Ayres O- Dingbat the Acrobat/ Angel E+

1080. BB 10631- Glenn Miller O- My My/ Say It E-

1081. BB 10638- Glenn Miller O- Sierra Sue/ Moments In the Moonlight E

1082. BB 11150- Shep Fields O- I Found a Million Dollar Baby/ Marche Slave E-

1083. BB 11151- Alvino Rey O- I Take To You/ Where You Are EE-

1084. BB 11443- Glenn Miller O- Keep 'Em Flying/ Dear Mom E-

1085. BB 11450- Glenn Miller O- Lets Have Another Cup of Coffee/ Chip Off the Old Block V+/E-

1086. BB 11540- Mart Kenney O- Waltzing Matilda/ Captains of the Clouds E scfs B

1087. BB 11543- Ozzie Nelson O- Sir Walter's Serenade/ Central Avenue Shuffle E

1088. BB 11545- Cliff Nazarro- You Go Your Way/ News of the World E-/VV+

1089. BB 11567- Earl Hines O- Second Balcony Jump/ Stormy Monday Blues E

1090. BB 11569- Fats Waller Rhythm- Swing Out to Victory/ By the Light of the Silvery Moon V

1091. BB 11586- Spike Jones Slickers- Der Fuehrer's Face/ I Wanna Go Back to West Virginia E+

1092. BB 30-0825- Coleman Hawkins O- Body & Soul/ Earl Hines O- It Had to Be You E-

1093. Blue Note 510- Ike Quebec Swingtet- Hard Tack/ If I Had You E thump B sounds

1094. Broadway 1013(promo)- Paulette Sisters w/ O- What Should I Do?/ Bernie Nee & Paulette Sisters- Icicle Tears E+ small 50s label

1095. Cadillac 114(promo)- Sue Evans, singing swing harpist - Needja, Needja, Needja/ Dont Take a Heart & Break It E+ rare NYC label

1096. Cameo 417- Arthur Lange O- What Do U Do Sunday Mary/ Cameo DO- Neath Egypt Skies V

1097. Ca 418- Dixie Daisies- Oh Sister Aint That Hot/ Mamma Goes Where Papa Goes V+E-

1098. Ca 443- Arthur Lange O- I'm Sitting Pretty/ Paul Van Loan O- Paree V

1099. Ca 445- Varsity 8- Easy Melody/ Arthur Lange O- U Didn't Care When U Broke My Heart VV+

1100. Ca 452- Arthur Lange O- Down the Road to yesterday/ Cameo DO- Rememb'ring V-

1101. Ca 453- Arthur Lange O- Back in the Old Neighborhood/ Sleep VV+

1102. Ca 456- Varsity 8- Why Should I Weep About One Sweetie/ Bob Haring O- You Didnt Want Me When I Wanted You V+

1103. Capital PRO-21(promo)- Jane Froman Interview- With a Song In My Heart/ JF- tea For Two E+

1104. Cap 416- Benny Goodman O- Mahzel/ I Want to Be Loved E

1105. Cap 439- Benny Goodman O- Dizzy Fingers/ Tattletale E+

1106. Cap 462- Benny Goodman Sextet- Hi Ya Sophia/ Baby Have U Got a Little Love to Spare EE+

1107. Cap 945(promo)- Ray Anthony- Little Peach From East Orange/ Why E+

1108. Cap 982(promo)- Johnny Mercer- She's Shimmyin' On Beach Again/ At Jazz Band Ball E+

1109. Cap 1000(promo)- Mel Torme- The Piccolino/ Bewitched E+

1110. Cap 1024(promo)- Jimmy Wakely- Home Town Rag/ Under the Anheuser Bush E+

1111. Cap 1063- Mickey Katz O- The Baby, The Bubbe & You/ Yiddish Mule Train E+

1112. Cap 1383(promo)- Mel Torme- The Sidewalk Shufflers/ Around the World E+

1113. Cap 1575(promo)- Dean Martin & Helen O' Connell- We Never Talk Much/ How D'ya Like Your Eggs In the Morning E+

1114. Cap 1849(promo)- Mary Mayo w/ O- Find Me/ Domino E+

1115. Cap 1853(promo)- Mel Blanc- I Tant Wait Till Quithmuth/ Christmas Chopsticks E+

1116. Cap 1885(promo)- Dean Martin- Night Train to Memphis/ Blue Smoke E+

1117. Cap 2199(promo)- June Christy-Bei Mir Bist Du Schon/ Some Folks Do E+

1118. Cap 2132(promo)- Mary Mayo w/ O- Who But You/ Waiting E+

1119. Cap 2161(promo)- Bob Hope & Jimmy Wakely- There's a Cloud In My Valley of Sunshine/ A Four Legged Friend E+ from "Son of Paleface"

1120. Cap 2261(promo)- Mel Blanc- The Missus Wouldn't Approve/ I Tell My Troubles to Joe E+

1121. Cap 2384(promo)- June Christy- Let Me Share Your Name/ I've Got a Letter E+

1122. Cap 2430(promo)- Mel Blanc- Tia Juana/ The Little Red Monkey E+

1123. Cap 2470(promo)- Mel Blanc- I Love Me/ Somebody Stole My Gal E+

1124. Cap 2598(promo)- Duke Ellington O- Boo-Dah/ Give Me the Right E+

1125. Cap 2718(promo)- Mel Blanc- The lady Bird Song/ I Dess I Dotta Doe E+

1126. Cap 10075- Peggy Lee- She Didnt Say Yes/ Paul Weston O- The Way U Look Tonight E+

1127. Cap 10080- Theramin w/ vocal group & O- Lunar Rhapsody/ Celestial Nocturne E+ COOL!!

1128. Cap 10723(promo)- Mel Blanc- Tweet & Toot/ The E.I.O Song EE+

1129. Cap 15008- Benny Goodman Sextet- Nagasaki/ Gonna Get a Girl E+

1130. Cap 15110- King Cole Trio- I've Got a Way With Women/ Nellie Lutcher- Imagine You Having Eyes For Me E+ sm scry spot A

1131. Cap 15379- Mel Torme- Careless Hands/ She's a Home Girl E+

1132. Cap 37-571- Danny Kuaana & His Islanders- King's Serenade/ Kohala March V

1133. Cap 57-600005- Miles Davis O- Godchild/ Jeru E+

1134. Cardinal 527- Alameda Wonder O- Lonesome Mammy Blues/ Cardinal DO- Those Longing For You Blues E-

1135. Century 300- Flute solo- The Love of the Nightingale V..attractive & ornate early label clean

1136. Citation 1108- Billy Tigani vocal w/ Joggi Bros- accordion- Voodoo/ Please Write Soon My Son E+..rare small label

1137. Clarion 5066- Vernon Dalhart- When I Bought That Wedding Ring/ Matrimony Bill V

1138. Clar 5079- Frank Ferera's Hawaiian Trio- Forget Me Not/ Four Aces- Moonlight On the Colorado VV+ ruff grv B...Annette Hanshaw vocal A/ Hawaiian both sides

1139. Clef 89049- Charlie Barnet O- Rhubarb/ Swinging Down the Lane E

1140. Clef 89115- Count Basie O- The Blues Done Come Back/ Peace Pipe E+

1141. Coast 8026- Mark Warnow O- Senorita Maracas From Caracas/ Who Put That Dream in Your Eye EE+

1142. Commodore 506- Jess Stacy piano solo- Complainin'/ Ramblin' E

1143. Comm 509- Kansas City 6- Countless Blues/ I Want a Little Girl V+ Lester Young, etc

1144. Concert 75353- Collins & Harlan- In a Chimney Corner V..attractive & ornate early label clean

1145. Conqueror 7781- Joe Morgan O- Smile Darn Ya Smile/ E Kirkeby O- Teardrops & Kisses EE-

1146. Cq 8182- Chick Bullock- Stormy Weather/ Morton Downey- Hold Your Man E-/VV+

1147. Cq 8775- Chick Bullock Levee Loungers- When My Dream Boat Comes Home/ Dick Mc Donough O- There's Frost On the Moon V-

1148. Cq 9475- Dick Jurgens O- Whats the Matter With Me/ A Little Boy & a Little Girl EE+

1149. Cq 9894- Dick Jurgens O- There Goes That Song Again/ Ma-Ma- Maria VV+

1150. Coral 60282(promo)- Freddie Hall- Jingle, Jangle, Jee/ I Just Need $999,999.99 E+ 1" jagg'd cr

1151. Cor 60677(promo)- Lawrence Welk O- Ivory Rag/ The Gandy Dancers Ball E+

1152. Cor 60961(promo)- In the Middle of a Kiss/ Cant You See E+

1153. Cor 61026(promo)- Bette Mc Laurin- Somewhere/ Only a Rose E+

1154. Cor 61045(promo)- Ray Bloch O- From Here to Eternity/ Re-Enlistment Blues E+

1155. Cor 61064(promo)- Bette Mc Laurin- I Wouldn't Know Where to Begin/ Among My Souv E+

1156. Cor 61065(promo)- Jackie Paris w/ O- Idle Gossip/ When I Lost YouE+

1157. Cor 61129(promo)- Bette Mc Laurin- Its Just About That Time Again/ If U Believed In Me E+

1158. Cosmo 464- Enric Madriguera O- Maria From Bahia/ Noche E-

1159. Crescent 1- Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band- Creole Song/ South EE+

1160. Cres 2- Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band- Get Out of Here/ Blues For Jimmy E+

1161. Cres 4- Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band- 1919/ Down Home Rag EE+

1162. Cres 5- Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band- Careless Love/ Do What Ory Say E+

1163. Cres 7- Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band- Under the Bamboo Tree/ Panama E

1164. Crown 3010- Embassy DO- My Missouri Home/ When the Organ Played..G Ballew vocs

1165. Cr 3133- The High Steppers- Roll On Mississippi Roll On/ I Wanna Sing About You V+

1166. Cr 3187- Roy Smeck Vita Trio- Many Happy Returns of Day/ Kiss That U've Forgotten V-

1167. Cr 3484- Adrian Schubert O- Pettin In the Park/ I've Got to Sing a Torch Song E good versions

1168. Crystalette 603- Kay Starr & All Stars- St Louis Blues/ After You've Gone E+

1169. Crys 608- Kay Starr & Crystalette AS- Stormy Weather/ Crystalette AS- Night & Day NN-

1170. Crys 623- Crystalette All Stars- Sweet Georgia Brown/ Honeysuckle Rose E+

1171. Crys 630- Kay Starr & Crystalette AS- Dixieland Band/ Flying Too High E+

1172. Crys 642- Mystery Star w/ Crystalette AS- Who's Foolin' Who/ Mystery Star & Kay Starr w/ Crystalette AS- After You've Gone E+

1173. Crys 643- Crystelette AS- Betcha I Getcha/ Kay Starr w/ Crys AS- Sunday E+

1174. Crys 650- Kay Starr & Crystalette AS- I Cried For You/ Frying Pan E+

1175. DDR 101/2- Sammy Davis Jr- Who Needs Spring/ Gypsey(sic) In My Soul E RARE label!!

1176. De Luxe 3219- Clarence Samuels w/ O- Gimmie!/ Jumping At the Jubilee E-

1177. Derby 790- Bette Mc Laurin- I Hear a Rhapsody/ I May Hate Myself In the Morning E+

1178. Diva 2501- Original Indiana 5- I'm Coming Virginia/ Someday Sweetheart VV+

1179. Diva 2802- The Harmonians- Along Came Sweetness/ Monna Vanna EE-

1180. Di 2878- Tom Clines O- Orange Blossom Time/ Walter Cummins- Ich Liebe Dich V

1181. Di 2951- Tom Clines O- I Love the Moon/ S'posin' EE-

1182. Di 3219- Lloyd Keating O- Beyond the Blue Horizon/ Always In All Ways E-

1183. Discovery 106- George Shearing Quintet- Cotton Top/ Sorry Wrong Rhumba E

1184. Domino 3591- Sam Lanin O- Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue/ Hollywood DO- Fritzi V+/E+

1185. Do 3610- Missouri Jazz Band- I'm Gonna Charleston Back to Charleston/ Sam Lanin O- I'm Sitting On Top of the World VV+

1186. Do 4017- Smith Brothers- Miss Annabelle Lee/ Dew Dew Dewy Day E-

1187. Dot 15016- Jane Grant- I'll Sail My Ship Alone/ Doodle Dee Do E+

1188. Edison 51340- Dalhart & Smalle- In the Evening/ Billy Jones- I Popped the Question to Her Pop E

1189. Emerson 1037- Emerson DO- Tulip Time/ George Hamilton Green- Greased Lightning V- 2"cr

1190. Em 1041- Lane Rogers- Gypsy John/ Gypsy Love Song V

1191. Em 10118- Emerson DO- Oh What a Pal Was Mary/ Emerson Mil Band- The Vamp V

1192. Em 10666- Irving Kaufman w/ O- Every Night I Cry Myself to Sleep Over You/ Irving & Jack Kaufman- Alabamy Blacksheep E

1193. Essex 371- Bunny Paul- You Came a Long Way From St Louis/ You Are Always In My Heart E+ rare Philadelphia label

1194. Exclusive 101- Spivy- I Brought Culture to Buffalo In the 90s/ Alley Cat/Tarantella EE+ risque

1195. Exc 102- Spivy- Why Dont You/ The Last of the Fleur De Levy E+ bite nap. risque!

1196. Exc 103- Spivy- I Love Town/ A Tropical Fish EE+ crkd to lbl..risque!!

1197. Federal 5310- The Carolinians- My Sweetie Went Away/ N Glantz O- Oh Gee Oh Gosh..E-/V

1198. Forty Ninth State Record 149- John K. Almeida & John Keawehawaii- My Yellow Ginger Lei/ Johnny Almeida & cho- Panini Pua Kea EE+

1199. Forty Ninth 177- Chief Joseph Solatoa & Genoa Keawe's Polynesians- Monoi Monoi E/ Genoa Keawe's Hula Maids- Waioleka E-

1200. Front Page 101- Phil Gordon- Longing For You/ Humility E+ RARE small label

1201. General 1706- The Morton(Jelly Roll of course!) Sextet- Why/ Get the Bucket NN-

1202. Gen 1711- The Morton Seven- Dirty, Dirty, Dirty NN-

1203. Gen 4002- Jelly Roll Morton- The Naked Dance/ Michigan Water Blues E+

1204. Gen 4003- Jelly Roll Morton- The Crave/ Buddy Bolden's Blues E+

1205. Gen 4865- Jelly Roll Morton- King Porter Stomp/ Dont Leave Me Here E+

1206. Gennett 3178- Flash Miller O- I'm Sittin' On Top of the World/ Red Sanders O- Show Me the Way to Go Home VV+

1207. Ge 3180- Jud Hill's Blue Devils- Manhattan/ Flash Miller O- Paddlin' Madelin' Home V+

1208. Ge 4772- Sam Ash w/O- When the Honeymoon Was Over/ Tuck Me to Sleep E

1209. Ge 4887- Bailey's Lucky 7- Kicky-Koo/ Those Longing For You Blues V

1210. Ge 4904- Mc Murray's California Thumpers- Haunting Blues/ Just Because You're You That's Why I Love You E- large grit spot B

1211. Ge 4976- Jane Williams w/ O- My Buddy/ Billy Jones w/ O- Tomorrow E+/EE+

1212. Ge 5170- Art Landry Call of the North O- Melody In F/ Barcarolle V

1213. Gen 5279- Ellerman & Errole- Just To Hide Away With You/ The West, a Nest & U E-

1214. Ge 6095(Electrobeam)- Johnny Sylvester Playmates- Wherever You Go- Whatever You Do/ Mine V some solos

1215. Gotham 419- Happy Hitters Quartet- God Will Make a Way For Me/ You Gotta Get Down & Pray E+

1216. Got 435- Blue Ridge Quartet- Jubilee's a Coming/ Eyes Have Not Seen EE+

1217. Grammophone Shop 1002- Beatrice Lillie- Snoops the Lawyer/ There Are Fairies..Garden V+

1218. Gram Shop 1003- Beatrice Lillie- He Was a Gentleman/ I'm a Campfire Girl NN-

1219. Harmony 62- Pete Daly & his Ukulele- When Old Pete Daly Plays His Ukulele Down In Whaleyville/ Just Around the Corner EE-

1220. Ha 69- Billy West & Bob Thomas- Then I'll Be Happy/ Sleepy Time Gal V-

1221. Ha 78- Carlton Terr O-Kentucky's Way of Saying Good Mornin'/ Pretty Little Baby V-

1222. Ha 86- Carlton Terr O- A Cup of Coffee, Sandwich../Ernie Golden O- Song of Vagabonds EE+

1223. Ha 167- The Harmonizers- Honey Bunch/ Bye Bye Blackbird E

1224. Ha 224- University 6- Tiger Rag/ San V+

1225. Ha 226- The Barking Dog w/ her laughing companions- Fifi's Serenade/ Al Bernard- Dont Fail Me Dice EE- INTERESTING & FUN!!

1226. Ha 289- Jane Gray- Hello Bluebird/ Whats the Use of Crying? VV+

1227. Ha 290- The Harmonizers- Give Me a Ukulele/ Ive Got the Girl E-

1228. Ha 295- Jack Kaufman & Al Campbell- Where Do You Work-a John?/ Bring Back Those Minstrel Days E

1229. Ha 300- Jane Gray- I'm Tellin' the Birds-Tellin' the Bees/ I'd Love to Call U My Sweetheart V+

1230. Ha 309- The Harmonizers- Take In the Sun, Hang Out the Moon/ Cherie, I Love You N-

1231. Ha 310- Beth Challis- If You Cant Land 'er On the Old Veranda/ Hello Swanee Hello V+

1232. Ha 357- Jane Gray- Hello Cutie/ I've Never Seen a Straight Banana V+

1233. Ha 390- Broadway Bell Hops- Dont Somebody Wnt Somebody 2 Love/ Side By Side V lam B

1234. Ha 406- Joe Candullo O- Honolulu Moon/ Astorites- I'll Take Care of Your Cares E

1235. Ha 409- Honey Duke & his Uke- Red Lips Kiss My Blues Away/ Just the Same E

1236. Ha 427- Ross Gorman o- Phantom Blues/ Tommy Christian O- Swamp Blues V-

1237. Ha 447- Harmonians- You Dont Like It Not Much/ Westerners- I Aint hat Kind of a Baby E-

1238. Ha 462- Frank Farrell O- Miss Annabelle Lee/ Manhattan Dance Makers- Is It Possible V+

1239. Ha 486- Manhattan Dance Makers- Dawning/ Just a Memory V+

1240. Ha 488- Frank Farrell Greenwich Village Inn O- The Varsity Drag/ Manhattan Dance Makers- The Calinda E

1241. Ha 501- Original Indiana 5- Someday Sweetheart/ I'm Coming Virginia VV+

1242. Ha 507- The Harmonizers- A Shady Tree/ I Told Them All About You E+

1243. Ha 514- Irving Kaufman- White Wings Carry Me Home/ Our American Girl E/EE- dig B

1244. Ha 534- University 6- The Beggar/ Is She My Girl Friend V+

1245. Ha 562- Irving Kaufman- My Ohio Home/ Four Walls E+

1246. Ha 568- Jack Kaufman- There Ought 2 B a Law Against That/ Henry's Made a Lady..Lizzie E-

1247. Ha 619- Jack Kaufman w/ University 6- Speedy Boy/ She's Sweetheart of 6 Other Guys V/V-

1248. Ha 665- Jones & Hare- Gotta Big Date With a Little Girl/ Thats My Weakness Now V+

1249. Ha 660- Lou Gold O- Sweet Lorraine/ ICGUA But Love V+

1250. Ha 661- Broadway Bell Hops- Forgetting You/ Old Man Sunshine V+

1251. Ha 676- Happy Martin- That Brand New Model of Mine/ Oh You Have No Idea V-

1252. Ha 686- Musical Comedy O- Pickin' Cotton/ I'm On the Crest of a Wave VV+

1253. Ha 700- Joe Candullo O- Out of the Dawn/ Lou Gold O- King For a Day E+

1254. Ha 703- Jerome Conrad O- You're Just a Great Big Baby Doll/ Joe Candullo O- Imagination VV+ lam A nap

1255. Ha 727- Frank Ferera's Hawaiian Trio- Maui Girl/ Chiquita EE- Annette Hanshaw vocals

1256. Ha 749- The Harmonians- There's a Rainbow Round My Shoulder/ Barth's Mississippians- I Cant Get Enough of You EE-

1257. Ha 961- Sammy Fain- Why Cant You/ Tom Clines O- Baby- Oh Where Can U Be E/VV+

1258. Ha 981- Gay Ellis acc by New Englanders- True Blue Lou/ Here We Are VV+ great Hanshaw

1259. Ha 982- Mack Allen- Going Down to New Orleans/ My Kentucky Mountain Girl E

1260. Ha 998- Sam Lanin O- Perhaps/ Every Day Away From You V-

1261. Ha 1023- The Georgians- Georgia Pines/ I Wont Believe Its Raining VV+

1262. Ha 1061- Jack Miller- A Little Kiss Each Morning/ Love Made a Gypsy Out of Me V+

1263. Ha 1073- Lloyd Keating O- Have a Little Faith In Me/ R Marlow O-The Shepherd's Serenade V

1264. Ha 1194- Hotel Penn Music- Little White Lies/ Red Head V-

1265. Ha 1253- Roy Carroll Sands Point O- Overnight/ Frank Auburn O- Hurt E sm lam A nap

1266. Ha 1373- Phil Hughes High Hatters- Was It Wrong/ When Its Sleepy Time Down South V

1267. Ha 1397- Roy Carroll O- Bend Down Sister/ By the Sycamore Tree VV+ HOT BG, etc

1268. Haven of Rest 508- The Crew of the Good Ship Grace- In the Garden/ Jesus Savoir Pilot Me V+...rare lbl- quartet w/ organ

1269. Haven of Rest 534- Loren Whitney w/ Sol Hoopii Steel Guitar acc- Bringing In the Sheaves/ Softly & Tenderly E- RARE with Sol Hoopii!!

1270. Haven Of Rest 537- The Crew of the Good Ship Grace- The Rose of Sharon/ On the Jericho Road E-

1271. Hit 7076- Enric Madriguera O- In a Friendly Little Harbor/ Poinciana E-

1272. Hit 7077- Enric Madriguera O- Someday I'll Meet You Again/ I Love You E- hlc nap

1273. Hollywood Hot Shots 0341/0296- Cliff Edwards- She's Learning Something New Everyday/ The Hollywood Hooters- The Virgin From Virginia V

1274. HHS 339/ 384- Cliff Edwards- When I Was a Son of a Bee/ Pure & Simple- The Bridal Suite V-

1275. Homestead 109- The Merrymakers- Where Do You Work-a John/ Jerome Mason- Baby Mine VV+ few clx B..rare Chicago Mail Order Co label

1276. Jazz Man 11- Jelly Roll Morton piano- Winin' Boy Blues/ Honky Tonk Music

1277. Jazz Man 12- Jelly Roll Morton piano- Finger Buster/ Creepy Feeling E+

1278. Jazz Man 19- Johnny Wittwer piano- Ace In the Hole/ Two Kinds of People E+ orig '45 record.

1279. Jazz Man 20- Johnny Wittwer- Ragtime Nightengale/ Bill Bailey E+ orig 1945 recordings

1280. Jewel 5651- Ted White O- Tip Toe Thru Tulips(tk 2)/ Billy James O- What Will I Do Without You Sweetheart V Ballew sings

1281. Je 5707- Ted White O- Piccolo Pete/ Dixie Jazz band- St Louis Blues V-

1282. Je 5796- Roy Carlson O- Oh Molly My Molly O/ Vincent Lopez O- Should I? EE-

1283. Je 5941- Sam Lanin DO- Just Like In a Story Book/ Lou Gold O- You're So Sweet E- scrs

1284. Joe Davis 7196- Bob Bon w/ Park Ave Trio- If You Cared For Me/ Again & Again & Again E

1285. JD 8250- Coleman Hawkins Quartet- Flyin' Hawk/ Drifting On a Reed EE-

1286. Jubilee 6036- Dolly Dawn w/ O- Its Too Soon To Know/ Oodle I Ay E+

1287. Juke Box 502- The Blues Woman w/ B Banks 6- Voo-it! Voo-it!/ Cryin' Blues E/EE+

1288. Kem 2713- Johnny Profit w/ Harry Geller O- Where In the World/ Angeline E+

1289. King 1378(promo)- Ink Spots- Yesterdays/ Planting Rice N- scarce issue

1290. King 4735(promo)- Bill Jennings Quartet- What's New/ Soft Winds E+

1291. Lis'n 1044- Kenny Shaffer Trio- Gonna Get a Girl/ I Feel So Smoochie E+ rare small NYC lbl

1292. London 567- Gene Austin w/ Les Paul Trio- Ace In the Hole/ I'm Crying Just For You E+

1293. Lone Star 103- Billy Mayo Quintet- I Want a Dog(For Xmas)/ My Little Music Box E+ rare Dallas, Texas label

1294. MGM 10174- Buddy Rich O- Tacos, Enchilados & Beans/ A Man Could Be a Wonderful Thing E+

1295. MGM 10309- Slim Gaillard Trio- Down By the Station/ A Ghost of a Chance E+

1296. MGM 10753- Dorothy Collins- Me & My Imagination/ I'm Playing With Fire E+

1297. MGM 30282- Debbie Reynolds & Carleton Carpenter- Aba Daba Honeymoon/ Row Row E+

1298. MGM 30351(promo)- Jane Powell- I Whistle a Happy Tune/ Something Wonderful E+

1299. MGM 30358(promo)- Jane Powell- We Kiss In a Shadow/ Hello, Young Lovers E+

1300. MGM 30386(promo)- Jane Powell-Paris/ The Echo Song E+

1301. MGM 30387(promo)- Jane Powell-I Can See You/ Dark Is the Night E+

1302. MGM 30389(promo)- Jane Powell- Wonder Why/ My Little Nest of Heavenly Blue E+

1303. Majestic 1040- Mildred Bailey- Penthouse Serenade/ Its a Woman's Perogative E-/E

1304. Maj 1093- Mildred Bailey-Me & the Blues/ I'll Close My Eyes E-

1305. Maj 1140- Mildred Bailey-All of Me/ Almost Like Being In Love EE-

1306. Maj 7207- Ray Mc Kinley O- Passe/ Hoodle Addle EE+

1307. Master 132- Hudson- De Lange O- You're My Desire/ Back In Your Amrs EE+

1308. Mas 135- Raymond Scott Quintette- Reckless Night On Board../ Dinner Music/Cannibals EE+

1309. Melotone 12009- Will Osborne O- Hello Beautiful/ One Little Raindrop VV+

1310. Melotone 12025- Mills Music Masters- Dont Forget Me In Your Dreams/ The Little Things In Life E-V+ int cr nap

1311. Mt 12039- Mark Fisher O- You're Driving Me Crazy/ U're the One I Care For V few ruff gvs

1312. Mt 12102- Will Osborne O- By My Side/ By the River Ste Marie V+ rcnap

1313. Mt 12109- Ed Loyd O- Thrill Me/ Mama Inez V+/V

1314. Mt 12112- Will Osborne O- I Surrender Dear/ Who'll Buy My Violets VV+

1315. Mt 12113- The Travelers- You Said It/ Sweet & Hot V-

1316. Mt 12121- Sleepy Hall Collegians- Oh Donna Clara/ Elizabeth V+

1317. Mt 12326- Ed Loyd O- Rain On the Roof/ Too Many Tears V+

1318. Mt 12337- Owen Fallon O- I Know You're Lying But I Love It/ Downhearted V-/V+

1319. Mt 12342- Dick Robertson O- You Can Make My Life a Bed of Roses/ There I Go Dreaming Again VV-

1320. Mt 12347- Joe Green O- In a Shanty In Old Shanty Town/ When a Pal Bids a Pal Goodbye E-

1321. Mt 12445- Louisiana Rhythmakers- Rockin' In Rhythm/ Twelfth Street Rag V+

1323. Mt 12457- Rhythmakers- I'd Do Anything For You/ Mean Old Bedbug Blues VV-

1324. Mt 12498- Art Kahn O- Lets Put Out the Lights/ I'll Never Have to Dream Again V/V-

1325. Mt 12530- Will Osborne O- Out of the Darkness/ I'm Sure of Everything But You V-

1326. Mt 12648- Bob Causer O- Maybe I Love You Too Much/ What Have We Got to Lose E-

1327. Mt 12657- Don Juan Novelty O- Capullito de Aleli/ Lagrimas Negras V+

1328. Mt 12661- Phil Romano O- You'll Never Get up to Heaven That Way/ Hold Me V

1329. Mt 12787- American Novelty DO under dir of Arthur Murray- Waltz Clog medley/ Down South EE+ green label

1330. Mt 12803- Harry Reser O- Beautiful Girl/ I'm Dancin' On a Rainbow VV+

1331. Mt 12829- Adrian Rollini O- Savage Serenade/ Sweet Madness V+/VV+

1332. Mt 12855- Adrian Rollini O- I Raised My Hat/ Sittin On a Log V Berigan, Goodman

1333. Mt 13013- Will Osborne O- Hot Choc'late Soldiers/ I've Had My Moments V+

1334. Mt 13027- Goin' Home/ Carry Me Back to the Lone Prairie VV+

1335. Mt 13030- Jay Wilbur Band- The Wind's In the West/ We'll All Go Riding On a Rainbow E-

1336. Mt 13075- Chick Bullock w/ O- All I Do Is Dream of You/ Sleepy Head V+

1337. Mt 13076- Will Osborne O- For All We Know/ Let Me Call You Mine NEW- has scf A nap, sm scr sounds super light few gvs A

1338. Mt 13077- Will Osborne O- Love In Bloom/ Straight From the Shoulder EE-

1339. Mt 13079- Irving Conn O- And I Still Do/ The Prize Wz VV-

1340. Mt 13363- Henry Biagini O- Little Colonel/ I'm Lost For Words V

1341. Mt 35-10-22- Archie Bleyer O- I've Got a Feelin' You're Foolin'/ On a Sunday Afternoon EE+

1342. Mt 5-11-06- Rube Bloom piano solo- The doll Dance/ March of the Dolls V+

1343. Mt 5-11-09- Johnny Hamp O- I'm Sittin' High On a Hill Top/ Thanks a Million VV+/V+

1344. Mt 6-01-03- Johnny Johnson O- Where Am I?/ Dont Mention Love To me VV-

1345. Mt 6-01-06- Jimmy Carr O- Precious Little One/ A Little Bit Independent V

1346. Mt 6-09-06- Johnny Johnson O- Lonesome Lullaby/ Why Do I Lie To Myself About You EE-

1347. Mt 7-05-21- Sterling Young O- Never In a Million Years/ I'm Bubbling Over E-

1348. Mt 7-07-02- Gene Kardos O- Merry Go Round Broke Down/ Gypsy From Poughkeepsie VV+

1349. Mt 7-07-07- Chick Bullock Loungers- Foolin' Myself/ A Sailboat In the Moonlight V+/VV+

1350. Mt 7-07-16- Dick Mc Donough O- Two Hearts Are Dancing/ Dont Ever Change E/VV+

1351. Mt 7-08-07- Carl Ravell O- Gone With the Wind/ So Rare V+

1352. Mt 7-09-08- Dick Mc Donough O- Public Melody #1/ My Cabin of Dreams V+

1353. Mt 7-10-03- Chick Bullock Levee Loungers- The Lovliness of U/ Afraid to Dream E- scrs B

1354. Mt 7-10-04- Dick Mc Donough O- Love Is On the Air Tonight/ Have You Got Any Castles VV+/V+

1355. Mt 7-12-07- Chick Bullock w/ O- You Made Me Love You/ Oh What a Pal Was Mary V

1356. Mercury 2040- Errol Garner- Symphony/ Bouncin' With Me E scuffs nap

1357. Mer 2060- Buddy Rich O- You've Got Me Crying Again/ Desperate Desmond EE+/E-

1358. Mer 3001- Buddy Rich O- It Couldn't Be True/ Dateless Brown E+

1359. Mer 3017- Buddy Rich O- Baby, Baby All the Time/ Quiet Riot V+ rcnap

1360. Mer 3022- Tony Martin- To Each His Own/ I'll See You In My Dreams E

1361. Mer 3025- Buddy Rich O- Route 66/ The Iggidy Song N-

1362. Mer 3037- Buddy Rich O- Ready to Go Steady/ Oop Bop Sha Bam E+

1362. Mer 5095- Frances Langford- Time On My Hands/ Passing Fancy E+N-

1364. Mer 5224- Buddy Rich O- Ready to Go Steady/ Baby Baby All the Time NN-

1365. Mer 5406- Louis Prima O- Francis the Talking Mule/ A Good Time Was Had By All E+

1366. Mer 5636- Frances Langford- Red Sails In the Sunset/ The Moon Was Mellow EE+

1367. Mer 8007- Albert Ammons Rhy Kings- Boogie Woogie At Civic Opera/ Doin' the Boog Woog E

1368. Mer 8075(promo)- Albert Ammons Rhythm Kings- The Clipper/ Ammons Stomp E+

1369. Mer 8125- Gene Ammons O- Abdullah's Fiesta/ Brother Jug's Sermon E+

1370. Mer 8140- Albert Ammons Rhythm Kings- Why I'm Leaving You/ Roses of Picardy E+

1371. Mer 8965- Charlie Ventura Big 4- O.H. Blues/ Love Is Just Around the Corner E+

1372. Mer 8964- Count Basie O- New Basie Blues/ Sure Thing E+

1373. Mer 8966- Chico O' Farrell O- Flamingo/ Carioca E+

1374. Mer 8995- Charlie Ventura O- Rose Room/ Yesterdays E+

1375. Mer 8998- Bulee Gaillard Southern Fried O- I Know What to Do/ St Louis Blues N-

1376. Mer 70154- Shay Torrent(organ w/ rhy)- Powerhouse/ Swamp Fire E+ FUN A Ray Scott tune

1377. Mer 70352- Arthur Prysock- I'll Never Let you Cry/ Take Care of Yourself E+

1378. Mer 70367- Red Prysock & O- Body & Soul/ Jump Red Jump E+

1379. Mer 89047(promo)- Anita O' Day- Aint This a Wonderful Day/ Vaya Con Dios E+

1380. Melotone 12147- Ed Loyd O- Whistling In the Dark/ Mary Jane VV+

1381. Mt 12697- Hotel Bossert O- Shadow Wz/ Adorable V

1382. Mt 7-05-27- Nat Brandywynne O- I Dream of San Marino/ To a Sweet Pretty Thing EE+ Buddy Clark vocals

1383. Mood 1013(promo)- Bill Lawrence w/ O- I'll Wait For You/ Little Girl E+ rare Mass. label

1384. Montgomery Ward 7965- Glenn Miller O- And the Angels Sing/ The Chestnut Tree VV+

1385. Musicraft Sepc A/B- Mabel Luce w/ 2 guitars- El Tortillero/ Hotel Nacional O- Havana, Cuba- Tumbando Cana N-

1386. Mus 373- Georgie Auld O- Air Mail Special/ Honey E+

1387. Mus 381- Mel Torme- Try a Little Tenderness/ South America, Take It Away E+

1388. Mus 409- Artie Shaw O- The Hornet/ How Deep is the Ocean E+ deep maroon vinyl

1389. Mus 412- Artie Shaw O- For U, For Me, For Evermore/ Changing My Tune E+ maroon vinyl

1390. Mus 498- Sarah Vaughn w/ George Auld O- A Hundred Years From Today/ You're Blase EE-

1391. OKeh 40342- Earl Rickard- Blues Have Got Me/ Dave Harman- Baby What Is U'r Name EE+

1392. OK 40765- Noel Taylor- What Does It Matter/ Swanee River Trail E

1393. OK 41046- Charles W. Hamp- Back In Your Own Back Yard/ Laugh, Clown Laugh EE+

1394. OK 41085- Charles W. Hamp- For Old Times Sake/ Memories of France EE+

1395. OK 2830- Bing Crosby- The Day You Came Along/ Beautiful Girl E

1396. OK 3057- Mildred Bailey & Swing Band- When Day Is Done/ Someday Sweetheart EE+

1397. OK 4021- Slim & Slam- Chinatown My Chinatown/ Flat Feet Floogee E

1398. OK 5458- Benny Carter O- Fish Fry/ Among My Souvenirs E+

1399. OK 5493- Bobby Hackett O- Singin' the Blues/ Clarinet Marmalade E/E+ West Coast press

1400. OK 5658- Frankie Masters O- Wait Till I Catch You In My Dreams/ My Greatest Mistake EE-

1401. OK 5663- Barney Bigard O- Just Another Dream/ Honey Hush EE+

1402. OK 5686- Gene Krupa O- Love Lies/ Only Forever EE+

1403. OK 5716- Frankie Masters O- The Same Old Story/ Ferry Boat Serenade EE-

1404. OK 5745- Frankie Masters O- God Bless America/ Marching Along Together E

1405. OK 5778- Del Courtney O- Would You be So Kindly/ Keep Your Eye On the Girlie You Love E

1406. OK 5787- Dick Jurgens O- When You Said Goodbye/ In a Moonboat E+

1407. OK 5788- Gene Krupa O- Old Old Castle In Scotland/ Rhumboogie E+

1408. OK 5815- Tommy Tucker O- How Come, Baby, How Come/ 7 Beers w/ the Wrong Woman E

1409. OK 5838- Claude Thornhill O- The Bad Humor Man/ I've Got a One Track Mind E+

1410. OK 5840- Ray Herbeck O- The Moon Fell In the River/ Sentimental Me EE+

1411. OK 5841- Horace Henderson O- Coquette/ I Stil Have My Dreams VV+

1412. OK 5842- Doly Dawn Patrol- Hep Tee Hootie/ So You're the One E+

1413. OK 5885- Frankie Masters O- A Little Too Late/ Arise My Love EE+

1414. OK 5910- Frankie Masters O- Taking a Chance On Love/ Cabin In the Sky EE+

1415. OK 5979- Adrian Rollini Trio- Isle of Capri/ Girl With the Light Blue Hair E

1416. OK 06183- Hi Flyers- Reno Street Blues/ Blonde Headed Woman E/E- Dallas mxs

1417. OK 6266- Gene Krupa O- The Cowboy Serenade/ 'Til Reveille E+

1418. OK 6278- Gene Krupa O- After You've Gone/ Kick It EE+

1419. OK 6306- Gene Krupa O- Have You Changed!/ Got a Letter From My Kid Today E-/EE+

1420. OK 6347- Coleman Hawkins O- Serenade To a Sleeping Beauty/ Forgive a Fool EE+

1421. OK 6352- Gene Krupa O- Rockin' Chair/ Tunin' Up E

1422. OK 6368- Buddy Clark- Dream Dancing/ Honorable Moon EE+

1423. OK 6376- Gene Krupa O- You Were There/ Rancho Pillow E+

1424. OK 6469- Buddy Clark- Ev'rything I Love/ I Hate You Darling EE-

1425. OK 6573- Les Brown O- Hereafter/ Everybody's Making Money But Tchiakovsky E+

1426. OK 6575- Jack Leonard w/ O- Somebody Else Is Taking My Place/ How About You E+

1427. OK 6580- Benny Goodman O- The Lamp of Memory/ When the Roses Bloom Again E+

1428. OK 6581- Dick Jurgens O- Mandy Is Two/ Junior Miss E+

1429. OK 6584- Count Basie O- More Than You Know/ Down For Double E

1430. OK 6589- The Charioteers- Tica-Tee-Tica-Ta/ The Train Song VV+

1431. OK 6590- Benny Goodman O- Jersey Bounce/ A String of Pearls E+

1432. OK 6591- Dick Jurgens O- Wherever You Are/ Uncle Sam Gets Around EE+

1433. OK 6593- Charlie Spivak O- Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing In a Hurry/ I Remember U E+

1434. OK 6606- Benny Goodman O- My Little Cousin/ A Zoot Suit N-

1435. OK 6855(promo)- Ahmad Jamal's Three Strings- Rica Pulpa/ The Surrey With the Fringe E+

1436. OK 6893- Bessie Smith- Gimme a Pigfoot/ Take Me For a Buggy Ride E+ later purple label

1437. OK 6961- Titus Turner- Big Mary's/ Livin' In Misery V

1438. Operaphone 21130- Billy Murray w/ O- Why Do They Call Them Wild Women/ I Used to Call Her Baby VV+

1439. Oriole 157- Golden Gate O- Steppin' Out/ Military Band- American Republic March VV+

1440. Or 722- Roy Collins DO- Mary Lou/ Bob green O- Tuck In Kentucky & Smile V

1441. Or 1252- Yankee Ten O- Get Out & Get Under the Moon/ Roy Collins DO- Ever Since I Met That Girl E-

1442. Or 1633- Ted White O- Tip Toe Thru Tulips(tk 3)/ Billy James O- Adorable You E- Ballew

1443. Or 2254- Roy Smeck Trio- When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver/ Reaching For the Moon V+

1444. Or 2269- Dick Robertson w/ O- Lets Get Friendly/ One Night Alone w/ You VV+

1445. Or 2355- Gene Austin- A Faded Summer Love/ Goodnight Sweetheart V

1446. Or 2568- Bob Causer O- You're Telling Me/ All American Girl V

1447. Or 2649- Chick Bullock Loungers- I've Got the World On a String/ Any Time, Any Day... V-

1448. Pan American 36- Eddie Cantor- One-Zy, Two-Zy/ Joan Barton- Rather Do Without U Baby E+

1449. Paramount 20063- Lenzberg's Riverside O- All By Myself/ Aint We Got Fun V+ 1" tite cr

1450. Para 20116- California Ramblers- California/ Brown's Dixieland O- Pick Me Up & Lay Me Down In Dear Old Dixieland VV+

1451. Para 20131- Original Memphis 5- Lonesome Mama Blues/ Those Longing For U Blues E-V+

1452. Para 50028- Samuel Gardner- Spring Song/ Souvenir E rare RED LABEL

1453. Pathe 22299(vert cut)- Rudy Wiedoeft O- Who Wants a Baby/ Blues My Naughty Sweetie E-

1454. Pat 036065- Casino DO- What'll I DO/ A Distant Caravan V

1455. Pat 36461- Joe Candullo O- Marylou/ I Wish U Were Jealous of Me VV+/E

1456. Pat 36548- Tommy Morton Grangers- Baby Mine/ Willard Robison O- Hello Bluebird E-

1457. Perfect 11221- Ferera's Hawaiian Guitar- Waters of Waikiki/ Sweet Chimes of Hilo Bay E+N-

1458. Pe 11250- Ferera & Paalihi- Thinking of You/ Kona Waltz E- Hawaiian

1459. Pe 11264- Frank Ferera's Hawaiians- Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella/ Honolulu Sweetheart E

1460. Pe 11641- Cliff Edwards- What Does It Matter?/ Cliff Edwards Hot Combo- I'm Back In Love Again E-/V

1461. Pe 12140- Charles Warren & Frank Sterling- Memory Lane/ Billy Jones- Land of My Sunset Dreams E

1462. Pe 12166- Guy Massey- Way Out West In Kansas/ Art Gillham- How Do You Do? E

1463. Pe 12432- Wyllie Robyn- Ramona/ Elliot Dix- Every Evening VV+

1464. Pe 12789- Chick Bullock Loungers- Stop the Sun Stop the Moon/ Sing a New Song V

1465. Pe 12823- Singin' Sam- Hummin' to Myself/ Cabin In the Cotton VV+

1466. Pe 12841- Singin' Sam- For Old Times' Sake/ Round the Bend of the Road E-

1467. Pe 12946- Singin' Sam- Moonlight Down Lovers' Lane/ Colorado Moon E-

1468. Pe 13134- Morton Downey- Would There be Love/ The Words Are In My Heart VV+/V

1469. Pe 14272- D. Onivas O- Big Boy/ Doodle Doo Doo E-

1470. Pe 14306- Joe Samuels O- A Perfect Kiss/ Dream Boat N-

1471. Pe 14309- Post Lodge O- Follow the Swallow/ Golden Gate O- Ramblin' Blues VV+

1472. Pe 14343- Max Terr O- Hawaiian Moon/ When the Sun Goes Down On the Lonesome Pine N-

1473. Pe 14373- Max Terr O- When the Moon Shines In Coral Gables/ I Adore You N-

1474. Pe 14385- Casino DO- Oh Lady Be Good/ Tokio Blues VV+

1475. Pe 14461- Nathan Glantz O- King Isnt King Anymore/ The Farmer Took Another Load VV+

1476. Pe 14475- Bill Wirges O- I Want a Lovable Baby/ Max Terr O- Charleston Bound E-

1477. Pe 14482- Southhampton Soc O- Loud Speakin' Papa/ So Thats the Kind of a Girl U Are VV+

1478. Pe 14612- Billy Wynne O- Dorothy/ No Fooling V+

1479. Pe 14777- Lou Gold O- Aint She Sweet/ Sam Lanin O- What Does It Matter V

1480. Pe 14982- Willard Robison O- Indian Cradle Song/ Casino DO- Laugh, Clown, Laugh V-

1481. Pe 15013- The Floridians- I'm Looking For Two Lips To Kiss My Cares Away/ Casino DO- Is It Gonna Be Long V-

1482. Pe 15354- Lou Gold O- My Baby Just Cares For Me/ A Girl Friend of a Boy Friend E/E- long nt cr

1483. Pe 15398- Majestic DO- Under the Spell of Your Kiss/ Hurt VV+

1484. Pe 15449- Joe Morgan O- I Lost My Gal Again/ Say a Little Prayer For Me V+/VV+

1485. Pe 15539- Glenn Cross O- Where the Blue of the Night/ Too Late VV+

1486. Pe 15600- Smith Ballew O- Happy Go Lucky You/ Thats What Heaven Means to Me V+

1487. Pe 15692- Bob Causer O- You'll Get By/ More Beautiful Than Ever V

1488. Pe 15816- American Nov DO- Down South/ Waltz Clog medley E edge mark nap

1489. Pe 15852- Bob Causer O- Puddin Head Jones/ My OId Man E NICE Don Redman sides

1490. Pe 16002- The Modernists- I'm Getting Sentimental Over You/ Solitude V-

1491. Pe 16038- Norman Cloutier O- Flirtation Walk/ I See Two Lovers EE+

1492. Pe 16072- Joe Haymes O- Goblin Market/ Squeeze Me V+

1493. Pe 16076- Kel Murray O- My Heart Is An Open Book/ Let Me Sing You to Sleep...E-

1494. Pe 5-11-17- Lani Mc Intyre's Hawaiians- Sing Me a Song of Hawaii/ You're the One Rose V+E-

1495. Pe 6-02-15- Freddy Ellis O- Cant We Dream a Midsummer Night's Drm/ If I Should Lose U E

1496. Pe 6-04-11- Freddy Ellis O- Its a Sin to Tell a Lie/ The Old Oak Tree VV+/E

1497. Pe 6-05-11- Freddy Ellis O- Moonlight In Hilo/ Knick Knack On the Mantel E couple lt scrs

1498. Pe 6-06-04- Johnny Johnson O- Is It True What They Say About Dixie/

Rhythm Saved the World E+

1499. Pe 6-06-06- Freddy Ellis O- Lita/ The Right Somebody to Love E-/VV+

1500. Pe 7-04-21- Vincent Travers O- Love Is Good For Anything That Ails You/ Was It Rain E-/EE-

1501. Photo & Sound 980/1- Bohemian Club Orch & cho- When In the Forest Night/ more E+

rare issue from this San Francisco label on Geary St of song by San Francisco Bohemian Club

1502. Premier CB 2669/70- Ted Mack w/ Ray Charles Cho- Just a Real Old Fashioned Sunday/ Jan Bart w/ Ray Charles Cho- We're In Love, We're In Love, We're In Love E+ rare NYC label

1503. Prestige 767- Joe Holiday tenor sax w/ bongos & timbales- This Is Happiness/ Joe Holiday tenor sax w/ organ & bongos- Mighty Like a Rose E+

1504. Pres 772- Joe Holiday tenor sax w/ bongos & timbales- Mambo Holiday pt 1/2 E+

1505. Pres 848- Joe Holiday Band- Hello To You/ Like Someone In Love E+

1506. Pres 854- James Moody Band- How Deep Is the Ocean/ Am I Blue? E+ dj copy

1507. Pres 870- Billy Taylor Mambos- Candido/ Mambo Azul N-

1508. Pres 871- Joe Holiday Band- Cotton Candy/ And Now Its Love E+

1509. Pres 878- Joe Holiday Sextet- Fiesta/ Besame Mucho N- dj copy

1510. Pres 883- Joe Holiday Band- Sleep/ My Funny Valentine E+

1511. Pres 885- James Moody Band- Keepin' Up With Jonesy/ Workshop NN- dj copy

1512. Pres 887- Joe Holiday Band- Martha's Harp/ I Dont Want to Walk Without You E+ dj copy

1513. Pres 897- Joe Holiday Mambos- I Love You Much/ Tea For Two E+ dj copy

1514. Pres 901- Joe Holiday Latin Rhythm- It Might As Well Be Spring pt 1/2 E+ dj copy

1515. Puritan 11086- Vincent Lopez O- The Sheik of Araby/ Ty-Hee VV+

1516. Pur 11137- Orignal Memphis 5- Buzz Mirandy/ Majestic Saxophone Sextette- Gee But I Hate to Go Home Alone VV+/V

1517. Pur 11390- Bar Harbor O- Insufficient Sweetie/ Nathan Glantz O- Peter Pan I Love U E

1518. Puritone 1030- Harmonians- I'm Sorry Sally/ Woman Disputed V

1519. Radiex 1710- Coal Black Blues/ Down Among the Sugar Cane V+ 3" tite cr nap..EXC jazz A!

1520. Rainbow 214- Supersonics- Sheik of Araby/ New Guitar Boogie Shuffle E+

1521. Regal 8284- Jerry Macey Gang- Oh Lizzie/ Fifty Million Frenchmen Cant Be Wrong E-

1522. Re 8471- Frank Ferera's Hawaiians- Weeping Willow Lane/ My Hawaiian Star V+/E-

1523. Re 8854- La Palina Brd-Swthrt We Need Each Other/ Rounders- Rio Rita E/V+ Ballew A

1524. Re 8811- Ed Loyd Rhythm Boys- Your Mother & Mine/ Rounders- Singin' In the Rain E-

1525. Re 8814- Buddy Blue Texans- Junior/ Lou Gold O- In the Hush of the Night V-/V rcnap

1526. Re 8873- Vic Randolph O- Turn On the Heat/ Lou Gold O- If I Had a Talking Picture of U V-

1527. Re 8893- Imperial DO- Miss Wonderful/ Sam Lanin O- Somebody Mighty Like You VV+

1528. Re 8894- The Clevelanders- That Wonderful Something Is Love/ Hollywood DO- Lady Luck E-

1529. Re 8896- Vincent Lopez O- My Sweeter Than Sweet/ Chant of the Jungle E-/V-

1530. Re 9709- California Ramblers- Rose Marie/ Chiclet O- Sweet Little You V-

1531. Regent 143(promo)- Dolly Dawn w/ O- Summertime/ Cielito Lindo E+

1532. Republic 7024- Mr Goon-Bones w/ Martin & Brown- You Were Meant For Me/ My Blue Heaven E+ rare Nashville, Tenn. label

1533. Romeo 959- Sam Lanin O- Louise/ Al Alberts O- Thats My Idea of Heaven V scrs B

1534. Ro 1554- Joe Green O- Lonesome Lover/ Joe Morgan O- Blue Pacific Moonlight E-

1535. Ro 1638- Majestic DO- Moonlight Savings Time/ Nevertheless V+ rc5grB

1536. Ro 1647- Snooks Memphis Stompers- Thats My desire/ One More Time V-

1537. Ro 1666- Ben Alley w/ O- Many Happy Returns of the Day/ When Moon Comes Over Mtn EE-

1538. Ro 1667- Sam Lanin O- Little Girl/ I Found a Million Dollar Baby VV+

1539. Ro 1669- Society Night Club O- When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain/ While Hearts Are Singing V/E

1540. Ro 1672- Sam Lanin O- Just One More Chance/ Makin Faces At the Man in the Moon VV+

1541. Ro 1673- Dick Cherwin O- On the Beach With U/ Sam Lanin- Many Happy Returns of Day E

1542. Ro 1674- Dick Cherwin O- As Long As You're There/ I'm Keepin' Company E/EE-

1543. Ro 1676- Louis Katzman O- Come to Me/ Have You Forgotten VV+

1544. Ro 1684- Vincent Rose O- Do the New York/ Teddy Black O- Why Shouldn't I E-/V

1545. Ro 1688- Billy Artz O- At Your Command/ Soc Nite Club O- I'm Just a Dancing Sweetheart V

1546. Ro 1699- Sam Lanin O- Me!/ I Apologize E-/VV+

1547. Ro 1700- Vincent Rose O- I Cant Write the Words/ There's No Other Girl E-

1548. Ro 1701- Billy Artz O- There's a Time & Place For Everything/ Never V

1549. Ro 1798- Majestic DO- Strangers/ Paradise V+/E-

1550. Ro 1808- Ralph Kirberry- Dream Sweetheart/ Goodnight My Love V

1551. Rondo 138- Ted Travers w/ O- I'm In Love With a Cigarette Girl/ Sleep Little Cowboy Sleep E+

1552. Royal Roost 557- Tyree Glenn w/ Bill Doggett- Sugar/ Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams E+

1553. RR 573- Johnny Smith Quintet- Stars Fell On Alabama/ Vilia E+ Stan Getz A

1554. RR 579- Johnny Smith Quintet- Sometimes I'm Happy/ My Funny Valentine E+ Getz A

1555. RR 581- Johnny Smith Quintet- I'll Be Around/ Cavu E+

1556. RR 585- Bonnemere- Five O Clock Whistle/ Ti Pi Tin E+

1557. RR 586- Johnny Smith Quintet- Cherokee/ Yesterdays N-

1558. RR 589- Johnny Smith- Lullaby of Birdland/ My One & Only Love N-

1559. RR 590- Bonnemere- True/ Square dance Mambo E+

1560. RR 593- Johnny Smith Quartet- I'll Remember April/ What's New N-

1561. RR 598- Johnny Smith Quartet- Lover Man/ Stranger In Paradise E+

1562. RR 600- Bonnemere- Oriental Mambo/ El Ultimo E+

1563. RR 604- Bonnemere- Jeepers Creepers/ Malaguena N-

1564. RR 605- Johnny Smith- Autumn In New York/ How About You N-

1565. RR 607- Bonnemere- Charmaine/ Golden Moon N-

1566. RR 608- Bonnemere- Bo Diddley/ The Man In the Raincoat N-

1567. Royale 1800- Charles Baum O- But In the Morning, No!/ Do I Love You VV+ Cole Porter

1568. Savoy 832- Charles Ventura Quartet- Ever So Thoughtful/ Dark Eyes E+

1569. Savoy 951- Miles Davis- Charlie Parker- Half Nelson/ Fats Navarro- Leo Parker-Goin' to Mintons EE+ lt scf nap

1570. Sav 1114- Lenny Hambro Quintet- Ham-Nose/ Try a Little Tenderness EE+

1571. Sav 1145(promo)- Vin Strong- Heart Strings/ Swingin' the Mambo E+

1572. Schirmer 511- Casper Reardon O- ICGUA But Love/ Easy to Love E

1573. Shelby 16/17- Lloyd Kaye O- Say So/ Wonderful Weather For Walking E+ rare Detroit lbl

1574. Signature 15025- Hazel Scott- A Rainy Night In G/ How High the Moon EE+

1575. Sig 15073- Hazel Scott- I've Got the World On a String/ On the Sunny Side of the Street E+

1576. Sig 15185(promo)- Anita O' Day w/ O- How High the Moon/ Key Largo VV+

1577. SMC 126`- Julio Andino Y O- Chocolate/ Fristi Popo E+

1578. Special Editions 5004- Bunny Berigan O- In a Little Spanish Town/ I Cant Get Started E+ original issue A side from 1936

1579. Sp Ed 5009- Benny Goodman O- Your Mother's Son In Law/ Riffin' the Scotch E+ top master pressings, with Billie Holiday vocals

1580. Sp Ed 5013- Bix Beiderbecke Gang- Margie/ Somebody Stole My Gal E+ original US issue A, both OKeh master pressings

1581. Sterling 102- Buddy Banks Sextette- Banks' Boogie/ I Need It Bad E/E+

1582. Stepping Tones 36- American Jazz Boogie/ Birth of the Blues EE+ despite grey

1583. Sunrise 2005- Johnny Hodges O- A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing/ Longhorn Blues E

1584. Supertone 9328- Sam Ku Jr- Strange Isles medley/ Aloha O E- Hawaiian

1585. Tempo 1292- Mae Williams w/ O- Pizza Polka/ Oh Brother! E+ FUN!!

1586. The Thomas Record 34177- Ed Morton- Dont Take Me Home VV+ rare "John Smyth" lbl

1587. Top Tune 431- Velvatones w/ O- Its All a Mistake/ Lee Morgan voc Velvatones- Just a Prayer E+ rare label from Ocean City, New Jersey as is the next

1588. Top Tune 487- Bill Davies O w/ vo- What Goes With You/ He's Home to Stay E+ rare NJ label

1589. United 131(promo)- Tab Smith alto & O- You belong to Me/ Auf Wiedersehn Sweetheart E+

1590. Uni 153(promo)- Tab Smith alto & O- I've Had the Blues All Day/ Cherry E+

1591. Van Dyke 71737- Metro DO- Pagan Love Song/ Cosmo DO- In My Heart E- Hawaiian guitar A

1592. VD 71738- Cosmo DO- Singin' In the Rain/ Harmony Syncos- Sleeping Birds V- crk'd to lbl

1593. VD 71807- Casino Jazzers- Sunny Side Up/ My Mothers Lullaby V 2" jagged cr

1594. Variety 531- Billy Kyle Swing Club Band- Big Boy Blue/ Margie VV+ 2" cr nap

1595. Var 544- Dolly Dawn Patrol- Swell People/ To a Sweet Pretty Thing E 2" cr nap

1596. Va 547- George Hall O- Where Is the Sun?/ Old Plantation E+

1597. Varsity 245- Lee Wiley w/ O- But Not For Me/ Ray Heatherton O- 'S Wonderful EE-/E

1598. Va 563- Russell Bennett O- The Song Is You/ What is This Thing Called Love E+

1599. Va 564- Russell Bennett O- Rose Marie/ Softly, As In the Morning Sunrise E+

1600. Va 5065- Dick Robertson O- Take Me In Your Arms/ We'll Meet Again Swt V+ off Crown

1601. Va 5081- Texas Toddlers- I Know U'r Lying But I Love It/ Keepin' Out of Mischief E off Crown

1602. Va 8039- Dick Robertson O- Dinah/ Whistle & Blow Your Blues Away E+N- HOT off Crown

1603. Va 8063- Stuff Smith O- Sam the Vegetable Man/ When Paw Was Courtin' Maw V+

1604. Va 8135- Varsity 7- Save It Pretty Mama/ Scratch My Back VV+

1605. Va 8147- Varsity 7- Its Tight Like That/ Easy Rider EE+

1606. Va 8173- Varsity 7- How Long, How Long Blues/ Pom Pom V+

1607. Va 8179- Varsity 7- A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody/ Shake It & Break It E-

1608. Va 8217- Johnny Mc Gee O- There's a Quaker Down In Quaker Town/ In Old Madrid E+

1609. Velvetone 1632- Original Indiana Five- What Can a Poor Fellow Do/ Junkman's Dream VV+

1610. VT 1654- The Harmonians- One Alone/ The Desert Song V- lams nap

1611. VT 1675- Irving Kaufman- Laugh Clown Laugh/ Blue Over You EE-

1612. VT 1708- Musical Comedy O- You Alone/ Once Ina Lifetime VV+

1613. VT 1718- Bar Harbos Society O- Dolores/ Revenge VV+

1614. VT 1720- The Harmonians- Heartbroken & Lonely/ Out of the Tempest VV+

1615. VT 1731- Franklyn Ferris- Beloved/ Jeanine EE+

1616. VT 1742- Irving Kaufman- Dusky Stevedore/ Sonny Boy VV+

1617. VT 1749- Barth's Missisips- I Cant Get Enough of U/ Harmonians- There's Rainbow Round E-

1618. VT 1770- Lou Gold O- You're the Cream In My Coffee/ Perley Stevens O- Jane V

1619. VT 1763- Jimmy Mc Hugh's Bostonians- I Dont Care/ Harmonians- Heres That Party Now..V+

1620. VT 1794- Louisiana Collegians- Makin' Whoopee/ Love Dreams E-

1621. VT 1814- Lou Gold O- Buy, Buy For Baby/ A Precious Little Thing Called Love V

1622. VT 1818- Barney Trimble O- Live & Love/ The Spell of the Blues V+ lams nap

1623. VT 1829- Patsy Young- I Faw Down & Go Boom/ Dont Be Like That EE- Annette Hanshaw

1624. VT 1834- Rudy Vallee- Marie/ Caressing You E

1625. VT 1835- Arthur Ross O- Avalon Town/ Rose of Mandalay V+

1626. VT 1857- Rudy Vallee O- Outside/ Jack Miller- Weary River E-

1627. VT 1859- Annette Hanshaw- A Precious Little Thing Called Love/ Mean to Me VV+

1628. VT 1969- Four Aces- I'll Always Be In Love w/ U/ Song of the Moonbeams V+ Hawaiian guitar

1629. VT 2045- Golden Gate O- My Sweeter Than Sweet/ Alma Mammy V+ lam clx lite

1630. VT 2172- Lloyd Keating O- Down the River of Golden Dreams/

My Heart Belongs to the Girl Who Belongs to Somebody Else E+

1631. VT 2176- Golden Gate O- Into My Heart/ You're the Sweetest Girl This Side of Heaven E-

1632. VT 2177- Lloyd Keating O- Where Can U Be?/ Old New England Moon E+ bite close but nap

1633. VT 2357- Sherman & Lee- Missouri Joe/ Hurry, Johnny, Hurry V needle gouge A

1634. VT 2368- Billy Uke Carpenter- When I Take My Sugar To Tea/ Jim Andrews- When Night Is Near I Want You In My Arms E

1635. VT 2397- Jack Miller- Now You're In My Arms/ There Must Be a Bright Tomorrow V+

1636. VT 2466- D'orsay DO- Tell Me With a Love Song/ Cuban Love Song VV+

1637. VT 2524- Jack Miller- Soft Lights & Sweet Music/ Auf Wiedersehn My Dear EE+ long lam A barely sounds, rcBnap

1638. Vision 001- Bobby Roberts O- Bobby's Blues/ Who- Me? E+ rare small 50s label

1639. Vita 224- Korla Pandit- Indian Love Call/ The Very Thought of You E- rare Pasadena, Ca lbl

1640. Vocalion 14558- Irving Kaufman- Beside a Babbling Brook/ Who's Sorry Now VV+

1641. Vo 14621- Selvin O- Indiana Moon/ Dreamy Melody E

1642. Vo 14640- Albert Short O- Tweet Tweet/ No No Nora VV+

1643. Vo 15180- Peggy English- Tomorrow Mornin'/ You Wouldn't Believe Me E/VV+

1644. Vo 15485- Peggy English- Who'll Be the One?/ Take In the Sun, Hang Out the Moon V+

1645. Vo 15564- Club Royal O- You Dont Like It Not Much/ Six Hayseeds- The More We Are Together V-

1646. Vo 15647- Dick Powell- Beautiful/ Is She My Girl Friend? V

1647. Vo 2626(gold)- Nye Mayhew O- We'll Make Hay While the Sun Shines/ Temptation E-

1648. Vo 3136- Louis Armstrong O- Between the Devil & Deep Blue Sea/ Sweet Savannah Sue EE+ Okeh masters

1649. Vo 3169- Stuff Smith Onyx Boys- I'se a Muggin'/ I'se a Muggin Musical Numbers Game V+

1650. Vo 3189- Putney Dandridge O- A Beautiful Lady In Blue/ Dinner For One Please James EE+

1651. Vo 3205- Louis Armstrong O- That Rhythm Man/ No E/E+ OKeh master A

1652. Vo 3252- Putney Dandridge O- Its a Sin to Tell a Lie/ All My Life EE-

1653. Vo 3278- Mal Hallett O- The Boston Tea Party/ Sweet Misery of Love V-

1654. Vo 3430- Phil Harris O- Jelly Bean/ Nobody V West Coast pressing

1655. Vo 3567- Erskine Hawkins O- Way Down Upon the Swanee River/ Dear Old Southland EE-

1656. Vo 03597- Bob Wills Texas Playboys- Bleeding Hearted Blues/ Dedicated To You V

1657. Vo 3814- Cootie Williams Rug Cutters- Downtown Uproar/ Blue Reverie EE-

1658. Vo 3885- Maxine Sullivan w/ O- The Folks Who Live On the Hill/ Darling Nellie Gray V+

1659. Vo 3890- Cootie Williams Rug Cutters- ICGUA But Love/ Watching E+/EE+

1660. Vo 3922- Cootie Williams Rug Cutters- Jubilesta/ Pigeons & Peppers E

1661. Vo 3956- Dolly Dawn Patrol- You Went to My Head/ oooo Oh Boom! EE+

1662. Vo 3957- George Hall O- I Was Doing All Right/ Love Is Here to Stay V

1663. Vo 3968- Dolly Dawn Patrol- My Heart Is Taking Lessons/ On the Sentimental Side V-

1664. Vo 3982- Mildred Bailey O- Lover Come Back to Me/ From Land of the Sky Blue Water E+

1665. Vo 3993- Maxine Sullivan w/ O- You Went to My Head/ Its Wonderful E

1666. Vo 03997- Bob Wills Texas Playboys- Steel Guitar Stomp/ Sunbonnet Sue V+ HOT!

1667. Vo 4016- Mildred Bailey O- I Cant Face the Music/ Dont Be That Way E+ scuffs nap

1668. Vo 4018- George Hall O- I Fall In Love With you Every Day/ How'dja Like to Love Me V+E-

1669. Vo 4045- Cab Calloway O- We're Breaking Up a Lovely Affair/ Skrontch E/EE-

1670. Vo 4061- Cootie Williams Rug Cutters- Carnival In Caroline/ Swingtime In Honolulu EE+

1671. Vo 4072- Erskine hawkins O- Who's Sorry Now/ Carry Me Back to Old Virginny E+

1672. Vo 4368- Lawrence Welk O- On Sweetheart Bay/ Bubbles In the Wine E+

1673. Vo 4349- Al Donahue O- For No Rhyme Or Reason/ At Long Last Love EE+

1674. Vo 04472- Mitchell's Christian Singers- While He's Passing By/ Brother Come On In NN-

1675. Vo 4523- George Hall O- They Say/ Your Eyes Are Bigger Than Your Heart EE-/E

1618. Vo 4606- Meade Lux Lewis, Pete Johnson, Albert Ammons- Boogie Woogie Prayer/ pt 2 V+

1676. Vo 4608- Albert Ammons- Shout For Joy/ Meade Lux Lewis- Bear Cat Crawl E

1677. Vo 4636- Cootie Williams O- Gal-avantin'/ Mobile Blues E

1678. Vo 4851- Frank Newton O- Jam Fever/ Jitters EE+

1679. Vo 4927- Jerry Kruger O- Rain Rain Go Away/ Summertime E with Lester Young, Buck, etc

1680. Vo 5291- Del Courtney- When Love Beckoned/ It Was Written In the Stars E-

1681. Vo 5378- Barney Bigard O- Barney Goin' Easy/ Minuet In Blues E+

1682. Vo 5397- Sonny Burke O- Easy Does It/ If It Wasn't For the Moon E

1683. Vo 5399- Benny Carter O- Slow Freight/ Sleep E+

1684. Vo 5406- Cab Calloway O- Pluckin' the Bass/ Give, Baby, Give E

1685. Vo 5421- Lennie Hayton O- I Love You Juch Too Much/ One Cigarette For Two EE+

1686. Vo 5422- Barney Bigard O- Lost In Two Flats/ Early Mornin' E/VV+

1687. Vo 5433- Horace Henderson O- Oh Boy, I'm In the Groove/ Kitty On Toast EE+

1688. Vo 5442- Dick Jurgens O- I Concentrate On You/ Between You & Me EE+/E

1689. Vo 5443- Frankie Masters O- The Woodpecker Song/ A Lover's Lullaby E

1690. Vo 5444- Cab Calloway O- Boog It/ Chop, Chop, Charlie Chan E+

1691. Vo 5445- Tiny Hill O- Mickey/ Please Dont Talk About Me When I'm Gone V+

1692. Vo 5496- Joe Sullivan Cafe Society O- Oh Lady Be Good/ ICGUA But Love E

1693. Vo 5497- The Four Marshalls(voc 4 w/ O)- Pick a Rib/ Honk, Honk V

1694. Vo 5554- Tommy Reynolds O- Two Guitars/ Dolly Doolittle E

1695. Vo 5595- Barney Bigard O- Watch the Birdie/ Mardi Gras Madness EE-/E-

1696. Vo 5605- John Kirby O- One Alone/ Humoresque E

1697. Vo 9219- Los Morenos w/ Manuel Acuna O- El Barrilito/ Orc M. Acura- El Mocho Lencho E+

1698. X-0005- Dinah Kaye w/ O- False Hearted Lover/ Strike a Match E+


1699. unknown label(UK)- Lend to Defend- The Right to be Free- Stanley Holloway- Albert & His Savings/ Save Your Way to Victory- Sir Robert Kindersley V-.. WW2 era fund raiser

1700. Blue Star 512(Norman Granz)(FR)- Al Hibbler w/ Count Basie O- Sent For You Yesterday/ Goin' to Chicago E

1701. Broadcast Twelve 3132- Jack Harris O- You Forgot Your Gloves/ Who Am I? V+

1702. Brunswick A-9805(origin?)- Fred Astaire- No Strings/ Cheek to Cheek V+/E-

1703. Bruns 01707- The Film Stars Parade/ pt 2 V+ incl Bing, Mae West, Boswells, Uke Ike

1704. Bruns 01762- Mezz Mezzrow O- Swingin' With Mezz/ Love, Ure Not the One For Me E+

1705. Bruns 01862- Mills Brothers- My Gal Sal/ Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider E+

1706. Br 02043- Boswell Sisters- Fare Thee Well Annabelle/ Lullaby of Broadway E- rare London recorded, UK only issue- not issued in the US

1707. Br 02385- Fred Astaire- Bojangles of Harlem/ Never Gonna Dance E-

1708. Br 02425- Fred Astaire- Lets Call the Whole Thing Off/ Shall We Dance E-

1709. Br 02658- Count Basie O- London Bridge Is Falling Down/ Stop Beatin' Round the Mulberry Bush E+ B side uses rare B take- only issued in UK

1710. Br 05671- Peggy Lee w/ O- Mr. Wonderful/ The Gypsy w/ Fire In His Shoes E-

1711. Br A 9169(FR)- Mills Brothers- Tiger Rag/ Nobody's Sweetheart V+

1712. Cinecord 010- Mr & Mrs Is the Name/ Flirtation Walk VV+ rare theatre only record

1713. Columbia 3027- The Happy Six- Humming/ Grieving For You E-

1714. Co 3286- Ambrose Embassy Club I O- When Will I Know/ Dearest VV+ aud clx B

1715. Co 3430- Savoy Orpheans- You're In Kentucky Sure As You're Born/ Riviera Rose V+

1716. Co 3974- Frank Ferera Steel Guitar- Hawaiian Sweetheart Of Mine/ Love Dreams of Lula Lu E-

1717. Co 4125- Elsa Lanchester- Please Sell No More Drink To My Father/ He Didnt Oughter E RARE!

1718. Co 4207- Layton & Johnstone- I'd Love to Be a Baby Again/ Am I Wasting My Time On U VV+

1719. Co 4563- Kit Cat Band- Souvenirs/ Paul Ash O- Aint That a Grand & Glorious Feeling V/V-

1720. Co 4603- Piccadilly Revels- Just the Same/ Yale Blues E

1721. Co 4640- Piccadilly Revels- Is She My Girl Friend?/ Persian Rosebud VV+ clk grv B

1722. Co 4669- London Radio Dance Band- The Devil is Afraid of Music/ Castillian Nights VV+

1723. Co 4833- Al Starita O- Try to Learn to Love/ A Room With a View E-

1724. Co 4977- Piccadilly Players- Lila/ Happy Go Lucky Lane VV+/E-

1725. Co 5064- Sophie Tucker- He Hadn't Up Till Yesterday/ Aren't Women Wonderful E London recorded, no US issue

1726. Co 5354- Stanley Lupino w/ O- Hats Off to Edgar Wallace/ I Lift Up My Finger & Say Tweet E

1727. Co CB 295- Jack Payne BBC DO- Alone & Afraid/ Wabash Moon E-

1728. Co CB 299- Jack Payne BBCDO- Shake & Lets Be Friends/ I'm Happy When I'm Hiking VV+

1729. Co CB 297- Billy Cotton Band- You Wouldn't/ Why Shouldn't I? E-/V

1730. Co CB 301- Jack Payne BBC DO- While I Dance w/ My Girl/ Bell Bottom Trousers VV+

1731. Co CB 317- Jack Payne BBC DO- My Brother Makes the Noises For the Movies/ Skin 'a 'ma 'link the Sergeant EE+

1732. Co CB 328- Jack Payne BBC DO- Whistling In the Dark/ Just a Dancing Sweetheart EE-

1733. Co CB 412- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- By the Fireside/ Consolation V+

1734. Co CB 447- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- Rain On the Roof/ Auf Wiedersehn My Dear E+

1735. Co CB 478- BBCDO(Henry Hall)- Help Yourself to Happiness/ My Extraordinary Gal E

1736. Co CB 481- BBCDO(Henry Hall)- A Bunglalow, A Piccolo & U/ Underneath the Arches EE+/E

1737. Co CB 483- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- I Heard/ Cabin in the Cotton VV+ RARE BOWLLY A

1738. Co CB 490- Debroy Somers Band- Banking On the Weather/ Pagan Moon E+/EE+

1739. Co CB 493- Debroy Somers Band- The Night When Love Was Born/ Masquerade E+

1740. Co CB 496- BBC DO(Henry Hall)- Hazel Eyes/ Same Old Moon E+

1741. Co CB 499- Philip Brown Grosvenor Band- Crazy People/ Love In Lilac Time E/EE+

1742. Co CB 503- Savoy Hotel Orpheans- All of a Sudden/ We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye V+

1743. Co DB 162- Charles (Buddy) Rogers- Sweepin' the Clouds Away/ Any Time's the Time To Fall In Love VV+ plays about E despite grey

1744. Co DB 899- Carroll Gibbons BF's- Ooh That Kiss/ Cabin In the Cotton E+

1745. Co DB 1043- Anona Winn w/ O- I'm Playing With Fire/ Play Fiddle Play E+

1746. Co DB 1163- Carroll Gibbons Boy Friends- Tony's Wife/ Gibbons solo- Give Me a Ring E-

1747. Co DB 1186- Carroll Gibbons Boy Friends- I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You/ On the Other Side of Lover's Lane E

1748. Co DB 1239- Billy Mayerl piano solo- Six Miniatures 1/2 EE+

1749. Co DB 1246- Carroll Gibbons piano solo- Dancing Days 1920 pt 1/2 E+

1750. Co DB 1333- Carroll Gibbons & John W. Green- On the Air/ Living In Dreams E

1751. Co DO 1160(ENG)- Bing Crosby- There's a Cabin In the Pines/ I've Got to Pass Your House EE+ beautfiul laminated pressing

1752. Co DW 4102(GER)- Savoy Orpheans- Snuggled On Your Shoulder/ Somebody Loves U E-/E

1753. Co DW 5345- Macky Kasper(trumpet) & O- Alabama Blues/ Wo Ist Der Eine E

1754. Co DZ 751- Duke Ellington O- Good Woman Blues/ Joog Joog E+/EE+

1755. Co FB 1200- The Seven Kings of Rhythm- Truckin' On Down/ Oh You Sweet Thing E+ HOT!

1756. Co FB 1201- Florence Desmond w/ O- Public Sweetheart #1/ In Love Again E+ GOOD!

1757. Co FB 2616- Carroll Gibbons piano- Carroll Calls the Tunes 11/ more EE+

1758. Co FB 2639- Carroll Gibbons piano- Carroll Calls the Tunes 12/ more E-

1759. Co FB 2659- Carroll Gibbons piano- Carroll Calls the Tunes 13/ more E+

1760. Co M 164(Japan)- Glenn Miller O- Sleepy Time Gal/ Claude Thornhill O- Harbor Lights E+

1761. Co M 192- Gene Krupa Jazz O- Opus #1/ Leave Us Let E+

1762. Co M 301- Gene Krupa Jazz Trio- Dark Eyes/ Gene Krupa O- Wire Brush Stomp E+

1763. Co S 1007(JAPAN)- Dorsey Bros O- Mood Hollywood/ Red Norvo Octet- Blues In E Flat NN-

1764. Curry 99- Mr. Lionel Cornish- Playthings/ Omaha V-/V

1765. Decca F 2389- The Rhythm Maniacs- Hawaiian Stars Are Gleaming/ Oh Rosalita E

1766. De F 2607- The Blue Lyres- Just a Blue Eyed Blonde/ Many Happy Returns of the Day E-

1767. De F 2633- Arthur Lally O- Tunes of the Times-selection/ pt 2 E+ some hot tunes!

1768. De F 2647- Arthur Lally O- Down Sunnyside Lane/ I Idolize My Baby's Eyes E-

1769. De F 2665- Jack Hylton O- Heartaches/ Close Your Eyes E

1770. De F 2763- Roy Fox Band- Oh Mo'nah/ If I Didn't Have You EE+/E HOT A Al Bowlly vocal B

1771. De F 2923- Cant We Talk it Over (take 1)/ I'm For You 100% V- Bowlly both

1772. De F 2963- Roy Fox O- Gettin' Sentimental/ Lovable E- Bowlly both

1773. De F 3094- Roy Fox O- Just Another Dream of You/ Wherever You Are E Al Bowlly both

1774. De F 3099- Roy Fox O- You're My Everything/ Ooh That Kiss E- Bowlly both

1775. De F 3253- Jack Hylton O- Love Is the Sweetest Thing/ Round the Bend of the Road E-

1776. De F 3275- Al Bowlly w/ O- So Ashamed/ Rosa Mia EE+

1777. De F 3630- Lew Stone O- Isn't It Heavenly/ Let Him Live EE+ Bowlly A

1778. De F 3649- Buddy Feathersonhaugh O- I've Got the World On a String/ Royal Garden Bl VV+

1779. De F 3687- Jack Hylton O- Its the Talk of the Town/ The Last Round Up V

1780. De F 3952- Lew Stone O- Mauna Loa/ Emaline EE- Al Bowlly vocal A

1781. De F 5373- Roy Fox O- Dream Man/ I've Got An Invitation To a Dance E

1782. De F 5375- Ambrose O- Embassy Stomp/ Hors D'oeuvres E+

1783. De F 5435- Embassy Rhythm 8- Hitchy Koo/ He's a Rag Picker V/V+

1784. De F 5454- Ambrose O- Rhapsody In Blue 1/2 E

1785. De F 5467- Embassy Eight- Where the Black Eyed Susans Grow/ Back Home In Tenn. E-

1786. De F 5477- Ambrose O- Back To Those Happy Days/ Throwing Stones At the Sun E-

1787. De F 5478- Ambrose O- A Story of London Life/ more E/EE+

1788. De F 5483- The Bugle Call Raggers- Tunes With Pep 1/2 E-/E

1789. De F 5584- Ambrose O- Dixieland Band/ On the Good Ship Lollypop V-

1790. De F 5648- Ambrose O- Its An Old Southern Custom/ According to the Moonlight E

1791. De F 5653- Ambrose O- Love Me Forever/ Why Was I Born E-

1792. De F 5656- Ambrose O- Red Sails In the Sunset/ Leave Me With a Love Song E

1793. De F 5697- The Street Singer- East of the Sun/ The Wheel of the Wagon Is Broken EE+

1794. De F 5744- Ambrose O- East of the Sun/ The Danza E

1795. De F 5782- Lew Stone O- On Treasure Island/ Sweet Dreams Sweetheart E- scrs B

1796. De F 5859- The Street Singer- Marilou/ On Treasure Island E-

1797. De F 6137- Sydney Lipton Band- Just Dance/ Dandelion, Daisy & Daffodil V-

1798. De F 6143- Ambrose O- Body & Soul/ Sylvia EE+

1799. De F 6568- Jack Jackson Band- The New Swing Alphabet/ Limehouse Blues V+

1800. De F 6663- Lew Stone Band- By An Old Pagoda/ In Santa Margherita E- Al Bowlly vocals

1801. De F 8043- Adelaide Hall- I Dont Want to Set the World On Fire/ My Sister & I E

1802. De F 8263- Adelaide Hall- My devotion/ Sharing It All With You E

1803. De M 30073- Bing Crosby- The Moon Got In My Eyes/ Smarty E

1804. De M 30281- Bing Crosby- Take Me Back to My Boots & Saddle/ Mexicali Rose V/V+

1805. De Y 6053(AUS)- Bing Crosby- When You Make Love to Me/ Among My Souvenirs E+ top Australian laminated pressing

1806. De 03596- Bing Crosby- June Comes Around This Time Every Year/ Symphony E

1807. Disques Francis Salabert 135 (FR)- (Maurice) Chevalier- C'est Merveilleux/ C'etait Moi E

1808. Disques Francis Sal 713- Maurice Chevalier- On Est Plus Leger/ Menagez-La V+ cr to lbl

1809. Edison Bell Winner 5564- Sydney Kyte O- Valley of the Moon/ Hiawatha s Lullaby E-

1810. Dominion A 33- Sam Lanin O- ICGUA But Love/ Deauville DO- Dream River V

1811. Electrola EG 1269- Jack Hylton O- Sweethearts On Parade/ Angeline V+/E-

1812. Elect EG 2108 Jack Hylton O- Adeline/ Dancing With Tears In My Eyes EE+

1813. Elect EG 2261- Lewis Ruth Band- Mein Leiber Schatz Bist Du Aus Spanen/ Ein Spanischer Tango Und Ein Maidel Wie Du E-

1814. Elect EG 2301- Marek Weber O- Floten/ Parademarsche Der Langenkerls E/VV+

1815. Elect EG 2471- Jack Hylton O- Cherie, C'est Vous/ When Its Night Time In Nevada VV+

1816. Elect EG 2621- Marek Weber O- Willst du ein bisschen Gluck an mich verschwenden?/ En Tag Ohne Dich E-

1817. Elect EG 3535- Eleanor Powell w/ Tommy Dorsey O- You Are My Lucky Star/ I've Got a Feelin' You're Foolin' E

1818. Elect EG 3671- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Frische Brise/ Gute Laune E fox trots

1819. Elect EG 6179- Roy Fox O- Stop, You're Breaking My Heart/ Ronnie Munro O- A Little Co-Operation E/EE+

1820. Empire 246- Regal Cinema Ballroom DB- Pennies From Heaven/ A Feather In Her Tyrolean Hat VV-/V RARE cinema label

1821. Four In One 32- Oscar Rabin Band- Its Gonna Be You/ A Boy & a Girl Were Dancing// Mantovanni O- Her Name Is Mary/ Whistling Under the Moon V

1822. Grammophon 23551- August Batzen w/ O- Das Madchen am Bodensee/ more E

1823. HMV 14441(GER)- Kapellmeister Rose Pelosy- In Schinbrunn 1st heut Elitetag/ O viens nia gosse E-

1824. HMV 11467- Adolf Sens & Gustav Meine- Klange aus der Heimat, I Teil/ II Tell E- scrs

1825. HMV B 2131- Billy Mayerl piano solo- The Jazz Master/ The Jazz Mistress E+

1826. HMV B 2716- Rudy Wiedoeft- Marilyn/ Saxema E+

1827. HMV B 2735- Helen Morgan- Cant Help Lovin' Dat Man/ The Revellers- Ol' Man River EE+

1828. HMV B 2749- Morton Downey- The Girl is You, The Boy Is Me/ Make Believe E+

1829. HMV B 2793- Jack Clarke, HB Hedley, G Myddleton(3 pianos)- So This Is Love/ Just Suppose E-

1830. HMV B 3358- New Mayfair DO- Sally selection 1/2 E

1831. HMV B 3417- Johnny Marvin w/ O- Cryin' For the Carolines/ With You E

1832. HMV B 3914- Maurice Chevalier- Moonlight Saving Time/ Right Now E

1833. HMV B 3936- Bing Crosby- Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/ Gene Austin- Please Dont Talk About Me When I'm Gone EE+

1834. HMV B 3987(ENG)- Raie De Costa- The Queen Was In the Parlor/ Just One More Chance E+

1835. HMV B 4012- New Mayfair DO- Tunes of Not So Long Ago 1923/ 1924 EE+ Bowlly vocs

1836. HMV B 4023- New Mayfair O- Savoy Irish Medley/ Savoy Welsh Medley E+

1837. HMV B 4020- Patrice Waddington w/ twin p- Life Is Just a Bowl of Cher/ Got Date w/ Angel E-

1838. HMV B 4318- NMDO- Happy Memories- selection pt 1/2 E-

1839. HMV B 4323- NMDO- Once Upon a Time selection pt 1/2 V-

1840. HMV B 5211- Jack Hylton- Aint She Sweet/ Blame It On the Waltz VV+

1841. HMV B 5225- Nat Shilkret O- Half a Moon/ Warings- Looking At World..Rose Colored E-

1842. HMV B 5310- Savoy Orpheans- Little Brown Baby/ Thats My Hap Happiness V+

1843. HMV B 5600- New Mayfair DO- Do Something/ Lonesome Road EE+

1844. HMV B 5656- Jack Hylton O- Toymaker's Dream/ Lover Come Back to Me E+

1845. HMV B 5657- Jack Hylton O- Mean to Me/ My Ideal V+

1846. HMV B 5659- Jack Hylton O- Close Harmony- medley/ Broadway Melody- medley EE+

1847. HMV B 5660- NMDO- Do Something/ Lonesome Road V+

1848. HMV B 5663- Jack Hylton O- Honey/ Innocents of Paris V/V+

1849. HMV B 5685- Jack Hylton O- Get Up Nice & Early In the Morning/ Mother Goose Parade E-

1850. HMV B 5744- Jack Hylton O- Jollity Farm/ On Her Doorstep Last Night E-/E

1851. HMV B 5756- New Mayfair DO- She's a Slip of a Girl/ My Heart Is Saying E-

1852. HMV B 5971- Jack Hylton O- Its Not You/ There's Always Tomorrow VV+

1853. HMV B 5972- Jack Hylton O- Cheerful Little Earful/ The Little Things In Life E NICE A!!

1854. HMV B 5973- Jack Hylton O- Choo-Choo/ Topsy Turvy Talk E-/E nice version of Tram tune A

1855. HMV B 5984- New Mayfair DO- Goodnight Sweetheart/ Shout For Happiness EE+/E HOT B Al Bowlly vocals both

1856. HMV B 6039- Ambrose O- Leave the Rest to Nature/ I Found You E

1857. HMV B 6049(FR)- Ambrose O- I'm An Unemployed Sweetheart/ I'm Thru With Love V-

1858. HMV B 6146- Ray Noble O- Good Night Little Girl Goodnight/ Sweetheart In My Dreams Tonight VV+ Al Bowlly vocals

1859. HMV B 6237- Ray Noble O- You're More Than All the World To Me/ Looking On the Bright Side E-/VV+ Bowlly both

1860. HMV B 6251- Ray Noble O- Dont Say Goodbye/ You, Just You V+ Al Bowlly vocals

1861. HMV B 6255- Ambrose O- Say It Isn't So/ Lizst, Chopin & Mendelssohn V+

1862. HMV B 6261- Ambrose O- Lets Put Out the Lights/ I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plan E/V

1863. HMV B 6325- Ray Noble O- The Moment I Saw You / There's Something About a Soldier E+ Bowlly A

1864. HMV B 6331- Ray Noble O- Stay On the Right Side of the Road/ Hustlin' & Bustlin' For Baby EE+/E HOT A..Al Bowlly both

1865. HMV B 6334- John Jackson O- What Have We Got to Lose/ Hyde Park Corner EE+/E

1866. HMV B 6360- Paul Whiteman O- Look What I've Got/ In the Park In Paree V/V+ GREAT A

1867. HMV B 6372- Ray Noble O- Peter Peter/ One Tiny Tear E+ HOT A!

1868. HMV B 6402- Jack Jackson O- Make Those People Sway/ Poor Old Flo E+

1869. HMV B 6415- Jack Jackson O- We'll All Go Riding On a Rainbow/ The Wind's In the West E

1870. HMV B 6424- Ray Noble O- More Turkish Delight 1/2 E-

1871. HMV B 6485- Ray Noble O- She Loves Me Not/ After All You're All I'm After E- Bowlly both

1872. HMV B 6491- Ray Noble O- Beat O' My Heart/ Little Man You've Had a Busy Day E- Bowllys

1873. HMV B 6565- Jack Jackson O- Dancing With a Ghost/ I'm On a See Saw E

1874. HMV B 8238- Jack Hulbert- Whos Been Polishing Sun/ What a Little Moonlight Can Do E/E+

1875. HMV B 8638- Bunny Berigan O- All God's Chillun Got Rhythm/ The Lady From 5th Ave E+

1876. HMV B 9219- Jelly Roll Morton NO Jazzmen- West End Blues/ Climax Rag E+N-

1877. HMV BD 143- Jack Hylton O- I Beleive In Miracles/ She Wore a Little Jacket of Blue E/EE-

1878. HMV BD 212- Jack Hylton O- She's a Latin From Manhattan/ About a Quarter to Nine E+

1879. HMV BD 215- Jack Hylton O- In the Middle of a Kiss/ Nothing Lives Longer Than Love E+

1880. HMV BD 706- Al Bowlly w/ O- South of the Border/ What Do You Know About Love E

1881. HMV BD 5711- Glenn Miller O- The Boogie Wooglie Piggy/ Boulder Buff EE-

1882. HMV BD 5720- Glenn Miller O- I Know Why/ Chattanooga Choo Choo E+

1883. HMV EA 908(AUS)- Ray Noble O- Goodnight Sweetheart/ We Two EE+ Bowllys laminated

1884. HMV EA 1293- Ray Noble O- Snowball/ I Was In the Mood V+ Al Bowlly vocal A

1885. HMV EA 1329- Ray Noble O- Goodnight Little Girl of My Dreams/ Jack Jackson O- The Buggy Song E- Al Bowlly vocal A..top laminated pressing

1886. HMV EG 6419- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Bayrische/ Hochzeit/ Hopsassa E+

1887. HMV EG 6436- Hans Carste O- Carola Carolina/ Susse Faru'n Aus Wien E+ foxtrot B

1888. HMV EG 6435- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Stunden Und Tage/ 1 Mal 2 Mal 3 Mal 4 Mal E+

1889. HMV EG 6494- Walter Ecsy w/ O- Im Prater Bluhn Wieder Die Baume/ Ich Muss Weider Einmal In Grinzing Sein E+

1890. HMV EG 6498- Barnabas Von Geczy O- Tango Marina/ Der Tag Ist Nicht Mehr Fern E+

1891. HMV X 7173- Lorri Lail Med Curt Akerlinds Ens- Plaisir D' Amour/ Amarilli E

1892. Imperial 2326- Roy Smeck Hawaiian Trio- It Happened In Monterrey/ Spring. In Rockies EE-

1893. Jazz Selection 537(FR)- Buck Clayton Big 4- Dawn Dance/ Basie's Morning Bluesicale E

1894. Jazz Sel 575- Gene Norman's Just Jazz 6- Body & Soul 1/2 E+

1895. Jazz Sel 753- Mezzrow-Bechet Septet- House Party/ Blood On the Moon NN-

1896. Jazz Sel 754- Mezzrow-Bechet Septet- Levee Blues/ Saw Mill Man Blues NN-

1897. Jazz Sel 827- Cat Anderson O- For Jumpers Only/ Cat's Boogie E+

1898. Kadwelt 2133-(GER?)- Orig American Tanzorch-Hawaiian Kisses/ Half a Moon EE- gd tpt B

1899. London 867- Anita O Day- Yea Boo/ Tennesee Wz E

1900. Lon 975- Anita O Day- Something I Dreamed Last Night/ Black Moonlight E+

1901. Melodisc 1226(ENG)- Arnold Ross Trio- Darn That Dream/ Arnold Ross 5- Speechless EE+

1902. Odeon D-5033(SWE?)Benny Goodman Sekstett- Limehouse Blues/ Aint Misbehavin' E+

1903. Odeon 281.888(FR)- Yves Montand- Un P'tit Bock/ Matilda E

1904. Par F 316- Harry Roy Tiger Ragamuffins- Fox Trot med 1/2 E-/V

1905. Par F 343- Harry Roy O- Six-Eight medley pt 1/2 E

1906. Par F 349- Maurice Winnick O- A Little Bit Independent/ Sailing Home With the Tide VV+

1907. Par F 351- Victor Silvester Ballroom O- Thanks a Million/ When Leaves Bid the Trees Gdby E

1908. Par F 356- Joe Paradise Music- 12th Street Rag/ Love's Serenade E+

1909. Par F 391- Harry Roy's Tiger-Ragamuffins- Fox Trot med 1/2 V+/E

1910. Par F 1875- Joe Daniels Hot Shots- A Man & His Drum/ Smoke Rings EE+/E+

1911. Par R 2207- Lillian Harvey w/ O- Today I Am Happy/ Fantasy ffrom film "Black Roses" E+

1912. Pathe-Perfect P 317- Hawaiian Serenaders- Aloma/ Kona Wz E

1913. Piccadilly 235- The Embassy 6- Misery Farm/ Then Came the Dawn looks V-/V, plays E- HOT A with solos

1914. Pic 309- The Ever Bright Boys- Da D'n Da/ Jack Leon Band- Carolina Moon VV-

1915. Pic 510- Allan Selby Band- Now I'm In Love/ S'posin' V+ some scrs

1916. Pic 528- Cunard Rhythm Boys- Duck Foot Sue/ Allan Selby Band- I Never Thought of You Until Today E-V+

1917. Pic 740- Jerry Hoey O- Blue Again/ Under the Roofs of Paris VV+

1918. Polydor 15202(Japanese)- The Street Singer- When I Grow Too Old to Dream/ In a Little Gipsy Tea Room E+

1919. Polydor 15311- Grace Moore- That Old Refrain/ The End Begins E-/E

1920. Polydor 524.169(FR)- Danielle Darrieux & Pierre Mingand- You/ Le Bonheur C'est Rien V+/V

1921. Polydor 1857(GER)- Roy Fox O- What a Diff a Day Made/ Roll Along Covered Wagon E-

1922. Regal Zonophone G 22700(AUS)- Hal Kemp O- The Music Goes Round/ Ozzie Nelson O-Mama Dont Allow It VV+

1923. Regal Zonophone MF 389- International Staff Band- March- Fight On/ Meditation- St Agnes E special blue/gold Salvation Army label

1924. RZ MR 786- Billy Cotton Band- Just An Echo In the Valley/ A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet VV+

1925. RZ MR 787- Midnight Minstrels- Love Is the Sweetest Thing/ You'll Always Be the Same Sweetheart E-/E+

1926. RZ MR 789- Billy Cotton Band- Leave the Pretty Girls Alone/ Thompson's Old Grey Mule E+

1927. RZ MR 862- Ambrose O- Just So You'll Remember/ My Darling EE-

1928. RZ MR 893- Billy Cotton O- Hustlin' & Bustlin' For Baby/ You Must Believe Me E+

1929. RZ MR 918- Billy Cotton O- Shuffle Off to Buffalo/ You're getting to Be a Habit w/ Me EE+

1930. RZ MR 981- Scott Wood O- Letting In the Sunshine/ Spanish Eyes V

1931. RZ MR 996- Billy Cotton O- Best Wishes/ Mood Indigo VV+

1932. RZ MR 1678- Lew Stone Band- The Bouncing Ball/ Yes Suh! EE+ good version of Trumbauer tune A

1933. RZ MR 1785- Lew Stone Band- I Wont Dance/ Lovely to Look At EE+

1934. RZ MR 2168- Billy Cotton Band- Sunshine At Midnight/ Empty Saddles E

1935. RZ MR 2171- Billy Cotton Band- Keep a Twinkle In Your Eye/ Your Heart & Mine E

1936. RZ MR 2172- Billy Cotton Band- This'll Make You Whistle/ Broadway Rhythm Kings- There Isnt Any Limit to My Love E+

1937. RZ MR 2185- Billy Cotton Band- Twelfth Street Rag/ Bye Bye Blues E+ HOT A

1938. RZ MR 2399- George Formby & uke- Lancashire Toreador/ The Window Cleaner #2 V scr A

1939. RZ MR 2440- The Broadway Bandits- The Panic Is On/ Mutiny in the Parlour EE-/E-

1940. RZ MR 2490- George Formby & ukulele- Leaning On a Lamp Post/ Hi Tiddly Island V

1941. Rex 8351- Jack Payne O- Thats the Way I Like to Hear You Talk/ I Only Have Eyes For U V-

1942. Rex 8379- Jay Wilbur O- If I Had a Million Dollars/ Stay As Sweet As You Are VV+

1943. Rex 8387- Sandy Powell- Sandy Joins the Nudists pt 1/2 VV+

1944. Rex 8483- Jack Payne O- I'm Popeye the Sailor Man/ My Dance V+/VV+

1945. Rex 8624- Casani Club O- In the Middle of a Kiss/ Dream Shadows V

1946. Rex 8628- Archie Bleyer O- You Are My Lucky Star/ Broadway Rhythm E

1947. Rex 8828- Johnny Johnson O- All My Life/ Laughing Irish Eyes E-

1948. Sterno 234- Bert Maddison DO- High Up In the Sky/ Pagan Love Song EE-/E

1949. St 235- Bert Maddison DO- Aint Misbehavin'/ This Is Heaven E-/EE-

1950. St 237- Vincent Howard O- Lovable & Sweet/ My Dream Memory E-

1951. St 239- Barry Bryan Syncopators- Come On Baby/ Home In Maine VV+/V+

1952. St 260- Vincent Howard DO- Turn On the Heat/ Sunny Side Up VV+ rcnap

1953. St 1361- Charlie Kunz- The Kunz medley #3/ more E+

1954. St 1560- Charlie Kunz- The Kunz medley #12/ more E-

1955. St 1568- Charlie Kunz- The Kunz medley #14/ more E-

1956. Victor A-1044(Japanese)- Glenn Miller O- In the Mood/ I Want to Be Happy E-

1957. Vi S-10(Japan)- Glenn Miller O- Song of the Volga Boatmen/ American Patrol E- colorful lbl

1958. Vi S-18- Glenn Miller O- Little Brown Jug/ A String of Pearls VV+/V colorful lbl

1959. Vocalion S-51- Mildred Bailey O- For Sentimental Reasons/ Its Love I'm After V+/E-

1960. Voc S 67- Mildred Bailey O- Trust in Me/ Artie Shaw O- Copenhagen V

1961. Voc S-206- Hot Lips Page O- Good Old Bosom Bread/ He's Pulling His Whiskers E-

1962. Zonophone 6039- John Firman O- Thats My Desire/ Lies EE-

1963. Zon 6137- The Blue Lyres- Snap Your Fingers/ Round the Marble Arch VV+/V



1964. Associated test mx A-143-1- Dorsey bros O- Dinah/ Weary Blues E. Ken Crawford's sleeve notes say its a different take than issued on Associated

1965. Assoc test mx 345-2- Johnny Green O- Living On velvet/ Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt E on green Bell Telephone Labs label

1966. Assoc test mx A-372-2- Andre Kostalanetz O- Sweet Music medley incl Fare Thee Well Annabelle E+..Ken Crawford's sleeve notes state a different master than the issued

1967. Assoc test mx 1069-C1- Russ Morgan O- Yesterdays/ Tip Toe Thru the Tulips/ When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain E

1968. Assoc test mx 1077-C2- Dick Messner O- These Foolish Things/ On the Beach At Bali Bali E

1969. Assoc test mx A 1078-C2- Dick Messner O- When You Love/ Blue Illusion E+ NICE A!!

1970. Assoc test mx A 1712-2- Robert Benjamin O(Ben Selvin)- Bob White/ Sweet Varsity Sue E+ nice muted trumpet both, swinging' A

1971. Assoc 106- Edmund Clair O- You Never Looked So Beautiful/ I'll Stand By// Misha Zenda O- Rose-Mousse/ The Sweetest Story Ever Told E no vocs. NICE lush band sound A

1972. Assoc A-110- Don Moran O- Oo-Ooh I Wanna Have a Little dance With You/ One Rainy Afternoon// Lee Winter(Lew White organ)- Roses of Picardy/ Deep River E

1973. Assoc 112- Carlos Magenti(Charles Magnante)- Manhattan Serenade/ Dizzy Fingers/ Two Guitars// Muriel Taft, Walter Preston & Cho w/ Louis Katzman O- If You're In Love You'll Wz/ The Thrill Is Gone/ Why Was I Born EE+

1974. Assoc 123- Edmund Clair O(Emil Coleman)- There's a Small Hotel/ I'm a Fool For Loving You// Del Sarto Concert O(Domenic Savino)- Gondola of Love/ Oriental Ideals EE-

1975. Assoc 145- Isham Jones O- Things Might Have Been So Different/ Royal Garden Blues// Hunter James Choir- Nobody Knows De Trouble I See/ Esekiel Saw De Wheel E+ GREAT A!!

1976. Assoc 168- Joe Venuti O- Fiddle Sticks/ Doin' Things// Gray Brothers Novelty O- The World Is Waiting For the Sunrise/ Bunch of Roses EE+ slight warp beginning, aud during lead in grv, does not affect play

1977. Assoc 179- Joe Heinz O(Joe Haymes)- There's Gonna be a Wedding In the Band/ We're Swinging This One For the King// Vic Ingram O- A Band From Catoonland- song mentions Flip the Frog, Betty Boop, Bimbo, Koko the Clown, Gus Gorilla- with a Mae Questel sung Boop Boop a Doop at the end/ Shuffle Off to Buffalo- Mae Questel vocal EE+ GREAT SIDES BOTH!!

1978. Associated 193 Gray Brothers Novelty O(Green Bros)- Waiting For the Robert E. Lee/ April Showers/ Look For the Silver Lining// Racimo's Hawaiians- Song of the Islands/ Kings Serenade E+

1979. Assoc 220- Clyde Mc Coy O- I've Got My Fingers Crossed/ You Hit the Spot// I Feel Like a Feather In the Breeze/ The Music Goes Round EE+ NICE--not corny band. Good vocals w/ girl trio and Linda Lee

1980. Associated 286- Arthur Deane O- A Rendezvous With a Dream/ Sunshine At Midnight(vocs)// I'll Never Let You Go(voc)/ Swing Me a Lullaby(no voc) E

1981. Assoc A-339- Willard Robison Deep River O- Lord I Looked Down the Road/ Beale Street Blues E+ on early semi flex red pressing

1982. Assoc A 472(early red semi-flex press)- Irene Beasley w/ Isham Jones O- Miss Otis Regrets/ The Man I Love E+

1983. Associated 564- Ben Selvin Cocktail O- Tea For Two/ My Heart Stood Still// Henry King & Sammy Liner-piano duo- I've Got You Under My Skin/ Henry King piano solo- The Man I Love E+


1984. AFRS BML 131/2- Tommy Dorsey O/ Jo Stafford w/ Paul Weston O- 4 cuts per E incl Boogie Woogie A/ I'll Remember April B

1985. AFRS- BML 173/174- Jimmie Lunceford O/ Paul Whiteman O 3 cuts/ 6 cuts EE-. A incl Keep Smiling/ B interesting in that it has "old" and "new" versions of PW hits incl Stumbling..The old versions are played extra corny, and the new versions extra swingy!

1986. AFRS BML 365/6- Tommy Dorsey O/ Duke Ellington O- 4 cuts per E. incl Bedford Drive A/ Kissin Bug B

1987. AFRS BML 381/2- Kate Smith/ Xavier Cugat O- 4 cuts/ 3 cuts E incl Leah Ray vocals B

1988. AFRS BML 397/8- Eddy Condon Jazz O/ Vaughn Monroe O 4 cuts/ 3 cuts E incl Hackett A

1989. AFRS BML 455/6- Woody Herman O/ Martha Tilton w/ O- 3 cuts/ 4 cuts E incl Its Delovely B

The next three are Associated(?) lateral heavy duty acetates recorded by unknown bands "playing like" big bands with easy to figure out pseudonyms. True hi fidelity and top quality performances

1990. Associated P-23-A/B- Billy Gold O(Benny Goodman sound a like)- 6 cuts. N- incl Lets Dance, Jersey Bounce, And the Angels Sing, etc

1991. Assoc P-27-A- Clay Barnes O(Charlie Barnet sound a like)- 3 cuts N- incl One O Clock Jump

1992. Assoc P-27-B- Clay Barnes O(Charlie Barnet sound a like)- 3 cuts N- incl Lester Leaps In

The next Associated(?)- is a lateral heavy duty acetate safety disk cut at the actual session.

1993. Assoc(?) ZZ 3956-7-D. Lee Castle O E+N- several complete tunes, plus several more false starts and breakdown takes with studio chatter. One tune may be called Up, Up, Up

1994. KBS 57/58- Don Meredith O/ The Majestics O- 4 cuts per E+..two excellent swing bands with solos, and mostly original tunes incl The Spit'n Image of You A/ Race Track Blues B

1995. KBS 77/78- Tom Glaser/ Will Osborne O- 5 cuts per E+..good folk singer A with interesting song D.C. Housing Song/ B has Osborne, swingier than usual incl Jump to the Coda

1996. KBS 185/6- Billy Mc Donald Highlanders/ Keystone Symphonic Strings 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ nice A incl swingin' Doin' It the Lambeth Way & Hawaii, Sing to Me

1997. KBS 203/4- Jackie Kahaner Hawaiians/ Elias Breeskin O- 5 cuts/ 4 cuts E+ incl Hawaiian Luau, Dream of Aloha A/ I've Got a Blond In My Eye B- top swing band!

1998. Mac Gregor & Sollie- Anson Weeks O series A program 25/26. Fantastic fidelity on this heavy shellac pressing from San Francisco. Tunes are Feeling I'm Falling, Melody in A ,Medley- It Seems to Be Spring/ You've Got That Thing/ When My Baby Smiles At Me, unknown title//Trees Dancing to Save Your Sole, Medley- Starlight/ unknown/ You're My Everything/ unknown, Sweet & Lowdown. E+ with one super tiny lam. This is the last of these discs that I will offer.

1999. Mac Gregor LIB 2525/2527- Sonny Dunham O/ Skith Henderson & Charlie La Vere(twin pianists). 4 cuts/ 5 cuts E+ A side good big band jazz includes Midnight At Meadowbrook, plus 2 breakdown takes.. B side incl Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

2000. Mac Gregor- National Guard Pgm 1. Lloyd Nolan E+. Good old time radio drama--blue vinyl

2001. Mac Gregor- National Guard Show 4/5. Alan Ladd/ Susan Hayward E+. Good old time radio dramas..Hayward side incl Herb Vigran, later a top villain on TV's Adventures of Superman

2002. Mac Gregor- National Guard Pgm 21/22. William Holden/ Anne Baxter E-. Good old time radio

2003. NBC Orthacoustic PMS 055473 - Rexall One Cent Sale- Spring 1941 series. Pgm #3 E+N- Rudy Vallee, Frances Langford, Ken Murray in music & comedy. nice label too!

The next group of c. mid 1930s Standard Program Library transcriptions are heavy vinyl RCA Victor West Coast pressings from Hollywood, California

2004. Std A 485-493- Jimmie Grier O/ Jimmie Grier O w/ 3 Rhythm Rascals. 5 cuts/ 4 cuts E+ includes Varsity Drag, Dodging a Divorcee A/ Nagasaki B

2005. Std B 1036-1035- Tommy Dorsey O- 8 top jazz sides (band incl Max Kaminsky) E+ incl Swing Mr Charlie, The Panic Is On, You Cant Pull the Wool Over My Eyes

2006. Std Q-120- Frankie Trumbauer Swing 7/ The Islanders- 4 cuts per EE+ incl Home Life of the Snorf, Hejre Kati A/ My Hawaii, Tahitian Chant B

2007. Std Q-127- The Islanders- 8 cuts EE+, couple scrs sound one cut. Incl Sweet Hawaiian Maid

2008. Std Q-128- The Islanders- 8 cuts E incl Heartsick For Hawaii, Kakaako Rag

2009. Std Q-131- The Islanders- 8 cuts E incl A Budding Flower, Sweet Lei Lehua

2010. Std X 13- Eddie Fitzpatrick O- 8 cuts E+ incl Scattin' At the Kit Kat, Lets Have Another Cig

2011. Std X 48- Garwood Van O- 8 cuts. EE+ incl Sissy, I Fall In Love With You Every Day

2012. Std X-49- Garwood Van O/ Lennie Conn Quartet- 4 cuts per EE+ incl Let Me Whisper A/ Feelin High & Happy B...NICE small group jazz B

2013. Std Y-109- Frank Trumbauer O- 8 cuts E+ incl Happy Landing, The Gypsy In My Soul

2014. Thesaurus 242- Rhythm Makers O/ Ferde Grofe O- 4 cuts/ 2 cuts EE+ incl Swing Me a Lullaby , It Aint No Fun A..early Les Brown from '36 A side

2015. Thes 298-794/394-794- Xavier Cugat O/ The Master Singers- 4 cuts ea E+. incl Jose O'Neill (the Cuban heel A)/ Rock & Roll B

2016. Thes 601- George Hall O/ William Wirges O- 4 cuts per E. incl FDR Jones A/ Goin' to Town B

2017. Thes 640- Charlie Barnet O/ Gray Gordon O- 4 cuts per E. incl Gal From Joes A/ Annabelle B

2018. Thes 645- Ozzie Nelson O- 8 cuts EE-. incl Eagle Eye Finkle (fun, about a Russian gossip columnist!), Fidgety Joe, Sing a Song of Sunbeams

2019. Thes 675- Allen Roth O- 8 cuts E. good mix peppy & ballads including Lady Be Good, Mary Had a Little Lamb

2020. Thes 690- Rhythm Makers O/ Russ Morgan O- 4 cuts per EE+. incl Trylon Stomp, Perisphere Shuffle A/ Day In Day Out, Melancholy Mood B

2021. Thes 710- Jimmy Dorsey O/ Jan Savitt O- 4 cuts per E. incl Man & His Drum A/ Shadows B

2022. Thes 1186- The Rhythm Cats/ Russ Morgan O- 4 cuts per EE+. SUPER jazz A on Sensation Rag, Jazz Band Ball, etc with baritone sax, etc/ B incl If I Only Had a Brain

2023. Thes 1275- The Jumpin' Jacks- 10 jazz sides EE+ incl Its Only a Paper Moon, Aint Misb.

2024. Thes 1548- Jimmy Lytell Delta 8/ Fran Warren w/ O- 5 cuts per EE-. good jazz A

2025. Thes 1669- The Swingtones w/ Jumping Jacks/ Phil Spitalny O- 8 cuts/ 4 cuts E+ fun A incl 4 versions of the jingle "Wherever You Go There's Radio"

2026. Thes 1911- Art Van Damme Quint/ Allen Roth Band 5 cuts/ many cuts E+. good jazz A incl Two Guitars, Sweet Georgia brown A/ college tunes B


2027. Assoc text mx 1555-C-1- Emery Deutsch O- 4 cuts E+ incl I'm Hatin' This Waitin' Around good combination of sweet & swing

2028. Assoc text mx 1556-C-1- Emery Deutsch O- 4 cuts E+ incl Love Is Never Out of Season good combination of sweet & swing

2029. Assoc 6028- Adrian Rollini Novelty Trio/ Ben Selvin O- 4 cuts per E+ incl classics A like Jitters, Vibrolini/ B incl Where or When

2030. Assoc 60053- Isham Jones O/ Roy Nugent O- 4 cuts per E+ incl Tin Roof Blues, Queen Isabella A/ I've Hitched My Wagon to a Star B GREAT A!!

2031. Assoc 60062- The Dixie Songsters/ Rosario Bourdon Concert O- 5 cuts/ 3 cuts E+ incl a good Darktown Strutters Ball A

2032. Assoc 60064- The Dixie Songsters/ Freddie Rich O- 4 cuts/ 6 cuts E+ incl nice Sweet Georgia Brown A, swingin' Volga Boatmen B(also 2 brief tuning up cuts)

2033. Assoc 60169- Russ Morgan O/ Ben Selvin Cocktail O B- 4 cuts per E+ incl a hot In the Mood A

2034. Assoc 60248- Merle Pitt Trio/ Buddy Clark w/ nov acc- 4 cuts/ 3 cuts E+ A side incl Sunny Disposish/ B side incl The Last Time I Saw Paris

2035. Assoc 60579- Freddie Rich O 10 cuts EE+ incl Way Down Yonder in NO (with Joe Venuti)

2036. Assoc 60636- Eddie Condon Jazz Concert O/ Shep Fields O- 4 cuts per E incl Sugar, Indiana A/ The Moon Is Low B

2037. Assoc 60827- Hank D'Amico Sextet/ Deep River Boys 5 cuts per E+ A incl Coquette, Enchanting/ B incl Jonah Man, All Gods Chillun Got Shoes

2038. RCA Victor test pressing TZ-6853-2- Satisfiers & Buddy Weed. 4 cuts E+ incl Goofus- gd vox

2039. RCA Victor test pressing TZ-6872-1- Hank D'Amico. 4 cuts E+ incl Bugle Call Rag, Stumbling

2040. World 817-824- uncredited big band from 1934. 8 cuts E+. Great big band with top players on Blame It On My Youth, Believe It beloved(EXC trumpet solo), etc/ flip trad tunes. red semi flex press

2041. World 849-856- uncredited band from 1934. 8 cuts E. Lush big band- incl I Woke Up Too Soon, According To Moonlight, I'm Just a Little Boy Blue, etc/ flip side not much. red semi flex

2042. World 1297-1304- Bob Conley O/ Albert Wallace Concert O- 4 cuts per E/EE-. NICE A- some hot stuff incl Riverboat Shuffle, Let Yourself Go, also On Treasure Island

2043. World 2241/48- uncredited band from 1937. 8 cuts EE-..Some great solos incl tpt, sax, vibes accompany a female vocalist who sounds like Frances Langford(could be her) in top tunes incl Swing Is Here to Sway, Love or Infatuation, etc..Pressed on semi flex dark red

2044. World 2849-2856- Larry Bradford O/ Alec Randolph Swing Quartet- 4 cuts per E- B side is Rollini with Shim Sham Shimmy, etc/ A side(poss Himber?) incl Get Out of Town

2045. World Feature- Jam Session 31- Art Tatum Trio/ Muggsy Spanier- 5 cuts/ 3 cuts E incl I Would Do Anything For You A/ Three Twenty One Blues B

2046. World Feature- Jam Session 32- Art Tatum Trio/ Ben Webster O- 5 cuts/ 4 cuts EE+ incl I Got Rhythm A/ Dirty Deal B

2047. World Feature- Jam Session 34- Bunk Johnson O/ Mary Lou Williams Trio B- 4 cuts per EE+ incl Panama A/ Roll 'Em B

2048. World 4433-4440- John Kirby O- 8 cuts EE+ incl It Feels So Good, Royal Garden Blues

2049. World 4559-4568- John Kirby O- 8 cuts EE+ incl Hi Jack, Cuttin' the Campus, plus breakdown

2050. World 9289-9298- Les Brown O/ Russ Morgan O/ Charlie Spivak O- 5 cuts// 2 cuts per E

2051. World 9889-9898- Charlie Spivak O/ Eddy Howard O- 5 cuts per EE+ incl Scalawag A

2052. World 367- Art Tatum Trio (3 cuts incl Liza)/ Bobby Hackett O(2 cuts incl Sw Georgia Br)// Mimi Martell/ Ralph Marterie O E+..incl



2053. Victor records 1932 dealers catalog.Very rare 350 page book issued only to dealers. Not to be confused with monthly or annual catalogs or supplements available to the general public. Measures 9"x 9". A great research tool for the collector and discographer especially for the listings of the many rare ethnic series. This was printed in March 1932 and lists all available issues prior to the April 1932 supplement.Each page has an inventory column, and monthly columns apparently to list copies fo 78s sold.There are red seal listings, and popular series listings which still have some 16000s in the catalog, and go up to the 24000 #'s. But perhaps the most interesting are the numerous ethnic series and specialty series like the 23000 and 38000 race and 40000 series. Very good condition. some minor writing, some discoloration, some spine wear- but content is clean and a great read!!


2054. Bluebird May 1936- large 6 pg foldout w/ pix Bob Pope-lists pop & hot dance- Boots, Pope, Moten, Ellington, Hawaiian, Old Time, Irish, etc EE+

2055. Bluebird Aug 1936- large 6 pg foldout w/ pix Willie Bryant, Shep Fields- lists pop & hot dance- Fess, Duke, Weems, plus Hawaiian, Boots, Louis, Pope, etc E one sm corner missing

2056. Bluebird Oct 1936- large 6 pg foldout w/ pix Louis, Geo Hall, Dolly, Bob Pope, Wingy, Ellington, Tempo King--lists pop & jazz E- one sm corner missing, vert crease

2057. Bluebird Feb 1938- 2 pg flyer- pix Al Bowlly (A favorite voice- a new band), Vallee, Blaine, Shep. Lists Revard, Boyd, Skyles, Bowlly Orch, etc EE- rarely seen Bowlly promotion

2058. Crown Oct 1932- rare 4 pg foldout incl red hot, race, Smeck, Joel Shaw, etc vert crease, E-

2059. Crown May 1933- rare 4 pg foldout incl red hot, race, Smeck, Palloy, etc vert crease, E-

2060. Col Bruns Dec 1939. 16 pg foldout. Pix Benny Goodman, Kyser, etc E

2061. Col Bruns Feb 1940. 16 pg foldout. The end for Brunswick. Pix Goodman, Basie, etc E+

2062. Col May 1946- 14 pg foldout- cover Basie- pix Basie, Sinatra, Golden Gate, Harry, etc E+

2063. Decca May 1937- 8 pg foldout. Cover pix Bing. Lists Etting, Webb, Louis, lt water ma, o/w E+

2064. Decca Jun 1937- 8 pg foldout. Cover pix Jimmy Dorsey- lists Hawaiian, Louis, Etting, etc E+

2065. Decca Jul 1937- 12 pg foldout. Cover pix Ambrose- lists Hawaiian, Louis, Ella, etc E+

2066. Decca Aug 1937- 12 pg foldout. Cover pix Bob Crosby- lists Hawaiian, Louis, Jimmie, etc E+

2067. Decca Apr 1942- 12 pg foldout. Cover pix Connie Boswell- lists Sepia, Bing, Mexican etc EE+

2068. Decca June 1943- 14 pg foldout- lists Judy Garland, Cab, Boswells, Sepia, etc EE+

2069. Decca Jul 1943- 14 pg foldout- colorful red,white,blue- lists Sepia, Boogie, Jazz reissues, E

2070. Decca Feb 1944. 14 pg foldout- lists Sepia, Jazz reissues, etc. Valentines Day motif E+

2071. Decca Feb 1949. 12 pg foldout- pic Bing- lists Bing, Ella, Andrews, Ink Spots, etc E+

2072. Decca Oct 1949. 12 pg foldout- pic Jolson- lists Sepia, Latin, Irish, Ella, Bing, etc E+

2073. Harmony May 1931. large 8 pg foldout incl LOTS of Selvins!, plus Hawaiian, Blues & Race(incl Dixie Stompers), vocal, sacred, etc some tears, creases, overall V+

2074. Harmony March 1932. large 8 pg foldout incl LOTS of Selvins!, plus Hawaiian, Blues & Race (incl Dixie Stompers), vocal, sacred, 5 minute records, etc. E

2075. Liberty Music Shops- July 1935. rare 8 pg booklet. Lots of lists, plus pix Frances Maddux, Bruz Fletcher, Endor & Farrell, Bordoni, Ray Noble, Duchin, Johnny Green, etc EE-

2076. Liberty Music Shops- Christmas 1935. rare 20 pg booklet. Xmas motif- lists Ethel Waters, Bea Lillie, Maddux, Porter, Gershwin, swing, dance, etc E

2077. Okeh- July 1933. great 12 pg foldout. Extensive lists race, Hawaiian, dance, Hill Billy, vocal w/ Louis, Miff, Lang, Bix, Pettis, jug bands, Kalama's, Ferera, Sykes, Lonnie, etc E

2078. Perfect- Nov 1931- large 4 pg foldout. lists Colored (the rarely seen 3 digit series), Roy Smeck, Calloway, Hawaiian, lt pencil, some wear E-

2079. Perfect- Jan 1931- large 6 pg foldout. lists Colored (the rarely seen 3 digit series), Roy Smeck, Calloway, Etting, Bullock, etc. some wear V+

2080. Perfect- Feb 1932 large 8 pg foldout. lists Colored- Vocal Blues (the rarely seen 3 digit series), & Negro Instrumental, Calloway, Autry, Etting, Ballew, Sacred, etc.some wear E-

2081. Perfect- April 1934- large 8 pg foldout. Cover pic Smith Ballew- lists Colored (the rarely seen 4 digit series), Race, Hawaiian, hot dance, Irish, Osborne, Bullock, Calloway, etc E-


78-QUARTERLY. A nice run of these magazines- the class in the field of rare 78s, photos, articles, information, etc. All are E+, crisp 'n clean

2082. 78-Q #1/2- Silver Anniversary Reissue of the first two issues

2083. 78-Q #3

2084. 78-Q #4- Robert Johnson cover

2085. 78-Q #5

2086. 78-Q #6, Schlitz Jug Band cover

2087. 78-Q #7- Gennett mobile truck cover

2088. 78-Q #8

2089. 78-Q #9- Henry Sims & Muddy Waters cover

2090. 78-Q #10- women in field with portable record player and a Gennett

2091. 78-Q #11- Black Patti cover

2092. 78-Q #12- Charley Patton cover

SONG FOLIOS- a good bunch of early folios. All in approx E condition with some normal usage.

2093. Axel Christensen's New Instruction Book For Rag & Jazz Piano Playing(1920)

2094. Axel Christensen's New Instruction Book For Rag & Jazz (1920)

2095. Axel Christensen's Instruction Book For Jazz & Novelty Piano Playing(1927)

2096. Irving Berlin Dance Folio for piano (1936) Cover incl Astaire, Rogers, Cantor, Sothern,

Whiteman, Waring, Lombardo, etc..Mostly movie tunes incl Lets Fall In Love, Popeye the Sailor

2097. George Gershwin Song Album- cover pic GG. incl Sweet & Lowdown, etc. unknown year

2098. Frank Froeba- 5 blue ribbon piano solos(1944)- cover pic FF. incl Wifs & Difs.

2099. Hoagy Carmichael Song Hits(1933)- cover pic HC. incl Old Man Harlem.

2100. Hoagy Carmichael Piano Comp(unk year)- cover pic HC incl Barbaric, Manhattan Rag, Stdst

2101. Hoagy Carmichael Song Book(1943)- cove rpic HC incl Come Easy Go Easy Love

2102. Cab Calloway Jive Jubilee of Songs(1942)- cover pic CC. cover loose incl Scat Song, Minnie

2103. Erskine Butterfield- Boogie With Butterfield(1943)- cover pic EB..incl Humoring the Boogie

2104. Rube Bloom- Modern Jazz Piano Course(1929)- cover pic RB

2105. Andrews Sisters- Army, Navy & Marines Folio(1942) cover pic AS. incl BW Bugle Boy

2106. Andrews Sisters Rhythm Song Folio(1941) cover pic AS. Incl Scrub Me, Beat Me Daddy

2107. Ella Mae Morse Sings(1944) cover pic EMM & Walter Lantz cartoon cow

2108. Roy Eldridge's Shortcut to Good Ad Libbing(1946)- cover pic Roy

2109. Jimmie Rodgers Album of Songs(1934)- cover pic JR- incl Blue Yodel #1, Memphis Yodel

2110. Benny Goodman Rhythm Hits For Clarinet(1946)- cover pic BG, incl Dont Be That Way

2111. Dizzy Gillespie Be Bop Style(1949) cover pic Diz. incl Salt Peanuts VV+ cover, content E

2112. Jack Jenney Modern Trombone Studies(1942)- cover pic JJ.

2113. Boogie Woogie With Fats Waller(1941) cover draw Fats. incl Bugle Call Rag

2114. Fats Waller's Swing Sessions For Piano(1937)- cover draw Fats. E- tape repair. inc Truckin'

2115. Thomas "Fats" Waller Musical Rhythms(1943) cover pic Fats. incl All That Meat..

2116. Fats Waller Piano Pranks(1934)- cover pic FW at CBS mike. incl Viper's Drag, African Rip

2117. Fats Waller's Original Piano Conceptions #1.(c mid 30s) cover draw FW. Incl Dinah, Margie

2118. Mary Lou Williams- 5 Barrelhouse, BW & Blues piano solos(1941) cover draw MLW

2119. Art Tatum- 5 jazz piano solos(1944)- cover draw AT. Incl Line Jive, Jumpin' For Sumpin'

2120. Art Tatum Improvisations(1939) incl Blue Moon, Stompin' At Savoy

2121. Bert Williams Never to be Forgotten Songs(1925) cover draw BW. incl Bon Bon Buddy

2122. Gem Blues Song Folio #1(1921) incl Squealin' Pig Blues, Royal Garden Blues, etc

2123. Dick Powell Songs of Romance(late 30s)- incl lots of pix of Dick in WB pix. MINT COND

2124. Negro Spirituals(1927)- cover Pace Jubilee Singers. E- some cover wear, pencil. incl Old Ark

2125. Joe Sullivan Blues & Barrel House piano solos(1945)- cover pic JS. Incl Onyx Bringdown

2126. Joe Sullivan plays Boogie Woogie & the Blues(1944). cover pic JS. incl Sunday At Ryan's

2127. Jim Yancey- 5 Boogie Woogie & Blues piano solos(1943) cover draw JY. incl State St Special

2128. Teddy Wilson Piano Patterns(1939)- cover pic TW. Incl Diane, Rose Room

2129. Teddy Wilson Original Interp's(1944)- cover pic TW. Incl I'm Coming Virginia

2130. Teddy Wilson Piano Rhythm's(1937)- incl Tiger Rag, China Boy

2131. Teddy Wilson's Piano Patterns((1939)- cover pic TW. incl Whispering, Rose Room

2132. Jimmy Johnson's Boogie Woogie Orig piano solos(1943). cover pic JJ. Incl Boogie Dreams

2133. Harry James Rhythm Hits For Trumpet(1946)- cover pic HJ. Incl Young Man w/ Horn

2134. Harry James Studies & Improv's For Trumpet(1939)- cover pic HJ. Incl China Boy

2135. Duke Ellington's Rhythmoods(unk year)- cover pic Duke. cover E- insides clean incl High Life

2136. Duke Ellington's Rhythmoods(1937)- cover pic Duke. Incl Bigmingham Break Down

2137. Duke Ellington's Boogie Woogie Piano Tx(1944)- cover pic Duke. Incl I Got It Bad

2138. Duke Ellington's Song Folio(unk year)- cover pic Duke. Incl It Dont Mean a Thing, Mood Indigo


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